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Pentagon delay lands

prospective service
members in limbo


For Mac McEachin, the Pentagons

delay in allowing transgender people to
enlist in the U.S. armed forces represents
a major setback for his plan to join the
Armys Ocer Candidate School.
The fact that thats now been pushed
back to at least six months is pretty
disheartening, McEachin said. It throws
a lot of questions in the air.
McEachin, a 27-year-old transgender
male living in New York City whos
planning to move to Texas by months
end, enlisted in the Army Reserves in
2011 and hoped to become an ocer
after nishing his masters thesis in
counter-insurgency last year at the
London School of Economics.
That plan and the plans of many
transgender people like McEachin
is thrown into disarray after Defense
Secretary James Mattis, responding to
objections from members of Congress
and concerns from military service
chiefs, agreed to halt a plan established
in the Obama administration to allow
transgender people to accede into the
MAC MCEACHIN is unable to accede into military ocer school because of the delay in transgender enlistments.

New campaign seeks been a steady erosion and rolling back of rights Its not enough to resist the hateful policies and
to resist the politics of hate with the potential for even marriage equality being attacks coming from the Trump-Pence regime
undermined should Supreme Court Justice Anthony weve got to accelerate the pace of progress toward
Kennedy retire while the Senate is still in Republican full equality and secure protections for LGBTQ people
By KAREN OCAMB hands. in states and communities across the country, said
In June, HRC participated in a slew of #Resistance HRC President Chad Grin. Thats why were going
Amid growing concern about apparent collusion marches, including the #ResistMarch in Los Angeles, on oense with the largest grassroots expansion in
between Donald Trumps campaign and Russia, and a with HRC President Chad Grin telling crowds about HRCs 37-year history.
series of anti-LGBT steps taken by the administration, HRCs war room to ght back. Our grassroots army of over 3 million has proven
the Human Rights Campaign this week announced a Now, HRC seeks to harness the #Resistance energy that, even in the face of unprecedented challenges,
major $26 million expansion eort to counter what it for the 2018 mid-term elections and beyond. we can make incredible progress and defeat the
calls the politics of hate. On July 11, HRC announced an investment of $26 hateful politicians whove been emboldened by
HRC worked hard to elect Hillary Clinton, expecting million in HRC Rising, a new grassroots campaign to Donald Trump when we organize and mobilize.
her to usher in the nal stage of full equality for resist the politics of hate, ght anti-LGBTQ legislation,
LGBT citizens. Instead, under Trump, there has and fuel pro-equality candidates and initiatives. CONTINUES ON PAGE 12
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W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 0 3

0 4 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 LO CA L N E W S

after a video surfaced in which he appeared to

be condoning sex between adults and minors.
His remarks on the widely circulated video also
prompted Simon & Schuster publishing house
to rescind his book contract for Dangerous.
Yiannopoulos has since self-published the book
through Amazon.
He issued an apology over his remarks in the
video on sex with minors, saying he used a poor
choice of words and never intended to imply he
favors repealing age of consent laws banning
sex between adults and minors.
Metro has removed ads for a new
In an email to Washingtonian magazine, book by MILO YIANNOPOULOS.
Yiannopoulos denounced Metros decision to
pull his book ads, saying the ads did not discuss WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
TODD J. MCKEE was reported missing in Rehoboth Beach on July 8. anything overtly political.
We believe that the removal of our billboards
constitutes unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination by a government regulator in
violation of the First Amendment and are preparing our response now, he said.

Gay man reported missing


in Rehoboth Beach D.C., Rehoboth officials misgender trans women

Rehoboth Beach Police on Tuesday issued a Gold Alert missing person In separate incidents that activists say they hope were rare occurrences, city
announcement for Todd J. McKee, a 50-year-old gay man who police say is believed government employees in D.C. and Rehoboth Beach, Del., during the past week directed
to have left his residence in Rehoboth around 10:15 p.m. on Saturday, July 8. transgender women to use the mens bathroom or locker room at a public facility.
Police have been unable to make contact with McKee to check on his In the D.C. case, an employee of the citys Department of Parks and Recreation told
welfare, the police announcement says. Attempts to locate Mr. McKee have several trans women entering the citys Banneker Pool on Georgia Avenue, N.W., on July
been unsuccessful and there is a real concern for his safety and welfare, the 1 that they needed to access the pool through the mens locker room, according to an
announcement states. account of the incident by the local online news blog dcist.
It describes him as a white male, 50 years old, six feet two inches tall, weighing Among the trans women asked to use the mens locker room, dcist reported, was D.C. police
220 pounds, and having red hair and blue eyes. The announcement says he was Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, who serves as supervisor for the departments LGBT Liaison Unit. Rebecca
last seen wearing blue glasses, a black collared short sleeve polo style shirt, and Kling, an ocial with the National Center for Transgender Equality, said the trans people came
blue shorts with white pockets and stripes on both sides. to the pool to participate in the second annual D.C. Trans Pool Party that Kling organized.
Anyone with information about McKees whereabouts or anyone who may Kling said she didnt directly witness a female desk clerk at the pool asking the trans
have had contact with him after 10:15 p.m. on Saturday evening, June 8, is asked women to use the mens locker room and who reportedly addressed Sgt. Hawkins as
to contact Rehoboth Police Det. Tyler Whitman at 302-524-1391. sir. But Kling said she spoke to several people who informed her of that taking place.
People with information about the case can also submit a tip through the Kling noted that once she brought the matter to the attention of the manager of the
Rehoboth Police website at, or through the Delaware Banneker Pool he immediately assigned another employee to the front desk and that
Crime Stoppers line at 1-800-847-3333, the announcement says. employee treated the trans visitors with respect and had no objections to their using
McKees Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon showed he had posted a new the locker room that matched their gender identity the womens locker room.
photo on the page shortly after 8 p.m. on Saturday evening, July 8, about two hours Kling and transgender advocate Ruby Corado also noted that the misgendering
before he was reported missing. The photo is of a picturesque beach sunset scene, by the pool employee of the trans women marked the second year in a row in which
which some of his friends complimented in subsequent postings on his site. attendees of the annual Trans Pool Party were treated improperly by a DPR employee
McKees Facebook site also identies his partner as Je Guarancino, a noted gay assigned to work at the Banneker Pool.
travel writer and author who, among other things, writes a travel column for the DPR ocials responded to last years incident by promising to provide additional
Philadelphia Gay News. Guarancino couldnt immediately be reached for comment. training for all DPR employees on LGBT-related issues, including the fact that the
LOU CHIBBARO JR. D.C. Human Rights Act bans discrimination against LGBT people. The Human Rights
Act, among other things, requires that transgender people be allowed to use public
bathrooms or other facilities, including locker rooms, that match their gender identity.
As far as trans persons being mistreated, as far as I could see once everyone got into
the pool everyone had a great time and everyone was treated appropriately, Kling told
Metro removes ads for Milo Yiannopoulos book the Blade in discussing this years Trans Pool Party on July 1.
In the Rehoboth Beach incident, Rehoboth Police Chief Keith Banks told the Blade
Metro has removed an undisclosed number of billboard-size ads for a new book a female transgender visitor called police in the afternoon of Sunday, July 9, to report
written by gay alt-right rebrand and writer Milo Yiannopoulos that began to appear being mistreated by a city attendant working at one of the public bathrooms located
last week in subway stations throughout the Metro system. next to a bandstand near the boardwalk.
The ad violates Metros advertising guidelines, Metro spokesperson Richard Jordan Similar to the D.C. pool incident, Banks said the trans visitor complained to police
told the Washington Blade in a brief statement. We have removed the ads. ocers who arrived on the scene that the attendant directed her to use the mens
Jordan referred to a policy adopted by Metro in 2015 that calls for prohibiting bathroom instead of the womens bathroom, a development that violates Delawares
advertisements intended to inuence members of the public regarding an issue on which human rights law. The Delaware human rights law, similar to D.C.s law, bans
there are varying opinions as well as ads that are intended to inuence public policy. discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and allows trans people
The Yiannopoulos ads included a large photo of Yiannopoulos and the name of his to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.
book, Dangerous, along with the words, The Most Hated Man On The Internet. Steve Elkins, president of CAMP Rehoboth, an LGBT community center, said Banks
Jordan didnt provide a specic explanation of how Yiannopoulos or his book violates invited him to attend a meeting on Monday with him, the Rehoboth city manager, and other
the Metro ad policy, but a number of Metro riders reportedly complained to Metro that city ocials to discuss the bathroom incident. Among other things, Elkins said City Manager
Yiannopoulos controversial views, which are elaborated in his book, were oensive to them. Sharon Lynn, whos a lesbian, said she would arrange for city employees to be briefed on
Yiannopouloss self-described politically incorrect views on race relations, feminism, the state human rights law and its application to issues aecting transgender people.
immigration, Islam, and transgender rights, among other things, have enraged many The police acted appropriately in the way they handled this, Elkins said. The
political activists. bathroom attendant is being counseled.
In February, the alt-right publication Breitbart dismissed him from his role as an editor LOU CHIBBARO JR.
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Talk about your sexual health. #NoFilter


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0 6 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 LO CA L N E W S

Comings & Goings Trans woman intentionally

Curtis Tate leaving D.C. for Record newspaper in N.J.
hit by car in D.C.
Victim in critical
condition; police
The Comings & Goings column is about sharing the professional successes of our com-
munity. We want to recognize those landing new jobs, new clients for their business, joining
uncertain as to hate crime
boards of organizations and other achievements. Please share your successes with us at By LOU CHIBBARO JR.
Congratulations to Curtis Tate who on
July 24 will join the North Jersey Media Group A woman identied by local activists as
to report on New Jersey Transit and the Port transgender was in critical condition this
Authority of New York and New Jersey for week after being intentionally struck
The Record newspaper. North Jersey Media by a vehicle driven by an unidentied
Group, part of the USA Today Network, is suspect about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, July
the leading provider of news and marketing 5, along the 400 block of K Street, N.E.,
services in northern New Jersey.The Recordis according to D.C. police.
an award-winning daily newspaper reaching A police report, which doesnt disclose
nearly half a million readers a day with local, that the victim is transgender and
investigative and enterprise reporting. Forty- identies her by her birth name, says a
Acting D.C. Police Lt. BRETT PARSON said
nine community newspapers circulate to CURTIS TATE witness told police that, the driver of a police have a policy of not disclosing a crime
778,000 households across Bergen, Passaic, dark colored hatchback vehicle struck victims sexual orientation or gender identity
Essex, Morris, Hudson and Sussex counties. Victim 1 and ed the scene without or gender expression unless the crime is
specically related to those factors.
Upon announcing his new position Tate making his identity known. WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
said, Thats right, a job that involves writing about bridges, tunnels and trains. It says a second witness reported
Of course, this means packing up and leaving Washington after nine years and that the eeing vehicle struck a parked
doing a U-turn back to the state where I lived before Obama, Trump and Christie. vehicle after hitting the victim and before the victim told police the incident started
During his time in D.C., Tate worked for the McClatchy Washington Bureau as traveling eastbound on K Street and when she was hit by a Roman candle
a policy reporter covering transportation and transportation safety, including south on 5th Street. The victim was taken Suspect 1 was shooting o. The report
the highway trust fund, crude by rail, positive train control, airport terminal to an area hospital by ambulance and says the victim approached the suspect
and tower upgrades, and the expansion of major ports. He also did a stint as was listed in critical condition, a police after he refused her request to stop
a regional reporter covering Kentucky, Kansas and southern Illinois issues and spokesperson said. shooting the reworks in her direction.
as a night and weekend editor responsible for managing the bureau budget, Investigation revealed that Suspect Suspect 1 ran, the report states.
updating the website and coordinating coverage of major breaking news. Prior 1 intentionally struck Victim 1 with the When Victim 1 turned around Suspect 1
to coming to D.C., Tate worked for the Wall Street Journal as a copy editor and vehicle, according to the police report. started to charge at Victim 1 with a metal
creator of headlines and display type for front page; writer and editor of front- The report says police have classied bat in his hand. Suspect 1 then began
page news summaries and collaborated with editors and reporters on stories in the incident as an assault with intent striking Victim 1 with the object, the
all sections. Prior to that he was with the Indianapolis Star. to kill and an oense of leaving after report continues.
Tate served two terms as president of the D.C. chapter of the National Lesbian colliding personal injury. Victim 1 fell to the ground [and] once
and Gay Journalism Association. In 2015, he won a Freddie Award from the At this point, we dont have enough on the ground Suspect 2 began to kick
National Press Foundation and in 2014 was a nalist for a California Journalism evidence to say whether or not this may Victim 1, causing the listed injuries, the
Award. He has a bachelors in journalism with minors in political science and have been motivated by hate or bias, but report says.
geography from the University of Kentucky. its something were investigating, said The report says that Suspect 2 was arrested
Congratulations also to Andrew Magie, who landed a summer internship with police spokesperson Rachel Reid. on July 4 on a charge of simple assault after
The LGBT Health Policy & Practice Program Veteran transgender activist Earline police saw him at a nearby location.
at the George Washington University. Budd, who serves as a treatment adherence Similar to the incident where the
This nationally respected certicate specialist with the D.C. social services trans woman was hit by the car, the
program was founded by Stephen L. group HIPS, which provides services to the police report for the second incident
Forssell, Ph.D. Dr. Forssell has said The transgender community, said she learned also does not disclose that the victim
LGBT Health, Policy & Practice Graduate from a police source that investigators was transgender. Also similar to the
Certicate Program was developed with were making good progress on the case rst incident, Budd said the victim in the
the assistance and consultation of health and they expect to make an arrest soon. second incident is known to some in the
care and policy professionals in the Budd said the victim has visited HIPPS transgender community.
government and private industry. The ANDREW MAGIE drop-in center on H Street, N.E., not far Acting D.C. Police Lt. Brett Parson, who
rst of its kind in applied LGBT health, PHOTO COURTESY OF MAGIE from where she was struck by the car. heads the police division that includes
our program trains current and future Ruby Corado, executive director of the the departments LGBT Liaison Unit,
healthcare leaders on strategies for LGBT community services center Casa said police have a longstanding policy
addressing LGBT health issues, reducing health disparities for LGBT people, and Ruby, said the victim has also visited Casa of not disclosing a crime victims sexual
for moving the eld forward toward a more inclusive, equitable state. Rubys facilities and is a friend of a Casa orientation or gender identity or gender
Magie is a rising sophomore at the George Washington University majoring in Ruby employee. expression unless the crime is specically
political science and physics and aspires to work in the Nuclear Energy Institute Budd noted that the hit-and-run related to those factors.
lobbying for the safe and environmentally friendly generation of nuclear power. He incident took place three days after If the Metropolitan Police Department
grew up in Templeton, a small town in the central coast of California. He is a well-known another transgender woman was does not disclose the sexual orientation or
oboist in San Luis Obispo County and continues to play in GWs bands, orchestras, struck by a baseball bat wielded by an gender identity or gender expression one
and chamber ensembles as a principle oboist and was elected vice president of the unidentied male suspect on the 1200 can assume that the crime is not related
University Orchestra for the 2017-2018 school year. He is also an Eagle Scout. block of Half Street, S.W. to a victims sexual orientation or gender
A police report for that incident says identity or gender expression, he said.
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Everything is where it belongs.
It is so incredibly fabulous!
I can't wait for everyone to
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whole process was just easy.
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0 8 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 NATIONAL NEWS

