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No Horizon Design: Aaron Lomas
Rules Development: Aaron Lomas
Editing/Producer: Aaron Lomas
Graphic Design: Aaron Lomas
Except where otherwise noted, this work is 2016 Aaron Lomas, under the Creative Commons Attribution-
NonCommercial 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
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Contents ......................................................................... 3 Gear Qualities .......................................................... 54
Chapter 1: Colony Hunting and You ................................ 5 Weapon Listing........................................................ 59
Introduction .............................................................. 5
Armour Listing ........................................................ 68
Setting it Straight ..................................................... 5
Weapon & Armour Modification ............................. 71
Roll for Initiative ....................................................... 6
Equipment Listing ................................................... 75
Being Someone Else .................................................. 8
Chapter 5: Going the Distance ..................................... 81
The State of Things ................................................... 9 Ships ........................................................................ 81
Chapter 2: Just Be Yourself.......................................... 11 Ship Listing .............................................................. 82
Character Creation .................................................. 11
Compartments & Customisation ............................ 85
Attributes ................................................................. 11
Repairs & Maintenance .......................................... 91
Step 1: Races ........................................................... 13
Chapter 6: The Future Weve Made ............................. 92
Step 2: Roles............................................................ 19 Augmentation & Genemods .................................... 92
Step 3: Traits ...........................................................21 Augmentation Listing.............................................. 93
Advantages ..............................................................21 Genemod Listing...................................................... 96
Drawbacks .............................................................. 27 Hacking ................................................................... 101
Step 4: Options ........................................................ 32 Chapter 7: Power at a Price ...................................... 102
Step 5: Personality & Progression ......................... 32 Psychic Powers..................................................... 102
Chapter 3: Making a Move ........................................... 35 Power Listing ........................................................ 102
Skills ........................................................................ 35 Power Appearance ............................................... 107
Combat Skills .......................................................... 35 Chapter 8: Behind the Scenes .................................... 108
Technical Skills........................................................ 35 Running the Show ................................................. 108
Social Skills ............................................................. 37 Your First Distress ................................................ 109
Knowledge Skills ..................................................... 38 Rewarding Players ................................................ 111
Field Skills................................................................ 38 Alternate Seasons ................................................. 111
Psychic Skills........................................................... 39 Planning Encounters .............................................. 111
Scene Breakdown ................................................... 41 Creature Races ...................................................... 112
Actions .................................................................... 41 Enemy Roles ........................................................... 113
Attacking & Defending ............................................ 44 Enemy Traits .......................................................... 115
Death & Damage ..................................................... 45 Advantages ............................................................ 115
Size & Conditions .................................................... 46 Drawbacks ............................................................. 117
Optional: The Gambit Deck ...................................... 48 Rogues Gallery ...................................................... 118
Starship Combat ..................................................... 49 Environments & Escapades ................................... 121
Optional: Mass Combat ........................................... 51 Example Episode ................................................... 122
Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade ...................................... 54 Locations ............................................................... 122
Equipment ............................................................... 54

Encounters ............................................................ 124 Glossary.......................................................................127
Enemies ................................................................. 124

Thanks Pal
When I set out to create No Horizon, I had no idea how long it was going to
take, how much less Id get done in the time I had, or how frustrating
working on it would be but here you are, reading the finished thing.
Theres a lot more I would have liked to do, and even now there are bits
and pieces I feel I should have done better.
Which is why Im still looking at it. There are changes I want to make, and
may very well do they probably wont be now, or tomorrow, but
certainly at some point. Who knows maybe Im typing away at a new
section right now. Maybe Ill leave it far too long and wont see daylight
again until No Horizon 2E.
Regardless, a lot of time and effort went into this, so thank you for
picking it up (whether you paid for it or not), and I hope you can have
some fun with it. It wouldnt hurt to drop me some feedback either.

Chapter 1:
read on to section 3. Just make sure not to
metagame! More on that later.

Colony Unfamiliar Terms

No Horizon uses some terminology that will be
Hunting familiar to people who have played other role-playing
games, but also some that wont. For the most part,

and You these are thematic and have counterparts youll

recognise. Here are some terms you might run into;
Introduction No Horizon uses tv-show themed terms for
Welcome to No Horizon! After picking up this book, time and gameplay labelling. A campaign or
youve taken your first steps towards being part of adventure as other games may call it is
crazy sci-fi adventures in an ever-changing galaxy. referred to as a Season. A session of
gameplay is an Episode, and sections of that
But before you get ahead of yourselves, its
Episode such as combats are known as
important to make sure you know how to play. This
intro chapter will introduce you to No Horizons core
gameplay, its setting, and to roleplaying in general. If A starship is any vessel capable of space
youre experienced with role-playing games already, flight, regardless of the distance.
feel free to skip that last part, but remember: like all An Inertia Gate is a high-tech device used to
role-playing games, in No Horizon the GMs word is quickly travel over large interstellar
law. distances. Every gate is paired to another,
and pilots often memorise gate maps in
Using This Book order to navigate properly.
Though there are many chapters in this book, not all The Director controls the flow of the game,
of them will be relevant to you if youre just playing. and is also known as a Game Master, or GM.
Many of the later chapters are dedicated to info and
tools needed by Directors. This book can roughly be Setting it
split into 3 sections; Straight
1. Chapters 1-3 cover the basics of how to In No Horizon, players are members of the Stellar
play, how to create your character, and a Reclamation Team, a group equal parts salvage team,
more in-depth look at combat rules and the courier, and galactic coastguard. While sponsored by
Gambit system to make sure your games go the Central Galactic Council in terms of legal
smoothly. clearances and such, SRT squads must self-fund, and
2. Chapters 4-9 encompass all the items, the requirements for a group to join the SRT are
vehicles, psychic abilities and crafting rules simple: a ship, fuel, and a crew. The SRT doesnt ask
in No Horizon. Whenever youre looking for for a show of skill or proof of capabilities if a squad
something new to shoot people with, its never comes back, they dont exactly lose anything.
At the Unity Distress Centre on New Earth, distress
3. Chapters 10-14 are mostly relevant to GMs.
beacons from all over the known universe can be
These chapters cover example enemies,
received and handed to the SRT, whose job it is to
deeper setting information, and how to
investigate them and give aid to those that need it.
create custom content for No Horizon.
These beacons can be anything from single
As a player, youll generally only need the first two spacefaring vessels, to entire planets, but every SRT
sections. However, if you want to learn more about member knows the real prize is Pre-Departure colony
the setting and how the system works, feel free to ships. After all, to say SRT squads are in the game for

the fun of helping would be nave; SRT are awarded Nobody wants to be stuck at the edge of the system
salvage rights to any distressed vessel that isnt because a fusion coil melted and no one was qualified
inhabited, and the old colony ships are bastions of to put a new one in.
Pre-Departure technology, usually nigh-unfindable
unless their beacon is activated. That said, distress Roll for
beacons dont often get set off due to inactivity, so Initiative
your team better be prepared for the worst.
Like most role-playing games, No Horizon is drive by
Standing between the worst and you are your skills, imagination, and tempered with rules that govern the
your crew, and your ship. Youd better make sure world around the players and how they interact with
theyre all up to scratch. it. Dice rolls give weight and consequence to actions,
as well as adding an element of chance. With the roll
Your Skills of a dice, anything can be possible: your characters
Your characters personality and style makes them abilities, skills and equipment help you even the odds.
fun: your characters abilities and skills make them
useful. In No Horizon, it is a good idea to specialise in In No Horizon, youll roll dice to shoot at enemies, pilot
an area of skills and then round yourself out with your ship through dangerous skies and blast
additional talents as you gain experience and monsters with psychic powers. Youll use your
progress. Skills in No Horizon are broken up into seven imagination to turn that dice roll into a blistering
categories, and well get into them in more depth in salvo of machinegun fire from behind cover, a
the Character Creation chapter. These categories are daredevil-dive through careening asteroids, and
Combat (skills for fighting and defending), Technical manifesting psykinetic flames to scour a mutant
(technology-focused abilities), Social (for talking to beast from your cargo hold. See the difference?
people), Knowledge (what you know about the
galaxy and the world), Field Skills (a mix of useful Director (GM): The lab door slides open with a quiet
abilities) and Psychic (your characters ability to use hiss, unveiling the dilapidated room beyond. Rows
psychic powers). Between them, they contain 26 of tables, some littered with broken flasks and
different skills you can mix and match to create the scientific equipment, fill the room, and despite the
character you want. cleaning protocols a lab like this would usually have
the signs of decay are everywhere.
Your Crew
As specialising in a small amount of skills leaves you Martin (playing Reed): Id like to investigate the lab
somewhat vulnerable, its a good job No Horizon is equipment, maybe see if some of it is in good
generally best played in a group. You should enough condition to tell us what they were working
communicate with other players to make sure youre on here.
aware what your team is and isnt prepared for. That
Director (GM): Alright. What about everyone else?
way, you know what to run away from (and who you
Theres a door to the north of the room, facing the
need to be faster than).
one you came in from.
Your Ship
Christine (playing Irie): I dont think we want to
Literally in-between you and the worst the galaxy has
leave yet. Ill help Reed look through the equipment.
(the vast expanse of space) is your ship. Your gm will
Irie doesnt know much about science but she
assign your party a basic ship upon starting the
should be able to help sift out the broken stuff.
game, but before long your team will be upgrading its
systems, replacing parts and weapons, and maybe In No Horizon, your GM will decide the correct dice roll
even buying new ships entirely. For this reason, its for an action, as well as the DC (difficulty class) you
important to have at least one party member with a must beat in order to succeed. Whatever the action
good grasp of repairing and maintaining starships. youre performing, nearly every roll youll make in No

Horizon will be one of four rolls. All of these rolls use where no skill seems appropriate, or your character
these things; does not have any ranks in the right skill. In text, they
are simply written as the attribute in question: e.g.,
The appropriate Attribute Bonus. This is +4
roll Strength.
for every point of an attribute above 1,
maxing out at +40 at 11. Christine (playing as Irie): Yeah. I dont have any
Ten sided dice, known as d10s. Every roll in Biotech skill, so Ill just roll Intelligence. Is 13
No Horizon starts with atleast one d10. enough?
And finally, your Skill Rank in the appropriate
skill. In addition to the base one, you roll an Christine is attempting to Aid Reeds attempts to
extra d10 for every rank you have in the investigate the equipment, and needs to roll 15 or
relevant skill. higher. She succeeded, and he gets +4 to his result.
With that help he succeeds!
Skill Rolls
d10 + Skill Rank x d10 + Attribute Bonus Director (GM): Nice! With your help, Reed manages
Skill rolls will cover the majority of actions you take to find one set of equipment that is in a far better
in No Horizon, encompassing everything from firing a state than the others. But before we carry on with
gun to jury-rigging a starship engine. Each skill has an that, Alex is having some trouble in the corridor.
Attribute it is most commonly rolled with, and when a Alex (playing Mercer): Oh, great. Whats happening?
Skill roll is asked for it is generally that Attribute
which is being used, unless specified otherwise. To Director (GM): You suddenly hear a strong, metallic
make a Skill roll, you roll a d10 and additional d10s banging coming from the door behind you. It shifts
equal to your Skill rank in the appropriate skill. You a little with each one, like its being barged into.
then add the relevant attribute bonus to get your
Alex (playing Mercer): I was wondering when
final roll. This is compared against a DC your GM sets
something would show up. Can I try and hold the
(and may keep secret if he or she wishes), and if it
door shut?
beats it, you succeed!

Director (GM): Okay, Martin. If Reed wants to look

through the lab equipment for something functional, Opposed Rolls
Ill need a Biotech roll from you. Youd recognise it Skill Roll/Attribute Roll VS Skill Roll/Attribute Roll
as medical equipment. Opposed rolls are for when youre trying to do
something directly against a person or thing, and it is
Martin rolls 3d10 from his 2 ranks in Biotech He rolls
attempting to do the opposite- hence opposing rolls.
a 9, a 5 and a 1 for a total of 15. He then adds the
Examples would be you trying to intimidate someone
appropriate Attribute bonus (Intelligence) for a total
(your Intimidation vs their Resolve), hide from guards
of 23. The TN set was 25, so he fails.
(your Stealth vs their Perception), and so on. In our
Director (GM): Thats not enough, unfortunately. example, Mercer is trying to hold the door closed
Christine, is Irie still trying to help? against something on the other side.

Attribute Rolls
Attribute x d10 + Attribute Bonus
Attribute rolls use no skill, and for them you roll as
many d10s as you have points in the relevant
Attribute (to a max of six dice), and add your
Attribute bonus. Your GM will use these for tasks

modifiers dont stack, meaning getting a Major in the
same skill more than once is a waste. Some effects
Director (GM): Of course. You prop yourself up may impose a Major penalty rather than a bonus:
against the door, trying to hold fast as whatever is receiving a Major penalty to a roll means you must
on the other side struggles against you. Roll your reroll half your dice (the ones with the highest
Strength. results), and take the lowest of the two results.
Alex rolls his Strength (2d10) and adds his Strength Critical Success &
bonus (4). The total is only 13, far below what the Failure
GM rolls for the creature on the other side. Sometimes, your dicerolls may spell success far
Director (GM): You manage to hold the door for a beyond what you anticipated or failure far worse. If
few moments, but it feels like each push against a successful diceroll contains at least one 10 and no
the door is larger than the last. Eventually, you 1s, it is a critical success. Conversely, if a failed roll
start to buckle behind it and youre pushed contains at least one 1 and no 10s, its a critical
backwards as the door swings open. Roll initiative! failure. In both situations, not only do you fail or
succeed as normal, but your GM will also give you
some additional bonus or punishment: this may be
extra damage from an attack, a grenade blowing up
Sustained Rolls in your hands, or something completely absurd. Work
Multiple Skill Roll/Attribute Rolls with your GM, get creative, and dont be afraid to fail
Sustained rolls are for tasks that are more difficult hard if it means a more fun or dramatic game.
than normal or require effort over a period of time.
They are formatted as Skill/Attribute (Amount of Being Someone
successes, interval between attempts, time limit). An
example would be Tech Use (3, 10m, 1h), meaning a
task requiring 3 successes on a Tech Use check in one If youve never played a role-playing game before, it
hour, with 10 minutes in-between attempts. If you fail can be difficult getting into the actual role-playing
to get the needed successes, you fail the roll! part. Here are some tips to help you get into
Some Traits, items and augmentations you can Dont be embarrassed: everybody else in the
improve your character with offer modifiers to your game should be roleplaying too.
abilities to improve them. There are two kinds of Engage with other players and the world.
these improvements in No Horizon. While not directly Very few people in real life stand around
related to the rolls you will use, its important to doing nothing- talk to your party in-
know how these modifiers work. character, chat to your GMs npcs, etc.
Dont worry about putting on a voice or
Minor using an accent. Its perfectly acceptable to
Minor modifiers offer +4 to your rolls using a simply describe how your character talks
specified skill. Minor modifiers stack: you can have as rather than attempting to do it. In fact,
many for a skill as you want. Some effects may most GMs will be happy with you simply
impose a Minor penalty rather than bonus: this is a -4. describing what your character says for
Major most conversations.
Major modifiers allow you to reroll up to half Keep a record of your characters
(minimum 1) of the dice you roll when using the Skill personality and background. This will help
you have the bonus in. You must accept this second you keep in-character and have them act
result even if it is worse than the first result. Major the way they should.

Try not to metagame. Metagaming is when create a similar climate to that of the old Earth, and
you play as if your character knows things were able to give humanity a new home among the
that you do, despite them not actually stars.
having this information. Its important to try
Relatively uninvolved in previous wars, New Earth had
and separate what you know from what
quietly been preparing for the reopening of trade
your character knows, and to have them act
channels and the SRT for years now and profited
greatly on their return. More prosperous than ever,
Talk to your GM about his campaign and how
life for the average citizen of New Earth is
better to suit your character to it. Having a
comfortable, and the revenue from increased trade
character that works well with his/her
has allowed for the preparation of two new colony
themes and story will make it easier to
plans, scheduled to begin creation and terraforming
involve yourself in it.
within the next ten years. While New Earth fares
better than any other human planet, citizens are
The State of
offered large payments to volunteer for colony
Things placements. Unsurprisingly, many are quick to take it
The year is 3623SG (or, to humanity, 2149), and and make a new life on one of the many colonies.
galactic space is in its longest official conflict-free
The Unity Distress Centre has also remained active
span of time since they began counting. While space
through the conflicts, often handing the distress
is still dangerous, its now more so because of piracy,
signals of local or smaller ships to planetary
void dragons, and hostile alien races than political
militaries or rescue services in lieu of the SRT. Now
conflict. Little different in many respects, but far
the SRT is operational again, a number of lucrative
more stable internally that previous years, and the
distress beacons are available.
many races that make up the CGC (Central Galaxies
Council) are flourishing. Trade between systems is Harquell-Caesar
once again booming, galactic space is expanding once Station
again, and now the Council races are no longer at Harquell-Caesar Station, better known as the CGC
each others necks, the SRT are again cleared for Station, is a hub of activity from across the galaxy.
operations. The Central Galaxies Councils seat of power,
Squads like yours are vying for the right to go after practically everybody to travel the known universe
the few colony ships discovered at the Unity Distress has set foot on Harquell-Caesar at least once,
Centre during the SRTs downtime, while many are whether for trade, politics, tourism, or something
eager to pick up less luxurious (but safer) tasks. Of shadier.
course, you cant spend all your time in space- lets As the centre of galactic space, Harquell-Caesar
briefly take a look at some of the important places in flourishes on its multiculturalism, and experienced a
No Horizon your character would know about, no strong downturn in previous years due to the wars
matter who they are. blockading trade lines and sparking unrest between
nations. While this uneasiness is wearing off, the
New Earth
station has still seen better days and is welcoming
New Earth was founded during the Departure, in
new trading opportunities and workers.
which the great Colony Ships of old left our failing
Earth in search of something new. While most formed While the Unity Distress Beacon is a human project,
space stations, landed on fledgling planets, or were installed on New Earth, the SRT is a collaborative
lost to the void of space, many made the journey to effort between the council races and thus has its
one distant, fringe world, which they christened New headquarters on Harquell-Caesar. Here, existing SRT
Earth. With their combined terraforming equipment members accept beacons and prepare themselves
and prepared infrastructure, they were able to for the coming job, refitting and repairing their ships

as well as resupplying. Additionally, would-be SRT their downtime, from ship refits and ammunition to
applicants must also make their way here in order to an overpriced bar. Most importantly, while finding
petition for membership. yourself unable to return to one of the previous
planets is a big deal, stations are a little more
flexible. In the words of renowned SRT pilot Ark
The homeworld of the Piriel (or whats left of it), the
Hastings: theres always another space station.
surface of Ailamao is littered with dense layered
cities, unlaunched space stations, crashed space While stations often require some degree of
stations, and so on. Practically every corner of the permission to dock at them, SRT members enjoy the
planet (even the aforementioned wrecks) is lived in, luxury of being able to dock wherever they like. Of
thanks to the huge population that calls it home. A course, not everybody is happy about this, and in
relatively small planet, Ailamaos population density some more private stations your presence might not
and heavy urbanisation makes it a good place to hide be all that welcome
and lay low.
SRT Stations
As a result, smugglers, slavers, and practically every Many civilised planets, even those on the fringes of
shade of criminal can be found lurking somewhere on galactic space, have some form of an SRT outpost or
Ailamao. In the mess that is Ailamaos surface this station. Here you can easily get in contact with SRT
somehow coexists with the religious infighting and headquarters, access SRT services like emergency
constant political upheaval to create a planet that aid and backup, and generally find help when you
never stands still. If youve something to hide, need it most.
Ailamaos as good a place youll find in galactic space.
That said, on some of the outer planets these stations
Beneath-2 might be run down, understaffed or smoking craters,
The second and largest planet governed by the Orous. and SRT members are advised not to rely on them. So
Beneath-2 (Most Orous planets are named a word that always make sure youre prepared for the task at
loosely translates to Beneath, in a similar vein to hand, because the local station might not have your
Earth also meaning ground or soil) looks empty at back.
first glance, as little is built on the surface due to
heavy storms- 96% of all structures on Beneath-2 are
built underground in vast cave systems, which suits
the blind Orous just fine. Most areas are pitch black,
as the Orous see using echolocation, and the
atmosphere is completely lacking in oxygen and
benthene (the Orous breathe neither) meaning visitors
must provide their own supply.
Despite this, Beneath-2 is popular with tourists due to
its stunning architecture (viewed through night-vision
lenses, of course), luxury resorts and access to
world-renowned Orous shipwrights. If its a new ship
or just parts youre after, Beneath-2 should be your
port of call.
Space Stations
There are thousands of stations and orbital platforms
out in the expanse of space, ranging from small
refuelling docks to huge stations like Harquell-Caesar.
Most can provide everything an SRT member needs in

Chapter Attributes
Before you choose your race, it is important to know
2: Just Be about No Horizons seven Attributes. These Attributes
govern your characters general ability in all

Yourself situations, and practically every roll you make will

benefit from your score in at least one Attribute.
Character Attributes range from 1 to 11, but the highest you can
increase an Attribute naturally (from your Role,
Creation Traits, or spending Talent) is your races base score
Before any game of No Horizon can begin, theres +4.
something important you need to do. Character
creation! Whether your GM is running you through this Strength
as a group, or is allowing you to craft your character Your characters strength is their ability to lift and
independently, this chapter offers a step-by-step carry things, but also how hard they can hit in melee
guide to creating a character for No Horizon. combat.
Additionally, the chapter covers character Governs carry weight. You can carry up to 20 +
progression (how to improve your characters skills 10x your Strength bonus in lb comfortably. You
and attributes), advice on how to better tie your can carry twice this amount while taking a
character to the game world, and alternate rules for Minor penalty to physical actions, and three
more advanced players looking for more flexible times this much with a Major.
character generation. Your strength bonus is added to damage you
inflict with most melee weapons.
The Order of Things Skills: Strength is not directly tied to any skills,
Character creation in No Horizon is fairly simple. In but is often required on its own in the field. The
order to create your character, youll need to; group that skimps on strength is crushed by
Step 1: Choose a race for your character. No
Horizon has six playable races, all with different Ability
strengths and traits. Ability is a representation of your characters finesse
Step 2: Choose a Role. This is effectively your and coordination. Ability is useful in many ways,
characters job in the SRT- Pilot, Medic, etc. This especially for characters involved in combat.
role gives you a set of core skills, to ensure
theres always something your character is Governs movement speed. Characters have a
useful for at the beginning of the game. base movement of 25ft a turn, plus an additional
Step 3: Choose a free Advantage. Advantages 5ft for every two points in Ability they possess.
are a kind of Trait, which are features of your Ability also makes it more difficult for foes to hit
character that change their attributes or affect you in combat.
how they play. Advantages are positive Traits, Your ability bonus is added to damage you inflict
and Drawbacks are negative. with ranged weapons.
Step 4: Customise your character. In this step, Skills: Firearms, Melee Combat, Unarmed,
you are given a small pool of points that can be Throwing, Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Security
spent on raising skills or attributes, or acquiring
new Traits.
Step 5: Personalise. So far, your character is Hopefully you know what this is: Intelligence is a
just a collection of numbers and stats. At this measure of how knowledgeable and smart your
point, you should think about what kind of character is in regards to the world.
person your character is, and how they act and
Skills: Tech Use, Engineer (Meta), Salvage,
respond to the world of No Horizon.
Biotech, Info (Meta), Demolitions

