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Alamat: Jl Brigjend Katamso II Tilp.(031) 8532206 Waru Sidoarjo
Hari & tanggal : Senin , Nop 2010 Waktu : 18. 15 19.30
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Prodi : P Agama Isam
Semester : III (Tiga ) Dosen : Drs. Suhanto Kastaredja, M.Pd.

I. Read the text to answer the questions 2. What does the word weatlthy mean?
3. Did Prophet Mohammad have only one wife
At the age of 25, Muhammad married the wealthy during his marriage with Khadijah?
Khadijah bint Khuwaylid who was 40 years old at 4. What happened to Prophet Muhammad after
that time. The marriage lasted for 25 years and was the death of Khadija?
a happy one. Muhammad relied upon Khadija in 5. What do you know about Sawda bint Zama?
many ways and did not enter into marriage with 6. Why was Aisha considered as a very
another woman during this marriage. After the important person in Islam?
death of Khadija, it was suggested to Muhammad 7. Why did Prophet Muhammad marry several
by Khawla bint Hakim that he should marry Sawda women after migration to Medina?
bint Zama, a Muslim widow, or Aisha, daughter of 8. Translate the last paragraph into Bahasa
Um Ruman and Abu Bakr of Mecca. Muhammad is Indonesia.
said to have asked her to arrange for him to marry
both. II. Answer the following questions by using
your words
Traditional sources dictate that Aisha was six or 1. Why do the students of University people
seven years old when betrothed to Muhammad but study English?
the marriage was not consummated until she was 2. When did you start studying English?
nine or ten years old. While the majority of 3. Can you speak English very well?
traditional sources indicate Aisha was prepubescent 4. At what time do Muslim perform dawn
(and therefore a virgin) at the time of marriage, a prayer?
small number of more recent writers have variously 5. How many times do Muslim perform
estimated her age at 15 to 24. prayrs a day?
6. What can you find in Al Quran?
Later, Muhammad married additional wives, nine of
whom survived him. Aisha, who became known as III. Complete the text with th given words
Muhammad's favourite wife in Sunni tradition,
survived him by many decades and was
instrumental in helping to bring together the a. Completing b. speech c. migration
scattered sayings of Muhammad that would form d. advised e. good f. your
the Hadith literature for the Sunni branch of Islam.
At the end of the tenth year after the (1) to
After migration to Medina, Muhammad (who was Medina, Muhammad carried through his first truly
now in his fifties) married several women. These Islamic pilgrimage, thereby teaching his followers
marriages were contracted mostly for political or the rites (ibadah) of the annual Great Pilgrimage
humanitarian reasons, these wives being either (Hajj).
widows of Muslims who had been killed in the
battles and had been left without a protector, or After (2) the pilgrimage, Muhammad delivered
belonging to important families or clans whom it a famous (3) known as The Farewell Sermon. In
was necessary to honor and strengthen alliances. this sermon, Muhammad (4) his followers not to
follow certain pre-Islamic customs such as adding
1. Was Prophet Muhammad 40 years old when intercalary months to align the lunar calendar with
he married to the wealthy Khadijah bint the solar calendar. Muhammed asked his male
Khuwaylid? followers to Be (5) to women; for they are
powerless captives (awan) in (6) households.

IV. Muhammad did his own household chores and helped with housework, such as preparing
food, sewing clothes and repairing shoes. Muhammad is also said to have had
accustomed his wives to dialogue; he listened to their advice, and the wives debated and
even argued with him.[64][65][66]
V. Khadijah is said to have borne Muhammad four daughters (Ruqayyah bint Muhammad,
Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad, Zainab bint Muhammad, Fatimah Zahra) and two sons
(Abd-Allah ibn Muhammad and Qasim ibn Muhammad) who both died in childhood. All
except two of his daughters, Fatimah and Zainab, died before him.[67] Shi'a scholars
contend that Fatimah was Muhammad's only daughter.[68] Maria al-Qibtiyya bore him a
son named Ibrahim ibn Muhammad, but the child died when he was two years old.[67]
VI. Muhammad's descendants through Fatimah are known as sharifs, syeds or sayyids. These
are honorific titles in Arabic, sharif meaning 'noble' and sayed or sayyid meaning 'lord' or
'sir'. As Muhammad's only descendants, they are respected by both Sunni and Shi'a,
though the Shi'as place much more emphasis and value on their distinction.[69]

1. What is the best title for the text above?

2. Where was he born?
3. What was his job?
4. In what year did he get married?
5. What happened to him at age 40 in the month of Ramadhan?
6. Did he start preaching at age 40?
7. What was the only way acceptable to God?
8. Why was he called Prophet?

VII. Complete each sentence with the appropriate given word

a. learns b. holy c. at d. must e. on f.are g. very h. actions
1. Muslim pray five times a day.
2. Mrs. Rindiah Arabic everyday.
3. The Sunnah represents the and sayings of Muhammad.

4. Al Qurs is a book for Mulim.
5. the childreen reading Al Quran now?
6. We perform the noon prayer about 12 oclock.
7. The man talking to Mr. Anwar is tall.
8. The mosque Jendral Ahmad Yani street was built 10 years ago.

VIII. Write sentence with the word given in each number.

1. . house (offering help)
2. .my uncle . (asking for permission)
3. university (asking information)
4. Mr. Abas (telling name)
5. .student (telling possibility)
6. ..happy .(telling feeling)
7. .me (asking people to do something)
8. a letter (asking for help)

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