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AR-M276 Digital Multifunctional System

General Network Support*8 (option)
Digital Multifunctional System
Type Desktop Hardware interface 10Base-T, 100Base-TX (RJ-45 Ethernet connection)
Engine speed (copy/print) 600 dpi: Max. 27 cpm/ppm Supported platforms Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows
(A4 size, 8 1/2" x 11") 1,200 dpi: Max. 13.5 cpm/ppm 2000/XP, Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.0, UNIX, Linux,
Paper size Max. A3 (11" x 17"), min. A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") Macintosh system 8.6 to 9.x and 10.1 or later
Paper capacity 1,100 sheets (500 x 2 + 100), max. 2,100 sheets with option Network protocols TCP/IP for Windows and UNIX environments,
Memory 32MB, upgradeable to 1,056MB IPX/SPX for Novell environments, EtherTalk for Macintosh
First copy time*1 4.8 seconds environments, NetBEUI for Windows environments
Warm-up time*2 23 seconds Printing protocols LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail printing), HTTP,
Power requirements Rated local AC voltage 10%, 50/60 Hz Novell Printserver application with NDS and Bindery,
Power consumption Max. 1.4 kW, 10W or less in Sleep mode FTP for downloading print files, EtherTalk printing, IPP
Dimensions (W x D x H) 623 x 609.5 x 640.5 mm (24 17/32" x 24" x 25 7/32") Feature Network security with IP/MAC address filtering
Weight Approx. 46 kg (101.3 lbs.)
Resolution*10 Optical: 400 dpi (setting range: 200, 300, 600)
Original paper size Max. A3 (11" x 17") Output: 200, 300, 600 dpi
Continuous copy Max. 999 copies Compatibility TWAIN compliant (push out method)
Resolution Scan: 400 dpi File format TIFF, PDF
Print: 600 dpi, 1,200 dpi (Super Photo mode) Features Sharpdesk Scan to e-mail/FTP server/desktop PC
Gradation Scan: 256 levels (with Sharpdesk) LDAP for easy e-mail address browsing
Print: 2 levels and ad hoc e-mail/file name entry from control panel
Zoom range 25 to 400% (1,200 dpi: 50 to 200%) in 1% increments with
10 preset ratios (5R + 5E) in metric system, 8 preset ratios
(4R + 4E) in inch system
Features Scan once/print many Electronic sorting Compression method JBIG/MMR/MR/MH
Offset function Duplex copy Dual page copy Communication protocol Super G3/G3
B&W reverse XY zoom Multi shot (2-in-1/4-in-1) Transmission time Less than 3 seconds*12
Rotation copy Edge/centre erase Margin shift Modem speed 33,600 bps to 2,400 bps with automatic fallback
Auto paper/magnification selection Job programme Scanning resolution Standard: 8 dots x 3.85 lines/mm (203 dots x 98 lines/inch)
Job build Pre-heat/auto power shut-off modes up to 16 dots x 15.4 lines/mm (406 dots x 392 lines/inch)
Copy auditing (100 accounts) Pamphlet copy Memory 2MB, upgradeable to 10MB with options
Cover insertion Grayscale levels 256 levels
Features Duplex transmission/reception PC-fax transmission
Quick on-line transmission F-Code compatibility
500 rapid dials Confidential communication
Resolution Standard: 600 dpi (enhanced 1,200 dpi) Anti-junk fax reception Memory transmission
Option: 1,200 dpi Group dials (up to 50 groups & 200 destinations)
Memory Standard: Shared Broadcasting (up to 200 destinations) 8 programmes
Option: 64MB, upgradeable to 320MB Department control (100 profiles)
Interface Standard: IEEE 1284, USB 2.0
Option: 10Base-T/100Base-TX *1: When feeding A4 (8 1/2" x 11") sheets from 1st paper tray, A4 (8 1/2" x 11") original scanned on document
Supported OS Standard: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP, glass in Auto Exposure mode. *2: At rated voltage, 25C (77F), 65% RH. *3: Optional AR-P17 Printer Expansion
Kit required for some features. *4: AR-PK1 N PS3 Expansion Kit required. *5: Available only in PS3.
Windows 95/98/Me *6: Certain types of PDF and TIFF files may not print out this way. *7: AR-PF1 Barcode Font Kit required.
Option: Macintosh 8.6 to 9.x and 10.1 or later*4 *8: AR-P17 provides TCP/IP network connectivity in a Windows environment; adding the AR-NC5J Print Server
Card gives network connectivity with other operating systems and protocols. *9: Optional AR-NS2 Network
PDL emulation Standard: SPLC (Sharp Printer Language with Compression) Scanner Expansion Kit, AR-P17 and memory required. *10: Resolutions higher than 400 dpi are interpolated.
Option: PCL 6/5e, PS3*4 *11: Optional AR-FX7 Fax Expansion Kit required. *12: Based on ITU-T test chart no.1 at standard resolution in
Super G3 mode, 33,600 bps, JBIG compression.
Available fonts Standard: Host-based
Option: 80 fonts for HP PCL, 136 fonts for PS3*4
Features [Standard] Duplex print N-up (2/4) Paper/output tray selection
Smoothing RIP once/print many Fit to page
Image adjust Print with stapling Watermarks
[Option] Pamphlet style Binding edge N-up (2/4/8/16)
Cover insertion (front & back) Transparency insertion 930.7 mm
State-of-the-Art Multifunction
Negative image*5 Mirror image*5 Carbon copy print (36 21/32")