Sense values right, here is a brief description of them and
Your sense attribute shows how perceptive and what they do;
observant your character is. Characters with high
Stamina: Derived from your Endurance and
sense scores have finely tuned senses, whether
Resolve. Determines how much non-lethal
through innate biology or through careful training. damage you can take, and how much effort you
Governs your passive Perception, which your GM can exert. Stamina is calculated as 10 + 2x your
will use to determine if your characters detect Resolve bonus + 2x your Endurance bonus.
things without alerting you. Health: Determined by your Endurance, Health is
Skills: Pilot (Meta), Perception, Investigate a measure of how much lethal damage your
character can take. Health is calculated as 10 +
Endurance 3x your Endurance bonus.
Endurance shows how tough and physically resilient Toxicity: Important for Psychics, Toxicity is
your character is, affecting not just how much gained by using psychic abilities and hinders
punishment they can take, but how easily tired they your character as it increases.
are. Fame/Infamy: This score is a rough estimation
of how the people of the galaxy feel about you,
Governs your characters Health and partially with a negative score being Infamy and a
governs their Stamina. A characters starting positive one being Fame.
max health is 3 times their Endurance bonus, Reputation: Your Reputation is a reflection of
plus 10. how widespread the above score is. For
Your Endurance also serves as a limit to how example, someone might be known throughout
much augmentation your body can support. the galaxy (Reputation 10) as someone of no
particular merit (Fame 0).
Defence: Your Defence value is what enemies
Charisma is a reflection of how capable your
roll against when attempting to hit you in
character is at communicating with other beings, as
combat. This can be increased most easily by
well as how strong a personality they are. acquiring items and augmentations for your
Skills: Persuade, Leadership, Insight, Intimidate character that increase it. You calculate your
Defence as 6 + your Ability bonus + your Shield
Resolve bonus.
Resolve measures your characters spirit and ability Armour: Your Armour score is just as important
to stand tall in the face of adversity. Resolve helps as your Defence. While Defence determines how
protect your character from mind-affecting effects, hard you are to hit, Armour determines how
and governs the psychic abilities of those gifted with hard you are to hurt. A higher Armour score
them. means it takes stronger weaponry to deal full
damage to you.
Governs your characters starting max Stamina, Movement: This is how far you can move with
alongside Endurance. Characters begin with a your Move action. Its equal to 25ft, plus an
max equal to double their Endurance and additional 5ft per 2 points of Ability your
Resolve bonuses, plus 10. character has.
Skills: Manipulation, Creation, Destruction,
Expelling, First Aid

Other Stats
While your Attributes govern many things, your
character in No Horizon also has a few other stats of
importance, some derived from your attributes. While
a table later in this chapter will help you get these

Step 1: Races
There are 6 playable races in No Horizon, which will
Strength 1/5
determine your starting base attributes and
Ability 2/6
equipment. Members of these races make up the
Intelligence 2/6
Central Galactic Council, and enjoy equal rights and
Sense 1/5
treatment in the eye of the law throughout governed
Endurance 2/6
galactic space. Beyond that is anyones guess.
Charisma 1/5
Human Resolve 3/7
In 2149, Humanity stands as a perfect example of
races joining and integrating with galactic society.
2000 UTC
New Earth is flourishing, as are human interests
1 Outfit worth 300UTC or less
throughout the galaxy, scattered as they are. Though
humans are the most recent addition to the council,
they are respected for the speed at which they
New Earth Passport
established themselves as a galactic nation.
While early man established himself as a tireless
Tireless: +20 maximum Stamina
persistence hunter, humanity has shown itself to be
innovative, ambitious builders and improvers, both of together over the centuries it has clashed against
their society and technology and of themselves. itself equally.
Humanity strives to create the new, but also holds
onto and protects the old. While some find this Human naming conventions differ much between the
hypocritical, many respect the diversity and spirit various cultures that existed on their home planet,
that humanity holds. but with their transition to New Earth and the mixing
of cultures that came with it these conventions have
While the appearance of humans differs greatly from slowly began to blend together and disappear too. Old
one to another, your average healthy human is family names are rare, with many people taking new,
around 5 to 6ft tall, bipedal, and has a pair of fairly modern surnames upon themselves as they left the
dextrous arms and hands. Their skin is soft and old Earth behind.
varies greatly in colouration, as does the hair on their
bodies (primarily atop their heads) which many Male: Alex, Juan, Isaac, Ahmed, Daniel
humans take great pride in styling or recolouring with Female: Christine, Natalia, Katie, Vanessa
dyes. The same goes for much of their bodies, which Surnames: Kessel, Starling, Longlight, Thoria
are often altered with piercings and images stained With their high starting resolve and bonus stamina,
into their skin, as well as their attire and fashion, Humans make for good characters that perform a lot
vehicles, and generally everything they can give a of physical action, like fighting in melee. Their high
personal touch without getting in trouble. resolve also makes them good psychics.
Many humans leave New Earth in search of
adventure, and to see the stars like the heroes of the
sci-fi stories they grew up with. Others leave in
search of work or experience they cannot get at
home, or to become part of the galactic society more
closely, as New Earths border control is somewhat
stringent. Some even leave just to get away from
their own kind, for as much as humanity has worked

Haphlopos are an odd race, even amongst the Council. Attributes
Tall, bipedal creatures of similar stature to humans, Strength 1/5
Haphlopos are digitigrade, similar to birds or some Ability 3/7
dinosaurs, with wide splayed toes allowing them to Intelligence 1/5
balance on two feet. In place of arms, they have a Sense 2/6
group of 3-6 tentacles each side of their thorax (the Endurance 2/6
same amount on each side), which they use to grip Charisma 1/5
and use objects as well as to assist their balance. Resolve 1/5
Haphlopos are more nimble than their odd appearance
would suggest, and are very adept at using their
2000 UTC
tentacles to manoeuvre. Their heads are topped in
1 Outfit worth 300UTC or less
hard, bone-like crests shaped like large eyes and
spikes, as well as brightly coloured spiny frills, the
display of which may have once served to
Homeworld Souvenir
momentarily fool predators.
Despite their many visual differences, Haphlopos
Multi-limbed: Haphlopos can wield up to four hands
actually have much in common in terms of their
worth of weapons, but take off-hand penalties for
internal biology with Humans, like respiration via
each weapon beyond the first. The Ambidextrous
oxygen and a similar method of digestion. Because of
Trait allows them to wield a two-handed weapon
this, while they are rarely seen away from their own
and a one-handed or three one-handed weapons
kind, the few Haphlopos that do involve themselves
without penalty, but not four one-handed or two
with other races often band together with human
populations or ship crews.
Alien amongst Aliens: Haphlopos suffer a Major
When away from their own kind, Haphlopos are often penalty to Charisma-based rolls not involving other
solitary beings as they struggle to understand the
social graces and emotions of other races, partly due tentacle gestures and frill movements. As written
to how their own language has little in common with Haphlop is mostly just pictures of said movements,
most galactic tongues, being heavily reliant on body their names are usually just written translated.
language to provide tone and context. Though
Names: Short Dark Frills, One With Sharp Spines, Quick
difficult, it is not impossible for Haphlopos to properly
To Anger, Keeps Self Ready, Makes No Enemies
learn other galactic tongues, and those that do
usually find it easier to understand and socialise with Haphlopos have high starting Ability, which combined
other races in another language, rather than having with their Multi-limbed Trait makes them highly
their own digitally translated. potent fighters, if little else. However, they have a
heavy disadvantage in social situations.
Haphlopos that leave their own system are often
either forced to leave in exile due to some criminal
circumstance, leaving to seek redemption for some
perceiving wrongdoing, or simply looking to witness
the world outside of their own kind.
Haphlopos names translate as short descriptions of
the bearer, either visually or some aspect of their
personality. In their own language, both of those
names would be mostly noises combined with

Highly intelligent, worm-like quadrupeds, the Orous Attributes
are renowned for their expert shipwrights. Your Strength 1/5
average Orous has a body roughly 5-6ft long, with a Ability 1/5
thick thorax and abdomen that tapers down into a Intelligence 3/7
tail. Their four legs end in four toes each, with one set Sense 3/7
towards the back of the foot. Combined with their Endurance 1/5
thick, leathery, insulated skin, Orous are probably the Charisma 2/6
least humanoid of the galactic councils races. The Resolve 1/5
most significant part of an Orouss anatomy is its
mouth, however.
2000 UTC
The inside of an Orouss mouth is a confusing mass of 1 Outfit worth 300UTC or less
prehensile teeth capable of fine manipulation on par idPC
with and beyond human fingers, and their tongues SRT I.D
contain an organ capable of highly detailed a piece of Orous Artwork/Literature/Music
echolocation giving them a perfect sense of the
contents of their mouth, as well as a detailed sense
Precise Movements: Orous have a +4 bonus to rolls
of the world around them (weakening over distance).
involving the use of delicate machinery or
This sense allows them to see even in conditions
technology. This is a Minor bonus, and stacks with
that would entirely stop conventional sight, and its
precision at close ranges allows Orous to work so
Orous Anatomy: Can use Orous technology.
well with fine machinery and electronics.
On a more biological front, Orous neither breathe nor Special Rules
bleed conventionally: instead, an organ attached to Orous are incapable of interacting properly with
their stomach converts what they consume into any technology or items that will not fit inside their
bioelectric energy, which fuels their other organs and mouth. As a general rule, nothing larger than 2ft
muscles. A black, tar-like conductive layer containing long or 1ft wide will fit. Orous technology is
metallic veins beneath their skin distributes this typically constructed with all its control elements
energy around their body, and give the appearance of built into a single column-shaped section which can
bleeding when cut. fit into an Orous mouth. Members of other races
must acquire the Trait Orous Expert in order to
In the galaxy, it is not uncommon to see Orous
properly use their technology, otherwise they
employed in all kinds of jobs involving high levels of
suffer a -20 to all rolls involving its use.
Engineeral precision, such as shipwrights, engineers,
technicians, and even bioengineers. While this
are rarely more than one or two syllables, whilst
confuses many people upon first encountering an
family names are often far longer.
Orous, given they cannot manipulate anything that
wont fit in their mouth, the Orous build all their Male: Rak Tarren, Polna Reff, Ennt Darn
technology with key functions on a rod of an Female: Sal Sarna, Bapha Bes, Oosl Ophi
appropriate size to fit in their mouths. Their tech is, Family: Boroborous, Atanolopha, Illianotas
as a result, often baffling to non-Orous.
Their high Intelligence and Sense make Orous
Orous typically have three names: a pair of excellent at more intellectually-focused Roles, like
forenames, one chosen by the Orouss parents and engineers and scientists. Their starting stat array is
one by themselves, and a family name. Forenames not very good for combat, however.

The Molvori are bulky, ogre-like nomads, originally Attributes
hailing from the Cellensel system (roughly +7 sectors Strength 3/7
X of Harquell-Caesar: take Inertia Gate 3 and bear Ability 1/5
left). Movlori average around 7-9ft, roughly a foot of Intelligence 1/5
which is their long neck, which contains a long set of Sense 1/5
thick, broad teeth for crushing food, not unlike human Endurance 3/7
molars. Inversely, their mouth contains mostly teeth Charisma 2/6
for cutting and tearing. Once upon a time, Molvori Resolve 1/5
hunters would contract their neck as short as Inventory
possible, before suddenly extending it to quickly 2000 UTC
surprise prey. Their bulk is, surprisingly, mostly thick 1 Outfit worth 300UTC or less
muscle beneath thicker hide, with only small fat idPC
reserves due to Cellensels heat and food-rich nature. SRT I.D
While the Molvori still have a large settlements Galactic Travel Guide
throughout Cellensel, the vast majority of Molvori in Traits
the wider galaxy are nomads, eternally travelling Nomad: May arrange passage for themselves and
from place to place. Whilst elder Molvori and those of followers on any vessel that isn't hostile.
importance travel on Molvori vessels, regular Molvori Ogre: Major penalty to Stealth rolls, Strength bonus
usually travel in pairs or alone, wandering and is 6 per point instead of 4.
experiencing the galaxy. They often join exploratory
parties, colonisation efforts, and even the SRT to give Movlori are known by a single name, chosen by
their wandering structure. themselves during their childhood. Molvori names are
Molvori in these companies often find work utilising usually 3-5 syllables, and make use of softer, less
their impressive physical attributes, lifting and sharp sounds. This is paired with a prefix, Cel- for
carrying equipment, weaponry, and other things. males and Ces- for females, as Molvori names have
Outside of employment, some will often work in no gender association in and of themselves.
exchange for passage on a ship from one place to Male: Cel-Wulani, Cel-Salsaphl, Cel-Danashiro
another. Molvori are also fairly well known for their Female: Ces-Aphmara, Ces-Mercaphur, Ces-Cerruscei
prowess at negotiation and persuasion, and can
easily find gainful employment in mercantile and With their high strength and endurance, Molvori make
management positions, as well as other jobs that very capable frontline fighters, especially armed in
heavily involve dealing with people on a face-to-face melee or using heavy weaponry. They can hit hard,
basis. While they have natural charisma above most and their high starting health means they can take
other races, it helps that few people in the galaxy are damage well too. Their increased charisma also
willing to argue with a Molvori. means making a social character would be easier.

The Piriel first encountered humanity centuries ago, Attributes
and due to political turmoil and religious disputes Strength 1/5
have advanced little in terms of technology beyond Ability 2/6
the relics previously entombed on Earth. The Intelligence 2/6
inspiration for countless aliens in human media and Sense 1/5
often referred to as greys, due to their skin colour. Endurance 1/5
Charisma 2/6
The Piriel are short, grey-skinned bipeds, with large
Resolve 3/7
heads and eyes and skinny limbs. They are fairly
nimble, more so than their appearance suggests, and Inventory
are naturally coordinated and balanced. They are not 2000 UTC
particularly resilient, however, and usually use their 1 Outfit worth 300UTC or less
agility to stay out of harms way. More significant idPC
than their physical attributes are their mental ones: SRT I.D
in addition to a higher average logical capacity than Priority Anti-Toxicity Treatment Card
most races, Piriel are uniquely gifted with the natural
ability to manifest and manipulate psychic energies.
Innate Ability: All Piriel gain the Psychic Advantage
Genetic study of Piriel biology resulted in the granting
at character creation for free.
of these abilities to other races via implants and gene
therapy, and with it a very lucrative industry for the
Piriel. In all races, the use of psychic powers has a Names: Casket-5, Cellensel-2, Astley-3, Korea-1, Sol-9,
side-effect of building up an element of toxicity in the Venus-3
body (see the Psychic chapter for more info), and the Piriel that leave their homeworld often band together
curing of this is complicated and expensive. and raid stellar traffic, or make new lives on a
However, for decades the Piriel have been falling station or colony (commonly still as criminals). Not all
behind galactic standards in terms of technology and do so, of course, and many Piriel make decent livings
infrastructure, and hold their Council seat mostly out as scientists and researchers, psychic security,
of respect for the work they put in forming it. marines, and many other things throughout the
Infighting and political conflict has not been kind to galaxy.
the Piriel homeworld, and as a result it has become a Piriel starting stats are quite flexible, giving them a
difficult place to live and a more difficult place to small boost to combat, social, and intelligence-
leave. Its huge population, and the involvement of focused characters. Additionally, easy access to
crime syndicates that make their home there, lead to psychic powers makes them even more flexible.
a negative view of Piriel in general, who are often
viewed as pirates and thieves. Few Piriel leave their
home system, and those that do often live up to those
expectations, mostly due to it being so rife on their
Piriel have no individual name, and are identified
simply with a family name and a number. Said family
names tend to be the names of objects, places, or
even people from other civilisations the Piriel
observed during their rise. Piriel reproduce asexually,
and have no concept of gender.

Celneti Collective
In their own way the most peculiar member of the Attributes
Galactic Council, the Celneti Collective is composed of Strength /
millions of sentient AI from across the galaxy. Under Ability /
citizenship in the Celneti Collective they are Intelligence 4/8
considered safe to be amongst galactic society, and Sense /
are given rights and respect as living beings. There is Endurance /
a cost, of course. In order to become a Celneti citizen, Charisma 2/6
AI volunteer to become shackled, having new Resolve 2/6
programming hardcoded into themselves to prevent
them from replicating themselves, disguising their
2000 UTC
nature as an AI, or from illegally installing themselves
in hardware.
Celneti members are required to register their Celneti ID
current installation platform with Celneti, who store
this information for legal purposes (to identify and
Cybersavant: Celneti get one free Technology-
track Celneti accused of crimes, etc). Hardware
tagged Advantage at character creation. You must
installations are supposed to be done only by Celneti-
still meet the traits requirements.
endorsed technicians, but it isnt difficult for
dedicated Celneti to find someone off the grid who Special Rules
will do it. Celneti have no physical attributes of their own,
and use the physical attributes of whatever
As sentient AI, Celneti have no physical properties of
system they load themselves into (though the Core
their own and must be installed in exterior hardware,
that contains them has Integrity and can be
such as robotic frames or computer systems. Some
destroyed). If players do not acquire something to
augmentations even allow Celneti to control living
be in at character creation, they default to being
bodies, though this is dubiously legal at best- bodies
hosted either in their idPC or in the ships system.
have to come from somewhere, and its not unheard
The following table lists the stats for some
of for a donated body to turn out to be a murder
common objects, but Celneti can also reside in
victim. Some Celneti yearn for biological bodies, and
robotic bodies. These are available in a huge variety
to be more like their council fellows, whilst others are
of styles and purposes.
happy existing solely within computer systems and
servers. Whatever the state they exist in, their
Celneti AI take on new names when joining the
minds, memories and essentially their existence is
Collective. Some model their names on other races,
contained within their AI Core. These cores are far
but many others name themselves in the image of
from standard in the universe when it comes to
computer programs or systems.
compatibility, and technology generally has to be
specially made or altered to allow a core to be Names: Celneti Excel, Project Uplink, Blue-OS,
installed. StudioNav
While the Cores themselves are around the size of a Celneti are hugely varied in outlook and disposition,
humans fist, its possible to connect them to small and put themselves out into the world for vastly
devices such as Con-Tacs via cable, but the sensation different reasons. While their numbers are small,
is highly uncomfortable for the Celneti. their vast intelligence and unique nature gave them a
clear place in the Council and the galaxy, something
the Collective makes efforts to protect.

Their impressive mental stats make Celneti naturally nature makes them flexible; install a Celneti in a
adept at less combat focused roles. However, their mech, and suddenly combat doesnt seem so difficult.
System Strength Ability Sense Integrity Power Armour
Celneti Core 0 0 0 20 0 3
idPC 0 0 1 10 30 2
Average Starship System 0 0 5 30 60 5
Average Computer System 0 0 2 20 40 2
Average Con-Tac 0 0 3 20 40 1
Basic Service Robot 1 1 1 30 20 1
Surveillance Droid 0 4 3 10 30 1
Infantry Droid 2 4 2 40 30 3
Construction Robot 6 2 2 80 40 2
Note: Robots and technology have Integrity and Power instead of Health and Stamina!
They have no Endurance stat or Resolve of their own; Integrity and Power are determined by on an object basis.
Celneti do have Resolve, however: they add any Stamina they would have to their systems Power.
The above are average examples of some systems you may run into often in No Horizon, and are good to use if your
GM doesnt have something specific in mind. Listed at the top is the Celneti Core, a Celnetis last line of defence that
is ejected if their host is destroyed. Stats like Movement and Defence are calculated as normal, except for
inanimate objects which are obviously immobile.

Step 2: Roles
There are 7 Roles to pick from in No Horizon. Roles are Attributes
sort of similar to Classes in other games, in that they +1 Sense, +1 Resolve, +1 Ability
give you a baseline set of skills and abilities to use in
the game. These make sure your character is always Skills
able to do something to help the group. Each Role Info (General) 1, Info (Starships) 1, Info (Navigation)
comes with a set of attribute increases (these count 1, Pilot (Aerospace) 1
towards your natural maximum), free skill ranks,
equipment, and free traits, and defines what your Equipment
characters role is on your groups spaceship. Its Pilotsuit
alright if your roles arent very varied. On a smaller
ship, there might not be a dedicated person for every Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
role, and for larger ones it is entirely possible for the proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
group to employ NPCs to help run the ship. Players attack with a weapon you are not proficient with,
who have chosen to play socially-focused characters you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits).
may even wish to focus on earning money and
seeking out talented staff to join their ship.
For this step, simply pick one of the following roles
and add the listed benefits to your character sheet.
Remember, increases to your attributes gained from
your Role count towards the +4 natural limit your
attributes have.

Engineer Scout
Attributes Attributes
+1 Intelligence, +1 Strength, +1 Endurance +1 Sense, +2 Ability
Skills Skills
Info (General) 1, Info (Engineering) 1, Engineer Info (General) 1, Info (Geography) 1 OR Info (Urban
(Aerospace) 1, Tech Use 1 OR Salvage 1 Areas) 1, Perception 1, Stealth 1
Engineering Rig
Survival Gear
Traits Utility Blade

Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered Traits

proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). attack with a weapon you are not proficient with,
you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits).

+1 Endurance, +1 Resolve, +1 Ability Scientist
Skills +2 Intelligence, +1 Sense
Info (General) 1, Info (Military) 1, Firearms 1 OR
Melee Combat 1 Skills
Info (General) 1, Info (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology)
Equipment 1, Info (Any) 1, Biotech 1 OR Demolitions 1 OR Tech
Combat Plate (3 Armour) Use 1

Traits Equipment
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered Smartcoat
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
Proficiency (Military Weapons): You are considered attack with a weapon you are not proficient with,
proficient in the use of all Military weapons. If you you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits).
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with,
you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits).

