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Chavela Vargas (1919-2012)

The Olympics are coming! HRCs $26 million expansion A gay orgy scandal at the Vatican


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California sees 11 percent rise in hate crimes

A sign of the Trump times? social media and trash them in public?
asked Melissa Michelson, a political science
professor at Athertons Menlo College. Its
By KAREN OCAMB not working for Trump, so Im not sure why the nurses thought it would work for them.
But the message of hate has trickled
Remember that moment eons ago last down, as evidence by the latest hate crime
June 14 when a lone gunman opened re on statistics. On Monday, July 3, the California
Republican lawmakers practicing baseball, Department of Justice released its annual
nearly killing House Majority Whip Steve report on hate crimes showing an 11.2
Scalise? The two African-American Special percent spikethe second year in a row
Agents prevented a potential massacre, for double-digit increases.
with Agent Crystal Griner, a married In 2015, hate crimes jumped to 10.4
lesbian, being credited with ring the fatal percent, compared to 2014, with hate
shot that took down the gunman. For a crimes against minorities targeted
moment, the country seemed unied as by TrumpMuslims and Latinos (ie,
Republican and Democratic leaders came undocumented immigrants)accounting
together over fear of gratuitous violence, As President Trump has tracked in violent imagery such as this meme depicting him beating up for the largest increase. Hate crimes
CNN, are his followers responding with real-world violence?
promising restored civility. against Muslims jumped from 18 in 2014
In normal times, something of that promise VIDEO CAPTURE VIA YOUTUBE
to 40 in 2015; crimes against Latinos went
might have stuck. But these are far from from 60 in 2014 to 81 in 2015.
normal times and the uncorking of incivility, promise. I promise. As a review of the video roundly criticized for circulating an image There were 931 total events (a crime
unconscionable bullying and violence that shows, Trump is not smiling or chuckling as of a California bear with a knife stuck in its report) and 1,190 total oenses (criminal
erupted out of Donald Trumps campaign last if this was intended as a joke back and Rendons name on the handle. acts). The report says: Hate crime events
year now reeks in the Oval Oce. And Trump Trump disputed Sanders himself a few The LA Daily News reports that one tweet involving a racial bias increased 21.3
supporters love the stench of his crude days later, re-tweeting a doctored video said someone should check out Rendons percent from 428 in 2015 to 519 in 2016.
attempts at machismo, not just slamming showing Trump in 2007 body slamming schedule for baseball practice, alluding Anti-white bias events went from 34 in
MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika and punching WrestleMania CEO Vince to the recent shooting of House Majority 2015 to 56 in 2016. Anti-black or African
Brzezinski on Twitter but claiming she was McMahon, whose face is replaced with the Whip Steve Scalise while the Republican American bias events went from 231 in
bleeding badly from a face-lift. Asked about CNN logo. CNN subsequently identied team was practicing for the annual 2015 to 251 in 2016, an increase of 8.7
this new attack on a prominent female the creator of the video, who apologized congressional baseball game. percent. Anti-multiple races bias events
critic, Trump spokesperson Sarah Huckabee but received death threats from his white Democratic gubernatorial candidate, went from 17 in 2015 to 34 in 2016. Hate
Sanders said: The president in no way, form nationalist Reddit pro-Trump group. former LA mayor and former union crime events involving a sexual orientation
or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged Trump wont apologize since he thinks organizer Antonio Villaraigosa may have bias increased 10.1 percent from 188 in
violence. If anything, quite the contrary. And hes never wrong. As he explained to had his version of a Sister Souljah 2015 to 207 in 2016. Anti-gay (male) bias
he was simply pushing back and defending Jimmy Fallon: I fully think apologizings a moment with his criticism. events increased from 108 in 2015 to 152
himself. great thing, but you have to be wrong. . . . The organizations and leaders raising in 2016, an increase of 40.7 percent.
Fact-checkers wasted no time in I will absolutely apologize sometime in the the temperature of this discussion to There were also 248 oenses based on
disproving Sanders assertion. Politifact, distant future if Im ever wrong. the boiling point should also pause and sexual orientation, 20.8 percent of the total,
for instance noted this: In February 2016, To be fair, while Trump and white reect on their own responsibility to dial with gay men having the highest number at
during his campaign for president, Trump nationalist Trump-whisperer Steve Bannon down the rhetoric and return to a civil 180 oenses and 15.1 percent of the total.
told a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, So I got promoted the destruction of civility as we debate, Villaraigosa said in a statement. Additionally, there were 25 anti-
a little notice. We have wonderful security know it, they and the Republican Party The supporters of single payer are not transgender events and 25 oenses
guys. It said, Mr. Trump, there may be are not the only purveyors of violence. responsible for these death threats. But with 2.7 percent and 2.1 percent of the
somebody with tomatoes in the audience. California Assembly Speaker Anthony we are all responsible for elevating the total number of hate crimes respectively,
So if you see somebody getting ready to Rendon has been receiving death threats level of our civic discourse and speaking though the report does not specic if the
throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, for shelving a single-payer healthcare out at once against violence and threats. victims were trans women or men.
would you? Seriously. Just knock the hell . bill, at least for this year. Leaders of the Is Trump teaching us that the way
I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I California Nurses Association have been to get what you want is to bully them on CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
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Trump data collection effort bad news for LGBT voters

Fears of suppression, database, Padilla told Politico. The
administrations request makes clear
hacking as states resist
that what it is proposing is not a secure
federal demands site and their plan was to make all the
information publicly available.
By KAREN OCAMB So at a minimum, its a gift to anyone who wants to wreak havoc on the elections,
Padilla said. If you want to do Vladimir
California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Putin a favor, put it all in one location.
was among the rst secretaries of state In addition to his Just Say No posture
in the country to refuse to comply with toward the Trump administrations
the Trump administrations demand to voter suppression eorts, Padilla has
turn over voter data to the Presidential been touting his plans to enhance voter
Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. participation, especially approaching
The commission, headed by Vice the incredibly important 2018 mid-term
President Mike Pence and Kansas Sec. elections. But, the Los Angeles Blade asked
of State Kris Kobach, was created by Padilla at a recent Stonewall Democratic
President Trump after he narrowly won Club meeting in West Hollywood, how
the Electoral College but lost the popular could any voter trust the voting process
vote to Hillary Clinton because, he claims, California Secretary of State ALEX PADILLA was among the rst to refuse to comply with the Trump these days, with both left and right
administrations demand to turn over voter data.
between 3 million and 5 million votes claiming the system is rigged?
were cast illegallyan assertion for which LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB Im hopeful and optimistic, Padilla told
Trump provided no evidence and that has the Blade. If you recall, it was as early as
been repeatedly discredited. uncorrected dishonorable discharges their way through the Assembly. last year, August, when Donald Trump
In a June 28 letter sent to the nations under the gay military ban and Dont Ask, One of the reasons cited by Padilla as started stoking the fears of the potential
secretaries of state, Kobach asked for voter Dont Tell result in an LGBT voter being part of his principled stance against the for the election to be rigged. And we
roll data, including, if publicly available under deemed unworthy to vote and be scrubbed commissions request is the susceptibility didnt know who he was referring tohe
the laws of your state, the full rst and last from the rolls? Anti-gay sodomy laws were of the massive data collection to hackers, probably had inside information.
names of all registrants, middle names or overturned in Texas and 14 other states not just Russian or Chinese but scam But we had record turnout in California,
initials if available, addresses, dates of birth, under Lawrence v. Texas in 2003, but artists and blackmailers, the fear of which record voter registration and record
political party (if recorded in your state), some states still have anti-sodomy laws on could result in suppression of LGBT voters turnout so that attempt didnt work,
last four digits of social security number if the books. Additionally, now-archaic anti- from registering and turning out to vote. Padilla said. But as time goes on, as he
available, voter history (elections voted in) gay laws were often handled by biased In response to a recent Trump tweet continues and others continue to allege
from 2006 onward, active/inactive status, prosecutors as felonious sex oenses that complaining about states balkingWhat are that theres voter fraud, massive voter
cancelled status, information regarding any landed the accused on the sex oender they trying to hide?Padilla was forceful. fraud, millions of illegal votes, my big
felony convictions, information regarding registry, a lifelong stain. Im not trying to hide Im trying concern is two fold: that it gets into people
voter registration in another state, In many states, a person convicted of a to protect, Padilla, the co-chair of the minds that maybe it wont matter so why
information regarding military status, and felony is prohibited from voting. national secretaries of state elections should I turn out the next time. Thats
overseas citizen information. Even California has some cleaning committee, which is meeting in voter suppression 101. Number two
So far, 45 states and the District of up to do: being HIV positive and having Indianapolis on Thursday, told POLITICO that in future elections, theyre creating
Columbia say they are unwilling or unable unprotected sex without telling your partner on Wednesday. Im trying to protect an environment for elections for both
to provide all the information requested your status is still a felony in California, peoples privacy and their personal Congress and the president where they
by the Voter Fraud Commission. despite taking medications and having information, and the integrity of the can roll back the clock on voters rights, as
But even the release of publicly available an undetectable viral load. And there are election, he said, calling the request a I see itchange the law, change policies,
information could be disastrous and still gay men on the sex oender registry hackers dream come true. change how we conduct elections that has
terrifying for LGBT voters. Would name- convicted of felonies when homosexuality One of the main points of why were the net eects of making it more dicult
change requests by transgender voters was a crime. Two bills to correct these issues safe now is because the elections are for people who are eligible to register
be considered voter fraud by biased, by out state Sen. Scott Wiener and Equality very decentralized. Right now, there is no and to vote. And that, frankly, is just un-
over-eager commission staers? Would California passed the Senate and are making nationalized centralized voter registration American, un-democratic.
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Summer Olympics Returning to Los Angeles

