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JULY 2017

Enjoy an Active Life after 50

Kayakers find
peace amid
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SATURDAY, JULY 1 Clintonville. 6-11 p.m. Food and music. SATURDAY, JULY 8
Gresham Family Fun Fest: Parade 11 a.m. Shawano Fireworks: Shawano Municipal Airport, Railroad Day: Heritage Park, 524 N. Franklin St.,
Games, vendors, bike giveaways, food and more 248 Airport Road. 9-10 p.m. Shawano. Admission $5, $1 children under 12.
at Veterans Memorial Park. Fireworks at dusk. 715-526-3323.

Cloverleaf Lakes Kiddie Parade:Cloverleaf TUESDAY, JULY 4
Lake Chain, town of Belle Plaine. Fourth of July Celebration: Village Park, Bon- SUNDAY, JULY 9
Parade at 10 a.m. at boat launch, duel. Parade at 11 a.m., baseball games, music, St. Michael’s Parish Summer Festival: St. Mi-
pontoon parade at 6:30 p.m. on chael’s Catholic Church, N816 State Highway
food, beverages. Fireworks at 9:45 p.m. 715-524-
Pine and Grass lakes. 920-823- 47-55, Keshena. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 715-799-3811.
9151. Mean Mary: Joel Kroenke residence, W9050
Leopolis Triathlon: The triathlon is sponsored by
Broadway Road, Shawano. 2 p.m. For reserva-
the Leopolis Booster Club and consists of three
SUNDAY, JULY 2 races: the jock class (50-yard swim, 12-mile bike
tions or directions, call 715-853-6879. Potluck
Bonduel Civic Association Car meal prior to the concert.
and 5-mile run), the beer belly (50-yard swim,
Show: Cedar Park, Bonduel. 8 5-mile bike, 2-mile run) and the 16 and under
a.m. to 3 p.m. (50-yard swim, 5-mile bike and 2-mile run). Race SATURDAY, JULY 15
Bonduel Centennial Recogni- begins at 11 a.m., parade at 1:30 p.m. 715-787- Navarino Days: Navarino Athletic Field, W5071
tion: Village Park, Bonduel. 8 a.m. 4402. State Highway 156, Navarino. Parade at noon.
Live music, raffle, auction, baseball game and free
to 3 p.m. Elderon Fourth of July Celebration: McNulty bike giveaway. 715-758-8728.
Park, Elderon. Parade begins at 1 p.m. Music by
MONDAY, JULY 3 The Drovers starting at 2 p.m.
Birnamwood Fireworks: Birnamwood Ballpark.
Tigerton Block Party: Community Park, Cedar Yata, Sinz, Orfirid Trio: Joel Kroenke residence,
Park opens at 5 p.m., music by The Ponyman
Street, Tigerton. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Live music, W9050 Broadway Road, Shawano. 6:30 p.m. For
Band at 8 p.m., fireworks at dusk.
games, silent auction, food. Fireworks at dusk. reservations or directions, call 715-853-6879.
Clintonville Fireworks: W.A. Olen Athletic Field, 715-535-2110. Potluck meal prior to the concert.

JULY 2 0 1 7

Years of crafting lead to Yellow Perch Card Company
By CAROL WAGNER “Randy has helped me from day one

with anything,” she said.
helley Nemetz has been crafting
Nemetz has 40 years of craft supplies
since she was in 4-H as a child
accumulated in a workroom in her Sha-
growing up in Door County.
“I’ve always done crafts,” she said. wano home. After sitting all day at her
She makes cards for all occasions, job at United Health Care in Green Bay,
creates unique picture frames, sews she prefers to stand when doing her
bibs and burp cloths, and knits dish rags. crafting work. Nemetz usually works on
When her son and daughter-in-law, her hobby five nights out of the week.
Greg and Lesley Nemetz, sold their ma- “I just like to do it,” she said. “And
ple syrup at the Shawano Farmers Mar- stop thinking about work.”
ket, she would sit with Lesley and bring Nemetz was born in Algoma, gradu-
some of her cards. ated from Southern Door High School
Last year, she got her own spot to sell and attended the University of Wiscon-
her wares. sin-Stout for three years working toward
“My goal every week is to pay for my a business degree until she met her hus-
spot,” Nemetz said. band.
Her picture frames get a lot of atten- When they lived in Sister Bay, he sold
tion. When she saw a similar picture her crafts on consignment in the shops
frame, she thought she could make there. In 1993 they moved to Shawano,

something like it. where Randy works for Torborgs Lum-
“I thought it would be easy to make,” ber in sales. They have two children and
Nemetz said. four grandchildren.
She uses boards from her daughter’s Since Randy is an avid fisherman, she
fence, which her husband, Randy, cuts honored him by calling her hobby the
Shelley Nemetz makes homemade cards and picture
to whatever size she wants. The picture Yellow Perch Card Company. frames in a room in her Shawano home.
is secured with decorative string so the He is also a gardener with one plot
pictures can be changed. Tags tell the at their home in Shawano and another of canning and freezing.
story of the picture and are held to the at the community gardens by Zion Lu- She also sells her crafts at the St.
frame with a clothes pin. theran Church. So together they do a lot James Craft Show in the fall.
JULY 2017

