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2. Explain why you would like to participate in the Summer Humanities Institute.

will your participation help you achieve your academic and personal goals?


I have been familiarizing myself with Macbeth both through my experience of its
reenactment and a new adaptation Killing Macbeth. However, throughout the
processits timeless attraction remains an enigma for me. We the creators of killing
Macbeth are confronted with a challenge of how to tailor our adaptation towards the
expectation of modern audience.


To some extent, the new age innovation in fashion, music, and choreography can be
so convenient as to deprive people of an appreciation of originality. The combination
of modern suits with knight sword, the draped garment with black cloak, traditional
rock and roll with experimental music, and stage light with torchlight: owing to the
advantage of this age, killing Macbeth is saturated with technological elements.
This sensational convenience incentivizes me to explore more organic potential with
Professor Clara Hardy in the primitive nature of drama. Through no help of stage
effect, how can we convey human ingenuity through the most organic art forms such
as singing and dancing?

Rolling Twentieth,
Gatesby Daisy

Drama incarnates its own time. Even though it is fictitious, it is still predicated on
history. Shakespeare laces the story with ostentatious dramas, but in actuality
Macbeth is nothing more than a normal ambitious usurper. Here It begs the question
of why Shakespeare should distort the image of Macbeth. His motive centers on the
fact that historical context always affects the story: one cannot comprehend why
Gatsby is ostracized by the upper class or what Daisy signifies without grasping the
concept Rolling Twenties. By the same analogy, one will fail to decipher the
metaphor thousands of flowers cry in chorus in the dream of red chamber without
recognizing the shackle of feudal society. Each historical period makes its own story,
and the story will in turn serve as a prism through which we obtain a clear view of
historical context and political hallmarks. As an emerging director in the drama club at
my high school, I am eager to infuse more elements of technology and western
humanism into my creative process, in an effort to achieve better artistic authenticity
and idiosyncrasy. As the axiom goes: history reflects the pattern of the world, I also
look forward to extracting a lesson from drama history and apply it onto my social life.