But will it be 2024 or 2028? to get the Olympics for the United States
(L.A.). Stay tuned! The tweet was criticized
by some for ignoring Garcettis key role in
By KAREN OCAMB winning the games for LA. The Olympics have a special resonance
for the LGBT community. In 1984, when the
In an unusual move, the International Olympics were last held in Los Angeles a
Olympic Committee on July 11 unanimously young track and eld star named Carl Lewis
awarded both Los Angeles and Paris their caught the worlds attention. He won gold in
bids to host the Summer Games. But each the 100 meters, 200 meters, long jump and
city will have to wait until September to see 400-meter relay, starting a gold-winning
which city will go rst in 2024 and which will Olympic streak until 1996, prompting many
have to wait until 2028. to call him the greatest track and eld
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti athlete in Olympic history. But persistent
appeared onstage at the IOC rumors that Lewis was gayrumors he
headquarters in Switzerland moments denieddogged him throughout his
after the unanimous vote with Paris Mayor career, damaging his marketability.
Anne Hidalgo to oer members their Another 1984 Olympic star in LA was Greg
appreciation. They joined hands with IOC Louganis, who swept the diving events that
President Thomas Bach in a moment of year and in 1988, earning ve individual
triumphant celebration. medals, including four gold medals. But
This is a proud day for Los Angeles and Louganis carried a secret with him in
for Olympic and Paralympic Movements 1988he was gay and HIV positive, which
in America, Garcetti said in a statement. he told his coach. The image of him cracking
Were thrilled with the IOCs decision his head during a dive was replayed over
today, which is a major step forward in and over, a moment of exemplary bravery.
(From left) Los Angeles Mayor ERIC GARCETTI, IOC President THOMAS BACH and Paris Mayor ANNE
making LAs Olympic dream a reality. HIDALGO raise hands Tuesday in Lausanne, Switzerland, after the IOC voted the cities can work out But when he came out in 1995, many were
a deal to host the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.
Today, Garcetti continued, two of the aghast that he hadnt been stopped, as if
worlds greatest cities, with outstanding but PHOTO COURTESY OF THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE he might have infected others by sharing
dierent proposals, stand ready to serve the same pool. After his book Breaking
and advance the Olympic and Paralympic either 2024 or 2028 would be the rst in would be acceptable. Its widely believed the Surface was turned into a made-for-
movements and their values. We look America since Atlanta in 1996. that as compensation for going second, TV movie starring Mario Lopez, a petition
forward to working with the IOC and Paris The next stage is the negotiation that city can ask for more concessions, was started to get his picture on the cover
in the weeks ahead to turn this golden process, which could be treacherous, if not including more IOC revenues. Garcetti of a Wheaties cereal box, a tribute aorded
opportunity into a golden future together. for the esteem in which the two mayors has already planned for LA to use existing sports legends like Bruce Jenner. Finally,
Garcetti, who was inaugurated for his hold each other. There is a fear that if a venues for the Olympic Summer Games, three decades after being the Olympic
second term on July 1, told reporters that the three-way consensus between Garcetti, thereby avoiding costly, showy overruns. golden boy, Wheaties put Louganis on the
LA City Council had already voted for 2024, Hidalgo and Bach can be achieved, the Meanwhile, the Summer Games became box, an instant collectors item.
and that council President Herb Wesson IOC would decide to vote on just one a point of mutual interest, as President Todays Olympic heroes can be open
was excited by the announcement. city, leaving the question of whether the Trump ew to Paris to attend Bastille Day without the same apparent recriminations.
But Hidalgo, Garcettis friend and ally on losing city would even apply for 2028 celebrations as a guest of French President Diver Tom Daley, for instance, may be as
such political issues as climate change and and cause a cascade of falling dominos of Emmanuel Macron. The charismatic well known among young people on social
the refugee crisis, also wants 2024 badly. cities that would also turn their backs on Frenchman was a star at the recent G20 media for his PDA-postings with husband
Having lost previous bids, hosting in 2024 the Olympics. The nal selection is to be meeting, which Trump attended as an Dustin Lance Black as for his athletic ability.
would mark exactly 100 years since Paris made Sept. 13 in Lima, Peru. isolationist leader. When Trump heard And then theres Olympian Tom
last hosted the Summer Games in 1924. We look forward to working together, that Macron held a news conference after Bosworth, 27, who set a new world record
The U.S. has also lost after lobbying heavily maybe not in competition but collaboration meeting with IOC members in a closed- in the one-mile race walk at the London
for New York in 2012 and Chicago in 2016. with Paris, Garcetti said, having already door session to push his cause, Trump Anniversary Games on Sunday, July 9 and
The Olympics in Southern California in given a slight indication that going second couldnt resist tweeting: Working hard tweeted his rapturous face in victory.
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California Democrats struggling to close a gnawing divide

Internal politics at a time CRC announced that any additional
responses are due no later than 5 PM on
when unity is required
Monday, July 17, 2017 to
Responses are limited to voters whose
By KAREN OCAMB ballots have been questioned by new testimony, should be limited to the specic
circumstances of his or her vote and are
It was a wincingly painful but optional. As always, the CRC requests that
enlightening moment July 5 when MSNBCs written submissions be succinct.
Katy Tur asked Virginias Democratic Gov. After this last stage of review, the CRC
Terry McAulie: Who is the leader of the will hold a public meeting on Saturday, July
Democratic Party right now? 22 at 9 a.m. at the California Democratic
McAulie took a beat. There are many Party headquarters in Sacramento. The
leaders of the Democratic Party. I would meeting is open, but space is limited to
default and say California Democratic Party Chair ERIC BAUMAN and JESSE MELGAR, deputy to California Sec. of the candidates and their representatives
State Alex Padilla
Tur interrupted. Give me a name, so the CDP is guring out how to allow
governor. Give me a name. LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB remote monitoring.
Im not going to give youIll say the Meanwhile, Bauman continues to serve
governors who are leading their states, protesters threatened retaliation against 22, Sanders was touring the country with as the duly elected chair of the California
creating jobs, building infrastructure, any Democrat not backing Californias to save the Aordable Care Act. Democratic Party. Ellis may still refuse to
building an education system that works, stalled single-payer healthcare bill 100 As a result of pressure from the concede.
McAulie said, eventually conceding I percent, including a recall campaign against California Nurses Association, SB 562 In an interview with the Los Angeles
dont think there is one person today. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, who and the issue of single payer healthcare Blade after a recent Stonewall Democratic
Nor are there many Democratic stalled SB 562 in the Rules Committee. has dominated the political discussion in Club meeting, Bauman almost fumed
governors16, compared to 33 Republican As someone who has long been California, overwhelming immigration, when asked why there shouldnt be an
governors and one independent, as of 2016. a supporter of single payer, I am police reform and even climate change, independent audit.
Republicans also control the White encouraged by the conversation begun which is having its own diculties. Because its not what the bylaws permit,
House and both chambers of Congress. by Senate Bill 562, he said in a statement And despite the fact that seven he says. The bylaws specify what the
So while there is a cacophony of June 23. However, SB 562 was sent to possibly nine seats held by California appeals process is and you know whata
Democratic voices outraged over the the Assembly woefully incomplete. Even Republicans may be vulnerable in the loser doesnt get to change the rules. And
Trump familys anti-democratic and possibly senators who voted for SB 562 noted 2018 mid-term elections, the ght for thats what they want to do. She did not
criminal antics and the GOPs almost blind there are potentially fatal aws in the Democratic Party Chair is still not over. win the election and she doesnt want to
obedience, there is no national Democratic bill, including the fact it does not address The partys Compliance Review go through the process. She wants us to
leader with a plan to take back the Congress many serious issues, such as nancing, Commission is nalizing its review of a suddenly do something totally dierent.
during the 2018 mid-term elections which delivery of care, cost controls, or the formal challenge led on Thursday, June 8, I was elected chair under the rules.
would ordinarily be a referendum on realities of needed action by the Trump by Kimberly Ellis questioning the victory of There is no certication. When the vote
President Trumps record so far. Administration and voters to make SB 562 gay Vice Chair of the California Democratic was counted and it was recountedboth
And while non-Democrat Bernie a genuine piece of legislation. Party (CDP), who was elected Chair by times in front of witnesses from all three
Sanders name is still evoked with passion, Since SB 562 was introduced in the rst a narrow margin. Ellis, who supported candidatesrecounted on the spot as a
his progressive Democratic supporters year of a two-year session, Rendon urged Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic validationand when that was done I
seem more intent on the ideological idea of state senators to x the bill and send it back. primary, has become the lightening-rod won the election, he says. When you run
him, the revolution, than the practicality But thats not what activists heardthey leader of the Bernicrats against Bauman. an organization thats run by rules, you
of achieving his proposals. Rep. Keith are furious and pledge primary challenges Her campaign continues to call for an follow the rules. She claims she wants to
Ellison, Deputy Democratic Party Chair and disruptions over the suspension. They independent audit of the Chair election. be the vibrant head of the Democratic
who often served as a Sanders stand-in apparently do not care that even Bernie The CDP, however, follows its own by-laws Partybut she doesnt want to follow the
during the 2016 primary against Hillary Sanders has suspended his advocacy, regarding all challenges. rules of the Democratic Party.
Clinton, wasnt as warmly welcomed at given the U.S. Senates eorts to repeal The Compliance Review Commission The question is: will this clash over
the DNCs #ResistanceSummer event at and replace Obamacare with a bill that received more than 250 submissions Democratic rules and identity continue
USC on July 8 as expected. A handful of makes drastic cuts to Medicaid. As of June before the cut o period on July 10. The until 2018?
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#ResistMarch founder quits Christopher Street West board

A successful march behind organizing a committee that grew to reported to be cancelled put an additional
65 people, mapping out a march route strain on the organizations nances.
him, Pendleton pivots
(Hollywood and Highland to Santa Monica The funding of #ResistMarch, however,
Boulevard and Robertson) and arranging was completely dependent on Pendleton.
By TROY MASTERS the necessary permits and safety provisions It strains credulity that CSW could with both the City of Los Angeles and the imply #ResistMarch infrastructure costs
City of West Hollywood. He helped CSW impacted the organization in any way. It
When Brian Pendleton, a local obtain a commitment from West Hollywood was sink or swim for Brian and that was
entrepreneur and philanthropist, posted to double the amount of services the city clear. He facilitated organization and
to his social media accounts a community would donate to what became an expanded, implementation of the march, relieving
call to transform the annual LA Pride open march. He ultimately raised more than CSW of all direct costs a parade would
Parade into a protest march, he was $200,000 in cash. have incurred otherwise. He raised money
shocked by the response. Though the #ResistMarch was deemed for it and he funded the gap...he was given
Within a few days, his post racked up BRIAN PENDLETON addresses tens of
a success, attracting upwards of 100,000 no assistance. CSW simply cannot point to
more than 30,000 likes. thousands at the rally in West Hollywood after marchers, recriminations have set in. the expenses of #ResistMarch since those
#ResistMarch on June 11.
Pendletons post also tapped into A source, who spoke on condition of were entirely covered by Pendleton, says
lingering concerns about the management PHOTO BY JON VISCOTT anonymity, said, CSW did nothing to a former CSW board member who also
of Christopher Street West (the organizing support Brian but they have tried to spoke on condition of anonymity.
committee of LA Pride and Festival) under Pendletons idea for #ResistMarch, claim credit. The source says no nancial A common refrain among #ResistMarch
the leadership of Christopher Classen and perhaps because it had gone viral, was accounting was given to Pendleton, though committee members who were contacted
what many saw as his eorts to transform attractive enough to CSW that he was he requested it in part to gauge registration for this story was that they did not want
the previous years event (LA Pride 2016) asked to join the groups board of directors. and status of the funds he solicited. the memory of the march to be tarnished
into a more mainstream music festival. When he did it solved a host of issues, In a widely distributed and general by acrimonious politics.
Those eorts outraged many within including another serious public relations post-event statement about the nancial My memory of this eort was of so
the local community who told the West problem that threatened the organization results, CSW said the two-day festival many wonderful, diverse people who
Hollywood City Council that Christopher after several high-prole board members was a success that drew approximately came together, busted our butts and
Street West was abandoning LGBT history left. Those board members resigned in 60,000 attendees, 10,000 more than the made it happen, said one.
and dishonoring the founders legacy. protest, largely because they did not feel year before. The statement attributes One marcher, Kit Winter, a Los Angeles
In 2016, CSW allegedly lost upwards there had been any lessons learned from the festival attendance increase to price attorney, said #ResistMarch lifted the
of $300,000, according to local media the previous years concerns, including a reductions for entry fees, better weather cloud of constant post-election anxiety and
sources, and depleted Christopher Street commitment to transparency. and no attendance impacting news events being with other people who were willing
West of surplus funds it had banked from Upon joining CSWs board, Pendleton like the Pulse shooting. It does not allude to show up and be heard reassured me.
previous years. was given the go-ahead to organize to the boost in attendance on Sunday that Pendleton recently resigned from the
But the parade and festival plans #ResistMarch, but was oered no budget may have resulted from the large crowds board of Christopher Street West and says
for 2017 were challenged by much from CSW. Additionally, no other board from #ResistMarch that dispersed at the he has moved on.
more than the nancial losses from the members were assigned or volunteered to festival entrance. #ResistMarch was one of the most
previous year. Construction in the West help in the task of organizing the massive But the statement does contain some empowering things Ive ever done and I have
Hollywood Park, in which the festival is undertaking. CSW had eectively turned veiled barbs at #ResistMarch. CSW says nothing but great love for the team of people
traditionally held, meant that organizers the parade over to Pendleton but without foregoing the Parade in favor of a protest who worked so hard to make it happen
were restricted to less than one-third the oering support. march negatively impacted Christopher and endless admiration for the people who
space that is traditionally available for But Pendleton, who made his fortune Street Wests nances since it precluded showed up and marched, he said.
the event. The result was a conundrum, building CauseForce, a worldwide, large- revenues from corporate sponsors and He is now attending the Harvard
forcing Christopher Street West to reduce event fundraising producer for non-prot anity group fees. #ResistMarch was an Kennedy Schools Senior Executives in
the size of the event and to still determine organizations, had the experience and the unsponsored peoples march. CSW also State and Local Government program and
a way to make it protable. The eort to funding network needed to pull it o. says the costs associated with a much is considering a run for public oce.
plan the footprint of the event was the Within a week of LA Prides adoption larger parade route, manpower and It remains unclear if the West Hollywood
focus of several City Council meetings and of #ResistMarch, Pendleton, operating infrastructure costs required to create City Council will ask CSW for a breakdown
several proposals from Je Consolletti, the under CSWs 501(c)3 non-prot status, and manage two stages and marketing and explanation of the discrepancy in
Festival producer and director. began raising funds from private donors, required for an event that was falsely nancial expenses.
1 0 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

