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The Serpent and the Space Station


Art by George Cotronis


This games text is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit:

What this means is: You are free to copy, share and remix the text of this work under the following conditions, 1) that you do so noncommercially (ie: you do not
sell it or derivative works,) 2) you attribute Machine Age Productions, 3) you license any other derivative works similarly. In laymans terms, we would strongly
prefer you not make money off our work, and if you share or use it, that you give us credit. We would also like you to share the love. If you make a derivative
property, let it become part of the game community. Dont hoard that shit. If youre interested in making a commercial property for sale, based on Maschine Zeit,
were flattered. Simply contact us for permission, well work it out.

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How to use this adventure Section Four: Cast and Rules is where weve located all the
information on the storys cast of characters. Depending on the
the station not defined here or play the entirety of the module
give you the control needed to tailor it for your game and SectionFive:FinalThoughtshasseveralareasofrecommendation.
characters. Nothing is sacred. Adapt. Play with the ideas and Usethesetohelptailorthestoryforyourplayers.
let these limit your players. Encourage their active participation in Section One: Introduction
Lastly, this PDF is embedded with links. In the following section, Station M8G-3T0
clicking on a section title will bring you right there. As well, StationM8G3T0wasdevelopedbytheHaitiangovernmentasan
references to the major cast members will bring you to their agriculturalresearchlaboratory.Theprimaryfocuswason
descriptionsandgamestatistics,foreaseofuse. hydroponics,todevelopnewmethodstogrowmoreefficientcrops
What Youll Find Inside
Section One: Introduction is for the Director to go over with the
mightbeonthemission. workhoursaccomplished.

Section Two: Chronology describes the general order of events as DuringtheCataclysm,itwasassumedtohavefallenintotheocean.

they should take place upon the station. This is written for five Becauseitwasoperatingataloss,Haitididntworktodispelthose
characters, but with slight tweaking of the station population, or rumors.Itwasleechingmoneyfromtheiralreadyweakeconomy,
with Directorrun characters, you can accommodate more. The andwasntprovidinganythinginreturn.
more characters you introduce will also greatly impact the horrific
natureofthestory. Why Visit Station M8G-3T0?
Section Three: Scenes and Places gives details for each section of Whether its money, fame, medicine or just sheer boredom, most
thestationrelevanttothestoryline.Thissectionprovidesthemost characters will want an identifiable reason they are going to the
actual data on each portion of the station and Threats, as well as station.Hereareseveralsamplesyoucanusetohelpguidethem.
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TheAnderssenGroup IndependentMedia
GoodeveningFellowbeliever.AsyouwellknowstationM8G3T0is Suremate,thetruthisoutthere,butweneedtofinditandfindit
finallyavailabletoourcause!Thisisanunprecedentedfindforour fast.Ournumbersaredroppingoff,itseemsthatSonysonics
group.StationM8G3T0hasneverhadanyreportedRadiation Truthcampaignispayingoff,moreandmorepeoplearelooking
Spectersoractivityofanysort.Thisisunheardof atallthegoodworkCleminshasdonewithuncoveringcorporate
Wehavesecuredpassageforyou,takethisequipment,gatherup greedandoutrightmurderandtreatingitlikesomesickhoax.
anydatacoresorvideosamplesyoucan.IdontthinkIneedto Weknowthetruth,Weveseenthereports,nowweneedmore,we
explainthatdiscretioniskeyhere,ifthecorpcatcheswindofwhat havetoshowthesepeople,weneedthemtowakeuptowhatthe
youfind,andthenitcouldbelostforever. governmentandcorpsarehiding,andIhaveaplanforus.
Goodluck,thetruthisoutthere. StationM8G3T0.SoIwantyoutogoupthere,findwhateveryou
LifeSciencesInternational can.Therehastobesomething,noonehasheardfromthisstation
Welcome,pleasehaveaseat.Wehavereviewedyourapplication formonthsnow,andallofasudden,westartgettingdatafeedsand
tojointhissalvageoperation,andwouldliketogooverafew radiosignals.
things. Findwhatyoucanandgetusthetruth!
oursincerestsympathies,butpleaseunderstandthatwhileyour Lookhere,youregonnatakeyoursorryassupthere,getwhatever
servicewithus,ifweaccept,willextendhislifeanumberofyears,it sheetsorstockmetalyoucan,andthengetyoursorryassback,and
mightnotcurehimcompletely. ifyoudoagoodenoughjob,theUnionwillpayyou.GetussomeP2,
Thatsaid,severalwonderfuladvancementshavecomefromStation youreinforabonus.
M8G3T0beforethecurrentcommunicationlapse.Soletsbe Idontwannahearnolip!TheUniontookcareofyouandyour
positive!Wehaveacceptedyourapplicationandwouldlikeyouto miserablefamilyduringthehardtimes.Wescratchedyourback,
filloutthesepapers.Justaformalityreally,theyensurethatyou nowitstimeforyoutoponyuptothetableandscratchours.
understandthatwhilemanyoddreportshavesurfacedfromother Shitthisallgonnabeacakewalkasitis.Thereaintnospectersor
stations,nonehavebeenreportedfromStationM8G3T0.Itsbeen bogeymen,weallknowit,thatsjustsomeconspiracyheadcase
ashiningexampleforthesadstateofaffairsthathasbefallenthe bullshit.Yougotnoworries,ceptmaybesomeofthemcorptypes
world. tryingtosqueezeusout,butyouknowhowtohandlethemalready.
Illtakethosefromyouwhenyouredone,andthenwecangetyou Aintnomanjackalivethatcantakea18inchspannertothehead
fittedforavacsuit.Imsorryasofthispointyouwontbeableto andnottakeanap.
contactyourfamily,wewillhaveanLSIrepresentativedothatfor Socoveryourassupthere,andgetuswhatweneed,andyouand
you.Justthiswayifyouplease. yourswillbesetupUnionstylefortherestofyourdays.
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GlobalPeoplesLiberationFront Now,wedonotexpectyoutorecovertheactualremainsofthe
HowdyPartner,wegotourselveshereasituation.See,adata fallen,howeverrecordsandasmanypersonalaffectsasyoucanto
streamjustcameinfromastationweallthoughtwaslostyears aidinthespiritualhealingofthoseofushere.
Wegottagetuptherelicketysplitandrecoverallthatmaterial,only CorporateandGovernmentInterests
problemis,wedontknowwhatsupthereandwhatsstillgood. AgentSmith,pleasesitdown.Youhavebeentransferredtosection
ThecorpsthatbankrolledHaititobuildthatlittlesliceofheavenare 9,andplacedundermypurview.Iaminneedofyourspecialskills
contractingotherstogoupthereandstartrecoverysetups.Thats andqualificationstoinvestigateaStationwhichhasrecently
whereyoucomein,wetooksomedonationsfromothercorpsand decidedtomakeitselfknowntous.
gotyousomepapersthatshowyourearightproperBusiness StationM8G3T0,longthoughtdeadandadriftinspacehas
person. resurfaced,westartedreceivingtransmissionsfromitseveralhours
So,youllbefreetoskinnyonupthereinwhatevershuttletheysend ago.Itisimperativethatwemovein,investigatethestationand
you,snooparound,andfindthegoodstuffwewant.Illhaveacrew placeitunderourprotection.Youarebeingauthorizedtouseany
onstandby,justassoonasyousendthesignal;wellbeupthere. forcenecessary.
Ifyoudothisright,why,itdbelikedroppingabigolcowpattyright Wehaveheardofseveralorganizationsmobilizingtoacquirethis
ontheirfisheggsorwhateveritscalled.Ifyoucantgetthestuff stationaswell,wehavecharteredpassageonashuttleforyou.You
though,welljustbreakanythingyoucan,youknowthedrill,ifwe willbehiddenamongstseveralothers.Theyareexpendable,your
canthaveitthanneithercanthosegreedybastards. missiontakespriorityoverallelse.
ChurchoftheReckoning willhaveallofyournecessarypaperworkandIDs
bewillingtohelpus.Wehaverecentlyfoundoutthatastationwe PrivateInterests
believedlost,howevertheLordhasguideditbackintoalowerorbit. Thesemotivesarevaried,youcantakeanyoftheaboveand
Wehavereceivedsignalsandhavearrangedforyoutojoinashuttle personalizethem,oryoucanhavetheplayerdevelopapromptor
thatsgoingtoinvestigatethesituation. motivation.Youcouldsimplyhavethecharacterbeamercenary
Ifyoucouldpleaselocateandretrieveallthatyoucanofthepoor whospecializesinstationsalvage.
soulslefttolanguishandsufferaboardthestation,theChurch Sponsorsofthestationmayneedtoprotecttheirinvestments.
wouldbewillingtohelpyouwiththatothermatter.Ourconcernis Corporationsinvolvedwouldknowtherisks,butwouldalso
thetormentofthoselefttoliedeadwithoutaproperburialor recognizethevalueofthefindings.Regardless,withagroupof
service. sponsors,themissionisgreenlit.
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Section Two: Chronology


