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68130 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices

Desert Cahuilla Indians Tribe, Coachella ERP No. FS–FRC–L05208–WA Irene 1. Electronically. Your use of EPA’s
Valley, Riverside County, CA. Creek Hydroelectric Project, (FERC electronic public docket to submit
Summary: EPA reviewed the FEIS and No.10100-002) and Anderson Creek comments to EPA electronically is
found that the document adequately Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 10416– EPA’s preferred method for receiving
addresses the issues raised in our 003), Construction and Operation, comments. Go directly to EPA Dockets
comment letter on the DEIS. Issuance of Amended License at, and
ERP No. F–FHW–C40155–NY Applications, Skagit and Whatcom follow the online instructions for
NY–17, Horseheads Project, Counties, WA. submitting comments. Once in the
Reconstruction from RM 17–6205–1069 Summary: EPA continues to have system, select ‘‘search,’’ and then key in
to RM 14–6201–3040, Funding, Town environmental objections to the Docket ID No. RCRA–1999–0011. The
and Village of Horseheads, Chemung proposed projects (and alternatives to it) system is an ‘‘anonymous access’’
County, NY. because they would undermine system, which means EPA will not
Summary: EPA’s comments on the Northwest Forest Plan protections, know your identity, e-mail address, or
DEIS were adequately addressed. degrade pristine water quality found in other contact information unless you
ERP No. F–FHW–G40168–LA Irene and Anderson Creek, and likely provide it in the body of your comment.
Bayou Barataria Bridge/LA–302 affect listed bull trout. Analyses in the Comments may be sent by electronic
Replacement, LA–45/Jean Lafitte EIS show that it would cost more to mail (e-mail) to [RCRA-
Boulevard to LA–3257/Privateer operate projects than the value of power], Attention
Boulevard, Funding and U.S. Army COE produced and that an extremely small Docket ID No. RCRA–1999–0011. In
Section 404 and US Coast Guard Bridge amount of power would be generated. contrast to EPA’s electronic public
Permits Issuance, Communities of Jean For these reasons, EPA recommends docket, EPA’s e-mail system is not an
Lafitte and Barataria, Jefferson Parish, that FERC select the No Action ‘‘anonymous access’’ system. If you
LA. Alternative. send an e-mail comment directly to the
Summary: EPA expressed no further
Dated: November 5, 2002. Docket without going through EPA’s
comments on the Final EIS and has no
Joseph C. Montgomery, electronic public docket, EPA’s e-mail
objection to the selection of the
Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office system automatically captures your e-
preferred alternative. EPA’s comments
of Federal Activities. mail address. E-mail addresses that are
were adequately addressed in the Final
[FR Doc. 02–28506 Filed 11–7–02; 8:45 am] automatically captured by EPA’s e-mail
system are included as part of the
ERP No. F–FRC–L05223–WA Martin BILLING CODE 6560–50–P
comment that is placed in the official
Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC
public docket, and made available in
Project No.10942), Construction,
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION EPA’s electronic public docket.
Operation and Maintenance of a 10.2-
Megawatt (MW) Hydroelectric Run-of- AGENCY You may submit comments on a disk
River Facility, License Approval, or CD ROM that you mail to the mailing
[FRL–7406–3] address identified below. These
Cascade Mountains, Martin and Kelley
Creeks, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National electronic submissions will be accepted
Additional Data Available on Wastes
Forest, King County, WA. in WordPerfect or ASCII file format.