San Diego Pride will not be Resisting

Activists urge organizers Los Angeles #ResistMarch organizer, Brian
Pendleton. They had their hearts set on a
to reconsider some
business-as-usual parade.These guys are
corporate sponsors music festival producers and were worried
that a march would impact them nancially.
By THOM SENZEE A veteran event producer himself,
Pendleton understood the concerns of
During his recent visit to San Diego, LGBTQ CSWs board, which organizes L.A Pride. But
rights leader Cleve Jones, a close condant understanding isnt the same as agreeing.
and protg of the late Harvey Milk, said that ...[A]fter seeing the overwhelming support
queer people have a unique opportunity to from the Southern California community,
resist the regressive perils of Trumpism. they waived a bunch of rules, and invited
I think Harvey would want to celebrate me to join the board, he said.
the amazing achievements we have It could be argued that L.A.s march was
accomplished in the last four decades, as much a response to years of growing
said Jones, who was in town receiving a Wells Fargo is one of several large corporate sponsors of San Diego Pride that activists say also fund dissatisfaction and a widening perception that
LGBT community opponents.
lifetime achievement award at the annual Christopher Street West had itself become
Harvey Milk Breakfast here. PHOTO BY TRISTAN LOOPER over-commercialized, as it was a reaction to
But I think Harvey would caution us the potential perils of far-right forces taking
to be vigilant. We cannot take things for underway in cities nationwide, including for business-as-usual mood in 2018. over all three branches of government.
granted, he stressed. one unrelated to Pride in San Diego I agree that the commercialism has Last year, a Los Angeles Times headline
Yet according to some activists, major that attracted 5,000 people, Rodriguez become too great when were still ghting screamed that very sentiment with cutting
multinational companies and Wall Street Kennedys organization initially withheld for our equality, Ramirez told the Los clarity: LA Pride has sold out and become
banks, not least among them Wal-Mart, endorsement of a San Diego Pride as usual. Angeles Blade. We need to be vigilant, gay Coachella, critics say.
Anheuser-Busch, and Wells Fargo Bank, Look, [San Diego Pride] did have and all parades should be prepared to But San Diegos reputation as a more
take annual Pride celebrations for granted a (protest) march in June, Rodriguez be marches in 2018. But this year, in San modest, milder-mannered metropolis than
by trying to have it both ways, often Kennedy said. Thats goodthats really Diego, were just going to have a parade. Los Angeles appears to be holding fast as
sponsoring our opponents to a greater good - but what a lot of us in the progressive As national co-chair of the Equality thousands of visitors arrive for this weekends
degree than they support our champions. movement want to resist taking corporate March in Washington, D.C., Nicole Pride events. Despite rumblings that self-
Its a situation that has San Diego equality funding. What L.A. and other cities did in Murray Ramirez received reports about proclaimed #Resistance protesters might
activist Will Rodriguez Kennedy worried. June was to show that you can. the degrees to which cities across the show up to shadow the parade, San Diego
Were probably going to give (San Rodriguez Kennedy insists hes not against nation converted their Pride parades Pride appears poised to call its tiny version
Diego Pride) our endorsement, Rodriguez all Pride aliations with corporate America. to resistance marches. Aside from Los of last months march in solidarity with L.A.s
Kennedy, president of San Diego It just cant be the only thing youre Angeles, there wasnt much resistance, #ResistMarch good enough for 2017.
Democrats for Equality, told the Los about, he said. But you have to be vigilant according to him. That assertion runs I dont think theyre going to cancel the
Angeles Blade. But before that happens, and make sure youre not giving your contrary to other reports. parade and call for a march, Rodriguez
we want to know that San Diego Pride endorsement to companies that support I understand that San Diego is the last Kennedy said. And thats ne. But if
understands this years dierentthat politicians who consistently vote against major parade of the year, Murray Ramirez theyre going to be part of the movement,
the progress LGBTQ people made under our equality. Its hypocrisy. They support said. Im not too concerned that it will be San Diego Prides board needs to be
Obama is now being threatened. equality on the one hand, then fund our a parade and not a march. But like I said, diligent about where their corporate funds
Rodriguez Kennedys group is one of the enemies with the other hand. we have to be vigilant for next year. If are coming from and not sell us out.
largest LGBTQ Democratic clubs in the nation. National Equality March for Unity anything happens, we should be ready to Brian Pendleton recognizes there may
Were not asking them to cancel the Pride and Pride co-chair, San Diego City march nationwide. be dierences between Los Angeles and
parade, he said. But we are asking them to Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez Inasmuch as San Diego organizers may San Diego.
act with more integrity and selectiveness says vigilance is indeed needed. be inclined to look to Los Angeles to shape While wed love to see a sister march
to avoid taking funds from, and promoting But he isnt convinced that the national their Pride parade, theres a wealth of in San Diego to keep #ResistMarch
companies...that hurt our community by queer resistance movement is harmed by experience to consider. momentum going, we support whatever
supporting politicians like Donald J. Trump. San Diego Prides corporate aliations this The leadership of Christopher Street they do, he said. Every city has its own
In June of this year, as #ResistMarch was yearor that doing so is an endorsement West were against the idea at rst, said politics.Every city has its own economics.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 1

HRC launches major $26 million expansion

New campaign seeks to According to a 2015 report by the Center
for American Progress, LGBT women are
resist the politics of hate
among the most at risk of poverty in America.
Due to discriminatory laws, Americas
By KAREN OCAMB 5.1 million LGBT women face lower pay, frequent harassment, compromised access
to health care, and heightened violence.
History will mark the summer of 2017 as Anti-LGBT laws, together with inequitable
the beginning of the decline of American and outdated policies, mean that LGBT
prestige and power in the world, after womens economic security is compromised
President Donald Trumps apparent by reduced incomes and added costs
political canoodling with Russian President ranging from health care to housing.
Vladimir Putin, the former KGB agent who LGBT women of color, older LGBT
interfered with U.S. elections. women, and LGBT women raising children
The Human Rights Campaign worked are particularly vulnerable. Additionally,
hard to elect Hillary Clinton, expecting her transgender women are nearly four times
to usher in the nal stage of full equality more likely to have annual incomes of $10,000
for LGBT citizens in America. Instead, or less compared to the general population.
under Trump, there has been a steady Though HRC Rising is a nationwide
erosion and rolling back of rights with HRC President CHAD GRIFFIN (center) at the LA #ResistMarch with former Prop 8 plaintis PAUL initiative, special attention will be paid to the
the potential for even marriage equality battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania,
being undermined should Supreme Court LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB
Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada
Justice Anthony Kennedy retire while the where HRC has a signicant presence.
Senate is still in Republican hands. with the largest grassroots expansion in struggle over how to win elections. In a HRC is recruiting at least 20 additional
And that turned 2017 into the Year of HRCs 37-year history. July 6 op-ed in the New York Times, for full-time sta to work with more than
#Resistance. Our grassroots army of over 3 million instance, longtime strategist Mark Penn two-dozen initiative-focused existing sta
In June, HRC participated in a slew has proven that, even in the face of advised the party to forego identity politics and HRCs 32 volunteer-led, local steering
of #Resistance marches, including the unprecedented challenges, we can make and run to the moderate middle. committees to expand partnerships with
#ResistMarch in Los Angeles, with HRC incredible progress and defeat the hateful Central to the Democrats diminishment state and local organizations and coalition
President Chad Grin telling crowds politicians whove been emboldened by has been their loss of support among partnerssuch as the NAACP and Planned
about HRCs war room to ght back. Donald Trump when we organize and working-class voters, who feel abandoned Parenthood to protect and advance
Now, that #Resistance energy must be mobilize. The power and determination by the partys shift away from moderate equality and build infrastructure for future
harnessed for the critical 2018 mid-term of the 10 million LGBTQ voters and our positions on trade and immigration, legislative and electoral battles.
elections and beyond. allies across America will only continue to from backing police and tough anti- HRC Rising is modeled, in part, on HRCs
On July 11, HRC announced an grow stronger in the face of discriminatory crime measures, from trying to restore Project One America program, which in
historic investment of $26 million in attacks on our rights and freedoms. manufacturing jobs, Penn and Andrew 2014 turned LGBT attention to the long-
HRC Rising, a new grassroots campaign Though the Trump administration has Stein wrote. They saw the party being neglected South, launching permanent
to resist the politics of hate, ght anti- rendered the LGBT community virtually mired too often in political correctness, campaigns in Mississippi, Alabama and
LGBTQ legislation, and fuel pro-equality invisible on the national stage, LGBT transgender bathroom issues and policies Arkansas, resulting in several cities and
candidates and initiatives. voters were ve percent of the electorate oering more help to undocumented towns passing comprehensive, trans-
Its not enough to resist the hateful in 2012 - a signicant percentage to tip immigrants than to the heartland. inclusive non-discrimination protections.
policies and attacks coming from the any election. Additionally, according to exit But LGBT people live in the heartland, The eort, inspired by Grins personal
Trump-Pence regime weve got to polls in 2016, LGBT voters were the only toooften at the mercy of legal experience as a lonely gay boy growing
accelerate the pace of progress toward full demographic constituency to increase discrimination based on religious liberty up in Hope, Ark., has helped HRC turn the
equality and secure protections for LGBTQ support for Clinton over former President bias and at risk for poverty and low wages corner from the perceived national bully
people in states and communities across Barack Obama in 2012, with a record- as a result of having no job protectionsa to a collaborative partner.
the country, said HRC President Chad breaking 78 percent of the vote. point consistently left out of political
Grin. Thats why were going on oense This is a critical reminder as Democrats discussions about the economy and jobs. CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Anti-trans measure fails in Washington

