CHAMPIONSHIP TRAINING Week 2 Today we began discussion of Del Hessel's book Spirit of Champions, Champion Books, 1982.

This book is great. Every athlete should have one. Of course, Championship Training Class needed a book entitled Spirit of Champions. To introduce the book, today's discussion centered on Hessel's quote in the last chapter stating "The spirit of a man is a supernatural force that enables him to excel at whatever endeavor he truly desires." When taking on any challenge who wouldn't want a supernatural force on their side? It worked for Luke Skywalker. We referred to the last winter Olympics which gave us Johan Olaf Koss who stated after winning 3 gold medals and shattering the world record by 11 seconds spurred on by a continuous standing ovation. He said afterward, "I felt the force." We also referred to A. L. Williams' book All You Can Do Is All You Can Do But All You Can Do Is Enough, Ivy Books, 1988. Today's reading centered on "That Friday Night Feeling." When Williams coached years ago he felt that everyone had that Friday Night Feeling. Today, however, with the divorce rate, child abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexploitation, etc. our society has stolen that Friday Night Feeling from our youth. In fact, some schools across the nation no longer play their games on Friday night to avoid potential troubles. I had a Freshman enroll who had failed 3 of 4 first semester classes. You have to work pretty hard to fail 3 of 4 classes. What have we done in our society to get to this point? Remember when the first graders were going to perform the winter concert and they were all scrubbed up with their Sunday go to meeting clothes on and couldn't wait to get on stage and show off what they had learned? Where has that feeling gone? It is our job to restart the flame that has long since burned dim. Increasingly each year we see Junior High School kids who enter high school with little or no motivation to achieve. Friday Night Feeling? Heck these 14 and 15 year old kids are already has beens. Has beens who never were. Our negative society has robbed our youth of their precious moments. The Me Collage presentations by the students went about the way I thought they would. The students are very short sighted. They did not include important aspects of their life like family, religion, education and such. One particularly sad observation is that not one student was loyal enough or had enough pride to include Estacada High School, Home of the Rangers, on their poster. Even had a starting football player from last year who is planning on starting next year point to a picture of the Packers on his collage and tell us that the Packers was his favorite football team. I reminded him that my favorite football team was the Estacada Rangers.

Note: Last weekend the football, basketball, and golf teams of Estacada and parents got together to cut firewood for a fund raiser. Over 50 players, coaches and parents cut 40+ cords of wood and delivered it to homes in the community. This was done at the local lumber mill that had the wood on site that they had drug out of the res. from a big flood several years ago. The money will be used for much needed projects the teams have under way. The football team will use the funds to help defray the cost of going to football camp at Washington State in June. The Quote for the Day in class today was "We will either find a way or make one" by Hannibal, the general from Carthage that led elephants over the Alps to attack Rome. The quote goes along with the major discussion of the day which is Chapter 1 on attitude in Hessel's book. We introduced the idea of "Failsafe" noting that successful people are failsafe. They insulate themselves from failure. It is not part of their vocab. We reminded them that failure is an event - not a person and that "failure is just another opportunity to start over again . . . more intelligently." I shared with them a story about going off the high diving board when I was young. We would always try to "bombard" the friends that were swimming under the 3 meter board at the local swimming quarry in my home town. One day I was going to bomb my best friend who happened along. While in the air, making the greatest cannonball ever, I decided to scream as loud as I could. I hit the water with my mouth open. Of course when the water slammed shut, it hit me in the head slamming my mouth shut rattling my jaw and teeth - hurt for a week. I thought to myself on the way down as the bubbles swirled around me, "Had better not to do that again!" From then on my mouth was always shut when I hit the water - a more intelligent method of cannonballing. We must always remember that we are always 100% successful in producing a result. Everyone is a survivor; everyone has made it to this point in time successfully. The result that we produce may, however, not be the one we desire. We must allow ourselves the opportunity to do it over until we get the results we are looking for. Years ago when we were five years old, we allowed ourselves many more do-over opportunities. And the significant others in our environment allowed us as many do-overs as we wanted; they even encouraged the practice. Today, years later, we do not allow ourselves as many do-over opportunities, nor do others allow us many do-overs either. Very often we try something once and that's it. Life is like a video game. My two younger sons would hit the video stores and rent a game. The object for them was to pop in the game and then play it until they beat it. They would stay in front of that set until them conquered the game. When playing a video game, they would often get to a level and get stuck. When one gets stuck, he does not quit, he merely starts the level over again, trying a different approach until he gets the results he wants, i.e., moving on to the next level. This results in a successful do-over.

