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Name: Desiree Aguana or Tata

Age: 37y/o

Gender: F

Address: Sitio Rosario, Catalunan Grande

Relationship: Neighbor

Length of time known the patient: 7 years


According to this neighbor, the client spends more time to them talking, chatting,
etc. At first they find the client just a normal person, like a person with no mental
problem, especially if the client just acts normal in front of them. But they noticed the
changes of the client when she was already pregnant and after she gave birth to her
son. They noticed that the client always shout bad words and always talk malicious
words. So by that they already concluded that the client is not normal anymore as she
was before. They verbalized that the client before was really neat and clean that even
her feet dont have any dirt. But now that she is already like that she was already
opposite. Shes already dirty and untidy. Thats why shes being bullied by the children
in their place and she will also fight back to them. According to them the client dont
have enough sleep because the client usually dont go home to their house, she just
spend her time on the neighbors. And once theyll tell her to go home and sleep, the
client will just respond to them that she just woke up. In terms of clients family, the
neighbor verbalized that the clients parents were very understanding to her especially
knowing her condition. They really love her and really patient caring for her regarding
her behavior or those manic ones. But the neighbor said that the client really was hard
headed and usually fight back to her parents especially to her father thats why
sometimes they will really scold her as one way of disciplining her. In terms of clients
pregnancy, the neighbor verbalized that the rumored father of the clients baby was a
family friend of the client. Theyve known each other since their childhood and their
family. The neighbor said that the rumored father was really a drunkard same as the
client. They often spend time drinking together with their other friends/neighbors. And
according to the neighbor, the rumored father was already widowed and has two
children. And last October 2014, the rumored father died while he was in Manila. His
body was sent back to his home at Catalunan. And when we asked the neighbor on
what was the name of the rumored father, they refused to answer it as a respect of the
late person.