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2013 5 No.

182 Journal of Fujian Normal University Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition GeneralNo. 182


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1 faculty 2 3
Croft Cruse2004 1

figure ground

1 The bike is in front of the building

2 The bottle is half full empty

1 the bike the building
2 the bottle the bottle
half full full empty half full
half empty

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Our relationship is at a dead end

3 Love is a journey

Lakoff Johnson 1980 Life is a jour-

ney Argument is war Lakoff Johnson 1980


Ning Yu 2011

Ning Yu 2011
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Ning Yu
Beijing Olympic Games are a stage

A Performing Event A Sporting Event

An International Stage An International Event of Competition

The Theater The Sports Venues and Supporting Facilities

Performing a Show Hosting the Event

Performers People of the Host City and Nation

Action in Performance Activity in Organization

Audience People of the World excluding the host nation

Complex meta-
phorCM Primary metaphorPM
Ning Yu Hosting Beijing Olympics is performing Bei-
jing opera on an international stage CM
a. Beijing Olympics is an international event in life P

b. Beijing opera is a show on a stage P

c. Hosting an international event in life is performing a show on an international stage CM

d. Actions are self propelled movements PM

e. An event in life is a show on a stage CM

f. An event is a show CM

g. An event is a series of changes of states P

h. A show is a series of movements P

i. Changes of states are movements PM

j. Life is a stage CM
46 2013

k. Life is a state P

l. A stage is a location P

m. A state is a location PM

1 conventional
2 3

Gibbs 2010 1
2 3 4

hetoric 1410
hetoric 1412

Poetics 1459

hetoric 1410

LowG. Z ToddA Deignan and L Cameron ( eds. ) 2010 esearching and applying metaphor in the real world: Introduction
Gibbs: 2010in LowG. Z ToddA Deignan and L Cameron ( eds. )
5 47

Comparison Theory
Substitution Theory

30 I A ichards Philosophy of hetoric

intercourse transaction

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: : 2007 726
48 2013

2012 11

Searle 1979

Searle word or sentence meaning speaker's

utterance meaning Searle


Searle 1
2 3

Sperber Wilson 1995

Sperber Wilson

: : 2001 2
: 2012 2013 1
LevinsonS 1983 Pragmatics Cambridge University Press
5 49

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50 2013

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22 2007

Cognitive Linguisticshetoric and Pragmatics and The Study of Metaphor

SHU Ding-fang
Shanghai International Studies UniversityShanghai 200083China

Abstract Metaphor has been a very important topic in cognitive linguisticsrhetoric and pragmatics
Howevermetaphor has been approached in different ways and credited with different theoretical values in
these disciplines Cognitive linguists are interested in trying to reveal the interrelationship between language
and other cognitive faculties through metaphorparticularly the effect of cognition on linguistic structures and
usage hetoric studies metaphor in order to find out how it can be used to enhance the effectiveness of lin-
guistics communicationwhile pragmatics aims to explain how non literal or actual meaning can be derived
from literal meaning in context The author points out that in these three different disciplinesmetaphor is
studied for the purpose of achieving the overall theoretical objectives of the respective disciplineshence the
different focus and methodology used The author believes that each of the three disciplines could learn from
the other two and make its own contribution to a more comprehensive theory of language
Key words Metaphorcognitive linguisticsrhetoricpragmatics