Overlay Print auditor Job retention (confidential print,

proof print) Direct printing of PDF*4*6 and TIFF*6 files
E-mail print Barcode font compatibility*7
1,100 mm
(43 5/16")
for Maximum Office Productivity
Font/form download

Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 609.5 mm
Windows and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the 592 mm
(23 5/16") (24")
Unites States and/or other countries. All other brand names and product names may be trademarks or 623 mm
registered trademarks of their respective owners. 1,215 mm (24 17/32
(47 27/32
Shown with options.

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Copy Print Network Print Network Scan Sharpdesk Fax/PC-Fax

JCM276F1 SHARP CORP. (SEP. 2005) Y0.3E Printed in Japan
27 1st

CPM 4.8 sec.

(at 600 dpi) First copy time

Duplex Copying
Special Edition Purifying Water with Bio-Power
1 Naturally purifying waste with a fluidized treatment system

Waste fluid treatment system at Fukuyama site

microorganism cultures
decompose main

Oyster shell
Oyster shells
neutralize the

Bincho charcoal/
charcoal treatment
decompose as they are
absorbed by charcoal

Monitoring by fish
Sensitive to
changes, roaches are
used to monitor safety

Reuse of treated
Treated water is
reused in other
drainage treatment
Speedy Printing with Sharp Technology Network Printing A3 Network Scanning LDAP Compatibility for Network Scanning
The AR-M276 is a high-performance printer incorporating Sharp The AR-M276 works as a network printer when equipped with the The optional AR-NS2 Network Built-in LDAP (lightweight
Printer Language with Compression (SPLC) technology. SPLC optional AR-P17, giving it TCP/IP support and allowing printing in Scanner Expansion Kit turns directory access protocol)
effectively reduces the data size of print jobs, speeding up the data a Windows network environment. By adding the optional AR- the AR-M276 into a support eliminates the need to
transfer time and printing process while improving overall NC5J Print Server Card, the AR-M276 becomes compatible with convenient monochrome enter or register an entire e-
throughput. Also, the Rip Once/Print Many function saves print most of todays available network operating systems and protocols network scanner. With the mail address from the LCD
data in the AR-M276s internal memory and transfers it to output and can be used in mixed network environments as well. You can touch of a few buttons, you control panel. Simply enter the
at an amazing rate of 27 ppm in 600-dpi resolution. Both IEEE easily integrate the AR-M276 into your existing network and enjoy can choose one of three ways first few letters of the
1284 parallel and USB 2.0 (full speed mode) ports are provided as its powerful network printing via 100Base-TX and 10Base-T to distribute your scanned recipients name and the AR-M276 displays a list of possible
standard. Ethernet standards in various network protocols including Novell documents. matches from names and e-mail addresses on your companys
IPX/SPX, TCP/IP and NetBEUI for Windows and UNIX, and Scan to E-mail allows you to send documents as an attachment LDAP server. This feature saves precious time and lets you avoid
SPLC (Sharp Printer Language with Compression) Printing
Macintosh EtherTalk*. to any e-mail address over the Internet. Additionally, an ad hoc errors when typing e-mail addresses.
Compress print data, reduce transfer time
*Requires optional AR-PK1 N. feature allows you to conveniently enter an e-mail subject title or
file name from the touch-screen LCD.
Scan to FTP Server lets you scan a document Scan to desktop Scan to FTP server
Transfer Ethernet
(10Base-T/100Base-TX) directly to an FTP server for special applications Send to Store and share
Data is TCP/IP designated PC as digital data
compressed Windows NT 4.0 such as company-wide posting or archiving. Scan
Host-based Transfer time reduced by Client PCs File server
Windows 2000
print data nearly half (vs. GDI) Windows XP to Desktop enables you to send scanned
Fast printing of text and graphics EtherTalk documents directly to your desktop computer. And Scan to e-mail
IPX/SPX Macintosh with Sharpdesk, Sharps powerful but easy-to- Send as e-mail
IPP, etc.
PCL6 and PostScript 3 Emulation Print use document management software (see below), Scan