State Dept.: Chechnya killings troubling
A citizen-initiated measure in Washington State seeking to bar
A State Department spokesperson on Tuesday expressed concern transgender people from using public school restrooms consistent
over reports that authorities in Chechnya killed more than two-dozen with their gender identity has failed to qualify for the 2017 ballot.
people who were arrested without charge earlier this year. Washington Wont Discriminate, the coalition group opposing
Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper, on Sunday the measure, announced in a statement Friday the campaign
published the names of 27 men who it said authorities shot to death behind the anti-trans initiative cancelled its appointment Friday
in the Chechen capital of Grozny on Jan. 26. to submit 259,622 valid signatures to the Washington Secretary
The Washington Blade has not been able to conrm reports that of State. That was the deadline for submitting names to place a
some of the men who were reportedly killed were gay. The Russian measure before Washington State voters in 2017.
LGBT Network, a Moscow-based advocacy group, on Tuesday said Had the measure, Initiative Measure No. 1552, been placed
as far as we [are] concerned, the list of names that appeared in that on the ballot and approved by voters, it would have barred
publication (Novaya Gazeta) does not include homosexual people. transgender people from using public restrooms and locker
We are aware of troubling reports that security forces in the rooms in schools consistent with their gender identity.
Republic of Chechnya summarily executed more than two dozen Such a measure would eectively institute a carve-out
people in January, the State Department spokesperson told the in Washington States non-discrimination law and defy
Blade in a statement. We urge the Russian government to conduct interpretations of federal law against sex discrimination to
an independent and credible investigation into the allegations. apply to transgender people.
The Moscow Times on Monday reported Dmitry Peskov, a Secretary of State REX TILLERSON Seth Kirby, a transgender man and chair of Washington Wont
spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, told reporters said he has not discussed the anti- Discriminate, the No on I-1552 campaign, said the measure
gay crackdown in Chechnya with
the Kremlin has taken note of [the reports.] anyone from the Kremlin. would have enabled discrimination in the name of public safety.
We have similarly taken note of the denials of this information We all care about safety and privacy, but people understand
by Chechen law enforcement bodies, said Peskov, according to the that repealing protections from discrimination for transgender
Moscow Times. people wont make anyone safer, Kirby said. Its already a felony
Chechnya is a predominantly Muslim, semi-autonomous Russian republic in the North Caucuses. to assault or harass someone in public facilities, and no one should
Novaya Gazeta in April reported Chechen authorities have arrested more than 100 men because of have to prove their gender to self-appointed bathroom cops.
their sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation since the beginning of the year. A number Erich Ebel, a spokesperson for the Washington Secretary of
of these men have reportedly died after their arrest, while others have been beaten and tortured and State, conrmed no signatures for I-1552 were submitted by the
sent to secret prisons. July 7 deadline and therefore the measure wont appear on the
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close Putin ally, and the Kremlin have sought to downplay 2017 ballot.
or even dismiss these reports. According to Washington Wont Discriminate, the campaign
The Russian LGBT Network which is providing assistance to gay Chechens who have ed their ran a Decline to Sign Campaign, raised nearly $300,000
homeland has expressed skepticism over the Russian governments claims it has begun to investigate and recruited more than 100,000 activists and volunteers in
the crackdown. anticipation of I-1552 coming before voters.
The Russian LGBT Network on Tuesday said persecutions of LGBT people (have) started again. Its the second year in a row the measure has failed to qualify.
BuzzFeed last week reported Chechen authorities have once again begun to detain gay men. The anti-trans campaign behind the initiative also failed to
We know that both the victims and their relatives have experienced threats, said the Russian LGBT gather enough signatures to put it before a vote in 2016.
Network in its press release. The authorities are threatening to press criminal charges against them Marty Rouse, national eld director for the Human
based on false accusations. Rights Campaign, said the failure of the anti-trans measure
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor demonstrates support for LGBT rights across the country.
Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are among those who have condemned the Anti-equality activists spent hundreds of thousands of
ongoing crackdown against gay men in Chechnya. President Trump who met with Putin last Friday dollars attempting to pass a shameful ballot measure aimed
during the G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg has yet to publicly comment on it. at discriminating against LGBTQ people, but thanks to the fair-
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last month told Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline during a minded people of Washington State, they have failed, Rouse
House Foreign Aairs Committee hearing that he has not discussed the crackdown with Russian Foreign said. For months, our opponents attempted to garner enough
Minister Sergey Lavrov or anyone else from the Kremlin. The State Department spokesperson on signatures to put the fundamental civil rights of transgender
Tuesday did not immediately respond to the Blades question about whether Tillerson raised Chechnya people on the ballot. Their failure is a victory for equality
with Russian ocials during the G20 summit. and validation of Washingtons non-discrimination laws that
MICHAEL K. LAVERS ensure fair and equal treatment for LGBTQ people in housing,
employment, and public accommodations.

Hartzler seeks to bar

trans health care in military
On the heels of her tirade in committee over allowing transgender people
to serve in the U.S. military, Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) has proposed an
amendment that would bar the Defense Department from providing transition-
related care for troops.
The amendment was among the many submitted to the House Rules
Committee by the Friday deadline in anticipation of a oor vote on major defense
policy legislation for scal year 2018. The committee is set to meet this week to
review and accept amendments ahead of the vote on the $697 billion bill.
Hartzlers amendment would add a section to U.S. code for the militarys health Metro has removed ads for a new book by MILO YIANNOPOULOS.
care system barring funds for treatment other than mental health treatment BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

related to gender transition. That would mean transition care like hormone
therapy and gender reassignment would be o limits to transgender troops.
A similar amendment proposed by anti-LGBT Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is on the D.C. Metro removes ads for Milo Yiannopoulos book
list of proposed amendments for the defense authorization bill, but the House Rules
Committee website designates the proposal as withdrawn. Presumably, the lawmakers Metro has removed an undisclosed number of billboard-size ads for a new book written
believed it was too similar to the Hartzler amendment to warrant consideration. by gay alt-right rebrand and writer Milo Yiannopoulos that began to appear last week in
It remains to be seen whether the House Rules Committee, which is heavily subway stations throughout the Metro system.
stacked 11-4 in favor of Republicans, will approve Hartzlers amendment for The ad violates Metros advertising guidelines, Metro spokesperson Richard Jordan
consideration. If the amendment is accepted, it would be the rst time the U.S. told the Washington Blade in a brief statement. We have removed the ads.
House oor has considered an amendment against transgender rights. Jordan referred to a policy adopted by Metro in 2015 that calls for prohibiting
Hartzler proposed the amendment after railing last week during the House advertisements intended to inuence members of the public regarding an issue on which
Armed Services Committee markup of the defense authorization bill against there are varying opinions as well as ads that are intended to inuence public policy.
transgender militaryservice, calling it ill-conceived. The Yiannopoulos ads included a large photo of Yiannopoulos and the name of his
The Missouri Republican proposed then withdrew without a vote an book, Dangerous, along with the words, The Most Hated Man On The Internet.
amendment barring transgender people from serving in the armed forces, but Jordan didnt provide a specic explanation of how Yiannopoulos or his book violates
threatened to reintroduce it if the Pentagon didnt reverse the Obama-era policy the Metro ad policy, but a number of Metro riders reportedly complained to Metro that
change in favor of openly transgender service. Yiannopoulos controversial views, which are elaborated in his book, were oensive to them.
Shortly afterward, the Pentagon announced it would delay a plan to allow Yiannopouloss self-described politically incorrect views on race relations, feminism,
openly transgender people to enlist in the armed forces by July 1 for another six immigration, Islam, and transgender rights, among other things, have enraged many
months, although the policy barring the military from kicking them out remains political activists.
in place. Hartzler introduced her amendment despite the rollback, although it In February, the alt-right publication Breitbart dismissed him from his role as an editor
seems less ambitious than her threat during committee. after a video surfaced in which he appeared to be condoning sex between adults and
During the committee markup, Hartzler cited a dubious gure that paying minors. His remarks on the widely circulated video also prompted Simon & Schuster
for gender reassignment surgery for U.S. troops would cost $1.35 billion over publishing house to rescind his book contract for Dangerous. Yiannopoulos has since
the next 10 years with only 30 percent of individuals electing to transition. That self-published the book through Amazon.
gure is signicantly higher than the RAND Corp.s estimate that those surgeries He issued an apology over his remarks in the video on sex with minors, saying he used
consumebetween$2.4 million and$8.4 million annually out of the Pentagons a poor choice of words and never intended to imply he favors repealing age of consent
multi-billion dollar budget. laws banning sex between adults and minors.
Its unclear where Hartzler came up with her gure. Hartlzer told USA Today In an email to Washingtonian magazine, Yiannopoulos denounced Metros decision to
she believes the RAND Corp. study was awed and reportedly said her sta pull his book ads, saying the ads did not discuss anything overtly political.
came up with itsown gureusing research from other sources. We believe that the removal of our billboards constitutes unconstitutional viewpoint
CHRIS JOHNSON discrimination by a government regulator in violation of the First Amendment and are
preparing our response now, he said.
1 4 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

Church of England bans conversion therapy

The Church of Englands General Synod last week approved
a motion that urges the British government to ban so-called Trump meets with Putin at G20 summit
conversion therapy.
The motion which members of the churchs national assembly
approved during their meeting in the English city of York It remains unclear whether President Trump last week raised
describes conversion therapy as unethical, potentially harmful and the ongoing crackdown against gay men in Chechnya with Russian
not supported by evidence. It also says the controversial practice President Vladimir Putin during their meeting at the G20 Summit.
has no place in the modern world. PETER TATCHELL protests against The Associated Press reported Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,
Conversion therapy is harmful, dangerous and just doesnt the Church of England in 2016. who attended the meeting in the German city of Hamburg that
He welcomed the denominations
work, said Jayne Ozanne, a lay representative from the Diocese of announcement that it supports lasted more than two hours, told reporters Trump raised the
a ban on so-called conversion
Oxford who introduced the motion. People may be able to alter therapy. Kremlins eorts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
their behavior but they can never alter their innate desire. Tillerson said Putin denied his government sought to inuence
Liverpool Bishop Paul Bayes said during a debate on the motion the outcome of the election. The U.S. and Russia after the
that LGBTI+ orientation and identity is not a crime. meeting announced a ceasere in southwestern Syria would
LGBTI+ orientation and identity is not a sickness, he said, according to a press release the Church of take eect on Sunday at noon local time (5 a.m. EST on Sunday).
England released on the vote. LGBTI+ orientation and identity is not a sin. Tillerson did not mention Chechnya when he spoke with
We must distinguish between an ascetic and a therapeutic approach, added Bayes. In the church we reporters after the meeting.
are certainly called to help one another to conform their lives to Jesus Christ and to live lives of holiness, The two leaders exchanged views on the current nature of
but we do not need to engage people in healing therapy if they are not sick. the U.S.-Russia relationship and the future of the U.S.-Russia
British LGBT and intersex rights advocates with whom the Washington Blade spoke on Monday relationship, he said.
welcomed the motion. Michael Anton, a spokesperson for the National Security
We strongly support the ban on (conversion therapy) and urge the British government act immediately Council, told the Washington Blade on Monday he was not told
as in our view this practice constitutes child abuse, said Lukasz Konieczka, director of services of the that Chechnya came up.
London-based Mosaic LGBT Youth Center. We also hope that Church of England will lead the World Chechnya is a semi-autonomous Russian republic in the North
Congregation and member states of the Commonwealth toward a more accepting and loving future, Caucuses.
safer for LGBT+ communities. Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper, in April
Peter Tatchell, a prominent British LGBT and human rights advocate, noted to the Blade that some reported Chechen authorities have arrested more than 100
members of the Church of England used to be staunch of advocates of conversion therapy. He also said men because of their sexual orientation or perceived sexual
the church might be pushing this issue to project a pro-LGBT image in order to counter the masses orientation since the beginning of the year. At least three of
of negative criticism it has received because of its opposition to marriage rights for same-sex couples. these men have reportedly died after their arrest, while others
Tatchell nevertheless welcomed the conversion therapy motion. have been beaten and tortured and sent to secret prisons.
It is a surprising and encouraging development that the Church of England has called for an end to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close Putin
conversion therapy, he told the Blade. ally, and the Kremlin have downplayed or even dismissed these
The Royal College of Psychiatrists is among the groups that signed the motion. The Oce of the reports. The Russian LGBT Network a Moscow-based advocacy
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and the U.N. Committee Against Torture are among the group that is providing assistance to gay Chechens who have
international bodies that also oppose the controversial practice. ed has expressed skepticism over the Russian governments
D.C. is among the U.S. jurisdictions that have banned conversion therapy to minors. The U.S. Supreme claims that it has begun to investigate the crackdown.
Court in May refused to hear a lawsuit against a California law that bans conversion therapy to minors. Trump has yet to publicly comment on the crackdown, which
More than 35,000 people signed a petition earlier this year that urged the British government to ban has sparked outrage around the world.
conversion therapy. Tillerson told U.S. Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) last month
Prime Minister Theresa Mays government said in response to the petition that it does not believe that during a House Foreign Aairs Committee hearing that he has
being lesbian, gay or bisexual is an illness to be treated. Media reports indicate the British Parliament not discussed it with Russian ocials. Human Rights Campaign
will not consider the proposed conversion therapy ban because the petition did not receive the 100,000 President Chad Grin on Wednesday urged Trump to raise
signatures that are necessary to prompt a debate. Chechnya with Putin during their meeting.
So far, the Conservative government has given no indication that it intends to ban conversion therapy, I urge you to stand with the victims by calling on President
Tatchell noted to the Blade. Putin to take immediate action to bring the violence to an end
MICHAEL K. LAVERS and the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes to justice,
wrote Grin in his open letter.
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In this time of division,

