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Population Increasing
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SLAMMIN' Coyotes
Summer Preparation for with

Bovine Tuberculosis Battle Gearing for Trout Worming Bass

Train To Hunt Saginaw Bay's Walleyes Something About a River
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SALES: 810-653-0490
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of Downtown Davison
Open 6 Days: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm;
Saturday 9am-2pm
By Tom Campbell

Field Notes...
Bryce Mar tin,
BIG 11-years-old
caught this 21 plus

inch, 7 pound 2
ounce largemouth
bass in a small lake

near Millington on
couple quick reminders; August Lewis with his seminar topic; Breach- a rubber worm!
1 is the deadline for fall turkey ing the Whitetails Last Defense! Learn
permits, antlerless deer permit the new techniques and tactics of sound
application period is July 15 concealment.
August 15, the special early season teal Of course one of the most popular
hunt is Sept. 1-10. Plus theres plenty of seminars; the proper field dressing and
great fishing to take advantage of. Check skinning demonstrations of big game by
out what Bryce Martin caught (right). Steve and Sue Francis and family, own-
And of course a reminder that the ers of Country Smoke House in Almont.
Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Week- Their seminars have been so popular
end is just a few weeks awaySept. they will be back again this year along
8-10, held at the Eastern Michigan State with venison cooking demonstrations.
Fairgrounds in Imlay City. Weve put The seminars have turned into sort of an
together a great event this year and are everything you need to know about what
really excited about our tremendous deer to do after you shoot your deer!
hunting seminar line-up with the addition Another of the many exciting events
of John Eberhart to the seminar schedule! taking place at the Outdoor Weekend Scheduled to give coyote trapping semi- management stage.
John specializes in bowhunting heavily is the return of the Trappers Associations. nars is Trent Masterson, a Michigan trap- Outdoor Weekend show hours are
pressured areas, with 30 bucks listed in Theyre helping us celebrate and per who has been trapping for 30 years. Friday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m.
CBMs record book from 19 different understand our outdoor heritage and He has trapped across the Midwest, North to 7 p.m.; and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
properties in 10 different counties. Hes the very important role trapping plays. Dakota, Arkansas, New Mexico and Imlay City is located between Flint and
also taken 19 P&Y class bucks from 13 The National Trappers Association is Arizona. He is the Past President of the Port Huron; the Eastern Michigan State
different properties (check out his story committed to defending and promoting Mid-Michigan Independent Trappers As- Fairgrounds is on M-53, a half-mile north
on entering and exiting your hunting the safe and ethical harvest of furbearing sociation and MTPCA Board Member. He of I-69 off Exit #168. Admission is $8
stands page 48). mammals and to the preservation started trapping muskrat and beaver near per person and kids 12 and under free and
Joining John on the seminar stage and enhancement of their habitats. his home in SE Michigan. He is a control free parking. For more information check
again this year will be land and habitat This years Outdoor Weekend will trapper, specializing in urban coyote. our Woods-N-Water News facebook page,
improvement expert Tony LaPratt, food focus on predator control with an em- Experts in the field of calling and hunting website or call
plot specialist Ed Spinazzola and Adam phasis on coyote trapping and hunting. coyotes will join Trent on the predator 810-724-0254.n

SEASONS St. Joseph and Kalamazoo rivers test clean

July 15 Aug. 15 Antlerless deer application period
July 29 MDNR Outdoor Skills Academy, bear hunt-
for invasive silver and bighead carp
ing clinic, Carl T. Johnson Hunt and Fish Center, 10
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $30
An 8-pound, 27-inch-long silver carp was netted in the Illinois Waterway 9 miles
Aug. 5 MDNR Outdoor Skills Academy, bear hunt- from Lake Michigan, some 27 miles beyond the electric barrier system!
ing clinic, Carl T. Johnson Hunt and Fish Center, 10
Concern in Michigan is high after capture of a silver the June 22 capture of an 8-pound, 27-inch-long silver
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $30 carp in the Illinois Waterway carp in the Illinois Waterway. The fish was netted by a
Aug. 1 Aug. 28 Reserved waterfowl application period The MDNR announced environmental DNA (eDNA) commercial fisher participating in a scheduled Asian
Aug. 1-Sept. 30 Crow season sample results from the St. Joseph and Kalamazoo rivers Carp Regional Coordinating Committee monitoring
Sept. 1-Sept. 10 Experimental teal season statewide show no signs of invasive silver and bighead carp. event.
Sept. 1-Sept 30 Early Canada goose season According to DNR fisheries biologist Nick Popoff, The silver carp was caught just nine miles from
Now-Aug. 1 Fall turkey permit application period none of the 260 eDNA samples collected May 1 and Lake Michigan, some 27 miles beyond the electric barri-
Open All Year Pike and walleye season on Lower analyzed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service indicated er system meant to keep the fish from entering the Great
Peninsula Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair & the presence of genetic material for silver or bighead Lakes.
Detroit Rivers carp. Results and maps of the 200 survey sites on the If invasive carp prevention measures fail, the Great
Open All Year Salmon and trout season on Great Kalamazoo River and the 60 sites on the St. Joseph Lakes and Michigans waters could sustain major eco-
Lakes, St. Marys River, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair & River are available on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife logical changes, causing losses to the $7 billion commer-
Detroit Rivers Services Midwest Fisheries website. Video of eDNA cial and sport fishing industry. The potential for injury to
Open All Year Catch-and-immediate-release bass sampling is available on the recreational boaters and swimmers from leaping silver
website. carp also could negatively affect the states $38 billion
season on all Michigan waters open to fishing The eDNA surveillance program a collaborative tourism economy.
Now-Dec. 31 Pure Michigan Hunt Application effort between the Great Lakes states and the U.S. Fish Michigans commitment to protecting the Great
Now-March 15 pike, walleye, muskie seasons on and Wildlife Service since 2013 samples high-priority Lakes from the threat of invasive carp has taken the
Lower Peninsula inland waters locations for the presence of bighead and silver carp form of a $1 million investment in innovation. The
Now-Sept. 30 Trout and salmon on inland Type 1 genetic material. Invasive Carp Challenge
and 2 streams and Type A & D lakes Invasive carp thrive and reproduce in large, warm- will solicit ideas from around the globe to help stop
Now-March 15 pike, walleye, muskie seasons on water rivers with ample flow, said Popoff. Michigans invasive carp from entering Michigans waters. The
Upper Peninsula Great Lakes, inland waters and St southwestern Great Lakes tributaries provide suitable challenge, offering cash prizes for feasible prevention
Marys River habitat and sufficient food, in the form of algae, to sup- methods, is scheduled to open in mid-July 2017 through
Now-Dec. 31 Bass; catch and keep season on all port these species. InnoCentive, a leader in crowdsourcing for federal, state
waters except; Lake St. Clair, St. Clair and Detroit The Grand, St. Joseph and Kalamazoo rivers have and private sector solutions.
Rivers two additional monitoring events scheduled this summer, If invasive carp are detected in Michigans waters,
Now-Dec. 15 Muskie season on Lake St. Clair, St. with lab results expected in July and August. The eDNA the state is prepared to act with a plan of intensive
monitoring program is a part of the early detection monitoring to locate fish populations, netting and
Clair and Detroit Rivers efforts outlined in Michigans Asian Carp Management electrofishing to capture and remove the invasive fish,
Now-Dec. 31 Bass; catch and keep season on Lake St. Plan. and if necessary, applications of rotenone, an aquatic
Clair, St. Clair and Detroit Rivers Along with our participation in the eDNA surveil- pesticide.
lance program, we continue to be diligent with early Controlling and eradicating aquatic invasive species
ARCHERY ARCHERY detection efforts, such as conducting fish population sur- is an extremely costly, difficult and long-term undertak-
MACOMB OAKLAND veys, increasing awareness among anglers, and maintain- ing, with no guarantee of success. Preventing invasive
ing an invasive carp reporting website for anglers to carp from entering the Great Lakes is a far better pros-
share any suspicious catches or observations that occur pect, said Newcomb.
during their outings, said Tammy Newcomb, the DNRs Popoff commented, We need to remind everyone
19744 15 Mile Rd
Clinton Twp. 48035
3001 Rochester Rd
Royal Oak, MI 48073
senior water policy advisor. out on the water to keep an eye out for unusual fish and
Concern about the possibility of invasive silver or big- report potential invasive carp sightings to www.michi-
head carp reaching Michigans waters was heightened by
Keep bears wild Dear Fish Diary...
HUNTING page 61 This will quack you up
Summer setup for Ron St. Germain page 84
Oak Savanna Restoration
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Sporting Collectibles...Part II
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Taking a new adventuresome
step into Nature OPINIONS
Tom Lounsbury page 90 Ethanol and Boating Update
Summer scouting whitetails Bovine Capt. Fred Davis page 74
Bob Fratzke/Glenn Helgeland Tuberculosis OUTDOOR NEWS
page 60 Battle Are APRs a concern with
the presence of CWD?
Brave Hearts 3-D archery Michigan duck stamps 64 and prints available Dick Zook page 75
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page 33 Do you really want to
New outdoor gear for fall Gearing up for summer trout
Man sentenced in eat that CWD deer?
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FISHING Mid-summer bass/walleye
John Bergsma page 46 Cover Story... Saginaw
Kenny Darwin page 8 Red Hot Summer Eyes
DNR confirms cougar
in Clinton County Bay
The One...Two Punch
George Rowe page 62 page 35 Walleyes
for August walleyes WORMIN BASS
Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz Kenny Darwin page 70 PERSPECTIVE
page 16 Schools in for summer Michigan Meanders...
Bill Semion page 93 Something about a river
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Best fish to stock in your pond
Ron Kinnunen page 94 Kayaking: First lesson is safety
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FEATURE Michigan Pheasant Restoration
Initiative annual report Michael 12
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page 53
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CWD? Deer have survived
Keeping outdoor Cover Story... for millions of years!
writers in headlines WOLF vs. COYOTE
Ed Spinazzola page 76
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SPOOKING Randy Jorgensen page 24
Saying goodbye to Conservation Officers GUNS/AMMO
DEER faithful friend saving lives
Darryl Quidort page 26 Jeff Pendergraff page 58 Gun Chat...
John 48 Pin shooting returns!
Trapping... The amazing Praying Mantis Lee Arten page 52
How to traditionally Jonathan Schechter page 66
Mega sliders for weedy dye and wax traps Traditional Black
LARGEMOUTH John Chagnon page 44 Saginaw Bay a year Powder Shooting...
Dave Mull page 20 after new regulations The end is just the beginning
Book Review... Mark Sak page 67 Dennis Neely page 96
Getting the drop Wildlife 911: On Patrol
shot on smallmouth

Drew YoungeDyke page 54
Mark Romanack page 28
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Population Increasing
Clinton County

By Rick Baetsen

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Summer Preparation for with
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Bovine Tuberculosis Battle Gearing for Trout Worming Bass

Train To Hunt Saginaw Bay's Walleyes Something About a River

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By Kenny Darwin

King salmon can grow to monster propor tions in Lake Michigan and recent baitfish data indicates a strong alewife hatch and this year you

can expect some 30 pound giants. With coho and chinook salmon on the move this month you can expect outstanding fishing. Author photos
ew Michigan fish can compete days when the main run hits the coast in July and your limit before daylight and the bite goes tube
with the fighting power of a the fishing explodes until early September. Today city as other boats and the breaking morning sun
runaway king salmon. Their strike the best fishing occurs offshore in deep water arrive.
is savage and line stripping runs lairs during the dog days of July and early Au- This requires a lot of preparation to have
illustrate raw power of the purest gust. Then, as the season progresses, there will be rods rigged, breakfast aboard, hot coffee avail-
form. Sometimes they feel like hit or miss spurts of good fishing along the coast able and a sharp crew scanning the horizon for
they are going to rip the rod from and at rivermouths. others boats fishing in the darkness. Setting lines
your hands, and the long drag- without tangles means you need deck lights or a
sizzling runs make the veins in your arms almost Pre-Dawn Attack miners headlamp in order to get lures in position
explode. Catching them is downright exhilarat- Salmon go on a feeding spree as the morning and rods set without tangles. Keep in mind that
ing, exciting, a hoot, absolutely a blast. sun illuminates the eastern horizon. Im talking running and fishing in the darkness is not for the
Although the biggest draw for most anglers is super early morning when you need your boat weak-of-heart or those who are susceptible to sea
fresh fillets soaked in olive oil and sprinkled with lights running for safety. In order to cash-in on sickness.
Montreal Steak seasoning and grilled to perfec- the hottest feeding period, you need to leave the
tion. The eating is off the hook fantastic and the dock at 5:30 a.m. and have glow lures in the wa- Meat Treat
thrill of landing a big salmon is downright addic- ter when it is still relatively dark. Beyond question, the number one method
tive. When the kings are snappin and the crew is Some mornings you play hell trying to set all for harvesting boatloads of summer salmon is
fired up from the fast-paced fishing excitement, your lines because salmon are super active and meat fishing. Im talking about trolling meat
few fishing thrills can be more entertaining. gulp every presentation. At times it makes little rigs behind attractors. Most anglers use a variety
Ya gotta love it when big dogs are engulfing difference what you run; plugs, spoons, meat, of glow attractors like the Dreamweaver Spin
lures and you fill the ice box with huge silvery flies and more, they slam them all. Well, long as Doctor with trailing baitfish in a plastic holder.
prizes from the depths of Lake Michigan. At it glows. I mean pre-dawn salmon are suckers Michigan fishermen have taken a page from west
times the catching evolves into a slam-fest as you for lures that glow, and manufacturers like Moon coast salmon anglers, and we are converting to
cooler up. But this fishery is ever-changing and Light offer lures that get the attention of hungry use of trolling bait. The attractor sends loud vi-
savvy anglers use new fishing tactics to outsmart fish. brations through the water that attracts trout and
wary fish. If your goal is to catch more and big- Follow my advice and I guarantee you will salmon from long distances. The trailing meat rig
ger salmon this year, Ive got some good news. be pulling fish to the net when you need a light has a whip-like action that salmon are drawn to,
For many Michigan fishermen, the quest for to see them. Take my word for it, pre-dawn bites and when they get a smell of the fresh meat they
salmon peaks during summer when July blends come often and you will be surprised how many smash the hook.
into August and schools of huge silvery salmon big fish you put in the box while other boats are
patrol Lake Michigans coastline. Gone are the just clearing the pier heads. Some days you have Salmon slammin page 10

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.223 / 5.56mm NATO
.22 LR Target Pistol 9mm, .40 S&W,
&.45 AUTO
36995 to $38995 Many models to choose from!
RUGER 10/22
339 519
Many models to
$ 95 $ 95 choose from! AUTOLOADING RIFLES
Vortex Crossfire II
Gun $
Model 1894 Only
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Salmon slammin:
oxygen middle area holds baitfish. Beneath the in the purest form, and along with the cold water,
surface of Lake Michigan in summer lies an salmon are drawn to the beach. The longer the
almost supernatural zone of water that attracts blow, the higher the wind speed the more likely
from page 8 salmon and provides fantastic fishing almost dif- water will turn over and become cold almost
ficult to imagine. This unique underwater column, overnight. Schedule an outing during this period
Most captains use meat rigs behind downrigger the thermocline, represents a potential fishing and salmon are often stacked close to shore in the
balls and the attractors sent down deep into the goldmine of angling opportunity where water, narrow band of cold water.
strike zone. When water temperatures cool and baitfish, current, algae and ideal water tempera- Skinny water salmon go bonkers for J-plug
salmon suspend closer to the surface, captains ture collide. At times you can actually identify the style lures. Try glow varieties during low light
employ super copper lines set far behind the boat thermocline with fishing electronics that show a conditions and run them 10-20 foot below the
and pulled using in-line surface planer boards. band of clear water underneath high oxygenated surface. One of the hottest shallow water salmon
Church and Offshore planer boards take the of- more cluttered water. Some folks use modern tactics going is copper wire line used to take
fering far to the side of the boat far from boat sophisticated electronic to locate the thermocline plugs 15-20 foot deep far to the side of the boat
shadow and engine noise. and keep lures in the zone. using in-line planer boards. Some captains use
Bait consists of herring cut into a strips or Sometimes the layer is narrow, only a few surface hugging spoons and plugs during this
used whole. Some folks use rainbow smelt or feet thick and other times it is a large band etched period and run multiple lines, often four on each
alewife. Cut bait will target those neutral or nega- with thousands of black boomerangs on your side of the boat, in an effort to fool skinny water
tive fish and is the most productive day pattern electronics. Best thermoclines often set up after monster salmon.
available to big water anglers eager for a box full
of salmon. Some anglers are convinced it is the
warm summer water is stacked on top of cold
water caused by southwest winds. Thermoclines Crazy Piers
aroma of the fresh fish that guarantees strikes develop long before fall turnover on the Great Pier head trollers have a big advantage over
when other tactics fall flat. With cut bait trailing, Lakes, find it and you can count on some salmon other trollers because when conditions are ideal
salmon get a whiff of real baitfish and they zoom slammin fishing fun. summer salmon are attracted to Michigans major
in for the kill. Fact is salmon smash cut bait be- river outlets found at St. Joseph, Saugatuck,
cause it smells, feels and tastes like natural food. Skinny Water Salmon Grand Haven, Muskegon, Ludington, Manistee,
Im convinced its the powerful scent trail that Summer storms with high winds and heavy Frankfort and Boardman River outlet. At times
makes fish strike. seas from the northwest can cause an upwell- the fishing can be downright crazy as skinny wa-
One summer trick is to troll cut bait offerings ing of icy cold deep water, destroy the feeding ter trollers and pier fishermen all work the same
10-20 foot off bottom. This tactic gets the atten- thermocline and cause salmon to seek out natal relatively small area. Few sights are more hectic
tion of salmon hugging bottom when the sun is spawning streams. Pick the first day after a heavy than boats tangling lines with pier head anglers as
bright. Often predator fish will lay low during the blow and explore the pier heads with plugs and hooked salmon run crazy. But at times is seems
day and seek comfort of cool water found below you are likely to encounter silvery salmon on every salmon in the big lake has charged to a
baitfish. When evening approaches, they come the prowl. Again, water temperature is the key small area where warmer stream water converges
out of hiding. But with cut bait you can getem to salmon migrations, and if the water along the with the cooler Great Lakes surf. When salmon
shaking during mid-day. beach is in the 50s you can count on salmon in hit the river mouth, the action can be top notch
with hundreds of big fish schooled into a relative-
Parallel the Bank skinny water. Often a north blow brings them
charging the river outlets by the thousands, some ly small area. But this is salmon slammin at its
Savvy captains run to the 100 foot band and simply charge rivers and others hold in the skinny finest with constant fishing action on small boats,
set lures at the desired depth where salmon are water until water temperatures hit the 60s. Michi- charter vessels and pier bound anglers.
feeding. Sometimes warm water sends fish to gans Betsie River, Pere Marquette, Big Manistee What about you, do you have a plan for
deeper water, but as a general rule 100 foot deep and Little Manistee have early summer runs of catching more and bigger salmon this year? With
is the golden depth to begin trolling. Use a troll- big kings that make the move from deep water Michigans DNR planting fewer fish it looks like
ing pattern parallel to the 100 foot drop off and Great Lakes lairs to natal streams in summer. If we will have two more years of good salmon fish-
navigate at a faster speed going with the current you can intercept the migrating, runs you can ing. After that we will have to pack our traveling
and slower when the current is in your face. Best catch the largest salmon of the entire year. bags and go to Milwaukee or Lake Ontario for
salmon trolling speed is 2.1-2.5 mph. Its a good High winds from the east can cause warm hot salmon action. Believe me, fighting those
idea to experiment with trolling speed and direc- Lake Michigan surface water to slip seaward and 30 pound monsters in the Milwaukee harbor is a
tion until you hit on the best pattern. Sometimes be replaced with cold water. This is an upwelling blast, but thats another story.n
salmon want a 3 mph fast speed and other days
2.0 mph is ideal.

Peak Trolling
The largest salmon of the entire year are
usually caught in late July through early August.
This is prime trolling time because big fish are
busy putting on the feedbag prior to running area
streams. Monster kings are four years old and
feed three times daily. Feeding patterns are dic-
tated by Lake Michigan water temperature. Ideal
fishing occurs when warmer water stacks on top
of cooler water and a layer of high oxygenated
water is in the center. This becomes the feeding
zone or thermocline with 40 degree water on
bottom and water temperatures in the 50s in the
zone. If storms or wind stacks cold water along
the shore you can expect good fishing in skinny
water. Extreme heat with prevailing westerly
winds can stack 70 degree water along the 100
foot bank and send salmon to deep water lairs.
I agree 100 percent with my mentor Dr. Stan
Lievense who made public the philosophy that
water temperature in the 50s is key for excel-
lent salmon fishing. Stan always maintained that
salmon prefer 55 degree water, and his theory
has been put to the test enough to make fishing
history. Savvy anglers seek thermoclines where Hooking and landing a salmon double header can provide the brand of fishing excitement
warm water sets up over cold water and a high that is guaranteed to bring you back for more.
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Saginaw Bays late summer walleyes
Heres the scoop on the hot locations and productive fishing techniques to
really cash in on this fantastic, world class fishery...By Michael Veine

uring late summer in that region too.
some of the best fish- During July, the shallower waters
ing for Saginaw Bays around Little Charity Island south
walleyes occurs in to Sand Point often load up with
the outer Bay, which walleyes. When the shallows warm
is considered the up past 80 degrees though, those
waters to the north of a line drawn fish head further north, often setting
between Point Au Gres and Sand up around Big Charity Island.
Point. While its true that late spring At first the fish will concentrate
and early summer serve up some in the very rocky near shore areas
phenomenal walleye fishing on the there, but they move deeper as the
Bay, oftentimes the outer Bays peak waters there warm up too much.
fishing is a bit later in the season Eventually, if the waters keep warm-
compared to the Inner Bay. ing, they move further north to yet
I fish all over in the Bay deeper waters. Its not uncommon
throughout the spring and summer. for huge schools of walleyes to form
Last year, my clients experienced in those deepest waters of Saginaw
the best fishing of the year during Bay in depths to 100 feet or more.
August when maximum catches of There are always exceptions to
fine walleyes was the norm even these guidelines though. Take for
with the new eight fish limit. Im instance last year, when a big wind
talking about a cooler full of fish storm during August blasted the Bay
every outing: coolers so heavy that and really cooled down the water
muscles were strained dragging it to north of Big Charity. We had been
the fish cleaning station. catching fish there like crazy for
Indeed, these are some of the days, but then after the big blow
heaviest average size walleyes from they were gone. The walleyes had
the Bay all year, and oftentimes the moved back southward and for the
fishing pressure then is low com- rest of August we enjoyed awesome
pared to earlier in the season. Read walleye fishing south of the islands.
on for the scoop on the hot locations
and productive fishing techniques to Techniques to
really cash in on this fantastic, world Load Up on Walleyes
class fishery. When the walleyes are shallow
Last year, one of my longtime (less than 20 deep) its hard to beat
charter clients, Bob Vanitvelt, a spinner/crawler rig pulled behind
booked a charter with me for late a bottom bouncer. Those shallow
summer. He wanted to take his water walleyes typically relate fairly
grandkids out fishing on their fam- close to bottom, so spinners down
ily vacation. Bob has been fishing in their faces get lots of attention.
with me for about 20 years and When the water is warm though,
had always wanted to fish out by there will be lots of sheephead,
the Charity Islands, but he usually catfish and other undesirables
booked trips early in the season around, so to help reduce the junk
before the walleyes move into that fish hookups, I like to use heavier
area en masse, so we fished else- weights than normal and troll faster.
where. When I told him the morning Speeds of 1.8 or higher seem to
of his charter that we were heading really improve the walleye to junk
north of Big Charity, he was espe- fish ratio.
cially excited. Also, trolling at those speeds al-
The water was a flat as a pancake Last year the author experienced the best fishing of the year during lows anglers to mix in some crank-
that morning when we motored the August when maximum catches of walleyes was the norm with some baits and spoons to spice things
15 miles out to the fishing area, so of the heaviest average size walleyes from the Bay all year! up. I really like the original Storm
the run out was a fairly quick one. Hot-N-Tots for this kind of trolling,
Soon after setting lines, I pointed the
boat towards the very fishy waters
would end up being our smallest one
for the entire day, with most of them
When and with flashy chrome patterns being
an excellent choice in that heavily
where we had quickly limited out in the 24 to 26 inch range and some Where to Fish stained, green water.
with a mess of dandy walleyes the bigger ones too. We trolled along in Anglers can often find good Spoons also work great on some
previous day. I deployed a spread of one long, straight track and hooked fishing at the Outer Bay about days though, with Moonshine silver
spinner/crawler rigs taken to depth up with singles, doubles and triples all spring and summer. When the backed spoons being my favorite
with bottom bouncers. all along the way. It was non-stop waters warm up the Inner Bay to the brand for that task. Spoon patterns
The first fish we hooked was a action until we had limited out, and point where walleyes migrate north with purple and pink get lots of
sheephead, but a few minutes later we finished up the day by trolling en masse though, is when the Outer bites. These days though, with the
we connected with our first walleye, into a massive school of walleyes Bay really gets interesting. The eight fish limit, I find myself run-
and one of the kids reeled in the nice that loaded up every lure in the timing of that migration varies from ning meat a lot more than in the past
22 incher catching his first walleye water with a chunky fish. We also year-to-year but usually occurs dur- because it is just more consistent
ever. Everyone was certainly happy got into some huge smallmouth bass ing mid to late July, with the month from day-to-day.
with that fish; however that walleye there, too, for a nice bonus. of August usually seeing a lot of fish In the rocky humps and reefs
around Big Charity Island, those they chase schools of baitfish. This
spinners with bottom bouncers is when the fishing there can be
are especially deadly. The ever- world class. I like special spinner/
changing depth makes it tough to crawler rigs for this type of fishing.
get anything else close to bottom They feature two treble hooks and
without snagging on rocks. When a large, silver dollar size spinner
trolling there, I adjust the setbacks blade for maximum attraction in Late summer of-
so the lures are able to come close that rather clear water. ten provides an-
to bottom in all the depths of the Dont be surprised if you tie glers young and
area and just adjust the speed up into some big steelhead in those old with a blast
and down to lift or lower the lures haunts, too, so dont skimp on
as the depths change. the line; 15 pound test should be
of quality fish-
I like to run an eight rod spread considered minimal. When trolling ing during the
on my charters with six lures run in deep water, it is often necessary last of the warm
behind Church Tackle Walleye to troll very slowly. I typically putt weather fishing
Boards and two more right off the along at 1.0 mph or less out there. season. Often
gunnels (flat lines). The Walleye Most anglers use fish style, inline times though, in
Boards are the best Ive seen for weights for suspended spinner fish- those deepest
running heavy weights behind the ing. I, though, prefer to use simple waters of the
boards, which is often necessary. rubber core sinkers to take the lures Bay, walleyes
When I fish the deep waters north down to the fish. will suspend
of Big Charity, we often mark Late summer often provides an- in the water
fish right on the bottom in waters glers with a blast of quality fishing column as they
80 to over 100 feet deep. To during the last of the warm weather chase schools
reach those fish, I deploy 5 or 6 fishing season. Heavy concentra- of baitfish. This
ounce bottom bouncers and let tions of walleyes in the Outer Bay, is when the fish-
out setbacks of 150 or more feet of with most of them being larger than ing there can be
line. Those Walleye Boards handle average size specimens, are the big world class.
up to six ounces of weight just fine, draw. All those chunky fish are a
and Ive even used eight ounces welcome change, adding more ex-
before with no problems. If you citement when a board goes crash-
cant find those ultra-heavy bottom ing back. Its one of my favorite
bouncers, a trick Ive seen work fisheries in Michigan.
well is to hook two bottom bounc- The author offers fishing charters
ers together. specializing in Lake Erie and Sagi-
Often times though, in those naw Bay walleyes. Contact Mike

deepest waters of the Bay, walleyes Veine at
will suspend in the water column as or 734-475-9146.n

1 DA Y
Sports 4136 Lapeer Road Port Huron,MI 48060 (810) 985-7733
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Summer setup for
Dont expose
your secret spot
use the


the stealth feeder

Blends into
Surroundings What are you doing during the summer months? By Brian Miller

MICHIGAN here is nothing like
OUT OF getting a crack at an
DOORS early season buck.
Pinpointing a white-
tails movement then
capitalizing is like
SQUIRREL playing a perfect chess game. Mak-
RESISTANT ing this all happen isnt luck. In
reality, killing mature bucks comes
CAP down to a 365-day-a-year endeavor.
Even in the hot summer days there
are important steps that put you
closer to harvesting a mature buck.
Right now is the time to get
prepped, scout, and discover what
holds changed. Taking steps in the sum-

20 lbS mer to pinpoint and pattern mature

bucks is what creates deer hunting
corn legends. You cant barge into the
woods! Its time to use stealthy tac-
tics long before the hunting seasons
actually open. Lets discuss four
techniques to get a crack at a bruiser
opening day whitetail. Low impact
techniques that produce big results.
Long Range Glassing The authors early season success was from preparation and planning.
Glassing whitetails during the iors, such as vocal responsiveness, mer evening. The more you glass
summer months has always been a interactions with other deer, exact the more you realize how deer use
great way to pinpoint bucks. With movement, attitude and demeanor. the land. Youll also start to notice
the onset of trail cameras, many All of these things can be used later that the biggest bucks are hard to
hunters have gotten away from to help me exploit weaknesses.
Even in August, we can cause
spending time on glass. I feel that Some days are just better for
is a detriment to a hunters overall havoc for hunting the early season. glassing. Weather fronts really push
Great For whitetail knowledge. There is so During this time I like a lower im- deer into the open. Watch a soybean
PUBLIC or PRIVATE much more I can learn by glassing. pact. Glassing fields from a distance field in the evening after a good rain
Land Hunters I start to pick up on specific behav- is a safe way to scout on a hot sum- and youll begin to see lots of activ-
ity. While glassing I often focus on
Carry Sack Holds the hidden fields that cannot be seen
20 Pounds from the road. Dont be afraid to
For Easy Refill hide in some nearby corn or setup in
an observation stand to get a better.
Programmable Timer
Drop 1# / Day
Lasts Up To 3 Weeks
High Tech
Hanging Wire & Throw Line There is no quicker way to get
INCLUDED me excited about a hunting location
With Metal Throwing Disc then finding a big buck on my trail
camera. Cameras have become a hot
topic and for good reason. There is
nothing like getting a 24/7 snapshot
of an area. Deploy a dozen cameras
across several properties and youll
begin to start an inventory of the
local bucks.
Ive had enough success to
know that some bucks stay in a summer pattern in the early season.
Its important to remember that not
See us at the all bucks stay in this pattern.
Woods-N-Water News When using trail cameras, its all
about low impact use. Set cameras
Outdoor Weekend! Glassing can really help a hunter understand specific whitetail behaviors in locations that can be checked
that can be exploited during hunting season. Author photos without interfering with travel
While using trail cameras make sure to
use restraint while checking them so you
dont spook deer before opening day.

routes. Some rules that I live by are that will cause havoc on the entry. and hunting a new section of the
to avoid crossing multiple trails, put
them in easy access locations, only All The Right Moves woods. Use the information that you
gathered throughout the summer to
check then occasionally, and stay as Getting prepped now during the decide what is the right move. There
scent free as possible. In all areas summer doesnt mean that plans are no guarantees that the deer you
Im moving to a black LED light to wont change. While continuing to watch in August will be there in
ensure my intrusion is not detected. glass right before the season, there October. However, Ive had enough
My hunting ground gets pres- might be an adjustment needed. A successes over the years to keep tar-
sure, so using moderation is impor- new buck appeared, a stand goes geting early season bucks. They tend
tant. Many times I let my cameras cold, or neighboring hunters cause to have enough of a pattern to make
collect data for a month before pull- deer to disappear. them vulnerable. These four sum-
ing a card. Since Im not using the Dont sit back, make the change. mer strategies will get you one step
data tomorrow, allowing them to sit That might mean moving a stand closer to an opening day buck.n
for a longer duration gives me a low
impact. Its often takes a longer time
frame to get good amounts of data

MJC Archery
anyway. In areas that Im scouting,
less time might be important.
Premium Early
Season Food
During the early season, the
lush green forest and standing fields
mean that food is everywhere. It
doesnt take much for a whitetail
Michigans Carbon Express Arrow Experts
to find something to eat. However,
there are always some premium
food sources around that draw
crowds of whitetails.
During the summer months is
the time to assess all crops, both on
and around your hunting grounds.
Some hunting locations are only hot
every third year when the crops are
in the perfect rotation.
In agricultural areas, freshly
planted clover is amazing. Catego-
rize the crops and how they will
impact your hunting. Clover fields
along with soy beans can be a hot
commodity during the early season.
Corn provides some early season se-
curity and a buffer to human traffic.
Also get an assessment on the
acorn and wild apple crops for the
year. Taking some binoculars will
help you locate bumper crops of
acorns. White acorns are preferred
but dont produce every year. When
food is limited, isolated food will
provide a concentration of activity.
Double Check
When September is upon us,
whitetail intrusions need to be ex-
tremely cautious. I pull back from
doing any hard-core scouting or trail
camera usage. Mature bucks dont
need to know they are being hunted
before the season begins. Often
times hunters have good intentions
while scouting, but unfortunately it
has a negative impact. Therefore,
any last minute tree stand prep
needs to happen during the summer
months. A quick check will ensure Stocked with a wide variety of Carbon
new growth hasnt closed a shooting
lane. Express products; arrows, crossbows, quivers
Beyond checking stands, ensure and more. We have it all, including the
that entry and exit routes are clear
of debris. I am using ditches and KNOWLEDGE you cant find anywhere else.
terrain to enter into a stand. During
the summer its easy to carry in a
chainsaw to clear debris. This makes
it easy to quickly clean up anything
Next Bite...By Gary Parsons & Keith Kavajecz

The one...
two punch
Walleyes in August arent always
eager to bite, but if you hit them
with a one-two punch, chances
are you will find success!

uring this time of 2.0 to 2.2 mph. If it is below 70
year on many bodies degrees, slow it down to 1.4 to 1.8
of water, the walleyes mph. Once it gets above 70, experi-
are relating to struc- ment with speeds up to 2.5 mph.
ture. This includes There are a couple of things that
both sunken islands really aid catching walleyes during
and deeper drop-offs. this type of bite. The first is having
The first punch that you think of really good mapping, so you can see
throwing is the trolling crankbaits where the rock bars and long points
punch; targeting fish that are relating are. With Navionics SonarChart
to and suspended near these types Live you can actually update your
of structure. Quite often by trolling maps (if youre using a Lowrance
along the edge, just above rocks, HDS Gen 3 or Carbon unit)in real
or to the outside, just over the mud time! This is an awesome feature,
basins you will be able to trigger allowing you to map out detail on a
a bite. It is important to keep your piece of structure that you otherwise
baits a few feet off of the struc- would not be able to see!
ture part of the bottom and follow Trolling the edge of structure is
the edges of the deep rock lines if where the Lowrance Sonar Struc-
possible. This isnt a time to troll tureScan features, with SideScan, There are many times that August fish will stay tight to rocks or
around all willy-nilly.... Boat control really gets a workout. Youll be drop-offs and this is where your second punch comes in.
and accuracy is the key! able to view structure, game fish,
When trolling smaller lakes and baitfish off to the side of the the size #1 and #2. You will not sonar and place a waypoint directly
with smaller walleyes, we will use boat. When fishing this type of bite, have to change those hooks as they on the marked fish. You can now po-
Berkley Flicker Shads and Flicker use your SideScan to look for the work well right out of the box. sition your boat to cast to those fish
Minnows usually in sizes 5 through distinct rock to mud or sand edge. The line to use on your spin- using the waypoint as a reference.
7. Youll be able to more accurately Between the mapping and sonar, ning gear for this presentation is the When fishing in rough condi-
target proper depths with the The along with good boat control youll bright colored 10-12lb. test Berkley tions, move upwind and anchor,
Precision Trolling App as this always be able to stay on the edge. Nanofil in Hi-Vis Chartreuse. This or in calm conditions move to the
simple to use phone app will tell There are many times that will help you to see when the bait side and cast to your located fish.
you how much line to let out to get August fish will stay tight to rocks makes contact with the bottom. A highly accurate trolling motor,
the lure to the desired depth. or drop-offs and this is where your Since this is a no-stretch line, it is like the MotorGuide Xi5, plays an
If you need to get the lure second punch comes in. Up until sensitive enough to feel everything important role in this type of fishing.
deeper than what the natural dive a few years ago, it was thought that the lure comes in contact with. Once positioned, put the motor in
curve of the bait will allow, use Off the only way to catch walleyes on Nanofil is also a thin diameter line, Anchor Mode to hold the boat in
Shore Tackle weights to get it where this deep rock slope and edge was so it there isnt a lot of loop in the place. If you want to move a few
it needs to be. Also use Off Shore to troll right over their heads. If the line when fishing in the wind. This feet in any direction use the jog
boards to target the suspended fish fish were active, they would come line also provides for great long feature to put you where you want
that lie suspended just to the outside up to hit the bait. Now when you distance hook-sets and is strong to be.
of the structure edge. see fish relating tight to bottom you enough to fight fish that hit hard! Your rod cadence is extremely
If your favorite lake has larger should go for the reactionary bite by To help cut down on visibility important. Start by sweeping the rod
walleyes, like many of the Great tossing a Moonshine Shiver Min- of the line to the fish, reduce lure up about three feet; almost to the
Lakes, or for instance, Lake of the now at them. This is a really cool tangles, and to add some protec- point of snapping it up. Doing this
Woods, you should use larger baits. way to fish! tion from abrasions when running makes the lure dart to the side.
A #9 Flicker Shad is a lure that you When targeting large walleyes, across zebra mussels and rocks, use Follow this by immediately
can use on occasion, but the #9 and youll want to use a size #3 Shiver a 3-foot leader from the main line to dropping the rod tip to give it slack
#11 Flicker Minnows should be Minnow, but before you head out the lure of 10lb. test Berkley Trilene and let the bait glide as you reel in
your bread and butter! fishing, replace the small ice 100% Fluorocarbon. the slack line. The instant the lure
When it comes to speed, go as treble on the belly of the lure with Look for your fish first! This is hits bottom, repeat this cadence.
fast as you can, but still consistently a Mustad #6 KVD Elite Triple Grip done by driving around structure Most bites will come on the drop
catch fish. The faster you can troll Treble (model TG58BN). This hook elements on the lake while graphing while there is slack in the line. Be
means the more water youll cover gives the bait a bigger bite for for fish with your sonar units. With sure if you feel weight on the line as
throughout the course of the day. If better hooking and the inward bend Lowrance units, when you mark a you go to make the next pull to set
the water temperature is hovering of the hook helps keep fish on. For fish, or preferably a small group of the hook hard to bring in your Next
around 70 degrees, try trolling from lakes that have smaller walleyes use them, you can scroll back on the Bite!n
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2017 Update...

he 2017 Michigan
DNR moose survey in-
dicates an encouraging
modest increase in the
core area of the west
central U.P. moose
range. This years moose population
estimate indicated 378 moose in the
core population area; up from 285
in 2015. This is a good sign since
the 2015 moose population survey
indicated a 28 percent population
decline. This years moose population estimate indicated 378 moose in the core population area; up from 285
Dr. Dean Beyer of the Michigan in 2015. Bill Ziegler photo
DNR Wildlife Division monitors the moose population only grew by two In recent years, concern has Wildlife Research Manager, said
Michigan moose population. In a percent per year. been growing among wildlife preliminary results indicate the
February interview, Beyer said their Beyer explained the DNRs sur- management agencies across the factors likely causing the decline
wildlife staff had completed the vey efforts have been focused on the southern tier of the US moose are complicated. It appears that a
aerial moose survey in the core high western UP moose population that range. Minnesota has had a stable combination of parasites/disease and
density plots of the primary moose was re-introduced in the Moose moose population with a carefully wolf predation, are important causes
range. He went on to say melt- Lift program. Beyer explained regulated hunting season for many they have found so far.
ing snow conditions hampered the that the moose herd in the eastern years. According to the Minnesota Their early research indicates
staffs visibility of moose U.P., likely number fewer DNR, their moose population has that about one third of the adult
against the snow which than 100. The source of dropped 52 percent since 2010. On moose mortalities are from
caused them to curtail the the eastern UP moose is the southern tier of the moose range wolf predation. Although it is
survey before completing not known for certain. It is state wildlife conservation agencies important to note that 33 percent
the low density plots. Good possible that a few scat- like New Hampshire and Montana of the wolf predated moose had
snow cover makes the tered moose remained from have also reported a decline in their underlying health conditions that
moose stand out against the native moose, although it moose population. likely made them more vulnerable
background vegetation and is also likely some moose The Minnesota DNR reports to predation. Minnesota moose re-
cover. immigrated from eastern they had two geographically searchers are currently focused
As a result, an overall Ontario or the western separate moose populations. The on moose calf survival rates and
population estimate could U.P. Moose also maintain northwest Minnesota moose popu- moose nutrition. Recent moose
not be generated in a strong population lation dropped dramatically since calf mortality study indicated
direct comparison to
previous surveys By Bill Ziegler in Michigans Isle
Royale National
the 1990s from about 4000 down to
about 100 recently. The northeast-
wolves killed about 75 percent of
the 40 calves that were collared
Beyer said. Instead, Park. ern Minnesota moose population for the study.
Wildlife Division staff calculated The research biologist said the is also dropping from a recent high Additional Minnesota moose
a population estimate trend for just ratio of moose calves to cows in the of about 8000 as recently as 2006, research indicates that the warm
the high density plots over time. population is an important param- down to about 3000 in 2013. winter weather stresses moose
Beyer said in the past, the core eter. He stated, In recent years, Although a number of factors nutrition. It appears the more time
zone supported 80 to 90 percent of this ratio averaged 59 calves per are likely to have contributed to winter temperatures are above 23o F
the moose population. He contin- 100 cows and was consistent with Minnesotas moose decline, Min- moose do not eat enough to remain
ued, The western U.P. moose range estimates of calf production and nesota DNR suspended their 2013 well nourished.
covers about 1400 square miles in survival determined by monitoring moose hunting season as a precau- Although the 2017 moose popu-
parts of Baraga, Iron, and Marquette radio-collared cows from 1999- tion. Tom Landwehr, Minnesota lation appears to be up modestly,
Counties. 2005. The calf to cow ratio in- DNR Commissioner, said it is now there is still concern about long
This years survey indicated a creased slightly to 47 calves per 100 prudent to control every source term U.P. moose population trends.
moose population of 378 moose cows this year after dropping to 42 of mortality we can as we seek to Retired Michigan DNR Moose
compared to only 323 in 2015 and per 100 cows last survey. understand the causes of population Biologist Rob Aho said the moose
451 in 2013. The DNR research- In 2011, the DNR Moose Hunt decline. have not filled all the available
ers believe if the survey would Advisory Council, a legislatively Minnesota DNR wildlife re- U.P. habitat. A good qualitative
have been completed on the entire created council, investigated the po- searchers are currently conducting a indicator that moose have reached
western moose area, it would have tential of a moose hunt in Michigan. comprehensive study to determine their population potential would
yielded a population estimate The council felt a moose hunt was a the factors that have led to a major be when the moose occupy the
of between 420 to 470 animals. feasible option provided the moose decline in their moose herd. entire good moose habitat. Future
Beyer stated from 1997 to 2007 the surveys indicated that the moose Early results indicate there are moose population surveys will be
U.P. moose population was growing population continued to grow at a several factors affecting the Min- necessary to identify any long-
by 10 percent a year. He went on sustained growth rate of over three nesota moose population decline. term trend for Michigans moose
to say that from 2009 to 2013 the percent per year. Lou Cornicelli, Minnesota DNR population.n
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abd bb2

358 West M-46

Edmore, MI GoldStar OutDoors
48829 989-427-6037 w w w. g o l d s t a r o u t d o o r. c o m
Mega sliders
for weedy

By Dave Mull
ongtime bass fans will the 2 3/4-inch soft plastic T.R.D
remember one of the worms on a 1/16-ounce jighead.
first finesse baits to get Both techniques are designed to
popular was the Charlie present a lure as naturally as pos-
Brewer Slider Worm. sible, to mimic something the bass
Born in the late 1970s in is accustomed to eating. When you
Middle Tennessee, its still a popu- think about it, most of the things
lar lure among some anglers and is we throw for bass do quite the op-
quite similar to some of the Ned Rig positethey have rattles, flashing
tactics that have caught on across blades, a pronounced wigglethey
the bass universe. do all they can to let a bass know
Basically, the Slider is a sort of that its there, ready to eat.
do-nothing technique where the Consider this: Not many of the
angler casts a 3- or 4-inch worm, things a bass eats would survive
counts it down to the depth he wants very long if they acted like many of
and then simply reels, letting the the things we throw at bass. Min-
lure glide back to him. The do- nows, small panfish and crayfish A gliding 8-inch worm retrieved slowly through the tops of sub-
nothing retrieve also works with spend their days going about their merged weeds without any additional action enticed this dandy
largemouth to bite for writer Dave Mull.
business as quietly as possible. If tackle would do the job.
they make too much noise, they Charlie always said that there
get eaten by something bigger than is no magic lure. Its the technique
they are. Bass and other gamefish or method used. (Its) the size,
are accustomed to eating things that weight, and the way the lure is pre-
are trying to hide, too. Thats why I sented that makes the difference,
think a diminutive Ned Rig works, according to the www.sliderfishing.
and thats what Charlie Brewer said com website.
was why his Slider Worms on their But what about when bass hang
flat heads worked so wellthey out in thick weeds, which they do
were acting natural, sliding in- this time of year in Michigan?
conspicuously, not calling a lot of Our friend Buck Mallory, a Michi-
attention to themselves, much like a gan touring bass pro who has
minnow innocently cruising along. contributed to Woods-N-Water
Charlie Brewer did a lot to News, told me about a rig that
promote the technique through he put together that worked great.
articles in various magazines Although it seemed to work for
Pegging a 1/16-ounce Top Brass weight with a bobber stop to the and made it clear that although the same reason that Ned Rigs and
nose of a soft plastic lure creates a gliding action and helps the his company made lures that Sliders work so well, it can be used
lure come through weeds. worked, any small lure and light on much heavier tackle. Bucks

