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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

A Paranormal Romance

By: Brittany White
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the authors imagination or
used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locals is entirely


Copyright 2016 by Brittany White - All rights reserved.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In no way is it legal to reproduce, duplicate, or transmit any part of this document in either
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Chapter One

Sage West took a deep breath as she stepped out of the bus. Shed decided to run until
she hit the mountains, and the small mountain town of New Loveland was definitely the end of
the line. It meekly admitted to a population of only several thousand, but the tourists flocked to
this town that enjoyed a breathtaking mountain view and a clear and clean river that ran straight
through town. As soon as she had both feet on the ground, she knew that this could be home.
The small picturesque buildings were painted in bright colors, and the sidewalks were
packed with people. Sage had read that this place attracted people year round from their
annual autumn harvest festivals and Christmas decorations to their spring flings and summer
exploring expeditions. She was ready to shed her old life, and there was no better place to sell
her unwanted possessions than the eager town of New Loveland.
She pulled up the email on her phone and glanced at the address. The woman shed been
talking to was situated in the 400 block of Main Street, and the bus stop was on the 200 block
of Main Street. Glancing at the numbers, she turned herself around and headed to the rental
Welcome! Welcome! a little old lady toddled out of the back and came to greet Sage
warmly. You must the lovely Ms. West. Its been so exciting talking to you these past few
weeks. I just love the idea of picking up and starting somewhere new! So adventurous!
Sage cringed as the woman touched her. It wasnt so much an adventure as it was a
necessity. Her old life had nothing left to offer her. Its been a long few days. Id like to go
ahead and get my key so I can get settled, she said softly.
Of course! Youll just need to sign the rental agreement. Even though the apartment and
shop are in one building, Mr. Weathers used to loan it out separately, so youll need to sign both
Sage picked up the pen and signed her name in big loopy letters. Will I need to send you
two separate checks for the properties?
Thats something you can discuss with Mr. Weathers. Since he lives next door, Im sure
you could just drop the money off with him. He probably wont mind one check. The woman
hesitated for a moment. Hes usually fairly agreeable, but if he gives you any trouble, you can
simply do all of your transactions through us. Hes actually quite attractive. You might enjoy
getting to know him!
Sage denied herself the pleasure of rolling her eyes. Im here because of men, she said.
Im not really in the mood to get to know a new one.
The rental lady clicked her teeth sympathetically before handing her the keys. Okay,
youre all set. You can, of course, walk to it from here, but there is a car rental place just down
the street.
Walking is fine. I wanted a place where I could walk everywhere.
Excellent! Well if youll just walk towards the mountains until you get to Sara Beths Diner,
and thats where youll fine the best meal around, take a left, youll find your street just another
block or two past that. If you have any questions or you get lost, dont hesitate to call! Were
always excited to get some newcomers moving in here!
Sage nodded. She wanted to shy away from any warm welcomes, but she needed a
presence within the community if her shop was going to be successful. Oh! One other thing. I
had some boxes shipped here. Do you know if theyve arrived?
The womans eyes widened, and she nodded quickly. Yes. Mr. Weather waserm
gracious enough to keep the boxes in your new place. Thats quite a bit that you had shipped
Inventory, Sage said with a smile. Okay, well thank you for all your help. Im sure Ill
have some questions about the town as I get going.
Good luck settling in and let us know when the store is up and running! The woman
waved energetically as Sage stepped cautiously out of the office.
She exhaled slowly. Talking to new people was exhausting, and that woman would have
kept here there for hours if shed let her. She followed the womans directions until she finally
came to a beautiful empty shop encased in glass that was two stories tall. She inserted the key
into the store and felt herself shiver with excitement as she entered it. It was completely bare,
but it was the right size for what she wanted. With a few shelves and display cases, this would
make a great start.
She ran her fingers along the wall as she moved up the stairs to check out the apartment.
There she found a man lounging in the hallways, studying her.
She shrieked. Christ. You scared the shit out of me, she accused him.
He had dark brown hair that curled at the nape of his neck and beautiful golden flashing
eyes that immediately gave him away.
Shifter. He was a shifter. She felt herself stiffen, and she prayed that this wasnt her
landlord. Shed had enough experience with shifters to last a lifetime.
Davis Weathers, he said gruffly. Im your landlord.
Crap. She tried to give him a small smile. Sage West.
I know. Why did you send all your crap here before you moved in? I could have left it out
on the street to rot, he muttered.
Irritation flashed through her. The lady at the rental office said my things would be taken
care of if they arrived before I got here.
She doesnt own this place. I do.
I didnt have your number. I had hers, Sage snapped back. Are we going to have a
problem here? All I wanted was a nice quiet place to live and set up a small store. If youre
unable to provide that, please let me know now before I get settled in. I hate packing.
An amused smile played out on his lips. Welcome to New Loveland, he said softly. Rent
is due on the first of each month.
Thank you, she said coldly. She turned and froze when she saw two doors. Why are
there two entrances to the apartment?
The one on the left is my apartment. The one on the right is yours.
She whirled around. You live above the store? They said you lived next door. I assumed
they meant a different building.
You assumed wrong. Are we going to have a problem, Ms. West?
Desire coiled like a snake slowly inside her as she stared at those lips. She didnt know
whether she wanted to slap that smile off his face or kiss him. Unnerved, she shook her head.
Its fine, she muttered. She shoved her key in the lock and felt a little relief when it swung
open. She didnt even say good night as she slammed it shut.
God. The gorgeous shifter shared an actual wall with her. But it didnt matter. She was
done with them. All she wanted now was to be alone.
She was tall. Davis normally found himself with shorter women, but he loved that fact that
she could meet his eye. She had curves in all the right places, an ass that would nicely fit in the
palms of his hands, and thick red hair that he wanted to twist his fingers in.
Damn. He hadnt known that his tenant was going to be a knock out. Or that shed come
with such an attitude either. Hed felt the vibrations between them as soon as he laid eyes on
her, and he had a sneaking suspicion that this woman might be more than just a pretty face to
Davis had been second-in-command of his lion pride five years ago, but when hed
bedded the alphas wife, hed been kicked out. It wasnt his fault. He didnt know his alpha had
brought a wife home from his vacation, and although hed ousted the woman as a shifter addict,
his alpha was still none to pleased.
Two years ago, his alpha had finally found and married his mate, and hed reached out to
Davis and asked him to come home. Davis had refused. It wasnt that he was angry with his
alpha, but here, he didnt have to worry about being in charge. He had a sense of freedom that
was rare for him.
He was unattached, and he loved it.
He wasnt the only shifter in the community. There was a wolf, a cheetah, several owls, an
otter, and even a bear, but they were all submissive. He was the only alpha shifter in the town,
and he found it irritating when the other shifters came to him for advice. They needed a leader,
and he wasnt willing to step up to the plate. The community begged him to help control them.
The shifters, away from their packs, were often temperamental and difficult. Davis was no
different, but he wasnt here for that. He was here to be free.
He should avoid Sage West. It was clear that the beautiful woman would probably cause
trouble, and he didnt want trouble. He should have kicked her out when the first ten boxes
arrived, but instead hed hauled them in and carefully stacked them so they wouldnt get
Even their conversation just now proved that he should end this business relationship. She
clearly had a chip on her shoulder, and he didnt need to deal with that, but instead, hed let it
go. Hed even been amused when she snapped back.
People rarely talked back to him.
So hed keep his distance. He didnt need trouble. He certainly didnt need trouble from a
beautiful woman.
Chapter Two

She slept soundly for a solid twelve hours. The past few weeks had been filled with gut
wrenching sobbing, screaming, packing, and traveling. It wasnt until Sages head hit the pillow
in the furnished apartment that she finally realized what shed done.
Shed left Connor. After two years of dating and an engagement announcement, shed
finally realized what had happened. Shed been swept up in all this talk of mating that she hadnt
even realized that she wasnt in love with him. She never had been. Shed jumped from a shifter
she loved who had never loved her to a shifter who simply loved to control women.
Hed proclaimed her his mate on day two, and shed been swept away by his declaration.
It wasnt until she realized how many other women hed been screwing to realize that hed been
lying to her. She wasnt his mate, and if shed taken the time to analyze the situation, she would
have realized it.
Of course, Connor still wanted to marry her. Hed devoted his best years to cultivating
their relationship and making her the perfect woman. So shed packed in the middle of the night
and left. If she didnt, she knew shed never leave him. He knew all the right things to say to
make her stay.
She was long gone by the time the wolf had woken up, and although he threatened to
come find her, she knew he wouldnt. He had too much pride to drag her back. Hed find a new
woman and who knows? Maybe the next one would actually be his mate.
When shed finally woken up in the strange room, she was alarmed. She hadnt slept that
well in a long time, and she had no idea where she was. But the smell on the strange sheets
lured her back into comfort, and she snuggled in them as she tried to decide what to do next.
The landlord, Davis, had agreed to furnish the apartment, but she wanted her own things.
That would be step one. Buy her own furniture. Connor had been loaded, and he showered her
with gift throughout their relationship, and now she was going to use those gifts to buy her own
He, at the very least, owed her that.
She was so excited by the thought of her own freedom that she decided to get started
right away. She tossed the unfamiliar sheets aside and put on her slippers before padding
down the stairs. As she surveyed the boxes with a sense of glee, she didnt even think to check
the time. Under the silvery glint of the moonlight, she began to unpack her things.
The sound of a drill woke him up. He was instantly alert as he rolled over and checked the
clock. Three oclock in the morning.
Someone was breaking in.
Thinking of all of Sages possessions in the store downstairs, he was immediately on his
feet and creeping down the stairs. The sight startled him.
She was bent over a box, dressed in black yoga pants and a blue tank-top, and he could
see her heavy breasts swinging as she dug through it, muttering to herself.
A shock of desire went through him as she swept her hair to the side, and he stared that
the beautiful curve of her neck. He wanted to trace his lips over it and taste her.
What the hell are you doing? he roared instead.
She shrieked and immediately held the drill like it was a gun. Seeing that it was only
Davis, she relaxed. Why do you keep scaring me?
Its the middle of the night. Why are you drilling into my store? he growled.
What? Youre not a nocturnal shifter? She shrugged. Sorry. I wanted to get started right
Im a lion, he said softly. Do you have a problem with that?
I have a problem with you scaring the shit out of me every chance that you get, she
Well I have a problem with you drilling in the middle of the night.
He watched as her shoulders dropped in defeat. Youre right. It was rude of me. Im
sorry, she said quietly. I slept for a long time. I just needed to start moving.
Davis saw sadness cloud her eyes, and he immediately cursed himself. Why did he have
to be so abrasive? He wanted to go and wrap his arms around her, but that would make them
both uncomfortable. Im used to it being quiet here, he said gruffly. Ill have to get used to is
not being so quiet here.
She put the drill down carefully. I was putting up curtains, but that can wait until after the
sun rises. Is it okay if I continue to at least move some things out of boxes? Id like to go to the
hardware store in the morning for shelves, and I need to know how many to get.
Thats fine. Daviss eyes wandered over the things shed already unpacked, and his eyes
widened. She had quite a bit of expensive jewelry, a collection of figurines, music boxes, and
some hand painted home dcor items. Did you have a shop before?
She reddened. No. All of this is personal items.
Jesus. Clearly, he should have asked for more in rent. And you decided to move to New
He watched as she deliberately turned. Some of these were gift from my ex-fiance. Id
like to get rid of them. Some of them were things that Ive made or designed. Thats what Id
really like to sell, but hopefully the jewelry and figurines will pull enough money in for me to start
crafting again.
An ex-fiance? Clearly they didnt leave on good terms. After all, the rental office had
called to say that a young woman needed a place to stay immediately, and shed wanted to
open up a store. It sounded like a rash decision.
Do I have to worry about this ex-fiance coming back for his things? Davis asked
carefully. He felt this insane need to protect her.
She shook her head. Connor was pissed when I left, but hes not going to put the effort in
to come for me. I left him his ring, and these things are mine to do with whatever I please.
Davis nodded. Okay. Im going back to bed, but Ill help you install the shelves tomorrow
if youd like.
Thats not necessary, she said quickly.
He shrugged. If she wanted to put up her own damn shelves, she could. Fine. Keep the
noise level down. I do have to work in the morning.
She looked up sharply. Work? What do you do?
Im a business consultant.
She snorted, and he raised his eyebrows. Is there a problem?
No, she said as she looked at him. For the first time during their encounter, he realized
that he wasnt wearing a shirt. You just dont look like you sit behind a desk all day.
See something that you like, Ms. West? he purred.
She turned beet red. Ill be quiet. Im sorry I disturbed you, she said stiffly.
She went back to pulling things out of their boxes, and he realized that she was dismissing
him. It irked him that she thought she could wave him off like that, but the idea that she was
disturbed by him turned him on.
She wanted him, and if he played his cards right, he was going to have her.
She exhaled softly when he was no longer in her view. God, the muscles on that mans
chest would make any woman wet. Because he was a shifter, she expected hed be hairy, but
there wasnt a strand of hair on that hard and golden chest of his. It almost seemed to beg for
her touch, and if she werent standing so far away, she probably would have complied.
His pants had hung low on his hips, and her eyes traveled more than once down the V that
peeked out from his waistband. Even Connor hadnt been so sculpted, and hed had the best
body Sage had ever seen.
Before now, of course.
Get it together, she told herself sternly. Not only are you swearing off men, but you are
swearing off shifters. No more. You dont need a man to make you happy.
She chanted it over and over again in her head, but she knew her body wasnt buying it.
Only a man was going to ease that ache that had begun between her legs.
And that shifter would have done nicely, she knew.
But for Christ sake, what kind of independent woman would she be if she jumped the
bones of her landlord the second night that she was here? A few weeks without sex shouldnt
have made her that desperate.
But it wasnt the lack of sex. It was that man. And she knew it.
So she buried herself in her work in the hopes of pushing all thought of Davis Weathers
out of her mind. Soon, she had all of her things lined up on the floor and stuffed under the
counter. From the looks of things, she already had enough to fill the store. She would just need
to start figuring out how to display it.
Shed lost track of time, and it wasnt until she felt the hairs on her neck raise and she
whirled around that she realized it was already morning. Davis was dressed in a suit, and he
was lounging at the bottom of the stairs as he watched her.
Like a predator sizing up his prey.
She swallowed hard. He filled out his white button up nicely, and because he was not
wearing a tie and chose instead to keep the top buttons of his shirt undone, she could only
picture what he looked like underneath that suit.
Undressing me you eyes already, Ms. West? he asked teasingly.
She jumped. Its just a surprise to see how well you clean up, Mr. Weathers, she said
Keep staring at me like, and youre going to be surprised to see how dirty I can be as
She glared at him. Please dont let me keep you, she said coldly. It wasnt fair how he
could affect her so when she barely knew him.
Please wait until I get home tonight before you start putting up shelves. I would prefer it if
you didnt damage my walls, he said as he made his way to the door.
She made a face. How hard can it be to put up some shelves? she said, but the door
was already closing.
Sage fumed as she watched his back retreat. Did he seriously think that she couldnt put
up shelves? Well she would show him.
She didnt need him, his drool worthy body, or that gorgeous face. He didnt know her.
She had everything under control.
Five hours later, she was staring at the hole shed accidently made in his wall.
Shit. Shit, shit, shit.
Chapter Three

By the time Davis unlocked the front door, he was ready for a run around the block and a
stiff drink. Although he occasionally worked with local companies, he mostly dealt with
companies across the country, and some of them deserved to lose their businesses.
They were complete morons.
So when he saw the shelves that were installed on the wall, he stilled. And when his eyes
landed on the hole, he felt dark rage unfurl within him. She hadnt listened, and now shed
damaged his building.
He hissed. Shed been here for less than a week and already she was driving him up the
wall. She had completely disregarded his words, and the consequences were clear. He was
going to wring her neck. He was going lay into her until she cried. He was going to
Im sorry.
The whispered apology floored him. As he whirled around and took a look at her red-
rimmed eyes, all the rage and anger left him. Had she really cried over a hole in the wall? That
wasnt right.
It can be fixed, he said gently. Dont worry. The rest of the shelves look great.
God. She was shaking. The ladder toppled over, and I swung the hammer as I fell. Im so
sorry. Ill pay to have it fixed, or Ill fix it myself. Youll just have to tell me how.
She fell off the ladder? His eyes widened. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Let me see?
Without thinking, he had her in his arms.
She immediately stiffened, and he released her. Im fine. Just a few bruises, she said
Im sorry. He ran a hand through his hair as he struggled to figure out what was going
on. Why had he reacted like that? And more importantly, why had she? I just wanted to make
sure you were okay. Liability and all that, he lied.
She nodded her head. Right. No. Im fine. But your wall is not.
The wall. He turned again to stare at the hole. Its not too big. I think with some dry wall
and paint, it should be fine. Ill run to the store and grab some.
No, youve been at work all day. Ill do it. Its the least I can do.
He nodded his head, and his stomach growled. Do you think you can pick up some dinner
on the way back? Im starving. We can eat while we work on the wall.
Sure, she said slowly. What would you like?
Meatloaf from Sara Beths Diner, he said automatically. Hed been craving it all week.
Ill just run upstairs and throw some make-up on, she said quietly. Ill be back in an
He nodded and leaned over to watch her hips swing as she maneuvered up the stairs.
God, what had just happened? He would never have touched a female that didnt explicitly ask
him to, so why had he been so eager to wrap her into his arms?
Clearly, he needed to find himself another woman to easy this new ache within him. It
would be a long year if he didnt find some way to distract his body.
Sage tapped her finger on the counter while she waited for her order. Shed packed the
supplies she needed in her backpack, and although an hour had passed, she still couldnt keep
her mind off of what had happened.
Shed been a miserable wreck after putting a hole in the wall. Connor would have flipped
out, and she could see from the frozen stance and the growls coming from Davis that hed been
livid when hed realized what shed done.
But instead, hed hugged her? That didnt make any sense. She figured hed scream at
her, maybe even kick her out, but instead shed seen true worry and anxiety in his eyes. And
hed hugged her. What the hell was that all about?
You must be the woman renting from Davis. This is his favorite, the woman at the
counter said as she pushed a bag her way.
Sage West, she said as she offered her hand.
Sara Beth, the woman said as she shook it.
Oh, youre the owner? Everyone has said great things about this place! Im not a great
cook, so Im probably going to be here often, Sage said with a smile. She hadnt expected the
owner to be so young. Sara Beth couldnt have more than few years older than herself.
Sara Beth laughed. Im one of the few places that offers cheap southern style food. So
youre going to open up a gift shop?
Thats the idea. I put a hole in Daviss wall, so Im bring him dinner while he patches it
Her eyes went round. He must have been so angry at that. Hes known for his temper.
No, actually, he seemed more concerned about me. Ive seen a bit of his temper though.
Should I be worried? Sage asked as she paid for their meal.
Nah. He just gets temperamental with the shifters here. Hes the only alpha the town has,
and we have a spattering of outlying shifters here. Theyre sort of their own pack, and they look
to him as their leader. He hates it, she said with a smile. But he helps to keep them in line.
So he doesnt have his own pack? How long has he been here?
The woman pursed her lips. I guess near five years now. Were pleased to have him.
She leaned in close. He is gorgeous, isnt he?
Sage laughed nervously. He is easy on the eyes. Thank you for dinner. I expect youll be
seeing me quite often.
Enjoy! Tell him I said hi, she said with a wink, and it became clear to Sage that Sara
Beth had a thing for Davis. She felt a surge of jealousy streak through her, and she frowned.
Where had that come from? She didnt have any say on who Davis was with. Shed just
met the man.
And as she watched Sara Beth visit a table of women, they all turned to stare at her.
Clearly, quite a few of the women had a thing from Davis. And that didnt sit well with her at all.
Davis finished the first round of paint before stepping back to eye it critically. It was
matching the rest of the wall nicely. He turned to see Sage brushing paint across the shelves.
Shed chosen a light grey that stood out rather beautifully from the white.
Nice job, he said gruffly. Ready to take a break, and eat?
He watched the brush shake in her hand, and he smiled. He made her uneasy, and he
expected it wasnt because she was afraid of him.
Just a minute, she said clearing her throat. I want to finish this shelf.
He walked behind her and pressed his body to hers. She gasped when he took her hand
and began moving it from side to side. Even strokes, he said in a low voice. You dont want
one side to be darker than the other.
When he wrapped his hand around her waist, she immediately moved. Okay, I think Im
ready now, she said in a shaky voice.
He felt bereft when she moved away, but his stomach growled, and he watched as she
put the plates of food in the microwave. Sara Beth seems nice. She seems very interested in
you, Sage said quietly.
Davis rolled his eyes. Sara Beth and a few of the other local woman had made a few
passes at him, but he avoided them. He had his fun when he went on out of town trips to avoid
the drama that sometimes came with bedding a woman. Clearly Sage had picked up on Sara
Beths crush and was fishing for answers.
I go there quite often for food, he said, smiling wickedly. If she didnt want to come out
and ask if he was seeing someone, he wasnt going to give her the satisfaction of answering.
Is she married? Im sure if the food is as good as everyone says it is, some man must
have snatched her up, she said as she laughed awkwardly.
He leaned against the wall, amused. No. Shes not married.
She took one plate out and popped the other one in. Is she dating anyone?
Sage, if you want to date Sara Beth, all you have to do is ask her. I dont think she
swings that way, but it wouldnt surprise me, he said with a wicked smile.
Oh! No, thats not what I meant at all. I like men, she said, flustered.
Then why were you asking?
Im just trying to get to know the locals, she said as she handed him his plate.
He grabbed her hand. If you want to know if Im dating someone, all you have to do ask,
he said in a low voice. And for the record, Im not.
She jerked her hand away. Thats not what this was about. He could tell she was lying.
She was blushing and avoiding his gaze. Why dont we eat at the counter?
He followed her and put his food down. His lion wanted to be fed, and he was craving
more than meatloaf. He wanted her on that counter while he ravished her. While she had her
back turned to him, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed up against her again. She fit
him perfectly, and he could only imagine what other ways she would fit him.
Instead of stiffening, she softened against him. You feel it too, he whispered. The
tension in the air. Is your body responding like mine is? Are your nipples taut? Is your pussy
Inappropriate, she muttered, but her breath was heavy, and as he placed his lips on the
side of her neck, her head rolled to give him more access.
Her skin was warm beneath his kiss, and he darted his tongue out to taste her. She
moaned, and, feeling encouraged, he pulled a hand up to brush her breasts over the fabric of
her top and bra. Her hips began to sway, and he wanted more. Slipping his hand under her
shirt, he made his way up until he could feel her over the thin fabric of her bra.
Sage, he whispered. I want you.
She gasped and pushed him away. When she spun again, he saw the panic her eyes. Im
sorry, she whispered. I cant do this.
Sage, he called out, but she grabbed her food and raced up the stairs. He heard her
shut the door and lock it before he even realized what was going on.
Damn, he muttered. Hed made his move too soon, and now she would probably be
moving out before the night was over with. Frustrated, he left his food on the counter and went
outside to take a walk.
Chapter Four

Several days had passed, and Sage was still avoiding Davis. Her reaction had made no
sense, and she knew that he was confused. So was she. How could she be so turned on by a
man that she didnt even know?
But she couldnt get him out of her head. She couldnt focus on anything. She felt his arms
wrapped around her when he wasnt there. She felt his lips on her skin, and she imagined what
it would be like when she finally got to kiss him.
It was driving her insane.
She organized her new store like she was driven by demons, but it didnt help. Before she
knew it, she was standing in the middle of the store, arms by her side, lost in another
daydream about him.
There was really only one thing she could do. Get him out of her system.
She quit working a few hours before she knew he would get home. She showered and
dressed in her slinkiest dress. A navy blue number than showed a little more thigh and cleavage
than she would like, but she knew she looked in it. She pulled her red hair to one side and
added a string of pearls.
Sage was going to seduce Davis tonight so she could get on with her life.
She sat at the top of the stairs and waited for him to get home. With her back pressed
against the wall, she crossed her legs in what she hoped was a sexy pose.
When she heard the key in the lock, she held her breath. Her heart was racing. What if
she was wrong about this? What if he really wasnt interested in but was just trying to pass the
She watched as he entered the stair well. Sage, he gasped when he saw her.
She arched her back nervously. Davis. How was work?
What? He shook his head and braced himself with one hand. Work? Work was work.
Sage, what the hell are you doing?
What do you mean? she said innocently. Im just sitting here. I thought we could talk.
And you always wear a dress like that when you want to talk? he said in a low voice.
She watched as he took another step towards her.
She tried to shrug nonchalantly. It was just something I threw on. Theres an elephant in
the room that we need to address. You want me.
Yes. Yes I do, he said as he took another step. Her breath hitched when she saw the
predator look in his eye.
And I want you.
He took another step, and liquid heat was already pooling between her legs. God, he
could probably smell how turned on she was. What did you want to do about it? he asked as
he began to unbutton his shirt.
She cleared her throat and tried to focus on the speech shed prepared. I think were
both a little too distracted by this. Maybe if we just have one night together, we can get it out of
our system and go back to a normal life.
His shirt parted, and she nearly moaned. He was perfection. He was halfway up the
landing now, and she scooted to face him.
Im not going to be easy, he growled as he took another step.
Good, she said in anticipation.
I like it rough. My lion likes it rough.
Her heart skipped a beat. I can take it.
When he was just a few steps away from her, he leaned over. Be sure this is what you
want, he muttered.
She cupped his face. Kiss me.
Sage, he breathed, and he leaned over and captured her lips. She moaned as his
tongue invaded her and turned her muscles to jelly. Slowly, he pushed her back and settled
between her legs. So sweet, he murmured.
Wait, she gasped as he moved down her body. I didnt mean for us to do it here.
We can move to the bed, but first, I have to see what you have going on down here, he
said as he hiked her dress up. She watched his pupils dilate when he realized that she wasnt
wearing any panties. He slid a finger alone her slit, and she wiggled.
Beautiful, he moaned as he slipped a finger inside her, and she gasped. She let her
head drop to the floor as he played with her, and she didnt notice that hed moved until she felt
the wet warmth of his tongue.
Davis, she cried out when his tongue flicked over that sensitive spot.
Dont make me stop, baby, he begged her. Please. Ive been dreaming about this ever
since I laid eyes on you.
Her back arched as his tongue returned, and soon she was at a loss for words. He added
another finger, and she cried out as the assault grew more demanding. Pressure mounted
within her, and her toes curled. He was taking complete control of her body, and her body was
enjoying every minute.
Higher and higher she flew as his tongue rasped over her clit, and finally she could take no
more. She shouted as she broke, and her body shook as she climaxed. He licked her a few
more times while she fell back to earth, and finally, he leaned over her.
We need to move now, or Im going to fuck you right here, he hissed.
She shivered, but she allowed him to take her hands and pull her up. Her dress was still
up around her waist when he picked her up and slammed her against the wall.
She wrapped her legs around him and rubbed herself against his bulge. God, it had never
been like with Connor. With anyone.
His mouth feasted on hers while she undulated against him. Baby, he whispered.
Hurry, she moaned, and suddenly, they were moving again. Soon they were tumbling
onto a bed. She didnt even know which apartment they were in, and she didnt care. She heard
the zipper of her dress go down, and she arched her body to let him peel off her dress.
Normally, she felt subconscious about her naked body, but the look he gave her made her
feel sexy. His eyes darkened with desire as they moved down her body. So beautiful. So
He shucked the rest of his shirt, and she watched as he slid his pants down as well. When
he was finally naked, he covered her with his body and took her mouth again.
He dominated her, and for the first time in forever, she didnt mind. She gave up her
control easily and without worry. No matter what happened, he would always keep her safe.
She knew that without a doubt.
She slid her hands down his body and squeezed his sex. He was large and hard, and she
could only moan when she thought of it inside her.
Sage, he said hoarsely. This is going to be over before it starts if you keep doing that.
She giggled and released him. He settled his weight over hers and probed at her
entrance. She lifted her knees in response.
Sage? Are you sure you want to do this? Theres no going back, he muttered as he
skimmed his mouth over hers.
She knew what he was talking about, but she didnt want to think about it. She only
wanted to enjoy him. Inside me, she muttered. Now.
He grunted and slid just a bit inside her. Sage gasped as he filled her, and she knew he
wasnt even all the way in. God, youre tight, he muttered.
More, she said as she clawed at his back. She turned into a monster as she bucked her
hips. She had to take all of him. There was no turning back now.
I dont want to hurt you, he hissed, but she planted her feet on the bed and raised her
hips, and he sank in.
Buried to the hilt, he pressed his face into her neck as she struggled to accommodate
him. He touched a sweet spot deep inside her, and she knew she was never going to be the
Move, she pleaded. Youre killing me.
He laughed shortly and slid himself slowly in and out. Yes, she clutched at the muscles in
his back. I like that.
You like that? he said. She watched in fascination as his eyes flashed gold.
I do. She bit her lip. Let him out to play. I know he wants to come out.
He stilled and studied her. He does, Davis said. But hes not always nice.
I can take it, she said confidently.
She let her nails dig into his skin, and she watched as his eyes grew even brighter. Let
your lion out, she whispered.
Suddenly, he roared, and Sage shrieked as he rammed himself inside her. His eyes were
bright gold now, and she could barely hang on as he slid himself over and over that spot.
She loved it. She loved every second of it, and as he pushed her closer and closer to her
second orgasm, she knew that things were never going to be the same.
He had unleashed his lion, and she still felt safe and secure. And loved.
Davis, she cried out as she peaked. Her muscles squeezed him as she came, and he
shouted as he buried himself inside her and joined her.
Chapter Five

He collapsed on top of her and nuzzled her. She wrapped her arms around him and
waited for her heart rate to return to normal.
Are you okay? he whispered when he raised his head. I dont usually do that. You just
sort of drove me crazy, he admitted.
She bit her lip. You didnt hurt or scare me at all.
Relief swept through him, and he nuzzled her neck. Shed been everything hed hoped and
more. And if she still thought this was just going to be a one-night stand, she had another thing
Hed understood that she was scared, and hed kept his distance. Part of it was
frustration. Just seeing her was enough to push him over the edge. But he didnt understand
why she was scared. Usually, when a shifter found a mate, it was easy and seamless. But
shed literally run in the opposite direction.
What are you thinking about? he asked quietly.
Im just trying to wrap my head around it, thats all. Ive been here for less than a week.
Ending up in the landlords bed wasnt exactly the plan.
He laughed. If it makes you feel any better, youre the first tenant Ive ever slept with. He
raised his head to study her. Youre the first woman Ive ever slept with in this town. You feel
this connection, right?
She stilled under him, and suddenly he realized the problem. She knew she was his mate,
and it terrified her. Can we just take this one step at a time, she said hesitantly.
It doesnt work that way, Sage. Its meant to be intense. Its meant to bind a couple
instantly and forever. Why does that scare you?
She pushed at him, and he rolled off. She gathered the sheets up under her armpits and
sat up. First off, why wouldnt that scare someone? I dont know you. Im human. I dont share
my body with another soul, so when I feel something like this, its intense and overwhelming.
You grow up knowing that youll find your mate. Im told Im someones mate, and it takes me
two years to realize that its not true.
He felt a streak of anger inside him. Your ex told you that you were his mate? he asked
in a dangerous voice. It was bad enough that sleeping with a shifter was the new trend, but to
have a shifter lie about the emotional bond that connected a shifter and a mate? That was
She laughed shortly. I know it sounds ridiculous. Its so different than what I feel with you.
I should have known right away, but he was handsome and charming. He wouldnt leave me
alone, and then he was controlling and manipulative. It wasnt until I found out he was cheating
that I knew for certain hed been lying this whole time.
She turned to him. Davis, that was less than a month ago. So yes, what I feel, right now,
scares me.
But you do feel it, he said as he sat up and wrapped his arms around her. Im not trying
to force it on you, Sage. I want you to come to the decision on your own. You feel it. Im not
telling you that you feel it.
Yes, she whispered as she relaxed against him. I felt it the moment I saw you.
He smiled and kissed the top of her forehead. You were so mean to me.
She laughed. You started it.
I felt it too. I thought for certain that I was wrong. I always thought Id be paired with
some docile little thing. Youre enough to scare the lion inside me. You always tame him,
though. No one has ever done that.
What am I supposed to do? she said quietly.
You dont have to do anything. Just let me love you. Let me know when you are ready.
Then marry me and spend the rest of your life with me.
She laughed, and he smiled. Hed spend the rest of his life making her laugh. Oh sure. I
just have to marry you. Nothing big.
He settled back down in the bed and cradled her as she rested her head on his chest.
This felt so right. Being inside her felt right. Having her in his arms felt right. What do you want
to do? I want to do this right so you dont pack up your stuff and leave me.
I dont think I could leave you even if I tried, she whispered. She pressed her lips to his
chest, and he felt himself stirring. After all that, he was still ready for her. Im nervous, but it
has nothing to do with you. Im not second-guessing you. I feel safe in your arms, but what if I
mess this up? What if Im just some shifter groupie, and your misreading all the signs?
He stroked her hair. There is no misreading you. And if you give me the chance, Ill prove
it to you.
After a few moment of silence, she spoke again. Im still scared, but I want to hear you
say it.
He smiled. I love you, Sage West. Youre meant to be with me. Youre my mate. Youre
my happily ever after.
She smiled and slung a leg around his. I thought I would freak out, but I liked hearing it.
She propped herself up and stared at him.
And how do you feel about me?
I love you, Davis Weathers. Youre meant to be mine. Youre my soul mate. Youre my
happily ever after.
Hearing those words made him growl and lift his head to claim her kiss. After a moment,
she broke apart. Breathless. So this is it?
This is it, he murmured. His sex twitched against her leg, and her eyes widened.
Its your own fault. Youre just so damn sexy.
She licked her lips hungrily, and he laughed. Clearly you have no issues with that.
Mine, she said possessively as she straddled him. Forever.
Forever, he agreed, and soon she was riding him back to heaven.
They were married within a month, and her store opened with great success. She knew
without a doubt that every part of her life had led up to this. Had she never spent so much time
with Connor, she never would have run so far away. She would have never run into the arms of
her true mate.
Sage Weathers. She was loved and protected. She loved and protected. And she was

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Chapter One
Lydia leaned back and rolled her head from side to side to ease the ache in her
shoulders. The letters were piled high on the desk, and she was making little progress. As the
mastermind behind Hairy and Fluffy, a dating agency, she had the duty to create the perfect
matches. The last meet and greet party turned into a high success. Most of her matches paired
up together, and shed managed to finally pair the elusive Cole Greyson with his mate. It had
taken some extra effort to finally get Sasha at the party, but it was well worth the effort.
Maxwell Torrent was now at the top of her list. The alpha lion shifter had refused to settle
down, and the lion community was growing uneasy. If he didnt find his mate soon, they would
have to replace him with the second-in-command, and they werent keen on that idea. Maxwell
was their favorite.
Theyd turned to her to find his mate, but it wasnt easy. As she sifted through the letters
of women who wanted to be matched, she hadnt found anyone that stood out. None were
strong enough to withstand the lions domineering personality. Most wouldnt last a night with
Lydia Jones?
She looked up to see a brunette standing in the doorway She was tall and curvy with an
irritated look on her face. Lydia blinked. She hadnt heard the bell on the door.
Thats me. If you want to fill out an application, the paperwork is outside the door. Were
on a waiting list right now, but I might get you in at a fall party, she said absently.
The brunette laughed. Oh, no Im not here for that. My name is Cassie Branders. Im a
reporter for The Weekly Report. My editor would like a human-interest piece on your dating
service. Would you be able to do an interview for me?
Lydia narrowed her eyes. She was keen on reading people, and the vibes coming off this
woman were most interesting. Cassie Branders from the Cassie Column?
The writer smiled. So you have heard of me!
Yes, Lydia said slowly. You tend to write rather strongly worded editorials. Why would
you be slated for the human interest story?
You caught me, Cassie said with a frown. The last column I wrote hinted about the
inequality of dating services, and the advertisers were not pleased. I didnt mean for it to have
such a negative response, so I offered to do an in-depth study on one dating service. You have
a high success rate of couples meeting at your parties and sticking it out long after the
wedding. Id like to discuss your process.
Lydia cocked her head. Cassie was known for her independence, her witty words, her
talent, and her beauty. An idea started to form in her head. Are you married or seeing anyone,
Cassie shook her head. Married to the job, Im afraid.
And have you ever been to one of my parties?
Again, the lovely brunette shook her head. Its by invitation only, correct? I dont do much
Im putting a party together for Friday evening. Why dont you come to the party, and
then well do there?
Cassie smiled. That sounds great. She offered her card. Here is all my contact
information. Would it be okay if I talked to the guests at the party? Id like to know what theyre
looking for.
She was making it too easy for Lydia. She took the card and nodded. I think that would
be perfect.
Cassie nodded and existed the office. Lydia pulled out the invitation and a blank envelope.
With an air of satisfaction, she addressed the envelope to Maxwell Torrent. It was time to
knock another big name off her list.
Cassie Branders was going to make the perfect lioness.
Chapter Two

Maxs stomach rumbled. Hed been forced to skip out on lunch when his assistant hadnt
showed up, and now that the workday was over, his stomach was demanding some attention.
The breeze rippled through his gold hair as he rolled the window down to grab his mail,
and he was torn. Work had been hell, and he really wanted to put on his tennis shoes and do a
few miles around the neighborhood, but running on an empty stomach tended to make him even
more temperamental.
And Max was not a stand-up guy when his temper got the best of him.
So his shoved a frozen lasagna in the microwave and flipped through his mail while he
waited. A black envelope with gold lettering caught his eye, and he frowned.
Hairy and Fluffy Dating Agency
What the hell? Max tossed it aside without bothering to open it. Hed heard of the agency
of course. It was big in the shifter community, and rumor had it that they were good. But Max
was far too busy to search for a mate. He had his own business to run not to mention a pride to
oversee. Even though the pride was demanding that he finally settle down, there simply wasnt
enough time in the day.
In the past, hed been interested. His former days were filled with women and dreams of
a mate and a family, but eventually, all of his flings ended the same. None of them could handle
him at his worse, and sometimes, his worse was all he had to offer.
The microwaved beeped, and Max devoured the cardboard tasting meal. Something
tugged at his peripheral, and his eyes slid over to the counter.
With a low grown, he snagged the envelope and ripped it open with far more aggression
than was necessary.
You are cordially invited to a meet and greet Friday evening. Shifters and carefully sifted
human applicants will be there in hopes of finding their true love. Eighty percent of shifters find
their mates. Are you ready for yours?
He rolled his eyes. Nonsense. He certainly did not need to find his mate in a room of
pumped up testosterone and alphas or alpha wannabees. Thats just a recipe for disaster.
As he tossed the card aside, he flipped over, and he noticed a message on the back.
Maxwell, your pride encourages you to attend.
His eyes widened. The barstool hit the floor as he lunged to his phone. It only took two
seconds for his father to pick up. Before you say anything, Charles said mildly.
Are you fucking kidding me? Max hissed. Is this a threat?
His father had obviously been waiting for the phone call. Maxwell, the stipulations for
being an alpha are clear. You have to mate. Youre pushing thirty-five and the pride is getting
nervous. If you dont take a wife soon, theyre going to be forced to place Jerome as alpha,
and nobody wants that.
Max gripped the phone. His father wasnt wrong. The Torrent family had been the alphas
of the local tribe for several generations, and it would continue as long as the pride was happy
and the alpha took a mate and continued the line. If an alpha died without an heir, the strongest
male took over, and while Jerome was the strongest, he was also the most temperamental and
unpredictable. It was a recipe for disaster.
But a Hairy and Fluffy party? he said as his anger escaped him. He leaned against the
counter and dropped his head. Thats degrading.
Its hardly degrading. That agency has the best reputation in the shifter community. I
know youre busy. They do all the work for you. Just give it a shot.
Charles had been a great leader, and had he not fallen ill several years ago, he would still
be alpha. But the community feared he would not make it, so Max, as the oldest son, took over.
Charles recovered, and he had no issues with his son taking over. Max wanted to earn the
prides respect like his father had earned it.
He wanted his father to proud of him as well.
Fine, he muttered. Ill go. But were going to have some words about personal space at
the next meeting, he snapped.
Good luck with that, Charles snorted.
Max hung up the phone and sighed. Shrugging his shoulders to ease the tension, he
stripped out of his business clothes and put on his jogging gear. He had quite a bit of
frustrations to burn before he tried to take on the dating agency.
Even the pounding of his heels hitting the ground didnt do anything to release the anxiety
he had about potentially meeting his mate. It made him anxious to think that he was meant to
be with one person. What if he got it wrong and he picked the wrong woman? What if his
woman didnt like him?
So he ran harder and farther, but before he could completely escape the situation, he
turned back around to take a shower and get ready for the damn party.
Chapter Three

Cassie checked everything in her bag. She had her recorder for longer interviews, her
notebook, a couple of pens, and her camera. She stepped into her strappy sandals and hung
her press badge around her neck. She didnt want any of the shifters to get any ideas.
Why are you taking the badge? her friend asked with a mouth full of ice cream. In her
third trimester, Sara was usually found munching on something.
Because Im writing an article, Cassie said as she rolled her eyes.
But youre single, Sara said.
Uh huh.
And you havent gotten laid in over a year.
Cassie narrowed her eyes. Your point?
My point is that there are going to be many hunky men at that party. So ditch the press
badge and relax. Even if you dont find Mr. Right, you can still enjoy Mr. Incredible One Night
I didnt pick the assignment, Sara. You did, Cassie pointed out.
Her friend and editor smiled. You were the one who said dating agencies set women
back to an age where looks and profits were all that mattered in a marriage. Im just trying to
save your column. But more than that, I also wanted you to see how wrong you are. Dale and I
met through a dating agency. Just because youre not getting any doesnt mean you have to
hate on the people that are.
Im not hating on you. Im hating on the agencies that profit from peoples ridiculous
desire to find love. What are you doing in my house anyways? Cassie said irritably.
I wanted cookies and cream, and you always have at least two gallons in your freezer.
And I also wanted to make sure you didnt leave this house dressed in armor. She pointed to
Cassies outfit. Ditch the blazer.
Its work, Sara. Its work for you. Shouldnt you want me to keep it professional?
Youre my friend as well as my reporter. Besides, how can you truly get the feel for the
party if youre only there as an observer? Go undercover. Find out what the men and women
are really like.
Cassie snorted. Nice try. The badge and the blazer stay. Dont eat all my ice cream, she
said as she shouldered her bag.
Cassie! The warning tone in Saras voice made Cassie wince. Ive known you for a long
time. You have to let someone in at some point, she said softly.
Cassie closed her eyes as she thought back to her past relationships. Men cheated, lied,
and abused the power of having a womans heart. Cassie wasnt single because she worked
too much or because she couldnt find men who were attracted to her. She was single because
it was just easier.
Lock up when you leave, she said without turning around. She could feel the
disappointment in Sara without facing her.
When Cassie joined the newspaper, she and Sara were instant friends. That was nearly
fifteen years ago. Now Sara was an editor, and Cassie wrote a successful column. They both
had achieved what they wanted, but Sara was moving on with her life. She had a husband and
a baby on the way. Cassie was still struggling with what to do now that shed achieved her
career goals.
Safely away from Saras pointed observations, Cassie sighed and started the car. She
didnt need a man to be happy. She just wasnt the one to melt after a single touch or get drawn
into long romantic stares. She was happy being single.
As the backed the car down the driveway, she swallowed hard.
The lie was exhausting even when she was simply saying it to her reflection.
Chapter Four

Everything was in full swing by the time she got to the party. She stood in the corner for a
moment to observe and doodle some notes. Some of the women were dressed in animal print,
and Cassie cocked her head. Wasnt that just tacky?
She could feel the tension in the room. It was clear that some of the shifters were very
much in tuned to their animal side, and everyone was silently fighting for dominance. The
women seemed to lap it up, but it made Cassie uneasy.
There you are!
Cassie turned to see Lydia making her way over to her. The stunningly beautiful woman
was dressed in a sleek black dress and four inch stilettos. Cassie took a moment to appreciate
the affect the shoes had on the womans legs. What do you think so far?
Its classy, Cassie admitted. Shed thought thered be awkward music, prom balloons,
and glittery streamers, but instead quiet upbeat tempo music was coming out of the speakers,
and the decorations were at a minimum. Food and drinks were plenty, and while some couples
were dancing, others opted to sit at the tables and get to know each other.
Thanks! It was tough in the beginning to come up with a party that shifters of all shapes
and sizes might like. Weve got groups that prefer water, others that prefer land, and some that
are odd about concrete and hardwood floors. The key is variety. I try to have a little bit of
space for everyone, she said beaming.
How do you keep the alphas from fighting? I can see the uneasiness in some of the
There are very strict rules at these parties for the shifters. No fighting is at the very top. I
have lavender scented sprays in the corners to help calm everyone, but just in case, there are
several undercover operatives with tranquilizer guns. In all the years that Ive been doing this,
weve never needed to use them, but safety is the number on priority.
Cassie jotted the quote in her notebook. Why shifters? Arent they destined to be with
just one person? How can do you have such a high success rate when the odds are stacked
against you?
Lydia gave her sly smile. That, my dear, is a trade secret.
Out of the corner of her eye, Cassie saw some people moving quickly. Curious, she
followed the movement and saw that the crowd was parting for one man. Her jaw dropped.
Damn, she whispered. He was gorgeous. Thick blonde hair framed his square face and
amber eyes. She watched his smooth jaw clench, and immediately, she wanted to run her
fingers down those high cheekbones and over those lips. He was tall and built with muscles that
rippled under the tight shirt.
See something you like? Lydia asked softly.
Cassie blinked and blushed. You have some gorgeous men here, she muttered.
Thats Maxwell Torrent. Hes the alpha for the local lion shifter pride. I guarantee at least
half of the women here would kill for just one night in that mans bed.
She felt the pull of sexual attraction and waved it off. She was not here to pick up men.
She was here to work.
As she tried to focus and ask Lydia a few more question, she found herself getting
aroused. Looking up, she saw the lion staring at her.
My, my, Lydia purred. He seems to be interested in you. Why dont you go talk to him?
Cassie tried to shrug nonchalantly. In a minute. It will be interesting to get the perspective
of an alpha shifter at a scene like this. I just have a few more questions before I start talking to
the crowd.
She looked up from her notebook and saw the irritated look on Lydias face. Did I say
something wrong?
No. Its fine, the woman said hurriedly. You know, we can always talk tomorrow after
the party. Why dont you get a feel for the crowd before they get too entangled with each
other? She pointed to the corner where one shifter and a woman were getting a quick taste of
each other. Some of them will be looking for more private places soon.
Watching the two touch other stoked a fire inside Cassie. Shed never thought of herself
as a voyeur, but with the lion still staring at her, she realized shed never been so turned on in
her life. Her skin ached to be touched, and moisture was gathering between her legs. She
stood quickly and snapped the notebook shut. She needed to finish this so she could leave.
Thats a good idea. Ill call you tomorrow if I dont see you before I leave, she said quickly.
Good luck, Lydia said with a strange smile.
She got up quickly and moved across the room, trying to put as much distance between
herself and the lion shifter as possible.
Max ignored all the women. Many of them walked by, several were daring enough to
reach out and touch him, and a couple stopped to talk, but he ignored them. He was so
removed from the party that he forgot he was even there.
She was stunning. Tall with long dark raven black hair and a sun-kissed glow, shed been
the center of his focus all night. As soon as he laid eyes on her, hed heart beat increased. He
stirred, but it was more than just sexual attraction. She was completely covered from head to
two in a pants suit and a blazer, but he could see the outline of her heavy breasts and that large
ass that was just made to fit the palms of his hands.
The longer he stared at her, the more he yearned to taste her. Every now and then, her
dark eyes flitted in his direction, but she seemed to be purposely moving away from him. His
predator instincts kicked in, but he forced himself to relax. If she was meant to be his, she
would make his way to her. Nobody could deny the pull of a mate.
He watched her talk to some of the people and doodle in that notebook of hers. He
wanted nothing more than to rip it out of her hands, shove her against the wall, and bury himself
in her.
She was wet. He could smell her from here, and he knew shed be warm and welcoming.
Would she scream? Would she gasp or cry out? Would she whimper or make a breathy little
God, he wanted her in his hands when he made her come. He wanted to feel her skin
shiver and feel those legs tightening around him.
She was getting close. Only a few people separated them, and he watched as she tried
to focus on the person she was speaking with. Instead, she kept sneaking peeks at him. He
could see the nervous habits. She tucked her hair behind her ear too frequently. She tapped her
pen at the table.
She bit her lip. He wanted to bite her lip.
Finally, she was finished. She turned to him, and as soon as they locked eyes, her mouth
snapped shut. She spun on her heels and quickly walked away.
He pushed himself from the wall and began to follow her, but a cute little blonde stepped
into this path. Ive been looking at you all night, she whispered. She trailed a finger down his
chest. Take me home, and Ill ride you all night.
Not interested, he growled as he tried to step around her.
The woman was tenacious. She pushed her body against him and wiggled suggestively.
God, youre already hard, she moaned. Let me take care of that for you baby, she said as
she reached down to grab him.
Christ, he hissed. No sex on the grounds, remember?
Ill fuck you in the car, she said as she squeezed him. Ill do anything to get this cock
inside me.
He grabbed her hands and deliberately placed them above her head. He could see her
shiver with excitement. Sweetheart, you are delicious and tempting. And if this were any other
moment, Id have you bent over so fast it would make your head spin, but I dont think youre
going to satisfy me tonight. Find someone else.
Picking her up, he turned and placed her behind him before returning to the brunette. He
searched around wildly, but she was already gone.
Fuck, he roared as he lunged for the door, He stepped into the parking lot just in time to
see her speed away. You have got to be kidding me.
Her name is Cassie Branders. Max turned to see the woman in charge behind him.
Shes a columnist for the Weekly Report.
Shes my mate, he growled.
Yes. I agree.
He stared at the woman. How the hell do you know that?
She tiled her head. Why do you think I invited you?
His mouth dropped open. I would ask how you knew that we connected, but frankly, I
dont care. If shes my mate, shes supposed to find me irresistible. So why the hell is she
running in the opposite direction?
Just because shes meant to be yours doesnt mean shes going to be happy about it in
the beginning. Whats wrong Maxwell? Afraid of a little challenge?
Max stared at the woman. Of course he wasnt afraid of a challenge. But once a shifter
found a mate, it was supposed to be easy after that. Smooth sailing.
But to make her his? He supposed he was willing to put in a little effort.
Chapter Five

Cassie tossed and turned all night. A ghost of a lover loomed over her with amber eyes,
and as she twisted her hands in his hair and urged him to drive her over that peak, he
disappeared. Over and over again, he returned to drive her to madness only to dissolve into a
mist at the last minute.
There was just something about him that she couldnt put her finger on. It was more than
just the clear signs that he was attracted to her. It was more than just the obvious notion that
she was attracted to him. Shed felt an invisible cord reach out and wrap around her. No matter
where she was, she knew when he was near. It was impossible, and it had made her run just
has as hard and fast as she could in the opposite direction.
Finally, as the sun rose over the horizon, she called it a night. An hour later, she was a pot
of coffee in and scribbling furiously on her notepad. If she couldnt sleep, shed work.
A knock at the door interrupted and made her jump. Christ, she muttered, disgusted with
herself. All it had taken was one look from a man to make her absolutely worthless even hours
later. What was wrong with her?
She blew out her breath in an effort to get ahold of herself before crossing the kitchen to
open the door.
A vase of a dozen long stemmed white roses stood on the porch.
For a second, she just stared. There was no way. There was absolutely no way they
were from him. She leaned out the window and scanned her driveway and street. There was no
sign of anyone, but she could feel him lingering somehow.
She reached down and picked up the card.
All night long, in my dreams, I reached out to you. I can only hope that somehow, I was
able to touch you.
No. No, no, no, no, she chanted. This is not happening. Heart pounding in her chest,
she leaned out the entrance. If youre thinking of stalking me, I will call the police!
Gripping the card, she slammed the door shut.
Of all the nerve. He found out where she lived? Just because she had a reaction to him, a
sexual pull, did mean that she was actually interested in him. She didnt want to be wooed. She
didnt belong to him.
Three minutes later, she opened the door again and snagged the roses.
There was no point in letting them go to waste.
He grinned wickedly as he watched her freak out on her porch. The card had the desired
This was going to be fun.
She was halfway through her tormented series of burpees when the next knock came.
Caught off balance, she shrieked and fell to the floor. Her body was screaming for a break, but
at least it wasnt screaming for his touch. She rolled over on her back and gasped for breath.
He wouldnt be daring enough to try it again. Would he?
Curiosity got the best of her, and she hauled herself up and opened the door again.
This time, they were long stemmed yellow roses.
I dreamed that your skin would be as silky as these petals, and I long to brush my fingers
over your most sensitive spots and make you quiver. I long to run my tongue gently over your
curves and make you moan.
Oh yeah? she yelled. Well my vagina is going to be as sharp as these thorns if youre
thinking of sticking anything inside!
She heard a gasp to her left and smirked as she leaned around the corner. Only it wasnt
him. Her elderly neighbor was watering his bushing and she cringed. Sorry Mr. Caswell. That
wasnt meant for you.
He gave her a severe look of disapproval, and she sighed, collected, the roses, and
moved inside.
Now she would have to do a whole new round of burpees.
Tow hours later, the third knock came. She launched herself from the table where shed
been gorging on a bowl of ice cream and threw open the door.
No beautiful blonde Adonis. The new roses were swirls of orange and yellow.
Your folds will be as wet as the dew on these flowers, and when I finally taste you, you
will be as soft and sweet.
She swallowed hard as she imagined him dipping his tongue inside her, and she nearly
moaned. Cursing, she stomped down and searched the yard. He had to be here. There was no
way he was sending these and not waiting around for a reaction.
This is harassment, she announced as she searched under the bushes. And you are
wasting your time. Okay? I have a boyfriend, she lied. I have ten boyfriends. And I dont have
room for another.
But there wasnt a trace of him. Sighing, she stomped back in the house.
At this rate, shed have to pull her vibrator out.
The pink roses were next.
Will your nipples be as pink as these roses? Will your cheeks flush with excitement when I
run my tongue over your peaks and pull at them with my teeth?
He watched from a safe distance as she turned red. Was it his imagination, or did she just
moan a little?
The deep blue roses followed.
The dark beauty of these roses will be nothing compared to the sight of your release. I
long to hear the breathy sighs of your pleasure, the muffled screams, the uncontrollable moans,
the gasps as I wrench from you the most secret of actions. Over and over again. Fingers.
Tongue. And finally, myself.
On yeah. Max smirked. That was definitely a moan.
Chapter Six

Cassie shut the door with a bang and leaned against it. Shed exercised. Shed taken a
cold shower. Nothing was easing the fire that threatened to consume her. She needed a
She needed him.
She could feel him near. The hairs on her arms tingled, and she someone knew that if she
opened the door, hed be standing there. She could finally run her hands over that hard body
and press herself against him. She could jump into his arms, wrap her legs around him, and
finally taste him. She could run her hands through his hair and tug his head down until his lips
finally claimed her.
Her panties were beyond damp, and she knew that if she opened the door, she would do
all those things and more.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
Oh God, she whispered. Just once. Just once and get it out of your system. It doesnt
mean anything. It doesnt mean anything. Its just been a long time, and hes just so delicious.
Just once, and then you can walk away.
She chanted it over in her head. Finally, she whirled around and opened the door. And
there he stood with the red roses. I just want to slide in the depths of
Shut up, she muttered as she reached out, grabbed his shirt, and dragged him in. You
are relentless. You are irritating. You have completely fucked my day, and if you dont fuck me
senseless right now, I swear I might castrate you.
He dropped the roses, bent her backwards, and ravaged her lips. She finally slid her
fingers in his hair and entangled them as she struggled to hold on. Already, her senses were
spiraling out of control. She opened her mouth, and as his tongue slid in, she was lost.
Finally, he pulled her back. My name is Maxwell Torrents, he whispered.
I know, she said as she tried to pull him closer.
You belong to me.
I dont belong to anyone, she said as pulled his shirt out of his pants and ran her fingers
over his muscles. A small sound of appreciation escaped her, and she lightly stroked him with
her nails. He grunted.
He ran his hands over her body, and she sighed. More. I want more.
Youll belong to me tonight, he whispered.
All night, she agreed. Please, she moaned is desperation. Please, touch me.
He shuddered. My pleasure, he said as he tugged at her shirt. Up and over. Out of
habit, she crossed her arms over herself, and he frowned and pried her arms away. No. I want
to see.
Max immediately tugged at her pants, and when she stood only in her bra and panties, he
stood back. She swallowed hard as he looked it over. Shed always been a bigger girl, and she
was used to being naked under the cover of darkness.
He looked at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world. As his eyes traveled
down her body, she saw his eyes flash even more amber, and he growled. Perfect. She
shrieked when he lunged at her, and they both fell to the floor.
She grappled with his pants. She needed to hold him, but he wrenched out of her touch. I
wont last, he panted. And God, I need to see you come.
He rolled over on his back and pulled her on top of him. Straddling him, she settled just
below the bulge of his pants, and she rubbed herself on him. The thin material of her panties did
nothing to keep the sizzling contact from sending shivers all over her body.
Lean back, he whispered, and she did as she was told, resting on her arms on either
side of his legs. Close your eyes.
She dropped her head back, and he began stroking her through her panties. Her jaw
slackened as he made slow circles with the tips of his fingers around the whole area. Every
now and then, he would slip a finger over her clit, and she would moan.
He was driving her crazy. Max, she muttered. Please.
Please what?
Youve been driving me crazy all day with those damn flowers. Just touch me like I need
to be touched. Please.
She heard him chuckle, and he tugged the fabric aside and slipped one finger in. So wet.
So tight, he muttered.
Its been awhile, she panted as that long finger scraped over that sensitive spot inside
God. I dont think an hour could go by without me touching you, he said as he slid a
second finger in her.
Oh, she cried out. He sensed what made her quiver, and as his two fingers stroked
inside her, his thumb nail scraped across her clit.
She bucked her hips as the tension built. His fingers slid in and out, and his thumb slid side
to side, and all the torment that hed put her through that day peaked inside her. When she
broke, her mouth opened in a silent scream and she convulsed.
He slid his hands out, and he lifted himself to pull her forward. She wanted to drop
forward and rest for a moment, but he repositioned himself so that he was sitting, and as she
straddled him, she sat fully on him, and she couldnt help but rub herself on him.
Cassie, he said through clenched teeth as he grabbed her hips. Hand on, baby.
I dont want to, she murmured.
Christ, he hissed. Baby. Give me a minute.
Why? she searched his face and saw the strain. She was driving him wild, and she loved
Because I want to talk to you.
She snorted. If you wanted to talk, you shouldnt have tormented me all day.
He was stronger than her, and although she tried to wiggle, he had her anchored down.
As he captured her lips again, she felt herself relax. Baby, he said against her lips. I can feel
you. As soon as I entered the room last night, I could feel you. You are meant for me. I need
you to understand that.
Cassie knew his words were true, but she realized she didnt even know why she was
fighting it anymore. I can feel you too, she admitted softly.
He cupped her chin. Why did you run? Are you afraid of me?
Not you. Im afraid of me. She sighed. Ive been independent so long that I dont think I
know how to be with anyone else. Men in the past have only hurt me, and I dont even know
you. Im afraid of being in love. Im afraid of being chosen for someone. Im afraid that Im too
cynical to make it work.
He smiled and stroked her cheek. I may call you mine, but Im willing to give you time.
You dont have to give yourself to me fully. He swallowed hard. And if this is too quick for you,
I can leave. We can start with dinner.
Dinner? She threw back her head and laughed. Dinner is definitely in order. I do want to
get to know you more, and this is a little too quick, but it seems right. It seems like this is how
its meant to be. With his hands busy, she had more control over her lower body, and she took
the opportunity to rock her hips. He hissed sharply. And you owe me.
His hands dropped from her face, but rather than stopping her, he cupped her breasts and
rubbed his thumb over the material of her bra. Ive been picturing these swinging over me as
you ride me, he said in a thick voice. She leaned back and he nuzzled her cleavage. Tell me
what you like. Do you want me to touch them? Lick them? Nibble on them?
She tensed as he unsnapped her bra and supported her as he slowly slid it down her
arms. Free, they sung low, and he moaned as he cupped on in his hands. He stroked a thump
over one nipple, and she gasped as it immediately tightened.
A slow smile curved across his face. You like that, dont you?
Her nipples had always been sensitive, and most men just pinched at them roughly. But
Max was taking his time. He teased them until they were tight points, and then he leaned down
and ran a wet tongue across them. Warmth spread through her, and she moaned.
You like that too, dont you baby? he whispered as he did it again.
She nodded her head, but he wasnt looking. He swirled his tongue over, loving her,
worshipping her, and she knew he could feel her wetness below. He raked his teeth lightly over
her, and she cried out.
Damn Cassie, he murmured. I bet I could make you come just from this.
She had no doubt that he could, but she wasnt patient enough to find out. She pushed him
down and slid her hips over him. Enough. You still have entirely too many clothes on.
He pushed his hips up and ground himself against her. Feel free to rectify the situation,
he said with a smirk.
Cassie leaned over and pulled at his bottom lip with her teeth. I think Ill do just that, she
whispered, and she slid down his body.
Max felt the tug of his pants, and he cocked his head forward to watch. She made eye
contact, and she stared at him while she slowly slipped the button out of its loop. There was
something so erotic about that half smile on her face, but then she dipped her head.
God was she? Yes. She lowered the zipper of her pants with her teeth, and he inhaled
sharply as her nose brushed along his boxers.
Damn, he whispered.
He watched as she wiggled her ass in the air, and when the zipper was down, she looked
up and grin. Liked that, didnt you? she said mockingly. He lifted his hips, and she slid his
pants down the rest of the way. Before he could react, she hooked her fingers under the
waistband of his boxers and slid those down to. He sprung up, rock hard and in desperate need
of attention.
She wasted no time.
As she crawled back up to him, she ran her hands on the inner parts of his thighs and slid
her tongue up his base. His hips jumped involuntarily, and his breath escaped him. Christ. His
body was on edge from the way hed teased her, and if he didnt stop her, it would be over
before it began.
Cassie, he moaned as she wrapped her lips around him and slid down. He was big, and
most women had to stop halfway down, but Cassie was something special. He cried out as he
felt her throat muscles relax, and she practically slid all the way down. He hit the back of her
throat and moaned. Fuck, baby, youve got to stop, he panted.
He wrapped his hands in her dark hair as she pulled back up, and while he meant to force
her off his cock, he couldnt help but thrust his hips just a few times. She moaned, and it was
nearly his undoing.
The woman clearly loved to suck cock.
Gritting his teeth, he managed to regain his senses and tug on her air until he fell out of
her mouth. Before she could saw anything, he hauled her up and flipped her over. Keep pulling
tricks like that out of your hat, and its going to be over before you know it, he grunted.
He pushed at the under side of her knees while he settled in between her legs, and she
grinned, straightened, her legs and pulled them all the way up.
Flexible. Max moaned. The damn woman was flexible. He was going to lose all control.
He slid a finger inside her, pulled it out, and tasted her. Her mouth dropped open as she
watched him slide the finger inside his mouth. Sweet, he muttered. Wanting more, he dropped
down and slowly licked her slip.
Max, she cried out. I thought you were going to her voice trailed off as he circled his
tongue around her clit.
All in good time, he murmured. I feel like Ive been waiting for a lifetime for this, and I
dont want to rush it. I want to do everything I dreamed about last night.
What she moaned as he buried his tongue inside her. God, he loved the way her legs
were shaking. What else did you dream about?
He smiled. Hed dreamed about having her straddling him and riding. He dreamed about
having her bent over a kitchen table. Hed dreamed about tying her to the bed and blindfolding
her, and, just now, he was picturing how shed look under the flow of the showerhead as he
pressed her up against the shower and made her scream.
Well get to that, he promised as he went back to loving her.
She panted and moaned, and when he added a couple of fingers, she stopped breathing
altogether. When he finally stopped teasing her and started running his tongue over her with
determination, she squeezed his head between her legs and squealed as the orgasm rocked
through her.
God, he couldnt take anymore. She barely opened her eyes when he was nudging at her
entrance with her erection. I wanted to give you more time, he muttered as he tried to still
himself. I should give you more time.
She planted her feet on the floor and lifted her hips to take more of him in, and as he slid
the first few inches in her warmth, he couldnt control himself anymore. With a shout, he drove
himself home.
Cassie arched her back as he stretched her. Yes, she hissed. God, yes. He leaned
over her and pumped his hips just a little, and her eyes widened. Theres more?
He laughed shortly. Yes, but I wont give you more than you can take, he muttered. She
could see the veins in his neck strain as he tried to control himself.
She drew her legs up, and he settled even deeper. More, she said hungrily. I want
He moaned and slid just a little more in. Her eyes popped open as she tried to adjust
herself. Shed never had anyone reach that deeply, and shed never imagined that it could feel
like that. He satisfied a deep ache that she didnt even know existed. The more he threatened
the scratch, he more she itched. Fuck, she whimpered. Can you give me more?
He closed his eyes and finally sank all the way in. She immediately scissored her legs
around him. Dont move, she ordered. She wiggled her hips around in delight. Max. Thats so
good. Right there. Thats my new spot. Thats it.
He grunted. Cassie, I love that you want to play, but Im about to lose my mind here.
She licked her lips in anticipation. With a wicked grin, she managed to pulse her muscles
around him, and he lost it. At the first full thrust of his hips, she knew that playtime was over.
He slid all the way in and hit that spot that made her toes curls. Slow at first, and then
faster, and soon she was digging her nails into him. As pleasure coursed through her in waves,
she could barely hang on.
Dont stop, she cried out. She knocked her head on the floor and tried to keep up. He
grabbed her legs and pulled them up. Balancing himself on his arms, he pumped faster, and she
moaned. Oh God. I think Im going to die.
Look at me, he demanded. I want to hear you scream my name when you come.
She locked eyes with him, and as he buried himself in her, she could take no more. Max,
she panted. Max. MAX! She convulsed around him and gripped his hips.
He dropped to rest his forehead on hers. Mine, he roared, and slid in as far as he could
go before he emptied himself inside her. For just a moment, she saw the lion come out and join
She dropped her legs, limp, and he rolled them over so she could rest on him.
Cant do anymore, she whispered.
He chuckled. Id need a few minutes anyways. He paused. I own a woodworking
business. I make furniture and cabinets and such.
She stilled. She usually hated when the guy got personal afterwards, but she knew that
fighting it was futile. He tensed under her, waiting for her response. Even if she wanted to get
up and walk away, her legs wouldnt let her.
Im a reporter. But I guess you already knew that, she muttered as she nuzzled her face
in the crook of his neck. He relaxed.
I still have both my parents. I have three sisters, and Im the alpha of the local pride.
She propped her head on his shoulder and shuddered as he stroked a finger down her
back. How was it that she was still responding to him? I have an overbearing mother and no
My favorite color is blue, I like classical music, and I try to spend as much time outdoor
as possible.
She wrinkled her nose. Black. Hard rock. And Im a big fan of central heating and air
Action movies, football, and red meat.
She smiled. Action movies, football, and red meat, she echoed.
At least three kids.
She bit her lip. In the future?
Whenever youre ready.
She wiggled on top of him. Practice first, and then I think three kids might be in your
And a wedding. Im a traditional man.
She raised her eyebrows. This was getting serious quick, but what did she expect? There
was no skirting around the truth. She belonged to him. And he belonged to her.
Fall. I like the colors better, she said with a smile.
He laughed and reached up to kiss her. Mine, he said aggressively.
Mine, she countered and wiggled her hips.
God, he moaned. Youre going to drive me insane for the rest of my life, arent you?
She was delighted to find that he was already hard again, and she slid her hips over him,
inch by inch. Thats my plan, she agreed.
It was slow and unhurried, and as he did things to her body that she never thought
possible, she realized that some things really were meant to be. She had no doubt that he
would love and treasure her for the rest of her life.
And she would do the same to him. Cassie Torrents, she whispered out loud.
His eyes widened, and as he gripped her hips, their lovemaking was no longer slow. As he
pounded her, she gasped. Like that, dont you, she managed just before she lost all capability
to form words.
And for the fourth time in just a few hours, he made her fall apart.
And he was there to catch her.


Chapter 1
I really appreciate you helping out Dr. Burk. I would swear that its a full moon. There are
never enough beds to go around and sometimes I think that there are a few that get lost in the
cracks. Volunteering your services like this tells me that there has to be a military connection in
your family. I dont mean to pry, but Im usually a pretty good judge of character. Randy Hope
was the administrator for a halfway house for military veterans coming back after something
traumatic happened during their mission. Randy had the full support of every military branch. He
was of military origin himself, but he came back and found a purpose. He wasnt going to drown
in self pity at the bottom of a bottle.
I only want to help. People like you who serve for the right to protect our freedoms
deserve our respect. You honor us with your duty to country and to the flag and we are
responsible for all of you when you come back damaged. Ive been meaning to throw myself
into a volunteer capacity, but Ive never had enough time with my own busy practice. Cali Burk
was a bigger girl with the kind of curves that had a lot of men salivating for the chance to see
what kind of stamina she had underneath the sheets. Her dirty blond hair was shoulder length
with slight curls that gave her an innocent quality. I wish that I could be truthful with him, but
that is not how this works. Ive been sworn to an oath and made to sign a nondisclosure
agreement. I wont betray the confidence of the man that gave me a task that others have
failed at miserably. Ive read his file and Sebastian comes here every day to sit with those that
have lost a limb or are suffering needlessly because of painful reminders of their past.
I do have to ask you why you would consider doing this now. Everybody has their
reasons and theres always that stressor that pushes you into doing something that youve
never been totally comfortable with. For me, it was losing my family because of nightmares that
had me waking at all hours of the night screaming bloody murder. My wife at the time tried to
be there for me, but I dont blame her for wanting to start over with someone that didnt have
that much baggage. What Randy wasnt saying was that he wanted to kill his wife many times.
It was as if the enemy was seen in her eyes and the last straw was putting his hands around
his wifes throat. It took his two young children to beg him to stop and then he knew it was over.
Cali could see that Randy was hurting, but doing this had alleviated some of the stress of
what he had seen and endured in his time with the navy. She wanted to help on her oath to do
no harm and to heal those that could be healed. I do have one caveat for me to come here on
a volunteer basis. I need to pick and choose those that I want to get more in depth with. I think
it would be a good idea, as I usually have a good eye for those that are suffering more than
others. Im looking for a challenge and someone is out there waiting for me to take them by the
hand and bring them into the light. Theyve lived in darkness long enough and its time that they
finally find their way back home. My mission is clear and Sebastian Nicholas is my assignment
of choice. I need to treat this very gently and not bulldoze my way into his life. Not even Randy
knows my true purpose for being here. It was stressed to me with vehemence by a man that
had so many medals that it was almost blinding to be in his presence.
I have a few that say that they dont need any help, but I know differently. Its those that
you should concentrate your efforts on. They wont be very forthcoming and those missions that
keep them up at night are for eyes only. Only those personnel given that kind of clearance can
know what theyve gone through. Randy couldnt help, but to look at this young woman in the
prime of her life. She was wearing her heart on your sleeve and that kind of bleeding heart
could get her into trouble. He had seen them come and go. Some left on their own accord and
others had to be forced to find a different line of work. They couldnt handle the horror stories
and their minds would literally shut down after envisioning some of the things that these soldiers
had to see.
Those are the ones Im looking for. I respect every man and woman that comes through
that door looking for somebody to help. It shows that they have the strength of character and a
willingness to look past their pride. They know that something has been broken, but its those
that think that they are able to deal with it on their own that are truly this close to losing it all.
Cali watched this dark haired gentleman with caring eyes and a smile that made you feel at
ease from the moment that he sat down in front of her.
Cali had her glasses on. It was a nondescript pair that made her look more matronly or
maybe something of a naughty librarian. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, but it gave her that
educational feel. That was not what these people needed. They needed someone that was
going to be on their level and not treat them like they were numbers on a chart. She needed to
personalize her approach and not make it seem like therapy. It had to look more natural. That
wasnt going to be easy.
Randy rummaged through the files and came up with five distinct names that would fit the
criteria of what Dr. Burk was looking for. He glanced over his shoulder to see that she was
looking out the window and there was a bead of sweat between her bountiful bosom. It made
him lick his lips like a starving dog, but he also knew that he had someone special waiting for
him back home. Its just that he had always had a fantasy of making it with a woman with that
kind of obvious endowment. It seemed almost cruel to end up with someone that was a bit less
than what he was hoping for. She was the love his life, but she did not hold a candle to those
that were busting out all over the place.
Cali was not blind and she knew what kind of effect that she had on those that were
around her. Their careful and subtle glances or leering gaze was a good indication that she had
more than the average girl, but this was something that was a sought after commodity by
many. I think that I will take a look at these and see if anything strikes my fancy. To be honest,
I would like nobody to know that Im a therapist. I find that its easier to consume their thoughts
by becoming one of them. I have made myself a file and what Im suffering from is a former
PTSD. According to those records, Im an infantry grunt that has troubles following orders. I
have fits of rage and I tend to lash out at any authority figure. Im going to weasel my way into
one of these mens lives. It might not be conventional therapy, but I do not believe in failure. I
dont want to be this secretive, but they told me that this was a matter of National Security.
Sebastian Nicholas is a sharpshooter for a secret branch of the military. For all intents and
purposes, he is known to be a navy sharpshooter, but his true purpose is more clandestine.
They showed me a redacted file and I could tell from what I was reading that this man had
skills that went beyond the Normal Range of military practices.
Thats highly unusual and I really dont condone this kind of trickery. Im not going to tell
you how to do your job, Dr. Burk. By all means, take all the time that you need. Im just going to
do my rounds and I have a young man that is working through some issues concerning his
family. He lost both of his legs in Afghanistan trying to defuse a mine in the middle of the road.
Hes despondent and I know hes this close to wanting to end it all. Maybe if you had the time,
you can see what you cant do about helping him. Randy was dressed impeccably, but there
was almost something casual about his approach. He was wearing dark black jeans, a white
shirt with no tie and a vest that made him look professional, but also someone that you could
talk to about your problems. He stood at the door not wanting to leave.
She made a spectacle of looking through the files, but she knew exactly who she was
looking for. Sebastian Nichols was the second from the last in the pile of five. His file was very
light, but that was by design by the government. His missions were highly classified and ones
that had left a lasting impact on his psyche. They called him in when only the most deadly of all
could be the answer to what they were looking for. He could blend into any surroundings and
become a sort of chameleon. He would infiltrate not unlike what she was going to do with his
life and then burn it down from the inside out.
Cali took off her glasses replacing them with contacts and slowly taking on the guise of a
wounded animal. She shifted nervously in your seat, wringing her hands and darting her eyes
from one corner of the room to the other. This was common practice amongst those in the
military. They were taught to have eyes in the back of their head. She had purposely gone
through a three month program to get into the mindset of this mission. She needed all the
information going forward and coming up with mannerisms that would come with the territory of
PTSD was not easy by any means.
Cali did not consider herself to be fat and for the most part she was just a bigger boned
girl and she knew how to take care of herself. She had learned hand in hand combat, how to
fire weapons and was quite surprised to find out that she had a kind of marksmen status that
others needed to work diligently to accomplish. They considered her an idiot savant and it was
if the weapon in her hand was an extension of the rest of her body. Her boot camp trainer tried
to get her to sign up for advanced courses.
Im not only going to have to immerse myself into every facet of their life, but Im also
going to have to play the part thats been given to me. I need to get into character. The next
time you see me, I dont think that youre going to recognize me. Cali saw that Randy really
didnt believe that, but she was about to make him a believer.
I dont know how you expect to get away with anything with these people. They are
practically human lie detectors and they will see any kind of bull shit coming their way. Its going
to be very interesting to see you work. He couldnt help looking at her chest. He tried to be
nonchalant about it, but his eyes mirrored that of a young boy getting his first peek of a
womans body. With any of those five guys, Im going to assume that you know what youre
doing and are not getting in over your head. If you need me for anything or if you feel that
youre drowning then all you need to do is ask for a lifeline. He closed the door behind him
envisioning her naked splayed out across his desk with legs spread and arms out asking for his
type of loving.
Randy could easily get lost between her legs and never come up for air for hours. He was
a consummate lover of women and the one that captured his heart was a diminutive young ad
executive. She could easily wrap her small frame around his waist. The sex was phenomenal
and the only thing really missing was more up top. It was a compromise that he was willing to
make for the sake of his own happiness. He had his idea of an ideal woman in his head, but to
find her and everything that went along with her was an impossible task for him and for
anybody else that was trying to do the same thing.
Cali got up and picked up her bag and went through it to start the transformation. The
black jeans were slowly pulled down over her ample posterior, until they were at her ankles.
She replaced them with a threadbare pair of very faded jeans. The comfortable blouse was
replaced with a pullover sweater. She wore no belt and replaced her high heels with that of
combat boots. She had a compact and she placed it in front of her, so that she could see what
she was doing to her hair. Those women that she had seen coming through the door were
either not wearing any makeup at all or wearing very little.
She could still hear the commanders voice ringing in her ears. He was quite intimidating
with salt and pepper hair and a huge Caterpillar mustache underneath his nose. Dr. Burk, I
dont know how youre going to make this work, but this needs to be done before the hearing in
less than six months. Cali felt a little inexperienced and requested to be taken underneath the
wing of a hard ass trainer. She was sent to boot camp and at first she floundered, but then she
slowly got the meaning of discipline. It was a difficult transition and being a woman didnt make
it any easier.