Your credit card shouldn’t retire when you do

hen her car trouble began, Bev-
erly Dobratz, 70, assumed that
years of responsible credit us-
age would qualify her for a new car loan
with a low interest rate.
Then the salesman checked her
credit and learned that she hadn’t made
any purchases with it in 10 years; she
preferred to pay with cash or her debit
card. That had hurt her credit scores,
preventing her from getting a deal that
worked for her.
“It was quite a shock. I had a huge
down payment for him, but it didn’t
make any difference,” the Long Beach,
California, resident says. “I didn’t get
the car.”
About one-third (34 percent) of Amer-
ican baby boomers risk damaging their
credit scores in retirement by reducing
reasons, such as an unexpected car pur- KEEP YOUR CREDIT
or eliminating their use of credit cards,
chase, as happened with Dobratz. Other CARDS ACTIVE
according to a survey by TransUnion,
reasons include: Recently, Battison’s dad moved to
one of the three major credit bureaus
• Finding housing. Some indepen- independent living facility. “All of the
that gather information used to calcu-
dent living facilities require a pre-ad- furniture that he had in his home was
late the scores. (TransUnion is a Nerd-
mission credit check, the way a landlord too big and we all of a sudden needed to
Wallet business partner.)
might run a credit check before renting completely furnish this apartment,” she
Using credit cards for small pur-
an apartment. says. “Because he didn’t use his credit
chases keeps your credit active , says
Heather Battison, a vice president at • Co-signing a loan. You’ll need good card as often, we ran into some issues
TransUnion. That can help ensure you’ll credit to help a child or grandchild qual- there.”
have available credit — or good credit TransUnion consumer data show
ify for a loan or credit card by co-signing.
scores — when it counts. that 20 percent of people ages 51 and 70
• Refinancing your home. If you still
Keeping credit cards active doesn’t have subprime credit, or a score of less
have a mortgage, refinancing can lower
mean running up debt. Think of them as than 600.
your interest rate and monthly pay-
tools for maintaining credit, not a tem- ments, which might be attractive after OPTING OUT OF CREDIT
porary loan. retirement. IS A GAMBLE
• Receiving a home equity line of Your retirement plan might appear
credit : You can use this type of credit to bulletproof, but circumstances eas-
finance repairs and upgrades that will ily change — and if they do, it’s nice to
You can plan for retirement, but it’s
make your home more accessible, says know you can lean on your credit.
impossible to predict exactly what will
happen in your 80s or 90s. The average certified financial planner Delia Fer- “You never know when you’re going to
65-year-old today will live until his or her nandez. For example, you might widen need something,” Dobratz says. “Hang
mid-80s, according to the Social Security doorways to accommodate a wheelchair on to that credit. Otherwise, they’re go-
Administration. or walker. ing to charge you high interest on your
That’s why it’s important to maintain “It’s an example of things we don’t loan.”
a strong credit profile even if you don’t think about because we’re not 80, but This article was provided to The Associated Press by
the personal finance website NerdWallet . Email staff
foresee borrowing money again. You how much better to prepare the house writer Melissa Lambarena: mlambarena@nerdwallet.
might need it in retirement for many before we turn 80,” Fernandez says. com.

JULY 2 0 1 7

Miso and lime juice add some zing to


almon season has arrived, and
the markets are brimming with
gorgeous wild varieties like King
Salmon and Coho, which are perfect for
grilling, poaching or even simply cooking
in a lightly oiled pan.
With summer here, fire up the barbe-
cue and master the grilled salmon — it’s
an incredibly versatile blank canvas that
you can use in everything from light sal-
ads to heady curries to spicy tacos. And
grilling salmon is quite easy, as long as
you follow the rule to pull it off the grill THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

