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67864 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

216 / Thursday, November 7, 2002 / Notices

The applicant requests a permit to be used by the North Central Solid may be carried over to the agenda of the
take (harass by survey) the Conservancy Waste Authority for a new regional following meeting.
fairy shrimp (Branchinecta conservatio), landfill. The public is invited to provide By order of the Commission.
the longhorn fairy shrimp (Branchinecta scoping comments on the issues that Issued: November 5, 2002.
longiantenna), the Riverside fairy should be addressed in the plan Marilyn R. Abbott,
shrimp (Streptocephalus wootoni), the amendment and environmental impact Secretary to the Commission.
San Diego fairy shrimp (Branchinecta statement.
[FR Doc. 02–28465 Filed 11–5–02; 10:44 am]
sandiegonensis), the vernal pool fairy • Agency Scoping Meeting—
shrimp (Branchinecta lynchi), and the Wednesday, December 4—at El
vernal pool tadpole shrimp (Lepidurus Convento in Espanola, NM 2 p.m.–4
packardi) in conjunction with surveys p.m.
throughout the range of each species for • Public Scoping Meeting 1— DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
the purpose of enhancing their survival. Wednesday, December 4—at El
Antitrust Division
Convento in Espanola, NM, 6 p.m.–8
Permit No. TE–063429
p.m. [Civil Case No. 02–1768]
Applicant: California Department of • Public Scoping Meeting 2—
Water Resources, Fresno, California. Thursday, December 5—at the Ojo Proposed Final Judgment and
The applicant requests a permit to Caliente Elementary School Cafeteria, Competitive Impact Statement; United
take (capture, mark, and release) the Ojo Caliente, NM, 6 p.m.–8 p.m. States v. Archer-Daniels-Midland
Fresno kangaroo rat (Dipodomys For meeting updates please call the Company and Minnesota Corn
nitratoides exilis), the giant kangaroo rat BLM—Taos Field office at (505) 751– Processors, LLC
(Dipodomys ingens), the Tipton’s 4709. Notice is hereby given pursuant to the
kangaroo rat (Dipodomys nitratoides FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Lora Antitrust Procedures and Penalties Act,
nitratoides), and the Buena Vista Lake Yonemoto, Realty Specialist, Bureau of 15 U.S.C. § 16(b)–(h), that a proposed
shrew (Sorex ornatus relictus) in Land Management, Taos Field Office, Final Judgment, Stipulation and Order,
conjunction with surveys in Fresno, 226 Cruz Alta Rd., Taos, NM 87571, or and Competitive Impact Statement have
Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, Monterey, call (505) 751–4709. been filed with the United States
San Benito, San Luis, Stanislaus, and District Court for the District of
Tulare Counties, California, for the Dated: November 1, 2002.
Columbia in United States v. Archer-
purpose of enhancing their survival. Sam DesGeorges,
Daniels-Midland Company and
Assistant Field Office Manager. Minnesota Corn Processors, LLC, Civil
Dated: October 24, 2002.
[FR Doc. 02–28319 Filed 11–6–02; 8:45 am] Case No. 1:02 CV 01768 (JDB). The
Rowan W. Gould,
Acting Regional Director, Region 1, Portland,
BILLING CODE 4310–FB–U proposed Final Judgment is subject to
Oregon. approval by the Court after the
[FR Doc. 02–28321 Filed 11–6–02; 8:45 am] expiration of the statutory 60-day public
INTERNATIONAL TRADE comment period and compliance with
COMMISSION the Antitrust Procedures and Penalties
Act, 15 U.S.C. 16(b)–(h).
[USITC SE–02–035] On September 6, 2002, the United
Sunshine Act Meeting States filed a Complaint alleging that the
Bureau of Land Management proposed acquisition by Archer-Daniels-
Agency Holding the Meeting: United Midland Company of Minnesota Corn
[NM–020–03–7122–DS–64GG] States International Trade Commission. Processors, LLC would violate section 7
Time and Date: November 19, 2002 at of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C. 18, by
New Mexico; Notice of Agency and
11 a.m. substantially lessening competition in
Public Scoping Meetings for the
Place: Room 101, 500 E Street SW., the manufacture and sale of corn syrup
Amendment to the Taos Resource
Washington, DC 20436, Telephone: and high fructose corn syrup (‘‘HFCS’’)
Management Plan and Associated
(202) 205–2000. in the United States and Canada. ADM
Environmental Impact Statement
Status: Open to the public. and MCP are two of the largest corn wet
AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Matters to Be Considered: millers in the United States, competing
Taos Field Office. 1. Agenda for future meetings: none. against only four other firms in the
ACTION: Taos Resource Management 2. Minutes. manufacture and sale of corn syrup and
Plan Amendment and Environmental 3. Ratification List. HFCS. MCP sells these products through
Impact Statement Scoping Meeting 4. Inv. Nos. 701–TA–430 and 731– an exclusive sales joint venture that it
schedule for December 2002. TA–1019 (Preliminary)(Durum and formed in December 2000 with another
Hard Red Spring Wheat from Canada)— corn wet miller, Corn Products
SUMMARY: The following dates, times briefing and vote. (The Commission is International, Inc. To preserve
and locations have been identified for currently scheduled to transmit its competition, the proposed Final
scoping meetings to discuss the Taos determination to the Secretary of Judgment requires the defendants to
Resource Management Plan Amendment Commerce on or before November 25, dissolve the joint venture that MCP
and Environmental Impact Statement. 2002; Commissioners’ opinions are formed with CPI by December 31, 2002,
The Bureau of Land Management Taos currently scheduled to be transmitted to thus allowing CPI to compete
Field Office is considering an the Secretary of Commerce on or before independently. A Competitive Impact
amendment to the Taos Resource December 3, 2002.) Statement, filed by the United States,
Management Plan (RMP) to provide for 5. Outstanding action jackets: none. describes the Complaint, the proposed
the possible disposal of approximately In accordance with Commission Final Judgment, and remedies available
160 acres of public land in Rio Arriba policy, subject matter listed above, not to private litigants. Copies of the
County, New Mexico. The land would disposed of at the scheduled meeting, Complaint, the proposed Final

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