Chapter 2

Following orders to the letter and not deviating from them was what made a good soldier.
Cali took about 20 minutes to get ready and to familiarize herself once again with the file of one
Sebastian Nichols. According to all accounts, he was a hard nut and felt like he was
untouchable. Those higher up were worried that he was going to crack and what he had in his
head could seriously bring trouble. The missions that he had completed were not for the faint of
Cali stepped out of the office mumbling something underneath her breath and rubbing their
hands like she couldnt get rid of the blood staining not only her soul, but metaphorically her
skin. I dont need this. They cant help me. They cant even help themselves. She sat down in
the common room her hair covering her eyes and every so often looking up expecting to see a
shadow about to attack her.
Sebastian was watching the weather network. He had his hand poised on the remote and
sitting beside him was a young man with brain damage. He was talking in slurs, but at least his
words were clear and concise.
I know that technically I wasnt a part of your platoon, Sebastian. I do have to say that
Im very grateful that you were able to pull yourself away from whatever you were doing to
come see me. I know that youre a busy man and that people have high demands on you to get
things done. I didnt know enough to know what you actually did, but I was there during the
aftermath. You have always been a one man wrecking crew and I only wish that I was half the
man that you are. This man was shaved bald with an ugly black T shirt with stains of food
making a very distinct pattern in the material.
Michael, you know that youve always been important to me. My brother died doing
something he loved and I adopted you from the moment you came into camp. The medication
has been helping you and Ive seen a real improvement. Every time I come here, theres always
this new bit of light in your eyes. Sebastian was only telling him what he needed to hear. He
had already heard from his doctors that the damage was quite extensive and each day was
going to be a struggle for him to do things on his own. You know that I will always come and
see you. Its the least that I can do for a man that served his country with distinction. Youll
always have a soft spot in my heart, Michael. He remembered the day that a ricochet had
penetrated Michaels cranium.
Im really feelingtired. Would you mind that we cut this short? What Michael didnt
realize was that his days were numbered. He was slipping away slowly and it wouldnt be more
than a few days before he finally let the enemy of any soldier come for him. Death was that
constant reminder knocking on your door waiting for you to answer the cold clammy hand that
rapped on it incessantly.
Sebastian got up and put his hands on the wheelchair arms. He pushed him past a new
member of this halfway house. She looked like she was dealing with something weighing down
heavily on her shoulders. There was something strangely erotic about her size. It always called
upon the sword in his pants. Sex was something that he needed on an otherwise daily basis. It
was a good way to lose himself in the arms of some woman that was only there to please him.
He found that most couldnt see past the dead shot of his eyes. He didnt understand why
somebody would call him that, but his commanding officer was very good at coming up with
names that suited those under his command. Dead shot was something that stuck with him
after a particularly grueling session in the Philippines.
He was specifically sent in to take care of a warlord and take him out from a long range
distance. One clean shot between the eyes with an actual hurricane bearing down on them was
what had made his commanding officer stand up and take notice.
Cali waited for the right time and then struck out like a cobra after its prey. Her hand
gripped his and made him look into her downtrodden eyes. The desperation that she conveyed
was of a woman that needed a helping hand. Tell me that you hear that. Her words were
rushed and her hand was taken away too soon. Sebastian looked at this hardened woman, but
there was something soft that he couldnt recognize. I dont know what Im doing here. I feel
that everybody is judging me and looking at me. She didnt come out and say that she needed
a friend, but Sebastian could see the signs like they were written across the wall.
For some reason, Cali decided to go with a wounded bird persona. It was perfect to
make Sebastian think that she was the one in need of saving. She was giving him the chance to
come to the rescue on his metaphorical white steed. If she could convince him that he was her
saving grace, then maybe they had a chance to get to the meat of the matter of his own
problems. I feel almost sick for trying to fool him like this, but its better in the long run. He
cant know the truth. He needs to think that I am that bird with a broken wing. He needs to be
the one to mend me and to give me a reason to go on. Ive done my best to sow those feelings
into him with one look, but how can I really be sure that its working.
Sebastian looked at this woman and then a fleeting thought of desire crept down the left
side of his pants. He had no problem getting excited and a woman with no clothes did that to
him in spades. The only thing that was truly missing was a connection and not just two writhing
bodies getting to know each other intimately on no more of a level than physical. He had even
resorted to paying for it. It was easier that way and there was no entanglement or drama. It
was a transaction of a business variety that took place for 1 hour of his day. He would get
those feelings under control for that 1 hour and then he would sit and stew over how stupid he
had been.
Sebastian wheeled his friend back to his room and then literally had to turn his back. He
couldnt let Michael see any kind of weakness or the terrifying expression on his face of the
prospect of losing him. He swallowed hard outside the door and then stood tall with a defiance
to not let his emotions get the best of him.
He was half expecting to see that woman gone upon entering into the common area. He
was surprised to see that she was curled up in the Lotus position rocking back and forth and
watching nothing particular on television. I dont know about you, but this place is fucking
depressing. If I had to stay here all the live long day, I would probably hang myself from the
highest part of the building. I only come in here to see a friend and to make sure that these
people are getting what they deserve. You look like you have a story to tell and maybe a walk
in the fresh air will clear up some of those cobwebs. He didnt offer his hand, but his obvious
invitation was put out there.
Cali watched him go back out the door and down the stairs to the street level. She
followed like that of a trance or maybe of a pied piper luring the rafts from the sinking ship. His
brisk pace would be more than most could take. She had discipline and stamina and didnt mind
showing it. She had found that boot camp was an eye opening experience. She had felt slightly
overwhelmed and there were those that thought that she couldnt measure up. It was there
disinterest that had fueled her into fulfilling the most demanding task. She had toned and
hardened with more muscle.
She would never give the impression of a stick thin waiflike model on the runway. It wasnt
what she was made for. Her physical makeup was a genetic disorder. Her parents could only
have one child and they doted on her hand and foot from the moment that she was born. Her
mother and father had long been deceased 15 years ago in a boating accident during an
otherwise uneventful family vacation. She was lost at sea for almost a day before a fishing
trawler picked her up. They never did find the bodies of her parents and they were declared
dead. The funeral was a somber moment and one that was met with a child that could barely
keep it together.
Her aunt sent her to a therapist and that was her first taste of where her life would
ultimately go.
Sebastian decided to test this woman and began to move very quickly into the park. He
pushed himself to the limit, feeling the constricting motion of his chest rising and falling with
each breath. He didnt have to look behind to know that she was keeping pace. He could hear
her breathing and the slapping of her footsteps. She wasnt breathing heavy and this was
obviously not something that was a stranger to her.
Ive always found that running helps me to get away from things. I sit at one of these
benches and I contemplate where Im going. Sebastian sat down and looked at the still waters
and felt this sort of calm come over him. He had been in too many scrimmages. He walked
away when his commander had asked him for one last favor. He didnt feel right about it, but he
needed time to find perspective. Too many things were weighing him down like an anchor
around his ankle. There were times that he felt like he was walking in quicksand and going
nowhere fast. I look at all this and I know exactly what I was fighting for over there. Our
freedoms should never be taken lightly and people may not understand our dedication to
fighting for those freedoms, but they dont have to. There are only a few of us in the grand
scheme of things that know what it is to put our lives on the line every single day.
Cali sat down beside him, giving him his space and knowing that he had that strong
confident attitude. It was hard to deny that the tattoo of his platoons number and that of the
skull and crossbones in the middle of the United States flag on his shoulder was a telling
moment. Cali looked at this man and at first felt sorry for him, but then there was a modicum of
interest to learn more about this man. He was that mysterious dark haired handsome stranger.
His eyes had this cloudy surface like there was always something on his mind. The images of
death must have haunted him something fiercely, but so far nobody had been able to get him to
open up about anything.
I know that you're only trying to help, but its not doing any good. I still feel like somebody
is watching me and that I should be aware of my surroundings at all times. Thats always a
good idea for everybody, but most people go through life like they are sheep. They are penned
in like animals in cubicles and they drive home in a progression of a death march. None of them
really know what it is to live by the seat of their pants. You never know when your time might be
calling. Cali had done her research and had poured over detail after detail of what a soldier
went through and how they would act upon coming home. I see something in his eyes, but I
dont want to push too far this first time around. Its better that I do most of the talking. It will
give him a license to believe that I am letting him in. If Im able to do that, then maybe he will
mimic that same response.
I dont know why I feel so comfortable around you. Maybe its because I know that
youve been through the same thing in some form or another. I wish that I could put my finger
on it, but theres something different about you. Youre not like the other girls that have walked
through those halfway house doors. For the most part, they are caustic or they are fucking
horny and cant take their hands off of me. I understand the sentiment and its a byproduct of
going into battle. Its something that we all have to get used to. Youre always looking for that
next big fix. Some find it with drugs or alcohol, but there are others like me that get that rush
between somebodys legs. He had never said that to anybody and even now, he was
regretting it. He didnt like that he was showing the cracks in his demeanor. His own mortality
had become something of an albatross around his neck. He had woken too many times from a
deep sleep in a cold sweat hanging onto the edge of the bed as it spun out of control. It was
not what he wanted, but he had learned to live with it. It wasnt easy and he didnt expect it to
Chapter 3

It took a moment for her to collect her thoughts and then she came up with an
explanation for not climbing in between the sheets with any man that was willing to give her the
time of day. I did get heavily into medication, but I was able to kick the habit. I was under the
same mentality of when I was serving my country. I wasnt going to allow pills to become an
enemy. I vanquished that foe like I did with anybody that was there to cause me harm. I
protected myself by shying away from addictions in general. I learned a long time ago that I
had an addictive personality. Smoking in the girl's room was my first taste of doing something
that was particularly naughty. I think that Im getting through to him, but maybe I should back
off and let him come to me. I dont want him to feel that this is any kind of ambush, although
essentially it is. Its his blue eyes that sparkle with a life that has faded because of the things
that he had to do.
I see something in you thats familiar, but Im not sure what to make of it. I find you
intriguing, Kelly. I had given him a name that was close to what it was in reality. I needed to
build this character. The only way to do that was to have a semblance of the truth. Cali and
Kelly were so similar in pronunciations that it wouldnt be all that hard for me to answer to either
one. What I need right now is something purring between my legs. I need to feel the hot
vibration underneath me and then to have that strong piece of machinery fall victim to my eager
hands. Hes licking his lips and he obviously thinks that Im talking about sex. Im going to
show him Im just the kind of bad ass that he would want to be a part of.
They raced each other back to the halfway house and Sebastian was quite shocked to
see that she was riding a Harley. It was black with these blue electric flames spreading across
the chassis. I never took you for the biker mama kind of girl. I suppose you dont really know
whats hidden underneath the covers, until you turn the page. I guess we have more in common
than we thought. He went to his very plain looking Harley Davidson and climbed aboard. He
looked to his side to see her tucking in her hair underneath a helmet. Even through the tinted
glass, he could almost see her green eyes staring into his soul.
They drove side by side down the highway and it wasnt lost on Sebastian the way that
she rubbed her crotch along the seat of that beautiful piece of machinery. It was obviously
having the effect of something arousing. It was very rarely known that a guy has that same
problem, but in different ways. His balls are constantly being buzzed with a sort of electric
vibration that would travel up the length of the shaft. He had found that driving a motorcycle at
full tilt and screaming at the top of his lungs was a good way to release frustration.
He turned the throttle and moved away from Kelly. He looked back to see that she was
pushing that bike up a notch. They were really playing a dangerous game, swerving around
curves with the bike leaning to the side. It was clearly dangerous and could lead to catastrophe
for the both of them. Thankfully, Cali had ridden with an old boyfriend.
Cali could feel the excitement burning through her veins and that feeling easily punctuated
between her legs. She had felt this way before, but it felt like a lifetime ago. His leather jacket
and steely blue eyes was doing nothing to cool down the temperature between them. They
arrived at a beach that was closed for the next couple of months. It was close to the season
where bronze bodies would be bouncing up and down in teeny bikinis and whatever was the
trend of the day.
He turned off the motor and lay back on his seat with his helmet hanging from one hand.
He had his eyes closed and was enjoying the sun beating down on his face. He sensed a slight
shadow and opened his eyes to see that Kelly was looking down on him like an angel from
heaven. This is my special place, but its only available up to the summer months. I dont like
crowds and my solitude is very important to me. Her leather jacket was open and he could see
the hard nipples making quite the indentation through the black sweater. He was almost certain
that she wasnt wearing a bra and mistakenly made the first move by grabbing onto both of
those orbs.
Cali took a step backwards with her hands up in defense. She wasnt going to admit that
it felt good and the way that his palms grazed her nipples had caused her to wonder what it
would be like to just take him right here on the sand. I dont know what kind of girl you take me
for, but Im not an easy lay. I need a bit more than this and maybe you can turn it off and on like
a switch, but I cant. Cali walked away from him climbing underneath the rope and then going
out onto the sand. I want him to chase me and to feel he has done something wrong. His
apology will help him to make amends for his past. It was obviously a time of his life that hes
not very proud of. I just hope that I didnt ruin things by walking away. She was sitting there for
maybe a minute and then she felt him over top of her.
He put his hands on her shoulders and could easily see the mountains projecting from her
chest. They were perfect and he had the flag to claim that territory for himself. I didnt mean to
offend you and it was nothing personal. You cant sit there and tell me that driving a motorcycle
doesnt do something for you. Sebastian massaged her shoulders, making a point not to do
anything that would be considered out of line. I feel this connection to you and I only wish that
we could express it in more than just words. I told you that I have a problem and maybe with
you its not a problem. You could be the solution.
Im not going to say that Im not tempted. Driving my hog does do things to me. I can see
where Im sitting here that the bulge in your pants is not exactly easy to resist. I thought that I
would be able to keep this a meeting of the minds, but I believe that it might be better to give
into his advances. A part of me believes that its a good therapeutic tool, but Im also fucking
hot and looking to get laid. I know that thats not very becoming of my profession, but I cant
help being human. Cali put her hand back and touched his own hand on her shoulder. She was
wearing the kind of sweater that was stretchable and she moved it down over her naked
shoulders. His hand abruptly grabbed hers and placed it up against his throbbing member.
There was nobody for miles. Not even those scavenging for leftover goodies from last summer
had ventured this far.
I dont want to think about anything. Youre the one that is going to take me all the way. I
dont think that Ive felt this way in a very long time and maybe I have been keeping people at a
distance. I guess I never believed that they would truly know me inside and out and if they did,
they wouldnt want anything to do with me. I was thankful that I didnt have a significant other
when I came back or even children that would look at me differently when they saw that daddy
wasnt exactly the same man he was when he left. Sebastian could feel her fingers getting
intimately acquainted with his package. The way that she was squeezing him and running her
fingers up and down the length through his pants was a good way to fuel the fire.
Ive been looking for something to hold onto and maybe I have found it. Being with you
changes things and I forget about my problems. I know that its only a temporary solution, but
its one that Im willing to at least take a chance on. Cali pulled down the zipper from behind
and could feel his obvious arousal pressing up against her skull from behind. She didnt have to
see what she was doing to fish it out into the open. It lay heavily on to her shoulder. The
warmth of his skin made her turn and come face to face with the eye of the storm. She gave it
a bit of her loving by lathing attention on the head, until it was glistening with her spit. I never
thought that I would get caught up in a romance with a client. If I think about this the right way,
then hes really not a client of Cali. Its a small distinction, but one that Im going to grasp onto
with everything in me.
Your lips feel like velvet and I can feel the heated surface of your tongue. I love the way
that you do that. He was still massaging her shoulders getting her into the right frame of mind
and knowing that it would be sooner than later before they threw themselves at each other.
Seriously, I missed what it was like to have this kind of experience without having to pay for it.
I never wanted the drama or the possibility of making them run. I cant be trusted to do the right
thing and sometimes I just need to take a step back. This is not one of those times. He
stepped to the side and moved in front of her with this cock touching her lips.
Grabbing onto it, Cali took it into her mouth and let it play to the back. She opened herself
up to an otherwise unexpected event and now was going to go along with the flow. It felt
natural to be taking him so deep and gagging on the last couple of inches with only one or two
remaining. She pulled on his balls, drawing them down and away from a possible and imminent
explosion. After all the things that weve been through, its a wonder that none of us go insane
and go walking into the blunt end of a chopper blade. Its nice that we can find comfort in each
others arms. I hope that this is more than just a casual get together. I would really like to see
you again and I know that its presumptuous, but I need to know that you feel the same way. I
hope that Im not taking things too far. Im not sure where Kelly begins and Cali ends. It
surprises me that I can get lost in the Kelly side of things. Its almost like I am dealing with a
split personality.
Walking on the wild side has never been something that Ive been comfortable with. That
is until I went to the military and I learned that living each day to the fullest was the only way to
go. I began to see things differently. I do want to see you again, Kelly. I havent seen enough of
you here. Do you suppose that we can do something about that? His answer came in the form
of her lifting the sweater to show him the product of growing up in a family that was top heavy
on the female side. There was no bra and her melons showed no sag whatsoever. They were
firm and uplifting. Doing those particular exercises had paid off in big dividends.
She leaned back on her knees with her hands outstretched and straight with her hands on
the sand. Her breasts were right there in the position that was basically telling him to slide in
between the comfort of her valley. He did not hesitate for a second, pulling from her lips and
dragging his cock down, until he was situated in between the folds of her flesh. She fell
backwards laughing hysterically and then pushing a nice tight seal around his engorged staff.
I want you to shoot all over me and I want to feel your hot cream on my hot flesh. Im
only suggesting this. If you cant stop yourself from fucking me, then I wont hold it against you.
Cali could see that he was struggling between the tightness of her breasts and the equal or if
not more tight pussy. She wasnt sure that she wanted to go that far. It was maybe time to pull
back on the reins a little. I believe that I can force the issue. All guys are the same and each
may be different in their own way, but their cocks have always been extra sensitive at the head.
That has never changed and every girl grows up knowing that. I sometime think about the birds
and bees and how vastly lacking that information really is.
Each time that his cock emerged, she clamped her lips over it and moved her tongue in
various directions to keep him on the edge of his seat. You keep doing that and you might just
get your wish about having my hot cum dripping off your nipples. He was rushing to the finish
line, seeing the signs and knowing that the time was near. He could see that Kelly was flat on
her back and the feeling of fucking those tits and sliding into her mouth was too much for him to
take without spilling his load.

Chapter 4

I know that you are getting ready and I want you to slow down and really make it count
for something. Discipline had never been an issue for this man and Cali could see the look of
determination to give her what he promised. Thats it, but maybe its time that I take over
where you left off. It took a moment for him to relinquish his hold on himself. Sebastian was
teetering on the edge and his knob had flared and became quite persistent. What was currently
stored up inside him was threatening to come out. There was no way to negotiate his
surrender. This feel like its happening to somebody else and theres a moment that I get lost in
Kelly. I sometimes think that maybe it would be better to tell him the truth, but that was not
what I was hired on for.
The first on rush was very thick, but was soon followed by streams that she had
purposely directed at her obvious endowment. Every time that he looked at her and saw that
crisscross of his creamy essence was almost like a cattle prod jabbing into his nut sack. It was
perfect to relieve him of whatever he had, which was considerable by the mess that was left
behind. It was her hand working him over and she did not stop or slow down for anything. His
hand was directing the action with his thumb pushing down on the base of his cock.
I sometimes wish that I had something like that to know exactly what youre feeling at the
time of that huge explosion. I have to believe that its similar to when I have my own climax.
Speaking of which, I do believe that there is a matter of a debt to be paid. Do you suppose that
theres somebody here that might have a need to satisfy their curiosity? Maybe what Im
looking for is right in front of me. Why dont you show me what you can do. She had her hand
down her pants and she was stroking her finger through the wetness. It penetrated with relative
ease and she dipped very deeply into her inner recesses. Maybe I should be happy for the
distraction, but I still need to get off. It was something to see him find his own pleasure, but
now I do believe that its his turn to take matters into his hands.
I thought that you would never ask. I believe that youll find that Im more than ready to
please you. I want you to know that you are something very dear to my heart and I dont say
that to just anyone. This is a matter of seeing my other half. I dont know what will happen or
what the future holds, but for now I never want to be apart from you. Her pants came off and
her panties were saturated. He only had to touch her to know that she was halfway there. This
is what they had caused from knowing each other. Out here, in public and doing something like
this was not something that they had ever thought would happen on a first meeting like this.
With her hands moving through the mess that he had made, she spread it out all over her
breasts. She massaged it into her skin and looked down to see that he had taken off her
panties. He smelled the crotch. He licked the center and she could almost imagine what that
long pointed object would feel like touching her body like that. Youre driving me crazy and I
think you know that. Sebastian, you need to do something and making you blow off like that has
got me hot and bothered like never before. I dont remember the last time that a guy has gone
down on me. It feels like forever and maybe I need a reminder of what it is to truly be satisfied
beyond a shadow of a doubt. This time we have together will have a two fold purpose. One will
be the immense pleasure and the other will be that I will break down some of those walls that
he has built to protect himself. I kinda find it funny that having sex with him like this would help
me to instill some trust amongst the two of us. I feel a little guilty for making him think one thing
and in reality doing something different. I can only hope that my lies dont come back and bite
me in some way.
The only thing that was biting at this moment was his teeth nipping at her inner thighs. It
made her skin tingle and her legs tremble. Her hands were covered in his stuff. She licked off
each finger, purposely pulling them away, so that he could see the string connecting in a most
obscene way.
He opened her up with his fingers finding her hidden lust and latching onto it with his lips
and his tongue circling it. It was inside his mouth. Two of his long tapered fingers slid in to
prepare her for the invading force of his manly presence. He twisted them back and forth
seeing them coated with her sauce and then doing the same thing that she did to get a rise out
of him. He sucked those two fingers into his mouth tasting her juices and how briny and sweet
they were on his palate.
I knew that I needed someone, but I guess I never thought that I would find them. Your
taste has an addictive quality. This is one addiction that I wont mind having on my back. He
lifted the weight of her legs and laid them over his shoulders. He bent them backwards seeing
the sweetness of her whole beckoning him forward. He put his hands underneath her ass and
lifted her, so that his lips could easily out stretch tongue and stab forth within her hot interior.
I know Yesthat we just met Oh my sweet Jesus. How the hell are you doing that?
Cali was beside herself, still licking her fingers like it was finger looking good. If this was what
fried chicken taste like, then she was going to seriously consider going off her Vegan diet.
Feeling his seed drip into her mouth and having him supply her with the necessary distraction of
his mouth was a big tease for the main event. She noticed that he was stroking new life into his
appendage, but her main concern was getting off. This guy really knows how to make a good
first impression. I never had anybody shoot all over my tits before, but I dont think that Im
going to be a stranger to it from now on. The feel of him hot on my flesh and leaving a reminder
of the heat between this is like an aphrodisiac. Ive only scratched the surface of his problems,
but this will certainly get me closer to helping him to deal with those things that he feels
responsible for.
Sebastian saw the pleasure on her face and it only made him want to enhance that even
further. His two fingers were moving a little quicker and the wetness of her hole was making it
easier to give her a pounding with those two fingers. He sucked on her clit, pulling it a little bit
and grazing his teeth along the surface like a woman had done to his cock at some point in his
life. He remembered that she was older and had taught him a few good tricks that had served
him well during his most informative years.
She was bucking up against him and his ass was flexing off the ground with her hands
firmly on top of his head. She was rapidly approaching a nirvana and the only thing that was
preventing her was her own excuses for not giving into this desire. It didnt matter, because
whether she wanted it or not, she was going to receive it in kind. She tried to resist, but it was
virtually impossible with his tongue darting in and out of at the same time that his fingers were
drilling her mercilessly.
You dont know what youre doingfuck ityou know exactly what youre doing. She
came with an intensity that blurred her vision and made her slap her hands down on top of his
head with more force than was necessary. She was grabbing at the short hairs and was pulling
at them making him grunt and sending that same vibration into her body. Ive never been this
out of control before and maybe there is something to say about what a girl has been missing in
her life. I always thought that I had to be the one taking the initiative, but this guy is showing me
that I can be on the receiving end. I lie here with my body lifted from the sand and I can feel my
core being worked like no amount of sit ups could even come close to doing. All my muscles
are tight and Im slowly coming down from the ultimate high.
Sebastian was on his knees with his outstretched weapon in his hand. He was giving it a
little bit of attention and watching her body in motion from the afterglow of what she had gone
through. It was quite fascinating to see her react like that. It made him want to fuck her and not
give her a chance to say otherwise. It was much too strong and he lay down over top of her.
Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip in a very seductive way. I need you to
open up your eyes. This is where you have a decision to make. He would normally take that
decision out of the womans hands, but this girl had given him a reason to trust. He gave her the
courtesy of letting her decide how far this was going to go.
I cant stand it anymore. You know as well as I do that I want you to fuck me, until I cant
scream anymore. I dont want to be able to talk afterwards. I think that you are the perfect man
for the job. You dont give up and you dont give in and thats a trait that is not only good in the
field of battle, but its also a rare commodity when you find it in bed. She felt that knob and the
feeling of it in her mouth paled in comparison to how it was stretching her out. She lay there
and felt her body slamming up against him repeatedly and without any delay in motion. They
were powerless against each others whims and they had never felt like this with any other
lover in the past.
Being inside you is like coming home, Kelly. You make me feel things that I havent been
able to think about in a long time. I have to have you in every regard and Im not going to let you
go without a fight. Right now, his main objective was to make her eyes roll into the back of her
head. You take cock like no woman that Ive ever met before. I feel like Ive died and gone to
heaven. If this is where I go when I pass on into the pearly gates, then I would gladly go with a
smile on my face. The animal noises coming out of their mouths were that of grunting that was
soon a high pitched squeal.
Fuck me Fuck my sweet little hole and make it yoursSebastian Sebastian. She
screamed his name and could care less if anybody was around to hear it. At this moment, had
a police officer come upon them in the throes of passion, they wouldnt have even paid them
any notice. This is a mind boggling moment for me. I feel it all the way down to my toes. The
added bonus of the sand underneath me and the feeling of doing something public is even that
much more fuel to the fire. Sebastian is a man than knows what he wants and takes it. I feel
like he has all of these emotions pent up and ready to come to the surface with the right
amount of incentive.
Sebastians first offering had dried on her breast. He had no idea how much he would
have to give her this second time around, but he was determined to make her see him as the
ultimate prize when it came to having a man in her life. You just came all over me and youre so
fucking hot that its hard to resist your natural female charms. All I ever need is you. I do
believe that we have something very unique. We can lose ourselves in the moment with each
other and not care about what anybody will think. Sebastian gave her sharp very direct shots
that had his cock bringing up the rear on his own climax.
I want you to I want you to give it to me and I dont care where. Just pick your poison
and believe me I dont say this lightly. Very rarely do I give a man the chance to choose for
himself and you should really take this advantage for what it is. She could see the exertion on
his face and how his teeth were clenched and his ass was flexing. He pulled free with the knob
showing an intense desire to give up the fight. The first shot was a reminder of more to come.
He wasnt even touching himself. He was flexing that internal organ. It pulsed with three quick
shots along the surface of her stomach. He soon finished and collapsed down between her legs
with his spent cock barely touching the lips. He made a point to move slightly, but enough to
graze the well lubricated head over her clit. It made her shudder underneath his expert ways.
They both got up after a suitable time of basking in what they had done. They got dressed
and went back over to their respective motorcycles. The sun was shining and the May flowers
were in full bloom. Winter in Maine was not for those that werent used to the over abundance
of snow. This winter was a little different. They had been lacking in the snow, but had more than
enough of the cold to last a life time. This was something that both Sebastian and Cali had
grown up with.
Chapter 5

He hugged her with deep affection and held onto her for as long as possible. I do believe
that its going to be up to me to make the next time better than the first. I want to take you out
to dinner, but I think it would be best that I offer you a home cooked meal. I dont have a great
place, but I do call it my own. I dont think that I want you to bring anything, but if you insist then
maybe a bottle of white wine will go with the fresh fish. Ive always been the outdoorsy type. Ill
give you directions to my place. Its in the middle of nowhere and I do hope that doesnt scare
you. Sebastian couldnt get her out of his mind and even standing with her right now by the
motorcycle made him want to kiss her again.
He lifted her easily into his arm. His obvious height advantage of a few inches was
working in his favor. Her hands were around his neck and he kissed her with a fever pitch that
had her swooning in his arms. That glazed look and the narrow slits of her eyes told him that
her excitement was not a one time encounter. Their bodies were uniquely made for one another
and it was almost as if fate had lent a hand to bring them together.
Cali finally was put down on her feet and she was a little shaky, but was still able to
stand. I think that its damn sexy that you want to cook for me. I know this area and the only
thing up that way is a few scant hunting cabins. Im not scared and Im more excited than
anything else. Im afraid that those thoughts about my past may have come back. I would love
to talk to you about them and maybe you can give me a bit more insight into the man known as
Sebastian. Her words sounded somewhat clinical and she had to be careful about what hat
she was going to say. I dont want to come on strong, but I dont think that we could come on
any stronger even if we wanted to. We only met a couple of hours ago and already we are
losing ourselves in the company of our bodies coming together. I think on some small level hes
only doing this to get one out of the chamber so to speak. I think for me, he restores my faith in
man and that they are capable of more than just one thought. Theres really no time to waste
and the hearing is in less than two weeks. Those that have hired me will want some kind of
status report.
You know what you said about those of us that find ourselves looking for that next fix. I
think for me youre the only drug that I need. It might sound trite or some kind of lame come on,
but it really is the way that I feel. He suddenly looked at his watch and at the time and knew
that he was pushing his luck. I might have to take a rain check, until tomorrow night for dinner.
I have some unfinished business that needs to be dealt with personally. He didnt want to get
into the details and the little she knew was the better. People were lying to him and he was
damned and determined to find out the truth. He felt like somebody was pulling the strings and
the last mission didnt go according to plan. That wasnt unusual, but almost dying was a bit of a
wrinkle. The only people that knew that he was going to be in that particular area was his
commanding officer and those that were requested to get him out of there in a hurry.
I dont think that its very gentlemanly of you to leave right after doing it. It would be
better that you stayed and cuddled, but I can see on your face that something is weighing
heavily on your mind. Do you want to talk about it, or am I stepping over some line? I have my
own demons and we both have been dealt a bad hand. I feel that sometimes it would be better
to get it off my chest, but I really dont wanna say the words. Saying them will mean it actually
happened and some of the things that I have done cannot be forgiven for as long as I live. He
hugged me to his body and I felt safe and secure, until he pulled away from me.
I would love to hear more, but this is neither the time nor the place. Dont worry, I will get
in touch with you somehow, but right now I really do need to go. Sebastian had this one
window of opportunity and he wasnt going to ruin his one chance to find out more of why they
were hanging him out to dry. He had heard through the Grapevine that there was a
congressional hearing coming up soon and that his testimony was either going to free his
commanding officer or put the final nail in his coffin. Nobody had called upon him to testify,
which could only mean that they were waiting for the right time to lay this information in his lap.
Cali was not exactly ready to let this go and decided to follow from a discreet distance.
She knew that she was risking getting caught. This guy could probably spot a tail from a mile
away, but he did seem to have a one track mind. He drove off on his motorcycle and instead of
following him on her motorcycle, she called for a taxi. She had been given a GPS unit and had
attached that small tiny device to the underside of his fender when he wasnt looking. I dont
want to do this and it feels wrong to play these kinds of games with a man that is fragile and
ready to break. I want to be there for him, but how can I when he wont let me in any further
than necessary.
The taxi arrived and she had his current location on her phone. He was on his way
downtown. What was down there that was causing him to act irrationally was a mystery to her.
I need you to head downtown and do not ask any questions. Theres a big tip in it for you and I
mean in the $20.00 range.
The man didnt even question the woman that wouldve made for quite the feast. She was
a dish best served hot and he was licking his lips at her obvious endowment. Her chest was
massive and he could probably get lost and never want to come back out.
Ill do what I can, but I cant promise you anything. Its rush hour traffic and the only thing
getting through something like this are police or someone on a motorcycle. I might be able to
use a couple of shortcuts, but they are risky and could end up being dead ends. Richard knew
this town like the back of his hand and could navigate the streets blindfolded. He had lived in the
area and had driven his bicycle to those special little spots that meant so much to him growing
up. He was single and looking. The girl behind him staring at that damn phone was exactly his
She was kicking herself for not taking her own bike, but that wouldve been like putting a
neon sign over her head. He would hear the rev of the engine and know that she was tailing him
and wonder why. That was not a conversation that she was willing to get into at the moment.
That was not a conversation that she wanted to get into at all, but denying that it was going to
happen wasnt going to prevent it from happening. Eventually, her lies would catch up to her and
that was when she was going to have to face the music. I dont know why Im doing this, but
the commander told me that it was paramount that I never lose sight of him. He told me he was
worried that Sebastian was up to no good and couldnt be trusted to tell the truth when he was
held to the fire. Cali had not seen anything to indicate that Sebastian would lie and quite to the
They breezed through traffic and the shortcuts came in the form of two alleyways that
were very narrow. Richard had to lay down on the horn to prevent colliding with a Chinese kid
coming out from the restaurant carrying garbage. The kid threw himself back against the wall
with the garbage flying into the air and coming down over top of him. It was leftover food and
he stood there dripping and shaking his fist in defiance at a taxi that should have known better
than to come careening down the alley at that speed.
I dont think that I was clear and maybe I should reiterate that I wanna get there in one
piece. Coming this way was a stroke of genius and its obvious that Sebastian is going to his
destination by using alternate routes. Hes backtracking every so often and I can tell that hes
instinctively looking for anybody or anything out of the ordinary that is going to show up more
than once on his radar. Youre going to have to get into the center of town. Get me, as close
to City Hall as you can. Cali noticed that Sebastian went into an underground parking structure
that overlooked the city from several angles.
Richard soon came to a stop and was handed two $20.00 bills instead of the one 20
dollar bill that was mentioned at the beginning of this trip. He was about to tell her that he would
stay and wait, but she was already bounding down the sidewalk at a frantic clit.
Cali knew that the motorcycle had come to a stop. What he was doing in a parking
structure only god knew, but she was about to find out. She saw the guard at the gate leading
into the parking structure reading a newspaper. She purposely took off her shoes and stored
them in her purse using the pitter patter of bare feet to slip past him without being observed. I
feel like Im putting the training that I was given to good use. I see why people are drawn to a
life in the military. It allows them to live a life of mystery and adventure. Ive always admired
those that served, but to me they were needlessly putting their lives on the line without very
much in return. It seems so pointless and yet without these brave men and women there would
be no freedom to protect.
Cali ran from one level to the other and was getting winded by the time that she came
across his motorcycle on the top floor with the sun beaming down from above.
She turned abruptly and scanned the area to find Sebastian standing over at the edge of the
building. He was training a scope in the direction of City Hall. She barely ducked behind a
parked car, when he made a glance in her direction. She was breathing heavy and trying to
remain calm, while at the same time sneaking a peek through the window to see him standing
there with no emotion on his face. I have no idea what Im supposed to do. He has a gun and
he has been trained to use it. I dont know how I would feel if I just did nothing and something
happened to harm another. Thats the kind of thing that would haunt me for the rest of my life
and most likely have me in therapy. I need more information and to do something careless and
reckless will be tantamount to exposing myself in a negative light.
Sebastian was far enough away that he could witness and hear absolutely everything that
was going on in the office across in a high rise. The parabolic dish was right beside him and the
headphones were giving him a new insight into his commanding officer. This was a man that
was above reproach, but what he was hearing was telling a whole different tale. He had
become disenfranchised by the military and was now working behind the scenes to bring in a
shipment of arms.
I know that its short notice, but I need to finish my business here and get the hell out of
dodge as soon as possible. Im even willing to concede a discount to get this off my hands
quicker than normal. Of course I know its going to take you time to come up with that kind of
cash, but surely you have something in reserve for emergencies. I know that I sound desperate
and theres a reason for that. Im fucking desperate and I need your help, or Im going to spend
many years in Leavenworth. Who do you think that youre talking to? Im not some naive young
cadet with stars in their eyes. Im a hardened veteran. Ive seen my hard work go down the
drain because of congressional oversight. They dont know half the stuff and they would cringe
to know how close they came to more deaths than they could count. Commander Grady had
put everything into place and the only thing standing in his way was a man with morals.
Sebastian had everything that he needed. He didnt think that he was going to get the
smoking gun right away. It seemed almost too easy, but there was no way that he couldnt act
on it. He was tempted to call in for reinforcements, but he only had his word against a
decorated officer that had been hailed a hero many times over. He knew that there was
something wrong by the way that his commander was dodging his calls. It wouldve been, so
much easier had he lied to him face to face, but that would never have worked.
Cali was sitting there with her heart beating and her pulse racing and she knew that this
was the kind of adrenaline rush that was almost better than sex. I dont think that I have
thought this through. I cant move and I have no idea what hes up to. I do see that hes finished
with whatever it is and thankfully I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he didnt shoot anyone. I
literally had my heart in my throat waiting for him to pull the trigger and by the grace of god that
moment didnt come.
Sebastian stopped with his helmet in his hand and he thought he saw something out of his
peripheral vision. He walked over to a line of cars and peered around to see that there was
nobody there. He knew that he was paranoid, but he had every right now that he knew that his
commanding officer was coming after him. It remained to be seen just exactly what he would
do, but he was going to have to remain vigil and keep his head on a swivel from this moment
I dont know what you plan to do, but Im going to stop you. You show dishonor to the
corps. I didnt think that there was nobody that could ever corrupt you, but youve lost your
way. He was thinking out loud to hear himself speak. He had a pretty good idea of who
Commander Grady was talking to. He had suspected for a long time that one of his team back
in the day was working his own angle to secure a more profitable future for himself in his
twilight years.
Cali had rolled from her spot and found herself under a mini van. Cali mistakenly thought
that Sebastian was talking about himself. It was not uncommon for someone to get lost and to
try to find their way back by talking to themselves. It was a good way to get rid of that
conscience that was nagging on their shoulder. I dont take him for a man thats going to act
without reason. I know that Ive only known him a short time, but something tells me that Im
missing something. I need to confront him, but to do so will only reveal my true purpose for
coming into his life. I know that hes going to hate me, but at least everything will be out in the
open. I have one day to come up with the words and I know that nothing Im going to say is
going to take the sting out of the blow.
He got back on his motorcycle and drove out the same way he came. He waved to the
security guard and gave him a tiny nod of recognition for letting him slip in with a monetary hand
off. It didnt take much for him to get inside and he only had to flash a couple of $100 and the
gate lifted.
There was no way for her to make heads or tails out of anyone. I think he needs me
more than he can ever know. Theres something going on here that neither one of us are aware
of. Im worried that Ive been led by the nose and keeping him close is only going to hurt him in
the long run. He means a lot to me and maybe I shouldnt have got personally involved, but that
ship has already sailed.

Chapter 6

It had been one whole day and neither one of them had seen each other. It was almost
like a drug that they couldnt get enough of. Cali had tried to reach out, but had only gotten
radio silence for her troubles. She knew deep down that he was dealing with something and
that he had taken the time to seclude himself from any kind of interaction with the public. It was
obvious that he was under a time restraint and was now in the process of putting a plan
together of some magnitude.
She had no idea where he lived and according to his records there was no set residence.
He was very careful to keep things hidden and to move around without putting down any
permanent roots.
Cali was sitting in the common room and was quite happy to see that Randy had no idea
who she was. He never approached her, as he had other fish to fry namely a young man that
was close to putting a noose around his neck or slitting his wrist in the middle of the night. The
young man was under a suicide watch and he was sitting vigil by his bed to make sure that he
didnt slip through the cracks like so many others. That distraction was giving him a reason to
wake up in the morning.
Cali heard something and went to the window to see that young Sebastian had come
back. He looked haggard and had a growth of day old beard on his face. His eyes were sunken
like he hadnt slept. He came through the door and they made eye contact and soon were
kissing in an alcove away from those that would consider what they were doing inappropriate.
I meant to call you, but something came up. I still want to have that dinner and to cook
for you, but it might have to wait a little bit longer. I have some business and Im afraid that I
cant get into any further than that. Lets just say that I know that people have been lying to me
and Im tired of it. I always find out the truth and why they think that they can hide anything from
me is beyond me. Sebastian moved his fingers through her hair and felt intimately acquainted
with every part of her body.
Im not going to pry and its obvious from your expression that somebody has betrayed
you in some way. Just dont do anything thats going to come back and keep you from me. Ive
missed you more than you can ever know. Im afraid that I have some news for you. Its not
going to go down well. She couldnt get away from his hard steel gaze and the way that he
seemed to be judging her. I dont know how to say this and maybe its like taking off a band
aid. I could either do it slowly or fast. I know that Im stalling and theres a reason for that. I
dont want to see that disappointment in his eyes and know that I was the cause of it. I never
meant to get this close, but best laid plans have ways of going awry when you least expect it. I
can only hope that he will forgive me and that he wont hold it against me.
Ive made a lot of sacrifices in my life, Kelly. Ive seen good people die for no good reason
than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ive seen senseless murders of children and
their mothers by an enemy that needed to be put down with extreme prejudice. Ive seen
atrocities to humans by what I would consider the devil themselves. I doubt that theres
anything that you could say that could hurt me more than my past. Cali was the one and for
Sebastian to admit that was a big step that he wasnt sure that he was willing to take.
I know that you are hurting inside and I dont want to cause you any more harm. Its just
that us coming together was never by accident. She was about to tell him everything when a
shrill siren came over the loudspeaker.
Code blue in room 405 Code blue in room 405 All personnel are required at this
Cali felt something change and there was this tension in the air that she could cut with a
knife. His demeanor had changed and his soft and caring face had turned to grave concern.
This is going to have to wait until later. I need to get to that room immediately if not
sooner. He didnt even wait for Cali to argue the point and was already sprinting down the hall
with his combat boots slapping against the floor on his way. He knew that this day was coming,
but he was hoping they had more time. He didnt mean to stay away this last day and the regret
boiling inside was now fueling an anger towards the commander that could not be contained.
Cali ran with him excusing herself repeatedly to those that she was about to bump into.
He had never seen the look on his face and it was like something had broken inside him. His
face had turned ashen and he had swallowed with a sort of realization that something had
happened that was going to affect him greatly. I understand grief when I see it and I do hope
that this is not the final straw thats going to break his mind into a million pieces. Hopefully, I can
be there to put him back together again like the villagers did with Humpty Dumpty and his great
fall. I can see that same great fall coming and theres absolutely nothing that I can do to
prevent him from feeling the crushing grief pushing him down into the ground.
She was wearing an open mans shirt white in color and a black sports bra underneath.
She had on a pair of dark jeans and it did not surprise her to see that Sebastian was wearing
that camouflage green jacket. It was stuffed into one of his saddlebags and hanging loosely
with a sleeve revealed when they went on their first drive into the country.
I need to say something before you go in, Sebastian. He has been calling out for you all
night, but you werent there to hold his hand. I did what I could to console him, but I think he just
wanted to say goodbye. We called it a couple of minutes ago and we all knew that this day
was coming. Ill give you time to be with him. Take all the time that you need. Travis was the
male nurse and he had seen the compassion from a man who looked like he could kill with one
look. He walked away with his head downtrodden and this was one of many that had gotten to
him over the years. He tried his best to leave this when he went home, but it was very hard with
some that were able to make him feel connected.
Sebastian steeled his nerves and he walked into a room that was surrounded by death.
He had felt this before, but had never really paid much attention to it. It was like a phantom limb
that he knew was there, but couldnt really perceive it. He saw the sheet covering the body and
this was not his first rodeo at seeing somebody die. This one hit him harder than most. He fell
to his knees and wept openly for a man that deserved better than this.
He turned at the feel of a hand and looked up into the eyes of the woman that he had
known as Kelly. He wasnt expecting her to be there, but he was grateful for the shoulder to
lean on. I dont know what Im going to do without him. He was one of my best friends and I
feel like Ive lost a brother. I dont have any reason to wake up in the morning anymore and he
was the one thing in my life that kept me going. He turned the sheet back to see the empty
shell of his brother from another mother.
I know its hard, but its not like we havent prepared for this all of our lives. Loss is a
necessary disease and the only cure is that time heals all wounds. Im sorry that this happened
to you. Im sure that you know that he would never want you to join him. I dont want you to
even think about doing something as stupid as taking your own life. I want you to know that Ill
always be here for you and that nothing that you say will ever push me away. The feel of his
hand on hers was drawing the strength from her body to give to him. She was happy to supply
him with that strength, so that he wouldnt fall apart altogether. Hes dealing with a lot and hes
most likely hanging from a very thin thread. To tell him that Ive been lying will only push him
over the edge. I know that he deserves to know the truth, but I dont think that I have the
courage to tell him.
You have no idea how much your words have affected me, Kelly. I wish that everybody
had a woman in their life like you. Those that are of civilian status have no idea what weve
gone through. They cant possibly understand the trauma of seeing that kind of devastation. Its
something that changes you and makes you look at life a little differently. His death is one of
many, but to me hes not just a number or name. Hes a part of me and losing him makes me
feel like somebody has taken a knife and cut that part out of me. I close my eyes and I feel
numb. He knew that the congressional hearing was coming up, but he also knew that his
commander would not be in attendance.
In the last day, he had dug in and uncovered his exit strategy. He had to shake the truth
lose from Stephen the man that had taken the commander up on his offer to buy the shipment.
Unfortunately, he had already taken possession of that shipment and the money that the
commander had gotten was already in his greedy hands. It took a bit, but he finally found that
the commander was going to leave on a boat later
tonight. Once he was out in the channel, he would most likely disappear and live in the lap of
luxury on some tropical deserted island with a buxom babe.
All of his dirty dealings were coming back and witnesses were coming forward. His
testimony wouldnt really be needed and it wasnt like he would have broken under
interrogation. Sebastian would have gladly taken the oath and lied right to the face of all of
those standing before him in judgment. For the commander not to know of his loyalty made him
think that there was no way to know anybody.
Ive been avoiding telling you something, but Im not sure that its the time or the place.
Come with me and let me take away the pain and show you that there is a reason to live. Let
me be your lifeline and let me throw you a life preserver. Hold on to me with everything that you
have left. She did not push and eventually he did stand and turn with the tears now drying on
his cheeks. You are a strong man and you will get through this one way or the other. You only
have to let me in, but you cant do that without all the information. He thinks that he knows me,
but I have been showing him a false face. Its time that I finally reveal the real woman that he
has been getting to know. I just hope that its not too much for him.
I cant take much more, Kelly. My friend dying and my commander betraying his country
is too much for one man. Sebastian was surprised and had always known that his commander
was always one step ahead of everyone. If he thought for a second that he was going to roll
over on him during the congressional hearings then he would want to put a stop to it. I know
that what you need to say is important, but maybe it can wait. Sebastian looked down on this
woman and did not see a battle weary veteran. She was not darting her eyes back and forth in
the room or wringing her hands like that of a junkie coming down with withdrawals.
Cali turned away from him and didnt want to see his eyes when the truth was finally
revealed to him. You think that lightning has struck for us, but it has always been a lie. What I
feel for you is real, but how we came together was manipulated by someone that you probably
know very well. Commander Grady came to me. He wanted me to help you deal with certain
facets of your life. He wanted me to dig into your conscience and to get you to open up and
spill your guts. I think I know the reason why. Hes been playing us both against one another for
the purpose of securing his own freedom by any means necessary. I was cutting him off at the
knees and I can only hope that he wont see the betrayal, as something that he cant come
back from. I need him in my life and I cant begin to express to him what getting to know him
has done for me. My heart was never open and he had found the key to the lock.

Chapter 7

It was too much to absorb and he needed time to come to terms with what she was
saying. It took him about 5 minutes before he was able to speak again. He had the ability of
compartmentalizing and then letting it all sink in Im guessing that your real name is not Kelly. If
I were you, I would use something similar, so as not to make the mistake of not answering
when youre called. If I were to guess, I would say that your name was either Sally, or maybe
Cali. A look of recognition from the second name made him nod his head solemnly. I cant say
that Im very happy with any of this, but I understand that you were put into a position that was
quite difficult. You did your profession proud and I would say that your profession is a
psychiatric Dr. He knew that he shouldve seen the signs, but she was very good at playing the
part like that of a consummate actress.
I never meant to hurt you. Im mad at myself for letting Commander Grady use me to
cripple you. I dont know for sure, but he sounds like the kind of man that would have all of his
ducks in a row. He put me in front of you and obviously thought that a pretty face suffering in
the same way that you did would make you break down and lose a step. I dont think that he
was meaning to harm you. He only wants to get you out of the way to make it clear sailing for
him to leave and never look back. Cali was doing what she could to mend the betrayal that
Sebastian had obviously felt. I want more than anything for him to forgive me, but I wouldnt
blame him for walking away. What I did was wrong, but my heart was in the right place. I saw
his file and knew from just looking at it that he had a lot to recover from. He was hiding his true
feelings and bottling up those memories would fester and become something ugly.
I know my commander better than most and what he did doesnt surprise me. He has
always been out for himself and that was never more apparent than how he corrupted Stephen
into his web of deceit and lies. You obviously thought that I had demons that need to be
excised. Your heart was in the right place and now the only question is where we go from here.
I know that I cant let him get away with this. It wouldve been more prudent for him to keep me
out of it, but now he opened up a can of worms. There was something different between them
and that connection that they had before had somewhat severed from what she had done.
I would ask that you just let him leave, but Im not sure that youre willing to do that. Your
honor would forbid you from letting him make fools out of every one. His betrayal to the military
corps and to you cannot be taken lightly. I dont think that youre in any frame of mind to go
after him alone. I may not have your training, but I might be able to help you without interfering.
I dont want you to do anything that youre going to regret later down the road. Cali took his
hands and could feel his reluctance. She had a lot to make up for and by standing with him
against Grady was a good first step in the right direction.
I would normally tell you that I can handle it myself, but I think it would be a good idea to
have your around. Your expertise in this field will hopefully help me from wringing his neck. He
deserves to be held responsible for what hes done and not take the cowards way out by
having me kill him. I just know that hes going to goad me into a fight. He does have a way to
push my buttons. That bastard cant be allowed to do this to anybody else. Sebastian knew
that Commander Grady was leaving, but the damage that he had done was left behind for
others to pick up the pieces
I know that I have no right to ask this, but do you suppose that we still have something or
is this strictly something professional now? I wont blame you for trying to shield your heart, but
weve come a long way and it would be a shame to ruin all the good work that weve done. I did
take this assignment to help you, but in the process I learned to love again. Im not only healing
you, but youre also healing me in ways that you cant even imagine. Ive never been more
comfortable with a man than when I am with you. I want to say those three little words, but Im
not sure how he will react. The best that I can do is stand with him and hope to god that he
doesnt lose the ability to see what the difference of what is right or wrong. One look at Grady
and he will see more than just a man that needs to be called on the carpet for his actions. All of
his problems will manifest and Grady will become the true target for his outrage.
I dont like the idea of you coming along, but it might be a necessary evil. I dont know
what I feel for you anymore. I cant decide if youre the one that Im falling for, or if its just the
woman that you became to get close to me. Its hard to differentiate between the woman that I
got to know and the woman that Im looking at right now. Theres one sure fire method to find
out for sure.
Cali looked at him with confusion and could feel this tension in the air like a Damocles
sword over her head. He had a grin on his face and his hands on her shoulder made her almost
faint from the sheer beauty of the feel of his fingertips on her. She knew that he was proposing
a more carnal exploration to find out if their feelings were true or nothing more than the faade
that they had put on. If thats the only way, then I guess I can take one for the team. Where do
you suppose that we should go to make good use of this experiment? I want him more than
life itself, but I cant be too eager and show all of my cards. He needs to think that this is his
idea and primarily it is. Im hoping that he just doesnt want to get into my pants. Can I truly
believe that we can have something or are we destined to fizzle out like a candle in the night?
I dont see any reason why we should wait. Theres a hotel room down the street that is
calling us to the clean and pressed linens on the bed. I think it would be nice to do something
romantic and not rush or do anything spontaneous like we did on the beach. Dont get me
wrong, I enjoyed that immensely, but I have to weigh the possibility that that wasnt you and
only a way to get inside my head. Sebastian remembered the way that she moaned his name
and how her body responded to his touch and the feel of his hard and unyielding cock driving
deep inside her body. He felt a true connection, but it was all a lie, so what exactly was he
supposed to take from that.
I dont want you to do this because of some hardship from the grief that is currently
choking you. I cant be a substitute or some kind of distraction. If this is all that this is, then
maybe we should cut ties and walk away before somebody really gets hurt. Cali had her
hands up against his chest to keep him at arms length. She didnt want to risk smelling his
scent or looking into his wild and untamed eyes. Im giving him his walking papers and whether
he takes them or not is what is going to decide what happens next. I dont want him to think
anything less of me. I have to say that I dont see that sense of disappointment. Its as if what I
did rolled off his back, but how could it when it was something that was psychologically
daunting. Anybody else would feel that anger seeping into their being. They would scream and
yell and yet hes staying calm and rational.
Its been a trying few days and I thought that you were the light at the end of the dark
tunnel. I feel nothing and I guess I closed myself off to protect myself from this eventuality. It
shouldnt come as any big shock that I didnt say those three little words to you. I felt them and
they were close to spewing out of my mouth, but I just couldnt do it. I think deep down my
conscious was trying to tell me something, but I wasnt willing to listen. I have this compulsion
that is almost like a sickness to be with you. I cant seem to think of anything else. It was an
effort to remove you from being a distraction while I was doing my investigation into
Commander Grady.
I dont know whats going to become of us, but the one thing I do know is that
Commander Grady knows you better than you know yourself. He will play on your weakness
and the one that I know of is your desire to do whats right. You have this need to help others
and to protect the innocence. He will most likely use that against you and I dont know how, but
he takes me for a man that doesnt take any chances. He always has an angle and I think I saw
that from the moment that I sat down to talk to him about you. Cali knew that he was still
dealing with the loss of his friend and brother that wasnt blood. Hes definitely not in the right
frame of mind to confront Commander Grady. He may think that he wont break under
pressure, but hes this close to making a drastic mistake that is going to follow him all the days
of his life.
The one thing that I dont understand is the reason why youre telling me this now. You
know what Ive been through and for you to lay this on me is either selfish or something that you
thought that I deserved to know. I cant decide which one it is, but Im leaning towards the
latter. I wish that you had told me this from the beginning, but I dont think that I wouldve taken
you seriously. Ive never been that comfortable around doctors and head doctors are the worst
of them all. I dont mean to offend or to put your profession down, but Ive never really found
any use in talking about my feelings on a couch with somebody scribbling notes. Sebastian had
only a few hours. The only way this was going to end between him and Grady was to come
face to face.
I think that you have the wrong idea about therapy. There are those from the old school
that are exactly what you have described, but Im not like that. I get into the trenches and I think
that is a testament to me as a professional. I took three months off of my busy schedule to help
you by learning the ins and outs of military life. I put myself in harms way to go into boot camp.
That should tell you how dedicated I am to my patients. I saw you as a damaged soul, but
youre also stronger than any man or anybody that Ive ever met in my life. You dont break and
you dont give up and I have to say that is very attractive. Im getting through to him and his
shock has now abated to more of acceptance. I can only hope that this is a start and not an
end for what had started as a full blown passion.
I should hate you, Cali. I should want to walk away, but there is something here. I dont
know whats going to happen with me and Commander Grady. He taught me everything I know,
but I doubt that he taught me everything that he knows. He wouldve kept something to himself.
He has to have some kind of secret weapon or move that would catch me off guard and in
deep trouble. I will need to think not like a soldier. Sebastian took her hand and walked down
the hallway. We need to find a room. You may have a different name, but one thing between
us hasnt changed. Sebastian pointed to his heart and then pointed to hers and it was as if he
was daring them to do something about these feelings.
You know that were risking getting caught and more so here than even on the beach in
broad daylight. People will be walking back and forth in the hallway at any given time. An outcry
of pleasure or moan will obviously bring them to see whats going on. Are you sure that you
cant wait and you did say something about a hotel room. Cali could see in his eyes that this
moment was upon them. To stall or put it off for even a minute would risk that flame being
extinguished. He did mention a hotel room and Im more than happy to take him up on that
offer. Im just not sure that hes thinking with anything more than whats below his belt. Sex has
always been some kind of crutch for him, even though he probably doesnt even know it

Chapter 8
I need to tell you, Kelly I mean, Cali. Its going to take me a bit of time to get used to
that. I dont really believe in therapy, but Ive known guys that have come back different that
needed somebody to talk to. I cant deny that some get something from it and I commend them
for being able to open up and say whats on their mind. Maybe one day I will be willing to open
up and I do hope that its with you. Ive had too much loss in my life and I carry that burden with
I have to show him that Im not just a pretty face and body to lay down next you at the
end of the day. I know that some have fought me in the past, but in the end it was the best
thing for them to get it off their chest. You most likely suffer from sleep deprivation. Perhaps
you need to have a bottle of something stronger by your bed. I can see you being the type to
hold onto some kinda memento that carries a deep significance. Ive seen this before, but
what makes him different than all the others is his ability to know that something is good or
evil right or wrong and that puts him in a league of his own.
Youre good and I do all of those things including having that memento from my time
fighting the good fight. Sebastian took out the dog tags from his pocket and they were a string
of names etched into pieces of metal. He would never forget those that he had lost. All he had
to do was lift them into the air to see those names and recall each and every one of them. I
think that you might know me better than I know myself. I dont know if I like that. Ive never
been the kind of guy that you would want to take home to mother.
They had found a room unoccupied and they were now staring at each other. Abruptly and
without any warning whatsoever, he pulled her shirt down, until it was around her wrists. He
pulled a knife and saw the look of terror on her face, but there was also something of a raw
sexuality coming to the surface. He sliced the sports bra and didnt even nick her skin. He ran
the cold blade down between her breasts making her shiver with excitement and fear mixed into
I never know what you are going to do next, Sebastian. I think that for the first time in my
life that a man has been unpredictable. Im usually able to know whats going to happen like a
sequence of events playing like a movie in my head. She moaned, as his teeth nipped at her
nipple. His right hand grabbed for her thigh and wrapped it around his waist. I can feel his
arousal and he has his weapon cocked, loaded and ready to bring into the battle between the
Im glad that I keep you guessing and believe me you do the same thing for me. I feel
sometimes that we are on the same page and there are times that we are talking in different
languages. The only language that really makes any difference is the language of love.
Sebastian was grinding up against her and before long was reaching for the button on her
pants. He fell to his knees and was pulling her pants and underwear down in one fluid motion.
They were around her ankles and she was still struggling to get out of the garment that was
wrapped around her wrist. He turned her away from him and pushed her down, until her head
was lying on the mattress. He snuck his hands around her and hovered over top with his fingers
strumming a chord of relief on her clit.
No I dont want to cum like this Oh fuckdont stop I need this to remind me that
you still care YESSSSS. His finger was a blur of motion and her eyes were closed to the
pleasure that was radiating down all of her limbs at once. Her muffled cry and deep and
resounding moans echoed into the mattress. She felt him behind her and then heard the motion
of his zipper moving down slowly to reveal his engorged manhood.
Cali thought that he was going to fuck her senseless and was in no shape to fight back,
even if she wanted to. She pressed a little bit tighter against his rampant condition. The hot
surface of the shaft against her bare ass was making her yearn for something more than just
the feel of his fingers.
Youre not going to get away that easily, Cali. I think its time that somebody surprises
you. Sebastian got on his knees and wedged his head into her big ass. He was never one for
girls that offered the little bit extra, but Cali wore it with a sexual confidence. It was as if he was
dealing with a woman with no self conscience about the way people perceived her. He saw the
freedom in letting her freak fly and was going to help her to find that necessary release. The
first climax was only a bit of fun at her expense, but the next one was going to be more
profound and intense like that of an explosion of an IAD going off in the middle of the road in
I dont know why I let you do these things, SEBASTIAN. Her squeal with his name
etched on her lips was brought about by his tongue sipping from her elixir of life. There was no
resistance and her body willingly accepted the oral invasion. Damn I dont know how any
woman has been able to deny you anything. You have an amazing gift and one that you take for
granted. You can have any woman and I feel fortunate enough that you took the time to get to
know me. She was pounding her hands down onto the mattress and soon scratching through
the sheets like some wild beast in the forest. Hes a man that doesnt exactly shy away from
doing the woman the honor of letting her find hers first. Someone has taught him well and
maybe I should show him that his efforts are not in vain.
Sebastian could see her ass quivering and her legs shaking. There was a powerful storm
brewing. He was never one to walk away from a good thing and Cali had turned out to be the
best thing in his life by far. Her love wasnt free and it had to be earned. He felt like he was
worthless, but she was the one that collected the pieces of his broken heart and put him back
together again.
After his face was a sheen of wetness from her body now giving up his just deserts she
turned very quickly and made him stand there, while she kissed his neck by getting on her toes.
You are a man amongst men and you dont even know how lucky I feel to have you in my life.
You have always put me first and I know that you will never break my heart. I dont know how I
know that, but theres just something in your eyes. She followed the trail of the tip of her
tongue down between his well defined pectorals and came to rest at his belly button. She
dipped in for a moment to feel him shudder and she gripped him with her glove like hand.
This is the kind of moment that I need to test his limits and see what kind of man Im
dealing with. He has already shown me a part of him that makes me feel like hes a dangerous
man. Cali knew that this was the kind of man that could make her do things that she wouldnt
normally do with any other man. The way that she moved with her tongue trailing a line of
wetness along his shaft was enough to get his attention in a hurry.
He could see that this woman was not about taking prisoners and that he was at the
mercy of her sexual whims. She may have been lying about who she was, but he was
unprepared to see that her desire for him had never waned even for a second. I dont think
that I will ever find you boring, Cali. Your lips are like hot coals and your tongue seems to have
the sense of a snake going after its prey. He sat down heavily seeing that she was following
and not relinquishing her hold. He watched with avid attention to see her technique of taking him
all the way in and then back out in one long and lazy stroke.
Her head bobbed forward surrounding his package with her long hair and obscuring his
vision from what she was doing. Her tongue outstretched and licked the underside of his balls,
which of course made his member jerk with the sudden and abrupt action. There are no
conditions when Im with him and I will always remember him until the day that I die. I hope that
he sees me in his wildest dreams and that I always exceed his expectations. Nobody had to
know what we did to one another, but I think it was damn obvious from the way that we look at
each other. Cali knew that he was bad, but he did it so well and made her think that there was
no reason to change him.
He felt like his gun was going to go off and he immediately extricated himself from a
dangerous premature moment. The memory of her of being tangled up with her on that beach
fueled him and made him ache. He lifted her from the floor and pushed her back, until she was
widespread on the bed.
Ive never needed anybody like you, Cali. You take my breath away and maybe you did
deceive me, but you did it for good reasons. I will say that being with you is better than being
without you. He turned her slightly and got into the spoon position. Lifting her leg, he nibbled on
her neck and pulled at her earlobe. He was soon sliding within the silky confines of her sexual
The bed was rocking and the mattress shifted, until they were haphazardly laying half on
the bed and half off. His hips were driving into her and she was more than up to the task of
meeting him in the middle. It was like they had the blueprints to each others bodies. They knew
just where to touch and what buttons to push to make the most profound cry of pleasure come
from their lips.
Cali was soon flat on her stomach with him using the softness of her nice plump ass, as a
means for giving her what she wanted. Ive never felt this wanted in my life and this is, so much
better than just needing to get one out of the chamber. Ive had nights clawing at the sheets
using a particular toy, but this is so much better. I never want to lose this. Thats the reason
why Im going to go with him to confront Commander Grady. Hes going to be like a caged
animal and to catch him in a corner is only going to make him snap out his claws.
His hands were on her shoulders and he looked down to where her cheeks had separated
to give him the perfect view for the type of loving that he was inflicting on her.
I can feel it I can fucking feel it YESSSSSS. It was a spontaneous and
simultaneous moment of both of them screaming at the same time. It was not a question of
who had came first, because it was like they were joined as one and there was no way to know
where one ended and the other began. His seed burned through him and came out on the other
end with spurt after spurt, until he fell exhausted and depleted on top of her.
I dont think that this could get any better. I know that you have been dealing with a lot
and I hope that you will give me a chance to give you the tools to handle just about anything.
You are a stubborn man, but you need to learn to ask for help. It does not show weakness and
it shows that youre willing to entertain the idea of mental health. I know the truth and even
with my betrayal, he still feels that deeply for me. I think that what I need to do is to always
give him a reason to trust me. I know how he feels about therapy, but I truly believe that I can
help him.

A few hours later and Sebastian had stepped from the shadows on the dock to stand in
front of the man that he used to respect like nobody else. Standing beside him was the woman
that had changed everything for him. The one thing that Commander Grady had done that he
was grateful for was to bring this woman into his life.
I figured that I would see you sooner than later, Sebastian. It appears that my plan to
keep you occupied was in vain. I seriously thought that when she got a crack at you that you
would crumble and become inconsolable. It mightve been wishful thinking, but I thought I knew
you. I will say that Im happy to see that you were stronger than I thought you were. I am a little
disappointed that youre not rocking back and forth in the fetal position in some padded room
somewhere. What exactly do you intend to do? Grady was completely taken back that
Sebastian had shown up, but he wasnt about to show that kind of weakness.
What you need to do is to come with me and to throw yourself on the mercy of the court.
You shouldnt have come after me and doing it like this shows just what kind of coward you are.
I would have had more respect for you had you come after me yourself with guns blazing. You
can either come quietly, or we can do it the hard way.
Im begging you to do it the hard way. Sebastian was standing in front of Cali to make sure
that there was no way that she could get injured.
I cant come with you willingly and that is not the kind of man I am. Do what you need to
do, but expect one hell of a fight. Commander Grady got into a stance, but then he was struck
with an electrical burst that made him shimmy to his own tune and then fall like a smoking crater
at the feet of his true enemy.
Stephen came out wielding the taser and smiling to see the twitching form of Commander
Grady looking up in stupefied horror to see that he had been caught by someone that had an
axe to grind.
I knew that his attention would be on me and that he would never even imagine that I
would come with reinforcements. You earned the money, Stephen. I do hope that you use it for
something more than women and drugs. Sebastian passed him an envelope full of cash and
Stephen didnt even bother looking at the amount. He knew that Sebastian would never cheat
him. That was not something that he could say for himself. He would sell his own mother for the
chance to make a buck, but he blamed Commander Grady for leading him down this dark and
lonely path.
Cali watched Stephen wave the envelope in the air before tucking it into his green army
jacket. He pulled down the black knit cap and disappeared into the mist like that of a ghost.
What now? Cali was very thankful that Sebastian had decided to use his god given
brains instead of any need for vengeance.
Now, we can go on with the rest of our lives. I think that I need to find something different
and not always think that the answer is at the end of a gun barrel. I want something normal with
you and I have a feeling that having you in my life is going to be one interesting adventure.
They did present Commander Grady to the congressional hearing and it wasnt long
before a guilty verdict was brought back. He screamed that he was going to get even and even
behind bars he had long arms.
Cali soon found out that she was with child and they decided to pack it up and go
someplace off the grid and away from the prying eyes of the public. They would live modestly,
but in the back of their mind they would know that Grady and his need for revenge was still out
Cali did help him to rid himself of some of those demons, but he would always carry them
with him, as a reminder of his time of the worst hell of his life. He had walked through that hell
and found the angel arms of Cali waiting for him on the other side. They would never truly be
safe, but in each others arms that was exactly how they felt.


