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GMAT Prep: Critical Reasoning Decoded

This course will help you sail through the GMAT Critical Reasoning section by training you
with the required approach and enhancing your abilities through ample practice

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GMAT Critical Reasoning

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test offers a gateway to pursue Graduate Business programs in
universities across the world. Over 6,000 graduate business programs at approximately 1,700
universities and organizations around the world accept the GMAT exam.

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One of the most vital strengths required for a successful career in Management is a sound logical
mind which can evaluate and reason based on the information available and make effective decisions.
Naturally, top business schools which groom individuals to take up challenging responsibilities as
managers look for this trait in candidates and rely on the Graduate Management Admission Test
(GMAT) to assess the same. Critical Reasoning is an integral part of the Verbal section of the GMAT.
The Critical reasoning questions test your ability to analyze logical arguments. The arguments cover a
range of topics and situations which average GMAT-takers are expected to be able to understand,
even if they are not very familiar with the topic.
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Course Objectives
While it is definitely a tough nut to crack, GMAT Critical Reasoning can be tackled with preparation
under proper guidance to condition your mind to attempt these questions. This GMAT Verbal course is
designed by a famed Verbal trainer to give you an easy route to crack the Critical Reasoning section.
Through this course, you will:

Understand the parts of an argument.

Learn to analyze an argument and solve Critical Reasoning problems.
Learn to identify an argument's assumption- a crucial skill to answer a large number of Critical
Reasoning question types.
Gain access to numerous GMAT Critical Reasoning sample questions and answer explanations.
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Target Audience:
This comprehensive course has been designed for MBA aspirants seeking to ace the Critical
Reasoning section of the GMAT examination. There are no pre-requisites as the Critical Reasoning
section is dealt with from scratch




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Course Plan

1. Arguments and Assumptions

13 videos

Argument - Premise - Conclusion 10:26

Assumptions 02:47

Fully Illustrated Argument 01:56

Table Analogy for the Argument 11:54

Building Analogy for the Argument 02:46

Sample Argument 09:25

Three Kinds of Assumptions 07:53

Sample Argument-I 03:13

Sample Argument-II 03:17

Sample Argument-III 03:37

Sample Argument-IV 03:00

Sample Argument-V 03:41

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Sample Argument-VI 04:47

2. Actual GMAT Questions- Assumption

5 videos

3. Actual GMAT Questions- Strengthen

3 videos

4. Actual GMAT Questions- Weaken

3 videos

5. Actual GMAT Questions- Conclusion

3 videos

6. Actual GMAT Questions- Resolve the Paradox

3 videos

Meet the Author

Harish Kumar
Prolific Verbal Trainer

In the course of his career, Harish has taught programming, technical writing and general writing to
students in various institutes. He has particularly been training students, both online and offline, to
ace the SAT, GRE and GMAT for the past 7 years. He has worked in top Test Prep institutes in
India such as Manhattan Review and Crack Verbal and has helped numerous aspirants gain
admission in Universities of their choice. Harish received the Excellence Award 2014 as the Best
GRE coaching tutor in Chennai, from Think Vidya which isNeed India'ssome help?
premier online Educational Portal.
Check his " (" or
" (" to know more
about his work.

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