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C-AVZ-O-CHLB sh BENGALI PAPER—II ( LITERATURE ) Time Allowed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 250 QUESTION PAPER SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting questions ‘There are EIGHT questions divided in two Sections. Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all. Question Nos. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE question from each Section. ‘The number of marks carried by a question/part is indicated against it Answers must be written in BENGALI (Bengali script). Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to. Attempts of questions shalll be counted in sequential order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the Question-cum-Answer Booklet must be clearly struck off. C-ATE-O-EREAAZ 1 [Pr.0. SECTION—A 1. ope Rots eee are ge (AS Gers Bares er seoreTTE SAAT 150) : 10x5=50 (a) SAAD TL CNEL cre Pag Gr ore ofa a seni oot Fara STB YR ore a A STG AY CR CHA CFR | eg RR aa | RT aN Poa re er (b) comes, nf tee TA STP are aaah TA a TE Bry OR SHACHA FACT OFA | FEN COA a TATA STS FTE PTL | am BIC WGA DA opeAT fo) Sonar eres ar BAe aac | RAI FE APTCOTOC CHARA CHIE FACE CHE teem aT area wen 3 aA CRAM w REATICH GARRCE ACHR I, ER CH yew fra re oe ane Scar 7 ee Vics arom, BA arta Sores eitaTe PRT CTT SR ams ecw TCE aT SHIA, FPS, AIMS stcHTER AR eT COMMA ER 18 a Gare A? @ ‘DiRT aeacy as Fae FIT ‘eet eft cor bce HA, pa ware arg Re tHe verses fear ice FaRRceen fea Be RT | Be CHICA Aca CE ICR PRT OHHH INT Bee BREA CAM ICTS CH AAT | fe) RRS em TH TCR TE RANT AANA REE SG, TA STATES, ae, CO, carerre marae ‘ore Pea | ba Per Come =e, OL aceeaeR BAPAC NCH RTCA AR, CTT Re AR; HER AAR TATE MATE aT RH, HACE AH COT ACH RT FLATT ret FR, wre Pigaers Rares Pee cea MAB WATS AR) GAD ST AAT OAC apc Rem a SATION TH RATA FH AR, AE aT eA ON HR AS HAT aL mete aR ALAR A ee BAAN eA TT | EATE-O-EREH 13 a 2. (a) Rowers ASH SABA aa TIAA wer A afkaes sew aca TL MATTE AA {or SRVAR-wee afta acxeld icra ce CoecmTER TER APE sta sere ocd Ga aca afte FT| (b) “gens “CORR SI Fe AOR oon PTAC ACH scar Serent Bey Brom 1” Sarearre afSrefia Aer for a | (oc) CoenRene SEPT aR AMC Cr Roca mT TNeG wT AIS FH | 3. (a) “aoe Sa ORTH SIA ASE-AAACS PR HCH FAA CTH OE ER SoH TTT -moareftea ftom Fewer”? eR cafe APA fee cx core Yb ofRcam PRE ace oe AO TT P| fo) PARRA craw cece after Rota SAC ‘OTT FA ATS SICH SHH ICA ATR AT AACE, STATA FT| () ‘war 6 afSs ao TRAE URS Vans Frage vce qa HeMfte w AR, can ‘fore ARR Dacaraa Rafe Vance 1” vitatoa ale eetceroae wrat PRealb ofeayS FART 4. (a) “Reni em sara are ear Raters Sere 1” anes SPIT CTBCAA er Pra, ere Birea scmetner ec aoe Sm Sm eecn are YS GROEN wT RS FA orca oa PTT GAPS EI FR | (bo) “Rrastersar core os Her Sienfmopy axe Rareares APT Bree ea ATCC ‘CTA AY ware Ret AA FTE ora SHCA af e ERA aA ya STATE ‘Peni STATA FA | fo) Pree ce crt Reraea’-a oat Bre sere Pere, “A co Herod aA a8 B coory ont eae ASN OTCS AR OT ARCA AT CA ACA CH AT? | eR ABP eT ACA CCH Praterond Weer qRA-cowa Berea RePre RACK ST STCATOAT FA | SEcTION—B 5. ape Rott sea aren figs (AASB acre Baca wT PRAT SHAT 150) : 10x5=! (a) S78 Fer PH oF MRS FAT BI A, HATCH COAT AS FY ATA ORR CONIC US oP Breas AT TPAC, STATON TH FH, AT CRIS COTATCR CEN ee FIC OT | Fee eT 2H TER, Se ATI Ga TSAI WTA TH COMICS TIO ee oA STAC | (o) ANA GCA ATA TA AA RT MC TAT FR AAT GE, A orm ATR TH, ACCRA IBIAS FAO BTC FATA | aif Bem, ‘Rowe Rare at STO SA | Wes feera ence BCHRTA RUB srercen sree PRE ACA 18 16 18 16 18 50 CA EE-O-EREH 1B 3 [P-T.0. (C] (a) (e) (b) (C] Src YT BAR RE AT CHB STC OR, FB TAA STAT ICR CICA BIT, BAS Cotes — ‘eee ae SA AT TS RT VA | CHT SHH Be PRT BHT STH MARC Ce, CRRTATEI— fea or ert pea ace ae Bwach vraT aR CoAT | CH SHA Seraca aRRce auf, C01 Fe oftor! ab! Rea area om, Fa, wT, AG Ren aPRace ston ae ace AT eres BETS | ee FR ORAS aT cr 7 Caf efter 1 ace aA ETS wre aT aI 7 TR aa eS Gres Fa IR, TeIaT Seca SalS wAtce ac, fee TTS TARR! BARE cor aorgfea ta en RT Sra oe RRA Co aT I a, Gea wracea Pied RR, GRA, BEA | FH THAT PCS A ATL afb Brea STATA WA BH MRR, Al GAR SIC BCS) SIR FH; SH ISS ATS BCT A TAR ‘Piha Aa cu THER CICA; CHCeAR TT TT A AANA 8 I pee ails qo Hef ere AAT | ‘qoeat aidce ahaa stearent Ga TST ya ce sea SeT OfeaA FTE TSH RA FCS TT HA AAT I HRT SCHON FRA | Taare AAR ate OM PTA Re-aeAes exe eBat eacé