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68178 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices

On November 29, 1996, VSI Alliance funding is included. Additional notifications will also be published on
filed its original notification pursuant to information can be located on the the ETA homepage.
section 6(a) of this Act. The Department SCSEP Web site at: http:// SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
of Justice published a notice in the
Federal Register pursuant to section Notice: Federal regulations for the I. Purpose and Background
6(b) of the Act of March 4, 1997 (62 FR SCSEP are being developed. When final, The U.S. Department of Labor,
9812). they may change reporting and/or other Division of Older Worker Programs of
The last notification was filed with requirements. Applicants must abide by the Employment and Training
the Department on July 12, 2002. A the requirements that are in place at the Administration is requesting grant
notice was published in the Federal time the grants are awarded. Note, applications for the provision of
Register pursuant to section 6(b) of the however, that the requirements, community service employment and
Act on August 13, 2002 (67 FR 52746). including the regulations, may be unsubsidized placement of eligible
revised during the grant period. participants (sometimes also referred to
Constance K. Robinson,
Successful applicants will be as enrollees) in accordance with title V
Director of Operations, Antitrust Division.
responsible for adhering prospectively of the Older Americans Act
[FR Doc. 02–28421 Filed 11–7–02; 8:45 am] to any revised requirements that go into Amendments of 2000, Pub. L. 106–501,
BILLING CODE 4410–11–M effect during the grant period, 42 U.S.C. § 3056 et seq. SCSEP is the
including, but not limited to, final only nationwide Federal program that
regulations. focuses on training and placing older
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Closing Date: Applications, including
individuals into community service
those hand-delivered, must be received
Employment and Training positions and unsubsidized
at the address below no later than 4:45
Administration employment.
p.m., Eastern Time, February 6, 2003.
Notice: All applicants are advised that SCSEP is currently authorized
Senior Community Service U.S. mail delivery in the Washington, through 2005 and provides for at least
Employment Program Grants for PY DC area has been erratic due to the 60,000 positions in which
2003 recent concerns involving anthrax approximately 100,000 participants are
contamination. All applicants must take served each year through part-time
AGENCY: Employment and Training
this into consideration when preparing employment opportunities in
Administration, Labor.
to meet the application deadline, as community service activities. The
ACTION: Notice of availability of funds
each applicant assumes the risk for purpose of the program is to foster
and solicitation for grant applications useful part-time opportunities in
(SGA) for the national grants portion of ensuring a timely submission of its
application. If, because of these mail community service activities for
the Senior Community Service unemployed low-income persons who
Employment Program. problems, the Department does not
receive an application or receives it too are 55 years or older and who have poor
SUMMARY: All applicants for grant funds late to give it proper consideration, even employment prospects, and to foster
should read this notice in its entirety. if the application was timely mailed, the individual economic self-sufficiency by
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL or Department will not consider the increasing the number of participants
the Department), Division of Older application. Therefore, it is who receive the benefits of
Worker Programs (DOWP) of the recommended that applicants confirm unsubsidized employment in the public
Employment and Training receipt of their applications by and private sectors. Program
Administration (ETA), announces a contacting Lorraine Saunders, U.S. participants work at community service
grant competition for the Senior Department of Labor, Employment and agencies usually for 20 hours a week
Community Service Employment Training Administration, telephone and are paid the higher of the Federal
Program (SCSEP) authorized under title (202) 693–3336 before the closing or State minimum wage. (OAA
V of the Older Americans Act deadline. [This is not a toll-free Amendments § 502(b)(1)(J)).
Amendments of 2000 (OAA number]. The Department is holding a full and
Amendments), Pub. L. 106–501; 42 open competition for SCSEP national
ADDRESSES: Applications must be grant funds in order to provide better
U.S.C. 3056 et seq. These projects will
promote part-time employment directed to the U.S. Department of services to SCSEP participants, host
opportunities in community service Labor, Employment and Training agencies, employers, and the
activities for unemployed, low-income Administration, Division of Federal communities that the national grant
individuals who are age 55 and over, Assistance, Attention: Lorraine program serves. Open competition is not
and will foster increased prospects for Saunders, Room S–4203, 200 only the preferred vehicle for obtaining
their economic self-sufficiency. Under Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, new grantees, but in most cases, it is the
this solicitation, DOWP anticipates that DC 20210. Her e-mail address is required vehicle for obtaining new
approximately $342,000,000 will be grantees. (Pub. L. 95–224; 43 FR 36860–
available for grant awards in Program FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Questions 65; DMLS–2 § 836 at 8–12; OAA
Year (PY) 2003 (July 1, 2003–June 30, should be faxed to Jacquelyn Carter, Amendments). The Department favors
2004). Grants Management Specialist, Division full and open competition because it
This notice describes the background, of Federal Assistance, Fax (202) 693– provides the Department with an
application process, program activities, 2879. [This is not a toll-free number]. opportunity to ensure that the best
and evaluation criteria for this SGA, and All inquiries should include the SGA applicants are awarded grants and the
the current reporting requirements for number (DFA–02–111) and a contact program is administered to its full
SCSEP. The information and forms name, fax and phone numbers. This potential. It also allows new and
contained in the Supplementary announcement will be published on the different entities, including faith-based
Information Section constitute the Internet on ETA’s Division of Older and community-based organizations, to
official application package. All of the Worker Programs’ homepage at http:// become a part of the grantee
information needed to apply for grant Award community.