Sessions addresses religious freedom summit

Organizer represents Sessions said hes heard the calls for
justice from LGBT people and would
Masterpiece Cakeshop fully enforce statutes protecting
their civil rights, but also maintained
By CHRIS JOHNSON protecting religious liberty code among conservatives for anti-LGBT discrimination
would be a very high priority.
U.S. Attorney General Je Sessions Sessions record as a U.S. senator includes
knownfor his anti-LGBT record was set votes in favor of a U.S. constitutional
to speak Tuesday at an event for the anti- amendment that would have banned
LGBT legal group representing before the same-sex marriage nationwide as well as
U.S. Supreme Court a Colorado baker votes against Dont Ask, Dont Tell repeal,
that denied a wedding cake to a same-sex hate crimes legislation and the Employment
couple for religious reasons. Non-Discrimination Act. As attorney
Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS spoke at an anti-LGBT religious freedom event this week.
Media outlets, including Buzzfeed, WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY general, Sessions withdrew guidance
reported Sessions public schedule was requiring schools to grant transgender kids
updated Tuesday during his trip to access to school restrooms consistent with
California to include on the same day their gender identity.
at 5:30 local time a speech in Orange bakery in 2014, Alliance Defending federal bill that would allow anti-LGBT Last week, Sessions may have reversed
County at Alliance Defending Freedoms Freedom continued to appeal the decision discrimination in the name of religious himself on the hate crimes law, promising
religious freedom summit. The remarks and led a petition for certiorari before freedom, as well as state legislation that to aggressively and appropriately
were closed to press. the U.S. Supreme Court. would prohibit transgender people from enforce the law as it pertains to ongoing
Alliance Defending Freedom The Supreme Court late last month using public restrooms consistent with anti-transgender violence across the
designated as a hate group by the agreed to take up the lawsuit, which their gender identity. country. Under Sessions, the Justice
Southern Poverty Law Center is the asserts the bakery had a right under Sessions speaks at the Alliance Department allowed an event for
legal group defending Masterpiece freedom of religion under the First Defending Freedoms summit after a LGBT employees recognizing June as
Cakeshop, which in 2012 refused to make Amendment to deny services to the long anti-LGBT career as a U.S. senator Pride month, although the Washington
a wedding cake for same-sex couple same-sex couple. that critics seized upon as he sought Blade was ejected from the event after
David Mullins and Charlie Craig based on Other anti-LGBT work credited to conrmation as attorney general before attempting to cover it.
religious objections. After the Colorado Alliance Defending Freedom is support his former colleagues.
Civil Rights Commission penalized the for the First Amendment Defense Act, a During his conformation hearing, CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

Hartzler seeks to bar trans health care in military

Amendment would lawmakers believed it was too similar out remains in place. Hartzler introduced
ban Pentagon funds for to the Hartzler amendment to warrant her amendment despite the rollback,
gender reassignment consideration. although it seems less ambitious than her
It remains to be seen whether the threat during committee.
House Rules Committee, which is heavily During the committee markup, Hartzler
By CHRIS JOHNSON stacked 11-4 in favor of Republicans, cited a dubious gure that paying for will approve Hartzlers amendment gender reassignment surgery for U.S.
for consideration. If the amendment troops would cost $1.35 billion over
On the heels of her tirade in committee is accepted, it would be the rst time the next 10 years with only 30 percent
over allowing transgender people to serve the U.S. House oor has considered an of individuals electing to transition.
in the U.S. military, Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R- amendment against transgender rights. That gure is signicantly higher than
Mo.) has proposed an amendment that Hartzler proposed the amendment after the RAND Corp.s estimate that those
would bar the Defense Department from railing last week during the House Armed surgeries consume between $2.4 million
providing transition-related care for troops. Services Committee markup of the defense and $8.4 million annually out of the
The amendment was among the many authorization bill against transgender Pentagons multi-billion dollar budget.
submitted to the House Rules Committee militaryservice, calling it ill-conceived. Its unclear where Hartzler came up
by the Friday deadline in anticipation The Missouri Republican proposed with her gure. Hartlzer told USA Today
of a oor vote on major defense policy then withdrew without a vote an she believes the RAND Corp. study
legislation for scal year 2018. The Rep. VICKY HARTZLER (R-Mo.) proposed an amendment barring transgender people was awed and reportedly said her
committee is set to meet this week to amendment barring funds for transition- from serving in the armed forces, but sta came up with its own gure using
review and accept amendments ahead of related care in the U.S. military. threatened to reintroduce it if the research from other sources.
the vote on the $697 billion bill. Pentagon didnt reverse the Obama- Another amendment submitted to the
Hartzlers amendment would add a era policy change in favor of openly Rules Committee by Rep. Brad Schneider
section to U.S. code for the militarys transgender troops. transgender service. (D-Ill.) would express the sense of
health care system barring funds A similar amendment proposed by Shortly afterward, the Pentagon Congress LGBT service members,
for treatment other than mental anti-LGBT Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is on announced it would delay a plan to including transgender personnel, should
health treatment related to gender the list of proposed amendments for the allow openly transgender people to be commended for their service to
transition. That would mean transition defense authorization bill, but the House enlist in the armed forces by July 1 for the United States. The Republican-
care like hormone therapy and gender Rules Committee website designates the another six months, although the policy controlled Rules Committee is unlikely to
reassignment would be o limits to proposal as withdrawn. Presumably, the barring the military from kicking them move the amendment.

NATIONAL NEWS J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 0 9

State Dept.: Chechnya killings troubling Washington Wont Discriminate, the coalition group opposing the measure,
announced in a statement Friday the campaign behind the anti-trans initiative cancelled
its appointment Friday to submit 259,622 valid signatures to the Washington Secretary
A State Department spokesperson of State. That was the deadline for submitting names to place a measure before
on Tuesday expressed concern over Washington State voters in 2017.
reports that authorities in Chechnya Had the measure, Initiative Measure No. 1552, been placed on the ballot and approved
killed more than two-dozen people by voters, it would have barred transgender people from using public restrooms and
who were arrested without charge locker rooms in schools consistent with their gender identity.
earlier this year. Such a measure would eectively institute a carve-out in Washington States non-
Novaya Gazeta, an independent discrimination law and defy interpretations of federal law against sex discrimination to
Russian newspaper, on Sunday apply to transgender people.
published the names of 27 men who Seth Kirby, a transgender man and chair of Washington Wont Discriminate, the No
it said authorities shot to death in the on I-1552 campaign, said the measure would have enabled discrimination in the name
Chechen capital of Grozny on Jan. 26. of public safety.
The Washington Blade has not We all care about safety and privacy, but people understand that repealing
been able to confirm reports protections from discrimination for transgender people wont make anyone safer,
that some of the men who were Kirby said. Its already a felony to assault or harass someone in public facilities, and no
reportedly killed were gay. one should have to prove their gender to self-appointed bathroom cops.
The Russian LGBT Network, a Erich Ebel, a spokesperson for the Washington Secretary of State, conrmed no
Moscow-based advocacy group, signatures for I-1552 were submitted by the July 7 deadline and therefore the measure
on Tuesday said as far as we wont appear on the 2017 ballot.
[are] concerned, the list of names According to Washington Wont Discriminate, the campaign ran a Decline to Sign
that appeared in that publication Campaign, raised nearly $300,000 and recruited more than 100,000 activists and
(Novaya Gazeta) does not include volunteers in anticipation of I-1552 coming before voters.
homosexual people. Secretary of State REX TILLERSON said he has not Its the second year in a row the measure has failed to qualify. The anti-trans campaign
We are aware of troubling reports discussed the anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya behind the initiative also failed to gather enough signatures to put it before a vote in 2016.
with anyone from the Kremlin.
that security forces in the Republic of Marty Rouse, national eld director for the Human Rights Campaign, said the failure
Chechnya summarily executed more WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY of the anti-trans measure demonstrates support for LGBT rights across the country.
than two dozen people in January, Anti-equality activists spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to pass a
the State Department spokesperson shameful ballot measure aimed at discriminating against LGBTQ people, but thanks to
told the Blade in a statement. We urge the Russian government to conduct an the fair-minded people of Washington State, they have failed, Rouse said. For months,
independent and credible investigation into the allegations. our opponents attempted to garner enough signatures to put the fundamental civil
The Moscow Times on Monday reported Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for Russian rights of transgender people on the ballot. Their failure is a victory for equality and
President Vladimir Putin, told reporters the Kremlin has taken note of [the reports.] validation of Washingtons non-discrimination laws that ensure fair and equal treatment
We have similarly taken note of the denials of this information by Chechen law for LGBTQ people in housing, employment, and public accommodations.
enforcement bodies, said Peskov, according to the Moscow Times. CHRIS JOHNSON
Chechnya is a predominantly Muslim, semi-autonomous Russian republic in the
North Caucuses.
Novaya Gazeta in April reported Chechen authorities have arrested more than 100
men because of their sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation since the
beginning of the year. A number of these men have reportedly died after their arrest,
while others have been beaten and tortured and sent to secret prisons.
Court urged to nix Puerto Rico
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close Putin ally, and the Kremlin have birth certicate policy
sought to downplay or even dismiss these reports.
The Russian LGBT Network which is providing assistance to gay Chechens who
have ed their homeland has expressed skepticism over the Russian governments Lambda Legal has urged a federal court to strike down a Puerto Rico policy
claims it has begun to investigate the crackdown. that does not allow transgender people to change the gender marker on their
The Russian LGBT Network on Tuesday said persecutions of LGBT people (have) birth certicates.
started again. BuzzFeed last week reported Chechen authorities have once again The group made the request in a brief it led with the U.S. District Court for
begun to detain gay men. the District of Puerto Rico on June 26.
We know that both the victims and their relatives have experienced threats, said Lambda Legal in April led a lawsuit against the policy on behalf of three trans
the Russian LGBT Network in its press release. The authorities are threatening to press Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, a local advocacy group.
criminal charges against them based on false accusations. The lawsuit alleges the policy, which the Puerto Rico Supreme Court decreed
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, French President Emmanuel Macron, in 2005, violates the 14th Amendments Equal Protection and Due Process
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Clauses. Lambda Legal also says the policy violates Puerto Ricans rights to free
are among those who have condemned the ongoing crackdown against gay men in speech under the First Amendment.
Chechnya. President Trump who met with Putin last Friday during the G20 summit in Puerto Ricos birth certicate policy creates a barrier to full engagement
the German city of Hamburg has yet to publicly comment on it. in society by transgender persons and subjects them to invasions of privacy,
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last month told Rhode Island Congressman David prejudice, discrimination, humiliation, harassment, stigma and even violence,
Cicilline during a House Foreign Aairs Committee hearing that he has not discussed reads the brief.
the crackdown with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov or anyone else from the The brief also notes trans Puerto Ricans face signicant violence and stigma
Kremlin. The State Department spokesperson on Tuesday did not immediately respond in the U.S. commonwealth.
to the Blades question about whether Tillerson raised Chechnya with Russian ocials The birth certicate policy forces disclosure of highly personal and sensitive
during the G20 summit. information, such as a persons transgender status and medical condition, to
MICHAEL K. LAVERS others whom one might not trust or wish to know such information, it reads.
Puerto Rico allows trans people to change the gender marker on their drivers license.
Then-Gov. Alejandro Garca Padilla in 2015 signed an executive order that
Anti-trans measure fails in Washington mandated this change. Gov. Ricardo Rossell and other representatives of the
Puerto Rican government who are named as defendants in the Lambda Legal
A citizen-initiated measure in Washington State seeking to bar transgender people lawsuit led a motion last month to dismiss it.
from using public school restrooms consistent with their gender identity has failed to MICHAEL K. LAVERS
qualify for the 2017 ballot.
1 0 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

N A T IO NA L NEW S J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 1

Delay in trans enlistments lands military hopefuls in limbo

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 service in committee, Rep. Vicky Hartzler
(R-Mo.) has proposed an amendment
military starting July 1, 2017. to major defense policy legislation that
Following a year-long review, former would bar the U.S. military from paying for
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter last transition-related care, such as hormone
year lifted the medical regulation barring therapy and gender reassignment surgery.
openly transgender people from serving It was unknown by Blade deadline whether
in the military. As a result, transgender the House Rules Committee would accept
people alreadyserving in the armed forces the amendment.
could come out without fear of discharge, Last week, the anti-LGBT Family
but newtransgender enlistees wouldnt be Research Council sent out an email
able to join the military until a later time. urging supporters to back Hartzlers
In a memo announcing the Trump amendment and reverse Obamas
administrations new delay until Jan. 1, military transgender mandate. The
Mattis said the Pentagon would use the amendment, the email says, would
additional six months to evaluate more roll back the requirement that the
carefully the impact of transgender military recruit people who identify as
accession. The delay, Mattis wrote, in no transgender, which seems broader than
way presupposes the outcome of review, the actual amendment.
nor does it change policies already in Taxpayer dollars also need to be
place with regard to transgender people protected from funding sex reassignment
LOGAN DOWNS wants to serve in the Air Force, but has to wait because of the delay in
currently in the military. transgender enlistments. surgery and hormone therapy eorts
McEachin said he planed to submit his PHOTO COURTESY OF DOWNS intended to change a persons gender,
packet for accession into Army Ocer the email says. Estimates for these
Candidate School on the initial July 1 I denitely feel a call to serve, Downs options in the aftermath of the delay, but eorts, including the amount of time lost
target date and telecommute under his said. I think that every able-bodied citizen one of them is moving to Canada to enjoy for the transition process, are about $3.7
temporary job until it ends Jan. 1. But should serve at least a little bit. I think it living in a country with laws protecting billion over the next ten years. This is not
the Pentagons six-month delay means denitely teaches you a lot of good values LGBT people and a more robust health a good use of taxpayer funds.
hell be out of a job on Jan. 1 without any and the discipline, and everything like care system and social safety net. The Family Research Council estimate for
assurances of employment. that just kind of ts right along with my Gemma Freddie Robinson, a 47-year- the cost of gender reassignment surgery
Although McEachin still plans to apply life, and I denitely respond really well to old transgender woman living in Boulder, seems widely o from research (and
to Army Ocer Candidate School at that the military lifestyle. Colo., had served in the Air Force as a even more than the cost Hartzler cited in
time, he has concerns that continued Downs said he enlisted in the Army male in security forces between 1988 committee of $1.35 billion over the next
delays would prevent him from serving in previously right after high school, but and 1998, but after having discontinued 10 years). The RAND Corp. estimated those
the armed forces. injured his knees and had to leave military service to explore her gender identity, surgeries would consume between $2.4
Im 27-turning-28, McEachin said. service. In the aftermath of transitioning started to think about about re-enlisting million and $8.4 million annually out of the
Thats not old, but it is old for becoming about a year later, Downs said hes pretty in 2014 after speaking with a recruiter. Pentagons multi-billion dollar budget.
an ocer. Most of my peers when I eager to get back into the military. The wheels started to turn, and Aaron Belkin, director of the San
become a lieutenant will be 21, 22. So Despite the Mattis memo indicating the reality is theres some unnished Francisco-based Palm Center, raised the
theres also that concern of starting to age his upcoming review has no preordained business there, Robinson said. I didnt alarm in a statement this week about
out of certain opportunities and having outcome, Downs said hes condent the leave because I didnt like serving. I really eorts from anti-LGBT groups, calling
that great of dierence between myself Pentagon will allow him to enlist after an loved serving, so I decided I would follow them a full-scale eort to iname
and the other folks that Im serving with. additional six months. the developments and be ready to return the culture wars on the backs of loyal
It throws a lot of things up into the air. I believe they want to integrate us, they when the policy changed. transgender troops.
McEachin said being an ocer is just need a few more months to nish After being told initially shed have to wait This is a coordinated campaign
honestly the rst and only job I ever some things up, Downs said. Also I just until July 1 for enlistment, Robinson said she to reinstate Dont Ask, Dont Tell for
wanted, recalling at age 6 getting from have to keep faith that it will only be six was pretty disappointed when the Trump transgender troops, Belkin said. It is
his parents a glossy tabletop book from months and not longer because having a administration announced the delay. striking that the old guard didnt seem to
the Virginia Military Institute that he positive attitude is the way I live my life. Robinson said she can still enlist at learn anything from the failure of the rst
said attracted him to the pomp-and- Brynn Tannehill, a transgender Navy age 47 and wants to do so to become Dont Ask, Dont Tell.
circumstance of military service. pilot who recently tenured out of the a role model for younger transgender At a time when eorts to allow
I love the Army and I love soldiers and Reserves and fought as an activist to lift people because of her previous service transgender people to serve openly
Id love to have the opportunity to lead the ban under the Obama administration, and number of years before her expected in the armed forces seem in jeopardy,
at that level, potentially to aect policy said the six-month delay signicantly retirement, but the clock is running out. the eorts from LGBT groups seem
at a higher level later on in my career, disrupts her plans to re-enlist in the That could slip away pretty quickly, more muted in comparison to massive
McEachin said. Its pretty much the only armed forces. and I dont know again the calculation, campaigns launched in the early years
thing that I want to do. Im frustrated with the foot dragging; but if another year or two went by I of the Obama administration to repeal
McEachins story is one of several from this isnt rocket science, Tannehill said. would probably be ineligible to return, Dont Ask, Dont Tell and ensure openly
transgender people seeking to enlist Eighteen other countries have gured Robinson said. gay people can serve in the military.
in the armed forces by July 1 whose this out already. I did everything I could In the meantime, Robinson said shed Stephen Peters, a Human Rights
planswere thrown into questionafter the to make accessing back into the Navy as speak to the recruiter again to see if Campaign spokesperson, pointed to
Pentagon announced its delay. easy as possible for the system to handle theres any exibility in allowing her to a video on transgender service the
Logan Downs, a 22-year-old for half a decade. I poured my life and my re-enlist at this time, but still pursue organization produced on June 30, 2016,
transgender male living in Vancouver, nances into making a policy happen. In accession when December rolls around. when asked about initiatives to ensure
Wash., said he was denitely ready to the end, Im walking away with nothing to Meanwhile, anti-trans groups are busy transgender people can serve in the
enlist in the Air Force on the July 1 target show for it personally other than a sense pushing to make the delay on transgender armed forces.
date and was pretty sad after nding that my eorts helped other people. enlistment permanent.
out about the delay. Tannehill said shes still evaluating her Afterrailing against transgender military