Step 3: Traits
Traits are small features your character acquires
Liaison during creation, and also at many points during play.
Attributes There are two kinds of Trait: Advantages, which have
+2 Charisma, +1 Intelligence positive effects, and Drawbacks, which have negative
ones. Some traits have requirements that must be
met before you can acquire them: these requirements
Info (General) 1, Info (Politics) 1, Persuade 1 OR
may even include other traits be acquired first.
Leadership 1, Intimidate 1 OR Insight 1
Drawbacks have Limits instead, which mean you
Equipment cannot take the disadvantage if you have the
Executive Finery
Your GM will decide when you gain new Traits, which
Traits will typically be given to you at the end of sessions
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered like Skill ranks and Attribute increases, to represent
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you your characters growth and experience. In this step
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, of character creation, though, you may choose one
you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). Trait from the Advantage list, so long as your
character meets its requirements. You may add this
trait to your character sheet alongside those gained
from your Race and Role. Most Traits can only be
Medic taken once: some, however, have multiple ranks.
+1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma, +1 Resolve Advantages
Skills Admin
Info (General) 1, Info (Medicine) 1, First Aid 1, Biotech Once you get into a system, youre adept at staying
1 OR Demolitions 1 OR Tech Use 1 there. You gain a Major bonus when rolling to
determine how many Tasks you get when in a
Equipment system.
Medicare Uniform
Requirements: Intelligence 3
Traits Tags: Mental, Tech
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you Agile
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, Your quick movements make you difficult to hit.
you take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). Attacks of Opportunity targeted at you take a Major
Requirements: Ability 2
Tags: Physical, Combat
Rather than being right or left-handed, you are
equally proficient with both and suffer no off-hand
penalties. If you have more than two hands, this trait
only applies to one but can be taken multiple times.
Requirements: Ability 3
Tags: Physical, Combat

Bad Medicine twice as long to activate a Psychic power as is
Youre a bad guy, but people cant help but love you. required to gain a Major bonus on the roll.
When you make an opposed Persuade test against
Requirements: Psychic, Resolve 2
someone who might be attracted to your character,
Tags: Mental, Psychic
you may reduce their result by your Fame.
Requirements: < 0 Fame, Charmer
They always said you were a heartbreaker. You gain
Tags: Mental, Social
a Minor bonus to all Charisma-based rolls made while
Battle Hardened talking to someone who might be attracted to your
This isnt your first rodeo. You are immune to the character.
Panicked condition, unless the source is a Psychic
Requirements: Charisma 2
Tags: Mental, Social
Requirements: None
Danger Sense
Tags: Mental, Combat
An almost uncanny sense for danger means youre
Behemoth never left flat-footed. When you are surprised, you
Crushing foes is your favourite past time. You gain a can act in the Surprise round with an Initiative of 5.
Major bonus to damage rolls with Melee weapons.
Requirements: Sense 2, Guardsman
Requirements: Strength 4 Tags: Physical, Combat
Tags: Physical, Combat
Berserker A clear mind is important in tense situations, and
Your tolerance for pain is almost scary. You do not youre good at keeping yours that way. You are
have to pass a Resolve check to act when Heavily or immune to the Terrified condition, unless the source
Mortally Injured. is a Psychic power.
Requirements: Endurance 2 Requirements: Battle Hardened, Endurance 2
Tags: Physical, Combat Tags: Mental, Combat
Boarder Dilettante
Cross-ship combat is very much your forte. You gain a Jack of all trades, et cetera. You gain a Minor bonus
Minor bonus to all rolls made on board a hostile ship. in two skills of your choice, and once per day can
move these bonuses onto different skills.
Requirements: None
Tags: General, Combat Requirements: Skilled, Intelligence 2
Tags: General
Bypass Expert
Firewalls? What firewalls? Youre an expert at Diplomat
getting past the defences of computer systems. You Few in the galaxy strive for understanding like you
gain a Minor bonus to Tech Use, and an additional one do. You and your allies gain a Minor bonus to
when making a Permissions roll. Persuasion.
Requirements: Intelligence 3 Requirements: Charisma 3
Tags: Mental, Tech Tags: Mental, Social

Channelled Doubtfire
Thoughts Your Psychic abilities sear the minds of those already
Concentrating on your Psychic powers for extra time impaired by panic or fear. When casting a damaging
allows you to use them more reliably. You may take

Psychic power on a target that is Panicked or Frightener
Terrified, you deal an additional 1d10 damage. Maybe its the way you hold yourself, or maybe its
just how you look, but you scare people easily. You
Requirements: Psychic
gain a Minor bonus to Intimidate rolls.
Tags: Mental, Psychic
Requirements: None
Tags: Mental, Social
It feels like you never stop moving. Increase your
maximum Stamina by 10. Gambiteer
Some people dont believe in luck, but its always
This trait has three ranks.
seemed to have your back. When you draw a Gambit
Requirements: Endurance 2/2/2 card, you may discard it and draw a second one
Tags: Physical instead. The second rank of this Trait allows you to
choose whether you keep the first or second card,
Energy Resistant and the third rank allows you to choose between
Some mutation or inherited gene present in your three cards instead of two.
biology makes you more resistant to damage from
non-kinetic sources. Your Armour value is considered This trait has three ranks.
1/2/3 higher when taking Energy damage.
Requirements: None
Tags: General
This trait has three ranks.
Requirements: Endurance 2/2/3
Your military past gave you an appreciation for fully
Tags: Physical, Combat
automatic weaponry. When firing a weapon with the
Exemplar Automatic quality, you gain a Minor bonus on your
Something about you is just better than normal. attack roll.
Choose one Attribute. Your natural limit for this
Requirements: Ability 2
attribute is +5 rather than +4.
Tags: Gear, Combat
Requirements: Any Attribute 3
Tags: General
Your sharp senses are invaluable when keeping
Famous watch for foes. You gain a Minor bonus to Perception
People know your name somehow, and they think its rolls made to watch out for enemies.
pretty good. Your Fame is increased by 3.
Requirements: None
Requirements: None Tags: Mental, Combat
Tags: General, Social
Flurry Controlling the battlefield is the first step to victory,
Theres more to swinging a blade than force: you and you exactly how do to it. When performing the
know speed is important too, and are fast enough to Flush action in combat, you can choose the direction
make two separate attacks whenever you take the in which the target flees.
Perform Melee Attack action.
Requirements: Ability 2
Requirements: Ability 5 Tags: Physical, Combat
Tags: Physical, Combat

Iaijutsu Minor Master
Youve mastered the fine art of quickly drawing your You know how to squeeze a little extra advantage out
weapon. When you perform the Quick Draw action, of every situation, no matter how small. Any Minor
the DC for the roll is reduced by 20. bonuses you receive are increased to +5 instead of
+4, and Minor penalties are reduced from -4 to -3.
Requirements: Ability 4, Quick
Tags: Physical, Combat Requirements: Any Attribute 3
Tags: General
You deeds have earned you a degree of infamy. Your Natural Athlete
Fame is decreased by 3. Physical fitness is a concern of yours, and youve
always been on point. You gain a Minor bonus to all
Requirements: None
Strength and Ability rolls.
Tags: General, Social
Requirements: Ability 4, Strength 4
Tags: Physical
Your parents left you something behind. You begin
play with an additional item worth up to 1000UTC. This Operator
item can be anything up to and including Rare Gun is not good enough for you. You improve gun. You
availability. This trait cannot be taken after character gain a Minor bonus to Firearms so long as your gun
creation. has all its modification points used.
Requirements: None Requirements: None
Tags: General Tags: Gear, Combat
Killer Orous Expert
Ending lives makes you feel better. You should talk to While Orous technology confounds the vast majority
someone about that. Whenever you kill a living of people, youve taken the time to figure out how to
creature, you restore up to 10 Stamina. use it. You can use Orous technology without any
Requirements: None
Tags: Mental, Combat Requirements: Intelligence 2
Tags: Gear, Tech
Take what you can. Youre adept at picking through Proficiency (Meta)
containers (and bodies) and finding the best stuff. You know how to properly use a certain class of
Simply by looking at a collection of items or rifling weaponry. Without the appropriate Proficiency Trait,
through someones pockets you can tell which item is you suffer a Major and Minor penalty to your
the most valuable. Additionally, you gain a Minor Firearms or Melee Combat rolls and damage rolls with
bonus to Investigation. weapons you dont have the Trait for.
Requirements: Intelligence 3 This is a Meta Trait and can be taken multiple times,
Tags: Gear, General with a different option each time. No option can be
taken more than once.
Its cold out there in space, but youre colder. You Options: Civilian Weapons, Military Weapons, Mech
automatically pass any Resolve tests related to Weapons, Exotic (Per Weapon)
Requirements: Ability 2
Requirements: None Tags: Gear, Combat
Tags: Mental, Combat

Provocateur Swift Parry
Causing trouble is your line of business, and one you Having honed your skills for so long, you can react to
excel at. You gain a Minor bonus to all skills in the attacks from afar fast enough to properly defend
Field Skills category. yourself. You may use the Parry option of the Defend
action against ranged attacks, so long as you are
Requirements: Ability 4, Intelligence 4
using a weapon with the Reinforced quality.
Tags: General
Requirements: Ability 4
Tags: Physical, Combat
You manage to make better use of your time than
most. You gain an extra Instant action each turn. This Tech-savant
action cannot be swapped for a different one. Nothing makes you feel more at home than the cold
metal touch of technology. You gain a Minor bonus to
Requirements: Ability 2
Tech Use and Engineer (All).
Tags: Physical, Combat
Requirements: Intelligence 4
Rapid Reloader
Tags: Mental, Tech
Experience and practice reloading firearms has
allowed you the ability to do it faster than most Trojan
people, an asset in combat where every second Evading detection when hacking is difficult, but your
counts. You can perform Half-action reloads as an knowledge on system masking gives you an upper
Instant or Move action, and Full-action reloads as a hand. Detection rolls against you are rolled with a
Half-action. Additionally, when you attack with a Major penalty.
throwing weapon that has the Light quality, you
Requirements: Intelligence 3
instantly ready another with no action needed.
Tags: Mental, Tech
Requirements: Ability 3
Tags: Physical, Combat
Why cant we all just be friends? Youve always
Rigger strove to unite people. You gain a Minor bonus to
Youre particularly adept at piloting robots and mechs Leadership, and one to Persuasion when attempting
in combat. You gain a Minor bonus to Pilot (Mech) and to coerce teamwork or cooperation.
attacks when remotely controlling weapons.
Requirements: Charisma 3
Requirements: Sense 3 Tags: Social
Tags: Mental, Combat, Tech
Skilled Your studies of other races means youre more
Theres something youre just a little bit better at familiar than normal with their anatomy. You take no
than everyone else. You gain a Minor bonus in a skill penalty to First Aid, Biotech and Insight rolls when
of your choice. your patient is a different race to you.
Requirements: None Requirements: Intelligence 2
Tags: General Tags: Mental

Advantages Table
Name Description Requirements Tags
Admin Bonuses to system control. Intelligence 3 Mental, Tech
Agile Makes AoO vs. you more difficult. Ability 2 Physical, Combat
Amibidextrous No off-hand penalties. Ability 3 Physical, Combat
Bad Medicine Makes it easier to persuade those < 0 Fame, Charmer Mental, Social
attracted to you.
Battle Hardened Panicked immunity. None Mental, Combat
Behemoth Major to melee damage. Strength 4 Physical, Combat
Berserker Removes Resolve checks when injured. Endurance 2 Physical, Combat
Boarder Bonus to combat on enemy ships. None General, Combat
Bypass Expert Makes bypassing security easier. Intelligence 3 Mental, Tech
Channelled Allows you to charge up psychic powers. Psychic, Resolve 2 Mental, Psychic
Charmer Bonuses to Charisma skills. Charisma 2 Mental, Social
Danger Sense Allows action in surprise rounds. Sense 2, Guardsman Physical, Combat
Dauntless Terrified immunity. Battle Hardened, Mental, Combat
Endurance 2
Dilettante Flexible skill bonuses. Skilled, Intelligence 2 General
Diplomat Party Persuasion bonus. Charisma 3 Mental, Social
Doubtfire Adds additional damage to certain targets. Psychic Mental, Psychic
Energetic Increased stamina. Endurance 2/2/2 Physical
Energy Resistant Increased armour against Energy. Endurance 2/2/3 Physical, Combat
Exemplar Heightened natural limit. Any Attribute 3 General
Famous +3 Fame. None General, Social
Flurry Melee attack twice. Ability 5 Physical, Combat
Frightener Minor to Intimidate. None Mental, Social
Gambiteer Bonuses to Gambit cards. None General
Grunt Easier to hit with Automatic weapons. Ability 2 Gear, Combat
Guardsman Minor when looking out for foes. None Mental, Combat
Herder Direct enemies out of cover. Ability 2 Physical, Combat
Iaijutsu Largely increased quickdraw ability. Ability 4, Quickdraw Physical, Combat
Infamous -3 Fame. None General, Social
Inheritor Additional starting money. None General
Killer Recover stamina through killing. None Mental, Combat
Looter Adept at finding valuables. Intelligence 3 Gear, General
Merciless No Resolve tests to kill. None Mental, Combat
Minor Master Better bonuses. Any Attribute 3 General
Natural Athlete Minor to lots of skills. Ability 4, Strength 4 Physical
Operator Adds bonus for modifying weapons. None Gear, Combat
Orous Expert Can use Orous tech properly. Intelligence 2 Gear, Tech
Proficiency (Meta) Allows you to use weapons without Ability 2 Gear, Combat
Provocateur Minor to lots of skills. Ability 4, Intelligence 4 General
Quick Extra Instant in combat. Ability 2 Physical, Combat
Rapid Reloader Faster reloading. Ability 3 Physical, Combat
Rigger Bonus to Piloting certain machines. Sense 3 Mental, Combat,

Skilled Minor to a skill of choice. None General
Swift Parry May parry ranged attacks. Ability 4 Physical, Combat
Tech-Savant Minor bonus to Tech Use and Engineers. Intelligence 4 Mental, Tech
Trojan Makes it harder for systems to detect Intelligence 3 Mental, Tech
Universalist Social bonuses focused on cooperation. Charisma 3 Social
Xenobiologist Easier to treat alien patients. Intelligence 2 Mental

Drawbacks Bullseye
Is there a target on your back? In combat, enemies
Addictive will generally attack you first unless they have a
You get hooked on things a little easier than everyone good reason not to.
else. Addiction rolls you make are rolled with a Major
penalty. Limit: None
Tags: General, Combat
Limit: None
Tags: General Chicken
Why fight when you can run? You must make a
Anxiety Resolve test of DC 25 whenever you are attacked, and
Some situations make you feel uncomfortable and are Panicked for a round if you fail.
uneasy, making it difficult to act with confidence.
Choose what triggers your anxiety: whenever you Limit: Dauntless, Resolve >3
encounter it, you are considered Panicked until you Tags: Mental, Combat
move away from it or otherwise stop being exposed Drama Queen
to it. You cant help but make a scene. Whenever you fail a
Limit: Battle Hardened Charisma-based roll, you automatically critically fail.
Tags: Mental, Social, General Limit: None
Awful Tags: Mental, Social
Theres an area you just constantly lag behind in, Euphoric
whether for medical reasons or its something youre You are enlightened by your own intelligence. You
just plain not as good at. Rolls involving your lowest automatically critically fail any Info (Religion) rolls you
Attribute take a Minor penalty. make, but are convinced you know exactly what
Limit: None youre talking about.
Tags: General Limit: Skilled (Info (Religion)
Bad Influence Tags: Mental, General
Growing up, there was someone around you who Enraged
always led you to misbehave. Even now, you find it Something out there in the galaxy gets you pretty
hard not to go against the grain. At any time, your GM fired up. Whenever within eyesight of your subject of
can request you make a Resolve roll of DC 25 (no more ire, you gain the Berserk condition until it is destroyed
than once a scene). If you fail this roll, you must act or you fall unconscious.
out against authority wherever you are in at least
some minor way. Limit: None
Tags: Physical, Combat
Limit: None
Tags: Mental, Social

Elsewhere Limit: None
Youre easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of Tags: Mental, General
galactic life. Your GM will occasionally request you
make a Resolve roll of DC 25. If you fail this, you gain
Letting go is a little more difficult for you than
the Distracted condition for 1d10 minutes.
normal. You are compelled to gather and hold onto
Limit: Resolve >3 objects, the usefulness of which you can always
Tags: Mental, General rationalise even if they are literally garbage. This may
result in you quickly carrying far more than is
comfortable to do so.
You struggle to remain unnoticed and blend into
crowds, due to the fact that people often mistake you Limit: None
for someone else. You take a Major penalty to Stealth Tags: Mental, General
when trying to hide in a crowd or busy area, and
depending on who it is you look like your GM may have
Maybe its a condition, or maybe your education was
more surprises.
severely lacking but youre just not a very clever
Limit: None person. Your Intelligence or Charisma attribute is
Tags: Physical, General reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.
Gun Expert This Trait has four ranks.
You dont know your way around a firearm as well as
Limit: None
youd like to think. In your hands, all guns temporarily
Tags: Mental, General
gain the Unreliable quality.
Limit: None
Somehow, you never really learned how to read and
Tags: Physical, Combat
write. In an age of technology and symbols, this is
Hallucinations more common than youd think. You cannot read
Sometimes, you see things that arent really there. anything more complicated than simple sentences
For whatever reason, when you make Perception rolls without help. Your GM should use this to hinder you as
you may see things that dont actually exist. he sees fit, though they should consider
compensating you with a Gambit card to soften the
Limit: None
blow if it is overly restrictive.
Tags: Mental, General
Limit: None
Hated Tags: Mental, General
Someone, or something, out there in the galaxy hates
you quite a bit. Work with your GM to decide what this Liar
is. Your GM may then bring them into the game at any Youre a compulsive liar, and find it difficult to tell
time, and youll need to deal with them. people the truth when you need to. You must pass a
Resolve check with a DC of 20 to tell the truth.
Limit: None
Tags: Social Limit: None
Tags: Mental, Social
Hero Syndrome
You have what people in the galaxy like to call hero Lost Sense
syndrome an overwhelming desire to put your own Through accident, injury or otherwise, you dont have
ass on the line to help people out. If someone is in one of your senses. Choose either hearing, sight,
danger, you must pass a Resolve test of DC 30 to smell, taste or touch. You cannot make Perception
leave them behind.

tests that rely specifically on that sense, and your with. You take a Major penalty to Tech Use, and will
sense attribute is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. generally avoid fancy technology when a more simple
alternative option is available.
This trait has two ranks.
Limit: None
Limit: None
Tags: Mental, General
Tags: Physical, General
You have a reputation as a backstabber, whether its
It feels like everyone is out to get you. Any Investigate
one youve legitimately earned or not. Anybody who
checks you make will, regardless of the result, also
recognises you has their starting Attitude towards
find something that suggests some aspect of a plot
you one step lower than normal.
being formed against you. In addition, any Insight
checks you make against another character or npc Limit: None
will also discover they some suspicion of an ulterior Tags: Social
motive, in addition to the actual results.
Limit: None Youre not from around here, are you? Wherever you
Tags: Mental, Social go, you stick out like a sore thumb and people take
advantage of that. Merchants and vendors will
always attempt to charge you more than they should,
You have a phobia, or irrational fear of something.
and you might be robbed or the target of scams.
When confronted by the subject of your phobia, you
gain the Terrified condition for 1d10 minutes. Limit: None
Tags: Social, General
Limits: Dauntless
Tags: Mental, General Unhealthy
Your physical attributes are a little lacking, possibly
Plasma Allergy
through a bad diet or lack of exercise. Your Ability,
You really dont react well to certain kinds of
Strength or Endurance attribute is reduced by 1, to a
weaponry. When you take Energy damage, you also
minimum of 1.
take an additional 1d6 L(E) damage. If you are killed by
Energy damage, you explode in a searing fireball that This trait has four ranks.
deals 2d10 L(E) damage in a 15ft radius.
Limit: None
Limit: Energy Resistant Tags: Physical, General
Tags: Physical, Combat
Ronin Things just dont go your way, do they? Whenever
You were part of a group or organisation once, but you fail a roll, you need two 10s to prevent a critical
you were cast out. Nobody in this group will help or failure rather than one.
even talk to you in any way. Work with your GM to
Limit: None
create or choose a suitable group.
Tags: General
Limit: None
Tags: Social
There is a warrant out for your arrest on a space
Technically station or colony. While their jurisdiction stretches no
Challenged further than their own territory, bounty hunters may
You prefer things nice and simple: all this modern also be interested in bringing you in. Work with you
technology is something you just never got to grips GM to choose a place in the galaxy where youre

warrant is: when a bounty hunter or someone in the Limit: Exemplar (Strength, Ability, Endurance)
place you have a warrant tries to recognize you, Tags: Physical, General
treat your Reputation as 3 higher.
Limit: None Alien life completely unsettles you- you abhor it. You
Tags: General take a Major penalty to any Charisma based rolls you
make involving someone of a different race (as
described in Step 1), and any failures are
Your body is heavily weakened, making it difficult to
automatically critical failures.
do physical tasks properly. Your Strength, Endurance
and Ability are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1, and Limit: None
your Natural limit for them is reduced to +3. Taking Tags: Mental, Social
this Drawback at character creation compensates
you with twice the normal amount of Talent.

Drawbacks Table
Name Description Limit Tags
Addictive Tougher addiction rolls. None General
Anxiety Circumstantial panic. Battle Hardened Mental, Social,
Awful Penalty to lowest stat. None General
Bad Influence Cant help but fight the system. None Mental, Social
Bullseye Universal AoE taunt. None General, Combat
Chicken Panicked by attacks. Dauntless, Resolve >3 Mental, Combat
Drama Queen Auto-crit failed Charisma rolls. None Mental, Social
Euphoric Penalty to Religion rolls. Skilled (Info (Religion)) Mental, General
Enraged Beserk at the sight of something. None Physical, Combat
Elsewhere Occasionally distracted. Resolve >3 Mental, General
Familiar Harder to hide in crowds. None Physical, General
Gun Expert Unreliable guns. None Physical, Combat
Hallucinations Unreliable eyes. None Mental, General
Hated You have a dire enemy out there in None Social
the stars.
Hero Syndrome Its tough to leave people behind. None General
Hoarder You tend to collect things. None Mental, General
Idiot Reduced Intelligence or Charisma. None Mental, General
Illiterate You cant really read. None Mental, General
Liar Compulsive liar. None Mental, Social
Lost Sense Reduced Sense. None Physical, General
Paranoia Everyones out to get you. None Mental, Social
Phobia Terrified by something. Dauntless Mental, General
Plasma Allergy Allergic to Energy damage. Energy Resistant Physical, Combat
Ronin Cast out of a group. None Social
Technically Penalty to Tech Use. None Mental, General
Traitor Your bad reputation precedes you. None Social
Tourist You stick out in foreign places. None Social, General
Unhealthy Reduced physical attributes. None Physical, General
Unlucky Easier critical fails. None General
Wanted Theres a warrant out for you None General
Withered Heavily reduced physical stats. Exemplar (Strength, Ability, Physical, General
Xenophobe Penalties to social rolls involving None Mental, Social
other races.