Chapter 1

Princess, you have a visitor. Your uncle has left for the day, but I do not believe that he
wouldnt be very happy with the person that is standing at the door. We both know how he feels
about Michael. I dont know why they have this animosity between them, but youd think from
the way that they stare at each other with daggers that its something personal. Elizabeth was
a loyal handmaiden that had always there for Samantha for anything that she desired. It didnt
matter what her Uncle Phillip dictated. Her duty was to the princess and nobody else. This was
made painfully clear to her by her parents, who were gone on a long journey to negotiate a
peace treaty that would bring the English the freedom that they didnt have before.
I hate to say this, Elizabeth, but your place is not to question anything that I do. Michael
is here at my request and I expect you to treat him with kindness. Do fetch us some tea and
bring it to the study. Ill be down shortly. Make sure that hes comfortable and that you do not
let him wait at the door like some common peasant. Samantha had known her standing from
the moment that she was born. There were no other siblings and being a princess had made
her a commodity that was sought after by many empires.
I really dont want this responsibility thrusted onto my shoulders. I dont want leadership,
but I cant allow Uncle Phillip to think that he holds all the cards. I have to do something and the
only person that I can trust is Michael. He has always been there for me. I think that he would
stand in front of anybody that was going to do me harm and that includes my uncle. What I
want most is to find a man that is worthy of me. Its hard to think that there could be anybody
like that out there. Those that have tried to gain my favor have found that I am a little bit more
than they can handle. Samantha dresses demurely. Her dress is a flamboyant red and gold
brocade that follows a train down the stairs behind her.
She has learned through proper etiquette that she can walk with a regal bearing. She
does not stumble over the layers of fabric that almost wrap around her ankles with each step.
The headdress signifies that she is royalty and those that stand in front of her know that they
have to bow in her presence.
She enters into the room with her spun gold hair tied into a bun. She has a natural beauty
that does not require any kind of assistance.
Her porcelain skin is the first thing that Michael. He stands and bows to give her the
proper do that she is deserved.
I was a little surprised to hear from you, princess. Your uncle has been very clear that I
should not darken the doorway of this estate ever again. Im taking my life in my own hands by
coming here at your request. It must be very important, or you wouldnt have gone to this kind
of measure. He sees her beckoning him to sit down and she does the same with her eyes now
narrowing on his.
It has come to my attention that my uncle is trying to usurp my authority. Rumors are
abound that hes making allegiances with those that are going to try to take over the English
Land. I will not tolerate such disobedience and his obvious intent to take what is rightfully mine.
I know that youre not going to like this, but I need your help. I take no delight in any of this. I
used to care for my uncle, but he has become bitter and power hungry I dont exactly know
what his response is going to be to my query. Michael has always had my back, but this may
even be beyond his ability. I dont want to put him into a position where hes going to have to
fight for his own life against my uncle. Thats a battle that he would not win, because my uncle
is professional fighter and knows how to deal the final death blow.
I get this feeling that Im not going to like what comes out of your mouth next. Be careful,
because we both know that walls have ears. There are those that are probably conspiring with
your uncle, as we speak. They put their trust and favor with the person that they think can lead
them. No offense, but you are only a woman and that hampers any kind of respect that you are
looking for. Your people need a leader and somebody that is going to be able to fight and
protect them at a moments notice. Wait a minute, youre not suggesting what Im thinking that
youre suggesting? Michael stroked his beard, feeling the bristles and contemplating the
possibility of a woman going into battle.
I know that its unheard of and it has never happened in history, but that doesnt mean
that it cant happen at all. A new day is arriving and comes with it a new leadership that needs
to take a stand where it matters. Youve all, but alluded that you know of people in low places. I
dont know if thats the contention between you and my uncle, but I am not one to pry into
personal matters. I do need you to introduce me to somebody that will be able to teach me the
finer arts of battle. I really dont have any reason to get blood on my hands. Ive never had
been desire to step in between an altercation between one or two parties. Im a dainty flower
and its time to harden my resolve and be ready for whatever my uncle brings against me. I
would love to have a strong man to do that for me, but that doesnt appear to be happening
anytime soon.
I might know somebody, but hes not going to do it out of the goodness of his heart. Hes
going to want something in return and its not going to be something that youre going to be
willing to give up easily. That being said, Ill be hesitant to make the introduction, but Ill do it
nonetheless. He was wearing a suit of armor, but nothing of the degree that the royal blood
line would wear on any given day.
The sound of hooves coming ever closer was a good indication that Uncle Phillip was on
his way home. There was no way that Michael could be caught in the house and the only way
to prevent it was to usher him out the back door and away from prying eyes. Get in touch with
whoever you need to, Michael. I want this to happen by tomorrow morning. Uncle will be away.
I have a feeling that I really dont want to know what hes up to. He has all, but said that he
might be a few days or even a few weeks. That should give me an abundance of time to learn
the finer art of defending myself. I really dont know if thats enough time, but I do have the
legendary blood of my father running through my veins. If anybody can learn quickly, it should
be me. I might be nave in thinking that, but I have no choice. Whoever Michael gets to train
me, I will become a student of human nature. I feel that I have a warrior spirit and Ive yet to
tap into my potential.
Uncle Phillip walks by the study and doesnt even bother to look in to see if anybody is
there. He has heard from a source that Michael has paid a visit. He searches the house and
finds Princess Samantha in deep study. He looks at her questioningly, but does not go any
further than that. He has not want to overplay his hand, but he knows that eventually hes going
to get everything that is coming to him. Nothing is going to stop him and no little girl is going to
be a match for a man of his caliber.
Princess Samantha senses that hes standing at the doorway, but he does not say
anything. She gives him no satisfaction by saying anything in return. She hears his footsteps
moving down the hallway and away from any kind of confrontation.
She hopes that Michael will come through in the end, but theres really no telling. She
fears for his safety and knows that it's possible that he and her uncle will get into it. Uncle
Phillip is determined and the look in his eyes every time that the square off at the supper table
is very telling. There is hatred that wells inside of him. Even though she does nothing to make
him feel that way, it still burns him every time that he sees her.
Uncle Phillip will never give up. I know that deep down and I have done nothing to prevent
him from doing this English countryside herm. I cant idly stand by and wait for the other shoe to
drop. I need to do something. If Michael cant help, then I will seek out somebody that can. I
am royal and they will do my bidding, or face the consequences. I dont mean to be mean
spirited, but sometimes you have to show some force or risk losing the respect of the people.
Samantha turned in for the evening with visions of what its going to be like to handle a sword in
the palm of her hand. She has never picked up a weapon in her life, but she thinks that because
of her legacy that she will be able to take to it.

Chapter 2

Samantha woke early in the morning to hear her uncle standing at the threshold to her
bedroom. She pretended to be asleep. He did not want Uncle Phillip to see in her eyes any kind
of dishonesty or machinations. He had a way of seeing through her and this was too important
to lose focus.
Samantha, Im on my way out. I just want to make sure that you had everything that you
needed. Jeffrey will be looking after you in my absence. I know that the two of you have never
seen eye to eye, but that doesnt mean that you cant get along. Hes here for your protection. I
would request that you keep him close at hand. Do not go any place yourself, as it is not safe
for woman of your delicacy. Uncle Phillip had Jeffrey in the palm of his hand. That boy was
incorrigible, but he was loyal to a fault. It was a quality that he admired. He wanted people that
would stand by him and Jeffrey was one that would not allow others to speak ill will of Phillip.
Not opening her eyes, she said under the cover of her pillow. Ill be perfectly fine on my
own. I have Elizabeth tending to my every need. I certainly dont need Jeffrey skulking in the
shadows watching my every move. If you insist on letting him stay here, then hell find that I will
be a most ungracious host. Hell curse your name when you come home, because he will be
frazzled and pulling out his hair by the roots. I want him to know where I stand. Its the only
way that Im going to get it through his thick skull that I can take care of myself. He doesnt
believe that and its the only reason why hes going against me. He thinks Im weak and fragile
and Ill break at the mere notion of a fight. That may have been in the past, but Im starting to
learn that there comes a time to have a thick skin. Samantha moves to a sitting position in her
bed, her night dress covering the most important parts.
Its not lost on her the way that Uncle Phillip stares unabashedly at her. It makes her think
that hes undressing her with his eyes and thinking obscene thoughts that are going to get him
into trouble, if voiced in public. She grabbed the sheet and covers herself up to her neck, feeling
slightly exposed and vulnerable in his gaze. His leering presence and the way that he licks is
lips suggestively makes her cringe at the very notion that he would want to touch her in any
It really doesnt matter what you want little one. Jeffrey will be staying here. Anything you
do will be reported back to me. Remember that and do try to give him the courtesy of not trying
to slip his watchful eye. He has learned from the knee of the master and that is something that
you should not take lightly. Ill be back when I can and I do hope that you try to stay out of
trouble. I know how hard it is for you to do that without your parents here to keep you on a
short leash. You may not like Jeffrey, but he is a necessary evil in a world that is unpredictable
at the best of times. Phillip turned and walked away; hearing her grumble underneath her
breath and knowing that he had forced an emotional response.
Samantha shivered; feeling like somebody was walking over her grave. Uncle Phillip had
been increasingly weird, as of late. His attention was growing slightly concerning and there
were times that he would appear out of nowhere. Samantha did not want to be undressed for
any length of time, in case he found her in that state. She felt like it was just a matter of time,
before her Uncle was going to take matters into his own hands. He had touched her on several
occasions, by accident or otherwise, it was still inappropriate and had to be called on the
carpet. She would give a detailed report to her parents on their arrival. There was no telling
when that was going to be.
I heard that exchange and Im not sure what to make of it, princess. There are times that
he seems kind, but there are increasingly more times that he looks like he would like to have his
way with you. I dont think that hes particularly attracted to you. It could be just a matter of
getting one over on his brother, your father the king. This might be his way of getting his pound
of flesh. If I were you, I would keep your doors locked and something heavy handed by your
bed. Anything can be used, as a weapon. Elizabeth felt that sexual heat in the air. It was
obvious from the way that Phillip was looking at the princess that he had impure thoughts that
went beyond a caring nature.
I need you to do me a favor, Elizabeth. Jeffrey will be downstairs. I want you to keep him
busy for the rest of the afternoon. I know that he has a crush on you. You may not realize that,
but I think its high time that we use that to our advantage. Dont worry; Im not suggesting that
you sleep with him. All Im suggesting is that you play your feminine wiles on his obvious
infatuation. Take him for a picnic and wile away the day looking into each others eyes. If you
have to make out with him, then I dont think that a few kisses and a little manhandling are going
to hurt your disposition.
I dont like that youre trying to use me in this way. I will do it, as a courtesy to you.
Besides, Ive never liked your uncle. He makes me feel like he wants something more than just
a casual acquaintance. I cant say for sure, but the telltale bulge in his pants is a good indication
that his motives are not entirely clean. Elizabeth knew that Samantha was up to something and
that Michael had been privy to whatever was on her mind. She had tried to ease drop at the
door, but the only thing that she could hear was muffled exchanges. It wasnt like she was going
to use it against her. It was more to the fact that she wanted to be forewarned, in case she had
to act on the princesss behalf.
Im sorry that you feel that Im using you. You are after all in my employ and what I say
goes. Do this for me and I will make sure that you have everything that you and your family
need to live in relative comfort. If thats not a good incentive, then I dont know what is.
Elizabeth and Samantha went downstairs to find Jeffrey already eating what the cook had
prepared. His hands were digging into the sausages like some kind of caveman. Both girls had
to look at each other and cringe at the very notion that he could even come close to finding a
girl to put those dirty hands on.
I have a lot of studying to do. I would appreciate that you stay out of my way and not be
under foot. Perhaps you can find something better to do with your time than to spy on me for
Uncle Phillip. That was my cue to Elizabeth to jump in and make a suggestion about going for
a picnic. I felt a little sick to my stomach that I would resort to using a friend, but she was
willing. Im not sure that I would be under the circumstances. His foul breath and that mole
underneath his nose made me want to curl up into a hole and die. I would rather have anybody
touch me, other than that uncouth and uncivilized man with no manners.
I think that Jeffrey and I should get to know each other better. Im going to fix us a picnic
and hes going to take me to a spot that will be magical. I believe that I can get the cook to
make some of his favorites and have them ready and at hand. After I finish my daily chores, Ill
be more than ready to relax for the rest of the day. You have afforded me the day off and I plan
to take full advantage of it. Its a beautiful day and I would love to have somebody to
accompany me. Elizabeth bent over, showing her bodacious breasts. The way that his eyes
grew wide only signaled that she was on the right track.
Jeffrey almost spit up the sausage that was in his mouth. Those mounds of flesh were
something that he had always coveted. Elizabeth was a comely young lady that was in need of
the comforting presence of a man that knew had to handle his business. Im more than happy
to keep you company. Im sure that the princess will not get into any trouble, while we are gone
on this adventure of ours. He was directing his comments towards me and I could see in his
eyes that he was telling me without words that there would be consequences to my actions. Im
not sure what that would entail, but I really dont have any desire to find out.
Samantha waved his obvious curiosity away with the back of her hand. She stormed off in
a huff, pretending that what he had said had gotten underneath her skin. Samantha wanted to
be ready for Michael. He was due to arrive in about hour. He had promised that he would
have results and she had no doubt that he would have found somebody suitable to train her.
She waited in her room, until she heard the fake giggling of Elizabeth and that of
snickering from Jeffrey. They left the house together in search of a spot underneath a tree to
enjoy the day.
Hearing the telltale knock down stairs and knew that Michael was announcing his
presence. She had dressed in her fathers clothes in disguised from any spies in her Uncles
favor. She wore a knit cap that kept her face obscured and her hair bundled up underneath.
She opened the door to face Michael, who gave her the once over. It made her almost laugh at
the absurdity of what she was wearing.
Lets go, before I change my mind and decide that you are completely out of your mind
for even thinking about doing something like this. I went back and forth on this all night and I
tossed and turned and came to the conclusion that you are headstrong and stubborn like your
father. Its not a trait that is very attractive, but is necessary for a leader to stand strong and be
ready for just about anything. Michael lifted her easily onto the horse and they galloped out of
town and away from those that would be able to tell Uncle Phillip what they were up to. To any
passerby, they would look like two young soldiers in the prime of their life going out to spar with
one another.
I know that this is an imposition, Michael. I also know that you would do anything for me
and sometimes I take you for granted. I hope that you know that its not my intention to make
you feel that way. I admire your loyalty to me and to my father. Your guidance and trust is the
one thing that he told me that he needed in his life. Its possible that my uncle doesnt like you,
precisely for the reason that you are in such high regard with his brother. My father treats you
like royalty, but when hes not around, you are not pushed back down to your true status in life.
I understand why my father likes Michael. He tells it as it is, does not mince words and cares
not for anybodys opinion. With soldiers standing beside my father telling him what he wants to
hear, Michael is the only one that keeps him grounded.
They moved at breakneck speed, taking to the trails less traveled, until they came to a
clearing in the distance. Sitting beside his horse and leaning against a tree was a Highland
warrior in the highest standing. His name was Finn Macdonald. He had been friends with
Michael for some time. For a British lad and Highlander to be friends was almost unheard of. It
came upon the respect of holding both of their lives in the palms of each of their hands. They
had saved one another from possible death too many times to count.
Finn was very much disturbed and had no interest in training a woman. He was only
making the effort to meet her, but he knew deep down that he would never relent. It was not,
until he got a sight of her that things began to change. It wasnt just that she was a beauty, but
there was a raw sexuality that made him grow inside of his pants despite any of his misgivings.
He had never had relations with those of the English. He believed that the women were mild
mannered and really didnt suit his animalistic tastes. He liked to take control, roughly
demanding satisfaction in the ways of the heated flesh.
Chapter 3

He was mesmerized by her flaxen hair. He found it strangely erotic that she was wearing
mens clothing. It gave her an air of masculinity mixed with a feminine quality that you could see.
Her curves were undeniable and the pleasant shape of her breasts drew his eyes to her like a
moth to a flame.
On first inspection, Samantha was not impressed. There was an inkling below her waist,
but it was purely physical and came from the fact that he wasnt wearing a shirt. His chest was
bared, his knuckles bloody and the kilt was the only thing that was keeping her from seeing
what was underneath. A slight breeze and his legs became more exposed. With one tug of her
hand, she could easily see what he was working with.
Im going to leave you in the capable hands of Finn. Hell bring you back to the outskirts
of town. Each day, youll do exactly what he says without question or delay. Youre going to
have to learn that hes not going to bend to your will. He wants to get something from this, but
Ill allow him to speak to you about that in private. Im going to take my leave and make sure
that Jeffrey and Elizabeth are not going too far. He had not voiced his desire, but Michael had
his eyes firmly planted on the prize of Elizabeth. There was obvious attraction and a flirtation
that went both ways.
Elizabeth had told him what she was going to have to do and Michael was not at all
impressed. He had to make sure that things didnt go badly. He would watch from afar and wait
to intervene if necessary. He had a sword at hand and he was willing to run it through Jefferies
body in retaliation for any kind of inappropriate behavior.
He took off in a Gallup, glancing over his shoulder to see that they were both standing toe
to toe like two warriors about to do battle. He didnt know what to make of it, but there was
something in both of their eyes that indicated that there was more here than a professional
I would say that Im glad to meet you, but I thought for sure that I would be trained by
somebody with some decorum. I thought for sure that he would give me somebody that was
worthy of my status. I find you repulsive and you smell worse than you look. Samantha was
doing what she could to him in his place. I dont want to be here and I can sense that he
doesnt want anything to do with me. We should cut our losses and walk away from this, but for
whatever reason I find him strangely compelling. His manliness and the muscles are something
that I can truly sink my teeth into. Im curious to know what is underneath that kilt. Ive heard
rumors that highland warriors wear nothing between them and Glory.
Without warning, Finn grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. She struggled
in vain against his overanxious embrace. She slapped halfheartedly against his chest, feeling
how well defined those muscles were and how much it affected her deep down inside. I think
that you need to learn that a man doesnt want to be treated like some kind of insect
underneath your shoe. If you intend to learn to fight, then you need to abide by some rules. If
you intend to learn to fight by my hand, then you need to show me some kind of respect. I also
want a reward in the form of gold. You may be able to fool everybody else, but there is an
obvious wealth within your family that you can get your hands on. I want, as much as you can
carry and not a penny more. To Finn, it was a reasonable monetary gain and not something
that she would back down from.
I will agree to your terms on one condition. If after one week that I dont feel that there is
an improvement, then the deal is null and void and we go our separate ways. She swallowed
hard, not able to prevent herself from looking at the slight tent in his red and black kilt. The
excitement at standing against somebody that was so pure and virginal was like his own
personal aphrodisiac. No man had ever touched her, but for the first time in a long time she felt
like she could give herself freely and willingly. Deep in her mind, she was thinking that maybe
being taken roughly and with determination would be something that she would gladly do for her
overactive libido.
I think that youll find that Im a very demanding taskmaster. Show me what you can do
and well work from there.
He let her go, but only temporarily, before she found herself once again trapped in his
embrace. This time, her arms were behind her back and she could hear his giggles of
amusement at how easily she had succumbed to his manly ways.
Unhand me and you know not what you do. I will not be treated like this by somebody
like you. I can feel him up against me and that steel bar inside his kilt is more than enough to
pique my curiosity. That bulging presence is making me yearn for something that Ive never
dared to mention to anyone. I know that I need to remain pure for marriage, but Finn might be
the exception to that rule.
You are a very foolish girl. You have no real training and Im going to have to work you,
until you cant move one single muscle. Lets begin with a few exercises to give you a bit more
upper body strength. Youre going to need that, especially if you intend to carry a sword with
any sort of authority. Stop fooling around and show me what youre made of. Finn grabbed
Samantha and pulled her to him, only to feel her fingers now underneath his kilt touching him in
a most inappropriate way.
This made him look down and that distraction was what was going to catch him off guard.
He felt her leg go around his and sweep him off his feet, until she had him on the ground in a
vulnerable position. Her foot planted itself in between his legs, causing him discomfort, but not
enough that he was going to give her the satisfaction of crying out in pain.
I think that you see now that Im full of surprises. There are all sorts of ways that you can
catch a man with his pants down literally and figuratively. Ive always wondered if it was true
about what you Scotsmen wore underneath your kilts. It appears that the rumors were true. I
would think that makes it a little hard for you to battle in the field. I suppose I really didnt
know that much about the male anatomy. They remained flaccid when they werent excited, but
it was obvious that he was not exactly feeling nothing towards me. The feel of his package
pressing up against my foot is a good indication that Ive gotten underneath his skin. Its
interesting that he would be in this position and I can tell that this is not something that he is
used to. It makes me feel powerful to know that I was able to get the upper hand. I doubt that
its going to last very long and Im sure that hes going to want to take back some of that
power. Samantha waited to see how this was going to play out.
Finn scrambled to his feet, dusting himself off and trying his best not to show his
overactive imagination coming through. His loins were begging for her to touch him again, but
there was a time and place for something like that. Her training had only begun and there was a
whole lot more that she needed to learn in order to make a stand against her Uncle Phillip.
That was pretty good and being unpredictable is one of the tricks that you need to
master. Surprising your opponent will give you a chance to vanquish them without having the
need to go toe to toe. Trickery will only get you so far and thats when technique comes into
play. The sun was barely a speck over the trees, but there was still enough light that they were
able to train for another hour. In that time, he had seen some remarkable improvement and that
was not something that he was expecting. This woman was indeed something special and
should not be taken lightly. For one moment, he thought of her Uncle Phillip and how stupid he
was to go against her. He was in for a very rude awakening.
Ive learned from the master. You are a pretty good teacher, but sometimes I think that
you feel that Im not worthy of your time. It really doesnt matter. Ive always had to prove
myself, as capable and I didnt think that this was going to be any different. She easily used his
strength against him and once again was able to topple him onto the ground. It was only one
time, but it made her smile with the accomplishment.
I will say that you have potential. Deep down I sense that you have a warrior spirit and
thats usually something that is reserved for men. It is very rare that a woman is able to take on
that trait. For you to do it, so easily is an admirable quality. I dont think that youre going to be
ready to fight any time soon, but I have no problem showing you a few tricks of the trade. This
will give you a way to turn the tables on your opponent and not break a sweat doing it. Ive
learned that once you show dominance a foe will back down. Youve already learned to play
dirty. It gave you the opening that you were looking for. Finn brought his sword up quickly and
was amazed that she was actually able to lift the one that he had allowed her to borrow.
I think that youll find that Im more than up to whatever you have to show me. I dont
want to tell him that being in his presence has made me want to strip away everything else for
the chance to see him naked. Just feeling him with my hand and then with my shoe has given
me everything that I need to know and more. The only thing that matters is the way that he
feels. I will not try anything in case that its met with disdain. I dont know if I could live knowing
that I did not give him that same feeling deep down inside. Samantha swung that sword back
and forth with a determination to show him that she was not a waste of time.
Finn felt a little overwhelmed. She was a quick learner. He had to compensate by using
his obvious weight advantage. He heard her cry of pain and realized that his blade had nicked
her cheek. It was not something that he wanted to do. He felt bad from the moment that it
happened. She turned away from him and didnt want to show her weakness.
Samantha needed to show him that she wasnt any kind of pushover. The only way that
she was going to get any respect from him was by being strong and willing to do what needed
to be done.
Chapter 4

Finn went to console her, but what he found instead was a woman that was playing
possum. She twisted around behind him with the sword up against his neck digging into his
flesh. He was a little worried that she was getting too carried away. There was something
about the forcefulness in which she was able to handle herself that was quite appealing.
I didnt mean to hurt you. These things happen and sometimes you just have to accept
them. I do admit that you bounce back quickly and that is not something that you can teach. He
could hear her breathing in his ear and that was more than enough to make him feel the manly
presence of his cock in his pants. You really are something unexpected and I think that you
might be one of the finest students that Ive ever had the fortune to teach. The blade was
cutting into his neck. He had this funny feeling that she was doing this, as a way to get back at
him for cutting her cheek like that.
I told you that I could handle anything that you through at me and I meant it. Im not
saying that it didnt hurt, but Im certainly ready to take my punishment. I was not foolish enough
to think that I was going to go in this unscathed. Fighting with a sword is dangerous enough, but
when you have no experience, it becomes almost lethal. I like being on the other end of this
for a change. I thought that he was uncivilized, but I can admit my mistakes. Hes obviously all
man. I think Im going to find out for myself what makes this man a warrior in battle and in a
passionate embrace. Samantha slowly lowered the blade, until it was out of range of cutting
him and killing him where he stood.
Finn turned quickly, catching her unaware and making her gasp with surprise. He kissed
her deeply, forcing her down onto the ground and ripping at her clothes like a man possessed.
There was nothing that was going to stop him from seeing her body in all its naked glory. He
had to do this and watching her reaction was making it necessary to follow through. This
woman was definitely a woman of her own character and that fire inside was something that he
was itching to see for himself. He watched her squirm, but she did not fight back, which
indicated that she was exactly where she wanted to be.
I dont know what came over you, Finn, but Im not about to deny you anything. I love this
side of you and the feel of your manhood was enough to make me curious about what you
could do with it. She felt overwhelmed and this was the first time that a man had made her feel
that she was not the one standing on top over others. She was aghast to feel her clothes being
stripped away, but it was her natural defense to cover her nudity. She felt his hands prying her
hands lose. He displayed her for his eager and hungry eyes. She felt embarrassed, but also
slightly aroused. That was pretty evident from the way that her chest had flushed to a more
crimson color.
Damn, I knew that underneath those mens clothing that there was a woman with a
beating heart. Your breasts are magnificent and I do believe that they require my undivided
attention. He didnt allow her any kind of response, planting his face in between her bosom and
giving it a tongue lashing that it was never going to forget. He easily found both of her chunky
nips. He pushed them together and began to go back and forth from one to the other. By the
time that he was done, they were both soaked in his saliva and he was most happy by the
results. He looked down to her mound and underneath that thicket of hair was the pathway to
Youre nothing like any other man that Ive been in the presence. They show me more
respect than this, but your callous behavior is something that is drawing me out of my shell. I
like the way that you take charge and do what you want to without need for permission. This
guy is a brute and I probably wouldnt give him the time of day any other time. Thankfully, my
body is betraying my better judgment and making me do things that are not the kind of behavior
that a princess would be caught doing. I want him, so badly and I plan to give in to those
He had reached up and pulled the knit cap off, letting her hair flow freely like it was meant
to. He was elated to be in the company of a woman that showed defiance, but also a need that
burned like the sun above. Fuckyou are an amazing piece of ass. I dont mean to sound
crass, but you really should know that you have the kind of body that would make most men
fight to the death to get near. He easily spread her legs with his knee, pushing the other one in
between, so that he had the perfect vantage point to see the pink lips of her sex. They were
peeking through the foliage. Finn reached down to touch the wet opening and knew that she
was excited and didnt have any way to hide it.
Ive forgotten who I am and being a princess, I should know better than to get caught up
in an act that should be left to matrimonial bliss. He was on top of her pinning her to the ground
and making her feel that there was no place that she could go. There was a moment of
claustrophobia, the feeling of being closed in that reminded her of how her uncle had treated
her when she was a child. She panicked and started to thrash, but noticed that Finn was taking
that, as a sign that he was doing something right.
I have to get out from underneath him. I cant breathe, but maybe if I calmed down, I can
return to enjoying what hes doing to me. His mouth on my nipples caused my pussy to gush. I
cant control that part of me and its obvious from his lecherous stare that he thinks that I want
this. I guess deep down Im just like any other woman. Underneath the manners and decorum is
a wanton little whore that needs to be taken by a real man. She flipped up his kilt and appeared
the Scotsmans man sword. It was projecting nicely from his midsection and she easily curled
her hand around it and gave it a tentative tug in curiosity.
He grunted his reply, feeling her fingers squeezing him delicately, but forceful enough that
it was drawing attention to the climax inside. It rose to the surface and if he wasnt careful, he
was going to blow his top too soon for his liking. He grabbed her hand and took it away,
breathing heavy and trying his best not to indicate that she had gotten to him in that way.
I certainly didnt think that he was the kind of man that would be quick to the draw. Just
taking him out was enough to bring about his moment of pleasure. I should be flattered and hes
only showing that his excitement was a little bit too much for him to take. I hope that he can
contain himself and bring it back to a manageable level. Her mind was willing him to take it
back a notch. She could see on his face that he was losing it quickly, but he was breathing
normally and suddenly that expression forlorn lust had now been replaced with that of an evil
glint in his eyes.
He wrenched his member from her hand, leaving behind the sticky residue that was on the
tip. He brought it over to her lips and held her head to put her in the right position to fuck her
face. Nudging at her silky lips was met with a disgusting expression on her face. It appeared
that she found this type of sex play to be unnecessary and off putting. He did not allow her to
keep up this brave front, grabbing her hair roughly and hearing her cry out. That gave him the
perfect moment and he wasnt about to back down from a challenge of a woman that thought
that she was better than everybody else.
She felt it in her mouth and she was tempted to draw down her teeth and rip him from the
root. When she felt the skin of the shaft sliding across her tongue, she suddenly began to like
the texture and even the taste and smell of the man himself. I never had this happen to me
before, Ive heard others talk about it, but I always thought that they were deluding themselves.
Having him in my mouth is making me hunger for something even more down between my legs.
My sex is throbbing and aching for the need for him to give me his Scottish flag. Working her
lips along the length left behind a trail of wetness that she followed with more of the same.
Samantha reached behind and grabbed onto his ass cheeks, feeling them hard with no
give whatsoever. His strength was clear and his muscles were something that was a little hard
for her to see past. Samantha had thought that this could never happen to her without a ring on
her finger from a prospective suitor.
I know that you want to say no, but deep down there is a yes that is screaming to get
out. Im going to fuck your throat and show you that youve been missing out on one of the
highlights of your life. He felt that telltale signal climbing the length. His shaft began to take on
a new life of its own. Finn was a man that had many lovers, but he felt that this woman was in a
league of her own. He had forced himself to hold back from really taking advantage of her.
Holding her hair and moving his hips quicker had made her gag noticeably, but it wasnt anything
that she couldnt handle.
I can fee that knob getting bigger. It makes me well aware of the fact that hes leaking
profusely. God help me, but Id want it and theres no way that I can let him think that I am that
type of woman. I dont know how Im going to stop him from taking on that impression. Hes
getting closer and if I stop him now, he might feel obligated to show me some restraint. I dont
want him to. Her body was not her own and your mouth was craving the sweet delicious
mixture that was now churning within him. She instinctively slapped his cheeks, the echoing
blast now making the object of her desire begin to pump out that sweet delicious nectar.
Holy motherthats itshow me what kind of woman you really are. Its not the one that
you show others AHHHHH. He watched, as her cheeks puffed out with the blast that he had
now felt himself letting go. The heat of her mouth and the way that her lips played over him was
too much for his unstable condition to take.
As she was still savoring the moment and letting that taste lie there heavily on her tongue,
she was well aware of the fact that he was now pulling away. She didnt think that it could get
any better than that, but she was soon to be proved wrong. The way that he lifted her legs and
held her ankles in the air was soon followed by his hands slowly moving downwards and
spreading her out a little bit more each time.
Finn saw the lips begging for his tongue and he was more than happy to give it to her with
one long forceful thrust. He was inundated with the hot confines of her hole gripping his oral
digit and trying in vain to pull it from his mouth. He fucked her relentlessly, hearing her squeal
and swallow his load at the same time. This time, she was on the receiving end of the slap to
her thighs and the way that she moaned in response was more than enough to feed him to go
further than expected.
Chapter 5

Samantha really didnt know how to react to this invasion of her privacy. When she tried to
reach for him, she found that her arms could not move with the weight of his own holding her
down. She squirmed and writhed, but there was no escaping the onslaught of his tongue and
the way that he constantly moved from her hole all the way back up to her clit in rapid
succession. She never knew exactly what he was going to do next and that was half the fun.
From the moment that I met him, he has been constantly making it impossible for me to
show any kind of resistance. I can pretend, but I think that he sees through my faade. He
knows that I want this and its the look in my eyes and the way that my body responds to him
that tells him everything that he needs to know. I dont want to be this woman, but deep down it
feels good to finally let go. I dont have to put on airs. I can be the woman that he wants me to
be. The light in his eyes showed her that this was not one of his many conquests. This was
different and there was a little bit of compassion in his cave man mentality.
Finn was determined to make her cum all over his face and he wasnt going to give up,
until he got what was rightfully his. His tongue was everywhere and each time that he thought
that she was getting wise he would turn the tables and do something else.
His fingers were digging into her wrist and it was something that enhanced the
experience. She knew that that moment was upon her. Give it to mefuck me with that
tonguefuck me deep and hard YESSSSS. His obedience was rewarded with a whitewash
of her juices that coursed over his tongue and made him want more. He continued to lick out
her insides, tickling that pronounced bud and then stepping in with this cock leading the charge
into battle.
This is what youve been wanting and this is exactly what youre going to get. He
followed that sentiment up with a sharp jab of his hips. It penetrated her interior and it wasnt
lost on him that this was her first time. Breaking through that resistance was met with a scream
of pain, which suddenly changed to that of pleasure in a matter of moments. The tightness of
her hole surprised him. He really did think that she had had her fair share of suitors. It appeared
and rightfully so that she was more selective than that. After all, she was a princess and no
man in their right mind would approach with anything that wasnt pure intentions.
This cant be happeningnot again. I really did think that I was immune to this kind of
thing, but it appears that I havent given myself enough credit. That cock and attitude is not
something that I could find with any of my English lads. They really dont know what theyre
doing. Sometimes I hear the other girls talking and its like theyre going through the motions.
Ive already had one orgasm and a second one is coming up to slap my face. I loved the way
that he is rubbing up against me. It was certainly a new sensation thats causing all sorts of
things to happen inside me. Thats it I know that you can feel me wrapped around you, Finn.
I think we both know that our bodies have been begging for this from the moment that we saw
each other. It was just a matter of who was going to take the initiative. Samantha wasnt going
to do that on her own and she needed some encouragement that came from the forceful
demeanor of a man that really didnt know any other way.
I thought that you were AhhAhhstuck up and in need of a man that can take you
over his knee and show you how to act like a real woman. I see now that I didnt have to go
looking very far to find that womanyestake it. His cock was feeling the effects of her hole
rippling along him and making it almost impossible to hold back what was going to be soon
I think that if we were to fall in love that it would be a tragedy. We could never be
together like this or any other way. I do hope that you dont take any offenseyesfuck me
deeperdo it. Its not meant to be a slight of any kind. I just know that you would never be
accepted by the royal family. I dont want to put him down, but it doesnt appear to affect his
performance in the very least. If anything, I believe that it has made him want to put on a show
that is worthy of a woman of my statue. Hes fucking me hard and my ass is chafing on the
ground and I dont care. That cock is taking me to new heights of pleasure that I didnt even
know existed. Ive used my own hand, but nothing compares to the real thing. I will always
remember my first time, even if we dont find a way to be together.
I dont think that this is the correct position for a woman like you. Its too tame and you
need something thats going to make you feel possessed like an animal in the wild. He took
that opportunity, to twist her around, until she was on her hands and knees with her ass
perfectly positioned. He lined up behind her, grinning, before placing his saber at the entrance
to her womanhood. He teased her by slapping at her lips and then felt her hands reach down
and up underneath her to grab onto his base. Before he knew it, he was deeply embedded
within her. It was a snug fit and in this position, he could go a little bit deeper.
Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me with everything that you have in that highlander body.
They were moving against each other and the slapping of their bodies coming together was
enough to push them even further than they had already gone. She felt his thumb at the
entrance to her ass and she turned her head, but was not in time to tell him to stop. Yesthat
is so fucking gooddont stop. She had lost control of her faculties, her limbs now feeling like
they were going to collapse underneath her. That orgasm was not overshadowed by the feel of
his thumb digging deep into her other welcoming hole. Her ass took the intrusion and now she
was getting it from both sides. She did actually feel his thumb touching his cock through the thin
membrane. He was easily able to manipulate her body into a quivering mass.
Finn couldnt hold his orgasm back and it came in the form of five very deeply embedded
spurts that found their home inside her body. He fell over top of her with his weight now forcing
her down onto the ground. They managed to stay like that for a few minutes, before they finally
felt awkward enough that they had to disengage.
Ill have you know that Ive never acted like that in my life. That is against everything that
Ive been taught from my parents. You made me feel like I was just a common woman and that
couldnt be further from the truth. She was trying her best to put things back right that was
wrong. He couldnt be allowed to believe that she was the type of woman that would succumb,
so easily to a man possessed with an attitude that was irksome at best.
I think that you may be protesting a little bit too much, princess. Perhaps you feel that it
was wrong what we did, but I doubt that deep down that you really feel that way. You certainly
didnt show anything that would resemble regret. You should stop and smell the roses once in
awhile and you may just find that your happiness is someplace that you would never suspect.
He was trying to tell her that he had feelings for her and that they werent just from doing it on
the ground. This was something that was ingrained into him and now he wanted to see if there
was a future in store for them. From everything that she was saying, he was reasonably sure
that there could not be anything more than what would they had already done.
I think that we should keep this platonic. I still want you to train me, but we can never do
that again. Repeat after mewe will never be doing that again. Over the next few days, they
did a train, but after each session, they ended up rutting like a couple of animals. They couldnt
stop themselves and each time they did it made their bond stronger.
There were many times that she left with his seed still inside her. On each of those
occasions, she would smile and then the most unfortunate thing happened. She found out that
she was pregnant with his child and that Phillip was about to make his stand against her. Her
parents had not come home and there was no sign that they were going to do that in time to
save her from a fate worse than death.
She was outside tending to the garden, enjoying a respite from her daily live, when a
shadow loomed over her. She barely moved in time to feel the cold blade of Phillips sword
about to take her head. She rolled away from him, scrambling on her hands and feet. He
looked determined and there didnt seem to be anything that was going to stop him from his
course of action.
Im afraid that you have to be disposed of. You cannot be allowed to rule and my plan
does not include you in them. Phillip was sure that he could make this quick and possibly
painless. He was actually hoping that she would fight back and then out of the blue a sword
appeared in her hand. He thought that it was a joke, but then she showed that she was ready
for just about anything. They battled through the courtyard and out onto the street. He was
sweating and looking at her with disdain, knowing that his plans would go up in smoke, if it was
known that he was collaborating with the enemy.
He parried forward and thought that that would run her through, but she was quick to
adjust and turn the blade in a semicircle to relieve him of the weapon. It sailed into the air and it
landed in the dirt the blade sticking in the ground and the handle sticking out.
I dont know where you learned to do that, but have mercy. That was the last words that
he spoke, as her sword made him regret the day that he decided to show her any kind of
attention. The princess laid waste to her fiercest competitor. This left her to wait for her parents
to come home. They would not be happy by what had happened, but they would know that their
daughter would not have done that, unless it was absolutely necessary.
In the following month, she began to start to show and to save face she left the comfort of
the royal family for something a little simpler. She sent word to Finn through Elizabeth. They left
together under the cover of darkness never to be seen from again.
There were all sorts of rumors and some thought that she was dead and the king and
queen mourned her loss. They never suspected that she was living within Finns homeland of
Scotland. They would never have imagined that her happiness depended on the baby that she
was carrying and the man that she loved with all of her heart.


Chapter 1
This cant be happeningnot again. I cant believe that I have fallen for the same god
damn line from a different man. He seemed so sincere, but in the end he was just like all the
rest. I just wish that I had some kind of instinct or someone whispering into my ear that what
Im doing is wrong. Sheridan is a name that I curse. Tamara Billings had always believed that
she was strong and independent, but this guy had gotten underneath her skin. She wasnt
necessarily attracted to white boys, but this one seemed to stand out from the rest.
Ive been trying to warn you from the moment that you started to date him that his
interest was mostly physical. Guys will do practically anything and say anything to get someone
into bed. Its the ones that are confident that think that they have some sort of license in
seduction that ruins it for those good ones that sit at home watching television on a Saturday
night. You need to dust yourself off and be ready for a real romance and not some playboy.
Shana was that unassuming five foot nothing young lady of 20 years old. She had a compact
and petite body that made it easy for her to slip in and out of the shadows without being
noticed. She hid her natural beauty with a pair of glasses that made her look like she was a
little too intellectual for her own good. Ive been trying for the last year to get her to see that
some guys are just not worth it. They claim to be one thing and then they shed that layer of skin
for someone that is ready to show their true intentions. I had a few disastrous relationships, but
thankfully I was able to see past my mistake and learn from it.
I know that youre a little bit more selective in who you go out with. Ive seen you in
action. I had to literally shake my head that you were able to push aside Nicholas. You cant
say that hes not easy on the eyes. Tamara was that ballsy young woman with a bit of
experience on what it took to attract a man. She was in the same human behavioral class as
Shana, but those lessons had never stuck the way that they did for Shana. I think I put myself
out there too much and maybe its time that I take a step back for a moment. I cant say that
the sex wasnt good with Sheridan, but he seemed to be there and not there at the same time. I
cant really explain and youd have to be there to know what Im talking about. Tamara had
frizzy black hair and the kind of complex that was made for a mans pleasure. Shed even
dabbled with a couple of girls and had her eyes set on Shana knowing full well that Shana was
never going to drop her defenses long enough to let her in.
You have everything going for you and yet you still insist on going after the guy that gives
you the most attention. That has always been a mistake and one that we never seem to
consider after everything is said and done. They were in their dorm room getting ready for
finals and were barely wearing much of anything. Youre this fantastic black goddess and you
dont need to be treated like that. What you have done is mistaken their attention for actual
interest in what you have to say. I know all about Sheridan and it sickens me that hes able play
the cute card. I see her sitting there in her blue panties and I have to admit that theres a
reason why guys gravitate towards her. Those breasts are magnificent mountains and ones
that men everywhere would crawl over broken glass to even touch them. It was like she was
carrying a beacon to draw them to her and they were all natural like my own. I dont have
balloons on my chest and I often wonder why she wouldnt want to have them reduced in size. I
was happy with the mouthful that would be considered by most grapefruits.
Shana had learned from her mother what not to do in a relationship. Her mother was not
exactly the one man kind of woman and that was never more obvious than when she came
home in the middle of the day to see her fucking the neighbor kid next door. She watched
spellbound as that young Adonis with the ass that just wouldnt quit was pounding her over the
washing machine. The vibrations were causing an extra stimulant that wasnt there in the
I sometimes wish that I could be more like you. Everything that we go through in life
makes us either stronger or weaker for it. I will not give Sheridan or any man the satisfaction of
wallowing in self pity or digging a spoon into the last of the ice cream in the freezer. I will stand
strong and I will forsake any man that even steps up to me. The next one is going to get a
verbal tongue lashing like hes never going to forget. That guy will go away from that experience
knowing that a woman is more than just the sum of her body parts. Tamara sat down with her
headphones on in the Lotus position.
There are some good ones and what we forget is that these guys that make a play for
us are not serious about anything more than a one night stand. We judge their gender by that
one. Im not saying that the package isnt pretty, but sometimes opening up that package is only
going to cause more harm than good. If I can teach her the basic art of selective thinking then
maybe she will stand a chance with her heart opened once more. I call it selective thinking,
because its all about perception and reading between the lines instead of just judging a man by
the cover. The classes that I have been taking to be a criminal psychologist have been an eye
opening experience. Ive learned so much and now I know that most guys cant be trusted as
far as they can be thrown. Shana had on a pair of virginal white panties, but they were not the
kind that grandma wore. These were a frilly pair that was comfortable and made her feel sexy.
Tamara kept looking from time to time to see her move in a certain way. She had this
hunger for just the briefest taste of her sweetest delights. She would never act on those
feelings and their friendship meant more than those awkward silences after the deed was done.
Perhaps, if they didnt live together that wouldnt be an issue. She considered their friendship to
be above reproach.
I know that your family was not exactly all that it was cracked up to be. Your father was
pretty much pussy whipped and your mother knew that she could do practically anything behind
his back and he wouldnt do anything about it. He felt like he was the luckiest man on earth. Its
not nice when one of your parents dont exactly measure up to the hero worship that you had
when you were little. I will say that its about time that your father got his head out of his ass.
The divorce isnt even final and by your own admission, he has taken to a 40 year midlife
crisis. Tamaras own father was a deadbeat washed out musician that died in a gutter with a
needle in his arm. Her mother was in jail and how she was reasonably sane was still a mystery.
Shana was breezing through the material in the text book. She had found that with a
subject that she was truly passionate about that it wasnt like she was working all that hard to
get good grades. The subject matter of human behavior had become a growing obsession. This
was a mandatory class and one that she was happy to jump out of bed early in the morning to
attend. She wasnt much for waking at the crack of dawn, but this class was worth the
I dont know about you, but I think that this exam is going to be a cakewalk for me. I
know this stuff inside and out. When Im not learning in class, Im taking to the Internet to go
that extra step. I want to know how a persons mind comes up with the most insane ideas. I
want to know what a serial killer is thinking and why they feel compelled to continue going down
that dangerous road. I would love one guy that was truly on the level, but they are a rare
breed. They hide in plain sight and rarely venture that far off the sidewalk because they have
fear of rejection. I probably wouldnt make a good man. I would be too afraid to ask a girl out
and thankfully that position went to the opposite sex.
Tamara really couldnt concentrate not with the way that Shana was parading her body
around the room like a storm onto herself. She could never sit still. To get a brief glimpse of her
flesh and the way that those white panties had snuck up to wedge into the crack of her ass and
cleft of her pussy was causing her to want to turn out the lights and let her fingers bring about
the satisfaction that she couldnt get any other way. She had decided that men were now off
limits and that Sheridan had turned her into a lesbian. It was only going to be an experimental
part of her learning process in university. North Carolina had the kind of atmosphere that
brought out the crazies during a full moon. They actually heard howling from on top of the roof
by those that were adventurous enough to join what was considered the wolf club.
I think that it goes without saying that the wolf club members cannot be trusted. Its too
bad that some of those guys get caught up in being accepted. Their behavior is modified by the
acceptance of their peers. Everybody wants to be a part of something. Its natural, but it
doesnt mean that its right. I cant say that I dont like sex, but its the kind of sex that makes
the most difference. Ive had lovers that lasted a mere minute that were better than those that
went the distance for hours on end. There has to be that one out there somewhere that can
combine stamina and the kind of knowledge that would have me seeing stars. Shana continued
her studies looking from time to time to see Tamara with your feet up in the air and spread in an
obscene way. She had a curiosity and Tamaras nipples were not exactly regulation. They were
these huge awe inspiring peaks. It wasnt like she was opposed to trying something like that,
but it had to be at the right time in the right place.
I find your fascination with human behavior to be a little off putting. I appreciate that you
have found something that you are passionate about, but dont you think that you are taking
away from the game. Youre breaking the rules. Guys will not have a chance to give you what
you truly need. Youll always be picking them apart and every word that they say will have to be
analyzed by that analytical mind of yours. Tamara liked how Shana unashamedly walked
around almost naked. She enjoyed her company and having her as a sounding board gave her
a way to unload without having the need to scream.
I can see it from your point of view. Im sure some guys have what you consider game.
What I see is little boys trying to be men. They think that if they say the right thing and make
their bodies into temples that we as girls will flock to them. They would love for that commercial
to be true where they spray their body and women cant help themselves but to become their
sexual slaves. I may have an unfair advantage, but I need that knowledge to stop myself from
making the worst mistake of my life. Ive seen friends lose themselves to a relationship only to
have their world fall apart around them when that guy decides that it was time to cast his line
for another one in the sea. I can see through the crap. Its not easy to find that one that wants
to know me inside and out.
If you dont let someone in, then how do you suppose youre going to fare when youre
alone in an apartment with several cats. I dont want that for you and the best way to avoid that
is to get out and mingle. Do something to shake things up and dont become so complacent that
you have only your eyes on your studies. Some guys are worth the extra effort, although they
wont find that with me anymore. Ive decided to jump onto the other side of the fence. Theres
been a girl that has been after me for some time and I believe that Im going to slow down long
enough for her to catch me. It should be interesting when we are walking across campus
together holding hands making all the other guys eat their heart out. Tamara was watching for
any sign that Shana might be jealous. She saw nothing to confirm that their relationship was
anything more than platonic.
Life has always been about changes and nothing stays the same. I do admit that it might
be a good idea to take the chance. You only live once and if you dont make the most of it, then
you are letting them get away with putting you in a certain box. Shana wanted that moment of
electricity in the air. To feel connected to a man who wasnt after only one thing. It wasnt easy,
but maybe patience was indeed a virtue.
Chapter 2

Sheridan was standing with some of his brothers still wearing the uniform and now howling
at the moon. He was the leader of the Wolf pack and the hunt was always more delicious when
the woman was more of a challenge. The guys would talk about how they were able to seduce
their women, but Sheridan never felt that he had to do anything more than look at a woman a
certain way.
You have been remarkably silent. If you have something on your mind then why not tell
your brothers. You havent been yourself in a long time. Ive seen you with one girl after another
and they always leave slightly stunned and looking like you not only rocked their world, but
destroyed it at the same time. Drew Jones was Sheridans wingman and they had played a
certain game with the ladies that made it easier to get them in a more willing mood. That
blonde buxom bitch last night was all over me from the moment that I got her back to her doom.
When I was finished with her, I was about to leave and then her roommate turned out to be
even better than she was. Drew was the token black guy in a group of primarily white men. He
had learned a lot under the tutelage of all of these men combined. Their continued success
came from sharing with one another certain aspects that they could use in what they called the
Sheridan was that blond Adonis that was not exactly a ladies man back in school. It was
in his last year of high school that the coach took an instant liking to him. He molded him into the
perfect specimen of muscles and stamina. He became a sponge for the sport of Football. Even
though it was unheard of, he became something of a rising star. Once he got a taste for
working out, it became his idea of religious worship.
I dont know if you would understand this or not, but dont you think that its sometimes a
little bit too easy? I know that most of you have to pull out all the stops, but I dont. I have a
different woman every night. The one that you see over there texting on her phone is a girl that
I just met. I have no idea what her name is, but I do know that she can suck a mean cock. I
didnt finish, because I had to be here with you, but I think that I might just have to leave you all
to fend for yourselves. He didnt necessarily feel sorry for himself, but he did feel that he was
going through the motions. The sly grin and a cock of his head was mostly all the game that he
had to show to get a girl to walk towards him with more than just interest in her eyes.
The coach has been riding us pretty hard lately and the big game is very important to
him. I think that you just have one in the chamber and that you need satisfaction. We can take
care of things from here and it looks like you have better things to do. Drew had always been
a little jealous of Sheridans easy success with the ladies. They had to work a little bit harder.
Sheridan could pretty much snap his fingers and have any woman. There was one that was
considered the ultimate prize, but nobody was willing to take the risk of having their manhood
called into question. What you need is someone that is going to bring out the best in you. This
may not be a popular suggestion, but maybe you should considerShana. At the mention of
her name, the boys stopped talking and crowded around to see why her name had been
brought up in the first place.
Ill have to give that some thought. The last guy to try to get with her came back less than
a man. His confidence was shaken and we literally had to coax him back into the dating world.
He left about five months after that saying that he needed some space. That girl needs to be
taken down a peg and maybe I am just the guy to do it. I have been thinking about her. I see
her walking around and I know that look in her eyes. She wants a real man and not some boy
pretending to be one. Ive actually come up with an interesting idea to get close to her and I just
need to find the right time to approach her. That can wait. Right now I need to rid myself of
these cobwebs to really be able to think straight. That sexy thing over there with the tight black
skirt and nothing on underneath is my best shot of making that happen. There was a medley of
arm punching. Sheridan went back over and stood behind this redheaded woman. She only had
one thing on her mind.
Amber knew the score and was pretty much considered someone that had a voracious
appetite for sex. She didnt care what they looked like and as long as they had the kind of body
and the equipment between their legs then she was game.
We have stayed long enough to make an appearance. I really didnt want to come up
here, but I am the quarterback and it would seem out of place that I didnt show up. I have to
say that it was very hard to pull myself away from those lips. I know that you were determined
to make me lose my nut by going down on me in that darkened theatre. That was fucking hot. I
know that I have no right to ask, but do you suppose that you could do me the honor of finishing
what you started. The boys would get a bit of a thrill seeing how a real woman handles a mans
needs. I dont think that you are shy. He saw that she had stopped typing long enough to lean
back and let him manhandle her quite enormous assets.
The sheer camisole material of her yellow shirt was pulled down, so that she could feel
the cool breeze licking her nipples until they were as hard as stones. I didnt tell you, but my
specialty is deepthroating. I love to see the look on a mans face when he realizes that its
going to happen. It will be fun to have your posse watching me take you down to the root. Are
you sure that you really want them to witness this? I only ask, because I can be a bit
persistent. Sometimes guys dont last more than a couple of minutes and that can be a hard pill
to swallow. They want their friends to think that they can go all night long, but my mouth has
other ideas. Amber pushed him back against the door leading to the stairs. She moved into a
position that she knew all too well.
The guys seeing that this was going to happen decided to whip their members out and
begin to satisfy themselves with their own version of a live x rated movie. This was so much
better that watching this stuff on the internet.
I hope that you can do what you said. Im not exactly a lightweight in that department. I
sometimes overshadow the others in the locker room when we are showering. Then again, look
who Im talking to and youve already seen and tasted it for yourself. You didnt do what you
said you can, but maybe you were waiting for the right time to spring that bit of information on
me. He pulled down his zipper and took out the Kielbasa and was immediately taken back by
her enthusiastic nature. This time she wasnt just taking half of it and all the other guys
surrounding were envious of his position.
Her expertise in this field was something that none of them were quite ready for. She
seemed to have a real knack for sucking cock. She was smoking the entire thing down to his
heavy balls. She was showing no sign that this was uncomfortable and a couple of other girls
that had come at the bequest of their guy were now visibly impressed. They couldnt take their
eyes off of her, but their hands were now busy supplying their men with that necessary outlet.
Amber loved sex and the best position was on her knees. There were times that it wasnt
even necessary to spread her legs. The guy was pretty much out of it by the time that she was
finished. Sometimes there was one orgasm, but more often than not it was at least two or
three. She became something of a legend. She was not surprised to find that Sheridan had now
wanted to take his crack at the girl that had the kind of skills to bring the boys to the yard.
She decided to shock Sheridan by reaching out and grabbing two other cocks in close
reach. She was sucking one and really putting every effort to blow his top within minutes of first
starting this act. You like that Im playing with your friends. I could feel the way that your cock
grew that extra inch when I grabbed onto them. You want them to fire their load all over me. If
you play your cards right, you might just get what you are asking for. She took a hold of his
cock and squeezed from the bottom to top like she was getting the last of the toothpaste from
the discarded tube. She found that sweet delight to her liking and even though there was a
bitter aftertaste, it still satisfied an itch that she couldnt scratch with one of her many toys.
Sheridan knew that there was nothing like having a girl go down on him and knew what
they were doing. Amber was showing herself to be someone that was better than most. She
was not just doing it for the sake of the mans needs. This was something that she was very
good at and did not mind showing her talents to just about anybody that was willing to show her
some love in return. Her reputation made it necessary for him to cast aside his doubts and see
what all the fuss was about.
He thought about Shana and how getting her into bed would be so damn satisfying. He
had seen her bend over in a pair of jeans and what he wanted to do most of all was to use
some sharp implement to rip them wide open from behind. The very thought was now fueling
his balls into overflowing into her mouth. He was consciously aware that his two friends were
close to that moment and he didnt want to be late to the party.
You have such an amazing mouth. I think that you know what kind of reaction youre
going to get fromfromany man. Youre just a nasty girl with a nasty mouth and a desire for
sex. I love that you can let yourself go and be in the moment and not care what anybody else
thinks. Yesyou are second to none and now Im going to CUMMMMMM. His legs were
taking the strain of that climax and he was jabbing it into her throat to make her swallow the
entire thing without touching her tongue. The only thing that was left behind that she could taste
was one long stream that came out of him in the aftermath.
Amber felt the pulsing members in both of her hands and knew that they were going to
have a photo finish. She stood up with her hands still on them and watched their expression as
they got closer and closer to making quite the mess. She was timing her hands perfectly and
then they both gave this mighty grunt which was followed by streams that landed on her bare
toes through the open heels that she was wearing. Shed never been one into the kinky act of
feet, but this feeling of their heated discharge landing on her bare toes was something that she
would love to try again.
I have this feeling that youre not going to be a stranger around the Wolf pack. Each one
of these guys is my brother. I would like you to be available for those times that they dont have
that necessary outlet. Well certainly make it worth your while and how does an all expense trip
to Cabo sound for just an appetizer? Sheridan didnt mean to go off in less than 20 minutes,
but she was very good at what she did. It also didnt hurt that he was thinking about Shana and
how his cock would fit into the ripped portion of her jeans. He would fuck her from behind and
make her take every damn inch of his 8 inch pile driver.
I do admit that having a steady supply will help me to keep from making drastic mistakes
with other guys that are not as gentle. I do believe that Im going to take you up on your offer.
That trip to Cabo would be a lot more pleasing if one of you would join me. I will let that be a
surprise. Its up to you to decide which one will accompany me for two weeks of pretty much
sex everywhere. She was purposely baiting them and the very idea that they would fight until
one was bloody was making her giddy with anticipation.
Im sure that one of us will be happy to join you. Well have to come up with a fair way to
decide without resorting to Queensberry rules. Sheridan had a plan in mind for Shana and he
felt that there was no time like the present.
Chapter 3

He knew exactly what room she was in. He was sitting on the edge of the building and he
noticed through the threadbare curtains that she was still up. He could wait until morning, but
that wasnt his style.
Sheridan and the two others that had come with girls had excused themselves leaving the
rest in the company of Amber. She was begging for them to give her more of that sweet elixir
between their healthy young legs. He had no doubt that they would have some stories to tell in
the locker room.
He walked quickly across the campus still feeling like Amber was sucking his cock at this
very moment. He went upstairs and knocked on Shanas door. He did it lightly not to disturb
those that were on the floor trying to get their 8 hours of beauty sleep. He knocked one more
time and then he heard that unmistakable sound of somebody shuffling forward to open the
Shana was ready to berate any man that was willing to interrupt her studies. What she
found instead was Sheridan in his tight uniform. I dont think that she wants to talk to you. Its
better that you let some time pass before you think that everything is going to be perfectly fine.
He has some nerve coming here and why he thinks that hes worthy of a fine girl like Tamara is
beyond me. I wish that he was here for me, but I would never show that kind of interest without
first having my head examined. Shana grabbed for her black robe on the back of the door,
putting it on and hiding what had become something of an instant attraction for Sheridan.
Im not here to talk to her. What we had was fun, but it couldnt be anything more than
that. Im just not capable of that kind of commitment and that is the reason why I came here. I
know that youve been studying human behavior and I was wondering if maybemaybe you
wouldnt mind giving me a few pointers about what women really want. I wouldnt have come
here with my hat in my hand if I thought that I had another choice. I want to know that theres
more to it than two writhing bodies in the heat of passion. I want to know what it is to get to
know someone on a more than an intimate level. Playing the field has been fun, but it has
become kind of stagnant. This was the first salvo. He could only hope that she would see him
as a true test of her wills and allow her guard to drop.
I dont know if I should slap you in the face or entertain this idea that you want me to be
your Cyrano. Im sure that you have no idea what Im referring to, but it really doesnt matter. I
wouldnt normally even consider this, but you seem so pathetic that it seems inhumane to send
you away like a scalded dog. I still dont know what to make of this proposal, but Im willing to
start with the basics. Tomorrow night, I will expect you to be dressed appropriately for a
restaurant of my choosing. A woman wants a protector and someone that is going to show her
the kind of attention that she deserves. I would suggest that you invest in a good suit. You may
not think that it matters what you wear, but Im here to tell you that it does. I really dont know
what kind of game hes playing and maybe this is something that him and his wolf pack have
come up with to make a fool out of me. If hes expecting to get me into a vulnerable position,
then hes going to be waiting a very long time. I would love to let that other part of myself out.
Its been chained in the dungeon for way too long as it is. Im sure that having sex with him
would be a mind blowing experience, but what happens afterwards. I dont want to become the
girl that is going to cling to him and ask for something that he cant possibly give me. Shana
was waiting to see what his response was going to be. He wasnt going to make her wait for
very long.
I dont normally let a woman dictate what Im going to wear, but I did after all come to
you for help. I want something more than a one night stand. I want a girl that is going to stay
with me and I will have no reason to want to gnaw my arm off in the morning. Your studies will
help me to stop doing those things that I normally do. Sheridan knew that he couldnt come on
too strong. Showing a bit of humility had gone a long way to get her to open up to the
proposition. I dont have a suit, but Im sure that my father can lend me one of his. He was
always quite dapper when I was growing up and that came from a career in sales. He will get a
kick out of me asking to borrow one of his suits and even one of his flamboyant ties. Sheridan
didnt want to be changed, but maybe for her it wouldnt be so bad.
I wasnt the one that came to you and it was the other way around. Im happy to be
discreet and the restaurant that I have in mind is outside the city. Its a quaint little place that
offers Cajun fare like youve never had before. I dont even think that the tourists know about it
and its that one well kept secret that only a select few know about. Its primarily through word
of mouth and Im going to share with you culinary delicacies of the south that will melt in your
mouth. I know that something else would melt in my mouth, but I dont know if I want to walk
down that road. He does look damn fine in that uniform and those tight pants do nothing to hide
whats obviously one of his prize possessions. Ive heard the stories and even Tamara was not
exactly shy about telling tales out of school. He does have one of those bodies and the added
benefit of a cock thats bigger than average surely does make for an interesting appetizer
before the main course.
Im not sure that this was a good idea, but Im not going to back down after coming this
far. I will gladly come to you as a gentleman. I will even do you the courtesy of opening up your
door. Its not to say that I dont know these things. Ive never had to use them before. I should
probably break out the old favorites instead of relying on my natural good looks and charm. He
couldve called her on looking at his body and making it feel like he was wearing nothing. Her
eyes had zeroed in on a part of his anatomy that had become a subject of debate amongst the
ladies. Im guessing that youre going to try to make my jaw drop to the floor upon your
entrance. Im looking forward to that. I do want to go on the record to say that this is only an
arrangement and I have no designs on you. Youre not really even my type. Sheridan
sometimes found that a compliment with an insult had the desired effect of making a girl want
to prove herself to be worthy of his otherwise interesting abilities.
You dont have to put on airs with me. I know what youre all about. Tamara has not
exactly been keeping her mouth shut. I dont think that she would like the idea of me seeing you
even on a professional basis. I have to take it that you really do want to be a better man. If
thats true, then I will save some of those girls the heart ache of jumping your bones and then
realizing that the walk of shame is not as pleasant as it sounds. If I can save one from that
embarrassment, then Ill know that I have been a productive member of society. The one hint
that I will give you for tomorrow night is that you should learn what I like. In the age of social
media, its not going to be hard for you to determine what subjects that we can talk about and
the ones that are off limits. I dont want to hear about your football career or any of your injuries
to get my pity. This was my time to make things right for all woman kind. He had mistakenly
come to me and now I was going to take advantage of that situation the best way that I could. I
was hopefully going to make him see that his promiscuous ways were a desperate plea for
I didnt know what to expect when I came here. I appreciate that you at least heard me
out and didnt just slam the door in my face. I understand what loyalty is all about and Tamara is
lucky to have a good friend like you. I hope that I didnt cause any harm and that shell be able
to put all of this ugliness behind her. This is not the first or the last time that Sheridan had fake
genuine concern to lure a woman into a false sense of security. His words had real bite and the
catch in his throat showed his sincerity, even though it was more of an act.
Pleasedo me a favor and dont treat this like any other time. You need to give some
thought to your behavior and how you are willing to modify it. Girls like a guy that is willing to
change, but its not so easy to find one. Im sure that you know by now that the bad boy has
always been a weakness for the female gender. We always think that we change them when it
becomes painfully obvious that they are stuck in their ways. I see him standing here and all I
want to do is rip off his clothes and do disgusting things that will put a smile both of our faces.
Tamara thought that I wasnt listening when she told of her sex life. I dont think that I could
have turned away from such a vivid detail account of what they had done to each other. His
prowess with his tongue is something that I want to try out for myself, but Im not willing to
make that attempt without knowing more about him going forward.
I do have a lot to learn and youre the kind of teacher that I wouldnt have fallen asleep
for in class in high school. Im going to willingly put myself in your capable hands. Those that
have talked about you in class have said that you were like a sponge from the moment that you
opened up that text book. Im not going to say who ratted you out, but I think in the long run it
was a good thing that he did or she did as the case may be. I have to say that you look better
up close than you do from afar. Dont get me wrong, Im not stalking you or anything like that.
Its just that I admire the strength that you exude. Ive heard how you made some men
ashamed of their actions. At first, I thought that you were just a bitch, but now Im beginning to
realize that you just wanted a fair shake with the opposite sex. You dont want to feel that
youre being coerced into doing something against your basic nature. This is something that I
understand all too well. I dont want to take up any more of your time. Its getting late and my
coach really doesnt want me out after curfew.
His dedication to what he does with distinction is impressive. He really does know his
way around the gridiron. Of course, Ive never had any interest in the sport, except for when I
see them in that uniform. Im sure that a lot of girls get into the sport just because of those tight
uniforms that leaves little to the imagination. It would be best if we both get our sleep. It looks
like Im going to have my work cut out for me. You need to be admonished for your bad
behavior. Im going to have to come up with a suitable punishment when you get out of line.
Shana was thinking about spanking him, but she thought that he might enjoy that a little bit too
much. Denying him sex was off the table, because sex had never been on the table in the first
I do want to go on record to say that Im not really all that comfortable in a fancy setting.
To be myself makes it easier towaitthats precisely the reason why youre doing it. You
want me to be uncomfortable and be shifting nervously in my chair. You want to see me pull
that tie away from my neck like its a noose. Thats pretty damn crafty if I dont say so myself. I
get this feeling that Ive made a colossal error and Im going to have to pay for it in some way. I
look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Im very interested to see what youre going to
wear. I do hope that its not too promiscuous and I would rather concentrate on learning than to
be constantly teased with that kind of distraction. Hes going to be an interesting subject. I will
take everything that I learned from my first year of classes and what I have already learned
from the Internet and put it into play with him. Ive already seen that hes not being completely
truthful and that does instill more than enough hesitation.
I do want you to tell Tamara that I never meant to make her feel that I didnt care. If I
was being honest, I would say that I was a little scared about the possibility of falling for her.
Ive known for a very long time that my tendency to jump from one pair of legs to another is a
sickness. I cant seem to help myself and its possible that I have a sex addiction. I havent got
that far to admit such a thing, but maybe its time that I address the elephant in the room. He
knew that he had a healthy sex life. It made him very happy to be in the company of more than
just one woman. If that was true, then why was he thinking about her after the door closed?
Chapter 4

He was right about his father and they had a bonding experience looking for a suit that
would fit him and was the right one for the occasion. He always drowned him out when he was
talking about his suits of armor going into battle when he went to do a sales call. They found
this dark blue suit and accompanying it underneath was a dark shirt and a white tie with what
appeared to be etchings of lips along the surface of the material. Sheridan was beginning to
see what it meant to dress to impress. His mother almost fainted when she saw him coming
down the stairs looking like a younger version of his father.
I dont know who this girl is that youre dressing up for, but I think that we should meet
her if things get serious. His mother had seen the way that he used women like yesterdays
tissue and threw them away after he was done with them. She had no idea where shed had
gone wrong and this was the first glimmer of hope that he had become the man that she
wanted him to be. Take my advice and let things simmer for a while before you make your
move. Youd be surprised at how often a little bit of patience will pay off. You could even take
that advice onto the field with you and I know how you sometimes showboat to the crowd. He
went towards the door and she grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek. It made him blush
with embarrassment.
He had to admit that he did make a fetching site and as he drove his newly shined
Porsche out of the driveway it was like he was seeing himself a lot more clearly.
He parked the car and went into the restaurant feeling like he didnt belong. The maitre D
led him to an out of the way table. His first impression of her was exactly what he was afraid
of. That white dress and the very limited peek at her cleavage made her look like an
unattainable piece of fruit.
I was little worried that you were not going to make it. Im glad to see that you took my
advice even though it looks like youre wearing some sort of straitjacket. You look amazing and
there isnt a girl alive that wouldnt be impressed with the way that you are dressed. Thats only
the outer layer. Take my hand and kiss the back of it with your eyes never leaving my own. This
might seem a little old fashioned, but sometimes the classics never go out of style. The first
touch of his lips to her hand made her legs move slightly ajar like she was expecting something.
He does seem like hes willing to listen. Lets see how things progress during the evening. That
suit does look good on him, but it would look a whole lot better off of him. I have to try and not
do something stupid. Its hard to do that when another part of his anatomy is not exactly staying
quiet during all of this.
He had gone on the Internet and onto her Facebook to learn some things that she was
into. The conversation was light and the banter was full of levity. Normally, he would be telling
the girl the many things that he was going to do to her body until they had to rush out of
whatever mundane thing that they were doing.
The meal was to die. He found that he had a real appetite for Cajun cuisine. The gumbo
had him wondering why he didnt try this a long time ago. He never took a few moments to
enjoy the culture and the southern hospitality that were offered for just about anyone in the
area. He was all about himself. He believed that people were there to please him and not the
other way around.
At the end of the evening they left the restaurant and she found that he had taken her
hand. The lessons that she was teaching him might have been unleashing a monster, but she
felt that he was worth the risk. It was only after they got back into his car that their desire for
each other could not be ignored. They looked at each other for a moment and then looked
away and came back in a lip lock that had the windows steaming up.
I didnt expect this and I certainly didnt believe for a second that it would happen. He has
shown no contempt and he has listened with an aptitude for learning. I just gave him an arsenal
to make women into pieces of clay for him to mold into the perfect lover. What the hell was I
thinking? He didnt need me, or maybe he did and this is his way of trying to turn over a new
leaf. His tongue is certainly adventurous. He has a few tricks that Im not sure that Ive ever felt
before. The way that he tickles the top of my palate with the tip of his tongue is causing things
to happen below my waist. I can feel his hand up along my thigh underneath this white dress.
He found his fingers touching the fabric of her panties. He pulled it aside to feel the heated
contents of her sex against the pad of his finger. He drew a straight line down the wetness until
those lips parted like that of the red sea. They were still kissing and he saw her eyes go wide
when he insinuated his finger into the moistness that he had came in contact with. He ended the
kiss by biting her bottom lip in a playful gesture.
Im sure that its not the way that you envisioned this evening ending. Im sorry if I
overstepped my bounds. If you want to forget about this and go back home, I wouldnt blame
you. He had found their conversation to be delightful and learning about her and actually
listening made him want to express himself physically. I do want you to know that your lessons
were nothing without a suitable subject. I find your haunting green eyes to be looking into my
very soul. He was trying to open up and this was the first time that he had ever been seriously
interested in more than just the hot sex that would make them both feel like they had been blind
and now they could see.
Instead of answering, she showed him in actions that there was no place that she wanted
to be other than by his side. She never thought that she would be caught inside a car making
out and about to do something that could possibly make her regret it in the morning.
I dont know what it is, but I have to have you. I can only hope that you will respect me in
the morning. Im pulling down the zipper and I see the sleeping beauty ready for my kiss to
wake it from its slumber. I pull out his cock and its exactly what Tamara had said. Im not truly
prepared for what has greeted my eyes. I grab it and I feel the veins throbbing against my
fingertips and the way that the head is offering up just a small taste for free. I cant possibly
turn that down and I dont think that any woman could after an evening like that. He really did
care about what I had to say. Shana lowered her guard long enough to slip her lips over top of
the crown of his cock. That initial taste was only a tease. She wanted more from the evening
than just one lone drop to satisfy her desire.
He watched mesmerized as she struggled to take his demanding cock. His cock
disappeared and she may have gagged slightly, but that didnt stop her from continuing the
pursuit of getting every fucking inch down her throat. Your approach AHH AHH I love the
way that you scrape me with your teeth. You make it hurt so fucking good. He lifted his ass
and saw that his balls were now pressed nicely against her chin. They were definitely closer
than expected. Catching her was better than he could hope for. He had this catch in his throat
as he reeled back and let go with a torrent of his memorable release.
Shana wasnt expecting the canon to go off, but she was happily devoured what was
being supplied. It caused her to want more. She worked to make sure that he didnt lose the
stiffness. She applied many techniques that she had never used before. She saw his exhausted
member stretching to accommodate her wishes of staying in the moment. She wanted to
surprise him and in the process she even surprised herself. She thought that she could contain
her emotions and place them deep down where they were going to do no harm. She should
have known better than to think that her body had any semblance of right and wrong. I just felt
him shoot his cream down my throat and I was lucky to pull him back so that I could savor
those last few shots covering my tongue with that sticky sweetness.
I dont know how you did that, but I have to applaud your effort. It usually takes me more
time than exiting of womans mouth to get back that feeling down below. I have to say that this
evening has been full of surprises and each one has been a welcome respite from my normal
conquests. For some reason, I feel that I need to be honest with you and I dont know how
youre going to take this. I only used the ploy of wanting your help to get close to you. It
worked better than I thought it was going to. I really do feel that you might know me better than
I know myself. I wish that there was a way that I could show youoh wait I think that there
is. He pressed the button on the chair beside her and heard her squeal of surprise as she was
now lying prone.
I should be angry, but Im not. I should run from this car, but the only thing that I want is
for you to eat my pussy until I am pushing my feet up against the top of the car. Im lying here
as he pushes my knees apart and his fingers slide delicately along the smoothness of my
thighs. I feel his hot breath at my panties and Im already soaking wet and ready for just about
anything that hes going to do. I sense his hesitation. I think its time that I wrap my legs around
his neck to make sure that he knows that theres nothing thats going to stop me from getting
him to orally satisfy me. Shana did indeed wrap her legs around him feeling his lips pressed to
the crotch of her panties and then one long swipe of his tongue through the material was only
enough to make her yearn.
It was that delicious nectar of the gods that had him applying his tongue and watching as
it sank into the everlasting tightness of her hole. He didnt even have to use his hand to manually
stimulate himself and nothing was going to bring down the flag at full salute.
Yesso fucking deep. I think that Im beginning to see that being with you can be an
addictive experience. My godthat is certainly one way to get to a womans heart. She
screamed and her feet slipped from around his neck to press up against the roof of the car. Her
high heels were digging into it and leaving her mark behind in the wake of her climactic moment.
I want to believe that this is him showing me the real Sheridan. He doesnt know when to give
up and that first orgasm was only the beginning. Im looking at myself and I see the woman that
has become unglued. I see the way that I scream. I feel the way that my pussy clamps down
on top of him to make sure that he doesnt escape my clutches. I ride each one to the finish
line. I think he knows exactly what I need more than anything else.
He listened to her scream and knew that she was in a league of her own. That emotion of
sexual bliss became like a symphony to his ears. He was completely enamored and her body
responded to his every touch like a live wire was being pressed into her flesh. He felt her pull at
his hair and he was left with a permanent glaze that he never wanted to wipe off.
I know that I might have gotten a little carried away. I have to thank you for taking me
underneath your wing, but I think that I can take it from here. Youre the kind of woman that
needs more pleasure than the average woman. I think that I can give it to you, but only if you
want it. He would have just slipped it to the girl that he was with, but this time he wanted her
permission. He got it the form of her hands wrapping around him from below and pulling him
into position. His knob touched her lips and he knew what was awaiting him.
Shuffling up to him, Shana made the necessary adjustment to give him free rein to her
body. In the blink of an eye things can change. Any chance that I get to be with you will be
something that ICHERISH. The last word got stuck in her throat as he moved forward with
the thrust of his hips. She felt his body on top of her and noticed that he was moving quickly to
take off his shirt to reveal those muscles that made her little hole clamp down on his cock from
seeing him in his glory.
I cant understand why somebody like you would be single. Youre the total package. Oh
my godyou just fucking did that. No woman knows how my nipples are my weak spot. How is
it that you seem to know me better than they do? Is it because you go the extra mile? Have I
always been that predictable and didnt know it? Sheridan gave her short and hard strokes that
were meant to make that telltale wet slap every time that he buried it deep. He could feel the
convulsions starting to radiate down her excited walls. The way that those walls were now
closing in on him made him grateful that his cock was not claustrophobic.
Make those shocks take the brunt of what youre doing to me. Give me the blunt end of
your instrument and make it feel so fucking good that I will always want to be with you. Show
me what you have learned and what I have yet to learn. Your stick is not easy to getused to.
You fuck me like an animal and I have to admit that taking off the chains was a good thing.
Youre banging me into submission and leaving me panting and wanting more. My god I dont
think that Ive ever had this kind offucking climax. Im being used and abused and I know that
I will never look at him the same way. I cant have him thinking that this one time is going to be
enough. I forgive him for coming to me under false pretenses. Im glad that he did or I wouldnt
be here getting the fuck of a lifetime.
Yesplay with my body and make my cock into your own personal toy. Youve always
had me and all you had to do was look at me to find the truth. Yes Shana Shana Shana.
He could feel the rising storm and that swirling white tornado coming up the length. There was a
moment of complete serenity and then his mind short circuited with the pleasure that became
something that he would always measure the next time that he was with her by.
She felt the ejection of his manhood and the way that her pussy seemed to hunger for the
very sweet sauce that had now driven into her. She was beating her heels against the ceiling
leaving puncture marks. I lie here taking this and I know that hes the one that I have been
dreaming about. I just hope that I can prevent him from straying and the last thing I want is to
see him with another woman unless of course its agreed upon beforehand amongst the both of
us. I can see us experimenting for the sake of what other pleasures are out there to be had.
Birthdays and anniversaries are going to be very interesting. We are going to try to outdo each
other with how kinky and perverted we can get.
He saw the way that she looked. She had that well fucked satisfied smile creased across
her face. They were both slippery to the touch. He pulled back slowly and watched as each
inch began to emerge from the hot little cocoon. His knob was the last to exit. He saw his
discharge clinging to the inside of her lips. He always wore something to protect himself from
the possibility of getting someone pregnant, but he never even managed to get it out of the
They promised each other that they were always going to be in each others lives and that
was a promise that they were going to take very seriously. Even after he was drafted, she
followed him to Chicago and they soon found out that they were going to be with child. This
whole thing had started off by her being the ultimate prize and in the end thats exactly what she