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Sales Service Marina

Family Owned and
Operated Since 1970
Lindys Sales
lls Fun!
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Open Monday thru Saturday year round
10 Miles E. of Bay City on M-25 in Quanicassee Se
Mega-Sliders include an 8-inch Split Tail Worm from Go2
Baits and a Missile D-Bomb. Large, 4/0 and 5/0 wide-gap
hooks match well with these lures.

do-nothing, gliding rig is consider- not trying to stand out.

ably bulkier than the 2 1/2- to 4-inch Thats certainly the case with the
skinny lures that anglers use with downsized MidWest Finesse rigs I
Ned Rigs and Sliders. still like to to throw, but that are not
I wanted something that practical for fishing around thick
looked and acted more like an vegetation, whether thats lily pads
injured bluegill for pitching around or coontail and cabbage. The hooks
pads and skipping under piers, are just too small and you cant boss
Buck told me on a recent fishing a good fish around with 8-pound test
trip. So I put a Missile D-Bomb, a when it gets into the dense greenery.
sort of flat creature bait with wiggly Mega Sliders have a lot of
tails, on a 4/0 wide gap hook and potential. The whole concept needs
added a real small split shot right at more experimentation, which I am
the nose. It stays horizontal in the more than happy to do the rest of
water-like a bluegill on its side the summer.n
and bass jumped all over it.
Next trip to D & R Sports in
Kalamazoo, I picked up a couple
packs of D-Bombs and a packet of
1/16-ounce brass worm weights
made by Top Brass. I figured a
conical weight might come through
weeds more cleanly than a split shot
would. Plus, pegging it in place at
the soft plastic lures nose with a
bobber stop would not damage the
line, which a split shot could do.
On July 4th, wife Kathy and I
headed to a local, small Southwest
Michigan lake for a few hours of
evening fishing and I had the op-
portunity to try the rig. Buck was
rightthe lure stayed nice and flat
and horizontal in the water and
did glide as it fell. Unfortunately, I
didnt have the packet of 4/0 wide
gap hooks I thought I did, so I
rigged the D-Bomb on a bigger 5/0
Zoneloc wide-gap hook. It worked,
but the first bass I caught caused the
twin flappers at the rear of the lure
to tear off. The hook was just a little
too big and had to pierce the thin
plastic at the base of the tails.
The lake we were fishing has
lots of pads and great weeds that
come out of 8- to 12-foot depths but
stop about 4 feet below the surface.
Not wanting to tear up another
D-Bomb right away, and because
I used to catch some nice bass on
large worms, I put an 8-inch Spit
Tail from Go2 Bait Co. on the 5/0
hook. Id bought a pack while at
Kentucky Lake in June, and not
used any, and figured they just
might get bit.
The resulting rig made kind of a
gliding presentation that was great
at sliding right through the top parts
of the weeds. After several casts and
reeling back with a simple, slow
retrieve without adding any action, I
felt a bite and set the hook. After an
exciting tussle that included a few 5727 DRYDEN ROAD
jumps and surges of the drag, I slid
the net under a dandy bass of about DRYDEN, Michigan 48428
5 pounds. Kathy took a few quick
pictures before I put the beauty back
in the water.
So I think theres something
to this idea of a do-nothing sort of
silent retrieve with low-action baits,
lures that arent doing a lot to attract
bass other than acting like what a
bass normally eats, being quiet and

Something about a

f I ever bought recreational Last summer my son and I paddled
property, a river would have to along the Grand River near Port-
run through it. Lakefront real land, along with other Cub Scouts.
estate is fine but theres some- We were in the lead canoe when
thing about watching water a huge eagle sprang from a dead
that passes this way only once. limb and flew across the river. The Chapel River emptying into Lake Superior. Tom Huggler photos
I read somewhere that the ancient brown-headed bird was too large for
Japanese would tie a crazy man to a an immature bald eagle. I checked as well as those on other continents, part of the Genesee Recreation
riverbank tree and release him when with a DNR wildlife biologist who said all rivers were earths arter- Area, awaited discovery for us boys.
he became sane again. confirmed that golden eagles were ies. We trapped the Butternut, seined
Years ago I scattered the in the area. We would not As a five-year old, I lost a big minnows to use for pike bait in the
ashes of a neighbor friend have known that were we pike or bass while fishing with my gravel-pit pools upstream from Mt.
along a tiny stream that not there, on the river. dad on the Thunder Bay River in Morris Road (now the Mounds ATV
connected our land. That All rivers and streams Alpena. He had gone up to the car area), and camped along its banks.
rivulet emptied into a creek share language. Sometimes for cigarettes and left me to watch Nothing brings out the Huckle-
which, in turn, flowed into they whisper to us, and our rods, propped in Y-shaped berry Finn in each of us like worm
the Grand River, Michigans sometimes they shout, es- sticks along the bank. Suddenly my fishing for brook trout along feeder
longest Great Lakes tribu- pecially in spring when the pole began jumping. Grabbing it, streams of northern Michigans
tary at more than 250 miles. flow is bank full and beyond I screamed and held on. Dad ran famed rivers such as the AuSable
I like to imagine
by now Wilfred is By Tom Huggler the banks and there
are riffles and rap-
down the bank, a Phillip Morris
bobbing in his mouth, arriving just
and Manistee. I did plenty of that,
too, as a young man and still enjoy a
rounding DeTour ids and twists and in time to see the line break with a quiet stalk for little brookies among
Village on his way to Niagara Falls turns. Personality is another thing I twang. the shadow and shine of small
and the Gaspe Peninsula en route to like about rivers. No two are alike, Growing up in rural Genesee streams.
where only God knows. and each is memorable. Inland lakes County, I spent a lot of time duck Every August a group of us
If you enjoy canoeing as much are born. They grow up, become old hunting on the Flint River and trap- fathers take our sons on a canoe/
as I do, then you know the joy of and die. Rivers never die and are ping muskrats there and on the Cass camping trip down a Michigan river.
discovery, the Whats around the often the lifeblood of lakes. River upstream from Vassar. Three Last year we floated the beautiful
next bend? anticipation and the No wonder the late Verlen Kru- high school pals and I spent a week Pine River, a tributary of the Man-
thrill of seeing a blue heron stalking ger, a Michigan man who paddled camping and fishing on the Flint istee; this summer we will run the
the shallows or a mink with a sucker more than 100,000 miles up and River from its headwaters up near South Branch of the AuSable and
in its mouth. down North Americas major rivers, North Branch. We might as well then tour the main stream. The Mus-
have been in wilderness because we kegon, Manistee and Pere Marquette
saw no one for the first three days have produced memorable discover-
of our journey. When we finally ies. So many rivers in Michigan.
reached Columbiaville, we sold the so little time.
carp we had caught for a quarter We take for granted all the mov-
each to luckless shore anglers. ing water we enjoy in this state,
The little streams always held some 36,000 miles of navigable
intrigue to boys with frog spears and streams. Back in the 1990s, I re-
fishing poles. Now, so many years searched those rivers and their tribu-
later, I can still smell spearmint that taries for a pair of books I wanted to
grew along with watercress and write. Some of those little streams
duckweed in quiet pools along a rarely see a boot print or a canoe
pasture stream. We trapped muskrats keel on their sandbars. It took 10
from that creek in fall and winter, years to produce Fish Michigan50
and I once caught a small mink and Rivers and 50 More Rivers.
then her mate, a large male, the next Michigan is home to more
day. streams than I have room to men-
We called it Johnsons Creek tion. I just returned from a trip
for the farmer who raised Angus across the Upper Peninsula where
steers along the upper reach. I abundant rainfall has recharged the
knew every turn, every nuance, Perch, Rock, Slate, Jumbo, Presque
of that little flow until it disappeared Isle, Carp, Sturgeon, Laughing
into the Flint River a couple miles Whitefish and Chapel rivers to name
away. just a few.
Butternut Creek, which rises Something about a river begs
in northeast Genesee County and discovery. Here you can find your
Tioga River in the Upper Peninsula. empties into the Flint River, now own special places.n
Keeping outdoor writers in headlines
ark Sak and the Michigan Outdoor
Writers Association are making head-
lines. They are giving people in the
outdoors a reason to talk about the organization.
The attention brought to itself and its members
is good news.
Dont misunderstand...neither Mark or
MOWA find themselves in scandal or contro-
versy. They just stood up and shouted, Hey,
look at me!
Sometimes you have to do that. MOWAs
Hall of Fame is a winner for all.
Times have been tough in recent years on
Michigans outdoor writers. Technology has
seen to that. The world of the outdoor business
changed and changed fast.
There is still a need and desire for outdoor
information, its just that today we want it in
small doses, bite-size. We want
our information fast and well, we
want it when we want it.
We can Google most anything
and get an immediate answer.
Its just the way it is.
The hand-held devise, the
smartphone is replacing what
were once powerful daily
newspapers. Many of those have Mark Sak of Imlay City looking at the first induction of Michigan Outdoor Writers Associations Hall
of Fame honorees. Mark was instrumental in making the Hall of Fame happen. MOWAs Hall of
By Randy Jorgensen Fame is housed in the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center in Cadillac Michigan.

We have Trophy Elk and Whitetail!


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248-249-4710 Or Visit Our Website
now closed, taking talented outdoor writer and author Tom Carney,
writers with them. Michigan is a Woods-N-Water News editor, Tom
state with abundant outdoor oppor- Campbell and I started throwing out
tunities and certainly no shortage other names who someday should
of skilled writers, photographers, and or perhaps shouldnt be induct-
videographers, radio announcers and ed into MOWAs Hall of Fame.
TV hosts. Aside from those already
Outdoor writers I know today inducted we threw out names like
are left to hanging their heads in Howard Shelly, Ted Nugent, James
sheer frustration, remembering what Crow, Bob Garner, Tom Opre, Dave
once was. Stories to tell and no Richey, Herb Boldt, Gordie Charles
place to put them. and Jerry Chiapetta, all who were
Now, not everyone has forsaken powerful outdoor story tellers and
the written word for the glitz of masters in newsprint and film. And
smartphones. But we all know we there are many others who are
should find a way to develop new still making a living in the outdoor
skills to survive in todays outdoor field like, Mark Romanack,
business. Jimmy Gretzinger, Jenny Olson,
This brings me to Mark Sak, Dave Rose, Mike Avery, Denny
past President of the Michigan Out- Geurink, Richard Smith and
door Writers Association, (MOWA). Jerry Dennis.
He grew up in my neck of the Mark Sak addressing the MOWA members and honorees at the Carl Im certain you all have your
woods and loved the hunting and own list of outdoor writers or film
fishing sports. Mark also has an ap-
T. Johnson Center in Cadillac where the Hall of Fame can be viewed. makers youd like to see in the Hall
preciation for writing, photography personalities. and MOWA will have an entire wall of Fame.
and is a skilled videographer. In June of this year, at the sum- to honor those men and women they So thanks Mark Sak for your
And I can tell you when Mark mer meeting of MOWA, Marks re- have and will select in the coming contribution to honoring Michigans
gets his arms around a project he lentless determination, with the help years. outstanding outdoor communicators.
will not let go until its complete. and approval of his board, inducted Mark and his board in creat- Youve given us a reason to look at
As President of the Michigan its first class of honorees. He and ing the MOWA Hall of Fame not the past, treasure our outdoor life-
Outdoor Writers Association, Mark his board also secured the Carl T. only preserves our outdoor heritage, style and keep the art and business
spear-headed an effort to create a Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center but also gives us another reason to of outdoor communicating fresh in
Hall of Fame to honor past and in Cadillac to house what is sure to talk about outdoor enthusiasts and our minds.
present members of the organiza- be an impressive display of deserv- personalities like, Fred Bear, Mort It keeps the business of the
tion. An organization which ing Michigan outdoor communica- Neff, Don Lockman,Tom Huggler outdoors in the headlines. And the
has little trouble picking from tors. It is staffed and run by the and Larry Kelly. outdoor industry needs all the atten-
many notable and popular outdoor Department of Natural Resources In fact, award winning outdoor tion it can get!n

Protect your property from deer or trespassers.

Enough said. Call us today!

Saying goodbye
to a

faithful friend
hen do you say The good thing about our old
good- camper was just that, it
bye? was old, not new. In fact,
Yeah, it was old enough to vote. Our old friend camped along the Blue Ridge Parkway in days gone by.
the We didnt have to baby it,
roof coddle it, or protect it. We was really gone. It seems strange off the beaten path campgrounds,
leaked a little, but Id fixed could just use it without that a little camper could affect your and many State Parks were all home
that before and could fix it a thought that something emotions so. to us in our camper.
again. The linoleum floor- might get scratched, dented, The old camper seemed nearly Like Jonah, she once spent three
ing was cracked and curled or torn. We loved that old new when we got it second hand days in the belly of a large ferry boat
up around the edges. The camper! many years ago. Our maiden voy- on our way up the Inside Passage
age was a jaunt through six states
By Darryl Quidort
cupboards were While driving to Alaska. After emerging from the
dinged up and the an empty pickup and a leisurely drive the full length darkness of the ships hold, camp-
table had a crack home from the of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We ing in the wilderness was a breeze.
in it. The plastic skylight vent had camper sales, where we had just liked the advantage of a low profile A pullout along any road was our
seen too much sun and was cracked unloaded our old friend for the last for driving, then cranking up the top campsite. We enjoyed the scenery,
again, but Id replaced it before and time, we reminisced about the good for camping. The small camper had caught fish, viewed wildlife, and lis-
could replace it again. The screens times we had shared. Then, seeing everything we needed, stove, refrig- tened to the wolves howl that sum-
though, they were full of holes that the empty place in the yard where erator, furnace, even a tiny bath- mer. On that trip alone we hauled
let mosquitoes and blackflies in. our camper had spent many years room. Being self-contained allowed the camper over 11,600 miles.
I couldnt find a place that could patiently waiting to go on the next us to camp nearly anywhere. And We were north of the Arctic Cir-
repair them. Maybe it was time. great adventure, we realized that it we did! National Forests, state land, cle when the mosquitoes attacked.





They werent the normal mosquitoes Plains, to the majestic mountains of
that buzz annoyingly around your Banff National Park, it was a trip to
ears. They were small, kamikaze remember. We even went canoeing
type mosquitoes that nailed you on beautiful Lake Louise and took a
in force and without warning. It walk on the huge Athabasca Glacier.
was shock and awe. We couldnt Come November, Id load the
keep them out of the camper. Even camper with treestands, climbing
with all the windows closed, cur- sticks, shovel, axe, and a pole saw
tains zipped up, and plastic bags and go bowhunting. While camped
duct taped over every outside vent, at the end of the trail for a week or
swarms of mosquitoes still got in. more, Id use a lantern for light (and We have an exciting maiden voyage planned for our new pickup camper.
We couldnt get any sleep. They heat) to save the battery. It always
literally drove us out of the area. felt good to stretch out in my warm, Ohio. Our camper faithfully en- drive to escape.
The camper once weathered a dry sleeping bag with the sound of a dured the 90 degree heat, without Yep, we did it all, family vaca-
tornado in Sleepy Hollow State Park cold rain or sleet rattling on the roof any shade, at the National Muzzle tions, weekend archery shoots, hunt-
where the wind rocked us from side just above my head. Loading Rifle Association shoot in ing, fishing, mushrooming, explor-
to side and rain pounded the roof That little camper was tough Southern Indiana and she withstood ing, and even camping in friends
while trees fell in nearby campsites. too! She backed down a steep ramp weather so cold that I had to wear driveways who didnt have room for
Walking through the campground, to launch a fishing boat many times. my Mickey Mouse boots inside us inside.
in the calm after the storm, we Making it to the top of Mount the camper while deer hunting in No regrets, except that its over
witnessed the damage. Yet, our Arvon, Michigans highest point, November. Our old camper stood by now.
little camper stood there, as proud was nothing compared to getting us through dust so thick on the haul But wait. We pick up our new
as the Queen Mary, as if to say, no into camp in the Laramie Mountains road to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, that it camper next week. Oh, we know it
problem. of Wyoming on a hunting trip, or eventually got into every cupboard, will never be the same, but the new
Four Canadian Provinces and the high country of Montana on a drawer, and even stopped keys camper is similar to the old one,
five states were crossed on a trip on sheep hunt. She never complained from turning in locks. She also and it has some modern virtues that
the Trans-Canada Highway to visit about the dings and dents I caused brought us safely through a terrible the old one never dreamed oflike
the Canadian Rockies. From the her by throwing in several tree rain storm in Michigans Upper hot water. And, yes, we do have a
north woods of the Rainy Lake area, stands, climbing sticks, and a buck Peninsula where the campground maiden voyage planned.
across the seemingly endless canola deer on top of the load for a trip flooded and we were forced to With any luck we will see you
and wheat fields of the Canadian out of the steep hills of Southern drive flooded roads in four wheel on down the road.n


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The author enjoys catching and also releasing summer smallmouth bass. Drop shot rigging has become his go to method for catching

smallmouth in the clear waters of Michigans many inland lakes and also the Great Lakes. Mark Romanack photos
n August some things are just
a given. In the eighth month
sized spinning reel, the drop shot rig
can be fished on either fluorocarbon
Super Braid Lines produced on thin wire that pen-
A lot of anglers lump both fused etrates very easily.
of the year, its going to be line or super braid depending on the and braided lines into the super Hands down the sharpest and
hot and muggy just about situation. line category because they have most coveted drop shot hook is
everywhere in the Great Lakes
region. I deal with the heat Fluorocarbon Line similar features. The difference produced under the Trokar brand-
ing of Eagle Claw hooks. The Helix
by wearing a T-Shirt, shorts and The advent of fluorocarbon between fused and braided lines
TK230 Drop Shot hook features
lines designed not as leader material is that fused lines are softer, flat in
sandals. I also rig up my favorite shape and they dont spool as evenly a hook on a swivel for easy rig-
spinning rods with but as a main line has dramatically ging. The No. 1 is the largest and
changed how most or cleanly onto spinning reels. Fused
drop shot hooks lines are so soft they tend to bunch most popular hook size among bass
and sinkers. anglers approach anglers.
The drop shot bass fishing. Be- up on the spool and hamper the
Going with a larger hook size
rig hit the world of cause fluorocarbon function of the reel drag.
provides the angler lots of options
bass fishing a few has less stretch Braided super lines made from
in regards to the types and sizes of
than monofilament Spectra fiber have a body and or
years ago as a light soft plastics that can be fished from
line alternative to or co-polymer memory similar to monofilament these hooks. When smaller drop
traditional dog lines, it is more line, and as a result they load onto shot hooks are used, they must be
days of summer sensitive and helps spinning reels nicely without bunch- matched up with small and thin soft
tactics like Carolina telegraph strikes ing and they also cast exceptionally plastic baits.
better. The other well. Because true braids have near
Drop Shot Weights
rigging. The beauty
of this simplistic advantage of fish- zero stretch, they are amazingly
but versatile pre- ing fluorocarbon sensitive and the ideal line for drop Bass fishermen being well....
line is this stuff is shot fishing in deeper waters. Most bass fishermen, they have their own
By Mark Romanack
sentation is it puts
the fun back into super tough and anglers will find that 10 to 15 pound weights designed especially for drop
summer deep water abrasion resistant test braid makes an ideal main line shot rigging. Often these are made
prospecting for bass. Even better, when fishing around rocks and other for drop shot rigging. At the termi- of expensive tungsten that is heavier
this technique also works exception- cover. nal end, a three foot leader of 10 to than lead, smaller in size, but about
ally well for deep water walleye and If all that wasnt enough to 15 pound test fluorocarbon leader three times more expensive.
even lake trout. convince anglers to switch over to material is used to tie on the drop Being a walleye guy and
The truth be told, nothing is fluorocarbon line, this stuff is nearly shot hook and also the necessary proud of it, I use lead drop shot
more fun than hooking and landing invisible in water, making it the drop shot weight. weights and carry two types in my
a quality smallmouth bass on a light perfect line for fishing in clear to The leader of fluorocarbon can tackle box. For fishing in rocks, I
action spinning outfit. The power of slightly stained waters. If fluorocar- be terminated to the braid using favor pencil style weights that fish
a smallmouth bass is only equaled bon line has a down side it would be either a Double Uni Knot or a small among rock structure with very few
by their airborne hijinks. the price. Good quality 100 percent swivel. hang ups compared to round or bell
fluorocarbon lines are about 50 per- shaped weights that tend to wedge
The Perfect Drop Shot Set Up cent more expensive than monofila- Drop Shot Hooks into the rocks.
Lots of manufacturers produce ments or co-polymers. The popularity of drop shot The 1/2 ounce size is about
rods marketed as drop shot sticks. I recommend using fluorocarbon rigging has spawned a number of perfect for most situations, and I can
In general, these spinning outfits line as the main line when fishing hooks designed especially for this easily cut the weight down with a
are going to feature a soft light or drop shot rigs in water up to about presentation. Similar in shape to an pair of side cutters if I need to for
medium/light tip, fast action and are 20 feet deep. For deeper water ap- octopus and also wacky worm style fishing in shallow water.
normally a little over seven feet in plications, the superior sensitivity of hook, drop shot hooks tend to have For fishing in gravel or scattered
length. Matched up with a 30 or 35 super braid lines comes into play. an even greater hook gap and are rock or along weed edges, round or
bell shaped drop shot sinkers work drop shot rig is the versatility. This
very well. Again 3/8 and 1/2 ounce rig can be cast or fished vertically
size weights are the most common directly below the boat with equal
sizes for drop shot rigging. success. In clear water where a fish
Drop Shot Plastics might spot the boat and become
spooked, casting is the best ap-
One of the advantages of fish- proach. In deeper water or stained
ing a drop shot rig is this set up waters, fishing vertical is the ideal
fishes well with just about every soft means of using sonar to spot indi-
plastic on the planet. Most anglers, vidual fish and then drop right down
however, zero in on the most subtle on them and catch them.
action plastics including split tail In deep water situations (25 feet
minnows, small jerk plastics, do and deeper) its very common to see
nothing worms, finesse worms, an individual fish on the sonar, drop
shad bodies, beavertails and flat tail down and catch that fish. This hap-
grubs. pens so often, I have come to call it
Split tail minnows, jerk plastics, see fish, catch fish when filming
shad bodies and beavertails are nor- TV episodes for the Fishing 411
mally nose hooked. Finesse worms series on World Fishing Network.
and do nothing worms can be nose Nothing is cooler than calling your
hooked or wacky rigged with equal shot, and when drop shot rigging its
success. possible to call your shot often.
Live Bait Its all in the Wiggle
While any self-respecting bass Many anglers who fish drop The drop shot rig has emerged as a light line alternative to traditional
guy would rather eat dirt than use shot rigs routinely spend a lot of bass tactics like Carolina rigging. Jake Romanack caught this impressive
the nightcrawlers than come packed time trying to impart action to the bronze back while filming an episode of Fishing 411 in Lake Huron.
in it, live bait has a place in drop
shot rigging. During cold front
soft plastics by shaking the rod tip drop shot rigging is the angler keeps mouth fishing in the summer when
conditions when the bite can often
in various ways. Often the wiggle the rod still, compared to jigging, these fish are often found in deep
gets credit for triggering strikes and is in better position to concen- water. Even better, the same rigging
be very tough, using either live that likely would have happened
nightcrawlers, leeches or minnows trate on feeling the subtle bites. In method is likely to produce a host
in place of soft plastics can and does
even if the rod were held still. If my opinion, its about twice as easy of bonus fish like walleye and even
you have a nervous twitch and cant to detect bites on a drop shot rig as lake trout in the hands of creative
produce a few more bites. The prob-
lem with live bait is it is delicate and
hold the rod tip still, by all means a similar plastic fished on a jig. This fishermen who arent afraid to dip
doesnt cast very well. Of the big
shake to your hearts content. Ive alone is reason enough to jump on into a live bait container.
found, however, that just the natural the drop shot bandwagon. In short, drop shot rigging is a
three in live baits, leeches are by far movement of the boat is more than bass tactic that works on a host of
the most durable option for casting
with a drop shot rig.
enough to stimulate strikes when Wrapping It Up other species. Even better, this light
drop shot rigging. Drop shot rigging is hands down line approach puts the fun back into
Live bait is also a superior op-
tion when targeting other species
One of the biggest advantages of the best way to approach small- deep water fishing.n
besides smallmouth bass with a drop
Ruger American .450 Bushmaster
shot rig. For walleyes, a leech on a
drop shot rig should be outlawed it Ruger American .450 Bushmaster
is so effective. For lake trout, a 3 to
4 inch shiner minnow on a drop shot
rig is lights out.
OVER 2,500AT
STARTING IN$399.95!!
How Much is too Much Weight
Anglers who fish drop shot rigs
are forever arguing about the just
right weight sizes for various fish-
22 Stainless Barrel 16 SS Ranch
ing conditions. Unlike jig fishing,
where it is often important to fish a
jig that is just heavy enough to find
16 Ranch2,500 IN
Barrel 22 STOCK!
Standard Barrel
bottom, a drop shot rig fishes differ-
16 or 22 Stainless
RIGHT Barrel
SS Ranch
When the drop shot sinker hits
the bottom and the angler gives a
16 Ranch Barrel 22
STARTING ATStandard Barrel
little slack line, this unique rig is
fishing plastic or live bait virtually 16 or 22 RIGHT and LEFT HAND MODELS!!
NEW Gunsite Scout Rifle in .450 Bushmaster with a Walnut stock for $879.95!
Also IN STOCK the NEW Ruger No. 1 Stainless/Laminate .450 Bushmaster!
weightless. The size of the weight
used is not critically important to the Dozens
Dozens of
of different
different variations
variations available and in
available and in stock
stock NOW!
presentation, so long as the angler Tan
Tan Black
Black Compact
Compact Kryptek Camo
Kryptek Camo Green Muddy Girl
Green Muddy Girl
can easily find bottom. Laminate stocks in several color variations and thumbhole options
Laminate stocks in several color variations and thumbhole options
The best advice when selecting
Randys Hunting Center
drop shot weights is not to fret over Randys Hunting Center
721 E. Huron Ave.
the weight and simply to use enough
to make it easy to detect the bottom 721Axe,
Bad E. Huron Ave.
MI 48413
in whatever water depth is being Bad
fished. (989)Axe, MI 48413
(989) 269-GUNS
Pitching or Vertical?
Again, the beauty of fishing a
10 Essentials for whitetail success
Whether it is a presentation,
sporting event, job interview,
may be hunting, and learning any quirky thing
you can about them that will give you an edge if
they show back up in a few months.
or in this case a hunting

Acquire New Spots: Its so easy to
season, much of success boils get lazy, and just sit back on the couple
down to preparation... decent spots you have to hunt, but nows
the time to do the opposite. Hit the back roads,
explore new public land locations, and knock
By Adam Lewis

on doors to maximize your options this fall. You
never know when a spot will go dead, or get hot,
firmly believe the extent to which you and the more options you have during season the
prepare, you will find success, and that as more chances at success you have. Competition
much as 90 percent of success is based on is high, so get on it now or someone else will be
it. Many times, however, we hunters un- sitting in the honey hole spot instead of you!
derestimate this critical success principle

and suffer the predictable consequences Re-secure Permissions: At the same
(mediocre success, frustration, and further com- time, dont assume the farmer up the road
plaining). Good news is, regardless of past habits that allowed you to hunt the last ten years,
or experience level, you can start leveraging the will automatically this year. Make an effort to
preparation principle to your benefit right now. visit, maybe do some work around the place, and
So here are ten summer essentials to help make re-ask permission for this hunting season. Make
this fall possibly your best whitetail hunting them want to keep you around, and make sure it
season yet! is still fine to hunt all your properties this coming
Before I dive into this I will say each person season. Ive known hunters left high and dry due
may have a different list of top 10 essentials. This to having a property leased out from under them.
is what I will be focusing on this summer, and Dont let it happen to you, dont make assump-
what I feel will give me the best results with my tions, re-secure permissions!
particular hunting situation. Keep this in mind,

and the fact that every hunters situation is dif- Set Up Camp: One of the most excit-
ferent. Nevertheless, I think you too will benefit ing parts of hunting for me is anticipation,
from these practices. and planning. If you do not participate in

a hunting camp, I highly suggest the idea of The author, Adam Lewis with a dandy buck!
Plant the Plots: Yes, everybody talks starting one. This is easy to do with family and

about them, maybe too much, but nows friends, makes great memories, and really adds
the time to get them set. Having a high excitement to the season. Planning meals, whos Map Out Routes: This is what I feel is
quality food source is a major factor to drawing, bringing the tent, reminiscing on how Uncle Joe the number one mistake of hunters. Not
keeping, and seeing whitetail in your area. They destroyed the outhouse back in 02, and yes some carefully mapping out entry and exit routes
dont have to be huge or require a lot of expen- good deer taken can really take a good season ahead of time. Analyze, brush, and plan out how
sive equipment to be effective either. Just turning and make it a great one. Get this tradition started you will get into and out of a location or all your
over a little soil, and scratching in some no-till now by setting up some camp plans! prep will be for nothing. If you overlook this,
mix will be much better than nothing. Get them you can expect to spook deer, increase hunt-

set this summer and give whitetail a reason to be Ditch 2D: Shooting a good 3D course ing pressure, and help the neighbors shoot that
hanging around your stand come fall! might be nonessential to many, but it is buck youre after. Also, a stand may be placed or
brushed-in differently depending on the time of

definitely on my list, and I know it makes
Equip Equipment: Preparing equipment for better hunters. First, theres the excitement of year you plan to hunt it. Get this set in the field
is not something to be done the night before an event with a bunch of other hunters all com- now, so come hunting time all you have to do is
opening day, or on your way out the door peting to do their best (making you tighten up get in and hunt via your carefully planned, extra
to hunt. This takes time, attention to detail, and your skills so you dont embarrass yourself). Sec- stealthy route!

should be done months in advance. What if your ond, the realistic situations and shots on life-like
stand has a faulty component? You need adequate targets prepare you in ways that flinging arrows Set Realistic Goals: Its hard to
time to fix this, and any other issue you may find. at a bale of hay just cannot. It really forces you to hit a target if you dont even know
Go over gear with a fine tooth comb and make get a better grasp on your equipment, and helps what youre aiming at. Its also hard
sure all is working in prime condition. Check for mentally prepare you for moment-of-truth type to hit a target that doesnt exist. Setting goals for
safety, charge all batteries, sound-proof all your scenarios. Shoot a 3D course this summer! your season (age class, number, desired loca-
plastic and metal so you dont have to think about tions to harvest deer, etc.) is a good idea and

this at game time. Equip your equipment now for Finalize Trips: Are you taking any trips helps put a target in front of you. It helps clarify
success! this fall? Near or far, many of us are. Make what you will and will not accept, and helps you
say no when you should pass, and yes when that

sure to finalize these plans so you have
Take Inventory: This can be a very no surprises when youre ready to hit the road right buck steps into sight. However, dont allow
exciting time of year, one where bucks in November. Landowners appreciate knowing someone elses goals to become yours. You have
literally grow right before your eyes. Use when you will show up, and it also is a good time to know your land, your hunting opportunities,
trail cameras on field edges and food sources to secure that time off work well before anyone and set realistic goals for YOU. Dont get hung
(places with easy access and no intrusion) and else may (some jobs limit numbers of people on up on watching 150+ inch Iowa bucks on TV
start watching the antlers grow! Keep a journal leave at one time, and may deny you if you wait). and expect to have that on your ten acre parcel in
of bucks, where they show, what you feel their If youre using an outfitter, take a few moments Pennsylvania (that is unless you know you have
home range is now while they are highly visible to confirm your payment, dates, and reservations, that buck hanging around). Goals are good, when
from the road and other easy access points. Yes, making sure these align with your time off work. they work for, not against you, so set realistic
they will change patterns come fall, but will be Mistakes happen, weve all heard these stories, ones!
close to the area, and when pressure is on may so finalize your trips so you dont become one of So leverage these ten summer essentials, and
return. The point here is learning the animals you them! you just may create your best fall yet!n
Trolling shouldnt be troublesome
Theres not a doubt line out and motoring around until
you get a strike.
in my mind that First is locating where in the
trolling, no matter water column the fish are, and then
making sure you get a lure in the
what species one is same zone while using the right
targeting, is the equipment. After that, its all about
speed and direction. Ignore any of
technique employed these and you wont catch nearly the
by more anglers number of fish you would have had
than any other...
you made sure all were in proper

By Mark Martin Peek-A-Boo!

There are two ways to figure
out the location of fish in the water
he fact is, out of all the column: by trial and error or with
professional walleye sonar. Personally, I prefer the latter
tournaments I par- of the two.
ticipate in throughout A lot has changed in electronics
the United States over the past few years, and all to
and Canada, trolling the anglers advantage. My Low-
is practiced more than any other rance HDS-12 Carbonone mount-
method; always has been and, more ed to the dash board of my Lund
than likely always will be. Pro-V and another at its bowis
And theres nothing wrong with proof perfect.
that in my book. Thats because Of course, Lowrances ultra-
trolling, by far, allows an angler sensitive traditional sonar will show
to cover more water in a shorter me fish if they are under the boat,
amount of time than any other; thus whether they are on bottom, near
lures and bait are seen by more fish bottom or high in the water column.
in a shorter amount of time. And And the unit is so responsive that
even if the bite is off, a lure being I can see minnows, aquatic insects
trolled will often trip whatever trig- and even zooplankton, which will
ger it is in a lackadaisical fish thatll help me determine where the fish
make them strike when nothing else are even when Im not marking
will. them.
But when you get right down to You know that clutter you Crawler harnesses, like this one by Nor thland, take their fair share
it, trolling is more than just letting a often see on at the top of the screen? of fish if they are trolled correctly.

Church Tackle Co. ALL MADE

Thats all the aforementioned
aquatic life, as well dust and pollen,

New for 2016!

WE DIDNT INVENT THE PLANER BOARD, WE JUST PERFECTED IT! Locking Arm mixed within the warm water at the
easy to open & close
Locking Arm surface. The area where the clut-
Adjustment Adjustment Screw

easy to open & close

Mini Lock-Jaw
Screw ter stops and a clean screen starts
For drop weights & Release Release Hole for drop weights
is where the thermocline is - that
or other applications
This clip may be mini but when it comes to holding power its second other applications Prevention Prevention

only to its big brother, the original Lock-Jaw! Holds mono, super
is, where the warm and cold water
braids, power pro, lead core or copper lines without damaging the line! meet. This is where most any fish
The Mini Lock-Jaw fits The Walleye Board, TX-44, TX-22, TX-12 & TX-6 1 7/8 Long Pad
Pad that swims suspended in the water
planer boards, but we recommend the full size Lock-Jaw for the TX-44. 1/2 Wide Locator holes for Line Protector inside
keeps line from making
Locator holes for
attaching to side-planers column will be, no matter the spe-
The Mini Lock-Jaw is designed to fit other side planers, drop weights and attaching
to side-planers
WE DIDNT INVENT CLIPS, contact with screw
Stingray cies. And this is the level you want
works for many other applications.
Part# 40620, 2pk Color - yellow Replacement Pads part# 40701 6/pk Diving Weight to get your bait to.
TX-007 Stern Planer & TX-005 Mini Stern Planer TX-44 Tournament Series Unique error-proof design allows anglers to put
more fish in the boat! Water strikes top surface,
Another key feature of many
Lowrance sonars is StructureScan
The TX-44 is the first and the only in line planer to pull the large Divers,
(10 1/4 long, weighs about 3 oz) (7 long, weighs about 1.5 oz) Lead Core, Wire or Copper Lines and Heavy Weights. The size of the TX-44 forcing the Stingray downward. A fish on will HD, as well StructureScan 3D,
An all new type of planer! makes it harder for fish to pull the board under, however it is still easy to force the nose upward & Stingray to the surface.
retrieve. The Vise Clip comes standard with the TX-44; especially Available in unpainted or painted. 2 snaps for which allows me to see out to the
rch Tackle Co. designed for lead core & copper, makes accidental each weight included sides of my boat in two-dimensional
Chu E-Z Store Famous
release almost impossible. snaps off & on in seconds Lock-Jaw
Clip Size #1 - .7 oz form. With StructureScan on I can
TX-44 Tournament Series now for easy removal & storage
Easy to attach and remove.
available which comes with a #40300 see baitfish as well the game fish
Great for trolling in congested areas and more effective contour trolling along unpainted #40302 black themselves near the surface. And
Lock-Jaw Clip, Stainless Steel
drop offs contour lines, reef edges and weed lines in rivers, lakes or the ocean. Rear Pin and E-Z Store for easy
Effective for all species. Run more lines out the back of the boat by staggering
with just a couple swipes of the
tow-arm removal. Part# 30630 Size #2 - 1.4 oz touch-screen I can move the cursor
the Stern Planers. Run any distance from the boat yet maintain desired depth. Standard TX-44 Part# 30610 Stainless Steel Rear Pin (14 x 4 1/4 x 7/8)
over the marks on the screen and
EZ Store! For Your Planer Board Allows for easy Tournament Series then place a waypoint over the fish,
planer storage! Change #40303 unpainted #40304 orange
-22 SCop
tow-arm & clips in a snap!
TXChurch Tackle odus, MI
.S Upgrade Kit without ever having to motor over
Size #3 - 2.7 oz

for TX-44, TX-22 & and potentially spooking them.

Optional E-Z Store devise easily
When spotting fish on the sonar,
TXChurwcwhwT.acchkulrchtackleo.codusm, MI

The Walleye Board

-22 eSCop .S l

attaches to the Walleye Board, TX-44


& TX-22 side planers. Slide the tow-arm off for storage or change Includes a Lock-Jaw Clip I like to look at the GPS portion of
to another tow-arm & clip then slide back on when youre ready to E-Z Store & Stainless the screen as wellwith a Navion-
fish again. Part# 40519 sold 2 per package 1 left & 1 right Rear Pin Assembly. (Part# 30640) #40305 unpainted #40306 chartreuse ics mapping program showing in
Please check with your local tackle shop first, if they dont carry our products visit us at to view all the back groundand take note
of our great American made fishing gear, or call us at 269-934-8528 to request a catalog. of the structure the suspended fish
are holding near. Once determined,
I can scan the Navionics map and
figure out similar areas where more
this one), up to the TX-24 Super
Planer Board (built to handle hard-
pulling rigs such as Dipsy Div-
Michigan duck
stamps and
fish may be, and check those areas ers and the like) and down to the
out for signs of game fish. TX-12 Mini Planer Board and TX-6
Magnum Mini Planer Board (both

prints available
In Your Face perfect for small lures).
I admit there is what seems to be Also, the TX-007 Stern Planer
a million different lures made that is a device that allows you to let the
will catch fish when trolling. My perfect amount of line out so as to
two best bets for catching more fish, get your lures running at just the The Michigan Duck Hunters As-
however, are Rapala crankbaits and right depth, all the while youre able sociation (MDHA), in cooperation with
Northland spinners (aka: crawler to let out more line directly behind the MDNR, introduces the 2017 collec- The winning 2017 Michigan duck stamp
harnesses). the boat to get your offering farther tor's edition Michigan duck stamp and features a pair of nor thern shovelers.
Getting crankbaits to the same away and keep from tangling with prints. The Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Program, established in 1976, has become
level the fish are at when trolling your in-line boards. an icon for waterfowl hunters and wetland conservation enthusiasts. During the
is the easier of the two. Rapala, for past 41 years, the program has gained popularity with collectors and conserva-
example, make it easy by listing the Get With It tion groups throughout the United States.
dive curves of all their lures on their The two problems I see more The MDHA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to waterfowl and wetland
website at And while anglers make when trolling is they conservation, coordinates the program in partnership with the DNR. Proceeds
nothing beats a Rapala Shad Rap or troll up wind and dont pay enough from stamp sales will be used to fund MDHA projects, with 10 percent used to
Down Deep Husky Jerk for troll- attention to their speed. Not good. match DNR funding for purchasing, restoring and enhancing wetlands.
ing, you really need to check out the Always (I repeat: always) troll The 2017 Michigan duck stamp features a striking pair of northern shovelers,
Scatter Rap series in both of these with the wind. painted by Guy Crittenden. Crittenden, a wildlife artist from Richmond, Vir-
lures. The ultra-erratic action of all Although my 9.9-HP kicker mo- ginia, has won the Virginia duck stamp competition four times since 2005. He
the Scatter Rap series really tips a tor is powerful enough to push me won the Connecticut and the Michigan duck stamp competitions in 2014 and
fishs trigger, especially when the into the wind, I can have better con- 2015, respectively, and has placed as high as fifth in the prestigious Federal Duck
bite is slow. trol of my speed when trolling with Stamp Contest.
Spinners, on the other hand, take the wind. And with the aid of my Purchasing Michigan waterfowl stamps and prints helps to ensure continued
conservation of wetlands and waterfowl habitat. To learn more about the Michi-
a little more effort on an anglers Lowrance GPS, I can easily speed gan Waterfowl Stamp Program and supporting conservation efforts in Michigan
part to get into the strike zone, but up or slow down to 1/10-MPH when through the purchase of limited-edition signed and numbered prints and collec-
its not hard to do with the right the waves are at my transom. tor's edition stamps, visit (under Additional Re-
weight system. An in-line weight, Over all, crankbaits run best at sources and then Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Program). Purchasing the stamps is
such as Church Tackles 5/8-ounce speeds of 1.5 to 2.5 miles per hour, voluntary and does not replace the state waterfowl hunting license.
K-1 In-Line Bead Weight, tied on while spinners get bite more at a MDHA also will mail individuals who purchase a 2017 waterfowl hunt-
about six feet in front of the spinner, slower .07 to 1.5. Always troll with ing license a free copy of the stamp (subject to availability) if they send a self-
will be enough to get the spinner either crankbaits or spinners, not a addressed, stamped envelope with a copy of their Michigan waterfowl hunting
down. To get it deeper, just let out a combination of both. license to: MDHA Waterfowl Stamp Program, P.O. Box 186, Kawkawlin, MI
little more line, or, slow down. 48631.
Berkley 10-pound-test Trilene More Than
XT, spooled onto an ABU Garcia Meets the Eye
5500 LC (line counter) reel and Fen- When you get right down to it,
wick trolling rod is my choice for trolling is more than just letting a
trolling both cranks and spinners. line out and motoring around until
The combination is light enough you get a strike. First, locate where
for walleyes yet sturdy enough in the water column the fish are, and
to handle in-line and stern planer then making sure you get a lure in
boards. the same zone while using the right
I also use this same rod and equipment. After that, go the right
reel combo when pulling Sufix 832 direction and pay attention to your
Advanced Leadcore - a thinner- speed. Ignore any of these and you
than-normal leadcore that gets down wont catch nearly the number of
deeper with less line out due to its fish you would have had you made
narrow diameter, and great for get- sure all were in proper order.
ting crankbaits and spinners deeper. Mark Martin is a touring wall-
Church Tackle makes an array of eye tournament angler and instructor
different sizes of planer boards for with the Fishing/Vacation Schools,
every need, from their most popular who lives in southwest Lower Mich-
Walleye Board (dont let the name igan. Check out his website at mark-
fool you even salmon anglers dig of more information.n

Time to think of prevention of

those beaches, golf courses,
condo grounds, parks and
recreation areas.


Will solve your goose problems!