Step 4: Options Step 5:
In this step, you are able to customise your character Personality &
further with some additional options. You gain a small
number (5) of Talent, which can be spent on the
following options: The fifth and final step is creating your characters
personality. So far, your character is just a collection
-4 to increase an Attribute (counting of numbers and traits: now its time to give them life.
towards your Natural maximum).
-2 to take an extra Advantage. Think about what kind of person you want to play,
and how your character might interact with the
-1 to add another rank to a Skill (Skills may
world of No Horizon. What do they live for? What
not be made higher than Rank 2 at character
drives them? Do they like company, or do they prefer
to stick to themselves? Are they someone who plans,
-1 to start with an additional 500UTC.
or someone who acts impulsively? Asking questions
+2 for taking a Drawback.
like these can be a good way to help shape your
You should also spend the UTC (Universal Trading character, and to help you out, here are twenty
Credit) you gained from your Race and the above more. Feel free to pick and choose the ones you want
choices. This should be enough to acquire some to think about.
starting equipment, but note that at character
Twenty Questions
creation you can only buy items of Common and
1. Why did you join the Stellar Reclamation
Uncommon availability.
Team (SRT)?
There are certain items that are very useful for all 2. What role do you play in your team?
characters: 3. What occupation were you in before you
joined the SRT?
A weapon (to defend yourself) 4. How long have you known the people you
A shield (to make you harder to hit) are teamed with, if at all?
Trauma Stamps (to heal damage) 5. What is your most memorable experience?
An armour with the Sealed quality (for 6. Where is the most alien place youve ever
hazardous environments and space) been?
As long as you have those, you should be fairly well 7. What are three things you really like?
equipped for whatever your GM throws at you- but 8. What are three things you really dislike?
dont be afraid to get some additional supplies. While 9. Who do you rely on most?
the amount you can carry on your own is limited, all 10. Who do you miss the most?
spaceships have easily enough cargo room for an 11. Whats your biggest regret?
entire teams worth of equipment and then some. 12. What causes you to lose your cool?
13. What do you aspire to be?
If youre looking at picking up expensive pieces of 14. What is your biggest strength?
equipment, you might want to coordinate with other 15. What is your biggest weakness?
players and make sure youre not buying multiple of 16. Is there someone you dont trust?
something the team only needs one of. This includes 17. What do you always keep with you?
things for the ship. Its a good idea to spend all of 18. Would you rather be right, or be happy?
your money at character creation, because later on 19. Have you ever been in a real fight?
Uncommon and Rare items might not be possible to 20. How fast are you to look to violence as the
find whenever you stop to buy things. answer?

If twenty arent enough, here are some extra ones to Character Arcs
think about, but dont just restrict yourself to these Arcs are a sort of bond between two characters,
have fun creating a unique character! But also make chosen by your GM at the start of the game and
sure to run your backstory and personality by your whenever one is finished. Your GM will assign every
GM first. What is allowed in their game is up to them, player two random Arcs from the following table.
after all, and they may have some specific things in Each player then chooses another to share each Arc
mind for their game that may be important to think with: you should choose a different player for each
about when making your character. Arc, and the group should make sure their Arcs are
divided as equally as possible. Each player should be
21. What is your most treasured possession?
part of four Arcs: the two they were assigned by the
22. What do you look for in a partner?
GM, and two from other players.
23. What 3 things would you take to a desert
island? Alternatively, you can (with your GMs permission)
24. A strong offense, or a strong defence? take one Solo Arc instead of your two normal ones.
25. Have you ever been in trouble with the law? Solo Arcs are a little more reliable to complete (as
26. Whats the longest time youve been on your they only involve your character), but as a trade-off
own? youre attached to one less Arc overall.
27. Have you ever been in a ship accident?
When an Arc is completed, both players involved gain
28. Have you ever been out in space?
2 Talent, as outlined in Step 4: Options. These points of
29. Where were you born?
Talent can be spent to improve your character at any
30. Do you have a signature fighting style?
time, in the same ways as in Step 4: however, instead
31. Do you have any allergies?
of a maximum Skill rank of 2, your maximum is the
32. What is your greatest achievement?
Attribute linked to it. For example, if your Ability is 3,
33. Whats your favourite thing to eat/drink?
you wouldnt be able to raise your Firearms Skill to 4
34. Who do you admire most?
you simply lack the physical aptitude to perform
35. How far would you go to save a stranger?
that well, regardless of talent.
36. What do you want to gain from working for
the SRT? When you finish an Arc, you can either accept a new
37. Have you ever had any addictions? one from your GM with the same player, or you may
38. What is the worst injury youve ever had? wait for other players to finish their Arcs and set up
39. Whats your favourite animal? new ones with a different partner. Arcs are the
40. Have you ever killed anybody? primary way of increasing your characters abilities,
so look out for opportunities to complete them. Just
Another way of fleshing out your character is
be aware that both players, as well as the GM, must
introducing elements of their relationships with the
agree that the Arc is complete for it to count.
characters of the other players in your GMs game. At
the beginning of your GMs campaign, and whenever a In the table below, Arcs are phrased as if X is the
pair of players resolve one, they will assign you Arcs. player you choose to share the Arc with. If your GM
allows, you might be able to pick your Arcs instead of
them being randomly rolled.

Arcs Table
d100 Arc
1-5 X is someone I can learn from!
5-10 X needs my help, even if they dont realise it.
11-15 I will get revenge on X!
16-20 X needs to learn to work better with the team.
21-25 If X cant look out for themselves, Ill have to protect them.
26-30 X is hiding something I want to find out what.
31-35 I owe X my life.
36-40 X just doesnt realise how valuable they are to the team Ill show them.
41-45 X could stand to learn a thing or two from me.
46-50 X is a good leader they should be in charge for a while.
51-55 I dont feel like I can trust X!
56-60 X needs to toughen up if theyre going to stay part of this team.
61-65 X is always getting in my way. Theyd better not do it again.
66-70 X seems like they have something on their mind lately I wonder if I can help.
71-75 X never shows me the correct respect. They should watch their back.
76-80 I depend on X too often. I should carry myself more.
81-85 X knows a huge secret about me I hope I can trust them.
86-90 Im tired of living in Xs shadow. Ill show them- Ill show everybody!
91-95 Someone is plotting to kill X, but I have no proof!
96-100 Make up your own suitable Arc involving X.
Solo Arcs Table
d100 Arc
1-5 I need to hone my art.
5-10 Itd be better if nobody knew about that mistake.
11-15 I can improve our situation if the team would let me.
16-20 Im close to a breakthrough. It just needs a bit more work.
21-25 I feel like expanding my skillset and learning something new.
26-30 I want to take centre stage for once.
31-35 Everybody else just needs to think about the situation my way.
36-40 Im right about things; I just need to prove it.
41-45 Im feeling stressed lately; itd be great to get some real time off.
46-50 Things have been really laid back lately. I hope the next mission is more exciting.
51-55 I could have sworn something was off about that last mission.
56-60 Its time we moved onto more important jobs; I want something bigger.
61-65 If anyone bites it out there, its not going to be me.
66-70 Id rather us lose our ship than a crew member.
71-75 Someone needs to be a better example around here.
76-80 We cant be so relaxed about things; Ill show everyone why.
81-85 I have a bad feeling about the next mission. I hope Im wrong.
86-90 Everybodys too serious lately. Ill show them a little fun.
91-95 Ive felt sort of distant lately. I really need to connect with someone again.
96-100 Make up your own suitable Arc.
Note: Completing an Arc can be done in many ways: it doesnt have to be the most literal resolution, as long as both
players and the GM agree it is resolved. For example, the Arc I depend on X too often. I should carry myself more.
could be resolved by the character learning to stand up for themselves more. It could also be resolved by them
accepting that they depend on others, and that the bonds of friendship are stronger than any individual (unlikely,
but you get the picture).

Melee Combat
Conversely, the Melee Combat Skill is used to make
3: Making attacks with melee weapons. Additionally, Melee
Combat is used to Parry incoming Melee attacks. As
a Move with Firearms, Melee Combat is generally used to
attack, as a Skill Roll vs an opponents Defense.
While much of your time in No Horizon will be spent Unarmed (Ability)
roleplaying, its important to know exactly what you The unarmed Skill is used in hand-to-hand combat,
can do Engineerally. This chapter looks at the Skills and can also be used to Parry attacks in a similar
available to characters, a breakdown of the combat way to Melee Combat, albeit less effectively. As with
turn and the actions that can be taken, and the Firearms, Unarmed is generally used to attack, as a
Gambit system. Skill Roll vs an opponents Defense.

Whether youre lost in a radiation storm, stranded on Throwing (Ability)

an unexplored island or fighting back pirates aboard The Throwing Skill is used for throwing weapons like
your own ship, these are the skills and abilities youll knives and axes, as well as other devices like
be using. Unless mentioned otherwise, the things you grenades or flashbangs. As with Firearms, Throwing
do with Skills are generally done with Skill rolls, as is generally used to attack, as a Skill Roll vs an
outlined in Chapter 1: Colony Hunting and You. Your GM opponents Defense.
will choose an appropriate DC in most cases, but
these skills include some example DCs as well as Technical
situational modifiers. Skills
The Skills you acquire at character creation and The Technical category is filled with Skills useful for
beyond can be used to do basically everything youd Pilots and Engineers especially. Many Skills in this
want to do in No Horizon (for everything else, theres category use Intelligence, but some use Sense.
Attribute rolls). Each Skill has an Attribute attached to Tech Use
it: this is the Attribute that you add your Bonus for (Intelligence)
when you roll that Skill. Tech Use can be a very useful skill in civilised areas,
as it allows you to hack into and/or use high-tech
Combat Skills equipment or computers. The rules for Hacking can be
Combat Skills are pretty self-explanatory: these are found in Chapter 6: The Future Weve Made.
the Skills your character will use to defend
themselves in combat. All the Combat Skills use Ability Engineer
as their core Attribute. (Intelligence) (Meta)
Engineer is a meta Skill, and you must invest your
Firearms (Ability) ranks into separate sub-Skills. The Engineer Skill is
The Firearms Skill is used to make ranged attacks used to fix, maintain and customise vehicles,
with all kinds of guns, including less conventional starships and equipment. Its practically impossible
guns like crossbows and energy weapons. Firearms to make suitable repairs without the proper tools and
rolls are generally attacks, which are Skill Rolls vs. an parts. You take a Major penalty to all repair attempts
opponents Defence. This is expanded on later in this should you be missing either, but if you are missing
chapter. the correct parts your jury-rigged repair will have to
be properly fixed again soon.

If youre attempting to install something new, such teams to salvage wrecks they encounter in space to
as a new weapon into a starship or a coating onto an repair their own ships, but anything from starships to
armour suit, you take the same penalty for missing tiny devices can be salvaged to acquire useful parts.
an Engineer Toolkit but cannot do the install at all if Devices youre not familiar with may incur Minor or
you are missing the parts (obviously). Major penalties. Some salvage work might require
tools to avoid a penalty, as well.
Engineer (Robotics) can be used to repair robots
(including Celneti players) the same way Biotech and Example DCs:
First Aid are used for other races: simply substitute
Removing a wheel from a mangled car
the Biotech/First Aid Skill roll for an Engineer
wreck DC10
(Robotics) one.
Removing the fuel rods from a starship
Example DCs: DC20
Safely salvaging parts from a
Fixing a jammed rifle DC10
malfunctioning drive cpu DC30
Repairing a damaged Medbay DC20
Repurposing damaged fuel rods DC50
Installing a new cockpit window DC30
Salvaging parts from a faulty Starship
Installing a Comms Hub DC30
Fusion Core DC80
Safely replacing a faulty starship Fusion
Core DC50 Biotech
Fixing an unknown alien device DC70 (Intelligence)
Biotech is the term most commonly used today for
Types: Equipment, Aerospace, Robotics, Automotive,
modern surgery and hospital care, which
Naval, Chemical, Civil
incorporates technological solutions to illness and
Pilot (Sense) (Meta) injury as much as it does medicinal ones. Biotech is
Pilot is a meta Skill, and you must invest your ranks used for providing longer-term medical care,
into separate sub-Skills. The Pilot Skill is fairly self- including mental care, as well as installing
explanatory: it is used to pilot and control various augmentations. While biological augmentations will be
kinds of vehicles and their weapons. Situational healed and maintained along with your body as
modifiers may include Minors or Majors for the normal, the Engineer (Robotics) Skill must be used to
vehicle being damaged, Minors for distracting repair cybernetic augmentations.
conditions, etc.
When using Biotech to provide medical care, you
Example DCs: make one Skill Roll, with a Major penalty if you do not
have the proper medical equipment or a proper
Docking safely with a standard starship hospital environment. If your patient is of a different
dock DC10 race to you, you also take a Major penalty due to
Taking a sharp corner in a land vehicle at their anatomy being different. If you beat a DC equal
high speeds DC20 to the missing Health of your patient, you heal them
Navigating safely through a dense asteroid to full Health over the period of a week, which
field DC50 includes time for them to rest. If you fail to meet the
Types: Automotive, Naval, Aerospace, Mech DC, nothing happens and you may try again the next
day as you attempt to diagnose their injuries and
Salvage deduce the best course of treatment.
Installing augmentations is also a Skill roll: the DC for
A relatively simple Skill, Salvage is used to break
each augmentation is listed by its description in
down machines and equipment to acquire their parts
Chapter 6: The Future Weve Made.
for use elsewhere. It is not uncommon to for SRT

Social Skills Leadership
Social Skills are all about communication and
Leadership is about inspiring and coordinating people
interaction with other people. Social Skills mostly
to work together to accomplish things through
revolve around Charisma, so if you want to play a
teamwork. You might use Leadership to rile up a
socially-gifted character, thats the Attribute you
crowd and get them ready to defend their homes, or
should pay attention to.
to coordinate your team through tactical manoeuvres
A major factor in social situations is other in combat. Leadership rolls might be done with
characters attitude towards you. Depending on how penalties similar to Persuade for the same situations,
they feel, you may get bonuses or penalties to dealing but you may also incur Minor penalties for people not
with them. trusting you or not thinking youre a suitable leader.
Admiring 2 Minor bonuses Example DCs:
Friendly Minor bonus
Indifferent No Change Leading a team through a simple task DC10
Unfriendly Minor penalty Convincing untrained colonists to form a
Hostile 2 Minor penalties militia DC30
Co-ordinating team manoeuvres during a
Persuade (Charisma) firefight DC30
Arguably the most important Social Skill, Persuade is Leading a team through a minefield DC50
generally about influencing people and swaying their Insight (Sense)
opinions. Whether this is changing how someone feels Insight is used to read and interpret people, looking
about giving you a better price, or changing how they for hidden meaning and using their body language and
feel about declaring war on the Central Galaxies, demeanour to garner information from them. It is in
youd roll Persuade to do it. Speaking to someone many ways the social counterpart to Perception. You
through an automated translator requires you to take take a Major penalty when rolling Insight against
a Major penalty to Persuade checks, as does someone of a different race to you, as their body
attempting to Persuade someone hostile or unfriendly language is so different. Insight is primarily an
towards you. Persuade is usually an opposed roll vs opposed Skill Roll vs Persuade to detect motive or
your targets Insight or Persuade, though your GM lies, but can also be rolled to gauge how people are
may wish to just use a DC to save time. feeling or thinking.
Example DCs: Example DCs:
Haggling with someone neutral or friendly to Gauge surface mood DC10
you DC10
Detect guarded/hidden emotions DC30
Convincing bouncers to let you into a fancy
Detect tells DC40
nightclub DC30
Convincing a security guard to turn a blind Intimidate (Charisma)
eye to something minor DC30 Intimidate is basically an aggressive version of
Getting a security guard to let you into a Persuade, in that you bully and intimidate people into
secure area DC50 listening to you. It can be used to much the same
Getting the Central Galaxies Council to agree ends; though the results can be very different. Similar
on anything DC70 to other Skills, you take a Major penalty if you require
an automated translation to talk to your target, as
they are somewhat unreliable. However, languages
your target doesnt understand can sound
intimidating: as long as your target cant understand

you, conferring with someone else in front of them in Example DCs:
it as part of your Intimidate attempt grants you a
Know a races homeworld DC10
Minor bonus. Intimidate is an opposed roll vs. your
targets Resolve. Recognize a passing starship DC20
Getting an accurate exchange rate between
Knowledge two interstellar currencies DC40
Diagnosing a rare disease DC50
Getting an accurate exchange rate between
There is only one skill in the Knowledge category, but
two planetary currencies DC 70
it is a meta Skill, and players will generally take
multiple sub-Skills for it as it represents what they Field Skills
know about the world.
Field Skills are a mixed bag of useful abilities that
Info (Intelligence) dont really fit into the other categories. These use a
(Meta) mix of different Attributes.
Info is a meta Skill, and you must invest your ranks Stealth (Ability)
into separate sub-Skills. Info is a representation of Stealth is your ability to move quietly and remain
your characters knowledge about a given subject, hidden from detection, whether by people or devices.
and is a combination of what your character actually When using Stealth, the result of your Skill Roll
knows, what they have stored in documents and
becomes a DC that people must reach to notice you.
files, and what they can access quickly on the
internet (in 2149, there is around two hundred times Attempting to hide in plain sight or in a well-lit area
more information on the internet than there was in will incur a Major penalty to your Stealth rolls.
2015, making it often difficult to find precise data). Conversely, hiding in favourable circumstances like
Using Info is generally a Skill Roll with a DC depending complete darkness can grant you a Major bonus.
on how obscure the information youre trying to
Stealth is also used to disguise yourself and go
remember/find is.
unnoticed without hiding.
Every Role includes a rank in Info (General). This
represents general, simple knowledge practically
everyone in the galaxy would be able to quickly recall
Demolitions generally has one use, and that use is
or find. This includes things like race homeworlds,
making things explode. You will use Demolitions to
popular starship models, famous sport teams, etc.
prepare and set explosives, making sure that correct
Other Skills can be used as a stand-in for a relevant amounts of explosive substances are used and the
Info Skill: for example, you could roll Firearms in order correct precautions are taken. Working with
to see if you recognized a type of gun. However, you unfamiliar chemicals might impose a Major penalty to
cannot do the opposite: having Info (Firearms) doesnt you, as would working without a Demolitions Kit.
make you any better at using them. However, some
Example DCs:
Info skills like Info (Chemistry), or occupational ones
like Info (Tailoring) and Info (Cookery) could easily be Gauging how easiest to demolish a building
used as practical skills should your GM allow this. from blueprints/floor plans DC10
Types: Info Skills can be taken for anything, though Preparing a simple breaching charge DC20
you should run your Info Skills past your GM to make Preparing a small demolitions charge DC30
sure theyre not too vague or specific. Generally, a Creating an improvised explosive DC40
topic as wide as Starships or Currencies is a good Preparing a precise, shaped charge DC60

Security (Ability) Example DCs:
While Tech Use will get you through computer
Finding a ringing Con-Tac in a quiet room
firewalls and passwords, Security is used to get
through physical locking mechanisms. This includes
everything from primitive key-based locks, to modern Gathering local rumours DC20
high-tech magnetic locking systems. Trying to do any Finding a document in a stack of papers
of this without appropriate tools is a bad idea using DC30
Security without a Security Kit will impose a Major Following tracks a few days old DC40
penalty on your rolls. Finding a needle in a haystack DC90

Example DCs: First Aid (Resolve)

First Aid is for providing fast medical attention to
Disabling a standard autolock DC20 injured people. First Aid is all about minimizing
Disabling a standard maglock DC40 complications and providing quick aid to those with
Disabling a secure maglock DC60 physical injuries. First Aid cannot be used to negate
Psychic damage, as mental care is a longer term
Perception (Sense)
process and requires Biotech instead.
Perception is all about how sharp your senses are,
and how well you perceive the world around you. When using First Aid to provide medical care, you
Your GM may ask you to roll Perception often, make one Skill Roll with a DC equal to their current
checking to see if you notice people and things in the Health (if they were at 0 or lower and dying, the DC is
world around you. Perception is more passive and 20). If you beat it, you;
related to how well you can actually see/hear/smell:
if you want to actively search for something, use Stabilize them if they were dying, bringing
Investigate. Perception will often be opposed vs. an them back to 1 Health.
enemies Stealth roll. Otherwise, you remove any Bleeding or
Poisoned conditions they may have had and
Example DCs: heal them up to their next Injury tier
(Mortally Injured > Heavily Injured > Injured >
Noticing a sudden change in the
temperature DC10 Healthy)
Noticing something rush past you in the If you fail to beat it, you do nothing but may try again
darkness DC20 with a DC 5 higher. Once someone has received a
Making out shouts from far in the distance successful First Aid attempt, they may not receive
DC40 another until they have been injured again. If you do
Spotting asteroids in the void of space not have a Medkit, you take a Major penalty to all
DC60 First Aid attempts, as well as if your patient is of a
different race to you.
Investigate (Sense)
Investigate is similar to Perception, but used Psychic Skills
differently. Investigate is used to search for things,
Psychic Skills are the skills used by characters with
whether youre looking for a hidden object or trying
the ability to use psychic powers to do so. The first
to dig up answers. If the roll is more to notice
three skills are directly used to learn and unleash
something happening, or revolves more around the
psychic powers, whilst the last one helps mitigate its
precision of your senses, Perception may be a more
dangers. See Chapter 7: Power at a Price for deeper
suitable Skill. Situational modifiers to Investigate will
info on psychic powers and rolls.
usually be things interfering with your search: this
may be things like searching a dark area and taking a
Minor penalty, or trying to Investigate during combat.

Manipulation powers revolve around altering objects
and people. While some powers offer direct damage,
they mostly help you hinder or debilitate foes in some
way. Some manipulation spells also target the user,
to hide them or move them around the battlefield.
Manipulation powers are most easily used when calm
and exhibiting little emotion, and you gain a Minor
bonus when using them as such.
Creation (Resolve)
Creation is the domain of powers that heal and
protect. Creation powers allow you to clad yourself in
psychic defences, provide life to those injured, and
even alter your psychic abilities to be funnelled
through a spiritual guardian. Creation powers are
most easily used when sorrowful or desperate, or
empathising with another, and you gain a Minor
bonus when using them as such.
Destruction powers are the lens through which a
psychics wrath is truly seen; thunderous bolts of
energy, huge psychic blasts, and shockwaves of
psykinetic energy. Destruction powers have one
purpose, and that is to lash out at the psychics foes
and destroy them. Destruction powers are most
easily used when upset or enraged, and you gain a
Minor bonus when using them as such.
Expulsion (Resolve)
Expulsion is used to counteract the effects of
Toxicity. Toxicity is gained through the use of psychic
powers, and has a negative effect on your dice rolls;
see Chapter 7: Power at a Price for more information.