a. Landingatthestation,atShuttleBayOne.
i. ExplorationofpointsofinterestforShuttleBayOne.
b. CargoHoldOne
i. Explorationofpointsofinterest
ii. Characterscandeviatehereandchoosenottoaccesstheterminalorexplorethedesk.Ifthishappens,astheymoveto
1. IfDocPapa,thenreadhissectionasnormal.
2. IfEngineerCaruthers,thenreadhissectionascomingovertheIntercom,andnotaterminal,hewillalsodirect
3. Characterscanwanderthestationwithnocontactfromeither,ifthisisthecase,thenpleaserefertoSection
c. ExplorationofShuttle/CargoDeck
i. Hallwayexploration
ii. CargoHoldTwo/ShuttleBayTwo,lockeduntiloneofthebelowhappens:
a) CharactersconfrontDocPapa.
b) CharactersmeetandconvinceDrRusselltoopenit.
c) CharactersmeetandconvinceChrisNesdamtoopenit.
d. Elevators
i. Zombies?!?
1. Encounterwithzombies
ii. AdvancingtotheRear
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1. Theyheedthewarningdetailedinelevatorsandrun


e. Now,thecharactersshouldstartfindingthelittlethingsthatpointtohugeproblemsonthestation.
f. HeadtoEngineering
i. HallwaysectionsInsertrandomzombies
ii. MeetwithEngineerCaruthers.
1. Findoutwhatsgoingon
2. ZombieAttack!
g. Explorefurthersectionsofthestation
i. Ifthecharactershavedecidedtofurtherexplorethestationontheirown,thenpleaseguidethemtooneofthe
1. CrewQuarters
a. ExplorationofPointsofinterestforCrewQuarters
2. StationCafeteria
a. PointsofInterest
3. MedLabOne
a. PointsofInterest
b. Operationtime
c. SmalldiscussionwithDocPapa
4. HydroponicsLabOne,Two,Three,orFour
a. LabOneemptyexceptforstorage,thereistrashanddebrisonthefloor
b. ExplorationofPointsofinterestforMedLabTwo
c. ExplorationofPointsofinterestforMedLabThreeandFour
i. MeetDr.Russell
5. StationBridge
a. ExplorationofPointsofinterestforOuterHallway
b. ExplorationofPointsofinterestforStationBridge
i. MeetChrisNesdam

P a g e |8


h. Nuke!
i. Worstpossibleoutcome,butifthesituationhasgonetoofardownhill,thecharacterscandestroythestationandletit

i. Shuttlerun
i. Thecharactershavesucceeded:theendofDocPapaisnigh.Theymadeittoashuttle,andsuccessfullylaunchedaway

Section Three: Scenes and Places The shuttle hatch slowly grinds open into the station. The
interior of the shuttle bay is cavernous, several docking cradles
Throughout,textboxesaremeanttobereadaloudtoplayers. lay empty or in disrepair. Gray walls covered in service panels
and caution pictograms greet you as you step out of the
The battered Hulk of Station M8G-3T0 flashes before the shuttle. Several large magnetic lockers line the walls in orderly
shuttle view-ports. Old and battered sodium lights cast an fashion. Fueling and diagnostic hoses are strapped down in
orange glow to the outer hull. The shuttle slowly twists in flight their service compartments.
and presents its rear docking clamps to the Station. A subdued
voice carries over the internal compartment, Prepare for The bitter taste of oil and N2O fuel fumes assault the senses as
docking, this repeats in several languages as the shuttle you step out of the shuttle. There is a slight whine that comes
finishes cycling through its automatic docking procedure. from the floor deck plates that grows louder, until it cuts off
and floor lighting activates. A slight breeze emanates from the
A shaking crunch followed by several loud pings echo through wall panels lining the area, slowly changing the musty fumes
the compartment. The internal lighting of the shuttle dims into a slightly acrid vanilla scent.
momentarily and then returns brighter than before. A green
light flashes slowly on the back hatch of the shuttle. A large double hatch opens at the far end of the shuttle bay,
revealing a large cargo hold.
(Characters can investigate with an Active Conflict; this is an
O2 sensor from the shuttle to the station, there is an
Open/Close button here to gain access to the station. It will not ShuttleBayonePointsofinterests:
open automatically)
1. MagneticStorageLockersHousingtoolsofallvarietyfrom
P a g e |9

