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Chapter 1

The Problem and its Background


Mathematics is a Human endeavor in which student finds it difficult so that, they never
know what they are talking about, or what they are saying is true about mathematics. However, for
students under perform this subject they it not relevant in our daily lives. As the result, no matter how
much attention they pay in understanding Mathematics the students find it boring and not interesting at
all, they neglect the idea of Mathematics because of their negative perception about the subject
consequently. This difficulty in learning Mathematics subject often times result to poor Achievement.
This is reality and the reason why most of the teacher have been facing and struggling right now to find
a solution for the students poor achievement in Mathematics

According to Wang (1997) students learning characteristics, social behavior, motivational, affective,
cognitive and met cognitive as the set of variables with the most potential for motivation that could turn
in significantly and positively effect of student outcomes. The performance of the students and
outcomes in Philippines based on Philippine Basic Education (2013). The year 2011 marks the 15th
international results in Mathematics times result for Grade 8 students even though, the Philippines
didnt participated, In the Advanced Times 2008 the country took part where it scored 355 and the
students whose participating it is from the chosen Science High Schools and the elite private Institution
in the Philippines.

Theoretical Frame work

The main concept which serves as a basis for undertaking the research is the use of
Socratic Learning Method in Mathematics Achievement of Grade 7 students In the Socratic method of
Education, teachers engages students by asking question which require generative answer. Ideally, the
answer to questions one is not a stopping point for thought but are instead a beginning for further
analysis and research. Druners Discovery learning important outcomes of learning include not just the
concept, categories and problem-solving procedures invented previously by the culture, but also the
ability invent these things for oneself for example, when teaching Polygon one of the biggest role of
the teacher is conduct and asking a good question. Both teacher and students is the source of the idea
and new information. Rogers Gestalt Theory a person-centered is concerned with perception and
cognition, whereas Gestalt focuses on personality. Consequently, the central hypothesis of person-
centered approach is that in individuals have within themselves vast resources for self-understanding
and for altering their self-concept, behavior and attitude toward others.
Statement of Hypothesis

There is no significant difference between the mean pre-test scores of the Control
Group and Experimental Group.

There is no significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of the
Control group and Experimental group.

There is no significant difference between the mean post-test scores of the Control
Group and Experimental group.

Significance of the Study

Students in this study, the students may be beneficial because they develop their Critical
Thinking skill and analyzation. Also when they are up to an idea they will realize that Mathematics is not
complicated furthermore, it will help them to become active learners and not passive.

Scope and and Definition of the Study

This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Socratic Learning Method (SLM) as
compared to the conventional way of teaching method. Also this study aims evaluate the Socratic
Learning Method (SLM) in Maria Clara High School