Its time to order your

summer Control to rid those
pesky geese problems.
Remember when the grass starts
turning green its time to apply
Man sentenced
in illegal deer
baiting case

Saginaw County man golf course property owned by Sy-
was fined heavily, or- sak near the Gratiot-Saginaw county
dered to serve jail time, line. Myers said he found access to the
probation and commu- site using a county road easement.
nity service, and had his I saw a hunting blind on the
hunting privileges re- right and I could see an orange object
voked when he was sentenced recently through the trees, Myers said. It The amount of bait was impossible to count but was estimated at two-and-a-half tons.
for deer hunting violations he commit- was a grain trailer full of corn with the Myers said he saw Sysak pick up District Court 65B in Ithaca in Gratiot
ted during the fall 2016 firearm deer door broken off and about 100 gallons a hunter orange vest as Myers ap- County, where Sysak was found guilty
hunting season. Dexter James Sysak, of corn on the ground. proached the blind. by the panel of six jurors on all three
40, of Merill was convicted by a Corn was spread over a wide area. After interviewing Sysak, Myers charges against him. Those misde-
District Court jury in April of multiple Myers said he kicked a hard object determined the bait, far in excessive of meanors included an over limit of bait,
hunting violations, dating back to while walking, which was a sugar the 2-gallon limit, had been in the area failing to wear hunter orange and tak-
Nov. 29. He was sentenced June 21. beet. for some time. ing a deer by an illegal method.
Sysak had taken a dump truck of There was a 150-yard cobble- Sysak also admitted to me that Myers said Sysak admitted the
sugar beets and two dump trailers of stone road of sugar beets making a he had taken a 9-point buck over the facts necessary to prove the case
corn and placed them on his hunting J-shape around the blind, Myers said. illegal bait, making it an illegal deer, during his testimony at trial. He also
property, said Michigan Conservation It looked like an individual had drove Myers said. I seized evidence and admitted he had rented a dump truck
Officer Joseph Myers, who investi- onto the property and just dumped the cited the suspect. to place the bait on the property.
gated the case. The actual measure of sugar beets out of a truck. Myers said Sysak showed him the Sysak was sentenced June 21 to
bait was impossible to count but was With no name on the blind and gun he used and where he shot the serve 45 days in jail, fined roughly
estimated at two-and-a-half tons. no one at the site, Myers didnt know deer from. He also told Myers which $15,000, including $6,500 reimburse-
Myers said conservation officers who owned the land or the property. meat processor the deer had been ment for the deer and ordered to
were alerted to a complaint of over He decided to return the next day, taken to, a place just a couple miles serve 90 hours of community service
use of bait via an anonymous tip to Nov. 29. down the road. to the DNR once his jail sentence is
the DNR Report All Poaching hotline There was a truck parked there. I Myers contacted the processor and served. He was banned from all DNR
(800-292-7800) on Nov. 27. walked up to the blind and there were recovered the deer meat and antlers. activities during his 2-year probation
The following day, officers went to four individuals in the blind, Myers Sysak pleaded not guilty. term. All sport license privileges were
the area, which turned out to be an old said. A jury trial was held April 28 in revoked through 2022.
The meat from the deer will be
given to needy families in the com-

Need to fix up your camp?

There were extensive terms
set for Sysaks probation. If any of
those terms are violated, it would be
We have rough cut lumber and siding in assorted sizes grounds for Sysak serving up to 1 year
Order overruns and cancellations 3415 South Portage
in jail and potential lifetime revoking
of his hunting license privileges.
Jackson, MI 49201 Michigan conservation officers
We are on your way Up North (517) 740-6833 are fully commissioned state peace
officers who provide natural resources
protection, ensure recreational safety
and protect citizens by providing
general law enforcement duties and
lifesaving operations in the communi-
ties they serve.
Learn more about Michigan con-
servation officers at www.michigan.

Ask us about MDNR Story and Photo

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DNR confirms
cougar in
Lower Peninsula
he MDNR has confirmed been received from various locations
the presence of a cougar throughout Michigan. Until this time,
-- also referred to as a all confirmed sightings or tracks have
mountain lion in Bath been in the Upper Peninsula. Since
Township, Clinton Coun- 2008 a total of 36 cougar sightings
ty. This is the first time have been documented in Michi-
the presence of a cougar has been gans U.P. To date, the DNR has not
verified by the DNR in Michigans confirmed a breeding population of
Lower Peninsula. cougars in Michigan.
On June 21, 2017, a Haslett resi- Cougars are protected under the
dent took a photograph of an animal state Endangered Species Act and
from his vehicle in Bath Township cannot be harmed except to protect
near the DNRs Rose Lake State human life.
Wildlife Area. The individual reported Interested landowners within the
that he spotted a large cat in his head- area of the recent Clinton County
lights as the animal attempted to cross sighting may wish to place trail
a road. He captured the photograph as cameras on their properties. The DNR
the cougar turned back from the road encourages citizens to submit pictures
into an area of thick vegetation. of possible sightings for verification.
The picture was made available Observations should be reported at
to the DNR June 26. A field investi- If you find
gation ensued. DNR biologist Chad physical evidence of a cougar such
Fedewa and biologists from the as scat, tracks or a carcass, do not The photo submitted to the DNR from a Haslett resident shows the
DNRs Cougar Team reviewed the disturb the area and keep the physical cougar is just behind the mailbox on the right side of the road.
photo and visited the site where it was evidence intact. Please include any
taken, determining that the animal in photos with your report.
the photo was a cougar. The odds of encountering a cougar

Even with this verification, ques- in the wild are very small, and attacks
tions remain, especially regarding the on humans are extremely rare.

origins of the animal, said Kevin Should you encounter a cougar:
Swanson, DNR wildlife specialist Face the animal and do not act
and member of the agencys Cougar submissive. Stand tall, wave your
Team. There is no way for us to arms and talk in a loud voice.
know if this animal is a dispersing Never run from a cougar or other
transient from a western state, like large carnivore. If children are pres-
cougars that have been genetically ent, pick them up so they cannot run. Classic Rooster Tail w/HD
tested from the Upper Peninsula, or if Do not crouch and get on all Split Ring & Pre-Sharpened
this cat was released locally. fours. Black Nickel Hook
Cougars originally were native to If attacked, fight back with what-
Pulsating Hackle/Tinsel
Michigan, but were extirpated from ever is available. DO NOT play dead. Dressed Hook Attracts Fish
Michigan around the turn of the last Report the encounter to local
century. The last time a wild cougar authorities and the DNR as soon as Genuine Silver,
was legally taken in the state was near possible. Brass and/or
Painted Blades
Newberry in 1906. Over the past few To learn more about cougars, visit
years, numerous cougar reports have

This new Rooster Tail was designed with

input from professional angler Joe Thomas
and built specifically for bass and schooling
stripers. Special components make it extra
strong to handle the toughest fish, and it features all the
attributes that make Rooster Tail so productive. Available in two sizes,
and ounce for long casts and fast retrieves, the Joe Thomas Series
Rooster Tail comes in 12 finishes hand-selected by Joe Thomas.

Gearing up for summer trout
hen most anglers
in Michigan
think of trout
and salmon,
they conjure up
images of the
sprawling Great Lakes. The great
state of Michigan also hosts a lot of
trout fishing and even some salmon
fishing opportunities quietly nestled
away in a handful of inland fishing
The northern half of Michigans
Lower Peninsula is dotted with a
host of clear water trout lakes that
harbor lake trout, rainbow trout,
brown trout and one even supports
an excellent population of Atlantic
salmon! All of these lakes are deep
and cool enough to support trout and
small enough that an angler doesnt
need a charter boat sized craft to
get in on the fishing fun.
Marks Favorite Trout Lakes
Living in Northern Michigan
most of my life, Ive spent a consid-
erable amount of time targeting trout
in half a dozen different fisheries
including Crystal, Higgins, Torch,
Burt, Mullet and Green lakes. All of
these inland gems serve up a mixed
bag of trout species, and Torch Lake Rainbows like this one abound in many Michigan inland lakes. Across the nor thern half of the Lower Peninsula
is home to a thriving population of there are a dozen or more lakes that produce great trout fishing action in the heat of summer.
Atlantic salmon thanks to stock- Lake Trolls or Cow Bells test fluorocarbon leader material. A inches long and is sometimes used
ing efforts provided by the fisheries One of the more traditional and couple small beads are slipped onto by anglers trolling inland lakes.
and wildlife students of Lake State unique trout fishing attractors is a the leader, and the Spin-N-Glo add- Dodgers are used in combina-
University in Sault Ste. Marie. rig known as the lake troll or cow ed with the narrow end towards the tion with a host of terminal tackle,
Other noteworthy trout waters bell. These rigs are a series of blades bead. A simple loop knot terminates including Spin-N-Glos, Wobble
include Elk, Big Glen, Walloon, that rotate around a three to four the rig and makes it easy to attach to Glos, squid bodies and trolling flies.
Charlevoix and North Lake Leela- foot length of steel wire. Normally, the back end of the lake troll. In most cases, the best results are
nau. The stocking reports for these at one end a trolling keel or rudder A lot of guys take pride in mak- achieved when these rigs are 12 to
waters are a matter of public record keeps the rig running straight, and at ing their own lake trolls, but Yakima 18 inches in length. Using a longer
and anglers can study up on what the other a leader is added and either Bait and Luhr Jensen also produce leader tends to deaden the action
species have been stocked and when a small spoon, stickbait or Spin-N- commercially available models that and typically doesnt produce as
by visiting the web page www. Glo body is used at the terminal end. work great on inland trout. The well as keeping the leader in that for The Spin-N-Glo produced by downside of most lake trolls is they critical 12 to 18 inch range.
details. Yakima Bait Company is pull hard in the water and often A host of companies produce
Fishing Tactics hands down the favorite detract from the enjoyment of fight- dodgers, but some of the most popu-
In August the surface trout bait of those fisher- ing fish. My favorite is the Yakima lar are available from Luhr Jensen,
waters of all these lakes man who prospect the Rooster Troll which comes in four Yakima Bait and Pro Troll.
range north of 70 degrees, depths of these natural models and features genuine silver Other Attractors
which means cold water lakes. The iconic floating/ plated Rooster Tail blades. The Lake trolls and dodgers are the
species like trout are forced spinning Spin-N-Glo baits smaller sizes of the Rooster Trolls primary attractors used to target lake
to seek out deeper and cool- come in 10 different sizes pull through the water with far less
trout, steelhead, browns and Atlantic
er waters. The good news is plus white, black, silver, resistance and put the fun back into
salmon. A third option is gaining in
trolling for inland lake trout.
By Mark Romanack
when trout are glow, char- popularity here in the Great Lakes
forced deep, treuse and pink Dodgers and wildly popular everywhere
they tend to wing con- Dodgers are another attractor along the Pacific west coast.
concentrate in the deeper basins of figurations. Together, the wing and that is deadly effective on trout. The Big Al Fish Flash is trian-
the lake, making them pretty easy to body color combinations available These blade style attractors swing gular in shape and spins on its own
find with the help of modern sonar. number into the hundreds, making back and forth in the water and are axis thanks to a ball bearing swivel
The bad news is catching these them a favorite of just about every- designed to imitate the flash that on the nose and another at the back
fish requires some specialized troll- one who trolls for trout. occurs when trout and salmon slash of the attractor. Unlike other attrac-
ing gear that presents select baits The most popular Spin-N-Glo into a school of baitfish. tors, the Fish Flash generates con-
at target depths that are routinely bodies for inland trout fishing are The larger size 0 is about 11 siderably more flash that pulls fish
as deep as 50 to 120 feet below the the No. 8, 6 and 4 sizes. When inches long and is the most popular from a greater distance. Because the
surface! Some of these lakes present fished behind a lake troll, the Spin- size among trout fishermen. The Fish Flash generates so much flash,
unique jigging opportunities, but N-Glo is rigged by first snelling a 00 is about eight inches long and smaller sizes can be used which in
the majority of these fish are caught No. 6 or No. 4 treble hook onto an is the second most popular size. A
trolling with a variety of attractors. 18 inch leader of 10 to 15 pound third and small size 000 is about five Gearing up for trout page 38
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Gearing up for trout:
from page 36
turn reduces drag and makes fight- All three of these attractors require
ing fish more enjoyable. The four the use of a heavy tension downrig-
and six inch sizes have become the ger line release. The OR8 Heavy
most popular with trout and salmon Tension Downrigger Release pro-
fishermen. duced by Off Shore Tackle Compa-
Fish Flash is different from ny based in Port Austin, Michigan is
some attractors in that it doesnt considered the line release all others
impart action to the trailing lures. are judged upon.
The best baits to fish in combination This popular line release works
with the Fish Flash are lures that beautifully with monofilament,
have their own action, like stickbaits co-polymer and fluorocarbon lines
including the classic floating Rapala ranging in size from 10 to 25 pound
Minnow, wobbling body baits like test.
the iconic Wordens Flat Fish and a Suspended or Bottom Fish
host of trolling style spoons. The attractor rigs outlined here
A 72 inch leader between the fish great for both suspended fish
lure and the Fish Flash is considered and bottom hugging trout. When
perfect for most clear water trolling targeting trout on or near the bot-
situations. In stained or off color tom, its best to set the downrigger
water, the leader can be shortened to weight so it clips the bottom every
about 40 inches. few feet, kicking up a cloud of silt in
Riggers Rule the process. This closely replicates
All three of the attractor rigs what it looks like when a school of
outlined here are best when fished in trout are actively feeding on the bot-
combination with a downrigger for tom and stirring up sediment.
controlled depth fishing. Lake trolls Accomplishing this delicate
and dodgers fish best at speeds from balance of bouncing the bottom
1.6 to 1.9 MPH. Fish Flash works with the downrigger weight is best
well at dodger speed and also achieved by stationing an angler
performs well at faster speeds up to at each downrigger and closely
about 3.5 MPH. monitoring the downrigger arm to
Because the Fish Flash can be determine when the ball is hitting Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 caught this beautiful lake trout from Hig-
fished faster than other attractors, the bottom. By lifting or dropping gins Lake while trolling a stickbait in combination with a downrigger.
it fishes nicely with spoons and in the downrigger weight slightly as
combination with other fast paced the water depth changes, the angler Avid trout trollers carry a spare wobbling plug or spinner. When a
fishing presentations. is effectively keeping his gear in the downrigger weight, termination kit fish is hooked, the snap slides to the
The typical set up when troll- critical strike zone. and wire cutters on board, so if a front of the tow arm and the Tadpole
ing lake trolls and dodgers is to Fishing attractor rigs on the bot- ball is hung up on bottom and lost, trips and is no longer diving, making
run them 10 to 20 feet behind the tom is a delicate balance that takes the set up can be quickly replaced. it easy to reel in fish without having
downrigger weight. The Fish Flash a little practice and experience to Downriggers do the heavy lift- to fight the resistance of the diver.
can be fished tight to the downrigger master. Its important to avoid drag- ing when it comes to fishing trout The Tadpole Divers have been
weight, but many anglers feel this ging the ball on the bottom, yet it is and salmon on inland lakes, but tested by Precision Trolling Data
presentation fishes best when longer just as important that the downrig- there are other options available to (
25 to 50 foot leads behind the down- ger weight comes in contact with the creative fishermen. and the fishing depths documented
rigger weight are employed. bottom every few feet. Poor Mans Downrigger at common trout trolling speeds.
For the angler who doesnt own These poor man downrigger
downriggers, a couple simple to set set ups can be fished as flat lines
up and inexpensive trolling rigs are straight out the back of the boat or
useful for targeting trout in deep an angler can fish them in combina-
water. A basic three way rig with a tion with in-line planer boards to
24 inch dropper line attached to an gain a little more outward coverage.
eight, 12 or 16 ounce lead weight The standard sized in-line boards
and a 60 to 72 inch leader of fluo- will handle the No. 3 Tadpole, but
rocarbon line is a good way to troll the Magnum and larger size dropper
spoons, wobble baits and spinners. weights are best fished on the SST
This rig is simply fished straight Pro Magnum, a larger board de-
out the back of the boat with enough signed for fishing heavy gear.
line out to make contact with the
bottom every few feet as trolling. Summing It Up
Another option is to fish a No. 3 The dog days of August force
or Magnum sized Tadpole Diver by trout to seek out deeper and colder
Off Shore Tackle. These simple to water. Michigan has a host of inland
use and affordable divers are made lakes that offer up great trout fishing
of zinc and simply attach to the opportunities. Even better, these
fishing line using the supplied heavy fisheries are easily accessible in
duty snap. small fishing craft and even pontoon
The snap goes on the tow arm of boats.
the Tadpole, and when the snap is The best way to beat the heat is
The pre-dawn is the perfect time to be hitting the water for summer trout. positioned in the elbow of the tow to get out early and get out often.
Any time the author is fishing downriggers for trout or salmon he is also arm, the diver is engaged and dives. Michigans inland lake trout fishing
using the Fish Hawk speed, depth and temperature probe to find cooler A leader (50 to 72 inches) is run off opportunities are nothing short of
pockets of water trout concentrate in. Authors photos the back of the Tadpole to a spoon, amazing.n
(989) 569-3482 /
Oscoda, Michigan 48750
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Part 1

The western
Pennsylvania hills
evoked both eager
anticipation and
dread as I watched
them through the
window of my SUV...

m glad Im not
you, my dad
joked from the
passenger seat.
I knew what to
expect, though:
Id run them last summer with a
100-pound sandbag in my back-
pack. This year would be different,
but I hoped it wasnt too different.
Because it was one of the best ex-
periences of my life. I couldnt wait
to do it again.
My dad and I were headed to The Traditional crew (lt-r t) Tex Grebner, Ransom Traylor, Joe Edwards, Drew YoungeDyke, Cole Plese,
the Train To Hunt Challenge at the Ronnie Senior. Tex Grebner photo
Ambridge Sportsmens Club, west hunting season. grouped together, and that helped
social media, 3D archery shoots
of Pittsburgh, which hosted last Make no mistake: the day of us form a bond. Last years Train
and the Archery Trade Association
years event, the first east of the To Hunt National Champion in the
(ATA) Show. This year, though, I the challenge itself does not get
Mississippi River. The Train To
entered in the Traditional Division, you ready for hunting. Its in the Traditional division - Illinois Tex
Hunt Challenge is a
since Id de- preparation for the competition. For Grebner of Tex Grebner Outdoors
competition testing
cided last fall example, without Train To Hunt, it on YouTube - shot with us. To il-
archery, strength
to switch from would be easy to procrastinate until lustrate both the growth of Train
and endurance,
combining ele- a compound summer to get serious about getting To Hunt and the increasing inter-
ments of CrossFit, to a recurve proficient with traditional archery est in traditional archery, though,
trail-running with bow for bow- equipment. But I signed up in Janu- consider this: last year Tex was
a pack (known as hunting. ary, so Ive known since then that I the only traditional archer at the
rucking,) and 3D After com- had this competition awaiting me in Pennsylvania challenge; this year
archery. It began as peting last June. So I practiced - a lot - includ- there were six of us. Along with
a fitness program year, I knew ing shoots at Tomahawk Archers. Tex and I were Ransom Traylor of
founded by owner that I wanted And I kept up with my physical Battle Creek, Joe Edwards from
Kenton Clairmont to compete conditioning at Spartan CrossFit in Ohio, and Ronnie Senior and Cole
of Washington, a again. But I East Lansing and CrossFit Tree- Plese of Pennsylvania. Cole is actu-
serious western had serious Town in Ann Arbor, along with ally a member of the host club and
mountain bowhunt- doubts about trail-running with a weighted pack. Ronnies 5-year old daughter Izzy
er who used to own my abil- On the morning of the competi- kept us entertained all morning. For
a CrossFit gym. ity to become tion, athletes and spectators were all the testosterone, Train To Hunt
It has grown into proficient treated to the most epic opening to really is a family event.
sort of a CrossFit enough with an athletic event Ive ever wit- The shots in Train To Hunt are
Games for bow- a traditional nessed. While the National Anthem not like shots in regular 3D archery
hunters and has bow to hunt was sung, Col. Paul Cravy of the tournaments. Theyre as tough as
spread around the in October, let United States Army - and a Train shots in the Total Archery Chal-
country. alone compete To Hunt athlete - parachuted out of lenge but with a twist. At some
the sky with a giant American flag
By Drew YoungeDyke
When against other shots, archers would have to draw
we pulled traditional suspended from his waist pack. He kneeling, stand and shoot. Or draw,
into the archers landed just as the anthem ended, move to the left or right, and shoot.
parking lot of the Cobblestone Inn, at Train To Hunt. But thats ex- while members of the club set off Shoot two targets in ten seconds.
I was happy to see Tim Bunao, actly what Train To Hunt is about: fireworks. God Bless America! Shoot while kneeling or sitting.
who was in my heat last year in the preparing for hunting season. It That set the whole day off on Shoot at an extremely close target
Mens Open Division. Most of us provides a mid-year gauge of how the right foot as athletes started at a steep angle. Draw and hold for
who competed at the 2016 chal- ready your most important piece of on the 3D archery course. All 30 seconds before shooting. While
lenge have kept in touch through equipment - your own body - is for six traditional bowhunters were it sounds crazy, these are actually
the shots we encounter while hunt-
ing. And by practicing for these
shots in the competition, we train
ourselves to make these shots while
This happened for me last fall.
At the end of a four-day back-
pack bowhunt in the Pigeon River
Country, I glassed a valley from a
ridge with my binoculars. As a still-
hunter, I had already blown a dozen
stalks and missed two deer with The Traditional athletes ready for the tire pull to star t the Challenge Course. Dennis YoungeDyke photo
my compound, one a short shot due
to misjudging the distance and the
other hitting a branch in front of
the doe. As I glassed, I saw a doe
walking through cover in the valley.
I crept down the hill and sat down
behind a brush pile from a logging
operation years ago. I watched it
bed down and waited about a half
hour until it got up. As it started up
the hill I was on, I lay with my back
against the hillside. When its head
was turned away, I drew, but then
it looked my way. I had to hold my
draw for about forty seconds until it
looked away again, then I raised up,
found my spot and shot, dropping
it on the spot. I gutted it out while
two bull elk fought each other sixty
yards down the valley. Without
practicing to hold my draw all year
for Train To Hunt, I dont know if
I would have had the confidence,
skill or strength to make that shot.
I shot okay during the 3D shoot,
making a few that felt perfect
and many more where foam was
home. At the end, I was sitting at
third, but it was close enough that
the Challenge Course would deter-
mine the final standings. Michigan
was doing well in the Mens Open
in the 3D, too. 2016 Pennsylvania VISIT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED
champ Ray Bickel from Vassar CARBON EXPRESS DEALER
- dubbed the Beast of the East -
was in second place and Gaylords
Alvin Sitkeiwicz was tied for third.
The Challenge Course was
composed of five CrossFit-style
physical challenges followed by
a 300-yard run and a shot at a 3D
deer. The physical challenges were AT ENTRY LEVEL PRICING
a tire pull, 10 box step-ups hold- 3 - 20 PileDriver Bolts, 3 - 100gr Field Points, Quick Detach
ing a 50-pound sandbag, 10 reps $299.99 Quiver, Rope Cocker, Rail Lube, Deluxe 4x32 Scope with
6-Reticle Crosshair, Foot Conforming Step-Through Stirrup
of picking the sandbag off the
ground and throwing it back over - ALUMINUM RAIL
the shoulder, 10 reps of sandbag - LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT DESIGN
getups, and 10 burpees (aka squat-
thrusts). Shots outside the 10-ring - ADJUSTABLE BUTT STOCK
added extra time to your score. Oh - MULTI POSITION FOREGRIP
yeah, and if you missed a target ( WITH 9 .5 PICATINNY RAIL)

completely, you had to do 10 extra - DURABLE COMPRESSION MOLDED LIMBS

burpees. After that, you put on your - ANTI DRY-FIRE TECHNOLOGY
backpack loaded with a 50-pound
sandbag, grabbed your bow and - BLACK OR ALL CAMO AVAILABLE
ran a 1.6-mile muddy trail course - 3.5 LB. TRIGGER
through steep, hilly terrain, with
two targets along the trail.
I started out the Challenge
Train To Hunt page 42
W A RNING! To avoi d se r i ous i nj ur y and l e ar n about saf e hunt i ng t e chni que s, use r s must r e at he i nst r uct i ons and w at ch t he vi de os at w w w .saf e ar r ow .com pr i or t o shoot i ng any cr ossbow bol t .


Train To Hunt:
from page 41
Course sprinting and held first place I made. Alvin Sitkeiwicz finished
for the first few challenges, which sixth in Mens Open and eighth
werent too bad for me because overall, impressive for his first run.
they were exercises we regularly Michigan did well on the podium,
perform at CrossFit. I slowed too: Jeffery Proctor of Manchester
down after I missed a shot and finished third in Super Masters
had to do ten burpees, followed (age 50-plus), Adriano Rosa of
by the sandbag getups, which I Grand Rapids finished first in Super
struggled with. I fell to third as Masters, Ray Bickel finished first in
we started the trail course, and Mens Open and first overall, and
I never caught up. I earned third place in Traditional
The trail course was brutal. and a trip to the National Finals in
Much of it was too muddy to run Colorado.
without slipping, or so steep that And how did it go at National
I didnt have the juice left to run, Finals? Youll find out next month
walking instead. Even the down- in Part 2!
hills were too muddy to run. On the Drew YoungeDyke is the
drier stretches, though, like most of regional communications coor-
the competitors, I dug down deep dinator for the National Wildlife
and ran - including right through Federation, a board member for the
a mud puddle I thought was ankle Michigan chapter of Backcountry
deep until I sunk to my chest! I Hunters and Anglers, a member of
never broke stride, splashing mud the Association of Great Lakes Out-
clear up to the underside of my hat door Writers, the Michigan Outdoor
brim. I sunk my last shot in the Writers Association, and the former
ten ring, sprinted to the finish and editor of Michigan Out-of-Doors
jumped in the pond. magazine. His first article, Back-
It was another amazing experi- packing in Short Time, appeared in
ence, made all the better by the old this publication ten years ago this Drew YoungeDyke draws on the close-up extreme angle shot, mim-
friends I saw and the new friends month.n icking a treestand shot. Dennis YoungeDyke photo


KAYAKING: First Lesson is SAFETY
ith the popular- grass to the waters edge, loaded with wearing an approved PFD, buckled use and the most important part,
ity of kayaking equipment you choose to take, then up while on the water. The old excuse enough flotation to save your life in
finally hitting slipped in the lake, ready to go. The for not wearing a life jacket was they the event of an unexpected accident.
Michigan, its days of backing your trailer up in were too hot or bulky and uncomfort- Theres even a model that resem-
no wonder line while at the ramp are over. With able. Somewhere in the history of bles a horseshoe that drapes around
when traveling light dolly wheels, you can fishing, BASS led the way your neck. Slide your arms into straps
to see so many kayaks on rooftops, pull your boat to the edge of by requiring participants in to keep the thing in place; snap the
in truck beds and strapped to trailers. the ramp out of the way of their tournaments to have a waist strap and youre ready to go.
Often, people are car topping one. larger boats, and slide it in PFD on whenever the big Flotation for these models may
Ive seen as many as three on roof without any disruption. motor was running. Severe be by one of two methods. Either
racks with a stack of them on a trailer However, there are some penalties for not wearing one the person wearing the PFD pulls a
being pulled behind. considerations when pur- could go so far as disqualify handle that activities a CO2 canister,
There are several factors that chasing a kayak, the most a contestant from the tourna- inflating the device or the activation
make kayaking a growing sport. First important being your safety. ment. occurs on its own once the PFD gets
they are affordable. Many big box If you think all you need is In Michigan, the popu- wet.

By Roger Beukema
stores carry a variety of yaks in dif- a $200 yak and lar Michigan Life jackets dont come any sim-
ferent sizes, colors and price ranges. a $50 paddle to Kayak fishing pler or more comfortable than that.
People are realizing they can spend take on salmon Trail is a firm So now that you have one be sure to
relaxing time on the water paddling on one of the supporter of wear it.
around or fishing without spending Great Lakes or paddle to that far this rule. Anyone participating in an Before using your boat, take a
large amounts of money. away island youve admired from event and caught not wearing a PFD lesson or by all means go with some
Next is portability. Generally, shore along the Thumb, hold those is automatically disqualified. Take it a friends that have experience. And
there is no need for a heavy-duty thoughts. Recently, there have been step further and the principals of the preferably paddle with a buddy when
trailer with a winch to load your boat. far too many articles written about organization will not accept pictures you go out.
These boats are light enough that one kayakers who are long overdue and of any fish without a person wearing You wouldnt think of hunting
person can slide a kayak into the bed have gone missing. Eventually their a PFD while holding the fish. without a gun or bow, nor would you
of a pickup truck or up onto a roof boat will show up, either washing up Yes, PFDs were hot and bulky. try to ski without the proper gear.
rack of the family car. on shore or floating out in the middle But these days with newer technology Wearing a PFD is in the same catego-
Launching is another activity of a lake. The boater may show up the choices are many making sure of ry. Make it a habit or religion to wear
simplified by using a kayak. You too, more often than not minus a PFD a good, proper fit, comfort and ease of it and wear it properly when kayak-
really dont need the typical launch or life jacket. movement when wearing one, enough ing. Have a safe trip.
or boat ramp to get the boat into the Chalk up another fatality that pockets to carry every conceivable Email the author at dutch-
water. Kayaks can be dragged across could have easily been avoided by tool or camera one could expect to beuk12@gmail.comn

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Modern Products And Methods Have Evolved To Simplify Process...

How to traditionally dye and wax traps

ust about every successful have used Dakota Line water based
trapper I know dyes and dip with good success on both land
waxes their traps prior to and water traps.
trapping season. Like so For over 40 years, I have pre-
many things in ferred to traditionally dye
this day and age and wax most of my traps.
of modern conveniences I find it does not take much
and instant gratification, more time than using some
modern products and of the trap dips previously
methods have evolved to mentioned; and for me,
simplify the dying and wax the traditional methods do
process. These new prod- a superior job of keeping
ucts and methods have been my traps in speedy order,
around for quite a few years camouflaged, and odor-

By John Chagnon
and they include less. I have much
products that better piece of Dips, dyes and waxes for the trapper. Author photos
are mixed with mind setting a
gasoline or water. Traps are dipped traditionally dyed and waxed trap ties of traps. sion to not fire on smaller rodents.
in the mixture to form a protective and it is part of a confidence level 2) Heat Source I use a propane Until you get a feel for that amount
coating on your traps. that I feel really helps my catch rate burner or 3 cement blocks and hard- of tension, there is a tool called the
Speed Dip comes in brown and every year. wood fire for heat source. Sullivans Trap Tester on the market
black and is mixed with unleaded You will need the following 3) Trap Dye Commercially that can help you, or you can make
gasoline. The exact directions are items and materials to properly tra- available logwood black or red, a lead weight of the aforementioned
printed on each can. It has been my ditionally dye and wax your traps. powder or crystals. Free if you can weight. Any inline shock springs
experience that the gasoline based 1) Boiling Pot I use a 55 gal- gather Sumac Berries, Tag Alder, or or extra swivels should also be
dips are okay to use on water traps, lon steel drum, removing the top 2/3 Maple Bark. installed prior to dying. Insert a nail
however, I just do not like the idea of the drum. I have also used a 25 4) Trap Wax Available in between the jaws of all foothold
of gas odors on my canine line. I quart stock pot for smaller quanti- white, black, and yellow. All work type traps to allow the dye and wax
great. to penetrate all areas of the trap.
5) Wax Melting Pot Just larger All the methods of treating traps
than your largest trap. have one thing in common, and that
Superior Game Ranch 6) Location to hang traps outside
to dry.
7) One nail for each trap to go
is that they require the trap to have a
light coat of rust to properly absorb
the dye. So, for those dyeing used
Route 3 Box 163 Cornell, MI 49818 between each traps jaws so dye and traps that already has a coat of rust,
wax can penetrate. you only need to remove excess dirt
Incredible U.P. of Michigan The very first thing a trapper and rust with a wire brush. To get
must do prior to dying and waxing a light coat of rust on factory new
Hunting Opportunities traps is to make any modifications traps, I cover them with water in
Private farmland in south Marquette or adjustments that are going to be the boiling pot and bring the water
done to the traps. Coilspring type to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes.
County Michigan, fully guided traps should be adjusted so they set The factory oil and dirt will rise to
bow and firearm hunts in flat and have a pan tension of be- the top of the pot, so add water to
hunting preserve for: Elk, tween 1 and 2 pounds for fox and overflow the factory oil and dirt.
coyote trapping, and lighter for traps
Whitetail Deer, Buffalo, Wild Large Russian Boar that will be set in the water.
Place the traps in a shaded area on
the ground outside for a few weeks,
Boar, Red Stag & Fallow Deer. Hunts Available! These settings allow the trapper spraying with a light water mist
to cover the trap with bedding mate- occasionally to make the rust form
rial at the set and have enough ten- quicker and more evenly.
Trophy Elk,
Trophy Fallow Deer
Lodging available for
groups of up to 12 people.
Still Booking Hunts!
Call (906) 238-4482 or
(906) 630-1617 Go To:
Commemorative Bucks of Michigan P.O. Box 615 Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 Phone (517) 679-6226
for more information and reservations. Commemorative Bucks of Michigan is a non-profit organization that measures and maintains records on trophy class Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Elk and Turkeys, taken by fair chase in the state of Michigan. We use the Boone and Crockett method to score all three
big game species. Visit our web site to learn more and get connected to the latest in Michigan hunting.


After all your traps have a light wax to completely cover your larg- to add traps during the season, so I
coat of rust, you are ready for the est trap. The other is melting wax on do occasionally use the quicker dips.
trap boiling dye pot. I recommend top of the boiling water in the trap The job will not be as nice since the
choosing a day with light winds dye pot and pulling the trap thru the dips do not do well on brand new
and no rain as I almost always dye wax. traps without rust. However, it does
and wax traps outdoors. Yes, it I prefer to not wax body grip help protect them from rusting and
means sacrificing one great fishing type traps. I simply dye them. If you offers minimal camouflage and is
day to take care of your traps. The do wax the body grip type traps, better than just simply setting the
good news is if you start early on a make sure for safety to remove any traps in the elements.
Saturday morning, you should have wax on the trigger mechanism. I dye In the next couple of months
plenty of time for a fishing trip or and wax all foothold type traps (i.e. of the Michigan Woods-N-Water
barbeque in the afternoon. The light coilspring, longspring, and jump News, watch for articles as I share
winds make it much easier and safer type traps). my methods for trapping Michigans
to control the propane or wood fire Your double burner is made abundant furbearing animals. We
you are using to heat your trap boil- by placing the wax in your wax- will start off with some sets and
ing pot. ing container, which is just large methods that will help you trap fox
Place your logwood trap dye or enough to submerge your largest and coyote. Hopefully, you had time
natural material (sumac berries or trap. This container is placed in a to read this and the previous articles
maple bark) in a burlap sack and larger container with water and a I wrote and you will be ready to
tie closed. Place the sack of dye metal separator in the bottom to harvest some wall hangings or earn
into the boiling pot. Most bags of place your waxing container on. It a little extra money for Christmas
logwood dye will tell you approxi- is highly recommended to use the presents.
mately how many traps it will do. In double burner as the wax cannot get The 2017 Michigan Trappers &
my 1/3 barrel, I usually place about hotter than 212 degrees. Using your Predator Callers Association Con-
three pounds of logwood dye or five propane cooker, bring the water to vention will be held August 18-19 The authors boiling trap pot is
pounds of other natural material. a boil. After the wax is completely at the Osceola County Fairgrounds, a 55 gallon barrel cut down.
I then add water, staying approxi- melted, dip your trap into the melted in Evart, details
mately one foot from the top of the wax, completely submerging, and They always have a lot of trapping more information go to: PcsOut-
boiling barrel. Light the propane let remain for 2-3 minutes. I con- supply vendors and great trapping and I
burner or hardwood fire and bring nect the trap to a piece of wire in demonstrations. If you get a chance, always welcome calls from fellow
the water to a boil. The traps can be order to lower it in the melted wax. stop by my booth and say hello. For trappers (989) 569-3480 ext. 225.n
placed in the boiling pot as soon as Slowly pull trap out of the wax and

MI Prairie
the water is added. let any excess drop off. They will
As the water heats up, you will quickly dry and be ready to store in
see your dye darken the water. a wooden box or plastic tub, ready

Dog Hunt
After you bring the mixture to a for trapping season.
boil, I simmer for a hour. Some There should be a clear coat of
dirt or oil may float to the top of wax with no heavy white buildup
the water, so I add a couple of five of wax after removing the trap from
This is the most unique action shooting
gallon buckets to overflow the stuff the wax. If not done properly, you
I do not want to pull my dyed traps have to repeat the above process range in the state. It is a simulated prairie
through. After 30 minutes, turn off and let the trap remain a little longer dog hunt.
your heat source and let the water in the wax before removing. All The range consist of ten pop-up targets which appear for approximately
cool down. Once the water is cool foothold traps should have the wax fifteen seconds before disappearing back into the ground. There is also a run-
enough, you can remove your traps. removed from the dog and notch ner which travels across the range every five minutes adding a little more of
The traps are then hung to air area of the trap; otherwise the traps challenge to the hunt.
dry and are ready to wax as soon as will fire prematurely and be difficult
to keep in the set position. The range is set up for Rimfire Rifles (all .17 and .22 calibers). The shoot-
completely dry. There are two meth-
ods of waxing traps. The first, which A final note on liquid dips; even ing distance is approximately 140 yards which creates a fun challenge for the
is my preferred method, is using a though I prefer to traditionally dye shooter. We also have a new 25 yard, .22 caliber handgun shoot. Shooting
double burner and melting enough and wax my traps, sometimes I want tables and shooting bags are furnished. Two to four shooters per one hour hunt
(two shooters for the handgun hunt). Both ranges are Handicap accessible.

HUNTING Targets fall when they are hit
For more information and to schedule a hunt
GUIDED AND NON-GUIDED Call 616-755-1473 or 616-527-1355
FULL DAY HUNTS MICHIGAN Located at 3200 Welch Rd, Ionia, MI
Check out our website:
RESERVE YOUR HUNT! 517-202-2255 Find us on Facebook: MI Prairie Dog Hunt
Featured on Michigan Out of Doors TV, Episode 1627 (June 30, 2016)
Mid-summer bass
and walleye combo
Greenwood Reservoir stay on the fact that later in the year
Marquette County the same fish may slide out into a bit
Well if you are looking for some- deeper water away from the weeds. I
thing new and scenic to experience, still get them, but have to go heavier
then I have just the spot! Greenwood and use a 2 oz. bouncer.
has been a very good and reliable The bass on the lake are tradition-
fishery for getting nice catches of al in their movements. I concentrate
solid smallies as well as on deep structure and weeds. The fish
eater-sized walleye. Many seem to be in and around the
inland lakes get tough in weeds in the mornings and
mid-summer, but not Green- are very catchable using a period. Trolling is definitely the best Trolling speed is usually from 1.2-1.5
wood. This body of water weighted worm rig. My fa- bet for limits of great eater-sized fish mph. Your Precision Trolling app will
gets better as the summer vorite here is the Strike King on Leelanau. There are two distinct help you know how much line to let
progresses. Shimmy Stick in the Sweet patterns to talk about. The first is out based on speed and target depth.
Walleye on Greenwood Tater Pie color. I will either the early morning shoreline weeds. The bass on Leelanau are weed
are not tough to figure out. fish it weedless or wacky This bite works best when long lin- and structure fish. These smallies are
They are weed oriented fish style on a 1/8 ounce jig head. ing shallow running stickbaits. My feisty and hard hitting. Early morning
fish are very active on jerk baits and
By John Bergsma
that cant seem to The deeper struc- favorite baits are the #9 and #11
resist a crawler ture fish are easy original Rapala in silver/black or the spinner baits. The fish will quickly
harness. Heres to catch on slow Strike King Walleye Elite Jerk bait in slide out to deeper edges on points
my go to presentation. First; I worked coffee tubes. If you need the natural shad color. This is much and can easily be caught on drop shot
would position my boat just outside more information, the Wilderness overlooked but is a fun and different rigs and weighted worms. The 5 inch
the main weed line using a light bot- Sport Store in Ishpeming can get you way to catch Leelanau walleye! Strike King Ocho or Zero in Pumpkin
tom bouncer and spinner. I slow troll up to speed on Greenwood. The most popular trolling method green w/gold or purple fleck are great
the harness trying to stay close to Lake Leelanau is crawler harnesses and spinners for colors. This has always been a solid
the weeds but not buried into them. I Traverse City Region suspended summer fish. I typically fish producer and is just challenging
have found that red beads with either This is and always has been one target the fish that are 15-25 down enough to make you a better angler.
a gold, chartreuse or orange #3 Colo- of my favorite lakes. The walleye over deeper water. Number One Off Portage Lake
rado blade has always put fish in the fishing on this lake is so diverse but Shore Tadpoles and harnesses are Manistee County
boat. The fishing here isnt tough but lets concentrate on the mid-summer a sure bet to get these fish to bite. This is truly one of the most beau-

with your host

n B e r g sm a
Visit our website and find out about . . .
Destinations Fishing Reports
Our Show Cooks Corner


tiful small lakes that flows right out ing stable weather patterns you can was that some of the days I went with The main camp is located on
into Lake Michigan. This constant pick up the speed. In-line boards are our groups guide to much smaller Eva Lake which is not only a great
refreshing of the water and baitfish a must, and the Off Shore Tackle lakes that were quite remote and just bass lake but offers lake trout fish-
into Portage makes this fishery a OR-34 works great for all trolling crushed the fish. ing as well. The accommodations are
wonderful option for big bass and applications. The smallmouth bass fishing is newer and clean, and the food at the
steady walleye. The bass fishing is Camp Quetico nothing short of incredible in this main lodge was outstanding. This is
very unique, in that it has an equal Atikokan, Ontario area of Ontario. We caught 10 fish definitely a trip worth taking and I
population of largemouth and small- I just returned from an early June per day in the 4-5 pound class and will come back again. If you have not
mouth. The very strong weed beds trip to Camp Quetico, and all I can tons of 2.5-4 pounders. ever checked out this great camp, go
hold great supplies of bass up to six say is WOW! This is truly one of the The walleye fishing is very tradi- to
pounds. The fishing here is a worm most unique and exciting trips I have tional rod in hand fishing. We casted Summer is the time to get out and
oriented bite with a drop shot also ever been on. I could drive there eas- shad raps and #11s in the morning take you and your family fishing. If
working very well. This lake is clean, ily and fish with my boat on many of and jigged live bait as the day went you want a great fishing report, fol-
so casting is important when working the 40 lakes that Barry and his staff on. I loved seeing eagles and wildlife low my Facebook page or online at:
the shallows. guide on. The other very fun aspect all over the place. www.fishermansdigest.comn
Some of the better bass spots are:

the Bible camp area, the east end
weed beds and the main point that
runs out into the center of Portage
Lake. Great Lakes colors work excel-
lently on Portage as it is as clean as a CHARTER SERVICES
The walleye are a bit tricky here. LEARN TO CATCH MUSKIES & STURGEON
I have always caught the best num- ALL QUESTIONS ANSWERED HONESTLY

bers trolling in low light conditions. I
typically dont even start fishing until
8 p.m., and will fish until midnight.

The best spots are in front of the
channel on both the lake side as well
as out on Lake Michigan itself.
As for the baits, I like shallow August - November June-November
running baits long lined out 50-100
feet. Natural colors, baits with purple 810.724.0254 LADIES & COUPLES ALSO WELCOME
or white colorations work well.
Trolling speed is 1.8-2.2 and depends CAPT. TOM LOY 810-580-9252
on the stability of the weather, dur-

Captain Mike Veine targets the hottest action at the best
places, during peak trophy producing periods.

Eries Trophy
Early spring on Lake Erie
serves up the best trophy
walleye fishery in the world.
From ice-out in March
through April, Lake Erie
offers outstanding trophy
walleye action.
Saginaw Bay
All through spring and
summer our charters
produce consistant,
worldclass fishing.
Catch limits there are very
generous too. Both eaters
and lunkers are
typically caught on most
charters for the perfect mix.

