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FILED: NEW YORK COUNTY CLERK 07/13/2017 04:45 AM INDEX NO. 654328/2013

From: Frank D¡rabont
Sent: Thur:day, June 16, ?011 12:21 AM
To: Dênise Huth; Gale Anne f lurrl; Tnrn IusÞ; lJunter Via; david_boyd@nre,corn
5ub¡Þct: <no subject>

tley Denisc (and Tum, and Davirl. ct al).

1 taßecl to Galc a lew hours ago, tÌrcn I told her lo go to sleep bec.ause she rvas Ëxhâruted.

Beilg very çalur now (thaugh sc de.pressed after seeing the "shane being chascd" d¡ilies thrt I u'e¡rt
ta bed ùis afternoon" pulled lhÈ covers oycr my hcacl, aud slcpt for four hours):

Oh my God, do wc havc prob'lcms, Fhurte¡'s still irr th,: ediling rooirr at thiç horr a¡d hs"s in a slate of
panic. So rnueh does not wo¡k. It's acrually su¡teal to see.

Irr tiacq Hunter's first rvords to me when we.spnkc this cvening were: "I'm so ffIgry at Gwlrneth."
Th¿n he vente<l lrom thcrc, urcl you knorv tÏqt's not like Hunler. I to¡d him not to ibroq'a liL;
I've alrcady throwri ¡rlenty' for.tlie both of t¡s.

Based on ra1, tâlk with Gale, she's also very aware bæed un watching lhe shool how much troubLc
Ïye'rÊ jir. For v.'hjch I !m gfâtsful.I am very reüevecl and glad that she resli:zes I'mnot justthe lunatic
who lost his shit bíg time llfs rvcck for no rcaron.

Tom and Ðcnisc antì lravirJ= yulr need fo be clued-i¡ fulty too:

Huntgr will hand sequences offlo Jute andNathan lomorrow. Right now the t¿sk is beyond ons eóito¡
cutting and relining scenes as i¡ a nonael ediling prrrcess. Righr norry TryÊ're like thost crews in Japan
shtfiling throrrgh rniles of flrbbie a¡å u'ond¿ring rvhcre to çvÊo begìl because the t-rsk is so enonîou¡
¿nd the deva-1ìtation so huge.

\Ye need to keep the, edito¡s urorHng through the rveekcnd" lVe neerl to geìerate a cùmprehe.nsive'
catalogue o1'v,'hal needs to be shot or re.shot in ordcr 1o make the episode lvork. ['É not saying work
just creativcì¡ lhaL's mcrely t-hc sûrrLirrg poìrlt. When I say 'ïork," I me¿n 'it can achrally cul
tagctlrer into'a scqucnce fhal is renrotely lvork¡ble or cohe[ent."

My inidal hope ttrat it could benaybe half'a da¡r or a h.rlJ rlay' of shootìng rv¿r.i narve aod $upid. .4"t
tust I thought Grvyneth had a bad day on set and the reshoots rcquircd rvould be of flJog a¡d s little
exLra $tuffof Sophìa. I3ut beca*çe evcry siagie dayts rkiììcs arlded a¡,roÈlçt staggering round of
problcms lhat need frxing. ihat amormt of work hzes kr-pt exparrdilg.

Ard, yes, J will 'r,¡am ),ou nou/:

Sbanc hcinÉ cha.scd by zr:ulbics o¡ fl¡e Parkway and teieg rescued by tthe RV is n major elÉt lexl \{e
mrxt rcshuot, Seeilg those dailies today lcft ule gobsmacked and thinldng I shor:ld fake nry owl
death. leave to\.,.'n, and live tmder an assumed ¡rame- 'Ilrere are s(lme shols çvc c¿.fl use 6or¡ Ç1'4tteth'5
foolage, bul only shors. Right nou, lhe seqrrÕucc rlocsn't exi:sl. Re-shur¡tirrg tìris ak¡ng rvilh everythilg

I of3

FILED: NEW YORK COUNTY CLERK 07/13/2017 04:45 AM INDEX NO. 654328/2013

else is -ç¡rrnething s,c have lo plan l"tir. And I l¡avcn'l cven velferl the goat fatm stuffyet, but l can
safcly be t vou a million dollar.; thc¡c arc major problcms there too.