Studied in the Report to Congress on
Summary: EPA continues to have Avoid the use of special characters and
Cement Kiln Dust
environmental objections to the any form of encryption.
proposed project because it would AGENCY: Environmental Protection Commenters should not submit
undermine the environmental and Agency. electronically any confidential business
biological protection provisions of the ACTION: Extension of period for public information (CBI). An original and two
Northwest Forest Plan and would comment. copies of CBI must be submitted under
degrade water quality in Martin Creek, separate cover to: RCRA CBI Document
SUMMARY: The Environmental Protection Control Officer, Office of Solid Waste
designated an ‘‘extraordinary’’ water
Agency (EPA) is today announcing an (5305W), U.S. EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania
body by the State of Washington. EPA
extension of the public comment period Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460.
recommended selection of the No
for its July 25, 2002 (67 FR 48648) Confidential information submitted by
Action alternative based on the negative
Notice of Data Availability (NODA) on hand delivery or courier should be
environmental effects, negative net
cement kiln dust to December 9, 2002. taken to the RCRA CBI Document
power benefits, and extremely small
DATES: The comment period for the Control Officer, U.S. EPA Crystal
amount of power that would be
generated by the project. Additional Data Available on Wastes Station, 2800 Crystal Drive (7th floor),
ERP No. F–NPS–C67000–NJ Maurice Studied in the Report to Congress on Arlington, VA 22202.
National Scenic and Recreational River Cement Kiln Dust is extended and will 2. By Mail Send your comments to:
(NS&RR) Comprehensive Management close on December 9, 2002. RCRA Docket Information Center
Plan, Implementation, Atlantic and ADDRESSES: You may submit comments (5305T), U.S. Environmental Protection
Cumberland Counties, NJ. electronically, by mail, or through hand Agency, EPA West, 1200 Pennsylvania
Summary: No formal comment letter delivery/courier. To ensure proper Ave., NW., Room B–102, Washington,
was sent to the preparing agency. receipt by EPA, identify the appropriate DC, 20460, Attention Docket ID No.
ERP No. F–NPS–G61040–TX Fort docket identification number in the RCRA–1999–0011.
Davis National Historic Site, General subject line on the first page of your 3. By Hand Delivery or Courier.
Management Plan, Implementation, Fort comment. Please ensure that your Deliver your comments to: RCRA Docket
Davis, TX. comments are submitted within the Information Center (5305T), U.S.
Summary: EPA has no objection to the specified comment period. Comments Environmental Protection Agency, 1301
selection of the preferred alternative received after the close of the comment Constitution Ave., NW., Room B–102,
since the final EIS adequately period will be marked ‘‘late.’’ EPA is not Washington, DC, 20460. Attention
responded to comments offered on the required to consider these late Docket ID No. RCRA–1999–0011. Such
Draft EIS. comments. deliveries are only accepted during the

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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 217 / Friday, November 8, 2002 / Notices 68131

Center’s normal hours of operation as identified in ADDRESSES above, at all Disposition of minutes of previous
identified below. EPA Regional Office libraries, and in Board of Directors’ meetings.
Public comments and supporting electronic format at the following EPA Summary reports, status reports, and
materials are available for viewing in Web site: reports of actions taken pursuant to
the RCRA Docket Information Center other/ckd/index.htm. Printed copies of authority delegated by the Board of
(RIC), located at 1301 Constitution Ave., the proposal and related documents, can Directors.
NW., Room B–102, Washington, DC also be obtained by calling the RCRA/ Memorandum and resolution re: Part
20460. The RIC is open from 8:30 a.m. Superfund Hotline at (800) 424–9346 or 366—Minimum Standards of
to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, (703) 412–9810. Integrity and Fitness for an FDIC
excluding federal holidays. To review Contractor.
docket materials, it is recommended Discussion Agenda:
that the public make an appointment by The Agency issued a proposed rule Memorandum re: BIF Assessment Rates
calling (202) 566–0270. The public may titled Standards for the Management of for the First Semiannual
copy a maximum of 100 pages from any Cement Kiln Dust on August 20, 1999 Assessment Period of 2003.
regulatory docket at no charge. (64 FR 45631). In the proposed rule, Memorandum re: SAIF Assessment
Additional copies cost $0.15 per page. EPA established a 90-day public Rates for the First Semiannual
The public comments and supporting comment period, which was extended Assessment Period of 2003.
materials are also available to February 17, 2000. The Agency The meeting will be held in the Board
electronically. See the ADDRESSES: received a total of 52 comments. On Room on the sixth floor of the FDIC
Electronically section above for May 11, 2001 the American Portland Building located at 550—17th Street,
information on electronic access. Cement Alliance (APCA) submitted a NW., Washington, DC.
rulemaking petition to EPA pursuant to The FDIC will provide attendees with
7004(a) of the RCRA. EPA met with auxiliary aids (e.g., sign language
general information, contact the RCRA
APCA on July 6, 2001 to discuss the interpretation) required for this meeting.