Run Now! 734-475-9146
Entry and exit routes to your hunting stands...

topic that likely gets the least
amount of media ink or discussion,
yet is one of the most critical as-
pects of successfully taking mature
bucks anywhere is the; making,
marking, annually manicuring for
noise associated with, and correct daytime use
per location of entry and exit routes.
Unless its a kill article, I typically go off on
an extensive, lengthy tirade about the vast differ-
ences between the hunting skillsets and work re- Michigan is the
quired to take mature bucks in heavily pressured
areas vs. that of taking them in lightly pressured most heavily pressured
or kill criteria managed areas because the differ- bowhunting state in
ences are stark and absolute. the country and when
Spooking deer however, is spooking deer, no
matter where you hunt. And when specifically pursuing those far
targeting mature bucks, phenomenal hunting and few between
locations on any type of property can be ruined if mature bucks, youll
invasive routes that spook deer either going to or
exiting your location are used.
have higher percent-
There is a difference, however, between the age kill opportunities
security cover landscape mature bucks in heavily when you plan out
pressured areas require for daytime movements and use non-invasive
versus that of what mature bucks in lightly pres-
sured and managed areas do. In heavily pressured routes or do whatever
areas, entry and exit routes will typically require is necessary for
a lot more work and definitely more forethought access! Author photos
because the few mature bucks that exist have
been programmed by us to avoid us at all costs
otherwise theyd likely be dead.
Ive hunted in lightly hunted states and can What time of season is the location best suited as morning entries would spook deer feeding at
guarantee that every aspect of the hunt in such for? Is it a morning, midday, evening, or all them.
areas is much easier and requires much less work day hunting location? Is it a destination feeding The downside is that I often have to wait until
and forethought to be successful. location such as a mast or fruit tree there is a break in the after dark feeding activity
Michigan is the most heavily pres- that may bear food in the fall? Where at these locations before I can exit them, and its
sured bowhunting state in the country, might the deer be when youre ap- rare that I dont spook something on my way out,
and when pursuing those few and far proaching or departing the site? How no matter the exit route. None of them get hunted
between mature bucks, youll have can I get there and depart with the least more than three times per season in an attempt to
higher percentage kill opportunities chance of spooking deer? And some- not shut down the daytime feeding activity of the
when you plan out and use non-inva- thing thats very important, exactly does that attract mature bucks to the location for
sive routes or do whatever is neces- what is your honest evaluation of your reasons other than just feeding.
sary for access, than if you walk short, scent control regiment? On morning hunts, prior to daybreak entries
direct and convenient routes that may Hunting locations should always must be such that you avoid crossing or going
potentially ruin that hunt and, along edges of short crop fields, through oak lad-
By John Eberhart
be prepared knowing exactly
in turn, lower your odds on what time of season and time en timber, or by or to fruit trees, all of which are
future hunts at that location as of day they are best suited for, where deer may be feeding, otherwise you may
well. and very frequently I base my decision on what spook the very deer youre trying to kill. When
Its very common for me to spend more time time of day they get hunted strictly on when I can pursuing mature bucks, spooking any deer within
properly creating and marking entry and exit access them with the least disturbance impact. earshot will get their attention and very likely
routes than actually preparing a new locations The goal is to always enter and exit through the cause them to alter their movements or prema-
tree and its shooting lanes. It must also be added turely head to their bedding area before daybreak.
areas where deer are least likely to be at that
that unless I get free permission on a new piece This does not go unnoticed by other mature deer
of property or check out a new piece of public specific time.
For instance, I have several locations pre- within earshot of any spooked deer as they have
ground in the summer, at least 90 percent of my lived and know the gig.
new location preparation and entry and exit route pared next to isolated apple trees and a few others
Morning entry routes should be through ter-
work is done during post season prior to the end at white oaks within timber with some security rain features where deer are least likely to be at
of April or spring green-up. understudy, but not enough to bed in for the day. night, such as along swamp edges, weed fields,
After a location is set-up, several questions There are typically deer at or loitering close to groomed routes through brushy areas, timber
need to be answered before considering your these destination feeding locations prior to day-
routes in and out, which are oftentimes different. light, so these locations are all evening locations, Entry and exit routes page 50
Arguably there is no one more adept at consistently
filling his tags on heavily pressured trophy whitetail
bucks than John Eberhart. I would like to think that
after 40 years of pursuing whitetails across North
America that I know a thing or two about bowhunting
them. However, there is one whitetail expert out there
who's advice I still heed when I hear or read it and
that is John Eberhart. John knows whitetail deer and
what it takes to consistently be successful, year after
year. As I mentioned earlier, when John talks, I listen.
Tom Nelson, Host
American Archer TV Show

"John Eberhart is the most impressive whitetail

hunter Ive ever met. His ability to dissect hunting
properties and target specific animals is legendary.
John is also an extremely effective hunting educator
who is always willing to share his tips and tactics with
others. His skills and abilities make him one of the
most popular guests on my Outdoor Magazine Radio
Mike Avery

Real deer hunting experts are the guys who can kill
John Eberharts Whitetail Workshops free-ranging deer on their own, and do it through hard
work and determination, not through a fat wallet or a
friend who happens to be a land baron. I've been un-
believably fortunate to have known and learned how
to hunt from a handful of true whitetail pioneers. John
Eberhart is near the top of the list. His no short-cuts
and Scouting Properties approach to hunting pressured deer is among the
best I've seen in my 20+ years with Deer & Deer Hunt-
Whether hunting public land, free permission, family owned, leased, managed or previously manipulated properties, or travel hunting; attending one of ing, America's First and Foremost Whitetail Source.
John Eberharts Whitetail Workshops or having John scout your property will provide the insights to make you a serious threat to any buck you pursue.
Dan Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief
Hunters spend a lot of money on upgrading equipment, hunting gadgets, vehicle upkeep and gas thinking it will make them more successful; and that cant Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine
be farther from the truth. Theres truth to the old saying, its not the bow, its the Indian.
I was brought up in a hunting family and blessed
Workshops are 2 day events with the in-field day taking place on a property Johns hunted 9 seasons and took 5 record book bucks from. John will show his with a curious mind and a strong desire to learn.
locations and explain: location preparation, stand heights, shooting lanes and entry and exit routes, primary scrapes, hunting with bedding areas, proper Having been in the hunting industry since 1991, Ive
seasonal and daily timing, strategies, techniques and tactics for each location, scent control and much more. discussed hunting techniques, tactics and observa-
tions with many industry writers, TV and video hunting
Why John to scout your property? In 53 seasons hes scouted 17 public parcels, dozens of free permission properties in Michigan, and has taken 57 mature personalities, and guides. Most agree that due to
bucks from them. Hes scouted 13 properties on his 21 out of state trips and took 19 P&Y bucks from them. The real qualifier is hes never paid to hunt their cunning behavior and ability to adapt, that tak-
anywhere, choosing to exclusively hunt heavily pressured public land, free walk-on, and knock on doors for free permission properties. ing a mature whitetail buck in a pressured area is the
ultimate trophy. No hunter has shown more insight,
Begin utilizing your scouting and hunting time to its fullest potential by attending an Eberharts Whitetail Workshop or having John scout your property. fortitude, in depth knowledge and had more success
on pressured mature bucks than John Eberhart. If I
Workshops will take place near Edmore Michigan on . . . had new land, wanted to learn the best way to hunt
an existing property and otherwise wanted my best
July 29-30 August 12-13 August 19-20 September 23-24 opportunity at taking trophy bucks, John would be my
go to person for guidance. Johns advice has aided
me on taking specific bucks and made me a better
For information on John Eberharts Whitetail Workshop or for John to scout your property please visit: overall hunter; knowledge I may never have gained
even in 100 years of hunting! Invaluable lessons! or or contact John by phone Greg Sesselmann
Founder and Inventor of Scentlok Technologies
in the evenings at: 989-644-6067 or e-mail at:


Its about using proper
entry and depar ture
routes so as not to alarm

Entry and exit routes any deer or any more

deer than possible, of
your presence. Its really
from page 48 simple, the better pre-
without mast or fruit trees, edges of standing pared you are, the more
corn, down a creek bed, ditch, or gulley. Basical- successful youll be.
ly before daylight entry routes should be through
areas deer may transition through after daylight
to be less vulnerable or areas where deer will
eventually bed for the day.
Oftentimes a morning hunts entry route
shouldnt be used as the exit route because the
deer have moved from where they were before
daylight and may now be bedded at or very near
your entry route and every attempt must be made
not to or spook as few deer as possible.
Evening entry routes are much easier to deci-
pher because deer will typically be more confined Ive had the opportunity to hunt with sev- manner concerned about odor left behind during
within some form of security cover or within eral seasoned hunters that have been somewhat an entry. I still occasionally have deer stop when
known bedding areas. You can walk across short consistent at taking mature bucks out of state, they cross my path, but they do it out of curiosity
crop fields, through open areas, or through ma- yet have had minimal success on mature bucks because they can detect that the earth, grasses or
ture open timber with no understudy because deer in their home state of Michigan, and while Ive weeds had been disturbed, but they cant smell
will likely not be bedded in those areas during an kept my mouth shut, have been shocked by some who the perpetrator was.
evening entry. of their entry and departure routes, how bright a After they sniff the ground for a moment or
After dark exit routes, however, are often- light they used, and how noisy they were once a follow my path a brief distance trying to catch the
times different than the entry route because hunt was over. identifiable odor of the culprit that recently took
after dark most deer will have likely moved into Because I exclusively hunt public and knock that route, they lose interest and in the same casu-
the open feeding areas or will be transitioning on doors for free permission properties where al state in which they came in, go on about their
through the open areas you entered through. After there are other hunters, and my morning entries business. If your scent control is such that mature
dark, mature deer dont require security cover to and evening exits are always earlier or later deer do this when they intercept your route, your
transition through. than the other hunters so as not to spook deer, scent control regiment is pretty darn good.
If you hunt the same location both mornings on many occasions Ive witnessed other hunters I used to use the best non-scent soaps, sham-
and evenings, your prior to daybreak entry route enter and depart on severely invasive routes and poos, deodorants, clothing detergents, and scent
should also be your after dark exit route and your ascend and descend their trees with high lumen eliminating sprays but they were and still are
late morning exit route should also be your early headlamps shining wherever their heads turned. severely inadequate as a total scent control pro-
evening entry route. Unknowingly to them, they were spooking deer gram. Deer are far more tolerant of human odor
I love hunting within bedding areas where because on morning hunts they would oftentimes in the heavily pressured areas you and I hunt.
mature deer spend most of their day, however, I escape past me and ruin my hunt as well. Another prime objective for entry and exit
only hunt these locations during the first day or Entry and exit routes cleared through brush routes is to mark them.
two of season and then during the rut phases only. require a lot of work and can take a long time After the summer growth of vegetation and
If youre strictly a morning or evening hunter and portions of the route will likely end up as foliage your routes may look much different
and cant sit all day, interior bedding area loca- portions of deer runways as mature deer typi- than when you prepared them during post season
tions are nearly impossible to hunt without being cally travel the path of least resistance as long as when everything was bare, making them very
detected with either your morning departure or theres adequate security cover to warrant it. difficult if not impossible to follow in the dark.
your evening access. On all routes and especially those through The ideal scenario in the dark is to follow an
When hunting within bedding areas, there brush, tall weeds, marshes or anyplace any piece exact route and not take one step outside it and
should be a strategic plan for an all-day hunt of your clothing will be coming into contact with subtle reflective tacks and bread tie markers make
with at least a 1 hour prior to daybreak en- vegetation, human odor is an instant issue. it easy.
try and half an hour after dark exit so as not to When targeting mature bucks in heavily pres- Struggling in the dark to follow a route cre-
spook deer bedded within them. For all-day hunts sured areas, any trace amounts of human odor left ates more noise, stress, anxiety, makes you sweat,
within bedding areas, both your entry and exit along a route is a huge issue as mature deer will and makes you more likely to wander off your
need to be in pitch dark when deer that bed in react to it, lowering your shot opportunity per- route and contact more vegetation and brush
them are likely to be feeding elsewhere. When centages. When choosing and or making routes, which depending on your scent regiment, can
hunting such areas, the same non-invasive route if your scent control regiment is inadequate leave additional odor. None of which are good.
can be used for access and departures. youll leave a residual scent ribbon of odor and On public lands and knock on doors for permis-
Another aspect of entries and exits that gets this is especially true when walking through tall sion properties where there will be other hunters
no ink or footage is that in heavily pressured ar- grasses, weeds, marshes, or brush where youll you dont know, the last thing you want to do is
eas, spooking deer with your exits can be nearly have no option but to brush against vegetation. put white reflective tacks every few yards to your
as detrimental as spooking deer with your entries. Always make every attempt to make routes to locations as white tacks are easy to spot in the
Once a hunt is over, many hunters pay no avoid crossing runways and that are through the daytime. If youre not concerned with other hunt-
mind to the amount of noise they make get- least amount of tall vegetation. ers finding and following your markers, definitely
ting out of their tree and exiting the area, or the Prior to adopting my current scent control use white tacks because their reflection can be
amount of light they shine through the woods regiment, I would leave a faint scent ribbon of seen farther than any other colored tacks.
with their high lumen flashlights or headlamps human odor along my entry route. Typically In areas where youre concerned about other
after dark. Do this a time or two and any poten- whenever a mature buck would hit my entry route hunters following your tacks and finding your
tial mature buck activity at that location during he would immediately turn and leave. Mature locations, use HMEs brown reflective tacks
daylight may completely dry up, not to mention does reacted a bit differently as some would stop because they blend in well with tree bark mak-
the possibility of having a mature buck take on for a moment before exiting the scene and others ing them difficult for other hunters to see during
more nocturnal movement patterns that can affect would stop, stomp the ground leaving their strong daylight.
your entire season in that area. Even altering doe interdigital gland odor which was a danger sign In marshes, tall weeds, and through brush
activity by spooking them after dark, effects fu- to other deer, maybe snort, and then exit in the with limp branches, use Hunter Specialties reflec-
ture buck activity as all mature buck movements direction they came from. tive bread ties. Make sure to cut back branches,
during the rut phases revolves around current doe With my current scent control regiment I pay new buds, and other vegetation that would other-
activity. zero attention to wind direction and am not in any wise grow or leaf out during summer and block
the view of your tacks or ties. breeding rights, my pre-dawn concern with snap-
When marking routes, whenever a sharp turn ping a twig is that it will get the attention of a dis-
is required, put two tacks in the tree, this will tant buck and cause him to come see what made
let you know to search right or left for the next the noise. Its just another world in some states.
marker. In summation, its not about unnecessary long
The goal is to space markers so they are easy walks, its about using proper entry and depar-
for you to follow with whatever lumen light you ture routes so as not to alarm any deer or any
use, yet difficult for someone else that doesnt more deer than possible, of your presence. The
know the route. At home in the dark, test the best entry route to a location may be that direct
reflection distance of whatever tacks and ties you While its nearly impossible to achieve in short route and yet the best exit route from that
use with your hunting flashlight to assure marker heavily pressured areas where security cover is same location may be four times the distance and
spacing is adequate. Personally I use a single typically a requirement for daytime mature buck through a totally different part of the property.
AAA battery penlight which is sufficient for movements, the perfect scenario for an entry Its really simple, the better prepared you are,
locating tacks in the dark without shining a bright route is to be able to walk the last 100 yards to the more successful youll be.
beam through the area. your location without touching any brush or tall John Eberhart is an accomplished bowhunter
Once routes are finished, make notes on your vegetation. specializing in heavy consequential hunting
aerial photos or maps as to your entry and exit I have several locations in timber with dense pressure areas. In his 53 seasons hes scouted
routes to each location. I do this by making dots understudy that require a more stealthy entry than 17 public land parcels and dozens of free
along each route with the tip of a black marker. normal because they are either within earshot of a permission properties in Michigan and has
Depending on the difficulty of the route and how crop field or run along the edge of a swamp/bed- taken 57 mature bucks from them. He has
frequently you hunt it, after a few hunts you may ding area. Prior to season while utilizing the same never paid a dime to hunt anywhere, choosing
not need the notes, but there have been times I scent control regiment as during a hunt, as quietly to exclusively hunt heavily pressured public
hadnt hunted a location in a couple years and the as possible I walk those entry routes and pick up land, free walk-on, and knock on doors for free
notes came in handy. twigs and small branches that have fell on them permission properties without using bait. John
Once I finish preparing new locations and and lay them to the side and also trim any head is offering two-day in-field/classroom Whitetail
entry and exit routes on a given property during height overgrowth with snips. Workshops that will take years off your deer
post season, I go to my previous seasons loca- Something really interesting and quite differ- hunting learning curve by showing you in the
tions and trim new growth in shooting lanes and ent is that in heavily pressured areas the snapping field what it takes to put yourself on the best
in the tree, clean up deer runways and my entry of a twig on a pre-dawn entry can spook nearby bucks whatever the area youre hunting has to
and exit routes of dead debris, and where needed, deer and make the difference between receiving offer. Learn more about his workshops, scout-
replace reflective tacks to assure easy accesses a morning opportunity or not. Quite the contrary, ing properties, instructional books and DVDs at:
and exits for the fall season. These practices are on my out of state hunts in lightly hunted areas or www.
complete by early June. where there are a lot of mature bucks vying for

Visit our booth at the

31st Annual Woods-N-Water
Outdoor Weekend
We are stocked with the highest quality compound
and traditional bows in the industry. Eds Archery is
on the cutting edge of crossbows offering some of
the best. We also cover all your fishing needs,
bow accessories and much more.
Stop in and see us!


Eds Archery & Sporting Goods
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Gun Chat: Pin shooting returns!
rom 1988 to 1998 I spent rifle and shotgun range. Ive shot on
a week each June at the ranges from Kalamazoo to Keweenaw
Second Chance Bowling Pin County and the new setup is one of
Shoot in Central Lake, MI. the most impressive private ranges
Richard Davis, head of the Ive seen.
Second Chance Body Armor I went to the match to shoot pins
Co., dreamed up, and ran, the event and to see who else from the old shoot
from 1975 to 1998. The first few would attend. Other shooters seem to
shoots were only for police, but by the have had the same idea. Many conver-
mid-seventies Davis had opened it up sations started, I remember you... Author shoot-
to regular folks. I found out about the or You look familiar, but I cant re- ing the 12 X 12
match in the late 1970s in an article member what your name is... (I said event at The Pin
by policeman, trainer and author, both things myself.) In the 18 years Shoot. Kathleen
Masaad Ayoob. But it took since the Second Chance Ar ten photo
me years to actually attend. shoot ended, some of us aged
Once started, I kept on until a bit. One shooter got around
the shoot ended in 1998. on crutches and several used .41 Magnum M57 and M657 revolv- Some gunsmiths were at the shoot
I never thought it would canes. Everybody I saw ers on my five pin event. I did better as observers, or participants. One
return. But something very shot pretty well, despite the with my pin gun in one of the shoot fixed a minor problem with my pin
like the old match was held years that had passed. I shot offs, but not well enough to beat ei- gun that had me stumped for too long.
this year. more accurately than I used ther of the two men shooting on either If there are smiths doing business at
June 9-16 Richard Davis to, but was slower. With a side of me. I didnt leave any pins on the 2018 Pin Shoot, Ill bring a couple
and his son Matt held The year to practice maybe I can the table in that shoot off, and didnt of guns to get worked on.

By Lee Arten
Pin Shoot. It was spon- do something about hit any of the blue no-shoot pins I remember being stressed about
sored by Armor Express the slowness. There either. The second one was single- clearing tables at the old shoot. This
of Central Lake, Matts were also first-timers elimination and I lasted just one table. year, at least, I was so glad to be
company. The events were a bit dif- at The Pin Shoot. One looked a lot I missed one pin and my pin gun, shooting pins again, that I had fun no
ferent than the old match. They were like someone I used to see at Second which had been running perfectly, had matter what happened. That seemed
held on what was The Back Range Chance, but it was his first match. He a failure to go into battery on the third to be the general attitude at The Pin
(practice range) at the old shoot. said, if its at all possible, it wont be shot I fired. I cleared the table but it Shoot this year. I heard a few minor
Richard Davis had a lot of work done his last. took me 12.6 seconds which was way complaints, but no arguments during
there. The range has tall, thick berms, Since Id brought a box of poorly too slow. the entire shoot. Science fiction writer,
new pin tables, and an improved crimped reloads, I shot badly with my I competed in one shotgun event, Robert Heinlein, wrote, An armed
shooting slugs at targets out to 90 society is a polite society. At The Pin
yards. My Mossberg had been sighted Shoot we were extremely well-armed,


in for deer at 50 yards and Id shot it and quite polite.
out to 100. I had little trouble hit- The Pin Shoot had something for


ting the steel targets, but wasnt fast almost every shooter. A new event
enough to get all of them in the that caught my eye was called The
allotted 90 seconds. That event Big Push. It required a heavy caliber
We have everything you need to process your meat into looks simple, but is deceptive. handgun. Shooters had to clear three
delicious sausage right in your own home. (Note: bring a semiauto shotgun
and wear a PAST recoil reducer
pins off of a 14.5 foot long table.
Most shooters used revolvers but I
next year!) saw a couple try it with pistols, one
I spent a lot of time, and money, a 1911 type in .50 GI caliber. I didnt
on the commercial row at the Sec- enter because I dont own a hand-
ond Chance Shoot. It was the place gun in a large enough caliber. That
to get magazines, gun parts, and see problem may be fixed before the next
and handle custom guns made by the shoot.
gunsmiths who set up tents and trail- Descriptions of the pin sets, the
ers there. I also got some gun work events, and videos from the old shoot,
done while I was at the old shoot. can be found at
There was no commercial row at the There may be new events at the next
2017 Pin Shoot but there may be one match. Richard Davis has a year to
at later shoots. think some up.n


Butcher & Packer Supply Company
P.O. Box 71748
1780 East 14 Mile Road
Madison Heights, Michigan 48071
Call 1-800-521-3188
Michigan Pheasant Restoration
Initiative annual report available
ichigan Pheasant were acquired in northwestern Mon-
Restoration Initiative roe County.
coalition partners Over $400,000 was granted to
recently compiled a MPRI projects through the Wildlife
2016 annual report, Habitat Grant Program, and more
now available at than 1,451 grassland acres were enhanced.
tat. The DNR received a $500,000
Highlights of the report, which Competitive State Wildlife Grant
details the initiatives accomplish- from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser-
ments in 2016, include: vice to study grassland management
Sixteen pheasant cooperatives techniques. Funds will be used over
actively are working, with 14 more the next three years to monitor the
cooperatives currently in develop- impact of prescribed fire and disking
ment. on plant and pollinating insect diver- The Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative, a coalition of conser-
On state game areas, 2,053 sity in established grasslands. vation par tners, is working to restore and enhance Michigan pheas-
acres of grasslands were enhanced, The MPRI coalition offered ant habitat, populations and hunting oppor tunities.
308 acres of grasslands were estab- 121 education and recruitment
lished, 310 acres of food plots were events, with nearly 7,500 partici- advocating for conservation provi- works by acquiring state, federal
planted and 380 wetland acres were pants, in 2016. sions in the next Farm Bill that af- and other partner resources to
enhanced. The MPRI coalition contin- fect more farmland wildlife habitat assist landowners in the coopera-
Michigan Pheasant Restoration ues to make great strides in restor- in Michigan than all other programs tives to improve wildlife habitat
Initiative coalition partners helped ing habitat, providing access and combined. on their properties and by
to enhance 5,567 acres of grass- introducing young people to outdoor The Michigan Pheasant Resto- improving habitat on selected
lands, establish 621 acres of grass- skills, said Pheasants Forever re- ration Initiative is a conservation state game areas, recreation areas
land, plant 14,326 acres of food gional coordinator Bill VanderZou- initiative to restore and enhance or other public lands.
plots, enhance 233 wetland acres wen. We are busy setting goals for Michigan pheasant habitat, popula- For more information about the
and restore 1,691 wetland acres. the second five years of the MPRI tions, and hunting opportunities on Michigan Pheasant Restoration Ini-
The Michigan Department of Pheasant Plan. We all need to be private and public lands via pheas- tiative, and about pheasant hunting,
Natural Resources provided techni- ant cooperatives. The initiative visit
cal and financial assistance to 31
landowners, with 1,138 acres of Hot Shot Outfitters
improved habitat. MPRI Farm Bill
biologists provided technical and
financial assistance to 566 landown-
Ray Hoody
March 3, 2018 Doors open at 4:30 PM
ers, with 5,639 acres of improved
Chapter Banquet at Dmar Banquet Center 1488 North M-52 Owosso, MI
habitat. DONATION: $20 135 GUNS 150 PRIZES
There are currently 173 proper-
ties and 15,841 acres enrolled in the ONLY 5000 TICKETS SOLD! ODDS 1 IN 33!
Hunting Access Program, which of- Goose Hunts 1. Ruger American bolt action stainless ranch
w/magnaport brake & Leupold CDS scope 450 bushmaster
51. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
52. Walther semi auto pistol 9mm
102. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
103. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga.
fers public hunting opportunities in Youth Deer Hunts 2. Weatherby PA-08 hi gloss walnut 20 ga.
3. Benelli Nova 3 1/2 pump 12 ga.
53. Ruger American bolt action 30-06
54. Weatherby PA-08 hi gloss walnut 20 ga.
104. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
105. Ruger 10/22 semi auto 22
urban and agricultural areas. Five of Turkey Hunts Coyote Hunts 4. Winchester Super X Camo 3 1/2 12 ga.
5. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
55. CVA stainless camo 50 cal 106. Ruger American semi auto pistol 9mm
56. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 107. Mossberg Patriot bolt action walnut 270
these properties, totaling 529 acres, Whitetail Hunts 6. Savage stainless camo w/scope 223 57. Winchester Super X field walnut pump 12 ga. 108. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
7. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg 58. Remington semi auto mod 597 22 109. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
were added in 2016. 8. Remington 870 Express 28 vent rib 12 ga. 59. Mossberg Patriot bolt action walnut 7 Mag 110. Savage home defense pump shotgun 12 ga.
6900 Huron City 9. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga. 60. Savage stainless camo w/scope 223 111. Ruger American bolt action 30-06
One hundred and twenty acres Port Hope, MI 48468 10. Mossberg 500 turkey thug vent rib 12 ga. 61. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 112. Smith & Wesson stainless semi auto 9mm
11. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 62. Taurus 709 semi auto pistol 9mm 113. Savage 93 bolt action 22 MAG
of potential pheasant habitat have 12. Henry Golden boy lever action 22 63. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 114. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
13. H & R ultra slugger fully rifled slug 12 ga. 64. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga. 115. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
been purchased as part of Watkins Mon - Fri: 989-428-5071 14. Honda EU1000 Generator 65. Savage home defense pump shotgun 20 ga. 116. CVA stainless camo muzzleloader 50 cal
Lake State Park and County Pre- Weekends: 989-670-4336 15. Ruger American bolt action 30-06
16. Smith & Wesson stainless semi auto 9mm
66. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
67. Winchester Super X field walnut pump 12 ga.
117. Ruger American semi auto pistol 45
118. Savage bolt action tactical tan 243
serve in Jackson County, and 300 17. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
18. Tri Star Setter over under vent rib 20 ga.
68. Savage bolt action tactical tan 308
69. Henry lever action walnut 22
119. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
120. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga.
acres of potential pheasant habitat 19. Weatherby PA-08 hi gloss walnut 12 ga.
20. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
70. Mossberg 7 shot home defense shotgun 12 ga. 121. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
71. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 122. Honda EU1000 Generator
21. Savage 93 bolt action 22 MAG 72. Smith & Wesson stainless semi auto 9mm 123. Remington semi auto R-51 pistol 9mm


22. Henry lever action walnut 22 73. Ruger American bolt action 223 124. Mossberg 7 shot home defense shotgun 12 ga.
23. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 74. Weatherby Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga. 125. Ruger American bolt action 30-06
24. Mossberg Patriot bolt action walnut 300 win mag 75. Savage 93 bolt action 17 HMR 126. Henry lever action walnut 22
25. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 76. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 127. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
26. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga. 77. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga, 128. Henry lever action walnut 22
27. Savage bolt action tactical tan 223 78. H&R Pardner pump walnut vent rib 12 ga. 129. Smith & Wesson bodygard semi auto 380
28. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 79. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 130. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
29. Benelli Nova pump vent rib 20 ga. 80. Taurus Judge revolver 45/410 131.Ruger American semi auto pistol 9mm
30. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg 81. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 132. Browning semi auto Buck Mark 22
31. Remington 870 cantilever slug gun 20 ga. 82. Browning semi auto Buck Mark 22 133. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
32. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 83. Bushmaster AR-15 semi auto 223 134. CVA single shot rifle 44 mag
33. H & R Pardner pump walnut vent rib 20 ga. 84. Ruger American semi auto pistol 45 135. Ruger American bolt action 30-06
34. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 85. Savage 220 bolt action slug gun camo 20 ga. 136. Tri Star over under Setter vent rib 12 ga.
PER GUN 35. Savage bolt action w/scope 30-06 86. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 137. Winchester Super X field walnut pump 12 ga.
36. Mossberg semi auto 25 round magizine 22 87. H & R Pardner pump walnut vent rib 12 ga. 138. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
37. Tri Star over under Setter vent rib 410 88. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga. 139. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
38. Browning semi auto Buck Mark 22 89. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 140. Smith & Wesson stainless semi auto 9mm
39. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 90. Savage bolt action tactical tan 223 141. Savage stainless camo w/scope 223
40. Savage bolt action tactical tan 308 91. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 142. Ruger LCP semi atuo pocket pistol 380
41. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 92. Mossberg 7 shot home defense shotgun 12 ga. 143. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga.
42. Tri Star Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 12 ga. 93. Ruger LCP semi auto pocket pistol 380 144. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
43. Henry lever action walnut 22 94. CVA fully rifled slug gun 20 ga. 145. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
44. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster 95. Remington 870 pump vent rib 20 ga. 146. Henry Golden boy lever action 22

September 1ST - September 25TH, 2017 45. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg

46. Winchester Super X muddy girl pink camo 20 ga.
47. Mossberg 7 shot home defense shotgun 12 ga.
96. Ruger American bolt action 450 bushmaster
97. Tri Star over under Setter vent rib 410
98. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg
147. Weatherby PA-08 hi gloss walnut 20 ga.
148. Ruger American bolt action 30-06
149. Weatherby Hi-gloss semi auto vent rib 20 ga.

48. Ruger 10/22 semi auto 22 99. Ruger American bolt action 30-06 150. Ruger American bolt action stainless ranch w/ mag-
49. Savage Trophy bolt action 308 100. Mossberg 500 vent rib pump 12 ga. naport brake & Leupold CDS scope 450 bushmaster
HUNTING SOUTHEASTERN 50. STIHL 12 Saw w/battery/chg 101. Henry Golden boy lever action 22
MICHIGAN ON Need not be present to win any of the prizes. Must be 18 years or older. License #R42606. Chapter reserves the right to substitute guns of similar
value in case of unavailability. Purchase of ticket does not gain admittance to banquet. PRIVATE PROPERTY Questions?
Call Bill
Shiawassee County Pheasants ForeverChapter 399 is a 501c3 organization.

Dave Patterson owner/ operator 734-780-5347 810-523-3766 RESERVE YOUR TICKETS TODAY! WWW.PF399.ORG
Wildlife 911: On Patrol
Book Review...By Drew YoungeDyke

ost of us have now heard of the them, theyve already heard it. Whatever excuse
poacher sentenced to jail in June you give for your actions, theyve heard that, too.
for illegally shooting a deer over If you didnt already know it, reading this book
a dump truck load of bait. While should make you realize that the only course of
the penalties are new, the illegal action in the woods is to follow the law and respect
practice is not. Retired conserva- the animals.
tion officer John Borkevich once caught a poacher That respect for the animals is apparent
who shot a buck with a rifle during bow season throughout Wildlife 911: On Patrol. While some
over a 2,000-pound bait pile! Borkevich vividly hunters may view the purpose of a conservation
describes incidents like this from throughout his officer as being out to get them, their purpose is
storied 27-year career as a Michigan conservation the conservation of our fish, wildlife and natural
officer in his new nonfiction book, Wildlife 911: resources. Borkevich writes with genuine empathy
On Patrol, published by Arbutus Press in Traverse about having to put down a deer hit by a car, and
City. with genuine anger and frustration at poachers who
Wildlife 911: On Patrol is a collection of de- thrill-killed dozens of deer to let them waste. Our
tailed stories from his career, each story standing conservation officers are not adversaries to hunt-
on its own as a separate chapter. This format serves ers; they are partners in conserving our wildlife by
the book well, as readers can read one story at a diligently enforcing the laws which protect them.
time, if they wish. Or rather, if they are able. Like I think one of my favorite stories in Wildlife
a Netflix binge, its hard to stop at one: If youre 911: On Patrol is called Auto Parts Litter Case.
not careful, you might spend the whole day turn- As Borkevich and his father, Walt - who was rid- United Conservation Clubs, I was privileged to
ing pages to find out what adventure Borkevich has ing along as a volunteer CO - were patrolling the work on passing both anti-poaching packages as
next! Thats what makes this book so enjoyable: Port Huron State Game Area during Spring Tur- part of my communications responsibilities for the
it doesnt read like a dry police report. Its honest, key season, they noticed a van moving slowly, as organization.
humorous, and heartfelt, but also intense, making if the driver was looking for place to road hunt. What I didnt fully realize until reading Wild-
you realize that our conservation officers are law Approaching the van, they saw no shotgun in the life 911: On Patrol, though, was how much that
enforcement officers, and often find themselves shotgun seat but rather old auto parts, and realized first anti-poaching bill originated as an idea from
in the most dangerous situations we ask of law the driver was looking for a place to dump them. John Borkevich as a necessary policy change
enforcement; after all, most of their interactions While working for Michigan United Conserva- based on his years of experience in the field. I
involve subjects already holding firearms. tion Clubs organizing public land wildlife habitat knew that once Jim Pryce heard about the problem
Many stories from Wildlife 911: On Patrol projects - mostly on state game areas - I saw many from Borkevich at a district meeting at MUCC, he
dramatically illustrate this concept. Borkevich once such dump piles defiling our states public lands, became a tireless champion of seeing it through.
had to sneak into a situation and arrest five unli- and theres little that makes me angrier. Some of The problem was that poachers disproportionately
censed poachers, in possession of bullet-proof vests our projects included volunteers removing trash targeted bucks with big antlers - clearly not poach-
and in full camo during firearm season, with an like that, so I know how much hard work is in- ing for meat while passing up does - and yet the
actual centerfire sniper rifle - in the shotgun zone. volved in cleaning up what should have never been penalties were the same. At the same time, fenced
Another story details a response to a breaking and there in the first place. captive cervid shooting operations charged $10,000
entering call ending with a struggle over a Saturday Thats why I read with delight as Borkevich or more for a trophy buck, creating an incentive
Night Special the suspect was trying to pull out describes telling the driver that, since hes clearly for some poachers to break the rules to get a tro-
of his pocket. Perhaps the most harrowing found not a poacher, they needed to investigate poaching phy buck. Borkevichs solution: tie the penalty to
Borkevich rounding the corner of a barn to find a activity in the Lapeer State Game Area and drove incentive. The bigger the buck, the bigger the fine.
poacher pointing a rifle at him. This story also dem- away, only to double back through the woods and He writes about talking about the idea at nu-
onstrates the amazing restraint and cool head our watch the van as the driver dumped every last auto merous meetings and sportsmens clubs, enlisting
conservation officers must possess, as Borkevich part over a hill into a creek. Borkevich stopped Pryce, Ron Pinson and Ray Peltier to help make it
refrained from pulling his trigger, got the subject to him before he could drive away and they made happen. Their grassroots push worked, the law was
drop the rifle, and - after a struggle - placed him in a deal: Borkevich would only write him a ticket, passed, expanded, and now - as we can see - its
handcuffs. instead of arresting him, if he went down the hill actually starting to get enforced. When Michigan
Not all of the stories are as dramatic, but rather and retrieved all of it. The litterer agreed, each trip headlines circulate the country for our tough poach-
ironic and humorous, especially when poachers are taking over twenty minutes down and up, and the ing penalties - whereas we used to be known for
caught but dont yet know it. So many of the stories COs laughed when the litterer stopped to throw our weak ones - the smarter poachers (an oxymo-
begin with a tip or an observation while Borkevich up before resuming the clean-up - saving twenty ron, perhaps) will go somewhere else, start follow-
is on patrol. Evidence is observed. The subjects are volunteers a future Saturday better spent enhancing ing the rules, or else pay the price.
questioned. Almost everyone starts with a lie, most wildlife habitat! Its easy to see why John Borkevich was
of which Borkevich already knew was a lie. When Perhaps Borkevichs most lasting legacy will awarded as the Michigan Conservation Officer of
he debunks the first lie, a second is given, then a not be what happened on patrol catching bad be- the Year and the Shikar Safari International Wild-
third. Once the truth of what happened is admitted, havior, but rather his contribution to deterring that life Officer of the Year during his exemplary career.
an excuse is given. Once that excuse is debunked, behavior in the first place. While Borkevich had Whats special about this book, though, is not just
a second or third is given until, finally the truth is retired by the time the excessive baiter received a the bravery, judgment, diligence and skill exhib-
admitted. jail and restitution sentence in June, he had a hand ited by Borkevich during these stories, but how it
This should be a good lesson for every sports- in it. reflects on all our conservation officers and what
man that you cannot fool a conservation officer. In 2011, Jim Pryce of the Tri-County Sports- we ask them to do on a daily basis. It should be a
They spend more time in the woods than anyone mens Club in Saline brought a resolution to the required read for every hunter, angler, trapper, and
other than the wildlife, and their full-time job is Michigan United Conservation Clubs annual con- especially every student attending hunters safety. I
to catch people breaking the game laws. They go vention to increase restitution fees on antlered deer. know it will have a place at my deer camp.
through training, then develop that training into ex- In 2013, that resolution had blossomed into a leg- Wildlife 911: On Patrol can be purchased online
perience over decades to become expert at it. They islative package which did that and also increased at or at stores, shops
know how to sneak through the woods and watch fines for recreational trespass. In 2015, that model and businesses throughout the state including Jays
you with binoculars when you dont know theyre was used for another legislative package which Sporting Goods and Cops and Donuts, both with
there. They know how to spot the evidence that increased poaching penalties and restitution fees for locations in Clare and Gaylord, Gander Mountain,
tells them exactly what happened no matter what other species including elk, bear, turkey, waterfowl Williams Gun Sights and other locations through
you tell them. Whatever lie you think you can tell and eagles. During my time working for Michigan Michigan.n
Can coyotes and wolves coexist
in the Northern Great Lakes
Region with fewer whitetails?
For example, according to Michigan DNR wildlife biologist killed deer within 24 hours after abandonment by wolves. Although
Kevin Swanson, there were only three wolves in the Upper Penin- wolves occasionally killed coyotes, the investigators found no evi-
sula (UP) of Michigan in 1989. Today, there are a little more than dence of wolves actively searching for coyotes. Neither was there any
600 wolves in the UP. About the same numbers have been tallied in evidence that coyotes adjusted their movements to avoid wolves.
northern Wisconsin and they are doing even better in northern Min- In areas where elk serve as the major winter food for both wolves
nesota. In addition, wolves recently reintroduced to such areas as and coyotes, wolves tend to kill the elk while coyotes scavenge the
Yellowstone National Park seem to be thriving. remains. Because predation on large prey, such as elk, involves con-
Its important to recognize, however, that newly introduced or siderable risk of injury and is likely energetically expensive owing to
recovering mammal species typically achieve artificially high num- a low rate of success, there is no apparent advantage in killing prey
bers only to decrease somewhat later and level-off at a lower density. if coyotes have a good quality food that can be scavenged. However,
Even white-tailed deer living in southern parts of Michigans it may be a different story when both predators must exist pri-
UP have recently exhibited this phenomenon, going from low By John Ozoga marily upon smaller prey such as deer.

Coyotes are more proficient at finding and killing newborn fawns whereas densities in the 1960s to ridiculously high densities (of 100 deer If deer are the preferred prey, then coyotes lose the oppor- Needless to say, if they could compatibly share the same range, wolves and
wolves are more adept at capturing adult deer. Rick Baetsen photos or more per square mile) in some areas during the 1990s, to sharply reduced tunity to scavenge wolf kills because wolves preying on deer leave few remains coyotes would make a deadly deer-killer team.
numbers in recent years. -- at least during most winters.
espite their inherent behavioral differences, gray wolves As wolves disappeared in the past, coyotes quickly moved in to occupy the Findings from studies conducted by Minnesota researcher Glen DelGuidice The past two winters have been especially easy on whitetails in Michigans UP,
and coyotes share one common dietary interest: white-tailed vacated range. Now, the reverse seems to be taking place; wolves are moving add a new twist to this story. Apparently, during especially severe winters (i.e., assuring maximum winter deer survival as well as excellent newborn fawn sur-
deer. Where they coexist, at least on northern range, venison into reclaim range coyotes have occupied for the past 100 years or more. deep snow for 4 to 8 weeks), wolves exhibit surplus killing of deer with no or vival, resulting in modest gains in suppressed regional deer numbers. Whether
serves as the primary winter food for wolves and coyotes, Some biologists support the view that wolves will replace coyotes in certain low consumption of the carcass. Under such conditions wolves may kill many wolf and coyote populations increase or decrease as a result, remain to be seen.
and its availability may ultimately determine whether popu- areas. Others suggest the clever coyote will learn to coexist with wolves. more deer than normal and benefit coyotes by leaving more for them to scav-
lations of both predators flourish or fail.
Generally speaking, wolves are more adept at capturing
There is scientific evidence to support both views. enge. Therefore, coyotes may learn to cope with wolves, and may even benefit
adult deer whereas coyotes are more proficient at finding The Isle Royale Story from the larger canids presence.
Identifying the reasons for declining whitetail numbers on northern range is
and killing newborn fawns. Coyotes also tend to be more omnivorous -- mean-
ing they eat vegetable as well as animal materials -- and tend to rely on scav-
enging deer remains, whereas wolves are more inclined to seek live prey.
Historically, wolves may have played an important role in replacing coy-
otes on Isle Royale, located at the west end of Lake Superior. In less than 60
Declining Numbers relatively easy: being linked to excessive natural deer mortality during winter
as well as resultant high mortality of newborn fawns, which are related directly
short years, the coyote arrived on Isle Royale, prospered for a time, declined, We have no dependable estimate of coyote numbers in Michigans UP and to the frequency of prolonged severe winters and the poor status of coniferous
Needless to say, if they could compatibly share the same range, wolves and deer wintering habitat.
and then disappeared altogether. wolf estimates seem questionable. Nonetheless, all indicators suggest that both
coyotes would make a deadly deer-killer team. The important question is, of Likewise, given the importance of white-tailed deer in the winter diet of
Coyotes probably reached Isle Royale by traveling over the ice from the predator species, as well as deer numbers, have declined rather sharply in this
course, since wolves also kill coyotes when given the chance (just as coyotes wolves, and the pronounced fluctuations in deer vulnerability depending upon
Sibley Peninsula region of Ontario, a distance of 15 miles, about 1906. (This is northern region during the past 5-10 years.
kill foxes), can the two canids coexist? Or, as wolves re-establish themselves,
about the same time coyotes were first observed in Michigans UP.) Despite the The most acceptable figures Ive heard, relative to coyote abundance, is snow depth, one would naturally expect wolf reproductive success to follow
and become more socially organized, as they appear to be doing, will they a similar, lagging trend. That is, wolves should prosper during a tough winter
gradually crowd-out coyotes? less than favorable habitat for them, coyotes flourished on the island, reaching that the UP has harbored somewhere around 0.8 to 0.9 coyotes per square mile
peak numbers of about 150 animals, in 1948. (or roughly 14,000 coyotes) in the past. While this estimate seemed to be ac- and exhibit good reproductive success the next spring, but may not do so as the
Although some biologists may argue the point, the best evidence indicates result of mild winters, especially if deer densities are low.
Coyote numbers on Isle Royale began to decline starting in 1949, about ceptable a few years ago, trappers and hunters now typically report a scarcity
that the relative abundance of all three species, predators and prey -- has de- Furthermore, it may be that wolf densities in northern areas like Michigans
the time wolves reached the island. The decrease in coyote numbers also came of coyotes. (Keep in mind, biologists in the southeastern United States report
clined during the past 5-10 years throughout the northern Great Lakes region. UP have already peaked, and will level off at their current numbers (or maybe
with a crash decline in the beaver population, a die-off of moose, and a low far greater densities in their area -- as many as 3 to 4 coyotes per square mile.
Determining reasons for such possible trends are even more arguable. even go lower), especially if deer densities remain low. However, there are also
snowshoe hare population. Coyotes disappeared from Isle Royale in 1957 or This too, is probably what might be expected for a newly established predator,
History 1958, probably due to a reduced food supply and direct killing by wolves. but probably never did occur at such high densities in the Upper Great Lakes
reports of excessive illegal shooting of wolves and even instances of distemper
that could also be important factors influencing wolf population dynamics.
The coyote was originally an animal of the western prairie, before the white
man arrived with ax and plow. Since then, it has greatly extended its range --
Coyote-Wolf Interactions Assuming coyote observation rates reported in the Michigan UP 2016 Deer
Camp Survey provide a reasonable index to trends in coyote abundance, then
Explaining the apparent low coyote numbers in Michigans UP could be
more difficult. Given the coyotes highly diversified (i.e., omnivorous and scav-
in spite of mans traps, guns, and poisons. Indeed, mans past failed efforts to In Manitoba, Canada, researcher Ludwig Carbyn observed that wolves UP coyote numbers have declined by about 38 percent from 2009 to 2016. enging) diet, I find it very difficult to believe that their annual recruitment rates
control coyotes seems to have created a super coyote. frequently killed coyotes but did not eat them. He found no evidence that coy- Likewise, the number of coyotes shot by camp survey hunters dropped from 47 are totally dependent upon the availability of venison.
In fact, pioneer ecologist Stanley P. Young suggested it may have been otes avoided wolves during most of the year, but definitely did so from mid- to in 2012 to 21 in 2016, a 55 percent decrease. Probably more importantly, since Likewise, I would expect mans impact on coyote numbers to be negligible.
mans persecution that encouraged the coyotes spread through the centuries. late-winter. predator harvest contests have become popular, hunters now complain about a Dont forget, the species survived well for many years despite 3,000 to 4,000
Today, coyotes can be found from well into Central America to near Point Carbyn theorized that differences in snow conditions, and learning on the scarcity of coyotes. coyotes being bountied annually, even when deer densities were especially low,
Barrow Alaska, eastward to Hudson Bay, New Brunswick, Maine, and across coyotes part, may be involved in the coyotes changing response to wolves as According to the Michigan DNR, wolf numbers, as determined from track as in the 1960s.
most of the western and Midwestern U.S. Most recently, coyotes also have the winter progressed. When snow is deep and soft, coyotes are hindered more surveys, have also decreased steadily in recent years, from 687 during the
invaded the Southeast, where they are now abundant and highly controversial.
Gray wolves, on the other hand, have not fared so well in the presence of
than wolves. However, since coyotes often trailed wolves through deep soft
snow, Carbyn rationalized although coyotes may avoid wolves after a refrac-
2010-11 winter to 618 during the 2015-16 winter (a 10 percent drop).
Meanwhile, regional deer numbers have continued their roller coast trend,
man. This canid occurs throughout the arctic and formerly occurred southward tory period, they may actually trail them at a safe distance in search of food. peaking after a series of mild winters only to plummet following one severe The gray wolf is definitely coming back to re-claim historic range it lost to
throughout the United States (except for the Southeast) and into Mexico. How- Since wolves are territorial and may even kill their own kind when bound- winter. However, as predicted, the lows have become lower and so have the coyotes decades ago, and just maybe coyotes are paying the price. What will
ever, man extirpated wolves from almost all of the southern part of its North aries are trespassed, buffer zones exist between wolf territories where few highs. Although Michigans UP probably harbored around 600,000 whitetails happen to coyotes in the future is anyones guess. Some predict the demise of
American range by the early to mid-1900s. wolves travel. Coyotes sometimes find these buffer zones safe havens. In Car- in 2000, that number dropped to less than 300,000 by 2010. coyotes, whereas others believe coyotes will adjust, and maybe even prosper,
Due largely to improving habitat, human tolerance, reintroductions, and a byns study, coyotes were not always safe from wolves while in the buffer zone Most recently, back-to-back severe winters in 2007-08 and 2008-09, and in the presence of a more dominant canid. I suspect the outcome will vary from
number of contributing factors we dont fully understand, wolves have made when wolf density was high. However, overall coyote survival appeared to be again in 2013-14 and 2014-15, erased short term deer population gains follow- one area to the next, depending upon a host of environmental circumstances
an impressive comeback in the past couple of decades across portions of their greater there during years of only moderate wolf density. ing easy winters. Buck hunter success rates followed accordingly, decreasing -- and just maybe the availability of vulnerable whitetails will be a major player
former southern range. In another Manitoba study, researchers found coyotes scavenging wolf- from above 30 percent to about 15 percent in recent years. governing the outcome.n
Can coyotes and wolves coexist
in the Northern Great Lakes
Region with fewer whitetails?
For example, according to Michigan DNR wildlife biologist killed deer within 24 hours after abandonment by wolves. Although
Kevin Swanson, there were only three wolves in the Upper Penin- wolves occasionally killed coyotes, the investigators found no evi-
sula (UP) of Michigan in 1989. Today, there are a little more than dence of wolves actively searching for coyotes. Neither was there any
600 wolves in the UP. About the same numbers have been tallied in evidence that coyotes adjusted their movements to avoid wolves.
northern Wisconsin and they are doing even better in northern Min- In areas where elk serve as the major winter food for both wolves
nesota. In addition, wolves recently reintroduced to such areas as and coyotes, wolves tend to kill the elk while coyotes scavenge the
Yellowstone National Park seem to be thriving. remains. Because predation on large prey, such as elk, involves con-
Its important to recognize, however, that newly introduced or siderable risk of injury and is likely energetically expensive owing to
recovering mammal species typically achieve artificially high num- a low rate of success, there is no apparent advantage in killing prey
bers only to decrease somewhat later and level-off at a lower density. if coyotes have a good quality food that can be scavenged. However,
Even white-tailed deer living in southern parts of Michigans it may be a different story when both predators must exist pri-
UP have recently exhibited this phenomenon, going from low By John Ozoga marily upon smaller prey such as deer.

