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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

218 / Tuesday, November 12, 2002 / Notices 68717

capacity concerning issues and following agenda item will be determination of one NAFTA Party with
problems in international economic discussed. respect to the products of another
policy. The objective of the ACIEP is to • Report by Department of NAFTA Party. Binational panels decide
provide expertise and insight on these Commerce’s Office of Trade and whether such AD/CVD determinations
issues that are not available within the Economic Analysis on Recently are in accordance with the domestic
U.S. Government. Published SME laws of the importing NAFTA Party, and
Topics for the November 19 meeting must use the standard of review that
Christopher A. Padilla,
will be: would have been applied by a domestic
Assistant, U.S. Trade Representative for
• Corporate Responsibility Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison.
court of the importing NAFTA Party. A
• Business Visas panel may uphold the AD/CVD
• Outcome of the Asia-Pacific Economic [FR Doc. 02–28555 Filed 11–8–02; 8:45 am] determination, or may remand it to the
Cooperation Leaders Meeting BILLING CODE 3190–01–M national administering authority for
The public may attend these meetings action not inconsistent with the panel’s
as seating capacity allows. The media is decision. Panel decisions may be
welcome but discussions are off the OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES reviewed in specific circumstances by a
record. TRADE REPRESENTATIVE three-member extraordinary challenge
For further information about the committee, selected from a separate
meeting, please contact Eliza Koch, North American Free Trade
roster composed of fifteen current or
ACIEP Secretariat, Office of Economic Agreement; Invitation for Applications
former judges.
Policy and Public Diplomacy, Economic for Inclusion on the Chapter 19 Roster
Article 1903 of the NAFTA provides
Bureau, U.S. Department of State, Room AGENCY: Office of the United States that a NAFTA Party may refer an
3526, 2201 C Street NW, Washington, Trade Representative. amendment to the AD/CVD statutes of
DC 20520, Tel (202) 647–1310. ACTION: Invitation for applications. another NAFTA Party to a binational
Dated: November 6, 2002. panel for a declaratory opinion as to
Eliza Koch,
SUMMARY: Chapter 19 of the North whether the amendment is inconsistent
American Free Trade Agreement with the General Agreement on Tariffs
Executive Secretary, Advisory Committee on
International Economic Policy.
(‘‘NAFTA’’) provides for the and Trade (‘‘GATT’’), the GATT
establishment of a roster of individuals Antidumping or Subsidies Codes,
[FR Doc. 02–28819 Filed 11–8–02; 8:45 am]
to serve on binational panels convened successor agreements, or the object and
to review final determinations in purpose of the NAFTA with regard to
antidumping or countervailing duty the establishment of fair and predictable
(‘‘AD/CVD’’) proceedings and conditions for the liberalization of trade.
OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES amendments to AD/CVD statutes of a If the panel finds that the amendment is
TRADE REPRESENTATIVE NAFTA Party. The United States inconsistent, the two NAFTA Parties
annually renews its selections for the shall consult and seek to achieve a
Notice of Meeting of the Industry mutually satisfactory solution.
Chapter 19 roster. Applications are