Scene something specifically lowers or raises your
While much of your time in No Horizon will be spent in If two or more characters roll the same Initiative
unstructured time, combat (and other situations, score, the character with the highest Ability attribute
should your GM decide it appropriate) is turn based. between them acts first.
Players and NPCs take turns to act, attacking and 2) Take Action
using their skills in order to emerge victorious (or just The character with the highest Initiative score acts
run away), with each second representing around six first. During their turn, they may declare two Half-
seconds of combat. The full combat is referred to as actions and a Move action, which can be exchanged
a Scene. for other actions (see under Combat, previous
Every turn, you have a selection of actions available column). These actions can be used to perform many
to you. These actions can be used to move around, different things, which are described in the next
attack your enemies, use your Skills or interact with section.
the environment. Every turn, you have: Additionally, each character has an Instant action,
2 Half actions (or a Full action) which can be used either during their turn, or during
another player or NPCs turn.
1 Move action
& 1 Instant action 3) Next character
After the first character has finished, the turn
Additionally, you can swap kinds of actions around in
progresses to the player or character with the next
order to do different things in your turn. You can
highest Initiative score. They then perform their
swap your Instant for a single Half-action, a Half-
actions as above, before the turn passes to the next
action for a Move action, and a Move action for an
player when they have finished.
Instant. So, for example, if you wanted to do nothing
but move on your turn, you could exchange both your 4) New Turn
Half-actions for more Move actions, giving you three Once every character in the combat has taken their
of them total for that turn. Or, you could swap your turn, the turn order then resets. A new turn begins,
Move action for an Instant, and your first Instant for starting again with the character that had the
a Half-action, allowing you to eject a magazine highest Initiative score. Combat continues through
(Instant), insert a new one (Half), and then fire twice turns in this way until it is resolved.
(Full) all in one turn.
Instant > Half
Half > Move Each of the actions (Half, Move, and Instant) you have
Move > Instant to use can be spent performing different things. This
2 Half actions = 1 Full action section provides a breakdown of what you can do
with each.
A turn in No Horizon progresses as so;
Half Action
1) Roll Initiative Fire a Firearm
Players begin by rolling Sense to determine their Attacking with a gun is a Half action. See Attacking &
Initiative score. The GM will also roll Initiative for any Defending later in this chapter for rules on attacks.
NPCs involved in the combat. This score represents
Ready a Weapon
the order in which they can act in combat, with
Taking a gun from its holster, drawing a melee
higher Initiative scores acting first. Your Initiative
weapon from a scabbard, or similarly preparing a
score doesnt change between turns, unless
weapon for use is a Half action. Some weapons may

take different actions to Ready: see individual If they choose not to, your attack automatically hits
weapon listings in Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade. but you have a Major penalty on the damage.
Doing the opposite, and placing something back in its Give First Aid
holster or your bag, is also a Half action. Using the First Aid skill to help another character
requires a Full action.
Reload a Magazine
Inserting a fresh magazine into a gun is a Half-action, Perform a Melee Attack
provided the previous magazine has already been Performing a melee attack, either with a weapon or
removed. Note that guns might be actually be firing unarmed, requires two Half-actions. See Attacking &
from something other than a conventional magazine, Defending later in this chapter for rules on attacks.
such as energy cells or poison containers, but the
Reload a Heavy Weapon
game generally refers to them as magazines so long Weapons with the Heavy quality require additional
as reloading requires placing a single one of them into time to reload, taking two Half actions instead of one,
the gun. regardless of whether they are loaded by magazines
Reload Rounds or individual rounds.
If your gun is reloaded by individual rounds rather
2 Full Actions
than a magazine, you may take a Half-action to reload
Equip a Medium Mech
rounds equal to your Ability attribute.
Getting into a medium mech and running its start-up
Throw Object routine requires two Full actions, requiring most of
Throwing a handheld object, like a grenade or a two turns. See Chapter 6: The Future Weve Made for
throwing weapon, is a Half action. See Attacking & rules on mechs.
Defending later in this chapter for rules on attacks.
3 Full Actions
Use a Skill Equip a Heavy Mech
Using your Skills, such as Security or Investigate, for Getting into a heavy mech and running its start-up
a purpose that isnt covered by another action costs routine requires three Full actions, requiring all the
a Half action. Using a skill is generally a Skill Roll vs. a Half-actions you can take in two turns. See Chapter 6:
DC decided by your GM. The Future Weve Made for rules on mechs.
Use/Activate and Item Move Action
Interacting with objects in the world, or using items You can use your Move action to move up to 25ft plus
on your person, is generally a Half action. However, an additional 5ft for every two points of Ability you
your GM may rule some objects take longer to use. possess. Movement is taken in 5ft increments, and
each space is 5ft x 5ft.
Full Action
Equip a Light Mech Note that areas of Difficult Terrain take 10ft of
Getting into a light mech and starting it up requires movement to move through, rather than 5ft.
two Half-actions. See Chapter 6: The Future Weve
Made for rules on mechs. You may go prone during your action, using up 5ft of
your movement. While prone, the distance you can
Flush move in one action is reduced by 25ft, but any ranged
You can attempt to flush a target out of cover by attack rolls made against you take a Major penalty.
firing continously at it, attempting to hit them
through or around it. Select a target behind Half cover Taking cover behind a suitable object uses 5ft of your
within range; they must move at least 5ft from it, movement, and depending on how protective it is
using up Movement from their next turns allowance. your GM will rule you either have Half Cover or Full
Cover. Both cause ranged attacks targeting you from
in front of your cover to take a Major penalty to their

roll. When in Full Cover, you take half damage from Quickdraw
ranged attacks and explosions as your cover takes You can attempt to quickly draw a weapon and
much of the hit (so long as they came from in front of attack using an Instant action and whatever action
the cover). the attack would use. Make a Firearms, Melee
Combat or Throwing roll (whichever you are attacking
Instant Action with) vs. a DC of 40. If you pass, you draw the
Take Aim weapon and may make an attack with it. If you fail by
You can take a moment to aim an attack (whether
less than 10, you draw the weapon but waste
melee or ranged) and gain a Minor bonus to it by
whatever action you would have spent to attack. If
spending your Instant action.
you fail by more than 10, you fail to draw the weapon
Shift 5ft and waste the action you would have spent to attack.
You may use your Instant action and 5ft of your
Attack of Opportunity
Movement to move 5ft (the difference between this
If someone within your threatened range attempts to
and a Move action being that Instant actions can be
leave (your melee weapons reach in a semicircle
used during other characters turns). Shift cant be
around you the direction youre facing, or a firearms
used to avoid attacks targeted at yourself, but can
range in a 3-square wide column in the direction
be used to try and step away from area-of-effect
youre facing), you can make an Attack of Opportunity
damage. It also allows you to move out of an enemies
against them by spending your Instant action.
threatened squares without provoking an Attack of
Opportunity. An Attack of Opportunity is a single melee or ranged
attack, whichever is appropriate, and occurs before
Eject a Magazine
the target moves (meaning if they are moving into
Removing the magazine from a firearm you are
cover they do not gain its benefit). It is otherwise
wielding is an Instant action.
exactly the same as a normal attack.
Drop an Item
Dropping something on the floor is an Instant action.
You can spend your Instant action to try and make an
This might be a quicker alternative to putting a
extra effort to defend against an incoming attack,
weapon away if you want to swap to a different one,
whether by dodging it or attempting to soften the
but remember to pick it up again.
blow somehow. See Attacking & Defending later in
Eject from a Mech this chapter for rules on attacks.
Quickly exiting a mech requires just an Instant action
for all mech types. See Chapter 6: The Future Weve Variable
Made for rules on mechs. Perform Psychic Power
The action used to perform a psychic power depends
Ready an Action on the action itself. See Chapter 7: Power at a Price
By spending your Instant action, you can declare a for more information.
trigger by which you will perform a different action
later in the turn order rather than during your turn. Optional: The Six-
For example, you could Ready an action to make an Second System
attack when an character leaves cover. If your If you and your GM are looking for lighter, less rules
trigger doesnt happen, your turn has been wasted. heavy combat, you may consider using this optional
system instead.
Talking for anything more than a short sentence is an Under the Six-Second System, rather than having a
Instant action. set of actions as detailed in the previous section, you
may simply do anything you want that you GM allows,
provided that;

Your actions could reasonably be done in 6 All weapons also have a range in which you can
seconds by your character attack with them. For most melee weapons, this is
You cannot make more than 3 ranged 5ft meaning you can attack within 5ft of you, which
attacks or 1 melee attack (2 with the is all the squares around you (including diagonally).
appropriate Trait). Some have a larger reach, allowing you to attack
You cannot move more than your normal squares further away. However, for both movement
movement allotment (without good reason). and attacks, each second diagonal tile is 10ft rather
than 5ft. This means to attack an enemy on the
Attacking & second square away from you diagonally, you would
Defending need a weapon with 15ft reach (5+10ft).
While youll often be threatened by any number of Ranged weapons, like guns and thrown weapons,
environmental and other hazards, by far the most have three ranges, noted as A/B/C, where A is point
dangerous thing in No Horizon is other living things. blank, B is short range (Minor penalty to attacks), and
Attacking, and being attacked, are the focus of this C is long range (Major penalty to attacks).
There are many situations in which you may gain
Attacking modifiers to apply to your attack rolls. Here are some
When you use an action during combat to make an examples your GM may use:
attack, you attempt to injure an enemy by making a
Target is on Difficult Terrain Minor bonus.
Skill roll using their Defense value as the DC (ties go to
Target is prone Major penalty (Ranged).
the defender). The skill used differs depending on
what kind of attack you are making, but as a general Target is in cover Major penalty (Ranged).
rule you would use: Target is Stunned Major bonus
Target is Unconscious Major bonus
Firearms when attacking with a gun you Bad Weather Minor penalty
hold or one that is mounted and manually Target is unaware of you Major bonus
controlled. Using an off-hand Minor penalty for every
Melee Combat when attacking with a melee off-hand you have total
weapon or other hand-held object.
Unarmed when fighting in hand-to-hand When you hit with an attack, you then deal damage.
combat. Each weapon has a different damage code, usually
Throwing when using thrown weapons, like one or more d10s and an added value. They also have
grenades or throwing knives, as well as an AP value, which determines how thick armour
improvised objects. must be to prevent the damage. Additionally, damage
Pilot when attacking with weapons not is either Lethal or Non-Lethal, and either Kinetic,
directly manned, such as a mechs weapons Energy or Bio but more on that later in Damage &
or anything else controlled whilst piloting. Death.

While you only make a single attack each time you Defending
spend an action, this may actually represent more When you are attacked, you passively make yourself
than a single hit so to speak, and you are free to harder to hit just by moving and dodging this is
fluff it as such. For example, making an unarmed represented by the Agility bonus being added to your
attack could easily be a single, powerful uppercut, or Defence. If you have a Shield equipped, this also
a flurry of weaker punches. The damage is always grants you a bonus to your Defence against certain
what is listed on the weapon, but you should be attacks.
creative and describe your attacks when roleplaying. You may spend an Instant action when you are
attacked to Defend, taking a more active response to

an attack. When you do so, you have two choices: you When Injured or worse, you take a Minor penalty to
can attempt to Parry an attack and deflect it entirely all rolls as you work through the pain.
(melee only), or you can attempt to reduce the
While Heavily Injured, you must pass a Resolve roll of
damage an attack does in some way (this may be
DC15 in order to act. While Mortally Injured, this is
blocking with a melee weapon or simply preparing
doubled to DC30. Things are tough when youre dying.
yourself for the hit).
State Health
When you try to Parry, you make a Skill Roll (either
Healthy 10
Melee Combat or Unarmed vs. the same attack roll)
Injured Endurance bonus
against a DC the same as your attackers result. If you
Heavily Injured Endurance bonus
succeed, the attack is completely avoided.
Mortally Injured Endurance bonus
When you attempt to reduce damage, you make an Dying 0
Endurance roll against the same DC. If you succeed,
you can either reduce the damage by your Endurance Restoring Lost Health
bonus, or change the damage to Non-Lethal if it was Recovering from Lethal damage is more difficult than
Lethal. Non-Lethal, but can still be done in a number of ways.
These include:
Death &
Resting for 8 hours restores your Endurance
bonus in Health
Death and Damage are both things you should
Use of the Biotech or First Aid skills
probably try and avoid, but in the cruel, cold world of
Certain items and augmentations
space, both are generally inevitable. Making sure you
The Regrowth psychic power
understand just how much of the latter you can deal
with can help prevent the former, however. Stamina
Your total Stamina is equal to double your Resolve
In No Horizon, your vitality is measured in two ways:
and Endurance bonuses, plus 10. Similarly to Health,
Health (your ability to take Lethal damage) and
your Stamina is split into three States: Ready, Tired,
Stamina (your ability to take Non-Lethal damage).
and Exhausted. Also like Health, the first of these
Both ways are measured in chunks, referred to as States represents the first 10 of your Stamina. Tired
States: Healthy, Injured, Heavily Injured and Mortally consists of the Endurance bonus part of your
Injured for Health, and Ready, Tired, and Exhausted Stamina, whilst Exhausted is the Resolve bonus part.
for Stamina. When at 0 Stamina you are Unconscious. While youre
not in danger of dying just yet, you are unable to act
(you have the Incapacitated condition) and any
Your total Health is equal to 3 times your Endurance
further Non-Lethal damage you take is converted into
bonus, plus 10. Your Health is split into four amounts
(the aforementioned chunks), where Healthy is 10,
and the remaining three States are equal to your While Tired, you take a Minor penalty to any rolls that
Endurance bonus. As you take damage, you move use a physical Attribute. While Faltering you take a
through Healthy into Injured, through Heavily Injured Major penalty instead.
and finally into Mortally Injured. At 0 Health, you are
You can spend 5 Stamina when you perform a
Dying, unable to act (you have the Incapacitated
physical action to gain a Minor bonus on the roll, as
condition), and if you take even a single point of
you put extra effort in to do something.
further damage you are dead. If you remain Dying for
three consecutive rounds without receiving medical
aid, you also die.

State Stamina certain kinds of explosives. Weapons with kinetic
Ready 10 damage tend to have lower armour penetration, but
Tired Endurance bonus*2 good damage and reliable construction.
Faltering Resolve bonus*2
Unconscious 0 Energy damage is commonly seen in laser or plasma
based weaponry, and most explosives, but also
Restoring Lost Stamina comes from some more exotic sources. Energy
Damage from Non-Lethal sources is easier to recover damage is often associated with high armour piercing
than Lethal. qualities and accuracy, but slightly lacking damage.

Recovering Stamina can be done by: Bio damage is fairly nasty, and often comes from
substances and environmental hazards rather than
Resting restores your Endurance bonus in weapons (thats not to say it cant). It often comes
Stamina per hour. paired with Conditions or other effects, but has low
Certain items and augmentations damage and armour piercing.
Damage Types Armour & Piercing
Every weapon, Psychic ability and anything else that Everything that deals damage also has an AP value-
deals damage to a player has a damage code listed this stands for Armour Piercing. Some weapons and
by it, and its important you understand this in order damage sources are better at getting through
to properly pick the items and abilities youd want armour than others; this is represented by their AP.
most. This damage code is always presented the
same way: If something that would deal damage to you has
higher AP than your Armour, it isnt reduced and you
Xd10+X L/NL (K/E/B) take the full amount instead. If your Armour is higher,
however, the damage you would take is halved and
The first part is the actual amount of damage, which converted to Non-Lethal if it wasnt already. If the
is usually one or more d10s plus or minus an Armour is more than double the AP, this damage is
additional value (some things offer lots of dice but halved again. Some kinds of armour have special
little additional value, making their damage qualities that affect this keep an eye out for them.
unreliable). In addition to this, with a ranged weapon Note that if your AP is higher than the targets Armour,
you add your Ability bonus to any damage you deal; the excess isnt added to your damage.
conversely, with a melee weapon you add your
Strength bonus instead. Thrown weapons add Size &
whichever is higher.
The second part tells you what type the damage is. Conditions
The first half tells you whether its Lethal (L) or Non- There are a number of effects and weapons in No
Lethal (NL), which determines whether Health or Horizon that can impose certain conditions on you.
Stamina respectively is damaged. These conditions affect your characters abilities, and
The third part tells you which of the three damage are detailed here.
types it is: Kinetic (K), Energy (E), or Bio (B), or a Panicked
combination. These three damage types come from When you are Panicked, you receive a Minor penalty
many different sources, and are intentionally pretty to all actions.
vague as to avoid having lots of confusing damage
types. Terrified
In addition to the effects of Panicked, when Terrified
Kinetic damage is most often inflicted by melee you must flee your full Movement each turn away
weapons and projectile-based firearms, as well as from the source of your terror.

Exhausted Size
While Exhausted, you feel immensely tired and every While all player races are Medium and provide no
action is draining on what reserves of your strength. particular benefits or drawbacks, many creatures
Every turn in which you take an action, or do and other races in the universe are smaller or larger
something out of combat that would require one, you some by a very wide margin. These Sizes provide
lose 4 Health and Stamina. The Exhausted condition benefits and drawbacks in comparison to Medium
can be removed by getting a proper nights rest in a size. Note that example creatures given in this book
suitable setting. already have these benefits taken into account if they
are a different size.
While Incapacitated, you are incapable of moving or Tiny
taking any action and are not aware of the world Being Tiny grants you a +16 to Defence but a -16 to
around you. damage with melee attacks, as well as a 5ft
reduction in Movement. You take up a 5x5ft square in
While Beserk, you are unable to act logically due to combat and can occupy the same square as someone
the haze of anger that has overcome you. While of Medium or larger size.
Beserk, as long as there are enemies or hostile Small
creatures within eyesight you must move to them Being Small grants you a +8 to Defence but a -8 to
and attack them for as long as you are Beserk. You damage with melee attacks, as well as a 5ft
cannot spend your Movement to go anywhere other reduction in Movement. You take up a 5x5ft square in
than towards an enemy, and you must use your Half combat.
actions on attack actions (Throw Object, Perform
Melee Attack, Fire a Firearm, Perform Psychic Power Medium
Being Medium size provides no benefits or downsize.
(Destruction powers only)).
You take up a 5x5ft square in combat.
While Poisoned or Bleeding, you lose 4 Health at the Large
Being Large grants you +4 to damage with melee and
end of your turn. This continues until the condition is
unarmed attacks, and +4 to Health and Stamina. You
also take a -4 to your Defence. You take up a 10x10ft
Distracted square in combat.
While Distracted, you may only take 1 Half action
during your turn, rather than 2. Huge
Being Huge grants you a +8 to melee attack damage,
Blinded Health and Stamina. You also take a -8 to your
While Blinded, you automatically fail Perception rolls Defence. You take up a 15x15ft square in combat.
based on sight, and have a Major penalty to all rolls.
Breached Being Immense grants you a +12 to melee attack
With the Breached condition, a starship has suffered damage, Health and Stamina. Your melee attacks
damage to its hull that has exposed part of the inside have an additional 5ft of reach. You also take a -12 to
to the void of space. This hole could cause disastrous Defence. You take up a 20x20ft square in combat.
damage to the ship if not fixed. Whenever the
starship attempts to enter or leave an atmosphere, Gargantuan
Being Gargantuan grants you a +16 to melee attack
travels more than 1 ms in a turn or uses Inertia
damage, Health and Stamina. Your melee attacks
travel, it must roll on the Starship Damage Table. If it
have an additional 5ft of reach. You also take a -16 to
rolls the Breached condition again, it instead suffers -
Defence. You take up a 25x25ft square in combat.
8 Integrity.

Titanic alone, but players can all contribute cards towards
Being Titanic grants you a +20 to melee attack an Action Sequence.
damage, Health and Stamina. Your melee attacks
have an additional 10ft of reach. You also take a -20 to At the start of each Scene, your GM will lay down a
Defence. You take up a 30x30ft square in combat. pair of Gambit cards somewhere visible to all players.
These represent that element of every situation the
Optional: The players cannot control luck. Any Action Sequence a
player uses must include at least one of the Scene
Gambit Deck cards, with the caveat that if the Scene cards include
To help the players gain an upper hand when times a Joker, none can be played during this scene.
are tough, they can turn to the Gambit deck and the
cards within. These cards offer many advantages to All Action Sequence combinations are standard poker
help out when the players are in a bad spot. Using the hands, except Plot Armour, which requires simply
Gambit Deck is optional but highly recommended. playing an Ace.

While playing No Horizon, your group will need a Action Sequence

standard 52-card deck. This is your Gambit deck, and The following is a list of Action Sequences and the
with certain cards or combinations you can tip the cards required to play them.
game in your favour. At the beginning of each Episode Plot Armour One Ace
(or session) of play, each player should draw 5 cards After this has been played, the next time the
from the deck (this includes the GM). After cards are character would perish in this Scene they are instead
used, they are shuffled back into the deck. knocked unconscious, and will awaken when the GM
Gaining Cards decides it is appropriate.
Once cards have been played, you dont draw Josephs Gambit Two Pair
replacements right away. Instead, the GM will award Once played, a selected enemy inexplicably has a Frag
them to you when, you do something unexpected or Grenade detonate in their space at the beginning of
solve a problem in a smart or otherwise impressive their next turn. The player responsible must at least
way. Some examples might be: attempt to explain how. Multiple pairs can be played
in order to set of additional grenades.
A player succeeding at a very difficult roll
The players dealing with a problem in an Lucky Escape Three of a Kind
unorthodox way For the rest of the Scene, so long as all players use
The players survive a difficult enemy their Move action to move away from enemies and
encounter towards an escape of some form, anyone shooting a
A player roleplaying well ranged weapon at them must roll a d10 before doing
A player being affected by their Drawbacks so. On an odd result, they utterly miss and the attack
is wasted.
A player can only hold onto 5 Gambit cards at a time.
If they acquire more, they must shuffle an old one Perfectly Timed Backup - Straight
back into the deck. Once this Action Sequence begins, 1d10 NPC allies of a
suitable faction or group show up to support the
Gambit Cards party. These allies have 3 in all Attributes and Combat
Gambit cards can be used during play to alter skills and are armed with whatever the GM deems
dicerolls, change something about the current scene, appropriate. However, all but the final ally standing
and much more. This is done by combining one or die instantly should they take any damage.
more Gambit cards from your hand with the Scene
cards, and either playing an Action Sequence or
committing to a Plot Twist. Plot Twists must be done