Coyotes are more proficient at finding and killing newborn fawns whereas densities in the 1960s to ridiculously high densities (of 100 deer If deer are the preferred prey, then coyotes lose the oppor- Needless to say, if they could compatibly share the same range, wolves and
wolves are more adept at capturing adult deer. Rick Baetsen photos or more per square mile) in some areas during the 1990s, to sharply reduced tunity to scavenge wolf kills because wolves preying on deer leave few remains coyotes would make a deadly deer-killer team.
numbers in recent years. -- at least during most winters.
espite their inherent behavioral differences, gray wolves As wolves disappeared in the past, coyotes quickly moved in to occupy the Findings from studies conducted by Minnesota researcher Glen DelGuidice The past two winters have been especially easy on whitetails in Michigans UP,
and coyotes share one common dietary interest: white-tailed vacated range. Now, the reverse seems to be taking place; wolves are moving add a new twist to this story. Apparently, during especially severe winters (i.e., assuring maximum winter deer survival as well as excellent newborn fawn sur-
deer. Where they coexist, at least on northern range, venison into reclaim range coyotes have occupied for the past 100 years or more. deep snow for 4 to 8 weeks), wolves exhibit surplus killing of deer with no or vival, resulting in modest gains in suppressed regional deer numbers. Whether
serves as the primary winter food for wolves and coyotes, Some biologists support the view that wolves will replace coyotes in certain low consumption of the carcass. Under such conditions wolves may kill many wolf and coyote populations increase or decrease as a result, remain to be seen.
and its availability may ultimately determine whether popu- areas. Others suggest the clever coyote will learn to coexist with wolves. more deer than normal and benefit coyotes by leaving more for them to scav-
lations of both predators flourish or fail.
Generally speaking, wolves are more adept at capturing
There is scientific evidence to support both views. enge. Therefore, coyotes may learn to cope with wolves, and may even benefit
adult deer whereas coyotes are more proficient at finding The Isle Royale Story from the larger canids presence.
Identifying the reasons for declining whitetail numbers on northern range is
and killing newborn fawns. Coyotes also tend to be more omnivorous -- mean-
ing they eat vegetable as well as animal materials -- and tend to rely on scav-
enging deer remains, whereas wolves are more inclined to seek live prey.
Historically, wolves may have played an important role in replacing coy-
otes on Isle Royale, located at the west end of Lake Superior. In less than 60
Declining Numbers relatively easy: being linked to excessive natural deer mortality during winter
as well as resultant high mortality of newborn fawns, which are related directly
short years, the coyote arrived on Isle Royale, prospered for a time, declined, We have no dependable estimate of coyote numbers in Michigans UP and to the frequency of prolonged severe winters and the poor status of coniferous
Needless to say, if they could compatibly share the same range, wolves and deer wintering habitat.
and then disappeared altogether. wolf estimates seem questionable. Nonetheless, all indicators suggest that both
coyotes would make a deadly deer-killer team. The important question is, of Likewise, given the importance of white-tailed deer in the winter diet of
Coyotes probably reached Isle Royale by traveling over the ice from the predator species, as well as deer numbers, have declined rather sharply in this
course, since wolves also kill coyotes when given the chance (just as coyotes wolves, and the pronounced fluctuations in deer vulnerability depending upon
Sibley Peninsula region of Ontario, a distance of 15 miles, about 1906. (This is northern region during the past 5-10 years.
kill foxes), can the two canids coexist? Or, as wolves re-establish themselves,
about the same time coyotes were first observed in Michigans UP.) Despite the The most acceptable figures Ive heard, relative to coyote abundance, is snow depth, one would naturally expect wolf reproductive success to follow
and become more socially organized, as they appear to be doing, will they a similar, lagging trend. That is, wolves should prosper during a tough winter
gradually crowd-out coyotes? less than favorable habitat for them, coyotes flourished on the island, reaching that the UP has harbored somewhere around 0.8 to 0.9 coyotes per square mile
peak numbers of about 150 animals, in 1948. (or roughly 14,000 coyotes) in the past. While this estimate seemed to be ac- and exhibit good reproductive success the next spring, but may not do so as the
Although some biologists may argue the point, the best evidence indicates result of mild winters, especially if deer densities are low.
Coyote numbers on Isle Royale began to decline starting in 1949, about ceptable a few years ago, trappers and hunters now typically report a scarcity
that the relative abundance of all three species, predators and prey -- has de- Furthermore, it may be that wolf densities in northern areas like Michigans
the time wolves reached the island. The decrease in coyote numbers also came of coyotes. (Keep in mind, biologists in the southeastern United States report
clined during the past 5-10 years throughout the northern Great Lakes region. UP have already peaked, and will level off at their current numbers (or maybe
with a crash decline in the beaver population, a die-off of moose, and a low far greater densities in their area -- as many as 3 to 4 coyotes per square mile.
Determining reasons for such possible trends are even more arguable. even go lower), especially if deer densities remain low. However, there are also
snowshoe hare population. Coyotes disappeared from Isle Royale in 1957 or This too, is probably what might be expected for a newly established predator,
History 1958, probably due to a reduced food supply and direct killing by wolves. but probably never did occur at such high densities in the Upper Great Lakes
reports of excessive illegal shooting of wolves and even instances of distemper
that could also be important factors influencing wolf population dynamics.
The coyote was originally an animal of the western prairie, before the white
man arrived with ax and plow. Since then, it has greatly extended its range --
Coyote-Wolf Interactions Assuming coyote observation rates reported in the Michigan UP 2016 Deer
Camp Survey provide a reasonable index to trends in coyote abundance, then
Explaining the apparent low coyote numbers in Michigans UP could be
more difficult. Given the coyotes highly diversified (i.e., omnivorous and scav-
in spite of mans traps, guns, and poisons. Indeed, mans past failed efforts to In Manitoba, Canada, researcher Ludwig Carbyn observed that wolves UP coyote numbers have declined by about 38 percent from 2009 to 2016. enging) diet, I find it very difficult to believe that their annual recruitment rates
control coyotes seems to have created a super coyote. frequently killed coyotes but did not eat them. He found no evidence that coy- Likewise, the number of coyotes shot by camp survey hunters dropped from 47 are totally dependent upon the availability of venison.
In fact, pioneer ecologist Stanley P. Young suggested it may have been otes avoided wolves during most of the year, but definitely did so from mid- to in 2012 to 21 in 2016, a 55 percent decrease. Probably more importantly, since Likewise, I would expect mans impact on coyote numbers to be negligible.
mans persecution that encouraged the coyotes spread through the centuries. late-winter. predator harvest contests have become popular, hunters now complain about a Dont forget, the species survived well for many years despite 3,000 to 4,000
Today, coyotes can be found from well into Central America to near Point Carbyn theorized that differences in snow conditions, and learning on the scarcity of coyotes. coyotes being bountied annually, even when deer densities were especially low,
Barrow Alaska, eastward to Hudson Bay, New Brunswick, Maine, and across coyotes part, may be involved in the coyotes changing response to wolves as According to the Michigan DNR, wolf numbers, as determined from track as in the 1960s.
most of the western and Midwestern U.S. Most recently, coyotes also have the winter progressed. When snow is deep and soft, coyotes are hindered more surveys, have also decreased steadily in recent years, from 687 during the
invaded the Southeast, where they are now abundant and highly controversial.
Gray wolves, on the other hand, have not fared so well in the presence of
than wolves. However, since coyotes often trailed wolves through deep soft
snow, Carbyn rationalized although coyotes may avoid wolves after a refrac-
2010-11 winter to 618 during the 2015-16 winter (a 10 percent drop).
Meanwhile, regional deer numbers have continued their roller coast trend,
man. This canid occurs throughout the arctic and formerly occurred southward tory period, they may actually trail them at a safe distance in search of food. peaking after a series of mild winters only to plummet following one severe The gray wolf is definitely coming back to re-claim historic range it lost to
throughout the United States (except for the Southeast) and into Mexico. How- Since wolves are territorial and may even kill their own kind when bound- winter. However, as predicted, the lows have become lower and so have the coyotes decades ago, and just maybe coyotes are paying the price. What will
ever, man extirpated wolves from almost all of the southern part of its North aries are trespassed, buffer zones exist between wolf territories where few highs. Although Michigans UP probably harbored around 600,000 whitetails happen to coyotes in the future is anyones guess. Some predict the demise of
American range by the early to mid-1900s. wolves travel. Coyotes sometimes find these buffer zones safe havens. In Car- in 2000, that number dropped to less than 300,000 by 2010. coyotes, whereas others believe coyotes will adjust, and maybe even prosper,
Due largely to improving habitat, human tolerance, reintroductions, and a byns study, coyotes were not always safe from wolves while in the buffer zone Most recently, back-to-back severe winters in 2007-08 and 2008-09, and in the presence of a more dominant canid. I suspect the outcome will vary from
number of contributing factors we dont fully understand, wolves have made when wolf density was high. However, overall coyote survival appeared to be again in 2013-14 and 2014-15, erased short term deer population gains follow- one area to the next, depending upon a host of environmental circumstances
an impressive comeback in the past couple of decades across portions of their greater there during years of only moderate wolf density. ing easy winters. Buck hunter success rates followed accordingly, decreasing -- and just maybe the availability of vulnerable whitetails will be a major player
former southern range. In another Manitoba study, researchers found coyotes scavenging wolf- from above 30 percent to about 15 percent in recent years. governing the outcome.n
Conservation Officers saving lives
By Jeff Pendergraff, retired MDNRs Law Enforcement Division Captain
In October 2016, Conserva- Dispatch.
tion Officer Ken Kovach of St. Clair He told the dispatcher he was
County was the first to respond to a getting dizzy and couldnt do CPR
report of a self-inflicted, accidental any longer, Evink said. Dispatch-
gunshot wound at a residence in ers then lost contact with him.
Wales Township. The victim, who Evink, who had been at Indian
was shot through the arm when his Lake State Park, roughly 15 miles
pistol fell out of its holster, was away, went to the home, driving
lying on the lawn, bleeding and in his four-wheel-drive patrol vehicle
poor condition when Officer Kovach through 5-6 miles of unplowed
arrived. The officer immediately roadway to reach the house. Once
applied a tourniquet and stopped the there, he saw footprints leading into
bleeding until emergency medical the garage.
personnel arrived. I opened the service door to the
Conservation Officer Greg garage and saw two individuals on
Patten of Muskegon County re- the ground, Evink said.
sponded to a February 2016 emer- MDNR COs honored for their lifesaving effor ts; (lt-r t) Richard Evink said the delivery man
gency dispatch about someone Cardens, Ken Kovach, Isaac Tyson and Greg Patten. MDNR photos had a pulse and was breathing, but
having fallen through the ice on on the line to bring him back to the There was no one around him. was unresponsive. Mr. Haug had no
Black Lake. Officer Patten found surface, and then instructed the man There was one old ice shack. No one pulse and also did not respond. The
the victim in the water up to his in how to secure the device to keep was in it. men had been overcome by carbon
chest clinging to the ice, reported himself afloat. Officer Cardenas held The boy was wearing jeans, a monoxide, a colorless, odorless
it, and then donned his snowmobile the line in place to keep the man in a shirt and a jacket, but had no hat or toxic gas.
flotation coat and proceeded onto position that allowed him to breathe gloves and his stocking feet were The delivery man was barely
the ice. He tossed the man a rescue until a Detroit Harbormaster vessel wet and cold. alive, said Lt. Eugene Skip Hagy,
rope, instructed him to put it around could reach him. He was crying, he was scared, a DNR district law supervisor out of
his body, and kept tension on the Michigan Department of Hartsig said. I asked him where the Newberry office. Mike opened
the big garage door and worked to
line, keeping him from falling below Natural Resources Conservation he was going and he said he didnt
the surface of the water until other Officer Patrick Hartsig rescued a know. He said his feet hurt. get the victim fresh air and kept try-
responders could help him pull the 10-year-old boy who had run away Hartsig, who is a first aid in- ing to get him conscious.
victim to safety. from his family near Gladstone in structor and former paramedic, took An ambulance with advanced
Conservation Officer Isaac Delta County. The incident was off the boys socks and warmed his life support paramedics from Manis-
Tyson of Branch County was on a reported at about 4 p.m. The boy feet. He then put his own boots, tique Public Safety got to the house
joint patrol with a Branch County had run away in an area, which is gloves and snowmobile helmet on at 4:24 p.m., about 15 minutes after
marine deputy in July 2016 when situated south of Gladstone, along the child. Hartsig sat the boy in front Evink had arrived.
they received a call about an uncon- Lake Michigan. To reach the lake, of him on the snowmobile and the Had Mike not arrived when he
scious man face down in the water. the boy had to cross four busy lanes two sped across the ice to the Michi- did, there would have likely been
By the time the pair arrived on the of traffic on US-2. His mother last gan State Police post in Gladstone, two fatalities, Hagy said.
scene, the man was sitting in a boat saw him heading east across the ice. which is situated not far off US-2, The efforts of CO Evink
and appeared fit. About an hour Hartsig had been working snowmo- along the lakeshore. demonstrate the types of lifesaving
later, however, the officers heard bile patrol in adjacent Alger County. There, the boys mother, a incidents our officers can be called
screams from the same area, stating On my way home, I heard a county sheriffs deputy and an am- to respond to at any given moment,
that the man had fallen unconscious call on Delta dispatch of a runaway bulance were waiting. said Lt. Pete Wright, acting Captain
in the boat. Tyson climbed into the special needs boy that was some- Pats quick response, while for the DNR Region 1 Law Enforce-
boat, found the man unresponsive, where south of Gladstone, on the ice having the right tools, training, and ment Division. He is a great ex-
he assisted bystanders and carried on Little Bay de Noc, Hartsig said. local knowledge of his work area, ample of the capable type of person
the subject into the patrol boat. I checked in with dispatch as I was turned a bad situation around before we train our officers to be.
During transport, the victim stopped near Hunters Point and launched it could get worse, said Sgt. Jerrold Four days earlier, in a search
breathing. Officer Tyson began CPR my sled. Hunters Point has a boat- Fitzgibbon, who oversees conserva- and rescue incident, Evink was
and, when the victim was lifted to a ing launch site on the Stonington tion officers, including Hartsig, in involved in aiding two stranded
dock, the officer discovered the man Peninsula side of the bay. Alger, Delta and Schoolcraft coun- snowmobilers in Alger County who
had an obstructed airway. Once the With Conservation Officer ties. This could easily have ended say he and U.S. Forest Service law
airway was cleared, the man began Hartsig being out there on a regular poorly for the boy had Pat not been enforcement officer David Tem-
breathing. basis, he had up-to-date accurate there and located him as quickly as breull saved their lives.
Conservation Officer Richard knowledge of potential bad ice ar- he did. David Vorhes, 64, of Trenary
Cardenas of Barry County respond- eas, said Lt. Eugene Skip Hagy, MDNR CO Mike Evink res- and Mike Lasley, 56, of West
ed to an October 2016 call about a a district law supervisor with the cued a man in Schoolcraft County Bloomfield were riding east of Mu-
suicidal subject who had told his DNR Law Enforcement Divisions who was overcome with carbon nising in a backcountry area in Burt
mother he planned to jump off the district 2, which covers the east- monoxide while trying to save a Township.
MacArthur Bridge into the Detroit ernmost six counties in the Upper homeowner. A delivery man for We were stranded out south of
River. Officer Cardenas spotted the Peninsula. Normally, there is a Suburban Propane had gone to the Kingston Plains when we placed
subjects vehicle and saw the man shipping channel open in this area, fill a propane tank at the home of a 911 call to (the) Alger County
pull over, exit the vehicle, climb but he knew it hadnt been used in 59-year-old Ronald Haug. Arriving Sheriff around 6 p.m., Vorhes said
over the railing, and jump. The of- a few weeks, which allowed a more at the house in Inwood Township, in a message commending the ef-
ficer immediately radioed dispatch direct response. the driver noticed Haug on the floor forts of the two officers.
and then climbed the railing to spot It wasnt long before Hartsig of his garage. The 55-year-old de- Vorhes said the two riders were
the man struggling in the water and located the boy. livery man went into the garage and broke down and lost, off trail in 4-5
calling for help. Officer Cardenas I found him with no shoes on, tried to revive Haug with cardiopul- feet of snow, along the Clyde Lake
retrieved a rescue device, threw it wandering around about a mile monary resuscitation. He also called Road, north of Trail 88 and 43,
to the man who was sinking, pulled away from shore, Hartsig said. emergency operators at Central south of the Adams Truck Trail.
It was blowing and cold that towed to a place where it could be the trooper.
night, Evink said. retrieved the following day. These are just a few examples
One of the snowmobilers had Vorhes said this added about two that have taken place in the past sev-
just crossed a lake and buried his hours to the rescue effort and the eral months. There are many more.
sled in snow coming off the ice. The two snowmobilers were cold, but Our COs have equipment that a lot
second rider went to get help and his coherent. The riders began to warm of other police and first responders
machine broke down. up as they helped in the work to get dont have access to and many times
The engine seized, Evink said. the sleds out of the woods. have this equipment with them on
Arriving in the area deputies had If they had been stuck out there patrol such as 4x4 patrol vehicles,
picked up from cellphone signals, all night they would have been ATVs, and boats just to mention a
Evink and Tembreull began fol- in pretty bad shape, Evink said. few. They are highly trained in all
lowing snowmobile tracks into the Their extremities were pretty cold. aspects of law enforcement includ-
woods and, eventually, footprints. With shared areas of respon- ing first aid and CPR.
Somehow they were able to sibility, and with an emphasis on Author is Jeff Pendergraff,
find us, showing exceptional recov- inter-agency cooperation, the U.S. retired Captain from the DNRs Law Patrick Har tsig MDNR CO hon-
ery skills, noticing our footprints in Forest Service law enforcement offi- Enforcement Division.n ored for his lifesaving effor ts.
a gully then following them until cers and conservation officers often-

Hendrickson Waterfowl
they came upon us, Vorhes said. times work together in cooperation
Evink said the officers found to achieve our various management
goals, said Tembreull, who is from
LAnse and has worked with the
Forest Service for the past decade.
On the night of the search and
rescue, Tembreull and Evink were
conducting a joint patrol looking for
registrations and safety violations. MICHIGAN
These two incidents are exam- IN THE EASTERN
ples of the important role Michigan UPPER PENINSULA
conservation officers play in lifesav-
ing and search and rescue operations Affordable
throughout the state, said Gary
Hagler, chief of the DNR Law And Fun Guided
Enforcement Division. Conserva-
tion officers are well-trained and Goose And
routinely respond to a wide range of Duck Hunts
Mike Evink MDNR CO honored for situations where people find them-
his lifesaving effor ts. selves in need of assistance.
Throughout my career, COs
the two riders in a makeshift shelter have saved many lives every year
they had fashioned under a pine tree. while carrying-out their duties. One
We had no illumination, light or of the most memorable lifesaving
any sort of emergency preparedness situations was in 1994 near Glad-
kit a cardinal sin when venturing stone. A Michigan State Trooper
out in any conditions into the remote had stopped to assist a vehicle in the
Upper Peninsula, Vorhes said. ditch. The driver of vehicle opened
The officers activated their fire on the trooper wounding him.
patrol lights to let the snowmobilers Gunfire was exchanged between the
know they were police approaching. wounded trooper and the gunman.
After freeing the snowmobile Conservation Officers Pete Wright
that had been stuck in the snow, the and Darryl Shann arrived within
officers and the snowmobilers rode minutes. They observed the gun-
about a half mile to the place where man standing next to the troopers
the second sled was broken down. car on his tip toes trying to locate
Ryan Hendrickson 906-298-1781
Determining the engine would not the trooper who had taken cover
start, they unhooked a belt so the behind his patrol vehicle. Both COs
track of the sled would freely spin
and the machine could then be
confronted the gunman and shot him
before he could do anymore harm to Add Us On Hendrickson Waterfowl

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By Bob Fratzke, with Glenn Helgeland

his is only part of the habits. You will find yourself con-
year-round scouting tinually looking for food sources
you should be doing, and weather and cover and telling The author says 90 percent of his time in woods and fields is scouting
but it is an important yourself that deer will do this or and only 10 percent hunting. Kenny Darwin photo
part. Whitetails have that, or wont do it, and then youll portant. Crop rotation will change seasons in my notes, I know that
different habits or pat- go check. The whole thing gets to from year to year, and it will have a cornfield, for instance, in one
terns in the spring, coming into be a passion more than a game. a definite effect on deer and their location will attract more deer than
summer, once the season begins, Now, in summer, everything movement patterns. You need to a cornfield in another location that
within the season, right after the is green, fully leafed and growing. take note of various crop locations isnt too far away. You can learn the
season. Continual scouting is a lot Crops are up and, fortunately, the if youre going to hunt there the first same thing, if you work at it.
of work, but its worth it. You know corn isnt too high yet. This is the week or so of season, because the Dont wait until crops, especial-
whats in the area. That does a lot time you want to begin evaluating deer will still be coming to those ly corn, get too tall. By July, bucks
for your confidence, and ought to deer in the area you plan to hunt. fields to feed. should have a good enough rack to
greatly help your shooting opportu- Evaluate them from a distance and Later, when the alfalfa or soy- let you know how theyre basically
nities. cover as much territory as you can. beans or corn are gone, youll be going to look in the fall, and youd
You will find with continual Dont mess around in their habitat. ready to shift with the deer. You better be doing your looking now.
scouting that you will change your Crop rotation and growth are im- can waste a lot of time and mess up Beans will be ok, but after this time
what little hunting you will have if corn generally is too tall and hides
you spend much time searching for the deer. With daylight saving time,
Aluminum the deer every time they adjust to you can get out there with good light

a changing food supply or foliage and do the necessary evaluating.
change. This works best with binoculars
When you know where the crops or a spotting scope from a pickup
are and how/where/when deer move truck. If you will hunt on property
to them, you can change your stand where you must get permission to
(Built with) Aluminum I-Beams location(s) correctly and immedi-
ately. One year of scouting wont
hunt, get permission to travel in
certain places during scouting. If
give you the best information on this youre on your own land, the prin-
15-FT TO 50-FT because you wont have informa- ciples are the same but you most


tion on the previous year and wont likely wont need to cover as much
be able to anticipate deer feeding territory.
movement changes. So, to get re- You can travel farm roads and
Single Axle, ally specific, you need to work on field paths (with permission). You
Tandem Axle, Tri-Axle, cumulative notes and experiences, wont tear up the farmers fields,
i.e. more than one year. which is a point in your favor, and
Bass Boat and others Crops are different. Deer like you wont drive in those areas on
some better than others. Because rainy days for the same reason. Tell
I have the information from past the farmer when youll be there, so

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Keep bears wild
The DNR asks residents to help keep the states up-
north icon a wild animal by keeping bears at a distance.
With many people (whether they're seasonal visitors or
he wont wonder about the vehicle of movement and your scent trail. year-round residents) outdoors and enjoying northern
Michigan in the summer months, removing bird feeders
moving around the back of his land. Cameras that can connect with a is an easy answer to bear problems.
If something does happen to his computer will let you stay out of When situations occur concerning a bear, some
field, youre going to get the blame the deer movement areas once the form of food has usually attracted the bear into the area, said DNR wildlife
for it unless he knows for certain cameras are installed, but they arent communications coordinator Katie Keen. The common element is usually a
that it wasnt you who did the dam- the cheapest things, and I think bird feeder seed, suet and even hummingbird feeders. The good news is a
age. live-action scouting is more fun. It homeowner can choose to take control of the situation.
If the crops arent too high, you certainly gets you more involved. Michigans estimated black bear population is over 12,000 adult bears
can cover at least twice the territory Remember that too much move- 2,000 in the northern Lower Peninsula and 10,000 across the Upper Peninsula.
in the evening just by driving and ment through deer travel areas Typically, black bears are shy animals, but they have a great sense of smell and
looking, stopping to glass animals means that you will pattern yourself can remember a food source. As a result, a black bear will go places it normally
when you see them. They will be and push deer into nocturnal move- wouldnt if a food reward is available.
in their summer movement pat- ment or to move to another area. In addition to bird feeders, pet food, garbage, barbeque grills and bee hives
terns. You arent going to disturb You want bucks to be in sum- also can attract bears. Pet food should be stored indoors, as should garbage un-
them much, if at all. They might mer social movement patterns when til the time of pickup. Garbage that is set out the night before can attract bears
move back into the woods, but they hunting season opens. You want and can have more of an impact than just an overturned garbage can.
usually will be back out five to 10 several stand locations to have stand Bear are smart, so we have to be smarter, said Keen. They are wild ani-
minutes later and resume feeding. selection flexibility with winds from mals that are unpredictable and can travel many miles. Your habits can affect
The main thing is to cover different directions, and to help you those around you, and a bear that loses its natural fear of humans because food
has been introduced can end up being bold or dangerous and may need to be
enough area to know where you avoid over-hunting any one area. put down.
have a given amount of good bucks, You want to know where and when Michigans bear population generally is found in the northern half of the
so you will know where to hunt. deer move, to minimize your travels Lower Peninsula and across the Upper Peninsula. Bears eat most items found
Once the corn gets too high, it cov- (and scent trails) through hunting in the forest, including plants, berries, nuts, acorns, insects and, occasionally,
ers a good 50 percent of my general areas hanging treestands as you small mammals. Because bears will eat most anything, their behavior and nor-
hunting area. Corn is natural habitat prepare for the better hunting times mal travel patterns will change if an easy food source is discovered.
for deer. They live in it more than to come, such as the rut. Dont wait for the first time a bear knocks down your bird feeder or gar-
we think they do. Bob Fratzke is a bowhunter who bage can; be proactive and dont let a habit form, said Keen.
Sometimes you can climb up in lives, breathes and thinks about Bear population and distribution are managed through regulated bear hunt-
an old windmill or an abandoned whitetails year round. He says 90 ing. Michigans bear hunting seasons vary by bear management unit, with the
silo or a tree that is strategically percent of his time in woods and first 2017 season starting Sept. 8. A total of 7,140 bear hunting licenses will be
placed to let you see a long distance. fields is scouting and only 10 per- available this fall. Bear hunting licenses are distributed through a preference
Theres one old silo I spot from once cent is hunting. This low percentage point system.
in a while that is fantastic. I can see comes about because his scouting is
for a year from it. thorough, done pretty much year-
Another good area to spot deer round (minimally just before season
is an alfalfa field a few days after opens); he has built a multi-year
it has been cut. The new, green, file on habitat and crop conditions,
tender regrowth must be like candy and he has many stands set up so
to the deer. he can adapt quickly to changing
What do you do with trail cam- conditions (foliage loss, food source
eras? How well do you know the changes, wind direction, etc.), at the
area? How can you minimize your same time being sure he does not
scent trails and movement to place over-use any of them.
them? This article is excerpted from
Place trail cameras where you the Scouting Year-Round chapter of
think they will record the most Taking Trophy Whitetails, a 142-
deer movement, check them infre- page how-to book by Bob Fratzke
quently, stay on your ATV when you with Glenn Helgeland. To order
do check, wear thin acrylic gloves direct, call 262-242-3530. For more
when you touch a trail camera. details on this and other books and
This is all to minimize alarm fac- pricing, please visit www.targetcom-
tors your movement, frequency

Reduce Recoil
Reduce Muzzle Jump
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41302 Executive Dr., Harrison Twp. MI 48045-1306

Ph: 586-469-6727 Fax: 586-469-0425


By George Rowe start out in water perhaps eight feet

deep and then move gradually to
water up to ten or twelve feet deep
here are a few walleye by mid-morning.
fishing myths that need By late morning the best fish-
to be dispelled. One ing is likely to come to an end as
of those is that walleye the wind picks up and the surface
fishing is more dif- action is difficult to spot. It will
ficult in the hot sum- also be complicated by wakes from
mer temperatures. Another is that jet-skis and water skiers as the water
walleyes go deep when the water sports set wakes up and take to the
is at its warmest. And, still another lake. There is no question that the
is that walleyes cant be caught in water that is being chopped up by

the bright light of mid-day, in the water sports provides poor fishing.
summer. All are more or less false. Sometimes, however, you can find
Walleye fishing, in my humble a portion of the lake that is not be-
opinion, is almost at its best in Au- ing assaulted by fast boats and find
gust with fishing only better in the peace and quiet and fish.
fall. The fish seem easier to locate It will also pay dividends to
and easier to catch and, most of the move around a great deal, espe-
time, we seem to catch larger fish cially if you dont find fish at the
in August, after being plagued with carp, and some other rough fish feed attract the walleyes. The walleye first couple of spots you try. This
sub-legal fish in the earlier summer right along with the nobler species, disturbances are probably those that is a good sign that the run and
months. dining on minnows. The really are just a swirl and sometimes, you gun technique is appropriate. Any
There is little walleye fishing noisy and splashy feeding distur- can see the minnows frantically try- good walleye lake will have a great
that is quite up to an August morn- bances are most likely made by bass ing to escape from something just number of spots that could hold fish.
ing, with the lake flat as a mirror and and suckers, but the walleyes will below the surface. While this action There is no sense belaboring any of
showing every dimple of a feeding break the surface too, as they drive is most readily seen and most often them, however, if they dont quickly
fish or a minnow working at the sur- minnows to the top. seen in really shallow water water show some evidence that there are
face. Many different fish species are If you spot suckers breaking the only six to eight feet, it can be seen, fish there. If you have two anglers
busy at dawn, driving the minnows surface, you might expect to catch on occasion, in water as deep as ten casting, there should be some sort of
to the surface and feeding on them walleyes below them. Apparently, or twelve feet or even deeper. It sign in about ten minutes of casting
noisily and with vigorous splashes. the suckers disturb the bottom, at- seems evident, however, that the in a new spot. If not, get moving
Bass, pike, walleyes, trout, suckers, tracting minnows which, in turn, deeper the water, the less likely you again.
are to see surface action. On a given day, you can fish five
The surface feeding action is or six spots in an hour and all of
most often seen on fairly shallow them could have the same desir-
flats. There will be some weeds on able characteristics. Lets say that
the bottom but this is not water that the first productive spot you fished
one would characterize as densely was 12 feet deep with scattered
weedy. The weeds will be in large bottom weeds and a slight drop-
patches with a fairly clean bottom off into 14 feet close by. It made
in between patches. It is important abundant sense, then, to try other
to remember that, if there are no similar spots, moving down that
weeds, there will probably be no bank. If, however, you dont have
minnows and thus no predator fish. fairly immediate success in any such
As the day warms and the sun spot, keep moving. It would be a
gets up and brighter, the fish may most unusual day if every such spot
move to somewhat deeper water and produced, so you have to try many
their feeding may get less active and spots to put some fish in the cooler.
certainly less obvious, but they will If the similar spots dont pay off,
continue to feed and they can still then it would be time to try some
get caught. A fairly good pattern and slightly different areas perhaps
one likely to succeed would be to
NO TIME a bit deeper or perhaps a bit
FOR A WEEK weedier. One of those changes
should do the trick, and dont be
AWAY? afraid to try water that is even
CALL FOR GREAT more shallow, even during the
1/2 WEEK middle of the day.
SPECIALS! Jelly Frostings There have been a number of
Sticky Granola Caramel days when trying water only 10 or
Many More Items! 11 feet deep in the middle of the day
produced some walleyes. Another
good tactic during the middle of
the day is to slow down. If you are
jigging or casting a plug, try cutting
your speed of retrieve way down.
Walleyes are lazy predators and if
they are off their feed at all, only a
very slow presentation is likely to
get a taker or two.
August provides walleye fishing
that is really quite good and, next
month, it will be better yet.n
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a disease still worth fighting
DNR continues to work to eradicate bovine TB...
By Kelly Straka - MDNR

fter more than two de- This disease is contagious and
cades of study and test- can be debilitating to deer. Severely
ing white-tailed deer infected animals can struggle to
for bovine tuberculo- even breathe, Straka said. By not
sis, Michigan has be- eradicating this in the herd, we risk
come world-renowned the spread of the disease to new
for its research and expertise on areas of Michigan and into our wild
managing this serious contagious elk herd.
disease. Over this time, MDNR In addition, this is devastating
wildlife managers have learned a to cattle producers. Trade restric-
great deal, including that continued tions, expensive testing and quaran- Technicians at the MDNR Wildlife Disease Laboratory in Lansing
assistance from hunters and others tines can lead to the loss of family
remains vitally necessary to making farms and are a terrible burden on
examine a white-tailed deer. MDNR photos
significant gains in battling bovine Michigans economy. America, but were brought here by ever found have come from that
tuberculosis into the future. Bovine TB is spread primarily human movement of infected cattle five-county endemic area. Antrim,
Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious through the exchange of respira- from Great Britain in the 1700s and Cheboygan, Crawford, Emmet,
disease caused by certain bacteria tory secretions and saliva between 1800s. In the 1920s, nearly a third of Iosco, Mecosta, Osceola, Otsego,
that attack the respiratory system infected and uninfected animals. cattle in Alpena and Alcona counties Roscommon and Shiawassee coun-
of animals and humans. There are This transmission can happen when tested positive for bTB. In 1975, a ties also have had deer test positive
several types of tuberculosis, but animals are in close contact with single hunter-harvested white-tailed for bTB.
bovine tuberculosis (bTB) can infect each other. deer in Alcona County was found We continue to commit time
the widest variety of animals and is Bacteria released into the air positive for bTB. At that time, it was and resources to fighting this dis-
what wildlife managers have been through coughing and sneezing can thought that bTB couldnt sustain ease. This year, we are reinvigorat-
trying to eradicate from white-tailed spread the disease when inhaled itself in wild deer. Nearly 20 years ing the message that we still need
deer in Michigan. by uninfected animals. In addition, passed before a hunter harvested help, Straka said. This is a chronic
Michigan is one of the leading food items contaminated with the Michigans second bTB-positive disease, and we need all Michi-
experts in management and infor- saliva of an infected animal can deer in Alpena County in 1994. ganders to be on board for the long
mation related to bTB, said Kelly transmit bTB to uninfected animals Since 1995, Michigan has been haul.
Straka, DNR state wildlife veteri- when they eat the contaminated testing white-tailed deer for bovine
narian. We are the only state in the feed. This is the primary way that tuberculosis year-round. Michigan An Effective Disease
nation that has bTB established in
wild deer.
cattle and deer infect each other. has the longest- running continuous
wildlife TB surveillance program in Management Tool
Although originating and typi- Michigan Detected the world. Hunting has been the primary
Most Michiganders, and even tool for managing bovine tuberculo-
cally occurring in cattle, bTB can
infect nearly any mammal, including TB in the Early Years most policymakers, dont realize sis in Michigan.
humans. Bovine TB is caused by the Bovine tuberculosis is a chronic how much weve learned about The majority (93 percent) of
bacterium Mycobacterium bovis (M. disease that can take years to devel- bTB in the last 20 years, said Dan land in DMU 452 is private and is
bovis), which is part of the Myco- op. The strains of bTB now present OBrien, veterinary specialist with known locally as club country,
bacterium tuberculosis complex. in Michigan are not native to North DNRs wildlife disease lab. The re- said Brian Mastenbrook, DNR
search weve done here in Michigan wildlife field operations manager.
is respected around the world. One of the primary reasons to own
Other countries dealing with this land and be club members is to
similar outbreaks of bTB continue hunt deer. We work with as many of
to watch our situation with great the clubs as we can on all aspects of
interest. At this point, we know deer herd management.
what it will take to get rid of bTB. We appreciate the coopera-
Whether we as a state will choose to tion of the club members and all the
make that happen though is still an other hunters throughout DMU 452.
open question. Hunters have been responsible for
To date, nearly 900 of over reducing the disease prevalence by
230,000 deer tested in Michigan over 50 percent between the mid-
have been positive for bovine 1990s and now.
tuberculosis. Seventy-eight percent Recently, the Michigan Hunting
of these TB-positive deer have been Access Program expanded into the
from a core area Deer Manage- northern Lower Peninsula spe-
ment Unit 452 in the northeastern cifically to open more land to deer
part of Michigans Lower Peninsula, hunting. The program leases private
where the counties of Montmorency, lands and makes those lands avail-
Alpena, Oscoda and Alcona meet. able to anyone with a valid hunting
However, bTB is endemic (i.e. license.
self-sustaining at a low level) across The Hunting Access Program,
all four of those counties, and in along with a couple of private land
Presque Isle County. Ninety-seven habitat grant opportunities, is a
percent of all the bTB-positive deer way for us to talk with more people
Deer infected with bovine tuberculosis may
have multiple pea-sized tan or yellow lumps
on the inside of the ribcage.

about deer management in this Many of these new methods are Mecosta, Montmorency, Newaygo,
area, Mastenbrook said. implemented at the grassroots level; Ogemaw, Osceola, Oscoda, Otsego,
The DNR reminds all hunters to cattle producers are encouraged to Presque Isle and Roscommon. The
get their deer tested. A deer can look strengthen bio-security practices testing is offered free of charge.
healthy and still have bovine TB. at their farms, hunters are asked to Infected deer may not show
In fact, over 60 percent of harvest deer and private landowners chest lesions. Deer carcasses with
the bTB-infected deer weve ever are offered incentives to open their chest lesions suspected to be evi-
tested have had no signs of disease properties for hunter access. dence of bovine TB should be sub-
a hunter would recognize, Straka mitted from anywhere in the state.
said. Michiganders A list of DNR deer check stations
Called To Action is available at
Working Together deer.
For Success The state agencies involved in
bTB management are committed to
DNR wildlife managers encour-
age anyone who sees a deer with
Despite many efforts over the doing their part, but cannot regulate
this type of infection to contact the
years, bovine tuberculosis has not the disease to eradication.
DNR so the carcass can be exam-
gone away. In 2016, 29 deer and six Michiganders need to educate
ined. Hunters may check their deer
cattle herds tested positive for the themselves about this disease, and
or elk TB lab results at www.michi-
disease. find out ways they can help, said
Since the first TB-affected Russ Mason, DNR Wildlife Division
cattle herd was discovered in June chief. Whether you are a hunter Field-Dressing
1998, there have been a total of 69 submitting samples for surveillance, There are signs of bovine tuber- laboratory testing.
cattle herds, five feedlots and three or a cattle producer fencing off feed culosis hunters may observe when In the years since bovine tu-
privately owned cervid facilities to prevent cattle/deer interactions, field-dressing a deer. Lymph nodes berculosis was discovered in wild
found to be infected with the Michi- its these everyday actions that can in the animals head usually show white-tailed deer in Michigan,
gan strain of bovine TB, said Rick affect change over time. infection first and, as the disease much has been learned about this
Smith, assistant state veterinarian. This is not a problem for just progresses, lesions may begin to contagious disease. The DNR and
The agencies responsible for deer hunters, or cattle farmers, or develop on the surface of the lungs other agencies working to eradicate
managing deer and cattle popula- even residents in the northern Lower and chest cavity. In severely in- bovine tuberculosis from our state
tions include the Michigan DNR, Peninsula; this is a problem for fected deer, lesions can sometimes encourage Michigan residents to
Michigan Department of Agriculture everyone in Michigan. be found throughout the animals educate themselves about this afflic-
and Rural Development and U.S. The DNR is urging hunters to entire body. Deer with severe TB tion and do what they can as indi-
Department of Agriculture. Together submit heads for testing from all may have tan or yellow lumps lining viduals and groups to help fight it.
these agencies are working col- deer harvested in the following the chest wall and in the lung tissue. For more information on bovine
laboratively on new approaches to counties: Alcona, Alpena, Cheboy- Deer showing this type of infection tuberculosis, visit www.michigan.
combat the disease. gan, Crawford, Huron, Iosco, Lake, should be submitted to the DNR for gov/emergingdiseases.n


Guns, Ammunition, Reloading Supplies
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Terror of the Insect World:
The Amazing Praying Mantis
hey are one of the occurred over the past 100 million
most fearsome preda- years that added to their success as
tors ever to stalk plant the ultimate modern day hunting
earth. They may be machine, most noticeably those ef-
lurking in your vegeta- ficient prey grasping spines on their
ble garden right now, forelegs.
just waiting for the perfect moment The life cycle of the praying
to strike. Or they might be mantis is very much like
inches away from the lure those of many other insects,
box watching your hand with three stages known as
approach. Their forelegs incomplete metamorphosis.
have sharp spines. When It starts with the egg, then The common name praying mantis is descriptive and loved by kids.
the time is right, they posi- its the nymph, and then
tion for the kill and lunge finally the adult. In autumn arrives, and our ravenous praying But sometimes when a summer day
with lightning fast speed. the female praying mantis mantis nymphs work their way out is cool, and the mantis just seems to
The prey is grabbed, and deposited her eggs, some- of their ootheca and see the light of amble across the edge of a trail, its
impaled with those deadly times hundreds of eggs, on the world for the first time. as simple as bending over and pick-

By Jonathan Schechter
forelegs a twig in They appear looking just like ing it up. Perhaps its a full stomach
---and then a location miniature adults and are indepen- that adds to temporary sluggishness.
consumed, that pro- dent on emergence with an excel- But more often than not, they see us
while still alive. vides a degree of coverage and then lent appetite and no time for family coming and evade and escape, for
Summer has started with a secretes a strange foamy substance bonding. The first meal of many of they have two large compound eyes
sizzle, and environmental condi- that resembles brown Styrofoam the hungry little ones is a sibling. with multiple lenses that give these
tions are excellent for the pray- that quickly hardens. This odd ap- The first moments of life under the amazing creatures excellent periph-
ing mantis, an odd looking insect pearing egg case blends rather well sky is rarely witnessed, but nature eral vision, and three simple eyes
that has walked the earth since the with the twig and is properly called savvy adults that notice their winter located between the compound eyes
Cretaceous Period. The fossil record an ootheca. Tree leaves fall, snow egg case keep a watchful lookout. that are best for detecting motion.
confirms some evolutionary changes swirls and months slip by. June My nature-savvy friend Wendy Sometimes a mantis finds a hu-
captured one of those images and man shoulder, or hand a good place
shared it. to explore, to the delight of many
After the, I am going to eat my children.