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00093 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68179

The Department is committed to tribal organizations in accordance with means Americans having origins in any
minimizing disruptions to the extent section 502(b)(1) of the OAA of the original peoples of the Far East,
possible and the requirements that Amendments, which have familiarity Southeast Asia, the Indian
applicants and grantees must meet with the areas and populations to be Subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands.
reflect this commitment. A selected served and can administer an effective (OAA Amendments § 516(3)).
grantee may be required to negotiate program. ‘‘Nonprofit’’ is defined as an Applicants must mark an ‘‘AP’’ on the
with the Department on the geographic agency, institution, or organization application and state specifically in the
areas it will serve so that all positions which is, or is owned and operated by, application that they are applying for
are located in the same State and county one or more corporations or associations Asian Pacific national grant funds.
in which positions are currently located, no part of the net earnings of which Applicants applying for more than
and to ensure that all geographic areas inures, or may lawfully inure, to the one category above must submit
that are currently served continue to be benefit of any private shareholder or separate applications for each category
served. Therefore, a winning grantee individual. (OAA Amendments for which they are applying.
may not be awarded all areas that it § 101(4)). ‘‘Tribal organizations’’ means Each applicant must submit a copy of
proposes to serve and in some cases, a the recognized governing body of any its application to the Governor in each
selected grantee may be required to Indian tribe, or any legally established State that it proposes to serve before
serve one or more areas not included in organization of Indians which is
submitting an application to the
its application. The Department will controlled, sanctioned, or chartered by
Department as required by section
assure, through the selection and such governing body. (OAA
503(a)(5) of the OAA Amendments.
negotiation process, that all areas Amendments § 101(7)). In any case in
Under this provision, the Governor of
currently served continue to be served. which a contract is let or grant made to
each State may submit a
Currently, participants occupy nearly an organization to perform services
recommendation to the Secretary
all SCSEP positions. If transitions are benefiting more than one Indian tribe,
relating to the anticipated effect of an
made from one grantee to another as a the approval of each such Indian tribe
applicant’s proposal on the overall
result of this competition, these is a prerequisite to the letting or making
distribution of positions within the
participants must be given the of such contract or grant. Applicants
must mark a ‘‘G’’ on the application and State; recommendations for
opportunity to continue in the program. redistribution of positions to
Therefore, selected grantees must agree state specifically in the application that
they are applying for general SCSEP underserved areas; and
to offer incumbent SCSEP participants recommendations for distribution of
in authorized positions the first national grant funds.
(2) Indian and Native American Grant newly available positions.
opportunity to continue in an SCSEP
Funds. Applications for Indian and Before receiving an award, applicants
position in the grantee’s program (e.g.,
Native American national grant funds must meet the eligibility criteria and
‘‘right of first refusal’’). As such,
will be accepted from public or responsibility tests established in
selected grantees must offer incumbent
nonprofit national Indian aging section 514 of the OAA Amendments
SCSEP participants the opportunity to
organizations with the ability to provide and any applicable regulations.
continue in the SCSEP program in a
position in the same geographic area, employment services to older Indians as Before receiving funding, all selected
but not necessarily in the same host required by section 506(a)(3) of the OAA applicants must certify that they will
agency. Selected grantees may choose to Amendments. ‘‘Indian’’ means a person comply with uniform cost principles
move participants into new host who is a member of an Indian tribe. and circulars issued by the Office of
agencies, or they may continue to utilize (OAA Amendments § 101(5)). ‘‘Indian Management and Budget, keep records,
the current host agencies. tribe’’ means any tribe, band, nation, or and submit reports to the Department.
Further, the Department will work other organized group or community of Before receiving funding, all selected
with the grantees to promote a seamless Indians (including Alaska Native village applicants must agree to be evaluated on
transition, if there is a new grantee in an or regional or village corporation as performance measures as a condition of
area. Such transition assistance includes defined in or established pursuant to the the grant award. (OAA Amendments
technical assistance, the approval to Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) § 513(a)(5)).
purchase equipment, obtaining office which (A) is recognized as eligible for Entities may apply as a consortium,
the special programs and services
space, etc., prior to the start of the grant but each member of the consortium
provided by the United States to Indians
period. The Department intends to hold must meet all eligibility and
because of their status as Indians; or (B)
a conference after it makes awards, responsibility tests. Entities applying as
is located on, or in proximity to, a
which will allow grantees to network a consortium are also jointly and
Federal or State reservation or
with each other and learn how to severally liable for meeting all
rancheria. (OAA Amendments § 101(6)).
establish the necessary partnerships to Applicants must mark an ‘‘INA’’ on requirements for administering this
make the SCSEP a more successful the application and state specifically in Federally-funded program.
program. the application that they are applying Section 18 of the Lobbying Disclosure
II. Application Process for Indian national grant funds. Act of 1995, Pub. L. 104–65, prohibits
(3) Pacific Island and Asian American the award of Federal funds to entities
A. Eligible Applicants National Grant Funds. Applications for described in section 501(c)(4) of the
Applicants may apply to receive a Pacific Island and Asian American Internal Revenue Code that engage in
grant under one or more of the following national grant funds will be accepted lobbying activities. Therefore, such
three (3) categories. from national public or nonprofit Pacific entities are not eligible to receive funds
(1) General National Grant Funds. Island and Asian American aging under this announcement.
Applications for general SCSEP national organizations with the ability to provide The Grant Officer’s determination for
grant funds will be accepted from public employment to older Pacific Island and award under this SGA constitutes a final
and private nonprofit agencies and Asian Americans as required by section agency action. The receipt of funding in
organizations, including faith-based and 506(a)(3) of the OAA Amendments. any prior year does not guarantee an
community-based organizations, and ‘‘Pacific Island and Asian American’’ award under this SGA.