Chapter 1
I dont know what to tell you, Cassie. There just isnt any funding for this kind of research.
If you had something to back up your hypothesis, then maybe I might be able to make a stand
for you with the committee. Benjamin Hampton was telling his prize investment that the gravy
train was ending. Cassie had always been a headache from the moment that she came to work
for him. She was always demanding. She was the cause of his premature gray and how his
wife didnt want to touch him anymore. He was going to have to bite the bullet and use some
Grecian formula to get back that lovin feeling.
I cant believe this. Ive wasted 10 years of my life bending over backwards to please you
people. Ive given you nothing but my best. I ask for one little favor in return and I get shot
down. You know that this is the answer that the human race is looking for. It could even be a
problem solving measure for those worlds that on the cusp of losing everything that they hold
dear. I want to slap him, but I know that hes only doing what the committee has mandated.
Its not his fault and why Im castrating the messenger is beyond me. Cassie was the
dictionary meaning of the word intellect. She had no interest in showing off her curves to
The world was vastly different from the one that they both remembered growing up. The
first sighting of that alien vessel that had the secrets that would advance their technology had
come in the year 2018. At first, they thought that is was a form of subterfuge to lull them into a
false sense of security.
The aliens proved to be friendly and willing to share the wealth of their knowledge in
return for a welcoming new world. They looked exactly like humans, but their eyes would
change color with whatever mood they were in at the time. Green usually meant that they were
satisfied and red was something to be avoided at all costs. There was one that they were even
afraid of and they called him the conqueror.
I might be able to set you up with a meeting with those that might be interested in your
research. I wouldnt hold your breath, but it is the only option on the table. I do see some real
potential in your research, but you have yet to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It goes a
long way when you can give them something tangible to hold onto. This is the era of
convenience and everything has to be right now. He saw the reflection of his face and the
wrinkles. He was most likely going to have to go under some procedure. He had heard of a
cream that the aliens had just put on the market, but it would cost a pretty penny to get his
hands on.
Cassie was a bit of a hothead, but you wouldnt know it from looking at her 53 frame and
135 pound body. She didnt exude any sort of attraction to the opposite sex. She avoided
relationships and commitments like they were the plague. Being inexperienced at 25 was a little
uncommon, but it wasnt like she was advertising it.
Cassie pulled her lab coat tightly across her chest to hide the fact that she was endowed
more than others. It wasnt hard to see that Benjamin mightve been married, but he wasnt
dead. I dont see how I have any other choice. If I dont find some way to get the funding, then
my mother is going to step in and I just know that means wedding bells in my future. She thinks
that I would even consider a blind date down the aisle. I cant say that his picture doesnt make
me curious, but I would have hoped by now that she knew that I would not bow to her
insistence. Set me up a meeting with some think tank or group of Angel investors. I will have to
get this company to sign over an affidavit saying that I can outsource my expertise. I never
thought that I would have to go down this road. If I didnt think that I was onto some kind of
major breakthrough, then I probably wouldnt even bother. I can feel it in my fingertips and the
only thing thats missing is the required funds and the best equipment to make it happen.
There is one that has been looking high and low for something to sink his teeth into.
Nobody really wants anything to do with him and they have good reason. Its a known fact that
he can be belligerent and the world leaders are still trying to figure him out. He wasnt sure
what she was going to say to this proposal, but it didnt hurt to throw it out there and see if
something stuck. Jorgen has been seeking a scientist and maybe he will take you on with me
vouching for you. I could reach out to those of his people and see if hes willing to at least
discuss the matter.
It was the year 2025 and her recollection of Jorgen went back to when she was in middle
school. That man is a tyrant. I dont even know if I could even stand to be around him. I have
to do something and desperate times call for desperate measures. My mother cant be trusted.
She probably already has the wedding cake designed and the ring practically on my finger. The
only way that I can get her off my back is to show her that I can think for myself. I dont need a
man to hold me down and make me feel subjugated. Cassie was peering at the results of her
latest scan and noticed a couple of anomalies that this equipment was not capable of finding
the answers.
You say the word and I will make sure that you at least get a sit down meeting with
Jorgen. They say that hes going to be in the area sometime in the next couple of days. He
usually likes to do it under the down low, as to not to attract too much attention from
government authorities. It still amazes me that they leave him alone to conquer other worlds on
the pretense that he doesnt touch this one. Benjamin was exuberant about the possibility that
he could kill two birds with one stone. He couldnt stand to be around Cassie any longer than
necessary. He wanted to pawn off his headache onto a man that needed to be taken down off
his pedestal.
My father would be rolling around in his grave if he were around to see me stoop to this
level of groveling. He always said that if research was important enough that somebody would
back it. I can only hope that Im not some kind of disappointment to him. It hurts me to think that
my mother was right all along. She claimed that I would never make it on my own and Ive been
struggling to prove her wrong every single day of my life. Cassie was strong minded and would
not knuckle down against the pressure of her mothers constant verbal abuse. Theres only one
person that can get underneath my skin and thats my mother. One look in my direction and I
feel like I am five years old clutching onto her pant leg as she lambastes into one of the staff.
She will always have that ability to strike fear into the heart of many including myself.
If it was up to me, I would gladly give you the funding, but everybody is tightening their
belts. A lot of that money that was earmarked for research has gone to the government to
make weapons of mass destruction. They want to be ready in case of the possibility of an
Armageddon. There has been no sign that Jorgen or anybody else has designs on bringing this
world to its knees. We actually have a settlement on Jupiter and we got the know how from the
alien race known as the Sect. They have warned us that Jorgen cant be trusted, but it remains
to be seen that hes a threat to us. Benjamin was aghast. In his 50 years on this planet, he had
never seen a government bow down in servitude to anyone without facing the consequences.
Jorgen had shown what he was made of by destroying a national landmark. Mount
Rushmore had been obliterated and a reminder of his might was a sunken hole.
I will be damned if my mother gets me underneath her thumb again. Living underneath
her roof is the last place that I want to find myself. I would rather live in a cardboard box
underneath the rail road panhandling for money. She could say that, but she was also
accustomed to the finer things in life including hot and cold running servants. I want to believe
in my heart that this is not the end and only the beginning. If I can show that this research can
be used to give new life to planets that are on the edge of being uninhabitable, then my mother
might look at me with a bit more respect.
I still dont know why its a big deal. Your mother has always had your best interest at
heart. She was the one that was instrumental in getting you this far. It was her name that
allowed those doors to come open and it was your gift that allowed them to stay that way. I
certainly dont want to lose you, but I fear that Jorgen will have use for you other than in a
temporary basis. It will be a sad day when you leave this place behind. Benjamin was basically
skipping, but he couldnt show any of that emotion without ruining what could possibly be the
answer to his prayers.
I know that weve had our differences, Benjamin. I know that we have butted heads too
many times to count, but we always come away with something for our troubles. It was through
my diligence and hard work with a staff that didnt know what the hell they were doing that we
were able to make those gravity defying boots. We made it possible by using technology that
we extrapolated from the Sect to take away the need for carbon emissions into the ozone
layer. There is still need for cars, but only when long distances are required. Otherwise, they
move about freely with gravity defying boots. She walked over to the window overlooking the
vast city of New York. She saw the statue of liberty and it brought a tear to her eye to realize
what kind of symbol that was. This country did indeed welcome the huddled masses whether it
was here or galactic. I can only hope that Im doing the right thing and that this isnt going to
hurt me in the long run.
I know what kind of success weve had and theres no reason to remind me. Ive had
several sleepless nights. I tossed and turned until my wife had to kick me out of bed and send
me down to the couch for the rest of the evening. All this time away from her has strained our
relationship to the breaking point. Im not even sure if the money that I receive in salary is worth
all the hassle. I could probably retire tomorrow and not having to worry about money for the
rest of my life. It is something to think about. Benjamin had wondered what it would be like to
have no stress and finding clumps of hair in his shower did not instill confidence. It was only
lucky that the Sect had a product that could rejuvenate hair follicles, so that the day of
hereditary baldness was behind the human race.
You deserve to step back and enjoy your hard work. Honestly, I never really liked you
and I always thought that you were a kiss ass. I could never play those kinds of politics, but
you seem to know your way around like the back of your hand. That has to come from your
military upbringing. Your father was a general and your mother was a PR specialist that knew
how to sweep things under the rug. Its a wonder that you didnt go into one of their
professions, but I suppose that makes us kindred spirits. My mother doesnt understand my
need to continually improve the quality of life on this planet. If I play my cards right, I might be
able to improve the quality of life on not only this planet but several others in the galaxy. Our
ability to travel from one world to another has given us the idea that most alien races were
primarily built from our DNA strands. There are subtle differences like an added digit or long
reptile tongue.
I appreciate what you have to say. Youve only begun, Cassie. I know that you have a
long and illustrious career ahead of you. Dont ever give up your principles. Stand up for what
you believe in and dont let anybody tear you down. I may not agree with you all the time, but I
do admire your stubborn streak. You never let me tell you what to do and I think that you made
me a better administrator by holding me to a higher standard. Benjamin did mean every word,
but he still wasnt going to miss the outbursts of rage and tantrums that had become a daily
I dont think that anybody else could have handled me. The only one that can make me
feel like a docile lamb is my mother. Its the main reason why I continually put her off about
going to Sunday dinner. Im not an only child and my twin sister Rebecca found herself trapped
within my mothers gravity. I pity the best half of me.

Chapter 2
Jorgen found that he wasnt happy unless he had somebody underneath the heel of his
boot. He looked at the human race as a minor inconvenience. He had plans for global
domination and each world that he conquered became a legacy that he would have to lord over
others. He wanted to be seen as a ruler. He knew that the leaders of the humans werent
equipped to deal with his might. He had promised that he would leave them alone, but he was
only amassing his forces. He wanted to be ready. He had heard that the humans could be quite
unpredictable when forced into a corner.
He moved his glove along the console and the electronic signature from his brain was now
sending those signals from the glove to the computer. He found it to be an expedient form of his
time. He looked down and saw the eyes of a beautiful young blond woman staring up at him.
He was naked from the waist down and his cock was in the process of blowing quite the load
into this young womans mouth. He could see the glazed look in her eyes and knew that one
taste would have her addicted to his body.
You have been down there for over an hour. Ive tried to give you the benefit of the doubt,
but now youre going to have to give me what I really want. I know that you have tried to avoid
it by attempting to make me succumb to your pleasures. I appreciate the effort, but I dont think
that youre going to be able to accomplish the feat that very few have been fortunate enough to
complete. Its nothing to be ashamed of and I just dont get the same kind of feeling that I get
from fucking the inside of a tight little hole. Jorgen pulled her by the hair, releasing her grip on
his member and he could see the disappointment cross over her features.
I was hoping to be a part of that elusive club. I guess Im going to have to contend with
you fucking me, until I cant see straight. Jamie Collins was a woman that was a computer
engineer with her whole life ahead of her. She heard of this elusive club and it became
something of an obsession for her. There were others exactly like her clamoring for one shot at
giving him the kind of pleasure that would allow his balls to give up that just reward.
I would be apologetic, but I dont really know what that means. I find that emotions are a
weakness that I dont share with most other races. I cant explain it and the only thing that I
really get anything from is the pleasures that I get from screwing. Jorgen held her gaze and his
intention was pretty damn clear by the way that he looked to her and then down at his still hard
as stone member. It was leaking like a volcano with hot lava rolling down the sides, getting
ready to spew, but not quite there.
He had purposely stopped her from going too far and the limited time that he had put on
her to get him there was the only thing that saved him from announcing his exclamations of joy
and euphoria. He knew that she would be a nice respite from the many different enterprises
that he had his finger in. He had just gotten word from one of his sources that a young scientist
was looking to make her mark, but didnt have the necessary funding. He had found that
manipulating the market on this earthly world was easier than he had expected. He had
amassed quite the fortune and could live anywhere in the galaxy. He had chosen earth, because
of the beauty and the majesty of the landscape not including the women that were practically
begging him for a twist in the sheets.
Are you sure that I cant just continue what Im doing? I know that we had a deal, but I
was hoping that you would make me the exception to the rule. She could barely fit that thing in
her mouth and the very idea that it was going to sink into her warm embrace was terrifying
beyond words. Going down on a man had given her the excitement and desire to moisten the
pathway. Her pussy was going to grab onto him with a death like grip.
I would, but then I would have to do it for everyone. It wouldnt be fair and how am I to
know that you would be able to keep your mouth shut. I dont want to be seen as weak and
that is not even something that I would entertain. I hate to repeat myself, but its time that you
sit on me. If it helps, you dont have to look at it and you can just hold onto the console. Jorgen
actually preferred it that way and the plump cheeks of her ass had him ready to crack down the
middle like a coconut.
I still dont know about this. Ive heard some horror stories about the girls that youve
been with in the past. I knew that it was a risk coming here, but I couldnt help myself. She
thought that it was by her own making, but Jorgen had been playing a dangerous game with
subliminal messages in computer emails. He had found some very tasteful looking women that
he wanted to sleep with and he made it his mission to contact them and leave them with the
need to have him at any cost. It didnt matter if they were married or involved. It didnt matter
that they had a dedication to god. The girl that he had a couple of weeks ago had designs on
becoming a nun. He had ruined her and had her shaking her head in disbelief after she was
thoroughly fucked.
I know that it seems daunting, but trust me you will stretch out to take me. I really dont
have all day. You get up you on your own, or I can do it for you. Please I implore you not to
test me and I can get a little edgy when I dont feel that somebody is measuring up to my
expectations. He watched as she got up and turned reluctantly, so that her back and her
arching ass were right there for the taking. He touched her with a gloved hand and applied the
necessary pressure to send an electric shock wave through her body. It made her dance to his
tune like a puppet on a string.
Oh my godwhat the fuck was that. She felt this need to please him and that sensation
had only grown through the shock wave of electricity that was now coursing through her veins.
I so fucking want this that you wouldnt even believe it. He would believe it, because he was
making it easier for her to jump on the grenade. In this case, it was his pillar of manliness that
once measured would come out at over 10 inches and thick around as his wrist. He was quite
surprised to see that she was able to take almost all of it down her throat. It was time to open
her up like a blossoming flower.
Of course you do. They all do. By all means, let me hold it for you so that you can slide
into place. His body was something that you would only see in the photos of some playgirl
magazines. He couldve had any woman, but he thought that he should at least give them the
package that they were looking for. Its not going to take me long, but my juices have an
interesting effect on that part of your female anatomy. I think that youll see the pleasant results
for yourself. He still couldnt believe that he had that kind of power between his legs. One taste
would never be enough, but once inside, his juices would make their tiny holes even tighter.
Lets just do this, before I change my mind. She wasnt going to change her mind and
she backed up until she felt the balloon shape of his knob trying to gain access. She thought
that it was going to be impossible, but somehow it surged forward until the head was inside
her. Its so big, but I love it. She was only being led to believe that. Her mind was now taken
over by the pleasurable endorphins from being connected like this. Jorgen was finding it too
easy. He wanted a woman that was going to deny him, so that he would have to earn their
He watched and was slightly bored, as she screamed and bounced up and down in his
lap, throwing her hands in the air like she was riding a roller coaster. Thats ittake ittake
my cock. It seemed so mundane and there was no real passion behind the words that he was
Jamie didnt feel that way and this was one of those moments that she never thought that
she would ever forget. She felt like he was tearing her apart, but she wanted more. She
couldnt live with the very idea of leaving him wanting. Yes Yes Yes. It was a litany of
confirmation that she was exactly where she wanted to be. Her hair was flying and the strain on
her legs was making her calves ripple with the exertion of what she was putting herself through.
Oh yesyou have me almost there. He didnt know the reason why, but the actual act
had been getting more and more like he was just going through the motions. He felt the
pleasure, but there was something missing. He wanted to say that he could chalk it up to a
sense of ennui, but he wasnt sure how he could say that with a straight face. I can feel it
coming and its all yourswhatever the hell your name is. He had forgotten who she was and it
didnt even matter in the very least. She was too far gone to even notice that she was a second
thought. Her body was the only thing that he was using to complete this transaction.
She felt him grow even bigger and didnt even know how that was even possible. She was
prepared to take him deep within her, but that was not going to happen. She felt him lift her off
of him just as the product of his arousal went into the stratosphere. The seed was thick and
pure white and landed without any fanfare onto the floor of the vessel high above earth.
Jamie was still shaking and when she looked down, she was sure that no man would ever
want her again. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her hole was now closing in on
itself. It no longer had that gaping reminder of some invading force that didnt seem normal by
everyday standards.
I dont think that anybody is going to be able to measure up to something like that. Im
going to tell all of my girlfriends that if they get the chance that they should jump at the
opportunity to be with you. Ive heard a lot of them complaining about their boyfriends not being
able to go the distance. Ive even heard a few that werent exactly pleased by the size of their
endowment. She was going to brag incessantly to anybody that would listen and that was part
of the conditioning that was now telling her that the best time was with Jorgen.
Jorgen knew that it was the word of mouth that had gotten around from one world to
another. He couldnt go anywhere without some woman on her knees waiting for him to snatch
her up for a wonderful interlude that would last no more than a couple of hours at best.
He pressed a button and a beam of light covered her and then made her disappear. He
had no idea where she went and didnt really care. He was done with her and that sense of not
being fulfilled had come back even stronger. Every time that he tried to fill that void with
anonymous sex it was a temporary solution to a bigger problem.
Jorgen decided to turn his attention towards the business of making every world his own.
Earth was on his list and the research that he was looking at supplied to him by Benjamin had
certainly raised his curiosity. If he could somehow use this technology in a different way, then
he could be looking at the one thing that was holding him back from going forth with his invasion
He sent a message back to Benjamin saying Ill be happy to meet Cassie at your earliest
convenience. I will be down shortly and I believe that Im going to make a surprise visit to her
lab. Please, do me the honor and dont tell her that Im on my way. I would like it to be a
surprise. He was thinking that maybe it would be better to catch her unaware. That way he
could get a true first impression of the woman in question.
He zeroed in on her location by the tracking chip in a bracelet that all humans were
wearing. It was supposed to be for the military to keep tabs on their people, but he had been
easily able to break their encryption. He found her and used the same beam that sent Jamie
away to materialize at the door to her Cassies lab.
He looked in and saw her standing at one of the microscopes. He didnt know why, but he
suddenly felt a need to grab his depleted member. It was stirring once again. There was
something about her that had him staring like a stalker.

Chapter 3
Cassie felt like she was being watched and turned to see that there was someone at her
door. She had no idea how anybody could get through the security measures without her being
alerted to their presence. She came over and opened the door to see this giant of a man
dwarfing her tiny form and making her feel like he could crush her with his two hands. Shed
only seen him a couple of times and each time did not do the man justice.
Imahemnot sure how you got here. She was tripping over her own tongue and for
some reason; she just couldnt take her eyes off of the package inside those very form fitting
pants. I wasnt expecting you to show up out of the blue. I cant believe that I never noticed
how handsome he was. He has this something that makes it very hard to think straight let alone
say something poignant. Im just going to have to block him out and do what I can to sound like
I know what Im talking about.
I heard of your request and I didnt see any reason to wait. I looked over your research
and it would be interesting to work with you. I have a lab set up and I believe that youll find
everything that you need to make this breakthrough. Jorgen wanted to lift her up and impale
her on his growing excitement. I have to say that I was quite impressed by how easily you
came to your conclusions. I believe that you might have something, but only time will tell. He
had seen other uses for that terra forming technology. If he could somehow reverse the effects,
he could literally make a world uninhabitable with one press of a button. He felt this pang of
something and he touched his heart like it was sending him some kind of message.
I dont know what you expect in return. Im sure that we can come up with something that
will be beneficial to the both of us. She couldnt stop herself from touching his arm and tracing
the muscle of his shoulder all the way down over his well defined bicep.
Is that any way for a daughter of mine to act? Her mother Sandra had decided to
surprise her daughter with a late night supper at a fancy restaurant to discuss matters of
marital importance. I did not raise a daughter to blatantly throw her body at a man. Hes not
even a flesh and blood human. I will not condone physical relations with an alien race. You can
call it alienism and I dont care. She was standing there in a loose fitting pant suit that showed
her to have masculine qualities and an air of superiority that surrounded her like a personal
Get your mind out of the gutter, mother. Hes only here to invest in me. Unlike you, he
thinks that I can be something more than a trophy wife. Im trying to stand up to her and this is
the one time that I dont feel like I am clutching at her ankle, as a little girl. I may as well use
this and I have no idea when this confidence is going to disappear for good. It might be a
good idea that you leave. I dont really want to hear anything more about marrying for the sake
of the family fortune. Every time that you come to see me, you always make it seem like youre
here for me, but then you switch scripts in the middle of dinner. Ive tried to be nice, but maybe
a bit of force will make you see how serious I am. Stay out of my love life unless you want to
alienate me and push me away for good. I do hope that Im making myself perfectly clear and
there is no mistaking what Im trying to convey. Cassie was floored and had no idea that she
even had the fortitude of standing up to her with any kind of conviction.
Jorgen had backed away from the scene unfolding and was watching this exchange with
avid interest. The fire that was being exuded out of this small frame had him wanting to grab
her and pull her into a torrid love affair that would have them both basking in the afterglow.
I dont think that Ive ever heard you talk to me like that. Some mothers might like to see
their daughters with a backbone, but I dont. Im afraid that I have no choice but to cut you off
from your inheritance. Sandra didnt like this side of her daughter. She had Rebecca and she
would bend to her will with the snap of her fingers. You wont have to worry about me
darkening your doorstep again. If you want to get control of your trust fund, then you will marry
Casper Vandyke. She was through playing this game and decided to leave with her dignity still
intact. She was fuming inside and wanted to grab Cassie by the neck and shake her enough to
make her see that the right thing was to follow her wishes.
Jorgen was impressed and found her no nonsense attitude to be like a very strong
aphrodisiac. Ive never seen anything quite like that. Let me show you the lab that I have
specifically designed for those with the aptitude to see beyond conventional thinking. You are
that innovator that I want on my team. They were there one second and they were gone the
next to materialize in the lab.
She stumbled and fell back against him, feeling a little dizzy from the aftereffect of such a
journey of having her molecules torn apart like that. This was the first time that she had ever
been anywhere near that device. Others were using it all the time to travel for one part of the
world to another. She was always afraid that she would never materialize on the other side.
She had nothing to worry about. Those unfounded fears were now put to rest.
Jorgen was right there to hold her and to feel the curvature of her breasts and the hard
peaks that made the difference between want and need. He wanted her and how she was
keeping herself from jumping into his arms in a mad panic to get his clothes off was a mystery.
It was not the usual way that a female of the human species would act around him.
I dont know what came over me. I think that it might be different for everybody when
they go through something like that. I can feel his hands on my breasts and my chest is thrust
out to get an even better contact. His palms are rubbing my nipples, but this is no way to act in
a professional manner. Im going to have to keep my libido in the cage of my own making.
Jorgen went through the procedure of showing her around and watching as her eyes lit up
when she saw the equipment that she was going to be working with.
She noticed that he had transferred all of her work to this station.
If theres anything that you need, then all you have to do is ask and it will be yours. I want
this partnership to work out for the both of us. You asked me what I was getting from this, but I
think a sense of fulfillment and scientific accomplishment is more than enough. He was starting
to feel bad about wanting to destroy the world. It was strange that he was even feeling
anything and it made him look at himself in a different light.
This equipment is mostly experimental and hasnt even been released onto the open
market. I dont know how you got your hands on this, but Im not going to pull at thread too
tightly. Its better that I leave it alone and not cause you to see me as some kind of problem. I
know that hes behind me and that object in his pants seems more like an unfurling snake than
an actual piece of a mans anatomy. It continues to grow and for whatever reason, I want to
see it without the cumbersome clothes to get in the way. I just cant bring myself to drop my
guard like that, especially when this is a platonic partnership.
Jorgen had decided to press his luck by pushing up against her, while leaning over her
shoulder to show her how to run the equipment. He was moving up and down between her buns
and dry humping her to temporarily satisfy that itch that he couldnt scratch. It felt better than
those times that he had been with other members of the female species.
I think that we should get away after you finish your work. I have a place on Jupiter that
overlooks the skyline at night. I think that youll find that its a vision thats worth seeing for
yourself. He was actually trying to seduce her and the awkward act made him even more
anxious to touch her in a less than subtle way. I dont normally have to work this hard, but I
think that we can be good together in more ways than one. I do want to make it perfectly clear
that your research is not predicated on sleeping with me. It could be an added bonus, but only
if you were even interested in something like that. He thought about how he had made a world
suffer. He swallowed hard knowing that he had done something to hurt those that were only
trying to eke out an existence.
I really do need to get to work. I dont think that I could even sleep if I wanted to. I want
to take him up on his proposition, but science is my mistress. She is a fickle one and demands
more of my time than I want to admit to any one. I can still feel him fucking between my buns.
Is that his cock out of his pants thats striking up against the leather of my pants? Do I dare turn
around to see what it is that has the Internet buzzing about his sexual prowess?
I watched you for the last few hours and I have to admit that Ive never seen anybody so
dedicated to her work. You havent taken a break and I see the look in your eyes that tells me
that you are ready to announce something. Jorgen was thinking about one planet in particular
outside of the Milky Way galaxy. He had watched as their scientists had scrambled to find a
way to repair the damage after the crust split down the middle. This terra forming device could
give it a second chance. It made him smile thinking about doing something good. He turned
around and away from Cassie in disgust for thinking such a thing.
I did it. I fucking did it. I have you to thank for this, Jorgen. You made it possible for my
vision to become more than just a fantasy. All I have to do is introduce the seeds into a dying
planet and it will flourish once again. I really dont know how to thank you for this. She turned
and jumped into his arms with her legs wrapped around his waist. She rained kisses on his
"Ohit was your genius and I was just the man behind the woman. He felt her hot body
pressed against him and normally he would be taking advantage of this moment. He couldnt do
that and those emotions that he had felt earlier became stronger over the time that he had
spent with her.
It was a team effort. I want to celebrate and I dont think that Im in any need for a
celebratory drink. I want something more than to numb the senses. I want him right here and
right now. Hes not going to say no. I need to show him that Im serious. I think that maybe this
will give him that impression. Cassie stuck her hand down those pants that seemed to mold to
his skin. She grabbed onto the sizable piece and she was astonished with the implications of
what her body was capable of.
I dont think that we should. Jorgen never heard himself say something like that in his
life. There was a part of him that wanted to kick himself in the nuts. There was also another
part that felt like she was deserving of some respect. I dont want to do anything to ruin what
we already have. This one revelation is only the start. Together, we can make this world and
others like it thrive like never before. We take away the violence, the destitution and those that
beg for scraps. He felt her stroking his length and her nimble fingers were certainly hard to
She pulled him by the collar and ripped open the material of that shirt until her eyes fell
upon the well formed pectorals. She was hanging around him with her back now on one of the
steel tables. It was cold through her shirt and then even colder when she felt his masculine
hands ripping it off of her like some kind of wild animal unleashed. I want to do all those things
that makes a woman scream. He has that need in his eyes and I dont think that Ive ever seen
that from any of my former lovers. He really wants me and not just for physical release. Could I
even dream that our paths were meant to cross and that we were destined to see each other in
more than a professional capacity?
I cant possibly deny myself the opportunity of being with you, Cassie. You bring
something out of me that I never knew that I was missing. He pushed her breasts together,
while his cock was nudging at her panties and trying in vain to push them out of the way. He
had never done anything like this, as he lifted her clear off the table and up to his mouth. He
snapped forth with that reptile tongue. It slithered and moved until she was writhing in personal
Yes Oh my god. I dont think that Ive ever felt anything like that before. I dont know
where your tongue begins and ends and I dont think I CAREEEEEEE. She came with an
intensity that had her rocking her pelvis up against his mouth over and over again. I dont think
that Ive ever cum that fucking hard in my life. Its no wonder that women everywhere have a
hard time breaking away from him. I thought that they were all weak minded, but Im seeing
things from a different perspective. Im feeling things that make me believe that its his body
chemistry and the cocktail that makes up his DNA that is causing the female species to swoon
at his feet. I do see something different and the callous look that I saw in his eyes in those
photos during his interview is no longer present.
Cassie pushed him away with her foot and was immediately taken by the way that he was
massaging her soles and then licking them like a fine delicacy one toe at a time. She swallowed
hard knowing that she was powerless to resist and not giving a damn what kind of impression
this would make.
Jorgen moved that foot down until it was making contact with his quite prominent region.
He felt this slight spasm and his balls literally jumped. He flinched for a moment, as she moved
both feet together to show him something that he had never done before. He heard of these
people that had foot fetishes and always thought that they were sick in the head. Feeling it for
himself, he now understood the appeal. He would have gladly shot his spunk all over her feet.
I find your willingness to explore for the sake of pleasure most confusing. Where most of
your species is complacent, you tend to see things with more gray than black and white. He
was thrusting through the tight seal that she had made with her 2 feet together. I know that
youre probably going to Ahhhthink that I am lying, but I have feelings for you. Real feelings
and believe me, Im as surprised as you are. He had pushed himself as far as he could and
had to pull back before he gave in to those feelings that were causing him to mistrust his own
Cassie tried to reach him with her bare toes, but he was a couple of inches away from
having that feeling all over again. She got down on her shaky feet. She walked up to him with a
purpose, placing his hands on the table beside him, before moving her fingertips and long talon
like fingernails down over his chest. She saw him shudder to that feeling when she briefly came
in contact with his nipples. She saw him shiver as she made her way down onto her knees. I
know exactly what Im doing.

Chapter 4
She blew warm air over his cock head and saw it bob in response to her outside stimulus.
Her lips were parched and the only thing that was going to satisfy that thirst was what he could
give her. He was meant for her and she was not going to stop until he felt the same thing for
her. The best way to accomplish that was to give him only brief glimpses of the pleasure that
was contained within her body.
Youre certainly not like all the rest. They beg for my cock and youre not like that. You
want me and I dont think that Ive ever had anybody feel that way. It was always just a
superficial physical release that left me feeling empty afterwards. I could not account for the
fact that I was with the wrong women. I needed somebody like you to come around and show
me the real man underneath it all. He ran his hands through her hair and could feel the silky
locks wrapped around his digits. He was in no rush and this was the one time in his life that he
was ready and willing to go with her pace.
Cassie took a hold of this alien cock and gave it the once over. She started at the top with
the purple throbbing head that was waiting for her manual release of his sexual endorphins. She
waited and continued to wait with her hand barely moving the skin more than an inch. When she
got to the top after what felt like an eternity, she saw that what she was doing was getting the
desired results.
I dont know about you, but Im on fire. That fire that I feel can only be put out by one
method. I dont want to go too far, but I do want him to be scrambling for the chance to sink
deep within my heated gape. She accomplished that by sucking the knob into her mouth with a
spit shine of her tongue before pulling away to hear his inhalation and exhalation of breath. She
did that several times just to hear that popping sound.
His eyes were open in wonder. He tried to force it deeper, but she was determined not to
allow him that kind of access. He tried to stay still, but it was the hardest thing that he had ever
done in his life.
She saw the glistening tip begging for her mouth. She moved forward and opened her
mouth as wide as she could. She dragged it along on the surface of her agile tongue. It went
deeper and she didnt even hesitate when it touched the back of her mouth. She continued to
force the spongy tip down into her throat which was followed by the next three or 4 inches. She
felt proud of herself by doing this even though it had always been a grotesque act that she
found repulsive.
Youve got to stop. I mean it. Im not just saying that. I need tofuck you. He had never
said those words exactly like that. There was a real need with real conviction. He looked down
at her pretty face and watched as each inch reappeared covered from the root all the way up
to the head with her spit.
Cassie scrambled to her feet, lifting herself back up onto the metal table and moved her
feet to either side of him. She braced her feet against the table across from her as he took
those short steps. She grabbed for his pulsating member and placed it at her entrance. Do it
before I come to my senses and realize what kind of colossal error this is to get involved with
my investor. The decision was made for her as he made one lunge and drove into her halfway.
Hes taking my breath away. I have to hold him back, so that I can be ready for what comes
next. Cassie draped one leg over his shoulder and he was now grabbing onto it for a form of
They began moving to a rhythm of their own making like a sensual dance between
partners that knew each others moves like the back of their hand. They grunted their response
and they moaned in unison as the echoes of pleasure were captured in the small room.
Yes I dont know where you have been all of my life, but Im never going to let you go. I
do hopefuck meget in there fucking deepthat you dont feel a need to run after I say
something like that YESSSSSS. Her body felt that earth shattering orgasm and it drove her
into a bit of a sexual madness. She screamed like that of a banshee sealing her victims fate,
which so happened to be deep inside her at that very moment.
Jorgen could feel the constriction wrapped around him and the tight glove that was wet
and inviting. This has become something unexpected for me. My god Is this what sex is
really supposed to be about? Is there really more to it than the actual physical act? He didnt
get a chance to fully absorb what he was going through when the floodgates opened and his
knob expelled the creamy streams into her.
I have nothing to say. I dont even know where to begin to tell you that was nothing like
any other time that Ive been with a man. I am on my knees with awe and I hope that you dont
consider this just a moment of pleasure between colleagues. I have never felt this connected
to a man. Sex was mostly a necessary stress reliever. Im usually more selective. I take my
time to get to know a suitable partner before jumping into bed
They enjoyed the afterglow with her still lying on the table with her legs dangling over the
side limp and useless. She didnt have anything left to give.
When we get our bearings back, were going to have to announce our discovery to the
world. What he got for a response was a nod of her head. The smile on her face struck him
where it mattered in his heart. He was no longer the conqueror and as long as he was beside
her then he could truly understand what emotions were all about.
Im going to have to do some more tests before I am morally able to release this. I want
to make sure that there are no hidden side effects that could come back and bite us where the
sun doesnt shine. I dont know where he gets the energy to keep standing after something
like that. Im barely able to comprehend that my body was capable of whatever that was. To
call it pleasure would not be the right adjective. I dont know if there is any word that could
suitably convey the way that Im feeling right now.
I want you to know that you have changed me for the better. I dont know what I did
before I had these emotional bursts of clarity. I didnt know what it was like to be
compassionate or to care for another. It was an existence of loneliness and one that I truly
didnt know could be anything else. I cant possibly go back to the way that I was, but I cant
give your government the freedom to continue researching and building weapons. I can protect
this world from anything that stands against it. Earth has a funny way of killing its inhabitants
and that is something that I will not stand for. Jorgen looked at this woman and he could finally
understand the words of the lyrics of certain songs that were now replaying in his head. Love
was that commodity that he could never grasp onto.
I dont know exactly what youre thinking, but I really dont need to know. Its probably
better that way. I would never want to be complicit in something that is going to get the ire of
the government and its military. Plausible deniability is something that is a phrase all too often
thrown around in the White House. I do believe that Im going to take a page from the leader of
this countrys playbook. I approve of what hes thinking about, but I have no idea how hes
going to go about it. I guess it really doesnt matter. I touch my skin and I still feel like I have
this electricity. I glance to see this blue spark emanating from my fingertips to my stomach. It
must be an aftershock something along the lines of what an earthquake does after it has
finished its business.
Ive always had the capability of leaving this world defenseless. Im sure that Im going to
get some backlash, but its not like they can do much to fight back. Theyll hopefully realize that
lasting peace comes at the price of laying down arms. This world has not had a sheriff like me
to keep it from destroying itself. This is not the first time that Ive come across a world that
couldnt get out of its own way. It is lucky that the Sect came to you and they put you on a path
of prosperity. We can take it one step further. We can do more for this world than anybody has
in centuries. I wouldnt even mention this, but I plan to use whatever is at my disposal to make
them fall in line.
The only thing that I want you to remember is that humans tend to feel slighted when they
are forced into any kind of servitude. Youre going to have to expect that there are those that
are not going to be very happy with your approach. They will consider you a threat. Without
weapons to do anything about it they will be pretty much neutered. That will only make them
fight even more and youre certainly going to have to have eyes in the back of your head. I
want him to know that Im behind him every step of the way and that there truly is a woman
behind the man. Some wont understand and they will feel violated like he has declared war.
I need them to see that this is the right thing to do. Getting rid of the methods for your
kind to kill each other is the only way that they can finally put to rest their differences. Jorgen
was trying to figure out the best way to finish any kind of resistance.
I think that we can kill two birds with one stone. We announce this discovery to the press
and in the same breath you step forward and take credit for making sure that the world does
not destroy itself. Its a tried and true method of giving good news after bad news. It takes the
sting out of it, although there are some with military thinking that will take exception to this. I
feel that earth and possibly several other worlds are on the cusp of a new day. The destroyer
of worlds that he has been known in the past is no longer willing to inflict death and destruction
on others. I think that I can take responsibility for that and I do it with a sort of pride. I like this
new Jorgen better than I do the old one and I think that he can say the same thing.
Over the next few days they had several press conferences and there was some
resistance. There was push back by the government after they learned that their weapons had
all been made useless for the good of a peaceful end to hostilities. They were ready to fight
back, until they learned of their breakthrough and the terra forming project. They realized that
fighting was only going to cause more harm than good. The first of the seeds into the air of a
planet of Jorgens choosing was launched. The success was evident by the pictures of lush
vegetation that were sent back from the vessel that had been hovering above to watch
progress at its best.
I never thought that I would see this day. I do hope that this spirit of cooperation will
continue. You may have eyes everywhere. That doesnt mean that we wont be watching you as
well. If you step out of line even that one time, then we will have to act. You may think that you
have us powerless to raise a finger, but humans always find a way. We always band together
when there is a threat to our freedoms. Remember that and we might just get along. General
Davies had spoken on behalf of the president. He was back at the White House breathing a
sigh of relief.
I have better things to do with my time, general than to continue bickering with you.
Cassie and I will be leaving for Jupiter. She has just discovered that shes going to have my
son. I will have an heir to a legacy that I am now proud to call my own. I no longer want
obedience, unless its in the bedroom. They shared a laugh together, until the general
composed himself long enough to walk away.
The actual results are better than I expected. We can outfit several more of these
vessels to disburse the same program into the air of suitable environments. The seeds have the
ability to mimic whatever atmosphere it comes across. Worlds that have suffered at your hand
will now have a chance to rebuild. You do know that they will see you as the reason for their
suffering. They wont care that you decided that there was a better way. Im trying to show him
that his enemies might not consider this an olive branch of peace. They might want revenge for
a fallen comrade or sibling that had died by his hands.
As long as I am with you and my son then we can take on just about any obstacle. Your
influence will help me to rein in that natural urge to squash them like a bug. Diplomacy and
working towards a common goal of peace is the only thing that matters to me. They held
hands and the beam from his vessel took them from this planet. They would return, but not until
their child had already grown and was ready to take his place by their side.


Chapter 1
I will not have any daughter of mine acting like this. You have embarrassed me for the
last time and if youre not careful, I might even consider sending you to live with your uncle in
the backwaters of Alabama. Dont think for a second that Im kidding. As long as you live
underneath my roof there will be rules that have to be followed. You may not be mine by blood,
but you were given to me despite my misgivings. Your mother entrusted me to look after you,
but its starting to feel like a burden. A year had gone by since Lynns mother died mysteriously
during a boating accident. From that moment on, Lynn had the penchant for getting into trouble
with just about anybody that was willing to play on the other side of the legal fence.
Just say whats on your mind, Helen. You never wanted me in the first place and I do not
see any reason why we have to continue playing this game. Im 19 and Im going to college in
the fall. You may think that you have all the power, but all I need to do is get a job and then I
can leave you in my rearview mirror. I hate you and you treat me like Im a child who cant live
without you being under foot. I am my mothers daughter and we both have the same
temperament and stubborn streak. I know that were going to say something that were going
to regret. Ive never wanted to be here. I cant even dare to call her mother and I fight every
instinct that I have to get close to her. One year and it has already felt like an eternity. I know
that shes trying, but the only thing that shes doing is making it very clear that I cant be here
for very much longer.
I dont know how you can talk to me like this after everything that Ive done for you. I
wake up in the middle of the night to find you missing more often than not. I have no idea if
youre dying in a ditch or shacking up with some of your so-called friends. You may not be
innocent, but at least you have kept your purity intact. They both looked at each other in shock.
It became readily known that Helen had been snooping into her diary. This was the last straw
and the silence that followed that declaration was not for the faint of heart. The tension in the
air was thick and you could see that they both had reached their breaking point.
I cant believe that you invaded my personal space by reading my private thoughts. I
thought that I could at least trust you to stay out of my business. I dont know how many times
Ive told you and made it abundantly clear that I dont need you interfering. I can live my life with
or without you. They were in the car on the way to church and had just arrived when this big
major blow out had occurred. Casting daggers at one another walking across the parking lot in
their Sunday best did not go unnoticed by those that knew them very well.
There were mumbles of dissent amongst the congregation. Nobody dared stand up and
say something, but everybody had their own opinion that they were keeping to themselves.
Deacon James took center stage and felt that there was something in the air. Everybody
looked nervous and shifted in their seats like they didnt want to be there. He looked around for
the source and the animosity that was coming off of both Helen and Lynn wasnt exactly hard to
see. They were not hiding their emotions and being a man of the cloth, he decided that he
would shine a light down upon them from where he stood at the front of the church.
I see that we have something to deal with before I begin my sermon. I told all of you that
I would not condone bringing your private life in beyond those doors. If you do, then you can
expect me to involve the entire congregation. Lynn and Helen have some issues to deal with
and we are going to help them find their way back into the light. Show them some
encouragement. Im sure that its not insurmountable like the boulder that was pushed up the
hill. Deacon James was bald and the light from above was shining on his head like his own
personal halo. Being a good Texan, he understood that there were always squabbles, but all
could be forgiven.
A couple of people started to clap and then the rest followed like the sheep that they
were. Before long there was a chorus that had both Lynn and Helen looking around to find that
they were now the center of attention.
I am not going up there with you and theres nothing and no one that is going to make
me. You do whatever the hell you want, Helen but dont expect me to play along with this
charade. We will never be a happy household and I feel that you have violated my trust. I dont
know if that can ever be fixed. This has gone too far. It might be time that we cut ties and walk
away. I dont want to hate you and I try to get along for the sake of my mother. I really dont
know what she was thinking when she thought that you and I could work. I would be better off
going my own way. I see the way that everybody is looking at me, but not even their influence
is going to force me to stand up and be noticed. I dont want this attention. If they dont want
me to scream, then they better stop looking at me like that. I can see in Helens eyes that shes
thinking about airing our dirty laundry for all the neighbors to hear. Im sure that most of it has
been spoken in hushed tones. Nothing goes on around here that the others dont find out about
eventually. I think it has a lot to do with Deacon Jamess need to make everybody happy.
They only want to help, Lynn. I dont see any reason why we cant let them in. In times of
great trials we must always stand together. Life is about changes and nothing stays the same.
Ive done my best to guide you with a helping hand, but you have been resistant every step of
the way. I cant deal with this on my own anymore. Helen had seen a premature graying of her
hair in the last year and the stress of dealing with a woman that was still grieving after all this
time was weighing heavily on her shoulders. I need to do this for my own sanity and you can
stay there and sit and listen, but you will not leave here for any reason whatsoever. Helen
could see that her arms were across defiantly and she was basically stewing in her own juices.
Smoothing down her black skirt, she got up and faced the judgment of those that thought
that they could be of any help. She felt scrutinized and for a girl that stayed to herself she had
learned an inexplicable lesson that teenagers were hard to live with at the best of times.
Helens cheeks were a rosy hue from the embarrassment of being called out like this. Taking a
deep breath, she realized that the only way to get through this was with one breath.
I see that somebody is being stubborn. No matter, Im sure that once Helen speaks that
Lynn will feel compelled to make some kind statement. Lets give Helen a warm welcome and
hope that the words within the pages of the bible will help her to lay rest to whatever this issue
might be. Deacon James considered himself to be a confidant to many. He had heard his fair
share of sin and confessions. Some of them were not suitable for those of an impressionable
age. The only way to get through this is to give it a voice. Forgiveness is an amazing tool and
one that is vastly underutilized in my opinion. Helen, tell us what has caused this rift between
you and Lynn. We all know the back story. Im sure that Lynn is still feeling the loss of her
mother. That woman was considered a saint amongst all of us. There was a silent bow from
those sitting on the benches and from Deacon James himself.
Lynns mother Kate had dedicated her time to those that needed her the most. She
volunteered her services, even though she had a fulltime job running a small deli shop. That
shop was destined to go to Lynn, but she found herself rebelling against it and in turn the shop
was turned over to those with deep pockets. Kate was the exact opposite of her daughter.
Kate was dark haired with a generous height of over 510 and 150 pounds. Lynn had taken the
traits of her blonde blue eyed father Henry who died just after she was born. This was the type
of loss that was crushing her very soul and keeping her from moving forward.
Helen wasnt sure that this was the right decision, but she didnt see any way other than to
let others speak for her. I dont know where to begin. I guess it all started when I was
surprised to learn that Kate had found me a suitable role model. I really dont know what she
was thinking. I work long hours as a lawyer. I hardly have any time for myself let alone a
teenage daughter that is dealing with too many issues to count. I want to be there for her for
that stability in her life, but she wont listen. She thinks that she knows everything. All of you at
one time thought the same thing growing up. We all did, but if we could go back to our young
self, Im sure that we would tell them to act their age and dont do something stupid. I only
wonder what either one of us would say in response if we had a chance to go back and do it all
over again. Helen could not have children and she was destined to live with that knowledge. It
had ruined a few relationships and sent the guy packing after he learned the terrible truth.
Theres no reason to pause. Youre saying what is in your heart and thats all that we can
hope for. We bottle all these things up and they fester inside until its inevitable that something
gives. Were here for you and we want you to take whatever strength you need from all of us.
See this through to the end and dont anything stop you even the look that youre getting from
Lynn. We know that youve struggled and fought the good fight. You may not have heard this
enough, but we believe that you have that motherly instinct. Kate would never have selected
you to raise her daughter in your absence had she not thought that you had some redeeming
qualities. She told me in confidence that you were her life. She thought of you as a sister. It
was nice for Deacon James to get that off his chest and he had been carrying that from the
moment that he gave Kate her final words to enter into gods kingdom.
I dont know if its right for me to be up here, but I feel I have no choice. Lynn has been
making some very bad mistakes. Shes been drinking, smoking, staying out late and even doing
a little bit of weed. I found a baggie and I dont think that I have to tell you what was in it. She
thinks that shes hiding all of this from me, but that couldnt be further from the truth. I dont
want to walk around on eggshells around her, but she doesnt make it very easy for me to
reach out. Helen was on a roll and she saw that she had everybodys undivided attention. It
made her feel good to let it out, but you could see that Lynn was not very happy by this public
Im sure that there are many issues, but lets get down to the reason why theres a rift
between you today. Tell us what has made this silence almost deafening. You both brought this
into my church. Do us the honor of helping you when youre at your lowest. There are words in
the bible for any circumstance and lets not forget that god made us in his image. Deacon
James was finding that sharing the spotlight was only making him seem bigger than life.
Lynn was shaking her head and staring intently at Helen. She was doing everything she
could not to scream that she better not say another word or there would be hell to pay. I cant
believe that this thing had come this far that she would feel that it was necessary to say what
was on her mind. I cant possibly believe that she would say anything regarding my purity, but
Ive learned not to underestimate anyone these days. I cant let her get the final word. If she
knows whats good for her she better not say what I think that shes going to say. She looked
to Helen and waited for those words to spill from her lips.
I wish that there was another way, but I see that Ive gone as far as I can on my own.
Lynn has been playing with fire with boys that are older than she is. I would have thought by
now that she would be pregnant, but thankfully that hasnt happened yet. She doesnt talk to me
and I have to resort to reading her private diary. Helen heard the shocked exclamations coming
from those in the parish. I know that its not right and that I would probably hate my mother if
she had ever done anything like that when I was growing up. I knew that she was hurting, but I
never knew that she felt that she needed to abuse her body like that. Ive tried to stress
abstinence and to find the man that is going to put those butterflies in her stomach. I cant be
sure how long its going to be before she takes things too far. I want her to have a future and
not to worry about having her life ruined by one moment of stupidity. Dont say that any one of
you wouldnt want to go back and change things. I know that all of you hide your own secrets.
There are even a few of you that have confessed to me in private that you didnt want kids. You
made a mistake of letting your body do the talking for you. Im just trying to give her a life. I put
my foot down and if need be, Ill lock her up someplace so that she cant even begin to think
about doing something physical with a man. Helen didnt lose her virginity until she was 25. It
was after she had already been in college a few years getting her legal degree. It was a
moment that was fast and not exactly pleasant. It only lasted a few minutes, but it did leave an
indelible mark on your psyche.
Young people are under the impression that they need to experience it all. They dont
realize that they have all the time in the world. Love should never be taken for granted and sex
should never enter into the equation without the feeling of ever lasting devotion. I know that kids
are going to have sex, but sometimes I feel that I need to step in and say something. It might
be considered a sin by the words in the good book that stress sex after marriage. Im a man of
the people and I know that these things happen regardless of what each and every one of us
could say to the contrary. Deacon James felt that today was going better than usual. He had
found a sermon within the very problem that came forward courtesy of Lynn and Helen. If he
could get Lynn to open up, then this would be considered a success.
Lynn was fuming and felt like she was being put on the spot for something that she didnt
even do. The issue was privacy and the lack of it. She found that she was lacking that inside
Helens home. Standing up she placed her hands on the bench in front of her and curled her
fingers to indicate that she was not very happy.
That is more than enough. The main issue is that she doesnt trust me to make my own
decisions. Im a big girl and whatever mistakes I make are mine to make. In fact,
Im going to do you one better. If my virginity is so important to all of you, then you may as well
be a part of it. I want to get out of this town and I see that the only way to do that is to give my
virginity to any man thats willing to pay the price. This tight little body can be all yours and all
you have to do is to be the highest bidder. She saw the stunned expressions on their faces. I
have to say that this was not exactly what I was expecting. I didnt mean to say the words, but
they came across my lips. Maybe its the right thing to do and I could kill two birds with one
Chapter 2

Everybody was in total disbelief that this girl could say something like this in front of
everyone. The women were appalled, but there were several married men that were now
thinking that such a young piece of ass would just be the icing on the cake to a 40 year itch.
Some were calculating what they had in their accounts and if they could get away with taking
the money without their significant other finding out about it. There was even one that was
licking his lips and he had already envisioned her naked spread out with handcuffs on and a ball
gag in her mouth.
I cant believe that you would say something like that. This is not the girl that I remember
when I came to see you wearing pigtails with your mother teaching you to bake in the kitchen. I
know that we all have to grow up, but maybe you need to do a little bit more growing up than
most. Stop blaming others for your problems and all you want is for everyone to be as
miserable as you are. I dont know how to deal with you and I think Im going to give you
enough rope to hang yourself with. Helen was not happy and had reached a breaking moment.
Im going to have to ask the both of you to leave immediately. This is not the place
for this subject matter. Take this kind of talk outside and away from gods ears. Deacon James
had felt that things were progressing nicely and then the bottom dropped out with Lynn blurting
out about giving her virginity to the highest bidder.
Im aghast that she would say such a thing. Shes only doing it to hurt me. I think that it
might be time that I get some distance. I have vacation and Im going to take a cruise
someplace tropical. Im through playing with kid gloves. In fact, Im through playing at all and Im
washing my hands of the whole ordeal. Helen stepped down with a tear in her eye and the
Deacon tried to reach for her and only got a shrug of her shoulders in response. She ran past
Lynn not even bothering to look at her. She felt like she had done Kate wrong. It made her feel
less than a woman.
For that final nail in the coffin, Lynn walked down the aisle towards the door running her
hands up and down her body and mouthing the words All of this can be yours. Pay the price
and you can make all your dirty fantasies come true. There were a lot of guys that couldnt sit
still. They had conjured up all sorts of scenarios. Many of them had never had a virgin and the
very prospect had lent to those thoughts that were not exactly pure of heart. Some had never
even considered cheating on their wives, but this was almost a temptation that was hard to
She walked out in the parking lot and saw the gray Ford Volvo speed past with a plume of
dust in its wake. Lynn watched Helen mumbling something underneath her breath with her
hands firmly clasped on the steering wheel. She didnt bother to try to flag her down and it
didnt seem there was any point. She could walk the few blocks back to her house. It was such
a nice day. She felt vindicated by how she had acted. If they wanted to play with her life, then
they were going to have to realize that could have ramifications that went beyond just the
church walls.
She took a few steps, until she was bumping into a man with blue jeans, a red shirt and a
black bolo tie. His black hat made him look like he was about ready to wrangle a horde of
buffalo or cows in the pasture. He was tall and over 6 feet with the kind of muscles that
threatened to rip through the shirt that he was wearing. Casting her eyes downward she found
them placed on the object that had women whispering behind closed doors. Lynn saw his face
and was not immune to that of Mitchell Wright. She had heard some stories about him and how
no woman in any bar was safe from his advances.
Wheres the rush? Church has only begun. I just saw Helen crying. Im assuming that you
had something to do with that, Lynn. Mitchell had known all about Lynn and he pitied her for
losing both of her parents at such a young age. He couldnt help but to admire the way that she
had grown up over the years into a desirable woman with the kind of curves that made him
want to grab hold in a not so friendly manner. Dont tell me that you are fighting with your
mother again. Where has the respect for Elders gone? I know growing up that I wasnt allowed
any kind of reprieve for doing something wrong. It usually ended up with my father spanking my
ass. Something like that is considered child abuse in this day and age. Mitchell could see that
this girl was bigger than most, but it was for that very reason he found himself quite entranced.
Shes not my mother. Im tired of trying to make everybody understand that. I dont know
why everybody is so accepting of her to be my mother. Its only been a year since my real
mother died and you all expect me to bend over backward to welcome this woman into my life.
Shes only been by a few times when I was growing up and why my mother even considered
her to be ready for this kind of responsibility is beyond me. Lynn had curves and was a big
beautiful woman that had a lot more to offer than those girls that would probably drown if they
fell into the sea. She had the buoyancy to float and one of her bigger assets was those that
Mitchell was now staring at. I dont know why I havent noticed that before. Hes always
watching me from afar and Ive seen him walk by our house at the most unusual hours. I get
this feeling that maybe I dont have to look too far to lose my innocence. Mitchell is charismatic,
quite the ladies man and Im sure that he would love to sink his cock into my tight hole.
I know how Helen can get caught up in her own stuff and thats the reason why your
mother thought that she would make a suitable candidate. I dont know if shes motherly
material, but she is doing her best and you should give her at least some credit for that. I dont
know what I would do if somebody sidled me with their kid and had the attitude that you show
her every day. Why she puts up with it is most likely because she feels that she owes a debt to
your mother. They were best friends growing up in high school and Ive seen them fight over
guys but then realize that no guy was worth their friendship. They even fought over your father
and him dying so inexplicably 19 years ago hurt the both of them more than you can ever
know. Mitchell stood there and looked at her. It was best not to stare directly at the mounds in
front of him. There was no denying that she wasnt wearing a bra and he had a wonder if
maybe she was also going commando underneath that skirt. He was praying for a slight breeze
to lift the skirt.
I may pretend to be bad, but Ive always known when to stop before going too far. That
is until I found out that Helen crossed the line by reading my diary. It would be something if I
had just left it lying around. I always lock it and place it underneath my mattress. That meant
that she had to literally go searching for it and then finding it by accident wasnt good enough.
She had to take it one step further by breaking in. She thinks she has the right to talk to me
about my love life. I dont have one to speak of and I may make out with a few young boys that
dont know what theyre doing. What I really need is a real man. I need someone that can take
this beautiful body of mine and mold it into a woman. Ive even mentioned in passing that Im
willing to give it up for the right price. What do you suppose is the right price for something like
that, Mitchell? I can see him looking at me and I know that hes probably undressing me with
his eyes. I want him to do more than that and Im giving him the right of first service. If he
doesnt take me up on my offer, Im sure that there are others that would literally line around
the block for the chance.
I take it thats the reason why she tore out of here in a hurry. You have the unmitigated
gall to say something like that in front of all of her friends and the Deacon. I give you credit for
having the balls to do something like that, but do you think that it was appropriate under the
circumstances? Mitchell had his fair share of women. He was known as a bit of a playboy, but
underneath he was hurting. He had put up the walls to prevent his heart from being broken
again. He was older than Lynn by at 15 years. The very thought of placing his cock into a
woman that had not been fully broken in was making him sweat.
You can stand there indignant, but I can see from the bulge in your pants that this is
something that you would like to be a part of. Ive had this crush on you for some time and
maybe I dont have to do something as nasty as advertise it. You could easily put a stop to that
by saying that you will be my first. Every girl remembers their first or so Im told. Its not like to
have that kind of experience. An older guy has it going on and Ive seen several older men from
the neighborhood wondering what I would look like naked. Do you suppose that a man like
yourself would like to reach into his pockets and find the right amount of money that is going to
put a smile on both of our faces? Lynn was purposely touching his arm and licking her lips with
anticipation of what Mitchell would be like on top of her, underneath her or behind her. I want
him, but I will find somebody else if he says anything that doesnt resemble a yes to my
proposal. Ive heard stories of men and how much better they are when they are older.
Experience goes a long way to satisfying a womans curiosity and her needs all at the same
You dare say something like that to me and expect me to answer you. You should be
ashamed of your behavior and I will not dignify that remark with any kind of response. Go home
and make up with Helen before you do irreparable harm that you can never come back from.
Any guy your own age would give you what youre looking for. Theres no reason to sell your
body like some common whore on the street. I will say that I do have enough money that I
could make it worth your while. I cant believe that Im even thinking such a thing. What would
be the going rate for your virginity? It is a sought after commodity from those guys that never
experienced anything like it. Ive been with women, but Ive never been with a girl that wanted to
become a woman. What am I saying? I cant think about something like this. Mitchell tried to
walk away only to feel something massaging his length. He looked down to see that her nimble
fingers had decided to convince him in a more direct fashion.
I would say that you have nothing to be shy about. I think that there are several ladies
that would be happy to praise your virtue. Ive heard talk and I thought that it might be an
exaggeration, but Im beginning to understand that its far from it. You do know how to fill those
jeans out in just the right way. Pressing up against my palm like this and the zipper being pulled
down by the weight of that impressive piece is almost too hard to pull away from. I would
seriously give it some thought,
Mitchell and this is not an offer that comes around every day. Name a price and I might
consider you to be at the top of the list.
One million dollars. He blurted out that number like it was something that was ready to
spew from his lips. He looked embarrassed. He looked back to see if anybody had heard what
he said. He was grateful that there was nobody there and the only witness to his proposition
was the young girl that had brought it up in the first place.
I wish that I could say that I was surprised, but I think that every man that has that kind
of money would be willing to throw it down on the table for the chance to be with me. I may not
be a willowy young woman with the figure that has most men clamoring for a chance to be with
me. I do have one thing and that one thing is making Mitchell that much more anxious to be with
me. You do present a very hard bargain, Mitchell. Ill have to give it some thought, but I see
that this means a lot to you. Theyre not that many men around this area that would be able to
pay that kind of cash. Theres nothing to be embarrassed about, unless of course you feel that
there is something unseemly about this transaction. In that case, I would respectively suggest
that you keep this to yourself. Lynn walked away from him and being a bit brazen decided to
show him what he would be missing.
Lynn bent over and let that skirt ride up. It wasnt high enough and she had to reach back
with her hands to flip it up to see his eyes go wide with surprise. She wasnt wearing panties
and the warm caress of the afternoon air and his leering wandering eye had made her wetter
than any time that she had been before.
I was only kidding and I would never even consider something like that. I dont have to
pay for it. I can have any woman with just a few choice words. Why would I even give you
anything? He was trying to convince himself and Lynns big ass made him want to fall on his
knees to press his face into the deep valley within.
Keep telling yourself that and maybe eventually you will begin to believe it. I left you
something with a slight of hand in your pocket. Its the panties that Im not wearing. Think about
what you would be getting. You have everything that Im looking for, but rest assured that I will
find somebody and maybe you would be the one holding my safety in your hands. It really does
say something for society that they are willing to pay for the chance to fuck a real life virgin.
Think about the kind of guys that I might attract with that proposal. You could avoid all of that. I
want him to follow me to some no tell motel in the area. I want him to take me and bend me to
his will, until I am a sweaty mass of sexual heat that is lying over top of the bed. I want to feel
him deep inside me and my lips caressing every inch until he has no choice, but to give me that
whitewash of pleasure.
If you expect me to call you then you will be waiting until a cold day in hell. I told you that
I have no reason to pay for it. You will not make me feel guilty and whatever you get from this
act of defiance is what you deserve. Be careful, because some of these guys could become
quite the handful. They may not just stop at that sweet little pussy of years. They may want to
fuck a tight hole and what exactly are you going to do to stop them? You may have a bit of
weight and I find that almost a little hard to stop myself from doing something about this heat
between us. Just remember, these guys could be rough and they may take your insistence and
the money changing hands as an open invitation to all of your holes. He didnt realize that he
was touching himself or that she was watching him and the outline of his package.
You can say anything that you want, but I know what I see. Its not the words but the action of
a certain part of your anatomy that brings to mind that you are very interested. You may not
have to pay for it, but you will if you wanna be with me. Its a small price to pay and one that is
most likely petty cash to somebody of your wealth and influence. I know that Im laying it on
pretty damn thick to get his attention. Hes the one that I want and I dont want to worry about
some beer belly grunt giving me a sweaty 5 minutes before dumping a load. I want this to be
special and even though I want the money, it doesnt negate the fact that I still want to be
satisfied beyond words.
Im telling you that you dont know me and theres no possible way that Im going to call
you. He turned and walked away, heading for his black pick-up with the gleaming metal roll
bars in the back.

