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Sensor Based Automatic Gun targeting System for Border Area is an automated gun target and
firing system if found an object within a range of sensors. The project is primarily based on PIR
Sensors, Microcontroller and wireless transmitter and receiving units using FSK. The Project is
required because till today, border is protected by Iron Spike wires, and a watch tower containing
a person continuously flashing the light over the border area day and night. Those persons are
fully responsible for any intrusion. This project will not fully remove the responsibility from
their soldiers, but shares the maximum responsibility and will reduce human mistakes on the
border. The sensors will sense any living object inside the range, provide the s/g to
microcontroller, in response, microcontroller generates the code on the site and send to the watch
tower where the receiver receives the code, provides code to microcontroller, interprets the
location of the object corresponding to received code, activates targeting system, buzzer system
and at last firing system.

The basic purpose of the project is to enhance the border security electronically with automation
and with that to reduce the work load and responsibility of the border men that continuously take
a look on border 24x7. Currently project is capable to detect any IR radiation in the range of
border, automatically target its position and destroy the object through firing control module.
Also, the use of project on small scale can be used in home security at night by simply adjusting
the range of the project.

One of the basic requirements for the project is Accuracy. The targeting system should be
accurate enough to target and fire the target correctly. For that we require to maintain the high
resolution of the area under surveillance. For maintaining high resolution, we should differentiate
the area in very small sub-areas and a lot a code to those areas i.e. on code corresponding to each
sub-area. Greater the number of sub-areas more will be the bits required per code allotted to that
sub-area so increasing the complexity of coding the complete system. The benefit is that, more
resolution, more accuracy. The gun will be targeted over the correct position and fire the target,
but will not miss the target Hence, cost of hardware, programming and designing the area to
which surveillance is to set, are the major three requirements of the system.

Block Diagram: