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Montana 1948

Task 1

Characters mentioned are: David Hayden, mother gail, wes father, frank

unlce war hero, respected doctor , marie a little solider, family Sioux house cleaner

Learns ; truth is not what you want to believe it to be , power is abused , choose between loyalty and

1 mother passed from heart attack

2 his wife has a loaded gun aimed at him for unknown reasons

3 father passed away from cancer

4 he recalls the event better than anyone

5 things are stuck to his mind which he cannot clear

Montana summary questions task 2

1 Davids fathers name is Wesley mothers name is Gail uncles names is frank

2 Marie little solider tells David parents that frank has been sexually abusing women on the
reservation who come seeking treatment

3 Davids father is meant to use the law and arrest frank although its his brother he wont do

4 frank is grandpa Haydens favourite son

5 the term likening red is means Indians

6 Wesley talks to frank about the crimes has committed while Gail wants him punished for it

7 frank killed Marie so Wesley had to taker over being the town sheriff for a while

8 frank ends up being locked in a basement for it

9 Wesley father pleads that he should let frank out

10 in the end Wesley decides to let frank go free because grandma Hayden has to much influence
on the town so he wouldnt be convicted

11 he finds out he is guilty of murder and cannot live with this idea of letting him be free