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WBGDRB Question Paper WBGDRB Question Paper

Fully Solved for Gr D Posts Fully Solved for Gr D Posts

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1) Medicines are more effective, if they are 5) Indias largest multi-purpose river valley project is
used in a) Nagarjuna Sagar

a) gaseous state b) Damodar Valley

c) Bhakra Nangal
b) colloidal state
d) Thungabhadra
c) solid state
Ans - C
d) solution state 6) The Balkan Plan for fragmentation of India was the
Ans - B brain-child of
a) W.CHurchil
2) Which sector of the Indian Economy
contributed largest to the Gross National b) M.A. Jinnah
Product (GNP)? c) Lord Mountbatten
d) V.P.Menon
a) Primary Sector
Ans - C
b) Secondary Sector
7) Akbar founded the Din-i-Ilahi primarily to
c) Public Sector (a) Establish a national religion which would be acceptable
d) Tertiary Sector to the Muslims and the Hindus

Ans - A (b) Ensure racial and communal harmony

(c) Found a religious institution
3) Internal energy of gas depends only on
(d) Put an end to differences between Hindus and Muslims
a) Pressure
Ans - A
b) Temperature 8) Name the Rajput General who bravely fought the
c) Volume Battle of Khanwa before losing to Babar.
(a) Rana Man Singh
d) Temperature and Pressure
(b) Raja Jai Singh
Ans - B
(c) Rana Sanga
4) A plant cell differ from animal in having
(d) Rana Pratap
a) chloroplast
Ans - C
b) cell wall 9) Which one of the following pairs is correctly
c) cell membrane matched?
d) nucleus (a) Ziauddin Barni Tarikh-i-Muhammadi
Ans - B
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(b) Amir Khusrao Tabqt-i-Nasiri (c) Off the coast at Rameshwaram
(c) Ibn Batuta Fatwa-i-Jahandari (d) Nowhere
(d) Shams-i-Siraj Afif Tarikh-i-Feroze Shahi Ans - C
Ans - D 15) Which shipyard is known for the
10) The rockcut temples of Mahabalipuram manufacture of bargets, coasters arid
were built under the patronage of the dredgers?
(a) Chola Kings (a) Hindustan Shipyard
(b) Pallava Kings (b) Mazgaon Shipyard
(c) Pandya Kings (c) Garden Reach Shipyard
(d) Satavahana Kings (d) Cochin Shipyard
Ans - B Ans - C
11) Riparian forest is found: 16) Which one of the following planets is said
to be twin sister of the Earth?
(a) along the banks of rivers and other wetland
a) Mercury
(b) the tarai region, on the foot hills of
Himalayas b) Venus
(c) on the foot hills of Eastern slope of Western c) Mars
Ghats d) Jupiter
(d) on the foot hills of Eastern slope of Eastern Ans - B
Ghats 17) A perfect black body has the unique
Ans - A characteristic feature as
12) Most of India's rainfall is: a) a good absorber only
(a) cyclonic b) a good radiator only
(b) convectional c) a good absorber and a good radiator
(c) elusive d) Neither an absorber nor radiator
(d) orographic Ans - C
Ans - A 18) Cavitation is a special application property
13) What type of farming is practised in the exhibited only by
densely populated regions of the world? a) audible sound
(a) Commercial farming b) infrasonic
(b) Extensive farming c) ultrasonic
(c) Intensive farming d) electromagnetic waves
(d) Plantation farming Ans - C
Ans - C 19) Why laser is used in the pipe alignment?
14) Where is pearl fishing well developed in a) They are directional in nature
India? b) They are coherent
(a) Off the Bengal coast c) They are monochromatic
(b) Off Kerala coast d) None of the above
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Ans - A 25) The image from by an object of a
20) Which one of the following common compound microscope is
devices works on the basis of the principle of a) Virtual and enlarged
mutual induction? b) Virtual and diminish
a) Tubelight c) Real and diminish
b) Transformer d) Real and enlarged
c) LED Ans - D
d) Photodiode 26)Which one of the following element is
Ans - B essential for construction is nuclear reactors?
21)Optical fibre mainly used in communication a) Cobalt
is based on b) Nickel
a) Less absorption coefficient c) Zirconium
b) Less scattering d) Tungsten
c) Total internet reflection Ans - C
d) Refraction 27) Group displacement law was given by
Ans - C a) Bacquerel
22) If there was were no gravity , which of the b) Rutherford
following will not be there for a fluid ?
c) Mendeleaf
a) Viscosity
d) Soddy and Fajan
b) Pressure
Ans - D
c) Archimedss upward thrust
28) The structure of ethylene is
d) Surface tension
a) linear
Ans - B
b) tetrahedral
23) Post office box is a device for measuring
resistant based on the principle of c) octahedral

a) Poteniometer d) triangular

b) Meter bridge Ans - D

c) Ohm meter 29) Which one has hydrogen bonding?