allthatacrewwouldneedtokeepshuttlesworkingand prybarstyletoolsfromShuttleBayOne,thentheycan
serviceable.Characterscanscroungeformostanythingthey openthecrateswithanActiveConflict.Thepressureboxes
needhere.(Usetherulesforfindingequipmentfrom havetouchpad'srequiringspecificcodestoopenthem
MaschineZeitiftheydecidetosearchfortools.) (CharacterscantrytoguessthecodewithanActive
2. ShuttleTideritheshuttlethatbroughtthecharactersto digitofthecode.Threefailureslockstheboxpermanently.)
thestation,thereisnothingremarkableabouttheshuttle 2. Desk,WorkTableIfthecharacterssearch,thedeskand
otherthanitslongrangecommunicationsystem.Itisafully worktablearenotcoveredindust,theyarewellcleaned
automatedmodel,newlybuiltandpurchasedforthis andserviced.Thedeskislockedbutmaybeopenedwitha
expedition.Thereisfoodandwaterreservescapableof Key(SeeEngineerCaruthers)oritmaybepriedopenwith
keepingninecrewmembersaliveforthreedays,with somecarefuluseoftools.Insidethereareseveralbottlesof
recyclingofwasteandfoodrationingitcanextendthatto whisky,sometools,andadatareader.Inthemaindrawer
sevendays.Thisisnotacargoshuttlebyanydescription,it amongstthepensandmarkersthereisatapeddownpiece
isaluxuryshuttle.Theautomatedsystemshaveseveral ofpaperthathasseveralwordscrossedoutonit,thelast
backupsandtheshuttlecanevenbeflownmanuallyifits wordisnotcrossedout,itsJojanna.)
needed. 3. ComputerTerminalWithslighteffort,thisterminalcanbe
Cargo Hold One themainmenus.However,anyonenotusingtheJojanna
The chamber is filled with plastic crates, pressure boxes, and passwordinthedeskwillbeleftwithlittletonoaccess.This
other unrecognizable equipment. There is a slight sheen on the willsignalDocPapathatothersareaccessinghisstation,
floor spreading, a sure sign that the in-floor heating for life andwheretheyare.
support is in need of immediate repair. A desk and work table 1. UsingtheJojannapassword,theterminalcanbe
with computer terminal can be seen near another inner set of unlockedwithfullaccess.Thecharactershaveseveral
doors, smaller than the ones leading to the shuttle bay. Lights
periodically flicker and pop.
Pauseforcharactersactions. layoutcanbeshownoftheentirestation(withstatus
1. Crates,PressureboxesCoveredinafaintlayerofdust,
2. AnyactivityatthisterminalwillhoweveralertDocPapa
P a g e |10

stationsterminals.DocPapawillbelieveittobe The screen flashes again and a small window appears and
EngineerCaruthersandcometokillhim,whileEngineer reads Connect Data Reader Now Push any key to continue.
itseven,Caruthersnoticesthemfirst. 4. ExitsintothestationhallwaysandShuttleBayOne
Station Hallways
Afteritssealed,thestationintercomwillturnon: The hallways of the station are a stark white in color, reflecting
the light emanating from the corners of the wall and roof. It
Caruthers, my friend, why do you hide from me, I have all the would be blinding if it wasnt for several lights being burnt out.
others, soon you will be here as well. Dont make me chase you All of the doorways are open and upon looking in the various
any longer, come to the bridge, accept your punishment, and rooms, the first signs of struggle can be seen on the station. In
several spots paper or scratches can be seen on the otherwise
we can move on. I am sending some of our friends to collect
pristine surfaces.
you now.
The intercom turns off, and the terminal screen locks with a
message of Beginning Diagnostic Mode. The door to Shuttle
Bay One cannot be opened at this time. Laddersandhatchescoverthestation;characterscantravel
EngineerCarutherstheTerminalscreenflashes,andgoesblank.A twice.Mostwillbeclosedandsealed,howeverwithastandard
cursorflashesbriefly,andthenreadthis: ActiveConflicttheycanbeopenedordeployed.

Dear god I hope you people arent here to salvage this place. Placeasmanyorasfewasyouneedinthearea,basedonthe
Dr. Papagula has gone insane, he keeps talking about greed storysneeds.
and how none of the crew had any honor. He means to make
us suffer for something that he feels we are all responsible for. Crew Quarters
He has some of the crew drugged into a stupor and doing (Thesecanbeinspectedatanytime,thedoorwaysontothe
whatever he wants. I am holed up in engineering, get down hallwaysarealllockedopenfromthebridge,thiscanbeover
here and we can figure out how to stop this. riddenfromengineering)
P a g e |11

Bedding, lockers, uniforms, and any other manner of personal looks out the window.
effects litter the floor, all are mangled and some are partially As one the others turn to look at you, glaring with lidless eyes,
burned. The amount of destruction looks far more deliberate they snarl and move toward the window.
and not just an act of rage, every locker hinge is broke; all You hear a muffled voice through the glass, and another man
clothing is cut so as not to be usable for more than scraps. appears in pristine white robes. He walks towards the window,
slowly pulling down the mask covering his face. As he gets to
Characterscansearchthewreckageofthecrewquarters;thereare the windows he pushes a button on the side.
severalofficerquarters,sleepingberthswithlockersandbunkbeds, I was wondering when I would meet you all. Such fine
twobedberthingareasandtwocommonareas.Allareequally looking specimens, coming to my home with greed in your
destroyed;however,charactersmaybeabletolocatemakeshift hearts and souls, dont worry I shall set you free of such
weapons(ActiveConflicttosalvagesomething)orcluestocrew things.
whereabouts.Inamongstthepiles,thecharacterswillfindseveral He turns his head and looks back before continuing, No
driedsignsofstruggle,driedbloodpoolsonthefloor,aswellas worries, thats not what I have for you all, this one was evil,
clothingriddledwithstains. evil to his core, he took and took and took, thats not the
proper way of things. Family and community come first, the
Med Lab One Loa and Bondye taught us this, but some have strayed. We
Brown flaking drag marks lead the way to this doorway. Rust- will help them find it again.
stained handprints cover the door and keypad next to it, Run along now, do whatever errands Caruthers has given
making it virtually unrecognizable at first glance. A wide you, our time is not just yet.
viewing window is shuttered, blocking view from inside.
He turns and heads back to the table, gently patting and
Thecharacterscannotgainaccesstothisroomthroughthedoor,by gesturing towards the others to begin their work again.
windowshuttershowever,ifthecharactersusethosethenreadon: 1. Thewindowisshatterproof,thecharacterscanbeator
The shutter slides away revealing several people in surgical butitwillnotgivein.
garb around a man strapped to a table. They hold various
surgical implements and spools of wire in their gore-stained 2. Ifthecharacterspersistinthearea,thenachimewillsound,
hands. On an adjacent table, a man writhes and moans, his left announcingthearrivaloftheelevatorsonthisfloor,two
side has been flayed open and his left arm is missing from the groupsofcrewmemberswillarriveandattack.Theywilltry
socket. The arm wound has been sewn up with wire. One tosubduethecharactersuntilDocPapacangettothem.As
moves away from the table they are huddled around and back
towards the armless man, stopping in mid-step, he turns and
P a g e |12

aThreat,thegroupsofcrewsshouldeachbeconsidereda Elevators
Station Cafeteria
Tables and Chairs block a portion of the hallway forcing entry
into this area. Tablecloths hang from the ceiling to form an a) DocPapaTherewillbefourofthestationscrewinthe
elaborate set of curtains. The smell of rotten food is ingrained elevatorwhenthecharactersopenit.
in the very metal now. Small piles of moldering lumps of
matter litter the floor in clumps. The Elevator doors open with a hiss of compressed gas. The
As the curtains sway in the draft from the air-cyclers, you see a smell of burnt meat explodes into your faces as four of the
table. stations crew move to grab.
(Pause for character actions)
Moving the curtains you see several mixing bowls, industrial (Roll randomly to determine who is attacked first.)
straps, and syringes lay discarded on the floor. All appear to be
stained and used. As the last curtain is pulled down, the table As the Crew members broken bodies fall to the floor, you
can be seen. It appears to have been a work table for the finally are able to see your attackers. Vacant eyes stare at the
station cooks, now it serves a much darker function. Straps ceiling; gaunt hollow cheeks, decayed teeth, and spongy skin
crisscross the surface in stained rust colored splotches. Several are all that remains of their former selves. They are all wearing
kitchen knives and surgical tools lay discarded on the floor tattered uniforms, which have been cut and burnt to leave
under the table. A large spool or thin gray wire sits on the table their arms bare. Intricate designs and wounds cross their blue
with several oversized metal sewing needles. tinged skin.
(Active Conflict to look for patterns and investigate, if
PointsofInterest: successful, read one)
1. Characterscanworkatmovingthetablesandchairs, Metal thread seems to have been sewn under the skin of these
howeveritwilltakefarlongerthantheyshouldfeelthey four. Snakes, eyes, and all manner of geometric designs riddle
have.Iftheyforcetheissue,thenDocPapacansend their backs, chests, and arms. Several cuts also mar the cheeks
anothergroupofzombiestoaidthem. of each corpse.

