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Basic Engineering Correlation (Trigo Reviewer)

1. What will be the length of the two other sides of a right triangle if the opposite side of a 60 degrees angle is 4V cm _____"
a. 8cm, 4 cm
b. 4 cm, 3 cm
c. 2 cm, 1cm
d. 4cm, 5 cm

2. The expression sin16 sin14 + cos16 cos14 is equivalent to

a. Cos 8
b. Sin 30
c. Sin 8
d. Cos 2

3. If tan a = 1/2 and tan = -3/5, then the value of tan(a +,8) is
a. 5/9
b. 7/9
c. 9/7
d. 11/7

4. What is the value of sin [3 if cos p = 3/5?

a. sec 0 = 0.8
b. sine=0.25
c. cot 0=0.5
d. tan@=2.5

5. A central angle of 45 degrees subtends an arc of 12 cm. What is the radius of the circle?
a. 12.58 cm
b. 15.82 cm
c. 12.82 cm
d. 15.28 cm

6. The exact radian measure of 180o is

b. 3
c. 4
d. 2

7. Solve for x by logarithm, log x2 - log (2x/5 = 7.58.

a. 189675888
b. 136783520
c. 15207576
d. 13678352

8. If arctan x + arctan (1/3) = /4, the value of x is ______.

b. 1/5
c. 1/3

9. A road is tangent to a circular lake. Along the road and 12 miles from the point of tangency, another road opens towards the lake. From the
intersection of the two roads to the periphery of the lake, the length of the new road is 11 miles. If the new road will be prolonged across the
lake, find the length of the bridge to be constructed.
a. 2.09 miles
b. 6.65 miles
c. 1.20 miles
d. 8.89 miles

10. A strip of 640 sq. m is sold from a tirangular field whose sides are 96, 72 and 80 meters. The strip is of uniform width "h" and has one of its
sides parallel to the longest side of the field. Find the width of the strip.
a. 7.059 m
b. 5.89 m
c. 5.78 m
d. 6.679 m
11. The expression sin25x sin5x is equivalent to
a. 2sin10xcos5x
b. Sin20x
c. 2sin10xsin5x
d. 2sin15xsin10x

12. The area of the sector determined by an angle of 60 in a circle of radius 5 cm is

a. 49.09 cm2
b. 2812.5 cm2
c. 312.5 cm2
d. 13.09 cm2

13. Three times the sine of a certain angle is twice of the square of the cosine of the same angle. Find the angle.
a. 60o
b. 45o
c. 10o
d. 30o

14. If sin A = 2.5x and cos A = 5.5x, find the value of A in degrees.
a. 24.44
b. 32.47
c. 52.37
d. 42.47

15. One leg of a right triangle is 20 cm and the hypotenuse is 10 cm longer than the other leg. Find the length of the hypotenuse.
a. 10 cm
b. 15 cm
c. 20 cm
d. 25 cm

16. Which of the following is an even function?

a. f(x)=3sin x
b. f (x)=4 tan x
c. f (x)=5 COSx
d. f (x)=4 cot x

17. The sides of a triangle lot are 130m, 180m, and 190m. This lot is to be divided by a line bisecting the longest side and drawn from the
opposite vertex. Find the length of the line (1) and the area of each lot (A).
a. 1125 m, A6520 sq.m
b. 1128 m, A2879 sq.m
c. 1110 m, A1000 sq. m
d. 1125 m, A5620 sq. m

18. If A is in the III quadrant and cos A = -15/17, find the value of cos (1/2)A.
a. -(8/17)1/2
b. -(2/17)1/2
c. -(1/17)1/2
d. -(5/17)1/2

19. Ship "A" started sailing N 40o 32' E at the rate of 3 mph. After 2 hours, ship "B" started from the same port soing S 45o 18' E at the rate of 4
mph. After how many hours wil the second ship be exactly south of ship "A"?
a. 4.37 hours
b. 2.37 hours
c. 5.37 hours
d. 3.37 hours

20. Two speedboats simultaneously sailed out from port A on a 10 km radius circle lake towards point B directly opposite of port A. The first
boat took the shortest route and reached the destination in 1 hour. The boat has to pass by port C before proceeding to port B. At what speed
will it run in order to arrive at port B at the same time with the first boat?
a. 78.89 kph
b. 67.89 kph
c. 34.57 kph
d. 27.32 kph
21. The reference angle of 0 = 210 is
a. 15
b. 45
c. 60
d. 30

