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meet John W.

Mauck, JD

Turning Hearts Toward
...Jesus in the Courtroom
John W. Mauck is an a orney, speaker and biblical scholar 
who partners with men and women to discover God's 
powerful solu ons amidst the pain of church splits, li ga on 
and reconcilia on counseling. The most sa sfying moments 
in his 40‐year legal career occur when his work results in 
churches being given the right to build, thus allowing the 
Gospel to be preached and lived. For John, "being a lawyer is 
about serving God." 
John is a senior partner at Mauck & Baker, LLC , was a board 
member of Chris an Legal Society for 9 years, and is 
currently an Allied A orney with the Alliance Defending 
In 2001, John wrote Paul on Trial: the Book of Acts as a
Defense of Chris anity, which was a finalist for the  
Evangelical Book of the Year. He has hosted a weekly Bible 
study for lawyers for over 38 years and discipled many to  
become commi ed followers of Jesus. 
John received his B.A. from Yale University and his Juris  
Doctor from the University of Chicago Law School. He and  
his wife of 40 years, Rosemary, have four adult children  
and have been ac ve in prayer and healing ministries at  
First Presbyterian Church of Evanston since 1983. 

Read an excerpt from Jesus in the Courtroom:
For review copies or to interview John W. Mauck, contact Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Rela ons,, 312.422.1333. 
read Jesus in the Courtroom
...God’s Lawyers changing hearts
Jesus in the Courtroom:
How Believers Can Engage the Legal System for the Good of His World
by John W. Mauck
Have you ever thought of Jesus as a lawyer?
It may sound odd, but at mes in His ministry, Jesus wore his lawyer hat. Consider when he defended the
adulterous woman or when he argued from Scripture that the disciples were fine to pick grain on the Sabbath.
Isaiah promised the Child given to the world, who would be called Mighty God and Prince of Peace, would
also be called Wonderful Counselor – which can be translated as “Extraordinary Lawyer.”
The legal aspects of Jesus' ministry have long been obscured or misunderstood, par cularly his interac ons
with and a tude toward the law and lawyers. Jesus' desire in his day and ours is to use the law to secure the
rights of people to hear the gospel and to set humanity free. In other words, to be the best ci zens we can be,
we need to follow the legal teaching of the greatest advocate who ever lived.
Jesus in the Courtroom covers:
 Why we should care about the law
 Strategic involvement with the law
 How God has used the law to expand His
 What can happen when we partner with legal
 How ci zenship is part of discipleship
 Chris an ci zenship in ma ers like adop on,
abor on, minimum wage, foster care, and
 A new prayer strategy that is massively impac ng
li gants across America
 A new plan for saving the lives of hundreds of
thousands of children by proposing an armis ce
on one front of the 50‐year legal abor on wars
We are ci zens of two kingdoms, called to wisely
bring the news of God’s kingdom into civil life. For all
of us who care for our communities ‐ parents, teachers,
pastors ‐ engagement with our legal system is cri cal
to cul va ng a context where the gospel can flourish.
Jesus in the Courtroom will help us understand not
only why we have failed to appreciate the legal
aspect of Jesus' life, but also to understand and
cooperate with his legal ministry to us and through
us. If we are going to be faithful “ci zen disciples”
impac ng our world, we need to look anew at how
Jesus taught, thought, and interacted with the legal
establishment of his day.
Moody Publishers (July 4, 2017) 

For review copies or to interview John W. Mauck, contact Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Rela ons,, 312.422.1333. 
More about Jesus in the Courtroom
A few thoughts from inside 
Jesus in the Courtroom… 

Chapter 1 
Woe to You Lawyers?
At the  me of Jesus, RABBI meant “teacher” ‐ 
that is, a teacher of the law.

Chapter 2 
 Turning Hearts Toward God’s Law
—and God’s Lawyers
We must help these advocates...they are our  
army on the spiritual warfare front lines. 

Chapter 3 
Legal Advances Through Moody Publishers (July 4, 2017)
Wonderful Counselor Jesus Order from 
We don’t need to be a Supreme Court justice to im‐ Chris,
pact our nation’s legal system for God’s kingdom.  Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Chapter 4  Read an excerpt from Jesus in the
God’s Special People Courtroom:  
In many areas of law, the best interest of the

Chapter 5 
Our Future
Our Wonderful Counselor wants us to 
be...dispensers of the grace He is causing to 
increase abundantly.
Find out more at:
Don’t miss these extra features from
Jesus in the Courtroom… 
 A Special Note to Pastors
 Chris an Legal Organiza ons
 Addi onal Spiritual Resources

For review copies or to interview John W. Mauck, contact Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Rela ons,, 312.422.1333. 
Suggested interview questions for
John W. Mauck, JD
 Why did you write Jesus in the Courtroom?
 You introduce Jesus as a lawyer—can you
explain that idea?
 Looking at Jesus as an “a orney” during his ministry on
earth, who did he choose to represent?
 How does the idea that it is God’s job to carry
out jus ce align with our legal system?
 Are there are  mes when the law conflicts
with God’s law? How do you reconcile that?
 Some consider it “unchris an” to sue someone.
can you speak to that as a Chris an lawyer?
 You introduce the courtroom as the “front line” in
spiritual warfare ‐  can you flesh that idea out for us?
 Obviously, we can’t all sit on the Supreme
Court, so how can  we impact our na on’s Moody Publishers (July 4, 2017)
legal system for God’s kingdom?
 Do you believe that the laws of our na on Order from 
reflect society’s values or help establish them? Chris,
 What are some of the cases you have personally been Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
involved in that “bring Jesus” into the courtroom? Read an excerpt from
 In the book, you talk about “God’s Special People,” and Jesus in the Courtroom:
address the issue of abor on. You obviously have a heart
for saving the lives of the
unborn. How has that shaped your legal career?
 You suggest that the family unit is impacted by our laws. Can you fill us in on that?
 Tell us more about the religious freedom issues that are commonly experienced by
Chris an college students on secular campuses?
 Numerous recent legal decisions have nega vely affected non‐profit ministries. How
can these organiza on become the influencers rather than just those who are impacted?
 Let’s talk about poli cal correctness. Has that impacted the legal system? How?
 You say that Jesus, whom you call “Wonderful Counselor,” wants us to be “dispensers of
grace” ‐ can you explain that?
 Do you have any special words for pastors?
 There are Chris an legal organiza ons, several of which you have been affiliated with. Tell
us what these group are doing to help uphold God’s law.
 If you could give us just one take away from Jesus in the Courtroom, what would it be?
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For review copies or to interview John W. Mauck, contact Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Rela ons,, 312.422.1333.