just a minute before you think it’s done.
Coat salmon fillets with a little oil, salt
and pepper, and cook until the salmon is
almost opaque; “cook until flaky” is bad
advice that will leave your salmon over-
cooked and strong-flavored.
One of our summertime favorites is
Easy Summer Miso Salmon, which pairs EASY SUMMER MISO SALMON utes total, flipping halfway through. (Internal
miso with refreshing lime juice to create Servings: 6 temperature will be about 140 F, and it will rise
something between a creamy sauce and Start to finish: 20 minutes to 145 F as it rests.)
Salmon: Meanwhile, make the sauce (or can be
a citrus vinaigrette. 1 1/2 pounds wild Alaskan salmon fillet, made in advance): heat the olive oil over me-
Miso, or fermented soy bean paste, such as King or Coho dium heat in a small saute pan and cook the
adds a ton of savory flavor (“umami”) 1 teaspoon neutral oil, like olive or grape- shallots until tender, about three minutes.
and depth, while the lime juice keeps the seed (Sprinkle with a little splash of water if needed
recipe bright and summery. There’s gar- 1/4 teaspoon salt to keep shallots from browning.) Add the gin-
1/4 teaspoon pepper ger and garlic and cook another minute. Add
lic and ginger for flavor, but the shallot Sauce: the miso paste and mix with a wooden spoon
keeps the flavor more Californian than 1 tablespoon olive oil for another minute or two, or until very fragrant
Asian, although you could certainly add 2 shallots, minced and the miso paste begins to deepen a little in
soy sauce, Mirin (Japanese wine) and 2 cloves garlic, chopped color. Remove from heat, cool a minute, and
chopped cilantro if you wanted to. Serve 1 teaspoon fresh minced ginger then place in the blender with the honey, lime
3 tablespoons white miso paste juice, water, mustard and black pepper and
with brown rice, grilled veggies or a 1 teaspoon raw honey blend until smooth. Add extra water if needed.
bunch of vegetable “noodles” for a filling 1/4 cup lime juice (or lemon juice) Spoon the miso sauce onto the hot salmon
and healthy summer supper. 3-4 tablespoons water and serve with brown rice or veggies.
Miso paste comes in various colors, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard Chef’s Note: The sauce can be made into
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper a salad dressing by thinning with more water
with white and yellow being the mildest
and lime juice.
varieties, and perhaps the most widely Heat the grill to medium and lightly oil the Nutrition information per serving: 220
available ones at the local supermarket. grates. Rub the salmon all over with the olive calories; 94 calories from fat; 10 g fat (2 g sat-
Keep a container of miso in the fridge (it oil, and sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Cook urated; 0 g trans fats); 62 mg cholesterol; 443
lasts for months), and you can try adding the salmon flesh side down first, (skin side up), mg sodium; 7 g carbohydrate; 0 g fiber; 3 g
until almost cooked through, about 7-10 min- sugar; 23 g protein.
a spoonful to soups, stews, dressings and
dips, or even just stir it into a cup of boil-
ing water and add a splash of soy sauce little protein and a smattering of miner- paste. Try this week’s recipe and add
and rice vinegar for a warming broth. als, including sodium, so you won’t likely two new tools to your repertoire: grilled
Miso is low in calories, and offers a need additional salt when using miso salmon and miso.
JULY 2017

Most affordable SUV of its size
By ANN M. JOB four-cylinder engine, automatic trans- yet upscale look. Inside, nice plastics on

he Kia Sorento adds connectivity mission and front-wheel drive. the dashboard and doors make even the
and safety features for 2017 while All Sorentos come with Kia’s indus- base SUV feel pricier than it is. Controls
remaining one of the most afford- try-leading warranty that includes 10 and gauges are well laid out, and there
able SUVs of its size. years/100,000 miles of powertrain cover- are multiple ways to organize the folding
With a length of 15.6 feet, the 2017 age and limited, basic vehicle coverage second- and third-row seats to accom-
Sorento is mid-size and has flexible stor- for five years/60,000 miles. modate cargo.
age space of up to 73 cubic feet while of- The 2017 Sorento is a recommended Kia’s excellent surround view camera
fering buyers the choice of seating for buy of Consumer Reports magazine, that shows the driver views all around
five or seven people. where it’s rated four out of five for pre- the car is especially useful and makes
The Sorento also is one of the few dicted reliability. It also earned five out parking and neck-straining less stress-
SUVs with three engine choices — a of five stars for occupant protection in ful. However, a rearview camera is not
naturally aspirated four cylinder, a turbo front and side crash testing by the fed- standard on the base model. Buyers
four and a V-6. eral government. must move up to the 2017 Sorento LX,
The starting manufacturer’s suggest- The Sorento provides a good mix of which carries a $27,795 starting retail
ed retail price with destination charge power, comfort and functionality without price, to get a camera.
for a base, 2017 Sorento L is $26,495 and a lot of fuss. Still, the starting prices remain thou-
includes five seats, a 178-horsepower, On the outside, it has a mainstream sands of dollars less than the $31,590