Hotline at (800) 424–9346 or (703) 412–
petition. APCA provided groundwater Those attendees needing such assistance
9810. For more detailed information on monitoring data for 18 CKD disposal
specific aspects of today’s action, should call (202) 416–2089 (Voice);
facilities from a collection of (202) 416–2007 (TTY), to make
contact Anthony Carrell, U.S. information on 35 plants that together
Environmental Protection Agency necessary arrangements.
acccounted for approximately 95 Requests for further information
(5306W), 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW., percent of the CKD landfilled in the
Washington, DC 20460, at (703) 308– concerning the meeting may be directed
United States in 2000. In a Notice of to Mr. Robert E. Feldman, Executive
0458, or e-mail: Data Availability, published July 25, Secretary of the Corporation, at (202)
2002 (67 FR 48648), the Agency 898–6757.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: established a 60-day period to inspect
Dated: November 5, 2002.
and make public comment on the data.
Customer Service Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Subsequently, the Agency received a
In developing the Final Rule, we are request from a stakeholder to extend the Robert E. Feldman,
trying to address the concerns of all our comment period another 30 days. EPA Executive Secretary.
stakeholders. Your comments will help supports the request for an extension, [FR Doc. 02–28608 Filed 11–5–02; 4:51 pm]
us improve this regulatory action. We and the comment period will be BILLING CODE 6714–01–M
invite you to provide different views on extended from September 23, 2002 to
the new data received. Your comments December 9, 2002.
will be most effective if you follow the Dated: October 31, 2002. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION
suggestions below: Robert Springer,
• Explain your views as clearly as Sunshine Act Notice
Director, Office of Solid Waste.
possible and why you feel that way.
• Provide solid technical and cost [FR Doc. 02–28503 Filed 11–7–02; 8:45 am] PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED DATE AND TIME:
data to support your views. BILLING CODE 6560–50–P Thursday, November 7, 2002, meeting
• If you estimate potential costs, open to the public. This meeting was
explain how you arrived at the estimate. cancelled.
• Tell us which parts you support, as FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE DATE AND TIME: Thursday, November 14,
well as those you disagree with. CORPORATION 2002 at 10 a.m.
• Provide specific examples to PLACE: 999 E Street, NW., Washington,
illustrate your concerns. Notice of Agency Meeting DC (Ninth Floor).
• Offer specific alternatives. Pursuant to the provisions of the STATUS: This meeting will be open to the
• Refer your comments to specific ‘‘Government in the Sunshine Act’’ (5 public.
sections of the report. U.S.C. 552b), notice is hereby given that ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:
• Make sure to submit your the Federal Deposit Insurance Correction and Approval of Minutes.
comments by the deadline in this Corporation’s Board of Directors will Draft Advisory Opinion 2002–13:
notice. meet in open session at 10:30 a.m. on Democratic Senatorial Campaign
• Be sure to include the name, date, Tuesday, November 12, 2002, to Committee and Democratic
and docket number with your consider the following matters: Congressional Campaign Committee by
comments. Summary Agenda: No substantive counsel, Robert F. Bauer; National
Copies of the NODA, titled Additional discussion of the following items is Republican Senatorial Committee by
Data Available on Wastes Studied in the anticipated. These matters will be counsel, Alexander N. Vogel; National
Report to Congress on Cement Kiln resolved with a single vote unless a Republican Congressional Committee by
Dust, are available for inspection and member of the Board of Directors General Counsel, Donald F. McGahn II.
copying at the EPA Headquarters requests that an item be moved to the Final Audit Report—Campbell for
library, at the RCRA Docket (RIC) office discussion agenda. Senate.

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