editing and managing scanned documents is easier
When equipped with the optional AR-P17 Printer Expansion Kit, IPP, etc.
Internet Document
Windows 95/98/Me than ever.
the AR-M276 supports PCL5e and PCL6 printer languages. For With optional AR-P17
and AR-NC5J installed
compatibility with more fonts and better graphics handling,
PostScript 3 is available with the AR-PK1 N PS3 Expansion Kit.
Note: The optional AR-NC5J is also required for PostScript printing in the Network Utility Software
Macintosh OS.
Sharps original Printer Administration
Utility software makes printer networks Sharpdesk for Total Document Management VIEW & SEARCH
Razor-Sharp 1,200-dpi Printing easier to manage by allowing network Sharpdesk is an original, intuitive Sharpdesks built-in Search
administrators to customise monitored Printer Administration Utility application that provides integrated engine displays results clearly
The AR-M276s 600-dpi print engine provides enhanced 1,200-dpi screen
items and view settings such as the IP desktop management of documents and logically, making it fast
print quality. This can be upgraded to true 1,200-dpi printing for
address directly from their PC. Printer regardless of the format. Once you and easy to find and retrieve
ultra-clear image quality with the optional AR-P17.
Status Windows conveniently allow scan documents and images, or scanned documents or any
you to monitor important printer drag-and-drop existing electronic file on your PC. You
Folder window View/work area Output zone
Job Offset and Job Separator information on your PC, including on- files on your PC into can also view files in their
Search screen
line/off-line status, name of the active Sharpdesk, you can native format by dragging
The AR-M276 ensures your documents will stay neatly organised
print job, and machine conditions such view their thumbnail and dropping them onto
even when others are using the machine at the same time. To
as amount of paper or toner. Printer Status Window images and organise, Sharpdesks View/Work area, where they will be displayed as
make it easier to locate and retrieve your documents from the tray,
edit, search and easy-to-recognise thumbnail images. Sharpdesk supports over 200
the AR-M276s Job Offset function stacks each print job slightly
distribute your kinds of file formats, including Excel, Word, TIFF, JPEG and BMP.
shifted apart from one another. In addition, a convenient Job
Separator* outputs copied documents onto a separate tray, Various Printing Functions documents in over
200 file formats for
preventing them from getting mixed in with printouts and faxes. Proof Printing allows you to check a trial set before printing
maximum productivity. EDIT & PROOFREAD
*Requires optional AR-TR3. out entire multiple-page documents in order to avoid printing Sharpdesk screen Composer Sharpdesk Composer lets you
mistakes and wasted paper and time.
Job Offset combine different types of files into
Job Separator Carbon Copy Printing prints out the same page of a document
a single document through simple
Wont get onto up to three*1 different kinds of paper from separate,
mixed! Printer/fax output CONVERT & OUTPUT drag-and-drop operation. Image
multiple trays.
Output your scanned documents by dragging them onto the Editor provides a range of useful
Copier output
Direct Printing without Printer Driver prints out PDF*2 or
desired icon in the Output zone. You can archive, print, e-mail or annotation tools such as labels,
TIFF*3 files without opening applications or using printer drivers.
fax files, or open them in your favourite application. Sharpdesk stamps and marks, allowing network Imaging
Plus, this function enables e-mail printing, which automatically
can convert documents to PDF format for sending as easy-to- users to check and proofread
prints out the attached files when the AR-M276 receives e-mail.
open e-mail attachments. It can also convert scanned documents documents without overwriting the
Document Finishing *1: Optional paper feed unit required.
to editable text using OCR (optical character recognition). original files and without having to
*2: Direct PDF printing requires optional AR-PK1 N.
