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Project Name Sterling Pix

Subject Physics

Grade Grade 10-CBSE

Chapter Name/Topic Heights & Distances

Topic code

SME name Sumit

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Heights & Distances

Understanding the Concepts of Heights &

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:-

Undersand Angle of Elevation

Undersand Angle of DSepressions
Solve the Problems of Height and

Scene 1: Two Images will be shown, in one

Observer is at some distance from a Minar.
And in Second Image Observer is on the top of
a building looking downwards on somw point
on the Ground.

In this topic of Height and Distances , we are

going to use Trigonometric Ratios to Find
Various Heights and Distances without actually
Measuring It.
But Before that Lets Understand some Key
Concepts of Hights and Distasnces.
Scene 2: Focus on Image one in which observer
is on the ground and looking on the tip of a

Line of Sight:

A line drawn from the Eye of an Observer to

the Point on which observer is looking or

Angle Of Elevation:

The angle of elevation of an object as seen by

an observer is the angle between the
horizontal and the line from the object to the
observer's eye (the line of sight).

Scene 3: Focus On 2nd Image In which Obserber

is on the Top of a Building and Looking at some
Point on Ground.

In this case obser is on the Top of a Building

and Line of Sight is below the Horizontal so
Here angle formed is Known as Angle of
Depression .
Angle of depression is the angle between the
horizontal and the line of sight to an object
beneath the horizontal.

Scene 4: Now show both the image with all the


Now we got Line of sight , Angle of Depression

and Angle of Elevation as shown in the Digram.
Scene 5: Focus on Image in which we have
minar and observer on the ground.

Now Suppose we have been asked to find the

Height of this Minar without actually
Measuring it.
Let Height of the observer=1.5m
Distance between observer and Minar=28.5m
And Let Angle of Elevation is 45 degree.
Now with all these given condition we can
determine the height of the minar.

So, Height CD=BC+BD

Now to find BC, we will have to use

Trigonometric Ratios.

As we are supposed to find the Opposite side

of the Triangle so out of
We can use tan(theta.)

So tan(45)=28.5/BC


Since BD=AE=1.5m

So height of the Minar=28.5+1.5=30m

Scene 5: Summary

So we Learned:-
Line of Sight
Angle of Elevation
Angle of Depression
And Solving Problems of Height and
Distances using Trigonometric Ratios.