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Project : Valve Protection Calculation

Cient : HESS Exploration and Production Malaysia B.V.

Subject : Valve Protector Calculation Prep By : AF
Case : 24 In typical Valve Protector Checked By : CH

24 in Valve Protector Due to Drop Object Condition

The objective of this analysis is to determine the structure capacity of Valve protector due to drop object. This calculation
cover the most conservative condition for dropped object and shortest critical area.

For Valve protector energy capacity, it is assumed that impact loads will be absorbed half tubular pipe flange protector.
The cross section is shown in figure below.

The analysis is performed as per minimum requirement provided as per DNV-RP-F107

Input Parameters
L Di L1 m v R r

m m m kN m/s m m

1.65 0.16 0.74 9.81 2.80 0.23 0.17

Zy gsteel Fy E tw d Ui
3 3
mm mton/m MPa MPa mm mm kJ

9.78E+05 7.850 248.00 210000.0 25.4 88.36 3.92

where: L = member length

L1 = (L - Di)/2
Di = diameter of impact area
Ui = impact energy
Zy = plastic section modulus
gsteel = steel density
Fy = yield stress of steel
E = Young's modulus
v = Velocity
m = Mass (taken from Trawl Gear Data)
tw = Thickness
R = Outside Diameter
r = Inside Diameter
d = Shear Critical location (1/4 half circle tubular)

Determination of Beam Shear Through Energy

Ui Avy F U
kJ mm kN kJ

3.92 2244.3 160.67 4.081

U > Ui
Beam has enough capacity to resist impact, hence OK

where: *The impact energy taken from

= average shear through force

= work to shear through beam

= shear area

= Moment of Inertia

= Distance to Neutral Axis

Zy = = Section Modulus

= Impact Energy to be absorbed

Determination of Deflection
Mp d q SL
eu e
kN.m mm rad mm

242.59 2.99 4.04E-03 1.6E+03 0.18000 7.34E-06

where: = plastic moment

eu = ultimate strain of steel

Beam will be deflected by 2.99 mm in absorbing 3.92 kJ of impact energy.

Beam has enough capacity to resist impact, hence OK