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Global Minds Academy of the Philippines Inc.

602 Araneta Avenue, 113 Quezon City, Philippines

July 11, 2017

To the Managing Director,

A pleasant day to you! We, Supreme student Council (SSC) would like to ask for your
permission to allow this layout of our uniform as SSC. This uniform will be a good help
so that the students of Global Minds Academy of the Philippines (GMAP) will recognize
us as an officer of the SSC. We are asking you also a financial support for the expenses
in making this SSC uniform. We are looking forward for your approval, support and
consideration. God Bless!

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Rica A. Mantala

SSC Grade 12 Representative


Mr. James B. Fulgencio

SSC Adviser

Approved by:

Mr. Armando M. Buzeta

Managing Director