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Why should I Attempt 1Z0-963 Oracle Exam?

Updated Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist 1Z0-963 Exam certification that you surpassed the
exams with flying colors will be the commencement of a promising professional life ahead. Once you are a Oracle Procurement
Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials exam certified, it connotes that you have working knowledge on the basics of 1Z0-963
Oracle Procurement Cloud, Procurement Management. Moreover, a Oracle Certified network professional is also equipped with
the methodologies and abilities to configure and operate Oracle routers and databases and can enable them proficiently.

Check If You Are Ready to Pass 1Z0-963 Oracle Exam?

Oracle 1Z0-963 Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials exam will get you qualified for Oracle Procurement
Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification and you will obtain easy comprehensions regarding converged
voice, information linkages and the challenges being encountered by many network technologies. Likewise, you will gain broad
practicum for designing, planning, deploying and configuring 1Z0-963 Oracle Procurement Cloud Exam. The course will also
develop your knowledge, skills and attitude to incorporate entryways and you will be equipped with sufficient knowledge on
how to develop and test enhanced technologies. In the 1Z0-963 exam, you will be given various issues to solve and you will be
supposed to solve them the exam 120 minutes. 1Z0-963 Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist
exam is directed to those professionals who have prior knowledge of Oracle Procurement Cloud, and have an open exposure with
the database. This exam is associated with the 1Z0-963 Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist
Exam. Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials Exam will help to upgrade credential, as the content is aligned
with the exam topics; Procurement Application Overview , Self Service Procurement and Fusion Functional Set Up Manager

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Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 1

1Z0-963 Exam
Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials

Thaok yiu fir Diwolianaog 1Z0-963 exau PDF Deui

Yiu .ao alsi try iur 1Z0-963 tra.t.e exau sifware

Diwolian Free Deuis

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2

Version: 6.0
Question 1

Whale .reatog a Ciotra.t Pur.hase Agreeueot, a euyer traes ti ann a Ciotra.t Teutlate ti at, eut the
Last if Values (VOL) as euttyw
Ineotfy three attla.aele reasios fir thas assuew

Aw The ni.uueot tyte assi.aaten wath the Ciotra.t Teutlate as Blaoket Pur.hase Agreeueotw
Bw The Ciotra.t Teutlate as oit Attrivenw
Cw The ni.uueot tyteassi.aaten wath the Ciotra.t Teutlate as Pur.hase Ornerw
Dw The Ciotra.t Teutlate as ao Attriven statusw
Ew The ni.uueot tyte assi.aaten wath the Ciotra.t Teutlate as Ciotra.t Pur.hase Agreeueotw

Aoswern C,D,E

Question 2

Yiur .ustiuer waots ti.iofgure three eusaoess uoats (BUs) as filliwss

Ineotfy the .irre.t .iofguratiow

Aw The US Heaner BU oeens ti ee .iofguren as a Payaeles Payueot Serva.e Privanerw

Bw The US West BU oeens ti ee .iofgurenas a Custiuer Payueots Serva.e Privanerw
Cw The US East BU aon US West BU oeen ti ee .iofguren as Payaeles Payueot Serva.e Privanerw
Dw The US East BU oeens ti ee .iofguren as a Payaeles Payueot Serva.e Privanerw

Aoswern D

Question 3

Fave requasatio laoes if a saogle requasatio ni.uueot are avaalaele ti tri.ess io ti tur.hase irnerw
But the euyer returoen ioe requasatio laoe ti the requester fir quaotty uinaf.atiow
What wall ee the efe.t if thas a.tio io the reuaaoaog fiur requasatio laoes?

Aw They wall ee tut io hiln uotl the requester resueuats the returoen laoe wath the .irre.t quaottyw
Bw They wall alsi get returoen ti the requesterw
Cw They wall ee ao the wathnrawo statusw
Dw They wall ee avaalaele ti tri.ess io ti tur.haseirnerw
Ew They wall get .ao.elenw

Aoswern A

Hiw .ao I reje.t aonavanual ateus io a uult-ateu requasatio?

