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Cisco borderless network DEFINITION SERVICE OFFER

Security TrustSec software-defined

segmentation to simplify the
-Cisco TrustSec
provisioning of network
technology provides switch
access, accelerate security
to switch wire speed
operations, and consistently
encryption services and
enforce policy anywhere in
security group tagging of
the network. Cisco TrustSec
ethernet frames
is embedded technology in
Cisco switches, routers, and
wireless and security
devices. -Cisco TrustSec
combines authentication,
authorization, and
accounting (AAA), posture,
profiler, and guest
management functions in a
single, unified appliance,
leading to simplified
deployments and a single
point of management

-Cisco TrustSec
provide contextualized
visibility of the who, how,
what, and when for users
and devices accessing the
network, whether through
wired, wireless, or remote

Mobility Motion Known as the Cisco 3300 -Cisco Motion

Series Mobility Services
will provide businesses
Engine (MSE), the new
with a smoother integration
platform is designed to give
and upgrade path to
enterprise IT directors a
802.11n and other
single appliance-based
advanced forms of wireless
platform, running an open
application programming
interface (API), that can -Cisco Motion
manage their employees'
system "can provide a nice
mobile devices and migration story: they can
applications across both still leverage their legacy
wireless and wired networks. infrastructure, so those
applications that they have
been using, that were
siloed, can be migrated
more gradually" to an
integrated wireless


-Cisco motion
Provides seamless mobility
and self-healing wireless
access to improve
workforce productivity.
Energy management is a green computing
EnergyWise -Cisco EnergyWise
technology that uses a you can cut costs by
network-based procedure to managing your energy use.
communicate messages, Automated features in the
which helps to calculate and management software
regulate energy between allow you to implement
network devices and policies to reduce energy
endpoints. The Cisco costs across your
EnergyWise technology distributed office and
helps the network to discover increase efficiency ad
Cisco agility in your data centers
-Cisco EnergyWise helps
devices, keep track of their
improve operational
power use, and carry out efficiency for any powered
necessary actions according device, from Power over
to business rules in order to Ethernet (PoE) devices to
cut down their power IP-enabled building
consumption controllers.
-Cisco EnergyWise
customers gain
unprecedented visibility
into the energy
consumption and utilization
of every device and system
connected to their network

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