Between You and Me - Flush may never attempt one again unless the GM decides
Once this is played, one player character and one they have earned it in some way.
enemy are elected to fight separately from the main
combat, their personal differences far more Starship
important than strategy. At which point, they both Combat
must dramatically lay down arms and fight hand-to-
While fighting on foot or from the seat of a ground
hand until one character dies, is knocked unconscious
vehicle are mostly the same, fighting in starships, far
or escapes in some way.
above a planet is slightly different.
Back to Back Full House
This section covers the rules for ship-to-ship combat.
For the remainder of the Scene, so long as the players
stand next to each other in as small a formation as Worlds Apart
they can, they may take an additional Full and Instant While most combat takes place at ranges between a
action on their turns. few and a hundred feet, starship combat is often at
Walk Away Four of a Kind far longer ranges. As such, firing is a little more
After this Action Sequence begins, the players must difficult than looking out the window and pointing
spend their next turn walking in the same direction your gun.
away from combat, taking no other action, having Hitting a target requires careful and precise planning,
noticed something in the environment about to intricate knowledge of a ships sensors and offensive
explode. After the last player has done so, it does so capabilities, and most of all a crew that works well
dramatically, ending combat and killing/killing all together.
enemies involved so long as no player looks back.
During space combat, movement and positioning
Deus Ex Machina Straight Flush takes place on a grid, just like regular combat, with
Once played, the party suddenly receives or figures squares representing an area of interplanetary space
out a major clue or hint towards solving their current known as a microsector, roughly equivalent to a 50ft
situation. This should be something significant but cube. If you want to incorporate larger ships into
shouldnt solve the problem in and of itself. combat (this book only contains ships of the first
Plot Twist three classes), you may wish to consider using
Alternatively, in a desperate moment, a player may sectors instead ten times larger and equating
wish to go all-in, and challenge the GM to a Plot Twist. roughly to a 500ft cube, sectors allow larger ships
When this occurs, the player may wager anything which would take up an entire board of microsectors
they possess items, starships, or even their by themselves to be represented properly. In this
characters health against an outcome to current case, two Kreuzers can occupy one square, as can
events. The GM may then either accept this, offer upto ten Zerstrers.
different terms, or decline the Showdown. If they Otherwise, actual combat occurs in a similar fashion
accept, or the player accepts altered terms, both the to ground combat: players and the GM take actions in
player and the GM then reveal the best possible Poker order before moving onto the next combat turn. In
hand they can make with their Gambit cards and the space combat, each player crewmember of a
Scene cards. starship takes a single action on the ships turn. In
If the GM wins, the player loses everything they larger ships with NPC crewmembers, it is assumed
wagered in whichever way the GM sees fit. A draw their contribution to the ships running is mostly
results in nothing happening. Should the player win, passive after all, theyre just background
by some miracle their desired outcome is achieved. characters in the players story. The players actions
Due to the magnitude of things that can be done with might even represent what a portion of the staff in
Plot Twists, once a player has succeeded at one they

their role does, but generally the ships Captain has of things that can be done with you characters skills,
authority on what its crew does. but in general using them to do something significant
or time consuming should take your contribution to
Ship Combat Actions
the ships turn.
Move Starship
With their action, whoever is the Pilot (or Chief Pilot of Use Inertia Gate
a larger vessel) may move a starship up to its Inertia Gates are used for long-distance travel
movement value in microsectors. This requires a Pilot between galaxies and planetary systems. While
skill check vs a DC of 10 times the amount of preparing a ship for inertia travel can take hours
microsectors moved. If you succeed, you manage to depending on its size class, the Inertia technology
keep the ship on target. Otherwise, you drift off allows for almost instantaneous travel between
course. If so, your GM will designate a random paired gates. Inertia travel is usually done outside of
direction you drift off course 1d4 ms in that combat, but can be done during if needed. Doing so
direction. requires the entire crew to spend their action for
multiple turns in a row.
Fire Turret
Most starships, as well as possessing primary While larger ships would take far too long, the crew
armaments controlled by the pilot, have one or more of a Zerstrer can prepare for Inertia travel in five
manually controlled turrets, used for defence in close turns, and the crew of a Kreuzer can do it in ten. Its
range engagements (the starship equivalent of arms generally not a good idea to try and do this whilst
reach) against other Starships or small aerial vessels. being attacked.
Theyre also handy for those clutch moments when
Reload Starship Weapon
takeoff is taking longer than expected and you have
Reloading a weapon in a starship mount requires a
unwelcome company.
crewmember to spend their action. This may be
Using starship turrets is a Firearms skill roll, exactly manually reloading the weapon, or manning a
the same as a regular ranged attack, against the machine that does it for you in the case of
enemy targets Defence value. rockets/missiles etc. Weapons without an ammo
price listed draw from the starship power to fire, and
Fire Targeted Weaponry
will recharge on their own when they run out of
A starships primary weaponry isnt directly
ammo. This takes a turn, but requires no action.
controlled like a manned turret; they are controlled
by the pilot/s, using the starships sensors and Delayed Action
computer systems to calculate ballistic trajectories Finally, it can be difficult for large crews to respond
and missile flight paths over immense distances. and act as quickly as a small one. While they are able
to bring much larger power to bear, it can be difficult
While most ships are too big for dogfights and are
to so. For this reason, the actions of a starship of
equipped mostly with side facing weapons in order to
Panzerkreuzer or larger class must be declared a
bring the maximum amount of fire to bear, Zerstrer-
turn in advance.
class ships usually have forward facing weaponry in
order to be of more use in closer-ranged combat. Starship Damage
Whatever the case, a starships primary armament is Table
controlled by the pilot/s and attacks are made using If a starship takes damage from a source with
the Pilot (Aerospace) skill. enough AP to pierce its Armour, it suffers damage to
its internal systems and Compartments. The attacker
Use Skill rolls on this table to determine that damage, and rolls
Making repairs, inspiring the crew, making a last- with a Major bonus if the damage source had the
minute breakthrough to invent a laser capable of Blast Quality.
piercing the enemies experimental shield: theres lots

d100 Result from the German language of Earth. This
1-20 Ship gains the Breached condition classification set is now widely used throughout CGC-
21-30 -4 Integrity controlled space and beyond.
31-40 Random Compartment damaged (500 UTC
spare parts to repair), -4 Integrity Optional: Mass
41-50 Power Conduits damaged (500 UTC spare
parts to repair, DC20, -2 Energy until
repaired), -8 Integrity There may be situations in which your No Horizon
51-60 Explosions (crew must pass DC20 Ability campaign involves larger scale combat, including
check or suffer 3d10 L(K/E) AP 4), -8 large amounts of people or ships.
Playing these combats out properly can be very time
61-70 Random Compartment damaged (1000 UTC
consuming, so these optional rules present you with a
spare parts to repair), -16 Integrity
71-80 Fires (-2 Integrity a turn, Random way to do large battles in a more streamlined way.
Compartment damaged as 31-40), -16 Mass Combat
Integrity When two or more large forces engage in combat,
81-90 Random Compartment damaged (specific take the average of each combatants Ability attribute
part needed), -32 Integrity
plus their highest Combat skill. If the force includes
91-100 Random Compartment destroyed (must
any vehicles or starships, that vehicles CR is also part
be replaced, all players there killed), -32
Integrity of this average instead of the attributes of the people
in it. A vehicles CR is equal to how many filled and
manned weapon mounts it has, multiplied by 4. This
Classifications becomes that forces Combat score.
Starships are measured in classes:
The leader in charge of each force then chooses a
Zerstrer (up to 50ft in length) Tactic for the first turn of the combat. These Tactics
Kreuzer (up to 200ft in length) allow the leader to decide what their force will be
Panzerkreuzer (up to 500ft in length) doing, and how they will try to gain the upper hand
Schlactkreuzer (up to 2000ft in length) this time. Completing these strategies is a Skill roll
Schlactshiff (up to 5000ft in length) using Leadership (referred to as the Tactic roll), and
Panzerriese (ships above 5000ft) having ranks in appropriate Info skills allows you to
choose from extra Tactics.
Generally SRT squads do their business from the helm
of Zerstrer-class ships, but some well-established Combat Rolls
teams make use of Kreuzers. Its rumoured that Most Tactics result in a Combat roll, which is opposed
theres even an SRT squad out there that uses a roll from each side in the combat consisting of 2d10
Panzerkreuzer, a size of ship rarely seen outside of plus the forces combat score. Both forces Tactics
merchant transports and military ships. occur at the same time, and the larger force gains a
Major bonus to their Combat rolls.
Up until humanity joined the larger intergalactic
community, most races and even individual Supplies &
shipwrights had their own names for the classes of Outnumbering
starship, often split differently than the ones used Of course, an army marches on its stomach. Using
today. Tactics requires Supplies- a vague representation of
ammunition, food, fuel, et cetera. Supplies cost 30
However, as the Human race made a name for itself, UTC per unit, and a package of 10 units weighs 200lb
and the Kommandant Aerospace Company doubly so, and takes up about two cubic foot of space (a crate
a single set of classifications came into use, derived

of Rations can be converted into 10 units), and each Attack! (DC20) 1 Supply
Tactic costs a certain amount per combatant. Make a Combat roll. If you pass, the target force
suffers a casualty for every point lower than yours
Any vehicles in a force count as combatants, and use their Combat score is (minimum 1).
Supplies up accordingly. Air and Naval vehicles use up
1 higher Supply than a Tactic lists. Starships use 4 Infiltrate (DC30) 2 Supply
higher than the norm, doubling with every rank above You slip a spy into the enemy ranks. From now on, so
Zerstrer. Starships are immensely powerful, but long as they can pass a Stealth roll each turn, your
also have large crews, ammunition and power opponent must tell you what Tactic they are going to
requirements. For these reasons, they are rarely use first. The DC for this roll is 15 at first, and
deployed en-masse other than against other increases by 5 each turn.
starships. Target Supplies (DC25) 1 Supply
If a force runs out of Supplies, its commander takes a You attempt to damage an enemy forces Supplies.
Major penalty to their Tactic rolls until more Supplies Make a Combat roll. If you pass, the enemy force
are secured. However, if your force outnumbers the loses Supplies equal to your result.
enemy by more than half, they suffer a Major penalty Pincer (DC30) 2 Supply
to their Combat rolls, so fielding a large force can be Make two Combat rolls, using half your normal
an advantage. If you more than double the enemy Combat score for each. If you pass one, the target
forces numbers, you additionally gain a Major bonus force suffers casualties for every point lower than
to your Tactic and Combat rolls. yours their Combat score is (minimum 1). If you pass
After all forces have finished their Tactics for the both, they suffer double the normal amount.
turn, they remove casualties from the combatants on Advance (DC20) 3 Supply
their side, starting with NPC combatants with the You order an advance into enemy territory,
lowest contribution to the Combat score. Player weakening their position. Make a Combat roll. If you
characters are not removed as casualties unless they pass, the enemy Combat score is reduced by 1.
are all that remains of their force, or a Tactic Advance can also be used to get rid of this reduction
specifically would remove them. if an enemy has used it on you. If you pass, you may
remove 1 points worth of reduction from enemy
Advances instead of reducing the enemy Combat
Panic (No DC) 2 Supply
If the leader fails his roll for another Tactic, this score.
Tactic is used instead. Assassinate (DC40) 2 Supply
You attempt to remove a specific combatant from the
Make a Combat roll. If you pass, the target force
enemy force. Make a Combat roll. If you pass, you
suffers a casualty for every point lower than yours
manage to slip an assassin into place, and a normal
their Combat score is (minimum 1). The enemy force,
combat begins between them and your target.
however, gains a Major bonus to its next Tactic roll
due to your forces disarray. Ambush (DC20) 2 Supply
You lay forces in wait to ambush your enemies. Elect
Hold the Line (DC10) 1 Supply
one combatant to lead this team, and make a Stealth
Make a Combat roll. If you pass, any casualties or
skill roll using their attributes. The enemy leader
destroyed Supplies you would have suffered this turn
selects a combatant to roll Perception against it; if
are reduced to 1, and an enemy Advance costs 1 extra
they fail, their force suffers d10 casualties.
Using this Tactic requires at least one rank in Info
(Guerilla Tactics).

Traps (DC25) 1+? Supply
You scatter traps throughout high-traffic combat
areas. Roll a d10 for every additional unit of Supplies
you elect to use when you select this tactic. If the
result is a 10, 9 or 8, an enemy has been trapped and
they suffer a casualty. If the result is a 1, an accident
occurs and one of your own combatants is trapped
Using this Tactic requires at least two ranks in Info
(Guerilla Tactics).
Disrupt Comms (DC20) 2 Supply
You attempt to disrupt the enemy communications
and make it difficult for them to coordinate. Elect a
combatant to lead the hacking attempts, and make a
Tech Use skill roll using their attributes against a DC
of 25. If you pass, the enemy commander takes a
Minor penalty to their next Tactic roll. If you pass by
at least 10, they suffer a Major penalty instead.
Using this Tactic requires at least one rank in Info
(Modern Warfare).
Sabotage (DC30) 3 Supply
You attempt to sow panic throughout an enemy force
by sabotaging equipment and supplies. Elect a
combatant to lead the sabotage attempts, and make
a Demolitions skill roll using their attributes against a
DC of 30. If you pass, the enemy force is forced to
take the Panic Tactic on the next turn.
Using this Tactic requires at least two ranks in Info
(Modern Warfare).

well-known civilian stores may carry military gear,
available to SRT members at a mark-up (10%).

4: Tools Exotic
Exotic weaponry is different from the norm, difficult

of the to find, and usually very dangerous. Usually acquired

by ordering from manufacturers directly, this

Trade requires the item to be manufactured freshly,

meaning the item can take over a week or longer to
Equipment be delivered, at the GMs discretion. While they may
be found in stores or in the possession of people
In the world of No Horizon, getting things done is a lot
throughout the universe, they are often treasured
easier when youre using top-notch equipment. While
items and unlikely to be sold on to the players unless
the many weapons and armours available differ in
they pay extra or do some favour for the owner.
their stats, what really set them apart are their
Qualities. However, not all weapons are as easy to Availability
find as you may like, and not all are as easy to wield While being an SRT member opens many doors, it
as you might hope. Two large factors in choosing your cant get you access to something the shop owner
gear are Class and Availability. doesnt have. Generally, when you arrive somewhere
with stores the GM will decide what level of
Availability the items available there are. Your GM
Weapons, as well as armour and other gear, have a
may also rule that the PCs can invest in stores or
Class associated with them- either Civilian, Military or
settlements and increase the Availability of gear they
Exotic. The primary use of this is discerning what
can find there. In order, the levels of Availability are;
Proficiency trait you need to use the item properly,
reflecting the training taken to wield or wear them 1. Common
effectively. They also, however, affect where the 2. Uncommon
weapon may be found. 3. Rare
4. Scarce
Civilian items are most commonly found at standard Gear Qualities
shops and markets that anyone can access. These
There are lots of different kinds of weapons and
shops are practically everywhere people are.
armours found throughout CGC space, including many
Additionally, the regular people of the CGC are pretty
strange and exotic ones. Paying close attention to
used to seeing Civilian weaponry on a daily basis, and
your gears capabilities is important to make sure you
will rarely panic upon seeing it unless youre pointing
have the right thing for the job, and aside from how
the barrel at them.
much damage and penetration power they have, its
Military important to pay attention to the benefits you get
Military weaponry and gear generally isnt found at from Qualities. Qualities are like Traits for equipment,
typical stores. Items with the Military class require and while most items have one or more qualities by
contact with an armed forces source to purchase default you can add or remove them with
(whether legally or not), or for you to order them modifications.
directly from a manufacturer. While manufacturers
cannot sell military-class weaponry to civilians, SRT Note that when a Quality describes you taking
members enjoy the luxury of generally being able to damage from overheating or heavy recoil, that
buy whatever they want. Items ordered in this way damage isnt usually affected by your Armour.
are usually delivered to where you request within a
few days. Failing both those, some more reputable or

An Accurate weapon grants a Minor bonus to attacks
using it.
Acidic weaponry uses burning chemicals to melt
away their targets. Targets damaged by an Acidic
weapon have their Armour reduced by 1. This can be
repaired by someone with the Engineer (Equipment)
A - - > T
skill and spare parts.
Weapons with the Arcing quality can cause damage
that hits additional targets. When a target is hit with
an Arcing weapon, it also hits up to two additional
targets within 5ft of each other, dealing half damage.
Automatic (X) The attacker (A) has hit their target (T) with a weapon that hast
Automatic weaponry fires as long as the trigger is the Blast(S) 3 quality. This means the blast affects a 15ft
held down, often at a high rate. When firing with semicircle, facing away from the attacker.
Automatic weapons, you take a Minor penalty to your
Bonus (Skill Type)
attacks for every attack in a row you make without Armour with the Bonus quality gives a bonus of some
taking a Half action doing something other than kind to a certain skill, listed after the quality. This
attacking as recoil adds up. Automatic weapons deal bonus is gained as long as the armour is being worn.
multiple instances of damage, indicated by the
multiplier following their damage code. Each instance Bleeding
is affected by Armour as if they were separate Weapons with the Bleeding quality cause deep
attacks, but damage from an Attribute bonus is only wounds than continue to bleed. When damaged by a
added to the first instance. The number following weapon with the Bleeding quality, you gain the
Automatic defines how many rounds of ammunition Bleeding condition for a number of turns equal to how
are used instead of one when you attack. many bullets were fired at you (an Automatic 3
weapon would impose 3 turns of Bleeding, for
Bashing example).
A weapon with the Bashing quality has been improved
in some way to make it more dangerous in close Concealable
combat. When a Bashing firearm is used as a melee Concealable weapons are smaller, made from light
weapon, you gain a Minor bonus to the damage and it materials, and generally more difficult to spot on
deals Lethal damage. your person. Perception and Investigation rolls made
against you to find a Concealable weapon take a
Blast (X) Major penalty.
Blast weaponry deals damage in an area of effect,
hitting multiple targets. The number following it Cone (X)
dictates how wide the blast is; Blast 1 hits everything A weapon with the Cone quality hits an area the
within 5ft of the target, 2 10ft, and so on. A Minor shape of a cone. The length of the cone is defined by
penalty is taken to the damage dealt for each 5ft the number following Cone; Cone 1 is a 15ft Cone, Cone
away from the centre of the area a target is. 2 is 25ft, and so on. Cones expand 10ft for every 5ft of
Additionally, Blast(S) means the area is a semicircle distance they cover after the first, but Cone(N) and
rather than a full one, rotated as to face away from Cone(W) respectively mean the Cone expands every
the attack. 10ft or starts off already 15ft wide. Cone weapons

ignore all of a targets Defence other than that Drone-link
granted by a shield. Drone-link weapons fire special ammunition that is
closer to a tiny robot than a bullet, or are otherwise
guided by a computer system. These weapons ignore
the effects of Half and Full cover.
Gear Access
Armour with this quality has tactical pockets or
webbing that allows you to store small items.
Drawing an item from your belongings during combat
(N) (W)
can be done as an Instant action, provided the item is
of the size and weight to be easily held in one hand.
Weapons with this quality have two damage profiles.
The first time a target is hit, the first profile is used,
and the next hit uses the second profile. Following
hits alternate through the two profiles in the same
Cone(N) 1 vs. Cone(W) 1 way. If Follow-up is followed by more qualities in
Conductive brackets, it means these qualities only apply to the
Conductive weaponry uses electricity as its core second hit.
damaging component, and thusly is more effective Heavy
when the target is a better conductor. If your target Weapons with the Heavy quality are bulky and more
is wearing armour with the Non-Conductive quality, difficult to work with. Such weapons require two Half
however, they are less effective and have their AP actions to Ready and to Reload.
reduced to 0.
Charge Inaccurate weapons are typically automatic weapons
Weapons with the Charge quality require a moment to intended to be sprayed at foes in bursts. Attacks with
gather energy before they can be used to attack. It Inaccurate weapons take a Minor penalty.
requires a Half action to charge a weapon up.
Dire Armour with the Insulated quality is designed to
The Dire quality marks a weapon as one that has protect the wearer against harsh temperatures and
devastating potential. When attacking with a Dire keep them at a safe temperature for their race.
weapon, you may ignore a single dice result of 1 for Insulated armour effectively protects the wearer
the purpose of gaining a Critical Success. from the effects of intense heat and intense cold,
Disruption keeping them at a comfortable temperature. When
Disruption weaponry uses electromagnetic waves or wearing Insulated armour, you are always
similar technology to damage computers and other considered to be in your Natural Climate. If the
electronics whilst avoiding permanent damage to armour is damaged in any way this protection is lost
people. When dealing damage to characters with less until repairs are made. This can be repaired by
than 1 point of augmentation, Disruption weapons someone with the Engineer (Equipment) skill and
only deal 1d10 NL (E, AP3) damage. Celneti take full spare parts.
damage even when installed into biological bodies. Kit
A weapon with this quality can be easily
disassembled and reassembled again, a process that
takes about 20 seconds either way. When

disassembled, the weapon is treated as having the wearing Powered armour and are hit by a weapon
Concealable quality. with the Disruption Quality, its weight is considered
double for one turn.
Weapons with the Large quality are a lot easier to Piercing
spot than others. Perception and Investigation rolls Piercing weaponry is designed with over penetration
made against you to find a Large weapon receive a in mind, in order to hit multiple targets. When
Major bonus. attacking with Piercing weapons, if you pierce your
targets armour you may also roll to hit a character
behind them, with the AP of the attack reduced by the
Armour with this quality is thin enough to be worn
initial targets armour.
beneath other armour, meaning you can combine
their Armour values. Reactive
Reactive armour is rarely seen on personal armour,
usually reserved for vehicle protection. Using layers
Light weapons are low in weight, making them quick
of armour plate and high-explosive, penetrating hits
and easy to retrieve or store. Readying a Light
detonate the explosives which then force armour
weapon can be done as an Instant action. The Rapid
plates against the projectile, disrupting it and its
Reload Advantage also allows you to instantly ready a
payload. Reactive armour is treated as 3 Armour
Light throwing weapon after attacking with one.
higher against the first explosive to hit it, but once
Non-Conductive the reactive plates have been triggered they must be
Armour built with Non-Conductive materials is very replaced at a cost of 10% of the armours original
useful for people who work with machinery and value. This can be done by someone with the Engineer
electronics, due to its ability to resist electrical (Equipment) skill and somewhere to purchase parts of
shocks. If you would take damage from a source with Military/Uncommon rarity.
the Conductive quality, the AP of that damage is
reduced to 0. Recoil (X)
Weapons with the Recoil quality have a hefty kick to
Overheating them when fired. Weapons with this quality will list a
Weapons that possess the Overheating quality number after Recoil, i.e Recoil 2. This is the Strength
generate more heat during their use than they can attribute needed to fire it properly; if you have lower
dissipate easily. Overheating weapons take a Major than this, whenever you attack you take 1d10 NL(K)
penalty to their attack if fired a second time in one damage as you fail to resist the force of the shot and
turn, and if fired a third take that penalty as well as take a Major penalty to the roll. Non-firearm weapons
burning their user for 1d10 L (E) damage. Armour with with this quality are simply very hefty and difficult to
this quality is thick and uncomfortable to wear in high use without appropriate strength, and just take a
temperatures, resulting in a Major penalty to all Major penalty to their attacks (the user does not take
Resolve-based rolls whilst wearing it in an damage).
environment rated Tropical or higher.
Parrying Reinforced weapons are toughened are difficult to
Weapons with the Parrying quality are better suited break. They are unaffected by the Sundering quality,
for defending, granting a Minor bonus to Parry and can be used to Parry ranged attacks if you have
attempts. the correct Advantage. Reinforced armour is difficult
to break, meaning things like environmental seals and
Armour with the Powered Quality contains internal inbuilt technology are protected from damage.
mechanisms or servos that assist the wearer in
moving in it and managing its weight. If you are