5455 Wilshire Blvd #1505, Los Angeles, CA 90036
PHONE 310-230-5266
PUBLISHED BY Los Angeles Blade, LLC

look to our young people

310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)
310-230-5266 x8095
accessible options for an LGBTQ+ suicide provide stipends to scholars who pursue TRACY PAASO
New generation of LGBTQ
hotline where he answers calls. Oliver internships with organizations serving the
310-230-5266 x9459
pioneers will lead the way is currently studying American Sign LGBTQ+ and marginalized communities. PALM SPRINGS ACCOUNT EXEC
Language and psychology at the University At Point Foundation, we are dedicated BRAD FUHR, 760-813-2020.
By JORGE VALENCIA of Rochester. to those in our community that historically NATIONAL ADVERTISING
Kevin and Oliver are just two of the 2017 have not had access to higher education, RIVENDELL MEDIA
Across the nation, there have been class of scholars selected by the Point whether due to race, immigration status,, 212-242-6863
controversies surrounding Pride Foundation, where I have the privilege to health issues, or any number of other STEPHEN RUTGERS
celebrations and other LGBTQ+ events. serve as executive director and CEO. Since intersectional reasons. For these students,, 202-747-2077 x8077
A vital, albeit sometimes acrimonious, we rst started awarding scholarships community colleges are a bridge from NATIONAL EDITOR
conversation is taking place about in 2002, Point has assisted 400 LGBTQ+ their entry into higher education to a four- KEVIN NAFF
whether the LGBTQ+ movement is students, helping them on their way year degree. This year, Point welcomes, 202-747-2077 x8088
fully representative of the communitys to becoming the future leaders of the 25 LGBTQ+ students to our Community MICHAEL K. LAVERS
diversity, whether about gender, race, LGBTQ+ community and society. College Scholarship Program, funded by
class or other intersectional identities. Like Kevin and Oliver, each of our Wells Fargo. Many of these students are KAREN OCAMB
To those who wonder whether our scholars has encountered unique the rst in their families to go to college.
community can transcend these divisions struggles with adversity and persevered to Nearly half identify as transgender, CONTRIBUTORS
and truly embrace our great diversity, I achieve their own triumphs. They all have gender-nonconforming or intersex, and ROSHAN, HOLLY HUGHES, KIT WINTER, BRAD LAMM,
say: look to our young people. personal experience with how an LGBTQ+ most identify themselves as an ethnic or DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
Meet Kevin Contreras. Raised in Los identity intersects with and impacts their racial group that has traditionally been ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
Angeles in a traditional Mexican family, Kevin other identities. Together, Point Scholars underrepresented in higher education. JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
became well-acquainted with discrimination embody the incredible diversity of the Because the problem of inequality that MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
at a young age. Throughout his adolescence, LGBTQ+ community. aicts American society also exists within MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
he was often bullied for being the only Look to Donna Scadi, who overcame our community, Point is helping to level CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
homelessness and poverty to pursue a the playing eld for LGBTQ+ students. We SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
openly queer student among his peers. PHOTOGRAPHY
Despite this unsupportive community, law degree and advocate for the black, are proud to play a vital role in making BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
Kevin has worked to combat the eects of Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities; or higher education more accessible, and in CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
discrimination, serving as president of both Adil Mansoor, who was born in Pakistan helping our scholarship recipients develop DISTRIBUTION
his school and its Gay Student Alliance. and today is a successful theater artist the skills and the social capital needed to CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
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dominant world. Since then, Oliver has development advice. Our scholars attend submissions by e-mail to

committed himself to helping other leadership training programs and are

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JORGE VALENCIA is executive director of the
or mental health, including promoting to generous funders, we are able to Point Foundation. 2017 LOS ANGELES BLADE, LLC.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

What I lost when my best friend Garbanzo went missing

Dogs teach us the as competitive as Los Angeles, would care
about our missing dog.
lessons we need most It turns out my fellow Angelenos did.
It started with the Kinkos Fed-Ex
By BRENDA ARCHIGA employee who let me slip into the store to
print hundreds of yers as he was literally
I had already gone dark on the news. closing the door of for the night. Early
Protections for transgender students to the following day, when I was a sweaty,
use bathrooms that corresponded with emotional and rambling mess posting
their gender identity had been rescinded. yers and stopping people on the street,
Our country had been withdrawn from they stopped to listen. Whether they were
the Paris Climate Accord. A healthcare walking their dogs, on their way to get a
bill that would simultaneously defund coee or hurriedly on their way to work,
Planned Parenthood and deny millions of they gave me a minute.
Americans access to quality medical care In some cases, people averted their eyes
was being secretly crafted in the senate. when they saw me peddling my yers, but
The Minnesota police ocer who fatally it only took a quick glance of Garbanzos
shot African-American, Philando Castile face on the yer to bring out their higher
in a routine trac stop was acquitted. self and they stopped to hear me out.
A 19-year old high school student and Some took pictures of my yer and posted
Ecuadorian immigrant was taken into it to their social media accounts. Others
custody by ICE hours before his prom. In shared inspirational stories of recovering
every headline and news teaser there was their own lost dogs.
an unmistakable absence of compassion One surreal night canvassing a
and humanity. neighborhood with a well intentioned
Even Anderson Cooper, who I could but overwhelming volunteer, a Millenial
always rely on for perspective and wit was on her way out for the night gave me a
losing his cool with political commentators much needed comforting hug. Another
he invited on his show. I knew then it was lonely day when the sun was blasting and
time to get myself o the news grid. GARBANZO, mascot of West Hollywoods The London Hotel, who welcomed guests for years until I thought I might lose my mind, a Gen-Xer
his retirement recently, is missing.
Unfortunately, adjusting the settings on like myself, who had taken my cell phone
all of my devices couldnt protect me from number the day before, sent me a simple
receiving the worst news imaginable. text reminding me, People are good.
Garbanzo, my 12 year old English discovered that Garbanzo preferred the nowhere to be found. Despite my fatigue and despair, the
Bulldog Godson had gone missing from his cafes, shops and restaurants of our citys I suppressed my hysteria as I wandered world around me transformed. It is
home in the hills that overlook the Sunset trendiest streets to the trails, oceans and his hilltop street calling his name into suddenly full of kindness, compassion
Strip. I immediately jumped in my car and parks that make Los Angeles unique. the night. The view of the sparkling city and understanding. There is no division
rushed to his home to assist his DogDad My face always hurt from smiling as which from his house which had once or cynicism. Online and in real life, I am
and DogMom in their neighborhood he sat up tall and alert, craning his neck seemed so magical, suddenly seemed like surrounded by the positive thoughts,
search for him. to take in the view outside the back a nightmare -- a mysterious constellation prayers and love of people from all over
At every turn of my routine commute passenger window of my Prius. to which Garbanzo had been inexplicably the city, the country and the world.
to Garbanzos home from my apartment It all made perfect sense since as a young transported. Garbanzo is still missing and every day
west of the 405 freeway, I expected a man, Garbanzo had been the mascot of This wasnt just any dog. This was my is a vigil. Many people have asked me
text beep alerting me that he found been The London Hotel where he earned $25 an best friend whose eyes brightened when how his family and I are managing to get
safe. By the time I reached the iconic 9200 hour as an appearance fee at the hotels he saw me, smiled at me when we snuggled through each day. This question makes
Sunset Building, the last milestone before evening events. This role had made him a up in bed and lulled me into sleep with his me smile because like the angelic dogs we
turning up the hill to his home, I was local Los Angeles celebrity and he reveled snoring when the grief from my own dog love so much, we have learned to live life
nauseated and I could feel the blood of in the attention of an excited stranger who dying left me sleepless for days. in the present. When the agony becomes
panic coursing through my veins. knew his name. The next morning, Garbanzos family too much we make the decision to choose
Garbanzo came into my life ve years At 12 , Garbanzo had grown sedentary. and I channeled our fear into a tactical hope, accept kindness and nd joy in the
ago when I was hired by his family to care Even with the help of the pet cannabis he search and rescue operation. We made simplest of things.
for him and his Bulldog siblings. It didnt had been taking for about a month, he yers, neon posters and created ads
take long for me to fall madly in love with could still only comfortably walk a quarter online. Given the state of our country BRENDA ARCHIGA is a native of Los Angeles,
his soulful eyes and his gentle nature. A of a block. It seemed impossible that and the world, it was dicult to believe currently nishing her memoir, My Dog Years,
about adventures and misadventures with the
spry seven years old when we met, I quickly he could have gone far and yet he was that anybody in a big city, especially one dogs of Los Angeles.
2 0 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Erectile dysfunction or bladder leakage may affect

your confidence and intimacy. Join us to get the facts
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Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.


Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Hershey Felder Trevor Hay


a powerful emotional experience !
San Diego Union Tribune


310.746.4000 |
J U L Y 1 4 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 0 9 A me r i c a s L G B T N e w s S ou r c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 1

Nakhane Tour gives a magnificent performance in John Trengoves feature debut, The Wound.