Sector Advisory Committee on Small
invited from eligible individuals Chapter 19 Roster and Composition of
and Minority Business (ISAC–14)
wishing to be included on the roster for Binational Panels
AGENCY: Office of the United States the period April 1, 2003 through March
Trade Representative. 31, 2004. Annex 1901.2 of the NAFTA provides
for the maintenance of a roster of at least
ACTION: Notice of a partially opened DATES: Applications should be received
75 individuals for service on Chapter 19
meeting. no later than December 3, 2002.
binational panels, with each NAFTA
ADDRESSES: Comments should be Party selecting at least 25 individuals. A
SUMMARY: The Industry Sector Advisory
submitted (i) electronically, to separate five-person panel is formed for
Committee on Small and Minority, Attn: ‘‘Chapter 19 each review of a final AD/CVD
Business (ISAC–14) will hold a meeting
Roster Applications’’ in the subject line, determination or statutory amendment.
on December 2, 2002, from 9 a.m. to 3
or (ii) by mail, first class, postage To form a panel, the two NAFTA Parties
p.m. The meeting will be opened to the
prepaid, to Sandy McKinzy, Monitoring involved each appoint two panelists,
public from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. The
and Enforcement Unit, Office of the normally by drawing upon individuals
meeting will be closed to the public
General Counsel, Room 122, Office of from the roster. If the Parties cannot
from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
the United States Trade Representative, agree upon the fifth panelist, one of the
DATES: The meeting is scheduled for
600 17th Street, NW., Washington, DC Parties, decided by lot, selects the fifth
December 2, 2002, unless otherwise 20508, Attn: Chapter 19 Roster
notified. panelist from the roster. The majority of
Applications, with a confirmation copy individuals on each panel must consist
ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at sent electronically to the email address of lawyers in good standing, and the
the International Trade Center, Ronald above or by fax to 202–395–3640. chair of the panel must be a lawyer.
Reagan Building, Training Room C, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Upon each request for establishment
located at 14th and Constitution Amber L. Cottle, Assistant General of a panel, roster members from the two
Avenue, NW., Washington, DC. Counsel, Office of the United States involved NAFTA Parties will be
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Trade Representative, (202) 395–3581. requested to complete a disclosure form,
Tamara Underwood, DFO at (202) 482– SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: which will be used to identify possible
4792, Department of Commerce, 14th conflicts of interest or appearances
Street and Constitution Avenue, SW., Binational Panel Reviews Under thereof. The disclosure form requests
Washington, DC 20230 or Christina NAFTA Chapter 19 information regarding financial interests
Sevilla, Director for Intergovernmental Article 1904 of the NAFTA provides and affiliations, including information
Affairs, on (202) 395–6120. that a party involved in an AD/CVD regarding the identity of clients of the
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: During the proceeding may obtain review by a roster member and, if applicable, clients
opened portion of the meeting the binational panel of a final AD/CVD of the roster member’s firm.