2. TheSpoolofthreadandneedlesareP2metal,anyone b) EngineerCaruthers
containsroughly300ftof30gaugeP2wire. The Intercom pings, you hear a gruff voice.
P a g e |13

Get the hell out of there you idiots, the crew still uses the characterscomplythenthedoorswillopenfurther,andtheywillbe
elevators, if they find you, youre done! Stick to the deck motionedinbyamanwithalargewrenchwhilefourothersstand
hatches and ladders. therewiththeshotgunspointedintothehallway.

Ifthecharactersdonotheedthiswarning,thenthecreatures Not sure who you all are, but get the hell in here now, the big
attack. man wants to see you, so lets go.

Motioning with his wrench, he directs you into a grated

Engineering hallway, desks and other debris can be seen placed along the
The hallway has been the site of severe fighting, there are low sides making it hard anyone to get down the hallway quickly.
caliber casings littered on the deck, scratches, gouges and You hear the pressure doors closing behind you with an
small blast burns on the walls and ceiling. Pieces of bone can ominous boom. You see several people working on steam lines.
be seen under one grate. The lighting flickers from where it has Theyre all haggard and dirty.
been damaged and not repaired. Heat waves shimmer in the
air from the door as the overhead heat exchangers slowly The man with the wrench motions you toward an open area
churn throughout the station. around a large dome set into the floor. Radiation signs cover
the dome as well as several large pipes coming from the dome
Heavy pressure doors loom at the end of the hallway as you and snaking into the deck and ceiling.
enter the engineering section of the station. Occupying the
middle three decks of the station, this section houses the A balding man walks over and holds out his hand, Im Station
generators, waste and air recycling systems, and everything Engineer Caruthers, sorry that we had to meet under such
else needed to keep the station in working order. Several circumstances.
buckets and trays sit on carts near the entrance.
He turns to the man with the wrench, Cordes, can you see to
Cameras pivot and turn as you approach, gears can be heard the rest of our preparations, now that they are here, we need
pinging and with a deck-shaking shudder, one of the blast to get to that shuttle ASAP.
doors lowers toward the floor. Stopping halfway, several
Caruthers motions for the others to sit wherever they can, So,
shotgun muzzles appear.
you have questions, I might be able to give you answers. We
Come ahead slowly, drop any weapons, and dont make any can talk as my men make the last of their preparations, and
sudden moves. then we go back to your shuttle and get the hell off this
shootfirstandaskquestionslater.Aslongasthecharacters Questionandanswertime:
P a g e |14

Carutherswillprovidefoodandmedicalaidshoulditbeneeded dead he could find and brought them back. He sewed some
(characterscanrecoverfromConditionalInjuryatthisjuncture,) crazy metal into their skin and they now wander around
andwilltrytobeasforthcomingaspossible;atthispointhehas taking his orders. He tried loading folks into the Escape pods
nothingtolosebyhidingthings. and sending them to Earth to keep the fight going. I managed
to put a stop to that though, but it stranded us here.
1) WhatHappenedhere?
Since then, we make raids into his area, and kill what we can,
Well thats a tough one, it wasnt any one event that caused and he does the same here. We get food from some of the
the station to decay the way it did, it was allot of things stores and Dr. Russell gives us medicine when we need it.
happening almost all at once. Dr. Papagula was always a bit Nesdam is holed up in the Bridge he fights to maintain a
of a criminal from what I can tell, but the Haitian balance, but Dr Papagula has several other Techs revived and
government wanted him aboard and since this is technically so he set them to working on finding a way into the computer
their property here he came. Well as soon as he got here, he systems and removing control.
started riling up the other Haitians about the Loa and some
other things, during the off hours allot of them would gather 2) Communications?
in Cargo Hold Two and have some sort of religious service.
A week ago, Nesdam caught Papagulas crew breaking into a
The wave of gamma rays hit us like it did everyone else, but comm. junction point. He raised the alarm, and we came
because of some testing processes we were doing with gravity running. Nesdam, in his infinite wisdom, fried the whole
and plant life, we escaped the worst of it. We lost a system. I thought we had stopped Papagula, but with your
transmitter array so it wasnt like we could tell anyone where arrival, I guess we didnt.
we were or that we were okay. Dr. Papagula took this
Gamma Ray wave as some sort of sign that the Loa wanted 3) Escapeplans?
him to lead his people on some sort of liberating crusade.
We know that Papagula has a shuttle in Shuttle Bay Two,
There was allot of fighting, until finally a Station Technician but I cut power to that area, and then made sure that there
by the name of Nesdam started shutting down power and life was no way for anyone but me to route any to that section.
support to various areas. He vented a few sections of the With him sitting in Cargo Hold Two, there was no way we
station into space, and Doc Papagula recalled his people, and could take it from him, and no way he could leave. Its what
with me being the only ranking station officer left, I did the you might call a Mexican Standoff, well until you all showed
same. Nesdam with a Dr. Russell stepped forward and setup up. I cut power to Shuttle Bay one as soon as I found out you
a peace between us and the Doctor. landed.

That was until I found out he was doing weird things on the
crew. I dont know what he did or how, but he took all the
P a g e |15

As soon as we have things here ready to go, we set the reactor (Waitforcharacteractions)
to go into meltdown, we run like hell to your shuttle, and we
EngineeringPhaseTwo: fight,whiletheengineersintheareaareapproximately20.They
Atanypointinthequestioning,youcanbegintherampuptothe shouldbeallowedtofleeatanytime;unlesstheyremakinga
endbyreadingthebelow: particularlyheroiclaststand,andexpectdeath(theyllreflectthis
You hear a tearing squeal of metal from above. Everyone stops
in their tracks and looks up, debris falls from the ceiling and Ifthecharactersflee,allowthemtotakeweaponsfromanywhere
the steel plating peels back to reveal a small hole. Everyone theycan.Theengineeringspacehasseveralshotguns,and
scrambles and runs to engineering. Caruthers looks up and bandoleersofshells,aswellaslowcaliberpistols.However,when
stares as an impossibly large hand reaches into the hole and theytrytousetheitems,usethestandardActiveConflicttoverify
peels the metal away. theywork.Ajamorwaterloggedweaponatthewrongtimecan
A monstrous, shrieking sound echoes through the chamber. crewmembersarefocusedonkillingengineersandcouldoverlook
Several minutes of tortured groaning come from the ceiling thecharactersentirelyfornow.
plates, a large feral human face peers into the room. A shot
rings out and lands squarely in the creatures cheek. . A cry of IftheplayersmovetogiveaidtoCaruthers,thenhewillhandthem
anger rips into the room and then the face is gone. adataslate,andtellthemtoleaveasfastastheycan.