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00094 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
68180 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices

B. Jurisdictions To Be Served Indian and Native American allotment—(administrative costs +

The OAA Amendments provide that organization and at least one to an Asian wages and fringe benefits) = Other
when funds are awarded competitively, Pacific Islander organization. The Participant Costs].
Department reserves the right to Other Participant Costs. Costs that are
it should be done in a manner that
negotiate the amounts to be awarded to be used for participant training,
minimizes disruptions of services to
under this competition. counseling, job development, and
participants to the extent possible.
No request for funds may be less than similar activities are called ‘‘Other
National SCSEP resources are
$6,000,000. In applying, applicants Participant Costs’’ (OAA Amendments
distributed by a formula to each State.
must list the location of positions by § 502(c)(6)(A)). The available Federal
At the sub-State level SCSEP positions
State(s) and counties where they plan to share for Other Participant Costs is that
are distributed largely on a proportional
operate. The positions located in the part of the Federal grant allocation that
basis depending on the eligible
combination of counties and State(s) is not used for administrative costs or
population living in each county. where the applicant proposes to operate participant wages and fringe benefits.
Consequently, SCSEP participants are must not be less than 840. A grant Federal and non-Federal share.
located in nearly every county in the request of $6,000,000 provides for Applicants are reminded that not all
nation. The geographic areas an approximately 840 positions. Please be project costs are Federal. The Federal
applicant proposes to serve and the advised that requests under $6,000,000 share must not exceed 90 percent of the
number of positions it proposes to place / 840 positions will not be considered total project. (OAA Amendments
in each area must be based on the and will be deemed non-responsive. § 502(c)(1)). The non-Federal share may
present location of positions. In The Department has established this be in cash or in-kind, but cannot be
developing this application, applicants minimum level for grant requests based other Federal funds and must otherwise
must identify the area(s) they would on the statutory 13.5 percent be an allowable charge used for SCSEP
serve. See Appendix E on the ETA administrative cost limitation in the purposes.
homepage at OAA Amendments at section 502(c)(3). Start-up costs. Specific start-up costs
seniors for a listing of the locations of Historically, the Department’s smallest are not statutorily provided for SCSEP
current positions and the number of grant for this program has been projects. However, according to section
authorized positions by State and $6,000,000. Based on experience, the 502(c)(4) of the OAA Amendments, the
county. If selected, negotiations may Department believes that it becomes cost of administration (limited to 13.5
result in the selected applicant serving increasingly more difficult to provide percent or 15 percent with Department
areas that it did not propose to serve administrative payroll systems, program approval), includes the costs associated
and not serving areas it included in its oversight, and to maintain the fiduciary with goods and services, such as rental
application. To ensure the integrity of duties required of program oversight or purchase of equipment, utilities,
the program and to minimize under the current statutory office supplies, postage, and rental and
disruptions to current participants and administrative cost limitations with a maintenance of office space. Generally,
community services, the Department grant smaller than $6,000,000. these costs are incurred after the
retains the authority to approve or beginning of a grant period. However,
disapprove the distribution of all D. Administrative Requirements
the Department will allow new grantees
positions. Administrative Costs. The SCSEP has to obtain such items up to one month
Currently, SCSEP national grantees legislated limitations on the expenditure before the beginning of the program year
operate projects in all States (including of Title V funds. The administrative cost (July 1, 2003) to assist with the
Puerto Rico and the District of limitation of an SCSEP project is 13.5 transition between incumbents and new
Columbia) except Alaska, Delaware, percent of the Federal share; however, grantees. This intent will be conveyed
Hawaii, and the territories. Projects in the OAA Amendments allow the through the grant agreement with such
these latter jurisdictions are not covered Secretary to increase this limit, but only grantees.
by this SGA. Alaska, Delaware, and up to 15 percent of the Federal share.
Hawaii have not been served by national (OAA Amendments § 502(c)(3)). Any E. Period of Performance
grantees in the past. As a result of the applicant requesting an administrative Successful applicants under this SGA
‘‘hold harmless’’ provisions in the cost higher than 13.5 percent must are expected to commence program
current legislation, there is currently no justify such a request as a part of its operations on July 1, 2003. The period
available funding to support projects in application. Note, however, that of performance will initially be for one
these areas by national grantees. To justification alone does not entitle the (1) year, with an option to be funded for
compensate for the lack of national applicant to approval of a higher an additional two (2) years at the
grantees in these areas, the Department administrative cost limit. Any decision Department’s discretion, if regulations
has sufficiently funded these States to to approve a higher administrative limit are finalized and performance measures
provide equitable services to their will be made on a case-by-case basis. are established as required by section
SCSEP participants. The territories, Wages and Fringe Benefits. There is a 514(a) of the OAA Amendments.
which include Guam, American Samoa, minimum or ‘‘floor’’ on the amount that
must be spent on participant wages and F. Submission of Proposals
the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana fringe benefits. That floor is 75 percent A cover letter, an original plus two (2)
Islands, receive funds directly through a of the total Federal share, which reflects copies of the proposal, and one (1) blue
specific reservation under the OAA Congressional concern that low-income ink-signed original SF 424 must be
Amendments. program participants be the primary timely submitted to the U.S. Department
beneficiaries of the funding. (OAA of Labor, Employment and Training
C. Funding Levels Amendments § 502(c)(6)(B)). The Administration, Division of Financial
The total amount of funds available difference between (1) the total grant Assistance, Room S–4203, 200
for this SGA is approximately allotment and (2) the sum of the Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington,
$342,000,000. It is anticipated that from administrative costs and participant DC 20210. This proposal must have two
10 to 20 awards may be made under this wages and fringe benefits is called parts: (1) A technical proposal; and (2)
SGA, including at least one award to an ‘‘Other Participant Costs.’’ [total grant a cost proposal.

