1.What did you learn about education?

I learned that education is very limited and you have to be able to pat the schools fee and uniforms to be able to attend, and there’s a lot of family’s that don’t even have money to eat. So education would be just a dream for them. 2. What were some of the obstacles students like zodwa and Mahlatse faced every day just to attend to school? Some of the obstacles are that they don’t have money to pay; they live in dangerous neighborhoods, and loosing a family member. 3. How would you feel in there situation? I would feel horrible, I wouldn’t want to live. I would wake up hopping that I would die. I wouldn’t have any dreams. 4. Did you know how many south Africa women between the ages of 15 and 24 can’t read. 1 out of 10 women can not read because they didn’t attend school. 5. What does an education mean to the girls like Lesego and Thando? Lesego sees school as their destiny, and Thando feels like she has to do her best to make it because there’s other girls that have a lot of potential. Education means every thing to them because that’s how there going to build the future. 6. What do they hope to achieve for themselves and their country? They hope to achieve a better life by finishing high school and going to college. They hope to make there country a better and safer place. 7. How are they similar or different from the dreams you have? The similar dreams are that we both want to help our countries and become some one important in life. The differences are that you have to attend school until the age of 18, and any one who wants to attend a school is able to, and that financial aid is available to help you pay for school. Over there it takes a miracle to happened for children to be able to attended a school. 8. What did you learn about aids/hivs in south Africa? I learned that about 5 million south Africans were living with aids/hivs, many children in south Africa lost a family member or a loved one to aids/hivs. 9. What does it mean for the future of south Africa? It means that the population will decrease and it will affects the health of children, babies and adults. So the government needs to find a way to prevent the spread of this disease. 10. What are some of the ways the aids/hiv epidemic has personally touched some of the girls’ lives? It took some of there parents away leaving them to be raised by other siblings.

11. How has it inspired Zodwa and Sade? Zodwa was raised with her grandparents because she lost her mother due to aids/hiv, and Sade lost her mom over a argument she had with her dad. Her dad shot her mom and then shot his self. But that didn’t stop them from dreaming it motivated them to become some one and make there parents proud of them. 12. Oprah said, “ LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS.” How did she include pieces of south African culture into the leadership academy? The Oprah Winfrey leadership academy is filled with murals and other artwork all over the school to inspire children to celebrate African cultures. 13. Does anyone know what apartheid means? How did it affect south Africa? Apartheid means racial segregation , they were affected because they were separated and taken away from there homelands. Education, medical care, and other public services were segregated and those available for blacks were generally inferior. 14. What do you know about south Africa today? South Africa is a very unique country compared to other African nations. They have immigration from Europe and have the largest population of people from a mixed ethnic background, whites, and Indian communities in Africa. Black South Africans account for slightly more than 70% of the population. Racial problems between the whites, and the blacks has played a large part in the country's history and politics, culminating in apartheid. 15. How is the Oprah Winfrey leadership academy for girls a unique opportunity? She wanted to create a school for powerful girls who would lead the country into glory. Oprah thinks that women are going to change the face of Africa. 16. Oprah said she was looking for girls to attend the leadership academy who had a special quality she calls “it.” What are the quality’s a girl with “it” has? A girl with “it” has no opportunities and is part of the apartheid. And has a leadership mind. It’s a girl who could work toghter and solve problems. It’s the kind of girl that has the energy to show what girl power is made of. 17. Are these important characteristics of a good leader? Who do you know that has it? Yes, they are very important and Oprah was searching the energy and strength the children have inside to become a good leader. All the girls in the school have the energy that you can feel coming from them to become a good leader and be important in the future of there country South Africa.