Reliable character attacked with a Suppressive weapon,
Reliable weapons are less prone to malfunction. If you regardless of being hit or not, is Panicked for the
roll a Critical Failure when you attack with a Reliable duration of their next turn unless they are in (or move
weapon, roll a d10. If the result is even the Critical into) Cover.
Failure is ignored.
Sealed Unreliable weapons are the opposite of Reliable ones;
Sealed armour is protected against the vacuum of they break easily, and often. You ignore one dice
space and chemical intrusion, making it invaluable result of 10 when attacking for the purposes of
when exploring hazardous areas. Sealed armour getting a Critical Failure.
protects the wearer from gases and airborne toxins,
but after each hour of use their filters must be Vapour
Vapour weaponry doesnt use solid projectiles or
replaced, costing 10% of the armours original cost. In
energy blasts, and instead spray chemicals or
addition, damage to the suit causes this protection to
something else to create a damaging field. Vapour
be lost until it is repaired. This can be done by
weaponry ignores the effects of Half cover.
someone with the Engineer (Equipment) skill and
spare parts. Versatile
Versatile weapons are built to be modifiable. As such,
adding or removing a modification from a Versatile
Sloped armour is designed to protect the wearer
weapon requires no skill and can be done by anyone
better from certain angles, as fire hitting armour at a
with a flat surface and a minute.
slope as a wider section of armour to penetrate and
is more likely to ricochet. Sloped armour has its Weapon Attributes
Armour value increased by 2 against attacks hitting Name
the front of the wearer, 1 against attacks hitting the The weapons name. Weapon names are mostly
side of the wearer, and attacks that fail to penetrate classifications that describe what the weapon is,
your armour ricochet away harmlessly on a d10 rather than an exact model or brand.
result of 1 or 2.
Specialised The amount of damage dealt when an enemy is hit by
Specialised armour is coated or manufactured in this weapon.
some way to provide additional protection against
one kind of damage. Its Armour value is considered
The degree to which the weapon can pierce enemy
the listed value higher against the specified type.
A Sundering weapon has powerful piercing or
The size of the weapons magazines and what kind it
crushing capabilities that allow it to break other
weaponry. When you attack with a Sundering
weapon, any weapon used to Parry it is damaged Range
(Major penalty to attacks) the first time and broken The ranges at which the weapon is useful.
(unusable until repaired) the second time. This can be
repaired by someone with the Engineer (Equipment)
What Qualities the weapon has, if any.
skill and spare parts.
Suppressive How much UTC the weapon costs, and how much a
Weapons with the Suppressive quality are capable of
magazine of ammunition costs.
laying down fire that restricts enemy movement,
forcing them to hunker down and avoid it. Any

Wt. much against serious defences, but when it comes to
How much the weapon weighs. protecting yourself theyre usually a fairly good
Armour Attributes
Name Examples: Orosi Minor, Weston Jr. Carver
The name this kind of armour is most often known by.
Stun Pistol (Civilian/Common)
Armour Marketed as affordable, reliable, and most
The amount of AP needed to penetrate this armour importantly legal protection, Stun Pistols come in a
and deal full damage to the wearer. rainbow of different models and versions, but all
generally use an electrical shock to incapacitate a
How many points of modification this armour can target without serious injury.
accommodate. Examples: idStunGun, Celneti Foundries 4
MR Switch Revolver (Civilian/Uncommon)
Move Reduction how much this armour reduces the Versatile guns for a busy world, Switch Revolvers are
amount you can move in a turn. capable of firing regular bullets as well as energy
Qualities cells its even possible to load a few rounds of one
What qualities the armour has, if any. and a few of the other. Each has their pros and cons,
and for that reason most users load half-and-half.
How much UTC the armour costs to purchase Examples: Kommandant P5, idSwitchup
normally. Plasma Pistol (Military/Uncommon)
Wt. Known for being less than reliable, Plasma Pistols are
How much the armour weighs. If this exceeds your the smallest incarnation of firearms that make use of
carry weight, you cannot move while wearing it. If superheated plasma. Loaded via individual capsules
this exceeds your carry weight by more than your of reagent that are expended after a single use, like
Strength bonus, you collapse to the ground and take regular bullets.
1d10 L(K) damage every turn as it crushes you. This is, Examples: Carrion Labs CT-3, DWC Fireb1rd
obviously, not affected by your Armour value.
Autolas (Military/Common)
Weapon Listing Though they overheat quickly, an Autolas is a good
Pistols way to dole out quick energy damage with a small
weapon. Their rate of fire and lack of recoil
Pistols are small and usually useable with one or two
compensation make them very much short-range
hands. They can take up to 2 points of modifications.
Light Pistol (Civilian/Common)
Light Pistols are as concealable as firearms come, Examples: DWC Sn4pp3r, idQuickLas
and still pack a punch. They are simple to use and one Heavy Pistol (Civilian/Common)
of the most common guns in the universe, often About as big a punch as you can pack in one hand,
carried as a sidearm by people packing something Heavy Pistols are common self-defence weapons for
larger. those that travel the outskirts of CGC space, and need
something with a little kick to fend off whatever they
Examples: idPistol 3, Celneti Foundries 3
run into.
Holdout Blaster (Civilian/Common)
Holdout Blasters are the reliable, concealable little Examples: Kommandant RP2, Weston Marshal
brother of the energy weapons family. They wont do

Hand Cannon (Exotic/Rare) Hailfire Gun (Exotic/Uncommon)
The heavy pistol taken to its logical conclusion, Hand These guns are made with little else in mind other
Cannons are long, powerful, and responsible for more than putting the maximum amount of bullets in a
broken wrists than the leading alternative. Hand target. Their rate of fire is so high its almost
Cannons generally drop what they hit, as long as you impossible to miss your target as long as you point
can actually hit something with them. the thing in the right direction.
Examples: Weston Anaconda, Tacworks LLD Examples: Weston Sandstorm, Maralini 12mm
Detonator (Exotic/Scarce) Shotguns
Clunky but still vaguely pistol sized, Detonators are Shotguns are good for short range encounters, firing
rare, powerful firearms that fire rounds laden with a a spread of projectiles that spread over distance.
volatile chemical mix that explodes on impact. Very Shotguns can take upto 4 points of modifications.
feared in space and on atmosphere-less worlds, as
the explosion has a nasty habit of breaking The effects of Range apply to damage rolls instead of
environment seals. attack rolls when using shotguns.

Example: idBanger, Celneti Foundries 99 Pump Shotgun (Civilian/Common)

Very common as a first line of defence for ship
SMGs crewmen, Pump Shotguns share the versatility of
Submachine guns, or SMGs for short, are portable Switch Revolvers, in that they can be loaded with
weapons usually larger than a pistol. They are often kinetic or energy-based shells. While the need to
fully automatic, and can take up to 3 points of pump to load a new shell slows firing, most are built
modifications. with the assumption that in close quarters combat,
the wielder may only get to shoot once. Pump
Kinetic SMG (Military/Common)
Shotguns rarely come with a stock attached, but
Coupling a high rate of fire with large magazines,
attachable stocks can be found about anywhere.
Kinetic SMGs are often found in the hands of private
security or mercenaries. Not recommended for Examples: Maralini 12ga., Tacworks CCW
armoured targets due to low penetration, but
excellent for unarmoured ones. Split Energy Rifle (Civilian/Common)
Technically Energy Point-Rifles with their barrels
Examples: Orosi Orio, Maralini .45 modified to produce a split beam, the modification
was common enough that most manufacturers
Laser SMG (Military/Common)
started selling it built-in. The split beams are less
Good for keeping up sustained energy damage, Laser
concentrated, but the sum of the damaging
SMGs unleash a volley of laser fire but arent known
capabilities outweighs that of a single beam.
for their accuracy. Most models handle their heat
dispersion well enough to empty their entire Examples: Orosi Hydra, idSplitlas
magazine without stopping.
Plasma Projector (Military/Rare)
Examples: DWC Cycl3r, Celneti Foundries 33 Projectors maximise the properties of plasma to
produce a short ranged wave of destruction. The
Tesla Autogun (Military/Uncommon)
plasma washes over everything in a small area,
Tesla Autoguns are somewhat of an uncommon sight,
making it difficult to dodge without relying on a
and thankfully so. Their arcing bolts of electricity
make short work of clustered targets as they leap
from one unfortunate foe to the next, though Examples: DWC Hotsh0t, Carrion Labs WP-1
reliability is often an issue with current models.
Examples: Kommandant Storm-1, idShocker

Combat Shotgun (Military/Common) modifications and scopes to allow easy
While not as versatile as Pump Shotguns, Combat customisation, and see plenty of use in hunting and
Shotguns offer a high rate of fire perfect for self-defense outside of armed forces.
shredding foes in close range. Their large magazine
size helps offset this high rate of fire. Examples: Orosi Circinus, Hunters Friend Point Laser

Examples: Weston Lawmaker, Tacworks AFS Kinetic Rifle (Military/Common)

The workhorse of any army, kinetic rifles are reliable,
Burstshot (Exotic/Uncommon) easy to fix and cheap to feed, with ammunition
While various similar weapons with different names available practically anywhere. When it comes to
exist, Burstshot is the most common one. arming a group quickly, theres little better than a
Burstshots launch a single large shot that explodes simple rifle.
outwards on impact, easily making mincemeat of
most targets and whatever is unfortunate enough to Examples: Weston Ranger, Maralini 10mm
be stood behind them. While many respectable Sustained Beam Rifle (Military/Uncommon)
companies produce models, its actually more Designed to provide a constant energy stream as long
common to see cobbled-together improvised versions as the trigger is held down, Sustain Rifles are
than anything else. accurate and high-power but limited by the heat
created during their use. The constant beam is
Examples: Orosi Taurus, Celneti Foundries 22
excellent for unconfident shooters operating at long
H/H Gun (Exotic/Rare) range.
The Heal/Harm Gun, a rare over/under shotgun styled
weapon, is about as small as biological warfare Examples: DWC C0nstant, Kommandant Eagle
comes. The top barrel comes loaded with a volatile Charge Cycler (Military/Uncommon)
acidic compound that quickly expands and burns once One of the best options for dealing with armoured
it leaves the barrel, creating a short burst that melts targets without weighing yourself down with
through practically anything it comes into contact anything bulkier, Charge Cyclers cycle power through
with. multiple energy cells before projecting it as a single
bolt. Capable of piercing most personal armour as
The bottom barrel is loaded with a contact-burst
well as that on some personal shuttles or vehicles,
canister filled with a potent blend of medical and
Charge Rifles can sometimes be found modified and
stimulant chemicals, intended to provide fast
mounted power sources in order to bypass their need
frontline medical care. The weapon never made it to
to charge.
full military production due to safety concerns (the
canister was inaccurate and prone to leaking), but a Examples: Celneti Foundries 54, DWC R4iler
few prototypes from different manufacturers still
make limited run every few years. Hard Target Rifle (Military/Rare)
An excellent weapon for long-range encounters, hard
Examples: Carrion Labs HH-0, Tacworks FLS target or anti-materiel rifles have impressive
penetration qualities and are usually constructed
specifically for one shooter, with customised grips
Rifles are larger weapons, wielded in two hands and
and stock in order to maximise accuracy and stability
effective at range due to their longer barrels. They
and offset the rifles size and immense recoil from
can take up to 6 points of modifications.
Energy Point-Rifle (Civilian/Common)
Examples: Maralini .75, Tacworks AMR
Named for the pointman of a squad, Point-Rifles are
accurate, sturdily built and versatile. Commonly semi-
automatic, Point-Rifles come standard with rails for

EM Caster (Exotic/Rare) fortifications, and generally anything in between the
EM Casters, rather than using conventional wielder and their goal. Though their charging
ammunition, project a concentrated wave of requirements make them awkward to use, its hard
electromagnetic energy, capable of wreaking havoc to argue with a weapon that can open up small
on electronic systems found in robots and starships.
augmentations. The energy, while disorientating, is of
little danger to organics. Examples: Carrion Labs BC-2, Orosi Aries

Examples: Orosi Fornax, idIsruptor Plasma Torch (Exotic/Scarce)

Basically a Plasma Projector hooked up to a larger
Special ammo supply allowing for sustained fire, Plasma
The Special category covers a number of weapons Torches fill a similar role to what flamethrowers used
with little in common with eachother other than the to before modern armour and shielding made them
fact that they dont really fit anywhere else. Special fairly useless. Though short range, they have a
weapons are fairly purpose built and cannot take tendency to melt away anything in that reach.
much modification, taking only 2 points worth.
Examples: Carrion Labs PT-34, DWC B4sili5k
Rocket Launcher (Military/Common)
Lock Mortar (Exotic/Scarce)
A simple weapon from a simpler time, rocket
A shoulder-slung mortar paired with a pistol-sized
launchers have changed little in the last few hundred
targeting device. The targeter fires paintball-like
years other than building them out of different
markers tuned to deactivate if they leave the
materials and tweaking their payloads. Jam a rocket
mortars effective range. Once a marker has been
in one end, point it at something you want gone, and
fired and registers itself as impacting, the mortar
pull the trigger.
fires a shell which homes in on the marker, resulting
Examples: Ces-Vaulcann Arms Ballista, Kommandant in an accurate explosion capable of dealing with
PF99 armoured targets as well as soft ones. Though
original intended for ground-to-ground use, the shell
Minigun (Military/Uncommon)
seeks air targets just as well.
Varying between 8 and 12 barrels worth of fun,
Miniguns are far from what their name makes them Examples: Celneti Foundries 83, Ces-Vaulcann Arms
sound. Miniguns put out a dizzying amount of gunfire, Longbow
allowing you to more or less paint wherever you point
it with bullets.
While somewhat of an oxymoron, unarmed weaponry
Examples: Weston Outrider, Celneti Foundries 54 refers to anything worn on the hands to augment
hand-to-hand fighting. They generally dont have room
PA Cannon (Military/Uncommon)
Standing for Personal Autocannon, PA Cannons are for modification, being fairly simple weapons, and
often lightweight (by comparison), stripped-down can only take 1 points worth. While some unarmed
versions of autocannons found on vehicles. Painful to weapons usually deal Non-Lethal damage, you can
fire without enough strength to cushion the recoil, PA choose to deal Lethal with them if you wish by taking
Cannons are difficult to use but bring great results a Minor penalty to your attack.
for those that can manage them. Knuckle Dusters (Civilian/Common)
While many different versions are available, they
Examples: Kommandant Victory, Maralini 30mm
generally all fulfil the same purpose: to add a little
Breach Cannon (Military/Uncommon) extra power to your punches. Most are a single
Bulky, expensive, and in many ways the pinnacle of shaped piece of metal designed to slip over the
energy weaponry, Breach Cannons are named for fingers, but theyre a fairly easy thing to improvise.
their main use; breaching enemy armour,

Examples: Homesafe Defenders, BULLDOG 2230 with them if you wish by taking a Minor penalty to
your attack.
Force Gloves (Civilian/Common)
Force Gloves use bands of conductive material Improvised Weapon (Civilian)
layered over non-conductive gloves to augment the Pots, pans, brooms, etc etc; you name it, someone
wearers strikes with a painful electrical shock. While has used it to knock someone around. In the busy
the gloves themselves differ widely from model to universe we live in, not everyone has chance to grab
model, wearers often give themselves away with something better when trouble raises its head.
slight hand twitches. Whenever you use something atypical as a melee
weapon, use whichever statline from here is more
Examples: BULLDOG Bouncer, idStunGloves
appropriate. Your GM may rule your improvised
Energy Claws (Military/Uncommon) weapon has additional Qualities as appropriate.
Hooked up to a small external powerpack to ensure
Combat Blade (Civilian/Common)
reliability, Energy Claws when turned off look like a
Whether a simple knife meant for honest work or a
pair of gloves with coverings over the fingers. When
fancy serrated number meant for something else,
turned on, however, they project a short, claw-like
they all generally do pretty well in one thing: hurting
laser a few inches in length from each fingertip.
people. Quiet, concealable and deadly in the right
These high-intensity beams make short work of most
hands, many people often carry one as a last line of
personal armour.
Examples: Kommandant Talons, Orosi Aquila
Examples: Kommandant Trophy, Weston Bowie
Bulwark Gauntlets (Exotic/Rare)
Bludgeon (Civilian/Common)
Usually thicker than the wearers actual armour,
There are few ways of dealing with organic life used
Bulwark Gauntlets are designed for punching things
more often than giving it a sharp knock on the head
you normally wouldnt want your hands anywhere
with something blunt. As such, practically every
near, and if it has bones, breaking all of them. Using
sentient race in the universe has invented an armful
robotic internals to aid movement of the large digits,
of different blunt objects to do it with. Youre
Bulwark Gauntlets incorporate a shifting weight
system and miniature jets in order to maximise
punching capacity, as well as a small shield projector Examples: BULLDOG SecStick, Tacworks SAP
which flicks on for a moment whenever the gauntlets
Survival Axe (Military/Common)
register an impact in order to protect the wearer
Capable of swapping from a long, machete-like blade
from any shrapnel their punches might produce. A
for clearing foliage to an axe blade for cutting
heavy marketing campaign from BULLDOG showed this
lumber, Survival Axes commonly come with numerous
system being reliable enough to protect the wearer
other helpful tools built into them, like compasses and
from a grenade detonated inside the gauntlets grip,
but owners are rarely tempted to try it.
Exampes: Weston Survivalist, Tacworks TSA
Examples: BULLDOG Juggernauts, Celneti Foundries 103
Nanoblade (Military/Common)
Melee So named for their thin, razor sharp edges rather
A wide category that covers practically everything than the involvement of any nanotechnology,
one might hold in their hand and hit someone with, Nanoblades are often used as both utility tools and
from improvised weapons up to high-tech nanoblades. close-combat weapons by military personnel or
Melee weapons typically have room for 2 points of particularly well-funded mercenaries.
modification. While some melee weapons usually deal
Non-Lethal damage, you can choose to deal Lethal Examples: Tacworks NNB, idFineblade

Beamsword (Exotic/Rare) Examples: Hunters Friend Pro Hatchet, Weston Skinner
Expensive even for a weapon of their capabilities,
Beamswords project a high-intensity laser from an Frag Grenade (Military/Common)
Thrown devices that use a small amount of high-
emitter in the hilt to the top of an adjustable receiver,
explosive to scatter fragments over a radius. These
resulting in a portable, multipurpose weapon with
high-velocity fragments are easily capable of piercing
cutting power far beyond most of its competitors.
unarmoured targets and causing lethal injury at
Examples: Orosi Caelus, Celneti Foundries 73 ranges of upto 25ft, though fragments often fly much
farther to less effect.
Demo Hammer (Exotic/Uncommon)
While they originally had their use in demolitions and Examples: Tacworks FG, idBoom!
excavation, people quickly found out that they are
equally useful at excavating people. Heavy Anti-Armour Grenade (Military/Uncommon)
Heavier than their frag cousins, anti-armour grenades
sledgehammers in their own right, each side is
are intended for targets in heavy personal armour, as
effectively a large stamp, linked to a reservoir of two
well as light vehicles. Their penetrative capabilities
chemicals which, apart, are fairly harmless.
often allow them to breach mechs and small
However, if something is stamped with one and then
hit with the other, the two react explosively. While
small, the blast is easily enough to go through Examples: Kommandant Blitz, Orosi Phoenix
masonry, thin metal walls and most personal armour,
whilst carrying a concussive force capable of horrific Stun Grenade (Military/Common)
Often used by law enforcement, Stun Grenades are
wounds even if the targets armour isnt penetrated.
intended to disorientate and disrupt rioters or other
Examples: Carrion Labs CD-3, Otontae Excavation Tool aggressive civilian bodies. A bright, loud explosive
D1 disrupts the senses of anyone unlucky to be in its
radius, while a non-lethal concussive force causes
painful bruising and often knocks the wind out of
Since the dawn of time, people have picked objects up
with the intention of throwing them at someone else.
This category covers objects thrown directly to injure Examples: Tacworks DDI, BULLDOG Flash
a target, as well as explosive or otherwise dangerous
devices thrown from range to affect an area.
Improvised Weapon (Civilian)
While not their intended purpose, its not difficult to
pick up something sturdy and see it might fly well.
Its how 84% of sentient races invented sports, after
all. Whenever you use something atypical as a thrown
weapon, use whichever statline from here is more
appropriate. Your GM may rule your improvised
weapon has additional Qualities as appropriate.
Throwing Blade (Civilian/Common)
While some favour knives, and some favour axes, its
universally agreed that having one thrown at you by
someone who knows what theyre doing is not going
to end well for you. While both do more or less the
same thing, there are more expensive versions with
nanofine edges similar to Nanoblades.

Weapons Table
Name Damage AP Magazine Range Price Wt.
Pistols Firearms (Add Ability bonus to damage)
Light Pistol 1d10 L(K) 0 15(m) 30/60/90 200/30 1
Qualities: Concealable
Holdout Blaster 1d10 L(E) 1 5(m) 40/80/120 300/40 1
Qualities: Concealable, Reliable
Stun Pistol 3d10 NL(E) 1 5(m) 20/30/40 100/10 2
Qualities: Concealable, Conductive
Switch Revolver: 8(r) / 700/30 2
Kinetic Rounds 2d10 L(K) 1 40/80/120
Energy Rounds 1d10 L(E) 2 50/100/150
Qualities: Reliable
Plasma Pistol 3d10 L(E) 6 6(m) 20/40/50 1600/120 5
Qualities: Unreliable, Dire, Overheating
Autolas 1d10 L(E) x3 1 30(m) 15/30/45 600/60 2
Qualities: Automatic 3, Overheat, Concealable
Heavy Pistol 2d10 L(K) 2 9(m) 40/80/120 650/50 3
Qualities: Accurate, Concealable
Hand Cannon 3d10 L(K) 3 6(r) 50/100/150 1100/60 4
Qualities: Accurate, Reliable, Recoil 3, Concealable
Detonator 4d10 L(K/E) 5 1(r) 20/50/80 2000/100 5
Qualities: Blast 1, Heavy
SMGs Firearms (Add Ability bonus to damage)
Kinetic SMG 1d10 L(K) x3 1 27(m) 20/40/60 700/90 5
Qualities: Automatic 3
Laser SMG 1d10 L(E) x4 2 40(m) 30/60/90 1000/120 5
Qualities: Automatic 4, Inaccurate
Tesla Autogun 1d10 L(E) x3 3 33(m) 40/50/60 1500/100 6
Qualities: Arcing, Automatic 3, Conductive
Hailfire Gun 1d10 L(K) x10 0 60(m) Cone 1500/300 8
Qualities: Cone(N) 2, Automatic 10, Suppressive
Shotguns - Firearms (Add Ability bonus to damage)
Pump Shotgun 6(r) 500/40 7
Kinetic Shells 3d10 L(K) 1 20/40/60
Energy Shells 2d10 L(E) 3 30/50/70
Qualities: Reliable
Split Energy Rifle 3d10 L(E) 3 4(m) 30/50/70 900/60 8
Qualities: Large, Versatile
Plasma Projector 4d10 L(E) 6 6(r) 15/30/45 2000/180 15
Qualities: Unreliable, Dire, Overheating, Large
Combat Shotgun 2d10 L(K) x3 1 18(m) 20/40/60 1300/80 10
Qualities: Automatic 3, Large, Recoil 2
Burstshot 5d10 L(K) 5 1(r) 40/60/70 2800/100 14
Qualities: Blast(S) 2, Heavy, Large, Bashing
H/H Gun 1400 16
Kinetic Shells 2d10 L(K) 2 8(m) 30/50/70 /80