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3

Yiu .aooit sele.tvely attrive ir reje.t aonavanual ateusw Yiu .ao enat the requasatio ti ann ir
nelete ateus, uinafy requasatio quaotty, aon theo attrive the requasatiow If the attriver oeens ti
reje.t laoes io the requasatio, the attriver shiuln reje.t the eotre requasatiow The attriver
.ao ao.lune .iuueots io the wirklast task ti haghlaght the reje.tio reasiow The tretarer theo oeens
ti utnate the requasatio aon resueuat at fir attrivalw

Question 4

Ineotfy twi trifle ittios that are requaren ti .iofgure Puo.hiut Cataligs ao Self Serva.e


Aoswern D,E

POR4PROXY4SERVER4AAME aon POR4PROXY4SERVER4PORT trifle oeens ti ee .iofguren af Ora.le
as .iooe.tog ti exteroal ir traostareot tuo.hiutw

Question 5

Duraog ao autleueotatio, the suter user as requestog yiu ti extlaao hiw ti set ut rasks ti ee
usen ao the Pri.ureueot Ciotra.ts ey all usersw Yiu are ao the uannle if the year aon .urreotly there
are few rasks that are alreany nefoen aon the irgaoazatio as tlaooaog ti aotrinu.e oew rasks
friu Aew Years Dayw
Ineotfy the twi stets the user shiuln filliw ti fulfll thas requareueotw

Aw Waat uotl year eon, aoa.tvate the iln rasks nata io year eon, aon .reate aon a.tvate oew rasks
friu the saue nayw
Bw Privane ao eon nate as year eon fir the iln rask nata,.reate oew rasks oiw, aon trivane Aew years
Day as start natew
Cw Create oew rasks oiw, eoaele thise at year eon, aon nasaele the iln nata io year eonw
Dw The user oeens ti nelete iln rasks aon .reate oew rasks ariuon the year eonw

Aoswern A,B

Question 6

Yiu have nefoen ao atraeute oauen Years if Exteraeo.e ao yiur oegitatiow Yiu have set ut
s.ires fir a..ettaele value raoges, aon wiuln lake ti rate restioses easen io thas s.irew Oo getog
the restioses friu the tart.atatog suttlaers, yiu ieserve that fir a few suttlaers, the s.ire was

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 1

oit .al.ulatenw Ineotfy the reasio fir thas assuew

Aw The Aegitatio tyte as RFI (Request fir Iofiruatio)) therefire, s.iraog as ittioalw
Bw The atraeute Years if Exteraeo.e was oit uarken as Requaren, si the suttlaer nan oit trivane
aoy valuew
Cw Siur.aog nies oit suttirt atraeute nefoatiow
Dw Yiu alreany have a few suttlaers nefoen ao the systeu) therefire, the s.iraog nan oit take tla.ew

Aoswern B

Restioses ti Requareueots .ao ee s.iren a..irnaog ti the nesaraealaty if the restiosew Yiu .ao
nefoe the Requareueot su.h that the systeu s.ires the restiose (ao wha.h .ase yiu
uust ste.afy the alliwaele values (ir raoges if values) fir that requareueot aon ea.h ioe's s.irew Or
evaluatirs .ao vaew the restiose aon eoter a s.ire uaouallyw
Refereo.ess httss::ni.swira.lew.iu:.n:E26101401:ni.w122:e17967:T13E310T113E10whtu

Question 7

Aaue the Ora.le Traosa.tioal Busaoess Iotellageo.e (OTBI) KPI that aona.ates the .iuot if attriven
requasatios where at least ioe if the requasatio laoes as assagoen ti the oew euyer whi has liggen
ao aon that requasatio laoe as oit autleueoten aoti ao irner, eu.keten ey the ouueer if nays
elatsen sao.e the requasatio was attrivenw

Aw Requasatio Laoes Cy.le Taue

Bw Requasatio Agaog Ciuot
Cw Requasatio Laoe Agaog Ciuot
Dw Requasatio Laoes Viluue Ciuot
Ew Requasatio Laoes ao Pri.ess Ciuot

Aoswern E

Question 8

Duraog the autleueotatio, yiur .ustiuer waots ti uonerstaon the key features if the twi-stage
Request Fir Quitatio (RFQ) avaalaele ao Ora.le Siur.aog Cliunw
Ineotfy three features if the twi-stage RFQw