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68718 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 218 / Tuesday, November 12, 2002 / Notices

Criteria for Eligibility for Inclusion on or by fax to 202–395–3640. USTR 13. A short statement of qualifications
Chapter 19 Roster encourages the submission of and availability for service on Chapter
Section 402 of the NAFTA documents in Adobe PDF format, as 19 panels, including information
Implementation Act (Pub. L. 103–182, attachments to an electronic mail. relevant to the applicant’s familiarity
as amended (19 U.S.C. 3432)) (‘‘Section Interested persons who make with international trade law and
402’’) provides that selections by the submissions by electronic mail should willingness and ability to make time
United States of individuals for not provide separate cover letters; commitments necessary for service on
inclusion on the Chapter 19 roster are to information that might appear in a cover panels.
be based on the eligibility criteria set letter should be included in the 14. On a separate page, the names,
out in Annex 1901.2 of the NAFTA, and submission itself. Similarly, to the addresses, telephone, and fax number of
without regard to political affiliation. extent possible, any attachments to the three individuals willing to provide
Annex 1901.2 provides that Chapter 19 submission should be included in the information concerning the applicant’s
roster members must be citizens of a same file as the submission itself, and qualifications for service, including the
NAFTA Party, must be of good character not as separate files. applicant’s character, reputation,
and of high standing and repute, and are Applications must be typewritten, reliability, judgment, and familiarity
to be chosen strictly on the basis of their and should be headed ‘‘Application for with international trade law.
objectivity, reliability, sound judgment, Inclusion on NAFTA Chapter 19 Current Roster Members and Prior
and general familiarity with Roster.’’ Applications should include Applicants
international trade law. Aside from the following information, and each
judges, roster members may not be section of the application should be Current members of the Chapter 19
affiliated with any of the three NAFTA numbered as indicated: roster who remain interested in
Parties. Section 402 also provides that, 1. Name of the applicant. inclusion on the Chapter 19 roster must
to the fullest extent practicable, judges 2. Business address, telephone submit updated applications.
and former judges who meet the number, fax number, and email address. Individuals who have previously
eligibility requirements should be 3. Citizenship(s). applied but have not been selected may
selected. 4. Current employment, including reapply. If an applicant, including a
title, description of responsibility, and current or former roster member, has
Procedures for Selection of Chapter 19 previously submitted materials referred
name and address of employer.
Roster Members to in item 9, such materials need not be
5. Relevant education and
Section 402 establishes procedures for professional training. resubmitted.
the selection by the Office of the United 6. Spanish language fluency, written Public Disclosure
States Trade Representative (‘‘USTR’’) of and spoken.
the individuals chosen by the United Applications normally will be subject
7. Post-education employment to public disclosure. An applicant who
States for inclusion on the Chapter 19 history, including the dates and
roster. The roster is renewed annually, wishes to exempt information from
addresses of each prior position and a public disclosure should follow the
and applies during the one-year period summary of responsibilities.
beginning April 1 of each calendar year. procedures set forth in 15 CFR 2003.6.
8. Relevant professional affiliations
Under Section 402, an interagency and certifications, including, if any, False Statements
committee chaired by USTR prepares a current bar memberships in good
preliminary list of candidates eligible Pursuant to section 402(c)(5) of the
standing. NAFTA Implementation Act, false
for inclusion on the Chapter 19 Roster.
9. A list and copies of publications, statements by applicants regarding their
After consultation with the Senate
testimony, and speeches, if any, personal or professional qualifications,
Committee on Finance and the House
concerning AD/CVD law. Judges or or financial or other relevant interests
Committee on Ways and Means, USTR
former judges should list relevant that bear on the applicants’ suitability
selects the final list of individuals
judicial decisions. Only one copy of for placement on the Chapter 19 roster
chosen by the United States for
publications, testimony, speeches, and or for appointment to binational panels,
inclusion on the Chapter 19 roster.
decisions need be submitted. are subject to criminal sanctions under
Remuneration 10. Summary of any current and past 18 U.S.C. 1001.
Roster members selected for service employment by, or consulting or other
work for, the United States, Canadian, Paperwork Reduction Act
on a Chapter 19 binational panel will be
remunerated at the rate of 800 Canadian or Mexican Governments. This notice contains a collection of
dollars per day. 11. The names and nationalities of all information provision subject to the
foreign principals for whom the Paperwork Reduction Act (‘‘PRA’’) that
Applications applicant is currently or has previously has been approved by the Office of
Eligible individuals who wish to be been registered pursuant to the Foreign Management and Budget (‘‘OMB’’).
included on the Chapter 19 roster for Agents Registration Act, 22 U.S.C. 611 Notwithstanding any other provision of
the period April 1, 2003 through March et seq., and the dates of all registration law, no person is required to respond to
31, 2004 are invited to submit periods. nor shall a person be subject to a
applications. Persons submitting 12. List of proceedings brought under penalty for failure to comply with a
applications may either send one copy U.S., Canadian, or Mexican AD/CVD collection of information subject to the
by U.S. mail, first class, postage prepaid, law regarding imports of U.S., Canadian, requirements of the PRA unless that
to Sandy McKinzy at the address listed or Mexican products in which the collection of information displays a
above or transmit a copy electronically applicant advised or represented (for currently valid OMB number. This
to, with ‘‘Chapter 19 example, as consultant or attorney) any notice’s collection of information
Roster Applications’’ in the subject line. U.S., Canadian, or Mexican party to burden is only for those persons who
For documents sent by U.S. mail, USTR such proceeding and, for each such wish voluntarily to apply for
requests that the submitter provide a proceeding listed, the name and country nomination to the NAFTA Chapter 19
confirmation copy, either electronically of incorporation of such party. roster. It is expected that the collection

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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 218 / Tuesday, November 12, 2002 / Notices 68719