A body drops into the room from the hole; and cries in pain as PointsofInterest:
it hits the floor. Several engineers run over, after a few seconds 1. Thereareseveralshotgunsandhandgunslitteredaround
they drag it to the side away from the hole and towards thearea,anyplayernotarmedcaneasilygrabwhatever
Caruthers. He kneels down and wipes away blood and theywant.
revealing Cordes.
2. Wrenches,spanners,hammersandotherimprovised
He was waiting for us, he knew the plan., Cordes weaponslayaroundtheareasaswell.
whispers as hundreds of wire spikes shoot through his chest,
killing two engineers in a shrapnel mist of blood and wire. 3. Smallexplosivechargescanalsobefoundhere,nothing
Caruthers falls to the deck clutching his face. largeenoughtocrackthehull,butenoughtoshredor
More shapes jumpdown through the hole. Screams and
gunshots fill the air as the engineers try to defend themselves. 4. Caruthersdataslate:ThisholdsallofCaruthers
P a g e |16

fileprogramthatcanbeusedtounlocktheshuttlebaysfor data slate is damaged but could be used, Active Conflict to fix,
escape.Thereisalsoamasterprogramthatwillsetthe it contains a map of the station and a recording of security
stationreactortooverload. video feed. If characters watch the security feed read the
Station Bridge Hallway/ Doors
The hallway is littered with spent shotgun shells, bent metal Static cuts into a black and white picture, the time shows it is
and more rust-stained pools. Stains cover the walls but the 27 hours ago. The screen reads Hydro-Two, and a room filled
faint stenciling of Bridge Deck can be made out. A pressure with tables, plants, and large trays of dirt comes into focus. A
door is partially open, blocked from closing by a boot. The door opens on one of the walls in view and a man sneaks into
acrid smell of gunpowder and death hover in the air. The boot the room, he is carrying a shotgun with an attached flashlight.
appears to be that of a vac-suit. He peers around the room nervously before moving to one of
the tables. Pulling a clipboard from the table he reads it and
Waitforcharactersresponse.AnActiveConflictwillallowthedoor drops it before going to another table and repeating the
tobeeitherpriedbackopen,orthecontrolpaneltobehackedinto. process.

The doors open with a hiss revealing the mangled limbs of a The man stops after reading a 3rd clipboard, he franticly drops
crew member. Shotgun shells litter the floor, and blood has the shotgun, and starts ripping plants from the table. After
dried to the deck plates causing the suit to stick in place. Burns moments of frenzied activity, the man stops and starts moving
mark the suit where the shotgun was used to dismember the dirt from the table, wires and tubes can be seen in his hands as
body, rendering the suit unusable and almost unidentifiable. he pulls them from the dirt. Finally he stops and slowly
reaches into the dirt and pulls up an arm, he begins moving up
A green comm. light is flashing near the inner door of the the arm and uncovers the shoulders and head of a woman.
pressure chamber.
Tears streak the dirt away from his face as he cradles the body.
Ifthecharacterssearchthebodyparts,giveadirectactiontoshow The entry door opens again and Doc Papa walks in with a
thebodypartsstickingtothedeck.ThenameOBriencanbefound group of other crewmen. He appears to be talking to the man.
stenciledonthesuitinvariouslocations.Theremainsofseveral The man shouts and jumps to get his shotgun. Two crewmen
pouchesareunderthetorso;theyarefilledwithaDataslate,wallet near Doc Papa leap as the others move to stand in front of the
withIDpapersandpasscards,andshotgunshells. Doctor.

The ID papers are soiled and bloody but after much wiping and The crew move to restrain the man, as he shoots one of them
studying, its revealed that this used to be Station Technician in the chest, causing a blood spray to partially obscure the
Duane OBrien. The passcards are shattered and bent. The camera view. The other Crew member drops near the Man,
P a g e |17

begins to shake, then falls. The Man chambers another round walks towards the camera, he can be seen reaching toward it
and levels it at the Crew member. Doc Papa yells something and the view changes to the Roof plates.
and the other crew members jump at the Man.
Video feed cuts out again and static plays a brief second before
The Crewmember on the floor shakes more violently and wires ending.
leave its body and wrapping around the shattered husk of its
companion. The man wounds one of the crewmembers before
the others grab him. Holding an arm, a crew member begins to (Seguesintothesectionbelow)
twist it in a circle; the man screams before finally passing out.
The Crewmember continues to twist the arm until it is Station Bridge
completely dislocated; the other crew members heave the body A wall camera moves and scans over you, eventually it stops
from each other like dogs with a stuffed animal. The arm and a green light appears on the inner door control panel.
bursts away in a shower of blood.
A voice comes over the intercom, Howdy there, I take it you
The Crewmember with the arm turns to Doc Papa, holding the the folks that have come to investigate this sorry station of
severed portion of the arm up to stem the blood seeping from mine? Well if you promise to behave, Ill come out and we can
the end. He walks to the ruined table and places it on the dirt, talk for a bit.
and buries it. He then reaches down to pick up the ruined
plants and reburies them. The others rip the body apart
completely and bring the shattered limbs to the table to aid in themtoopenaservicepanelattheirfeet.Ifnotthenskiptothe
the reburying. end.

Doc Papa walks around the table until he is standing near the As the service panel opens, a shower of sparks and arcing
two lying on the ground. He speaks with the one shaking and electricity hit the floor. A smoke cloud and the sharp smell of
gently pats it. It turns towards him and begins to rub its cheek ozone fill the room, before collapsing into the form of a large
on his hand. The wires from its body have fully grabbed the man. Standing just over 6 feet in height and just over 200lbs,
limbs of its dead companion, and start to drag the body closer. the man smiles before taking off his glasses and wiping them
on his shirt. Running his hands along the shaved sides of his
Doc Papa produces a small circular bone saw from under his head, he pulls a long ponytail forward and looks at it critically,
lab coat. Moving over to the dead crewmember he begins to cut before saying, Sorry bout that, hope I didnt scare any of
pieces of ribs, and arms. As he cuts them free, the wires pull you. I like to keep these doors sealed, and it helps that I dont
them over to the other. Doc Papa stops his work, stands and need them.
P a g e |18