brother or sister stage is over, the Headless Males Make Good
survivors disperse and move on to Lovers is the name of a fascinating
bigger and better things. If it moves book about natural history oddities.
and they can grasp it, its dinner. It is not fiction, and author Marty
Crickets, grasshoppers, honey bees, Crump explores the fact then while
and other insects, bugs and beetles mating the female mantis sometimes
of all species are part of the never uses her swiveling head ability to
Make sure to mark your calendar for our ending smorgasbord. Occasionally
small frogs, and even flightless birds
bite off the males head. The males
body does not stop fulfilling its
flopping on the ground become prey.
annual GUN AUCTION during the Life is fast, rough and tough in
function and the romantic moment
carries on. Recent research has con-
Woods-N-Water News the heat of the summer, for these
tiny creatures that look like prehis-
firmed that this activity of decapitat-
ing her partner is more common in

Outdoor Weekend
toric beasts from another age, but captive mantises than free roaming
evolution has been kind to them. ones. Bottom line: In the wild, 70
Unlike humans that struggle to turn percent of the time the male lives
at the Imlay City Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds heads even 90 degrees to see what
is just outside our field of vision,
after mating, but not for long. Most
praying mantises never reach their
Sunday, September 10TH, 2017 the mantis can spin its head a full
180 degrees and be instantly aware
first birthday.
The common name praying
of, and wary of anything that ap- mantis is descriptive and loved by
More Rifles
kids. When those deadly forelegs are
BIGGER That head swivel ability is a in their folded position, this creature
& great adaptation when a superbly with five eyes and a habit of eating
More Shotguns BETTE
camouflaged mantis is waiting for
a meal to come wandering by from
its siblings appears to be in ritual-
ized prayer. Perhaps a better name
More Pistols EVER! any direction. We lack the flexible
joint they have between their head
and the pro-thorax that functions
would be preying mantis, for this
super hunter is a master at catching
its prey. Lucky for us, the big ones
like a swivel. Give us another 100 are only about five inches long. A
Look for the complete listing of guns to be million years of evolution and per- five foot long praying mantis would
sold in next months Woods-N-Water News haps we too will develop that ability make a summer walk a flash back to
and give truth to those timeless a Jurassic Park style world.
FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL words Moms say to their children, Jonathan Schechter lives in


I have eyes in back of my head. Brandon Township and hikes fear-
The head swiveling ability also lessly amidst the habitat of the
makes it tough for a young entomol- praying mantis. E-mail: oaknature@
(989) 269-GUNS ogist to grab one for a closer look. aol.comn
Saginaw Bay a year after new regulations
his October will mark continued to show up in creels this anglers wont find big packs of boats run the bait back approximately 12
the one year anniversary far this year and that is some beauti- anywhere. Boats seem to be scattered feet, attach a 1 1/2 ounce snap weight
of the walleye regulation ful jumbo perch. Most arent being everywhere, but all are seeing good to the line, then run it down and let it
changes on Saginaw Bay targeted by perch anglers, but are success in filling the live well. hit bottom once, then send it all out
and the Saginaw River. biting on walleye baits like crawler Boat launches are in great shape on an Off Shore planer board). This
The early indications of harnesses. On a trip over the Fourth as water levels are the highest they presentation allows the forward mo-
these changes are very favorable. Ive we actually had a jumbo have been in years. As of tion of the boat to allow the harness to
fished the bay several times this spring pull the planer board back. July there were still some ride up slightly in the column which
and summer and we have seen some That is a nice perch. The concerns launching out of allows us to do some s-curves or tight
very healthy walleyes thus far, and change in perch regulations the Saginaw River as the turns without catching the many zebra
as usual several year classes mixed will only help this fishery as flooding that hit Midland so mussel clumps on the bottom. Snap
together. the daily limit was dropped severely had caused a lot of weights are a little easier to deal with
The weather has actually been fa- from 50 to 25 fish per person. debris to float up into the bay, than bottom bouncers especially when
vorable for walleye health this season. Twenty-five jumbo perch and so it is still imperative that netting an unusually feisty walleye
The temperature of the bay through eight beautiful little walleyes boaters be aware of floating trying to run under the boat. We
the Fourth of July has hovered in the should certainly keep any wood when running. The cur- caught fish on perch colored, brown
low 70-degree range which is optimal
for these fish. Warmer temperatures
angler happy.
Another thing we By Mark Sak rent in the river is finally
starting to slow down
and white harnesses.
If this weather pattern contin-
tend to chase the baitfish out to cooler noticed is the fishing as of this writing, but a ues and the temperature in the bay
waters, and there have been many hot is very good from Quannicassee on lot of water ran into the bay in a very stays relatively cool, this bite should
years that fishing comes to a halt by the south end of Saginaw Bay all the short time in late June. On our trip continue at least until mid-August. It
mid-summer as the waters are just too way to Au Gres on the north end. the water clarity at Coreyon Reef was is certainly a great time to get out on
warm. The fish that once were being Most of the fish are pretty similar in much better than expected, and we the bay and get some fantastic eaters
harvested during this warmer period size throughout the system although could see that famous white tip at least in the freezer. There arent a lot of
have lost a good amount of weight the potential for a big walleye prob- five feet down in the water column. opportunities to keep 13 to 15 inch
and almost arent worth gassing up ably remains better the farther north Most presentations are producing walleyes, and these fish are by far
the boat to chase. The combination of they go. Anglers in Au Gres are still fish on the bay, both crankbaits and the best to eat. As always, watch the
cooler water and high water levels, throwing back sub-legal fish under 13 spinners. Colors have really not been weather closely as storms can blow up
as well as a positive baitfish envi- inches in those northern waters, and that important. We utilized bottom quickly.
ronment, has anglers pulling some we caught a plump 4-pounder down bouncers and crawler harnesses on our For current fishing reports on
healthy and may I add sassy walleyes near Coreyon Reef in the south end. most successful trip, but soon real- the Bay give Franks Great Outdoors
into the boat. There are schools on the east and ized we could take just as many fish a call, they are usually right on the
Another interesting species has west sides of the bay, so interestingly on snap weights with harnesses. (We money. Ill see you on Saginaw bay.n

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HUNT CLUB Brave Hearts

3-D archery
Custom Gun Dog Training
4989 Abbot Road Reading, MI 49274

ith a slight Vasos added that they hope to
stretch of the bring more disabled soldiers to the
Custom gun dog training on a 200 acre licensed preserve. imagination its a facility including those training for
scene straight out Paralympic competitions.
Includes: Training ~ Lunch of Juras- Aaron Keiser, Camp
One hunt at conclusion of each training session sic Park. Cuervo pro staffer and
A young boy and his father course designer said, This
$100 per session using the only weapons at
their disposal-recurve and
is the second season for the
course. We tried to set it up
(34 recommended) compound bows-in an at- to imitate realistic hunting.
tempt of fend off a charging Weve cleared shooting
Followed by a lanes but the targets are
Velociraptor dinosaur.
full day hunt This scenario did not in a natural setting which
occur on a ficti-
By Patrick Bevier
participants seem
tious tropical to really like.
CALL NOW! 517.283.1559 island where DNA
manipulation has
The variety of
targets is impres-
recreated the long-lost giant reptiles, sive and range from a cinnamon

Elysian Fields
but among the rolling hills of the bear to a wild boar and a turkey to a
10% Discounts Maple River valley in Pellston. mountain lion. Theres even a carp
for all reservations The father and son are Paul and that has apparently evolved from
signed by 9-1-17 HUNTING PRESERVE Cameron Bricker of Petoskey. Their
adventure involved target practice at
an aquatic to a terrestrial creature.
An interesting anecdote is that the
WHITETAIL DEER HUNTS the remarkable 3-D archery course
at Brave Hearts Estate. Fortunately,
morning after placing the black bear
target, the gentlemen noticed that a
Hunting Lodge in Bellevue, Michigan the aforementioned raptor is one of tree near the target was laced with
black bear claw marks. Obviously,

the targets and is made of self-heal-
ing foam rather than talons, teeth, a resident bear was scoping out the
Bow, Pistol, Rifle and scales.
The course boasts 30 different
new intruder in his territory!
Eight-year old Cameron said,
or Shotgun Hunts targets and is both creative and chal- I really like walking the trails with
lenging. It resulted from a partner-
ship between two veterans-oriented
my dad. My favorite target I shot
was the carp!
No License non-profit organizations: Operation Veterans can shoot the course
Injured Soldiers (OIS) and Camp
for free but the public is also very
Cuervo. The generous folks at welcome. A $10.00 donation is sug-
Camp Cuervo, as well as the Huron
Pointe Sportsmans Association and
gested that helps maintain the course
and for the purchase of new targets.
Guaranteed Lapeer Sportsmans Association, Theres a cash box, scoring cards,
Trophy or have donated the majority of the
top-of-the-line targets by Rinehart
insurance forms, and other informa-
tion just inside the office door of the
No Pay and Delta Mckenzie. Camp Cuervo big red barn west of the house. A
- an organization whose mission it bonus is that anyone filling out the
is to increase troop morale through paperwork is automatically entered
Discounted archery has sent archery gear to in a raffle for a Lonesome Wind
Doe Hunts Specials military bases all over the world
and sponsors shooting competitions
longbow courtesy of Camp Cuervo.
The course covers a one mile

For the Best Deal on a NOW! throughout the U.S (campcuervo.

loop of well groomed trails that
meander through lush forests, marsh
Call For a Deal Camp Cuervo president John Va-
Deer Hunt Contact Us . . .
lands, and high terrain grasslands.
sos said, When we went to set up The meadows have been planted
the course, the response from local with acres of crops to attract wildlife
and state sportsmen was incredible. by the Tip of the Mitt Quality Deer
(517) 803-9893 (517) 881-7088 People came together and provided
almost $30,000.00 in materials and
Management Association.
If youre a veteran with a 100% labor for the Brave Hearts course.
Even the Michigan State Police
disability, become a member of OIS
and join them for the Liberty Hunt
donated a few targets! at Brave Hearts the weekend of
Fishing... Hunting... Or Just Simply
Solid Logs with Perma Chink
A Getaway between Cabin To Enjoy
Cedar or Pine Or
Fully Logs with Perma Chink between Hunting away Cabin
Cedar or Pine
Front Porch or Side Porch Styles Available
Custom Built to Your Ideas!
Fully Insulated
Stained & Preserved
Sim ply
To E
njoy Nature!!
Front PorchtoorSurrounding
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Single and 2 Story Styles
Delievered & Priced Fully Assembled
In Style!

Father and son duo of Paul and Cameron Bricker draw on a raptor
target at the Brave Hear ts 3-D archery course in Pellston.
September 16-17 (injuredsoldiers. front of the red barn and check in
org). The property features 5-easily at the office. More information is
accessed deer blinds, including a available at the Brave Hearts 3-D
new handicapped-accessible blind Archery Course Facebook page.
crafted by the building-trades stu- For those veterans who are
dents from Petoskey High School. more interested in waters rather
There will be plenty of helpers at than woods, Brave Hearts is hosting
the facility during the Liberty Hunt walleye-champ Mark Martin and
to assist disabled hunters. Brave his pro staff, wholl be taking par-
Hearts will also serve disabled ticipants walleye and perch fishing
veterans during the Independence on Burt Lake. The event is on the
Hunt October 19-22, 2017. Hunters
odds are great as the rarely-hunted
weekend of September 16-17 and
registration is necessary. Give OIS a
Poly Furniture and
property harbors several large bucks
and plenty of doe. Contact OIS at
ring to sign-up.
Brave Hearts Estate was donated
Campfire Supplies and Rings
(248) 437-3130 with questions or to to OIS by a philanthropic Korean
register for either hunt. War veteran. Soldiers, and their
So, if you like to shoot a bow families, stay completely free and
(no crossbows allowed because of are treated to a relaxing bed-and- Relax In Style!
the damage they can do to the tar- breakfast style experience. Caretak-
gets), or need some practice before ers Paula and Mike Brown are two
deer season, mosey on over to Brave of the nicest and most accommodat-
Hearts to give it a go. The course ing folks you will ever come across.
is open Thursday through Monday If you decide to shoot the
on a self-serve basis for walk-ins. course, or to join Brave Hearts for
Brave Hearts Estate is located at any of the veteran hunting or fishing
4171 Ely Road in Pellston. Its just events, I guarantee it wont be your
two miles west of US-31 down from
the airport. Park your vehicle in
last time visiting this one-of-a-kind
Standard Features
Fully Insulated
Carpeted Floor
Fully Insulated Silent Shadow Window Systems

Rodent Proof
Carpeted Floor Floor Peaked Roof
All-Aluminum Exterior Upper And Lower Vents
Rodent Proof Floor
Silent ShadowExterior
All-Aluminum Window Upper
SystemsInterior Shelf
Lightweight and Portable, Peaked Roof
Upper And Lower Vents
Personal Heater Upper Interior Shelf

Eliminates virtually all light and noise. 1205 N. SR 5, Shipshewana

Weighing in at nearly 3lbs. makes it easy
to carry in and out of the field. 260-768-7511
100% stainless steel construction
Made in MICHIGAN - Open - 8-5
Averages 8-10 hours on a 16.4 oz. Mon-Fri 8-5Sat
Sat 8-3:30
tank of propane.
WITH STEALTH HEAT 1205 N. SR 5, Shipshewana 260-768-7511
Strategies That Work
By Kenny Darwin

ass finesse tactics work better than
dynamite in Michigan, especially
when the big hogs are in skinny
water. Im not talking about long
distance casting small tubes on
Lake Charlevoix for smallies. My
target is largemouth in southern Michigan lakes,
ponds, reservoirs and backwater river flats. Im
looking for fish that are spawning or in shallow
water looking for an easy meal. For this brand of
bass fishing use a stealthy approach.
Ya gotta love modern electric motors that
allow you to sneak along the shore, casting to
fish you spot while wearing polarized sunglasses.
Success hinges on spotting fish before they detect
you, make a long distance cast, plop a squirm-
ing worm in their face and watch as their strike
instinct kicks into high gear and they charge the
slow falling presentation and gulp the offering.
Thats when you set the hook, lean into the rod
full force and jam the hook through their boney
jaw. They immediately respond with an acrobatic
leap and splashdown that sends an adrenaline
rush through your body. Some shake the hook as
they twist and turn while airborne; others hit the
calm lake surface with a resounding splash and
sprint for any structure where they can tangle the
line in weeds, around docks, tree branches, rocks,
stumps and more.
I perfected the technique of stalking bass
while sneaking along the banks of Sanford Lake,
Wixom Lake and the Tittabawassee chain of
lakes while growing up in Midland County. Pro
fishermen would admit my stalking methods are
deadly but scoff at the fact I used live crawlers
handpicked under the cover of darkness from
Midland Country Club. Id use only big mature
crawlers big as snakes and Id keep them alive,
cool, out of direct sunlight. A size #4 Eagle Claw
style 151 bronze hooks with baitholder barbs was
inserted through the worms collar and threaded
up the shank to hide the hook. My spinning rods
were medium heavy action and I used 6-10 pound
mono line.
I would hook dozens of bass in a single day
by patrolling sunken stumps, logs, edges of
weedbeds, or any structure that attracted bass. It
was exciting to see the telltale largemouth black
horizontal lateral line, cast to the unsuspecting Hawg bass, like this 6 pound 8 ounce monster largemouth taken by Jesse Livingston from
fish and witness the take. Some bass would gulp Ionia, can be caught from shore, boat or dock using worms. Kenny Darwin photos
the wiggling crawler on the fall, others would
allow the tempting live twisting meal to touch the offering by venting water through their gills balling your live bait presentation and the solid
bottom and when the crawler slithered across bot- at lightning speed. Few thrills in fishing are more thud of the strike as the bass sucks the rig off
tom to escape thats when watching bass inhale impressive than a lunker bass tipped vertical eye- bottom and swims toward cover.
But few serious bass fishermen or tournament
pros use live nightcrawlers. They replace the
deadly bait with plastic imitations. As summer
arrives most bassin men fish deeper water using
jigs to take plastic worms to likely bucketmouth
hideouts. Perhaps the deadliest tactic going
pound for pound against all the other lures is
Texas rigged worms. As summer progresses most
switch to Stanley, Bass Pro or Arkie heavy jigs
and use craw worms as trailers.
I cut my bass catchin teeth fishing with K &
E black plastic worms with weedless wire hooks.
Id sneak kissin close to lily pad beds or thick
weeds and cast the worm into open pockets. With
this deadly presentation the worm sinks slowly,
twisting and wiggling toward bottom. Bass found
close to structure see the falling worm and charge
out of the shadows to attack the slowly sinking Powerful electric bow mounted motors allow bass fishermen to sneak into ideal casting
lure. Some strikes occur shortly after the worm position. This angler is casting close to a thick lily pad field that holds some large bass.
begins its decent, others happen when the twist- watch a big bass charge the offering, slam on the and has great knot strength.
ing lure is half way through the water column, brakes and remain inches from the worm and fol- There are hundreds of plastic worms on the
but more often than not the strike comes shortly low it toward bottom. Its a full blown rush when market ranging in size from 4-12 inches, for most
after the worm touches bottom. You can increase a big bass is facing you and the polarized glasses Michigan conditions I prefer the 6 inch size but
hook ups by giving the rod a slight twitch which allow you to see the big mouth open and suck in use the 7 inch length when the fish are active.
causes the worm to wiggle on bottom. the worm at lightning speed. Fishing eyewear is a Some pros are nuts about some of the fancy
Polaroid sunglasses will enhance your way of life for those who hunt any species. Gotta colors available like Junebug, Watermelon, Motor
chances of seeing more bass because the polar- have them for those clear water smallies on Char- oil, Copper reuse Goby, Green Pumpkin and zil-
ization cuts the glare off the water and allows you levoix Lake, eyes in Lake Leelanau, great whites lions more. Some folks dip worms in garlic scent
to see fish. It is a riot to toss out the worm and on the Detroit and bronzeback in the Kalamazoo. or spray with crawdad, baitfish or other flavoring
One of the biggest bass I have ever landed I spot- and scent.
ted with the aid of sunglasses in the shallows of Ive had good luck with most scent products
Gun Lake. and prefer a worm that has a twister tail. As for
By using huge pectoral fins a largemouth bass color, Im sold on two main colors when it comes
can remain in any position and move any direc- to attracting and catching largemouth bass; black
tion by sculling water. Once the strike instinct and purple. I understand why black is unbeliev-
takes over a largemouth will smash the lure by ably affective because it mimics a leech, lamprey
charging close, biting and engulfing the slithery or bottom dwelling worm-like critter. Black
creature by venting water through its gills. Some- is also a bright color that bass can see even in
times they follow the worm until they are straight colored or stained water. But I dont understand
up and down and you can see them pound bottom why largemouths prefer purple colored presenta-
on the take as they kick up a cloud of bottom silt. tions. There are no purple worms in the wild, no
Savvy bass anglers use the slow-fall worm grape colored leeches or lamprey. But for some
trick when bass are in shallow water. Once they strange reason bass go bonkers over purple col-
move to deeper water the best strategy is a Texas ored worms across the entire state of Michigan.
rig. This is nothing more than placing an egg- At times bass want a dark colored purple offer-
shaped sinker ahead of the lure. This allows you ing; especially when night fishing or when water
to make long distance casts and drag the lure tight is stained. When the clouds blow away and the
to bottom. 1/8-1/4 ounce bullet-shaped weights sun is bright, bass seem to prefer a light purple or
are ideal for most medium water fishing. When grape worm.
bass move to summer lairs larger 1/2-3/4 ounce Plastic wormin is one tactic that is guar-
weights are needed. Texas rigged worms take on anteed to help you catch more and bigger bass.
an action of their own as the lead taps bottom and Sometimes you need to flip em into shallow wa-
sends electric vibration the length of the worm. ter holes found in dense weed beds, or pitch em
Rods should have enough back bone to set near docks or lily pads. When the fish go deep try
the hook into the boney mouth of a largemouth. parallel casting and drag worms along bottom in
Try 6-7 foot rods with a stiff midsection and butt. 10-20 foot depths. In deeper water use electronics
Length can be a matter of choice. I loved catch- to find fish and free spool until the Texas rig hits
ing bass on my 10 foot Swan steelhead rod. bottom. Drag the worm along bottom giving it an
Shorter sticks provide good feel and fit better into occasional 6-12 inch hop to attract fish.
boat rod lockers. Preparing to go bass fishing can be as com-
Savvy bass anglers use 14-20 pound braided plex as you want to make it. Basically you can
line that casts with ease and is strong enough to get by cheap just buying hooks, weights and
Author, Kenny Darwin, with a dandy bass cut through weeds. Most attach a barrel swivel worms. Much of fishing has nothing to do with
taken on his favorite purple worm. Worms to the braid and use a clear fluorocarbon leader catching; but experiencing fresh air, exercise,
can be fished fast or slow, in shallow or 18-48 inches long. The fluorocarbon line is tough, camaraderie and enjoying Michigans great out-
deep water from ice out until ice up and has high-stretch toughness but is super clear and doors. Setting the hook and feeling the powerful
bass absolutely love em. fish cant see it. Fluorocarbon is nearly invisible pull of a big bass is a bonus.n


Tricia Krause from Hillsdale

Brianna Neumann, drift fish- showed the men how goose
Ashley Johnston with a big Lorraine Schluentz of
ing for the first time in the Armada caught this large- hunting is done!
17 lb. Lake Huron Laker. Detroit River, caught this 5 lb.
She caught this during the
fresh water drum which put
mouth bass, June 29 on
Proking Tournament out of Lake Mitchell.
Harbor Beach. up a tough fight!

Brothers Brady (5) and Jonah Crainer (2)

with two panfish they caught in Ogemaw
County. That bluegill was Jonahs first fish!

Carol Brinks of Ham-

Logan Johnson, 9, with ilton took this tom
his first turkey! The April 18. It had an 11
Frank Kinnunen and Blake Wasilkowski tom had an 8 1/2 inch inch beard, hunting
beard, 3/4 inch spurs, Allegan Co.
opening day double in Isabella Co. hunting Oscoda Co.

John S. Majewski took his turkey on May

6 and it weighed 21 lbs. 10 oz. with an 11
inch beard. His wife Sandy took hers May
27 and it weighed 19 lbs. and had a 9 Brendan Kriefeldt of Bay City
inch beard. caught this monster 49 inch
northern pike in Saginaw Bay!
Olivia Russell, 9,
harvested this
beautiful bird
with a crossbow SEND US YOUR
hunting with her
father in Montcalm
County. It was 22 C.J. Baldwin, 10, caught this 25 inch wall-
lbs., had a 10 in. eye and Chase Hartman, 12, caught this
beard and 1 in. 33 1/2 inch pike on Saginaw Bay. During
spurs. First Russell
to shoot a turkey!
that day in June they caught 14 walleyes, 4
perch and 4 pike!
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Woods-N-Water News
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Letters, My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...

Ethanol and Boating Update

amount of renewable fuel we use
y research and in-
vestigation regard- and decrease dependence upon fos- Final Renewable Fuel Volume Standards
ing ethanol dates sil fuels.
back to 2012. In 2005 Congress was convinced
Since, I have writ- adding renewable fuels, most dis-
ten five commen- tilled from corn, would provide air
taries that have generated over 100 quality benefits being called for and
comments. Clearly the subject is of reduces our dependence on for-
great interest to all boaters. I thought eign oil. What they did not foresee
my readers at Woods-N- was that their directives
Water News would want to to auto manufacturers to
share what I have learned increase MPG and overall
along the way. In no way efficiency of their engines
is my research the final would reduce fuel demands
analysis of the topic I dramatically. Thus there is *2018 Biomass Based Diesel Standard is Final
invite everyone to seek out less gasoline to mix with **EPA sets annual standards for total renewable fuels and advance renewable fuel
volumes. Conventional or non-advance volume requirements are the difference
additional information. Be increasing ethanol blends. between total and advance volumes.
sure to review my caution Fast forward twelve
at this articles conclusion. years; the EPA planned Before the 2017 deadline, due to dates wont the federal requirements
In April, pressure from various groups, E-15 lead to destruction of innumerable
Boat Smart...
2015 appre- increase, up was distributed to 700 stations in 29 engines?
to 15 percent states even though the damage po- The amount of ethanol-free fuel
By Captain Fred Davis
hensions and
warnings blend of tential caused by it was commonly REC 90 is limited and extremely
regarding ethanol for known. The EPA dictates that E-10 expensive and the new Butyl fuel is
introduction of E-15 (15% ethanol, 2017. According to federal law an remains the limit for passenger vehi- yet to be determined as an adequate
85% gasoline) were discussed by the agency is required to seek public cles older than model year 2001 and correction. It too is in short supply
boating industry. They cited current input before moving forward on a other non-road engines and vehicles and even more costly. There appears
reports of damage from the use of proposed directive. that use gas, including boats. to be a Tug of War between those
E-10 (10% ethanol, 85% gasoline) In June of 2016 they did so and Many states have refused to who will benefit from the higher
ranging from carburetor failures and an outraged deluge of comments allow the dispersal of E-15. Many blended fuel and those who wish the
fuel line leakage to extensive engine were delivered from those who had manufacturers have deemed it il- entire RFS repealed.
damage. already experienced expensive fuel- legal and dictated warranty termina- My advice is; Be careful when
The RFS (Renewable Fuel system failures. Manufacturers of all tions would occur for engines found you fuel, determine what you are
Standard), set over a decade ago in engines; boats, motorcycles, lawn to contain it. In response to public going to put in the tank. Many gas
2005, mandated the EPA dictate - mowers, chain saws, generators, and outcry, the EPA slightly reduced the stations are offering E-85 (15%
at that time, an increasing number numerous other small engines re- mandate, but unless Congress passes ethanol, 85% gasoline) as a less
of gallons of ethanol be blended sponded. They reported they made legislation altering or repealing the expensive fuel. Do not fuel your
into the countrys fuel supply each adjustments to allow for use of E-10 Renewable Fuel Standards, they tank with the cheaper E-85. No
year. Numbers of gallons were to but would not be able to prevent se- are required by law to continue the matter how much stabilizer you add,
be achieved by certain target dates. vere damage that could occur from mandates (see graphic). chances are you could destroy your
The incentive was to increase the the use of E-15 blended fuels. If the EPA cannot adjust its man- engine and void your warranty.n

I disagree with Smiths deer recommendations

We need to write about predator control and improving habitat in the U.P.
Dear Woods-N-Water News: and only 37 percent of the collared these buck rules went into effect? Instead of dividing sports-
I realize everyone is entitled does survived that winter. Only 11 In the past, we counted on buck men, perhaps Mr. Smith could find
to their own opinion. For Richard percent and 13 percent of the fawns fawns to make it through the win- something useful to do with his
Smith to write that the U.P. buck survived the next two winters. Is it ter, so they could be the primary writing skills. We need help getting
rules have devastated the U.P. deer any wonder why our U.P. deer herd breeder the next fall. They then wolves delisted, other predators
herd, in my opinion, is just plain was not growing? were shot. We had very few other managed, our deer fat going into
nuts! All these bucks Smith claims age classes of bucks. We are just winter, food and cover in our deer
So, the tough winters, uncon- we lost, were lost as fawns. Fawns too efficient at killing them. wintering complexes, and early
trolled wolves, and other predators, are the first to die in any tough In any wildlife population, you green up foods available when they
along with a lack of good winter winter. This is exactly why we need want a good spread of age classes break out in the spring. Maybe he
habitat had nothing to do with it. a good spread of age classes of of both sexes, to help sustain the could write something on these,
No, it must be the three points bucks in our herd. After a buck has population through events such as real issues. After reading Smiths
on a side rule that we put on one made it through a winter or two, it the winters that took out so many opinions on deer management, Im
tag that is responsible, according to is much more likely to survive. We deer. The U.P. buck rules have not sure of his credibility in any
Smith. pretty much lost three age classes helped do just that. If anything, of his other writings. Repeating
In the three years that the U.P. of deer during those tough winters. they may not be strict enough. His something over and over does not
Predator/Prey Study was in the Just where would we be if we comments on Lower Michigan deer make it true.
mid-snowfall zone, none of the counted on yearling bucks as the management are similarly out of George Lindquist
fawns survived the first winter, primary breeder like we had before touch. Negaunee , MI


Hot Topics In The Outdoors...My Thoughts, My Views

Are APRs a concern with the presence of CWD?

hitetail deer
Guest Column By Dick Zook transmission of disease.
Winter migrations that congre-
deer popula- questions related to the available territory. The distance will fluctu- gate deer for cover and food occur
tion density, information on CWD, test sampling ate from the adjacent forty acres to throughout the state but on a lesser
and deer hunt- technique, and other testing results many miles, or as far as the yearling scale for distance and size of yard-
ing are impor- that do not indicate that bucks have buck wants to travel. The distance ing area. Smaller migration and/or
tant factors in understanding the a higher prevalence than does. There would be dependent on numerous deer congregating in winter cover
transmission and control of chronic are several factors to consider to factors which include; finding favor- occurs for extended periods in the
wasting disease (CWD). There are better understand the possibilities. able nutrition, security, cover and northern Lower Peninsula even dur-
several important points to consider. Yearling Buck social conditions. It would be rea- ing normal winters.
This information was presented to Dispersal Spreading CWD sonable to expect that most yearling The southern Lower Peninsula
the Natural Resources Commission Yearling buck dispersal is only a bucks would travel only as far as sees deer congregating in wet lands
at the May meeting. piece of deer movement that occurs needed to satisfy those conditions. and river corridors during the winter
There is speculation that year- that may lead to the spread of CWD. This is generally considered to be a near their agricultural home range.
ling whitetail deer that disperse may Consider that fawn recruitment on one-way trip. Again, this congregates a high
be cause for the spread of CWD. an annual basis can vary widely Deer Movement in General percentage of the deer herd every
This is due partly to test results from depending on conditions and avail- Now expand the scope of this winter, resulting in high densities,
different locations around the coun- able food. discussion to deer movement in gen- close contact and drastically higher
try that indicate the buck population An annual population increase eral throughout the year, to include risk of disease transmission. This
has a higher prevalence for CWD can vary, generally with an esti- deer migration for winter (thermal) is considered to be a round trip and
than does. Do bucks really have mate between 20-30 percent annual cover and available food (nutrition), would provide for transfer of disease
a significantly higher prevalence increases in deer population being and for adult bucks roaming during in both directions. It is probable that
rate for CWD than does or is that reasonable at fawn recruitment time. the rut. deer migration in general constitutes
an assumption based on test data That would leave 10-15 percent The annual migrations of a high more of a risk of disease transmis-
from various locations, with many of the deer population as yearling percentage of deer in large geo- sion than dispersing yearling bucks.
variables, differing geographic sizes, bucks less additional mortality from graphic areas of the Upper Penin- Also consider the annual rut
and differing sample selection at dif- hunting season through the winter, sula to winter yarding areas many when adult bucks roam widely
ferent times of the year? and then available to disperse. miles from their home range occur outside of their home territory for
This certainly bears further It is generally recognized that for winter thermal cover and avail- up close and personal contact. Adult
research and study before drawing a very high percentage of yearling able food. This leads to very high
that conclusion. There are still many bucks do disperse from their home deer densities and exposing deer to APRs and CWD page 76

Do you really want to eat that CWD deer?

efore we get too far
into this, I want to note
If you dont By Stephen King 30Also,or more years.
from what
dominos. Like, when they are all
standing, one flops over and causes
that at the moment, know, CWD is a Ive read, theyre the rest to flop over. That may be a
most officials are still disease that infects deer. It affects really not so sure about this. Im bit over simplified. But, it kind of
saying that there is no their brains and causes them to act thinking it may stay active for a lot explains it.
danger of contract- rather unusually and then wither longer. These are things not a lot of peo-
ing any disease from eating a deer away and die. Once contracted, You see, CWD is not like other ple are talking a lot about. Yet. But,
contaminated with Chronic Wast- there is no known cure. And, it is diseases. With most other diseases, I clearly remember a few years back
ing Disease. And, I do not want to always fatal. there is a bug, or bacteria, or a virus. and the Mad Cow disease thing.
cause a panic. But, on the flip side, This disease has been garner- These are little bitty critters that can Everybody was saying this could
I am starting to see indications that ing a lot of press lately in this area be killed. Thats what all the hand not be passed to people. Then, a few
all involved are not all that sure of because the DNR is fighting a battle washing and food safety is about. people over in Britain, I believe, got
themselves. to keep CWD out of this state. At Killing off the bad germs. sick. They wiped out a few million
A lot of this comes from a the moment, it is running rampant in But, the culprits in CWD are cows. Really bad time to be a cow.
recent Eastern U.P. Citizens Advi- some western States. And, has got- actually things called Prions. Now, they are saying CWD
sory Council meeting (EUP CAC). ten a serious foothold into Wiscon- (Pronounced either PRY-ON or cant be passed to humans. And, yes,
There, DNR Wildlife Biologist sin. PREE-ON) They are some nasty I believe everything the government
Terry Minzey related some new The problem is that once it gets little things. They are described as tells me. Yeah, right!
information about CWD. He talked into an area, it is extremely hard to a folded protein. What that is ex- No matter. What is clear is that
about a study that is being done over get rid of. Actually just about impos- actly, I dont have a clue. But, what we really need to do everything we
in Alberta, Canada. Minzey stated sible. In one piece I read, they took I have learned is that they are nasty. can to keep CWD out of Michigan.
that in this study, they had taken 18 an area that they knew was contami- At least the bad ones are. Ap- As of now, there are a few affected
small monkeys and exposed them nated, like a barn, and cleaned it. parently, we all have them in us. deer that have been found in Lower
to CWD in various fashions. Some The way they do with most things. However, they are normal ones. The Michigan. In a corridor that seems
of which by feeding them CWD Hot water, chlorine, detergents and CWD prions are not normal. They to be following the Grand River.
infected deer meat. the like. Didnt faze it. A year later cause the various diseases associ- And, remember, once CWD gets
The really interesting part is that and it was still there. This was in a ated with them. How they do this is established, it is almost impossible
some of the monkeys have now con- controlled area. Once it gets into the that a bad prion changes the good to eradicate. At the moment, there is
tracted this disease. The really scary soil in an area, it stays there. ones. In a way I have not heard to- no known way.
part is that the reason they used For a very long time. At the tally explained, they cause the other Now, at the EUP CAC meeting,
the monkeys is that they are really moment, the current thought is that prions to fold.
closely related to people, biologi- it stays active in the soil for at least To me, this sounds a lot like Eat deer with CWD? page 77
Letters, My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...

CWD? Deer have survived for millions of years!

robably everyone that serious in finding adult thoughts on CWD. had upper ivory tusks, was noted to
has read about this deer that are immune to What! My name doesnt be a mature deer and no bigger than
awful CWD problem CWD? Forget five or six start with Dr. But he asked a terrier dog.
has read that all deer deer for CWD research, we and I said, deer have been I mentioned a prehistoric lake in
that have been exposed need to think in thousands. here for millions of years present day Kansas. A massive vol-
to CWD have expired I believe we will find those and have evolved to what canic eruption took place in present
from the contact. How many deer few special bucks and does they are today due to their day Yellowstone National Park five
have been exposed to CWD on pur- and not stop until we do! ability to adjust to the million years ago and laid down six
pose for research? In controlled large fenced changing environment. inches of ash a thousand miles
Obviously I cannot know the in areas let the If there was an away in this Kansas lake. Most
exact number, but what I have read
its only a few, five or six for a test
immune bucks
and does produce
By Ed Spinazzola animal catastro-
phe the last three
animals go to water when suffocat-
ing. The state park at this lake holds
but never numbers like two or three immune fawns. Check the fawns animals to survive would be the skeletons of horses, camels many
thousand. We have all been told that for CWD immunity and place the cockroach, coyote and the white- predators and yes terrier sized deer
all deer exposed to CWD in a re- chosen ones right in the middle of tailed deer. with ivory tusks. Thats five mil-
search program have died of CWD. a CWD core area. This is not a five I continued, Patricia and I lion years that we know of deer
What about the deer chosen for this year program, it may be for decades. toured northern Canada and Alaska evolution. How many other animal
research, where did they come from? Our deer are precious to all and they in 1988 and visited the Fairbanks species can you count that survived
I found little scientific reasoning in now need our help. Natural Science Museum. I knew for that length of time and are still
the location of the deer chosen or I was part of the Deer and about the huge blue wood bison and around?
the number of deer chosen to die. Turkey Spectacular last February in saber tooth tiger display and was That Kansas lake story alone,
Im not a trained biological research Lansing along my longtime friend excited to see it. We did and that five million years convinces me that
professional, but I think I was gifted Dr. Grant Woods of deer Man- bison was huge. This display was we will find CWD immunity.
with some common sense. Wouldnt agement fame who was also was presented as animals during the ice Ed Spinazzola, is an associate
it make sense to choose deer that are giving seminars. My wife Patricia age. A glassed in display caught my with Tony LaPratts Land Manage-
in the core of a serious CWD pan- and grandson Joey Burk invited eye. This was in the prehistoric pe- ment for more information call
demic but deer that appear healthy Dr. Woods for dinner and it was a riod area. It was a skeleton of a small 586-784-8090 or see our web sites
and are mature? great time for all. As we sipped on deer, aged at three million years old. or www.
Wouldnt it make sense to get good wine, Dr Woods asked me my There were no antlers but the buck

APRs and CWD: from page 75 Action to Control

or Contain CWD
This discussion does not cover
to reducing the spread of CWD.
Second, the willing support of
the hunting community to harvest
the whole CWD plan, but there are the deer and reduce the populations
buck movement during the rut for Unresolved Questions several very important points to is essential. Hunting and harvest of
personal contact could be a bigger Did the lack of an APR in Wis- consider. Extensive testing must does is the only tool available on the
risk for disease transmission than consin slow the spread of CWD? continue to help facilitate any suc- scale needed to reduce populations.
yearling buck dispersal. Did Wisconsin have the support of cessful actions. All of the efforts and Also, with reduced populations the
There certainly are unknowns the state or local elected offices? action by the MDNR must continue deer movement in general would be
that require further research and Did Wisconsin gain the needed sup- if not expand, particularly as relates expected to diminish by numbers
study. However there is one thing port of the hunting community in to communicating with the hunt- and reduce the concentration. Elimi-
that high deer density and close trying to reduce the population? ing community. There are two very nating an APR is, at best, a second-
contact brings to light and that is a How many deer are dying of important high priority actions that ary action and is unlikely to reduce
population reduction by harvesting a CWD and being consumed in the must occur to eradicate, contain or the spread of CWD.
high percentage of does is the high- field by predators, and in what buck- minimize the expansion of CWD. What do we want Michigans
est priority action that is needed. to-doe ratio? First, the depopulation of cap- results to look like three to five
Then lower deer density will most Are most of the buck samples in tive facilities and a significantly years down the road, and what ac-
likely result in reduced probabil- other states obtained from hunters reduced population of wild and tion needs to be taken NOW as our
ity of contacting or transmitting when bucks are being targeted? free ranging deer in a CWD zone best chance for success? Further
CWD, and healthier deer, possibly Did other states have limited doe as a minimum must occur for any study may help and may alter an
with more resistance to contracting harvests making it difficult to draw success to be achieved. A reduced action plan, but waiting while the
disease. a reasonable conclusion? How do whitetail deer population in the disease spreads out of control is
Wisconsin Situation these questions affect the testing re- southern Lower Peninsula is critical unacceptable.n
Wisconsin is one of the states sults, and the logic of conclusions?

My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions

with very high rates of infection There are many factors here
over a large geographic area and that have not been sorted through
continuing to spread. The harvest or considered to be able to conclude
of yearling bucks in Wisconsin for that an APR needs to be eliminated
the 2015 year is shown as 55 for helping to reduce the transfer of Share your thoughts, views, opinions or short stories with
percent of the total harvest in the CWD. Woods-N-Water News readers by emailing
Bovine TB Comparison
QDMA Whitetail Report. This is
listed as the highest of both the Are Bovine TB and CWD simi- or mail to
Midwest and country wide. Obvi- lar in cycle, prevalence, and how the Woods-N-Water News, PO Box 278, Imlay City, MI 48444
ously there is neither an APR
harvest regulation in place nor
disease is spread?
Has buck prevalence been iden-
Questions regarding Woods-N-Water News subscriptions,
much voluntary application of an tified as a problem for TB control in newsstand sales, Outdoor Weekend, stories, trophy page
APR. The spread of CWD in
Wisconsin is alarming if not disas-
Has yearling buck dispersal been
contact our office Mon. - Fri. 8 am-5 pm 810-724-0254,
trous for the whitetail deer herd identified as a factor to spread TB or facebook woodsnwaternews
and the hunting community. outside the control zone?
Hot Topics In The Outdoors... My Thoughts, My Views (continued)

Deer Baiting to remain legal in Plant native predators!