1 2 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 NATIONAL NEWS

HRC to spend $26 million on grassroots expansion effort


The power and determination of the

10 million LGBTQ voters and our allies
across America will only continue to grow
stronger in the face of discriminatory
attacks on our rights and freedoms.
LGBT voters accounted for about ve
percent of the electorate in 2012 a
signicant percentage that could tip any
election. Additionally, according to exit
polls in 2016, LGBT voters were the only
demographic constituency to increase
support for Clinton over former President
Barack Obama in 2012, with a record-
breaking 78 percent of the vote.
This is a critical reminder as Democrats
struggle over how to win elections. In
a July 6 op-ed in the New York Times,
for instance, longtime strategist Mark
Penn advised the party to forego identity
politics and run to the moderate middle.
Central to the Democrats HRC President CHAD GRIFFIN (center) at
the LA #ResistMarch with former Prop 8
diminishment has been their loss of plaintis PAUL KATAMI and JEFF ZARRILLO.
support among working-class voters, BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB
who feel abandoned by the partys shift
away from moderate positions on trade
and immigration, from backing police and
tough anti-crime measures, from trying issues and policies oering more help to based on religious liberty bias and at for future legislative and electoral battles.
to restore manufacturing jobs, Penn undocumented immigrants than to the risk for poverty and low wages as a result HRC Rising is modeled, in part, on HRCs
and Andrew Stein wrote. They saw the heartland. of lacking job protectionsa point often Project One America program, which in
party being mired too often in political But LGBT people live in the heartland, left out of political discussions about the 2014 turned LGBT attention to the long-
correctness, transgender bathroom toooften at risk of legal discrimination economy and jobs. neglected South, launching permanent
According to a 2015 report by the campaigns in Mississippi, Alabama and
Center for American Progress, LGBT Arkansas, resulting in several cities and
women are among the most at risk of towns passing comprehensive, trans-
poverty in America. Due to discriminatory inclusive non-discrimination protections.
LGBT groups join effort laws, Americas 5.1 million LGBT women The eort, inspired by Grins personal
face lower pay, frequent harassment, experience as a lonely gay boy growing
to protect D.C. home rule compromised access to health care, and up in Hope, Ark., has helped HRC turn the
heightened violence. Anti-LGBT laws, corner from the perceived national bully
Six LGBT rights organizations were among 57 national, regional, and together with inequitable and outdated to a collaborative partner.
local groups that signed on to a letter to leaders of the House and Senate policies, mean that LGBT womens As the former leader of Equality
Appropriations Committees calling on Congress to respect the local autonomy economic security is compromised North Carolina during the ght against
of D.C. and its citizens. by reduced incomes and added costs HB2, I know the power of HRCs
Since the beginning of the 115th Congress there have been a record number ranging from health care to housing. collaborative work at the local level,
of attacks on D.C. home rule introduced by several members of Congress, said LGBT women of color, older LGBT HRC Communications Director Chris Sgro
a statement released on Monday by D.C. Vote, a local group that advocates for women, and LGBT women raising children tells the Los Angeles Blade. It wasnt
D.C. statehood and that circulated the letter. are particularly vulnerable. Additionally, just about the expert policy team. It was
Introduced under the guise of oversight of the District of Columbia, they transgender women are nearly four about the incredible local HRC volunteers
are, in fact, direct attacks on the right to equal representation that should be times more likely to have annual incomes and the local eld team we together
aorded to every D.C. resident, the statement says. of $10,000 or less compared to the assembled. HRC worked hand-in-glove
Bo Shu, executive director of D.C. Vote, pointed out that among the locally general population. with a coalition of state organizations that
passed D.C. laws that members of Congress attempted to overturn last year Though HRC Rising is a nationwide ultimately defeated anti-LGBTQ Governor
was the D.C. Human Rights Act Amendment, which protects LGBT students from initiative, special attention will be paid Pat McCrory.
discrimination in school services and facilities. to the battleground states of Ohio, Thats why HRC Rising is so exciting to
The LGBT groups that signed on to the letter are the D.C. Gay and Lesbian Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, me, Sgro continues. This unprecedented
Activists Alliance, Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Arizona, and Nevada where HRC has a grassroots expansion - the largest in
National Center for Transgender Equality, One Pulse America and Pride at Work. signicant presence. HRC is recruiting at HRCs history - will help organize and
The letter signed by the LGBT and other groups expresses concern that least 20 additional full-time sta to work mobilize millions of supporters to
members of Congress will once again attempt to use the scal year 2018 with more than two-dozen initiative- advance equality in 2018 and beyond, all
appropriations bill, which is expected to come up this summer, as a vehicle for focused existing sta and HRCs 32 across the country. Like the ght against
adding riders seeking to overturn locally passed laws. volunteer-led, local steering committees HB2, this campaign will also help build
These riders usurp the autonomy granted to the District and our elected to expand partnerships with state capacity and infrastructure for the long
mayor and council and overstep the original intent of both the creation of the and local organizations and coalition haul - in deep partnership with our most
District and the Home Rule Act, the letter states. partnerssuch as the NAACP and critical allies - community by community.
LOU CHIBBARO JR. Planned Parenthood to protect and To learn more about HRC Rising, visit
advance equality and build infrastructure or text Rising to 30644.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 3


Ask your doctor if a medicine made by Gilead is right for you.
2015 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. UNBC1851 03/15

UNBC1851_ML2_9-75x11-5_WashingtonBlade_Bike_p1.indd 1 5/12/17 3:50 PM

Keep your promise to protect each other. WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

14 J U L Y 14, 2017 BA LT I MO RE N E W S

HoCo Pride to launch in 2018

At the Howard County executives quarterly LGBT Roundtable last month,
Jumel Howard, a member of the PFLAG-Howard County Steering Committee,
discussed preliminary plans for a Pride celebration to take place in the county.
The proposal received enthusiastic support from County Executive Allan H.
Kittleman and others at the Roundtable.
On July 10, Howard convened the rst planning committee meeting at the
Charles E. Miller Branch Library where about 20 attended. Subcommittees were
established to cover such key areas as events and entertainment, fundraising
and sponsorship, and communications, marketing and public relations. The
Wills & Trusts committee agreed to the name HoCo Pride.
No specic date or location for HoCo Pride has been determined but it is
Powers of Attorney Living Wills targeting June 2018, mindful of not conicting with other area Pride celebrations.
Partnership & Prenuptial Agreements The venue has not been settled on at this point but the committee is targeting
the downtown Columbia area.
(240) 778-2330 (703) 536-0220 We have a huge LGBTQ community here in Howard County but were not
concentrated in any one village or neighborhood, Byron MacFarlane, the countys Register of Wills and a candidate for County Council who is on the
committee, told the Blade.

Serving the LGBT Community HoCo Pride will bring all of us together in solidarity with our allies to celebrate
our diversity and our commitment to making Howard County a beacon for love
in DC/MD/VA since 1983 and equality for all.

Police accountability dialogue initiated

Lawrence S. Jacobs/McMillan Metro, PC
FreeState Justice announced Community Healing and Police Accountability,
a facilitated dialogue bringing together the LGBTQ community and its allies,
Baltimore Police ocers, and local community association members to discuss
ongoing concerns regarding the Baltimore Police Department and members of
the LGBT community.
FreeState Justice is not facilitating the dialogue but is acting in a coordinating
capacity and will participate. Community Mediation will facilitate these
conversations and provide a space for all to be seen and heard.
We look forward to participating in this critical dialogue as we discuss
escalating animosity toward transgender and gender non-conforming sex
workers in Charles Village and North Baltimore neighborhoods, Laura DePalma,
a sta attorney with FreeState Justice, told the Blade.
As an LGBTQ rights organization committed to fairness, justice, and equality
for all LGBTQ Marylanders, especially transgender women of color, we stand as
allies and will advocate for police accountability and community acceptance of
transgender and gender non-conforming sex workers, DePalma said.
To take part in this conversation, all participants must complete an intake by
contacting Community Mediation at 410-467-9165. They can be reached during
normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Participants should call as soon
as possible to get involved.
202.319.8541 Se habla espanol
P R OPicnic
OF on tap in Baltimore
Serving Our Community for 35 years
The Baltimore Trans Ladies Picnic and Trans Baltimore have teamed up to host
adviC e Proof
m wille
bed i a t ifinal
o and
N will
beL submitted
i t i Gfor
t i o Nif revision
a isPnot
P submitted
e a L Swithin
24C hours
o LofL a B o r a t i o N
REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of
proof. considered a picnic this Sunday at the Wyman Park Dell. The event will run from 1-4 p.m.
NS the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts

omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is
responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users
This picnic is potluck style and is a way to get together for reasons other than
EVISIONS can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any death, KeyAyshia Tucker, Operations Coordinator for Baltimore Trans Alliance
/LOGO REVISIONS copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair
competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, and founder of Trans Baltimore, told the Blade. Trans Baltimore is a support/
SIONS or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE
washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred
By signing this proof you are agreeing to your advocacy
contract obligations with the program of the GLBT Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB).
washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertisers breach of any of the foregoing representations
and warranties.
payment and insertion schedule.
Death of trans people seems to be the only way to get us to come together,
says Tucker. We need more events that bring us together other than death or
a ght for rights.
FamiLY | eState PLaNNiNG | emPLoYmeNt | immiGratioN
Organizers are requesting that people bring food, blankets and refreshments.
ComPLeX LitiGatioN | CiviL riGHtS | LGBt | adoPtioN | BuSiNeSS
Though the picnic is geared specically for trans individuals, Tucker says that

Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A. all supporters, allies and LGBT members are welcome to participate in the event.
This gathering is an event intended further the goal of unifying Baltimores
trans community, Evan Lori Mahone, one of the core founders of Trans Ladies
at tor N e YS at L aw d C | m d | va
Picnic, told the Blade.
3 0 1 . 8 9 1 . 2 2 0 0 S P - L aw. C o m STEVE CHARING
6 9 3 0 C a r r o L L av e , S u i t e 6 1 0 ta k o m a Pa r k m d
"Uproarious... brilliant... authentically joyful."
The Washington Post
HE A LTH NEW S J U L Y 14, 2017 15

Gay Chinese men report traveling for PrEP

BANGKOK, Thailand Gay men in China are increasingly traveling to Thailand
to stock up on PrEP as an HIV-prevention tool since its only prescribed in China
for HIV/AIDS treatment, the Nation reports.
Xiao Dong, who runs Tongzhi, an NGO (non-governmental organization)
based in Beijing that is committed to combating AIDS, said he began traveling
to Thailand early last year, for vacations and to stock up on anti-HIV medicine.
As an openly gay man, he said health and safety are his top priorities: I use
both condoms and PrEP to guard against HIV, he told the Nation.
Advocates say prevention is worthwhile, given that the prevalence of HIV
among Chinese gay men averages more than 5 percent in most cities and can
exceed 10 percent in major metropolises, according to the National Center for
AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Control.
Given increasing awareness, more gay men in China have followed suit. Xiao
said he knows nearly 100 men from Beijing who have also traveled to Thailand
to purchase PrEP, the Nation reports.
Its a positive sign that our community has become more responsible for our
own health, and each others. They are willing to pay out of pocket, the Nation
quoted him as having said.
Thailand is easy to visit, as Chinese citizens do not require a visa, and the country is
recognized for its friendliness toward the LGBT community, the Nation article notes.

Miami-Dade advances conversion ban

MIAMI Miami-Dade County met this week to consider a ban on ex-gay LIMITED ENGAGEMENT: JULY 1930
conversion therapy, a practice that is already banned in Miami Beach, the city
of Miami and West Palm Beach, the Miami New Times reports. A Brand New A Cappella Show
The countys ban was rst proposed in late May by Commissioner Sally Heyman from the Chicks with Schticks!
and co-sponsored Levine Cava and Audrey Edmonson; this weeks hearing was
to be the second of three votes before a full airing for the commission. Heyman
says if the bill passes, other cities will hopefully follow.
THEATERJ.ORG | 202.777.3210
The bill would ne anyone who practices conversion therapy on a minor $500
on a rst oense, with escalating $1,000 nes. Even if the bill passes, local LGBT
activists warn that work remains to protect gay youth from the harmful practice,
the New Times reports.
The bill is not complete by any means, warnsJustin Fletcher, deputy director
of SAVE, a South Florida LGBT rights group. Fletcher notes that ordinance
only applies to unincorporated parts of Miami-Dade, so if passed only six
municipalities out of 30 will have bans in place.
However, Levine Cava says she will be seeking an eort for county-wide
expansion of the ordinance if passed. SAVE has been working with several local
governments for widespread bans on conversion therapy, the New Times reports.
In January, they partnered with State Rep. David Richardson to introduce a bill
banning conversion therapy in the entire state of Florida. But the bill was shot
down by the conservative legislature in May. Now they hope to be successful in
Miami-Dade as they gather supporters to rally at Wednesdays public hearing at
the Stephen Clark Government Center, the Miami New Times article notes.

U.N. considers impact of anti-LGBT stigma

NEW YORK A new report issued in advance of a major United Nations
political forum calls on countries to recognize and address the impact of stigma,
discrimination, violence and criminalization on LGBT people.
LGBT issues are one of the main thrusts of this years conference, the forums
third, which is happening now and continues through Wednesday, July 19. The
report was issued last week by the Global Form on MSM and HIV and OutRight
Action International in collaboration with the Global Platform.
Among the highlights:
The disproportionate aect HIV is having on gay and bisexual men and
A higher burden of poor mental health among LGBT people compared to the
general population.
A lack of targeted and responsive sexual health information for LGBT people,
which limits their ability to protect themselves and their partners from sexually
transmitted infections, particularly as young adults.
The impact of intersecting forms of discrimination faced by LGBT people
based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, ability, class, migration status and other
factors that drive exclusion.
The role that criminalization, anti-LGBT violence, fear of discrimination, cost
and lack of social support play in impeding access to health services.