Chapter 3

He stopped with his foot poised to climb into the cab and looked back to see that she was
walking away from him in profile. He did want her and if he wasnt careful, he would find himself
being the one that was looking in from the outside.
He couldnt even begin to think why it would matter that somebody else would have that
chance. He just knew that he wanted her with her cheeks spread for him. That was more than
enough to make him drive very slowly down the road in hot pursuit. It had been a few minutes
and driving behind her like some kind of stalker was only going to attract too much attention.
Mitchell rolled down the window and came up beside her looking at that plump ass and
the generous helping of breasts that were more than a handful or mouthful for that matter. Let
me drive you home. I may have gotten a little heated back there, but you really did catch me off
guard. This is something that you should reconsider and like you said its not every day that a
proposition comes in this form to any man. In that same regard, its not every day that you lose
your virginity. You should probably take it more seriously than some kind of banking
transaction. Mitchell was trying to be the good guy but it was very hard and most of that was
in reference to what was now trying to break free of his pants. That was 9 inches of solid
Texas beef and there were many women in this small Texas Town that had experienced his type
of loving.
You think that Im not a woman of my word. I will gladly take that ride with you, but only if
you really give it some thought. We can both get what we want and I wont have to settle for
second best. I wont have to worry about catching anything, because I know that you get
yourself tested every year without fail. You always wear protection and thats something that a
girl doesnt take lightly. In a day and age where chivalry is dead, there might still be room for a
guy like you to open my door and show me the kind of manners that will make me want to give
you something that no man can say that they will ever have again I wasnt expecting him to
follow me down the road, but I guess I really did get to him. For some reason, I envision him
pulling my hair and spanking my ass. I may not be into rough play, but maybe I dont know what
Im into until I finally experience it for myself.
Get in this truck, before you have a horde of men running down the sidewalk about ready
to commit adultery. There are a lot of guys that would sell out their own mother for the chance
at somebodys virginity. To feel that tightness for the first time and experience a womans
orgasm like that will be hard for any moral man to step away from. Youve opened a can of
worms that you cant close. I could make it easy on you, but Im reluctant to take that step.
Mitchell watched her settle in beside him and the way that her thighs spread slowly brought that
skirt up to show her silky white alabaster thighs.
I think that maybe youve given this a lot of thought already. You probably thought that it
was wrong to even think of me in that way, especially since you and my mother were close
friends back in the day. The only thing that Im looking for is a physical relief. Im not looking for
a commitment or a ring on my finger. The money will allow me to start a new life without Helen
getting in my way. I could take the money and I could invest it, or I could go down to a tropical
island with a drink in one hand and a bronze body on the other. Ive dreamed of finding that
paradise and planting my flag there for the duration of my life. I dont want to get caught in the
mundane existence of going back and forth from a 9 to 5 job like Helen does every day. She
works too hard and I never want to be in that position. Id rather have my freedom than to
experience a life of hell doing one job for the rest of my life without any end in sight. Lynn was
consciously spreading her legs a little wider until she was now showing off the cleft of her bald
mound. I see him pulling at his tie and theres a trickle of sweat running between his eyes. He
cant stop looking at me and I believe that I have one on the hook and I just need to find a way
to reel him in. This all began with Helen forcing my hand and I think that I have found something
that is worth fighting for. I dont think that I could ask for anything more. Hes huge, but Ive
heard through the Grapevine that any woman can accommodate such a girth.
I know this sounds foolish under the circumstances. If I were to agree then this would
have to remain between the two of us. It can never get out that I stooped so low as to pay for
it. Ive never wanted anything to do with women of the night. Its the oldest profession in the
world and my father tried to make me lose my virginity by going to a house of ill repute. I felt
dirty sitting in the waiting room and I walked out before I even had a chance to choose from
those that were willing to let me stick it to them. I guess I dont want that same thing for you
and I have more than enough experience to show you a good time. Im going to ask you to sign
a nondisclosure agreement. Ill have one written up. Im going to give you $1.5 million. That is
my final offer. Take it or leave it. Mitchell had no earthly idea that this was going to happen
today. It was quite unexpected, but a welcome addition to an otherwise boring day.
I would say that we should shake on it, but I think I can do a whole lot better than that.
She reached out nervously and she manhandled the goods through his pants. He swerved and
she probably should have warned him before doing something so out of character. She felt alive
for the first time and it was like a certain part of her had lain dormant for too long. It was time
to let her inner woman free. She had found the right man to make that happen. I know how
men like to have their cocks played with by other hands besides their own. Ive done my fair
share of research on the Internet and lets just say that Ive seen things that had me wondering
why anybody would even consider doing something like that. A couple of those acts I would like
to commit to memory. I think that you can help with that. Im sure that you have tricks that
youve learned over your years. I agree with your terms and I believe theres no reason to go
searching any further than you. When do you suppose that we should do this? I believe that
Helen will be out of town for a while and that leaves that whole house unoccupied. Ill be alone.
We can find something to do other than to talk about our feelings.
Look what youve done to me. I thought that those girls that I picked up in the bar were
enough for me. You changed my mind and now I want to show you what it feels like to be with
a man and not some little boy pretending to be one. Im the genuine article and when they say
that Texas comes with everything big they are referring to me. Im quite happy with what I have
and Ive had several guys comment about it in the gym. I never thought that I was anything
special, until I went to school and saw that all the other boys were not exactly the same. They
ridiculed me, but I soon realized that there were women that considered themselves real size
queens. The
rumor of what I had got out and I couldnt beat them off with a stick. I was grateful that I
didnt give my virginity to those girls in that whore house. I had my pick of the litter when I got
the high school. Mitchell considered himself to be worldly, but the one thing that had escaped
his bucket list was that woman with a purity that was very hard to find.
Im enjoying this a lot, but I do believe that Im going to refrain from going any further than
this. I want to open my present on Christmas Day and not a moment before that. By all means,
if you insist on surprising me then maybe a red bow around the very thing that Im holding in my
hand would go a long way to helping things to go more smoothly. I dont want any awkward
moments and what Im looking for is that passion that burns within the both of us. I could tell
him that I want to suck his cock and that wouldnt be a lie. Im looking at him. The way that he
looks at me back is under the pretense that I have no idea that he has become trapped by his
own sexual needs. This is the kind of guy that could put me through my paces and hopefully go
all night long. This kind of money opens me up to anything that he requests. I have every right
to say no, but how can I when he is supplying me with the one thing that can make my life more
The roar of the engine as he sped down the road was whipping her hair back like that of
some movie star. He saw that the cold air had affected her nipples. They were poking
obscenely against her shirt. He wanted to turn and bite them through the material, but that
wouldve been too much of a risk of getting into some sort of accident. Im going to need a
couple of days. I dont want this to be just another experience for me for me. This has to be
something that goes beyond all others. I need some time to go through some details. You might
even find yourself getting some gifts to make the evening that much more interesting. I have a
few ideas and believe me I am not opposed to using toys in love play. I find it not only
enhances, but it sexually excites me. Some guys might feel like they are less than a man, but I
dont feel that way. He was losing his composure and his chest was constricting like that of
some kind of attack.
Oh, mythat is not something that you experience every day. You have an amazing
capacity to withstand just about anything that I do. That brief jerk was a good way to spell the
end of this moment between two consenting adults and I could easily make you cum inside your
pants and believe me the idea does put a smile on my face. Its not like you will be able to fight
me and seeing you go off inside your own underwear will be the icing on the cake for today. I
need to finish this. I want to see that look on his face that Ive seen only in movies thus far. Im
beginning to think that theres more to sex than just the grunts of approval that I see on screen.
There were some positions that seemed almost unfathomable to complete, but Im willing to
give it the old college try.
Damn youfor making me feel this way. I cant say that Im not enjoying what youre
doing and a hand job has only scratched the surface. I never knew that there was a girl out
there that could even come close to some of my better conquests over the years. Most girls
are shy and make me initiate and I want you to be the other way around. When I come to you
in the next couple of days, I dont want to have to be the one to take you by the hand. Youre
going to have the show me that you are ready. You may not know what I mean by that, but I
think that youll come to your own conclusion in the nick of time. Mitchell was rubbing her leg
and his fingers began to sneak up to find that her pussy was well lubricated. I take it that this
is the first time that youve touched a man in this way. What exactly have you done? He was
trying to make conversation while keeping that sensation between his legs from going off.
I have had my pussy eaten, but by someone that really didnt know what they were
doing. I went down on the same guy and it was probably the blind leading the blind. He was a
bit of a hair trigger and I had to pull away before I took any of that nasty stuff in my mouth. It
was only after I was looking on the Internet that I found it quite fascinating to blow a guy all the
way to the finish line. Hes fighting that instinctual need and hes making me work for it. Hes
circling the neighborhood and purposely staying away from my house for as long as possible. I
can only assume that he doesnt want to take anything away from what hes feeling. Im not
going to leave him, until I take him to the point of no return.
I dont know what youexpect me tosay. Mitchell thought that there was no pressure,
but this girl was not about to stop. He had no idea what he was afraid. This wasnt the first and
it wouldnt be the last time that he had done something with a woman. It would be the first time
that he ever shot his load inside his underwear and that very kinky act was now fueling him to
the end of his willpower. He had no idea what he was doing. If anybody saw him doing
something like this with Lynn they would consider him to be some kind of pervert. At this
moment, he didnt care. I cant believe that Im letting you Oh fuck oh yes Oh fuck yes
YESSSSSS. His fingers had turned white on the steering wheel and his eyelids fluttered for a
moment, as he filled his underwear with a fair amount of his seed. It wouldnt be long before it
was soaking through the material and leaving a very noticeable wet stain at his crotch.
Thats what I wanted. Remember that when you come over in the next couple of days. I
dont want you to treat me like a docile little lamb being led to the slaughter. I want you to treat
me like a woman and believe me I plan to treat you like a man. I was intending to make
everybody inside that church realize that it was my life and not theirs. It started with a dare to
myself, but now it has turned into so much more. Ive wanted to get rid of this feeling of being
the only one that hasnt gone all the way. I just never fathomed that I would have the chance to
be with Mitchell a man that was considered a catch amongst any available woman looking to
get into his pants.
You really arehell bent on getting what you want. I suppose I could consider it a
service and that what Im doing for you is keeping you from throwing yourself at any available
man that is willing to throw money at your feet. I want something more for you than that. Lets
not consider this a business transaction. Consider the money that Im giving you a gift that is not
predicated on performing to my expectations. I do want to make one thing perfectly clear. It
goes without saying that Im going to please your body. I will make you scream and thats a
given. You may think that Im blowing smoke up your skirt, but trust me I know my around down
there. Ive learned what it takes. Im just trying to make sure that youre fully informed before
going forward. Mitchell saw that she was nodding her head yes, but her mouth was about to
say no. He swung around to her house and stayed a block away in case of nosy neighbors that
saw that they werent exactly platonic.
I dont have anything to complain about. I want you to make me scream and to show me
all those things that I have been missing out on. I dont want to tell him that I had this crush on
him for as long as I can remember. I know what he already had with Connie. Ive never heard
him speak of her name in public. Its possible that that wound is still fresh, even though a few
years have passed since she left him. He got a postcard a few weeks later from the French
Riviera of her holding onto two boys that were barely out of their teens. She said that life was
too short to be chained to one man for the rest of her life and that she apologized for getting his
hopes up by taking his ring. Amazingly, he actually got the ring back. She did not try to pawn it
as if she had any right to have it in your possession after the engagement was cut short.
You cant talk about this to anyone including friends. You might feel this need to over
share. You and I will be the only ones that know, unless I otherwise state to the contrary. Ill be
by in two days at exactly 7:00 PM. The gifts I send to you, I will expect you to wear in
accordance to the agreement that we have set fourth. He didnt mean to make it sound boring,
but he also didnt want there to be any misinterpretation. He wanted this to be something they
both wanted. He wasnt sure how serious she was about this, but there was only one way to
find out. He was happy to make that sacrifice.
Chapter 4
Two days later and being a woman that had enough, Helen had indeed left on a cruise to
the Bahamas for the next month. They didnt talk about it and Lynn did not offer to take her to
the Airport.
Being alone was not all that it was cracked up to be. Lynn didnt like the eerie silence in
the house, the ticking of the clock or any strange noises that made her jump practically out of
her skin. Tonight was the big night and she received a couple of gifts along with the agreement
that she eagerly signed on the dotted line. She was close to telling her friend Shelly about all of
this, but at the last second she stopped herself from revealing too much.
The gifts consisted of lingerie that were very risqu. This was not the type of stuff that
she would have bought on her own. It was time to get dirty, but she also wanted to show off
her virginal status. She had a choice of five different outfits and she had a feeling that before
the weekend was over that she would be in each and every one of them. To start, she was
going to take on a more pure after the wedding kind of outfit. This was a white widow with
matching garters and the cups were literally flowing over with the abundance of her flesh. She
put on the silk see through robe and heard a door slam in the backyard.
The headlights were shining through the back door and then they were extinguished
before she heard the telltale stomping of his cowboy boots. She flung open the door and got an
appraising glance with him leaning down, so that she could grab him by his short dark hair. She
shoved her tongue down his throat and decided that if he wanted somebody that was going to
show initiative then she was damn well going to do that. She wiggled her tongue up to the roof
of his mouth and could feel the presence of his member taking notice. He was wearing the
same blue jeans and they were tight over his body like they were meant to accentuate the
positives of his manhood.
I was tempted not to go through with this, but then I realized that I would never be able
to look at myself the same way again. It was a tug of war between what was right and what
was wrong. You drove me mad with desire these last couple of days. I wondered what you
were doing at night. Im happy to report that I didnt do anything to satisfy myself. Ive been
saving it for you and theres quite the buildup from the last couple of days. Ive had a couple of
women from my past come calling and I somehow denied them their request at a late night
booty call. Mitchell knew that this was different and he wanted to get everything done in a
hurry. Ive taken the liberty of putting half into your account. Thats just a down payment to the
gift of 1.5 million coming your way. I would say that I was only waiting to see if I was getting
my moneys worth, but I think that I have already learned that Im getting more than I bargained
for. Mitchell pulled down the cups and was quite fascinated to see the silver dollar size nipples
staring back at him.
She was about to fall on her knees when he did the exact same thing before she even had
the chance. He had a hold of her around the waist with his head pressed up against her
She cradled his head and held him close to let him hear her heart beating wildly inside her
Im glad that you dont consider that a part of the transaction. Its so much better that you
mentioned that it was a gift and not some kind of payment for services rendered. I know that I
mentioned that this was what I wanted, but maybe I have been having second doubts. I dont
want my first time to be on the premise of money exchanging hands. I probably wouldnt care
with anybody else, but with you Im beginning to learn that theres a lot more to you than the
playboy that everybody else sees.
I want you to know that you took the hammer to my walls of defense. You took my
memories and dragged them away for something more pleasant than the haunting images of
my nightmares. I wake up screaming every night for her, but the last couple days the only thing
that I have been able to think about was you. Im not just saying that and I do mean every
word. I would like to think that shes looking down from where shes at with approval. She may
think that its a bit distasteful to talk about money, but this was a promise and its not one that
Im going to renege on. He lifted her onto the counter and found her white underwear already
quite stained with her juices.
Now that the time is here, I feel little hesitant. Im sure that something like that is normal.
Is there any way that you can take away some of that nervousness? Why dont you show me
what you meant when you said that you know your way around down there? The only
connection that I had to him in the last couple of days was those gifts. There were 10 in total
with five being outfits and the others enhancements to what were going to do to each other this
weekend. They are splayed out on the nightstand and I have to say that I took them out of their
package and gave them the once over. The vibrating butt plug was calling my name, but not
until we open the gates to depravity. The only way to do that is to fuck me silly and to make me
realize that this is only the beginning. She could feel the cool surface of the black marble
against her ass and then she was lifting to let him pull her panties off with one very determined
motion of his hand.
Mitchell had that delicate material in his hands. He looked at the white sheer material and
had a thought. He could smell her from here, but he wanted her to know that this was not just
going to be a wham bam thank you maam kind of deal. He was going to prolong this and
lengthen their time together to encompass the entire weekend and maybe even beyond.
You wont need those anymore, Lynn. You may think that I was bragging, but its not
bragging when you can back it up. He placed two hands underneath her and pulled her into a
position where she was lying prone. He opened her legs and saw the wet petals of her sex
begging for the attention of his mouth. He moved closer and let the heat of her hole and the
fragrance wafting from within draw him closer with each second that passed. You probably
know by now that any mans fantasy revolves around having a virgin. This all started with you
trying to get back at your at Helen. I do hope that it has transcended that. He touched her
clit and saw her jerk in response. It was exactly what he was waiting for. He slid his tongue into
her to feel the constricting walls finding a reason to bear down on that oral projectile.
I fuckingshouldve done this alongtime ago. Waiting for the right guy was the right
decision, but waiting for that ring on the finger doesnt necessarily have to go hand in hand.
She could barely feel anything below the waist and her extremities were pretty much numb. His
tongue was driving in and out of her inner folds in a
repeated fashion. Id heard that having a guy go down on you was better than getting
fucked, but I dont really have any reference at this point to say anything either way. This is
going to be one very interesting weekend and I plan to make the best of our time together.
He was keeping her in place, making sure that he got that maximum penetration with his
tongue to open the pathway for something even larger. He had reached down and was doing
the impossible by pulling himself free and going down on her at the same time. He was putting
the extra emphasis with his fingers along his own length to make him rampant and ready to
enter into that forbidden zone. He was already quite excited and that was evident from the way
that he was dripping like a leaky faucet.
It was 20 minutes and anytime that she thought that she was ready to blow her top, he
would slow things down to make her realize that building things up would only make things a
whole lot better in the long run. She thought at one time that this was a dumb thing to do. She
had gone back and forth about whether or not to call it off, but in the end the result was going
to be the same. I know that hes doing this on purpose and hes pretty much making me a
slave to my own body. He really does know what hes doing and thats a little scary when I
begin to think about all the lovers that he mustve had in the past. Do I even compare or am I
some kind of dismal disappointment that will make him look at me differently afterwards. I cant
think of something like that when the pressure growing inside me is only getting to a point that
something is going to have to happen.
There was no need to rush. He already knew that loving somebody could hurt more than
anything in his life. He had watched her deteriorate for over a year while fighting that disease.
Her death had caused him to lose a part of his soul. Her final breath had broke him and made
his heart harden to a point that it was impenetrable.
Mitchell was delving deep and could feel her juices streaming across his tongue and then
suddenly her whole body went into a trembling wave of pleasure. He thought that he had hurt
her for a moment, but the squirting presence of her juices into his mouth told him otherwise.
There was a bit of a squeal coming from her lips, but mostly she was riding a perfect orgasm
that was brought about by patience and knowing exactly what he was doing.
Oh godmoredont you dare take your fucking tongue out of me. I want to feel that
again and again and again and I never want it to stop. I want to cum and continue to cum, until I
have no more breath to give. YesfuckingYESSSSSS. She lifted her pelvis and pushed her
hole into his face with her two hands pressing down on his shoulders. I thought that playing
with myself would only be marginally different than a guy going down on me. I was wrong and
now I am more than anxious to see if my misconceptions of sex can be changed once and for
all. Lynn didnt know that she could feel this deeply in her soul. She didnt want anybody to hurt
her and Mitchell and his cowboy way had certainly tamed this stallion. She was wild and he had
come around and done the impossible by soothing the savage beast.
She lay there wondering how it could possibly get better and then her eyes opened to the
feeling of his mouth encompassing her clit. He was lashing it repeatedly with the tip of his
tongue and circling it each and every way. It was too much and her mouth parted with a
banshee cry of pleasure that rattled the panes of glass and the pots and pans hanging
overhead. There was the customary howl of a dog nearby and then there was a chorus of dogs
in heat applauding their efforts.
Mitchell continued to give her no choice, but to lose herself in the moment. Working tirelessly
was no stranger to Mitchell. He would need some time to recuperate after the weekend was
finished. He was not holding back and it was a crying shame that he didnt find her long before
now. He allowed himself to get caught up in her orgasmic release. His bed had a revolving door
of playmates. He wanted to feel again, but he was going about it the wrong way. He finally took
a step back and looked at the woman that had caused him to think of her, as more than just a
sought after commodity.
She finally got control of her senses and she moved down until she was landing in front of
him. Her legs gave out and that was to be expected after something like that. He was able to
hold her by the underarms and she slithered into place at his feet. She went after him, pulling
down his stiffness to her mouth and sealing her lips over the crown with her lipstick now
traveling up and down the first few inches. After what he did, he deserves everything that I can
give him and more. Im willing to walk on the wild side. He is that dream that has come alive
and that sinful delight that keeps on giving. He saved me the heartbreak of letting my virginity
go to somebody that I didnt really want in the first place.
Mitchell looked down at her head bobbing and couldnt see much with her hair fanned out
across his crotch, He didnt need to see anything and the feeling was something that could only
be described as out of this world. It felt like he was rescued and set free. His heart was finally
beating for the first time in a long time.
I have to say that this might be your first time, but its quite obvious that this is not your
first time going down on a guy. You do need some pointers, but you make up for that in other
ways. You really should slow down and I really dont want to lose myself this quickly. I thought
that I would be able to withstand anything that you gave me, but that was wishful thinking on my
She could feel the heat of his knob pressing up against her throat and she wasnt quite
sure that she was able to do something like that. Every time that she pushed forward, she
would gag just a little with more spit accumulating at his balls. She tried to stop that reflex, but
it wasnt easy when she had no training in this department. After some trial by error, she finally
managed to take his cock head into her throat for a brief second before coming back up and
sputtering something mad.
I only want you to do what youre comfortable with. It did feel very good, but I dont want
you to do anything thats going to harm you. Feeling her deepthroat gave him a catch in his
throat. He swallowed hard and felt himself buck up against her in a moment of sheer delight. I
dont know about you, but I think that you can do it. We have all the time in the world. Im willing
to show you some interesting tricks. He saw the look of desire in her eyes and he pressed the
knob back up against her lips. He slid across her tongue and then grabbed a fistful of her hair
to slip the rest of the way in. He could see that she was fighting it, but she managed to keep it
all the way in this one time for more than 30 seconds.
He pulled out with her spit now quite thick along his shaft. He heaved her back onto the
counter and was in the perfect position to give her what she had been waiting for all these
years. He could feel the fucking suction of her hole trying to pull him in by the force of will alone.
He felt the heat surround his mushroom tip and then the resistance waiting for him. This was a
sure sign that she was indeed virginal and was in need of a man to take away that cherry. He
pulled back and then pushed back in with a healthy dose of determination behind that thrust. He
broke through that resistance and heard the telltale shriek of a girl that was getting it for the
first time.
Her hands went out to touch his chest and she stopped his momentum and opened her
eyes to see that he was looking back at her. She needed time to adjust and the pain was quite
severe, but was modest in comparison to those horror stores. I need youto take it very
slow. It was probably good that you went fast at first, but now Im going to have to ask that you
slow things down. They looked at where they were joined and that bulbous head had now
found a way to stretch her open. This doesnt feel normal, but I know that I want this. It feels
too damn good to stop now.
Chapter 5

He waited with the ticking of the clock and then he lifted her and carried her impaled on
his member up the stairs with her legs crossed around him. She was a very healthy girl and it
took a bit for him to carry her weight without collapsing on the stairs. He was not going to give
into that instinct and the very notion that she had given him her body was now making him fully
aware of his duties. This was not about his pleasure and even though he paid for it dearly,
didnt mean that he was going to have to be some callous prick.
This is better than my fantasies and my imagination at the same time. Im glad that I
chose you. It was quite fortuitous that we met outside that church. I do have to wonder what
would have happened had we not bumped into each other. I guess theres no reason to think
along those lines when theres something a lot more pressing going on in my life. I cringe to
think about the guy that I couldve found myself with for my first time. He was being gentle and
a little rough, but I think I like that more than I want to admit.
Mitchell carried her through to the bedroom, across the threshold, while kicking the door
open to make him look like a big man. He heard her gasp and knew that his cock had buried
itself. In his haste to get her onto the bed, he had driven the very air out of her lungs upon
landing on the mattress. He stayed still, seeing the shocked look on her face and knowing that
he had done something that he had said that he would never do. He had hurt her.
I did say that I wanted to take it slow. I know that it was by accident and I dont think that
I would have had it any other way. I refuse to deny myself this pleasure just because of a little
bit of pain. He has really shown me that he wants me. Im giving him all my trust. This is a
comfort that only comes from a man that cares for me deeply. He said that he wanted me and
that he wasnt going to settle for anything but all of it. I didnt need true love, but maybe I was
settling for less than everything I wanted on a silver platter. I want him to tell me that he doesnt
want this to end and that we can have forever together. I dont want him to lie to me and tell me
something that isnt true. Im not sure that he wants more than just this one time.
Im here in between your legs and I see you tremble and I know that Im the cause of
that. You have my love inside you and my staff and my body is properly motivated to give you
the time of your life. Hold on, because its going to get bumpy from this moment on. He made it
sound like it was some kind of amusement ride or roller coaster. As he began to move against
her, he found that he was not the only one that was working toward a common goal. She was
pushing up with her hands against the mattress to make them work together.
I know that I dont have any right to ask, but Im requesting one thing. I dont want you to
think that this gives you free rein to just fuck me and then leave me like some kind of skid mark
on the way out the door. I want this weekend to last. I dont even want to think about anything
besides the moments that Im sharing with you. Fuckthat thing is really big and youre going
to have to be very gentle. I will say that you didnt hurt me at least not too much. This might be
my first dance with sex, but I believe that Im beginning to learn the steps. I want to continue
this until the sun is creeping through the curtains and then I want to start all over from the very
beginning. It might be greedy and probably asking for too much, but I cant help the way that I
need him constantly and with no reservation.
He unbuttoned his shirt and with his pants already hanging loosely around his ankles he
was able a kick them free. He had gone without any underwear. It seemed pointless for a
weekend escapade like this one. Im tangled within you and this is exactly where I want to be.
My cock feels so good and I know that you can feel it rubbing up against your walls. You want
it slow, but you really should be careful what you ask for. There was no doubt in his mind that
she was better than all the rest. They were vacant stares in the middle of the night. Those
other girls were pretty much just a body and no substance.
You really do make a good first impression, Mitchell. Go ahead and fuck me and dont
stop, until I either say so or pass out. Ive fallen deeply for this man, but how can I justify that
after making him pay through the nose for the privilege of breaking me in. Ive lost too much in
my life and to lose him after hes done with me would be the final straw that broke my mind. My
parents arent around to protect me and Helen has done her best, but she never asked to have
a teenager that had a chip on her shoulder to come into her life. I finally see things clearly and
maybe I havent given Helen a fair shake. I have to remember to put myself in her shoes.
Oh yeahthats it work your hips up to meet me. Do you hear that slapping sound? Do
you know that is music to my ears? Mitchell was ramming full long into her and was hearing
her cry out in orgasmic joy. There was no shy and inexperienced young woman underneath him
anymore. This was an awakening and one that had her begging him to fuck her all night long.
Yesall the way and then all the way back in. You love that. I can see it in your eyes how
much you want me to make you cum. This one time is never going to suffice. There are going to
be more this weekend and I plan to utilize every inch of this house. The blow job downstairs
had certainly caused things the stir between his legs. He could feel it coming and he knew that
he was not going to stop. It was clear that she didnt want him to. Her legs were wrapped
around him in a tight vise.
Do itfor fuck sake Just do it already AHHHHHH. Lynns body shook all over and
she imbued a newfound confidence that came from a man that was really doing her a favor.
She could feel him cresting that wave of excitement and suddenly his balls overflowed with its
white hot goodness. They moved together groaning in response and holding each others eyes
through the entire ordeal. He had gone the distance and he was lying on top of her with his
cock shrinking after such a painful and pleasurable ending. He wanted to feel her body and he
took a moment to lie on his back and turn his head to see that she was glowing with the
Lynn had felt every single spurt from his cock. He didnt know when to stop and the way
that she was moving against him told her that he was right there with her every step of the way.
He made me cum effortlessly and he had metaphorically written his feelings in bold letters into
the air for all to see with just his smile of satisfaction. Its impossible for me not to feel
connected. I dont want this to be something that is only a one off. I want to scream it from the
rooftop, but not until I find out if this is what he wants. Does he know what he wants? Lynn
draped her hand over his chest, feeling his sweaty skin and touching his nipple just to see him
squirm in her hands.
I really dont know what to say. The one thing that I know for sure is that this weekend is
going to drain me of every drop. Every time that Im up, I will find you in whatever room youre
in and I will take you once again. I dont care if youre doing dishes, laundry downstairs or even
dusting with a pair of cutoff shorts. Therell be no place safe for you in this house. I dont want
to scare you, but I just want to give you warning that you can expect more of the same. Every
time he looked at her it was like he was seeing his future in her twinkling eyes.
I think that we should take stock in what we have already done. By taking my innocence,
youve opened up a Pandoras Box. Ive become insatiable and my body is literally vibrating with
the need to do that again. Ive never been this horny and hot for a man in my life. Im still
wearing the white widow outfit and its about time that I exchange that for something a little
more nasty and provocative. Ive had my eye on the black bustier that he sent over with the
matching leather panties with the crotch cut out. I have a pair of thigh high leather boots that I
bought on an impulse a few years ago. Ive never had an occasion to wear them. I believe that I
might have found the right man and its about time that I shock him instead of the other way
I think that it would be best that we take a shower and that should rejuvenate us for the
next chapter of our union. As you can see, Im practically ready to go again. That hasnt
happened in quite some time and Im usually good for one time and then done for the evening. It
only goes to show you that it has to be the company that Im keeping. You may be insatiable,
but I think that I can handle that. You do know the old saying about save a horse and ride a
cowboy. Its time that you saddle up and give me your best. He wanted to take a shower, but
this was becoming more urgent. I am going to fuck you again and this time youre the one
thats going to be in the drivers seat. It probably shouldve been that way the first time, but I
couldnt help myself. At least this way, youll be able to control the pace and the depth of my
cock. I will be pretty much at your mercy. Mitchell saw that she was breathless, but she
managed to ready herself for the task at hand.
I do believe that Im going to enjoy learning every facet of every sexual position. I have
the perfect teacher and someone that knows how to please in just the right way. He has
definitely started a spark and I fear that is going to turn into something of an obsession. I never
thought that I would have him for my first time. I could have all the money and the treasures in
the world but it would mean nothing without him. Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but it
doesnt compare to the love of a good man. Lynn moved until she had both knees on either
side of his body. She reached back and grabbed him, hearing his moaning and knowing that
that was only the start of something new between them.
There were a lot of guys knocking at her door, but she had been steadfast on her belief to
wait for that one that was going to be the only one. She placed the tip at her entrance and she
let her obvious weight advantage play into this nicely. She dropped all 165 pounds onto his
midsection. He bolted straight up and attached his mouth to one of her nipples which was a
constant form of electricity between her chest and her pussy.
I have to say that you are a woman that knows what she wants. I like that you can
takedirection. You just squeezed very hard. Im not sure if you did that on your own or if your
body was acting on its own. He knew that nobody could blame him for wanting to be with her.
It wasnt even about the money. He could afford to pay her a lot more than what he offered and
most of that money was earmarked for some kind of charity. This was better than giving back
to his community. This wasnt going to stop him from playing the part of a true humanitarian.
I really do like this, Mitchell. Mitchelloh, my god Mitchellyou hit me in just the right
way every single time. I see the stars in my eyes and these pinpricks of light. Im not sure what
theyMEANNNNNN. That orgasm come up pretty quickly and rubbing her clit against the shaft
was a surefire method of making her go off yet again. She slapped his chest and scratched her
nails along the surface of his heated skin. She threw her hair back in obvious pleasure and let
that moment converge until she collapsed on top of him.
Seeing that he was going to have to do some of the work, Mitchell lifted his hips and
performed like that of a seasoned lover. He was slapping her ass, smacking his balls up against
her and feeling that orgasm gripping him. He wasnt even close to finished, but her falling on top
of him had been met with her lips sealed to his in an embrace of passion and pure sex.
She had a little bit of fear going into this, but that had vanished from the moment that she
saw him smiling at the door. The cowboy hat and the cowboy boots were making her aware of
the fact that she liked a manly kind of guy and not some prim and proper businessman looking
for stock tips. Pleasedont stopon my account. I just need to get my second wind and Ill
be right back in this to win it. I dont know how many calories are burning doing this, but it has
to be pretty damn significant to put up this kind of sweat. This is the kind of exercise that I can
do practically every day. I could shed the pounds or at least sculpt what I already have into
something of a hard body. I like the way that he looks at me and I dont think that it would be
the same if I were to become some stick thin bitch. He was afraid that I was going to find
somebody else, but I dont want anybody else.
Im not the man that I used to be and that all changed when I met you, Lynn. Ive seen
you around, but never really saw you as anything more than Kates baby girl. She would be so
proudof you and how you have grown up to be quite the woman. He slipped out from
underneath her and was quite pleased to see that she had gotten into the position of being
taken from behind. He grabbed his member and gave it a few jerks of incentive, as if it really
needed any after seeing a site like that. Her big ass was making him drool and he was soon
planting his flag deep within that body.
Yes I dont know how much one can take without passing out. Please I need it so
badly. Ive been without for so long fuck me fuck meI dont know how Im going to stop
thisthis fuckingAHHHHHHHH. Im serious when I say that Im getting quite the workout.
My heart has never beat this quickly Im afraid that this kind of exertion can be detrimental to
my health. Im sure over time that I will get used to something like this, but hes not exactly
holding back. I dont trust myself being around him and his eyes have me stripping down to
nothing without even realizing that Im doing it. Even that moment inside his truck was fraught
with sexual excitement that would have led to fogging up his windows big time.
You have nothing to worry about. I have a lot more to give you. He had his hands on her
hips and was giving her all of him. He watched it sink into her hole and then come out coated in
her juices and that fueled him into a passionate state arousal. I think that you and I are made
for one another. Damn it I was hoping that I could last a little bit longer than thismy god. It
felt like his cock was going to come apart at the seams. He saw her slump forward and it
wasnt hard to recognize that she had fallen into a deep slumber. He looked down at his cock
and had never seen it so depleted. He had nothing inside and he was going to need some time.
It looked like he was going to get it.
He lay down behind her feeling the cushion of her ass. He felt to his side to see her
angelic face. He touched her cheek and saw the beauty of a woman that came to him with a
proposal that was not going to be hard for most guys to turn down. He moved his fingers down
her spine and saw her shiver with Goosebumps appearing. It was time to get some rest and
there was no way that he could keep this up all night. He needed that time to be ready for her
over eager body.

Chapter 6

Watching her sleep had become something of a pastime in the last few hours. He could
barely sleep and he was wired like somebody that had too many energy drinks. He was still
wearing the cowboy hat and her hand on his chest made him realize that he was alive for the
first time in his life. He never wanted this to end. He wanted to capture this for all time. Mitchell
knew that this had all started as a way to stop her from doing something that she was going to
regret later on. If he didnt bite the bullet, then somebody that wasnt all that nice would take
advantage of her innocent nature.
He couldnt believe that their time together giving each other physical relief had led to the
spilling of the light through the curtains. That was only one night and he was not lying when he
said that he was going to make the most of this weekend.
Penny for your thoughts. Lynn had woken up and looked up to see that he was already
awake and staring at the ceiling. Her hand lingered on his chest, feeling the warmth and
temperament of his heart beating against her fingertips. I know that a lot of girls feel that their
first time lacked any kind of passion or romance. I also know that what we did last night put a
smile on both of our faces. Youre everything that I wanted for my first time and more. Every
time that you moved against me it was like lightning was striking between my legs. Im a little
hoarse from screaming all night long. Its a wonder that somebody didnt call the cops to say
that somebody was being killed in here. I know that this was an arrangement and one that he
had fulfilled to the best of his ability. He had gone above and beyond to show me that a man
could be compassionate and wasnt just after one thing. It mightve been wrong of me to make
that proclamation in front of the entire town, but it all worked out the way that it should have.
My first time was something that was memorable and there is nothing and nobody that could
take that away from me.
I was thinking that its such a beautiful day that we should probably take advantage of it. I
have this special spot that I would like to share with you. Its somewhere that I have never
taken any girlfriend. I just never thought that I could share this with them. I believe that you
might be the exception and I would like to test that theory. I suggest that we get something to
eat and the hike is a bit of an arduous climb. I hope that you have some good hiking boots. All
they really wanted to do was wallow in depravity for the rest of the weekend. He wanted to
tame her desire over and over again. His intention was to utilize every room in this house until
they were spent an exhausted.
I dont know what he expects me to say to a proposal like that. I secretly enjoy nature
and not that many people know that about me. It only shows that we have a lot more in
common than we give each other credit for. It might be that not only do we have a physical
bond, but there is something of a spiritual one. Losing my virginity made me a woman, but
finding a man like him is priceless. I cant imagine giving my innocence to anybody else. I can
now see that I have been making Helens Life miserable and maybe it was that sexual
frustration that was making me lash out for no good reason. She squeezed his hand and
smiled dreamily like that of a woman obsessed with being in love. It would be my honor to
share in your childhood memory. I dont think that I could have said no even if I wanted to.
They were barely able to tear away from each other. They managed to take a shower
separately. If they had done anything like that together they would probably never make it to his
secret spot.
When she was done with her shower, she breezed by him dropping the towel to let him
see her curvaceous curves as she ran down the stairs giggling like a maniac.
I heard what you said to him. Helen had decided at the last second that it was wrong to
leave things up in the air like that. Shed come back to find them in bed together. She stood in
the hallway and listened to them exchange words of passion and love. She knew that it was not
an act. Lynn had found the one that made those butterflies in her stomach. You have my
blessing and maybe what happened was supposed to happen. It doesnt make me feel any
better about how I acted or what I said. I can only apologize and hope that you will take it at
face value. Helen had her metaphorical hat in her hand and was waiting to hear any kind of
backlash or venom spewing from Lynns lips
Instead of saying anything, Lynn decided that actions spoke louder than words. She was
still naked, but she felt compelled to wrap her arms around Helen. They shared a moment and
Lynn decided that it was time to clear the air. I know that it doesnt seem logical, but I think I
blamed you for what happened to my parents. I let my anger for them leaving me fester into
something that was ugly. I turned that anger onto the only person that I could. I do forgive you
for what you said and it wasnt like I was innocent in all of this. I never thought that this day
would come and losing my inhibitions opened my heart and let me see that the true enemy was
myself. A lot what happened to my mother and father defined me and that was a power over
me that I wasnt going to allow any longer. Helen didnt deserve my abuse of words and the
way that I acted. It was a wonder that she didnt have any more gray hairs from the antics that
I had perpetrated to get her attention.
I have to say that I was a little surprised to see you with him. He didnt seem all that
trustworthy and some of my girlfriends talk about him like hes the devil in disguise. I see the
way that you both look at each other and I know that this is the genuine article. I think that it
would be best that I do leave. I still have those tickets to the cruise and maybe Ill miss out on a
couple of days, but I feel a whole lot better leaving you alone. Helen felt that they had turned a
corner. I know this is none of my business, but how exactly did you get together? I only ask,
because I know that you put it out there for anybody to hear that you wanted to sell your
virginity to the highest bidder. Tell me that this wasnt the cause of that. It really shouldnt
matter, but Helen feared that maybe that Lynn had jumped into something that was destined to
I dont think that I have to justify that with a response. Seeing that we are being honest, I
guess I dont have to hide things from you. All Im going to say is that Ive found my happiness
and Im going to hold onto it like grim death. He is the man that Im supposed to be with for the
rest of my life. I hope that he feels the same way. Im going to have to ask him straight up. We
may have fallen into bed under less than ordinary circumstances, but I feel that what we have
together cannot be broken. Lynn did not mention the $1.5 million and felt that it was in pretty
poor taste. I dont wanna see the judgment in her eyes and the best way to avoid that is to
keep things close to my vest. She doesnt need to know all the gory details and I feel
slightly ashamed that I had to resort to those measures to find the one thing that has been
lacking in my life.
Helen could sense that she was leaving something out, but this was her life to lead in any
way that she saw fit. You may not be mine, but I feel like youre the daughter that I never had.
You know that I cant have children and for your mother to trust me with your care was not only
unexpected but quite a welcome surprise. I just dont want you to make a mistake. The one
thing that you did say that had a ring of truth to it was that it was your life. Whether this is a
mistake you make or not, you either own it or you get swallowed up by it. Thats not what you
said, but it was pretty much the meaning. I want you know that I have been always proud of
you and I only want the best for you. I consider us family and I hope that you feel the same
way. Helen had seen a real change in Lynns attitude. She was no longer caustic or showing
any signs of mistrust.
I may have rebelled against you, but I always thought of you as a role model. I want to
consider you part of my family, but theres no way that I can call you mother. That might change
in the future, but for now Id rather just continue to call you Helen. Its not a sign of disrespect
and I dont want you to take it like that. I care for you deeply and love you more than I could
ever say. You took me in when I was at the lowest point in my life and for that I can never
repay you. I wasnt expecting any of this. Having a good man in my life has taught me a
valuable lesson. It gave me a perspective that showed me that Helen was only doing her best.
It was all that I could hope for under the circumstances. I might have gone a little overboard,
but I thank god that I didnt have to essentially go through with it. I will gladly give the money
back, but I get the feeling like hes not going to let that happen. They shared a moment and
when they heard the shower turn off upstairs they knew that it was time to say goodbye.
I will always be there for you, but I think that part of the problem was that I had never
taken the time to smell the roses. You made me see that I was alive, but I really wasnt living.
Helen knew that she would be back, but for now she needed to do this for herself. The taxi had
been idling at the curve and for some reason she didnt pay the fare and told them to wait. She
dragged her one suitcase back to the taxi and heaved it into the trunk with the help of the
driver. She took one last glance and saw Lynn touching her heart and she did the same as a
form of saying I love you without having to say the words.
She felt like she was a victim of the night and seeing everything in the cold light of day
was another matter altogether. She had woken up with that feeling that things had shifted. The
proposal to join him on a family quest was not something that she was prepared for. She
rummaged into the closet and found the necessary hiking birds.
She realized that she was wearing only a blanket that Helen had thrown over her to cover
her shame. She raced upstairs to find the dripping presence of Mitchell standing there with his
member swinging between his legs. Dont even think about it. If we continue looking at each
other this way were never going to get out of the house. I dont think either one of us would be
complaining about that. I do feel that I need to show you this and maybe itll give you a better
idea of who I am. Mitchell put on the pair of pants that he had worn here last night. The room
smelled like sex and the way that the sheets were torn asunder only showed just what kind of
sexual acrobatics they had gotten into last night.
They were both staring at the bed and knew that it wouldnt take much convincing to jump back
between the sheets. In a moment of strength, Mitchell was able to turn her away from a
possible repeat performance. We can always come back to that later. Dont look at it and it
wont have that power over you. Mitchell heard the sigh of regret coming from Lynns lips. He
kissed the back of her neck to see that her legs almost buckled out from underneath her.
They had breakfast and they continue to stare at each other like they were ready to throw
the dishes to the floor in their haste to get to one another. They had a medley of fresh fruits and
fried eggs over easy. They finally cleared the dishes and then got ready before leaving the
house hand in hand. He lifted her into his truck and felt that this was better than anything that
had even remotely made him happy. He wanted this intimacy to continue and he was ready to
share a painful memory. The only way to get closure was to see it up close and personal.
I know that what you did to announce your virginity to the neighborhood was a very
poignant moment in your life. I want to show you the reason why I have never settled down. I
wish that I could say that it was because I was looking for the right one. Theres no denying
that I was engaged, but it never worked because I couldnt be completely truthful with her. I
think deep down I knew that I wasnt in love and that there was no way that I could open up
that wound.

Chapter 7

Helen was behind him and looking at his ass in those jeans. She couldnt help but to
envision them coming down a little. When he bent over there was that telltale plumbers crack.
Thankfully, he was built in a way that made it easier to swallow. She wanted to reach out and
trace the line down into the valley. She had seen his concentration and that faraway look told
her that he was dealing with something that had no voice.
I want to go on record to say that last night proved to me once and for all that I do have
the capability to love. I thought that I lost that and youre about to find out the reason why Ive
never let anybody get that close. He didnt know how to say the words and the best way to do
this was to show her and hopefully the words that he was looking would miraculously come to
The years go by too fast and we never know when our time is up. We gotta take time to
enjoy life and not let petty differences to get in the way. Im not going to pressure you and
whether you tell me this secret or not is entirely up to you. I have to say that I find your
willingness to share this with me enough to make me think that you might be more than the man
that took my virginity. I thought that when we started this that I was too good for him. I see
now that we were both lost and we needed each other to find our true selves. I feel different
and I know that Im never going to be able to look at him the same way again. I need him to
see me as the future and not just the present. She could hear the rushing of water and every
step was making it louder by the second.
I havent been here in over 20 years. My family used to come up here all the time for
family outings. He swallowed hard and knew that saying the words would be the hardest thing
that he had ever done in his life. Theres a rift between me and my parents. We are cordial
enough during the holidays, but weve never been able to look at each other the same way
again. They came to a clearing and the water that they had heard was of a waterfall crashing
down into a pool below. The outcroppings of rocks were not easy to traverse, but they
managed to make it with a little help from a guiding hand.
Lynn was in awe and this was a hidden oasis away from the rest of the world. It was no
wonder that they spent a lot of time here, but there had to be a reason for them to leave all of
this behind. I see the pain in his eyes and I only want to reach out to him to tell him that Im
here for him. Mitchell had helped me during a difficult time and I feel that I need to show that
same thing in return. I trusted him with my virginity and now hes trusting me with a very painful
reminder of his past. Is this not what love is made of? I question if we have more here than
meets the eye. Lynn saw him sit down and place his hands over his face with only his eyes
peeking through that of his fingers.
He looked towards the water and he saw that day as vivid as if it had happened
yesterday. It killed him to think about this, but it was weighing him down and preventing him
from finding any sort of substance within any relationship. I never thought that I would be back
here. 20 years ago I lost a part of my soul. My brother Kenneth and I were fooling around and
he lost his footing. I watchedhorrified as he plummeted from the top of the cliff. Had he
landed in the water, he probably would have survived, but instead he crumpled against the
rocks. I was stunned into silence and I heard the anguished cry of my mother and father as
they were setting out a picnic for his birthday. I blame myself for him falling. I was the big
brother and I shouldve been looking out for him. Mitchell felt the tears fall down his cheek and
then the comforting gesture of Lynns hands massaging his shoulders.
That mustve been awful for you and your family. You cant blame yourself and it wasnt
like you pushed him. You were kids and you were acting like kids. Theres nothing that you
couldve done and the sooner that you put that to rest the better off you will be. Lynn heard him
sobbing and pushed his face up underneath her bosom. I never knew that he was carrying this
burden. I dont think that anybody did. He always seemed so strong and confident, but it was
always just a faade that he put on to please people. He doesnt have to do that with me.
I blame myself, because I told him that he was a chicken. I coerced him into joining me
on top of that cliff. I could see that he was scared out of his mind, but I continued to needle him
until he took the leap of faith. I shouldve been the one that fell and he had only begun his young
life. I would give anything to go back and take his place. I know that I cant and that forgiveness
starts with me forgiving myself. People have been telling me that for as long as I can
remember. Ive never been able to see clear to do it. I have you to thank for letting me open up
and tell you of my darkest day Mitchell could hear her heartbeat and wrapping his arms around
her gave him a comfort that came from knowing that she wasnt condemning him for his actions.
They stood there together and eventually they began to shed their clothes. They were
soon naked and then rushing into the water to frolic in the buff.
This place might hold a terrible memory, but maybe we can make better memories that
will overshadow that one. They waded in the water up past their waist with the sun beaming
through the trees like a blessing to their union. I love this place and will not let you wallow in
some kind of depression. This place is something that should never leave you with feelings of
regret and loss. You should always celebrate Kenneths life. I can feel his cock nudging
between my legs. Hes rubbing against the lips and I know that all I will have to do is hook my
leg and wrap it around him. I see no reason to wait around and this will prove to him once and
for all that this place should have no power over him.
Mitchell felt the heat of her hole and despite those painful memories; his cock began to
emerge like a periscope over the surface of the water. She grabbed him and he could feel that
moment of indecision was over. He abruptly grabbed her by the hips and lowered himself to a
crouching position with his cock poised and ready to pierce her womanhood. He didnt get a
chance. Her smile informed him that she was up to no good. She took a deep breath and in that
moment he realized just what exactly he was in for.
Lynn dove down under the water, holding her breath and then opening her mouth over the
tip of his cock. There was already that salty flavor and she was more than happy to coax more
from the cavity of those balls. Ive never done this before. I thought about it several times, but
Ive never been in a position where I was willing to try it on anyone. Mitchell is not just anyone.
She bobbed her head back and forth until she had no choice but to surface to catch a breath of
His face had this beaming smile as he lifted her and let the buoyancy of her body float on the
water surface. Her legs wrapped around him and his cock soon found its way into the gripping
vise of her sex. Being this close to you means more to me than you can ever know. I have
been secretly wealthy for a long time without anybodys knowledge. Ive invested wisely, but my
biggest investment of all was letting you into my life. He was buried deep and there was
something magical in the air. He looked up for a moment and he thought he saw his younger
brother giving him a salute from the top of the rocks. He blinked and then he was gone. It was
almost like he was given his life back.
You captured my heart and it doesnt hurt that you have a tight little body. I love that you
have more to offer than the average woman. You wear your weight well and I have to say that
most of it situates nicely with your breasts and your ample heart shaped ass. You want me to
fuck you. I can see it in your eyes, but I want to hear it. Tell me and anybody else that can hear
your voice that my cock is everything that you want. He saw her lips part and was waiting for
that moment where she was never going to be able to hide her feelings again.
I have your cock and your heart. What more can a woman ask for. I do want you to
fuck me and make love to me underneath the sun and in this water. My wet pussy hungers for
your meat and my body begs you to make it cum over and over again. Fuck me Fuck me
make my wet pussy sing your name. Never will I have another mans name on my lips. Never
will I have another cock that even comes close to what you give to me every day. My massive
thighs clinch him and I make sure that hes not going to try to escape the imprisonment of my
greedy little hole.
Mitchell had his hands under her, squeezing her pliable flesh and watching her scream to
the heavens. It was enough to bring about his impending climax. He held back, keeping it to
himself, until it was going to come out one way or the other. I fucking love everything about
you. Your pussy is grabbing me and you know thatthat its about that time YES. He
went into high gear, slamming it against her with such fervor that the water around them
churned in response to their heavy handed lovemaking. I wont be able tokeep this up. You
are the one that is going to have to finally turn the switch. Pull my fucking nipplesdo it and I
promise that you will not be disappointed HOLY FUCKKKKKK. He let his passion ignite from
her fingers plucking at those buds. That action had certainly had the desired effect. He let go
with an onrush of emotions with his seed traveling very quickly up the shaft and out through the
opening at the head.
Yes Yes Yes Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell. She couldnt help herself and she
didnt care that they were in a semi public place. They were away from prying eyes, but this
was the first time that she had ever taken this kind of risk. She felt dirty and exposed and loved
every minute of it.
I can honestly say that you took my breath away literally and figuratively. Youre a woman
with your own mind and a body that just wont quit. I think by taking your virginity that I have
created a monster. I guess theres no way to put the genie back in the bottle after what we did
last night and here today. I have to say that after everything is said and done that I find myself
looking at this place differently. I no longer look at it as a bane of my existence. I see it more as
a new beginning. I can forgive myself and Im glad that you came into my life to show me that I
didnt have to live with his haunted face every night when I went to sleep. Mitchell took her by
the hand and they walked out of the water, until they were standing dripping in front of each
We had a lot to deal with, but amazingly we have come out on the other side unscathed.
We might be a little older and wiser, but at least we understand that what were looking for was
not unattainable. We just had to be patient and wait for that right moment to strike. When Im
with you, there is no place that I would rather be. When Im apart from you I yearn for the
moment that I see your face again. I look at his body and I have to say that I am a very lucky
girl. I dont feel self conscious about my weight. I think I try to hide it with bulky sweaters, but
with him I dont feel its necessary to put on any airs. I can be myself and I dont have to worry
about making him see me as anything more than what I am.
They embraced afterwards. They were lying in each others arms and looking at each
other. They didnt have to say the words and their expression said that they were never going
to be separated from one another. Half the money was in her account and the other half was
earmarked to go into her account tomorrow morning. She didnt care about any of that. He had
mentioned something about Barbados and before they knew if they were flying to their secret
love nest in the tropics.
Helen would eventually visit and find out that she was with child. They had that in common
and that was something that they could share. Helen had found an unexpected treat with a
Jamaican flair and they had this interracial romance. It was going to be a very interesting
extended family, but the one thing that their life was never going to be was boring.


Chapter 1
What you are suggesting Erica is a groundbreaking moment for scientists everywhere.
Youve been working very hard and it appears that all of your hard work is paying off.
Preliminary tests are quite revealing. I want you to make sure that there are no hiccups before I
go to the trouble of making the proper introductions. Nigel Adams was Ericas boss and an
English transplant that had his own designs on making a billion before he was 30. His dark hair
and brooding nature had given him the perfect attitude to work with a one track mind like Erica.
I wouldnt exactly go putting the horse before the barn. There are still a lot of tests to be
done, but the preliminary results are favorable. I havent seen anything to indicate any problems
whatsoever. Erica was that dark haired sexy thing that had a lot of guys wondering what she
wore underneath the lab coat. I cant tell him how excited I really am. I dont want to get ahead
of myself and this kind of breakthrough doesnt come around very often. This could be a cure
for cancer. The stem cell research that I have been doing has shown me the building blocks of
the DNA of every man, woman and child on this planet. I hope that there are no miscalculations
or side effects to worry about. We havent quite got to human testing, but maybe its time to
move to that of something living.
Erica, I must admit that I was skeptical when you came to me with this. It seemed almost
Frankensteinish and I wasnt sure if I could sign off on something that would make most people
cock an eyebrow at the very least. You promised that you were on the right track and it
appears that is the case. We need to be careful about who we speak to about this. The best
way to handle this is for the two of us to be on the same page. In a moment of weakness,
Nigel leaned in and got rebuffed for his advances. Her hand met his mouth. She stared at him
disbelief that he would do something like this. Im sorry, I thought that we were having a
moment and I got a little carried away. Nigel had this need to make Erica succumb to all of his
hidden kinky desires. Hed already envisioned her strapped down on one of these tables
writhing in agony, as he whipped her mercilessly with a cat of nine tails.
Erica was not stupid and his infatuation had gone beyond that of a stalker. The only
reason why she stuck around was because of the money. He was loaded and it didnt hurt that
she had the curvy figure that had made him tripping over his own tongue from the moment that
they met to discuss her proposal. She used her sexuality to make men feel powerless to resist
her charm. Those working underneath her would wonder what the hell they were getting
themselves into. She was a taskmaster and had no problem putting people in their place
whether they were her boss or not.
I understand that you have these feelings for me, but I dont really feel the same way. I
know thats not what you want to hear, Nigel, but its the one thing that I dont think is ever going
to change. She heard him sigh with resignation and that was at least a good sign that he was
willing to back down. I was an only child going up and my father was quite strict when it came
to dating. He would grill any perspective suitors mercilessly over the hot goals, until they were
running out the door like their pants were on fire. I didnt even lose my virginity until I was 20
years old and that was just because I wanted to perform what I considered to be a personal
experiment. The guy was a little younger at 17, but he was the one that had me looking out my
window and finger fucking myself to him mowing his lawn with no shirt on. I researched the
subject matter, but that didnt prepare me for the onrush of emotional baggage that was
unleashed afterwards. I had to teach him to slow down and the 25 times that we were
together, it was better each and every time, until he went off to college.
I know that what you say is something that you believe, but I know that if I can get you in
my bed that things would change. The feeling of me thrusting against you and my cock deeply
encased within the hot little hole of yours would seriously have you screaming at the top of your
lungs. The one thing that I know is that Im a consummate lover and Im always forcing women
to see outside the box. Nigel had always had women dripping off his arms and it was the
accent that had them throwing their panties at him before even the desert arrived. He had had
many encounters, but the one that had gotten away was Erica.
I have no doubt that we would have a good time, but Im looking for more than that. I
hope that this doesnt ruin anything, but I thought that I made this very clear from the moment
that I came to work with you. There was not going to be anything physical, but I have to admit
that you are persistent. Its no wonder that theres not a girl that goes by your path that doesnt
want you. Youre pretty good to look at and if I was only into something fleeting, I would gladly
spread my legs for you. Hes not my type and Im not looking for some pretty playboy English
expatriate to turn my crank. I want something that is going to make me feel like my entire world
is changing around me. Erica turned her back on Nigel hoping that this would be the end of it,
having no idea that Nigel was just as determined to take what he wanted by whatever means
You do know that we have a lot in common. We both come from being the only child in
the family. We were doted on from the moment that we were born. We also have a love of
science and its that kind of passion that should be translated into the bedroom. Trust me, Im
never going to give up, until I hear the words that I want to hear coming from your lips. If you
expect me to give up this crusade up, then you dont really know me at all. Nigel had seen brief
glimpses of her cleavage and images of him squirting his load up all over her chest came to
mind in a hurry. Glazing her like a doughnut from head to toe, while she was tied up for days on
end would keep him hard for days. It was something of a fantasy that he could never relinquish.
I dont know why you just wont give in.
You dress impeccably and you have the manners of a gentleman, but underneath it all
you are still a dirty boy. Im not saying that Im not tempted, but I am saying I think that I can
hold off, until I find that one that is going to make all others pale in comparison. I want more
from a relationship than just hot animal sex. Dont get me wrong, I want that to, but all of that
should come hand in hand. Erica was that blond bombshell with an hourglass figure. She had a
58 frame and 160 pound body that had guys literally falling over themselves to be close to her.
Ive had many suitors, but none quite like Nigel. He obviously fantasizes about me and I just
hope that his fantasy life doesnt get the best of him.
I have some business to conduct, but trust me were not finished with this by a long shot.
I will have you and theres really nothing that you can do about it. You may think that you have
control but once you give up the reins to somebody else, youll feel so much better about
yourself. The image of his seed dripping off her face and the look of contempt after the deed
was done was what he lived for. He loved to seduce with his words and then surprise them with
some of the hidden toys in his closet of sexual delights. The woman would usually leave feeling
ashamed and aroused at the same time. Its just a matter of time and I will wear you down.
Thats a promise that Im going to live by.
I always thought that it was a blessing that you accepted me into this program. I showed
you a woman that was not only beautiful, but had the intellect that was far superior over others.
I gave you no reason to doubt that my claims couldnt be proven. Ive been working on this for
years and now that we see the finish line, you decide now that youre going to do more than
just flirt. Why would you try to ruin this good thing between us? I could take my research and
go someplace else. I didnt sign any kind of nondisclosure agreement and I wouldnt have come
to work with you had you even brought it up. I dont want him to get the wrong idea and Im
grateful, but Im not going to show him that with my body on the line. The one thing that my
mother did teach me growing up before she died was to respect myself. If I didnt, then nobody
was going to do it for me. My father on the other hand believed that I should find some rich
tycoon to settle down with, but that was not how I was made.
Im just trying to make a good thing even better. Why you are resisting is beyond me.
Every woman loves pleasure and I dont mean to brag, but Ive had several scream to god
about my prowess. You might be curious or even tempted, but you have yet to throw caution to
the wind and its about time that you do. Resisting him was giving him license to believe that
the hunt was still on. Seeing her every day was like dangling a piece of raw meat in front of a
slobbering and hungry dog. It was cruel and unusual punishment. Once she did finally succumb,
he was going to make her realize just what kind of mistake she made. He had seen her walk to
her car several times and that feeling of coming up behind her and kidnapping her for days on
end to satisfy his carnal lust was feeding into his fantasies like never before.
Erica didnt dare turn her back for too long. Every time that she was working, she would
get this intense feeling of somebody staring at her. She had her own lab, but that didnt stop
Nigel from coming down to witness her in action. She had known from the moment that she met
him that he was more than just her benefactor. He was the type of guy that couldnt rest until
the woman that he wanted was in his bed. She hoped that bringing it up during negotiations
would put an end to any such nonsense, but it only seemed to fuel his need. I hope that he
understands. I dont want to consider putting him in jail tonight and not promising to bail him out
after. Hes getting dangerously close to making me feel like hes a threat. I have to commend
him for giving me this DNA sample and the several others that come before it. It has helped me
to make this breakthrough and mankind is never going to have to worry about cancer again.
The one disease that has taken too much from many people will be eradicated by my hand. I
feel like Im a god, but maybe thats just my god complex raising its ugly head.
I can see it in your eyes and you may say one thing, but your body is certainly saying
something else. The quiver of your lip and the way that you stare at my crotch and wonder
what I might be packing. All you do is work and I dont think that Ive ever seen you enjoy
yourself in the five years that we have worked together. Nigel knew that five years of pursuing
this conquest was getting the best of him. She made him feel, so small and most of what she
did was over his head.
You only see what you wanna see and nothing more, Nigel. Ive learned a lot about how a
mans mind works. Its all about sex and nothing more. You dont want anything with substance
and the only thing that youre concerned about is getting off. Im sorry for being so blunt, but
you really do need to know that this is never going to happen. I want him to say something to
make me believe that hes listening, but hes been remarkably silent. Erica could see the
wheels turning in his head and it concerned her that he was going to do something worse than
just flirting.
He walked off in a huff, turning one more time to see her naked and bent over at an angle
with him plugging her solid from behind. He bit his lip and knew that one day she would be his.
Erica didnt have to look to know that Nigel was treating her like a piece of meat. It was
almost as if they were connected. For some reason she could almost envision what he was
thinking. It made you cringe to be treated like that and she wondered how other women in the
personal trade of working the street could possibly give their bodies away without having any
kind of emotional connection.
She finished around 11:00 PM and walked to her car with her key in her hand as a
makeshift weapon of sorts. The last couple of months, she had been feeling like somebody was
waiting in the darkness. She heard something and turned to see a giant shadow coming down
from the trees. It was quite sudden and the impact of something striking against her neck
caused her to drop into an unconscious state.

Chapter 2

Several hours later, she awoke to a sight that was quite daunting and not at all something
that she was expecting. The room had this old style that went back to the years of the
renaissance era. The four poster bed was adorned with carvings of wild animals with one being
more prevalent than the others. The silk sheets wrapped around her were a cocoon of
loveliness that had her feeling like she was some sort of princess. I dont recognize this place
and whatever Nigel is thinking is going to blow up in his face. He cant just kidnap me and
expect me to roll over like some sort of sex slave to be used and abused. I will fight him every
step of the way and I will get my pound of flesh one way or the other. He messed with the
wrong person and this time he has gone too far.
Erica tried to get up, but she noticed that she was without clothes. Her body was
underneath the sheet and the thread count caressed her skin like nothing ever before. It made
her nipples erect and her sweet pussy was slightly juicy from the excitement of the unknown.
Im glad to see that you are awake. Ive been waiting for this moment for a long time. Its
about time I get what I want. Lyon Williams had given up everything in his life. Staying out of
the public eye was paramount and doing anything else was risky at best. I know that this
comes as a bit of a shock, but Im afraid that your being here was by no accident. Ive been
watching you for some time and I know that you dont have any friends or family to speak of.
Nobody will miss you for quite some time and besides theyre never going to be able to find you
here of all places.
Erica had the sheets tucked up underneath her chin and didnt like that look in this mans
eyes. It was possible that this man was working for Nigel. I dont know what youre trying to
accomplish, but this is against the law. You go back to Nigel and tell him that I might look past
this indiscretion, but only if he allows me to leave right now. Erica had no idea that Lyon was
working on his own agenda and had very little to do with Nigel and his insidious ways of trying
to seduce women. I cant let him get away with this. He thinks that he can use me like this and
then expect me to work with him after. How delusional is Nigel? I can only put up with him for so
long. Its the money that makes me stay. Without it, hes nothing but a pretty boy playboy that
doesnt know how to back off. I dont even want to consider putting a black light over any of
these sheets and it might cause me considerable concern.
Nigel is an insipid fool and Ive been this close to snapping his neck. You dont have to put
up with that kind of nonsense. I have everything that you need right here underneath this roof.
Your own lab is in the basement and I stole all of your research. Lyon had never been one to
mince words. It was time to tell her the truth. Im in a bit of a bind and lets just say that you
bring a certain element to my life that has been missing lately. I do desire a relationship with
you, but its not in the way that you think. Liam wanted to believe that, but seeing her these
few weeks had made his groin ache for something more than just a collaboration of minds. In
his natural form of a gorilla that feeling was enhanced even more so. He wanted to have her,
but it was her analytical mind that initially attracted him to bringing her aboard. I have a
condition that needs your medical expertise. I dont want you to consider yourself a prisoner,
but essentially you are to remain inside this place for as long as I deem it necessary.
Im not a doctor. Im a research scientist. Im afraid that this might be something of a
mistaken identity. I dont know what you expect from me, but going about it this way is only
going to make me fight harder to get away. Erica didnt dare let the sheets go and it was quite
obvious that this man had taken liberties with her clothing. I dont want to get you angry, but
taking my clothes off was a definite invasion of my privacy. I need to tell him that Im not some
kind of prize. Ive always been a bit of a loner and coming here to the mountains of Montana
was not an easy thing for me to do. I was terrified, but Nigel promised me the world and he had
delivered it on a platter.
Ive never had anybody in my life and Im tired of waiting for the right one to accept me. I
want a normal life and youre the only one that has been even close to getting an answer. Your
work with genetics and stem cell research has not gone unnoticed. I can assure you that I have
no ulterior motives about getting you into bed. My main focus is to cure me and then to move on
with the rest of my life. You think that you have the cure for cancer and you might have that, but
you also have something else. I know that this is going to be hard for you to believe, but Im not
exactly normal. He didnt quite know how to say the words, even though he did stand in the
mirror for days trying to come up with the right words.
What you need is a real doctor and why you think that I can help you with my research in
a mystery to me. Erica was trying to remain calm, but inside she was shaking like a leaf. She
didnt even know this man and yet there was this attraction that had her wanting to touch him.
Im sure that whatever is happening to you can be dealt with in a hospital where they have the
machines and the technology to go that extra mile. What Erica didnt know was that the lab
downstairs was nothing, but the best. One look at what he had to offer and she would be
practically on her knees begging him to stay. Maybe being kind is the best way to get him to
realize his mistake. I find him uniquely fascinating and the long dark hair and brooding deep blue
eyes is seriously making me wonder what it would be like to be underneath him.
I thought about what I was going to tell you when the time came, but I guess there really
is only one way to do this. When I said that I wasnt normal, I meant it in the most profound
way possible. It was during my trip to the zoo when I was 18 that I got a little careless and too
close to one of the exhibits. The gorilla in the cage bit me and I never did tell anybody. It wasnt
until later on that I started to put the pieces together. I even videotaped myself and maybe the
best way for you to learn the truth is to see it for yourself like I did. Lyon turned on the video
and the screen appeared like magic from a cabinet across from the bed. Everything came to
life on 52 inches of screen.
Erica had no idea what she was going to see, until the realization had her dropping the
sheet and crawling on her hands and knees to get a better look. Even naked, she didnt feel
any shame and her eyes were transfixed on the young man that Lyon was a few years ago.
She had to shake her head several times, but the proof was right there. It had to be some kind
of trick of the light or camera lens or maybe some special effects like you would see in
blockbuster summer movies. It cant be and theres no possible way you could be an animal.
Ive heard of shape shifters, but Ive never actually believed that they existed. As a scientist, I
need more than just something that I can see on a screen. Its quite convincing, but Im just not
sure what Im seeing. Of course this means that I need to request something that Im not sure
that hes going to be willing to give me.
Ive been watching you and Ive learned how your mind works. You may see it on the
screen, but a lifelike example is the only thing thats really going to convince you. I had a feeling
that it would come down to this, but I was hoping that you wouldnt make me walk down that
path willingly again. Lyon walked out of the room and was barely aware that his new charge
had now followed him without hesitation. It took a lot for me to adjust to my new set of
circumstances years ago. Ive been searching high and low for a cure. Ive used considerable
resources and money at my disposal through my family. Imagine my surprise when I found out
about your research. I know, nothing is sacred anymore and these kinds of secrets have ways
of finding their way into the light of day.
Im guessing that Nigel might have had something to do with it. He did mention in passing
that he was going to reach out to some people for necessary introductions. I would say that he
moved past that and is trying to sell my research to the highest bidder. I should have known
that was what his true agenda was going to be, but I really did believe at the time that he was
on the level. Erica watched him hunched over and then his suit began to shred down the middle
with a profound backbone coming out to shape into something that was even more terrifying
than being kidnapped. If I hadnt seen it, I wouldnt have believed it. Her eyes were glued to
the spot and there was no way that she could deviate from where she was or what she was
doing at the time.
The gorilla shook off the rest of the remaining clothes and leaped from the banister down
onto the floor with barely a whisper. It had to weigh 300 pounds and yet it landed like the
softness of a cat leaping from a couch to the floor. It pounded its chest and turned its attention
toward causing havoc. Furniture went flying in all directions like it weighed nothing. He tore into
the mahogany bar throwing bottles and smashing glass like that of a kid having a tantrum. It
pounded that bar into kindling, until it was breathing heavy and standing with its hands firmly on
the wood of the floor. Lyon was inside using considerable concentration to bring himself under
It was always the same way and once transformed, he had to let the beast tire itself out
before tethering it to his mind. It took a lot of hard work to get this far, but he was through
playing by the beast rule. He changed back and was on his hands and knees looking up at the
concerned expression on Ericas face. Im lucky that I had the forethought to come down here
and away from doing you harm. Im there at all times and Ive seen that other part of me do
some heinous things. I wont go into detail, but there have been death and blood on my hands
that I can never wipe away. This is why I have chosen you and it was destined that we were
going to meet eventually.
Erica put her two hands on his shoulder and in this position of kneeling at her feet; it felt
almost serendipitous that this moment had happened. His hands gripped her thigh and the
stockings that were smug up against her legs. He ripped them by reaching up underneath her
skirt and pulling with enough force that it made her gasp with approval to his actions. Whoa I
didnt think that you were going to do that. I would say that the beast is still in there somewhere
and its acting out on your behalf. The grazing of his hand down the inside of her thigh had her
holding onto his shoulders for some kind of support. I cant explain it, but I want him and I need
him inside me. I know that this is the influence of the gorilla, but I cant help the way that Im
feeling. I want him to show me the animal underneath the animal that he becomes by getting
I always get this way, but Ive never had anybody here to witness it. Ive always had to
take matters into my own hands. I do have to say that being connected to this thing has its
advantages. My stamina is a lot more than it was when I was even a teenager. I can go all
night and I dont know how many times Ive shot my load with my hand in one night. My own
personal best was 16 times. I know that seems impossible, but hand to god its the truth. He
kissed the bare skin of her leg, drawing his tongue in a straight line up to the crevice between
her legs. The wetness that soaked through her panties was more of an aphrodisiac. Seeing him
like this with the gorilla still inside him lurking in the darkness was too tempting an offer to pass
I know that your condition is causing me to feel this way. Its going to be up to you to
stop this from happening. This is the kind of sex Ive been looking for and Ive never found it,
until this very moment. The scent in the air has the pheromone of sex and I want more of it. I
want you to eat my pussy and to make me moan with unbridled passion. You did say that you
were quite proficient and its about time that you show me. I should be more shocked than this,
but Im not. Call it a scientific curiosity. I dont believe that Ill ever be in this position again. Why
not take advantage of it. I would be kicking myself if I didnt and I dont believe in having

Chapter 3

Looking up into her eyes, Lyon knew that he was never going to back down from a
challenge like that one. Im not sure that you know what youre asking. I brought you here to
help me and not to be used like some common whore. I dont see why they have to be mutually
exclusive. Business and pleasure is made to go hand in hand. He lifted her startled body off
her feet and carried her heavy body encircled in his arms like that from a scene of an officer
and a gentleman.
I want to help you, but for right now I want you to help me out of my clothes. They are
feeling a little too tight and besides, I believe that one of us is wearing too much. It doesnt
seem fair that you are naked and that Im fully clothed and at the mercy of your hungry eyes. I
want him to stay with me and for this moment he is all that I need. The fire I see in his eyes is
not making me back down from this course of action. Whatever has infected his DNA is giving
him this irresistible quality. It seems important that I should pull back, but my body is telling one
thing and my mind is saying another. This is the way that sex should be and he has certainly
brought about something in me that I never knew was there before.
This feeling for you didnt just start today. You were always going to be here and I knew
deep down that you were meant to stay with me, as my caregiver and possibly the one that is
going to release me from this self imposed prison. I dont allow it out, unless I cant control it
during the full moon. Ive been procrastinating. I shouldve taken you long before now, as the full
moon is approaching in the next couple of days. That doesnt give you a lot of time. Im not sure
that I can survive the next time I change during the full moon. Each time makes me feel like Im
losing a part of myself. I dont know how I know, but this next time is going to be the last time.
He laid her on the bed and proceeded to rip off her clothes.
You are one fucking real man and that has been vastly lacking from my life. I thought that
I was immune to anything that was just physical, but maybe theres more here than meets the
eye. The scientist in me knows that this is just a reaction to the blood lust running through his
veins. The woman in me wants more than anything to ride his cock and make him compliant to
my wishes. Im not sure which one is going to win out, but Ive got a feeling its going to be my
body thats going to call the shots. I dont think I would want it any other way.
Erica, I know that this is wrong and that I should have enough sense to know that you
dont really want to do this. I would like to say that I can stop, but theres no way that I can with
a straight face. He looked upon her loveliness and felt the beast within unable to contain its
excitement by having her in this submissive position. Ive missed everything that there is about
sex. I cant trust myself with other women, but maybe with you it can be different. He moved
his hands through her hair, looking into her eyes and seeing a compliant woman ready to do
practically anything.
You make it hard for me to see the writing on the wall, Lyon. Erica looked at the
impressive stiffness and wrapped her hand around the base to get a feel for it. It was
everything that she wanted and more. Shed never felt so overwhelmed by a man and it was
something that she didnt know that she needed, until this very moment. I have to have you and
I ache for the feel of you to fill me up. She had never said these words before to anyone and it
felt like she was losing a part of herself. I know that what I saw was real, but I still cant wrap
my mind around the fact that hes a gorilla. Ive seen with my own eyes and still Im having
trouble to adjust to my new set of circumstances. I see him as the perfect man and I know that
its just his natural animal pheromones talking for him. I wonder if I will feel the same way if he
were to be cured tomorrow. I cant think like that and theres no use in thinking about the future
when the present is right here in front of me.
Ive been running from the pain for too long and its a shame that you havent come into
my life until now. My heart has been feeling empty and maybe what I needed most of all was
not somebody to take care of me. What I needed most of all was somebody that was going to
accept me and not to look at me like I was some sort of freak. Your scientific background has
given you an interesting insight and you dont seem to be afraid. Lyon had never felt his cock
so hard and all the blood from the rest of his body had now accumulated in that one very spot.
His shaft was throbbing and that vein looked like it was something of an alien entity of its own.
He kissed her deeply, feeling her losing her composure and giving into those natural
tendencies that come with a man and woman finding one another after so long. He used his
knee to insinuate in between to get her ready for more than just a casual glance. His tongue
found hers and they dueled like that of the renaissance to see who was going to come out the
victor. It was like they were matched and that their bodies were pretty much in tune with one
The kiss was something special and she looked up into his eyes after they had separated
to see more than just passion. This was a connection that went beyond a casual one night
stand. She watched him intently, as he dipped below and started to make sweet love to her
nipples. They were already erect, but they had become rock hard underneath his competent
attention. I lie here and let him take his pleasure from me and Im getting the exact same thing
in return. Im not sure that I should give in this easily. Ive never been one to just throw caution
to the wind. Ive always been more selective and took my time to get to know someone. This is
different and its like we have always known each other and didnt even know it.
Erica was somebody that he didnt expect to have in his life. He was going to take full
advantage of this wonderful gift that had been laid right on his bed. All of his doubts went out
the window and somehow he knew that this was meant to be. He left her nipples coated in his
spit and moved down with his tongue taking some liberties by dipping into her navel. She
giggled and that only enforced his desire to take her to new Heights of pleasure that she had
never known before.
Time stands still when Im with you, Lyon. Im trying to be brave and not do something
stupid to ruin this. Im fighting my natural tendencies and this urge to run is almost too powerful
to resist. Fortunately, your body and the way that you look at me tells me that I have nothing to
worry about. She threw her chest into the air with her nipples straining to the ceiling. She let
out a moan that was very deep and had no hidden meaning. I dont know how Im going to
feel in the morning. I shouldve considered that before I did something, as reckless as getting
involved with the man that kidnapped me. I should be cross with him, but I think I understand his
motivation for doing something like that. His tongue ignites every part of my body and I know
that being with him is the only thing that matters.
I have died every day waiting for you, Erica. I lost my breath the moment that I saw you
for the first time. I thought it was that feeling of having nobody in my life that was causing me to
react like that, but now I know different. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and it didnt
matter how much she weighed. She was beautiful and had a glow about her that he couldnt
pinpoint where it was coming from. It was like this natural aura of sex had surrounded them
both and the only way to escape it was to succumb to their basic nature.
I need you to eat me. She turned her head to the side whipping her hair across the
pillow, as he insinuated his tongue passed the lips of her resistance. Oh godyou dont know
how long it has been. Her confession was not meant for him to stop and it did the exact
opposite. Her repression from her sexuality had now been awakened in a very profound way
with his tongue now taking what her body had been waiting to give to someone. Im not usually
one for being this open, but he really does take my breath away. I see the animal inside and I
wonder what its going to take to unleash it from its cage. Will it be my orgasm or maybe his
that finally allows me to see him as he was truly meant to be. What will my reaction be when he
turns again? She didnt get a chance to really think about it. His tongue had now reached the
very spot that every woman was begging their man to find.
He got on his knees and lifted her up to his mouth with her hands now the only thing
touching the mattress. Her entire body was now hanging precariously in the air and he was
ravenously attacking her like a starving dog. He was salivating for a chance to taste her and
then the scream that echoed from her mouth was soon followed by the sweetness between her
legs flowing freely. Those juices continued to pour out of her and he was right there to capture
every single drop without losing any of that sweet elixir of life.
Please I cant take anymoreyou have to stop. She noticed that his face had
contorted into a mask of not only lust, but also from the beast that had gained a bit of control.
He looked like something of a Neanderthal and the evolution of man was pretty damn apparent
in his features. If you dont stop, Im going to pass out. It doesnt seem to matter what I say.
He has me right where I want to be. I have to do something, or these continuous orgasms are
going to kill me. Im already breathing heavy and my heart is beating a million miles an hour. I
only have to touch my chest to know how close I am to taking my last breath. Any more
stimulation is going to cause me to go into cardiac arrest. I think he knows that deep down, but
he cant seem to pull back when it matters the most. Its going to be up to me to stop him from
killing me.
His tongue was moving very quickly and he just couldnt get enough of that sweet juice. It
wasnt until he felt somebody pulling at his hair that he looked up to see that she was having
problems breathing. He reluctantly let his tongue fall lazily outside of her well tongued hole. Im
sorry. I dont know what came over me and maybe we shouldnt go any further than what we
already have. His cock was raging and it had never been this way in all of his life. He needed
something to get off, but he would gladly take matters into his own hand to prevent her from
any more harm.
Erica lay there for a few minutes trying to compose herself, but it was very hard when she
had no energy to speak of. She knew that she was asking for trouble, but theres no way that
she was going to stop, until she had gone all the way. The feelings that he had for her were
nothing compared to the feelings that she had for him. Convinced that this was an opportunity
that she shouldnt let slip through her fingers, she decided to make the most out of the situation.
Give me a couple of minutes and Ill be ready for more. Scratch that I will want more and
you better be able to provide me with what I need. I want him to be aware of my condition
and maybe the animal inside him already has a pretty good idea that I have one foot in the
grave and the other on a banana peel. I need to be very careful about getting too overly
excited. It might cause more harm than good, but maybe its worth it to feel again.
He was on his knees with his cock no more than a couple of inches away from the burst
of the dam that he needed so badly. He saw something and sensed something like the animal
inside had knowledge of something that he needed to know about. It was like a neon sign
flashing intermittently right in front of his eyes. She was suffering from some kind of heart
condition and he could hear the irregular heartbeat inside her chest. It concerned him, but he
didnt know what to do about it.
Chapter 4

Tell me honestly that this is something that you want. Youve been hiding something from
me and maybe its about time that we put all of our cards on the table. He had this need that
was compelling him to go a few steps forward by shuffling ahead on his knees. Tell me now
before I do something that were both going to regret. Lyon had newly formed hair that had
now come to the surface. He could see himself across in reflection of the mirror over his
dresser. He was afraid of what this could mean, but for some reason he was able to keep the
beast from gaining that necessary control. Erica seemed to have this soothing influence, but
was that enough to make him think that he could have a normal life?
Erica put her hand on his chest to keep him from initiating first contact. She still needed
time to adjust. I do have a heart condition, but its nothing to worry about. Im on medication
and if you give me a moment, I will take one of those pills and then we can do what we
intended when we came up here. She jumped back on the floor and barely made it to the door
when he landed right in front of her.
You stay here and Ill be more than happy to go get what you need from your purse. I
didnt know about your condition and Im sorry that I took advantage of you. His hands were
hanging down with his back hunched over. He tried to straighten up, but it was virtually useless.
Ill be right back and dont go anywhere. He bounded down the stairs leaping the last 10 steps
before finally snatching up her purse and grabbing for the pill bottle inside.
He returned with a glass of water and handed her the pills. He waited patiently, but his
patience was wearing thin. He was licking his lips with anticipation. She swallowed those pills
and then lay back with her two hands on her chest with her eyes closed waiting for them to
take effect.
Erica opened her eyes and saw a combination of man and beast staring at her. She
shouldve been terrified and part of her wanted to run, but there was no way that she could with
the other feelings superimposing over anything else. If I dont do this, I will live with this regret
for the rest of my life. Im feeling a whole lot better. Its a wonder that he was even able to put
back in his pants. I think that Im going to have to show him that Im ready. She didnt want to
wonder what couldve been, but instead he grabbed for him. He heard his moan of pleasure. It
was more of a growl than a human voice of pleasure.
He really did look like he had gone back in time to where the dinosaurs were still roaming
the earth. He stood there with her on her knees with her mouth open in obvious invitation. He
gave her one moment to see if she was ready. He was suddenly surrounded by the hot recess
of her mouth and the agility of her tongue, as she curled around him. I dont know why you
think that I deserve this. Ive done too much damage already and to have a gift like you is like a
teasing gesture from the devil himself. He let her service him and watched as every inch began
to disappear, until nothing remained. He was in a position where he could see his animal self
and his human side trying to fight for supremacy.
Erica didnt want to look and was more concerned with what was facing her than the
actual idea that he may not be all man anymore. The cock was human and had life size balls
that looked like they were ready to explode at any second. She pushed herself to the limit and
was barely able to deepthroat him before gagging on that large and imposing head. She was
impressed with herself that she had gone that far. Hes letting me have my way and I cant say
that about other guys that have found themselves in this position. They always think that I
should let them control the action, when its so much better when Im the one thats holding the
power of their orgasm in the palm of my hand.
I dont know how much more I can hold on before the gorilla is here and Im not. He was
breathing heavy placing his paw on his chest and seeing the long razor sharp claws taking the
place of what used to be his fingernails. I want to apologize before hand. If something
happens, then I want you to run and not look back. His hips were moving in the way that had
her cheeks puffed out. It gave him the idea of what kind of effort she was putting out for him.
Im trying Oh I trying YESSSSS. He came with an onrush that surprised him and
had her eyes growing wide with the onslaught of the cream now shooting in long and determine
squirts across her tongue.
Erica had never been in a submissive position and had done everything that she could not
to be subjected to any mans whims. She did like sex, but it was always messy and
inconvenient. I should have thought about this before I did this. Im not even sure that hes
going to be able to get it up after getting off like this. I can only hope that I havent made a
mistake. Erica swallowed most of what was given to her with only a small amount escaping
her attention. She did manage to wipe it off her face and to savor each drop that danced on her
taste buds.
He suddenly found herself Airborne and landing on the softness of the mattress. He
leaped onto the bed pounding his chest and then wrapping both hands around the dripping
member that had showed a resurgence of life.
She was a little afraid, but she didnt stop him from lifting her and then impaling her on
every single inch. He pushed her up against the wall and she could literally hear the plaster
cracking underneath the force of him taking her with no mercy or hesitation. YES oh my
godtake meIm yours and I will never leave your side. Fuck me and make me feel like I
have done the right thing by letting you consume me like this. My pussy is on fire and my body
begs you to satisfy my longing. I dont know if this is something that can be broken and I can
only hope that this is not some kind of black magic. I know that hes looking for a secret potion
to cure him of what ails him, but Im not sure that Im the woman that he thinks I am. I would do
anything to help him, but he thinks my cure for cancer is the answer.
Lyon was pounding her into the wall with her hands over her head. Lyon was still there
and he was pounding his hands into the plaster leaving gaping holes in the wall. His hips were
flexing against her with an obvious need to blow his whistle.
I cant believe that this is happening. His voice had lowered and this was the first time
that he had ever felt like he was beyond the gorilla. He was still there and whatever hold Erica
had over his transformation was something that he couldnt be parted from. He didnt know how
long they had been going at it like this, but their bodies were completely saturated in sweat.
They were doing something that only animals should be able to perform on a daily basis. You
have no idea how much I have waited for this day. I have so much pent up sexual frustration
that its hard to even imagine being with a woman quite like you.
Youre not the only one that has been lost and insecure. I dont know where you have
been all of my life Lyon. I dont know if I will everfind another one like you and youre
certainly one of a kind. I need you to make me cum and I promise that I will do the same thing
for you. It will belike a domino effect. He was getting close and she could feel the product of
his arousal making its way up the length of his shaft.
This tremendous pressure is too much for me to take. Youve done something for me that
no other woman has ever been able to do. My godyour pussy is getting even tighter and I
have no idea how thats even possible. No one has made me feel like you have and for that I
thank you. He let go and it was precisely the same time that she found herself writhing in
complete bliss from having him take her like some wild animal.
Erica was slapping her heels on his hairy ass and feeling the fur on his skin tickling her
toes. It was inserting a different element into their lovemaking. Her orgasm blew her mind and
shattered her defenses. She was left like a limp rag doll, until she felt him very gently putting
her back down on the bed. I hope every day with him is like this, but I have to remember that
Im here for a reason. He needs my help and Ive never had anybody in a position where they
truly wanted me to be around for more than just my body. He handled me, so easily and the
extra weight that I have didnt even affect him when he had me up against the wall. I look at
where we have just been and the indentation of my body and his two hands is a permanent
reminder that this did happen.
Erica fell asleep and then she woke to the sound of crashing glass. She looked towards
the balcony and in a flash of lightning there was Lyon in gorilla form leaping down into the open
space below. She rushed over, thinking that he was trying to commit suicide, only to see him
bounding into the trees and then leaping back and forth from one branch to another. The gorilla
was in its natural habitat and the full moon above told her the reason why this had occurred.
Erica went down into the basement and was totally shocked to see all the equipment that
she would ever want. Some of the stuff was not even out in the market and she was fortunate
to have Lyon to provide her with everything including things that she didnt even think that she
would need. The computer was by far the most impressive machine that she had ever seen.
She went to work and all through the night she was tirelessly trying to extrapolate the very
serum that would give Lyon back his life.
She was literally pulling out her hair and looking at the screen with her vision blurred and
having the effect of not enough sleep. I know this is not what he wants to hear, but Im afraid
that I have some distressing news. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but its not exactly
the cure that hes been hoping for. I just hope that its enough and that he wont feel like doing
something stupid. Im just going to have to wait, until he gets back from whatever hes doing out
there in the wild. I kind of envy him the need for nature. She continued to work, until she looked
over at the door to see the disheveled form of Lyon shaking like a leaf in the buff. His face was
covered in blood.
Lyon put up his hand to stop her from coming any closer. I taste blood in my mouth and I
probably look quite the fright. I think I recall tearing into a deer and at the time it tasted like
ambrosia on my lips. I need to take a shower before we talk about this any further. He was
about to take a step back, but it was the look on your face that made him stay completely still.
I can tell that you have something to say. Theres no time like the present.
My research will help you, but not in the way that you want. I can certainly give you the
serum, but its not going to take away the beast. You wont have to worry about it during sex or
moments of extreme anger or emotion. The only drawback is that it will come out with even
more force during the full moon. You will become primal with no semblance of what youre doing
form one moment to the next. Itll be 12 hours where you could be the worst possible thing that
this human race has ever seen. Its entirely up to you and I will not try to influence your decision
one way or the other. I sent a message to my former employer and told him that I will not be
coming back. I know that he will never rest to find me, but here hidden away from the world will
make it virtually impossible for him to do so.
Its better than nothing. Im just not sure if its worth the tradeoff. Im going to need some
time to think about this. I was hoping for more, but I guess youve done everything that you can.
Youre more than welcome to leave. I wont hold you to anything. Lyon looked at her and was
hoping that she was going to stay, but he didnt want to be possessive. It hurt him to think that
she was never going to be here again and last night had been an awakening of something that
he had thought was buried in the ground. Ill give you all the time you need. Dont feel that Im
pressuring you in the very least. He wasnt expecting much and certainly not the way that she
rushed over and leaped into his arms.
He carried her upstairs in human form and they made the bed rock for the next few hours
with not even an inkling of the gorilla raising its ugly head. He thrust between her legs and gave
her all of him and didnt leave anything behind. Watching her churning underneath him was a
magical experience and then he unleashed inside her with her body accepting him.
Erica wanted this moment to last. She hoped that by coming to him like this that she
would prove to him that she was going nowhere. I know that he has a lot on his mind, but at
least now he knows where I stand. I hope that this tells you more than words how I feel. I
dont have any intention of leaving, but I do need to do my research. This discovery is very
important and might take years to perfect, but Im willing to put in the time. Erica could see the
look on his face and his hand was rubbing his chin in quiet contemplation.
I want to take the risk of taking the serum. 29 days out of the month, as my human self is
a whole lot better than wondering when the beast is going to come out at the most inopportune
time. This way, I have a semblance of a life with you. We can go out and not worry that Im
going to lose control. On the full moon, Im going to have to ask you to be vigilant and to sedate
me with whatever dosage of a tranquilizer that you feel will do the job. Im even going to have
myself chained in case the sedative wears off too soon. Lyon had given this a lot of thought
and having his life back was more important than an actual cure. 29 days out of the month was
better than what he already had.
He did take the serum and was pleasantly surprised to see that he could actually walk
amongst those that he had feared before. She was draped on his arm and they lived a modest
life with her finally revealing her miraculous discovery in the year 2025. They even had a baby
and married on the property with only a priest and a witness. It was only during the full moon
that things got a little hairy figuratively and literally. It was something that they could endure
together. Life wasnt perfect, but they were happy.


