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Christine Rey A.

Ong ADR/Thursday 7:00-9:00pm

LLB 2/ LDCU Judge Bernales

1) Determined - Jan Schlictmann is determined to prove his case in spite of the

difficulty and the leading opposition and he is not afraid to raise his point
regardless of the situation.

Accepting He recognizes his flaws and the areas that he failed in and the
needed improvements in the job that he had started

Hardworking Jan Schlictmann pushes himself to put his time, effort and
energy to accomplish his job.

Down-the-line - He is wholly committed to accomplish his job. He had a

clear set of goals in his mind and he is determined to go after them.

Conscientious- He does what is right by doing his duty to the distressed

families and he pushed every effort to accomplish his job.

2) The EPA could have conducted strict tests and further environmental
assessments on the factories within the area. By conducting these measures,
they could have prevented the occurrence of contaminated water and its
lasting effects on the residents of Woburn. The firm implementation of their
rules could have prohibited the unlikely incidents to happen as well as going
through the long, tedious and costly court trials with the simple and exacting
enforcement of their power to sanction and fine erring factories and
industries not following the rules.

3) No. Although the money proposal could have settled the matter promptly
nonetheless, the acceptance of which could not have solved the real major
issue in the case. The money proposal was only answering the minor
concerns of both parties and while it carries with it promising results,
settlement of which could not have disclosed the genuine reason and
underlying issues involved in the case.