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Goal: Increase the NWEA MAP scores of the 6th grade students to at least 75% passing for 2017-2018 year.
Target Group: All 6th grade students
Data to Identify Students Only 62% of students passed the NWEA MAP Growth scores for the 2016-2017 academic school year.

ASCA Process Data

Domain and (Projected Outcome Data
Mindsets & number of Perception Data (Achievement, attendance
Behaviors Curriculum and Projected students (Type of surveys/ and/or behavior data to be Contact
Activities Standard(s) Materials Start/End affected) assessments to be used) collected) Person
Study Skills small Small Group space, Sept. 32 students Pre/Post assessments on Improved NWEA MAP Nicholas
group counseling activity materials 2017- total, 4 study skill knowledge, scores and study skills Lee (School
Nov. groups of 8 student surveys Counseling
2017 Intern),

Resource Referrals Community Sept. Around 370 Student and teacher Improved grades and Nicholas
Outreach, food 2017- students surveys on access and NWEA MAP scores, Lee (School
donations, storage June effected improvements, access to resources Counseling
space for food in 2018 (82.7% Free assessments on food Intern),
building, or Reduced- programs, number of Mark
advertisement, Price Meals) families effected McCune