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00095 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68181

G. Acceptable Methods of Submission Failure to adhere to the above Department also intends to hold
Notice: All applicants are advised that instructions will be basis for a bidder’s conferences for all interested
U.S. mail delivery in the Washington, determination of non-responsiveness. applicants that want to learn more about
DC area has been erratic due to the the program and the competition
H. Required Content
recent concerns involving anthrax process. The times and locations for
An application must consist of two (2) these conferences will be posted on the
contamination. All applicants must take
separate and distinct parts: a technical Division of Older Worker Program’s
this into consideration when preparing
proposal and a cost proposal. homepage at
to meet the application deadline, as
The technical proposal must consist seniors. Applicants may review ETA’s
each applicant assumes the risk for
of a narrative not to exceed forty (40) homepage at
ensuring a timely submission of its
double-spaced pages, including all pdf/ApplyingGrants.pdf for information
application. If, because of these mail
attachments with the exception of on applying for ETA grants and http://
problems, the Department does not
required vitae and the list of prior for forms and
receive an application or receives it too
government grants and contracts, with a information relating to competition for
late to give it proper consideration, even
font size of no less than 11 pt., and ETA grants. Further, regulations
if the application was timely mailed, the
typewritten on one side of the paper covering the OAA Amendments are
Department will not consider the
only. The required vitae will not count being developed and updates will be
application. Therefore, it is
against the page limitation and must be posted on the Division of Older Worker
recommended that applicants confirm
attached as a separate appendix to the Program’s homepage throughout the
receipt of their application by regulatory process.
SGA. Applicants must include as a
contacting Lorraine Saunders, U.S. Individual Employment Plans (IEP).
separate appendix, a list of all
Department of Labor, Employment and Each SCSEP participant must be
government grants and contracts that it
Training Administration, telephone assessed to determine the skills and
or any of its affiliates has had in the past
(202) 693–3336 prior to the closing employment-related needs of that
three (3) years, including grant officer
deadline. [This is not a toll-free individual, and a plan must be
contact information. For purposes of
number]. developed to improve the participant’s
this SGA, the term ‘‘affiliate’’ refers to
Hand-delivered applications. To be employability. The IEP generally
the applicant’s subsidiaries, divisions,
considered for funding, hand-delivered includes an employment goal and an
predecessors, and successors. All other
applications must be received not later appropriate sequence of services for that
attachments count against the 40-page
than 4:45 p.m., Eastern Time, on the participant based on the assessment.
limitation and must be limited to
closing date, at the specified address. (Some programs may call this type of
meaningful information that contributes
Electronic applications. Due to the plan an IDP, or Individual Development
to, and/or verifies the proposed
erratic mail delivery in the Washington, Plan.)
activities, such as letters of
DC area, in addition to using the U.S. Community Service Employment.
commitment. The content of the
Postal Service or overnight delivery Providing subsidized community
technical proposal is described in
services, applicants have the option of service employment is a significant part
section III of this SGA.
submitting their applications via e-mail of the SCSEP’s purpose. Community
The cost proposal must contain the
to Lorraine Saunders at service may include, but is not limited
required standard forms and budget Should the to, such activities as social, health,
information as described in section IV.
applicant choose to use e-mail, the welfare and educational services,
return receipt option must be utilized in III. The Technical Proposal counseling services, including tax
order to verify receipt of the application counseling, environmental efforts,
A. Program Components
(see instructions below), and an weatherization efforts and economic
originally signed signature sheet of the The purpose of this section is to give development. Community service
SF 424, along with a copy of the applicants a better sense of how the assignments are usually made at host
grantee’s e-mail/written verification of SCSEP operates and what functions and agencies. Participants receive wages
receipt, must follow via overnight mail. responsibilities are important to the paid for by the grant.
E-mailed applications will be accepted program. It is not intended to be an all- Training. Training is an important
in Microsoft WORD only. inclusive description and does not tool to make the most effective use of
Before sending the e-mail, click on reflect all the requirements of the the skills and talents of participants, to
‘‘file,’’ go to ‘‘properties, return program. Applicants that wish to learn help them succeed in their community
notification,’’ and finally click on ‘‘mail more about the SCSEP are encouraged to service assignments and to facilitate
receipt.’’ The sender will automatically review the legislation at Pub. L. 106–501 placement of participants in
receive an e-mail notification when the (42 U.S.C. § 3056). The legislation at unsubsidized employment. How much
e-mail is opened. section 502 contains a number of training, and what types of training are
Please note that faxed applications criteria that each grant must meet. An necessary are based on each individual
will not be accepted. Applications not applicant’s failure to demonstrate that participant’s IEP.
received by the deadline will not be its proposed program meets these Services for Individuals with Multiple
accepted. criteria will make the application non- Barriers to Employment. One emphasis
Withdrawal of applications. responsive. Applicants should also of this program is addressing the needs
Applications may be withdrawn by review the current regulations at 20 CFR of minority, limited English-speaking,
written notice or telegram (including Part 641 and the Older Worker (OW) and, where applicable, Indian eligible
mail gram) received at any time before Bulletins, which may be found on ETA’s individuals as well as eligible
an award is made. Applications may be Division of Older Worker Program’s individuals who have the greatest
withdrawn in person by the applicant or homepage at economic need to remove their barriers
by an authorized representative, if the seniors. Applicants may use this to obtaining employment. ‘‘Greatest
representative’s identity is made known information when drafting their economic need’’ is defined as need
and the representative signs a receipt for responses to the Rating Criteria in resulting from an income level at or
the application. section III.C. of this SGA. The below the poverty line and need caused