1 6 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 VIEWPOINT

President Apocalypse and

ISSN: 0278-9892

PO Box 53352
Washington DC 20009

other biblical mischief

The secretary was sent to detox, the pur- Hobby Lobby CEO Steve Green and his PUBLISHED BY
Surveying a season of Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
gatory of the privileged. Cardinal Raymond more-righteous-than-thou family. This time PUBLISHER
righteous rapacity Burke blames these things on feminism, the subject is not allowing private employ- LYNNE J. BROWN
claiming that the increased presence of ers to invoke religion to deny employees ext. 8075
health insurance that includes birth con- EDITORIAL
women in the Church undermines manly
discipline. Seriously. I only hope the par- trol. No, today we (or rather they) are deal- KEVIN NAFF
tiers played safe, despite Romes revile- ing in looted Iraqi conict antiquities. ext. 8088
ment of gay sex and condoms. As long as In 2010, Hobby Lobby, ignoring warn- FEATURES EDITOR
they are modeling hypocrisy, they might ings from experts, bought 5,500 ancient ext. 8081
as well have their raincoats on. Sumerian and Babylonian artifacts, in- SR. NEWS REPORTER
More Christian piety can be found in cluding cuneiform tablets and cylinder LOU CHIBBARO JR.
state legislation. Texass HB 3859 allows seals. These Mesopotamian treasures ext. 8079
RICHARD J. ROSENDALL is a writer and activist. NEWS REPORTER
Reach him at child welfare service providers to discrim- were intended for Greens Museum of the CHRIS JOHNSON
inate against LGBT youth based on the Bible near the National Mall. The museum ext. 8083
providers sincerely held religious beliefs. is easy to spot with its glass ark on top, REPORTER & INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR
Americas 45th (and possibly nal) Mississippis HB 1523 allows anyone blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Now Green MICHAEL K. LAVERS
president said in Poland on July 6, The invoking their conscience to deny mar- must pay a $3 million ne and relinquish POP CULTURE REPORTER
fundamental question of our time is riage licenses or goods and services to the items to the Department of Justice. MARIAH COOPER
whether the West has the will to survive. same-sex married couples, or to establish The plundering of antiquities is noth- PHOTO EDITOR
The answer is maybe not, considering we anti-transgender bathrooms. It may be ing new. Amateur archaeologists and
handed the nuclear launch codes to Mr. overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, their customers have enhanced their CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
Apocalypse, who thinks it smart to threat- assuming Justice Anthony Kennedy is still collections with stolen items from such PETER ROSENSTEIN, MARK LEE,
en North Korea. around when it gets there. far-ung places as the Pre-Columbian LATEEFAH WILLIAMS, KATE CLINTON,
Reader, do not worry. Our incredible Floridas HB 989 allows any county Americas and Cambodia. Perhaps most MAXIMILLIAN SYCAMORE
shrinking presidents disappearance up resident to trigger a hearing by object- notorious are the Parthenon Marbles by CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
Vladimir Putins butt leaves us lots of ing to instructional materials in the pub- ancient Athenian sculptor Phidias, which AZERCREATIVE.COM
space for other uplifting stories. lic schools. As Florida Citizens for Science were acquired two centuries ago by SALES & ADMINISTRATION
First stop, the Vatican. Late last month, has noticed, adavits already led by Lord Elgin and are now displayed at the STEPHEN RUTGERS
with His Holiness already embarrassed by supporters of the law suggest the tar- British Museum. ext. 8077
Cardinal George Pell being charged with geting of science education. Deniers of As for the Hobby Lobby loot, there is no SR. ACCT. EXECUTIVE
child sexual abuse, police raided the Holy climate science may be rewarded by the word yet on whether it includes a jewel- BRIAN PITTS ext. 8089
Oce apartment of another cardinals sec- gradual return of The Flood. encrusted falcon statuette from Malta. I am ACCT. EXECUTIVE
retary and found a drug-fueled gay orgy. Staying on biblical themes, we turn to hoping for a tour guide who looks like Syd- SIRIWAT PATHARAPANUPATH
ney Greenstreet to tell me all about the day ext. 8078
Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a dinosaur. ext. 8094
however foolish his views, has every right PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
to operate his shrine to bad biblical schol- ext. 8092
arship on private property using private RIVENDELL MEDIA
funds. In 2014, Wayne Besen of Truth 212-242-6863;
Wins Out (which recently shut down) For distribution, contact Lynne Brown at 202-747-2077,
urged D.C. government ocials to block ext. 8075. Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC

the museum from opening at its chosen

All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal copyright law
site, claiming that its proximity to the Na- and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Washing-
ton Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers
tional Mall and the Smithsonian muse- and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor implied. The
appearance of names or pictorial representation does not necessarily
ums would give it legitimacy and mislead indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons. Although the
Washington Blade is supported by many ne advertisers, we cannot ac-
tourists. I responded with Ben Franklins cept responsibility for claims made by advertisers. Unsolicited editorial
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Rosendall. All rights reserved.

I N S I DE LGB T W A S HING TON J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

Reduce the ow of money to D.C. political campaigns

donors who do business with the city. The issue is both how to limit contribu- individual donations are limited to $500 a
Time to upend a Guess quick action by the Council turns tions and then how to limit the ability of year a group of executives and their fami-
pay-to-play system out to be six months later and its not the companies that do contribute to bid on lies in a company could easily contribute
rst session of the Council to look at this contracts for a specic amount of time. thousands of dollars.
issue. We can only hope they move the Do you limit current contractors or only I dont know if every member of the Coun-
ball farther down the road this time than those who may apply for a future con- cil still has these funds but they all may want
they have before. tract? How do you deal with PACs and to follow the lead of Attorney General Karl
Bills have been introduced by Council also non-prots that set up a 501(c)4 and Racine who doesnt have one. When this law
Chair Phil Mendelson, The Government determine what applies to them if they was written there was no independent AG
Contactor Pay-to-Play Prevention Amend- look for grants from the city? but surely our generous Council would let
ment Act of 2017 and by Ward 7 Council One thing the Council continues to re- him have one if he wanted it.
member and former Mayor Vincent Gray. fuse to deal with are the Constituent Ser- The various bills suggest dierent
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights amounts of time before and after elec-
and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly Grays bills are in essence a reintroduc- vice Funds or as most people call them
for the Blade. tion of what he submitted to the Council slush funds. Under the law the Mayor, tions that donors to candidates who have
when he was mayor. Another bill is from the Chairman of the Council, and each any responsibility for grants or contracts
This week, the D.C. Council is taking a Attorney General Karl Racine. There may member of the Council may establish will be ineligible to apply. Some of the
serious look at how to stop what many be more before this issue is settled. In a constituent-service programs within the bills deal with PACs, others dont. Some
call the pay-to-play system of donating to recent Washington Post column, Ward 6 District. The Mayor, the Chairman of the suggest complicated ways to monitor and
political campaigns hoping to curry favor Council member Charles Allen, who chairs Council, and each member of the Council enforce a nal law.
and get a leg-up when going after con- the Judiciary Committee through which may nance the operation provided that My suggestion to the Council is they
tracts and/or grants. any bill will pass said, He hopes to take contributions received by the Mayor, the take a broad look at every way people
On Jan. 10, Aaron Davis wrote in the the best elements of the bills and put Chairman of the Council, and each mem- who run for oce raise fund and that
Washington Post, The D.C. Council re- them in a single piece of legislation that ber of the Council do not exceed an aggre- they do so in a comprehensive way to
turned to work Tuesday, setting out a would advance to the full council. He went gate amount of $40,000 in any one calen- limit loopholes in whatever bill passes,
good-government agenda that will force on to say this is a city where we do tens dar year. The Mayor, the Chairman of the which will also need to stand up under a
a quick decision on campaign nance re- of millions of dollars worth of contracts Council, and each member of the Council court challenge based on Citizens United.
form in a city that has been plagued by on a regular basis. When there are some may expend a maximum of $40,000 in any They need to do this in conjunction
pay-to-play politics. Council members in- contractors who donate money to the very one calendar year for constituent service with passing a public nancing of cam-
troduced more than a half-dozen bills to people who make the decisions on wheth- programs. That means during a four-year paigns bill and should pass legislation
increase transparency in campaign fun- er or not they get the contract or not. That term each of our elected ocials can raise prohibiting Council members from hav-
draising and to limit the inuence of big feeds the perception of pay-to-play. a generally unrestricted $160,000. While ing outside employment.


In defense of Rehoboth Mayor Sam Cooper

Longtime leader has including an increase due to higher than and agencies have resulted in well over many ordinary LGBT citizens with whom
preserved the best of expected construction bids, was approved $35 million coming to the city for impor- Mayor Cooper and his wife have business
unanimously by the mayor and commis- tant projects like the Rehoboth Avenue and personal relationships. He will nd that
Del. beach town sioners, again including Paul Kuhns. And Streetscape and boardwalk improve- there is simply no evidence of homophobic
funding for the City Hall was approved by ments, dollars the taxpayers of the city beliefs or behavior.
By FRANK COOPER a public vote of the citizens. are not asked to pay through local taxes. Rosenstein states that people like him-
Rosenstein alleges that the incumbent Throughout the column, accusations self who have been coming to Rehoboth
I read with interest the column written mayor does not understand nor want are made of scal mismanagement or Beach for decades love that it is still in
by Peter Rosenstein about the upcoming to acknowledge how the business com- incompetent decisions. On this point, some ways the town we rst fell in love
mayoral election in Rehoboth Beach (Paul munity in the city drives tourism. Lets Rosenstein does not even agree with the with. No one is more responsible for that
Kuhns for mayor of Rehoboth Beach, July look at the facts. Some of the gay-owned facts as characterized by the candidate he than Mayor Cooper. I do not doubt that
3). The column is so full of inaccuracies, and gay-friendly businesses patronized supports. At a public meeting in March of he loves Rehoboth Beach. However, he
falsehoods and dangerous innuendo, it is by tourists like Rosenstein and the read- this year, Kuhns stated, The scal man- is seriously misinformed. Perhaps this
necessary to respond with facts. ers of the Blade, are celebrating many agement thats been going on over the is because he does not live in Rehoboth
The rst, and most frequent, inaccuracy decades in business, including the Blue past 25-30 years has been spectacular. Beach, does not pay taxes in Rehoboth
is that the incumbent mayor made several Moon. Others are expanding, by buying Finally, and perhaps most dangerously, Beach, and has almost never attended a
decisions regarding the need for, and con- existing businesses or opening new es- Rosenstein implies that the incumbent meeting of the City Commission or any
struction of, the new City Hall. This could tablishments. This only happens in a city mayor is homophobic. There is absolutely other city agency. I suggest that he do
not be further from the truth. A City Hall in which businessmen and women nd a no evidence oered to support this, be- more research. As Daniel Patrick Moyni-
Task Force was formed to oversee its de- vibrant, active business community, and cause the inference of homophobia is sim- han once famously said, Everyone is en-
sign and construction. The Task Force in- an environment where the city leadership ply not true. Rosenstein simply states, with- titled to his own opinion, but not to his
cludes every city commissioner, including allows them to be protable and ourish. out specicity, that the mayor has made own facts. Lets not follow the national
the candidate Rosenstein endorses, Paul The column alleges that Mayor Cooper homophobic remarks over the years. I political trend of repeating falsehoods
Kuhns. This group met over ve years and does not have adequate relationships suggest he talk to the many LGBT business about political opponents and hoping
held dozens of meetings, all open to the with local, county and state peers. This people who have prospered in Rehoboth they stick. Lets deal with the truth.
public. The minutes and presentations is also untrue. The good relationships Beach, the LGBT ocials who have served
from these meetings are published on the Mayor Cooper and the city have with with Mayor Cooper on commissions and FRANK COOPER is a resident of Rehoboth
Beach, Del. He is not related to Mayor Sam
citys website. The budget for the City Hall, federal, state and county elected ocials boards, LGBT members of the city sta, and Cooper.

1 8 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 VIEWPOINT

Putting their bodies on the line to ght ACA repeal

vulnerable health care isnt a policy is- cuts. For people with disabilities these Portmans (R-Ohio) oce in Columbus. The
Members of ADAPT ghting sue: Its a matter of life or death. cuts would be devastating. police grabbed me by an arm and leg and
in tradition of ACT UP Like ACT-UP members during the AIDS Medicaid enables people with disabili- dragged me from the building, she said.
epidemic, ADAPT activists have been put- ties to have more than the medical care Cameron isnt only blind. She has multi-
ting their bodies on the line. Theyve been and the medications they need. It pro- ple sclerosis, diabetes and congenital cer-
engaging in civil disobedience, getting vides basic home and community ser- ebellar ataxia. I just got on Medicaid a
roughed up by the police and arrested vices. This means if you have a disability few days ago, and I am terried that I will
to protest the Republicans devaluation and need help getting dressed or with lose it if the Better Care Reconciliation Act
of their lives. As I write, ADAPT members other personal care, Medicaid enables [the Senate health care bill] or anything
from D.C., Maryland and Louisiana are you to not only to get the help you need similar to it passes, Cameron said.
protesting outside the Republican Na- but to live at home in your community If she loses her Medicaid, I will be hos-
tional Committee headquarters. Ive just instead of in an institution. These services pitalized and I will be placed in an insti-
KATHI WOLFE, a regular contributor to the heard that the RNC isnt letting them in. would likely be eliminated if the Republi- tution, which will hasten my death, she
Blade, was the winner of the 2014 Stonewall
Chapbook Competition. ADAPT members (many in wheelchairs can law is passed. said. This bill will kill people with disabili-
others with conditions from learning Obamacare expanded Medicaid to in- ties, especially poor folks and seniors,
disabilities to diabetes) and their allies clude more than 14 million people. If the particularly in communities of color and
The bruises started appearing this from children to elders have staged sit- Republican repeal eort is adopted, mil- in the LGBTQ community.
morning and I imagine my arm will be ins and protests in Senate oces in more lions of people with disabilities, from se- Priya Penner, who is queer, has par-
covered in pretty colors over the next than 20 states from New York to Ohio verely disabled children to elders, would ticipated in ADAPT protests in Columbus,
few days, Anita Cameron, 52, a mem- to Colorado. Last month, 43 ADAPT ad- lose their Medicaid. Ohio and Rochester, N.Y.
ber of the national disability rights group vocates were arrested when they held a You may think this doesnt matter to Medicaid means I can have my $35,000
ADAPT, whos proud to be a disabled die-in to protest the health care bill out- the LGBTQ community. But as a visually wheelchair, I can attend Syracuse University
Black lesbian recently emailed me. side Senate Majority Leader Mitch McCo- impaired lesbian, Im here to tell you that that I am able to have a future that in-
Cameron, along with other ADAPT nnells (R-Ken.) Capitol Hill Oce. it does. One in ve Americans has a dis- cludes a career in law and perhaps, children
members, hetero and LGBTQ, has been Why are they willing to literally put their ability, according to the U.S. Census Bu- and a family, Penner emailed the Blade.
protesting the Republican eort to repeal bodies on the line? To be arrested to reau, and were every color, sexuality and Kudos to ADAPT! For some, health care
the Aordable Care Act. To her, as is the have police drag them out of their wheel- gender on the rainbow. is just political spin or a worry for others.
case with so many who are disabled, el- chairs? Because the Republican health Cameron was among those arrested For people with disabilities, its a personal
ders, low income, LGBTQ in any way care bill contains $800 billion in Medicaid when ADAPT protested in U.S. Sen. Rob and frightening reality.