Àt this ¡'oint I'm hoping thot TWO DAYS nl shootìng can sufficc. I f"rankly havc my douhts. \l¡c
won't know urtil Monday at the earlíest. rlny thought rrf Hrrntr:r handing ìn his c:rrt rrn Tucstlay musf
be banisired, bpçause right now therc is no cp:-koclc to r;ut. :lJrcre ;4.rc sccrrcÞ-, yes. Thcre arç shots we
can use, for sure" But not an episode.

S¡hat we rvìll get inslead ís o rougir ass*mbly rvill¡ a LûT uf sluffniissi¡rg ald a LOT of sn¡ff that
doesn'f worþ but v'hich will help n:e gauge what ûeeds t¡r be done in o¡de¡ to sâve e-u¡ show fro¡:
losing its audisncs tlre nìght our ti¡st episc'de airs.

That's the sad and ugly situation $,€'rë fur, To say it's a disaster is to u¡derstate it.

FYI, on a side uote;

I'm ptetF¡*stre Grvyneth just fuck¿d my cbanr:es to dire+t 213, becåüse my having to compensafe for
rhe damage she's done on 2ûl'only pushes the rrrithg effort ñrthcr dp$n lhe tracli^s. t havc a, fccling
ttrut inslcad of t:cing on thc set directing, the "hack fir'e'i scripl"q will run me flu-orrgh fhe s¿¡ne pr.]csss
as lnst year: I'll ì;e rvoiking lound ilre clor:k gcncralirg scripts and feeding them to produetion the
light betore you shool. I'm sorry about lhaq bul +.his massive deficit at the siarting gate will hu¡t us

Switching to alather sutjrct:

I)enise, I'm putting my angcr and disappointnent at firv7netb aside rvhen I say this. T proroisc I'm not
bcing a hyperboli c ç'iseass.

Rerr¡embe¡ ourexperience witb Allen ûarfiekl on The Mqiestic?'We were all so shocked because it
rves like hc had no grflsp af the basics of his cratl? And it tumed out late¡ that he'd had a skoke he
wås r$rawarc o{? A¡d a feu'monlls afle¡ we rrapped, the massive secondary stroke happened that
put himpi:rmancnlly in the bospilai?

I am honest-to-God wondering ìf G*yreth Lra.uo't exprrieuced tlæ søle ilrilg. Tlrat's bow
fundamentally fueked this footage is. lt's as if she's totally lost her gasp of lvhat to do. It"s like we
va¡ted some kid lvith no experienee out o1'high school and put her in charge of direcÌing a show'- Ard
wûat's really weird is thnt she doesn't seem to lmorv it Hu¡ter says he's had numffous ç.onversations
wilh hcr the past few days To discuss the huge glaring problf,trs Ín the foofagr. &tat he's consistently
gotten from her as a reqlonse is: "OÌq I'm surc it's all there."

lL i.r so¡lOT ulì there. You knorv tbat I funtcr and I l¿nou'hop' to look at ciailieg with a prcf.ty kucn eye.
Sy'cknow when stuff is drere or ¡o1. And cven u.ith tlrc problcms ìÌc werr handcd last year, we vr'e¡e
ulways able To fr-x it ir t}e editirrg roorn. Wc r:vcn conjured a sirgle of JeffDeMunn out of thin ai¡ lbr
thç fl¡al momenh of 106. But looking at this stuff, wc knerrv.w'c DON'T have iL There's no place
from u'lúch tù stil't. The¡e a¡c no ùicks'rlc r¿n.r cmplo.v to "fix" it iu the editing roon¡ because the
strrf is eiürer lrissing or coruplctely and lì¡nrlarncntally incrihcrent.

2 o[-q

FILED: NEW YORK COUNTY CLERK 07/13/2017 04:45 AM INDEX NO. 654328/2013

.And frour what Galetclls me, nothing shc t)r vou l¡ied ir terms of i¡rtervenìng or talking sensç Xo

Gwyneth on the set seemed to make any rlilfercnce.

My poinr hcrr; is: The dìfference betrÀ,een *4rat GuynetÌr did last y'eâr ard uhaÏ she's done now goes
\\AY bcyond rr-À\rÌn. ìt's night and day. lt ¡uninds rne of Allen Ga¡field I lionestly lhinl r¡'e should
recommend trr Gwlneth tha¡ she go get a brair sean and see if she 's had a problem. Sbe may be in real
tlanger. It's tlr4-t bad.


-l uf-3