Looking around the hallway, he steps over the body on the Okay, here is what we do, you head down to talk to
floor and walks into the main hallway. Leaning against the Caruthers and get him to activate the power to the bay, we
wall, You folks have questions most likely, youre still alive so have to get that done. I can set up some alarms in remote
I assume that you havent met Doc Papa yet, but have you areas of the station to trick Doc Papa into thinking things are
spoken to the others? happening there. You all hit the bay, and open any of the
access panels there, prep the shuttle and Ill come running.
Nesdamwillbefairlyguardedinhisresponsestoquestions,he Cant be any easier than that!
canandwillsetupdiversionstoaidthecharactersiftheypromiseto Note:Iftheplayersannouncetheyalreadyhavetheaccesscodesto
takehimwiththem.Hisabilitytotravelthroughelectroniccircuits thepower,thendecideifNesdambetraysthem.Oncepoweris
meanshecangoanywherethereisapowersourceonthestation, returnedhecouldveryeasilycontroltheentireshuttlebayfromthe
butwithCaruthershavingshutdownallpowertothoseareas,heis bridge,andthentraveltherehimself.Thisispurelyuptoyou.
relativelystuck. Conversely,theplayerscouldgundownNesdam,andthenlootthe
1. Whathappened?HewillgivethesamestoryasCaruthers.
Doc Papa went nuts, he started twisting peoples minds, and up.Nesdamwilljumpintotheelectricalpanelifhecan,ifthe
then he did something with their bodies. Id think I was insane playersblockit,thanherunsdownthehall.Playerscanfightorflee.
for the things I have witnessed here, if it wasnt for what the
rest of us can do as well. Ifcharactersskipped,attacked,orotherwisedidnotspeakto
2. Whosentthesignal,movedthestation?
Well we dont really need more characters in this game, so
I did that little piece of work, time was growing short, Doc have fun with this!
Papa has started doing things to make the Crew more Alarms and klaxons start to sound across the station, a
powerful, and it was only a matter of time before he overran computer voice announces, Intruders on Station Bridge, all
Caruthers and the engineers. After that he gets rid of Dr security units respond, this message repeats several times.
Russell and me. Personally I dont want to end up with his You hear elevators opening nearby.
wires and crap in me.
3. Escape? wavesoffourcrewmemberseach(wavesofcrewmembersare
P a g e |19

Cargo Hold Two

Hydroponics Lab Two
area,converselyiftheyhappentofightoffthecrewmembers,they The doors are open wide to the lab, tables covered in plants
couldenterhere. and fertilizers are everywhere. As you draw closer, you notice
the same charnel smell of death that has come to be
Shuttle Bay Two commonplace in the station. A limbless torso lies against the
far wall, the name Anderson can still be seen on his gore-
Much like Shuttle Bay One, there are tools and storage
stained coveralls. A shotgun lies nearby, a jammed shell casing
containers along the walls. Hoses connect an older model
sticking out of the ejector.
Shuttle to the dead refueling stations.
PointsofInterest: In another corner, near Crewmen Anderson lays a horribly
dissected collection of bones and organs. It appears that
1. ShuttleM8GOldershuttleisreadytoflyoncepoweris someone performed an autopsy and then moved the body.
backon.Itisasmallermodelanddependingonhowmany Several ribs remain as well as the legs and all of the internal
arethere,notallthecharacterswillbeabletofit.Ifthere organs and head. The remains have all been shaped in the
arefourorfewercharacters,theyllallfit.Otherwise,the fashion of a small bed, with the legs and pieces of bone that
capacityshouldbeonefewerthanthenumberof remain holding the organs near each other. On top of it all with
characters,sosomebodywillhavetostaybehind. an almost serene look of peace rests the head, hair gently
2. ThereareseveralP2spoolsandcargomodulesfilledwith moved and shaped, and face wiped free of blood.
couldbeworthmuchtotheplayersiftheytakethemwhen Pointsofinterest:
a) TablesTheTestingtableshaveseveralfoodcropsgrowing
3. TreatitasShuttleBayOneforallotherpurposes. invariouscapacities.Clipboardswithnotesandlabelsare
Hydroponics Lab One fromthebridge,andmovetoinvestigatethattable,they
Trash and rubble litter the floor. Smashed tables and managetodigupthelimbsofCrewmenAnderson,andthe
equipment lie propped against the walls and in heaps. bodyofCrewmanHorne.

PointsofInterest: a. CrewmanHorneIfthecharactersdigthebody
a) Ifthecharacterschoosetosiftthroughtherubble,theycan
P a g e |20

Brushing the dirt away from the emaciated body of Crewman is not. A woman sits in the dirt, her station suit stained and
Horne, you find several wires inserted into her arms, chest, torn. She looks up from her work and smiles, You must be the
and face. The dirt on the table and some of the plants also have ones from back home.
wires wrapped around and through them. She has clearly been If you have access to the station records than you would know
dead for some time, but her body has not decayed, and other me as Dr. Russell, however I have left that life behind me; I
than being dirt stained, she is in remarkable condition. Several was blessed with the ability of the Earth mother. It has laid
tubes in her back connect to collection bottles on the underside dormant for many thousands of years, but has now come
of the table. back to us in our time of need.
b. Ifthecharactersattempttoremovethewires, Dr.Russellisnotaverygoodsourceofinformation;shewillactively
tubes,orthecollectionbottles,thenagreensap worktochangetopicsawayfromthehorrorsbeingcommittedon
likeliquidwillslowlyoozefromthewounds. thestation.Ifthecharacterspressquestions,shewilluseher
ConsidertheoozeaThreat.Ithasaratingof25, abilitiestoforcethecharacterstonottakeaggressiveactionwith
withaPneuma0,Soma25andPsyche0.Itcauses her,andfleetothesafetyofDocPapaorhiscrew.
c. Thereisnothingofnoteonthebodyotherwise. rightpath;characterscancooperatewitheachothertoensurethis
b) ShotgunItisinrelativelygoodshape,althoughitis promisetotakeseveralofherchildren,P2infusedplants,tothe
jammed.Characterscanclearthejam,andthenuseitif surfacesoshecanrevitalizetheEarth.Shehastheplantsreadyto
theyhaverecoveredshellsfromotherlocations. goincontainers.

c) CrewmenAnderson,Keithsiftingthroughthemangled Pointsofinterest:
remainsonlyprovidesseveralshotgunshells,andsomeof 1. IftheplayersdriveDrRussellaway,orjusthappentostart
hispersonalpapers,IDcardandthelike. searchingwhilespeakingwithher,thentheyfindseveral
Hydroponics Labs Three and Four
2. Underoneparticularlargesectionofvines,aLabtechcan
The doors are wedged open with ivy and other plant life, while befound.
the walls appear to be covered in vines. The air feels warm and
fresh in the hallway; the sound of water can be heard in the Tangled in the vines are the remains of what looks to be a lab
distance. Walking into the lab, you can see several low tables technician, Brenders is the name on his lab coat. Roots have
along the ground, dirt has been spread everywhere along the penetrated his skin and coursed their way through his body,
floor and grass is growing in several areas where ivy and kudzu vines can be seen growing from his eyes and mouth.
P a g e |21

If questioned about Brenders, Dr Russell will reply: Thiswillberepeatedcontinuouslyuntilthereactorexplodes.Base