JULY 2 0 1 7
starting retail price for a 2017 Toyota With peak torque of 252 foot-pounds FAC T S HE E T
Highlander and the $29,845 starting re- at 5,300 rpm, the vehicle comfortably got
tail price for a 2017 Ford Edge SUV. up to highway speeds while merging and 2017 Kia Sorento
The list of other features is lengthy, easily passed other cars. SXL AWD
and buyers can outfit the Sorento to the Fuel mileage in combined city/high-
level of a luxury vehicle. way travel averaged the federal govern- BASE PRICE: $25,600 for L; $26,900 for LX
The test Sorento, for example, was ment’s rating of 19 miles per gallon, for FWD; $28,700 for LX AWD; $29,200 for LX V-6
the top SXL AWD model that had Nappa a total range of 358 miles on a single, FWD; $31,000 for LX V-6 AWD; $31,700 for EX
leather-covered seats, 19-inch, chrome 18.8-gallon tank of gasoline. FWD; $33,300 for EX V-6 FWD; $33,500 for EX
wheels, panoramic sunroof, a premium Passengers didn’t feel many bumps AWD; $35,100 for EX V-6 AWD; $38,800 for SX
surround sound system and naviga- on the roads, but they noticed some body FWD; $40,600 for SX AWD; $44,100 for SXL
tion system with 8-inch display screen, roll as the Sorento went through curves. FWD; $45,900 for SXL AWD.
among other things. Safety features in- The ride was quieter than expected, and AS TESTED: $46,795.
cluded autonomous emergency brak- all but the third row felt comfortable for TYPE: Front-engine, all-wheel-drive, seven-
passenger, mid-size sport utility vehicle.
ing if the Sorento detected an imminent adults. Legroom is just 31.7 inches in the
ENGINE: 3.3-liter, double overhead cam, direct
collision. The car is also compatible with third row, and seat cushions are short
injection V-6 with dual CVVT.
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. and close to the floor, so this area is best
MILEAGE: 17 mpg (city), 23 mpg (highway).
The SXL AWD comes only with the used by children. When not in use, the TOP SPEED: NA.
290-horsepower V-6 and is pricey, though, third row stows flat into the floor. LENGTH: 187.4 inches.
at $46,795. The Sorento with the V-6 and all-wheel WHEELBASE: 109.4 inches.
The 3.3-liter, double overhead cam V-6 drive can tow trailers and campers CURB WEIGHT: 4,343 pounds.
powered the Sorento tester strongly and weighing up to 5,000 pounds. Sorentos BUILT AT: West Point, Ga.
made the SUV feel lighter than its 4,300- with the four-cylinder engines are lim- OPTIONS: None.
plus pounds. ited to a 2,000-pound towing capacity. DESTINATION CHARGE: $895.

JULY 2017

Kayakers find escape,
adventure on the water
Relaxing sport is adaptable to various styles and abilities
When some friends of Shawano resident
Nancy Brown-Koeller invited her on a kayak
trip in Peninsula State Park in the 1980s, she
didn’t hesitate — despite having fears about enjoyed navigating the challenging rapids on
the sport. rivers around Wisconsin such as those found
“I kind of forgot I was afraid of kayaking, and along the Peshtigo, Flambeau, Brule and Bois
I just went and found out it wasn’t scary at all,” Brule rivers.
Brown-Koeller recalls of the trip. “I think peo-
“The best part is being down in the action,”
ple have a fear of being trapped in the boat.”
Kayaking, she found, offers lots of options he says. “In a canoe, you’re kind of riding along
and different ways to enjoy the sport without the top of the water and you can try to keep dry.
having to worry about Eskimo rolls or getting That takes away the fun.”
stuck underwater. Nulton gave up whitewater kayaking a few
“We were just bobbing along a beautiful years ago, saying his midsection now makes
shoreline, seeing stuff you wouldn’t see or take him feel too cramped in the boat, but some-
the time to notice from a fast boat,” Brown-
times he takes his son-in-law’s fishing kayak —
Koeller says. “We could maneuver in and out
of little bays. I thought, ‘This is great.’ It was a a flatwater kayak — and paddles around a lake.
great way to explore.’” “It’s very peaceful, which is great if you need
Since then, Brown-Koeller, 65, has become peace,” Nulton says. “But if you need action,
a flatwater kayak enthusiast, continuing to ex- then it’s not.”
plore Wisconsin rivers, lakes and shorelines. That’s what was so appealing about white-
Flatwater kayaking, or sea kayaking, is one water kayaking, Nulton says — feeling the
way to gently enjoy this outdoor sport on calm power and the force of the river current, bump-
lakes and meandering rivers.
Whitewater kayaking — the kind you see ing into rocks, and using your whole body in
with adventurers on roiling rivers — is a more steering the boat. “It’s more a feeling of danc-
active version. Choosing the right version for ing than riding,” Nulton says. “That’s the way I
you is key to enjoying the sport. compare it to canoeing.”
“(Whitewater kayaking) uses a different Over the years, Nulton led student groups
boat, you go on different sections of the river,” on overnight river camping adventure trips in
Brown-Koeller says. “These two groups don’t Wisconsin through his church organization.
really cross too much on the water.”
Wisconsin has plenty of room for both kinds He says he drew inspiration from the power of
of kayakers, with abundant places to enjoy both the river, translating it to sermons on how God
flatwater and whitewater experiences. speaks to people through nature.