of information burden will be under 3 the vision standard prescribed in 49 is count fingers in the right eye and 20/
hours. This collection of information CFR 391.41(b)(10). 20 in the left. Following an examination
contains no annual reporting or record DATES: Comments must be received on in 2002, his ophthalmologist affirmed,
keeping burden. This collection of or before December 12, 2002. ‘‘It is therefore my medical opinion that
information was approved by OMB ADDRESSES: You can mail or deliver due to the stability of his overall visual
under OMB Control Number 0350–0009. comments to the U.S. Department of function and his eye examination, that
Please send comments regarding the Transportation, Dockets Management he has sufficient vision to continue to
collection of information burden or any Facility, Room PL–401, 400 Seventh perform driving tasks related to
other aspect of the information Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590– operating a commercial vehicle.’’ In his
collection to USTR at the address above. 0001. You can also submit comments at application, Mr. Adams reported that he Please include the has driven tractor-trailer combinations
Privacy Act for 30 years, accumulating 4.5 million
docket number that appears in the
The following statements are made in heading of this document. You can miles. He holds a Class A commercial
accordance with the Privacy Act of examine and copy this document and driver’s license (CDL) from the State of
1974, as amended (5 U.S.C. 552a). The all comments received at the same Washington, and his driving record for
authority for requesting information to Internet address or at the Dockets the last 3 years shows no accidents or
be furnished is section 402 of the Management Facility from 9 a.m. to 5 convictions for moving violations in a
NAFTA Implementation Act. Provision p.m., e.t., Monday through Friday, CMV.
of the information requested above is except Federal holidays. If you want us 2. Thomas E. Adams
voluntary; however, failure to provide to notify you that we received your
the information will preclude your Mr. Adams, 45, has counting fingers
comments, please include a self-
consideration as a candidate for the vision in his left eye due to an injury he
addressed, stamped envelope or
NAFTA Chapter 19 roster. This sustained during infancy. His vision is
postcard or print the acknowledgement
information is maintained in a system of 20/20 in the right eye. Following an
page that appears after submitting
records entitled ‘‘Dispute Settlement examination in 2001, his
comments online.
Panelists Roster.’’ Notice regarding this ophthalmologist certified, ‘‘In my
system of records was published in the opinion Mr. Adams has sufficient vision
Sandra Zywokarte, Office of Bus and and full visual field in his right eye to
Federal Register on November 30, 2001. Truck Standards and Operations, (202)
The information provided is needed, perform the driving tasks required to
366–2987, FMCSA, Department of operate a commercial vehicle.’’ Mr.
and will be used by USTR, other federal Transportation, 400 Seventh Street,
government trade policy officials Adams reported that he has driven
SW., Washington, DC 20590–0001. straight trucks for 25 years,
concerned with NAFTA dispute Office hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15
settlement, and officials of the other accumulating 25,000 miles, and tractor-
p.m., e.t., Monday through Friday, trailer combinations for 20 years,
NAFTA Parties to select well-qualified except Federal holidays.
individuals for inclusion on the Chapter accumulating 1.5 million miles. He
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: holds a Class A CDL from Indiana, and
19 roster and for service on Chapter 19
binational panels. Electronic Access and Filing his driving record shows that he has had
no accidents or convictions for traffic
Daniel E. Brinza, You may see all the comments online
violations in a CMV during the last 3
Assistant United States Trade Representative through the Document Management
for Monitoring and Enforcement. System (DMS) at:
[FR Doc. 02–28556 Filed 11–8–02; 8:45 am] submit. 3. Rodger B. Anders
BILLING CODE 3190–01–P Background Mr. Anders, 45, has a history of
alternating exotropia with nystagmus
Under 49 U.S.C. 31315 and 31136(e),
since birth. His best-corrected vision in
the FMCSA may grant an exemption for
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION the right eye is 20/60 and in the left, 20/
a 2-year period if it finds ‘‘such
40. An optometrist examined him in
exemption would likely achieve a level
Federal Motor Carrier Safety 2002 and certified, ‘‘Mr. Anders’ visual
of safety that is equivalent to, or greater
Administration deficiency is stable, and I feel he may
than, the level that would be achieved
operate a commercial vehicle safely.’’
[Docket No. FMCSA–2002–12844] absent such exemption.’’ The statute
Mr. Anders submitted that he has driven
also allows the agency to renew
Qualification of Drivers; Exemption straight trucks for 16 years,
exemptions at the end of the 2-year
Applications; Vision accumulating 640,000 miles. He holds a
period. The 35 individuals listed in this
Class A CDL from Maryland, and there
AGENCY: Federal Motor Carrier Safety notice have recently requested an
are no accidents or convictions for
Administration (FMCSA), DOT. exemption from the vision requirement
moving violations in a CMV on his
in 49 CFR 391.41(b)(10), which applies
ACTION: Notice of applications for driving record for the last 3 years.
to drivers of CMVs in interstate
exemption from the vision standard; commerce. Accordingly, the agency will 4. Thomas J. Boss
request for comments. evaluate the qualifications of each Mr. Boss, 33, has amblyopia in his
SUMMARY: This notice publishes the applicant to determine whether granting right eye. His best-corrected visual
FMCSA’s receipt of applications from the exemption will achieve the required acuity is 20/400 in the right eye and 20/
35 individuals for an exemption from level of safety. 20 in the left. Following an examination
the vision requirement in the Federal Qualifications of Applicants in 2002, his optometrist commented, ‘‘It
Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. If is my opinion that Mr. Boss has
granted, the exemptions will enable 1. Doris V. Adams sufficient vision to perform driving
these individuals to qualify as drivers of Mr. Adams, age 65, has had tasks that are required to operate a
commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in glaucomatous optic nerve atrophy in his commercial vehicle.’’ Mr. Boss
interstate commerce without meeting right eye since 1988. His visual acuity submitted that he has driven straight

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