22. If A is in the III quadrant and cos A = -15/17, find the value of cos (1/2)A.
a. -(2/17)1/2
b. -(8/17)1/2
c. -(5/17)1/2
d. -(1/17)1/2

23. The angle that is supplementary to 45o 15' 25" is

a. 45.257o
b. 44.743o
c. 134.74o
d. 44o 45'

24. If 77o + 0.40x = arc tan (cot 0.25x), find x.

a. 30o
b. 10o
c. 20o
d. 40o

25. If A + B + C = 180o and tan A + tan B + tan C = 5.67, find the value of tan A tan B tan C.
a. 1.89
b. 5.67
c. 1.78
d. 6.75

26. The angle of elevation of the top point D of a tower A is 23o30'. From another point B the angle of elevation of the top of the tower is 55o30'.
The points A and B are 217.45 m. apart and on the same horizontal plane as the foot (point C) of the tower. The horizontal angle subtended by
A and B at the foot of the tower is 90o. Find the height of the tower CD.
a. 69.59 m
b. 90.59 m
c. 59.90 m
d. 50.90 m

28. The simplified form of sin4 0 cos4 0 is

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2sin2 0-1
d. 1+2cos2

29. The simplified form of cos(A B)cos(A + B) is

a. Cos2B
b. math012-1t-
c. Cos2A
d. 2sinAsinB

30. If cot 2A cot 68o = 1, then tan A is equal to _______.

a. 0.194
b. 0.491
c. 0.491
d. 0.419

31. The exact degree measure of 0.5 is

a. 45o
b. 90o
c. 180o
d. 145o

32. Solve for G if csc (11G - 16o) = sec (5G + 26o).

a. 5 degrees
b. 6 degrees
c. 4 degrees
d. 7 degrees

33. A ladder 5 m long leans against the wall of an apartment house forming an angle of 50 degrees, 32 minutes with the ground. How high od
the wall does it reach?
a. 3.12 m
b. 2.00 m
c. 12.66 m
d. 3.86 m

34. A regular dodecagon is inscribed in a circle of radius 24. Find the perimeter of the dodecagon.
a. 151.24
b. 153.25
c. 143.63
d. 149.08

35. The measure of 2.25 revolutions counterclockwise is

a. 810 degrees
b. 835 degrees
c. 810 degrees
d. 805 degrees

36. Determine the amplitude and the phase shift for the function f(t)= 2 sin (3x + 4)
a. 2 and 4/3
b. 2 and -4/3
c. 2 and
d. 2 and -3/4

37. Solve angle A of an oblique triangle with vertices ABC, if a = 25, b = 16 and C = 94 degrees and 6 minutes.
a. 49 degrees and 37 minutes
b. 55 degrees and 32 minutes
c. 53 degrees and 40 minutes
d. 54 degrees and 30 minutes

38. The terminal side of the angle = 500o in standard position is in quadrant.
a. III
b. IV
c. I
d. II

39. Determine the period of the curve y = sin(1/2)x

a. 540o
b. 360o
c. 900o
d. 720o

40. Solve for x in the given equation: arc tan(x +1) +arc tan (x - 1) = arc tan (12).
a. 1.5
b. 1.2
c. 1.34
d. 1.25

41. Two towers AB and CD are of equal height. At a point between them in the line AC joining their bases, the angle of elevation of the nearer
tower was observed to be 60o. Then at 24 m from the same point in a direction perpendicular to AC, the angle of elevation of the top of the
towers are 45o for the nearer tower and 30o for the other. Find the height of the towers (h) and their distance apart (x).
a. h=29.38 m, x=71.83 m
b. h=39.38m, x=61.83 m
c. h=49.83, x=61.83 m
d. h=29.38 m, x=61.83 m