Choose the optional Finisher or Saddle Stitch Finisher to automate *3: Certain types of TIFF and PDF files may not print out this way. print out a hard copy.
time-consuming tasks such as sorting and stapling. The Saddle
Stitch Finisher automatically arranges your document in the proper OTHER KEY FEATURES
page layout and makes booklets. A Punch Module is also available Print Fax E-mail Convert
Duplex printing, Pamphlet Style printing by OCR
to make hole-punched documents. Composer Annotation function
N-up, Fit-to-Page, Watermarks, Mirror Image
Barcode font compatibility, form/font download
High-Speed Operation Multi Access Sharps Layered Security Approach Protects Your Business at Every Level
The AR-FX7 Fax Expansion Kit turns the AR-M276 You get two different functions simultaneously; for example, you The AR-M276 has multiple levels of network and data security to restrict access to your electronic documents and ensure that unauthorised
into a Super G3 fax machine featuring a fast can scan documents into memory for transmission while you personnel cannot get hold of valuable data. Users get peace of mind knowing they can safely copy, print, scan and fax digital documents in
modem speed of 33.6 Kbps. Using JBIG data receive an incoming fax. any business environment, thanks to Sharp, the leader in office equipment security.
compression, the AR-M276 can send an A4 (8 1/2" x 11") size
page in under 3 seconds*. Working together with the machines
PC-Fax IP/MAC Address Filtering Data Security
1.5-second scanning, this function greatly enhances the efficiency
of your faxing jobs. A PC-Fax function allows you to directly send a document created The optional AR-NC5J Print Server Card and the AR-P17 Printer Digital copier/printers or multifunction products can retain
*Based on ITU-T test chart No. 1 at standard resolution. on your PC to a recipients fax machine via the AR-M276. Since all Expansion Kit provide the AR-M276 with highly secure printing hundreds of pages of confidential information from previous jobs
faxing procedures are done on your PC without printing to paper, and scanning capabilities by restricting access to the AR-M276 on on their internal memory. To prevent these sensitive records from
this function saves times, increases faxing productivity, and retains your office network. Only PCs being recovered by unauthorised
Duplex Transmission and Reception original document quality. that have either or both their IP
IP/MAC Address Filtering Data Security System
persons, the AR-M276 can be
Copy Data Print Data
With the optional RSPF, the AR-M276 scans both pages of two- address or MAC (media access OK Prevents data leak equipped with the optional
Scan Data Fax Data
sided documents and sorts them in memory. The pages are then control) address registered are AR-FR12 M*/FR12 U Data
Send Fax Fax is sent to recipient
transmitted in the proper order. Thanks to the standard duplex command from PC fax machine allowed to use the AR-M276. Security Kit, which completely
module, the AR-M276 can also print incoming faxes onto both Attempted access from an NO! EC
erases the data generated for
PS The data generated for each
sides of paper, thus saving you paper costs. unknown IP or MAC address will job is automatically erased each job.
once that job is finished
be denied, preventing Unknown IP or MAC
addresses will be
*Common Criteria EAL3+ validated.
Data Erase
unauthorised use. denied access
Quick On-Line Transmission
The AR-M276 starts dialling and transmitting a multi-page Confidential Print
document as soon as the first page is scanned into memory. This
greatly reduces the overall time it takes to send the document. 3 steps! With the optional AR-P17, the AR-M276 provides confidential What is the Common Criteria?
Conventional faxing printing. To keep others from seeing confidential documents as
Print command Output document Fax document The Common Criteria is an international accreditation standard
Conventional Memory Transmission they are being printed out, the AR-M276s Confidential Print
designed to facilitate the evaluation of the security levels of
function requires the user to enter in a PIN (personal identification
information systems, hardware and software. Security evaluation
PC-Fax (AR-M276) number) at the machine before printing can begin.