A happy Pride in Cumberland, Md.

freaks. Nothing in that statement is any specting the opinion of the U.S. Supreme places where visibility matters most. The
Small towns rst celebration less true today. Ever since New Yorkers Court. Dozens of states persist in willfully people of Allegany County, and North
an affirming success marched from the Stonewall Inn to Cen- sanctioning discrimination against LGBT Carolina, and Texas have to see us in pub-
tral Park chanting out of the closets, into people in housing, employment and pub- lic to know that we are not freaks and we
the streets, visibility has been critically lic accommodation. are not ashamed.
By BRIAN GAITHER important to LGBT people. When Marylands voters went to the We need more Pride festivals in more
The act of revealing our authentic selves polls in 2014 to decide the question of downtown plazas in more parts of the
About 1,000 people turned out in to the world is a trait that fundamentally marriage equality, the people of Allegany country. We need to support them how-
Cumberland to celebrate Marylands denes who we are. Gathering with oth- County voted against it by a margin of ever we can sharing knowledge, vol-
newest Pride festival. LGBT people, our ers like us conrms we are not alone. Do- 2-to-1; and since they recently voted for unteering time, giving money or simply
friends, our families and our allies gath- ing so publicly refutes the ignorance of Donald Trump by a margin of nearly 3-to- showing up. And we need to thank orga-
ered downtown on the citys main plaza those who insist we dont exist and dees 1 its still an open question as to what nizers like Cassie Conklin, Jeremy Gosnell,
to be seen and heard. LGBT parents the foul stereotype that we are freaks. would be their vote on the marriage initia- Beau Hartman, Jacqie McKenzie, Shannon
brought their kids. LGBT teens brought Celebrating Pride with our friends, our tive now. But what was known even when Shine, Anthony Tagliaferro, and Lisa Wol-
their moms and dads. Rainbow ags and families, and our allies is therefore an es- Question 6 was on the ballot, according ford who are leading their communities.
trans ags festooned buildings and bod- sential, enduring part of our ongoing ght to reports published by the Pew Research At the end of the days festivities, Cum-
ies alike. There was drag, and music, and for acceptance and equality. Center, was that support for same-sex berland also saw its rst Pride Parade.
dozens of vendors. Unfortunately, coming out remains a marriage was highest among people who Among the crowd were the organizers
It was big news. The local paper cov- dicult personal choice because our col- knew someone openly LGBT. That fact who joined in marching and chanting,
ered the story, so did the TV station. And lective visibility isnt yet a perfect antidote has not changed, and if we want to turn Were proud. We know it. We arent
whether or not the good people of Alle- to the intolerance that poisons many the tide of public opinion on issues re- afraid to show it.
gany County needed proof that we live places in America. The backlash against lated to our equality then we have to be Thank God for that. Happy Pride, Cum-
among them, they certainly have it now. a higher prole for the trans community visible even in Republican strongholds. berland!
When the New York Times reported the has led to a number of transphobic bath- Cumberland and other small cities in
citys rst Pride Parade, they spoke with room bills, most infamously in North Americas rural areas are right now at BRIAN GAITHER (@briangaither) is a co-
Michael Brown, one of the organizers. Carolina. The Supreme Court of Texas, the vanguard of the movement for LGBT founder of the Pride Foundation of Maryland
He said to them, We have to come out responding to the number of gay and les- equality. They are among the places (@PrideMaryland), a tax-exempt organization
focused on the history, culture and general
into the open and stop being ashamed, bian couples seeking to be married, has where the personal costs of coming out well-being of Marylands LGBT community.
or else people will go on treating us as chosen to torture the law instead of re- remain the greatest, so they are also the Reach him at
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 9


Let Strathmore set the stage for your special event.

With three incredibly unique spaces, we can help
you host memorable events of all kinds
large and small.

M-TH 11:30AM-10PM F-SAT 11:30AM-11PM


322 MASS. AVE. NE 202.543.7656



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nd warranties.

Strathmore Private Events: 301.581.5255 |

5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD 20852 | STRATHMORE.ORG
2 0 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

GET READY WOODBRIDGE, VA, BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT Italia, added to the flawless direction of the COO, Chant DeMoustes, and has turned this once
romantic project into a successful production known and acclaimed all over the country.
Dont miss the opportunity to be amazed and transported to a fantastic realm where your
TRAVELING WATER CIRCUS IS COMING TO TOWN WITH A deepest dreams can -and will- come true.
For more information visit and make sure to check all our social media
Cirque Italia has grown to the point where the next logical step can only be to expand operations accounts. Tickets can be purchased now starting at $10.00-$50.00 depending on availability.
and double our presence at the national level. In response to our wonderful fans all over the U.S., Cirque Italia offers one free child admission with every full priced paying adult ticket in levels 2
and with over 90% of shows being sold out, NOW is the perfect time for a substantial investment. or 3. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or deals.
Please call 941-704-8572 to find out the promo code for this location.
Beginning in 2017, Cirque Italia, the first traveling Water Circus, introduces a second unit, the
Gold Unit: a luxurious experience where technology and preforming arts are mixed to create a When: July 20-23
one-of-a-kind show. Where: 27000 Potomac Mills Circle, Woodbridge, VA 22192
At: Potomac Mills
This new performance will feature an ultra-modern water curtain that controls every droplet of Near: Marshalls
water meticulously. Cirque Italia is ready to provide a breathtaking experience. This new stage
by itself is enough to amaze the most demanding audience, and synchronized with the most Under the stunning White & Blue Big Top Tent
creative display of superhuman talent - the result is simply out of this world! July 20 Thursday: 7:30pm
The latest trends of the industry are challenged with every Cirque Italia appearance and this July 21 Friday: 7:30pm
2nd unit is not going to be any different. A careful casting selection has united the best artists July 22 Saturday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm & 7:30pm
from all over the world. This production will feature acts all the way from Russia to Mexico. July 23 Sunday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm & 7:30pm
Cirque Italia believes in multi-culturalism as one of our strongest assets.
Packed full of incredible acts, there is no room for boredom. The variety presented is excep- The box office opens on-site on Tuesday, the week of the show.
tional. For those who enjoy smart and well-thought out comedy, Alex the clown thrills while Non-show days: 10am 6pm
taking an acrobatic journey on the trampoline. Our Argentinian twin jugglers (with a Guinness On show days: 10am 9pm
World Record in their pockets) can handle all kinds of objects in the air, even fire! There is al-
most no bodily limit for our contortionist as she bends in ways you never would have imagined. You can purchase tickets through our website ( or by phone:
She makes it seem so natural, you might end up trying it in yoga class. (941) 704-8572. We also respond to text messages.
Whether its a futuristic laser act or mesmerizing aerial performances, the show has something
for all tastes and expectations. One thing Cirque Italia sets out to accomplish is to create a type
of world-class entertainment suitable for all age groups.
This new second unit also follows the same strict animal-free policy that makes the Water
Circus stand out from other circus entertainment shows.
The magic touch of the Italian entrepreneur Manuel Rebecchi, President and Owner of Cirque

The Kinsey Sicks are, from left, NATHAN MARKEN as Winnie, BENJAMIN SCHATZ as Rachel,
JEFFREY MANABAT as Trixie, and SPENCER BROWN as Trampolina.

Sicks sicks sicks

The Kinsey gals are back with biting, funny new show


Drag and politics isnt a combination The four members are located stale material. crossre of scandal earlier this year for
often seen, but drag troupe the Kinsey throughout North America. While The self-proclaimed Dragapella posing with a fake, severed head of Trump.
Sicks thinks its the prescription America speaking with the Washington Blade, Beautyshop Quartet describe their schtick Grin participated in the photo shoot for
needs to start healing. Manabet phoned in from Los Angeles, as Bill Maher or Samantha P meets some laughs but the situation became
The Kinsey Sicks, consisting of founder Marken from San Francisco and Schatz RuPaul. Just like Maher, the group has to serious for her career as she was red
Benjamin Schatz (Rachel), Jerey Manabat from Mexico. Brown is based out of stay updated in real time with current from CNN, lost endorsement deals and
(Trixie), Nathan Marken (Winnie) and Kansas City. events as news is constantly breaking. had multiple stand-up shows canceled.
Spencer Brown (Trampolina), are bringing In preparation for shows, Manabat Manabat says that D.C. audiences will The Kinsey Sicks are aware that their
their new show, Things You Shouldnt admits because of location dierences, be pleased with just how up to date show isnt light-hearted comedy either.
Say, for a limited 14-show engagement when they are together in person, their routine will be. Filled with touchy subjects like the Trump
at Edlavitch D.C.-JCCs Theater J. they make sure that their time is well While plenty of comedians are using the administration, racism, xenophobia and
Schatz, the only current original spent in rehearsals. They also do their Trump administration as comedic fodder, gun control, the shows content reads with
member, formed the drag troupe in 1993. homework with online research. Usually the risks of overstepping boundaries is buzzwords that could set o alarm bells.
Manabat joined in 2004, Brown in 2008 they work on writing new material for six high. Kathy Grin, known for her biting While the Kinsey Sicks arent afraid to
and Marken, the newest addition, was months to a year but Manabat promises comedy routines and a good friend of
added in 2014. Things You Shouldnt Say wont feel like the late Joan Rivers, found herself in the CONTINUES ON PAGE 33

2 2 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 Q U E E RY : 2 0 Q U E ST I O N S F O R G RE G RO BE RT S


How long have you been out and who My last Facebook post (other than the
was the hardest person to tell? daily postings about something stupid
I came out when I moved to D.C. in Trump has done) was of my two dogs,
2001 when I was 24. My dad was the Chico and Aztec, hanging out on our
hardest person to tell. front porch.

Whos your LGBT hero? If your life were a book, what would
There have been so many that are the title be?
noted in history but really it is every My life is more like a Lifetime movie.
single person who has marched, Cant tell if its supposed to be serious
petitioned and fought for gay rights, no or funny.
matter how big or small.
If science discovered a way to change
Whats Washingtons best nightspot, sexual orientation, what would you do?
past or present? Be mad that they didnt discover a pill
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO I really miss two places: Badlands and to make me skinny rst. Velvet at Nation. They were my safe
places when I was coming out and no What do you believe in beyond the
About ve years ago, Greg Roberts and husband Daniel Brewer started one paid attention to my bad dancing (or physical world?
seriously collecting wine, focusing on small, boutique wineries that werent so I believed at the time). Im not spiritual, so no answer here.
well known but made, as he puts it, amazing wines with great stories behind
them. Describe your dream wedding. Whats your advice for LGBT
The couple would bring bottles back with them to D.C. and friends kept I already had my dream wedding. My movement leaders?
asking where they could purchase them, so in 2013, they started Madidus, husband and I got married in Sonoma, Be bold and resist.
LLC, a distribution company that represents craft beers, ciders, spirits and Calif., in the middle of wine country
wines from all over the world. at a picturesque Victorian mansion What would you walk across
Its been nothing but upward mobility as our brands and unique style of overlooking Healdsburg. It was perfect. hot coals for?
selling and distribution really clicks with our customers, Roberts says. My husband of course. And a really
Madidus is the rst gay-owned alcohol distributor certied as an LGBT What non-LGBT issue are you most good bottle of wine.
business enterprise by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. passionate about?
Find out more at Education. I believe that we should put What LGBT stereotype
Roberts grew up a military brat and has lived in Florida, Virginia, Spain more of our tax dollars into our education annoys you most?
and more. He moved to Washington in 2001 for work. system as a country so every kid has That gay people dont know or watch
He and Brewer live in Woodbridge. Roberts enjoys wine, dinner, movies and the same access to quality education sports. I mean, I dont, but dont assume
time with his husband and dogs in his free time. no matter where they live and we paid I dont.
teachers what they really deserve.
Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
What historical outcome But Im a Cheerleader
would you change?
November 8, 2016 Whats the most overrated
social custom?
Whats been the most memorable pop Texting instead of calling.
culture moment of your lifetime?
Being in Boston at then-Sen. Obamas What trophy or prize do you
Democratic Convention speech in 2004, most covet?
which propelled him to the front of Powerball
everyones mind, and then running into
him at a fundraiser in Georgetown later What do you wish youd known at 18?
the next year. That I didnt need to pretend to be
someone I wasnt because it
On what do you insist? wasnt normal.
Honesty, rst and foremost. And no
vermouth in my martinis. Why Washington?
This is one of the best times to be in
202.747.2077 What was your last Facebook post
or Tweet?
D.C. The food, the culture, the people,
the arts, the history its all here.

A D V I CE J U L Y 14, 2017 23

Marriage or mistake?
Lesbian wonders if on hold until you made your pick.
committing too young is So Id like to suggest you modify your
question and instead ask, is Allie a great
reason enough to break it o person for me to share my life with? Yes,
there might be others out there, but Allie
is the woman you came across and with
whom you are building a life.
All of the strengths you describe
are helpful for having a successful
relationship. Humor, mutual support,
common interests, shared values and
attraction are all important. But there
MICHAEL RADKOWSKY, Psy.D. is a is one more quality I would add: Do you
licensed psychologist who works with gay challenge each other?
individuals and couples in D.C. All identifying
information has been changed for reasons From all my years as a couples therapist
of condentiality. Have a question? Send it to (and a 25-year relationship!) heres
him via
what Ive learned: One of the greatest
things about being partnered is that a
MICHAEL, relationship can push us to grow beyond
My girlfriend asked me to marry her our limitations in all sorts of ways.
and I said yes. But Im having second Whether its considering a radically
thoughts and dont know what to do. dierent viewpoint, having to speak up
Although I love Allie, she is the only about a dicult subject, being forced
woman Ive ever dated. Im in my 20s and to decide what is most important to
dated men until I met Allie two years ago. us in life, guring out how to tolerate
Im not doubting a bit that I want to be big dierences between you and your
with a woman. Im just scared its a bad partner, learning to accept major
idea to commit to the only woman Ive disappointments, just to name a few,
been with. I am denitely having major relationships give us one opportunity
FOMO (fear of missing out). after another to become more resilient
How can I decide that this one woman, and more interesting individuals.
amazing as she is, is the person to spend Non-partnered readers, do not despair.
the rest of my life with? Many life experiences can give us such

Everything between us is great. We get opportunities.
along super well, were there for each other, Do you think that you and Allie are
Some think I should dress more like
like each others friends and family, have a partners who will challenge each other in
a woman. Some think I should dress
ton in common, laugh all the time. Sex is this way?
more like a man.
good. I could go on and on. But for gosh Im guessing that the answer is yes,
sakes, she is the rst woman Ive dated. simply because you talked with Allie
One other thing sometimes I think about your interest in sex with other
that with all the attractive women out women, which is not an easy conversation
there, it would be a shame to retire
prematurely without having had a little
for many people to have. If youre able
to speak with each other about hard
I may not fit some
more fun. Is that terrible? topics, then you and Allie are letting your ideas about gender,
relationship and your partner push you
I did test the water on that one with
Allie and she isnt interested in having to be stronger.
and I am a proud
a non-monogamous relationship. And But if you feel like your relationship part of DC.
actually, neither am I. Its not like I want is all coziness and no challenge and are
to sleep with other women when I am looking to push yourself and make life
married I just wish Id had more time more interesting, start paying attention
before committing. to what you would rather not deal with.
Please treat me the same way any
Anyhow, your thoughts about my And then start dealing with it. Whether
person would want to be treated:
dilemma would be appreciated, as well as its a tough discussion with Allie or a
with courtesy and respect.
any paths to clarity. confrontation with yourself about how
you are handling some thorny matter, Discrimination based on gender identity and
MICHAEL REPLIES: there is always the potential for challenge expression is illegal in the District of Columbia.
How can any of us ever know that the in a relationship. If you think youve been the target of
Because you cannot both be with Allie discrimination, visit
person we choose to be with is the best
or call (202) 727-4559.
person for us? Great question. and have sex with the gorgeous women
Of course we cant. Theoretically there you may come across going forward, you
might be someone out there in the world will have to decide which of these is most
(even more than one!) with whom you important to you.

would be better matched. But of course, See how being faced with decisions
there isnt time or a means by which to such as this, as you go through life with
meet, much less date, every potential Allie, will help you to dene who you are
candidate. And how would you measure and how you want to live? Then you can Show your support! Spread word of the #TransRespect
best t? Not to mention that you see how your relationship challenges you campaign by photographing this ad and sharing on Twitter.
wouldnt get to keep all the possibilities to grow.

24 J U L Y 14, 2017 THEATER

Cat on a hot tin roof?