d) Galvanometer a) HCI

Ans - B b) HBr

24) The phenomenon of bursting of hydrogen c) HF

balloon is based on d) HI
a) Charles law Ans - C
b) Boyles law 30) Water solution base is called
c) Henrys law a) Acid
d) Bernoullis law b) Salt
Ans - A c) Alkali
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d) None b) India and Afghanistan
Ans - C c) Afghanistan and Pakistan
31) BOD is _ d) Afghanistan and Tajikistan
a) Biological oxygen deficit Ans - C
b) Biosphere oxygen demand 36) which two countries were involves in a
c) Biological oxygen demand Hundred Years War ?
d) None of the above a) Turkey and Austria
Ans - C b) England and France
32) Bhopal gas tragedy was due to c) Palestine and Israel
a) Air pollution d) Germany and Russia
b) Soil pollution Ans - B
c) Water pollution 37) Which of the following states is not likely
to benefit from the Sardar Sarovar Project ?
d) Nine of the above
a) Andhra Pradesh
Ans - A
b) Gujarat
33) Which pollution causes jaundice _
c) Rajasthan
a) Water
d) Madhya Pradesh
b) Air
Ans - A
c) Hand
38) The sale proceeds of the Government
d) Thermal Bonds come under the budget head of
Ans - A a) Revenue Receipts
34)Double helix model of DNA is given by _ b) Current Expenditure
a) Mullar c) Capital Outlay
b) Meghnath Sha d) Capital Receipts
c) Stepham Hawking Ans - D
d) Watson and Crick 39) Which of the following are not fixed costs ?
Ans - D a) Rent on land
35) Edward Jenner is related with which of the
b) Municipal taxes
following disease _
c) Wages paid to workers
a) Rabies
d) Insurance charges
b) Small pox
Ans - C
c) Paralysis
40) If woolen cloth of red colour is seen in the
d) Typhus fever light of a mercury vapour lamp, then the cloth
Ans - B will appear
35) Which countries are linked by the Khyber a) Black
Pass? b) Red
a) India and Pakistan c) Green
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d) Blue a) 3234 cm3
Ans A b) 1078 cm3
c) 2156 cm3
Mathematics Questions
d) 2496 cm3
Paper: Ans - B
1) The difference between two positive 6) Average age of A, B and C is 36 yr. if average
numbers is 3. If the sum of their squares is 369, age of B and C is 30 yr and age of B is 22 yr, then
then the sum of the numbers is what is the sum of the ages of A and C ?
a) 81 a) 68 yr
b) 33 b) 86 yr
c) 27 c) 58 yr
d) 25 d) 61 yr
Ans - C Ans - B
2) A man rows a boat 18 km in 4 h downstream 7) What the least number of five digits is exactly
and returns upstream in 12 h. the speed of the divisible by 41 ?
stream (in km/h) is
a) 10045
a) 1
b) 10004
b) 1.5
c) 10041
c) 2
d) 10025
d) 1.75
Ans - B
Ans - B
8) (2sin2 300 3 cos2 450 + tan2 600) =?
3) A certain sum amount to Rs 5832 in 2 yr at
8% per annum compound interest, the sum is a) 1

a) Rs 5000 b) 2

b) Rs 5200 c) 4

c) Rs 5280 d) 5

d) Rs 5400 Ans - B

Ans - A 9) How many diagonals does a regular polygon

of 15 sides ?
4) The ratio in which two sugar solution of the
concentrations 15% and 40% are to be mixed to a) 60
get a solution of concentration 30% is b) 64
a) 2 : 3 c) 90
b) 3 : 2 d) 50
c) 8 : 9 Ans - C
d) 9 : 8 10) Expenditure on rent on rent is more than is
Ans - A more than that on miscellaneous purpose by