Must-see movies from Outfest

Overwhelmed by all the choices? Fear not, we have 10 picks not to miss


As Los Angeles Outfest 2017 comes to a alphabetical order: on the social fringes. surrounding her 1992 death. Also
close, we cant help but be grateful for the After Louie (dir: Vincent Gagliostro) Chavela (dir: Catherine Gund, highlighting the dangers that trans women
opportunity to see so many amazing movies Alan Cumming headlines this drama about Daresha Kyi) A documentary profile of still face today, its essential viewing for
by, for, and about the LGBTQ community. a fling between a former AIDS activist and Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, whose anyone who cares about LGBTQ history.
Its impossible to say which were the a millennial. Addressing the frustration of powerful music and unapologetic persona Girl Unbound: The War to Be Her (dir:
best of the featured films, of course, so LGBTQ elders who still carry the weight made her an unexpected lesbian icon Erin Heidenreich) Another documentary,
weve put together a list of 10 standouts of their struggles, it also gives voice to the within a culture of deeply traditional this one looks at Maria Toorpakai Wazir,
that represent the spirit of queer cinema younger generation as it seeks to reconcile attitudes toward gender norms. A filmic an androgynous Muslim Pakistani squash
at its finest. We can only list 10. Many, the past and future of the gay community. love letter to a queer giant, it features rare champion who faces immense (and often
many other films deserve to be on this list. Beach Rats (dir: Eliza Hittman) A interviews and unforgettably breathtaking life-threatening) pressure from the hard-line
If you missed the festival screenings closeted Brooklyn teen chats online with performance footage. fundamentalist culture that surrounds her.
of these titles or any of the rest of the older men even as he tries to hide his sexuality The Death and Life of Marsha Alternately harrowing and inspiring, its a
fabulous movies of Outfest dont despair. from his parents, his new girlfriend, and his P. Johnson (dir: David France) This timely record of determination and bravery
Watch for them to receive wider release pack of hoodlum friends. Featuring a star- documentary about the transgender in the face of social and religious oppression.
later on, both in theaters and through making performance by Harrison Davidson, woman of color who became a heroine Gods Own Country (dir: Francis
your favorite streaming service. this Sundance hit has earned comparisons to at Stonewall takes a journalistic approach
Here are our 10 must-see picks, in Moonlight for its exploration of repression as it attempts to unravel the mysteries ContinueS ON page 30
2 2 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: C HR I S TO P HE R R A C S TE R



Outfest executive director Christopher

Racster has certainly been a busy man
in the past few years, steering the Los
Angeles lm festival to a coveted festival
position on par with the LA Film Festival or PHOTO COURTESY OF OUTFEST LOS ANGELES

the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Thats a serious achievement for a niche
lm festival that can be attributed to How long have you been out and who rst Star Wars movie. Mines denitely a What would you walk across hot coals
Racsters rmly held belief that LGBTQ+ is was the hardest person to tell? movie. for?
a community of communities, as he likes I have been out since I was 21. And I think That perfect cup of coee!
to say. As a result, the festival displays an the hardest person to tell was my mom, On what do you insist?
extraordinary diversity. even though she was brilliantly accepting. Honesty. What LGBT stereotype annoys you
His devotion to Outfest is, in a sense, most?
part of his pay it forward approach to Whos your LGBT hero? What was your last Facebook post or The trans sex worker. And that the sissy
life. He was given a chance and is working Thats a really tough question, because Tweet? exists. No shaming.
hard to share the experience. it changes. I mean it really changes. It A post about Outfests continued
Racster, whose lms Aprils Shower, changes as we confront new challenges dedication to and support of women Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
Say Uncle, Save Me, and Spork and things continue to grow and change. lmmakers and female-identied Maurice. Hands down and no question.
screened in years past at Outfest Los lmmakers and their stories. And the re-mastering is brilliant.
Angeles has seen rsthand the multiple Whats Los Angeles best nightspot,
levels of inuence this organization can past or present? If your life were a book, what would Whats the most overrated social
have and that motivates me tremendously, Being curled up in my own bed. And I the title be? custom?
Racster told the Los Angeles Blade. dont mean that sexually. Nothing makes He Went To Bed Early Social media has become socially
As a rst-time lmmaker at 30 years me happier than getting to bed early. required. Posting is overrated.
old, I found a script and a director I was If science discovered a way to change
excited to work with and we made our Describe your dream wedding. sexual orientation, what would you What trophy or prize do you most
rst lm, April Showers. Outfest really I dont dream about a wedding but I love do? covet?
championed it. My predecessor, Kirsten being able to be legally married. I just I would campaign against it. Interesting. I dont covet any of them.
Schaer and David Courier, who was a dont feel I need the trappings of a big, I dont look back because the creative
festival programmer, pulled it out of the formal ceremony. That does not validate What do you believe in beyond the process is the prize and thats what
pile and put it in the Ford Amphitheater, my relationship. physical world? makes me happiest.
screened it before 1,200 people and we I believe there are things beyond the
wound up with a worldwide distribution What non-LGBT issue are you most physical world that we have not yet What do you wish youd known at 18?
deal. This festival is fundamental to my passionate about? evolved an understanding of and I am OK That my coming out process would be
career as a lmmaker and I probably Mental health. with that. easy. It was. I was blessed. It wasnt easy
would never have had the opportunity for me but, unlike lots of people, I didnt
to make a second lm if Outfest had not What historical outcome would you Whats your advice for LGBT movement pay the price I had expected.
been such an incredible champion of my change? leaders?
rst, he said. The election of Donald Trump. Seek unity. LGBT is a community of Why Los Angeles?
Racster and Outfest have become communities and I believe our leaders I wanted to get out of Ohio, a great place
a critical force in a city that is almost Whats been the most memorable pop have to put unity at the forefront and be to come from if you are in the blue areas
universally dedicated to showbiz, culture moment of your lifetime? allies to one another. and even though Columbus is a great
lmmaking in particular. Probably some geeky sci- thing, like the place to be gay. But I love LA.
A UGU ST 2 6 & 2 7
PE RS H I NG S QU A RE 1 2 P M - 1 0 P M




$ 5 S I NGL E DAY / $ 8 T WO DAY PRE - SA L E

2 4 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O U T & A BO U T

Finding humor in troubled Trump times



L.A.-based comedian Dana Goldberg

is savvy at getting audiences to donate
to political causes she believes in. Luring
them in with laughter, and lightening their
wallets in the process; she does them both
for a good cause.
From around the time she started her
career in early 2000, performing at an event
for the AIDS Foundation in Albuquerque,
N.M., to her work with the Human Rights
Campaign, to hosting this years Resist
March in Los Angeles, with guest speakers
such as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and
America Ferrera, Goldberg has been a
dedicated political activist who also makes
people laugh.
I feel like I have a voice and gift of
comedy and there are huge organizations
that support me, so advocacy work is a
way of giving back to them for supporting
me. Its a reciprocal relationship where Comedian DANA GOLDBERG has helped to raise money for such organizations as the Trevor Project and HRC.
we both benet, Goldberg told the Los PHOTO BY JEN ROSENSTEIN

Angeles Blade.
I get to make them laugh, and in turn, Lady Gaga. sudden, weve got this administration. 24, LPAC: The Lesbian Political Action
they often give money to organizations My mother was like, So, Obama Theres a moment you have to gure committee, Human Rights Campaign
that move equality forward, support opened for you. Um, I wouldnt go that out whether youre leading with your (HRC), and this month shell be emceeing
womens rights and HIV education, and far. But if you want to say that I opened humanity, for me it would be my Jewish, the 30th Anniversary Gala for LEAGUE at
then I feel that Im not just getting on for Lady Gaga, thats ne, Goldberg told lesbian, white female, or am I leading with AT&T in Los Angeles.
stage and making people laugh, but doing the Advocate. comedy? Sometimes I have to get past Laser focused, Goldberg says shes
something good in the world. It feeds me As most comedians living under todays the craziness and the absolute fear, and looking toward the 2018 elections, and
through the process, she said. White House, theres a feeling of a before acknowledge whats happening to these hoping one of the houses will ip. She
Before Goldberg was a professional Trump and after Trump. Goldberg says marginalized communities, and deal with touts the work of what she calls HRCs
comedian, she says she got a degree in if you if you can get through fear and that as a human, and then try to nd humor 2018 initiatives of going door-to-door
physical education. anger theres a plethora of humor. in it and keep sane. If you stay in this place and working boots on the ground.
Im a lesbian. Its the law. I was also a She explains that every comedian has of fear, the woe is me and dark cloud of It shows that when people come together,
bartender at Applebees for 11 years. It their go-to a, b, and c-material. this administration, no one is going to get they focus on a cohesive goal of knowing
gave me a lot of chops. Its funny now, You come out with your B-material so through this. As comedians we have to what to do. Even in our own community
but when it was happening, I thought Oh, you can grab them. Then you give them deal with it personally, shift it out of fear theres some fragmentation. People have
God, Im a lifer, she says giggling. the C-stu, which is kind of meh. Then by and help the rest of the community and dierent goals. The trans community still
Born and raised in a Jewish family in the end, you kill them with the A-material. world heal, cause thats our job, she says. seems so foreign to some parts of the LGB
Albuquerque, Goldberg is one of three I feel like with the evolution of politics, Goldberg has performed and helped community. We have to come together and
children, two of whom are gay. weve had the [Bob] Dole who didnt know to raise money for such organizations as try to get some politicians to help us move
During the Human Rights how to spell, the George Bushs who the Trevor Project, the leading national forward. Not necessarily only Democrats, its
Campaigns National Dinner in 2009, in would maybe misuse grammar, and then organization providing crisis and suicide just rare to nd a Republican politician whos
Washington D.C., Goldberg was invited to suddenly, our B-material, we got Sarah intervention prevention services for going to come out and support our equal
speak after President Obama and before Palin and Rick Santorum. Now, all of a LGBTQ youth between ages 13 and rights, she says.
THEATER W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 2 5

Our Great Tchaikovsky makes the legend gay again



For the past 20 years, Hershey Felder received glowing reviews and box oce
has worked hard to carve a theatrical success both at its premiere in San Diego
niche for himself. and its subsequent run in Laguna Beach.
Felder has racked up over 4,500 However, there have been a few dissenters.
performances with his self-created solo From the thousands of people that have
works, in which he has explored the lives seen it, Ive gotten three pieces of hate mail
of such musical greats as Beethoven, Liszt, which is a very low number. One of them
Chopin, Gershwin, and Leonard Bernstein. asked, Why does it have to be political? I just
His unique productions showcase his came to enjoy the music! You have people
talents as both actor and pianist, as he who cant deal with things. Its his story, and
brings his subjects stories and their music its only his story. It has no political bent to
to life onstage; his work has been seen from it, its just the way the world has gone its
Manhattans Broadway to Londons West End, turned political. To think wed be dealing
and pretty much everywhere in between, with this in 2017, its crazy.
and he was named in Time magazines 2016 Does that mean theres a message for
list of Top 10 Plays and Musicals. our own time in the story of this troubled
This month, Felder returns to the composers life?
stage of the Wallis Annenberg Center I dont do messages, nor do I take
for the Performing Arts, with Our Great political stances. What I am doing here is
Tchaikovsky, a new show about the great telling Tchaikovskys true story in his time,
Russian composer whose works included the HERSHEY FELDER which relates to his story in our time and
ballets Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE WALLIS ANNENBERG CENTER ultimately it becomes about propaganda
the beloved holiday staple, The Nutcraker. and telling the truth, which is the most
As always, hes dedicated to celebrating project was eventually de-funded over the ignore. And of course I decided to do this important thing of all. And while in our
the legacy of a musical genius, but this controversy and apparently scrapped. story before all this current craziness with own country we are seeing more anti-gay
time theres a little more on his agenda. Around the same time, Hershey Russia came to pass, and now that it has it rhetoric starting to happen, which is very
Tchaikovsky, you see, was gay. Felder received a letter from the Russian makes it even more interesting, strangely scary, on a more global level what we
This is hardly earth-shaking news; its a government inviting him to come and As for whether or not he intends to are also seeing is a complete annihilation
well-known biographical fact about this 19th perform as Tchaikovsky and although eventually take the Russian government up of truth and thats REALLY scary. Were
century musical titan or at least, its well he embraced the subject matter, the on their oer to come and perform his show living in a post-fact world where people
known outside of his motherland. The Russian invitation has, to date, gone unanswered. there, he says it poses a serious problem. create whatever facts they want, and those
government has repeatedly disputed its Explaining why he took up the challenge I cannot tell this story in Russia at become the facts. Its one thing to have
beloved native sons homosexuality, despite of this piece besides the fact that this point because any public display of opinions, its one thing to have policies, but
what has been described as mountains Tchaikovsky was responsible for some of homosexual behavior and that doesnt its another thing to obliterate the facts
of evidence gleaned from not only the his favorite music Felder says this: even mean kissing or touching or hugging, and thats what this story is really about.
accounts of his numerous contemporaries It wound up posing the question of but any story, any public advertisement Rewriting history is really terrifying.
but even his own writings. whether or not I could do it and tell the of a homosexual lifestyle is banned. So With Our Great Tchaikovsky, Hershey
As recently as 2013, Russian Minister of whole story. Tchaikovsky back in his how do I tell this story there? If theres no Felder plans to stand up not just for a
Culture Vladimir Medinsky claimed that day faced terrible fear, due to the anti- truth theres no art, and if Russia is going musical genius, but for the truth itself.
there was no evidence Tchaikovsky was homosexual laws. This makes it political, to try and erase the fact that Tchaikovsky
gay, after a government-funded biopic as well, which is something my previous was homosexual, even if its just a political HERSHEY FELDERS THE GREAT AMERICAN
of the composer underwent multiple pieces didnt usually venture into because statement, its outrageous. That is the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing
script revisions aimed at removing any they were more about the musicians and essence of the play. Arts
Bram Goldsmith Theater
inference of homosexuality reputedly in their time. Of course there are political Here in the U.S., at least, the show has 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd
order to avoid a violation of the countrys aspects to all musicians, but with this one garnered a largely positive response Beverly Hills, Calif.
Monday, July 31
draconian gay propaganda law. The lm it was blatant and something you couldnt from those who have seen it thus far it 7:30 p.m., $25-$55
2 6 J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM THEATER