Chapter 1

You shouldnt have done this. Theyre coming and we need to be ready. I mightve been
wrong into thinking that you might be my Mr. Right. I know that I should take some time to think
about it, but its been long enough. I know that the horsemen are coming for us and that one
has already been taken care of. The other three will see his death as some sign to make our
death very slow. They will no longer want to end this quickly. What exactly did they expect us to
do? Did they really think that we were going to wait to have our lives snuffed out? Its possible
that we may not have fought as hard as we did, except now we had something to live for other
than just each other.
I know that this was foolish, but it did give me that jolt of adrenaline that I was looking
for. That fire in my shoulder has gone down to a dull numbing sensation. That comes from the
liquor that I poured on the wound and from the feeling of your body making me feel only
pleasure. That part of my brain overruled the pain that I was feeling and for that I dont think
that I can ever thank you enough. He knew that walking away from here without making a
scene was impossible. He picked up one of the guns. It was a weapon that he had to hold with
both hands. It was something that could fire several rounds. All he had to do was see the
whites of their eyes to lay waste to what the horsemen had become.
He definitely wasnt going to be able to get all three of them at the same time, but maybe
two would be enough to make the other easy picking. He wanted to feel that blood lust running
through his veins, but the only thing he felt was that certain heat from what they had just done
with each other.
I think that there were times in the dead of night that I woke up seeing your face. I
probably didnt recognize it at the time, but youve always been the one that was supposed to
ride in for the rescue. You were going to be my white knight in shining armor. I know that you
told me several times that youre not a hero, but you are to me and will most likely to this child
that isnt born yet. I will always need him. His kiss and his touch will always make him the one
that I will run to. It will always be Jordon and he can either accept that or run away from the
best thing that has ever happened to him. I think he knows that I enjoy the unpredictable nature
of our sex life. I never know when hes going to have the urge. I think that I can say the same
thing about myself. Its amazing that we can both be on the same wavelength and want it at
exactly the same time without the other one feeling that theyre taking one for the team.
I dont know how you can say that, but I really dont have time to debate this any further.
I need you to stay back behind the bar and this time Im not going to be very subtle about my
intentions. They may have known that I had this arsenal, but they had no way of knowing
exactly where it was in the house. Thats the reason why Blake waited, until I emerged with
everything that I would need to wage war. He motioned for Lila to get behind the bar and stay
down right to the floor. He saw that she hesitated, but it was something in his eyes that made
her relent. I dont think that its fair that I dont give them a chance to fight back, but if I do it
could mean the end of both of us and the child. That is something that I cannot let happen and I
would rather lay down my own life than to risk yours.
Jordan went over to the couch that was made of pure black leather and hid behind with
the muzzle of the gun pressed up against the fabric in the back. He had his head peeking
around the side of the leg with his hand on the trigger ready to give them a wakeup call that
they would never forget.
He heard mumbles of voices and they were getting closer. He knew from being here
before that there was only one way down into the basement. Coming down those stairs would
be their ultimate mistake. He took a deep breath and kept his eyes open, because closing them
for a second could mean the difference between failure and success.
Lila knew that things were going to get loud and had her hands over her ears in case it
was going to sound like some kind of rock concert out of control. She was getting older and
was getting sensitive to loud noises. She was even in need of glasses, but there was no way
that those in the flesh trade were going to let her show that kind of flaw. They would rather let
her see things fuzzy than to give her the comfort of once again seeing things clear and concise.
I feel like Ive been unable to sleep for a week. I know that it has only been less than 24 hours,
but a lot has happened in that time. It reminds me of that show 24 that has these insane
sequences of action that doesnt seem real. I guess you dont know, until you have to deal with
the same type of thing in real life.
Im guessing that Blake is not going to come up anytime soon. I told him not to
underestimate you, but he said that he had that handled. I told him that he needed the full force
of the horsemen to take care of you and the bitch permanently. He actually deluded himself into
thinking that he could talk you into laying down your arms and taking your medicine like a good
little boy. Lionel was the horseman of pestilence. He was very proficient with biological
warfare. He had a certain surprise ready in a canister and was about to give Jordan more to
chew on than just a regular barrage of bullets. Once the canister broke, the smallpox inside
would attack just about anything. Lionel and the horsemen had already had their inoculations
and were immune to the effects of such a weapon.
I think that Blake knew that I was never going to give up easily. He probably did think that
he was going to be able to finish this, but his death is not something that is going to weigh
heavily on my conscience. He was here to kill me and it was either die at his hands or kill him
myself. I dont think that theres any reason why we should stand on ceremony. Give me your
best shot and I implore you to make it count. If you dont kill me, then I will have no choice. You
will have to join your brother in the afterlife. Jordan had the gun poised and ready to fire. He
didnt like Lionel and he was certain that he didnt come without his own special gift. He had
seen him in action enough times to know that there were other weapons besides guns that
could be used to make a very poignant statement.
You have to know that theres no way for you to get out of here without finding one of us
standing in your way. You taking out one out of four still leaves three that is vying for your head
on a platter. Lionel looked like death with his albino complexion and hairless body. He had
suffered when he was a child against various ailments and had come out looking a little worse
for wear. Jordan, dont say that I didnt warn you. If you thought for a moment that you were
going to get close to Jamison, then you really have lost what is left of your mind. Lionel had the
canister in his hands. He lobbed it underhand into the room. He didnt know that Lila had
somehow seen something coming and decided to intercept.
Lila was holding the canister, but in her haste, she had inadvertently toppled the bottle of
tequila that was used to prevent infection in the bullet wound in Jordans shoulder. The crash of
the glass to the floor was a little louder than the canister, but it would serve to make Lionel think
that the task had been completed.
The horsemen would stay out of the basement, until Jordan was either dead or needing a
way to get air into his polluted lungs. The horsemen of war namely Joseph was outside in a
nearby car with a sharpshooter stance waiting for Jordan to emerge through the glass of the
basement. He was ready to strike him down dead with one shot and that was the kind of
satisfaction that made his loins rampant and ready to take the innocence of some young fresh
faced college kid. He did like them young, but not young enough to be considered jail bait. He
had a certain charm that had the women dripping off of his arm and lying in his bed afterwards
smoking a cigarette and looking a little ashamed by their actions.
Jordan used a mirror with a long metal stick connecting to it to look out the window. He
saw Joseph with his head down and the gun slipping through the opening in the window of his
black sedan. They were going by the same rule book that they had used in the past. They had
forgotten that he was a part of their crew at one time. He didnt last more than a couple of
months before realizing that he was better off alone. That was a couple of years ago and
maybe they had lost sight of the fact that he had already been well accustomed to the way that
they worked.
Lila was taking deep breaths and looking at this canister and knowing that it was
supposed to end this. Dying this way was not something that she would wish on her worst
enemy. She had no doubt that the biological weapon would be something that was able to
make them suffer and die in agony.
Lila that was pretty quick thinking. I was waiting for him to do that, but I thought that he
would give me some kind of fair warning. Were definitely going to have to make this sound
good. I dont know exactly what is in the canister, but Ive been witness to what he has done in
the past. Hell want us to be screaming and we should give it another minute, before we give
them exactly what he thinks is going to happen. We need to really sell this and I cant stress
that more than I have already. Lionel gets a sexual thrill from hearing somebody die in this
way. Jordan was burning inside with not only desire for the woman that he loved, but for the
chance to put the horsemen where they belonged. They had run rough shot for too long and it
was time that somebody took them out of the equation.
Lila could feel that feeling deep inside. When he called her by name, she felt like it was
the sweetest sound and that she was standing on holy ground. I think that I can work with
those parameters. Like you said, we really do need to sell this and make him believe that what
he has accomplished is something that will give him that sexual feeling. I dont know how
anybody could feel anything sexual from killing someone, but there are a lot of sick freaks out
there. Im sure in some way that Jordan himself enjoys what he does. How can I love a man
like that?
Ive got the matches and youve got the gasoline to make this a burning fire that they will
never be able to contain. I think that they may have taken this a little too far. They are going to
learn the hard way that killing me is not exactly easy. If one of them survives, then hell know
that I have left my mark. Lets give them something that they havent heard before. They
looked at each other and then they started to play act, as if somebody was dying. They
imagined themselves burning from the inside out and their screams echoed throughout the
house and a few yards out onto the street.
They put on a show for Lionel, so that he would hear every word. They also put on the
same show for Joseph sitting in his car looking through the viewfinder and seeing them both
screaming and holding their head like they were feeling like it was going to explode off their
shoulders. They both fell onto their knees. To put an extra spin on it, Jordan pounded his head
into the floor, before rising up with blood streaming down his nose.
Thinking that it was safe to enter, Lionel the horsemen of pestilence and Timothy the
horsemen of famine decided that it was time to go in and clean up the mess that they made.
Timothy wanted to have the time to torture them and to feed on their fear, until they were dying
with that scream caught in their throat. He stayed behind thinking ahead and not allowing
himself to fall victim to any kind of trap.
Lionel opened the door and ran down the stairs in a mad rush to see his work come to
life. In his haste, he forgot the first rule. The first thing that he saw was the canister unbroken.
He glanced down at the broken bottle of. He lifted his head to see that Jordan was right there
with gun in hand.
Chapter 2
Jordan waited, until the last possible moment and then he sprung up like a jack in the box
from behind the couch. The look of surprise and shock on Lionels face was absolutely
priceless. He didnt give him a chance to react, as he leveled him with the gun and fired those
bullets into his body. He watched as he flailed like that of some puppet being pulled by the
strings. The bullets went everywhere. He heard the sound of footsteps and somebody making
the sound of being struck by an errant bullet.
Lila was back behind the bar holding her ears and closing her eyes. She didnt want to
see the carnage that was taking place. The glass of the basement window shattered.
Lila stayed exactly where she was. She could only hope that Jordan had things well in
hand. She had saved them from a fate worse than death and it gave her a sense of purpose to
know that she was here to protect the things that she cared about most of all. If I wasnt here,
then he would have died for sure. Theres no way that hes going to admit that I was helpful, but
I think that I have already seen that in his eyes. I have to say that fighting alongside him has
opened my eyes to how I have buried my head in the sand all these years. They made me
complacent, but deep down I was still the survivor. I just needed somebody like him to coax it
back out to where I could use it in the best way possible.
Jordan leaped over the couch and jumped over the body of Lionel. He knew that Timothy
was there somewhere and the trail of blood leading upstairs made him smile to think that he
had injured him. He was hoping that it was a detriment to his mortality. It wasnt enough to lay
him on the stairs, but it had certainly given him a trail to follow. He didnt hesitate, but he did
move cautiously and kept his head on a swivel the entire time that he was moving up the stairs.
The horseman of war was outside and the bullet that he had fired through the window of the
basement had barely missed them by a fraction of an inch.
Jordan grabbed for the railing and came up into the kitchen to see that the trail of blood
led into living room. He walked with confidence, until he was looking at Timothy dragging his
sorry leg across the floor behind him. It was a useless piece of his anatomy and he would be
better off cutting it off and using some kind of crutch or artificial limb to get away from the man
that had a one track mind.
Timothy looked over his shoulder with his short dark hair matted to his forehead. We
dont know each other very well, Jordan. I replaced the last horseman of famine. I think that
you might be a little delusional into thinking that killing all of us is going to get rid of the
horsemen. There are many incarnations and when one of us falls, another one is soon to
replace them. Timothy had his gun in his waistband with his hand on the butt ready to turn and
fire with no emotional connection whatsoever. Like all the horsemen, they were wearing black
trench coats that made them look like they were the devils personal assistant to bring new
souls down into purgatory.
I really dont care if all of you are replaced. Im just more concerned with the two of you
at the moment. You made a mistake of coming downstairs. I thought that you were better than
that. Lionel has always been the impulsive. He gets too caught up in that feeling. He doesnt
take into consideration that not all of his plans are going to work out the way that he wants
them to. Your leg doesnt look very good and I would say that I accidentally hit the femoral
artery. You need emergency surgery and I could let you go, but I dont see how that is going to
help me. Jordan knew that Timothy was not exactly a lame duck. He had always been one
step ahead. He had to assume that he had one more trick up his sleeve. They only worked
together once, but it was enough.
Lila had come looking for Jordan. She probably shouldve stayed downstairs where it was
safe, but she couldnt look at the cold dead eyes of both bodies that were left behind. The
blood was everywhere and she felt like she was a part of some Jackson Pollock painting that
had gone awry. I want to make him feel better, but I cant do that with these horsemen coming
after us like they are. I was his addictive fix and I think that we were both the same in that way.
I need him more than life itself and I dont know, but I hope that we will walk away from this. I
know the Jamison is never going to stop and that means his death and the death of his kids are
a foregone conclusion. She noticed that there was a shadow coming through the door and she
grabbed the only thing that she could find.
The horsemen of war Joseph had decided to come in and lend a hand. He couldnt believe
that he had missed, but he was not going to beat himself up over it. These things happen. The
sun in his eyes had caused him to slip the targeting scope an inch out of focus. He should have
backed down and waited for the right time, but his finger was already pressing on the trigger.
There was no taking it back.
He came through the door and he walked a few steps, before something leaped onto his
back. There was a pain that cut off his oxygen and made him breathe with something of a
wheeze. That pain continued to strike over and over again. There was a dainty female hand on
his chin and he soon found his legs buckling out from underneath him. He couldnt stand it
anymore and the color in his face had all, but drained. There was no denying that he had
allowed himself to be taken.
Lila was possessed and couldnt stop stabbing this man, until she didnt have the energy
to lift the knife anymore. It fell from her grip and landed on the cold linoleum floor. It stained the
checkered pattern of white and black with smears that were not exactly easy to wipe away.
She lay there with the knife lying beside the body and knowing that there was no way that
anybody could survive that kind of savage attack. She had lost control and didnt want to give
up having the upper hand. I didnt think that I had it in me, but I lost control for a moment. I
could only see red and that translated into my body becoming a lethal weapon. I used that knife
to fillet him and I doubt very seriously that he died quickly. He probably felt every single blade
Lila looked down at the blood on her hands and she felt sick. It had nothing do with the
pregnancy. That would come in time, but it was still a long ways away from happening. She felt
like she wanted to throw up, but she kept it down with the bile still burning within her stomach.
Crawling over to the door leading out of the kitchen, she snuck a peek to see that Jordan
was standing with gun drawn and waiting to take care of business. She wanted to believe that
the man could change, but shed seen too much in her life to think that that was even possible.
There were very few instances where anybody could change the color of their spots.
Everything that they were was ingrained into them. It was hard to change those things that
made you what you were.
Her hand began to search the body of Timothy. She found a gun lying underneath him with
the safety off. She handled the weapon and it felt like it was a part of her anatomy. It was an
extension of her arm and she could see why somebody would feel that they had the power in
their hand by wielding something like this. She didnt know much about the weapon, except for
what Jordan had taught her. She managed to release the clip and check to see that it was
completely loaded and ready to be used in the most extreme way possible.
You have to know that this doesnt end well for you, Jordan. Jamison is not the kind of
man that is going to lie back and let you ride off into the sunset. This cant be much of a
surprise to you and maybe you have already thought about that. Timothy had is eyes on a
mirror that showed him exactly what he wanted to see. He saw Jordan in profile with the gun
drawn and ready to use it. Knowing exactly where he was made it easier for Timothy to conjure
up some sort of reaction to what had already happened.
You dont know what the love of a good woman does to you. During one of your drunken
binges, you admitted to all of us that you have never found the one that would make you think
that anything was possible. You thought that people were fooling themselves into thinking that
they were happy. I actually believed you at one time, but that was until Lila. She showed me
that there has to be a better way and that Ive only been making it possible for somebody to
come around and take my place. Were both feeling that age creeping up on us. Its just a
matter of time before we find ourselves playing second fiddle to some young up and coming
cocksure bastard. Jordan was not the type of man anymore that would shoot a man in the
back. He could only wait until Timothy decided to do something.
Timothy was not the only one that was using the mirror to his advantage. Jordan saw the
gun and took a slow deep breath with his finger on the trigger. It wasnt going to be long before
the ticking of the clock was not the only thing that would be heard in this enclosed space.
Love has always been for fools. I thought they you were able to avoid those kinds of
trappings. I guess if it could happen to you, it could happen to anybody. Ive always been about
the next available body. All the horsemen have been trained from the very beginning to deny
themselves love in any form. It makes us a honed a weapon that is hard for anybody to
overcome. You do know that Joseph is going to come for you. He might be already in the
house. Timothy was using whatever he could to make some sort of distraction. He saw the
Jordan wasnt biting or even flickering from his concentration. He was losing a lot of blood and
he was sure that Jordan was right about cutting into his femoral artery with one of his bullets.
Jordan could see that Timothy was swaying back and forth like some kind of drunken man
after last call. His shoulders had fallen forward and he looked ready to call it quits. It wasnt like
Timothy had anything left to lose and that made him a very dangerous man. He was already
dying and taking Jordan with him was probably foremost on his mind.
Love is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didnt know if I was capable of
such an emotion. Weve both been living with that cold and empty bed for too long. The feeling
of reaching out in the middle of the night to find nobody there is not a pleasant one. I dont want
that kind of life anymore and I dont know why others like us havent thought about this in the
past. The steamy way that we look at each other is better than any call girl worth her salt. They
are only holes to be filled, when the only hole that really needs filling is the one thats in our
Lila heard every word and was touching her chest and feeling that kind of love that made
it impossible for her to think of any way out other than with the man that she had fallen for. Her
past had defined her and she was starting to think that maybe she didnt have to allow it to be
that way. I know that hes an honorable man and that he wont kill a man in cold blood by
shooting them in the back. Part of me wishes that he could, but I also have to believe that death
should not come that easily. We should all have a chance to face it and hopefully not blink when
the time comes to survive at any cost.
Jordan was worried that Timothy was telling the truth and that Joseph was nearby. He
didnt want to risk looking around and that wouldve been the last thing that he would ever do.
Being with Lila had made him see the life had passed him by. He thought that he was living in
the moment, but he was mostly just going through the motions. Killing had been more of an
instinctual need and not something that he enjoyed. He had convinced himself that killing was
the only thing that he knew. He couldnt think of anything that he would want to do, but that was
untrue. He had always had that exit strategy, but had thought that he would be using it to
escape the retaliation of some young professional that was just getting his feet wet.
Chapter 3
Timothy felt like it was either now or never. He was losing his edge and his lids were
drooping with the loss of blood that was telling him that his heart was slowing down to a few
beats a minute. He turned quickly and pulled the trigger
Jordan was lucky that the bullet that he had taken downstairs had made him favor
his left arm. Thankfully, that was not his shooting arm. He fired a short burst from the automatic
weapon that he had in his possession.
The impact of the bullets made Timothy propel onto the dining room table. He was going
to die anyway and decided to take one last shot at immortality. Killing somebody like Jordan
would have cemented his reputation even in death. Unfortunately, his last hurrah had only
succeeded in bringing him his own shroud of death. He lay there looking up and he was feeling
the life extinguish, but he to smile at Jordan. He was actually holding his hand at the time that
the death knell came to collect him.
Jordan looked into Timothys eyes and then there was nothing, but a cloudy essence of
what he used to be. He swallowed hard not believing that he actually felt something for a man
that was here to kill him.
He let go of his lifeless hand and went over to where the bullet had gone off into the
ceiling. He was able to shoot first and that made Timothys aim go wild. He looked at the
smoking indentation of that bullet in the ceiling. He smiled thinking that for the first time in the
history of the horsemen that somebody had taken them to task. He certainly didnt do it alone.
He saw the figure of a womanly form that had caught him in the snare of her love.
I know that you feel bad about what you had to do, but it was necessary. The university
is not too far away and I think that Im ready to do what needs to be done. She saw the man
leaning to the side. His shoulder was pretty much out of commission. It was hanging there by
his side and he would be lucky that he didnt have any kind of permanent nerve damage. I
would love to stay here with him, but Ive been sleepwalking through my life and that ends
today. The only way to make this right is to make sure Jamison isnt able to collect on the
bounty on our head.
I shouldnt feel anything for these people, but for some reason I do. I blame you for that.
At first, he was angry, but he was only angry at himself for allowing her to have that effect on
him. I cant change what has happened. Its not like I can go back in time. We still have work
to do. I didnt want you to get your hands dirty, but I am glad that youre not some frail flower
that needs me to hold her hand all the time. I think I knew that you were stronger than that
when you shot that bullet and gave Dylan something to remember you by. He probably doesnt
even know who took the shot, but we both know and I think that is all that matters.
They didnt go out the front door and they heard people outside and the sound of the
distance sirens getting closer. Theres no way for us to clean this mess up. I have this feeling
that your prints are not exactly on file with the authorities. If they were to find mine, then they
might put some of the pieces into the right puzzle. Theyve already declared that I was dead
and that was something that was made very clear to me from the moment of my capture. That
told me that nobody was coming and that everybody that knew me thought that I had passed
away in some boating accident. They did have a way of making you feel like you had no way
out. I know that I came to him through Jamisons invitation. I think that he wouldve thought
differently had he known what was going to happen. This was not his grand scheme and what
we were doing was causing him more trouble than what we were worth.
They managed to get back to the mustang and found that it was still exactly where they
left it. They drove through the neighborhood seeing the police on the scene and knowing that it
was by their doing that these people had took their last breath.
There was that awkward silence in the air. They were both trying to process what had
happened and how close they had come to actually seeing their life vanish in front of them.
Jordan looked at where the baby was now growing and knew that this was the main reason
why he had decided to change his ways. He wouldve thought nothing of it to kill all of them, but
he couldnt do that without feeling like it was self defense. These guys were one in a million and
he was sure that Jamison had others waiting to step into their shoes.
They drove for the next 20 minutes, until they arrived at the college campus. They
surveyed the area for another 20 minutes to make sure that there werent any unwanted
surprises. I dont feel right about this, Lila. It has always been an unwritten rule that family was
off limits. He wont think that I would stoop this low, but I have no choice. I need to make sure
that vengeance can never be found in the heart of those that he has sired. They had the
necessary documentation to verify the identity of his two children. The female of the duo was
now walking across campus wearing a plaid skirt and a white blouse with a red tie. She was
alone and walking. She was pretty much open for this kind of attack.
We may not have to make any sort of approach. We just need to wait for a moment
where we can act without being seen. Follow her from a discreet distance. We need to
remember that she is from the Jamison household and that she has probably been taught to
spot a tail a mile away. I do know that Jamison has left them out of the business, but its not
like they dont know whats going on. He has weekend time with his children. Ive seen them a
little hesitant to use whatever he is teaching at the time. His son Raymond is a little more ready
to step into a more management type of role. Tilley is more her own woman, but that cannot
play into this. We cant think of her as an individual and if we do, we will only hesitate and that
could lead to Jamison figuring out what we are doing. I dont want to do this, but if we are
going to, then we should do it right. Make it quick and painless and hide the body, until we can
take care of Raymond and his father.
I know that this doesnt sit very well with you, Lila. It cant be easy to see me do these
things and think for a second that I am going to be able to lay down my arms. I dont know
what the future holds and I dont think that anybody does. I can only promise that I will try to do
better, but this life has a funny way of getting its hooks into you and never letting go. Jordan
was very aware that what they were about to do was something that not many in his profession
would think about doing. He had talked to several of his colleagues in the past and none of
them ever spoke of killing the innocent. There was one named Deacon that said the time for
hesitation was in the comfort of your priest. In the field, you acted first and ask questions later.
Deacon was that kind of killer that didnt mind any kind of collateral damage. He said that
if anybody got in his way, then they were supposed to feel what it was like to be killed by his
hand. He even bragged about doing jobs that the rest of them would turn down. It always had
something to do with kids and even their death did not give him a moment of pause. Deacon
was the kind of killer that didnt think about what he did. He had spoke often of some of the
tales and even those more seasoned veterans felt like he was pushing the envelope a little bit
too far. They wouldnt say that to his face, but it was a known fact that Deacon was not the
type of man that you would want coming after you in the dead of night.
Give me the gun and let me do this one. She reached for the weapon and found that
Jordan was not exactly happy with her taking matters into her own hands. What you need to
remember is that were both in this together. In for a penny and in for a pound. If we need to do
this, then I should at least be complicit and not just aware of what youre doing for me and the
child. I think that Ive already proven myself. He finally relented and gave Lila the weapon with
the silencer attached. They were close to an alley and Tilley had turned and went into it as a
form of escape from the rest of the world.
She had the cigarette lit and had it up to her mouth, when she felt that something was
wrong. Tilley turned and saw the car idling at the front of the Alley. She squinted her eyes and
then her mouth opened and the cigarette dropped from where it was currently located. Her
head snapped back with the impact of the bullet and she knew by seeing the bright lights that
her father was the reason for this. Her head landed on the pavement at exactly the same time
that the cigarette did with the ash now burning with no way for anybody to suck it down into
their lungs.
Lila could only think of her family and that gave her the courage to take the life of a girl
that really didnt do anything to anybody. It didnt mean that she wasnt going to and it was
almost assured me that Jamison would bring her into the business when she was old enough to
know better. He had sheltered them from the real world and that was only going to get both of
them killed. She never did understand the reason why she needed to learn how to defend
herself or shoot a gun. It seemed like a bonding moment for the men in the family, but he had
insisted that she tag along and learn these things.
Lila closed the window and laid the smoking gun in her lap. She stared at it in a trance,
not quite believing that she had actually pulled the trigger. She had to put this deep down where
it would do her no harm. She couldnt believe that Jordan had given his consent, but then again
she was quite adamant about taking this risk on her own. She did Tilley the respect of letting
her see it coming. I wish that things could be different, but if my family is to survive, then
Jamisons family cant be left to come after us. I know that this was the right thing to do, but it
doesnt make me feel any better. She may have been innocent, but she wouldnt remain that
way for long. He was grooming both off spring to take over and I doubt it very seriously that he
wouldve been willing to take no for an answer. He would corrupt her young mind with power.
Power was the thing that corrupted those that didnt know any better.
I know exactly where Raymond is at this very moment. Youre going to have to excuse
me for a moment to get rid of the body. I know this area and that Dumpster wont be cleaned
out until later tomorrow night. You dont have to look at me like that and I know how this
sounds. Treating her like a piece of garbage is not something that I want to live with, but its
necessary to keep our secret. He got out and looked both ways to make sure that there
werent those that had decided to become a pain in his ass.
He sprinted across the street, lifting her body quickly and heaving it into the Dumpster that
was wide open. He jumped inside and buried her underneath the refuse. He almost felt like that
his life meant nothing. Karma was a bitch and one day it was going to come around and bite
him where the sun didnt shine. He uncovered her face for a moment and looked at that Angelic
unblemished face. She showed no signs of being some criminal mastermind, but her life had
already been planned out from the moment that she was born. Jamison wanted her to stand
beside her brother and give him the necessary advice to keep him from going off half cocked
and doing something that would bring the authorities or a rival faction down onto their heads.
Jordan knew that she was better off this way. It didnt seem all that long ago that he was
innocent himself. He didnt need much to live on, but he was conscious to keep some of his
earnings in the Cayman Islands. He didnt want any problem with the IRS. That was a three
letter acronym organization that he didnt want to fight. They were worse than any other
government organization including the FBI, CIA or even the DEA.
He jumped back out of the Dumpster and made his way back over to where Lila was
shaking her head back and forth in obvious denial. I did that. I took her life when she had
barely begun living. I will most likely see her face every time that I close my eyes. It wont be
the first time that Ive been haunted by images and it wont be the last.
Chapter 4
They drove off and soon were coming into the parking lot of where the swim meet was
taking place. Tilley was in her first year of college and Raymond was a senior with the
adoration of girls.
The main event wont take place for another couple of hours, Lila. We have that
amount of time to get into place and do what needs to be done. If we can catch him practicing
on his own, then I will deal with him personally. I dont like this any better than you do, but hes
the one that we really have to worry about. Hes the first born son and will feel a need for
vengeance. I dont know exactly who will take over for Jamison, but I have an idea that might
make getting to him easier. Jordan had been thinking about this for some time and the idea
was simplicity in the making.
They were soon in the darkened part of the bleachers with Jordan holding Lila close to his
body. He wanted everybody to think that they were lovers and that they had just arrived for the
swim meet.
Raymond, I dont think its necessary for you to get any more practice in. Im sorry; I
forgot who I was talking to. Its not like youre going to join the others in the locker room. Youve
always had this thing about proving yourself to your father. Ive no idea if hes going to be here
today, or leave you to stand and do this on your own. Either way, I know that youre strong
enough to handle just about anything. Ive been your coach for the last two years and Ive seen
you go from the little boy to a man. The coach felt like he was a den mother to those that he
had coached. Raymond was something different and there was a damage that could only be
seen by the way that he looked indifferent at everything around him.
I promise that I wont overdo it. I just think that I can squeeze off another couple of
seconds. I need that if Im going to beat Chan. Hes the one that everybody thinks is the golden
boy, but to me he is just another obstacle standing in my way. My father taught me never to
take prisoners. I always do what it takes to make people think that Im better than them. I want
to see the fear in his eyes, as I beat him to the finish line in victory. He had his dark hair slicked
back from the water that he had from doing laps the last hour.
You dont have anything to prove to me. Ive always been your biggest fan. I consider
myself to be a surrogate father for the one that didnt really give a damn to show up for any of
your meets. I know of his reputation and I would never speak ill of anybody that can find me in
the middle of the night and make sure that I never say anything bad about them again. Im just
saying that I think that you deserve better. You have never been given a chance and I wish that
I could change that for you. The coach walked away with his towel around his neck and
disappeared within the locker room to give one of his trademark inspiration speeches.
Jordan watched as Raymond began to take a lap to the other end of the pool and then he
dashed down to the pool edge. He stayed there looking at the form of Raymond coming closer.
When his hand touched on the edge and was about to spring backwards, he was right there to
grab Raymond by the head and force him below the water. He had him by the scruff of the
neck and he was pushing on that nerve. He could only hope that the pain was enough for him to
lose this struggle. He saw the bubbles and looked down into the face of a young kid that had a
lot of fight left in him.
For his part, Raymond was not about to go out this easily. He felt like he had to do this for
his father and if somebody really wanted to kill him, then they were going to have to do a whole
lot better than this. He struggled and the pain of those fingers digging into his shoulder blades
were like some kind of pain that he never knew was possible. He forced himself not to scream.
He reached up and grabbed onto the wrist of whoever had decided to come against him in this
Lila watched from a distance and there was a part of her that wanted to look away. She
wasnt going to do that, because both she and Jordan were in this to the bitter end. This was
the right choice, even though it probably didnt feel that way to Jordan or Lila.
Jordan could feel the two hands gripping his wrist and squeezing with enough power that
he was close to losing whatever grip he had on the young mans neck. The bubbles were
coming quicker and then they were slowly diminishing. He had witnessed this type of thing
before and drowning was not a good way to go. His lungs were filling up with water and
whatever breath he had was now slowly being taken away.
Jordan felt that this wasnt going fast enough and decided to something about it. He lifted
the kid out of the water by the neck, until they were face to face. He punched him with
whatever power he had left in his left hand. It was enough to stun the kid and then he continued
to drown him, until there was nothing left, but that last bubble. Leaving him there, he ran up to
the bleachers and grabbed Lila and made a hasty exit before anybody could realize that they
were responsible.
They stayed long enough to know that not even mouth to mouth resuscitation was going to
bring him back from the brink of death. There was no way to hide the body and they were
going to have to act quickly to get to Jamison before he decided to surround himself with a
detail of security that was considered above reproach.

Jamison sat there listening to his lieutenant Adam speak about business. He was nodding
his head, but was really more concerned with why he hadnt heard from the horsemen. He
drank his tea and made the necessary notes to become one of the leading suppliers of new
and fresh talent. He had taken baby steps at first, but then those that he was coming after
decided to push back. He had sent Adam and a few trusted and loyal soldiers to take care of
the matter for him. They had done what he had wanted and now he had a stranglehold on the
flesh trade.
needs to be taken care of immediately. Mr. Crane, you really do need to listen to me.
Im trying to tell you that you have a problem in house and that somebody needs to be sent to
exterminate the rodent. Adam looked at his mentor Jamison and it fell wrong to feel this
elated. He enjoyed working for Jamison, but he really wasnt given the proper respect. Had he
been treated him better, he mightve not done what he did. He had to wonder how long it was
going to take before it would be over. Jordan was very specific about what to use. It took a bit
for him to convince Jamisons lieutenant that it was time for a new regime.
Im a little preoccupied with something at the moment, Adam. You know what to do and
its not like I have to spell it out for you. Make sure that theyre not a problem anymore and then
we can get back to the business that is making us all a lot of money. Jamison was constantly
looking at his phone and then he started to become fuzzy around the edges. He dropped his
pen and put both of his fists up to his eyes to try to clear the cobwebs.
Adam didnt like the flesh trade and when he was in power, he was going to let these girls
have their lives back. He wanted to tell Jordan to go to hell, but he couldnt do that. Jordan had
laid out how he could become the leader that everybody wanted. He didnt have to settle for
standing in Jamisons shadow, when it was possible for him to take that power for himself.
Adam questioned Jordans loyalty, but in the end he knew that the best thing for everybody was
to take the appropriate action.
You dont look very good, Mr. Crane. He couldnt stop giving Jamison the respect that he
deserved. He mightve been the product of his demise, but he still had a soft spot in his heart
for the man that put him in this position. He was all about climbing the ladder and this position
was becoming stagnant and stale.
I dont I dont feelvery good. His voice and speech was slurred and his mind was
muddled, but he suddenly came to the conclusion that he had been drugged. He looked down at
the tea and then up at Adam. He knew the truth like it was written across his forehead. Tell me
that its not true. Tell methat he didnt get to you. All Jamison got for his query was the shrug
of Adams shoulders.
Adam watched, as he crashed down onto the table headfirst. He barely made the
movement to get that teacup out of his way. Checking his pulse, he found that there was none.
He motioned for Jordan and Lila to come out of the shadows. Ive made the arrangements.
Theres a boat that is waiting for you to take possession of at the dock. Ironically, its Jamisons
way of escaping from the rest of the world. Its now going to be used to get you out of here
and give you a way to start your life over. Adam had thought about going against his word, but
it was after all Jordan that had shown him the way to the kind of riches and power that he
never knew that he could get his hands on.
Jordan made a quick check of Jamison to make sure that he wasnt going to rise like the
phoenix from the ashes. The poison was this very powerful cyanide. The foam around his mouth
was a good sign that he had swallowed enough of the concoction to do the right amount of
damage to his internal organs.
I know that its not a good idea to speak ill of the dead, but Im glad that hes gone. Im
also glad that those girls that are still out there will be given their freedom. I dont even care
what you do to those guys that have them in their possession. Whatever they get they had
coming to them a long time ago. I had dreamed about this day for a very long time, but I
never knew that I would actually see it come true. He was holding all the cards and now that
power was given to somebody that could use it in the right way. He would still have a
stranglehold on the narcotic and arms dealing, but the misuse of innocent young woman was
going to come to an end.
The yacht was an amazing piece of machinery. Jordan was able to manipulate it in his
hands like he had been doing it all of his life. He was wearing only his boxer shorts; a silk pair
that he found was perfect for the kind of blazing heat that was burning down from above. They
were docked off a nude beach in the Riviera.
Lila in a very revealing yellow bikini was now standing wearing a pair of sunglasses and
drinking a flute of champagne. She stood beside her husband and the excitement of being free
was not lost on her. The projection of his weapon through that thin material was leaving no
doubt that his love for her was a raging stone. I never knew what paradise look like, but this
really does feel like a dream come true. Its been almost a month and I have this cute little baby
bump. I never thought that I could love anything as much as I do this child. Still having a
mouthful of the champagne, she went down on her knees and fished through the opening to get
at the hard and demanding object between his legs.
Im not complaining and the fact that you are insatiable is only an added bonus. I know
that it might have something do with your raging hormones, but Im not one to shine a light on
any of that. Youve had some interesting mood swings, but usually I just close myself off in the
other room, until you settle down. I would say that if the boat is rocking dont come knocking,
but I think that would be a little crude. Jordan looked down at the mirrored sunglasses. He
couldnt see her eyes, but her mouth was now busy at giving him that pleasure that he was
never going to get used to.
I think you know that idle hands are the devils playground. I will never let you think that
Im taking you for granted. This will always be something that I covet and I dont want you to
forget that. The vacuum seal of her mouth drew him across her tongue and to the back of her
mouth. The way that he was nudging to gain entry to her throat was now rewarded by her
letting him feel what she had taught to be the best at. I want him and I never want to be
without him. I cant even take my eyes off of him even if I wanted to. This has all the makings of
a good thing. Im definitely going to do something about it. Whats going on between him and
me is something epic. I dont know if it can get any better than this, but I doubt it.
If youre not careful, youre going to have something to clean up. I cant think of anything
else, but how bad I want you right now, Lila. We have some memories to make and theres no
reason to hold back. The night is definitely young and we should pace ourselves. Jordan
looked out at the sunrise. Getting the top of his cock blown off by the insistence of her mouth
and that magical setting was better than anything that he had ever seen or felt before.
Everything was coming together and the way that his balls had turned into grapefruits was
a good way for her to know that she was getting the job done. She had submitted to many of
his whims, including that of being tied up and used.
Jordan was close, but he didnt want to finish it this way. His thoughts were consumed by
something else. He stopped her with his hand on top of her forehead. She looked disappointed,
but that was going to change with the feel of his cock pushing aside the flimsy material of her
bikini bottom. He turned her quickly, bent her over and stuck his head in between the cheeks of
where he was going to bury himself in a second. His tongue stretched out to its maximum
length. He used it to spear her.
I dont think that its right that we put on a show for those on shore. I dont see any way
that Im going to stop you. Its not like Im going to put up much of a fight. Having an audience
might be something of a secret aphrodisiac that I didnt even know that I had.
Im down on my knees showing you how much you mean to me, but I think that the three
words that youre looking for is that I love you. He saw her turn towards him with that pretty
smile and those three words had definitely made her day. She reached back and pulled her
bikini bottom to the side and held it there for him to get up behind her. His instrument slid
effortlessly into her wet quim and the heat that surrounded him was like his personal haven
away from the real world.
He had stolen her away from a life that she didnt want and was grateful to have the
chance to let the past float away like it was somebody elses. I know that you love me, Jordan
and that has never been something that I doubted. Give me what I want, or I might have to
reach back and take it from you. She felt him touch her lips and that was the moment that she
went off. She screamed and saw a couple people that were lying near the shore raise up on
their elbows to witness their own personal x rated movie.
I think That somebody likes being watched. He actually got a secret thrill out of putting
on a show. He was putting on a performance of a lifetime. He had a hold of her hips and was
driving into her body incessantly. They were screaming at each other to go faster and harder.
People were standing on the beach shielding their eyes from the sun and giving them the
respect of their undivided attention. Fuckyou have no idea what this feels like. You have me
at a loss for words and the only thing that I can do is moan with desire. Jordan watched, as
her lips splayed open and then closed in around him every time that he buried himself to the hilt.
The first orgasm was only a teaser and before long she was riding the wave of a multiple
She felt the pulsing of his organ and could feel that vein throbbing out of control. Her
pussy was greedy and it swallowed his seed, as it shot out of him in eight huge streams that
made her eyes wide.
He pulled out and stumbled back before grabbing onto the steering wheel behind him.
They heard the chorus of applause and they walked naked and unashamed to the back of the
boat to give a customary bow of appreciation.
They saw that their show had brought forth the establishment. The lifeguards were on
their way to intervene, but they were already gunning the boat and skipping over the waves into
the sunset.


Chapter 1
India stands in front of her mirror, looking at this god awful green dress and wondering
how she got herself into this. There is nothing that she wont do for her friends, regardless of
the sacrifice that comes from doing such a deed. Shes never been able to say no and that has
gotten her into some insane situations.
I have to say that that dress is very fetching on you. Youre going to be one of my
bridesmaids. Im just worried that youre going to take the attention away from me. I dont need
every guy panting after you. Theyll be undressing you with their eyes.
I dont think that youre going to have any problem with the guys keeping their attention
on you. Everybody is going to be amazingly mesmerized by your presence. That white dress is
a stunner. It was lucky that we were able to find it in the madhouse. That sale was one for the
record books. It was lucky that we had some kind of plan before going into that 50% off sale.
I sometimes wonder why I get myself into things that I wouldnt normally do for my own family.
Julia is my best friend from high school. I was guilted into being one of her bridesmaids. This
dress will keep me celibate for the duration of the wedding and reception.
I hope so and you know how Bryan has a wandering eye. Ill tell you a secret and it
wasnt him that I was most interested in. His brother has this charm that makes me want to
drop my panties in his presence. This guy has everything going for him. He was recently
shipped overseas and I havent seen him since the moment that he disembarked. I guess hes
going to be at the wedding. I just hope that I can keep it in my pants, long enough to say my
vows. India had heard Julia talk about the grooms brother on occasion, but she never believed
or took much stock in the rumors.
She finally was able to take off the dress, feeling a little bit better and know that when she
got into her customary black leather jacket that she would feel like herself again.
I know that I told you that its perfectly fine for you to come stag. I just wonder if you
couldnt wrangle up some kind of date. It will look strange for you to be there alone. Dont
worry; Im not going to put any pressure on you. You did an amazing job on my bachelorette
party. I cant even tell you how impressed I was by that stripper. He could dance, but it wasnt
his moves that I was most interested in. Im sure that everybody, including you noticed what he
was packing in those tight little black briefs of his.
I did see what that stripper was equipped with. He was swinging it around like a baseball
bat and then he disappeared with the bride to be into the other room. When they emerged, she
was smiling, her hair ruffled and there was no doubt in my mind that something untoward had
happened between the two of them. She never did speak of it, but maybe that was her final
hurrah before attaching the old ball and chain.
I dont think that we need to talk about that night. Lets just say that things happened and
well leave it at that. Im just glad that I finally found the man of my dreams and I only wish that
everybody could be, as happy as I am. Ive been looking for you, but your tastes are a little bit
different than my other friends. You always seem to find fault with everybody that I set you up
with. Im beginning to think that its a lost cause. Julia had just taken off the dress, feeling like a
princess in it, but now getting back to reality.
Tomorrow was the big day and they were having it on a beach overlooking a cliff and the
ocean. It was where they first met and she was going to enjoy that moment of complete
wedded bliss.
Ill be sure to be there early to pick you up tomorrow morning. We need to get you to the
wedding on time. Ive arranged for the hairstylist to meet us on the beach. Your favorite band
from that pub crawl that you did with Brian is going to be playing your favorite song. It took a lot
of convincing to get them to relinquish their hold on their own lyrics. I think we both know that
money talks. India had Raven black hair, stood at only 55, 110 pounds with most of that
weight on her oversized melons.
Just be sure that you wrap those up tomorrow nice and tight. Your natural wonders are
not exactly easy to ignore. This was a contention between the two of them for some time. Julia
was not, as blessed and even through augmentation, she was only comfortable with getting
another cup size. She had her one feature that drew most men to her like a moth to a flame.
Her legs went straight to heaven and there wasnt a moment that went by that Brian didnt
continually express how lovely her legs were.
Ill make sure that they are well concealed. I would hate to think that I was going to take
away from your big day. India had never been in the position of having a man down on his
knees about to propose. She had them in that position, but only for going down on her.
Julia was talking to the counter attendant. She took every opportunity to tell everybody
that she was getting married, flashing that huge ring and lording it over others. India was happy
for her, but she was also jealous and that green streak was causing her to feel like she wanted
to lash out at someone. She was tempted to go to a bar and just get laid, but she didnt think
that that was the answer to her troubles.
She climbed into her Jeep Renegade, a black shining piece of metal that she had given
herself, as a gift when she became one of the most sought after wedding planners. She felt like
Julia was taking advantage of her, but this was not uncommon in their relationship. It wasnt just
Julia and all of her friends seemed to see her, as somebody that they could walk over like a
Perhaps they thought because of her Indian descent that she would bend over backwards
and not ask for anything in return. What they didnt know was that her Indian background was
only in her dark features and her raven black hair.
I really dont want to go to this thing. Its bad enough that I have to see her happy, but to
stand there and witness it is just going to be like putting the knife in just a little bit deeper. I
always thought that I would be the one to find happiness. She was mean, she liked to put
people down and for Brian to even consider her to be worthy of marriage is beyond me. She
gunned the engine, feeling the weight of the world fall from her shoulders with the wind blowing
through her hair.
India had never been to her namesake, from which she was named after. She was born
right here in Chicago and your parents had adopted her when she was just a baby. She was
never much into her own culture, until she was old enough to start to research it on her own.
Her primarily white parents did their best to raise her with a set of values, but they also made
her feel that she was different.
As she was driving away, she knew that the escape onto the road was just a momentary
reprieve. The circus that was going to occur tomorrow was making her head spin. The bride
had, so many requests that it was almost hard to keep up with them. On any given day in the
last nine months, there were changes to be made at a drop of a dime. She hardly had any time
to herself, except for when she was working on other peoples happy days. She still didnt
understand how she got caught up in this profession, but it seemed to follow her wherever she
India had a sense of style, knew that she could make that perfect day into something that
would last forever. After her first one, as a gift to one of her friends, word of mouth got out
pretty quickly and she was soon inundated with, so much work that she had no problem quitting
her day job at a call center.
Im always around people that are finding that one true love, but Im left out in the cold
looking in. I just dont think I can take this much longer. I like the money and I like the people,
but this is weighing me down like an anchor around my neck. I just want to find a good guy that
takes my breath away. I dont think thats, so hard or unreasonable.

Chapter two
The big day had arrived and everybody had smiles on their faces, even though they
probably really didnt want to be here.
Get away from me. Youre making it worse. If you dont stop touching me, then Im going
to hurt you. India was standing here watching Amber perform her magic on her highness.
Youre not doing it right. I told you exactly what I wanted. This girl was really getting on Indias
nerves and she had no desire to stand there and watch this verbal abuse take place.
Slipping out, she found herself breathing a sigh of relief. She knew that it was only short
lived and that she would be called upon once again to put out a fire that was made by Julia.
They were like sisters, but like sisters they had this rivalry that continued to follow them around
like a dark cloud.
I know that she can be a handful, India. Weve all been friends with her for long enough
to know how she is. This will be the last one that you have to do for any of your friends. Were
all married now and Im expecting my second one. Lacy had always seen India, as the black
sheep of this little group.
Dont remind me. Ive seen you marry the man of your dreams, and then find that family
that youve been looking for. In must be nice, considering that you came from a broken home.
I dont want to be a bitch, but if she was going to take off the gloves and make me feel smaller
than an ant, then I wasnt just going to stand here and let her do that to me. I was never one to
speak up, but I was getting a little sick and tired of playing second fiddle.
I never meant anything by it, India. Theres no reason to get angry with me. India was
happy that she had finally taken a stand, but it did make her hand shake. Everybody had their
breaking point and apparently hers was this wedding. Looking around, India knew that today
was the last day. She still had to contend with those that were her clients, but at the very least
all of her friends would never ask her of this favor again. That is of course if they were able to
keep their marriages alive. She had seen Lucy and she did not look happy and there was no
sign of Nicholas.
She found out through the Grapevine that Nicholas was a bit of a cheater. He liked to find
those little Asian girls that were old enough for consent. He had this sickness that grabbed him
by the throat and wouldnt let go. At first, she was forgiving, but after several times of falling off
the wagon, she finally called it quits. They were separated and India was about to go over and
talk to her, when she spied on a young man with this look in his eyes.
He was standing there with a flute of champagne in his hands, while fidgeting with the red
tie around his neck like a noose. She felt the same way about the green dress and everything in
her wanted to rip it off her body and walk around stark raving naked.
I dont have time to socialize and Julia is going to want my undivided attention. Its just
that he seems to be lonely and it doesnt hurt that hes fucking easy on the eyes. The boy could
take me for a ride and come back for seconds any day of the week.
I know that its boring, but you dont have to make it look like youre going to the gallows.
The man in question turned his eyes on India. Billy thought that today was going to be one of
those days. He didnt want to be here and felt more comfortable in the jungle with a gun on his
shoulder than standing here trying to make idle chitchat with anybody that had decided to walk
into his gravity. Im guessing that this isnt your first one.
No, Ive been through this a couple of times with my brothers. Coming from a big family, I
have to constantly hear about their happiness. I think thats one of the reasons why I enlisted,
just so that I could get away from that feeling of being unwanted. It doesnt help when your
parents are constantly asking you when you are going to get married and have grandchildren.
He purposely brushed his hands along the back of her dress, feeling the ruffles and also getting
a nice handful.
I dont think thats appropriate. She said the word, but the meaning was not exactly as
planned. She shivered to his touch, wondering if he would take it any further than a casual
I really dont care if its appropriate or not. If that dress was any longer, I would climb up
underneath it and give you something to smile about. Youre the only bright spot in this entire
ordeal. That dress might be hideous, but I can see underneath it that there is a real woman
crying to get out. He could see that she was well endowed and he couldnt take his eyes off of
her the entire time that she was standing in front of him.
I really dont think that him ogling me is the right thing to be happening today. I just cant
walk away. I feel exposed and vulnerable and I think I like it. Thereve been a lot of guys that
have decided to come onto me, only to feel my hot hand slapping across their face. Hes
different and I would give anything to peel away those clothes and get a look at the real man
I understand that youre bored, but thats no reason to treat me like a piece of meat. I
think there is something to say for a little bit of respect. You know what they say about catching
more flies with honey than with vinegar. She saw this fire in his eyes, something that was
making her feel like he was going to attack her at any second.
Youre right, I am bored out of my damn mind and I cant take it anymore. I need
something to alleviate the feeling of doing nothing. Im just not used to standing around and
twiddling my thumbs and sticking my head in the sand. Im used to action. If you knew anything
about me at all, youd know that Ive had my fair share of conquests. My brother might be
getting married, but I think we both know that hes really not gonna find his happily ever after.
Julia is a nice girl and all, but I dont think that he can handle her. Shes going to be the bane of
his existence. Shell constantly be leading him around by the nose and making him pay for
things that he cant possibly afford. Billy grabbed her hand and placed it up against his
Johnson, letting her feel what god had given him. It was not all that difficult for him to find out
that she was interested. Her words might have said differently, but that hand now massaging
his length was definitely sending another signal altogether.
I dont think that we should be doing this out here in the open. The wedding is about to
start and we cant be doing something that others are going to frown upon. I really dont care
what other people think. Im through playing by their rules. They think that they can make me
feel like a puppet on a string, but I dont need that kind of drama. If theres a fire to be put out,
Im sure that somebody else can deal with it for right now, I have my own fire to put out
between my legs. India couldnt help, but to feel the flexing organ and wanting more than
anything to see it with an unbiased eye.
If youre suggesting that we find someplace more intimate, then were definitely on the
same page. They cant exactly start without me. Im the best man and apparently youre the
maid of honor. This took her by surprise and she had been told that she was one of the
bridesmaids. I can tell from your expression that you didnt know that Julias best friend had
backed out at the last minute. I over heard her say that she would just ask you and that you
would bend over backwards to please her.
Im getting tired of people thinking that I am, so dependable. I want to be unpredictable,
wild and dangerous. I want to feel like Im alive for the first time and I think that you can do that
for me, Billy. Did you know that Julia has a bit of a crush on you? I think that is one of the main
reasons why I want to sleep with you, so that I can hang it over her head. Im not going to tell
her right away, but if she pisses me off again, then Ill be happy to regale her with the story
from the beginning to the end with every juicy detail in between. India really didnt know if she
was capable of a clandestine affair, but she was willing to at least entertain the idea.
Like I said, they cant really start without us. Im sure that we can go down the road to
my parents beach house. Nobody will be there, considering theyre all out here waiting for the
glowing bride to walk down the aisle. If you didnt know, shes pregnant and its basically a
shotgun wedding. My brother has expressed cold feet on several occasions and I had to talk
him down from the ledge at least twice already. Billy pulled her hand off his cock, feeling
slightly randy and in need of some much needed relief.
India hadnt answered his proposition of going down to the beach house, but she knew
that he could have her and that she would go willingly. They moved away from the crowd,
seeing that nobody noticed. They went to over to his motorcycle.
Billy handed her a helmet and then climbed on and let the engine rev underneath the both
of them. It wasnt just women that got a unique thrill out of having that engine roar between their
legs. Billy loved feeling all sexed up any time that he took it out on the road. He would translate
that to his leering gaze and then before he knew it, he would have some young thing riding up
and down his pogo stick in the middle of nowhere. He felt that India was a little different and
more of a challenge, which was the reason why he decided to play his seduction games.
I have to tell you that Ive never done anything like this before. Ive never gone against the
way people see me. Ive always towed the line, but I think its finally time that I shed my skin. I
need to turn into somebody thats going to live for life. I dont want to just go through the
motions and wait for death to find me and take me to the other side. I want to grab onto this.
She reached around and now had her hand wrapped around his package. India knew that he
was capable of delivering the goods and was not going to stop, until she got what she wanted.
She still wasnt sure how far she was going to go, but she needed to do this for herself.
I think that living is exactly what you need to do, India. The introductions were made and
it became painfully obvious that this girl was an introvert. She may pretend to be otherwise to
those around her, but to anybody that knew her, you could tell that she was afraid of her own
shadow. She didnt wanna take risks, but on this day it was different. I have a king size bed
and Im sure that I can find some champagne. What are your thoughts on bondage? He
wanted to shock her and on that word, he felt her fingers digging into his male anatomy.
Um I really dont know what to say to that. I guess Im open to it. He grinned behind
her back, knowing full well that he had a box of goodies underneath his bed that he hadnt
utilized in some time. Most girls would shy away from him when they found out that he had a
particularly kinky mind. He sensed that India would be hesitant, but most likely game for just
about anything.
I only ask because I like to push the envelope and its very rare that I find somebody
thats willing to jump in with both feet. I promise you that by the time that were done; things
between us will never be the same. Youll look at me differently and Ill see you, as an equal
and somebody that I would like to get together with again. You know that I have to ship out in
the morning, but that doesnt mean that this has to end here. He wasnt even sure that he
wanted things to escalate, only that this girl had taken him from looking at the clock ticking, to
letting his passions flow freely.
Chapter Three

They arrived at the beach house and this was the first time that she had ever been there.
India never really hung in the same circles as Billys brother. Brian was always having parties
and she was supposed to come here for a clambake over the summer, but things didnt go
according to plan. Julia had invited all of her friends just to show them that she had made it. For
the first time, India had the courage to lie to Julia and tell her that she was committed to a
family function. There was a semblance of truth behind that lie. She was supposed to spend
time with her family, but she couldve easily gotten out of it.
The sound of the ocean was crashing up against the shore from down below the walkway
leading towards the beach. He got off the motorcycle, took her helmet and placed it gingerly on
the side of the bike. Billy hated the dress and when he got a chance, he was going to strip it off
her and find out if his suspicions were correct. The dress was frumpy, but he didnt believe for a
second that she had an ounce of fat on her body.
India had to pinch herself to realize that this was really happening. The wedding would be
stalled for at least an hour, until they finally had enough and decided to go on without them. It
might be that they would get back in time, but it was also possible that they would lose track of
Billy couldnt be happier and coming home for the wedding seemed like it was going to be
something that would make him want to put a shotgun in his mouth. India coming to him and
then letting him dictate the terms of their union was almost like a gift that kept on giving. I think
that we should enjoy this moment. He took her hand and brought her over to the deck, climbing
the stairs, until they were now overlooking the rocky expanse leading down to the beach.
I dont know how I got so lucky to be with a man like this. Hes nothing like what Julia
says about him, or at least hes not with me. Hes kind and caring and he might be a little rough
around the edges, but I think thats part of his charm. I love this beach house and the white
paint and all the windows makes it look bigger than what it is. Whoever designed this place had
certainly had in mind the fact that they wanted to bring the outdoors inside.
Billy put his hands around her waist, placing his chin on her shoulder and looking out at the
beautiful scenery that had gotten him laid too many times to count. One look at this magical
setting and women were practically falling on their knees to show him their gratitude. It was his
personal secret weapon and something that he used often to cement that next notch on his belt.
I dont know how I justified coming here with you, Billy. Youve obviously got other motives
for taking me here. Then again, you were pretty upfront about everything that you wanted to
do. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, she finally found herself being turned around into his
arms. I just need you to take things slow.
India, slow is how you got here in the first place. You take things too cautious and
sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind. He grabbed her around the waist, pulled
her to him and let her feel the product of his arousal rubbing up against her in just the right
way. You came here because you wanted to become somebody else. Dont get caught up in
old habits or they will weigh you down like an anchor around your neck. I want you to open
yourself to the possibilities. Billy brought her into the huge kitchen that wouldve made any chef
proud to be near.
India sat there and watched him pull out a bottle of champagne and give her a glass. This
is where the reception is going to take place, which means, we really cant stay here all night.
Julia and her groom will be staying here and consummating their relationship. A few sips of the
champagne and she was finally loosening up enough that she was getting into the swing of
things. A few more sips and her inhibitions were slowly crumbling to reveal the sexually wanton
woman underneath.
I wish that you could see yourself like I see you, India. You have this special quality,
something that is not easily measured. I find myself drawn to you and wanting to give you that
pleasure that you have been denying yourself.
I know that hes trying to get into my panties. He neednt try so hard, because he
basically had me from the moment that we met. I was already stripping him bare in my mind
and doing unspeakable things to him that has got my blood pressure soaring to new heights.
India felt like she was having an outer body experience.
Billy turned her in the stool, waving a pair of scissors back and forth in front of her eyes. I
dont think that you need that god awful dress anymore. I really dont see you having a
sentimental attachment to it. With that, he began to slice into the fabric with his eyes following
her shocked expression and waiting, until it opened up like a newly formed cocoon. Underneath
it was a special little surprise that made him take a step back and look at her with his eyes on
Underneath the dress was a widow outfit, completely red and a perfect contrast to the
ugly thing that was hiding something, so beautiful. Her breasts were pushed into that corset. He
started to pull at the ties, while watching, as that abundance of flesh began to grow and
overflow. Her nipples were already hard and once exposed; he pushed them together and
began to lick back from one to the other in rapid succession.
Billy, I would tell you to stop, but Im hoping that you wont. If I say that I dont want this,
then I really dont want you to believe it. Its just my old self trying to raise its ugly head and I
dont want you to pay any attention to it. Do whatever you want to me. India wasnt sure what
she was saying, but she was going with the flow and allowing this man, a virtual stranger to
take control.
Im glad that you said that, India. I was afraid that I was going to have to take this a step
further than I would have liked. I sometimes get overanxious and the feeling of what is growing
between my legs gets the best of me. He dipped the bottle and heard her gasp with surprise,
as the cold liquid began to move in rivers down from her neck and all the way down to her
panties. It soaked everything in between. He continued to pour, even as it was dripping onto the
floor and leaving quite a mess.
After he had emptied the bottle, he endeavored to clean up what was still sticking in
droplets to her skin. His tongue danced across her flesh, making her squirm and bite her
bottom lip with a need that she didnt even know how to voice.
If somebody had told me that this was going to happen today, I wouldve told them
that they were completely out of their mind. Im not like this and a big part of me wants to go
screaming from this room. That small part that continues to grow exponentially is begging me to
stay here and enjoy this. Billy really does know how to play a womans body like a musical
instrument. He said that he was going to take me to new heights and I think that I believe him.
That is one way to quench the thirst, but now Im famished. He lifted her easily onto the
counter with a medley of pots overhead swinging precariously. She had her hands on the black
marble top and she was shaking, but she was still letting him show her what it was like to really
throw herself into something. I think that what you need the most is an orgasm. You need that
climactic moment, to seal the deal and make you want to experience everything. Let my tongue
do the talking and Ill show you exactly what your body is capable of. Put yourself in my hands
and let all your preconceived notions about love and sex float away on the pleasurable
experience. Billy had found that seducing a woman was half talking a good game, while the
other half was showing that you were not all talk and had action to back it up.
India felt his hands on her knees, spreading them slowly, like he was enjoying the view
and didnt want it to end anytime soon. She felt her fingers digging into the marble top, while he
easily spread her open.
He still had the pair of scissors and he used them to cut both sides of her red panties.
They fell away from her body and Billy snatched them in his hands to inhale the aroma and
savor what was going to be a mind blowing experience of epic proportions.
Going to the steel fridge, he came back with an ice cube tray, smacking it against the
counter and letting a few cubes begin to melt on contact with the black marble top. Taking one
into his mouth, he kept the end of it sticking out obscenely, making her eyes go wide and
knowing with no experience necessary what he was going to do.
I dont know aboutTHISSSSSSSSS. The jarring impact of that ice cube touching her
clit had her literally pointing her toes towards the ceiling and straining every muscle in her body
to relax long enough to enjoy this. Holy fuck Holy mother of fucking god. She had never
used such profanity in the bedroom and most often than not she would just lie there and let
them finish the deed and then turn over and go to sleep. Yesstick it inside me. She felt that
cube being inserted and then her legs began to tremble and that was the moment where she
felt the rising tide of an orgasm that was going to take her breath away. It crashed over her
and reminded her of the daunting sea coming to collect its prize. She screamed and she could
hear the echo of it bouncing from one window to the next. She had her legs spread wide and
Billy had gotten the first rush of adrenaline by opening her legs, but now it was something
more. The feel of her juices coursing across his tongue only made his cock that much harder.
He was still completely dressed, his shirt not unbuttoned and his pants were still firmly holding
his family jewels and the staff that went along with it.
He continued to play havoc with her senses, taking the last bit of ice cube and once again
circling her clit to enhance the experience. Billy didnt think that he had seen a more beautiful
sight than her writhing and twisting on that countertop with her bare ass now sticking to it and
leaving behind a very vivid memory of what they did here together. He would never be able to
walk into the kitchen without smiling and reliving that moment over and over again.
Finally, he pulled back, but it was with reluctance, because he really did want to continue
on this same path. Had he been a woman, he most likely would have stayed down between her
legs longer, but his cock was sending him signals that it was time to take things to the next
Billy grabbed the butane lighter from the drawer by the stove, went back and pulled India
on to her feet. She staggered and was barely able to stay standing, as she was dragged with
insistence up the winding staircase.
India had no idea what he was going to do with that lighter, until he entered into the
bedroom and brought to life two candles that were now sitting there by the bed on either side
on the night stands. They were red and then this intoxicating aroma of cinnamon wafted into the
She was standing there in what was left of her black widow outfit. The stockings were
ripped; the panties were gone and turned into confetti. They were still lying on the floor
downstairs in the kitchen. Her corset was open and her breasts had heaved over the top and
were now showing just how excited she really was.
Im at a loss for words, Billy. Ive never met a man that has been able to show me
something about myself that I didnt know. I think he knows that this is definitely taking me out
of my comfort zone. He likes it and I can tell in his eyes that hes enjoying showing me things
that Ive only either read about or seen on the Internet. Its quite apparent that hes getting
something out of this. His cock is not going down and its been hard from the moment that he
touched me.
Billy put his hand on her chest and pushed her back on the soft mattress. The black Duvet
that was on the top surrounded her like a cloud, while he stood there and looked at her almost
naked body on display for his amusement and pleasure. India, I hope you know that you
always hurt the one you love. With that, he reached underneath the bed, until his fingers came
in contact with the black bag. He dragged it out and dumped the contents on the bed. He
wanted to see her reaction and he got the impression that this was something that she had only
thought about, but had never done.
Chapter Four