“The main lesson I learned was that it’s
NAVIGATING THE RAPIDS really good for my soul to be in a place that I
Paul Nulton, 68, a retired pastor who served can’t control,” Nulton says. “It’s healthy to be
at the First United Church in Marion, gained participating in a force beyond myself that can
a love for the water when he was growing up. be benevolent or dangerous depending on my
“My dad took us kids canoeing when we reaction to it.”
were young,” Nulton says. “We started on the
Kayakers were out in force June 24 for the annual Paddle and Pedal event put on by Shawano Pathways. Although the event was geared toward all ages, many older residents hit the river to keep fit and enjoy nature. Namekagon River when I was 10 years old.” WATER TRAILS
In his early 40s, Nulton purchased a 9.5-foot For many local kayakers looking for a serene
ON THE COVER: Karen Grover paddles her kayak along the Wolf River during the annual Paddle and Pedal event sponsored by Shawano Pathways. Dozens participated in the event, where they were able to enjoy the tranquility of the river. whitewater kayak and for more than 20 years CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

8 9
J U LY 2 0 1 7

Best places in Wisconsin to kayak
With 15,000 lakes and 84,000 miles of ervation and recreation. Several new joy Class I and II segments south of the
rivers in Wisconsin, choosing the best ADA-accessible kayak launches have CCC Bridge. Flatwater kayakers can vis-
place to kayak really comes down to your been installed along the Fox in the past it a section of river meandering through
skill level and the type of kayaking you’d few years. lowland forest between between Big Joe
like to do — whitewater kayaking or flat- Landing and the CCC Bridge.
water (sea) kayaking. A few favorites in- WOLF RIVER
clude the following: With 240 miles of river stretching from WAUPACA CHAIN O’ LAKES
Forest to Winnebago counties, the Wolf With 22 lakes, the Waupaca Chain O’
WAUPACA CHAIN O’ LAKES River provides stretches that will make Lakes is a popular boating destination.
With 22 lakes, the Waupaca Chain O’ both whitewater and flatwater kayakers Kayakers can explore any of the lakes,
Lakes is a popular boating destination. happy. The upper part of the river from but the Upper Chain, consisting of five
Kayakers can explore any of the lakes, Lily and Big Smokey Falls is where you’ll slow, no-wake lakes, is ideal. Access the
but the Upper Chain, consisting of five find the rapids. The Class II-III section chain from Beasley Creek, which con-
slow, no-wake lakes, is ideal. Access the (Class I rapids are the most gentle) be- nects the Upper Chain to the Lower.
chain from Beasley Creek, which con- tween Langlade to Markton provides
nects the Upper Chain to the Lower. low-grade hazards and some of the best APOSTLE ISLANDS
scenery on the river. The lower part is a NATIONAL LAKESHORE
FOX RIVER favorite of local flatwater kayakers, with Exploring the sea caves and cliffs
The 200-mile Fox River is divided into a launch point at Judd Park in Shawano. along the Apostle Islands National Lake-
the Upper Fox, which stretches from shore is an unforgettable kayaking expe-
central Wisconsin to Lake Winnebago, PESHTIGO RIVER rience — and the best part is you don’t
and the Lower Fox, beginning at Lake Whitewater kayaking enthusiasts need to be an expert to do it. Several out-
Winnebago and flowing to Green Bay. throughout the Midwest count the fitters and tour companies offer kayak
The Fox offers a slow current and a sys- Peshtigo River among their favorites. trips of varying lengths — half-day, full-
tem of restored locks, thanks to efforts by Advanced kayakers are attracted to the day or overnight — and most are geared
the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway, an 4-mile “Roaring Rapids” segment, but toward beginners and provide all equip-
organization dedicated to historic pres- beginning whitewater kayakers can en- ment.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9 The outfitting company has user-
experience, flatwater kayaking options friendly kayaks that offer stability for the
also are abundant throughout the state, first-time user who wants to try out the
with local favorites including the Wolf sport.
and the Fox rivers. Organized trips can “A lot of people hear ‘kayaking’ and