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00096 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
68182 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices

by non-economic factors, which may grantees may operate in large not obligated to do so. The Department
include: physical and mental population centers, focusing on the further reserves the right to select
disabilities; language barriers; and needs of specific population groups. To applicants out of rank order if such a
cultural, social, or geographical give applicants a better picture of how selection would, in its opinion, result in
isolation, including isolation caused by the positions and grantees work together the most effective and appropriate
racial or ethnic status, that restricts the currently within a State, applicants may combination of funding, administrative
ability of an individual to perform review the ETA homepage at http:// costs (e.g., cost per enrollment and
normal daily tasks or threatens the placement), program goals (e.g., serving
capacity of the individual to live directory.html for more information. the needs of minorities, limited English
independently. (OAA Amendments Placement into Unsubsidized speakers, Indian eligible individuals,
§ 101(27)). Employment. One of the SCSEP and those of greatest economic need),
Coordination with the Workforce objectives is to foster economic self- and geographical service areas. Such
Investment Act, One-Stop Career sufficiency through unsubsidized items will be negotiated before we
Centers and State and Area Agencies on employment. The SCSEP program has a award a grant. If the negotiations do not
Aging. All SCSEP activities are required legislatively mandated, minimum result in an acceptable submission, the
to be coordinated with One-Stop centers placement goal of 20 percent of the Department has the right to decline to
operated under the Workforce number of authorized positions for each fund an applicant’s proposal.
Investment Act (WIA), Pub. L. 105–220 program grantee, and an overall Before receiving an award, applicants
and the State aging network. With Government Performance and Results must meet the eligibility criteria and
regard to One-Stops, the SCSEP is a Act of 1993 (GPRA) placement goal of responsibility tests established in
required partner under WIA. As such, 37 percent. The ability of a grantee to section 514 of the OAA Amendments
SCSEP activities must be coordinated meet the unsubsidized placement goal and any applicable regulations,
with WIA. For instance, participant depends largely on how successful the regardless of the applicant’s rating
assessments of eligibility, needs, and grantee is at targeting occupations, score.
competence under SCSEP will satisfy identifying job openings, training its Scoring: The following full review
any condition for an assessment under participants, and successfully matching criteria totaling a maximum score of 100
WIA and vice-versa. Coordination with participants and jobs. points apply to all applicants.
State and Area Agencies on Aging is (1) Program Design—Approach,
B. Rating Criteria for Award
required to ensure a ‘‘seamless Population(s) and Area(s) Served (20
program,’’ which ultimately benefits A DOL panel will use the point
scoring system and the Rating Criteria Points)
program participants. ETA also
encourages grantees to coordinate efforts format specified below to review The applicant must describe the
with other SCSEP grantees. applications. Applications will be overall plan for how it will realize the
Host Agencies. Host agencies provide ranked based on the score assigned by purposes of the program, which are to
the worksites for program participants the panel after careful evaluation by promote useful part-time employment
and may be public or private 501(c)(3) each panel member. It is required that opportunities in community service
organizations, including community- all applicants use the Rating Criteria activities for unemployed, low-income
based and faith-based organizations, format when developing their SGAs. persons, and to foster individual
authorized Federal agencies, State The ranking will be the primary basis economic self-sufficiency, and to
agencies, or local agencies. It is not used to identify applicants as potential increase the number of persons who
uncommon for many of the SCSEP grantees. The Department may establish may enjoy the benefits of unsubsidized
national grantees to function as host a competitive range, based upon the employment.
agencies by utilizing their organizations application evaluation, for the purpose Although selected grantees must
as the worksite for participants. Host of selecting qualified applicants. The provide ‘‘the right of first refusal’’ to
agencies are an important component in panel’s conclusions are advisory in current participants, vacancies may
that they serve the purposes of the nature and not binding on the Grant occur for a number of reasons.
program by supplying community Officer. In deciding whether to award a Therefore, the applicant must describe
service work assignments and by grant to an applicant the Grant Officer the expected characteristics of the
providing training and work experience may, when appropriate, also take into specific population(s) it will serve,
for participants. The quality of the host account the applicant’s past including: those with greatest economic
agency directly affects the value of the performance in its prior Federal grants need (as defined by OAA Amendments
work experience for the participants, or contracts for the past three (3) years § 101(27)), greatest social need (as
and the participants’ ability to obtain as it relates to the applicant’s or its defined by OAA Amendments
unsubsidized employment. affiliate’s demonstration of financial and § 101(28)), poor employment history or
Geographic Areas. The Department administrative responsibility and prospects, and those individuals who
allocates SCSEP positions or slots on an program performance. The information are over age 60, the range of services it
equitable basis, by State based on the Grant Officer considers may include: will offer to meet the needs of the
Census data of unemployed, low- (1) The applicant’s level of cooperation population(s), and the geographic
income people who are 55 or older. with grant officer(s), the applicant’s area(s) that will be served by the
(OAA Amendments § 503(a)(4)). ETA Federal technical representatives, and proposed program.
strives to ensure the equitable Federal auditors and investigators; and The applicant must describe the
distribution of positions to cover both (2) the sufficiency of the administrative methodology it will use to identify the
rural areas and urban areas adequately. costs to subgrantees, subcontractors, or population(s) it will serve. Applicants
Current positions are available at other affiliates. (A list of the applicant’s must include the number and
Appendix E, which is posted only on prior grants and contracts must be percentage of those individuals who are
the ETA homepage at http:// attached to the proposal as described in expected to have multiple barriers to Currently, a section II. H. of this Solicitation). The employment, including minorities,
State may have one or more grantees Department reserves the right to ask for limited English-speaking, Indian eligible
serving within its territory. Several clarification or hold discussions, but is individuals, and eligible individuals