She scrambled back and looked at this array of interesting instruments. There was a
medley of vibrators ranging from the soft core of 6 inches to a more menacing one in silver that
looked like it would be daunting to a pornographic star.
I did say that I wanted to show you something. I did say that I had a bag of goodies with
your name on it. If you want to leave, then I wont stop you. However, if you did take a step out
of this room, then all of this would go away. Youd never know how delicious being restrained or
having your body used without your consent really would be like. Instead of waiting for her
reply, he started to undress, watching her eyes as she surveyed the toys and then looking at
him with a bemused smile on her face.
I dont know what Im supposed to tell him. I want to say no, but my mind is telling me to
be more adventurous. I only get this one life to live and it would seem like a damned useless life
if I didnt at least experience all that I could at least once. Im watching him getting undressed
and I know that hes just waiting for my nod of approval. He wont take it any further than taking
off his shirt. His hand is on the belt, but he stares at me and I know that he wants me to reach
out and do it myself.
I know that youre nervous and you have every reason to be. I can be a little imposing
with my demands. Billy saw her hands shaking, but they were getting ever closer to the belt of
his black tuxedo. He stared down at her fingers, as they delicately pulled the snap and then
moved the zipper down, until gravity did the rest. His briefs were quite packed and there was
that telltale spot of wetness where the head was now trying desperately to free itself from its
You have this way about you, Billy. Im not sure if I should be scared of you. Im like what
some kind a groupie would with a musician. I feel like you probably have had several young
fans waiting with bated breath for your attention. She touched the wetness and pulled back her
finger, until she was moving it sensuously across her lips like her own personal lipstick.
She pulled at the waistband, watching as the balloon shaped head came out to play. Her
breath got caught in your throat, as she peeled that very frail piece of fabric down over his
impressive manhood.
As he stood there with his hands at his sides, she took in the large presence between his
legs. It was better than she had envisioned it. Bigger than she thought it was going to be and
made her crave just one taste. She proved that by moving forward and snapping out her tongue
like a viper after a meal. She came in contact with that sticky substance on the tip and was
going to pull back, but he had other ideas.
Placing his hands on the back of her head, he plowed forward; gagging her and making
her look on with apprehension in your eyes. He did not stop, not even when he touched the
back of her mouth. He continued to apply pressure, seeing her struggle and knowing just how
sinfully delightful it was going to be to make her deepthroat his impressive appendage.
Thats it, India. I knew that you had it in you and you just needed a firm hand to show you
the way. Your throat is amazing. You have no idea what it looks like for me. I stand here and
see your lips stretched over my cock and I know that theres just a couple more inches, before
you finally have the whole thing. Trust me, if you think that Im going to back away and let you
find that breather, then you have another thing coming. He took a step forward and could hear
the way that she was breathing erratically through her nose. If you dont panic, this will go a
whole lot easier. Relax, or this is going to be very unpleasant.
I dont know what he expects from me. Ive never had anything this big in my throat
before. Im drooling all over him and my eyes are wide and I have no idea when this is going to
end. Granted, I dont want it to end. I want this to continue and I think for the first time that Im
actually finding out what my body is willing and able to do. Her mouth was full and that knob
was now tickling her tonsils.
Billy pulled out, feeling this sense of elation come over him from making her do something
that she wouldnt normally do. Her eyes were closed. He saw all the candles and got this bright
idea that would definitely make him want her even more. He continued to fuck her face, thankful
that she wasnt using her teeth or showing her displeasure by trying to hurt him in any way. He
gripped her hair and twisted it around, until he had a firm hold.
She was looking at him, while he used her mouth for his own personal pleasure. She could
taste that wet and sticky mixture on the tip. It was drizzling along her tongue and leaving her a
reminder of what his taste that was like. It was very pleasant and if she could have it all the
time, she wouldve made this part of her daily diet. Her appetite was begging to have more and
the way that the vein was throbbing in the back was a sure sign that she was going to get it.
India, that tongue of yours is taking no prisoners. Your mouth is fucking hot and those
pretty pink lips look, so damned good with my cock between them. He felt it coming and he
had this momentary weakness, where he was thinking about warning her, but didnt.
His hot seed exited at the top of his cock with a force that felt like a hose that was going
off out of control. It reminded him of how a fireman would grab their hoses and hold them
steady, because of the pressure that was involved in releasing such a volume. He looked on
admiringly, seeing her cheeks fill out like a chipmunk that was storing something for winter. He
thought for sure that he was too much for her to handle, but was pleasantly surprised to see
that she was able to take everything that he had given her.
Damn he just shot that into my mouth. Im just glad that I braced myself for the onslaught.
There was no way that I was going to take something like that without having some forewarned
knowledge. He may not think so, but that vein along the back and the swelling of the knob was
a dead giveaway that I was going to have more than I bargained for. I did enjoy it, but that was
just a tease and there was more to come that involved my legs wrapped around his waist.
India, you showed me something here today. Women that have been in your position
before usually find a reason to vacate the premises at this point. You may be thinking about it,
but you havent done anything about it. Im glad, because I have only begun. He climbed over
her body with his naked and glistening skin hovering over top of her. He was a little out of
commission, but he knew from personal experience that this was only a temporary reaction.
I really didnt think that I was going to be able to take that. You really dont know how to
take no for an answer. I know that you wouldnt do anything to hurt me, at least in any way that
was going to leave any permanent marks. She saw him reaching for the two candles and now
he was moving the flame over her chest. You cant be AHHHHHHH. The wax dripped onto
her skin and the sizzling touch made her cry out, but not in a bad way. This was something new
and was not something that she was going to let stand, as a one time thing.
Billy painted an erotic portrait with that wax. He saw each drop streak across her skin,
leaving behind a paintbrush of her desires. Seeing her turn and moan, only made his cock
become renewed with a vigor that was almost ready for the helping hand of her pussy to lead
him to his own pleasure. The balance of power between them was usurped. He was enjoying
seeing her body react to the hot wax. He didnt let her know that it was coming. His cock was
growing with the moans escaping her lips.
I love that youre able to take this kind of punishment, India. Others are a pale
comparison to somebody that is open to this type of sexual behavior. I dont know how many
times I can count that Ive been brought before my parents with accusations that Ive taken
advantage of some young thing. I think that might be the reason why they wanted me to enlist.
What they didnt realize was that sending me out into the world with those kind of predilections
had made it easier to prey on those that found me to be a magnetic sexual force. India knew
that she was only doing this, because she felt almost compelled by his eyes to comply with all
of his wishes.
Theres no way that I could do this with any other boy. I would see their intentions and I
would shy away from an experienced hand. I see Billy differently and maybe it has something to
do with my need to get one up on my best friend. She would be perfectly aghast to learn that I
had conquered this particular conquest. Maybe, I would be given a little bit more respect, or its
even possible that I would ruin a friendship. Im not even sure if it was much of a friendship to
begin with. To me, I dont think it would be much of a loss, but maybe Im just saying that. I had
no idea that droplets of wax could make me twist and turn in his grasp like Im doing.
Billy had his cock in his hand, stroking it and looking at India and knowing that this was like
no other woman that he had ever been with.
I want you to fuck me. I dont want just what you give every woman. I want you to give
me everything you have, dont hold back the show me what its like to be taken like a real
woman. This can be something that we can repeat, or this can be a one time encounter. Its
entirely up to you. India didnt want to give him that kind of power and most men were only
after one thing and then they would send the woman on their way.
You are a breath of fresh air, India. I have this desire, something that will probably make
you cock an eyebrow. I want to fuck your tits and spray all over them and then rub that stuff
into your skin. Billy grabbed onto her ankles, speared her with his cock and saw her eyes
become the measuring stick of every woman from this moment on. He would want to find those
that were exactly like India, but he wasnt quite sure that there was even a possibility that
somebody was out there like her. She was unique, one of a kind and not something that you
could find on the local street corner.
Her naivet and the way that she looked at the world was like seeing it for the first time.
He enjoyed taking his pleasure and giving it back 10 fold. If girls in her position would trust him,
he wouldve been able to show them that there was no time like the present to find out what
their bodies were capable of.
I love the way that your pussy surrounds me like a tight glove, India. You make me feel
like I shouldnt even think about other women. God damn it, India You really do like it rough.
He pushed up into her, going in all the way to the balls and then pulling back out and letting her
almost beg with her eyes for him to continue. You really dont have to say a thing and I know
exactly what you want. He lifted her to him, looking down at her beautiful Angelic face. He
slapped her ass hard, making sure that there was the imprint of his fingers stinging her skin and
leaving a mark that would probably fade in time.
Chapter Five

Billy stayed completely still, enjoying the way that she was clawing at his chest with these
tears of joy that were welling up in her eyes. He was wondering if maybe she was in pain, but
she wasnt trying to force him to stop. In fact, he got the impression that she wanted him to
Please I need it. You know that I do, or you wouldnt have taken me up here in the first
place. She arched her back and pulled away from him, essentially fucking his column of flesh
with her own body. If you dont do it, then I will. This was evident by the way that she was
now moving those lips up and down his cock. She stopped at the head and made sure to leave
it inside, giving him more than ample pleasure to continue this pursuit of her body.
Billy is a hard man to read. Just when I think that I have him figured out, he changes the
tune on the radio station. I wouldnt normally be attracted to this bad boy quality, but on him it
works. I never wanted anything more in my life. There have been brief flickers of those
moments that made me believe that I was capable of something like this. He was the only one
that finally made me crumble and give into that latent desire that had been hiding in my
You seem to be doing well on your own, India. I like the way that you take initiative. You
dont allow somebody to dictate the terms and even when you are submissive, you are
essentially telling them with your body just how far they can go. Billy was watching, as his cock
entered and came back out covered with her juices and a combination of his own sticking to the
shaft. He saw the streaks of wax and the way that her ass seemed to shine with the spanking
that she had just received from him.
He wanted to unload all over her breasts, but that moment was too quick to come upon
him and he was soon in the middle of his climax. Those first few spurts went deep, until he
finally had the semblance of mind to pull free. I pulled his still spurting member up to her
heaving bosom.
Give it to melet me feel it all over me. She watched, as Billy was about to take
matters into his own hand, when she had a most delicious idea that would have given him a new
element to feed upon. She reached out and grabbed him, slapping his hands away and finishing
off the task with her own fingers gripping his meat.
I love the way that he looks at me. I wish that every guy could see me the way that he
does. I dont think anybody could, but to feel that want from his eyes is more than enough to
make me bend to his will. I love seeing his cock explode and the way that it lands on me and
makes me feel like a dirty little slut.
India, I think that youve been underestimated for way too long. People have taken
advantage of you, made you feel like you were there to do whatever they wanted you to. I see
a backbone and you need to start using it, or they will continue to use you, until you cant take it
anymore.. Billy finally came to an end, losing himself for that moment and letting that pleasure
wash over him like waves from an ocean. It was all encompassing and an experience that he
had never had before.
Thinking about the ocean, he could hear it crashing up against the shore down below the
house. He remembered that his brother was waiting for him, but he had to take the time to use
his own hands to massage his own stuff into her breasts. It clung to her nipples and he moved
his finger around each one to see that she was jerking and trying to pull away from a very
oversensitive moment that had caught her quite by surprise.
Billy, I really dont know what to say to you. There are no mere words that can describe
what has happened here today. What I need most is a shower and I cant possibly go back to
the wedding like this. Im sure that people will see the smile on my face and know that Ive been
up to something, but they wont know what. They would never imagine that Billy and I would get
together, although I was going to make it a point to tell my best friend every vivid detail from
when we met on the beach, all the way up to when he unloaded all over my breasts. It was my
final revenge, something that I could have over her and not vice versa.
India, I think that we should get going. I dont think that we can go anywhere, until we
have a shower. Billy grabbed her hand and they went towards the bathroom: while India was
putting her hand back on her ass to feel the stinging sensation that seemed almost too good to
be true.
Even in the shower, they really couldnt take their hands off of each other. India was
soaping his cock and seeing droplets dance across his flesh. She couldnt help, but to admire
the way that his body was put together like a Greek god.
Billy, I know that this is going to sound like a broken record, but I really think that you
have given me something here that is worth more to me than even you can possibly know.
Letting me know that my body is a wonderland is a present that keeps on giving. He wasnt
completely hard, but India didnt need him to be. She was just enjoying the aftermath, feeling
her skin tingle with this need to be punished. She liked the rough way that he had been taken
and she wanted more of that.
I think for the first time in my life that I think Ive found somebody that is up to my
standards. You like to try new things and even though you probably didnt know it, you certainly
found out today. India, Ive had many women, but I can honestly say that none of them hold a
candle to you. The way that he said candle brought to mind the way that the wax was now
running down the drain, as he scrubbed it off of her and made sure that she was back to her
normal self. There was nothing normal about her. India was one of those rare finds that he
wasnt sure that he could just let go like a bird out of a cage. I want to see you again and
again and again and I want this to be exclusive. I think that I can say and mean it that I think Im
falling in love with you. India was hoping that he would say that, but she really wasnt prepared
for the words that were coming out of his mouth. She thought that this was just going to be an
afternoon delight, but maybe there was something more here than even the both of them had
any idea of.
I know what you mean. Ive been trying my best to think of a good way to tell you that I
didnt want this to end. I guess you just said it for me. This man gives new meaning to taking
things to the next level. This isnt just a normal everyday kind of sex. This was something that
went beyond all understanding. I know that he has a lot to teach me and Im willing to become
his avid pupil.
They dressed, but they werent in a hurry, enjoying looking at each others bodies and
then finally sighing with this regret that they had to separate, even just for a little while.
They got back to the wedding in time for the vows, watching, as the happy couple
committed themselves to monogamy. She waited, until she was confronted by her best friend
and then she told her the sordid details of doing those nasty things with Billy.
India loved the look on her face, enjoyed digging the knife in just a little bit deeper and
then walked away. She was stunned and open mouthed at the very idea that India was able to
do something that had her now jealous with a green streak going down her back.
They did continue to see each other and each time was more interesting than the last. He
had used whips on her, making her feel pain and pleasure at the same time. There was a ball
gag involved, not to mention public displays of affection that had her going down on him in a
theatre and in a park and any place else that he deemed worthy enough to give her a chance to
see his body in all its glory.
They sat there a week later in a hotel room that was on the seedy side of town. The
sheets were tossed aside and there was the smell of sex in the air. Billy, I need to tell you
something. Im pregnant and Im going to have your child. She waited for his reaction and when
he smiled and put his hand on her belly, she realized that she had nothing to worry about.
I have everything that I ever wanted, India and its all due to you coming into my life.
Dont worry, Ill be careful with the baby, but I still think that there is a whole lot more that we
can do, even during your pregnancy. India was looking forward to it and the happiness that she
deserved was right in reach and she didnt even know it. Sex was not monotonous and it was
one adventure after the other and she couldnt be happier.

Chapter 1

Colin McGrath was a loyal man, he trusted the king with his life. The king after all had
taken in the young orphan boy and kept him alive for many years. A loyalty like that will do just
about anything for the person they feel bound too.
He knew that was the reason the king had called him today. Colin could feel something
was brewing in the air; he just wasnt sure what it was.
Colin, you know I love you like my own son. So since Kaden is already betrothed I need
to do this for me. King McDowell explained.
Anything sire, you know I am your loyal warrior, I will do anything you command or even
ask of me. Colin bowed before the man who he thought of like a father.
The McCloud girl, Sarah, you and her will be married on Saturday this week. The king
Colin didnt know what to say, he hadnt expected this command. He was thinking he
would be ordered to sneak into enemy territory and kill the prince, or someone else just as
important. But to marry, the McCloud girl, he tried to think of which one it might be.
They fought beside that clan often in the past. Then he thought of one of them, I hope it
isnt her, he thought to himself. Yes sire. Colin said.
He walked away from the king, thinking of what he could picture of the McCloud girl he
could recall. She was a mean woman. He couldnt think of a better way to describe her right
off. She wasnt the most attractive woman in the region either. Colin had always pictured
himself with a lass that was strikingly beautiful.
But he knew it wasnt being asked of him to do this, but he was being told. The only way
to get out of this would be to leave the area, flee right now and in secret. He would be left all
alone, much like he had been for so many years of his life.
For so many years of his life he had been alone. He couldnt even recall how long right off
hand. But it had seemed like forever to his young eyes. Colin wasnt even sure how he stayed
alive all those years, aye, it was pure luck I tell you. He whispered to himself as he thought
He had been a frail boy when the king had found him in that alley one day. Colin wasnt
sure how he had been so lucky to be in the right place and at the right time that day. But he
had been and that day in time had changed his whole world in one moment.
Colin had watched from behind stone in the forest. He had seen the two men from afar,
could tell they were up to no good. So he had quietly snuck in behind them, they hadnt noticed
him at all.
He could hear a horse approaching from the distance. The men lowered down and
seemed ready to attack something, or someone. Two thoughts had passed through his mind at
that moment. One was that he should really help the person they were trying to rob. The other
was to help them and then somehow kill them later and get all the loot.
Colin would admit to a few people that the only reason he hadnt chosen the second
choice, was because he couldnt kill them one on one. But if he snuck up on them at the perfect
moment, he could take one of them out. That would leave the person coming alone with only
one attacker to fend off. It was a much better average that Colin would live through this event.
But the person who would be the victim might not live through the attack. That would leave
Colin with possible one person left to take out, the other attacker. He could hope that this
person would have been injured as well, and perhaps badly. Colin could walk away with the
valuable of three people, and a horse.
So he had decided on the option of timing. He quietly watched the two and listened as
the horse came closer. As the men jumped out, Colin seized that moment to throw the rock he
had picked up. His aim was perfect and he got the attention of the attacker.
Though his friend or partner had turned around at his noise, he continued on with their
plan. The other attackers attention was firmly drawn to the rider of the horse and not on
Colin. He smiled as the plan had worked perfectly.
Thank you fine lad, I think I might have been dead had you not come along. Colin had
heard said behind him.
Turning around he had looked at the king for the first time. He had been a very large man,
Colin couldnt have expected that, but he knew he would have to plan this just right.
I had been watching them for a bit out here. Sometimes they fall asleep at night and
leave some food by their fire. Colin admitted.
Where is your family? I think we should get you back to them. The king had said at that
Im an orphan sire. Colin had told the king.
Then Ill take you back with me. You can live with us, and Ill take care of you. No child
should be out here by themselves. How old are you son, do you know? The king had asked.
No sire, honestly Ive been on my own for a while. I think I was 5 when my parents left
me on the streets. Colin explained. He wasnt really sure if they had left him, or simply died
when they were robbing someone. He couldnt remember much at all about his parents.
Now all these years later he felt like the kings son. He would gladly lay his life down for
the king, no hesitation now. Sometimes he would feel guilty for having considered robbing the
king all those years ago. But he knew it was just the type of boy he had grown up to be, not
who he was when he was loved.
Colin had really felt like part of the family for so long now. He felt it an honor that his king
would ask of him something so important. It must be an important ally to have.
He thought again of the various McCloud females he knew. No matter how hard he tried,
only one of them stood out in his mind. She had been a fiery little thing, treating men like they
were nothing. He tried to remember more about her. But the other thing that was bugging him
about this marriage was that he had wanted someone special in his life.
Colin had seen how the royal couple looked at each other. He saw the admiration
between them. He really wanted to have that special closeness they seemed to share. How
was he going to have that with a girl he didnt know?
But his loyalty wouldnt allow him to do anything but stay. He had thought of it many times
between the day he found out and Saturday. However, here he was getting ready to marry
Sarah McCloud. He wasnt even sure if he had even seen her before.
Colin hoped she was at least attractive. It would really be a pain to be stuck with
someone he didnt like, not even physically. He had been with women in the past, so he knew
he liked sex. But he also knew that this girl had an advantage over him. That was that she
was the real daughter of her father. Even though for the past 12 years he had lived like family,
Colin knew that he was still an orphan in all honesty.
No matter how much the king had treated him like his own son through these years; the
king would still not support him. Not if Sarah would go up to him and tell the king Colin hadnt
been keeping me happy. Not the type of conversation he would want to happen.
So he couldnt upset this girl, or she would in essence, tell on him to her father. Her father
will get mad and tell the king, and that would be it. Colin would learn just how little he meant to
the king at that point. He had felt love for so long; he didnt want to see the disappointment in
the kings eyes. But more than that was he wouldnt want to hear the words of the king. He
could almost imagine it in the kings voice. You let me down Colin. He heard in his mind.
Hey are you about ready? Colin heard the kings voice behind him.
Yes sire Im ready. Colin turned and went to get married.
He wouldnt admit that he was completely petrified at that moment, but he was close to
it. Colin wanted to run more than anything at this moment. But he kept walking and went to
see his wife for the first time.
Colin walked in and looked at Sarah McCloud. She was at least pretty. But she was
short. He had never seen her before that he could recall. He looked at her, and she seemed
just as nervous as he was, he could almost sense her thinking the same thoughts as him. Well
its too late now, you have to do this. He could hear the sigh in his mind as he thought.
As the preacher spoke he studied Sarah. She had long light brown hair, her eyes were a
nice hazel, and she was quite a bit shorter than him.
The ceremony was short, Colin said all the right things at the right times. But he felt a
moment of despair hit him. Though she was pretty he really didnt want a loveless marriage.
But he didnt even know her yet,
Heres to the happy couple. Her father made a toast at the table.
Colin lifted his glass to his lips and took a sip of the wine. He looked at Sarah again; they
hadnt really said anything to each other yet. He really found it strange that she hadnt even
asked him much.
Im sorry that you didnt get to marry the kings son. Colin whispered. He knew that
every girl in the kingdom wanted to marry the kings son.
He saw her laugh a little. Im one of the few girls youll ever meet that will tell you this,
but I wouldnt have married him if I had the chance. She said and made a face.
Colin couldnt help but laugh out loud. The table turned towards the couple and made a
collective sigh. Well its great to see you two getting along so well! The king beamed at him,
pride showing across his face.
At that moment Colin was happy he had married the girl. Not just because of the pride he
witnessed from the king, but from her as well. Her comment had caught him so off guard he
had no idea what to say.
After a few moments of hearty laughter, Colin turned to Sarah and smiled. Well you
arent exactly what I expected. He didnt know how else to put his thoughts. He continued to
shake his with no more words coming to his mind. Colin knew he had to look like an idiot right
now, but he couldnt help it. Her words had really tickled him.
He had to wonder what more he would learn about his new bride next. Colin had to
honestly admit that he was looking forward to it. He began to look at it as a game, one where
he had to find the next nugget of Sarah. To learn more about her mind, and her body, he
thought as he looked at her lustfully.
Colin watched the red spread across her face at his look. She looked away quickly a
gasp of shock coming from her mouth quickly.
Im sorry; I didnt mean to, whatever I did, Im sorry. He stuttered out.
Sarah looked at him. No it wasnt you, I just had a, well I dont know how to explain it.
Plus I dont think this is the place to talk like this. She whispered in his ear.
Colin sat up straight as the feel of her lips close to his neck made his mind go straight to
another world. One where he pictured what her bare skin looked like under her clothes. He
knew this wasnt something he could keep up long.
Thankfully, she broke eye contact again and they both were smart enough to try and avoid
looking at each other. Colin hoped this celebration would be short. He really wanted to see
what was under his new wives clothes, and soon.

Sarah McCloud looked at her father, listening to his words. She really hoped that she
was only imagining them.
Now you will marry him, hes the kings son. Her fathers voice was saying.
She couldnt be any madder right now, but she knew that she didnt have a say in this. It
was her life, not his; she wanted to yell out at him. Instead she just shook her head agreeing
with every word out of his mouth. She had been raised to always obey her father. Once she
was married they had told her to always listen to her husband too.
Sarah didnt know if that would happen or not, it would be her only revenge on her father.
He knew that she wanted to marry anyone but the kings son, any kings son for that fact. She
hated this status thing that her father always seemed to have.
Why couldnt he just be happy with their regular life? She wanted to just live in nature and
enjoy things. Sarah didnt want to have to always be perfect, to have all these girls look at you
with a smile to your face. But when you turned your back, they would have hatred in their
eyes. She had watched it in the women around her for years now.
When she had turned 18 her father had told her that she was now marrying age. He felt
that she shouldnt marry too young though. So when he had been approached by a few other
fathers, he had always refused to allow them to marry.
Not that Sarah had known any of them anyway. It had always been a decision that was
kept between the fatherss. Honestly, she didnt even know if the boys had a say in the
process or not.
As the night had gone on, Sarah had begun to despair the whole event. She had cried
herself to sleep that night, wishing that she could just disappear before morning. But there was
no way out of this event. How would she be able to survive in nature? She had never been
allowed to do much as a kid. While other kids had been out exploring, her father had kept her
locked away inside.
Sarah had to hold up appearances. When in reality they didnt really have that much
money, they did like to make it seem like it though. Since her mother didnt want to spend a ton
of money on a lot of dresses for Sarah, they had kept her inside.
In all reality she had grown up with about 3 different dresses in her wardrobe at any one
time. She had honestly been shocked when her parents had brought home the new wedding
gown for her to wear.
Then she thought about it more. It was probably paid for by him. It was a bitter
thought. Though she didnt know if the kings son had a choice or not, she was mad that it was
her forced into it.
As she was being taken to the wedding her nerves had done the best to frazzle her
thoughts. She couldnt remember the ceremony at all, and was shocked when the man sitting
beside her had spoken.
But when he had said he was sorry she couldnt marry the kings son, she had been
thrilled. Her father thought he was the son of the king, but now she knew the truth! She had let
him know just how she had felt about the thought of marrying any kings son.
Then she had saw a look cross his face, one of respect maybe, and something else. But
what she really noticed at that point was what he really looked like. Since before that moment,
she had wanted to make Colins life a living hell, since he was the kings son.
She noticed he had darker blonde hair, and some nice blue eyes. He was taller than her,
and well, he was very nice looking. Sarah felt the first glimmer of pleasure surge through her
body at noticing how much she liked how her new husband looked.
He had apologized for something he thought he said.
No its just me really. I just thought, well. She said again. She felt the heat of her
embarrassment warm up her body. As her mind quickly flashed another imagine of what it
thought he might look like without any clothes on.
Sarah had to admit it was something that made her feel warm as well. She squirmed a
bit unsure of what to do. She had never felt this way around another man. She wasnt young,
but her father had kept her away from all boys up until now. She felt so inexperienced in
anything right now.
Im sorry, but my father didnt let me go out much. Sarah said to him, whispering in his
ear once more.
Her lips were so close to his neck, she wanted to just lay her head right there on his
shoulder. To keep her head close to his skin. He was such a big man compared to her; she
would easily fit into his arms perfectly.
She pulled her head away slowly. He looked over at her.
We can go out if you want, but first I would rather spend some alone time with you.
Colin said to her not mincing his words.
Her body thrummed with an anticipation, she had no clue about. Sarah had never had sex
in her 23 years of life. She had never had a chance, but still her body seemed to know exactly
what to expect.
She looked down at the floor, not sure what to say. By the way dont tell my dad you
arent the kings son, he thinks you are. Sarah finally whispered to him.
It had the perfect effect on him, taking that look out of his eyes. The one that made her
think these bad thoughts. Instead he now had one of shock and surprise. So he had no clue
about how he was being sold to her father as that was interesting to know. She thought and
Sarah liked knowing something her father didnt know. In fact can we please never tell
him? She asked looking at Colin with a serious look.
He nodded his head in agreement, unsure of why it was so important to her. Sure if you
want it that way.
Ill tell you later, when we arent around all these people. She said.
Colin shook his head once more.
She looked at him again; he seemed like a man she could love. He seemed like he was
different. She wasnt sure why the king had called him his son, but she wanted to know more
about him. Sarah wanted to ask so many questions of him, but it had to wait.
But she also knew that when they were all alone, there would be much more she would
want to feel. Sarah knew about sex, sure, but she had no clue what it was like. Her nerves
were taunt as she thought about this part of their alone time.
Then she pictured him naked again, and what she could image would be the loveliest thing
in the world. It had to be for her father to keep her behind closed doors for so long, and use
her as a pawn to move up in their society.
It wasnt only her father she knew that, her mother had been the same way. While Sarah
barely had any nice clothes, her mothers closet had been stuffed full. But Sarah wasnt
allowed to touch those clothes. She had even gotten yelled at once when her mother had found
her in the closet.
Sarah get your hands off of my dresses now. Her mother had screamed at her.
Sarah had been in the room, admiring the pretty colors and fabrics that were so soft. She
had never felt anything this soft on her skin. Oh how she wished she could have just one like
Mother they are so pretty, cant I please have one? Sarah had asked her.
Thats my favorite dress. Her mother had stated.
Well, which one is? You have so many cant you spare one other? Sarah had pleaded.
No, they are mine, all of them. Be happy with your own. Her mother had said.
But these are so soft. Sarah has said, tears beginning to fall from her eyes.
Her mother had smacked her hands off of the dresses. Dont ever touch them again.
She had listened, but only some. There were times she would still sneak into her
mothers room and touch the dresses. She had only become more careful about it. A few
times one of the maids had caught her in the room. They had felt sorry for her and allowed her
a little time to enjoy the soft materials.
But they would all have to send her away sooner than later. They couldnt get caught
allowing this to happen, if they did, they would be fired. She would stop this habit of hers
eventually though. She had realized that she would never have one, so why even dream about
it. Then she began to see the dresses as a sign of a status that she was beginning to hate
more and more.
It was one of the main reasons she had been so mad when her father had ordered her to
marry who he thought was the kings son. Sarah was happy that he wasnt the kings son; it
had been the best news in her life.
Her life suddenly seemed that it had improved. Not only would she not have to be locked
up with her parents. But she would no longer have to hear them talking at night. It had been
disgusting to her by the time she was 16 to hear them. Sarah would often been caught not
listening at the times they would question her on things.
Why are you asking the girl these questions? Her father had asked her mother one
Because I want her to be ready to marry soon, I want her out of here. Her mother had
said to him.
Sarah sat and watched the event that night silently. She had always had a feeling that her
mother didnt love her much. But that night she had learned that her mother didnt love her at
all. Not even enough to care about the man she would marry.
Im not marrying her for a while. She will be the pick of the town. Her father had
She had a feeling mixed of happiness and depression at that moment. The happiness
was that she thought her father actually cared about her. The depression was the fact of
knowing she would stay here in this house for longer now.
Her mother had been very mad at her father that night. She had said many things that
Sarah didnt want to recall. They had hurt her too much at that time, so why relive them?
But now she had the upper hand in all of this. Her father had got the marriage he wanted
for their status, and her mother had gotten rid of her. She had been waiting for this time for so
long, she almost missed the thought of not going home with them.
However, when she thought of her life, she knew she didnt miss it, and never would.
Chapter 3

You want to get out of here? Colin leaned over and whispered in her ear.
Sarah looked up at him and shook her head yes. Please, Im so tired of all of this.
Colin took her hand and pulled her out the door. He made short work of their exit of the
hall. He said good bye to only two people. She had been impressed on his quick strategy to
get them out of the event.
He wanted nothing more than to get her into a closed room. But she wouldnt be wearing
those clothes for long once they were alone. The last few hours had been amazingly painful for
Colin. He had gone from excited to trying to keep calm far too many times.
Where are we going? She asked him.
The quickest place I can think my room. He said and pulled her along.
He felt a slight hesitation in her movement, but then she followed him. Im sorry, but I
dont know how else to keep them from circling us again. It had been true, he felt like he was
at the middle of an entertainment show for the day.
No Im okay; I just want to get out of there. She said.
Here it is. He said and opened the door for her.
Colin looked at her as he closed the door. He saw the blush spread over her face once
more. There was no need for him to hide how he felt behind closed doors.
Come here. He demanded.
Though she didnt want to react, she instinctively moved towards him. He lowered his
mouth to hers and pulled her closer. He squeezed her and ran his hands over her figure, it was
Let me get this dress off of you. He stated.
As he pulled roughly at the dress she pulled back and said. Please be careful this is the
only nice dress I have.
Ill get you more. He growled, but slowed down and was more careful with the fabric of
the dress.
Colin got frustrated several times as he had a problem with the knots.
Here, please Ill help you. Sarah finally said.
In just a few minutes she was naked in front of him. He whistled in appreciation. You are
He picked her up and moved her to the bed. Lowering her down softly he kissed her
again, and let his hands roam over her body. He stopped at her breasts and played with the
ample mounds of flesh. Colin placed his mouth around her nipple and lightly pulled his teeth
across it.
She yelped in surprise. Do it again. She said.
Colin gladly did so this time with her other nipple. Sarah moaned loudly.
He wanted to explore more of her body though, so he lowered his mouth to her mound.
Sarah begged him to come back to her nipples for only a second. As soon as he licked her slit
with his tongue and sucked on her clitoris she moaned loudly.
Dont stop, please do that more. She moaned out. Colin lashed his tongue back and
forth on her cunt. He stuck his tongue into her and moved his fingers on her clit. He felt her
body hump his face.
Colin could tell she was getting close to orgasm. He sucked up her clit and nibbled on it
lightly. She jumped and her body shook all over as the climax shook her. Colin drank up her
He wanted nothing more than to put his cock into her now. He put the tip close to her
Have you ever had sex? He asked before pushing.
She shook her head no.
Ill be careful dont worry. Colin said to her.
Being careful he pushed into her a little at a time and then would pull back out. Soon he
was all the way in, and he held his cock in place. He made it jump inside of her and heard her
Sarah was moving in rhythm with him, her moans becoming louder and louder. He put his
thumb on her clit and moved it around as he thrust into her. They both went a little faster and
he could feel his orgasm building.
He was trying to hold back so that she could climax once more. Colin was having a hard
time though; she was wrapped so tightly around his hard cock. It was that thought that sent
him over the edge and he shot a load into her pussy.
She moaned out loudly and he could feel the walls of her pussy as it pulsed in another
climax. She yelled out and kept moving her body, driving his cock in and out of her hole. Then
she was shaking as her whole body froze and she let go completely.
Colin rolled off of her and lay on the bed beside her. It didnt hurt did it? He asked,
realizing that he wasnt sure how easy he had been on her at the end.
Not much, just a little bit. Sarah sighed.
He could hear pleasure in that sigh, and smiled. Colin kissed her. So tell me about your
father thinking Im the kings son? He asked.
Sarah laughed and told him the whole story of her childhood. Well she did leave out a few
parts of the story. Not telling him about her mother and how Sarah would get beaten.
He has always been a man who wanted to be high up in status. Ive never understood it
myself though. In fact, Ive often hated this whole society thing. Sarah admitted during the
But he thinks Im the kings son? He asked again.
I guess so, I thought you were too. Sarah admitted. Thats why I didnt talk to you. I
was trying to make you pay for this marriage.
How were you going to do that? Colin asked.
I didnt know yet. Not talk to you, and I dont know what else. Sarah shrugged her
shoulders. She knew her plan sounded flimsy, but it was all she had.
Colin started to laugh then. It would be kind of funny to see their faces when they found
out I was just an orphan boy that the king raised.
What? She asked.
He found me when I was a bit older. Well I found him. It really is a longer story. But in
the long run, he took me in and raised me. So I do consider him my father. But Ive learned to
grow up in the streets most of my life. He told her.
Someday he might share the full story with her. But right now his mind was still trying to
clear off the haze of left over sexual energy.
By the way what did you mean when you said I wasnt what you had expected? She
asked him about his comment at the ceremony.
Well honestly I expected you to be very demanding and telling me that if I didnt do
something exactly as you wanted. That you would tell your father or the king and I would be
punished. But you didnt say anything at all. Now that I know you were planning to make my
life hard, I might change my opinion a bit. Colin laughed, hoping that she wasnt still thinking
the same way.
Im not still thinking that way though. She said, grabbing his attention.
Good Im glad to hear that! Colin said.
She laughed at him. You really think I would still be thinking that way after?
Im sorry my mind isnt fully with me right now. No I dont think that. Colin stated.
Good Im glad to know that. Sarah smiled at him.
Colin thought that this might be a marriage well worth being commanded to do. He had a
feeling that it might work out to be something really amazing. He kissed her deeply and made
love to her once more. After they lay wrapped up with the blankets over their bodies. They fell
asleep in each others arms.
Chapter 4

Sarah looked over at her husband, Colin McGrath. She was proud of him; they had been
married for about six months now. The time had flown by for both of them.
Hard to believe weve been married this long! He said to her smiling.
Do we have to go to see them today? Weve avoided them this long. Sarah asked
I know you dont like your parents. I promise we wont see them often at all. They wont
have us over but every once in while anyway. It will most likely be when someone new is
around them. Someone they feel it is important to impress. Colin stated. He had learned a
lot about Sarah and her parents over these months.
She had told him about everything in her life, including the fact that her mother had beat
her often. Sarah hadnt hid anything from him, once she trusted and loved him.
Alright, but Im only doing this for you, not them. Sarah finally agreed to go peacefully.
Thank you my love. He kissed her. Plus Im sure once they hear you are pregnant
theyll want to avoid much communication. After all, that would mean having a small child
around them. Youve told me how they both were in that type of situation. Colin stated.
Sarah had to agree with him there. They definitely dont want little kids around them. I
cant tell you how many times I saw them as a small child. I honestly thought the maid was my
mother until I was like 7 years old. She said.
I know thats why I figured we would break the news early, so we dont have to stay
long! Colin laughed.
Perfect! She laughed.
Come on we have to go the driver they are sending is almost due. Colin said.
Sarah got up reluctantly. But then smiled at the thought of the news they would ruin her
parents day with!
It all happened so quickly Sarah wasnt sure what was going on, but the next thing she
knew she had something covering her eyes. She had seen Colin fall to the ground as someone
had hit him with something from behind.
The coach had been somewhere in the woods, between their home and where her
parents lived. They had been stopped and attacked by a group of men. She didnt even know
if Colin was alive or not. She felt them pick her off the ground; she could feel the horse under
There was a man on the saddle behind her. He held her tightly. She flinched as their skin
What are you doing? She cried to the person who was on the horse with her.
Shut up now. Once we get the money you can go back home. The gruff male voice
All she could think was, wait until they find out hes not the kings son and we have no
money. Well not the money they were thinking, Colin and her had some, but not enough. If he
is even alive, she thought.
Sarah began to cry lightly, hoping that he was okay.
Chapter 5

Colin came too slowly. His head hurt badly. What happened? He tried to clear his head
and remember. Then his eyes shot open, he looked around for Sarah. Sarah, where are
you? He called out.
He looked around; there was a dead guy on the side of the road. It was the driver who
had picked them up. The wagon was gone, he didnt know if it had been stolen, or the horses
simply ran off with it. Colin panicked looking all over for Sarah, calling out her name.
He wasnt sure how long he had been out for either. He looked up in the sky; it must have
been for a few hours now. He rubbed the back of his neck once more. There was a big lump
forming where he had gotten hit in the head from behind.
They had ambushed the coach as it had stopped for a minute. The driver had claimed he
needed to take a quick break. Colin wasnt sure if it had been a planned attack or not.
Something about it seemed so orchestrated.
But where was Sarah. He looked around for her frantically. They had to take her, his
mind screamed out. But he wasnt ready to admit it. He knew that it was the case, before his
heart finally accepted the answer that his mind had already known.
He hung his head; they most likely took her off to kill her after raping her. Colins body
shook with a deep rage. Clearing his mind he began to think of those skills he had used so long
Those two men he had stopped from attacking the king he had tracked them around for
months. He had followed them, without them even being aware of it. This time he would have
to track these people quicker, but he knew the skills were still in his mind.
Colin knew that this time love would drive him to this. He would save Sarah and his child if
he had to lay down his life to do it.
Clearing his mind he looked around again, looking for telltale hints. He noticed first the
tree branches that had been bent as a person rode through a narrow area of the forest. It was
a different position than most people would go, so it could be someone who was in a hurry to
get away with something they shouldnt have. In this case that would be his wife Sarah and
their unborn child.
He moved along the forest floor quickly and silently. Colin had his claymore on his side;
thankfully, they hadnt searched the wagon and found his weapon. He quickly picked up all the
old tricks he remembered from doing this as a child. Plus the fact that he had advanced that
skill over the years.
The king had often complemented him on his skills of tracking people. He had become
known as a great warrior among the men. But mostly he had become known as the man who
could silently sneak up on just about any enemy they had faced so far.
Colin knew in order to do this though, he would need to keep his mind focused and not get
upset. He kept thinking about Sarah and hoping her and the baby were okay. He could feel his
anger threatening to boil over every few minutes.
But that would lead to mistakes, and if he messed up too much, Sarah and the baby might
die. Whoever had taken her would have to kill him in order to stop him. However, he didnt
want them hurt in the process. He loved Sarah so much, and his unborn child. He was looking
forward to being a father so much.
He didnt know how far they might be by now. As long as Sarah was safe he would be
good. After about three miles he saw smoke coming up through an opening in the forest. It
wasnt far away; it could be a cabin where they have Sarah. He would approach carefully and
Colin moved up to some covering and spotted a small cabin in the distance. There was
one horse tied up near a small barn near the cabin. It was very big, so there wouldnt be a ton
of people in the cabin. He looked for an area to sneak nearer it to see if he could look into one
of the windows.
As he studied the layout he saw a perfect spot to get a glimpse inside the cabin. He
moved up and looked inside. He saw a man sitting with his back to him, and there across the
room was Sarah. She looked okay, upset and scared, but nonetheless okay.
He took a deep sigh of relief. He couldnt see any blood on her, so that was a good sign.
Colin made sure that she didnt see him outside the window though. Her look of surprise would
surely let the guy inside know he was there.
Colin tried to think of the best way to move in and then it came to him. Ill just go knock
on the door, once he comes and answers, Ill get him.
He moved in, hoping this would work. Since Sarah looked untouched he had come to the
conclusion that someone thought he was related to the king. They were going to hold her and
ask for money. Well this one guy, but Colin had a feeling that it wasnt just this man involved in
this plan.
Perhaps even the driver was part of the original plan, but they just saved some money
and earned a bit more. There had to be more than one? He wasnt sure why that thought had
come to him, but it was just a nagging in the bag of his head for now.
So if he walked up and knocked on the door, perhaps this guy inside would think it was
their partner. Colin got to the front of the cabin. Obviously there were no hideouts in the
forest, or Colin would have been shot with an arrow already.
This was a small operation of that he was sure.
He put his fist up to the door and knocked.
Im coming. He heard the man state inside.
As the door opened Colin was ready, the man didnt know what hit him. Colin wanted to
make sure he didnt kill the man, to find out if there were more people involved. Because he
planned to track each and every one down and make them pay for this.
Colin knocked him out and tied him up. Quickly he untied Sarah and asked her. Did he
hurt you at all?
No but he said something about money first before releasing me. Sarah told him.
Did he mention who might be behind it? Colin asked.
Sarah shook her head no. Its fine Ill find out when he wakes up. Colin said looking over
at the man.
He smacked the man in the face. Wake up, come on you have a few questions to
answer. He said as he hit the man.
The man shook his head. Stop already. What do you want? The man asked.
You said once you get money youll return her, who is your partner? Colin asked his
face filled with anger.
I didnt say that. The man tried to deny.
Sarah looked at Colin. I know what I heard.
Colin hit the man hard again. A drop of blood appeared on his bottom lip. Who is your
partner? Colin asked again. If you dont tell me Im going to kill you.
Youll kill me anyway. The man said.
I might, or I might let you go. Even send you on the way with a little bit of money. It is
better than nothing, right? Colin told the man.
He saw the man think of the offer. How much money are we talking?
How much were you going to ask for her? Colin asked him.
They said to ask 200 silver for her. The man said.
Thats it? Colin queried.
I know I thought it was low too. The man said.
How many partners do you have? Colin asked.
It was just the couple, her parents; they were the ones who set this up. The man said.
Ill give you 100 pounds and Im going to leave you tied up here. Colin said. After we
take care of her parents, Ill come back. If you are still here, Ill let you go on your way. If you
are gone, make sure we never see you again. Do you understand me? Colin said.
He was furious. Her own parents had set her up to be kidnapped to make money? Colin
didnt know what was worse, him growing up with parents he didnt remember. Or her growing
up with parents who had her kidnapped to make money, how must that feel?
Colin looked over at her. He saw the shock on her face.
Im sorry. I dont know what to say. Colin muttered to her.
Sarah shook her head. Dont make excuses for them. Ive known for years they were no
good. But this goes beyond everything I could have imagined possible from them. She
He was planning out the best way to go about his plan. Colin didnt know if she would be
up to seeing her parents. Maybe he should take her home first, and then face them by himself.
You are not going to see them alone now. Sarah said interrupting his thoughts.
Alright, but please just be careful of the baby. Colin said, kissing his hand and touching
her belly. Youll ride in front of me.
They got on the horse and Colin started the way to see her parents. The whole time his
anger built up, he just wanted to kill them. However, there was part of him that was forming
another plan much better than the original one of just slaying them.
Go along with me when we get there. We will end their hopes in one quick moment.
Colin said to her as they got closer to her parents.
She nodded her head in agreement. Okay, Ill do whatever you say.
They got there and he helped her off the horse. Do you feel okay? He asked her,
seeing that her face was a little white.
Im okay, just a little queasy. She admitted.
He knocked on the door and saw the shocked look on her fathers face to see them
standing there.
Oh I know you werent expecting us right? Just let us in, because I dont think you want
your neighbors to hear what I have to say to you. Colin stated firmly.
Sarah watched as her father turned red and then white, he backed away from the door
letting them inside. As they walked in her mother came walking into the front room.
Oh you made it, nice to see you. She quickly caught herself.
Save it mother. We know. Sarah said.
Colin grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She shut up quickly and let him take over.
I want you both to know that I came here with every intention of simply killing you.
However, I thought of something much better. Colin began.
He saw Sarah look at him a question in her eyes. From the corner of his eye he saw her
father try to move for a weapon. Colin quickly drew his claymore out of the sheath. Stop right
there, or I will kill you.
Sarahs father stopped. Colin moved him to the middle of the room. He went and
grabbed the weapon and handed it to Sarah.
So you know I am not the kings son. When you kidnapped my wife today and held her
for ransom, you kidnapped an orphans wife. Thats right I have no money. Nothing, no
connection to the king you thought you now had in your family. Im not even related to him in
anyway, he raised me like his son though. Colin stated. Youve used your daughter. He said
pointing his sword at Sarahs father. And you abused her for years. He said moving the
sword in front of her mother. The truth is I should kill you both. But I dont want your blood on
my hands. However, I cant say the king will feel the same way when I tell him this news. So if
I were you, I would leave the area, never contact us again. If I hear you tried, Ill hunt you
down and kill you for sure. Colin said.
He looked at Sarah out of the corner of his eye. Is this okay with you?
Yes that is fine. Sarah agreed.
Now go, get out of here. You get a head start, thats it. Once we leave Im going
straight to the king.
Sarah and Colin watched as the old couple scampered out the door. She could only hope
that they would never be seen again.
Come on, lets get home. After we talk to the king, Im going to hold you all night long. I
thought I lost you for good today. Colin said.
I didnt know if you were alive when he knocked you out. Sarah hugged Colin tightly.
Shh, Im fine and so are you. Lets go. Colin grabbed her and went out the door.


Chapter 1

Johnny Strom will be playing tonight in the big game, if you dont have your tickets, get
them now. This could line up the Panthers for a top bowl bid!
The announcer said over the radio. Johnny smiled at the promotion. Yep thats me! Im
going to take us all the way to the top of the pack this year! He announced to anyone who
was listening to him. That was usually a lot of people too, especially girls.
Oh the girls, he thought! Life as the top ranked quarterback in the nation was great. He
could have a girl at any place they had a game, just by his name.
He smiled as he thought back to last weeks game and that girl. She had been a little
blond cheerleader type. Her lips were nice and pouty, perfect for a blowjob! He laughed.
Oh would you like one of those? A little brunette asked him.
Johnny thought about taking her up, but she was there. He couldnt accept a cheap
blowjob while his, what the hell was she? He didnt know why this girl got him so worked up,
and why he wanted her.
He looked back at the brunette; she was pursing her lips and placing a finger in her
mouth. Shes showing me what she wants to do right now, he thought. But then he looked
back over to her, sitting at the table. She seemed like she wasnt even paying any attention to
what was going around her.
Johnny walked over to her; it wasnt the first time he had talked to her. Hey Carrie, how
are you doing?
She looked up from her book, he saw her flush red. Hi Johnny, I didnt know you were
here. She said, but her eyes betrayed her words.
Johnny had seen her look up as soon as he came in the door. Yeah I just got here. So
what you been up too? He asked awkwardly.
Just studying, you know the usual.
He sat down close to her. I really wish you would let me study with you. He ran a finger
up her arm and felt her reaction.
She chuckled, I really dont think you are interested in studying at all.
I think youve figured out my evil plot! He smiled his best eye-catching,
mouthwatering grin.
He could feel her reaction to him, and he wanted to do nothing more than undress her and
lay her on any bed. Johnny would show her what it was like to be pummeled by his manhood.
Johnny, Im not that type of girl, I told you that before. If you want to get laid, go
back over and talk to Sally. She said.
Sally? He questioned.
The one who wanted to give you a blowjob, thats Sally.
So you were listening. He said.
Her face turned red. It was hard to not overhear her. But you know what Johnny Im
going to go one better. How would you like to come up to my room?
It was at that point Johnny realized he was simply dreaming. But he figured he might as
well ride it out. Hed been pursuing Carrie for several months now. At least he could get
something in his dreams, to see if the wait might be worth it.
Wait, I never have to wait for a woman! He laughed in his dream.
The clock began buzzing its incessant chatter. Shit, just when we were getting to the
good part. He slammed a fist down on the buzzer.
Johnny was now left with a raging hard-on thanks to that buzzer. He wanted to close his
eyes and slip back into the folds of the dream. But he knew that he had to get up, he had a
class and then practice.
But first, lets take care of this problem. He wrapped his hand around his
hardness, wishing that he had Sally here with him, that blowjob would sure be nice right now.
Chapter 2

Carrie Litim looked over her notes; she had a biology test today and wanted to pass it.
She was hoping to get on the Deans List again this semester.
Hey Carrie, you want to go to a party tonight? Her roommate Sally asked.
Maybe, lets see how I do on my test. Carrie answered.
Sally looked at her shocked, Wait did I just hear that right, you might come with me? Are
you feeling okay? Did you finish your book? Why are you possibly agreeing to go out?
Carrie laughed at her roommate. Just because I usually dont go out, doesnt mean I
cant. I figured one party here and there wont hurt. After all I have a long weekend, so why
not enjoy a bit of it.
Great! I cant wait to tell the others! Sally jumped up in excitement.
Carrie watched her skitter out of the room. She had to laugh. Sally was everything that
Carrie wasnt. She was bold and brave and up front. While Carrie was shy and not brave at
all. If she would have been brave, she would have slept with Johnny Strom.
She sighed thinking of the hunky quarterback of the college team. He was arrogant,
mouthy, cocky, and damn gorgeous. He had talked to her a few times, made it aware to her
that he wanted to have sex. But that was it, just sex, nothing more. She couldnt allow that to
But if she was Sally, she would have been in bed with him quicker than he could imagine.
That was really why she had agreed to go to the party, to see him.
Carrie liked when he touched her, and it made her want so much more from him. She
knew it was a bad idea, had heard from his own mouth about the women hed slept with. That
cant be good; he must have some sort of disease. She said aloud.
She knew she should just stay away from Johnny, run far away and never look back. But
she really did like him, there seemed to be a lot more under his public image. That was the
part of Johnny she wanted to get to know.
Not for the first time she thought back to the first time they met. It had been a sorority
party and he had come to their house. She had barely been downstairs, trying to avoid all the
noise and drinking. But she had finally had to traipse down the stairs to get a drink.
He had run into her in the kitchen. Hey I havent seen you tonight, my names Johnny.
He had smiled at her.
She had been annoyed; she had hoped to escape back upstairs quickly. Hi Im Carrie,
nice to meet you. I have to go back and study though.
When she had tried to leave he had stopped her for a minute. Hey dont go so quick! I
mean I can actually understand you, you arent slurring every word!
She had laughed, Thats because I dont drink a lot, and havent had any tonight. I find it
messes with my ability to concentrate and learn.
He had smiled that killer smile, the one that she saw in her dreams now. Yeah it does do
that. Dont tell anyone, but, this is the only drink Ive had tonight. He had whispered to her.
Carrie had felt privileged to know something no one else did about him. Why is that?
She had asked him, she had honestly been shocked.
I dont like what it does to my body. But I also dont want to hear all that shit about
being a wuss and crap like that. You know how guys get when they think you arent drinking
enough. Do girls do the same thing? He asked her.
No not really. I mean they might ask you if you want something, but theyll just roll
their eyes if you say no too often! She had laughed.
Well thats kind of nice. Guys go into this long spiel of how youre not a man unless
you drink so much, and yada yada yada! He had laughed.
She had ended up talking to him for a few hours. During that time she had learned a lot
about him. He was far more than what the public saw, but she would never let them know his
secrets. Carrie was sure that he wasnt a boy scout either though; he most likely was quite the
ladies man.
Eventually that night he had been propositioned by one of who sorority sisters. Carrie had
excused herself, not sure if he took up her sister on the offer or not. All the while she had
wished she had been daring enough to ask him to her room.
Chapter 3

Hey man are you going to the party tomorrow night? Mike, another player on the
team, asked Johnny.
Yeah sure, is it the one at? Johnny began to ask, and Mike cut him off.
Its the one where we always end up having tons of trim! Mike laughed.
Oh that cuts it down so much for Strom over there! He gets it whenever he wants,
hes the star quarterback! Another player said from the side.
Mike and Johnny both laughed, Yeah thats true, but you know sometimes you have to
pass a few to find the right one. Johnny said without thinking.
What man, are you planning on settling down? Not you, man that would be a big
mistake. Mike said.
Johnny thought about it, could he be with just one woman? Nah, I was just joking.
Johnny said. But in his mind he could think of only one person, Carrie. That damn dream, it
had messed him up.
The thing about the dream was it had seemed so damn real. He almost thought that he
was there; he could feel her skin when he skimmed his fingers down it. Still if he closed his
eyes right now, he could feel it.
She haunted his every thought right now, and had done so for a bit now. How, he
wondered. Johnny wasnt the type of guy who was a one woman man. Hed had all the girls
he wanted since high school. All he had to do was say something, hell no that wasnt true. So
many would come up to him and hit on him, making it clear what they wanted.
He liked the fact that he hadnt had to commit to any of them. They all knew that he
wouldnt be back after the one night, and they didnt care. He had to admit he liked that, so
why was he even thinking about one woman?
It confused him a lot. He had to shake her out of his head enough so that he could
practice, and get through the game on Saturday. It was a huge game; it could put them in the
Rose Bowl, the Championship Game!
Johnny wondered if he should skip the party of Friday night. She might come downstairs,
like she had many times in the past. When she had shown up, each time, he had sensed her.
The air around him had changed; he could simply feel her presence. He hadnt been like that
with any other woman in his life.
Hey I may not go Friday night after all. You know that game on Saturday is really
important. Johnny told Mike.
Oh man, at least come for an hour, you dont have to stay late. Mike said.
Maybe Ill see. Johnny answered.
He made his way out to the field, trying to push Carrie out of his mind. He loved this
game, he loved being on the field. Once the ball was in his hands, his mind clicked to the
game, she was out, but he could feel her on the edges.
He was on point, the practice went great. There was electricity in the air among the
players. They could all feel that impending victory that could be theres. All they would have to
do was play and work as a team, and they knew it was there!
Everything was perfect, the operated as a cog that moved in synchronicity. Johnny, the
whole team, and even the coaches were excited.
Victory on the field was easy to obtain, it was off the field Johnny wasnt sure about.
Sure he could go right now and have a girl from any dorm or sorority. However, he wanted her,
Chapter 4

Come on Carrie, you said you would go to the party! Plus Johnny is here, I just
saw him walk in. Sally told her.
Carrie blushed bright red. She had shared her feelings about Johnny with Sally a little.
But even Sally didnt know about the dreams that Carrie had about him.
It was one of those dreams that had flashed through her head when Sally had told her
Johnny was downstairs. Carrie couldnt help but remember how erotic the dream had been.
She had never had sex before, but in the dream they had done so many things. She had
no feeling what they would really feel like, but in the dream they had been amazingly wonderful.
Her body had hummed and purred in the dream. Johnny had touched her in all the right
spots. She didnt know how he had known where to touch her.
Yeah just let me change really quickly. Carrie answered.
You look perfect in that dress, I already told you that. If anything will catch his
attention that dress will do it. Sally smiled at Carrie.
I dont know if I want his attention. Carrie admitted shyly.
Look I know you are a virgin, but you have to give it up one day. So why not with
him, hes so fine. Sally said.
Carrie could see Sally almost salivating as she talked about Johnny. But once Sally had
known that Carrie liked Johnny, she had tampered her pursuit of him.
I know hes really fine. But what if Im really bad? What if he laughs at me?
Carrie asked. Plus Ive been raised that you just dont give that to anyone. It should be
someone special. I dont think Johnny Strom is looking for that, he just wants notches on his
bedpost. Carrie stated her worst fears of hooking up with Johnny.
Well you know they say there is one woman for one man, that they are soul mates.
Maybe this is you two. I mean, every time hes been here and you come down, he goes to
you. Ive seen him leave one of the other girls standing there and hes gone to talk to you.
Shes offering him sex, and he just leaves. Thats not normal. Sally told Carrie.
Maybe its just the pursuit though, and if Im bad. Well he wont want more. Carrie
looked down.
Hey come on positive thoughts girl. Dont always think so negatively. Youre a
beautiful girl, once you dress up and take your nose out of the books. I mean any guy would
be dumb to not see how hot you are! Sally complimented her.
Thanks, but youre just saying that to be nice. Carrie didnt think she was beautiful
at all. She was kind of plain.
Look, here in the mirror, just look at your image. Tell me you arent beautiful. Sally
pulled Carrie to the mirror.
Carrie looked at the girl staring back; she didnt look like the same person. Sally had
helped Carrie with her hair. The long brown hair hung freely around her shoulders. Usually she
would have it up on top of her head. Yeah well I look different, thats for sure. Carrie
No you are beautiful, stop selling yourself short Carrie. Now come on its time to
get down there to the party. Sally pulled her out of the room.Carrie protested along the way,
until they got to the top of the steps. She looked down and found Johnny staring up at her. A
slow smile spread over his face at her sight. Carrie smiled back at him and allowed herself to
think positive if just for a bit.
Perhaps Sally was right, maybe Johnny felt something more for her? Maybe just maybe
she could convince herself enough of this that she would sleep with him. She had to admit that
she wanted to know if that dream was true or not.
Chapter 5

Johnny could feel her before he saw her. His attention was drawn to the stairs and then
he saw her. He couldnt help but smile up at her. When she smiled back it made him feel
Hey, I was hoping you would come down. Johnny came up to her.
I agreed to come down earlier in the week. Sally wouldnt let me out of it! Carrie
told him.
He laughed, I wasnt going to come at all either. But I decided to at least stop by for a
bit. However, now that your down here. Well would you like to go for a walk out back in the
garden? He asked.
Sure, but I would think youd want to stay in here. Carrie stated.
No I would rather be alone with you and just talk. Johnny admitted.
She looked at him; he could see the shock in her eyes.
Come on lets go. Its so loud in here too, I can barely hear you. He let her walk in
front of him.
Carrie thought she could feel his eyes studying her body as she walked. It made her feel
self-conscious, and she thought she might fall down. She hated wearing any type of heels, but
tonight she had put some on, on Sallys urging.
She stumbled slightly and felt his arms go around her to catch her. Thanks. She
He didnt want to let go of her, she felt good to touch. Johnny let go reluctantly though.
Sure, you know you could take the shoes off if you want. He said.
I really hate these things. Ive never been good at walking in them, and they hurt
my feet. Carrie told him.
Take them off; I can carry them for you. He stated.
Carrie took off her shoes and he grabbed them. She wiggled her toes in the grass.
Thats so much better.
Did you grow up on a farm? He asked her.
Yes I did. But tell me why you would say that? She questioned.
Because I grew up on one too, and I love going barefoot! He laughed.
They found a place to sit in the garden. Its so beautiful out here. Sometimes Ill come
out here and study, its so peaceful. Carrie said.
Yeah, but your even more beautiful. Johnny said.
He wanted to touch her, but also to show her respect. Johnny felt awkward around her.
He sighed lightly and shook his head.
I dont know what it is about you Carrie, but youre different. He said.
Chapter 6

Carrie couldnt believe her ears when he said she was different. What do you mean?
She asked.
He moved around nervously and finally spoke. I cant stop thinking about you. I dream
about you, and you are on my mind all the time.
Okay, so I dont know what to tell you. She stated. I can tell you that Im not
some easy girl though, I dont want to be another notch on your bed post. Thats not how my
mother raised me. She said.
No, I dont think of you like that at all. I mean if I did, I would have already tried to
talk you into going upstairs. He told her.
Carrie studied him closely, she wondered if he was lying to her. She heard stories of how
guys would tell a girl just about anything to bed them. Johnny was a real player and he would
most likely always be one.
So youre practicing patience with me?
No, its more like I want it to be special with you. He said slowly.
She didnt know if she could accept this as truth or not. It all sounded too good to be
true. How would Johnny Strom stop his ways? Or was he just talking about bedding her, and
having all those other women too?
I dont know Johnny; Im not the type of girl who wants to share with others.
I wasnt asking you to do that. He looked at her quickly.
Then what are you asking me?
I dont know. He held her gaze. This is new to me.
Carrie took her bottom lip into her mouth and bit it lightly. She always did that when she
was nervous and unsure. She found that most of the time around Johnny, at least right now,
her lip was in her mouth.
If you keep doing that Im not going to hold back though, I will kiss you. He told
She looked up at him, her lip still captured in her mouth. He moved closer to her and
covered her mouth lightly with his. The kiss was gentle and sweet, and far too short for her
She closed her eyes; she swore this was a dream. To test it out she leaned into him and
placed her lips over his. He pulled her into his arms and deepened the kiss.
Carrie sighed loudly at the passion she could feel in the kiss. I dont know if I can sleep
with you though. She pulled away from him finally.
Im not forcing you to sleep with me. Did I say we should go upstairs? Carrie, Im
not going to push you into anything. Im also not going to lie to you; I wouldnt stop if you said
yes. I want you more than I have ever wanted another girl or woman in my life. He told her.
All logical thought left her mind at the sweet words, she wanted him too. Carrie kissed
him again, but in her mind she could hear the words, dont do it.
But she couldnt say the words; she couldnt invite him up to her room. He didnt push her
into it either. He held her and kissed her occasionally. Carrie almost gave him when he
skimmed his fingers over her nipple. She felt the nub grow hard and her body react to him
I want you Carrie, but I dont know if you are ready. Its getting late and I have to
go, we have a big game tomorrow. Johnny said.
What time is it? Carrie asked.
Its already 2 in the morning. He told her.
Its been that long; its only seemed like a little time.
I know, but weve been out here for a while.
Im sorry you missed the party. She said.
No I didnt miss anything; I had the best night ever. He told her.
Really, but we didnt have sex. She said confused.
Carrie, darling, you dont have to have sex to enjoy a night. You of all people should
know that, you are a virgin right? He said.
She blushed, Well yes I am, but how did you know?
If you werent you would have been all over me in a second. But you hold your
values high, and I respect that. This is why I wont force you into it. I had fun touching you and
kissing you though. I swear I want much more too.
She smiled up at him. I dont know Im scared of letting you have my heart. She
admitted to him.
I know, trust me. I told you this was different from anything Ive ever felt too. He
said. Are you coming to the game?
Of course, I wouldnt miss it for anything.
Ill see you after it is over. Maybe we can go and get something to eat. Johnny
said as he stood up.
Sure, but dont you usually do something as a team?
Id rather spend it with you. He pulled her to his chest and kissed her deeply once
more. He let her go and she watched as he left.
Carrie wanted to all him back, tell him to come upstairs. But it was far too late, and he
had to play tomorrow. She would only hurt his chances of performing on par. So she watched
as he left, he turned around and blew her another kiss. Until tomorrow, sleep tight my
darling. He said.
Chapter 7

Johnny had a really nice night with Carrie. He had wanted to take her upstairs so many
times. But he had been serious when he told her he wouldnt pressure her. He wanted this to
be a mutual agreement between them.
Hey Johnny, where have you been all night? Ive been looking for you. Would you
like to come upstairs? Patty, one of the sorority sisters stopped him on his way out. She
pushed her body up against his.
He tried to back away as quickly as he could, to put distance between them. But he
heard Carrie from behind him, could feel her there.
He turned towards her to say something, but she gave him a look that said dont bother.
He watched as she ran past him and up the stairs.
Johnny turned to face Patty, If I would have wanted to find you I would have, Im not
interested. He said and left.
He wanted to go up and tell Carrie that he wasnt interested in Patty. Hell there was only
one person he wanted, and that was here.
It was late though, and he knew that she wouldnt listen. He would catch up with her after
the game. I hope she still comes to it, he thought.
The whole way back to his room he was mad at Patty. But in truth he knew he had also
helped to create the problem. If he hadnt been such a playboy, it wouldnt have been expected
of him. Carrie wouldnt question his motives and she would let go of those feelings.
Johnny wasnt dumb; he could tell that she wanted him just as much. Her body had
betrayed her all night. He could hear the sighs when he touched her, and felt the blood pulsing
through her veins quicker.
What the fuck, I cant wait. He turned around and headed back to talk to her.
He got back and went up the stairs; he had no idea which room was hers. Carrie, where
are you? He yelled out. We need to talk, come out please.
After a few calls she finally opened her door, Will you please stop yelling. She pulled
him into her room.
He could tell she had been crying, Look that wasnt what you thought it was down there.
He began to explain.
I know Sally told me about it after you left.
Johnny finally noticed that there was another girl in the room with him. He knew her; she
had hit on him a few times, but had backed off one day. Hey, sorry I didnt see you when I
came in. He said.
Its okay; Im going to leave you two alone though. Sally got up and walked out of
the room.
I know I created this problem, but really I only want you. Johnny said to her.
You have to play tomorrow; we can just talk about this after the game. She said.
Okay, youre right. I do need my sleep. He got up to leave. Johnny turned and
pulled her into his arms once more. As far as Im concerned these are the only lips I ever
want to kiss. He said and covered her mouth.
Chapter 8

Carrie watched him leave once more. The kiss had been amazing, but the words had
been what had gotten her the most. He had told her these are the only lips I want to kiss
She could feel her heart beating faster as she thought of him. Carrie wasnt a dumb girl;
she knew that she was already in love with him.
Her fear was that Johnny was simply feeding her a line to get her into the bed. However,
wouldnt he have tried harder, she wondered. He hadnt tried to even get her to sleep with him
just now, when he was in her room.
She wanted to let hope and happiness fill her heart, she really did, but she was nervous.
Carrie had never really given her heart to anyone. She did have one crush when she was in
high school. It had been Mr. Tetley, her psychology teacher that caught her eye. However, she
was just a student, and she never followed up on any of her crush feelings.
This isnt a crush. She whispered to herself. Carrie knew that she wanted more
with Johnny than she could have ever imagined. But could he give her the hopes and dreams of
what she had always wanted in life. Could he be a one woman man, a man who would marry
Carrie felt that life wasnt fair; she didnt know if Johnny would be able to give up all the
other things he had thrown at him. He was going to be a big star; she had no doubt about it.
There was already talk about some of the professional teams who were eyeing him.
She knew that more women would throw themselves at him in the professional leagues; it
would be nothing like now. Did she really believe he would turn his back on all other women?
Carrie wanted too, but there was an ache in her heart at the thought. It felt as if he had
already betrayed her, before they even began.
Finally, frustrated with the thoughts in her mind, she tried to close her eyes. Her mind
played back the kisses from the night, and the touches. She could feel her body going into
overdrive at the thought of him.
She moaned at the thought of what it would be like to have him take her. How her body
cried out for him, even now. She knew it was possibly the biggest mistake she would ever
make. But she hoped that tomorrow after the game that he would take her. Not just out to eat
either, she grinned.
Though she really wanted to wait, she didnt think she could resist him again. It had been
hard enough tonight. If he won tomorrow, hed be on cloud nine, and want to celebrate. She
would give him her most precious gift in celebration. It might be dumb, and she might be
setting herself up to be heartbroken. However, she was tired of fighting these feelings inside of
Carrie was ready to take a leap and let him prove to her the words he told her. If he was
lying, maybe it was better to find out now, instead of later on. Dragging out the time it took her
to invite him into her bed, would only make her like him more. Who are you kidding? You love
him. She muttered to herself.
She really did wonder if it was love though, she had nothing to compare it too. He had
told her she was different. Did he mean that he had more feelings for her? Was in possibly in
love with her? But how, he barely even knew her.
Then she thought about it, how she could have developed such strong feelings for him as
well. She didnt know him all that well. Sure they had shared some secrets at a few of the
parties, and then tonight.
So how could she even wonder what was going on in his head, when her own was so
messed up. Oh Johnny, I just wish I knew that you were serious. She said lightly.
Carrie let her dreams take her away, and they were filled with him. It was a night of him
taking her body in several ways. Again the dream seemed real, but she had no experience, so
she wasnt sure. Is this what it would really feel like? She had to wonder, once she knew she
was in the dream.
Chapter 9

Johnny dressed in his uniform, it was the big game. He had dreamt about Carrie again
last night. They had made love all night long in his dreams, and he had woken up feeling great.
He had to admit that he was really horny, but he didnt take up any of the offers of a quick
blowjob before the game.
No he had been serious she was the only one he wanted. It had shocked him when he
had told her her lips were the only ones he wanted to kiss. When he realized that it was
much more than just a kiss, it was all of her he wanted. Well it had made for a hard discovery.
Its time for you to settle down there Johnny Boy. He had muttered to himself
when he had got up from bed.
The fact that he had never thought of one woman so much in his life scared him quite a
bit. He had wanted to avoid any type of commitment for so long. Now here he was going
headlong into one of his choosing.
Hey Strom you ready? Mike came up behind him in the locker room.
Sure am, lets win this one and go to the big game! Johnny gave his killer smile.
Hey save that smile for after the game, dont get too cocky yet. The coach came
in the room.
The men settled down, and listened to their before game speech.
I could say a lot of things to you right now. I could tell you how working as a team
will be the only way you can win this game. But you already know that. I saw yesterday in
practice just how well-oiled this machine we have here is, and I loved it. I could tell you that
this game means everything. But I would be lying to you if I did that. This game is an important
one for our program, and could mean that some of you will go higher in the drafts. But
everything, I would be lying to you. The truth is that there is so much more in this world than
football. If for some reason you happen to lose this game, it wont be the end of the world.
Most of you will still be drafted, or youll simply go into other careers. I guess this kind of
sounds like Im not putting enough of a spin on this game. Im not, you know why? Because
you are young men, you will go on from here and have full lives. Many of you will only wear this
uniform a few more times, and then never again will it be stretched taunt against your skin.
Youll trade it for another uniform, maybe a suit and tie, or just jeans and a shirt. What Im
saying is do your best out there. If its our time to win, God will look down on us and smile. If
its not, then so be it, just go out there and do your best.
The team all cheered and headed down the tunnel to the field. Johnny thought about the
coachs speech. It had been much different from many of his other talks before the game. He
had been more focused on letting everyone know that there was more to life than football. It
had been the very thing that had been pulling at Johnnys mind all day long too.
He still wanted to make football his life, but he wanted to have Carrie there beside him as
well. Would she be willing to do that? He hoped so.
Once he was out on the field he looked around for her, he could feel her there. He
spotted her almost immediately and waved to her.
The crowd that was sitting around her went wild. He could see her blushing red from on
the field. Johnny had to chuckle at the shy smile that slide onto her face.