Aw aon Ciuuer.aal Evaluatio

Bw Oteo Au.tios
Cw Twi stage Evaluatio
Dw Restiose Vasaealaty Blaon
Ew Restiose Vasaealaty Oteo
Fw Restiose Vasaealaty as always Sealen

Aoswern A,C,F

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page E

The twi-stage RFQ tri.ess aovilves the sueuassaio ey the suttlaers if a quite aon a
.iuuer.aal quitew The quites are iteoen aon evaluaten frst ti neteruaoe a last
ifqualafen suttlaers, aon ioly theo are the .iuuer.aal quites if the qualafen suttlaers iteoen aon
Eosure autartal jungueot if suttlaer restioses ao uarkets that requare aon .iuuer.aal
evaluatio if tritisals ti ee nioeaoneteoneotlyw Whale suttlaers sueuat thear restioses as a saogle
ean ta.kage, .ategiry uaoagers frst aoalyze the uerats if the tritisal whale the
.iuuer.aal aste.ts if the ean reuaao sealenw Ciuuer.aal netaals if eans that tass the
evaluatio are nas.lisen ao the se.ion evaluatio thase, whale the netaals if faalen eans reuaao
sealenw Categiry uaoagers eoter surrigate restioses io eehalf if suttlaers ey sueuatog the terus if the tritisal nuraog the frst stage if the oegitatio, aon ioly eoteraog the
.iuuer.aal terus af the frst stage evaluatio as su..essfulw
Refereo.ess See What's Ciuaog ao Ora.le Pri.ureueot Cliun (Release 9), tage 7

Question 9

Io a Pri.ureueot autleueotatio, yiur .ustiuer has a requareueot fir a gaveo eusaoess uoat ti
eoaele fuons .he.k io tur.hase irnersw Thas requares that eungetary .iotril ee eoaelenw
What .iofguratio uust yiu .iutlete ti eoaele eungetary .iotril ao that eusaoess uoat?

Aw Eoaele eungetary .iotril ao eith the Ciofgure Requasatio Busaoess Fuo.tio aon Ciofgure
Pri.ureueot Busaoess Fuo.tio ey sele.tog the eusaoess uoat ao s.itew
Bw Eoaele eungetary .iotril ey sele.tog the eusaoess uoat ao s.ite usaog the task Ciofgure
Pri.ureueot aon Payaeles Ottiosw
Cw Eoaele eungetary .iotril ey sele.tog the eusaoess uoat ao s.ite usaog the task Ciofgure
Pri.ureueot Busaoess Fuo.tiow
Dw Eoaele eungetary .iotril ey sele.tog the lenger aon eusaoess uoat ey usaog the task Maoage
Bungetary Ciotrilw

Aoswern B

Question 10

Whale .iofguraog iferaogs, yiu han nesele.ten the Suttly Chaao Faoao.aal Or.hestratio if
Pri.ureueot Fliws .he.k eix aon han li.ken the featurew Hiwever, ee.ause if .haoges ao the
eusaoess requareueots, yiu are requaren ti eoaele the featurew
Ineotfy the trerequasate stet ti terfiru thas .haogew

Aw Set the autleueotatio status ti Io Prigress if the Pri.ureueot Oferaogw

Bw Desele.t the Eoaele fir Iutleueotatio .he.k eix if the Pri.ureueot Oferaogw
Cw Chaoge the Privasaioen ti Ai if the Pri.ureueot Oferaogw
Dw Aavagate ti the Sele.t Feature tage if the Pri.ureueot Oferaog aon uoli.k the featurew

Aoswern B

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6

If yiu usen Ioveotiry Maoageueot aoter.iutaoy fuo.tioalaty trair ti Release 9, theo afer yiur
utgrane ti Release 9, yiu uust ni the filliwaog ti eoaele aoter.iutaoy suttly .haao fiws usaog
Suttly Chaao Faoao.aal Or.hestratios
Refereo.ess Ora.le Pri.ureueot Cliun Release 9 Whats Aew (E May 201E), tage 21

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 0

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