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By June 2018, the number of identified lunch detention referrals for 2nd grade students will decrease by
Goal: 10% (from 168 referrals to 150 referrals).
Target Group: 2nd Grade Students
Data to Identify Students Incident Referrals from school data tools

ASCA Process Data

Domain and (Projected Outcome Data
Mindsets & number of Perception Data (Achievement, attendance
Behaviors Curriculum and Projected students (Type of surveys/ and/or behavior data to be Contact
Activities Standard(s) Materials Start/End affected) assessments to be used) collected) Person
PS:A1.8, Kelsos Choice: 9/2017 55 Students Student Pre-Post ASK Incident report data Ali Keefe
PS:A2.2, Character Kit 6/2018 Surveys 2nd Grade
Guidance Curriculum PS:A2.6 Teacher Surveys Teachers
PS:B1.6 Lunch Staff Needs
PS:C1.7 Assessment
2nd grade generated A.A1.3 Classroom 9/2017- 534 Students Students Pre-Post Incident report data Ali Keefe
lunch room A.A3.2 meetings 10/2017 Evaluations 2nd Grade
procedures and A.C1.5 Computer Teacher Evaluations Teachers
expectations for C.C1.7 Poster board Lunch Staff Needs
whole school PS.A1.9 Markers Assessment
PS.B1/1 Printing Paper Lunch Staff
PS.C1.7 Evaluations
PS.A1.6 25 6th grade 10/2017- 55 Students Teacher Evaluations Incident report data Ali Keefe
Lunch Buddies PS.AL.8 students 12/2017 Lunch Staff 6th Grade
rotating daily in On-going Evaluations Teachers
groups of 5 if Comparison
needed Assessments
Staff training on lunch I.A.3, Positive 10/2017- 5 Staff Staff Pre-Post ASK Incident report data Ali Keefe
room expectations I.A.6, Discipline by 10/2017 Members surveys Lead
and logical II.C.5, Nelsen and Lott Staff Check-ins Lunch
consequences III.A.5, Logical Staff
IV.B.1d Consequences
by Rudolf