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00097 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68183

who have the greatest economic needs, employees, as required by section will be made to offer physical
and address how the services it will 502(b)(1)(F) of the OAA Amendments. examinations to participants.
provide will overcome the barriers faced The applicant must briefly discuss the Orientation. Applicants must describe
by individuals in the population(s) complaint resolution system that it will participant and host agency orientation
proposed to be served. use in cases where a participant wishes procedures. The description must
The applicant must describe its plan to dispute an adverse action or in cases include discussion of participant and
to recruit and select participants and where an applicant for enrollment agency responsibilities, permissible
must: wishes to dispute an unfavorable political activities, grievance
determination of eligibility. If available, procedures, etc.
—Explain how eligibility will be
provide as an attachment an example of Assessment. Applicants must describe
determined and documented; and
the written explanation of the complaint the procedures to be followed in
—Describe efforts to assure participation resolution system that is to be given to assessing the job aptitudes, job
of minority groups, those with each participant. readiness, and job preferences of
greatest economic need and those participants, as well as their potential
with poor employment prospects. (2) Program Services—Community for transition into unsubsidized
The applicant must describe how it Services and Participant Services (20 employment. Applicants must address
will certify the income of each Points) the types of training and supportive
participant upon entry into the program Although a selected grantee may service that it will provide as part of a
and re-certify the income of each choose to use existing SCSEP positions participant’s assessment.
participant at least once each program or to create new ones and must offer Individual Employment Plan (IEP).
year. The applicant must indicate the incumbent participants the right of first Applicants must describe how the
schedule for certifying income refusal for continued participation, it assessment will be used to develop the
eligibility of participants, and indicate must nonetheless discuss its preferred IEP for each participant. The IEP
what actions the applicant will take for approach to selecting and providing includes the participant’s goal and the
those found to be no longer eligible. community services. The applicant steps to achieve that goal.
Applicants must also indicate where must describe the types of community Training. Applicants must describe
eligibility records will be maintained. services that will be provided by the training that will be provided to
(Information related to these participants employed under its SCSEP participants. Training should be related
requirements may be found in Older projects. An applicant that chooses to to the participant’s assessment and IEP.
Worker Bulletins Nos. 96–5, 95–5, and take over existing positions must Training may be related to the
98–31. These and other bulletins and discuss its vision of how community participant’s community service job
information may be found at http:// services are to be provided. The duties, unsubsidized employment goal, applicant must list the types of services or it may be developmental, (i.e., the
The applicant must include a detailed and agencies that will host participants skills developed will enhance the
list of the States, counties, and in a few to perform them. (A matrix format is participant’s unsubsidized employment
instances, cities where the project and suggested for ease of display within a opportunities).
its subprojects will be conducted, limited page allocation). The applicant Placement into Community Service
including the number of authorized must also describe the method it will Employment. Applicants must describe
positions to be established in each use to select and/or develop the host the methods to be used to place
jurisdiction. The distribution of agencies and their community services, participants into community service
authorized positions by county and the and how it proposes to maintain employment. Include such factors as:
estimated allocation of funds for each relationships with them. The applicant —The types of community service
State should be listed. As discussed must outline how it will review these activities that will be emphasized in
earlier, the Department and selected agencies to ensure on-the-job training, assigning participants to community
grantees may negotiate final State dollar participant satisfaction, satisfactory service jobs;
amounts and number of positions that health and safety conditions, adequate —The extent to which participants will
will be awarded to each grantee. For supervision, and fiscal integrity. The be placed in work assignments
those applicants with a proposed project applicant must explain how it will involving the administration of the
located in a city but also serving ensure that these employment project itself;
surrounding counties, the county where opportunities will be made available to —The criteria for selecting work
the city is located (unless the city is not participants in their immediate assignments;
in a county as listed in Appendix E) and communities or nearby, and how the —The average number of hours in
the surrounding counties must be listed community services offered will benefit participant work weeks;
with the number of authorized the community. —The average participant wage rate;
positions. See Appendix E for a listing Host agencies providing the worksites —Participant fringe benefits; and
of the location of current projects and for program participants must be —The procedures for assuring
the number of authorized positions publicly owned and operated facilities, participants are given adequate work
under each of these projects. Applicants or projects sponsored by 501(c)(3) site supervision.
will find Appendix E posted only on the organizations, including community- Supportive services. Applicants must
ETA homepage at http:// based and faith-based organizations. describe the supportive services to be (OAA Amendments § 502(b)(1)(C)). provided to participants and the
The applicant must provide an The applicant must describe the source(s) of these services.
outline of the procedures it will use to services that will be provided to the Participant transportation. Where
ensure that program participants will participants, either directly, through the applicable, applicants must describe the
not displace other employees, One-Stop Center System, or through arrangements that will be made to
(including partial displacement such as other service providers. provide transportation assistance to
in the reduction of hours worked or Physical Examinations. Applicants participants and/or the reimbursement
benefits), workers on layoff or contract must describe the arrangements that rate for transportation.

