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International Education Institute

Tacay Road, Baguio City 2600

Letter of Inquiry
Date: ________________

Sir John Andrey T. Jugueta

Vice President for Teaching and Administration

Mdm. Rachel Petero

Accounting Department Head

Mdm. Christine Tuazon

Performance and Hiring Department Head Attention: Sir Allan Keith Alhambra

Name of Employee: 15227- Emmanuel Jimenez Bacud, CSE-Professional

Former MONOL Employee

To MONOL International Education Institute: Attention: Mdm. Rachel Petero

A peaceful day to your good office! I am Emmanuel Jimenez Bacud, with SSS Number: 0126032897 and TIN:
330328525000, a former MONOL International Education Institute hourly-paid ESL teacher. I rendered service to my former
company from July 26, 2016 to December 09, 2016. The company considered my official resignation effective on December 10,
I am forwarding this letter to your office to clarify some concerns about my compensation from November 26 of
December 10, 2016. In accordance to the online conversation dated December 15, 2016, Mr. Allan Keith Alhambra, Officer-in-
charge of MONOL Performance and Hiring Department notified me regarding the mode of my compensation. According to him,
my compensation for the month of December including the 13th month compensation will be released on January 15, 2017.
Whereas, according to Presidential Decree Number 851 as amended by Memorandum Order Number 28, s. 1986
provides that all employers are hereby required to pay all their rank-and-file employees a 13th month pay not later than
December 24 of every year. Hence, in accordance to the aforementioned conversation, this humble former employee have
perceived a labor violation since it is clearly expressed the delay of the employees salary that is violative to the provisions
of the Philippine Labor Code (PD 442). Regarding the clearance form, the complainant have accomplished the form since
December 12, 2016.
I am hoping that this issue would be address as soonest as possible. Moreover, may I inquire the companys position to
the significant provisions stipulated in the Labor Code of the Philippines and the Presidential Decree 851 as amended by
Memorandum Order No. 28 governing the 13th Month Compensation. In addition, the former employee is asking the company
to give the basic pay amounting to at least Php 2470 pesos covering the service rendered by the complainant from
November 26, 2016 to December 9, 2016 in addition to the amount of 8-day transportation allowance and the expected
13th month pay to be received compensation not later than December 24, 2016 as prescribed by the national statute.
However, this humble former employee may still reserve the right to seek higher legal intervention to the office of the Labor
Arbiter of DOLE-CAR if the management became negligent or lackadaisical to this concern.

Thank you so much for accommodating this matter and may the spirit of sharing and caring reign in everyones heart. May
you have a merry Christmas!

Respectfully yours,

Emmanuel J. Bacud, CSE-Professional

Former MONOL Employee