Iosco, Presque Isle Counties Dear Woods-N-Water News:
They found an Asian carp above
systems MAY 23, 2016).
So we can watch Asian carp
For the time being, deer hunting with bait will remain legal in Iosco the electric barrier, the same barrier swim across the electric barrier and
and Presque Isle Counties based on action the Natural Resources Com- they told you they always could. maybe wait for years for the Bran-
mission (NRC) took at their meeting June 8 on Michigan Technological Schools of small fish always den Road, lock thing. Or we can
Universitys Campus in Houghton on some DNR deer hunting recommen- have been able to cross the barrier. plant native species/predators and go
dations. The FED proved it, warned you but on the offensive for invasive spe-
The DNR recommended a ban on baiting in those two counties in we kept using it, maybe the Asian cies.
an order that was presented for information at the NRCs May meeting carp wont get across with the other They told you what could hap-
in Ludington. The recommendation was made because deer that tested
positive for TB have come from Presque Isle County each of the last four fish? The USGS says to control pen, and it did! We have a chance to
invasive species you have to plant be proactive with Asian carp or do
years. A whitetail that had TB showed up in Iosco County during 2016.
Commissioner JR Richardson from Ontonagon, who is on the Com- native species, because if you dont nothing.
missions Fisheries and Wildlife Committee, made a motion to amend the the ecosystem will be vulnerable to Sincerely,
order to eliminate the ban on baiting in those two counties, which was sup- subsequent reinvasion, by the same Tom Matych
ported and approved unanimously by the four commissioners who were or additional invasive species (Eco- Twin Lake
at the meeting. The other commissioners present were Chairman John
Matonich from Gogebic County, Christine Crumbaugh and Louise Klarr.
We voted to allow baiting in Iosco and Presque Isle Counties because
the US Department of Agriculture currently lists these counties as TB
free, Crumbaugh commented after the vote was taken. We want to be
Eat deer with CWD: from page 75
consistent with the USDA. We dont know how long baiting will remain Terry also talked about pending So, the big issue is finding a cure.
legal in those counties. Legislation that was introduced Or, at least finding a way to stop
Matonich echoed his fellow commissioners comments saying, We by the late Rep. John Kivela of the spread of this disease. Next, we
want to be consistent with the cattle world. Marquette raising the penalties for can slow the spread by not moving
Presque Isle and Iosco Counties were originally included among the bringing in a CWD tainted deer. Or, contaminated deer. This is something
counties where baiting for deer was illegal when the TB Zone was estab- a deer from areas known to have we can do now. Dont go hunting in
lished. But when the USDA changed the TB status of Presque Isle and cer- CWD, such as Wisconsin? Coat the an affected area and bring that deer
tain townships in Iosco County during 2011, baiting was legalized in those perpetrator in honey and stake them home.
areas. The USDA accredited all of Iosco County as TB-free in 2013 and over an anthill. Probably wont hap- Which brings us back to that title
the NRC subsequently legalized baiting in the remainder of that county. pen. But, what we are talking about question, Do you really want to eat
By Richard P. Smith is potentially an end to deer as we that CWD deer? Think about the
know them. sick monkeys.n

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DNR and Partners; Oak Savanna Restoration in Southwest Michigan...By the MDNR

Working for Wildlife

icture yourself in a beau-
tiful parklike setting with
scattered, sprawling oak
trees framed against a
brilliant blue sky. As you
bring your eyes toward
the ground you see a blanket of
wildflowers punctuated by clumps
of grasses as far as the eye can see.
The air is sweet with nectar, and
you see countless butterflies and
notice deer and turkeys foraging in
the distance. You hear the sweet trill
of a multitude of birds and feel a
breeze through the leaves of the bur
oak in front of you.
This is how one settler described
walking through an oak savanna in
southern Michigan.
Tallgrass prairie and associated
savanna were at their continental
boundary in southern Michigan
when white settlers arrived and had
largely disappeared before scientists Logger Al Nor throp removes trees for timber sale at the Preston Road Savanna Project at the Three
could describe them, Kim Alan Rivers State Game Area in western St. Joseph County. MDNR photos
Chapman and Richard Brewer, of
the Department of Biological Sci- sity, said in their scientific paper ecology of prairie and savanna in savannas as a priority ecosystem for
ences at Western Michigan Univer- on the history, classification and southern Lower Michigan. habitat restoration and management.
Chapman and Brewer said the Consequently, savanna manage-
historical extent of upland prairie, ment is occurring on many of the
wet prairie and savanna in Michigan state game areas and sites on private
Limberlost Farms
was estimated to be 2.23 million lands throughout the area.
acres, with savanna constituting 78 One example of work being
25 Years of fulfilling hunters dreams percent. done on public land is the Preston
Today over 99 percent of these Road Savanna Project at the Three
original savannas are gone, said Rivers State Game Area in western
Ken Kesson, a Michigan Depart- St. Joseph County.
ment of Natural Resources wildlife This unique project highlights
biologist for Berrien, Cass, St. how partners from the private and
Joseph and Branch counties. This public sectors can work together to
is unfortunate, as many wildlife spe- complete an excellent restoration
cies use savannas for all or part of project that benefits wildlife species,
their life cycle. provides a valuable boost to Michi-
Savannas provide valuable habi- gans economy and offers excep-
tat for many wildlife species such as tional recreational opportunities for
Karner blue butterflies, eastern mas- state game area visitors.
sasauga rattlesnakes, upland sand- The Preston Road savanna was
pipers, prairie voles, wild turkeys, historically a black oak savanna.
white-tailed deer and fox squirrels. In evaluating the site during
Savanna, a fire-maintained the summer of 2015, DNR staff
plant community co-dominated by identified scattered, large, open-
herbaceous plants and trees, was grown oak trees and several savanna
called oak openings or oak barrens indicator species in the understory,
by European settlers, depending on Kesson said. These observations
the type of soil and tree species, indicated the site may respond posi-
according to Chapman and Brewer. tively to restoration and manage-
Offering our all Given the historical abundance ment efforts.
inclusive package hunts and modern rarity of prairie and During the spring of 2016,
September-October! savanna in Michigan, their ecologi- Northrop Logging, a local timber
cal status is of great scientific and company, approached the DNR
conservation interest. about the possibility of harvesting
Check out a community abstract hardwood chip material from state-
on dry-mesic prairie, associated with managed lands.
oak savanna, in southern Michigan DNR staff recognized the op-
Our very popular one day hunts For More Information from the Michigan Natural Features portunity to work together with
130-145 SCI- $2300 and Dates Call Inventory at the timber company and capitalize
145-160 SCI- $3395 989-785-4034 dnrstories) on the new, local market demand
160-175 SCI- $4595 In southwest Michigan, the DNR for chip material to remove trees
Wildlife Division has identified that had invaded the Preston Road
savanna site.
Its nice to have the opportunity
to work close to home with the local
land managers, said Al Northrop,
owner of Northrop Logging. It
saves us money in trucking and pro-
vides a good product that we need.
The harvested wood chips even-
tually will be used by another local
company from Holland, Michigan
to create wood pellets for heating
homes across the Midwest.
The DNR strives to work with
local companies and organiza-
tions to achieve mutually beneficial
goals, Russ Mason, DNR Wildlife
Division chief, said. Partnerships A restored savanna in Cass County with a diverse mix of established restoration plants.
such as this enable us to accom-
plish projects that otherwise may be nerships involving the private sector but especially the oak openings, tion groups and natural resource
impossible or too costly to complete to accomplish the clearing work, which were a dominant ecological agencies to identify, protect and
independently. and through the generous support of feature of southern Lower Michigan. restore large blocks of oak openings
The timber harvest and chipping Enbridge Energy and coordination Since oak openings existed in southern Michigan, especially
process was completed this spring, through Pheasants Forever, Kesson on a large scale, small reserves are those that contain other prairie and
and further restoration efforts have said. insufficient to represent former eco- savanna plant communities.
been initiated. The process of clear- Projects like the Preston Road logical processes and encompass the For more information on
ing the woody debris left from the savanna work demonstrate how majority of animal and plant species DNR Working for Wildlife
timber operation is currently under- strong partnerships can be used to characteristic of oak openings. projects, visit
way. affect quality management of state The writers urged conserva- workingforwildlife.n
At the same time, the DNR real- lands.
ized an opportunity, through another There are many other projects
partnership, to enhance wildlife in the DNRs southwest region
habitat in at the Crane Pond State that also highlight how the DNR is
Game Area in neighboring Cass working for wildlife by cooperating
County. with conservation partners, local
The agency worked with En- communities, businesses and orga-
bridge Energy Partners, L.P. and nizations.
Pheasants Forever to leverage Habitat destruction has a ma-
mitigation funds from an Enbridge jor impact on game and non-game
pipeline replacement project to animals, including threatened and
receive additional funding to favor- endangered species. Strengthen-
ably impact the site. ing ecosystems, in this case oak
With funding from Enbridge savanna, through habitat work is
Energy and Pheasants Forever we critical to the survival of Michigans
were able to improve local habitat wildlife.
conditions in the same area where Chapman and Brewer said,
habitat was impacted by pipeline re- Michigans extensive savannas
placement thereby balancing local defined much of southern Lower
impacts with local improvements, Michigan and were characterized by
said Mark Sargent, DNR Wildlife a complex interaction of fire, tree
Division southwest region supervi- canopy cover, and herbaceous plant
sor. This was an excellent example diversity.
of preparation meets opportunity, Soils, landscape setting,
and in 2016 the project began. drought, and other disturbances in-
The site soon will be treated to fluenced these interactions. The oak
combat invasive species. Previously grubs found in Michigans savan-
farmed openings will be planted nas and described by early writers
to generate a high-quality savanna are now understood as essential for
restoration mix of plant species. perpetuating the tree canopy of fire-
Areas that have plants that could po- maintained savannas.
tentially help rejuvenate seed banks These remnants represent less
will be allowed to regenerate. than 0.1 percent of Michigans his-
Habitat rehabilitation at the site torical prairie and savanna acreage.
will require continued management In their Prairie and Savanna in
for several years, but in the end, the Southern Lower Michigan: History,
result will be a quality oak savanna Classification, Ecology which
for the people of Michigan to enjoy was published in the Michigan Bota-
and visit for generations to come. nist Chapman and Brewer said,
The project would not have given this historic loss of habitat,
been possible without strong part- any remnant should be protected,
Join us in sharing interesting and sometimes rare trail cam
and/or outdoor photos with our readers.
Send your photos to: (please submit in jpeg format)

Ken Balls trail cam photo of

a wary Newaygo Co. bobcat.

This bear attacked the backyard bird feeder This jake captured on trail cam by Dwayne Maurer in
of Douglas Baker in Gladwin. Huron Co. seemed to be yelling back at the camera.

This coyote was taking a

break in Rex Corbetts food
plot near Wolverine.

Ken and Dawn Ball of Newaygo County

captured this doe and fawn on their trail
A thirsty black bear getting a drink in Lake County
outside of Baldwin was caught by Mike Albers trail

Kraig Staples of Millersburg

has trail cam that just keeps
capturing great wildlife pho-
Young and old can take up setting trail cams. tos. Top, a young bull elk and
Three-year-old Rickie Perry picks the tree bottom a black bear.
to hang his trail cam and got this beautiful Tom Spillanes trail cam caught this fawn at his cabin
photo of a doe and her fawns near Lowell. in St. Helen.


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starting at 1500
Youth & Doe Hunts
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Lets Go Hunting

7431 Dickerson Rd., Manton, Michigan 49663

269.624.2230-office 269.217.1487-cell
Sporting Collectibles...

The Go-Ite Manufacturing Company

PART II Their spring-summer 1923 ads ap-
peared in Outdoor Life, National
began my Go-Ite Manu- Sportsman, and Forest and Stream
facturing story in last but were much smaller in size. The
months Woods-n-Water 1923 ads promoted only the title
News where I covered Reels-Baits-Lines-Etc. along
the companys begin- with a simple line drawing of the
nings in Kokomo, Indiana teardrop reel. The ads also invited
and introduced Rexford Hite and anglers to write for descriptive
George Goin who combined parts literature, though no copies of this
of their last names to create Go-Ite early paperwork are known to exist.
Manufacturing. They began One last note about
by inventing the Go-Ite George Goin. His name
Gasometer, a better way was tied to the Go-Ite
to measure the amount Gasometer patent along
of gasoline and to fill the with his partners name, but
early model gas tanks that George and Rex apparently
were housed under the went their separate ways
front seat cushion of Fords at this time. There is no
and Chevrolets. The patent mention of George being A happy Minnesota angler holding up a nice stringer of walleyes all
By Terry McBurney
application for involved in Go- caught on his Go-Ite teardrop reel and steel rod, circa late 1940s.
their better auto- Ite Manufactur-
mobile gas filler ings fishing Both reels were one-piece die-cast The only change over the years
and gauge was tackle. aluminum construction along with was that the location changed from
made on March 24, 1919, and ads The Go-Ite reels made in Ko- assorted metal parts - shafts, wash- Kokomo to Flint and finally to
were run in 1920, 1921 and early komo came in two sizes: a smaller ers, springs, a cast aluminum reel Birmingham.
1922, so production only lasted in teardrop reel that measured 4 foot, an agate line guide, and a soft The same was true for Go-Ite
all likelihood no more than about -inches in diameter and weighed wool washer used to retain oil. Rex metal baits. The bodies were
three years. 4-oz. and the larger size that mea- Hite in all likelihood owned the stamped out by different contractors
This all changed in March 1922 sured 5 -inches in diameter and different dies to make the aluminum over the years using dies that Rex
when the first Go-Ite fishing ad was weighed 6-oz. They came packaged castings, and he presumably con- Hite would have supplied to them.
run in Field and Stream magazine in two-piece cardboard boxes with a tracted out the work over the years The other parts were purchased such
introducing the companys Indiana- photo of the reel on the top and were to different firms that specialized as treble hooks, swivels, the tell-tale
style teardrop reels and Water-Plane stamped KOKOMO, INDIANA. in aluminum die casting wherever red wooden beads, as well as wire to
metal baits in plain and feathered Two different versions of the he was living at that time. Once the make the metal shafts. At that point,
models. Other spring-summer ads boxes have been found - one had basic part came out of the mold, it all that was required was assembly
soon followed, appearing in both Goite printed as one word and the had to be de-burred, cleaned, and whether it was a reel or one of their
Outers Recreation magazine and other variation had the more com- polished, though removal of the metal baits.
Field and Stream. These ads fea- mon elongated diamond logo with excess material on the outer edge of Finished product was then boxed
tured line drawings of both their the Go-Ite name. Regardless of the rim did result in small variations and ready to be shipped. The com-
teardrop reel and spinners along which size reel, Kokomo-made reels in the diameters of Go-Ite reels. pany could easily be moved from
with excellent descriptive copy. are rare and hard to find. The aluminum reel foot was cast city to city based on where Rex Hite
straight, flat, and pointing to the was working. Rex owned the molds
right. The main shaft assembly was and the dies, but not the machinery
a copy of the assembly on the Cole- needed to make the parts. He sup-
man reel and remained unchanged plied the molds and dies and then
throughout Go-Ite reel production. assembled the finished product from
The interesting little brass name those parts.
plate was riveted to the foot and had Sometime in mid-1924 Rex, his
PATENT APP FOR and KO- wife Golda, and their three chil-
KOMO, IND stamped on it. The dren Lorraine, Joseph, and Robert,
Go-Ite slogan -- A REAL REEL -- moved from Kokomo, Indiana to
was also stamped on the name plate. Detroit where Rex went to work for

A Go-Ite ad from 1923 promoting Go-Ite reels, lures and line (July One of their first ads after they moved from Kokomo to Detroit in 1924 pro-
1923 Outdoor Life ) moting their free catalog for reels, lures and line (July 1924 Outdoor America ).
GM as a pattern maker. The family willing to advertise and sell his Go- of bamboo casting and fly rods, a own right?
lived at 7437 14th Street in Detroit, Ite reels, baits and fishing line. larger assortment of Water-Plane Feel free to contact the author
a residential area less than a mile It was a tough time to be a small metal baits, and a new wood bass at
southwest of nearby Henry Ford business, with millions of Ameri- bait named the Fish Fooler that with your questions. Photographs
Hospital. Go-Ite Manufacturing cans out of work, as well as little was reminiscent of South Bends are important, so please send them.
also changed to the same address demand for most new fishing tackle. top-selling Bass Oreno wood lure. They help me with identification and
with their first Detroit ad running in Our economy bottomed out in 1932 There was also a full page of give me an idea of the condition of
the July 1924 issue of the Outdoor and 1933 followed by four years testimonials highly recommending the item.
America magazine. The companys of rapid growth, and then Go-Ite Go-Ite anti-backlash reels including Next month: A closer look at
Detroit ads were the same small ads Manufacturing started advertising my favorite customers letter, which Go-Ites tackle manufacturing in
as the 1923 and 1924 Kokomo ads fishing tackle again sometime in reads: Have just returned from an Flint, as well as Go-Ites move
but with two key changes. FREE 1935. Apparently, Rex recognized eight weeks fishing trip through to Birmingham, Michigan after
CATALOGUE ON TACKLE was that times were improving and the northern part of State and have WWII.n
featured at the top of the ad along there was again a call for his fishing shown the GO-ITE reel to a great
with a postage stamp-sized drawing products. This decision would have many fishermen. Most everyone
of the new Go-Ite catalogs front been made sometime the year before wanted to know where I bought
cover. The drawing of the teardrop and production would have started mine, or where they could secure
reel was dropped from the ad. No as well on a significantly expanded one. I referred them to Simmons
copy of this first Detroit catalog is lineup of Go-Ite tackle products. Hdwe. Co. or through their local
known to exist, though a second The one exception was a single dealer. I have three other reels of the
Detroit catalog cover has been dis- ad run in the June 1929 issue of best makes, but for casting, trolling
covered featuring a canoeist fighting Popular Mechanics classified ad or even still fishing, there is no reel
a fish under the title A Battle with a section promoting an amazing new for me like the GO-ITE from Flint,
BIG one. invention! The classified ad read: Mich. - signed by F. H. Fritz of
It is important to note that no $150-$200 WEEKLY. Amazing Luverne, Minnesota.
Go-Ite reels were stamped with De- new invention brings new riding There was also a full page pro-
troit on the brass name plate or on comfort to coach owners! Grab this moting a booklet entitled Fishing
the cardboard box even though Rex quick. Over 16 million prospects. Secrets at the back of the catalog
Hite and his family lived in Detroit Go-Ite, Flint, Michigan. The ad filled with information on How,
for about three years. Presumably, was looking for salesmen to sell When, Where - [for] Successful Bait
the product that he sold during this the Go-Ite E-Z Riding Coach Seat Casting for Bass and Pike. The
period all was made and stamped Springs, which were improved booklet was written by an unnamed
with Kokomo. replacement buggy springsand authority on bait casting for bass
Rex and his family remained in supposedly making the roughest and pike and guaranteed any begin-
Detroit for about three years during road smooth again! ner or professional to catch more
1924, 1925, and 1926. When they These first new Flint ads fea- bass and pike than ever dreamed of
moved again, this time to Flint, they tured just the Junior 4-inch size tear- using the Go-Ite Method.
took Go-Ite Manufacturing with drop reel for $4.95 and the Regular The book was $1, or free with
them. The first Go-Ite Flint ads ap- 5 -inch teardrop reel for $6, as the purchase of a Go-Ite reel or the The front cover from possibly their
peared in the April and May 1927 well as a free catalog. The Go-Ite ad equivalent in other Go-Ite tackle. second Detroit catalog. No copies
issues of both Outdoor America in the April 1936 issue of Field and No copy of the Fishing Secrets of this catalog have sur vived
magazine and Field and Stream and Stream, however, introduced two booklet is known to have survived, only the front cover.
were the same small ads as were run additional new reels: the 4 -inch though I would enjoy reading it and
under the Detroit address. The June Junior Fly and Bait Combination finding out who wrote it. Was the
and July ads, however, featured the Reel, which sold for $6.50 and the 5 unknown fishing authority Rex Hite
Water-Plane metal baits for $1 and -inch Special reel with a larger who was quite a fisherman in his
offered a free catalog showing the 250-yard capacity for lake trout,
complete line of Go-Ite tackle with salmon, and deep trolling for $6.95.
no mention of reels in the ads! A new 16-page Go-Ite Manufac-
I have been unable to find any turing Flint catalog was introduced
Go-Ite ads from 1928 through 1934, at the same time. A few rare copies
a seven year period when Rex Hite of the impressive catalog exist. It in-
and his family were living in Flint troduced a wide array of innovative
where he was again working as an products including the two new reels
automotive pattern maker. The Great mentioned above, the Daisy plastic
Depression began in late in 1929, fly box, two versions of a rod and
which certainly would have had a stringer holder, three different quali-
major effect on whether Rex was ties of silk casting line, two pages

A rare large-sized ad from Flint,

The front cover of the Flint Go- which promoted five different
Ite catalog featured many happy Go-Ite reels and offered the free
Go-Ite anglers. The 16-page Go-Ite Fishing Secrets booklet with the
One of the first Go-Ite ads after the company moved to Flint, Michigan featuring catalog was most likely published in purchase of a Go-Ite reel (Febru-
their Water-Plane metal baits (July 1927 Outdoor Recreation ). 1935 or 1936. ary 1937 Spor ts Afield ).
The strangest thing you ever caught while fishing Continued...

This will Quack you up

Dear Fish Diary: ing his fishing area. He hesitated,

caught and reeled in an entire boat mad mallard, he put a rock on his
with another fisherman aboard. stopped his fishing for a moment pole and ran for help with the duck-
n February, I launched my This month I have to sadly and watched them swim by. When ling still attached to the popper.
search for readers to write expose the mishaps of a child. Al- he felt they were out of his range, Ricks run for his mom and dad
to me about the strangest though Rick Weidman, of he made a cast, but as wasnt your ordinary run for help.
thing theyve ever caught Middleville, is no longer hell admit, he wasnt First, he had to scale 300 steps?
while fishing. As the stories a child, this horrific event exactly the best aim at What? 300-steps? Are you kidding
come in, Im sifting through happened to him when he this stage of his fishing me? That duckling would have been
them and getting some pretty good was. life. Realizing his errant pike or bass bait by the time I got to
laughs. I got this idea after I read Keep in mind, this is cast landed a bit too close the top of those stairs. It might have
about a fisherman in Miami, Florida, a seven-year old child. At to momma duck and her been fully grown by the time I got
catching a kilo of cocaine off the seven, your fishing skills ducklings, he began to back to it. But it is okay, Rick prob-
arent exactly the greatest retrieve his popper as fast ably didnt notice the long uphill
coast of Miami. If youve had an
even if youre fortunate as a seven-year old can. journey because of the tears pour-
odd catch, I certainly want to hear Poppers dont
enough to grow ing from his eyes and the panic in
By Ron St. Germain
about it. up having ac- exactly reel in his mind. When he got to his place
So far youve met Nancy Has- cess to a lake smoothly. They looking for his father, he was told
call, of Ostego, and got the hilari- all summer. go left, they his dad was down the road Ugh
ous story of her adventure catching At that age, the lake is like a giant go right, they go underwater, they Rick pushed on, down the road, sob-
and releasing a bat while fly fish- candy box and you just cant get bounce and they pop, pop, pop all bing, hoping to get help for his little
ing. Youve met Mark Leegstra, of enough of casting into it to see what the way back to you. feathered catch.
Grayling, who mysteriously caught you might reel in. You will fish from At some point in his hasty retreat Rick finally found his dad, and
a fawn, the extraordinary story of sun up to sun down and quite often he snagged a weed, then suddenly, together with a friend, they made it
Paul Kazmierski, the Grand Rapids by yourself because your parents the weed became a ducklingoh back to the lake with baby duck still
man who caught a pair of expensive just cant keep up with your enthu- no. Somehow, Rick had poked his hooked and mom still quacking up a
prescription glasses and actually siasm. popper into the webbing of a duck- storm. A friend of Ricks father used
found the owner and returned them. That is exactly what Rick was lings foot. I dont care how old you a flannel shirt to shield the holler-
There was the confession of Tom doing on this fine day. Fishing by are Rick, you have just committed ing hen while his father unhooked
Matych, who as a child caught a gas himself, repeatedly firing a clear the ultimate water-foul. He did the the duckling and released it back
can that had a bullhead stuck in it popper into the giant candy box right thing, he continued to reel in for the family reunion. Obviously
and threw the gas can back into the called Orchard Lake and anticipat- the duckling despite momma duck Ricks nerves have still not settled
lake and has harbored a lifetime of ing a strike from anything. But what now going berserk. down from the episode but he gets a
regrets for doing so. Last month we struck wasnt exactly the anything So now what? feather in his cap for a heroic effort.
met Jim Samuelson, the Dearborn Rick had in mind. Oh sure, Rick Well, he did what every seven- I wonder if after all of this Rick
man who in the middle of the night saw the family of ducks approach- year old would do in the face of a has ever used a popper while fishing
again. I wonder if Rick was a better

No Electricity? Keep Your Food Cold!

cast than hell admit and couldnt
defeat the temptation of trying to
hook a duck with that seven-year
old mentality. I wonder if the web-
bing on the ducklings foot ever
healed, or if there is still a hole in its
foot. I guess the only way to truly
know is if you are out fishing on
Orchard Lake near Baldwin, and
you see a duck swimming in circles,
well, that would be Ricks fault.
Ri-duck-ulous, wouldnt you
Funny fish stories
wanted: Strangest thing
youve ever caught...
With A Propane Fridge You Can Send a short description of your
best or worst fishing day, or worst
Keep it Cold. Anywhere. fishing-related adventure to me.
You dont have to write the entire
And Relax. story, just a brief outline of what
happened. If it has some humor to it
No Electricity Required! Ill be getting in touch with you and
well work on the completed story
Contact - Woods-n-Water News col-
For more information call 866.825.4013 umnist Ron St. Germain by calling
Diamond Refrigerators, 7295 50th Ave., Sears MI 49679 (517) 626-2814, e-mailing DaPho- Visit the authors Facebook page www.Facebook.
This angler knows how to hook em!
ts certainly not often that a that he was positive he had seen the
story drops out of nowhere man years back at the resort. He
and literally falls in your lap; was correct.
however, that is exactly what Later in the day, Bud stopped
recently took place. I was down to the rented cabin and talked
with a friend, Bud Thomas, with the guys, asking if they would
who had just picked up a trailer load like to be interviewed for a story
of cedar half logs for remodeling his in Woods-N-Water News? No
cabin on Raber Bay and we were hesitation. All agreed. So our story
getting gas at the station begins...
in Cedarville. A club-cab In February of 1969,
pickup truck pulling a John Kailing was working
boat drove up to the next as a lineman for a Lower
gas pump. As three of the Michigan power company
men exited, they stretched and as the crew was switch-
muscles as though cramped ing from old wire to new,
from a long journey. Bud something went dramati-
asked, Where did you fel- cally wrong! Electricity
lows come from? Their arced and entered Johns

By Betty Sodders
answer was Reed right arm, exiting
City, some four his left thigh. His
hours southwest arms and hands John Kailings (second from left) fishing companions included his
of the Mackinac Bridge. The next were severely burned plus there was son, Matt, Travis Wilson and Brian Her vy all of Reed City.
question was, Where are you head- a wound on his thigh in the shape of
ed? That answer was surprising! a flying dove. Unbelievably, at this on the inside of the arms not the and breakfast, lunch and dinner
The fishermen were on their way to point, he was still alive. Skin grafts outside. A decision to remove the vexed him beyond imagination.
Dans Resort, just a few doors down were required to cover the electric- damaged arms was the next move. Johns a big man and he had to be
from Buds cabin on Mikes Land- itys exit area. As we talked, I learned that John spoon fed! In his own words John
ing Road, Raber. As bad as things appeared, John Kailing was an active outdoors per- explained his dilemma! The nurses
We noted that the last man to faced greater problems with his son whose pursuits included hunting aide would put 3 peas on the spoon
leave the vehicle had two hooks for arms and hands...they were healing and fishing.
hands and Bud nudged me to advise from the inside out; skin forming Johns hospital stay was lengthy Angler knows how page 86



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of moving from activity to activity
with the progressing seasons as he
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I asked John Kailing what he a week. This trip, however, just a

Angler knows how: would consider to be a good days

fishing on the St. Marys River. He
replied, I havent ever had a bad
weekend. At least three trips north
a summer rounds out their U.P.
fishing trips. I asked which of the
fishing day up here yet. I dont care four is the best fish finder. Reply :
from page 85 if we get a single fish or not for it is Brian for walleye and pike. Who
being up north that counts. I love it was the best fish hooker? Of course
like I was a baby. I became angry. John added to the conversation; here. Over the years Ive caught a that answer was John, as he had the
In no uncertain terms, I ordered the Following the accident, I started lot of fish, mostly walleye. I am just equipment.
hospital staff to see that I got two fishing again around 1988-89. It an average angler. If I dont catch Before we touch on Johns other
breakfasts, two lunches and two took a lot of practice. I was not any fish I know I probably will next out-of-doors pursuits, I asked the
dinners...every single day...and that I ashamed to sneak into one of the time out. Favorite sport! I like to gang of four one more question,
was fed with a tablespoon. fish hatcherys ponds where I caught fish Round Island waters...a virtual Who has the best fish story? Got
That burst of anger began Johns my share of fish. honey hole at times! an instant response! Brian Hervy!
determination to overcome the odds I have trouble baiting a hook. I used to like fishing for blue- The whopper fish tale took place
stacked against him. Upon receiv- If I use a worm, I cannot feel it gill at Paris. And one time, I did not later in the very day we met the
ing his prosthesis hooks; there were and before I know, the claw (hook) realize it, but I could have earned four fishermen at the gas station in
few things John could not figure out squashes it or puts a hole through the title, Master Angler having Cedarville. It went like this...
how to handle. Some things, how- it. Same holds true for putting on landed a trophy-sized 19-1/2 inch All four fishermen were in the
ever, were virtually impossible. One a crawler. Also, I use a specifically speckled bass. I must admit that was boat, fishing late in the afternoon.
proved to be putting a night crawler designed fishing rod. a good tasting fish. It was winter Brian snagged something with quite
on a crawler harness or a minnow There was a time when we and I caught him through an 8 hole a bit of weight behind it. Upon
on a hook. did not stay at Dans Resort; as for while ice fishing. reaching the surface, the men were
Frustrating as it must have been, five or six years we rented a mobile Johns fishing companions in- surprised to see a large pike, prob-
it is now second nature for his fish- home on Raber Bay from a friend cluded his son, Matt, Travis Wilson ably measuring 28-30 inches in
ing buddies to keep an eye out for (Royce) who wasnt much of a and Brian Hervy all of Reed City. length with an 18 inch walleye stuck
when John needs bait. fisherman, but he loved being out in Its fish camp time...that is evident. in its gill. One of the anglers told
John can launch the boat by the boat. Upon his passing, his wife .. laughs are hearty and frequent Brian to jerk the hook out and as he
himself, but it is difficult and since asked if we would take his ashes out while I am conducting the interview did the flesh fell away and putrid
he rarely fishes by himself, fish into the river to his favorite fishing with John. I learned all four men gasses were suddenly released.
friends provide what is needed to be hole near Round Island. Of course take turns cooking meals and with They had probably been more or
done. we agreed. We deemed it an honor. cabin chores. They usually stay less stoppered up due to the other


Takes you to a new concept of deer attraction.
Deer will freely enter your kill plot during daylight due
to the security and endless variety of forage deer prefer

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YOUR Edward Spinazzola
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Manufacturer of Fine Northern Hardwoods
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Standing Timber
The Brassica Blend provides both summer feed and winter forage. The Ultimate Blend is
SFI Trained Loggers and Forest Consultants
SFI Trained Loggers and Forest Consultants
Tony Lapratt and associate Chris Pierson
with new associate Ed Spinazzola
an excellent mix that includes both annual and perennials. The Wildlife Cover and Forage Blend
is designed to keep deer on your property by providing them a bedding area and food in close Wildlife and
Wildlife andTimberland Improvements
Timberland Improvements
proximity. Go to for a full list of ingredients and detailed planting instructions.


Select Cutting;
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cutting; Clear cutting
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Michigan Brassica Blend
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2725 Larch Rd. Harrison, MI 48625
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Book $25 then mail to: Shipping and handling $12.00 first bag $8.00
Upper Peninsula and the each additional bag
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Address Address
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Phone # Phone #


fish blocking the pikes airway. The After I lost my hands, it didnt take
stench was so strong and disgust- long to adapt to using the hooks,
ing that immediately Brian vomited and then the man said in a loud
several times. By far, all the men voice, I wanted to be outside...I
stated that it was the worst odor ever wanted to fish...I wanted to hunt!
encountered and they vacated the John hunts squirrels and deer. fast throttle. Again, his disability requires a
On a previous fishing trip, the modified firearm that employs a
four men pulled up a large catfish pistol grip for his 30.06. He cant
out of Raber Bay and did not know feel the trigger. He must maintain
what species of fish it happened to complete eye contact concentration
be. It proved to be 30 inches long, on that deer to judge when to fire
and when one of the anglers put the gun. He claims he is so
his line down a few minutes later, accurate that no deer has gotten
he landed a second catfish of ap- up following his shot. Remarkable!
proximately the same size. Once on One morning he shot a nice 8-point
shore, they learned they had taken buck. All he could pick up was
two nice catfish, and one of the lo- the white around its nose, white
cals claimed catfish were good eat- around the deers eyes and its
ing and filleted the fish and pan fried horns. He located the white
them, with the visitors claiming they throat patch and fired a shot at
had eaten no better fish. Delicious 250 yards. Deer down. Later the
was the verdict. same day, a 7-point buck was also
Later, I asked John if he had downed.
ever become involved with other John Kailing and Brian Her vy along with author during the inter view. I asked this man with the mar-
handicapped individuals and he been that in the past, he would have related that he drives semi-trucks, velous spirit for life, what advice he
stated that he did work with a buddy worked with handicapped adults. works with farm and heavy equip- had for others with severe handicap
of his who lost an arm in a snowmo- Immediately, Johns fishing crew ment, and claims that he has done challenges.
bile accident. The man was a good stated that he has served as a role some work with an electric welder His reply, Live life to the full-
mechanic. He chose to work with model for many others as well. that you just would not believe. est! Never lose your sense of humor.
just his good arm, rather than use his It is absolutely amazing what (I believe!) At that point in the Laugh at yourself when you do
prosthetic hand. Johns one wish has this man has accomplished. He interview, John smiled and advised, stupid things. Never give up.n

Semi-guided Rifle and Muzzleloader Whitetail

hunts still available this fall on FREE RANGE
400-acre farm in northern Michigan.
Sandra, General Manager 313-410-2204
Perry, Outfitter 906-241-9653
New outdoor gear just in time
for the new hunting seasons
s the calendar moves each enough to keep the material in con-
of us closer to our favorite stant contact with the barrels walls.
autumn pursuits, heres a Two of us tested the Ripcord on two
look at a few items meant to shotguns we thought we had put away
help us enjoy them. clean. The Ripcord found more dirt
Fishpond and left the barrels shining. PEET Shoe Dryer, Inc.
Horse Thief Tote
16-ounce waxed cotton canvas 800-222-PEET (7338)
exterior fabric Peet Dodorizr Module
100 percent recycled plastic Quiet and safe meets EPA and Horse Thief Tote C Fox Dog Collar Otis Rip Cord
fabric for interior lining OSHA ozone standards
18 x 9 x 16.5 inches Energy-efficient
For a do-it-all bag that nicely This item works! I tested it on a
blends form with function, the Horse pair of daily-worn, smelly, fleece-
Thief is tough to beat. Its waxed cot- lined slippers and then, in combina-
ton construction offers both tion with the PEET Original
a smart look and durability. Dryer, on a pair of hunting
The low profile, molded bot- boots. After a few hours,
tom helps keep it clean and each pair came out smelling
enables it to stand up. as fresh as a morning breeze. Irish Setter
On a 2,600-mile road The module is not lim- Ravine Boots
PEET Dodorizr Module Peregrine Field Gear
trip, the bag performed well ited to hunting boots. Use
as an overnight bag. Some it year round on ice skates
other potential uses: stor- or running shoes or in a
age bag for hunting or dog duffle bag of smelly hunting
gear, foul weather
By Tom Carney
clothes or hockey
or beach gear, travel gear. Blair Peet,
food just about President of PEETs,
anything. advises: Put the module in the bag,
C Fox Kennels zip it up, and let it work for a few hours. He also mentions hanging it
616-520-5151 in a small closet, or with the appropri-
Best Collar ate adapter, using it to rid the wet dog Dogtra L.L. Bean Pack ORCA Podster Gumleaf Vikings
Handmade smell in hunting vehicles that must
One-inch wide Herman Oaks double as date night transportation.
Synthetic Shotgun Holster Available sizes: 8-12, 13, 14 in
bridle leather L.L.Bean Pockets for up to five boxes of D and EE widths
Extra Heavy (14 ounces per 800-441-5713 shotgun shells (up to 3 inches) Heights: 7 or 9 inches
square foot) tallow load Maine Warden Day Pack Dual insulated water bottle holders My primary criterion for evaluat-
Bridle-quality brass buckles and Available in two sizes Combo unit comes with 5-gallon ing boots hinges on the answer to a
ring Body water-resistant ripstop green bucket and Big Bear Silent Spin simple question: At the end of the
Customized sizing available polyester bucket lid seat day, are my feet as happy to be wear-
Delivering the classic look, this Base TPU-coated, waterproof How many times have you had to ing them as they were at the begin-
collar is designed to last a dogs 400D double-ripstop nylon take a break from juggling or for rear- ning? With the Ravine, the answer
lifetime, according to builder Tim Hydration compatible, bladder ranging your armload of gear on the is a resounding Yes! You can read
Fox of C. Fox Kennels in Sand Lake, sold separately way to your dove field? The Venture about their specs at the Irish Setter
Michigan. The leather is tough, but Suffice it to say this: Maine State Bucket Pack transports all of that website. What I can tell you is Ive
the heavy dose of tallow makes it Game Wardens gave input on this except for your gun while keeping never found a more comfortable boot.
very flexible. A total of eight rivets packs design, and it will become your hands free. Its as simple as it Period. On my first two days of test-
secure the loop that holds the buckle standard issue for them. looks: a 5-gallon plastic bucket with ing I wore the boots over 20 hours for
and D-ring in place. Include your At 22 inches tall, my torso ex- camouflaged fabric cover that features various activities, and my feet came
own collar tag with your order, and ceeds the recommended length for the gear pockets, D-rings and a padded out smiling.
Fox will rivet it onto the collar for large size vest (16 to 21 inches). Plus harness for carrying on your back. ORCA Coolers
free. Call for sizing instructions. Price my arms arent as flexible as they Great for not only the dove field but
includes free standard shipping. once were. As a result, I cannot reach also the deer or duck blinds, ice fish- 888-640-6722
Otis Smart Gun Care any of the packs pockets without ing hotspots, turkey woods and so on. Podster (8 colors and Realtree Max-5) 800-684-7486 removing it. Thats the only nega- The optional shotgun holster rides Backpack cooler
Ripcord tive I can report. There are plenty of on the bucket or on the hip, support- 14.25-quart capacity = 7.5
Lightweight pockets for a water bottle, extra gear ing the weight of the shotgun while pounds of ice with a dozen 12-ounce
Standard 8-32 threaded ends ac- or clothing or lunch. A padded fleece the hunter is waiting at the ready. cans
cept accessories pocket is good for optics or electron- Think in terms of blockers at the Maximum load = 28.5 pounds
Available in most gauges ics. The packs fit is fully adjustable, end of a pheasant field, clay shooters This is the daypack-size version of
Ever find your firearms barrel and the raised, mesh back panels offer awaiting their turns, grouse hunters ORCAs Pod cooler. It has most of the
in need of a quick cleaning? The cooling, ventilated support. The bag taking a break or waterfowl hunters in same features such as padded shoul-
Ripcord can help. The fibers of the is great for any day trip: over trails, knee-high water. der straps, cross-chest adjustable T-
Nomex cord act as both a brush and in a canoe or boat, through the deer strap and plenty of MOLLE webbing
a patch to loosen and capture fouling woods, out on the ice. Irish Setter for keeping important gear handy.
particles. Near the rear (breech) end, Peregrine Field Gear This is the perfect size for a full day
the cord envelops rubberized balls 888-738-8370 away from your base site with plenty
that collapse just enough to squeeze 800-595-3850 Ravine Boots of room for several water bottles,
into the barrel but then expand Venture Bucket Pack and Quick-Shot Lightweight hunting/hiking boot a full lunch, some treats and a nice
Preserving your land wealth,
afternoon snack. The Podster comes handler. The e-collar function can be
in many colors to make it suitable for disabled anytime, if preferred. ensuring your legacy
family picnics, the beach, tailgating, The app is available at both the
etc. One caveat: The top of my test App Store (iPhones) and Google Play
model would not stay open, forcing (Android phones).
me to hold it with one hand while Gumleaf USA
loading it with the other. The folks at
ORCA told me, We are working to 844-486-5323
make the next production of the Pod- Viking
ster to open and stand like the Pod. Handmade from all natural gum
Dogtra rubber 310-534-0101 Accommodates calves up to 20
Pathfinder Tracking & inches in circumference
Training System I own knee-high boots that cost
9-mile line-of-sight range more than the Vikings and some
Fully waterproof that cost less. None are as comfort-
For dogs as small as 35 pounds able. What makes these the best in
Maps of hunts sent to home my book is the combination of the
computers Vikings expandable gusset in the top,
Three components make the the generous sizing scheme and the
Dogtra Pathfinder work: the collar, neoprene lining (5mm in the foot-
the connector and the smartphone.
The smartphone, of course, is not
bed, 4mm in the upper). The gusset
opens up plenty of room for easily
Is There Unseen Value In Your Land?
included. stepping into the equally roomy boot Your real estate, whether its productive farmland or an up-north wood-
Getting up and running was as no gymnastics required. The lining lot, can be an asset or a liability, depending on your specific circumstanc-
easy as downloading an app to the both makes it easy to slide into and es. All too often, landowners are unaware of the wide range of programs
phone and switching on the collar and out of the boot and delivers a nice, and planning options available to preserve their wealth and right.
connector. The setup is simple, espe- cushioned fit. The non-slip sole with
cially if you are only tracking a single all-terrain grip offers traction Ive
dog. Plus, once the user downloads never felt in other knee-highs. The Bill Vandercook Your land has more than
the app, the Pathfinder works without air-cushioned heel and forefoot Principal and Consultant development value.
using cellular data. There are no extra plus the wonderful arch support Landowners Planning Conservation Planning
navigation packages to purchase. add a degree of comfort Ive never and Resource Group, LLC
I also liked how the collar sends before experienced. These are great Property Tax Exemptions
a vibration signal when the dog is on for any outdoors activity you can Lapeer, MI Conservation Design Developments
point. imagine: duck, deer, bird and turkey 810-614-0899 Estate Planning
The Maps feature gives up-to- hunting; early season boating or Easements
date terrain and satellite views. The fishing; dog training. The Viking
compass shows the dogs direction
of movement and distance from the
is also available in womens

INDOOR GUN RANGE Send them to SCIs State Hunter Apprentice Program!
Hand Guns, Long Guns, Muzzleloading,
Reloading Supplies, Ammo, Archery & Accessories
The State Hunter Apprentice Program is a 3-day youth camp sponsored by
CASH FOR USED GUNS INDOOR GUN RANGE local chapters of Safari Club International for boys and girls ages 11 to 15. In the
GUNS, NEW & USED CCW COURSE GUN SAFES (In Stock) period of a long weekend, kids can earn both their Michigan DNR Hunter Safety
Full Line of Gunsmithing NRA Certified Instructors Certificate and International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) Certificate.
Full Line Archery & Fishing Tackle State
Live Bait & Tackle Available Hunter
Open Mon thru Fri 9am-7pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-4pm Apprentice
1380 N. Cedar (517) 699-0597
( Mile South of Holt, 127 to Cedar St. exit, North 2 Miles) Program

2017 GUN & KNIFE SHOWS Aug. 11 - 13, 2017

For information call (517) 676-4160 S.H.A.P. YOUTH CAMP
July 22-23 . . . . . . 900 Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . Novi Aug. 26-27 . . . . . . 450 Tables . . . . Grand Rapids Echo Grove Camp on Lakeville Lake in Leonard, Michigan
July 29-30 . . . . . . 350 Tables . . . . . . . . . Jackson Sept. 2-3 . . . . . . . 275 Tables . . . . . . . . . Harrison SPONSORED BY Safari Club International
SE Michigan Bowhunters Chapter & Detroit Chapter
Aug. 5-6 . . . . . . . . 700 Tables . . . . . . . . Birch Run Sept. 9-10 . . . . . . 350 Tables . . . . . . . . . Jackson
Aug. 12-13 . . . . . . 400 Tables . . . . . . . Port Huron Sept. 16-17 . . . . . 700 Tables . . . . . . . . Birch Run GO TO SCIBOWHUNTERS.COM FOR MORE INFO OR
Aug. 19-20 . . . . . . 400 Tables . . . . . . . . . Monroe Sept. 23-24 . . . . . 275 Tables . . . . . . . Kalamazoo REGISTRATION: The cost is only $90 per student for the entire three-day weekend. It
Sport Shows Promotions, INC. includes lodging, all meals & snacks, course instruction & materials, and special hand- outs. Local sponsoring chapters of Safari Club International will underwrite the remain-
der of the cost. To receive an application, please write to: SCI-SHAP, 32045 Dequindre
P.O. Box 404 Mason, MI 48854 Rd., Madison Heights, MI 48071 or call or email Colleen at: (248) 585-4863, or col-
Ph: (517) 676-4160 Fax: (517) 676-6824 Successful SHAP applicants will receive necessary maps, itinerary,
Manistee Little River Casino Jackson Port Huron Lansing/Mason Ingham consent forms and a complete list of things to bring. Camp is limited to the first 60
Intersection ORS Field House 500 Thomas Edison Pkwy County Fairgrounds
Birch Run:
students, so please dont delay!
Expo Ctr US.31 & M-22 3055 Shirley Drive Blue Water Convention Center 700 E. Ash
I-75 @ Exit 136 Jackson, MI Novi
Cheboygan Ice Arena Grand Rapids
4 Mile Rd Showplace
Suburban Collection Showplace Safari Club International is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving
Monroe County
480 Cleveland 1025 Four Mile Rd. N.W. Grand Rapids 46100 Grand River our wildlife, woods & water, and preserving our great American heritage ...
Fairgrounds Kalamazoo: County Fairgrounds Cadillac: Wexford Arena Clare County Fairgrounds THE RIGHT TO HUNT
MBT Expo Center 2900 Lake St. 131 & 13th St. 418 Fairlane
Tuscola Countys Murphy Lake State Game Area...