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00098 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
68184 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices

(3) Program Services—Unsubsidized projects (generally local projects programs. The applicant must also
Placements (20 Points) should be monitored no less than include position descriptions and, if
Placement into unsubsidized annually); available, vitae for key staff in
employment. Each year the grantee must —Who will be responsible for management and participant services.
place a minimum of 20 percent of the monitoring/evaluation; Subgrants. Applicants that are
—What criteria will be used to monitor considering utilizing subgrantees are
number of authorized positions (with a
and evaluate project activities; also required to submit the criteria they
goal of 37%) into unsubsidized —What methods will be used for
employment. Therefore, applicants plan to use in selecting subgrantees.
prescribing remedial action when Applicants must also demonstrate the
must: necessary; sufficiency of the proposed level of
—Describe the steps that will be taken —What follow-up procedures will be administrative funding for such
to transition participants into used to ensure that any identified subgrantees. Applicants that intend to
unsubsidized employment. problem has been remedied; and
—Include examples or anticipated hold a competition for subgrantees are
—How subgrantee or project reports will required to submit their criteria for that
content of the cooperative be validated and made part of
arrangements that will be made with competition. Such applicants must
permanent files. provide a timeframe for competing and/
the Workforce Investment Board and Minimizing Disruptions. The
One-Stop centers. (OAA Amendments or awarding subgrants, whether
applicant must describe its plan for awarded competitively or non-
Section 502(b)(1)(O)). carrying out activities designed to
—Describe placement follow-up efforts competitively, including the planned
ensure minimal disruptions to existing dates of the awards and performance.
that will be utilized. participants in the event that the Program and Fiscal Integrity. The
Work with area employers. The applicant replaces an incumbent applicant must describe the
applicant must describe how it plans to grantee. The applicant must describe mechanisms it plans to use to establish
identify what the needs of area how on-board participants of the former and maintain program and fiscal
employers are, the skills in demand, grantee(s) (if applicable) will be oversight and maintain appropriate
how any skills gaps might be filled, the transferred to its program with a program and fiscal management
jobs expected to be available in the area, minimum of disruption. It must information/records, including a brief
the strategies that it will use to provide describe how it will administer the description of computer hardware and
participants with the skills needed by participants’ ‘‘right of first refusal.’’ The software support. The applicant must
employers, and strategies it will use to description must include an explanation describe a record keeping system that is
match participants with employers. of how and when the participants will sufficient to prepare required reports,
(4) Program Coordination and Oversight be notified, what records will be turned and to trace funds to adequate levels of
(20 Points) over (if applicable), what efforts will be expenditures to ensure lawful spending.
made to maintain the privacy of Financial Monitoring. Applicants
Coordination. The applicant must individual records, what efforts will be
describe its plans for coordinating with must describe how the financial
made to place program participants into management system of subgrantees and
One-Stop centers and State aging other employment and training
networks, and for recruiting host projects will be monitored, including:
opportunities, if needed, and what other —who will be responsible for
agencies, including community-based services might be provided to ease the
and faith-based organizations, in the monitoring subgrantee and affiliate
transition. The applicant must describe expenditures;
communities it proposes to serve. The its timeline for developing and initiating
applicant must indicate any other —how frequently monitoring of
program operations and this transition expenditures will be done;
cooperative relationships, or process following notification of award.
information-sharing arrangements that —how financial reports will be
Applicants must describe a plan for validated; and
will assist program performance and reassuring participants that efforts will —what follow-up procedures will be
assure equitable access to the program. be made to minimize disruptions to
Program Oversight. The applicant used.
them in the program. Audits. Applicants must describe
must describe its procedures for
(5) Management Structure and Fiscal coverage plans to audit projects as well
managing any proposed subgrantees to
Integrity (20 Points) as plans to audit the headquarters
ensure effective program operations.
activities. If a current grantee, the
The applicant must provide, for Management Structure. The applicant
applicant must provide specific
example, an explanation of how it will must describe the management structure
references to the most recent audit and
ensure that adequate resources are made for the proposed project. The applicant
include the name of the audit firm and
available for local level operations, and must include a staffing plan or project
the date of that audit.
how it will establish a mechanism for organizational chart describing the
the tracing of funds to a level of relationship between it and planned Points Summary
expenditure adequate to ensure that subgrantees and/or key host agencies. (1) Program Design—Approach,
funds have been spent lawfully. The chart must identify staff with key Population(s) and Area(s) Served (20
The applicant must describe the management responsibilities and show points)
methods and procedures to be used to their expected portion of time dedicated (2) Program Services—Community
monitor and evaluate project activities, to the project (if less than 100 percent). Services and Participant Services (20
subgrantees, host agencies and The applicant must include a brief points)
contractors to determine if the project is description of its specific, relevant (3) Program Services—Unsubsidized
being administered in accordance with experience (and, as appropriate, the Placements (20 points)
Federal guidelines and regulations and experience of significant subgrantees) in (4) Program Coordination and Oversight
if project goals and timetables are being serving senior populations, serving (20 points)
met. Include in this explanation: people with barriers to employment, (5) Management Structure and Fiscal
—How frequently monitoring/ and/or in administering other Integrity (20 points)
evaluation visits will be made to employment related or other Federal Total=100 points.

VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00099 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68185

IV. The Cost Proposal Requirements In addition to the cost proposal, reporting requirements apply to title V
applicants must include the Assurance grants:
A. Budget Forms and Narrative
and Certification signature page, —An SF–269, Financial Status Report
provided in Appendix D. (FSR), must be submitted to the
Each applicant must submit a cost Department within 30 days after the
proposal containing a completed B. Fiscal and Performance Reporting
ending of each quarter of the program
Standard Form 424, ‘‘Application for Requirments
Federal Assistance;’’ a Standard Form Applicants must have current — A final FSR must be submitted
424A (Budget Information Form); and a computer technology and ensure that within 45 days after the end of the
detailed cost breakout for each column their organizations have the capability grant.
and line item from Section B of the to link to the Internet. Reporting must — All FSRs must be prepared on an
Standard Form 424A. Copies of all be done through the Internet. accrual basis.
required forms along with the
instructions for completing the forms In accordance with 29 CFR 97.40 or Signed at Washington, DC, this 5th day of
are provided in the appendices to this 29 CFR 95.51, each grantee must submit November, 2002.
SGA and can be found on the ETA a Senior Community Service Emily Stover DeRocco,
homepage at Employment Program Quarterly Assistant Secretary, Employment and
seniors. Progress Report (QPR). This report must Training Administration.
In addition to these forms, the be prepared to coincide with the ending
dates for Federal fiscal year quarters and Appendices
applicant must submit a ‘‘detailed cost
break out’’ that provides specific must be submitted to the Department no Appendix A: Application for Federal
information on each of the expenditures later than 30 days after the end of the Assistance, Standard Form 424
listed under Section B of the Standard quarterly reporting period. If the grant Appendix B: Budget Information Sheet,
period ends on a date other than the last Standard Form 424–A
Form 424A, including both Federal and
day of a federal fiscal year quarter, the Appendix C: Standard Form 424–A
non-Federal funds. Each expenditure Clarifying Instructions
will fall under one of the three major last quarterly report covering the entire
grant period must be submitted no later Appendix D: Assurances and Certifications
cost categories: Administrative; Enrollee Signature Page
Wages and Fringe Benefits; or Other than 30 days after the ending date. The
Participant Costs. Explanations of these Department will provide instructions for Appendix E: Listing of Current Locations
categories can be found earlier in these the preparation of this report. and Potential Areas to be Served— posted at
documents and in the SCSEP In accordance with 29 CFR 97.41 or
regulations at 20 CFR 641.404. 29 CFR 95.52, the following financial BILLING CODE 4510–30–P

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68186 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices


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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68187


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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68189


VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00104 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
68190 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices


VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00105 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68191


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68192 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices


VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00107 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68193


VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00108 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
68194 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices


VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00109 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68195


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68196 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices


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VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00113 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
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VerDate 0ct<31>2002 16:24 Nov 07, 2002 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00114 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4725 E:\FR\FM\08NON1.SGM 08NON1
68200 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices

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