Poor Eric, he was a good technician, but he didnt respect the
sanctity of what is being built here. He should have never
turned his back on the Mother. Return to Cargo Hold One
3. Thereareseveralcontainerswithsmallplantsinside,the As you reenter the cargo hold, the stench of decayed flesh fills
plantshavewireinlaidwiththemandwillreactaggressively the area, the doors to Shuttle Bay One are open. Several
tohumancontact.Theleaveswillattempttosticktoany crewmembers can be seen dragging hoses and cargo pods to
skinthattheycomeincontactwith,andifleftforlonger the shuttle. Doc Papa is standing near the shuttle directing
thanafewseconds,theskinwillgonumbandarashwill them.
Threat.IthasPneuma15,Soma15andPsyche10. Theplayers,eitherwiththehelpofthedataslate,orTechNesdam,
IftheplantscometoharmandDr.Russellisnear,shewill cangainaccesstothecomputersystemshere.Theycanshutdoors,
gointoarageandwithhergardeningshovels,attackingthe oropenthem.Nomatterwhattheydecidetodo,DocPapawilltake
characterresponsible.(ThegardenshovelisaSecond noticeandthecrewmemberswillattack.Thereare4movingcargo
DegreeCoreInjuryweapon,with6%Conditional.) andhoses,andthereareanother2workingonthecomputers,
Careful with that shotgun! However,thecharactersdealwiththis,oncethecodesareinserted
ThisportionofSectionThreecontainsdetailsfortheendgame. andused,readtheaboveexplosionwarning.
theflightbacktoearthinaShuttle.Youcanbeginthissectionat Detonation of the Reactor
anytimefortheplayers. Ifthecharactersareforcedtodetonatethereactoronitsown,then
Iftheplayersuse,orhavegiventoNesdamtouse,Engineer allowthemafewmomentsofgloryasDocPapafloodsthearea
Caruthersdataslate,andtogivepowertoShuttleBayOneorTwo, withcrewmembersandtheygodowninablazeofglory.
Section Four: Cast and Rules
Warning klaxons sound and deep rumblings spreads through
the floor. An automated voice announces Reactor
Doctor Sascha Papa Papagula
Containment failure eminent All personnel proceed to
evacuation pods now HaitianNational
P a g e |22

Description:Standingjustat60,Papagulaweighsinatonly190lbs. Workingwiththenetworkhedevelopedthroughhiscriminalyears,
Lifeaboardstationhaslightenedhisdarkskinandelongatedhis Papagulasoonfoundhimselfneeded.Heworkedatallofthefree
Dreadlocksconsiderably.Hegenerallyhasacigarinhand,grown clinicsthecityoffered,aidingthepoorwheneverhecould.
topaintinghisfaceusingthediscardedmakeupofthefemalecrew Ashegrewinpowerfromhismedicalpractices,theTonton
members. Macoutesfoundthemselveslosinggraspofthepowertheyhad
History:BorninPortAuPrince,Haiti,SaschaPapagulastartedlife HydroponicsTestingfacilityinspacetobetteraidinthediscoveryof
likethemajorityofHaitiansinhistime.Heworked,stole,and newmedicinesandagriculturaltechniques.
noticeofthecountriesnewlyreformedTontonMacoutes. CeasinguponthechancetoshowthepeopleofHaitithegreedthat
Possessingintelligencefarabovethatofthenormalchildrenfound hadbeenrobbingtheircommunitiesofpowerandmoneyfor
inHaitianslums,Saschafoundhimselfinmuchdemandasaperson hundredsofyears,theTontonMacoutesapproachedDoctor
tohelpplanandimplementanysortofcrime. PapagulaaboutapplyingforthepositionofStationDoctor.Theyfelt
DoctorPapagulaalwaysworkedhardinhelpinghiscommunity,this thecorporations.
developaresurgenceoflocalcommunityoverworldcommunitythe In2104HaitianStationM8G3T0haditsfinalcomponentinstalled,
TontonMacoutesstoodagainsttheCorporationsandworld andDoctorPapagulawasaboard.
AfterseveralmonthsofworkingandmeetingwiththeTonton attitudethatrivalsthatofthebestevangelicalministerorpolitican.
P a g e |23

createdtheperfectsociety,albeitastagnantonethatisfreeof himselfwiththeopportunitytobepromotedtoHeadEngineerfor
greedandcorruption. StationM8G3T0.

ThreatElement:75 Whilenottheheadofstationproduction,EngineerCaruthers
UniversalElements:Pneuma25,Soma25,Psyche25 oversawthegeneratorinstallationandthebuildingofthe
Protection:CoreSecondDegree,Conditional3% oversawthelaborandroboticfabricators.Ultimatelythesechanges
Engineer Fred Caruthers theknifeofDocPapa.
TranUnionEmployee Personality:Professionalism,hehasbeenwaitinganddevisinga
BorninOrlandoFlorida,FredCaruthersgrewupasmostAmerican peoplecontrol1/3oftheStationandhavetostealmostthingsthey
childrendo.Brighterthanmostofthechildrenpushedoutofschool needorwant.Heappearstobeextremelytiredbutdoeshisbestto
bytheAmericanpublicschoolsystem,FredCarutherswantedto keephisdespairateverbreakingawaytoaminimum.
winningeveryscienceandEngineeringcontesthecouldenterwith RoleplayingAdvice:WhenspeakingasEngineerCaruthers,tryto
hisfathershelpandsoonwasnotedinseverallocalnewspapersfor havewearinessshowthroughinwhatyousayorhowyouroleplay.
hisworkinsciencefairs. ThisisamanthathasextensiveknowledgeoftheStationandits
AshegrewolderhecameundertheattentionofseveralColleges frustratinglyenoughforhim,DocPapadoesaswellandwasableto
andUniversities,ultimatelychoosingMIT.FredCaruthersfocused lockoutorplaceguardsonmanyofthesystems.
teacherswoulddefineasarevolutionarythinker,hewasthought ThreatElement:50
ofasanexpertonhischosenfieldsofknowledge. UniversalElements:Pneuma20,Soma25,Psyche5
Union,afacilitiesmanagementcompanyspecializinginmoving, Protection:None
Doctor Cynthia Russell
P a g e |24

CynthiaRussellwasbroughtontothestationtooverseethe Personality:WhenportrayingDr.Russell,becarefultonotuse
hydroponicslabsinconjunctionwithherGermancounterpartsfrom statementsthatwouldbejudgingorcondemningofanythingthat
NahrungspflanzeInc.Cynthiawasresponsibleformanyofthe thecharactersdo.DrRussellfeelsshehasevolvedpastthepointof
innovationsthathelpeddrivethehydroponicslabsonthestation judgmentandisnowmoreofaforceofnature.Shebelievessheis
further. theultimatemotherspirit,andfromheronlyloveandacceptance
crew,aswellastheoxygenproduction.Cynthialedateamofthree ThreatElement:50
scientists,aswellasfortycrewmembers.Duringthetakeover,she UniversalElements:Pneuma10,Soma15,Psyche25
kindredspirit,hedecidedtonotmakeanotherofhisabominations Protection:None
meetthedemandheplacesonherforfoodandtestingsupplies. Dr Russels Genotypes