Ordinary people do ordinary things. They do not stick it out long enough to get the results they desire. In other words, they quit. Once you quit the first time it is easier to quit the second time and even easier to quit still a third time. From Chapter 1 on Attitude: Games are tests of attitude of surrender or victory (p. 7). We referred to last Friday's basketball game when the Rangers defeated the third ranked team. At one time in the second quarter we were ahead 19-18 after which we fell behind by 6-10 points for the rest of the game until late in the fourth quarter when we narrowed the score to 4 points with three minutes to go. At the end of the second chapter on vision and believing, Hessel points out that any one team can best another on any given occasion. "The underdog team finds the opportunity for victory in the later stages of the contest. At this point, the Thrill of Victory becomes so overwhelming that the team begins to visualize the victory. The tempo of effort begins to take over and a victory is taken from what most people, including the opponent thought was impossible." So it was during the game. Our players (and fans) suddenly realized the could win the game. Their effort increased to another level of play and they won the game with just seconds left by one point. The key ingredients here are hanging on long enough for the Thrill of Victory to take over. The thrill becomes an overpowering force. Most ordinary people do not stick it out long enough for the trill to kick in. Unfortunately for lots of people the trill is gone. In addition, the team must be able to Visualize Victory and they must Believe they can win. During the class discussion we were reminded and shared with the students Zig's list of feeding our brains The Good, The Clean, The Pure, The Powerful, and The Positive. Unfortunately, our negative society seems to keep pushing the opposite: The Bad, The Dirty, The Tainted, The Weak, and The Negative. Life is a game of choices. If one hangs with the good, clean, pure, powerful, positive forces of society the results will be better than if one hangs with the bad, dirty, tainted, weak negative forces. I asked the girls in class which they would like to have their date listen to for 2-3 hours before they picked them up for their date that evening. They definitely thought the good, clean, pure, powerful, positive choices were more desirable. Lou Holtz in his book Championship Season, Pocket Books, 1989, states "The things that are going to change you from where you are today to where you are going to be 5 years from now are the people you meet and the books you read." Today we could add books on tape and audio/video programs that can be used for development. We introduced the students to Bob Mowad's Unlocking Your Potential tape program and completed the first segment. It was well received. I have developed a work sheet of fill in the blanks for the students to complete while listening to the tape. For Good news Wed we read two small passages from Wealth 101 by John-Roger and Peter McWilliams, Prelude Press, 1992, about what true wealth is all about. In addition, we distributed Mike Smith's poem I Can and so Can You because Mowad's tape declares that success comes in CANS. We finished our discussion of Hessel's chapter 1 on

Attitude, therefore, it was a good time to hand out our Top 30 Championship Attitudes and associated motivational sayings. We began the tape program by Anthony Robbins entitled Unlimited Power. The first tape focuses on the fundamental ingredient to success - the ability to take action, to have the commitment to do whatever it takes to make dreams realities, to adopt a personal philosophy of "no matter how long it takes; no matter how hard it is; no matter how much it costs I'll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals." Robbins goes on to discuss the Ultimate Success Formula: 1. Decide exactly what you want/desire; 2. Take action; 3. Evaluate results; 4. Keep changing your approach until you get what you want. In another tape Robbins continues with the fact that there is a short cut to the Ultimate Success Formula, i.e., find someone who has already done what you are attempting. Study them. Do what they did or are doing, copy them, model their behavior. Sew the same seed to get the same results. Make sure to model only those successful behaviors. there is no need to repeat the failures of the past. Gong back to the video game example. If you got this new video game and you are stuck on level 9 and your best friend comes over and says, "Oh I got that same game last week. I've gotten a couple levels farther than this. 'Watch out!' Don't go there!." What does everybody do? What would you do? Would you go there? Of course not. It is the same with the short cut. You do not have to repeat the failed attempts of those who have gone before you. You just want to repeat their successful behaviors so you can proceed to level 10. One of the students asked, "What if your parents get in your way?" Tough question. I answered that we must be patient. Certainly 5-10 years from now you would not be living at home with your parents, and if one has the patience to see one's self through the situation, things would work themselves out. I also read them the story form Dan Clark's book The Missing Link, Humansphere, 1986, about his niece Mary Catherine being counseled away form the fires of life. Often teenagers do not understand that parents and other adults are trying to counsel them away from the fires of life so that they do not get burned. We continue each day with a Quote of the Day, a Lift for the Day, and a Motivational page from the Never, Never, Quit book. Each leads to a discussion. Sometimes short; at other times the discussion extends somewhat. We ended class by listening to part of a tape by Zigler which gives an overview of his entire See You At The Top curriculum. He talks about living in a negative world and what are some of the things we can do to counteract the negativism. Today's class centered on the movie Dead Poet's Society one of my all time top 5 movies. From time to time on Fridays we bring in a motivational movie to view. We never have time to view the whole movie, but we locate various motivational moments of these movies and show them.

Today we held discussion on the scene where Captain Keating huddles everyone up and quotes Whitman, "And the powerful play goes on . . . and you have a chance to contribute a verse . . . what will your verse be?" How will you seize the day? How will you make your life extraordinary? I showed them Coach Frosty Westerling's book, Make the Big Time Where You Are, Big Five Productions, 1990, which is another way of saying make your life EXTRAordinary. Referring back to Hessel's book, ordinary people do ordinary things; not doing more than the average is what keeps the average down. We must do the Extra things to become extraordinary! Understanding the powerful play of life may be difficult for some to grasp, but consider the High School Yearbook. At the beginning of the year I told the football team that the pages for the 1997-98 Yearbook were blank. They hadn't been written yet. What those pages say in the future are directly attributable to their effort. I consider the Yearbook the most important book in school. It is the book that students pay $40 or more to get. They never leave it behind. It is the source for more spontaneous writing than any English class. The High School Yearbook? You have the chance to contribute a page. What will your page say about you?

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