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Tallinn Central Library

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Tallinn Central Library (Estonian: Tallinna

Keskraamatukogu) is a library in Tallinn, the capital city of Tallinn Central Library
Estonia. The library was the first public library for a town in
Estonia, and served as the nation's legal deposit library for
ten years during its early existence. The library currently
provides services to those who are unable to access a
physical branch through a bookmobile, and provides access
to works of modern Estonian literature via e-book throughout
the world to anyone with internet access.

It was established on 14 October 1907 as Tallinn Town Free
Public Library, and was the first town library in Estonia.The
library was led by Aleksander Sibul from 1921-1950, and he
made it into a central library that had multiple branches and
departments. Between 1938 and 1948 the library contained
an active archival department that collected 40,000 units of
archival materials and received the legal deposit copies for
Tallinn Central Library building
all of Estonia. The library maintained this archival material
until 1958, at which time it was distributed to other Country Estonia
libraries.[1] Type Public library
Established October 14, 1907
Twenty-first century Reference to legal Public Library Act
mandate (12.11.1998)
In 2004 it was proposed that the library should have a
bookmobile, and the library acquired one named Katarina Location Tallinn
Jee in 2008. Katarina Jee has the capacity to hold 3,800 Coordinates 59.4332N 24.7475E
volumes at one time and serves areas where branch libraries
Branches 17
are absent or temporarily unavailable. The service provides
books both in Russian and Estonian, with 70% of the Access and use
materials being Estonian-language titles.[2] Circulation 1,695,132
Website Official website
In 2012 the Tallinn Central Library created ELLU, a e-book
lending program for works of modern Estonian literature.
Tallinn Central Library is the only library in Estonia that provided copies of modern Estonian literature via e-
book, and access to the ELLU system is available to anyone in the world, with registered users being reported
from countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.[3] In 2017 the library expanded their e-book offerings to
allow English and Russian speaking patrons to access e-books.[4]

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