5) The height of a right circular cone is 84 cm a) 62.5%

and its base radius is 3.5. its volume is b) 75%
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c) 25 1/3 % d) Gain 3%
d) 42 6/7 % Ans - B
Ans - D 16) If x2 +5x 2k,is exactly divisible by (x 1),
11) A man walking with of his usual speed, then the value of k is
reaches office 20 min late. His usual time is a) 1
a) 50 min b) 2
b) 80 min c) 3
c) 70 min d) 4
d) 60 min Ans - C
Ans - D 17) The perimeter of 1 face of cube is 20 cm. its
12) The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 20. volume is
The largest of these numbers is a) 115 cm3
a) 24 b) 125 cm3
b) 23 c) 120 cm3
c) 22 d) 110 cm3
d) 20 Ans - B
Ans - B 18) If sum of two numbers x and y is equal to
2 2 2
13) If ( a 1) + ( b+ 2) +(c +1) = then the value double of x, then value of y will be
of a b + c is a) y = x
a) 12 b) >x
b) 3 c) c < x
c) 11 d) negative number
d) 1 Ans - A
Ans - D 19) If 3x+3 + 7=250, then x is equal to
14) If p =3/5, q =7/9, r =5/7, then which of the a) 1
following inequality is true ? b) 2
a) p<q<r c) 3
b) q<r<p d) 5
c) p<r<q Ans - B
d) r<q<p 20) HCF of x2 y2 and x3 y3 is
Ans - C a) x y
15) By selling an article for Rs 31 a shopkeeper b) x3 y3
loses 7%. If he sells the article for Rs 35, then
what is gain or loss per cent? c) (x2 y2)

a) Loss 3% d) (x + y)(x2 + xy + y2)

b) Gain 5% Ans - A

c) Loss 5% 21) Find the place value of 4 in 46127.

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(a) 4 (e) None of the above
(b) 400 Ans - D
(c) 40000 26) 16, 14, 24, 66, 250, 1270
(d) 4000 (a) 250
(e) None of the above (b) 66
Ans - C (c) 16
22) The sum of the four consecutive even (d) 1270
numbers is 284. What would be the smallest (e) None of the above
number? Ans - A
(a) 72 27) 22, 23, 27, 36, 58, 77
(b) 74 (a) 77
(c) 68 (b) 58
(d) 66 (c) 36
(e) None of the above (d) 22
Ans - C (e) None of the above
23) Find the sum of 1st and 2nd prime Ans - B
28) 4 23 113 449 1343 2681 7 A B C D E
(a) 5
Which number will come at the place of E?
(b) 3
(a) 4793
(c) 7
(b) 4782
(d) 2
(c) 4841
(e) None of the above
(d) 4932
Ans - A
(e) None of the above
24) Find the difference of place value of 4 and
face value of 3 in 3784105. Ans - C

(a) 3997 29) 9 57 337 1681 6721

(b) 1 7ABCDE
Which number will come from the following at
(c) 1000
place of E?
(d) 3845
(a) 673
(e) None of the above
(b) 3361
Ans - A
(c) 13441
25) The number of all prime numbers less than
40 is ... (d) 17

(a) 15 (e) None of the above

(b) 18 Ans - E

(c) 17 30) 1275 1307 1371 1467 1595 1755 972 A B C

(d) 12
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Which number will come at the place of D? 33) The average of 11 observations is 60. If the
(a)1292 average of first five observations is 58 and that
of the last five is 56, then the sixth observation
(b) 550 is
(C) 500 a) 90
(d) 462.5 b) 110
(e) None of the above c) 85
Ans - A d) 100
31) The average age of 30 students is 9 yr. If Ans - A
the age of their teacher is included, it becomes
10 yr. the age of the teacher (in yr) is 34) The average of two numbers is M. If one
number is N, then the other number is
a) 2N
b) 31
b) 2M
c) 35
c) M N
d) 40
d) 2 M N
Ans - D
Ans - D
32) The average of 50 numbers is 38. If two
numbers, namely 45 and 55 are discarded, the 35) The average age of a class is 15.8 yr. the
average of remaining numbers is average age of the boys in the class is 16.4 yr
while that of the girls is 15.4 yr. what is the
a) 36.5 ratio of boys to girls in the class?
b) 37 a) 1:2
c) 37.5 b) 3:4
d) 37.52 c) 3:5
Ans C d) None of these
Ans D

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