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Art. 415.

The following are immovable land, and which tend directly to meet the needs
property: of the said

(1) Land, buildings, roads and constructions of industry or works;

all kinds
(6) Animal houses, pigeon-houses, beehives, fi
adhered to the soil; sh ponds

(2) Trees, plants, and growing fruits, while they or breeding places of similar nature, in case
are their owner has

attached to the land or form an integral part of placed them or preserves them with the
an immovable; intention to have them

(3) Everything attached to an immovable in a fi permanently attached to the land, and forming
xed a permanent

manner, in such a way that it cannot be part of it; the animals in these places are
separated therefrom included;

without breaking the material or deterioration (7) Fertilizer actually used on a piece of land;
of the
(4) Statues, reliefs, paintings, or other objects
(8) Mines, quarries, and slag dumps, while the
for use
or ornamentation, placed in buildings or on
thereof forms part of the bed, and waters either
lands by the
running or
owner of the immovable in such a manner that
it reveals the stagnant;

intention to attach them permanently to the (9) Docks and structures which, though fl
tenements; oating, are

intended by their nature and object to remain

(5) Machinery, receptacles, instruments or
implements at a fi xed place

intended by the owner of the tenement for an on a river, lake, or coast;

industry or (10) Contracts for public works, and servitudes
works which may be carried on in a building or and
on a piece of other real rights over immovable property.