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Nebraska Community Pharmacy Demographics 2015 | Assessment of Nebraska Pharmacists and Corporate Employers PUN ee eco eae eu a Pree eta ecto Eure uals oe : . Project Overview ‘Kari Majors Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and study, all pharmacies licensed in Nebraska were classified Follow-up phone calls to non- respondents were made dur- ere concurrently professional or- into Wo groups: ng tho week of Jane 2, Program MENOOEE iy, _garizalons, such asthe 2018, and residual surveys eee sican Pharmacists Aeso- * Pharmacies ikely to pro- were provided upon request AeA Pronoun ciaton (APNA), are edvocating vide MTM services (along Nebraska Department of for patients to have both eco: with other services re- ‘© 501 Nebraska community ‘Health and Human Services — omic and geographic access lated to chronic disease pharmacists were sent to pharmacists’ patient care management) the survey rere Ves Paso ices Access those ser. * Pharmacies unielyto* 3 cespanss wee be ASSO Vices subject tothe pharma- provide MTM services ceived (68 percent re- “Assistant Professor and Di- cists’ capacity (extent of sills ‘and engagement), incorpora- tion of these services into business strategies of compa: ries, and patient demand. “These pharmacies were sent surveys that took 10-15 min- Lutes to complete, Mailings to all licensed commurity phar- macies were sent on May 25, sponse) The 20 top corporate phar- macy employers were con- tacted to participate in a tele. phone interview to determine ted Kaun Pharmacists are occupying 2015, with a reminder post- corporate actions regarding ‘Research Appcation Admin roles in innovative care mod- card one week later.A second TM direct patient care ser ‘istrator, Creighton University ls through offering services _mailing was sent June 11 vices. Eleven pharmacies: HRP to patients designed to 2015, o pharmacists wine had Participated Daniele Wing © Reduce the risk of harm | f= ———— ‘Community Heath Education 7 i and injury from inappro- | Snr basa Dato pratemedcton ee | Pharmacies Studied and Response Rate = Public Heath © Minimize errs through Ss Responded Pharmacies =NoFesponse Pharmacies advising prescribers slack D. Anderson ° icone Sz Undergraduate Research «Advise pationts in mec Pees eens) aon vt menage MossMerchonds Chin A raditional hain The Center for Health Ser- —— Holey A. Sturges vices Research and Patient Grocery Cin A Undergedusto Research = Safely (CHRP) conducted 2 | Heaths Sefety (CHRP) conducted a stem CiePharmsey “Assistant, Creighton Univer rized methods study of phar- | ay macists and corporate phar- Hospital Outpatient “This project was completed | 2°Y employers about clini. | Homecare Under Contetomibe called serices lat | Specalty Nebraska Depermentot ing medication therapy man Hasthand Homan See. agement (MTM) services, Ure Facity/Pharmacy vices Dison of Public offered to patients by Ne- other bbraska pharmacists who work Direct Patient Care Services: Findings Actively involved in an innovative _ pensation! i ding MTM and direct, practice providing a patient care inte- patient care ser Contact reimbursement, and direct patient care ser- vices exist in an overwhelm ingly piecemeal and frac- Nebraska Community Pharmac Kimberly Galt, PharmD, PhD at stares repaid proving Nozblefdngs forms vce vtacetofacefn- in tthe proraing MT AER ae pwomarone"_snepa cor ies among Hebrota '* Blood pressure checks * Nearly two-thirds (64 ‘The services evaluated by ‘community pharmacies. seeeeotangramre- ths sy alow patents 0 2 ‘cies have provided ‘access chronic disease Corporate pharmacy man- + Ofecedictononuso ot -—irfinsevusntne ‘management and aherca agers spake o hw o- ae eee” Govt trauhstergsr ig. phumacy wrk, [oie reese eckAG) relationships that provide a and quality of MTM and roducte/devices (67%) One fourth of pharma- consistent care regimen direct patient care improve- + reer Cue nave soon,” twoughitacion wi mentsare needed an how ; MalyuaneamnMita promadete These beets tp dole hose sence (largely through their offer a promising outlook on —_from a business perspec- (6%) corporate employers) be et of MTM and tive. a enticas Band rat patet cate ses font 7 se. Pharmacies providing Pharmacies still experience ‘cose testing or hemoglobin MTM services nearly _ significant barriers related to Ax testing (13%) craselydeterhe MIM ogc! opotunty or «Ole cdawtonoyimmes | avow-conerdser” the Stet Nebraska ate 3 ‘gh prod- To access the full report, please visit spahp.creighton.edul ) aoe oparmenteofeschr, ; eee . a ty rn Interpretation + PointcareNRtestng Ata growing pace phaa- serves emainndendl- vies a many commune where momnofagantcaague. csereecngegnghite eedby plans, esi in phamadels ere ofereg MTM and if Geivery of MTM and rect substantial loss of opport- oer services and are ready to Bon 9 Sarcsoniese opulent’ nlytrimprovemertin.feosve mor patent ier PR crnRSEIETEMG| TrevestSyareteestevn poloroucrmes. Teacing now: Phamosy corporate mandy aware gewtin ne” ier community bose" eer evel prearg ote fo ‘ation mat es) adoption of MTM service resources, such as Commu- _ best position themselves to con- + Smolinghotacco esse: provision nlocaceacexs ily Hel Wor aut ne eng phamacst prone foneiueaton (18%) Nobasta, Whicrneny hewandwpen oir par Get patent care eros and parmectis povicrvil Werte phamacsto Tore. leverage nese ofleng feat * Comprehensive drug ther be providing MTM and di- ceive these services could _based approaches with other ay ei 1%) recoalentcresowese sumtundey tees por heal cre enero + eatin edheonce me | van Denar hr, these entactees (tere sr sistance (70%) 7 . leatuncmase Moving Forward tions and supplies (64%) Recent changes inthe po gration, and pharmacy op- _tured system; for MTM to be 5 (Gey fendheaticarcloneeralorsinptovnentsto. ty euasta vain he ‘ pe oe ‘scape have ushered in a allow pharmacists to provide _ state of Nebraska, full inte- © Other (10%) sense of need expressed by _ these services. gration, both of pharmacists: tho oharmay certo within th eats spec managers to Corporate pharmacy mar trum and of MTM within the Interested in learning more? determine com- 49ers recognize that MTM pharmacists’ workflow and, pharmacy operations, is needed. 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