Scalias death inspired and its important that they its not
tweaks to The Originalist downplayed or forgotten.
The playwright supplied some backstory
By PATRICK FOLLIARD for Cat. Still Wheeler delved deep in doing
her own character development through
Actor Jade Wheeler shies away from research and asking gay friends about
political debate. But thats ostage. As their lives. Then she imagined Cats life.
Cat, a liberal Harvard Law grad clerking I thought about what shes been
for conservative Justice Antonin Scalia through at 26. How she didnt come out
in John Strands drama The Originalist to her mother who died when she was

Stand Up, Podcasts,

now at Arena Stage, its dierent. Cat 12. How she probably came out to her
is the mouthpiece for liberal politics in father. How when she was in Cambridge

Sketch Comedy, Music & More! imagined conversations between her studying at Harvard she probably felt it
and the Justice as the Supreme Court was safer to come out.
prepares to hear the landmark same-sex Though maddeningly right wing, Justice
marriage case United States v. Windsor. Scalia was known to hire liberal clerks in

July 2022 Cat is a self-dened liberal but she

goes ahead and clerks for Justice Scalia
even though it costs her she loses
real life. Strands script is strictly ction.
Things are simplied a little, Wheeler
says. The characters are likable. Justice
her girlfriend and friends who cant Scalia and Cat develop a mutual respect.
with appearances by understand her decision, Wheeler says. She learns a lot from him.
Jane Krakowski & Tituss Burgess with the National Symphony Orchestra Pops Even though Cat disagrees with the Among entries in Wheelers eclectic
The Daily Show Correspondents Tour with Roy Wood Jr., Justices maddening ideology with every vitae is Who is Eartha Mae? her one-
Ronny Chieng, and Gina Yashere Louie Anderson Puddles Pity Party ber of her being, she is impressed with woman show about Eartha Kitt that played
The Second Citys Almost Accurate to America: Divided We Stand his intelligence and wants to understand O-Broadway at the 2016 United Solo
decisions from all vantage points. Fest and won for Best Cabaret. While Kitt
The Improvised Shakespeare Co. Night Train with Wyatt Cenac
Young, African-American and gay, Cat is mostly remembered for her sexy gold-
How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black Judah Friedlander
chooses not to reveal her sexuality to digger nightclub persona, Wheeler opted
Aparna Nancherla Jo Firestone Brandon Wardell
Scalia who once famously said that he to explore Kitts hardscrabble childhood in
Boast Rattle with Kyle Ayers Mortified Reductress presents Mouth Time Live! the South and her role as an activist.
suspected he had gay friends but none
Leah Bonnema Brittany Carney Petey DeAbreu Ryan Donahue who ever came out to him. I was abbergasted to learn that
Chris Duffy Sam Evans Jared Freid Violet Grey Stavros Halkias Cat doesnt want her colleagues to think Kitt was blacklisted for protesting the
Benjy Himmelfarb Jamel Johnson Sean Joyce Matty Litwack she will be biased on Windsor and other Vietnam War. Her contemporaries were
Dylan Meyer Joyelle Nicole Molly Ruben-Long Cerrome Russell cases related to gay rights so at work she saying similar things but they werent
Paris Sashay Chelsea Shorte Justin Smith Kasaun Wilson Will Winner doesnt wear her sexuality on her sleeve, blacklisted. She was a black woman
Brightest Young Things presents The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio Wheeler says. But outside work she dates and her voice was shutdown. After 10
Underground Comedy women and you might run into her at a years away working in Europe she was
chick bar. She has a lot of self-restraint and welcomed home by President Carter and
Complete schedule at is sort of a chameleon in a way. her career in America reignited.
The Originalist is named for Justice Growing up, Wheeler lived the nomadic
Scalia (here played by four-time Helen life of military ospring. Today the aable
Hayes Award-winner Edward Gero) who actor still isnt based in any one spot but
believed the U.S. Constitution should rather follows the work. She doesnt
be applied as the framers intended; reveal her age, because it might limit
it premiered at Arena Stage in 2015. casting opportunities, and says about
Wheeler joined the cast on Election herself, I, like many Americans, especially
Day 2016 in Asolo Repertory Theatre of the diaspora are mixed in some way or
in Sarasota and then travelled with the another. I do; however, honor my Cape
company to Pasadena Playhouse before Verdean heritage.
the production came back to Washington. For the record, Wheeler is an
Since the play opened two years ago, independent. Those who know her say she
Scalia died, Trump was elected and the aligns with the left, and thats ne with her.
country has become further divided. Some This play has taught me to argue
changes have been made to the script. the point but not destroy the person in
Working at Arena means fullling a front of us. Lets talk about gun violence
longtime goal for me, Wheeler says. She or privatizing jails or fracking. Lets talk
adds its been very exciting for her to work about the issue. Opposing points of view
with the plays director and Arenas Artistic are valid. They come from life experience
Roy Wood Jr. Aparna Nancherla Louie Anderson Director Molly Smith and to act opposite or an education. So I say let the facts
the esteemed Gero who was her theater decide the outcome rather than who can
professor at George Mason University. yell the loudest.
This isnt the rst time Wheeler has
Through July 30
KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600 There was an indie lm I did in Miami Arena Stage
Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400. where I played a lesbian, she says. And 1101 Sixth St., S.W.
For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540. in life I get hit on a lot by women. Im not 202-488-3300
gay, but I am aware of the LGBT struggle

T HE ATE R J U L Y 14, 2017 25


PENNY STERLING is in an autobiographical, storytelling piece written and performed by the actress.

Five must-see Fringe shows

LGBT content abounds at House of Men is a solo performance
written and performed by transgender
12th annual festival storyteller Penny Sterling and directed

Jose Llana and Laura Michelle Kelly in Rodgers & Hammersteins The King and I. Photo by Matthew Murphy
by Lynn Sanchez Fries. At turns funny
By PATRICK FOLLIARD and painful, Sterlings spoken word piece
recounts how she lived the rst 54 years
Through July 30, Capital Fringe Festival of her life as Brian (which included dating
2017 oers a massive selection of women, raising children and being voted
Fringe theater, music, art, dance and the Funniest Man in Rochester, N.Y., in
unclassiable forms of live performance 1992) and how she shed that identity.
and visual art to D.C. Of special interest to lm bus is
Now in its 12th year, the annual festival Clara Bow: Becoming It presented
features more than 80 shows many of by LiveArtDC at the Logan Fringe Arts
which are of special interest to LGBT Space: Trinidad Theatre. The show invited
audiences; just a few of those are listed audiences to journey with Hollywoods
below. No doubt, theres something for rst it girl from the slums of New York
everyone. For a complete list of shows, to unimagined stardom in Hollywood.
times and venues, go to Penned by Alia Faith Williams and
At Gallaudet Universitys Elstad directed by Heather Whitpan, the piece
Auditorium, Out-Side the Box Theatre is a rag-to-riches, scandal-laced tale of
presents Just Like a Woman by Larry cinematic sensation Bow as she soars to
E. Blossom. The timely drama co-directed the heights of silent lm fame.
by Blossom and Susan Knapik is about The eight-person cast includes Rebecca
a transgender kid whos pushed by Ellis as Bow, Nick DePinto as Bows lover
Trumps nasty campaign rhetoric to make Gary Cooper and goodhearted cowboy
a shocking decision. The action prompts actor husband Rex Bell. Maggie Robertson
generations of women to confront their
own secrets, fears and addictions, as well
plays Bows chum Tui Lorriane who was
briey married to the stars father and WILDLY IMAGINATIVE,
as the very meaning of femininity.
The new play (recommended for adults
Bows crooked secretary Daisy Devoe.
With comedy musical Daggers IMPECCABLY EXECUTED.
only) features a large cast including Jamie Mackenzie (at Atlas Performing Arts SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
Crowne, Heather Godwin, Konstantine Cener), lesbian performance artist
James, Dana Maas, Joseph McCaughtry, Melissa A. Kaplan relays the tale of Emma
Yvonne Paretzky, Celia de la Vega, and
Bill Wilburn; and original music by
Daggers MacKenzie, an innocent farm
girl circa 1894 who is seduced by a cunning
July 18August 20 | Opera House
Thomas Ashcom. carnival madam into the circus and later
The Wandering Theatre Company is the life of an outlaw. The hour-long solo
presenting The Laramie Project at show is recommend for adults only.
Atlas Performing Arts Center. Written As far as me in real life, yes, Im gay
as they come, Kaplan says. As far as
KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600
by Moises Kaufman & the Members of
the Tectonic Theater Project, the award- Daggers the character, I dont specically Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.
winning work examines the brutal hate label her sexuality in the show, but the
crime killing of gay college student storyline focuses on the power dynamics
Theater at the Kennedy Center Major support for Musical Theater Kennedy Center Theater
Matthew Shepherd near Laramie, Wyo., in same-sex female sexual relationships. is made possible by at the Kennedy Center is provided by Season Sponsor
on Oct. 6, 1998, as recounted through Im not sure she would know what to say
interviews of local people and brought to if you asked her for a label she lives
life by a 10-person cast in multiple roles. in 1894. Shed probably say people think Additional support is provided by The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation.

Presented at Shopkeepers, Spy in the shes queer.


26 JU L Y 14, 2017 O U T & A BO U T






SAT, JULY 22 Ross returns to Wolf Trap July 25
SONNY LANDRETH Diana Ross will perform at Wolf Traps Filene Center (1551 Trap Rd., Vienna,
W/ SPECIAL GUEST TORONZO CANNON Va.) on Tuesday, July 25 at 8 p.m.
Ross was lead singer of the Supremes throughout the 60s and is also known
for her solo hits like Upside Down, Im Coming Out and many more. Hardcore
THE STEPPIN STONES fans are sometimes frustrated as her show doesnt change much from year to
year but casual fans usually leave her concerts happy her 75-90-minute show
covers a lot of ground and most of her trademark hits.
OKKERVIL RIVER Tickets start at $35. For more information, visit
Yearly event raises
money for LGBT youth
LIVE AT THE FILLMORE The fth annual SMYAL for Summer
THE DEFINITIVE TRIBUTE TO will be on Wednesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. at
THE ORIGINAL ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Hogan Lovells (555 13th St., N.W.) Tickets
start at $10 and will go to help LGBT youth
SAT, JULY 29 in the community.
AN EVENING WITH INGRATITUDE: During the event the winners of SMYALs
A TRIBUTE TO EARTH, WIND, & FIRE 2017 LGBT Youth Leadership Award will
be presented with their scholarships.
SUN, JULY 30 SMYAL was founded in 1984 and since
ENTER THE HAGGIS has become the premier organization
serving LGBT youth in D.C.
TUES, AUG 1 For more information, visit
WED, AUG 2 Kink Fest features demos,
MIDNIGHT NORTH discussion and party
Grey Owl, Mr. DC Eagle 2017, has
THURS, AUG 3 teamed up with the DC Eagle (3701
CRIS JACOBS, JOHN GINTY Benning Rd., N.E.) and the National
& FRIENDS Chely Wright plays Annapolis July 26 Coalition for Sexual Freedom to host
Kink Fest. The festivities begin at 4
FRI, AUG 4 Chely Wright, honored by the Family Equality Council for her outstanding work p.m. on Sunday, July 23 with educational
HONEY ISLAND SWAMP BAND as an LGBT activist, performs at Rams Head on Stage (33 West St., Annapolis, demos and discussion sessions and
Md.) on Wednesday, July 26 at 8 p.m. continue into the night with a blacklight
Wright released her newest album I Am the Rain in 2016 and has been in the dance party.
industry since 1994. There will be a donation of $10 taken
Tickets are $35. For details, visit at the door with all proceeds going to
the Coalition. For more information, visit

O U T & A B O UT J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

Trinitys tricks of the trade

Drag Race nalist gears up happens is after they have the person
for War on the Catwalk tour sashay away, that person goes and is
sequestered for a short period of time,
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO not long. For us to lm the rest of it when she says, If you cant love yourself
and then they play music and we
Trinity Taylor, one of the nalists from leave. When we leave, we go directly
season nine of RuPauls Drag Race, is back to the work area, take o our
on the War on the Catwalk tour, which makeup and thats when we are allowed
kicked o Thursday in New Haven, Conn. to do the notes. Then we leave and then
The queens come to Washington the person whos eliminated is allowed
Sunday night, July 16, at the Warner to come back and thats when they
Theatre. Trinity spoke with the Blade actually pack to leave. But the reason
by phone Tuesday from her home in why we get our makeup o is they still
Orlando, Fla. have lming to do and they want to get
us out of there quickly because we have
WASHINGTON BLADE: Where are you to be up the next morning.
right now?
TRINITY TAYLOR: Im in my bedroom. Are BLADE: Your boyfriend was so hot in
you gonna ask me what Im wearing next? the nale. I was jealous. Are you still
together and how are things going?
BLADE: Sure, why not? TRINITY: Um, we broke up that night
TRINITY: A grungy T-shirt and were actually. No, just kidding, were still together.
leaving it there (laughs). Hes still a doll and I am very blest to have
him in my life. Hes very supportive.
BLADE: Tell us about the tour. PHOTO COURTESY VH1
TRINITY: Yeah, well, I was very BLADE: Remind me his name.
fortunate that they asked me to host TRINITY TAYLOR (aka Ryan Taylor) says her season was one of the tightest competitions in the TRINITY: His name is Leo. Hes just a
the tour which is kind of nerve wracking history of RuPauls Drag Race. great guy.
because Ive hosted tons and tons and
tons of shows but this is a major tour this saying all these excuses was people were against, I was going to stay, that was my BLADE: Have fun with that.
season nine tour, so theres a lot more putting her on the spot for her terrible focus. So she wasnt even there to me, I TRINITY: Oh trust me, I do.
pressure. So hopefully I do OK. I am, you lip sync. So she was just grasping at was just performing.
know, Ill do what I do best show my straws. As far as sleep goes, rst of all, BLADE: I was enthralled by Valentina
tuck, hopefully make some people laugh this is a competition. Youre not signing BLADE: What struck you most at rst but later, especially at the
and the biggest thing is just entertain up to go to a weekend spa. When they watching the show vs. experiencing it reunion, she struck me as really fake
because thats what I am, an entertainer. say it is RuPauls Drag Race, it is really in person? Do you see it at all before it nice and she got a lot of ak from the
a race. You have very little time, the airs or you see it with everybody else? other queens. Whats your take on her?
BLADE: I thought Trixie was hosting. schedule is grueling, the challenges are TRINITY: Oh, no thats the rst time TRINITY: Well I love Valentina. Me and
TRINITY: Were both hosting. Maybe not easy. If youre watching it and you we see it. Whats shocking is Ill give her are probably the closest from this
certain dates. I dont know that shes go, Yeah, I could do that, well yeah, Alexis as an example. On the show, season out of all the girls. On the show, I
doing the whole thing. you maybe could do that if you had the Alexis didnt I liked Alexis, she was hated her. I thought she was a diva. She
time but when youre on a time crunch, not annoying at all, I didnt see this like got a really great edit. There were several
BLADE: How did you like the format you dont have a lot of time and so, you person who made excuses and blamed girls who got really great edits. Like the
for the Drag Race nale this year? might not do your best. Or you may do us for not doing well. For some reason it producers for some reason just didnt
TRINITY: Well obviously I thought it phenomenal, but it is a race. So as far didnt click in my mind while I was there see what we all see, but like Valentina
was terrible because I didnt make the as sleep goes, you got plenty of hours to that she was complaining a lot like that. was a diva brat on the show, she was.
top two (laughs). Im just kidding. I think sleep because there was a schedule of And then watching the episodes Im like, Kind of like what you saw in the reunion.
it was great for the show. Its something when we were done and when we were Dang, she really tried to come in for Valentina in person though, as you get
the show needed because the show picked up. But when you had your alone us. And so seeing it from a dierent to know her, she really is a diva. But like
was very predictable the past couple of time in the hotel rooms, you did have perspective from actually being there, it its just dierent. Getting to know her
years, you know, the person who wins to make sure you knew your lip sync just registers dierently. And also seeing and interacting with her in person in
the most challenges wins. So this was songs, make sure if you had anything last how everything is edited together. Not everyday life vs. on the show is dierent.
denitely something that was shocking minute you needed to work on, prepare that they edited stu that was not true, Shes a diva and she has this grandiose
and something dierent which is good, for, you know, all thats on your own but just seeing how it all tells a story, its aura about her all the time, even as a
change is good. I think it got a lot of time. So for her to say she didnt have very interesting. boy. Its not fake but I can see how it
attention and exposure and thats good enough sleep, thats really on her. could come across fake because it came
for the show and whatevers good for the BLADE: On Untucked theres often across fake to me on the show but thats
shows gonna be good for me. BLADE: Could you tell she was notes for the girls who are leaving in just how she is.
phoning it in on that lip sync or were the workroom but it looks like theyre
BLADE: Charlie Hides said during you too busy concentrating on your taken in there as soon as they get their CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM
the reunion she only got two hours own performance to realize that? makeup o. When do you have time
TRINITY: Until I watched it on the to write notes if youre it appears WAR ON THE CATWALK: THE QUEENS FROM
of sleep one night. Is the competition SEASON 9
really that intense? Did you sleep well episode, I didnt know what she did. I still out there on the main stage? Sunday, July 16
during the run? kind of just zoned out, I was just like, TRINITY: Um, what happens, um I Warner Theatre
513 13 St., N.W.
TRINITY: So, um, Charlie, I love Im in the bottom, Ive got to stay, and dont know if Im allowed to tell you this
Charlie, but the reason why Charlie was it didnt matter who I was lip syncing but Im gonna tell you anyway what
2 8 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