The physics of attraction at the Taper





In a sign of the times for the economics the dialogue, Heisenberg is a contemporary few touching moments. A post-coital scene life, relationships, and the ultimate
of producing theater, LAs two biggest take on the mismatched couple, with Parkers is particularly real and unsentimental, while unknowability of our partners. As in New
nonprot stages are currently featuring kooky 40-something, single American mom also being genuinely funny. York, Brokaw stages the proceedings in a
short, quirky, two-character romances Georgie Burns surprising Arndts sturdy and Arndt spent 15 seasons with the Oregon bare-bones, nakedly theatrical setting, with
with Broadway pedigrees. ascetic septuagenarian Irish butcher Alex Shakespeare Festival, and his training the action taking place on designer Mark
As Nick Paynes Constellations nishes a Priest with a kiss on the back of the neck and experience serve him well as the Wendlands long, thin runway with two lone
successful run at the Geen (with Big Loves in a random encounter at a London train thoughtful Irish butcher. Watch how he chairs and tables. Audience members are
Ginnifer Goodwin and Downton Abbeys station. After Georgie assaults Alex with a turns a laundry list of musical tastes into seated on both sides of the stage. While
Allen Leech), CTG brings the Manhattan barrage of self-involved (and, it turns out, a comedic master class. Or how he reveals meant to create intimacy, this actually
Theatre Club production of British largely fabricated) information about herself, so much about Alexs inner life as he ips makes the characters interactions feel
playwright Simon Stephens thoughtful the quiet butcher simply asks, Why are you himself into bed with surprising agility and farther away, as they are limited to a narrow
if slender Heisenberg to the Taper, talking to me? It is one of the many moments joy. Parker, on the other hand, appears plane of playing space. If youre considering
complete with the original New York cast in which dialogue mirrors the audiences to be a hostage to her own quirkiness, tickets, splurge for the closer seats.
of Mary-Louise Parker and Tony nominee thoughts, and one of many delivered with delivering lines with such extended, Fans of MLP will enjoy this chance to see her
Denis Arndt. If director Mark Brokaws brilliant dexterity by Arndt. swooping vowels and the absence of do her oddball thing, but for other theatergoers
remount doesnt live up to the Big Apple Were never certain how selsh Georgies helpful consonants that it is often dicult it is Arndts quiet, nuanced, precise and deeply
hype, the production has its rewards, and intentions are in pursuing a man 33 years to understand her. We accept that Georgie felt performance that will linger.
your enjoyment will largely depend on the her senior, especially when we learn about is, by her own admission, exhausting No uncertainty there.
degree to which you adore (or can abide) her estranged grown son and her desire but captivating, but the former often
Parkers vocal and emotional eccentricities. to track him down in New Jersey. But the overwhelms the latter. Mark Taper Forum
Named for the German physicist whose ensuing May-to-December romance is Stephens script includes some 135 N. Grand Ave., L.A.
Through Aug. 6
Uncertainty Principle is alluded to obliquely in explored with cleverness and more than a lovely nuggets of observation about
F I LM W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

A road movie with a gay French twist



Four Days in France is French writer/director Jrme Reybauds feature debut.


Has the Road Movie become French Guiguets Les Passagers (1999). All of suitable sexual encounters. Its through encounter is at a hotel where he strikes up a
and gay? these noteworthy works deal with gay life these same apps that Paul nds a means chat with a handsome fellow guest (Emilien
Its a question worth asking in light of as something very much in motion both of tracking his erstwhile lover. Tessier) who longs to ride in Pierres Alfa
Four Days in France, an exceptionally in terms of character and plot, but most Is there anything more Gay Modern? Romeo. Pierre gets to kiss him but when
adroit example of the genre by Jrme strikingly for the way an on the road Probably not. they return to the hotel instead of climbing
Reybaud, a talented young writer-director scenario produces most amenable mise But the picaresque adventures that into bed together they go their separate
who may be in line to be the next Andr en scenes featuring automobiles (and in unfold for Pierre are very traditionally rooms and hump their adjoining walls.
Tchin, noted as the most important the case of Guiguet a tramcar). French. Along the way he meets many Much French countryside is covered
post-New Wave French lm director. Four Days begins in a teasingly interesting people, including a thief (beautifully shot by Sabine Lancelin) and
Four Days in France, however, pays mysteriously way, with handsome young (Florence Giorgetti) who argues with him tender feelings are stirred as we reach a
homage not only to Tchins work, but Pierre (Pascal Cervo) arising one morning over which items in his carrying case she nale in which Pierre and Paul are reunited
also the work of several lm masters. and leaving his lover Paul (Arthur Igual) will allow him to keep. Theres also a Wise and words of forgiveness are exchanged.
This beautifully made, subtly mysterious before the latter has even awoken. Older Woman (Lilliane Montevecchi doing That it has taken 142 minutes to
lm recalls Oliver Ducastel and Jacques Something has happened between them, a turn much like Patachous in Felix), reunite the pair may seem taxing to
Martineaus The Adventures of Felix but we have no way of learning what it might some amenable younger ones (Natalie impatient moviegoers but for those who
(2000), Christophe Honores Man at Bath be as Pierre has commenced a road trip with Richard and Fabienne Babe lling the warm to Reybauds cinematic rhythm will
(2010) set in a somewhat darker key, no xed goal or destination in mind. Mahnolos that Chiari Mastroianni whore nd Four Days in France to be one of the
and for its use of the irrepressibly sleazy Besides minimal luggage, Pierre has in Man at Bath). best gay lms in years. Even if you cant
Jean-Christophe Bouvet in Jean-Claude only his Grindr app the better to nd As for sex, Pierres most memorable stand Grindr.
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Billy Masters was not invited to the Vatican orgy



Its about damn time somebody did. Im like, Coccopalmerio - who just happens to be an
Shit or get o the pot! - Kelly Clarksons response aide to the Pope. But it wasnt just a party.
after she helped facilitate a gay proposal at Reports say that the police broke up what
one of her concerts, and one of the guys said is being called an orgy lled with men
theyve been dating for four years. engaged in sexual activity and doing illegal
Is there anything lovelier than drugs! Sure sounds like an orgy to me.
Provincetown on the Fourth of July? Amid the And yet, its not this weeks only orgy.
hustle and bustle of the usual tourists come You may have heard about an orgy held
the hordes of whores young gay men in the locker room of the Brazilian soccer
(young=20s and 30s) with single-digit body team. It all happened in Passo Fundo,
fat. Lovely to look at, to be sure, but they do Brazil, after a match played by the Sport
have a way of killing ones say Clube Gaucho. Apparently one player was
nothing of ones will to live! Regardless, a on his knees servicing two other players
good time was had by all. As they say, it only OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND is none too pleased. while another guy was lming them.
takes one person. In this particular case, it Call me old-fashioned, but I wouldnt call
took three foreign lads without their papers that an orgy. It just sounds like a typical
and my threatening to call INS. But, a happy do I have to play this wonderful gay role? of shows, but does anyone really believe weekend. Anyhoo, once the video went
endings a happy ending! It was about doing honor, doing justice Joan Crawford danced around wearing public, the teams president dismissed
You all know ESPN The Magazine, right? and knowing my herstory. OK, somewhat the Trog mask? Someone who certainly all four players. Why? Because the tryst
Well, you probably dont, but you probably awkward, but I get it. He added, My only should know what did and didnt happen happened on club property. While an
heard of their Body Issue the one time o during rehearsals - every Sunday is Olivia de Havilland. And, apparently, edited version of the video is making the
with all the nude athletes. There was lots I would have eight friends over and we she is none too pleased with how she was rounds, the original footage can be found
of chatter about the sizzling hot pics of would just watch Ru [RuPauls Drag portrayed and the words Ryan Murphy on
Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. But Race]. This is my life outside of this play. had her saying. Therefore, on the eve Could it be that a star of stage and screen
our own Gus Kenworthy is also in the mag. I am a gay man right now, just without the of her 101st birthday, she led a lawsuit (well, small screen) has also been lmed in
He took a series of nudes over the course physical act - thats all. against Murphy and FX Networks, and a compromising position? These things
of six hours on a ski slope. One might It sounds like hes saying that because it makes for some illuminating reading. happen when you and your boyfriend
expect major shrinkage, but thats not the he watches RuPaul, hes a gay man - well, Throughout her life - whether the subject pick up random guys online for a three-
case - as youll see on a gay man not having sex with other be professional or personal - Livvy way. In the clip, our newsworthy lad is
I know people look at us gay men and men. While Im sure he didnt mean to always took the high road. But the quasi- purportedly lling one side of the hook-
think, Gosh, they have it all. If only I were stereotype, not all gay men are watching documentary style of Feud gives one the up while his boyfriend is lling the other
gay! As we know, it takes more than just RuPaul. And watching Ru doesnt make impression that what is being portrayed is - without ever letting the cell phone fall
wistful thinking. It takes hard work you gay. But sex with other men - you fact and that she actually made remarks from his hands. Now, THATS multitasking!
sucking, fucking, learning Barbra Streisand know, thats a big thing. Well, in my case about her colleagues that she considers I should add, it sure looks like the stars
lyrics, it never ends. And yet, some people its a very big thing. The point is, Andrew, uncharacteristic and disparaging. While beau in the middle. But it really is hard
think they can take the express route. you are not a gay man. Youre just playing she is a public person and, therefore, fair to tell. But there is a brief glimpse of the
Andrew Gareld is currently in the London one on stage. And that really should be game to a certain extent, itll be interesting stars face, and theres no mistaking that
National Theatre production of Angels in enough. If youd like to see a gay man in to see how this plays out. hair, that hard body, or that johnson!
America. In a post-performance talkback, Angels in America, you might check out You know summer is here when we hear When were nding videos of lost boys,
Gareld said, As far as I know, I am not Garelds co-stars - Russell Tovey and about another Vatican sex scandal. Last its time to end yet another column. For
a gay man. Maybe Ill have an awakening Nathan Lane. Now THOSE are gay men! year, cardinals and priests were holding more dish, follow the yellow brick road to
later in my life, which Im sure will be While most gay men enjoyed watching wet underwear contests in baptismal - the site that never
wonderful and Ill get to explore that part Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon battle fonts. This year, theyre at it again. The met an orgy it didnt like! As usual, you can
of the garden, but right now Im secluded it out in Feud, many questioned the Vatican police got a call about an out-of- send your questions to Billy@BillyMasters.
to my area, which is wonderful as well. I veracity of several scenes. Dramatic control party going on in the apartment com. Until next time, remember, one
adore it, but a big concern was what right license is often employed in these types of the secretary to Cardinal Francesco mans lth is another mans bible.
CA L E N DA R W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 1 4 , 2 0 1 7 2 9

