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Dear Sale dept,

Nice to work with you!

As one of the leading importer of meat in Vietnam, LA MAISON INTERNATIONAL FINE MEAT
CO.,TLD, has many years of experience in Vietnamese Food industries .
At present, we are interested in some product, detailed information as bellow:
Full cream milk
Semi cream milk
Skim milk
Chocolate milk
Strawberry milk
Vanilla milk
Whipping cream
Cooking cream
Crme Fraiche
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Stir yogurt
Drinking yogurt

Can you check and send me the quotation for above goods soonest because we are in demand of these products

If the prices are competitive and the quality up to standar, we will order on a regular basic

If any, pls send us your cataloge first, or picture of products

Many thanks for your support by the way.

Let me take this chance to clarify our request for exclusive distribution contract. We found your
products are potential and would like to set up a stable and long term partner relationship. We
will do investment to promote their products in Vietnam. We have very strong existing
distribution system throughout Vietnam and intend to sell your in this system. We give the effort
to instruct the end users to recognize your brand name. So we dont want after 6 months or 1
year later, you give your products to another distributor in Vietnam. That is the reason I ask for
at least 5 years commitment for exclusively distribution. If you want us commit the revenue or
minimum order, its fine, please let me know the number then we can discuss on it.
In case you dont want to have any sole distributor, we will work on OEM term. Please consider
and let me know your feedback.

We learned that your products have been imported into Vietnamese market many years ago. After
studying and evaluating, we highly appreciate your products. They are really the suitable and potential
ones in our market.

It is to point out that we would like to be your distributor in Vietnam and we completely believe that
your products can meet the market trend and demand. Our existing distribution system is very strong
and cover throught Vietnam, Therefore, Your products will be distributed into MT channel, TT channel
and own chain of stores around VN. We will also do investment to promote your products in Vietnam
and give the effort to instruct your brand.

By the way, we would like to attach our presentation and our existing distribution system for your

Dear Mr.Jay and Mr.Choi

First, I am so sorry for this inconvenience (For delaying reply..)

By the way, I would like to inform you schedule of shipping as follow:

1. PI 4 Slats (AS4) 40ft : are ready for dispatch. We are contacting with BD logistic to place an
booking vessel. We are waiting feedback from them. I will call them if have not get any update
information within 1 next hour
2. PI 12 slat (AC12) 40ft: intend to dispatch on 5th April, Can you allow us ship on 10th April?
3. PI 12 slats (AC12) 40ft (Next order) : Can be ship in the end of April or beginning of May
(because we have 2 big holidays in April : about 5-6 days, so do not work in these days)
If we can dispatch sooner, I will inform you

Once more, I really so sorry for delaying reply your email. It was so busy in serveral days

If you have any question, pls contact me

Dear Emily,

How are you these days?

Emily, please try to make another color

Acacia wood decks.

Let me suggest to use clear lacquer being UV effect too.

You should use the original Acacia wood color . Acacia wood is brighter than the existing oil colors you
use right now.

One of our customers want to add one more color.

Please try to send the samples to us.

Thank you

Dear Mike

Glad to hear from you and learn that you are looking for more color for our decking tiles.
Certainly, we really want to develop new items with more range color for Variety of customer
choice. Morever, In order to do it, we must taste new color with supplier painting. Some color is
suitable when applied it on acacia wood, some color is not. As you know, decktiles tile will be
use for outdoor and bathroom which has a lot of water.
To keep shelf life of products, we must test and consider color painting before mass productions.
Acacia wood is wood has a lot of knock, and it may be will change when we douse it on water
based color. So to do make it, it will take long time and in fact, we do not sure 100% that we can
make it.

By the way, I would like to clarify our request to make new color as bellow:

1. Give us sample color which you are interested in.

2. After checking we will send this to supplier paiting first.
3. Supplier paiting will recommend a lot of item color for our reference
4. We will choose some color and begin to make sample for test it
5. After get samples, we will test quality before send out by: outside (in hot weather), inside ( in
refrigerator in 0C , in bathroom)
6. When samples is passed, we will take picture send you by email first
IF you accept, we can send out to you by courier.
IF not, we must rebeginning again.

As you can see, it will take a long time, money. and has a lot of steps to make it.
In normal, we do not make it unless there are special reason.
However, only for you, we can consider
So, first, pls send us sample of color which you looking for

Pls let me know if you have any question


Dear Vy,
Nh c trao i vi e , c booking cont 40 HC i INCHEON
Ngy hng ready: 29/03/2017
Ni ly cont rng: khu vc qun 9 hoc th c
Ni h cont: CT LI
Gi ch booking khi c nh
Cm n e!

Dear Mr.Kim,
As I mentioned in serveral email before, In PI 004/2016, I have a mistake when I make
documents (PI, IV, PK, custom documents..) which show 60 ctns instead of 60 pcs althought in
fact, we only load 60 pcs in container.
So, In order valid documents, we need you transfer payment for remaining goods: 60ctns = 600
pcs 60 pcs = 540 pcs ( 540 x 1.25 = 675 usd)
And we will load 540 pcs in container of shipment PI03/2017 without show it on documents. I
discussed with Mr.Jay before, Pls check with him for your understanding!
In case you made a payment already, you can make it when make a balance payment in next
Futhermore, I would like to resend calculation sheet as attachment for your reference!
Pls contact me if you have any question.