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Answer the following questions(any five) 5 1 5

(a) Management is
(1) An art (2) A science
(3) A profession (4) all of these
(b) Unity of command principal says that
(1) There should be unity amongst works
(2) There should be unity amongst managers
(3) There should be one superior to a group of persons
(4) None of these
(c) The incentives which satisfy esteem need are
(1) Financial (2) non- financial (3) positive (4) negative

(d) Leadership is the

(1) Ability to awaken others (2) Ability to persuade others
(3) Ability to secure cooperation (4) All of these
(e) HRM function consist of
(1) Planning (2) organizing
(3) Directing (4) All of these
(f) HRM is concerned with
(1) Recruitment and selection (2) training
(2) Age administration (4) All of these

2. Answer the following questions. 3 5 15

(a) i. Discuss briefly the objective & function of manager. (5)
ii. Discuss the principals of management as propounded by Henry Fayol (5)
(b) i. Short note :
Theory X and theory Y of motivation. (5)
ii. What do you mean by Motivation? What do you mean by Perception? What do you
mean by Attitude? (5)
(c) i. what do you mean by HRM? What are the employment related functions of HRM?
What are the training and development functions of HRM? (5)
ii. Short note:
Process of recruitment (5)