Taking a new adventuresome step into Nature

urphy Lake is Then I recently got a call from
located in south- Miles Willard of Mayville to come
western Tuscola and join him on a nature hike in the
County and is tru- area near Murphy Lake, known as
ly a literal geologi- the Murphy Lake State Game Area
cal wonderment. (SGA). I do know for a fact that the
Glaciers created what is a known as Murphy Lake SGA was right at the
kettle lakes (deep gouges filled forefront when the state decided to
with water) all over various parts form SGAs in southern Michigan.
of Michigans Lower Peninsula, as The ground selected for the SGAs
they ground their way slowly along. was because they had proven to be
During the process they made what pretty much unsuitable for agricul-
is known as the Millington Hills ture, and what better way to use
between Mayville and Millington, them, than for conservation prac-
and as a result a deep canyon was tices which allowed public access.
sculpted out entailing seven kettle This in my mind was a fortuitous
lakes close together, what we can government decision that saved
consider as being a geological phe- certain areas from ongoing progress,
nomenon, if you will. and in the case of the established
Settling that part of the state dur- Murphy Lake State Game Area, pro-
ing the mid-19th century would start tected a precious and unique jewel
changing the picture in a surpris- of nature for all to enjoy and savor,
ingly dramatic fashion, as can be something I was about to be intro-
readily pictured all across duced to firsthand.
our country as it began to Miles Willard is a
grow in leaps, and eventu- retired Reese school teacher
ally in great bounds, to who grew up in the Fran-
what we have today. Early kenmuth area, and when the
settlers would try damming opportunity presented itself,
some of the kettle lakes he purchased some wooded
to help raise water levels property over 40 years ago
to get timber to the Cass near his beloved Murphy
River and thus Lake SGA, an
on to lumber
mills. However, By Tom Lounsbury area that has
drawn him in
it wasnt until and where he Naturalist Miles Willard of Mayville with a bear-clawed beech tree deep
the 1940s or so that a dam would be spends practically every day pos- into the Murphy Lake SGA. The claw marks have some time on them and
built to create what we know today sible exploring and discovering new the annual growth of the tree makes them larger. They were most likely
as Murphy Lake. things. Miles can clearly be de- made by a young male black bear. Tom Lounsbury photo
My first Murphy Lake connec- scribed as being a naturalist, and he moving and colorful little lizard that dragonfly species had shown up
tion occurred in the early 1960s is a down to earth naturalist I truly is brown, blue, green and turquoise. in the Murphy Lake area just five
when my eldest sister Joyce and appreciate. He is an avid hunter and We loaded special equipment years ago called the spatterdock
her husband Jim Schad purchased a fisherman and performs his own into my Jeep for our adventure that darner. This particular dragonfly
motorboat. They lived in Clio and taxidermy on matters he wishes to included a long handled butterfly net requires spatterdock (also known
Murphy Lake was a great central preserve. He has a complete and to be used for catching dragonflies as bullhead) water lilies in order for
location to come and join them and realistic grasp of the circle of life, if need be, something I had told the female to lay eggs. The female
enjoy some fine times with the new and an undying desire to learn all he Miles I was especially interested has a small hook on the end of its
motorboat, and in fact I learned to can about nature and share it with in (ever since I had a strange water tail which is used to make a small
water ski behind that boat on Mur- others. I considered it an honor to bug crawl out the water in front of slit in the stem of the water lily and
phy Lake. There is a small island in accompany him on an exploration my face while I was lying prone an egg is then deposited in it. So
the lake, and I can remember enjoy- of the wonders of nature found in on a rock and photographing a bull we went off in search of dragon-
ing some fine picnics on it. Other the hinterlands of Tuscola Countys moose eating water lilies on Isle flies at various ponds. During our
than that, it was my only introduc- Murphy Lake. On my part, it was Royale, and the water bug pulled search at one pond, Miles pointed
tion to Murphy Lake. truly a learning experience. apart and a scarlet red dragonfly out a Blandings Turtle resting on
My late father was the Tuscola Before our nature trip, Miles crawled out. It unfurled its trans- a log complete news to me in my
County Drain Commissioner during showed me pictures on his laptop of parent wings and I watched insect knowledge of turtles, as well as a
the early 1970s and I can remember various bird species he has photo- blood course down invisible veins salamander (this area is well known
it was part of his duties to control graphed in the Murphy Lake SGA and soon the dragonfly flew off to for its salamanders).
the water level of Murphy Lake, including unique warbler hybrids join other flying scarlet dragonflies While we were traversing one
something I believe is still the case which reproduce. He also showed and I was left mystified by what I well wooded back road Miles
for the Drain Commissioner today. I me the photos he had just taken of had just witnessed. I never did get a wanted to know if I wanted to see
do remember muskies being planted a very unique lizard which can only good photo of that moose, but I have a bear-clawed tree and I was all for
in the lake, but they were removed, be found in Michigan in this locale no complaints. Miles wonderful it. We parked near a foot trail and
as well as a major attempt was done on a certain hillside. It took Miles wife Marilyn had also packed a big hiked through an absolutely splen-
to eliminate carp, and walleyes were 45 years of trying, but he finally lo- lunch for us to eat in the field, so I did mixture of trees which included
also introduced. Actually, I havent cated the six-lined whip-tailed race knew right off we were in for a day a large stand of hemlock. Along the
been anywhere near Murphy Lake runner (hopefully I spelled all that long adventure.
for some time now. right from my notes) which is a fast Miles Willard had told me a new Nature page 92

We are now a STIHL Power Equipment Dealer

3859 US 31 North, Brutus, Michigan 49716
The return of the porcupines
he porcupines have
returned. I was hoping
the club, and
tracked down By Sharon Kennedy He told me to
stun the critter
From the racket they were making, I
thought the ghosts of Muhammad Ali
this summer they would the intruder. if I got close and Joe Frazier had arisen from the
stay in the woods where This has been my routine for three enough to him. That was no prob- dead and were having a rematch. The
they belong, but I guess years, and Im getting awfully tired lem as porky was so focused on his first time I cornered a quilled intruder
that was too much to of it. chewing he paid no attention to what I was scared, afraid he would shoot
ask. Recently I was awakened at three Theres something about my place was going on behind him. I gave him me full of quills. By summers end,
in the morning by a hungry gnawer. that attracts unwanted creatures. With a good whack and he ran underneath all fear had vanished.
It was a familiar sound I had heard the exception of the fellow I recently the steps. I managed to keep him at When I was awakened a few
many times before and it meant only ran off, most of the creatures have bay while waiting for Ed to arrive and nights ago by the familiar sound of
one thing. A porcupine was enjoying four legs. The list of pests is fairly finish the job. gnawing, this time I had a new plan.
an early morning snack, and he wasnt long including skunks, raccoons, wea- I tried all sorts of tricks that sum- During the winter, the fellow I ran off
dining on any of my trees. He was sels, groundhogs, moles, and voles. mer but nothing worked. I baited live brought over his shotgun and showed
much closer than the nearest white Occasionally I get a friendly visit traps with chunks of salt because me how to use it. Id had enough of
pine. from a wayward moose or a fright- someone told me porcupines liked the calling my brother in the middle of
In the 1950s, my uncle planted ened yearling bear. I reach for my taste of salt, but the ones around my the night and decided it was time
thousands of pine trees on his prop- camera that always has dead batteries place played catch with the chunks. I took matters into my own hands.
erty right across the road from me, but so I miss getting a photo of the latter I went to Tractor Supply and bought Id never killed anything in my life
do you think the porkies are interested two. I can handle just about anything nasty smelling stuff guaranteed to dis- unless you count house flies, mosqui-
in pine trees? Not a chance. They pre- that happens to come my way except courage any form of rodent. Unfortu- toes, and mice in traps, but enough is
fer my porch steps or an assortment of the porcupines. nately, the spray didnt have any more enough.
plywood in my garage because both Last summer was a banner year effect than the salt did. I sprinkled I threw on my clothes and boots
are easy to reach. Theres no need to for them. The first time I heard gnaw- grains of commercial repellent, but and strapped a light to my hat.
exert energy by climbing a tree when ing was a night in May at 11 p.m. I that didnt work. The only thing that Although my hands were shaking, I
all they have to do is saunter to one grabbed a flashlight and ventured out. worked was my club. loaded the shotgun and stepped into
place or the other. My garage heaves Im not afraid of the dark, so I scouted I checked with the DNR and was the night. The porcupine was gnawing
during the winter or when the frost around my place and didnt see any- assured it was okay to take any mea- underneath my steps. I took aim, fired,
comes out of the ground or whenever thing until I came to the west side of sure necessary to protect my property. and downed him on the first shot. I
it feels like it, so theres a 12-inch my mobile home and the four wooden Seems crazy, doesnt it, that porcu- reloaded and shot again and finished
gap between the garage door and the steps leading to the back porch. pines would prefer 45 year old green him off.
cement. Easy access for a nocturnal My flashlight shined on the back porch steps or pieces of plywood to Now if anyone thinks I was too
wanderer. of a huge porky busily consuming the the abundance of bark available on hard on the porky, get over it. Either
Well anyway, when I heard the un- bottom step. I had my cell phone with my side road, but thats the way it is. that or give me your number and Ill
mistakable rhythm of gnawing I went me and called my brother who lives Four more times that summer I call you at 3 a.m. You can rush over
through the usual routine. I forced down the road on property that once was awakened by porcupines. Once and rescue the poor varmint from the
myself awake, got out of bed, put on pastured our Herefords during the again at my back steps, twice in my hands of a 70 year old woman, but
heavy clothes, pulled on tall rub- summer. Ed always instructed me to garage, and once when two noctur- be forewarned because my eyesight
ber boots, grabbed the flashlight and call him immediately if I saw a por- nal boys decided to engage in a fight isnt so good and my aim is a little bit
battery operated lantern, reached for cupine because they are destructive. underneath my bedroom window. shaky.n

walkabouts to find new territory first time this spring (it is normally
when larger males drive them away. found much further south). Miles
Back on the road, Miles guided got out, and put a small recorder on
me to a small kettle lake he called the ground sending out the same
By Tom Lounsburys Spencer Pond and what a breath- sound I was hearing in the distant
taking sight it was. It was complete- treetops. Pretty soon I spotted the
from page 90 ly covered with water lilies involv- bright yellow breast of a small
ing both species found in Michigan bird flitting through the dense tree
way various songbirds were singing which are the typical one that is a branches overhead. It was a male
out to which Miles readily identi- big white flower and the spatterdock hooded warbler checking out to see
fied the species. He also introduced (aka bullhead) that is a yellow round what other male had just invaded his
me to wild ginger and hog peanut, flower the size of a golf ball. The territory.
woodland plants I had seen before water lilies were matted together so Needless to say folks, this was
but didnt know their names. We thick I watched red-wing blackbirds another first of many firsts for me
were on a bend in the trail when walking across them with no fear of that day discovering new things
Miles told me to cut off to the left. getting their feet wet. entailing the unique fauna and flora
When I reached a proper angle it Then as if on cue a female spat- of the Murphy Lake State Game
didnt take me long at all to spot terdock darner dragonfly flew over area. According to Miles it also is
the bear-clawed beech tree. Id seen our heads and landed down on the one of the richest mushroom ar-
these before and this was not a fake stem of a spatterdock water lily just eas in the state and features every
produced by someone. Male black a few feet away, and began making variety found in Michigan, and even
bears do this to mark their territory. a slit in the stem with the hook on one usually found only in Florida. It
The claw marks had some time on her tail to lay an egg. I was trans- didnt take me long to figure I hadnt
them, and due to the natural growth fixed watching this amazing fact even scratched the surface after only
of the beech tree, they looked bigger of nature, much like I was when I spending a day with naturalist Miles
than they originally were. witnessed a scarlet red dragonfly Willard.
For a fact a male black bear climbing out of a water bug husk. Whether or not he realizes it yet,
had been illegally killed in the near While we were ending our he just may have a frequent tag
vicinity several years ago, and black unique adventure and driving slowly along in the future, who is full of
bears do occasionally venture into along, Miles asked me to suddenly questions. There is nothing bor-
the Thumb. There are no fences to stop and back up. He let me know ing about making new discoveries
keep them in what is commonly he had heard a male hooded warbler in nature and learning all that can Naturalist Miles Willard of Mayville
referred to as black bear country, which were very rare to the Thumb be learned. Especially from a great explaining the natural vir tues of
and young males are known to do and had just been sighted for the teacher.n wild ginger.
Schools in for summer
Two-Day Walleye Clinic at Bay City State
Recreation Area will repeat next May...
By Bill Semion

here are lots of mis- are natural spots to host a spring
conceptions out there school, Martin said. The fish are
about how, when, all stacked up in that locale after
where, with what spawning, and the location is safe.
and any combination Were protected in the river, and in While Mark Mar tin pitches jigs in the bow of his boat along the spoils
thereof, that it takes to any class I put on, its always safety island off the Saginaw Rivers mouth, walleye clinic attendees show off
be a successful walleye angler. So first over fishing, he said. what they pulled from the Saginaw River on the second day.
many variables that it will take you One need only to see what he River Jigging those line counters on your reels to
potentially years to learn. was referring to in the days just Now that youve got a good jig- be accurate. Measure line against
So when you decide its time to prior to the event. It was a non-stop ging rod, hold it waist level or lower them and see what you find.
know more, youd best go back to blow on Saginaw Bay proper. No with the tip pointed towards the wa- Marks Go-To Tips
school. Take lessons from some of one could get out. But on the lower ter, said Ken Rice. On the Saginaw Here are some of the things
the best in the business at catching Saginaw River near the mouth, River, - to -ounce weight works Martin touched on during his time:
these often finicky, Ill-hit-this- where students would apply what best, but on the Detroit or St. Clair, When using Fireline or other
color-lure-or-rig-combo-today-but- they learned, the water was dead make it - to 1-ounce to hold it to superline, secure the first wrap on
just-try-it-tomorrow-buddy-and- calm and bank-to-bank full of post- the bottom in the swift, up to 8-mph your reel with tape. The line is so
youre-out-of-luck-fish. And thats spawn fish eager to chow down and current. When casting on lakes, slippery that it will eventually slip
where a team of anglers assembled help out. You could walk across the use lighter weights, like 1/8-ounce, on the spool. Line color also has
by Michigan walleye master Mark bottom on fish in places, there were or lighter, to hop it off submerged no bearing, so choose that yellow
Martin comes in. so many. weeds where walleye might be set- Fireline if you like.
Martin, whos well-known The first days session took place ting up that ambush. Try plastics, he Leave a tag end of line when
for his series of winter ice fishing in the auditorium at the Saginaw said, which he fishes 99 percent of making knots. No fish is going to
schools each February at various Bay Visitor Center in the Recreation the time. worry about a small bit of line when
lakes around the state, hosted nearly Area. Each instructor explained a On our trip with Martin on the its also seeing an entire length of
30 anglers at a soft water walleye different aspect of fooling walleye. Saginaw, jigged Wyandotte Worms line going to your reel, he said.
clinic in May, coordinated by the Heres a taste of what students and Northland Impulse plastic glow- Use 1/16-ounce jigs in the weeds
DNRs Valerie Blaschka, interpreter learned. in-the-dark paddletail worms caught so it will land and work from one
at Bay City State Recreation Area, Get or Update Your the most fish, along with lures like weed to another. And, try those stern
and the Saginaw Bay Walleye Club. GPS/Sonar System Berkleys Flicker Shads, trolled planer cones you may have seen. He
The two-day event combined Charter captain Brandon Stanton upstream. invented them. They work.
classroom work and a day on the began by stressing the importance If you get a snag, you should Day Two
Saginaw River with Martin and be setting the hook because thats
of a good GPS system, especially At 6:30 a.m., we all met at Bay
other anglers, including Saginaw on water like Saginaw Bay, which what a fish feels like. You dont City State Recreation Area, then
Bay walleye guide Brandon can go from calm to boat-trashing in know. If it is a snag, hold the reel caravanned to the DNR boat launch
Stanton, West Michigan captain spool and point the rod at the snag.
Pat Bentley, Southeast Michi-
minutes. at the Saginaw Rivers mouth. Each
The newest charts are so much Youll either straighten the jig hook, captain piled students aboard, and
gan walleye charter captain Mick more detailed, if youve never used which can be re-bent, or youll lose
Broughton, Millington-based Ken for the next six hours, they learned
these fishing before. Consider the it, but not your line or the rod. by doing, techniques from running
Rice, and Kyle Buck, Muskegons wind directions, too. Wind pushes
Great Lakes Guide Service, who bait, Stanton said. Watch that new Tie Crawler Harnesses planer boards upstream with lures
along with Martin, compressed de- Pat Bentley likes to make his and river jigging downstream, to
plotter for inside turns in contour pitching jigs towards shore, lake
cades of knowledge theyve learned lines, and finger-like contours of the own night crawler harnesses rather
on the water, and gave it away to bottom. Theyre ambush points for than buy. Its cheaper. So when you trolling, and more.
the attendees. walleye after bait and for you after spot fish up high in mid-day, which By the end of the day, Martins
As Martin told the class, they walleye. means active, probably feeding, fish, boat had 11 walleyes aboard, most
were learning from their years of youll be ready. taken from the river trolling Flicker
Thats where Im going to start Shads upstreamthe day before, it
making mistakes and by-guess-and- fishing. The fish will be on the back Use ball bearing swivels. Youll
by-golly experience honed into a set sides of those. Find those steep pay more, but youll be troubled less was a combo of jigging and up-
of techniques and tips, so they, the with line twist. Choose your depth, stream trollingwhile the others
he said. At 2.8 to 1.3 mph, plan on a got fish using other methods.
drops, and troll with the waves. Very
students, could head onto the water seldom do I troll into the waves,
this summer armed with new ways half-foot of depth for every foot of Whether they were able to feel
line. So, in 30 feet of water with fish that tick of a fish on a line, or
Stanton added. Go where the food
to catch their favorite game fish any- is, and youll find fish.
where walleye lurk, and hopefully marking at 13 to 15 feet, put about learn a smidgen more to make them
improve their odds at coming back Rods 30 feet of line out on your deepest more successful wherever they
with a limit. If you spend any good money rod to find fish at 15 feet. returned after the clinic ended, each
The inaugural class proved so on rods, said Capt. Mick Brough- Bottom-bouncer weights arent. of the 28 left with more knowledge
successful in both the learning and ton, spend it on your jigging rod. Dont place them on the bottom, than they could ever accrue on their
catching that Martin said he will You have to be able to feel that little but rather 1-2 or so feet above. own. From some of walleye-doms
have at least one and likely two tick that means a fish just said When using crawler harnesses, hook best.
more classes in May 2018 at Bay hello to your bait. He recommended crawlers as close to the nose as pos- When You Go
City. Anyone interested should Denali for their design, imbuing sible with the first hook and keep If youre interested in next
contact Blaschka now to get on a list it with extra sensitivity. And, no them as straight as possible on the springs clinics, contact the DNRs
thats already forming. See the end leaders for jigs. Fill your reel with harness. Valerie Blaschka at the Bay City
of this article for contact informa- sensitive 8-pound test line like Fire- Store those harnesses around State Recreation Area at 989-667-
tion. line, and tie it directly to the jig. No pieces of pool noodlesan old trick 0717, or email blaschkav@michi-
Bay City and the Saginaw River leader needed. to avoid tangles. Lastly, dont trust
Whats the best fish to stock in your Michigan fishing pond?
By Ron Kinnunen, Michigan Sea Grant Extension Educator

ts the time of year to to have an established minnow Cold-Water Ponds
evaluate the type and quan- population that they can forage on. If you have a cold-water pond,
tity of fish to put in your These minnows can include fathead you can stock trout. The best spe-
farm pond. This is a critical and bluntnose minnows. cies to stock are brook and rainbow
decision as it will dictate Bluegills are many times trout. These two fish species can
the quality of fishing in the stocked in Michigan ponds as the also be stocked together. Avoid
pond for years to come. Many make sole fish species. Several years of stocking brown trout as they are
common mistakes when stocking good fishing will occur after initial difficult to catch, and as they grow
fish into their pond that include stocking of bluegills, but over time they will eat other trout making it
stocking the wrong type of fish spe- they will overpopulate the pond, difficult to restock your pond. When
cies or the wrong combinations of severely depleting the food sup- stocking trout do not stock any other Rainbow trout, such as these, are used to
fish species that are not compatible ply, resulting in decreased growth species of fish with them including stock cold-water ponds. Author photo
with each other. rates that are not conducive to good minnows. Minnows will compete
quality fishing. Even as the growth with trout for feed and reduce their And never use grass carp to solve
Warm-Water Ponds of the bluegills decreases, they will growth rates. For trout, there is no excessive aquatic plant growth prob-
If you have a warm-water pond still remain very prolific producing need to stock forage fish. There lems as it is illegal to possess this
it is best to stock largemouth bass. even more bluegills which will tax are plenty of natural foods, such as fish species in Michigan.
A common mistake when stock- the food supply. aquatic insects, that inhabit the pond Reprinted with permission from
ing largemouth bass is to also stock As an alternative to stocking on which the trout can feed. Michigan State University Exten-
bluegills with them. Many think that bluegills, some will stock hybrid sion. Michigan Sea Grant helps to
stocking the bluegills will provide sunfish which is a cross between a Avoid Cool-Water Fish foster economic growth and protect
forage fish for the largemouth bass green sunfish female and bluegill Avoid stocking cool-water fish, Michigans coastal, Great Lakes
and enhance their growth. Bluegills male. This hybrid cross results in such as yellow perch, walleye, and resources through education, re-
have the tendency to overpopulate the production of mostly male fish northern pike in ponds. These fish search and outreach. A collaborative
the pond, monopolize the food which can reduce reproduction in need large open water systems and effort of the University of Michigan
supply and stunt out in growth. the early years resulting in larger will not do well in ponds. Yellow and Michigan State University and
Largemouth bass in our northern growth and better quality fishing. perch, like bluegills, are prolific its MSU Extension, Michigan Sea
climate have a difficult time keeping But over time reproduction will breeders and can soon overpopulate Grant is part of the NOAA-National
bluegill populations in check. When occur and the quality of the fishery a pond, monopolize the food source, Sea Grant network of 33 university-
stocking largemouth bass, it is best will be reduced. and stunt out. based programs.n

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O u r O u t d o o r He r i ta ge !
Celebrat i n g
September 8 - 9 - 10 th th th
Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds - Imlay City
Traditional Black Powder SHOOTING...

The end is just the beginning...

avid Maddox con-
centrated on count-
ing. He stepped to
his right and wrote
the number of
5-Bull Buffalo
targets on the in-
ventory form, then
turned back. His fingers gripped
the 2-Bull Buffalo targets and
pulled the stack a few inches out
from the narrow shelf on the right
side of the Michigan State Muzzle
Loading Associations shoot
trailer. His thumb started leafing
through the thick paper sheets.
Randy MacInnes walked
around the open end of the trailer,
saw his good friend counting tar-
gets and hollered out, Seven!
Maddox pursed his lips, glared
at MacInnes and feigned a disgust-
ed reply, Ya just had to do that,
didnt ya?
I felt obligated, MacInnes The official scores are posted on the outside of the registration trailer at the end of the MSMLA State
quipped back with a broad grin on Championship matches. Many competitors keep a list of their matches and the scores they fired to
his face. Maddoxs thumb returned compare to the posted results. Wild River tree photo
to the top of the pile. each shot count. at next years shoot. that reflect a multitude of outdoor
A calm silence hung over the The protocol is different for Folks started walking to the activities.
grounds at the Columbiaville each competitor and for those who clubhouse for the final presenta- The Columbiaville Sportsman
Sportsman Club. It volunteer their time tion ceremonies. The meeting Club was founded in 1949 and is
was just after noon on and efforts to make a room was warm and inviting. dedicated to promoting sportsman-
a sunny July Sunday. given shoot possible Mounted deer, caribou, bison, fly- ship, education and gun safety for
The range was closed; whether local, state ing pheasants and landing ducks both muzzleloaders and modern
the 2016 MSMLA or national. But at the adorn the walls, interspersed with arms. Known as the Clan of the
State Championship end of each event, ev- trophies, plaques and memorabilia Wolverine, the majority of the
Shoot was over. A hus- eryone gathers as one
band and wife oiled family, knit together
their flintlock rifles at by a common affection
the loading bench in for the black powder
the shade of the cov- arms of our forefa-
ered offhand shooting thers, a
Not far
By Dennis Neely twinge of
and an ap-
com- preciation for exceptional marks-
petitors milled around, waiting for manship.
Eric Hoskinson to post the official
As Hoskinson posted the final
match results on the clipboards
that hang on the outside of the tallies, Brotherton began packing
white trailer. Inside, Maddox con- away the shoot supplies. Were
tinued the inventory, and in the far actually starting preparations for
end, Jim Brotherton scored the last next years state shoot, Maddox
few targets from the final relay. said. Counting the unused targets
In the black powder shooting is the first step in that process. In a
sports, little fanfare is given to while, Eric will give me a match-
what happens after the competition shot count. We compare our begin-
ends. Instead, the emphasis centers ning and ending inventories to that
on the beginning, on proper count, and that gives us guidance
preparations, planning out the for ordering targets. When we
shooting sequence for the chosen leave today, the trailer will be Jim Brother ton (left) presented the first-place medal for the 25-
matches and of course, making ready to open up for registrations yard Offhand Any Metal Sight match to Joe Valentin (right).
clubs events feature black pow- president of the Michigan State
der competitions. The well-kept Muzzle Loading Association. Will
grounds offer ample camping for you please stand for the Pledge of
shooters and their families. The Allegiance.
ranges provide shooting challenges Being a large shoot, the list of
out to 100 yards. matches was long. The top three
Old friends and new sat around shooters in each match received a
the white tables, swapping stories medal and a hearty round of ap-
and a few tales of woe. Up front, preciative applause as they came
four tables displayed the various forward. In some cases a bit of
traveling trophies and six neat good-natured kidding followed a
rows of stacked medals. humble thank you. Eric Hoskin-
If I can have your attention, son thanked Maddox for not read-
David Maddox said in a loud, ing my scores aloud.
but friendly voice, we are ready In the tomahawk throwing
to go with the presentations. For event, Alan Pichan and Russ
those of you who do not know me, Anderson tied with perfect scores Jaden Wright points out his scores to his mother, Nicole. Jaden won
Im Dave Maddox, the outgoing after ten throws. Anderson won the the MSMLA Junior Championship for the second year in a row.
throw-off, but the two old friends room rose and offered a standing aggregates.
kept the banter alive all the way ovation. Randy MacInnes came forward
to the podium. I thought about Traveling trophies were to name the 2016 Spirit of Roy
throwing one in the dirt, Ander- awarded for twenty aggregates. In Keeler Society recipient. He noted
son said as he gave Pichan a firm the black powder shooting sports, that five Keeler Society members
handshake, but I couldnt do that an aggregate is a combination of were present at the awards cere-
to you. scores from similar matches. Jaden mony. MacInnes listed the accom-
MSMLA match commit- Wright won the Junior Champion- plishments of the societys choice,
tee chairman Serge Bourdeaux ship for the second year in a row. how they first met, and then named
stepped forward after the pistol His grandfather, Jim Galiger, said Ira Thumma. When he gained his
medals were awarded. He spoke Jadens mother, Nicole, won the composure, Thumma expressed his
of an individual who had given Junior Championship twenty-five thanks and said, I havent been
25 years of service, compiling all years before. this happy since a helicopter lifted
of the scoring on his computer, I started Jaden shooting black us out of Chu Lai.
maintaining the match record files powder when he was six, Galiger The last part of the program
and posting them on the MSMLA said, and he has the potential to is when someone wins this mag-
website ( Bourdeaux be a real good competitor. Ni- nificent gun, Maddox said as he
called Eric Hoskinson forward cole was about nine when she held up the 2016 MSMLA State
A pleased and surprised Matt and told him that Match 34, the started. She won both the Spring Gun, a .58-caliber, percussion,
Crum holds the 2016 MSMLA 25-yard pistol and revolver match, National Junior Championship at Hawken-style rifle custom made
State Gun, a Hawken rifle made would be permanently named in the NMLRA (National Muzzle by Mike Sullivan. Each year the
by Mike Sullivan. Each year the his honor. Loading Rifle Association) and the association introduces the state
association raffles off a rifle or Its about the only match NMLRA Junior Championship at gun at the Lapeer Contemporary
smoothbore custom made by a Eric can shoot each year, David the first Winter Nationals held in Muzzleloading Arms & Accoutre-
Michigan gun-builder. Maddox said as everyone in the Phoenix, Arizona, in 1992. This is ments Show. A limited number of
really special for our family. raffle tickets are available, and the

Muzzle Loading State Events

Matt Crum won the Michigan drawing is always held at the end
State Championship, the Offhand of the state shoot.
Championship, the Light Bench Lyle McGregor spun the drum
Michigan State Muzzle Loading Association State Shoots
Championship and the Roy Keeler around and around. Jaden Wright
Aggregate. The admiration of his reached in and grabbed one orange
fellow competitors came with a ticket and read the name: Matt
August 3-6 - 54th Annual Frontier Shoot healthy dose of ribbing, and unbe- Crum. The hooting and hollering
Grand Valley Cap n Ballers: 616-681-0164 or 269-792-4384 knownst to anyone, Crum had one started right off as Crum jumped
August 12 - Muzzleloader/Rimfire Woods Walk more surprise in store. up and headed for his prize. I am
A fellow who only uses his one lucky dog today, he said with
White River Muzzleloaders: 616-218-7037 first name, Jeffrey, won the a broad smile. Thank you, all.
August 12-13 - Primitive Rendezvous: Columbiaville Sportsmans Novice Aggregate. This aggregate Some folks lingered and
Club: 810-793-7799 or 810-223-3956 was designed by Joe Valentin for talked, others quietly slipped away
newcomers who have never and started breaking down their
August 13 - Woods Walk: Clinton River Muzzle Loaders: placed in an adult MSMLA aggre- campsites, resolved that the five-
Detroit Sportsman Congress: 586-731-6088 gate before. The course of day shoot was finally over.
fire includes five matches: three In the black powder shooting
August 17-20 - MSMLA State Shotgun Championship: Grand Valley shot offhand, one using cross- sports, the shoot continues on after
Cap n Ballers: 269-370-0095 or 616-836-5760 sticks and one from the bench the final shots are fired, the white
August 18-20 - NMLRA Michigan Rifle/Pistol Territorial: rest position. smoke clears and the targets are
Beaverton: 301-256-7784 Now you have to play with scored. Yes, little fanfare is given
the big boys, David Maddox to awards ceremonies, yet some of
August 25-27 - 31st Annual Rendezvous: quipped as he shook Jeffreys the best stories follow, for the end
Benzie Sportsman Club: 231-378-2145 hand and gave him the trophy. A is just the beginning
shooter can only win the Novice Give the black powder shoot-
August 26-27 - Fun Tyme at the Range (Women only): Championship once, after that he ing sports a try, be safe and may
Grand Valley Cap n Ballers: 269-792-4384 or she must compete in the regular God bless you.n
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in Michigan. 989-839-4846. M-4- Subscribe Today! Summer vacation slots avail- SERVICE. Bergland and Baraga
.............................................. (810) 724-0254 FISHING able. Couples/Families wel- units. Federal license, 25 years
experience. Cell 906-231-9136,
come. Summer Lake House
available without hunting. Home 906-827-3731. H-5-5
Details 586-260-0719. H-5-7 ..............................................
To reach an immense outdoor market use the . . . ALL INCLUSIVE house-
keeping packages and cabin
Woods-N-Water News Classified rentals on remote Algoma
Lake. Train-in or Boat-in only -
Unit. Be our guest at AA
LODGE. All inclusive. 5 day
Classified ad rates: $30 for the first 20 words Canadian Funds -519-636-3697
Every word over 20 is .25 per word -- Box your classified, $5 additional charge F-4/17-
N O R T H E A S T E R N hunts. Second hunts available.
MICHIGAN Quality club, camp Call Roy 810-691-3373. H-8-1
TFN and facilities (also turkey, small
This effective advertising is simple to do, place your ad by . . .
Calling 810-724-0254 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm game) West Branch - Hale area.
Email your ad to Tremendous value and opportunity. BERGLAND UNIT. Guided
Faxing your ad 810-724-8552
CANADIAN FISHING Stag. $1,375 per year. See: dynami- bear hunts over bait. State and
TRIP. Want to go fishing? Book or phone federal licensed bear guide. Call
Complete your Classified online at
early and save. One of Ontarios Dan 989-893-5819. H-8-3 Rich 715-663-0459 or www.upbear-
Mailing your ad to Woods-N-Water News, P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, MI48444 best multiple fish lakes, fish .............................................. H-5-4
Classifieds MUST be paid in advance of publishing; MasterCard, Visa accepted. Make for Walleye, Northern, Small ..............................................
check/money orders payable to Woods-N-Water News. Classified ads can not be Mouth, Lake Trout, Perch and
other fish. Well spaced out log ATTENTION U.P. BEAR
billed and once a classified is processed no refunds can be made. Limit of 75 words. HUNTERS: Top of the Line
& framed cabins, all boats have BALDWIN UNIT BAIT
All classifieds posted to our website FREE! electric start motors, fish finders Guide Service offers excellent BEAR HUNT. Private lands
and swivel seats. Upgrade hunting opportunity for black 2 hunters max. Alan McDon-
Use one of these useful classified categories... boats and motors available. 6 bear hunters in Newberry man- ald 231-750-8569. H-8-2
A = Archery FW = Firewood RR = Resorts/Rent days/nights $445.00 U.S. funds agement area. Fully licensed
ATV = ATVs G = Guns RVC = RVs/Campers
per person with a group of 4 or guide offers unlimited day hunt-
B = Boats H = Hunting SM = Snowmobiles
more (2 people per boat) www. ing. Lodging available. High RAYS U.P. HUNTING Over
D = Dogs HL = Hunting Leases T = Taxidermy success rate. For information 25 years experience guiding for
F = Fishing HW = Help Wanted TK = Trucks
F = Free M = Miscellanous TR = Trailers or toll free 1-877-434-2440. or references call Bruce at 906- deer and bear. Baited stands in
FP = Food Plots RE = Real Estate W = Wanted F-1/17TFN 477-6983 or 616-566-0183. Amasa, Baraga, and Bergland
H-7-3 Units. Lodging Available. Call Ray
SEPTEMBER 2017 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE JULY 31, 2017 at 906-265-9420 or cell (906) 284-
2216. Licensed and Insured. H-1-
HUNTING Newberry and Gwinn BMU, we hunt
Woods-N-Water News Classified Advertising all 3 season. Lodging and food
included. 50 yrs. experience. 231-

(Please print clearly. We are not responsible for unreadable orders.) HUNT WITH BEAR
Make sure phone number is included in your ad! 620-0398. H-8-3 CAMERON'S LITTLE
NAME FOR YOUR 2017 BEAR ..............................................
HUNT. We only have a few spots
vide both bait and hound hunts
ADDRESS remaining for the 1st and 3rd hunt 2017 MICHIGAN BEAR in the Newberry area only and
periods. We look forward to hunting HUNTS: Newberry/Gwinn. we guarantee you an active bait
CITYSTATEZIP on an expanded area of private Just outside of Seney Wildlife site. We have provided guide
property this fall that is in the heart Refuge. High success rate. services in excess of 45 years
DAYTIME PHONE NO. of prime bear territory. Baraga BMU, 33 years. State and Federal li- and have hunted the same area
Private land only hunts, check out censed and experienced. Guar-
VISA/MASTERCARD#EXP: that entire time. References
our website anteed active baits. 6 nights, 5 given upon request. Call Kip
References upon request. Give us a day hunt includes lodging and
CLASSIFICATION OF ADMONTHS TO RUN at 906-293-5650 leave a mes-
call at 800-676-9821 or call Lead meals. Start at $750. Bow and sage and we will return your
Guide Derek at 906-458-3754. rifle deer hunts. $125 per day.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) call in the order it was received.
H-8-1 906-439-5242. H-6-3
(7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12)

(13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)
Only 4 people per season, mostly BEAR HUNTS: Booking now for
private properties few state land, RED OAK UNIT Bear hunters Spring and Fall of 2017. Includes
(19) (20) $30.00 $30.25 $30.50 $30.75
call or text Last Stand Guide Service guide service available. Honest and comfortable cabin, boat and motor,
$31.00 $31.25 $31.50 $31.75 $32.00 $32.25
231-920-2462. H-8-2 reliable. Michigan Bear-n-Elk baited stands. Very experienced
............................................... Adventures. 231-924-6319. H-8-1 guides. High success rate. 3 hours
$32.50 $32.75 $33.00 $33.25 $33.50 $33.75 KENTUCKY DEER HUNTS - .............................................. from the Soo. References on
$795.00 I farm and have thou- request. $960 U.S. 705-869-3272
$34.00 $34.25 $34.50 $34.75 $35.00 $35.25 sands acres in West KY, my farms BEAR HUNTS OVER H-10-
have high numbers of deer and I BAIT Newberry Unit, ar- 12-16
$35.50 $35.75 $36.00 $36.25 $36.50 $36.75 only will be having a few hunts. 4 chery and firearm hunters. ..............................................
days for management in Sept. and Stands are set to your liking.
Enclosed is $for Nov. My farms have many bucks, More information call 989-600- Classifieds work!
150 class and up. Call for trail cam
words to runmonths. BOX MY CLASSIFIED - $5 Extra
picks 270-213-0528. H-8-1
8672. H-8-1 (810) 724-0254
email: website:
Woods-N-WaterNews Classified Section
GUIDE SERVICE. Red Oak ning water, electric off Co. Road. ACRES - 3 bedrooms, 3 full dog Hall of Famer David Grubb.
area. Dogs or bait. Call 989- Land locks hundreds of acres off baths, 2 full kitchens, main floor David has trained over 5,000 gun
Born 6/4/17 impressive blood and females available. Excel-
448-1938. BT-7-3 state land. Deer migrate through master and laundry, 36 inch dogs. We are now working on wild
lines; parents Abbe Lane Rollin lent hunting dogs and superb
property. 5 min. from 3 lakes in Cur- doorways, 4 plus garage/barn birds. Let David use his expertise to
Dozer and Willow Creek family pets. Close working
tis, MI. 989-390-0846. RE-8-1 with loft. $380,000 Betty Pierce, train your dog for this fall. We train
Dazzln Dayla. Great disposi- dogs with strong point and
.............................................. Remax Lakeshore 616-638- labs too. Only $450.00 per month
RESORTS/RENT 80 ACRES - Sanilac County, Ar- 5528. RE-8-1 and this fee includes everything.
tion and excellent hunters.
Males $800 and Females $850.
retrieve instincts. Reasonably
priced for the sporting family.
gyle Twp (thumb) - 40x48 insulated English Pointer and English Setter
Call 586-255-2628.RE-7-2 Money back guarantee. Eulen-
PICKEREL LAKESIDE polebarn cabin (finished/furnished), Stud service available. Please call
hof Kennels, Gladwin, MI.
CAMPGROUND AND 4 condo blinds, 2 ladderstands 248-860-1009. D-8-2
COTTAGES Baldwin area $350,000 Deer hunters dream! 50 DREAM COME TRUE! Updat- .............................................. LLEWELLIN SETTERS, 989-426-4884 D-8-2
1,425 all sport lake frontage, 45 heavily wooded, 30 lightly surround- ed 4 bedroom home on 80 acres Daybreak Llewellins has pup-
semi-rustic sites, four clean modern ed by 3 sides farmland for deer, tur- with 2 ponds, minutes from Torch
Classifieds pies and started dogs available.
cottages. www.lakecamp-cottages. keys, rabbit, pheasant. Large pines, Lake, marinas, skiing, snowmobil- Excellent bird dogs and family
com 231-745-7268. RR-4-6
pond, culverts, streams. Significant
lumber with hardwoods, birch, pop-
lar, apple, pines. Electricity, furnace,
ing, hunting, fishing etc. $299,900.
MLS # 1833959, 2151 SE Torch Work! companions. Today!
Lake Dr., Bellaire, MI 49615. Con- Contact Kevin 989-291-7915
S E A S O N A L - O N LY
CAMPING Private, gated
well, septic, propane. Tractor & rid-
ing mower Kris 586-202-2366. RE-8-1
tact Jen McKolay, Coldwell Banker
Schmidt Realtors 231-384-1921.
(810) 724-0254 Located in Sheridan, MI D-8-2
(810) 724-0254
paradise on Big Manistee River ..............................................

Heres your
offers large, wooded sites, full ..............................................
hook-ups, easy access to Lake UP PROPERTY, LAND FOR SALE: 10 acres in
Michigan beaches. Long sea- MACKINAW CO. 126 Lake County, MI. Well, spetic, elec-

guide to
son. Quiet and peaceful. acres, 3200 ft. on Lake tric access. 25x40 pole barn - backs
COHO BEND - 231-723- Milakowkia at the end of private up to state land, near 10 cup motor-
7321 road. Your private paradise. If head trails. $38,000. 231-342-8028.

R/R-3-8 interested call 989-324-8668. RE-8-1
RE-7-2 ..............................................
SALE: Well built, remote UP.
DENCE. Two bd 2 bath home with
fireplace and A/C. Large barn style
Seney, MI area, Schoolcraft County, garage with guest quarters up. Trout
Main Branch Fox River, 7 1/4 acres, stream with 2 drive across bridges,
LEASE 78 acres prime hunting
surveyed, fish for brook trout, hunt several food plots, blinds, great trail
north of Gladwin, lease as whole or
deer, bear, grouse, rabbits. $35,000 system. Curran/Hubbard Lake area
two parcels. Property managed for
Owner 269-795-9727 Or Northcoast $299,000. Joe Arbaugh, Century 21
wildlife and maintains 5 miles of
Realty List #CC-154. RE-8-3 Eagle 989-370-6317. RE-7-2
trails. West Parcel 40 and North
.............................................. ..............................................
Parcel 38 contiguous acres.
Contains oak/maple/pine/cedar/
20 ACRE LAKE. Lapeer boy ACRES Rolling hills 80% wooded
hemlock grove with sandy trout
scout camp 21,000 sq ft of homes, with markeable hardwoods, pine,
stream and ravines. Bow/gun and
cabins, and buildings $1,250,000 birch and cedar. Excellent hunting;
deer/turkey/small game/bear.
Call Mark Mitchell at Cooper Com- artesian streams with brook trout, a
Natural food plots alfalfa/clover/ber-
mercial 810-348-0503. RE-8-2 3.5 acre lake for fish and waterfowl,
ries/acorns. Camping options near-
.............................................. established blinds and food plots.
by. Option to renew. $4600 or
Access by paved road with electric.
$2400. Contact (810) 919-9936.
L-8-1 180 ACRES CHIPPEWA A wide choice of building sites. Rose It is estimated that 10% of all the fishermen
COUNTY: Hunt, fish, hike or City area, Rose Township, SEC 21. catch 90% of the fish. Regardless of which group
snowmobile. 180 acres with Owner 989-820-5858. RE-7-3 you fall into . . . theres a sure way to up your odds
trails, blinds, and food plots. .............................................. . . . simply try new fishing waters. Fish where few
ING! 200+ gated acres avail- 10 WOODED ACRES 6 miles
Adjoins thousands of acres of fishermen ever fish.
able for yearly lease. Boat east of Alden and Torch Lake.
public land, 13 miles south of Michigan is loaded with great fishing waters . . .
docks with power and offsite Ideal camping - recreation spot.
Sault Ste. Marie, less than 2
boat ramp. mile canal with 2 Driveway, cleared site, no power. many of them over-looked. From the AuSable River
miles to boat launch and the St.
dredged channels to the
Mary's River. E.U.P. hunting $27,900, $1,000 down, $350/mo to all of the Great Lakes tributaries to the Pere
Saginaw Bay, casino within 4 11% land contract, www.northern- Marquette River . . . thousands of miles of streams,
and fishing camp, the 1100 sq.
miles. Perfect for hunt clubs!, Northern Land Co. lakes and rivers are now easy-to-locate on one
ft. home and 32x42 garage will
References needed. Email 231-258-5100.RE-7-2 map.
satisfy most as a year round by ..............................................
residence. A great buy at Professor Higbees Stream Map of Michigan is the
appointment only. Please see LAKE COUNTY 80 ACRES.
$250,000. Call 989-390-0362. first and only highly detailed map of its kind. This
our ad on page 102 of this issue Sportsmans paradise. Headwaters
Details Craigslist and Zillow. new 4 foot by 4 foot color map shows virtually all
of the Woods-N-Water News. Pere Marquette River. Partially
RE-8-3 for the 35,000 miles of Michigan streams & lakes on
HL-8-3 wooded, 25 tillable acres, some
marsh, blacktop road. $159,000. both peninsulas. Thats almost two times the earths
Call 231-832-4552 weekends. RE- circumference!
rounded by 3500 acres unhunted SALE: 60 acre farm located on 7-3 STREAMMAPOFMICHIGAN is available either
state prison land. Big bucks taken. state highway East of Adrian MI. In- .............................................. rolled or folded. And, in heavy gauge clear lamina-
Corn and beans surround. Call 248- cludes 1,235 sqft 3 bdrm., 1.5 bath MODERN CABIN FOR tion, write-on-wipe-off surface with brass eyelettes
ranch on full basement with one car RENT ON BEAR CREEK - a
978-7673. HL-4-6 for easy hanging, rolled only.
attached garage. 42 x 30 Bldg., ap- trout, salmon and steelhead stream.
prox. 23 acres tillable, approx. 36 Sleeps 5, private access available.
ROLLED $26.00 FOLDED $26.00 LAMINATED $46.00
WANT TO LEASE acres woods. Call Diana at Faust Call 231-590-1136. RE-4-6 T a x & P o s t a g e I n c l u d e d
Real Estate, LLC 517-270-3646. ..............................................
FOR SALE - Approximately 95 NAME
FAT H E R / C H I L D R E N RE-8-1
GROUP LOOKING FOR .............................................. wooded acres with half mile front- ADDRESS
LEASE. Will consider any size VERY COOL COTTAGE age on premiere trout, salmon
lease, location, with or without RIGHT ON THE BEACH OF and steelhead stream in Manistee CITYSTATEZIP
cabin/barn. Terms/price negotiable. LAKE MICHIGAN. Awesome County. $4,000 per acre. Call 231- Check/Money Order Visa/Mastercard
Experienced hunters, responsible, wood floors and stairs. Great atmo- 590-1136. RE-4-6 Card#Exp. DateSignature
ethical and will make improvements sphere. Big Trees. Naubinway, MI .............................................. Mail To: Woods-N-Water News
if desired. Jay 248.396.8322. $175,000 Call 989-751-7472. RE- P.O. Box 278 Imlay City, MI 48444 (810) 724-0254
WL-7-3 8-2

email: website:

$70,000.00 DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

Parcels C & D on survey are 11.81 wooded acres on a private spring fed lake in
Mecosta County. This is a hunter's and fisherman's paradise complete with 705
feet of lake frontage. The Southwest corner of the property is 80 feet above lake

level and gently slopes downward to an expanding vista of lake frontage. All
lake front property surrounding this lake is owned by five individual owners.
PAGES 100 - 109
There is privacy galore! But, if you prefer more action, Chippewa Lake, an all
sports lake, is only one mile away. There is a well on the property (condition
unknown). Motivated seller! SEV is over $65,000.00 This land would make an
excellent hunter's retreat, fisherman's camp or a campground. It has to be seen
to be appreciated.
For more information call
734-325-3103 or 989-463-2975

Thomas B. Camp Alma, MI 48801

425+ acres of prime land in the Heart of Central Michigan
Local Buyers Preferred! Serious Inquries only: (810) 629-9376


- or -


460+/- 359+/- ACRES,
8 bedroom Log Lodge, 40x114 30 Acre Private Lake, 3,400
sq ft Custom Lodge,
Pole Barn, Care Taker Residence
with Barn, High Fence 70x70 Pole Barn, 60x120
Deer Ranch, 275 Quality Deer Pole Barn, 2 Rental
3,200,000 Houses, 26 Ladder Stands,