Scan All Call Send standards were originally implemented in the US and European
Send command
Select printer or Set PIN on your PC. User enters PIN on Confidential
countries for the protection of military information, then as
Quick On-Line Transmission (AR-M276) PC-fax driver
1 step! Greatly reduces time operation panel. printouts wont be security for commercial products and systems grew important, the
required for faxing Data is sent from PC... read by others.
Common Criteria was consequently developed in October 1998.
Scan and
Saves Time stored on
memory Sharp and Data Security
Call Send OTHER KEY FEATURES Sharp is the worlds first company in the copier/printer industry to
Automatic Print Reduction automatically reduces the size of have its Data Security Kits certified to the Common Criteria. The
User Authentication for Network Scanning AR-FR12 M* data security kit for the AR-M276 is certified for
received faxes to fit the size of the printing paper
500-Number Auto Dialling Memory Transmission stores documents in memory, allowing To prevent unauthorised use of network scanning, the AR-M276 Common Criteria EAL3+ (evaluation assurance level 3+).
the originals to be returned to the user quickly supports user authentication, which requires users to log in to the *If you wish to simultaneously upgrade both the Data Security Kits ROM
Register up to 500 numbers machine before performing any network scanning operations. and the main units ROM, please use the AR-FR12 U (commercial version).
Memory Reception saves incoming faxes in memory if the AR-
into the customisable directory For details, consult your Sharp dealer.
M276 runs out of paper or toner Note: Available with optional AR-P17 and AR-NS2.
of one-touch auto-dial keys,
Timer Transmission enables unattended after-hours operation The validation obtained by this product
listed in alphabetical order for concerning information security is the result of
when reduced phone rates are in effect Auditing Mode the evaluation based on the standards and
easy searches of specific methods prescribed by the Target of
Polling allows the user to retrieve a document left in the feeder
An auditing mode built into the AR-M276 requires users to enter a Evaluation. It certifies that the product
numbers. AR-FR12 M VERSION M.20
of a remote fax machine conforms to security assurance requirements.
five-digit PIN code to gain access to the operation panel. This
Programme keys (up to 8 keys) are available to set up
feature also restricts users from printing to the AR-M276.
frequently used transmissions for instant recall
Long originals (up to 1,000 mm long) can be sent using the
F-Code Communication Options
RSPF (Note: Not possible for A3-wide paper or in Ultra Fine mode)
Conforming to the ITU-T F-Code (sub-address and passcode) Dual Page Scan allows faxing of pages from an open book or AR-RP7
AR-PN1A/B/C/D Punch Module
AR-TR3 100-Sheet Reversing AR-VR6
standard, the AR-M276 is capable of F-Code confidential documents placed side by side Job Separator Single Pass Feeder Document Cover AR-NC5J Print Server Card
Tray Kit AR-PK1 N PS3 Expansion Kit
communication, F-Code relay request transmission and F-Code Job Separator separates incoming faxes from copier jobs AR-P17
Printer Expansion Kit AR-PF1 Barcode Font Kit
memory polling with other fax machines regardless of the Offset Stacking slightly shifts individual faxes as they arrive for AR-PF2 Flash ROM Kit for downloaded fonts
manufacturer or model. easy retrieval AR-NS2 Network Scanner Expansion Kit
AR-FN5 N (with 10 Sharpdesk licenses)
Broadcast Faxing to up to 200 destinations Finisher
AR-U11M/U15M Sharpdesk 1/5-License Kit
Anti-Junk Fax blocks unwanted faxes from up to 50 specified
AR-M276 AR-U1AM/U1BM Sharpdesk 50/100-License Kit
Ultra Fine Mode AR-MM9 8MB Fax Memory
fax numbers AR-SM5/SM6 256MB/512MB Memory
You can set the AR-M276 to this ultra-high resolution to give the AR-F14 AR-FR12 M Data Security Kit
Saddle Stitch AR-FX7
recipient crisp, clear reproduction of detailed images and fine text. Finisher Fax Expansion Kit (Common Criteria EAL3+ validated)
AR-FR12 U Data Security Kit
AR-D21 AR-D22
500-Sheet Paper Dual 500-Sheet
Feed Unit Paper Feed Unit Some options may not be available in some areas.