be a great way to get started. think you crawl into a little cockpit, and
In June, the Wolf River Paddle & that you’ll tip over and you’re going to be
Pedal event took participants on a 7-mile trapped,” he says. “For beginners and
flatwater paddle down the Wolf River people who are a little bit heavier, we
and a bike ride of 8, 14, or 22 miles back have sit-on- tops that will feel more com-
Chris Kampke, left, and Terry Young carry a kayak from fortable and they track well, and they’re
to Mountain Bay Outfitters. The pro-
their trailer to the edge of the Wolf River in Shawano for a nice kayak.”
ceeds from the event went to Shawano
the annual Paddle and Pedal event put on by Shawano Brown-Koeller tries to get out and
Pathways, an organization focused on Pathways on June 24. paddle five or six times each summer,
promoting a healthy community through
enjoying the Wolf but preferring to ex-
the development of trails — which Mountain Bay Outfitters, which part-
plore new places. She likes the indepen-
means water trails, too. nered with Shawano Pathways on the
dence of a kayak.
“We want to encourage people to use event, has been seeing more baby boom-
“A kayak gives me a lot more freedom
the river and think about active trans- ers and retired people coming in to ask
to get out by myself,” Brown-Koeller
portation, and active outdoor living, no about kayaking, says Tim Conradt, owner. says. “I didn’t need to wait to have a part-
matter what the mode — feet, bicycle “For people just starting to get into it, ner to go canoeing. It really opened up a lot
or canoe or kayak,” says Brown-Koeller, flatwater is probably the most popular,” of possibilities for me to explore and enjoy
president of the organization. Conradt says. “It’s gaining momentum.” the water.”

JULY 2 0 1 7

TIOGA 120 KAYAK The Can-conctions
WITH PADDLE Can-panion Beverage
A great choice Holder keeps your

for beginning drink within arm’s
kayakers, the sit- reach, whether you’re
on- top Lifetime replenishing electro-
Tamarack Tioga lytes or enjoying a
120 Kayak with weekend beverage.
paddle is made for The lightweight flexible plastic fits to multiple sur-
the calm waters of faces and works for kayaks.
lazy rivers and small lakes. The flat bottom cre- Suggested retail value: $3.99.
ates greater stability, and the T-handles make it Available at Dick’s.
easy to transport.
Suggested retail value: $299.99. DRI-STOW BAG
Available at Dick’s. This transparent
vinyl bag keeps your
SMARTPHONE items dry while you’re
WATERTIGHT CASE kayaking. Stow mul-
Using the Outdoor Prod- tiple items safely and
ucts SmartPhone Watertight find them easily — no
Case means you don’t need digging to the bot-
to leave your phone behind VISTA ELITE PADDLE VEST tom of an opaque
when you venture out onto It’s important to have a well-fitting PFD, or dry bag for that item
the lake or down the river. personal flotation device, that allows for easy mo- you need. Built with
Designed to carry various tion while kayaking. The Vista Elite Paddle Vest a round PVC bottom
smartphone makes and sizes, offers a fitted, contoured foam construction with and special StormStrip closure, the Dri-Stow bag
the waterproof, shatterproof open sides to allow for a greater range of motion. also has a handle for convenient transport.
polycarbonate case ensures safe transport of Vest also has padded shoulder straps, adjustable Suggested retail value: $22.95.
your device on even bumpy river trips. waist belt and zips like a jacket. Available at Mountain Bay Outfitters.
Suggested retail value : $14.99. Suggested retail value: $64.99-$69.99.
Available at Mountain Bay Outfitters. Available at Cabela’s. COMPILED BY NIKKI KALLIO

