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8 chicken prey.
cup of oil.
1 medium onion, diced.
3 cloves garlic, chopped.
cup fresh chili pepper.
1 cup ground coriander.
2 peppers (1 chopped and the other in strips to
3 cups rice.
1 cup peas.
cup chopped corn.
2 cup of boiling water.
cup of beer.
Step 1: Season and fry the chicken preys in hot oil. Remove prey. Fry
the garlic, the onion, the chili and the coriander in the same oil.

Step 2: Put the chicken prey again, add the beer and continue cooking
until the chicken is ready.

Step 3: Remove the prey without letting them cool. Incorporate rice,
peas, corn and pepper. Mix well.

Step 4: Add the water, rectify the seasoning and bring to a boil. Lower
the heat and continue cooking for another 20 minutes until the rice is

Step 5: Serve the rice with the prey of hot chicken and garnish with
avocado or onion salad.