Distinctive Coastal
Delaware Properties
u s to
Ca plore ns!
ex ptio
u ro
y o


105 Cape Shores Drive, Cape Shores, Lewes Beach, DE
Offered at $1,350,000 | MLS 721302

35588 Peregrine Road, Hawkseye, Lewes, DE 16239 Willow Creek Road, Lewes, DE
Offered at $1,369,900 | MLS 719645 Offered at $2,000,000 | MLS 721021

16698 Ki ngs Hi ghway S t e . A , L e w e s , D E 19958 ( 3 02) 645- 6 66 4 L e e A n n Gr o u p . c o m


CA L ENDA R 2 9 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7

E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade. Va.). The soloists will share personal
com two weeks prior to your event. Space is lim- stories of bad behavior with songs like
ited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events Im Everybodys Boy. Tickets are $35. For
or those with LGBT participants. Recurring
events must be re-submitted each time. details, visit
The D.C. Roller Girls, (5706 Lafayette
Pl., Hyattsville, Md.), an LGBT roller
derby team, are having an open house
TODAY tonight at 7 p.m. The current team will
do a practice scrimmage and the training
Stonewall Sports has its fourth annual team will be there to answer questions
national tournament tonight through and provide information. For details, visit
Sunday on the Mall and at various
locations. Among the weekend events
are yoga and spin classes, Stonewall WEDNESDAY, JULY 19
Bocce pick-up games, kickball, social
events at local bars and restaurants, a Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper will
closing-night party at Town and more. be at Jiy Lube Live (7800 Cellar Door Dr.,
Weekend passes for friends/spectators Bristow, Va.) tonight at 7:30 p.m. Both are
are available. Tickets start at $25. For Grammy winners; Lauper is a longtime
more information, visit stonewallsports. LGBT ally. Tickets are $41.75. For more information, visit
Friends With Benets hosts the Bookmen D.C. will meet this evening to
Summer Fling party an evening of discuss Hidden: the Intimate Lives of Gay
theater, drinks and dancing. The night Men Past and Present by Clinton Elliott.
begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Studio Theatre Newcomers are welcome. The group will
(1501 14th St., N.W.) with pre-show meet at 7:30 p.m. at the D.C. Center (2000
drinks, then a performance of Academy 14th St., N.W.). For more information, visit
Award-winner Tarell Alvin McCraneys
WIG OUT! Attendees are then invited The Tom Davoren Social Bridge Club
to a pool party with the cast at the meets tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Dignity
Penthouse Pool Club (1612 U St., N.W.). Center (721 8th St., S.E.). No partner is
Tickets are $10. For more information, needed. For more information, call 301-
visit 345-1571.
The Log Cabin Republicans of D.C. are
SATURDAY, JULY 15 having a meeting with Muriel Bowser,
mayor of D.C. tonight at 7 p.m. Log Cabin
No Kings Collective celebrates its eighth Republicans work to make the Republican
anniversary this evening at 5 p.m. with a Party more inclusive and serve as a link
block party. DJ Fleg, Jerome Baker III and to the Republican party at large. The
Brass Connection will spin, there will be meeting is at the Camden Roosevelt
a massive art installation as well as a live Community Room (2101 16th St., N.W.)
silk screening. The event will take place at
the Whitman-Walker Health Center (1525 THURSDAY, JULY 20
14th St., N.W.) and is free with RSVP. For
more information, visit Beckys Fund, a D.C.-based non
D.C. Zinefest is today at St. Stephen and profit dedicated to ending intimate
the Incarnation Episcopal Church (1525 partner violence hosts its third
Newton St., N.W.) at 10 a.m. Zinefest is annual swimsuit fashion show and
a volunteer-organized event designed to MAMMA MIA! Farewell Tour is at Wolf Trap July 19-20. fundraiser tonight at 6:30 p.m. The
allow independent publishers and artists Take a Stand, Make a Splash fundraiser
to share their work with each other. is a partner of D.C. Swim Week and the
There is no charge for admission, but Upshur St., N.W.) Drink specials will be Paint Nite D.C. will be held tonight models are survivors of intimate and
donations are appreciated. For details, oered until 5 p.m., as well as brunch and at Nellies Sports Bar (900 U St., N.W.). domestic abuse. Doors are at 6:30
visit dinner as the event continues. For more Attendees may engage their creative side p.m. and tickets are $50. For more
LURe D.C., an event production information, visit as they paint over cocktails and food. The information, visit
company focused on the lesbian event begins at 7 p.m. Supplies will be The Labyrinth Game Shop (645
community, teams up with Cobalt (1639 SUNDAY, JULY 16 provided and there will be a professional Pennsylvania Ave., S.E.) has a board game
R St., N.W.) tonight to host BARE at 10 artist as well as a party host at the event. night tonight from 6-10 p.m. Beginners
p.m. DJs Rosie and Kennan Orr will spin There is a family friendly picnic Tickets are $45. For more information, are welcome. Favorites will be played
as the DystRucXion dancers perform. today for LGBT people and families in visit on site or bring your own. The shop has
There is a $7 cover before midnight and Fairfax County at Nottoway Park (9601 about 400 games in its demo library.
$10 after. For more information visit Courthouse Rd., Vienna, Va.). The event TUESDAY, JULY 18 Free and open to those 16 and older. is hosted by Fairfax County Public Details on Facebook.
DISTRIKT of Columbia hosts its Schools Pride, and cosponsored by the Wolf Trap (1551 Trap Rd., Vienna, Va.) Ready to Serve WWI Nurses
Burning Man camp fundraiser Transgender Education Association will show a performance of MAMMA will be performed tonight at 7:30 p.m.
tonight at Flash (645 Florida Ave., N.W.) among others. Bring your own meat or MIA! tonight and Wednesday at 8 p.m. as part of the Capital Fringe Festival at
Tickets start at $12 and all proceeds go veggies; charcoal and other supplies The hit musical is on its farewell North Gallaudet University Theatre (800 Florida
toward DISTRIKTs Burning Man efforts will be provided. The event is free, but American tour and features tracks like Ave., N.E.). The piece honors the World
this year which includes a new massive small donations are welcomed. For more Dancing Queen. Tickets start at $25. For War I centennial by sharing a little-known
stage. Doors are at 8 p.m. For details, information, visit more information, visit story of 64 Maryland Army Nurses from
visit Soloists from the Gay Mens Chorus Johns Hopkins who served in France. It
There is a free Ladies Tea this afternoon MONDAY, JULY 17 will perform tonight at 8 p.m. at Signature continues through Saturday. Details at
at 3 p.m. at Hanks Cocktail Bar (819 Theatre (4200 Campbell Ave., Arlington,
SATURDAY, JULY 29 30 J U L Y 14, 2017

SP O RT I N I N D . C.

Splash Tournament time

Players from many dierent sports will gather this weekend in Washington for the Stonewall Sports
National Tournament. D.C. members, seen here, are active in the LGBT sports world.


& Ride
FLAGS AMERICA Players from Philadelphia, in their sports and numbers. Currently
EXCLUSIVE PRIDE WATER Cleveland, elsewhere boasting over 1,200 participants, they
PARK PARTY oer kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, sand
expected in D.C. volleyball, billiards, yoga and bowling.
They have donated about $100,000 to
By KEVIN MAJOROS local charities since their inception.
When I rst started playing, I
The fourth annual Stonewall Sports immediately began meeting a lot people
National Tournament will be held this who I wouldnt have met otherwise, says
weekend at locations throughout D.C. Stonewall Philadelphia Commissioner Joe
including the National Mall. Along with Peltzer. Its a great opportunity to have
sports tournaments in kickball, dodgeball fun, establish connections and raise money
and volleyball, a full schedule is planned for charities. I love watching our players
with social activities, leadership meetings, jumping into dierent friend groups.
Stonewall Yoga, Stonewall Bocce pick-up Peltzer says that the Philadelphia
games and pool parties. players are really looking forward to
The Stonewall Sports model has building new connections from other
spread to 11 cities in the United States cities and that the teams are melding
ALL-DAY ADMISSION TO SIX FLAGS and close to 1,000 competitors from
those cities will be in attendance for the
together to come to the tournament.
They will be sending about eight teams to
AND EXCLUSIVE PRIDE PARTY tournaments. Non-participant passes are compete in kickball and dodgeball.
also available for those who want to join The tournament is about competitive
RIDE ALL DAY in on the festivities.
Since its inception in 2010, D.C.based
play, but we also look forward to the
camaraderie and learning about what
PARTY ALL NIGHT Stonewall Sports has provided sports
leagues that are managed as a nonprot
other cities are doing, Peltzer says. It
elevates it above what is going on in your
with a philanthropic heart by creating own little bubble.
PRIVATE POOL PARTY organized communities that have the
ability and responsibility to support
In the fall of 2015, Stonewall Cleveland
launched its kickball league, which was
8:00 PM - MIDNIGHT others in need.
In addition to the sports competitions,
immediately followed by the addition of
dodgeball. The two leagues have about
the National Tournament brings together 465 players and in two weeks they will
HAPPY HOUR our Stonewall community from across the
country to address issues in person, says
be joined by an additional 165 players in
their inaugural bocce season.
James OLeary, vice president of Stonewall After launching, we were plugged in
DRAG SHOW Sports. We will hold our annual meeting instantly to several hundred people of
varying age groups, says Taylor Henschel,
with workshops on the technical aspects of
community building and programming along co-commissioner of Stonewall Cleveland.
DJ AND LATE NIGHT FUN with having conversations about safe spaces, This is more than an LGBT community.
diversity, public health and inclusion. Its place making; creating intentional
The safe spaces that once existed communities by drawing in your own
METRO ACCESSIBLE within the LGBT community have evolved people along with other people.
and Stonewall Sports has established Cleveland is a sprawling city and
a national network that allows for like- Henschel says it is easy to get stuck in
SHUTTLES FROM minded people to connect. your local sector. The Stonewall model

has helped to connect people from the
The National Tournament is a chance
$54 @ GATE for all of the Stonewall cities to get together widespread areas. They will be sending
$20 SEASON PASS HOLDERS (PICK-UP/DROP-OFF AT NELLIES) and talk about our vision and the avenues ve teams to the National Tournament.
to reach our community, OLeary says. The value of this network is something
We have established a network of people larger than yourself. It gives life purpose,
that have a similar path. Henschel says. Meeting people from all
Stonewall Philadelphia joined the over the country is a reminder that we
PRIDESPLASH.ORG Stonewall community in 2014 and its are part of this enormous community of
members have seen incredible expansion queer people. Its pretty profound.
M U SI C J U L Y 14, 2017 31 DISTRICT OF


ANI DiFRANCO returns with a more elaborate, more intricately produced album with Binary, her
20th studio project.

DiFranco undefeated
Acoustic guitar at core of Other standouts include the frantic
and skittery Telepathic, the vividly
adventurous new album tense Terrifying Sight and the motoring
rocker Spider, which again illustrates
By CHRIS GERARD that DiFranco is more than capable
of going beyond the acoustic folk that
Ani DiFranco continues her ambitious, casual listeners not deeply familiar
unorthodox career with Binary, her 20th with her catalog might expect. The
studio album over a 27-year period. The arrangements may have grown in scope,
June release is her latest for Righteous but the piercing emotional power for
Babe Records, the label she started at 18. which she has always been known is still
Shes persevered with her blazing talent as unquestionably present.
a singer, songwriter and rst-rate guitarist. The album ends with the weary but hopeful
Binary features more elaborate and Deferred Gratication. DiFranco rst
fully developed arrangements than her released the song in January as an homage
last album, 2014s largely stripped-down to Obama, whose accomplishments and
Allergic to Water. Her acoustic guitar legacy as he left oce were overshadowed,
remains at the core of the songs, the base she felt, by the incoming administration.
upon which everything else is built, but Deferred Gratication is a solemn
her new collection adds slickly produced reection that progress is a frustratingly
and diverse accompaniments that give it long and often painful struggle that can
a more polished sound. DiFrancos vocals sometimes be eeting.
are as lively and expressive as always and Steps forward are often followed by a
her songwriting skills remain razor-sharp. backwards lurch that can take time and
The heavily rhythmic title track is a nice massive eort to reverse. Sometimes its Now thru August 13 | Theater Lab
spark to open with album, with DiFranco left to the next generation to untangle The Second Citys Almost Accurate Guide to America: Divided We Stand takes
chanting the chorus before a funky bass the mess that weve created: I vote in a hilarious look at the divisions that have driven this country apart and those
line pops in and helps create a slick every election/hope someday these kids moments that can still bring us all together. The famed comedy theater returns to
groove thats a perfect launch for the are gonna help us win. The realization DC with a show that focuses as much on the people as the politicsbe it Russian
collection. Pacists Lament is a beautiful that immediate gratication and idealism spies, womens rights, or North Korean missiles. You may think you know America,
acoustic ballad, gently melodic and with must sometimes take a back seat to but if the last year has taught us anything, its that there are many different Americas
particularly lovely vocal performance. A pragmatism can be numbing, but therein to get to know. Alas, there is still one thing the blue states and red states share
boozy, drunken horn section emerges lies the possibility of progress. the need for a good laugh! Age 16+
mid-way through as the song turns Binary is a strong effort,
darker and cinematic. Bon Ivers Justin adventurous and ambitious. Long-
Vernon contributes to an inventive vocal time fans will likely be delighted with
arrangement on the quirky and menacing it and those who have yet to discover
Zizzing. Play God, with its strident vocal DiFrancos catalog, or perhaps have KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600
echoed by a blazing line of electric guitar, lost track of her output over the years, Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
was the albums rst single, appearing should allow her new album to be an For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.

was back in October 2016. opportunity for discovery.