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Keeping you active

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Tools to make the perfect

oast is one of life’s great comfort
foods. Any amateur can make it:
Put bread in toasting device, push
button, wait, remove and slather with
But it’s also trendy: In recent years,
toast has found a cozy spot among and
under food trends like avocado, small-
batch jam, artisanal cheese and free-
range proteins of various types.
“Toast is popular now because it’s a
versatile concept,” says Jill Donenfeld,
author of “Better on Toast: Happiness
on a Slice of Bread — 70 Irresistible
Recipes” (William Morrow Cookbooks,
March 2015).
“It’s pretty. It’s single serve. And it’s
portable. Bread is just not something
most people dislike.”
Luckily, the toaster has evolved, too.
While toaster ovens are popular for

thick slices and for toppings, slot toast-
ers in their modern iterations have lots
of snazzy features. Countertop space
and personal preferences may drive
your decision.
Some style-savvy options:

This photo shows a smash of seasoned avocado on toast in Larchmont, New York, and is one of the most popular toast
toppings. It’s also a big draw on Instagram, where the hashtag has nearly 400,000 posts.

four-slice toaster is equipped with self-
centering guides and 7 browning set-
tings. ( )
• Dualit’s Architect four-slice model
lets you toast up both thick and thin slic-
es at the same time. Settings include de-
frost, and an option to toast just one side
of your bread. ( )
• Cuisinart’s Compact two-slice
• Williams-Sonoma has Breville’s stainless toaster, with a handy defrost- red, and pastel pink, blue or cream.
sleek toaster, in silver or cranberry red, then-toast feature and roomy toasting ( )
with presets for multiple slices and lev- slots, would fit nicely on a tiny kitchen • At the high end of the market,
els of browning. The appliance is also a counter. ( ) Kitchenaid’s Pro Line four-slice toast-
capacious countertop oven with convec- • Smeg’s snazzy ‘50s-style slot toast- er comes in apple red, black, medallion
tion baking. The company’s Signature er comes in retro hues like fire-engine silver and frosted pearl. LED lights

JULY 2 0 1 7
above the settings allow you to oper- er; the technique makes for a uniformly fresh and keep it in the freezer, so I can
ate the appliance in low light. A thought- buttery, crispy slice, she says. easily toast one slice at a time and enjoy
ful “A Little Longer” button lets you give Greg Lofts, deputy food editor at Mar- it throughout the week.”
your bread an extra tweak of toastiness if tha Stewart Living, has his own twist on Whether you use a high-tech appliance
necessary. And an automatic Keep Warm the pan toast: “I prefer to toast bread or a stick over an open flame, it’s hard to
function continues to keep your toast cozy in a dry, cast-iron skillet. This method argue with toast’s simple charm. As Do-
for an extra three minutes. (www.kitch- yields a crispy, golden exterior and soft, nenfeld writes, “Food tastes better when chewy interior.” it’s eaten on a piece of hot, crispy bread.
Donenfeld’s an old-school pan toast- His pro tip: “I slice bread when it’s There’s something primal about it.”
JULY 2017

New book follows the Ice Age Trail

hances are you’ve heard of the
Appalachian Trail, the hiking path
that runs 2,179 miles from Georgia
to Maine. You may also be familiar with
the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650-mile route
from California to Canada.
But unless you live in Wisconsin, you
may not know about the 1,100-mile Ice
Age Trail. Melanie Radzicki McManus

hopes to bring more attention to that
route with a new book, “Thousand-Mil-
er.” McManus, 55, set women’s records
for fastest-known times on the Ice Age
Trail, completing it in 36 days in 2013 and
34 days in 2015.
Her book, just out from the Wisconsin
Society Historical Press, documents the
challenges that she
and others faced
hiking the Ice Age This 2013 photo shows Melanie McManus at the eastern terminus of the Ice Age Trail in Sturgeon Bay. McManus
Trail — from get- wrote the book, “Thousand-Miler: Adventures Hiking the Ice Age Trail.”
ting lost to blis- of woods, hills and wetlands sculpted by just 10 through-hikers on the Appala-
ters, injuries, ticks, the retreat of glacial ice 12,000 years ago. chian Trail in 1970, but more than 1,000
bears and dogs — The trail runs from St. Croix Falls across completed the trail last year. Some 17,500
as well as the re- the northern half of Wisconsin in a squig- hikers in all are believed to have complet-
wards. gly east-west line before dipping into a ed the Appalachian Trail.
“Whether you’re giant U, with its eastern terminus in Po- In contrast, the number of Ice Age
from Wisconsin or tawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay. Trail through-hikers to date is still under
somewhere else, McManus chose to run the trail on 150 and the trail’s first known through-
when you hike a trail like that, you get what’s known as a supported hike, mean- hike wasn’t reported until 1979, the year
such a deep connection with the land and ing that she was picked up and dropped before it was designated a National Sce-
with the outdoors,” McManus said in an off each day at predesignated spots by nic Trail.
interview. car. Of course, through-hikers on any trail
One memorable moment was a But simply finding her way proved to represent a tiny fraction of those who use
downhill stretch into a field edged with be a big part of the adventure. Only a lit- it. A study by the University of Wisconsin
grasses, creating a “stunning effect, like tle more than half of the Ice Age Trail is concluded that 1.25 million people used
a carpet being unrolled for royalty,” she completed and some sections are in poor the Ice Age Trail in 2012.
recalled. “I made my way down this thing condition. Hikers use roads to connect McManus recommends the Point
like I was a bride going down the aisle.” the trail segments. GPS reception is un- Beach, Chippewa Moraine and Kettle
When she encountered a cairn, a mound reliable, so detailed maps and a compass Moraine areas for beginning hikers to
of stones left by previous visitors about are essential. McManus writes of being experience the Ice Age Trail.
halfway through her trek, “I felt like the disoriented, backtracking and hunting “I would just hope people — whether
trail was saying, ‘Way to go, you’re half- for trail markers that were sometimes it’s the Ice Age Trail or a trail in their own
way there. We salute you.’ It was a magi- missing or hard to see. backyard — just get out and explore,” she
cal feeling.” Long-distance hiking has boomed in said. “You don’t have to hike 1,100 miles.
The Ice Age Trail follows a landscape popularity since the 1970s. There were You can hike a mile or 5 miles.”