TheGammaRayBurstaddledDrRussellsmind,shebelievesherself Soothe Specter

tobeamanifestationofAyidaWeddocometoblessDocPapaand The characters calming effect in life and love of nature shines
hispeople.Shegivesintohisdemandsandblesseshisworksin through, specters sense this calm and choose to not attack or
reshapingthissmallsocietyintosomethingpurer.DrRussellalso harm the character.
notherrighttochoosesides,AyidaWeddosimplygivesupher Type: Activated Genotype
Effects: The characters demeanor becomes unassuming and
AnotheraffectoftheGammaRayBurstmanifestedafterCynthia docile, she in turn projects this onto the threats or specters
recoveredfromherwounds;shefoundherselfabletohandletheP2 near her, briefly overriding the need to hurt and kill. No hostile
Oreofthestationanduseitasafertilizerforherplants.Herbody actions can be taken against the character while they maintain
this calm, however any aggressive action taken by the
character immediately breaks the effect and all threats may
frustratingDocPapa,itsolidifiesherviewofherowndivinity. immediately attack. Movement is allowed, as well as
interaction with objects, unless its the beginning of an attack
DrRussellknowsofCaruthersattemptstotakebackthecomputer (IE drawing a weapon, opening an airlock hatch to jettison a
systemswithinthestation,buthasyettosayanything,sheisalso threat, priming a chainsaw, etc..)
P a g e |25

Note that this Genotype affects the zombies on this station, as Technician Chris Nesdam
they are functionally specters, theyve just possessed the
bodies of the dead.
Liability: The characters nature is such that they often want NahrungspflanzeInc
to talk and forgo violence for discussion and finding common
grounds. If the character intentionally causes harm to human DataAdminforthestation,ChrisNesdamwasbroughtonto
or specter, for the remainder of the scene, she is wracked with overseealldatastorage.Afterseveralmonthsandoneunfortunate
guilt and pensiveness. The initial Condition for all remaining accident,hefoundhimselfinchargeofallcomputer/server
Conflicts during that scene must be devoted to overcoming this equipmentonthestation.HewassoonworkingdailywithEngineer
feeling. Effectively, the character must achieve at least one CaruthersandDocPapa.Duringtheinitialtakeoverofthestationby
additional Condition in order to accomplish anything. DocPapa,thestationwasmovedfromalowerasynchronousorbit
Radiation Absorption notifiedCaruthersandthenbarricadedhimselfintotheserver
The character might view this as a blessing, while her friends rooms.
view it as a curse, simply put the character absorbs the
radiation from those around her for a brief period of time. Oncethefightingwasoverandbothsideshadretreatedtotheir
Many showing this genotype are ostracized because of its areas,Nesdamcontactedbothandnotifiedthemthatanyattacks
affect, while others are sought out and idolized. uponhimwouldresultinhissettingthestationintoadecayingorbit
Type: Activated Genotype sidespromisedtoleavehimaloneandunscatheduntilsuchtimeas
Effects: With a simple touch, the character absorbs radiation
from a target and removes it. If the character affected
possesses a Genotype, the Genotype is lost completely. This thefewloyalistshehad,andhekeptthelifesupportgoingtothe
effect is not permanent; it only occurs for about an hour. The restofthestation.
character using this Genotype does not gain the lost anomaly,
he just removes it. FormanymonthsChrisenjoyedararefreedomonthestation,
Liability: Under moments of stress and duress, the character weeksthoughthatsstartedtochange,Caruthershasbeenrigging
may inadvertently trigger this ability to the detriment of those hisowncontrolstolockouteveryoneandmovethestationtoa
around. During a Conflict, the character makes an Active lowerorbitmakingiteasiertoforasignaltogetthroughandaidto
conflict test, determine randomly which characters Genotype becalled.NowChrisisdesperateforaidtogetoffthestation,but
is removed. doesntwanttotiphishandtoDocPapajustyet.
P a g e |26

ForChristheGammaRayBurstgavehimseveralusefulsurvival Crew Members: Wave of Zombies

electricityispresent,alsotheabilitytorelocatehimself Scars,embeddedwiresandburnsriddlethebodiesoftheCrew
automaticallytoanycomputerterminalonthestation. afterDocPapafinisheswiththem.Theystillcontainasmallshredof
ThreatElement:50 andwithoutmuchoversight.DocPapausestheselostsoulsafter
UniversalElements:Pneuma10,Soma25,Psyche15 shatteringtheirmindwithRadiationandtorturefromtheP2wire
Injury:(Smallpistol)Core:FirstDegree,Conditional4% hehasmade.Thesestatisticsreflectahordeofaboutfourofthe
Chris Nesdams Genotypes
CircuitRelocationSeeMaschineZeitfordetails. Injury:CoreSecondDegree,Conditional5%
Electric light
Survivors with this trait have the ability to grab an electrical Genotype:Theabilitytocallupontheirformerlivesandperform
conduit or open circuit, and render herself camouflaged for a taskswithlimitedintelligence.Whetherthisisrepairinganelevator,
brief period of time. weldinggantrysupports,ortryingtohackacomputernetwork.
Type: Activated Genotype abilitytouseatoolforabasicfunctionthataffectsnomorethan
Effects: The character must grab a live electrical lead or
circuit, and then makes an Active Conflict. If successful, she CrewMembers:UberZombie
channels the current into her skin and bends light to hide her
presence from all visual means (including camera systems, no
matter when the video feed is viewed). With additional Anamalgamationoftwocrewmembers,theUberZombiehasa
Conditions, she can affect other characters. reinforcedskeleton,andtwoadditionalarms.Bonespursandribs
Liability: Characters start to crave the rush of the current
coursing over their skin; it can become an addictive rush. ThreatElement:75
While enjoying the sensations, the character must devote a UniversalElements:Pneuma25,Soma25,Psyche25
Condition to maintaining her inhibitions, or have her Core
Injury increased by one. If shes hiding others, they suffer the Injury:Core:ThirdDegree,Conditional8%
same injuries unless the Condition was devoted to avoid it. Protection:CoreThirdDegree,Conditional2%
P a g e |27

Genotype:ThemonstercanspendadditionalConditionsto b. TheEngineerscouldattackthecharacter,believing
regenerate5%ofitsConditionalInjuryatanytime,limitonesuch themtobecrewmembers.Withthisoptionitforces
ConditionperActiveConflict. thecharacterstotrulybealoneonthestationand
3. EngineeringentranceIfyouhaveseededthegamewith
Section Five: Final Thoughts themselveswiththeveryrealpossibilityofdeath,itwill
1. SeveraloftheNPCslistedinSectionFourwillbe starttodrivethepointhomethatthesearepeoplewho
expendable,ifthestoryprogressesforthecharactersata havebeenscramblingfortheirlivesforalongtime.Sohave
levelthatismoremundanethandramatic,pleasefeelfree somefun,splattersomebrainmatter!
tohavethemaccompanythecharacterstosectionsofthe a. Ifthecharacterswalkawayanddontenterthe
station,andthenturnthezombiepopulationlooseupon engineeringareaatthispoint,thenthegameshifts,
them.TheonlytwoNPCsthatthiscannotbedonewithare andtheynowneedtogetawayontheirownas
EngineerCaruthers,andDoctorPapaPapagula. theyworktowardssurvivalbetweentwofighting
2. WanderingthestationwithoutguidancefromEngineer
CaruthersWhilerisky,itcouldbehighlyentertainingfor 4. EngineeringFightShotgun,smallcharges,andGenotype
bothcharactersandDirectoralike.Thisisrelatively attacksinandaroundasmallreactorarebad.Ifyoufeelthe
unchartedterritory,soherearesomethingsthatmight needtoreallyforcethegametomoveatafastermore
help: franticpace,thanpleasetestanymissedattacksthechance
a. PlacemorerandomZombieencountersaroundthe tocausedamagetohitthereactor.

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