E-mail calendar items to Booth, Keep the Lights On) at a bar late luncheon and program starting promptly one night. Their pants quickly come down at 12 Noon. Each attendee is allowed 60
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limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic and, eventually, so does Sams guard. An seconds to tout their business.
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Recurring events must be intergenerational relationship blossoms
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Annual Red Dress Party, Gold Coast, youre not naked. L.A.s longest running
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inclusive and a bit anarchic, the festival youll see for the rst time this way, it is JUL 22
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and a slate of extraordinary opening acts. stop by and pay their respects! We suggest @ 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM (APAIT, 1730 W
Self Portrait with Red Braces (detail), 2003, David
Bring a blanket and a picnic to enjoy great Hockney. Watercolor on paper, 24 x 18 1/18 you get there around 3:00 PM, when the Olympic Blvd # 300). Join OUTspoken
theater in a great city. All free, all summer in. Courtesy of a private collection. David tent in the parking lot goes up. Sessions for a Origins themed open mic
long. The Grith Park Free Shakespeare Closing Night Gala, Outfest Los to benet TransHavenLA. We ask for a $5
Festival continues with The Two Gentlemen PHOTO BY RICHARD SCHMIDT Angeles LGBT Film Festival, Sun Jul 16 @ cover to provide aid to our fundraiser, but
of Verona from Jul 29 - Sep 03. 07 PM - 12 AM. (The Theatre at Ace Hotel, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
San Diego Pride: Block Party, Parade, San Francisco in the 70s and 80s with an 929 South Broadway). The 2017 Outfest Food (with vegan options!) and beverages
& Music Festival, Jul 14 - Jul 16 @ honesty and humor that reverberated los Angeles wraps up its 35th edition with will be available as we begin the night with a
various events at various times. (Hillcrest with fans worldwide. Maupin journeys an all-star line-up at not just one but two Zine making workshop at 5:30 PM. Meet our
neighborhood, San Diego). San Diego Pride from Southern aristocrat and closeted of the hottest venues in DTLA . The night featured artists who will be creating art and
returns for a three-day rainbow lled love- conservative (serving in Vietnam and kicks-o at the Theatre at ACE Hotel by performing various activities. Open mic slots
fest this July 14th, 15th, and 16th! Tens working for Jesse Helms) to beloved acknowledging the 2017 Outfest Los will be on a rst come, rst serve basis and
of thousands of people line the streets chronicler of the LGBTQ movement in this Angeles Audience Award and Grand Juror are available to folks of all skill levels.
of San Diegos Hillcrest neighborhood boisterously entertaining portrait. Award winners. Afterwards, Freak Show
to commemorate our LGBT heritage, will entertain and delight you. Its a couple JUL 23
celebrate our progress, give freedom to JUL 15 short blocks uptown to the last party of Faultline: Legendary Beer Bust
expression and to support our community! Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney - The the festival at the renowned Cliftons. (est.1994), Sun Jul 23 @ 03:00 - 08:00 PM
Parade will be held on Sun Jul 16. Getty Center, Sat Jul 15 @ 10 AM - 05 PM. (Faultline, 4216 Melrose Ave). Sexy GoGo
Vicious Circle, Marsee Auditorium, (1200 Getty Center Drive). David Hockney JUL 18 men, dancing for your dollars and, well,
Torrance, Jul. 14 @ 8 PM. (16007 Crenshaw is considered one of the most important Palm Springss Mens Heart Circle for your boners. Bud Bust from 3 - 8 PM. No
Boulevard). Valerie Cabag is the artistic British artists of the twentieth century. His Desert AIDS Project, Tue Jul 18 @ 3:30 PM Cover but ID required.
director and founder of Vicious Circle, an work demonstrates an enduring curiosity - 05 PM (Desert AIDS Project Meditation
all-male dance company based in Orange about technique and a distinctive, playful Room, 1695 N Sunrise Way, Palm Springs). JUL 24
County. The performance will include style. To celebrate his eightieth birthday, Would you like to join a circle of caring Quick Dates For College-Educated &
a compilation of works that have been this focused two-part exhibition includes men-who-love-men (gay, bi, trans & Professional Queer Women, Mon Jul 24 @
presented at festivals and concerts over the self-portraits made over the past sixty-ve straight), where you can condentially 06:30 PM - 09:00 PM (Tortilla Republic, 616
last two years. Many of the themes within years and key photographs from the 1980s share feelings & emotions in a safe & N. Robertson). Quick Dates: practice the art
the pieces surround the idea of guardian that investigate time and perspective. supportive space? of dating in the age of apps. Enjoy organized
angels and forces that protect people daily. After Louie, Outfest Los Angeles LGBT queer womens speed dating with college-
The Untold Tales Of Armistead Film Festival, Sat. Jul 15 @ 8 PM. (The JUL 19 educated and professional women & the
Maupin, Outfest Los Angeles, Fri Jul Theatre at Ace Hotel, 929 South Broadway). Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber women who love them in the private dining
14 @ 08 PM. (The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Sam (Alan Cumming) is an artist and of Commerce July 2017 Networking area of Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood.
929 South Broadway). The director of To activist from ACT UP who lived through Luncheon, Wed Jul 19 @ 11:30 PM. (Ocean Lady Luck takes the stress out of speed
Be Takei returns with a look at another the early years of HIV/AIDS, struggling Prime, Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills). LAGLCC dating to ensure a fun, friendly experience.
larger-than-life gay icon, the author with survivors guilt. Hes bewildered by invites you to network and advertise at Meet single queer/lesbian women on
behind Tales of the City, which captured the younger generation of gay men, until our Business Connection Luncheons. mini dates and make new connections for
the radical cultural shift of queer life in he meets the seductive Braeden (Zachary Registration begins at 11:30 a.m. with the romance and friendship.
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Top 10 picks Last chance for Outfest 2017



CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 Its already been one of the hottest Outfests on record both literally as temps soared outside, and guratively as one of
the LGBTQ lm festivals most exciting, diverse and star-studded lineups ever sizzled onto area screens. If youve missed the
Lee) In this auspicious directorial debut, action so far, not to worry Outfest still has plenty of great things in store for the nal weekend of its 35th anniversary edition.
a young sheep farmer and a Romanian FREAK SHOW (July 16, 7pm, Theatre at the Ace Hotel)
migrant worker nd unlikely romance in This years closing night lm stars Alex Lawther as the unapologetically amboyant Billy Bloom, who shakes things up at his
the idyllic English countryside. Deservedly Florida military academy by running for homecoming queen. Bette Midler and Laverne Cox costar in this adaptation of a James
an audience favorite, this beautifully St. James story.
photographed and tenderly acted love STRONG ISLAND (July 14, 7:30pm, DGA Theater 2)
story serves as a springboard into a plea for Trans lmmaker Yance Ford explores the murder of his own brother 25 years ago in this documentary that won the Special
compassion and unity in a troubled world. Jury Award for Storytelling at Sundance.
I Dream in Another Language (dir: EASTSIDERS: SEASON 3 (July 15, 2:20pm, REDCAT)
Ernesto Contreras) A linguist travels to a In this world premiere of the smash web series third season, Cal and Thom (Kit Williamson and Van Hansis) head back to
remote Mexican jungle in order to study the West Coast after having both moved to New York at the end of season 2. Constance Wu, Colby Keller, Stephen Guarino and
a disappearing language, only to nd Willam costar.
that its two last surviving speakers are an SIGNATURE MOVE (July 14, 7pm, DGA 1)
estranged male couple who refuse to talk to Part of Outfests annual All-Girl Friday at the DGA, Pakistani-American Zaynab cares for her soap-opera-obsessed mother,
each other. This thought-provoking crowd- who wants to nd her a husband but Zaynab instead falls for Mexican-American Alma.
pleaser reminds us of how communication PLATINUM SHOWCASE (July 15, 7:15pm, REDCAT)
brings us (and keeps us) together. A longtime arty Outfest favorite, the Platinum Showcase presents bold, daring, and often very risqu shorts. Followed
Tom of Finland (dir: Dome Karukoski) immediately by the ve-hour queer performance extravaganza Platinum Alchemy at DTLAs Lethal Amounts Gallery.
It may come with a lot expectations, GIRLS SHORTS (July 14, 9:30pm, DGA 1 -and- July 15, 12pm, REDCAT)
but that doesnt mean this biopic doesnt This years collection of seven female-focused shorts includes the latest from the iconic Guinevere Turner, Post-Apocalyptic
live up to them. Artist Touko Laaksonen, Potluck.
whose erotic drawings dened the hyper- AFTER LOUIE (July 15, 8pm, Theatre at the Ace Hotel)
masculine image of leather and fetish Alan Cumming stars as a weary survivor of the worst years of the AIDS crisis whose artistic passion is reignited when he falls
fantasy for generations of gay men, is for a younger man (Zachary Booth from KEEP THE LIGHTS ON). Wilson Cruz, Joey Arias and Justin Bond costar.
given loving treatment in this celebration TRANS SUMMIT (July 15, 12pm, DGA 2)
of a queer pioneer. A panel of noted trans activists, storytellers and advocates discusses transgender media representation.
The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin DISCREET (July 14, 9:30pm, REDCAT)
(dir: Jennifer M. Kroot) A celebration of one Sex-positive director Travis Mathews (INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. and I WANT YOUR LOVE) presents the story of a gay drifter/
of LGBTQ cultures most important literary lmmaker who returns home to the margins of homophobic small-town America to face his own dark and mysterious past.
voices, this documentary follows the Tales KEVYN AUCOIN: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN ME (July 14, 7pm, REDCAT)
of the City author from his life as a closeted Following its world premiere at Outfest last Friday, an encore screening of this fantastic biographical documentary, including
conservative through his emergence as a video footage Aucoin himself shot while making up the likes of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Janet
chronicler of queer life during the era of Jackson, Liza Minnelli and Cher.
social and sexual liberation. An entertaining CHASING AMY (July 15, 7pm, DGA 2)
prole of a larger-than-life subject. LGBTQ audiences were divided over the lms lesbian-falls-for-straight-guy storyline when it rst came out, but how about
The Wound (dir: John Trengove) 20 years later? Director Kevin Smith discusses the movie with one of its costars, Guinevere Turner, after this special screening.
South African Singer Nakhane Tour THE UNTOLD TALES OF ARMISTEAD MAUPIN (July 14, 8pm, Theatre at the Ace Hotel)
plays a young man struggling with his Jennifer M. Kroot (TO BE TAKEI) proles author Armistead Maupin, tracing his journey from Southern aristocrat to closeted
sexuality as he prepares for his tribes conservative to gay cultural chronicler in works like Tales of the City.
traditional rite of passage into manhood TRANSPARENT: SEASON 4 (July 15, 5pm, DGA 1)
in this uninching lm about the conict A sneak peek of two episodes from the new season of the hit Amazon series, followed by a panel discussion with special
between culture and individual identity. A guests.
tough but moving tale about breaking free
from restrictive concepts of masculinity.
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