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WONDERCHILD ‘Tekst en muziek: Christian Walz Patrick Berggren R&B — Couplet Em Let me love you Let me be a - round— I pro-mise you, I won't make a sound. ‘Cause the wind is blow-ing hard you see Well D Em c tako a ride just you and me Let's go down to the south of | France D Em Where we can love I think there is a chance Go down for the ho - i - day To > Refrein fi Bb live those hap - py thoughts a- gain How are you gonna run at the speed of sound? F Gm E> aa Ooh_________ won - der chil How are you gonna breathe if you're un-der-ground? F ic} GS] aS & a How ma-ny times will you try? How are you gonna walk at the rain-bows edge? 24 Qoh__won-der-child Ooh____won-der-child _E-very-thing comes to an end instr. Gm eb F, Gm eb Couplet F, Gm eb I get to you at the speed of sound Real - ly fast when you'reon the run ‘Cause the world’s clos-ing in on us A se - cond la-ter we're on the bus You're so fine and 1 love her so F Gm gb So beau-ti-fal, but I love her so—— Is this real or is it just a game ,) ins Bhm Eee ‘Take a ride, won't come back the same The a Bhm cb 25 Bridge @ hm oS im aoe And if Tcould be with you I keep on won- der why If this whole ao Bln jo es - ca-pade— Is it worth all this time? if Icould be with you I keep on Bhm7 — won - der why If this whole es - ca-pade— Is it worth all, all, all S$ a, Spoken: one two one bring it back ss ban Gm bo 3a OF Gm be with you keepon won - der why___ If this whole es - ca-pade—_Is it worth F Gm zo 3s OF Gm 5 t oe eee o all be with you ‘I keepon won - der why If this whole gb B-; Gm es ca pade— E.- very-thing comes to an end 26