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1. The university library has most of the necessary books.

2. You are required to complete the research paper by next Monday.
3. Your thesis should have fairly limited scopes.
4. The coffee house has special student discount throughout the week.
5. All writers consciously or unconsciously all represent their culture.
6. Student's identification card will be issued by today and tomorrow.
7. Reference of material is held in the hall of library reference desk.
8. The schedule allows a plenty of time for individual study.
9. The qualification will be assessed with the criterion to approach.
10. The decision is made with supports of many faculty members.
11. It is important to allocate your time wisely when revising.
12. The leading companies changed their policies after reports are released.
13. Please remember to bring a highlighter to class on next Wednesday.
14. This graph shows there is a minimum growth.
15. Competition for the places in course is fierce.
16. Relevant resources are reserved in the library.
17. The university departments should carefully monitor articles and publications by faculty.
18. Avoid confusing the causes and effects of those changes.
19. Todays lecture materials will be included in the next assessment.
20. Some of the features are part of the previous research.
21. The problem of research for postgraduate students is funding
22. The same issue reached the same explanation of the problems.
23. We support the research on tropical dynamics and forecasting
24. There was no correlation between drug use and cure rates.
25. Our group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room.
26. Interim grades will be posted on the board outside the student's lounge.
27. The curriculum is described in the course syllabus.
28. The qualification is assessed in a criteria reference book.
29. Conferences will always be scheduled two weeks in advance.
30. Experts believe that industry development will help economy.
31. The history of the movement was recorded by several promoters.
32. All staff must leave from the fire hydrant exit.
33. Career opportunities in this field are quite limited.
34. The dining hall will be under renovation during the fall break.
Email: Tel: 03 9670 8868; 0425 465 522 Address: Level 2, 388 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

35. The main concepts of these events were not fully understood.
36. The solar energy department is highly regarded worldwide.
37. Teaching assistants will receive monthly fees for housing.
38. The most important process of farming is weeding.
39. Review all resources before drawing your conclusion.
40. Free campus tour runs daily during summer for prospective students.
41. Please work with each other to build monolithic status.
42. Your task is to create the demand for the product
43. This paper challenged the previously accepted theories.
44. Student concession cards need to be obtained by completing an application form
45. There were not enough evidences to support these recommendations
46. Most theories were quite similar but a few critics disagree.
47. The first assignment will be due on 14th of the September.
48. Politics is not usually a safe topic for conversation.
49. The amount of humidity and moisture in the air can be held.
50. Despite protest, the chemistry department was closed down.
51. Our class will be divided into three groups.
52. Most teaching staff make their lecture notes available online.
53. Sydney is Australia's largest city, chief port and cultural centre.
54. The university has a world-renowned school of archaeology.
55. Successful applicants will work with a large team of researchers.


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