3 2 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M


Beautiful waterfront home on

Marylands Eastern Shore

Offered at $3,850,000

A R T S & EN TE RTA I NMENT J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 3 3

Dragapella quartet works hard to keep material fresh

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 Saturday Night Live even included a dierent variety. time that can feel scary.
tackle hard-hitting issues, Schatz says sketch about the drag competition. Schatz says the Kinsey Sicks routine People need to laugh. Its a release. We
theyre aware that sensitivity is important. Manabat notes that RuPauls Drag is a combination of glorious a cappella, help people laugh constructively. Well
People sometimes look at us and think, Race has changed societys view on really smart political comedy, hideous call things out that are congruent with
Oh my god, theres nowhere this group drag for the better. He says he would drag and movie theaterwhich sets them what people are wanting or what people
wont go. But thats actually not true. We even include Lip Sync Battle, a lip sync apart from Rus crew. say. Theres nothing in our show that we
give a lot of thought, Schatz says.There are competition series where celebrities There are people who think that the make up. Its all based on fact to the point
things that we make jokes about amongst dress in costume to perform, under the only appropriate response to a drag of absurdity, Marken says.
each other that we think are hilarious that drag umbrella. queen is Yas, girl, Schatz says. Thats For Schatz, its all about changing
we simply wouldnt say on stage. Drag queens lip syncing has now not who we are. Theres a certain form peoples outlook on what has become a
The jokes that do make it on stage might become straight people lip syncing on the of drag thats getting a lot of attention, bleak situation.
make people laugh but the core message battle, Manabat says. Theres something which is great. And some of the queens The Kinsey Sicks formation during what
is what the group is really thinking. denitely in the culture that has changed on RuPauls Drag Race are amazing. But Schatz calls the darkest days of the AIDS
Comedy is just another form of because of the emergence of this show. I thats lip syncing. Drag is an extraordinarily crisis has allowed the quartet to always try to
communication. If youre a comic, you think that what they do is very good. They diverse genre. If you were to track Divine give power back to those who feel powerless.
own the content of your words. Even create riveting, interesting entertainment. to RuPauls Drag Race it would be a sort Being able to laugh gives you some
though this makes us laugh its just Theyre putting a human face to what of bumpy and interesting path. I would feeling of being human, of having
something that we want to be saying. Its used to be, to some people, a terrifying say we are as much descended from the strength, of having some control over
just a way to say it, Schatz says. art form. They wouldnt even call it art. But Divine root of the drag family as we are absurdity, of not being dominated, of not
As the political climate has shifted, so now, especially among millennials and from the RuPauls Drag Race roots. being victimized, Schatz says.
has the world of drag. Once upon a time younger, its just one of many incredible The topic is so integral to the group that
RuPauls Drag Race was a cult hit series forms of entertainment. Marken promises that the Kinsey Sicks KINSEY SICKS
that aired on Logo, a channel not widely The group cant deny that RuPauls will give their rundown on how society THINGS YOU SHOULDNT SAY
July 19-30
watched outside of its niche LGBT audience. Drag Race has helped drag gain views drag, and the groups origin story, Edlavitch D.C.-JCCs Theater J
Now, RuPaul has earned an Emmy award credibility. The Kinsey Sicks even made during the show. 1529 16thSt., N.W.
for hosting the show and season nine an appearance on season eight, but they But of the utmost importance to the
debuted on the more mainstream VH1. are adamant that their form of drag is a Kinsey Sicks is to make people laugh in a

3 4 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 T RA V E L

Vibrant and exciting Mexico City

Mexico City passed a bill legalizing same- be, surrounded by those who also seek
sex marriage. (We may also remember refuge and a comfortable atmosphere
that the District of Columbia also passed in which to express themselves in
its own gay-marriage law that same year). the evening. Its also suggested that
The law, unsurprisingly unpopular with the last car on the subway train that
some conservative sectors, was sent passes through Zona Rosa is called the
for judicial review but was deemed happiness car, where riders get a bit
constitutional by the Supreme Court. friendly. I was unable to conrm.
In that political atmosphere, Mexico
Citys gay culture has thrived. There has POLANCO
been a Pride parade for more than three On the other end of the spectrum
decades, and openly gay politicians is Polanco. An upscale, leafy, tree-
have served in the legislative assembly. lined neighborhood of well-heeled
Although mass media has been slow in businessmen and government ocials
its representation of non-comic-relief with streets named for famous
gay characters, this too is changing. Of intellectuals, it may not be the most
PHOTO BY DIEGO DELSO; COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS course, the city itself, a fabulous and obvious district for gays to gather. But
extraordinary agglomeration of baroque indeed, a couple famous clubs have
A scene from Mexico Citys Zona Rosa.
excess, gleaming modernism, and gritty found themselves here, nestled into quiet
streetscape, simply screams gay. corners. As you may imagine, crushed-
Capital city to the south has While the previous administration had Given the size of Mexico City, the scope velvet ropes line the sidewalks out front.
something for all tastes promoted pivot to Asia policies, the of its scene is also almost too hard to The tony crowd spends its evenings
current administration has been laser- handle. It would be folly to attempt to here after dinner in one of the modern
By EVAN CAPLAN focused on revisiting our relationship with capture all of it. Its most famous gay restaurants along the main drag of Masaryk
Mexico, having called Mexicans criminals neighborhood, Zona Rosa, boasts dozens Street nearby. Envy is one of these posh
Feelings run strong in this administration and vowing to separate our two countries of bars within a tight ve-block space. clubs, open on Fridays; Guilt is the Saturday
about foreign countries. During the with a wall it wouldnt pay for. Firsthand Cafes and restaurants in some of the event; and Saint is open both nights. Both
campaign, one country and its people research was the only way to dig to the hipper hipster hoods attract gays as well, require $20 covers and ll up quickly after
especially stood out. We had to wonder: bottom of what Mexico is really like. outside strictly gay-only establishments. midnight. The music is a modern mix of
what is Mexico really like? I decided to take I had assistance in my discoveries, of This column, as did I on my visit, will pop and electric, depending on the DJ. Both
a leap of faith and travel from our nations course. Two friends from Washington, focus on places within three central maintain a lounge-y vibe, with spacious
capital to that one to nd out. D.C. currently call Mexico City their home, neighborhoods: Zona Rosa, Roma/ booths and low lighting. Most close at 6
As my plane glided over the border, and graciously hosted me as I set out on Condesa, and Polanco. a.m., leaving plenty of time for dancing.
nothing much changed, though this was at my fact-nding mission. By day, we would Polanco is the new destination for an
40,000 feet up. The dry, sun-baked landscape explore the famed museums, pyramids, ZONA ROSA exclusive, swanky night out.
below did not turn into some kind of crime- and cultural icons. In the evening, we Zona Rosa is undoubtedly the most
infested morass, and there was certainly no would turn to other sights. famous (or perhaps infamous) gay ROMA/CONDESA
wall. It remained to be seen what ground- Our cities have much more in common neighborhood in Mexico City. It was the rst Perhaps right in the middle is Roma/
level looks would be like, but regardless, I than you might expect. Mexico City, much gayborhood, and still lays claim to being the Condesa. This bustling, developing
was on a journey to discover and explore like D.C., is not a state (Mexico has 31 of largest and most popular. Once pretty, now district is attracting the hipsters and
Mexico City and its culture, nightlife, leisure those). The city was, until recently, known a bit gritty, its most certainly the destination yuppies, with historic buildings, high-end
activities, and yes, gay scene. as DF, or Distrito Federal (Federal District), for the young bargoer set on the weekends. dining, galleries, sidewalk art sales, and
As the waning days of President Barack and was very much underrepresented Its unpretentious and non-judgmental, and taco trucks all sharing the street. The
Obamas term came to a close, so did my politically on the national level. all types ock to its bars, waiting in lines that bars here are much more relaxed, best
time working for that administration. I Just last year, however, an earthquake snake down the sidewalk to pay mere $3 for people watching and cocktail sipping.
had life decisions to make. Should I stay of political autonomy arrived. Through covers. Bars with alluring names like Papi, Theres plenty of swank to go around
in the capital city and become part of the years of activism, the city is now known Lollipop, and Kinky call. this neighborhood as well, given its up-
opposition? Find an opportunity in the as CDMX, or Ciudad de Mexico, and is Kinkys tri-level setup oers rst-oor and-coming nature. You can also nd a
private sector and forget about politics? treated similarly to the states of Mexico. karaoke, second-oor DJs, and third-oor couple saunas and bathhouses here. One
Leave the city entirely and live on the It has achieved statehood, although by a gyrations: dancers with increasingly less exception is Toms, the most well-known
beach? Most importantly, where should I dierent name, and the representation clothing take to tiered stages for dance leather and bear bar that sees its best
take my post-administration vacation? is just as sweet. Certainly something the sets. Its packed and hot, and drinks are business on Tuesdays.
After nixing New York (too close!), D.C. City Council may look into. easier to be had on lower levels, though Similarly, the downtown and historic
Montreal (too cold!), and London (Im on Mexico at large, a traditionally and the bartenders are shirtless regardless of Central neighborhood is also gaining
a budget here), I decided on the biggest strongly Catholic country, is certainly where they stand. It also boasts a terrace traction as a gay destination, as the
close city that, until recently, many had more conservative than its capital city, to suck in a breath of air between sets. Boy community moves away from its former
overlooked Mexico City. where the legislative body has had a left- Bar, across the street, has a similar setup. stronghold in Zona Rosa to become a less
Having served the government in our leaning majority for several sessions. To Other bars focus on drag performances isolated, more integrated community.
capital city, I felt it only logical to visit our that end, CDMX has passed various and and over-the-top cabaret, ranging from Vibrant and complex, Mexico Citys
neighbors. A sprawling metropolis of 25 wide-ranging progressive statutes, even the obeat to the semi-professional. fascinating juxtapositions make it one of
million people, Mexico Citys enormity is including more open abortion policies. It Zona Rosa is all encompassing. the most exciting cities to visit, especially
hard to fathom, even more so coming also legalized same-sex marriage. Younger partygoers, bears, and hipsters as a gay traveler. While we have plenty
from our cozy town of less than a million After several years of debate in the rub elbows among bingo nights and in common, D.C. and its southern sister
residents. But landing on the New York assembly, Mexico Citys government performances. The party spills out into can also certainly learn from each other.
Times list of 52 places to visit in 2017, and nally passed a civil unions bill legalizing the street, glances exchanged, pizza The best way to do so: rsthand cultural
having friends willing to lend a couch, I same-sex partnerships in 2006. A mere eaten. The bars stay open very, very late. interchange. From the D.C. gay hangouts
decided to set o south of the border. three years later, at the end of 2009, Its as safe of a public space as there may of Northwest, its time to look south.
Attorneys that are OUTthinking |OUTspoken |OUTdoing

W A SH I NGTO N B LA DE.C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 3 5


A day in the life of a real estate agent

We act as students,
Dont get me wrong. I absolutely love We help them discover neighborhoods driver to fix a cabinet door, a can of WD-
researchers, babysitters what I do and most of my colleagues in that align with their budgets, check online 40 to relieve squeaking hinges, a stash of
and more during home the industry feel the same way, but the resources for available properties, seek lightbulbs to replace one that has burned
job description should really include ele- out for sale by owners, and call strangers out, and a hammer to, well, sometimes
buying process ments of several different professions. in a buyers preferred area to locate just just to express my frustrations.
Every two years we take required re- the right home. Its also common to take on the role of
By VALERIE M. BLAKE fresher courses in contract law, finance, We frequently take a turn as race car a counselor who shoulders the stress of a
fair housing, ethics, and a variety of elec- drivers and valet parking attendants with real estate transaction and serves as the
Im a real estate agent. According to tives ranging from dealing with environ- out of town buyers who must see as calming bridge between two sides. We as-
many people, that means I set my own mental hazards to Internet marketing. many homes as possible in a short visit to sess personalities and negotiating styles
hours, make gobs of money and spend Updating our skills essentially makes us the area and sometimes we act as baby- to help reach agreement and then, like
my days looking at beautiful houses. part-time college students. And like cram- sitters, either by staying in the car with a wedding planners, we coordinate inspec-
Once in a while that actually happens. ming for exams, those of us who are pro- sleeping infant or by holding sticky, little tions, repairs, mortgage processing and
Generally, however, my life is not much crastinators by nature often choose to hands so parents can focus on viewing a settlements, adhering to deadlines while
like that. For example, because I want to attend a grueling 15-hour class on a Satur- house without distraction. anticipating and resolving any problems
give each client an exceptional level of ser- day as the licensing deadline approaches. When listing instructions caution us before our clients are even aware.
vice, my hours are set around their needs Most people who are selling a home Dont let the cat out, we serve as ani- But my favorite real estate job is ama-
instead of mine. Ill carve out time for an think of their agent as the person who is mal control officers. I once spent half an teur photographer, when I can snap a pic-
occasional vacation, a doctors appoint- going to find a buyer. More often than not, hour chasing a fleeing cat and got badly ture of happy homeowners with keys in
ment, or a much-needed massage, but for were actually the Mad Men (and Women) scratched in the process of putting it back hand or smiling sellers holding up a Sold
the most part, mi tiempo es su tiempo. the marketing specialists whose job it is indoors, only to receive a call from the sign in their front yard and post them to
My gobs of money are split with my bro- to entice other agents to bring buyers. We listing agent later that day telling me that Facebook. Only then can I set aside an
ker, my insurance company, my accoun- determine whats important or on trend, the sellers had called her wondering why hour in my beautiful home to count my
tant, my web designer, my social media help you incorporate those things into there was a strange cat in their house. gobs of money.
department, the IRS and its D.C. equiva- your home and then create and promote I never knew I was such a handyperson
lent, and my overextended Visa card. that certain je ne sais quoi that makes until I started selling real estate. I now VALERIE M. BLAKE is a licensed Associate Bro-
And those beautiful houses? To be people flock to your door for the first carry a toolbox in the trunk of my car so ker in D.C., Maryland and Virginia and Director
of Education & Mentorship at Real Living| At
sure, many are, but others have matted open house. I have a tape measure for the client who Home. Call or text her at 202-246-8602, email
shag carpet, filthy appliances, leaky toi- As research analysts, we sort through a wants to know whether his king-sized bed, or follow her on
lets, bugs and smells of unknown origin. variety of housing options for our buyers. will fit in a D.C.-sized bedroom, a screw- Facebook at TheRealst8ofAffairs.


Now is the time. Call Joe, Your Working Broker.

To be used at the top of collateral:

VALERIE M. BLAKE, Associate Broker, GRI, Director of Education & Mentorship

Dupont Circle Ofce 202-518-8781 (o) 202.246.8602 (c) To be used at the bottom of collateral: LICENSED IN DELAWARE & MARYLAND

3 6 J ULY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

Its Like Retirement, Only Better

Ingleside at Rock Creek and Ingleside at King Farm are now expanding your possibilities for engaged
retirement living. Creekside at Ingleside at Rock Creek and Gardenside at Ingleside at King Farm, our
upcoming additions, represent even more choices for discerning people 62 years of age or better. Both
communities offer an exceptional, independent lifestyle with upscale offerings, modern amenities and the
security of five-star rated, on-site health services.
Dont miss your opportunity to take advantage of priority choice locations!

An Ingleside Community An Ingleside Community

For more information call 202-470-3413 For more information call 240-380-2678
3050 Military Road NW Washington, DC 701 King Farm Blvd. Rockville, MD
Ingleside at Rock Creek and Ingleside at King Farm are CARF accredited, not-for-profit, continuing care retirement communities.

Ingleside at King Farm is expanding with the proposed building of 125 new independent living apartments, 32 private assisted living memory support suites, and a Center for Healthy Living subject to approval by the Maryland Department of Aging.
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Locker Room Attendants. We all
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since 1973. 202-580-8861. ADOPTION & ASSISTED Bears & Big men.
gaymenscounseling. REPRODUCTIVE Law Steve 703-861-4422.
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Schedule your massage day services throughout SP-Law. com.
in Arlington Sun-Tue or DC. Requirements 1
DC Wed, Fri, Sat. Call or year exp., valid drivers HOME IMPROVEMENT
text Gary at 301-704- license, able to lift 50-75 LIMOUSINES
1158 or visit http://www. lbs, complete training BRITISH REMODELING program, become DDS KASPERS LIVERY HANDYMAN Local
Med Certified within 4 SERVICE Since 1987. licensed company
months of hire, ability to Gay & Veteran Owner/ with over 25 years of
AUTO REPAIR pass security background Operator. 2016 Luxury experience. Specializing
check. Associates in bathrooms, kitchens
BMW 750Li Sedan.
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Experience Detecting
& Eliminating All Types
of Household Pests
including Ants, Bed Bugs,
Termites & Rodents.
Schedule your Pest
Inspection Today (202) TOP RATED MASSEUR
455-9924. DC, MD, VA, DE. Custom bodywork!
Exceptional deep tissue
& sensual bodywork
TREE SERVICE for total stress relief in
private studio both on
BRANCHES TREE EXPERT the Hill & at Farragut
Company. Full service Square. Call Erik 202-
certified arborists,
pruning, insect & 544-5688. In calls only!
disease diagnosis, No texts! Intro Special
treatment & removal. $99.00.
301-589-6181. www.
BranchesTreeExperts. THE MAGIC TOUCH: SWEDISH,
com. Angies List Massage or Deep Tissue. Appts 202-
Award Winner. 486-6183, Low Rates, 24/7, In-Calls.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 3 9

July Celebrations

Weekend Brunch
Champagne Celebrations
Unlimited By The Glass
Saturdays A-La-Carte $29.95
Sunday Buffet $38.95
Voted 2016 TOP TEN Best Brunches
In Metro DC by OpenTable Subscribers

Live DJ ***
Wed Sat
A Different Vibe Every Night
Pitchers, Platters, Buckets Celebrated all Month

*** $7.00 Weekly Specialty Burger

Martinis Rule! ***
Christmas In July

$4-$6-$8 All Day
*** Tuesday, July 25

Apps and Drink Selections ALL FOOD & DRINK
4-7PM Starting at 5 PM
202-872-1126 Outdoor Events Ask About Our
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17th & Rhode Island Ave. NW

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