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If you have downloaded the correct file then the instructions are clearly mentioned.

1) Copy the file LTMS00TS.SNF under \\Windows\system folder for (Windows XP) and winnt for
(Windows 2000)

2) Copy the files: Gtool2002.MBX and GTool.ini to the "Tools" folder under MapInfo program

How to run the GTool:

- Run the MapInfo and then go under menu bar "Tools" and "Run MapBasic Program" and then choose

- Choose GSM and also press the button "Autoload" so that the GTool is run automatically every time you
run MapInfo.

- In MapInfo choose "open" and give the GTool's Tab files (the files are mentioned in the below link).
Observe that there are 4 "Tab" file: "gsite", gcell, "gantanna" and "gtext".

This is a starter guide for Piano i guess, thread is related to Gtool and i have already uploaded the starter
Guide for Gtool. It is very easy to use guys, Press TAB button and enter the frequency to view the co-
channel and adjacent channel in your sites !

For neighbors you need to make the Neighbor file. The neighbour file is similar to MCOM, pls read the
complete thread, i have also shared the MACRO to convert the Vertical Neighbors to Horizontal Neighbors
, see below

Inputs (vertical)

KKQ1011 KKQ1012
KKQ1011 KKQ1013
KKQ1011 KKQ1021
KKQ1011 KKQ1022

Output (horizontal)


KKQ1011 KKQ1012 KKQ1013 KKQ1021 KKQ1022

Gtool Takes input in the Horizontal form. So once you have converted all your neighbors in to Horizontal
form, load in to Gtool and then Click View button. it will show you the neighbors in YELLOW color. You
can also draw lines by checking "Draw Lines" in setup of Gtool. You'll view the setup option in Menu of

Neighbors can be added and deleted in a very easy way. Press the Neighbor Add/Del button in toolbar of
Gtool and then click on a src cell (don't release the click) and drag it to the target cell (now release the
click), a popup will come which will ask you to add or delete neighbor. Just select the required option and
there you go, your neighbor is planned. To Export the neighbor, you just need to export the "Neightemp"
table from MapInfo and save it in .CSV format.

I have also given Horizontal to Vertical MACRO which will convert your horizontal Neighbors in to vertical.
Try to explore it guys, it will help you a lot

Installation and
Startup Guide of
By LCCengr
Step 1: Copy the file in C:\Windows\System Folder
Step2: Open MapInfo and Import the Gtool2002.MBX.
Step3: Once Opened, it will ask you to Auto-Reload, click Auto-Load and then you will see a bar of Gtool
with Menu on the Top.
Step4: If everything goes well, then the next step is to import the database files (GSite, GCell, Neighbors
and GAntenna). Remember Neighbors are optional. Go to GtoolGSM Import File Data
Step4: Once completed, Click on the button Site Data and open file Gsite.txt, Click on Button Cell Data
and give file GCell.txt, Click on button Neighbors and open file Neighbors.txt, Finally Click on Button
Antenna Data and open file GAntenna.txt. After everything is given, you will see some tabs that are auto
generated by Gtool. They will be used in drawing the sites.
Step5: Click on Draw Sites. In Urban Areas, I keep the Font and Antenna Size Small to 5 and 5
respectively, but it is up to you. You can redraw them later with the bigger font and antenna size.
Step6: You will see 5 Sites Drawn with green. If the Frequency is of 1800 Site then the display is
automatically changed to Blue with bigger wings of the site. You can try it on any one of the site by
editing the GCell.txt and give the DCS Frequencies.