42. If 3x = 9y and 27y = 81z, find x/z.

a. 4/3
b. 8/3
c. 3/8
d. 3/5

43. Which of the following is a co terminal angle of = 265o?

a. 95o
b. 615o
c. 585o
d. 65o

44. The terminal side of 0 if cote > 0 and sec() >0 is in quadrant
a. III
b. I
c. II
d. IV

45. Given: x = (cos B tan B - sin B) / cos B. Solve for x if B = D45 degrees.
a. 0.5
b. 0.577
c. 0.866
d. 0

46. The perimeter of an isosceles right triangle is 6.6824. Its area is

b. 4
c. 2
d. 1

47. Simplify: 4 cos y sin y (1 - 2 sin 2y)

a. sec 4y
b. tan 4y
c. cos 4y
d. sin 4y

48. The angle of elevation of the top of the tower A from the foot of tower B is twice the angle of elevation of the top of tower B from the foot
of tower A. At a point midway between the two towers, the angles of elevations of the top of the towers are complimetary. If the two towers
are 120 m apart, what are the heights of the towers?
a. 30 m and 50 m
b. 30 m and 40 m
c. 25 m and 35 m
d. 40 m and 90 m

49. Find the value of x in the equation csc x + cot x = 3.

a. /2
b. /4
c. /3
d. /5

50. Find the other parts of the triangle given a = 48,1C = 57 degrees b = 47 units.
a. 75 , 36.16 units
b. 75 , 35.16 units
c. 75 , 33.16 units
d. 75 , 34.16 units

51. A clock has a dial face 12 inches in radius. The minute hand is 9 inches long while the hour hand is 6 inches long. The plane of rotation of the
minute hand is 2 inches above the plane of rotation of the hour hand. Find the distance between the tips of the hands of the clock at 5:40 a.m.
a. 3.89 in
b. 8.67 in
c. 7.78 in
d. 9.17 in

52. The expression 2cos6x cos2x is equivalent to

a. cos10x + cos6x
b. cos5x + cos3x
c. Cos8x + cos4x
d. cos32x

53. The solution set of the equation(tan x) 2 1 = 0 on the interval [0, 360) is ~{30,90,1501}
a. {45,135,225,3151
b. {0,30,330
c. 160901
54. If the terminal side of angle 13 contains the point (-5, -7) then 13 is equal to
a. 35.54
b. 35.54
c. 234.46
d. 54.47

55. Simplify the expression: (sin B + cos B tan B) / cos B.

a. tan B cos B
b. tan B + cos B
c. 2 sin B cos B
d. 2 tan B

56. A 40 m high tower stands vertically on a hillside (sloping ground) which makes an angle of 18o with the horizontal. A tree also stands
vertically up the hill from the tower. An observer on top of the tower finds the angle of depression of the top of the tree to be 26o and the
bottom of the tree to be 38o. Find the height of the tree.
a. 59.89 m
b. 89.89 m
c. 35.67 m
d. 10.62 m

57. Triangle ABC is a right triangle with the right angle at C. CD is perpendicular to AB. BC = 4, and CD = 1. Find the area of the triangle ABC.
a. 2.7
b. 2.07
c. 2.11
d. 2.43

58. If sin A = 4/5, A is in quadrant II, sin B = 7/25, B is in quadrant I. Find sin (A + B).
a. 2/5
c. 3/5
d. 4/5

59. A and B are summit of two mountains rise from a horizontal plain, B being 1200 m above the plain. Find the height of A, it being given that
its angle of elevation as seen from a point C in the plain (in the same vertical plane with A and B) is 50o, while the angle of depression of C
viewed from B is 28o58' and the angle subtended at B by AC is 50o.
a. 2890.89 m
b. 1002.33 m
c. 1309.90 m
d. 3002.33 m

60. 174 degrees is equivalent to _____ mils.

a. 2044
b. 2845
c. 3421
d. 3094

61. Which of the following is arccos(n)?

b. n
c. 0
d. 1

62. A cyclic quadrilateral has the sides AB = 8 cm; and CD = 12 cm. The fourth side DA forms the diameter of the circle. Find the area of the
a. 467.89 sq. cm
b. 87.89 sq. cm
c. 657.89 sq. cm
d. 316.68 sq. cm

63. If tan 25 = m, find the value of tan (tan 155 - tan 115) / (1 + tan 115 x tan 155). ( Note: all angles are in degrees).
a. (m2 + 1) / 2m
b. m2 + 1
c. (1 - m2) / 2m
d. (m2 - 1) / 2m
64. A corner lot of land is 35 m on one street and 25 m on the other street, the angle between the two lines of the street being 82o25'. The
other two lines of the lot are respectively perpendicular to the lines of the streets. What is the worth of the lot at P 180 per sq. m?
Ans: 139270