Chapter 10

Carrie watched the game from the bleachers. After Johnny had waved to her in the
crowd, she had gotten many questions from those around her.
Oh are you dating him? How do you know him? Can you get him to sign my
shirt? She heard them all.
Plus a few of the jealous girls had started giving her nasty looks. Carrie wondered if they
had been with him before, or if they saw their chance slipping away.
She watched with pride as Johnny had an amazing game. He threw for 5 touchdowns,
and ran for 2. Carrie yelled and cheered for him.
After the game he ran over to the sideline and called her down to him. He waved to her,
so she made her way down. She watched as he calmly waited for her, and handled all the
people around him.
Hey good looking, howd you like the game? He smiled at her. He didnt wait for
her to answer, but instead pulled her closer and kissed her on the mouth. The kiss was long
and passionate; she could feel her knees grow weak with each passing moment.
Carrie pulled back once he had released her. What was that for?
I want everyone to know that you are my girl. He kissed her on the cheek, Ill see
you in about 15 minutes outside the back door. He ran off.
When she turned to walk back up to her seat she saw the jealous girls eyes. They
actually looked to have tears forming. Carrie couldnt believe it, but she was sure she saw it.
Other people were cheering her on, telling her way to go, but see didnt hear much. All
she could think of were his words, I want everyone to know that you are my girl.
Carrie shook her head, she must still be dreaming. Johnny Strom was many things, but a
person who showed affection in public? That wasnt him at all. He usually kept that to the
bedroom, or so she had heard.
Sally looked at her when she was finally back by her seat. So I guess you and Mr.
Handsome have made a first step!
I dont know. Im so confused. I mean he told me he would wait for me. He just
told me down there that I was his girl. Does that mean he wants to date me? Carrie asked
the confusion plain on her face.
Yeah it sure sounds like it. I told you he looked at you differently all the time. I
swear I could tell he was into you. Sally told her.
But really Sally, would he be happy with a plain girl like me? Carrie asked.
Youre not plain; I keep telling you that you are beautiful. Ask him, hell tell you.
Sally stated. Hed be dumb anyway if he passed up on a girl like you.
Carrie smiled at her friend. It was hard to imagine that Sally had once been after Johnny,
but had backed off. She was a good friend, Carrie was happy to have her in her life.
Thanks Sally, you really are a good friend.
Now lets get you down there so you dont miss your big date! I have a feeling it
will be a very interesting night for you. Oh also, I wont be home until late, just in case you
need the room. Just remember to put a sock on the door knob so I dont come busting in.
Sally told her.
Carrie turned red at the comment, but shyly said, I will.
She went down and was only outside waiting for Johnny for a few minutes. The door
opened and he walked out, his smile grew when he spotted her. Hey, I was wondering if you
would actually come down here. Im sorry if I embarrassed you with the kiss.
No I wasnt embarrassed, it was nice. Carrie admitted.
So I wanted to celebrate, so how about we go to the steak house? Johnny asked.
Carrie wanted to invite him back to her room instead. But she couldnt voice the words,
so instead she agreed to go to the steak house. There was always later!
He opened the door to his car for her and let her in. She was shocked at how chivalrous
he seemed. Carrie decided she could get used to this. She really liked this side of Johnny.
Chapter 11

Carrie sat across the table from him at the steak house. Her mouth was wide open.
How in the world did you just eat all that meat?
She had watched as Johnny had slammed down a 21 ounce steak without stopping.
Im hungry after the game, its not easy work! He laughed.
She had been pushing her food around barely able to eat. Her mind was running as she
thought of the best way to invite him over to her room. Carrie was nervous, but she had made
up her mind to take the jump. To take a leap of faith based on what Sally had seen, and what
Johnny had said to her.
She only hoped again, and not for the first time, that it was not a mistake. She wanted to
give him the gift of her virginity, but didnt want him to break her heart. How could she
guarantee that?
Youre awfully quiet tonight, is anything wrong? Johnny asked.
Well I was thinking about a few things. She began, but wasnt sure how to
continue. Maybe after we eat, we can go back to the sorority house. She finally said.
Johnny looked at her, If you are sure thats what you want.
Carrie was happy that her meaning had gotten across to him. This was a field where she
had absolutely no experience.
Yes. It was all she could say. The weight of the one word answer hit her fully.
She had just agreed to give him her virginity.
I promise to be careful. He told her across the table.
She looked up at him; she could feel her nerves throbbing. Carrie wasnt even sure if she
would be able to go through with it.
Well lets get the check and go. You are done eating right? He asked, looking at
her plate that still had half of the food on it.
Yeah Im a bit nervous, so I cant really eat. She admitted.
Dont be nervous, I swear I wont hurt you. He said once more as he directed her
out the door. Johnny had paid the bill quickly and soon they would be on their way to her room.
Carrie hoped that his I wont hurt you comment also included her heart. Here goes
nothing, she thought.
Before she knew it they were standing at her room door. Carrie wondered what had
happened in between, the ride here was a blur. She couldnt remember anything they had
talked about, though she had heard words and her own voice.
Her mind was humming, her body was a nervous wreck and she was tucking her lip
between her mouth and biting on it. Carrie swore if she didnt just get this over with shed bit
through her own lip from worry.
She closed the door behind them and Johnny looked at her. I told you I wont pressure
you. Honestly, if you arent ready yet, please just wait. I can wait. He told her.
Carrie swore he made her crazy; she wanted to throw herself at him, just because of his
words. She slowly closed the distance between them.
When she was right in front of him she stopped and stood on her toes. Her mouth found
his and she lightly kissed him. He pulled her to him and deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth
with his tongue.
She sighed heavily as her body began that low throbbing and her lower regions
Are you really sure? He stopped and pulled her away, looking directly into her
Yes Im sure. She barely whispered.
Chapter 13

Johnny slowly undressed Carrie. He pinched himself a couple times to make sure he
wasnt dreaming. She had invited him back to her room, and now here they were. He was
actually nervous about making love to her.
To him this meant more than just a casual encounter with anyone. This was a woman he
cared a lot about, hell might even love. That was if he wanted to admit to those feelings. He
had yet to really say them out loud.
You are beautiful. He whispered to her as he kissed her neck.
Thank you. She said shyly.
He caressed her breasts lightly with his fingers. He wanted to take her nipples into his
mouth. Johnny had been wanting to see her completely naked for so long now, or so it
seemed. But now that she was in front of him, all he wanted to do was enjoy every inch of her.
He kissed his way down to her breasts and took a nipple into his mouth. She moaned
loudly as he applied a bit of pressure with his teeth to her hard nub.
Johnny kissed his way down to her apex, looking at her closely shaved area. It was a
region that no one else had touched, he felt honored. He hoped that he could live up to this
honor; he wanted to make sure she was not only happy but satisfied.
He ran a finger slowly down her leg and back to her lower region. He could feel the
moistness seeping out of her already. Johnny wanted to taste her, so he lowered his head
between her legs.
He looked up at her and saw confusion in her eyes, but soon she was screaming. Her
body writhed under the exploration of his finger and tongue on her pussy.
Johnny took her clit in between his teeth and he heard her squeal as her body began to
shake. His face was covered by a slew of her liquid as it poured from her body.
He lapped up what he could and knew that she should be wet enough for sex. How do
you like it so far? He asked her as he kissed her.
Her eyes were hazed over with pleasure; she smiled and said, Oh wow.
Johnny chuckled as he slowly pushed his member forward. He goes to her opening and
tried to go as slow as he could.
Carrie was nervous still, but so much pleasure had rocked her body that she couldnt think
straight. She felt him push into her, and felt a tug of pain. But soon it vanished and was
replaced by pure pleasure.
He thrust into her and she came up to match his movements. Carrie raked her fingers
down his back, and Johnny moaned loudly.
I dont know how long I can last. He admitted ashamed that he couldnt last
longer. She was far too exciting for him. As she moved against him, he concentrated on
anything but how she felt.
He felt her body climax though and he couldnt hold back. He moaned loudly as he had
what had to be the best orgasm of his life. Johnny was shocked when he still felt his hardness,
so he kept thrusting into her.
She moaned loudly as her body kept hitting the high of a climax over and over again.
Johnny released another load into her and finally felt that he was done.
He kissed her lightly and pulled her closer to him. Carrie that was amazing, I love you.
She sat quietly, wondering if she had heard it right.
Chapter 12

Carrie couldnt believe her ears, had Johnny just said he loved her? What did you just
say? She finally asked.
I said that was amazing. He said.
No after that. She pushed.
He laughed, I said I love you Carrie Litim.
She jumped up, Are you serious? You love me? How?
What do you mean how? Youre amazing in so many ways. Youre so beautiful,
even when you wear your glasses and hair up. I think you have to be the most magnificent
woman around. He told her.
I cant believe it.
What you dont care about me? He asked.
I love you too Johnny. But youre so experienced. You can have any woman out
there, why me? She asked.
I just told you why you. Dont you listen, I dont want anyone else.
Carrie stopped, why was she arguing with him, why couldnt she just enjoy it.
I hope you arent just saying that, and plan on breaking my heart. She whispered
He pulled her chin up. What do I need to do to prove it to you? He asked.
I dont know, I guess just time will tell. I shouldnt be upset about it. Im just scared
Johnny. Ive never been in a relationship before. Youre reputation doesnt make me feel any
better either. You know that these girls talk right, they say things about you. They talk about
how youve slept with them, and then you never come back. Well I guess you do for some of
them, Patty seems mighty found of you. Her eyes light up when she mentions your name.
I will be the first to admit that I havent always used proper judgment when choosing
my partners. But they were different from you. I never felt about them, not the way I do about
with you. Ive never loved any of them. He admitted.
But tell me Johnny, have you ever told them you did? You know just to get them
into bed. She asked.
He laughed, I never have to tell them anything, they throw themselves at me. I guess
they wanted to sleep with the star quarterback. Maybe they hoped to hook me in their grasp,
so I would marry them. I dont know. But I can tell you the only other person Ive said those
words to, who is female, is my mother. He said.
Carrie looked at him closely, she believed him. Her heart soared, maybe he did love her.
Okay, Im sorry. I just really am scared that youll find someone offering something, and youll
take it. She stated.
Carrie from here on out I only want you, no one else. He told her.
Alright Johnny.
He leaned over and kissed her, he moved his hands over her body. Soon he was making
love to her again, taking his time. She rode the wave of pleasure to climax after climax.
Johnny looked at her as he moved in and out of her slowly, Carrie this is special, I love
you. He said and kissed her.
They climaxed together and melted into each others arms. Carrie snuggled up closer to
him and let her heavy eyes take over.
Hey its late, I should go. He shook her awake.
Oh sorry I fell asleep. She yawned and stretched.
So did I. I think I heard your roommate come up a little while ago. He told her.
Most likely, I forgot the sock on the door in my haste. Did she come in? Carrie
I heard her open the door and then shut it. He said.
Ill hear about it from her later Im sure. She laughed.
He kissed her, Ill see you tomorrow.
Shortly after he left Sally came into the room. You forgot the sock. Sally said.
Im so sorry. Carrie apologized.
Its okay; I didnt see much of anything. Just the two of you all tangled up. Naked
bodies peeking out from the covers, so I guess you did the deed! Sally laughed.
Carrie felt embarrassed, but finally shook her head yes.
Tell me was it nice? Did you enjoy it? Did he enjoy it? Sally was full of questions.
It was amazing. You know I have nothing to compare it to though. Carrie said.
Did you orgasm?
So many times, I cant even tell you. Carrie said and Sally laughed.
They talked later into the night, Carrie sharing some details, but not everything.
Chapter 13

Johnny felt like he was walking on air. He had told her had he felt tonight. Those words
had seemed so easy to say, and rung true to even his ears. He knew it was true, he had never
felt so much for anyone in his life.
He had been telling her the truth about not saying those words to another female, but his
mom. Carrie was someone that Johnny wanted to keep in his life for a long time.
The funny thing was he wanted to ask her to marry him, had planned on getting a ring
today even. His head felt like it was stuck in a whirlwind. When she had asked him if he was
serious about his feelings, it had hurt him a bit.
But as she explained why she had said it, he had to agree with her. He wasnt the most
reputable person in the world. His reputation was one of a real player.
Johnny Strom was no longer going to be that way though; he had decided that she was
the one. He didnt feel like sleeping, but knew he should.
Maybe Ill take her out and let her pick out the ring? He said to himself.
However, that seemed so unromantic. No he would rather hope that he picked something
she would love. He wanted to find a ring that fit her personality, and showed how much he
loved her.
Johnny hadnt told anyone yet, but he had been approached by a professional manager
the other day. Hey Johnny, you know we are really interested in having you join the team. So
what do you think? We would draft you first and sign you to a nice contract. The guy had told
He had his sights set on going to a warm location; the team that had contacted him was
the San Diego Chargers. After talking to the guy he
had done a bit of research on the area. It had seemed nice enough. Now though he had
Carrie to consider too.
Thats if she says yes though. What if she says no? Fear flitted through his
heart. Hell he didnt want to lose her when he had just gotten her.
Johnny tried to think of the perfect way to present it all to her. He stood in front of his
mirror and tried it a few times. Look Carrie, I know we only just really started dating. But I
feel like Ive been with you for years now. I feel so natural around you, like I can be myself.
Will you marry me?
He shook his head that sounded so corny. No he wanted to sweep her off of her feet. He
wanted to make it impossible for her to say no.
Finally falling into the bed he slept for a bit, and got up as soon as the stores would be
open. He had a plan for the day and didnt want to be side tracked.
Johnny made his way downtown and found a store. He went inside and pick a ring out,
one he thought she would love. Thats a perfect one. Johnny told the clerk.
Its a nice choice. It offers simplicity, yet is classic and beautiful at the same time.
The clerk said as he rang up the purchase.
Johnny took the package and put it into his pocket. He wasnt paying much attention as
he walked out the door.
Johnny, hey, how are you? He heard a female voice call to him from behind.
He turned to see Patty walking up to him. She was doing her best I want you look and
prancing his way. Im good Patty, but Im a little busy right now. He tried to turn and leave.
Oh not so quick there cowboy, I think we have some score to settle still. She
walked up to him and rang a finger down his chest, stopping short of his belt buckle.
He moved away from her. Look Im not interested. I have a girl now. As a matter of
fact, Im asking her to marry me today. He told Patty.
Pattys face turned mean instantly. You have a girl? Johnny Strom, the biggest male slut
Ive known. Right, who is the idiot who thinks you, will be faithful to her? She demanded.
I will be faithful to her. He stated.
He noticed her face as she figured out who he was talking about, Oh you and Carrie?
No way, shes a virgin. Oh I get it. Youre going to marry her so that she will be the little
housewife. While youre on the road doing whatever it is you can. Just look me up, Ill be
waiting. She laughed and walked away.
Johnny wanted to call out and tell her no, it wasnt true. But why waste his time with
Patty, she was simply jealous. She had been trying to get to him for a long time now. He had
slept with her a few times, but it had never meant anything.
Instead he went back to his room and made reservations for him and Carrie. Tonight he
would take her to the fancy French restaurant in town and ask her to marry him.
Chapter 14

You bitch, how dare you take him from me. Carrie heard from behind her.
She turned to find Patty, her face red with anger. I dont know what you mean.
Sally got in between the two girls. Hey Patty back off. Whats going on?
Johnny, I love him and she took him from me. Patty shouted.
You didnt love him, hell how many other guys do you sleep with? Carrie shouted
back at her.
Oh little virgin girl dont get all up on your high horse of morals. It doesnt matter,
you need to back off. Patty said, trying to push her way to Carrie.
Im not a virgin anymore. Carrie said quietly to Patty.
It threw her into a fit of rage, and Sally had to hold Patty back. You little bitch. He
doesnt love you; hell only use you for a bit. Dont believe for one second hell ever be faithful
to you. He already told me that youll stay at home, and when hes on the road. Well lets just
say, Ill be the one hes with. Patty shouted out.
Patty knock it off will you. Sally pushed her back. You have no idea what is going
on between them. But I can tell you the skin on your face is turning green from jealousy.
Thats it; Ill have you two kicked out of the sorority by noon. Pack your bags and
find another place to live. Patty stalked out of the room.
Sally turned to Carrie, Dont believe a word she says. She likes to create problems.
Carrie smiled at Sally; she wished that what Patty had said didnt sound so possible. But
the fear was building up in her heart already. Maybe Johnny had said that, but why.
Johnny called her a little later, Hey I made reservations for Le Chic for us, Ill be over to
pick you up in a few minutes. I have a lot of things to talk to you about.
Carrie felt the fear creeping in once more, Okay, Ill get ready. She said. As she
dressed she couldnt help but feel like he was going to tell her what Patty had already informed
her about. Or would he tell her? He might just do it, and she would be unaware of it all.
Carrie, hey Johnny is here to pick you up. I had him wait outside, you know just in
case Patty comes out of her room. Sally came into the room and told her.
Thanks. She made her way to him.
He smiled as soon as he saw her; she felt her heart lurch out for him.
You look amazing. He said.
Thanks, but tell me what you want to talk about please. She said.
If he was going to tell her she wasnt right for him or something like that she didnt want to
go out to eat. She would rather cry in the peace of her own room. Well at least for a couple
more hours.
Well I wanted to wait until we were in the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant.
But I guess here goes. Carrie I love you, and I really want to have you in my life. Will you
marry me? He asked as he got down on one knee in front of her.
Are you going to marry me, and then sleep with other women on the road? She
What? Why in the world would I do that? He asked.
Patty said that your plan was that, to marry me. Then when you were on the road
you would look her up and other women. Carrie admitted.
No, I never said that to her. I told her Im not interested that I have a girl, and I only
want her. Carrie, I got an offer to move to San Diego, to play pro ball. Will you go with me?
You can go with me to every game; Ill never leave you home. I want you around me all the
time. Well except in the locker room, you cant go in there. He said.
What? Oh wow, I cant believe this. Yes I will marry you. Im sorry I even thought
she was telling the truth. I love you Johnny.


Chapter 1

Melody Hall woke up and looked around, Where am I at? She said rubbing her head.
The last thing she remembered was looking at a patient. Her partner and she had
received a call. There had been a horrible accident. The patient had bad lacerations to his
chest, was close to death.
Now here she was in some big room, and she had no idea what was going on. She was
mad, but more scared then made at the moment.
It was so dark in the room. She thought she had heard some noises when she first woke
up, but now she didnt hear a thing. Melody wondered if her fear was playing with her, perhaps
the noises were just her imagination.
Melody wanted to get up and walk around, but her head was still woozy. Also her fright
of dark places wasnt making her move any quicker. She could and would gladly use the
excuse of not feeling well for a bit longer.
Her head whipped to the left, she heard a soft mewing or some sort of noise. Could it be
a monster of some type, she wondered. She listened more closely, it sounded more like a
young girl softly crying or moaning.
The paramedic in her kicked in and she tried to judge how far away the voice was.
Slowly she moved her way towards the sound, hoping it wasnt some trick.
In her mind she picked some sick serial killer waiting for her to react. The killer would end
up being the one making the noises. He would be slowly bringing her in for the kill.
Melody slowed her approach to the noise. She tried to give her eyes more time to adjust
to the light. She thought she saw a figure of a younger girl sitting there. It looked like she was
holding her knees and rocking back and forth.
Hey are you okay? Melody said softly, just in case a killer was in the room with
The girl looked up; her eyes were shiny with fresh tears. She couldnt be any more than
18 years old. Are you real? The girl asked.
Yes, where are we, do you know? Melody asked, happy the girl could talk.
I heard them talking about the girls who were to be sold to the highest bidder. Then
something else about fights and I dont know where we are though. The girl broke down
sobbing again.
Shit. It was the only thing that Melody could think of saying. She did have a
fleeting moment of wonder, what had happened to her partner, and the dying guy?
Melody decided she should explore, but didnt know if the girl would be okay or not. Hey,
I think I should look for a way to escape. Will you be okay here by yourself? She asked.
The girl snapped up her head quickly, Please dont leave me. She pleaded.
I promise Ill come back for you if I find a way out. Or you can go with me.
Melody offered as she noticed the pure terror in the girls eyes.
Okay, Ill go with you. The girl finally answered.
Melody tried to hear any more noises, and decide which way was the best to try. Finally,
she decided to go more to the left. Her eyes were fairly adjusted by now.
As they began to move they heard noises from outside a door, it had to be a door.
Melody grew excited to hear a way out, or she hoped. She tried to prey the girl back into
motion, but she wouldnt move.
Melody looked back at her, Come on we have to move quickly. She whispered.
The girl shook her head, No, I dont want too. How can we get past anyone? The girl
I know a bit of self-defense moves. Come on, just stay behind me if trouble breaks
out. Melody pulled the girl along.
The door opened when they were too far away, if only she could have made the girl move
quicker. A bright light made her blind and she knew that she had made a vital mistake.
Oh what do we have here? A tall man said from the door.
Before she could react and get her eyes adjusted she felt strong arms circle around her.
Stop, where am I, what are you doing to us? Melody asked the man. But as she
looked up she noticed he didnt look like a human. His skin seemed to have a strange green tint
to it, and were those eyes right?
Oh, well I guess I can tell you. It wont matter; youll never be able to escape.
The thing chuckled; she could tell he wasnt human now for sure. Youre being sold to the
Sheiktel Family for their Goma. He answered and his smile grew large.
What is a Goma? She questioned.
Nope sorry, youll learn that soon enough. Another two large men had already
entered the room.
Were ready for the transfer; the funds are in the account. One of the
men/creatures said.
Melodys mind was lost trying to figure out what creatures they were. Besides the slight
tint, they looked close to human. But those eyes, she studied them closer.
Before she could look anymore though, she and the girl were being pushed along a long
Chapter 2

Cassius looked in the mirror and pumped himself up for the fight. He wished that it was
over already. After this fight he would be a free Sheiktel, free from all his obligations.
He had also heard that there was an extra prize in the purse. The promoters had been
tight lip about what the extra prize was tonight. But they had seemed quite excited about it, so
he hoped it was some extra currency to his account. That would be an amazing prize; it would
help him out a ton.
Tonight had taken a long time to get too. He had already won 199 fights. On this night if
he won, and he was certain he would, he would be free!
He heard the hype over the speakers in the gladiator room. Taking the last few moments
to make sure he was stretched out, Cassius got ready to go fight.
Tonight, Cassius the Killer could win his freedom. Thats right, creatures of the night
and day; we are about to possibly witness a great moment in our Goma fights! Are you ready?
Cassius could hear the crowd go into a wild frenzy of noise. Id say their ready! He
Cassius will face a special challenger tonight. Can you guess who it is?
He heard several names screamed out from the crowd, but one continued to be called
again and again. Lars, Lars, Lars.
He sighed; Lars was the one opponent he really had hoped to not have tonight. The guy
was extremely strong and lightning quick. But Cassius wasnt a weakling either, and his speed
had often won him the fight.
Lars though, he had watched a fight, and he had literally picked up his opponent and
snapped him in two. Okay so Im a little nervous. He sighed.
Thats right folks; tonight well pit Lars the Barbarian against Cassius. He will have
to fight the best of his life to make it out alive and to his freedom!
As Cassius walked out he heard the crowd chanting his name. It sounded like most of
them wanted him to win. However, he did hear several calls out for Lars.
Stepping into the circle, Cassius and Lars stood face to face. Cassius had to look up to
the huge man. He was larger in person; he had only seen him from far away before. Thats
okay I will still win, Cassius thought.
Alright you two know the rules, anything goes. Weapons will be given out from time
to time. Its a first come first serve basis though, so you may end up with no weapon. Fight is
to the death, no mercy is to be given. Cassius if you win, well you know what you get. Lars, if
you win, youll get to fight one more day. The referee said to them. Go to your corners and
wait for the bell.
You die tonight Cassius. Lars growled.
Well see. Cassius laughed and walked to his corner.
He hoped his plan worked in his favor. He wanted Lars to be mad and off his game. By
the flair in Larss eyes he had hit the spot.
The bell rang and no weapons were tossed out right away. So Cassius used his hands
and legs to his advantage. Plus he continued to work his mind games on Lars.
Hey big guy, so what did you have for your last meal tonight? Cassius asked right
before he landed a hard kick to the left side of Lars.
Lars recovered quickly, Youll die soon. Too bad you wont have lived even one day as a
free man. Lars laughed.
No way, how many fights have you been in now? Like 20, you know Ive bested
199 other people already. Why would you be any different? Cassius laughed loudly.
Lars eyes flared a red hot fire within them. He rushed Cassius, just as a sword was
being tossed into the ring. Cassius faked to the right and moved to the left. Lars hadnt even
noticed the weapon had come out.
Before Lars could recover Cassius was one him and with one swoop it was over. Larss
head bounced on the ground next to his prone body. He heard the crowd erupt in celebration.
Well that was a lot quicker than anyone thought it would be! Cassius has just
earned his freedom. He now becomes only the second Sheiktel to do so in history of our
Goma! Way to go Cassius. Tonight though there was also an extra prize to the purse.
Cassius has also won himself.
The announcer paused for effect. Hes won a live Earth girl as his very own slave! What
a fabulous way to begin your freedom. Congratulations to Cassius!
An Earth girl, he thought. Great, just what I need someone to drag along with me. He
had really hoped it had been currency in the pot. But perhaps he would sell the girl and get
money anyway. He was sure there would be at least one eager buyer out there.
Chapter 3

Cassius had cleaned up and gotten dressed after the fight was over. He now walked to
collect his freedom paper and Earth girl from Demetri. He knocked on the door to the office.
Come in. He heard Demetri call out. Congrats Cassius, youre a legend now!
Yeah, its nice to finally be free. Cassius admitted.
Wait; let me call the guards to bring your Earth girl here. Demetri held up his finger
and picked up the phone. Yeah, hey bring the girl to my office.
So do you know anyone who will want to buy this girl from me? Cassius asked.
Im sure youll find anyone outside of the arena. But you may want to wait; shes a
really nice looking one. Demetri got a sly grin on his face.
Cassius figured if anything he might be able to sell the girl to Demetri. However, he was
curious to see her now too. Demetri often had Earth girls on his sides. They were always
some really nice looking ladies too.
There was a knock on the door, and Demetri called out for the person to come in.
Cassius watched as the Earth girl was pulled into the room. He studied her slight body,
she was a lot shorter than he was, but her eyes are what got him. She turned to look at him
and he saw the emerald green orbs staring at him.
So here is your girl, if you dont want her though, I might take her off your hands.
Demetri was saying from behind Cassius.
He saw the girls eyes flinch in fear. No, like you said she is very good looking.
Cassius grabbed the girl and looked back at Demetri. He could see the man was a bit
sad that Cassius had chosen to keep her. Thanks Demetri, Ill be seeing you, not!
The girl resisted his touch for a second. Im not going to hurt you. He whispered into
her ear.
She walked out with him a little easier after hearing the words. He had noticed a few
bruises rising on her skin. He had always hated seeing that on slaves. Why couldnt these men
treat them like the fragile creatures they were?
Whats your name? He asked her as they walked down the hall.
Im Melody Hall, who are you? She asked.
Im Cassius, your new owner. He answered.
What are you, youre not human. She asked.
Cassius chuckled, My dear you are light years away from Earth now. Youre in the
Sheiktel region of the Dilerian Galaxy. Most likely you were kidnapped from your home, and
sold to our Goma.
But I dont want to be here. I want to go home.
Well, I dont have the money to send you back home. To be truthful though, I dont
want you here either. He turned and said to her.
He took her back to his room. This added extra cost to his way home; he hoped he had
the funds available. He may not want her here, but her body wasnt that bad to look at.
Cassius wondered how easy this Earth girl would be, it had been some time since he had sex.
Do you need to take a shower? He asked her.
Yes please.
Cassius showed her the room. Ill get something you can wear after youre done.
Chapter 4

Melody turned the water on and let it splash down on her. Her mind was all over the
place. She had been kidnapped, and now this huge Sheiktel creature was her owner. How had
her life taken such a turn?
When she had first seen him, she was frightened of him. He had stood a good foot taller
than her. His body width was more than two times of her own body.
If he wanted to take her, she wouldnt have a prayer. However, when he had whispered
to her that he wasnt going to hurt her, she had relaxed a bit.
For some reason she had trusted him at that moment. She had studied him closer as
they had walked down the halls of the building. He had a sloped forehead, but besides that,
and his huge size, he looked human.
She had felt his muscles rippling as they walked together. Her body had begun to react to
him in ways she would never have imaged. When he had asked her if she needed a shower,
she should have told him yes, a cold one.
As she soaped up and washed off all she could think of was Cassius and how large he
was overall. Her mind had to wonder just how big his junk would be. Oh I bet its way too
large for me. She shook her head and tried to think of anything else.
Hey how are you doing? She jumped as she heard his deep voice from behind her.
Melody turned and saw that he was now behind her in the shower. How did you get
behind me? I didnt even hear you come in. Melody stuttered.
His body was completely naked and it glistened a light gold all over. She licked her lips
without thinking.
I wanted to test out my slave of course. He smiled.
Oh, I dont know, Im really not the type of girl to sleep with someone right away.
She said her nerves tightening up all over.
Its okay; Ill make you want it. He closed his arms around her and covered her
She opened her mouth to receive his tongue without any fight. Melody had known she
had wanted him as soon as she saw him naked behind her. The fact that her body had
moistened in an instant and her heart had been pounding a wild beat had been her clues.
She moaned loudly as his arms moved over her body. Melody could feel all of his
wonderful muscles as they grazed over her body. His fingers clipped her nipple in between
them and he lightly twisted the nub around.
Melody cried out in pleasure. She heard him chuckle, Not going to fight are you?
She couldnt speak but she looked up at him and shook her head no. He picked her up
and carried her body, dripping water, to the bed.
Cassius looked down at her body, he was slightly more happy about having won her right
now. He pushed one of his huge fingers into her slit and Melody arched up and moaned loudly.
How much do you want it? He asked her.
So much, please just fuck me. She moaned as his finger pushed into her pussy
once more.
He grinned down at her and positioned himself above her. Cassius moved his hardness to
her opening and pushed into her slowly.
Melody thought she would explode from the pleasure that was shooting out through her
body. She moaned as he sped up and moved in and out of her quicker.
Soon she could feel a climax rocketing in her body. Melody yelled out and clawed at
Cassiuss back. He couldnt hold back and let lose his climax.
She looked over at him, shocked by how amazing the sex had just been with this alien. I
might just get used to that, maybe Earth isnt that big of a deal, she thought.
Chapter 5

Cassius rolled over and untangled himself from Melody. They had sex several times
during the night, and he felt like he could go again. He looked over at her body, and felt his
erection build.
He placed a hand on her body and began tracing patterns on her skin. She stirred and
looked up at him, a smile on her face. Hey. She said.
Hey! He answered. His fingers had made their way to her core and he was
massaging her clit between his thumb and finger.
She moaned and moved her body towards him. He picked her up and settled her down
on his hardness. Her warmness enveloped him and he was soon buried to the hilt.
Melody moved on him, moaning as he hit her g-spot. Cassius began moving her up and
down by grabbing her waist. She was really light and he found that he was helping her to
climax quicker.
His phone rang on the side of the bed. Ignore it. He ordered.
She was more than glad to continue letting him manipulate her body up and down on his
hard cock. The phone kept ringing though and it became too much of an annoyance.
He took one of his hands off her waist and Melody began moving herself on him once
more. Cassius picked up the phone. This better be good. He barked into the phone.
Cassius, what the hell happened in Demetris office last night? He heard his friend
Jakir ask.
Nothing, I got my prize and left. He answered.
Melody was still moving herself on his hard cock as he talked. She moaned loudly as she
had an orgasm.
Oh I hear her there. Jakir chuckled a bit. But then quickly became serious. You
might want to leave though. Someone killed Demetri last night and you were the last one
anyone saw him with. Jakir said.
Cassius sat up quickly; he caught Melody before she fell off the bed. What? No way, I
saw someone come in as we were leaving. I couldnt tell who it was; they had a jacket on with
a hood.
Well you were the last one that signed in, and they are thinking it was you. They
arent in the mood for talking either, if you know what I mean. Jakir told him.
Oh shit. Alright, how much time do I have? Cassius asked.
I would say no more than an hour.
Thanks Jakir, I owe you one.
Just get out alive and Ill come visit you soon. Jakir said and hung up.
Cassius looked at Melody. We have to go. They think I killed Demetri last night.
Melody just looked at him, What? Where are we going?
I was planning on going home but theyll figure that out. So we are going to have to
pick a different destination. Lets go, Ill figure it out along the way. He grabbed her.
Cassius threw a few things in a couple of duffle bags and soon they were out the door.
He hoped he had enough of a head start. He was going to have to call in a few favors, but he
knew the right person to get him out of this system.
Chapter 6

Melody sat looking at Cassius. He had got them passage on a storage ship and they
were now secured in between all the cargo.
Dont worry; I wont let anything happen to you. He tried to smile at her.
Why do they think you killed him? I mean I could tell them you and I left and he was
still alive. Melody told him.
Thats not how it works here, especially since it was Demetri who was killed. He
was one of the most well-known people in our region. They wont ask questions, and they
wont care what you have to say. Cassius explained.
So where are we going? She asked.
Were going to a planet that is nearly uninhabited. Its called Zeron, we should be
safe there. Its a place they will never think of going too. This ship will drop us off along the
way. The only person who knows we are here wont say a word. He explained.
Hmm, I hope hes more trustworthy than most humans. Melody scoffed.
Why humans arent trustworthy? He asked.
Some will look at you and claim they have your back, but when push comes to
shove. Well lets just say you wont find them anywhere near your back or side, or anywhere.
Melody stated.
Well in Sheiktel our word is our bond. The only way they would get it out of him
would be to kill him and save his last memories. But that technology is a bit sketchy at best.
On Earth some people are so evil and they get off on lying to women and making
them think theyll hand them the world. But when it comes to hard times they will leave you.
Melody said sadly.
What happened to you? He asked.
She shook her head, not sure if this was a story she wanted to share with him. Finally,
she looked at him and started the story. I was young, only 21 years old at the time. I was
dating a guy, his name was Jay. He swore he loved me, and wanted to spend his life with me.
I was still a virgin at the time, but he convinced me to have sex with him. He told me, it was
okay, because he was going to be the man I spent my life with. So I decided he was right. We
slept together a few times, and well I got pregnant. When I told him that we were having a
baby, he wasnt happy at all. Not the way you think he would be, even though we were young.
If he wanted to be with me, why wouldnt he want kids? He disappeared, and left me alone to
face this new world on my own. She stopped to catch her breath.
So you have a child back on Earth? He asked concerned.
No I didnt go full term. The stress of everything just pushed me over the edge. I
had a miscarriage around month 4, and lost the baby. She told him.
Oh wow, Im so sorry to hear that. I really dont know what to say. Why did he
leave you and not stay, it was after all his responsibility too.
Well thats why I said that people are Earth arent really good. You can find good
ones, but you have ones who are like this. They will lie to suit their own needs.
We are much more honest in our Galaxy. I must say it would be confusing for me
to deal with people I couldnt take at face value. Cassius stated.
Cassius held her hand; he could feel the fear emanating from her. He couldnt blame her.
He had a life of near luxury planned once he retired. But now he was on the run, and his only
hope was that when they didnt find him they would look into the case more.
However, Cassius knew from past stories, that they didnt usually start looking into cases
until several months after they happened. If the authorities found who they thought the guilty
party was they would be killed. The case would be closed, even if the real killer was still out
It didnt happen very often in their galaxy, but that didnt matter now. Right now he had to
keep both himself and Melody safe. He looked over at her and studied her features.
Her forehead was crinkled up as if she was thinking about something very serious. He
rubbed her arm with his hand. Its going to be okay. He told her. This time he sounded a bit
more positive.
Cassius knew he had to be strong for both of them right now.
Thank you. I really dont want to die yet. Melody finally said.
So you heard what he said to me? I had wondered. Cassius said.
Yeah, how he said that they would kill both of us on the spot. That we had to hurry
up and hide. Melody commented on what she had heard Cassius connection say to him.
I wont let you get hurt. He took her chin in his huge hand and looked into her
She shook her head. He could still feel the quaking of fear through her body though.
You know we never got to finish what we started back at my place. Maybe that will
take your mind off of all this. Cassius grinned as he brushed his fingers over her nipple.
Melody looked at him; the lust was in her eyes. He moved her over and opened up his
pants. She sat down on him to finish what they had begun before they had to run.
Her mind was whirling about, how could she be having sex and be so scared. But soon
the fear was replaced by the pleasure he was eliciting from her body.
It was short, Cassius couldnt hold back once he felt her body begin to throb in orgasm.
After they were done he held her close on his lap.
He had a strong desire to make sure nothing happened to her. Was it just a sense of
duty, or more, he wondered.
Cassius had to admit that he had feelings about her, especially now that he had seen her
at her most vulnerable. He touched her cheek and brushed some of her long brown hair from
her face.
Chapter 7

Melody knew that there was more to life than just good sex. Shit, who am I kidding, mind
blowing sex, she thought. The way he had just looked at her made her wonder though, just
what was he thinking.
If she had been more experienced she might realize that he was looking at her with
dreamy eyes. The kind that men usually only got when they were infatuated with a female.
However, Melody had only been in one relationship, and that was nothing to compare this
one with. It had been a choice, not a forced situation, like this.
Her ex-boyfriend Jay had been quite the talker. He had sworn that he would be with her
until the day they both died. It was his sweet words that had convinced her to have sex with
him. Melody had believed his lies about marriage and gladly gave her precious virginity to him.
But a few months later, when she had found out she was pregnant, he had vanished. Jay
couldnt be found, no matter who she called, he was not around. She knew that his friends
were lying for him. However, what was she supposed to do?
She had been on her own and scared at only 21 years of age. Melody had lost the baby
in a miscarriage, due to all the stress she was under. She had only begun her career, and
really didnt have the money for a child. However, she had planned on going through and having
the baby, she would raise it alone.
Melody could have really used the support of a strong man at that time in her life. Instead
she had to go through her grief all alone. It had been one of the worst times of her life.
Now 3 years later, here she was with another man, or rather alien. She could feel the
hope of something more developing between them. However, it was with trepidation that she
put her heart into his hands.
Cassius, I dont know how to ask you this. But what are your plans with me?
Melody asked. Perhaps since she had explained about her and Jay, he would understand why
she was asking this type of question.
Well of course youll go to Zeron with me and live. He answered.
I mean, how long do I stay your slave? What do I do? I dont know anything about
how this works. She wanted to add I dont want to be a slave I want to be more to you, but
she couldnt.
Hmm, Ive never had a slave before. So I dont know, I guess you would be with
me your whole life. As far as what you do, I think youve learned some of the things I require.
He chuckled and smiled, his meaning written on his face and by his hands flicking her nipple
Melody couldnt help but let the moan escape from her mouth. He seemed to know the
right spots to touch her and send her body into overdrive. She turned red, but her body cried
out for him.
He pulled her to him and crushed her lips to his. I dont know, I guess well play it all by
ear. He said releasing her.
She wanted him again, wanted him to converge on her body and plow her into oblivion.
But then she looked around and considered their situation once more. However, they had sex
once already, though it was quick.
Melody moved her hand down his leg and cupped his balls in her hands.
We should really wait until we get to Zeron. It wont be much longer, than we can
break in our new home. He promised with his words. His mouth added a more intimate
Okay. Her body yearned to feel him right now. But she put her libido in the closet
for the moment and locked the door. She really couldnt understand how she had fell for him so
When he had said our new home, she thought she might swoon and faint. It sounded like
he wanted more with her, not just a slave/owner relationship. Maybe he will marry me one day,
she thought.
Chapter 8

Cassius could feel the ship slowing down; he knew they were getting close to Zeron.
When Melody has started to rub him, he had almost gone wild. He had wanted to take her like
a wild animal at that moment. However, he knew how close they were to stopping.
If he wasnt careful they would miss their window and be stuck on the ship to a more
inhabited location. That wouldnt do good, he would be got and they would both be killed.
It had taken all of his will to not take her. Cassius knew of a place where they would be
able to stay. He had a home here, one that no one had known about.
The home had been a gift from a friend a while back. Here, thank you for not killing me.
This is the deed to my home on Zeron. The man had stated.
I cant take your home. Cassius had told the man.
Please, I have another one. Truthfully I dont think I could ever live on Zeron. There
is so little there. So few, that you have to learn to live off the land. Im not interested in hunting
for my meals. Im more of the type who wants it ready made. The man had said.
Cassius had no clue at that point he would ever see this home. However, it was funny
how things somehow seemed to work out in his favor. Well, not with the whole death of
Demetri. At least he had a place that was safe for him and Melody.
He looked at her and thought of all the things he was going to do to her in that new home.
He also wondered if she would ever be interested in a more stable relationship, like being his
He had heard of interspecies relationships before. They might even be able to have a
family together. Cassius had heard that most women liked to have at least one child. Maybe if
he offered that to her, she would agree to be his wife.
Come on, you have to go now, you have two minutes. The man who had set up
the passage for them came into the room.
Cassius grabbed Melody by the hand and got them out of the ship quickly. He found
transport at a small hut that was near the landing zone of the ship.
We need a few supplies; can you take us to the shop first? Cassius asked the
Yeah sure, but it will cost you more currency. The man said.
Cassius agreed gladly, he was happy that news of the gladiator fights at the Goma didnt
reach this area of the region. The guy clearly had not recognized him.
The shop was small and didnt have much to offer in the way of supplies. Cassius picked
up what he could and they went on to the house. He had never seen it so had no idea what to
Here you are. The guy said as he stopped.
The place looked pleasant enough, as long as the inside was in better repair, they might
be in luck. Thanks a lot. Cassius handed the man some currency, plus a little extra.
Thanks man, anytime. The guy took off after they had taken the bags out.
Well it looks pretty nice from here. Im shocked I thought it might not look as
Melody and him went up to the door. He opened it with the key. It looks like well be
busy cleaning for a bit. Melody said looking around at the dust and grim that had been seated
for years.
First things first, well get to cleaning later. Cassius grabbed her. You were
driving me wild in the ship; I think we need to take care of that first. He laughed. Now to find
a spot that isnt so dirty. Oh hell with it, He said after looking around for a few moments.
Cassius finally shook out a sheet that had been placed over a couch. He pulled her down
on top of him. They kissed deeply as his hands went over her body.
He had learned where to touch her already. Cassius moved down though and looked at
her nexus. He licked his lips, he felt like doing something special.
He heard her moan as his mouth covered her slit and his tongue licked up to settle on her
Oh wow, oh my. Melody was sputtering as he applied his tongue to her sex.
Cassius laughed and went back to his exploration of her lower body. Soon he was
awarded for all his hard work with a rush of her juices. She screamed out as she was sent
over the edge and climaxed.
He greedily licked up as much of her juices as he could. He was hungry to taste more of
her, but he wanted to have sex too. His member was throbbing, and he thought he might
orgasm before he even got inside of her.
She was still bucking up into his face as he pulled away from her. He moved up and
placed a kiss on her lips. Melody, I dont know what all I can offer you. But Ive been thinking
about it. I dont really want a slave.
Melody froze below him, her face looked frightened, What will I do? Where will I go?
Im not kicking you out my love. No I would like you to be my wife instead. We can
have children if you want; I think our species is compatible. He offered.
Married, you want to marry me? She asked confused.
Yes I would like that very much. I mean we may have to move quickly and if your
my wife. Well our cover might be better. If your my slave though, we might be easier to find.
He explained.
I thought that you said we should be safe here? She asked.
We should be, but just in case.
Oh is that the only reason, so that we wont be discovered? She questioned. He
could hear the hurt in her voice.
Cassius pulled her up to him and thrust into her. No its not my love. I want to be with
you too. He admitted. I love you.
Chapter 9

You do? Melody questioned.
Well yeah, I mean when we are together its like a volcano igniting and exploding.
This has to be more than just sex. He explained.
Yes, I thought the same thing too. She admitted.
So what do you say? He asked.
Oh yes, Ill marry you, and I love you too Cassius. I feel safe around you, like no
one could ever harm me. Melody scraped her nails on his back and he thrust into her again.
She was lost in thought as he brought her body to another climax.
Once they were done it was time to clean though. They both began to fix the place up. It
was possible that they could be stuck here the rest of their lives, or at least for a few years.
Along the trip Cassius had explained to Melody more in depth about how their justice
system worked. It had made her shiver with fear to think of how many innocent people they
may have killed in the past.
Soon enough the house was coming together.
Overall its in rather good shape. Cassius announced after he came in from
inspecting the outside of the house closer.
Well thats good. Melody smiled at him. Were you kidding when you asked me to
marry you earlier? She asked.
Of course not, why would I do that. He answered.
I dont know. Well on Earth men talk and say things they dont mean. You know
they promise women things so they get sex. She explained.
Wow, your species seems a bit dishonest. Is that what your ex-boyfriend did to
you? Didnt you tell me his name was Jay? Another thing are you dishonest? He asked, his
face showing some worry.
No Im what you would call one of the good ones. Im so honest sometimes people
take me as being rude. Yes Jay did the whole dishonest thing to me. But I would rather not
talk about him anymore. She laughed.
Id rather have you honest. He admitted.
There was a knock on the door, they looked at each other. No one knew they were here,
except for the guy who drove them here. However, why would he be back out here?
Cassius approached a window slowly and looked out front. He turned towards her, I
dont know who it is. He doesnt have a uniform on though.
She shook her head, ready to help defend him if it came to it. Be ready to run if I tell
you. Cassius told her.
No way, Im standing by you. She stated.
He smiled at her. Alright, but I really dont know if this is bad news, or nothing big.
Go ahead. She stood by his side and he answered the door.
Yes can I help you? Cassius asked the blue man standing at the door.
Wow, Brakley wasnt lying; there are really new people on the planet! The man
smiled and pushed his hand towards Cassius. Im Jureal; Ive lived on Zeron for around ten
years now. You are the first new people Ive seen come here. I was just wondering if you
needed anything.
Oh its nice to meet you Jureal. Im Cassius and this is Melody.
Jureal looked from one to the other. Hmm, interspecies couple are you? Interesting, I
would never have imagined that on Zeron! He laughed.
Yeah we wanted to be away from the bustle of it all. You know live a very quiet
life. Cassius said.
Oh youll have that here on Zeron. Overall, there may be around 100 of us here.
All of us are spread out quite a bit. So you should be able to enjoy your peace and quiet here.
Perhaps Ill contact the others and we can have a little party to greet you one day. Jureal
Sure that sounds nice. But can you give us a bit to fix up the place, and we can
have it here? Melody said, shaking Jureals hand.
Thats not a problem. Most people who live on Zeron dont like to travel much
anyway. He laughed heartily.
Cassius and Melody looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.
Well I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the planet. When you get the
phone installed heres my number. Just let me know if you need anything. Im one of your
closest neighbors. Jureal explained.
Oh how far away are you? Melody asked.
About four hours or so, with the speed travel options. But if you want to go the
slower way it would take me a few days. So not very close at all! I just happened to be in the
area to visit the shop. Jureal explained.
Well thanks for stopping by. Well let you know when we get our phone in and are
ready for a party! Cassius said.
Yeah its always nice to see someone new comer to Zeron. Hey did anyone ever
tell you, you look like that gladiator dude a bit. Well youre not near as big as he looks on the
channel though. Jureal laughed as he left.
Melody looked at Cassius, Do you think he knows? Her nerves felt frayed at the thought
of Jureal knowing Cassius real identity.
I dont know. Well be careful and watch to see if we get a lot of visitors or not. Ill
set up an alarm system outside. That way if they do come for us we can hopefully get out
quickly. Cassius said.

Melody looked over at Cassius; they had been on Zevon for six months now. She had
grown to love Zevon quite a lot.
They had a party about a month ago and met several of the other people who lived on this
lonely planet. Jureal had turned out to be not only a real friend, but also a good source of
It had been just two weeks ago when Jureal had come to visit them again.
Hey, Cassius and Melody how are you both doing? Jureal asked him as he came
into their home.
Hey Jureal, were good. How are you doing? Cassius had asked.
Not bad. I heard some interesting information from the Goma the other day.
Jureal had said.
Oh what is that? Cassius had asked quietly.
Melody had felt the nerves begin to throb in her body. On more than one occasion Jureal
had hinted about how much Cassius looked like a great warrior he had once seen at the Goma.
Well it seems that Demetri, he was the guy who sold the tickets and promoted the
fights. He was killed, there was a lot of talk about how the warrior, Cassius, funny he has the
same name as you. But the warrior had supposedly killed him. However, you know that never
made much sense to me. Why would a guy who had just won his freedom do something like
that? Surely, it would be someone else. Jureal had paused.
Right it wouldnt make sense that a guy who was finally free would kill the man who
basically gave him that freedom. Melody had said.
Cassius had cut her off with a look though.
Yeah I agree. Jureal had said. So anyway, I thought perhaps it was a relative of
the Lars fellow. Do you know anything about the Goma? He had stopped and asked them
No, besides the legend talk Ive heard from some people in the past. Cassius had
stated cautiously.
I have no idea, Im from Earth. Melody had looked at him and played dumb.
Okay, well you have heard of gladiators before right Melody. Jureal had looked at
Yes, the Romans on Earth used to have fights to the death. Melody had shook her
Well the Goma is the same thing, but in our Galaxy. The men who battle are often
slaves, theyve either been sold as slaves, or their families were slaves. The deal is that if any
warrior can win 200 fights they will be set free. It isnt a task that is easy to do. There have
only been two in all of the history of the Goma. Mazart back around 100 years ago was the
first fighter to complete all the fights. Recently, Cassius completed this same number of fights.
This is where it gets interesting though. The night of the fights someone killed Demetri, and the
signs all pointed to Cassius. I on the other hand had other theories about the guilty party. I
thought that it would either be one of Larss relatives, hes the man that Cassius obliterated in
about 10 minutes time. Or perhaps an angry fan who felt they were cheated on a bet. I just
happen to have the right connections and let it be known of my theories. It seems that the
authorities hadnt looked at the cameras in the building yet. When they pulled up the footage
from that night, you know who could be seen clearly walking out of the building? Jureal had
stopped and studied them both closely.
Melody squirmed under his study, but sat tight lipped. Cassius had not said a word either.
Well it was Cassius and his prize for the fight. About two minutes after walking into
Demetris office was a hooded man. The kicker was when they pulled the office film though.
The man who had come in was Larss younger brother, Marteen. Clearly on the film you can
see Marteen as he slayed Demetri.
Oh really, thats great news! Melody had said.
Cassius had looked at Jureal, So how long have you known I was the warrior?
Jureal had laughed, Since the first time I met you son. But Im telling you I have a sense
about anyone I meet. I can tell if they are a good person or a bad one. You my friend are
indeed a good man. That was why I pulled my strings and made sure that the truth was
discovered. You my man are truly a free man. If you want you can go back home.
Cassius and Melody had been stunned further to find out that Jureal had once been an
inspector for the authorities. If he had thought Cassius was really guilty, he would have called
them in the day he first met them. But he had gone with his gut instinct and now Cassius could
do anything he wanted.
They had decided they loved Zevon and would stay there most of the year. But had
planned to visit his home planet once the baby was born, he wanted his parents to meet their
new grandchild.
What are you thinking about Melody? Cassius interrupted her thoughts.
Oh just thinking about how scared I was when I was first kidnapped. I never
imagined that I would find love out in space. She answered as she rubbed her belly.
You know I was so upset when I first found out you were the prize. Boy was I a
stupid man at that point. Cassius laughed.
But youre not anymore!
He grabbed her and kissed her deeply, No my love Im not, and I have the most amazing
wife a man could ever ask for. I love you Melody.
I love you too Cassius.

Chapter 1

I want you to know that I will always be there for you. I would walk through hell and
protect you with my life. You know, as well as I do that we cant stay here. Im sure that you
heard the stories about the horsemen and you thought that they were all a myth or some kind
of legend. I have to admit, I was also skeptical, but I did a couple a jobs with them and lets just
say that they are not exactly easy to deal with. I might have ice water running through my veins,
but they dont care about anybody, but themselves. They rely on one another and having a team
might be beneficial, but in the long run I believe that being alone is better. Jordan could say
that, but everything changed when Lila came into the picture. He didnt know it at that time, but
he was screwed this way to Sunday.
Lila watched Jordan pace back and forth and she could literally see the gears inside of his
head moving very quickly. Were never going to be safe. Ive heard of these horsemen, but I
never believed for a second that they were real. I always thought that Jamison said these
things just to keep the girls in line. I dont want to tell him how much I enjoyed shooting Dylan.
A small part of me wants him to find a way out of this, so that I can torture him, until he cant
take it anymore. Hell beg me for death. Ive always considered myself to be a survivor. To me
life was hard, but with Jordan in my life, I can honestly say that Ive never felt happier. I just
hope that theres not going to be a time that something comes around and pulls the rug out
from beneath us.
While you were sleeping, I made a couple phone calls and I know that the horsemen are
in town. Blake is considered the horsemen of death. Hell be taking the lead on this. He was
born a bred by his father to be a hunter. He translated that into doing the same thing against
the human being. I dont like to admit this, but he did teach me a couple of things that I have
used in my own way. Hes not exactly easy to dodge. Hes tenacious. Hell smell us on the wind
like some sort of bloodhound. What we need to do is to stay close to Jamison, but they will be
expecting that. Ive heard that Jamison is holed up at his estate. They have asked him
repeatedly to leave and go someplace a little less open, but he is adamant about staying.
Weve come a long way. I dont think either one of us wants to face Jamison after what
we did. I dont feel good about letting Melanie suffer. She treated me with kindness and there
were days that her predecessor was more like a warden of a jail cell. I dont think that she
deserves her fate, but then again neither do we. I want him to know that I will face whatever
comes our way. I may not have a lot of training, but Ive been known to fight dirty when it
matters the most. I came from an upbringing of class and sophistication, but outside my
sheltered doors was the real world. Lila was dressed in a pair of jeans and a checkered shirt
that was a little big for her frame, but she was making do with what she had found in the closet.
Whoever had lived here before moved out quickly and really didnt stop to pack much of
anything. It appeared that the only person that lived here was someone that was single. It was
possible that they were squatting and had been made to leave by the authorities. They
probably had a patrol go by every so often to make sure that the homeless didnt think that this
was easy pickings. What we need right now is a place that is pretty much in plain sight. Im not
going to leave and I know how much of a risk that is. We could run and tuck our tails between
our legs, but I dont think thats how either one of us are built. I saw the way that you looked
when you fired that shot at Dylan and shattered his knee. You left him with a permanent
reminder. That must have given you a joy that youve never felt before Jordan had shaved the
stubble on his head down to the shadow that it was. He was letting his hair grow out on his
face. He had used this technique in the past. The more facial hair that he had, the more likely
he was able to change his appearance. He had several things for disguises, including different
types of glasses and even a few very custom made wigs and hairpieces.
I know what youre going to say. You probably think that I will tell you that theres no way
that Im going to cut my hair or change the color. You would be wrong on both accounts. If I
have to change everything about myself, then you can be assured that I am willing and able to
do that. I may seem weak, but Ive only had to play that way for the sake of appearances. I do
like our sex life and I would tell you otherwise. I just want to make it clear from the very
beginning that I want the kind of wild untamed kind of sexual experience that I never got any
place else. You do that for me and I hope that I do that for you. I want him to say something,
but I know that he holds his emotions deep inside. Ive seen flickers of the man, but Ive also
seen that stare that comes from knowing that were going to be coming up against very bad
I dont want you to consider me a hero, because I dont think that I could live with that
kind of adoration. Ive done things in the past that people would call me a monster for. I could
have walked away at any time, but I never saw a reason to. I never wanted anything else and
now you make me yearn for the simpler things. Jordan felt like there was a piece missing. He
wasnt sure that he had the killer instinct anymore. He wanted to believe that he could turn it off
and on like a light switch, but there was something inside of him that told him that all life was
precious. It made him sick to think that Lila could do that to him. He didnt know the half of it.
I have something to tell you. Ive been holding onto this for a little while and I just never
saw the right time to tell you something that will change your life forever. Now that Im standing
in front of you, I really dont know how to put what I want to say into words. Instead of saying
anything, she grabbed his hand and placed it up against her stomach. She saw the surprise in
his eyes. She wasnt sure if he was happy or angry or maybe a combination of both.
I really dont know what to say. I never had any need for family before. I dont think that I
can deal with this right now. I will tell you that Im surprisingly happy about this. I cant show it,
because if I do, I will think that Im going soft. I cant have that right now, but you are protected.
I will make sure that nothing happens to you and my child. If I had any doubts before about
doing any of this, then you made that all vanish. Jordan looked at her stomach and couldnt
even fathom that there would be a child of his growing inside. He wanted to ask her if she was
sure, but her eyes told him everything that he wanted to know.
I have never doubted your conviction for protecting me and I certainly dont doubt it now
that I have a child on the way. Like you, Ive never known anything different. I thought for sure
that I was going to live and die doing what I hated. I had thought about ending it all at the
beginning, but then a remarkable strength came over me. I concentrated on my life and the
revenge that I would take upon all those that had done me wrong. I still want that, but I want a
family with you more. I kind of hate myself for even thinking that its possible for us to have any
kind of happy ending. I should get rid of the baby and walk away, before its too late. I can
live on my own hiding with the dregs of society that call the street their home. I could do that,
but Im not going to. Id rather die with him in a blaze of Glory than to cower away from people
that dont deserve that kind of satisfaction.
Jordan couldnt tear himself away from touching her stomach. There was no indication
that there was a baby pump, but it was still too early for anything like that to happen. He finally
shook himself from the very thought of coming home to the woman that gave him the gift of a
life inside of herself. He couldnt say those three words, but he was starting to believe that it
was going to happen sooner than later. He had a stash of weapons not too far away that he
wanted to get his hands on. The horsemen would know about it, but that was something that he
was going to have to risk.
I need to go someplace and I would rather that you stay here. I know that youre not
going to and that separating is not an option. I would rather have you near me, than to worry
about your safety. Like I said, the horsemen are not to be taken lightly. They work together and
they have done so for years. Where others that work with a team would worry that they were
going to find themselves on the receiving end of a blade up against their throat that was never
the case with the horsemen. Their chemistry is better than any sports team. They practically
know what each other is thinking. Im going to need enough fire power to become an army of
one. I will rain down hell on Jamison. I will take his horsemen and send them back to him in
I think that youre starting to learn that we are in this together. It doesnt matter that Im
pregnant. I dont want you to treat me any differently. I know how difficult that is going to be for
most men, but for you it might be different. Think of me as just another one of your soldiers.
Before I told him about the baby, he was teaching me a few basic moves to defend myself. It
was all about repetitive motion. I was training my body to react a certain way. Its kind of
fascinating to see how his mind works. I watched the way that his body moved like it was
separate from the rest of him.
We have procrastinated long enough. I would love to stay here with you and never think
of anything, but you and the baby ever again. Im only deluding myself and I think that Im
seeing how people get trapped and have only themselves to blame. I thought that people were
weak minded, but maybe I was wrong. I never believed that I could have a connection with any
one including my family. Jamison may have thought that I saw him, as a father figure, but I
really didnt. He was a necessary evil, but that evil needs to be excised. If I thought for a
moment that he would let us leave unscathed and not hunted, then I would most likely let
sleeping dogs lie. Im going to have to go after him with everything I have. They went outside
and over to the car.
Jordan, I can say that Im not scared, but Im just good at hiding it well. She jumped
back, as Jordan started to scream into the sky. He slammed his hand down onto the hood of
the car and then started to punch it like it was his own personal punching bag. The only thing
that Lila could do was stand there and wonder if he had lost his mind. I know that hes been
dealing with a lot, but Im worried that his mind is not as sharp as I thought it was. I dont want
to do this alone and I dont think that I could even if I wanted to. I need him and I need him to
be the man that everybody fears. I cant have him thinking like a father to be. He needs to
separate all of that and become the weapon that he was honed into from the moment that he
entered into the military Im only going to say this once. I dont want to hear you say that you
are scared of anything. You are stronger than that and they dont give you enough credit. I will
be honored to stand with you, even if we are gunned down in the street. I didnt tell you this
morning, but I found the way that you became a sponge with all the moves that I was teaching
you to be almost symbiotic. You have this way of seeing things differently and you dont allow
that fear to weigh you down. Everybody is afraid of something and its that fear that makes us
realize that we are alive. We stay that way, because it makes us alert and we dont allow
ourselves the luxury of cowering in a corner and rocking back and forth in the fetal position.
Jordan looked at his knuckles and saw that he had scraped them quite severely on the hood of
the car. It was something that he was dealing with. He had bouts of anger that came over him
in a rage. He didnt know the cause, but he suspected that it had something to do with his
Chapter 2

You wont hear from my lips from this moment on about anything that pertains to me
being scared. Youre right. We dont have the time to dwell on these things. They wont hesitate
and we are going to have to be just as precise and deadly. I see the way that he looks at me
and I wonder why he thinks that I am that special. Nobody has ever treated me like he has. I
never thought it was possible, but now that Im standing here taking this step to my own
liberation, I have to wonder what will be the ultimate price that Im going to have to pay. I know
how to handle a knife, but not nearly as good as he does. He showed me a few moves and if I
were to use the element of surprise, I might actually be able to hurt somebody quite severely.
We do this together and we make sure that we leave nobody standing. We have to burn
his empire down to the ground and salt the earth afterwards. Nothing can be living and able to
take the place to fill that vacuum. I think I knew deep down that this day would come. He has
one son and one daughter. They cannot be allowed to even think about vengeance. The best
way to avoid their wrath is to make sure that they are not breathing. We will start with his
children and then we will set our sights on the man himself. He wont think that I would have the
gall to come after his family. He will believe that they were off limits, but to me they have
always been fair game. Jordan drove onto the road looking to his side and seeing that hard
I think that you should allow me to make the approach to his daughter Rebecca. Im not
sure how much she knows. I dont think that she has been blind all this time. I know that she
goes to the local university. I can use my charm to get her alone. She couldnt think of
Rebecca, as anything other than an obstacle. I dont know if Im going to be able to kill her. I
guess Ill have to cross that bridge when I come to it. I can feel the knife and I know that my
hands are not going to remain clean for much longer. Ive never killed anybody, but maybe
shooting Dylan was a stepping stone in the right direction. I dont want him to think that he has
to protect me. I hate myself for even liking the fact that he wants to.
Jordan was looking in his rearview mirror, making sure that there was no sign of any tail.
He really couldnt see anything. It appeared that they were still a couple of steps ahead of the
horsemen. Jordan drove with both hands on the wheel. He had a plan. He would take
everything away from Jamison piece by piece. His family would be the first targets. They may
have seemed innocent, but he understood how Jamison worked. He would never allow his
family to think of him, as anything but the ruthless mafia kingpin. He would want them to know
their legacy, but he would keep them away from danger, until they were ready to pick up the
mantle of responsibility.
Jordan didnt realize that his hand had strayed over towards her. It was not in any way
sexual. His hand rubbed her stomach and then he pulled it away like somebody had burned him
with a hot poker. He couldnt afford these kinds of distractions. He needed be focused and
ready for anything. Im going to park the car a little ways away from the house. The family that
lives there has no idea that I have a stash of weapons in a secret room in the basement. Ive
done my research and they should all be out of the house, until its time to come back to have
supper together. Jordan was using the GPS unit on his phone. He was starting to get used to
all the apps. He had even become quite addicted to angry birds. I figure that its best that we
approach from a distance. That way, we can verify that there are no sudden surprises. By your
own admission, you said that the horsemen will know about your stash and they will most likely
come here to make sure that you dont have a pot to piss in. He wasnt the only one that was
touching. Her hand was rubbing a certain part of his anatomy. She could feel the length and
strength of it. It was obvious that the excitement and the adrenaline rush of the moment had
caused his stiffened condition.
Im not saying that doesnt feel good. What I am saying is that you dont have to do this. I
would rather that we stay in the moment and not feel this need to jump each others bones. I
want to treat this like any other mission. Im going to ask you to take a walk into the suburban
community. Make it look like you are out for a casual stroll. Look for anything out of the
ordinary. Youll know it when you see it. You may not think so, but Ive been in enough situations
to understand how the human mind works. He handed her a pair of headphones that were
locked onto a frequency of his choosing. I will be with you and you can trust that if anything
goes wrong that I will be there.
I think that I can handle this. If I can handle those businessmen and privileged princes,
then I can handle a short jog into a relatively normal setting. You dont have to worry about me.
She said those last words and then felt his tongue stabbing into her mouth. She looked at him
alarmed, but the feeling of that kiss was igniting those nerve endings. It caused her to feel a
sort of calm come over her. She pulled away and looked at him with a grin of satisfaction. You
did that on purpose to make me feel more comfortable about doing something that is out of my
element. Hes very good at this type of thing. Ive watched him from the moment that I met
him and Ive learned certain little things that make the most difference. He doesnt allow those
emotions to choke him. He pushes them down. I need to do the same thing and become
something of a chameleon. She reached into her coat pocket and pulled her dark hair back in a
ponytail. It was jet black and not the same color that most men craved to see her in.
Jordan gave her a pair of glasses with no prescription. These were meant to give the
illusion of someone that needed glasses to see. By the time that she got out of the car, she
looked like any other would be jogger that had not yet committed to going all the way. A pair of
jeans and that shirt tied at her navel was the perfect way to give the guys a cheap thrill and
make the girls think of her as a rival.
I know that you can hear me and you probably dont need it, but Im going to wish you
luck anyway. You will be perfectly fine and I want you to forget about the woman that you were.
Find that survivor and tell her that its time to put up or shut up. Jordan had a pair of binoculars
and was surveying the area, but so far he didnt see anything that would give him a moment of
pause. Every thing seemed perfectly normal, but maybe that was what was bothering him. I do
have to remind you not to make eye contact with anyone. You can be friendly and smile, but
dont do anything to attract too much attention. Those that live in the area will know almost
immediately that you dont belong, but you need to make them think that you do belong. Jordan
had no idea if he was making sense or if he was just talking to hear himself speak.
Ive got this. You need to pull back on the reins a little. Give me room to breathe and
youll be surprised by what I can accomplish if given the chance. I see everything that he
sees, but to me it seems almost too perfect. Theres a post man talking to an elderly lady and
theres a young mother of two playing in the yard with her kids, not to mention the many other
factors that make up what suburban living is all about. I see flowers being delivered and
packages from UPS coming to the doorsteps, but what I dont see is what I should see. Lila
didnt see any signs of a uniform presence. There were no police officers or the prerequisite
plumber truck that was here to make a service call. If that didnt raise the hairs on the back of
her neck, then all the curtains drawn in the house across from the target house pretty much told
that the horsemen had already arrived and had taken up their positions.
She bent down to tie her shoe and she saw out of her peripheral vision the curtain of the
house across from the one that held the arsenal had moved. It was only a little, but it was still
enough to let her know that they had a way of seeing the house from every angle.
Jordan had gotten out and moved cautiously through the woods. He did not stay on the
main road. He needed to skirt the possibility of being detected. He used the shadow of the
trees and then lay flat on the lawn and crawled on his belly like a snake in the grass.
Jordan, youre going to have to be very careful. They are watching and theyre waiting. I
think that one of them might be the post office worker. I see the look of confusion on the old
womans face like she cant believe that this man was delivering her mail. Shes giving him a
hard time and hes showing remarkable restraint. I have to do something to get their attention.
Im going to have to flaunt what my mama gave me. I dont think even trained killers will be able
to stop themselves from looking at me. I just need the right forum and I believe that man with
the hose is my ticket. She bounced up to the baldheaded tattooed young man washing his
She stretched and pushed out her chest, making one of the buttons pop free and give off
a healthy amount of cleavage. She made this moaning sound while pushing on the small of her
back. She was not surprised to hear the audible gasp of excitement followed by the hose
directed right at her.
What the fuckdo I look like Im auditioning for a wet tee shirt contest? Lila couldve
easily moved and prevented him from soaking her to the skin, but that was part of the game.
You can turn that off any time. I think that I might be looking at some kind of pervert that preys
on innocent young women like myself to get their jollies. I was standing in profile, turning and
wiping myself down with my hands. I wasnt wearing a bra and that shirt was almost see
through with the water now penetrating into the fabric. I could easily see my nipples. I thrust out
my chest in defiance.
Im ImIm sorry. I guess I wasnt watching what I was doing. The man had the day
off and decided to do some chores around the house. He certainly wasnt expecting to find this
buxom young thing parading herself down the sidewalk. He didnt mean to turn the hose on her,
but she had literally taken his concentration away from what he was doing. He wasnt the only
one and even the three horsemen had decided that they could take a break from what they
were doing.
You men are all alike. You think that that we dress this way to get some kind of attention.
Have you ever thought that maybe we just like feeling good and its not all about the mans
needs She had raised her voice and that brought several other women out of their house to
confront the man that was ogling her chest without even trying to hide it. I would tell you that
my eyes are up here, but I dont think that you are going to give a damn. Lila made sure to
make quite the scene. It was possible that the horsemen would recognize her, but it was
something that she felt she had to do. Jordan heard what was going on and decided to give her
enough rope. She was good at improvising. She probably didnt know that she was going to
shoot Dylan, until it actually happened. It was her unpredictability that made her care for her.
He was in love, but he wasnt about to say it out loud. He wanted no part of that kind of danger.
His heart needed to be closed off, but she was breaking down those walls. She was chipping
away bit by bit and he didnt even realize it.
I dont know why you are getting hot under the collar. I didnt mean anything by what I
did. You caught me by surprise and I made a mistake. I apologized. I dont know what else you
want from me. Billy didnt like this kind of ambush. He had always been progressive. He
opened doors and made sure that his wife wanted for nothing.
Chapter 3
Jordan knew what was going on and he was slightly impressed by Lilas ability to
improvise on the fly. He could almost imagine them working together, but she didnt seem the
type that would want to get blood on her hands. He had thought that one time when they first
met, but he was beginning to see that she was able to adjust to just about anything. He didnt
know that she was going to take that kind of approach with Dylan. Deep down, he thought that
she would kill him, but instead she maimed him in a way that would be remembered throughout
He got over to where the stairs led to the balcony and the balcony door of the house. He
bypassed that altogether and went to the basement door underneath the balcony. He decided
to see how predictable this family could be. He searched around for anything that would
indicate a secret key. He found what appeared to be a rock, but it wasn't a rock. He smiled to
himself, as he opened up the hidden compartment and found the key. He was not going to have
to break out his lock picking skills, although he knew that he could probably make short work of
that lock within minutes or even seconds for that matter.
He heard Lila in his ear. I dont know what it is about you men that think that you can
objectify the women in your life. I look around at these women nodding their head and I can
only assume by their reaction that its not the first time that they have felt this way in their lives.
It may have not come from you, but others think because we dress provocatively that we want
that kind of attention. He could tell that she was really getting into the role of someone that felt
like she was being made into a piece of meat.
I dont have to stand here and take this anymore. Ive been more than accommodating. I
do what I can to make women into the equal partner that I want them to be. My wife could
attest to that, but she is working. I stay home with our child, when I could easily go to some
high powered profession. This is what compromise looks like. Im through trying to explain
myself. You all should go back to your homes and theres really nothing more that you can see
Lila was only trying to buy time and the best way to do that was to make sure that
everybodys attention was on her. They could sympathize, because they knew how it felt to be
seen, as only a sexual object. She was banking on that. I dont know how long Jordan is going
to need, but I think that Ive run out of time. Most men would want to stay and fight a little
longer, but this guy knows a losing battle when he sees one. Besides, I know that the horsemen
are probably watching and I would rather not give them time to identify me with facial
recognition or some other software that they might have in their possession.
Jordan could read between the lines and he felt a certain respect for the woman that
knew how to survive. She wasnt about to back down and that strength made him think that
there could be more here than just a one night stand. He wasnt sure how he could say that,
because he had never been involved in anything that was even remotely a long-term
relationship. That was in the past and he used to be the life of the party back in his college
days, but a few things in his life happened that changed his perspective dramatically. It was like
there was this empty space that somehow Lila was able to fill with her smile and the way that
she moved against him in the throes of passion.
He was having a hard time thinking about anything else. That was the reason why he
didnt notice that he wasnt alone.
He walked through the house using the streaming sun through the windows, as the only
way to illuminate his way. He didnt want to take the chance of putting on any light in case a
neighbor was nosy and wanted to investigate. They probably had what most people would call
a neighborhood watch, but it was usually those ones that were left behind in the middle of the
day. They were the ones that had their eyes and ears open for anything unusual.
She was still burning in his mind. He could remember almost everything about her down to
the smallest detail. He didnt want to feel this way, but his heart was telling him something that
he didnt want to admit to himself. He was trying to put all that on the back burner, but her face
and the knowledge that she was carrying his child was very much weighing heavily on his mind.
Going into what constituted as a playroom, he went directly to the back wall. It seemed
like it was made of brick, but he only had to find that special spot in between the crevices. He
soon found the exact place that he wanted to find. It cracked open and there was this hiss of
air that escaped from being sealed up for that long. He had to use a little bit more force than
necessary to move the door further open to slip inside. As his feet touched down in the
threshold, the light overhead automatically came on. He reached to extinguish it by turning the
bulb and making sure that it was not revealed to anyone that might see it outside.
He could easily see everything that was inside. He was kind of shocked that it was still
here after all this time. The weapons were one thing, but it was the passports and the cachet of
money that was the most important to him. It would allow him and his beloved to find some
tropical getaway and live out the rest of their lives with the waves crashing up against the
I have what we need, Lila. I should be out momentarily. Im grateful for the distraction,
but it might be a good idea for you to get out of dodge while the getting is good. The horsemen
can only be fooled for so long. Its not going take them very long to figure out that youre the
one that they have been looking for. Your disguise might keep them at bay for a moment, but
then their suspicion is going to rise. He waited for an answer, but there was nothing
forthcoming. He wondered if maybe she was caught and that talking was not an option. He
cringed to think that he could lose the only family that mattered to him.
If youre worried about me, then you dont have to be. I knew that I was pushing my luck.
I decided to mingle with the other girls for a moment to make it look like that I was part of the
crowd. I even followed one over to her house and then I slipped around the side and out of
sight of anybody that might be watching. She had heard his voice, but she could not say
anything without one of the girls becoming suspicious. She had overstayed her welcome and it
was time to leave before she was found out. I think hes starting to realize that I can take care
of myself. Ive always known that deep down I was a fighter and that I would crawl and scratch
to protect myself and those that I cared about. I have something else now that demands my
protection and I plan to lay down my life for the child that Im carrying.
The sex was good, but the talk was cheap. She wanted to take away all those memories
that made her feel that she had to leave home early on in her development. She had everything
except for the one thing that she craved for most of all. She was looking for that comfort and
that love that came from a family that knew that blood was thicker than water. She may have
looked expensive on the outside, but she felt cheap deep down. She was broken and no good
to anyone and then Jordan came around and changed how she felt about herself. There were
no guarantees in life and she understood that she was taking a risk by letting herself feel
something for someone.
During her time in the flesh trade, she was approached several times by older men that
would promise her the world and didnt deliver. She didnt believe for a second that Jordan was
like that, but she was still very careful to walk that minefield. One wrong step and all of this
could blow up in her face and that was one thing that she wasnt going to let happen.
Jordan smiled at hearing her voice. He grabbed for the green duffle bag and started to
stuff it full of everything that he could carry. There was no way that he was going to be able to
take everything, but he knew exactly what he would need to bring the fight right to Jamisons
door. He didnt want to think about the fact that he was going up against overwhelming odds.
His future was in his hands and it didnt matter how long it took, he would make Jamison a moot
He had to stop suddenly when the realization of what he was doing came crashing down.
The pages of his life were ripe with blood and those innocent people that didnt deserve the
kind of justice that he brought with him. The feel of her head on his chest made him forget that
he was a killer. It made him forget that he was a bad man and that what he deserved was a
five by five cell or to be 6 feet under. He could see that she would shatter like glass in his
I cant believe that you were this gullible to think that we werent going to find you. The
voice sounded familiar. Jordan knew that he was in deep trouble.
Chapter 4

Blake was the horsemen of death and he prided himself on taking the most risk out of all
of them. He saw Jordan as a kindred spirit, but it was unforgivable that he was too lost in his
own thoughts to understand that his time was up.
Jordan stood in front of the man that he used to call friend and knew that one way or the
other one of them wasnt going to leave here alive. I think you know by now that I always have
I contingency plan. Im not one to mince words and when I promise you that things will turn ugly,
then you will have to take that to the bank. Jordan stared down this man not blinking and not
giving him a reason to think that he had lost a step.
Blake was a hardened individual with a scar on his left cheek that was left behind during
an unforeseen fire that he got caught in himself. It was a painful reminder and one that he could
get rid of with plastic surgery, but he didnt believe in hiding the things that made him the man
that he was today. The scars on his body were his badge of honor and his long hair was the
one thing that he valued. He didnt have a love life, except for those fleeting moments with
strangers of the female persuasion.
I respect that you want to fight back and leave this world behind. I was actually kind of
rooting for you, but I also knew that I was going to be the one to stop you. I think we both know
that retirement for us is not some tropical getaway. There will be a bullet in my future or knife
that slices my throat, but today is not going to be that day. They both had their guns trained on
one another. It was a ma