JULY 2 0 1 7

New Medicare cards debut next year
By JIM MILLER moved from all cards.
Under the new system, a randomly
Dear Savvy Senior,
generated 11-character Medicare Ben-
I just received my Medicare card in
eficiary Identifier will replace the SSN-
the mail and was surprised to see that
based health claim number on your new
the ID number is the same as my Social
Medicare card, but your Medicare ben-

Security number. I know it’s a bad idea
efits will not change.
to carry around anything that displays You will receive information in 2018
my Social Security number because it letting you know about the new Medi-
makes me vulnerable to identity theft. care card, with an explanation of how
Wasn’t the government supposed to to use the new card and what to do with
stop putting Social Security numbers on your old one.
tor’s office or hospital when you need
Medicare cards? You can start using your new Medi-
medical care.
New Beneficiary Here’s what you should do to protect care card with the new number as soon
yourself. as you receive it, and there should be a
Dear New, transition period in 2018 and 2019 when
Many people new to Medicare are NEW MEDICARE CARDS you can use either the old card or the
surprised to learn that the ID number For starters, you’ll be happy to know new card.
on their Medicare card is still identical that the government is in the process of
to their Social Security number (SSN). removing SSNs from Medicare cards, PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY
After all, we’re constantly warned not to but with 58 million beneficiaries, it’s a Until your new Medicare card is is-
carry our SSN around with us, because if huge undertaking that will be imple- sued, here’s what you can do to protect
it gets lost or stolen, the result could be mented gradually. your SSN on your current card.
identity theft. The Centers for Medicare and Medic- The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a
But the card itself tells beneficiaries aid Services will start sending the new national consumer resource on identity
to carry it with you when you are away cards in April 2018, but it will take until theft, recommends that you carry your
from home so you can show it at the doc- December 2019 before SSNs are re- CONTINUED ON PAGE 16

JULY 2017
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 can also check your Medicare claims
early online at (you’ll
Medicare card only when you visit a
need to create an account first), or by
health care provider for the first time,
calling Medicare at 800-633-4227. If you
so the provider can make a copy for
spot anything suspicious or wrong, call
their files. Otherwise, make a photo-
the Inspector General’s fraud hotline
copy of your card and cut it down to
at 800-447-8477.
wallet size. Then take a black marker
Also, watch for other signs of iden-
and black out the last four digits of your
tity theft.
SSN, and carry that instead in case of
For example, if someone uses your
an emergency.
If your Medicare card does happen Social Security number to obtain cred-
to get lost or stolen, you can replace it, loans, telephone accounts, or other
it by calling Social Security at 800-772- goods and services, report it immedi-
1213 or contact your local Social Secu- ately to the Federal Trade Commission
rity office. at (or 877-438-4338).
You can also request a card online at This site will also give you specific Your card will ar- steps you’ll need to take to handle this
rive in the mail in about 30 days. problem.
If your Medicare card that contains
Send your senior questions to Savvy
your SSN gets lost or stolen, you’ll need Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK
to watch out for Medicare fraud. You 73070, or visit Jim
can do this by checking your quarterly Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today
Medicare summary notices for servic- show and author of “The Savvy Senior”
es or supplies you did not receive. You book.
Email your senior story ideas to
JULY 2017