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Logo & Identity Guidelines

Logo & Identity Guidelines
Client: BloodPact

Logo Specics

The outer Grey stripped

padding indicates the Safe
Zone. Other graphical and
visual elements can be safely x x
positioned up to the Blue line.

Blue indicates Clear Space. The

blue area must be kept free of
all other graphical and visual
x x
The minimum required Clear
Space is dened by the
measurement X (equal to the
height of the uppercase letters,
known as the cap-height. The
width is equal to the height.)

Magenta indicates type and

element alignment and

Logo Specics

Image above shows the ideal

logotype placement.

Notice that the Blue area

creates a padded Clear Space
top and right of the logotype.

Any other design element

could be added to the
photograph as long as it didnt
cross over the Blue area; left
and bottom of the logotype.
Logo & Identity Guidelines
Client: BloodPact

Logo Styles

Primary Full Tone Colour

This is the primary logo to
use, and includes a subtle
shadow to the arrow
overlaping the letter p.
This is your main go-to
version of the logo, except
for limited exceptions

Primary Full Flat Colour

This is the at colour

version, and can be used
in environments that
might require a cleaner

Full Tone Greyscale

The greyscale version can

be used for higher quality,

Logo Styles
but still B/W print
reproduction, where a
ner halftone screen is

Solid Black

The solid black version is

only to be used for Fax,
and some forms of
black/white commercial
printing applications, such
as local newspapers etc,
where course halftones
screens are used.

Social Media

There 2 versions of the

Social Media prole
image. Each are saved
with Transparent The 1st one can be used for all round The 2nd one is for circular prole
backgrounds. & square cornered prole destinations, such as: Google+,
destinations, such as: Twitter, Instagram etc and as such does not
Facebook etc, and is placed within a come inside a container.
container (shown as cylan & magenta
Logo & Identity Guidelines
Client: BloodPact

Colour Specication

Pantone 485C Pantone7454C

C=0 M=100 Y=99 K=0 C=64 M=32 Y=13 K=0
Web Safe E2 35 26 Web Safe 61 8E B5
RGB 226 35 26 RGB 97 142 181

Pantone 279C
C=73 M=32 Y=0 K=0
Web Safe 3E 8E DE
RGB 62 142 222

Pantone 301C

Colour Specications
C=100 M=76 Y=21 K=5
Web Safe 00 73 135
RGB 0 49 87

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100 1
Web Safe 23 1F 20
RGB 35 31 32

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0
Web Safe FF FF FF
RGB 255 255 255
The primary logo is Pantone 533. Other colour options can be
used as the example on this page show

The primary logo can also be used reversed out of any of the core
brand colours, but the logotype must always remain solid white.

The primary logo can also be used reversed out of any of the
core brand colours, but the logotype myst always remain
solid whyte
Logo & Identity Guidelines
Client: BloodPact

Logo Best Practices

Do Not: Logomark
To ensure your brand logo
is not the victim of
aesthetic vandalism, the
general rule to abide by is:
do not change, alter, modify
any part of the logo.

Some examples of logo

missuse are shown below.

Do Not: Logomark

Do not resize or change the

position of the logomark.

Logo Best Practices

Do Not: Fonts
Do not use any other font, blood bloodpact BLOODPACT
no matter how close it
might look to the original

Do Not: SIzing
Do not use squish or
squash the logo. Any
resizing must be in

Do Not: Colour

Do not change the colours

even if they look similar.
Use the ocial colour
specications detailed in
these guidelines