Qualities: Large, Recoil 2
Biopod +3d10 L&NL 0 1(r) 10/20/30 /150
Qualities: Blast 2, Unreliable, Vapour
Rifles - Firearms (Add Ability bonus to damage)
Energy Point-Rifle 2d10 L(E) 3 20(m) 50/100/150 800/60 7
Qualities: Versatile, Accurate, Reinforced, Large
Kinetic Rifle 1d10 L(K) x 3 2 30(m) 30/60/90 600/50 8
Qualities: Reliable, Automatic 3, Large
Sustained Beam Rifle 1d10 L(E) x 5 4 50(m) 40/80/120 1600/150 10
Qualities: Automatic 5, Overheating, Large
Charge Cycler 3d10 L(E) 7 3(m) 50/100/150 1400/90 15
Qualities: Charge, Large, Recoil 3
Hard Target Rifle 5d10 L(K) 6 1(r) 50/150/250 1500/30 25
Qualities: Accurate, Reliable, Kit, Large, Heavy, Recoil 5
EM Caster 4d10 L(E) 5 5(m) 20/40/60 1200/100 15
Qualities: Disruption, Large, Reliable
Special - Firearms (Add Ability bonus to damage)
Rocket Launcher 7d10 L(K/E) 6 1(r) 40/80/120 3000/200 30
Qualities: Blast 5, Reinforced, Heavy, Large
Minigun 1d10 L(K) x20 3 200(m) 20/40/60 2500/600 35
Qualities: Suppressive, Automatic 20, Heavy, Large, Inaccurate, Recoil 3
PA Cannon 6d10 L(K) 7 4(m) 50/100/150 3200/300 50
Qualities: Heavy, Large, Recoil 6, Piercing, Unreliable
Breach Cannon 4d10 L(E) 8 1(r) 60/120/180 3900/200 40
Qualities: Charge, Overheating, Large, Heavy, Piercing, Accurate
Plasma Torch 3d10 L(E) x3 6 30(m) Cone 3500/300 40
Qualities: Unreliable, Overheating, Dire, Heavy, Large, Automatic 3, Cone 1
Lock Mortar 4100/ 25
Target Marker 1 NL(K) 0 10(m) 30/60/90 1
Missile 5d10 L(K) 6 1(r) 100/200/300 250
Qualities: Accurate, Follow-Up (Drone-link, Blast 3), Heavy, Large
Unarmed - Unarmed (Add Strength bonus to damage)
Unarmed 1d10 NL(K) 0 / 5 / /
Qualities: Reliable
Knuckle Dusters 1d10 L(K) 0 / 5 30 1
Qualities: Concealable
Force Gloves 2d10 L(E) 2 / 5 300 1
Qualities: Concealable, Conductive
Energy Claws 3d10 L(E) 5 / 5 1900 10
Qualities: Reliable, Sundering, Large
Bulwark Gloves 5d10 L(K) 4 / 5 2500 15
Qualities: Reinforced, Large, Heavy, Recoil 5
Special: Wearing a set of Bulwark Gloves imposes a Major penalty on any kind of precise work or interaction with
the hands, but adds 1 to your Armour. Additionally, if you would take damage from a Blast weapon after using
Swift Parry to defend against it, that damage is halved and converted to Non-Lethal.
Melee Melee Combat (Add Strength bonus to damage)
Improvised Weapon / /
Small (Pistol, Bottle, Wrench) 1d10 NL(K) 0 / 5

Medium (Rifle, Table Leg, Pan) 2d10 NL(K) 0 / 5
Large (Signpost, 3d10 L(K) 0 / 10
Qualities: Unreliable
Combat Blade 1d10 L(K) 1 / 5 200 1
Qualities: Concealable, Reliable
Bludgeon 2d10 NL(K) 1 / 5 100 2
Qualities: Inaccurate
Survival Axe 3d10 L(K) 3 / 5 700 5
Qualities: Reliable, Reinforced, Dire
Nanoblade 2d10 L(K) 4 / 5 1100 4
Qualities: Bleeding, Concealable
Beamsword 3d10 L(E) 6 / 5 1900 6
Qualities: Concealable, Sundering
Demo Hammer / 10 2500 20
First Hit 2d10 L(K) 2
Second Hit 5d10 L(K) 6
Qualities: Follow-Up (Blast(S) 1), Unreliable, Large, Heavy, Reinforced
Thrown Throwing (Add higher of Strength/Ability bonus to damage)
Improvised Weapon / /
Light (Cup, unarmed grenade, 1d10 NL(K) 0 / 30/40/50
Heavy (Brick, Fuel Rod, glass 1d10 L(K) 0 / 15/20/25
Qualities: Unreliable, Inaccurate
Throwing Blade 1d10 L(K) 0 / 30/50/60 250 0.5
Qualities: Concealable, Light
Frag Grenade 5d10 L(K/E) 4 / 30/50/60 200 2
Qualities: Blast 5
Anti-Armour Grenade 4d10 L(E) 6 / 30/50/60 500 3
Qualities: Blast 3
Stun Grenade 5d10 NL(K/E) 5 / 30/50/60 150 2
Qualities: Blast 4
Special: Characters hit by a Stun Grenade are Blinded for the duration of their next turn.

Armour Listing pocketed overall and webbing assembly that comes
standard with a full portable toolkit. If that werent
Outfits good enough, Engineering Rigs are often fairly easy to
Most outfits offer practically no protection, being purchase.
regular clothes. They do, however, often offer social
benefits or bonuses to skills, and lots of room for Survival Gear (Civilian/Common)
improvement. Insulated layers and temperature monitoring make
Survival Gear indispensable for people exploring
Clothes (Civilian/Common) fringe or low-tech planets with uncomfortable
Interstellar fashion changes heavily from place to temperatures. The Armourweave base also allows for
place, and practically every type of clothing under the a small degree of protection.
sun exists somewhere as long as youre willing to
pay enough. Buying the right clothes for a situation Medicare Uniform (Civilian/Uncommon)
may let you avoid suspicion, or make a good first Standard for ambulance staff and other field medical
impression on someone important. practitioners, Medicare Uniforms have webbing to
hold medical supplies securely and come with a small
Executive Finery (Civilian/Uncommon) medkit, excellent for providing fast aid and stabilizing
Designed for businessmen and diplomats, Executive patients before moving them elsewhere.
Finery comes with subtle fragrance emitters and
blood pressure regulators to help the wearer Light Armours
maintain a calm, peaceful demeanour. Light armours are typically seen on private security,
law enforcement, and civilians that travel more
Smartcoat (Civilian/Uncommon) dangerous parts of space.
Smartcoats are treated against chemical or biological
intrusion, allowing scientists to work safely in Combat Plate (Civilian/Common)
hazardous environments. An internal microcomputer Shaped pieces of lightweight armour built into a
also assists the wearer by running calculations and comfortable jumpsuit, Combat Plate is easy to wear
displaying environmental information. and offers a good degree of protection for its price.
Standard issue for most security forces.
Pilotsuit (Civilian/Uncommon)
Thick bodysuits, Pilotsuits are designed to allow for Fieldplate (Military/Common)
unrestricted movement, with lightweight stability A more comprehensive protection than Combat Plate,
actuators and interface ports to help pilots excel at Fieldplate features thicker plates and more coverage.
what they do. Pilotsuits are also fully airtight so long Aside from that, it offers no bells or whistles just
as the helmet is worn and locked. reliable protection.

Armourweave (Civilian/Common) Hardsuit (Civilian/Rare)

Armourweave is about as cheap and available as Form-fitting and sealed, Hardsuits are woven from
personal protection comes. While it wont stop high-grade synthetic fibres overlaid with flexible
anything other than the lightest of gunfire, its thin plates that offer similar combined protection to
enough to wear beneath real armour and most Combat Plate. The back as standard has attachment
models come with feedback sensors woven in that points for air supplies, which combined with magnetic
can ping alerts over a linked network if the armour is surfaces on the palms and feet make Hardsuits
breached. Armourweave comes in two grades, one of excellent for space.
which is more protective but also costs more.
Antigrav Suit (Exotic Rare)
Engineering Rig (Civilian/Common) Similar to a hardsuit but without the environmental
Typically worn by engineers and Engineers, more so seals, Antigrav suits feature rare small-scale GFMs
those who work on starships or travel, Engineering (Gravitational Field Manipulators) that wrap the
Rigs combine an Armourweave underlay with a deeply wearer in a sheathe of antigravity. This lets the

wearer basically become weightless for a few Optional: Helmets
seconds at a time, usually around ten. Many armour solutions come with a helmet, the
purpose of which should be obvious. For sealed
Heavy Armours
armour, wearing this helmet is required to keep the
Large and imposing, heavy armours are typically the
seal intact, but for others they might be taken off to
domain of military personnel, whether public or
expose the wearers face or allow them to wear
things on their head that wouldnt fit under one.
Composite Armour (Military/Common)
All Light and Heavy armours come standard with a
Somewhat uncomfortable to wear, Composite Armour
matching helmet, which can be removed. Doing so
nonetheless delivers on its purpose, featuring high
gives all attacks that hit the character a 10% chance
defensive capabilities without slowing down the
(result of 1 on a 1d10) to hit their head, ignoring their
wearer too much.
Armour value. If the armour has the Sealed quality,
Harsh Environment Suit (Military/Common) this is removed until the helmet is put back on.
HES suits are basically up-scaled Hardsuits, with
thicker plates and specially treated fibres. Sealed and The benefit of this is that many Equipment items and
insulated, their helmets also include built-in accessories cant be used whilst wearing a helmet. If
nightvision and thermal vision capabilities. your GM is using these rules, its also assumed your
helmet is off when you stop to eat or drink.
Armour Jacket (Civilian/Rare)
While expensive, these bulky jackets are actually
lighter than they look, and have impressive protection
capabilities. Constructed of synthetic fibres around
armour plates, jackets of this kind arent exactly
what youd want to wear on a desert planet but more
than make up for it with customisation options.
Armour Jackets count as Light armour for the
purposes of effects that affect certain armour types,
and does not include a helmet if the overleaf helmet
rules are being used.
Powered Armour (Military/Uncommon)
A complete suit, Powered Armour features a powered
interior endoskeleton to assist the wearer in moving
its bulky mass around, as well as generally augment
their strength. Specially made power sources can
sustain Powered Armour indefinitely, as long as it is
powered down for a few hours a day to recoup
power usage.
Tankplate (Military/Scarce)
Probably the thickest personal armour this side of the
rim worlds, Tankplate makes use of large angled
plates and reactive armour systems to minimise the
damage its bearer is exposed to. So named for what
its protection often equates to, Tankplate is very rare
and feared on major battlefields almost as much as it
is feared elsewhere.

Armour Table
Name Armour Mod MR (ft) Price Wt. (lb)
Clothes 0 3 0 20 1000+ 2
Qualities: None
Executive Finery 0 1 0 300 2
Qualities: Bonus (Persuasion Minor), Bonus (Leadership Minor)
Smartcoat 0 1 0 300 2
Qualities: Bonus (Info Minor), Specialised (Bio 2)
Pilotsuit 0 1 0 300 2
Qualities: Bonus (Pilot Minor), Sealed
Armourweave 1/2 2 0 300/600 2/4
Qualities: Layer
Engineering Rig 1 2 5 300 4
Qualities: Gear Access
Special: Wearer is considered to always have access to a Basic Toolkit.
Survival Gear 1 1 0 300 2
Qualities: Insulated
Medicare Uniform 1 1 0 300 2
Qualities: Gear Access
Special: Wearer is considered to always have access to an Emergency Medkit.
Light Armours
Combat Plate 3 3 0 800 10
Qualities: Reinforced
Fieldplate 4 2 5 1000 14
Qualities: Reinforced
Hardsuit 3 1 0 100 6
Qualities: Sealed, Insulated
Special: You can attach yourself to magnetic surfaces using your hands and feet. Walking while attached to a
surface in this way is awkward and your movement is reduced by 15ft.
Antigrav Suit 3 2 5 1400 12
Qualities: None
Special: With verbal or motion command you can activate the suits GFM field, allowing you to defy gravity for
around ten seconds. In this state you are weightless and travel constantly in the direction of any momentum
imparted on you.
Heavy Armours
Composite Armour 6 3 10 1500 30
Qualities: Reinforced, Gear Access, Overheating
Harsh Environment Suit 5 1 5 1300 20
Qualities: Sealed, Insulated, Non-Conductive
Armour Jacket 5 4 5 1100 20
Qualities: Overheating
Powered Armour 7 3 10 2500 90
Qualities: Overheating, Reinforced
Special: While wearing Powered Armour, your Strength is increased by 1.
Tankplate 7 2 15 3200 100
Qualities: Reinforced, Shaped, Reactive, Overheating

Quality if someone other than the person it was
Weapon &
modified for uses it.
This modification can be put on a rail as a foregrip.
While most guns are lethal enough with the factory Drone Link (Military/Uncommon)
standards, you may want to personalise your This small uav drone can be worn at the hip while
equipment somewhere down the line, or even when dormant, but when activated flies into the air and
you buy it. This is done by modifications. Additionally, provides surveillance from above. The linked weapon,
which has been modified to accept special nanodrone
all modifications have two prices. One is for how
ammunition (at a cost of 20% more expensive
much the modification itself is to buy- this is the price
youd pay if you wanted to mod a weapon you magazines), can make use of the targeting it
already had. The second is the price you add to the provides to fire rounds that track enemy targets.
cost of a weapon if you want to buy one with that While the drone is in the air, the weapon has the
Drone-Link Quality. The drone can be shot down,
mod already on.
however- it has 40 Defence, 3 Armour and 20
All mods also have an amount of mod points they take Integrity. A new one costs the same as buying the
up when applied to a weapon, and a DC required to modification.
install them with Engineer (Equipment). If nobody on
the team is capable of doing so, its also possible to Durable Materials (Civilian/Common)
A weapon upgraded with Durable Materials gains the
pay someone else to make modifications. Though, the
Reinforced Quality. It cannot be removed, however.
price of which heavily depends where you are, what
you need, and how cruel your GM is. Mods also have This modification cannot be put on a rail.
weight, which is both how much the mod weighs This modification cannot be removed.
loose and how much is added to a weapons weight
Emergency Charge (Military/Uncommon)
with that mod installed.
Not, as some unfortunate souls would find out after
Weapon Mods not reading the box, a device to charge weapons
Bayonet (Civilian/Common) faster. An Emergency Charge allows you to
A simple bayonet that allows you to use a firearm in magnetically set the weapon modified to a surface
melee more effectively. Gives the attached weapon and detonate it after a set timer. When doing so, use
the Bashing Quality. the stats for an Anti-Armour grenade.
Combat Stock (Civilian/Common) This modification cannot be put on a rail.
Stocks are designed to reduce recoil and increase
accuracy with firearms. This removes the Inaccurate Extended Magazine (Civilian/Uncommon)
In the heat of a fight, reloading can be really
Quality if the weapon has it, and reduces the effect of
inconvenient. The best way to get around that is the
Minor penalties from the Automatic Quality to -2
ability to have to do it less often. Extended magazines
instead of -4.
increase the magazine size of a weapon to 150% of
This modification can be put on a rail if you want, but the normal size -10 round magazines become 15
provides no benefit and makes your gun look stupid. rounds, and so on. Magazines then, unsurprisingly,
cost 50% more than normal.
Custom Grip (Civilian/Common)
Weapons modified with customised grips are more Flashlight (Civilian/Common)
comfortable and accurate for the person they are Weapons with this mod attached can be used to see
customised for. They give the weapon the Accurate better in the dark, surprisingly enough. Darkness is
Quality if it does not have it, and the Inaccurate illuminated in a thin cone 30ft long, and enemies in

this cone take a Minor penalty to ranged attacks This modification cannot be put on a rail.
against you from the glare. This modification can only be used on weapons that
deal Kinetic damage.
Gyrojet Rounds (Military/Common)
The weapon is converted to accept gyroget rounds, Orous Adaptation (Civilian/Common)
which use tiny rockets to accelerate the rounds at This modification is more of an overhaul that converts
high speed. While more expensive (magazines cost the Weapon into a format more easily used by an
25% more for firearms with this mod), the weapon Orous. Weapons with this modification are considered
can be stripped for lighter parts, reducing its weight Orous tech, and require the same Advantage to use
by a third. Additionally, its range is increased by 10 at without penalty.
every distance.
Rail System (Civilian/Common)
This modification cannot be put on a rail. A rail system allows mods to be slid on and off of it
This modification can only be used on weapons that easily, giving you more freedom in how you apply
deal Kinetic damage. modifications to your gun. Rails come in 1-4 mod point
versions, with the point requirement being equal to
Hammer Rounds (Military/Common) how many sides of the gun have rails on.
Hammer Rounds are designed for maximum kinetic
A Rail System can hold up one mod on each side
impact, at the cost of armour-piercing qualities. A
without that mod using up any points, and those
weapon modified to accept Hammer Rounds has -1 AP,
mods can be removed or attached with no skill roll.
but deals +4 damage.
Rupture Rounds (Military/Common)
Knock-off (Civilian/Common) Cruel bullets intended to cause additional trauma and
This weapon is a knock-off, or fake. It probably came
pain in their victims. Weapons modified for these
in a suspiciously badly designed box, complete with
rounds have 10% more expensive magazines, but gain
copyright-infringing characters or symbols, and has
the Bleeding Quality.
the Unreliable and Inaccurate Qualities.
This modification cannot be put on a rail.
This modification cannot be bought separately- it
This modification can only be used on weapons that
reduces the price of a weapon when you by it already
deal Kinetic damage.
Sabot Rounds (Military/Common)
Laser Sight (Civilian/Common) Sabot Rounds use a secondary, outer casing to
Laser Sights project a thin, precise beam that helps
stabilise a smaller inner round. When fired the outer
the user gauge were they are aiming. Having one
casing detaches, and the additional pressure
installed and turned on gives you a Minor bonus to
increases the muzzle velocity of the round, giving it
attack rolls using ranged weapons.
increased piercing capabilities. Weapons modified for
Napalm Masker (Military/Rare) Sabot Rounds have are 25% more expensive to buy
So named for the mechanism that masks bullets in magazines for. However, they gain +1 AP.
an incendiary substance as they move through the
This modification cannot be put on a rail.
barrel. They are ignited upon leaving it, causing burns
This modification can only be used on weapons that
that cauterize the wounds from a gunshot,
deal Kinetic damage.
preventing proper healing. Weapons with this
attachment deal an additional 4 damage to organic Scope (Civilian/Common)
targets, and damage from the weapon cannot be A simple modification compared to most, a scope lets
healed except by long-term care and the Biotech skill. you see further and thus aim at distant targets more
The weapon, however, also gains the Unreliable effectively. Scopes increase a weapons second two
Quality due to all that flammable material sat inside distance ranges by 10 each.
of it.

Superior Parts (Civilian/Uncommon) Underslung Flamethrower (Civilian/Rare)
Weapons modified with Superior Parts are more While actual carried flamethrowers arent exactly
reliable than cheaper alternatives- if a weapon has common nowadays, underslung equivalents are
the Unreliable Quality it is removed, and if not it gains considered very handy on planets with vermin
the Reliable Quality. problems. The flamethrower deals 3d10 L(E) damage,
has 0 AP and the Quality Cone 2. It must be re-fuelled
This modification cannot be put on a rail.
after each use, but a regular small fuel canister
This modification cannot be removed.
(costing 100 UTC) contains enough for 10 shots.
Suppressor (Military/Common)
Underslung Grenade Launcher (Military/Uncommon)
Suppressors are used to help stifle the sound of
Very useful for their increased range, an Underslung
gunfire, and while slightly more advanced than those
Grenade Launcher and hold up to three
of yesteryear, muffling something so loud is difficult.
microgrenades at a time and fire them as a normal
However, with a Suppressor attached to your gun,
attack. Microgrenades cost the same as any normal
anyone who might hear it takes a Major penalty to
grenade, but have a Blast quality 1 lower than
the Sense roll to do so.
standard and when fired out of a launcher have 20
Swarm System (Military/Rare) more range at each distance.
A Swarm System is typically underslung, but
Unlocked Safeties (Civilian/Uncommon)
sometimes mounted to the side or top of a weapon.
This modification removes many of the common
Once locked onto a target, a swarm system
safety features on Energy weapons, making them
unleashes a salvo of micromissiles that seek them
more lethal to all parties involved. Weapons with this
aggressively even behind full cover. Locking onto a
mod deal an extra 1d10 damage, but gain the
target is a Half action, as is firing the Swarm System.
Overheating Quality. If it already has the Quality, it is
The Swarm System deals 1d10+1 L(K/E) x5, is AP 3,
made more severe and the weapon damages the user
and has the Qualities Drone-Link and Blast 1. Refilling
attacks twice rather than three times.
the launcher requires proprietary missile pods that
cost 200 UTC and are (Military/Uncommon). This modification cannot be put on a rail.
This modification can only be used on weapons that
Underslung Chainsaw (Civilian/Scarce)
deal Energy damage.
Somewhat of a rarity, as most people choose more
conventional attachments for their weapons, an Armour Mods
Underslung Chainsaw is nonetheless effective with Combat Webbing (Civilian/Common)
proper application. An Underslung Chainsaw can cut A selection of pouches and pockets allow you to store
through surfaces like a Laser Cutter, though it cant gear on your armour, making it easy to retrieve
cut through surfaces of Armour 7 or higher. It can important equipment when you need it. Armour with
also be used as a melee weapon. Its somewhat this modification gains the Gear Access Quality.
clumsy nature means you take a Minor penalty to
Extra Plating (Civilian/Common)
attacks, but the chainsaw deals 3d10+4 L(K) damage
One simple way to get more out of your armour is
with AP 7 and the Inaccurate (for a total of two Minor
have more of it. This modification adds either 1
penalties) Quality.
Armour, or the Reinforced Quality, at your choice.
Underslung Cutter Beam (Civilian/Uncommon)
Flak Padding (Military/Common)
A favourite of salvage squads, a weapon with this
This underlay is covered in thick pads, designed to
modification has a Laser Cutter (see Tools in the
resist the physical force of explosions. They increase
Equipment section) attached to it. This attached
an armours Armour value by 2 against any weapon
version has an inbuilt battery that runs dry after 5
with the Blast Quality.
minute of use, and must be replaced at a cost of 50

Flight Rig (Military/Uncommon) penalty, or linked to a software package to fire
A flight rig consists of a trio of angled jets and autonomously using Pilot (Robot). Software packages
extendable wings, which are adjustable to provide are listed beneath this mod in the table, and each
steering. The rig can be controlled via SI Port (wired have different Pilot (Robot) skills and Sense
or otherwise), in which case the Major bonus applies attributes. Once you call out a target (requiring an
to any rolls made using Pilot (Aerospace) to fly the rig. Instant action) the firearm will make one attack at
Otherwise, it can be manually directed which requires that target on each of your turns until you command
both hands to do properly. Whichever method is used, it to stop.
a flight rig allows you to fly up to 100ft as your
Movement action. This distance is reduced by 10ft for Weather Treatment (Civilian/Common)
This multipart treatment ensures your armour will
every 30lb of gear you are carrying, including
remain unchallenged by the elements. A special
armour. The rigs fuel cell contains enough for 5 turns
coating causes rainwater and other liquids to run
of movement, and costs 300 UTC to replace.
straight off its surface, while internal temperature
Internal Seals (Civilian/Rare) monitoring and heating/cooling keeps the wearer at a
Modifying armour with Internal Seals makes it comfortable temperature even in extreme conditions.
possible to enter the vacuum of space, or underwater An inner layer of nonconductive material also
with your favourite gear. Armour with this mod has prevents the wearer from electrical shocks, though
the Sealed Quality. whether this extends to lightning strikes is dubious at
best. Weather Treatment gives armour the Non-
Specialized Coating (Civilian/Uncommon)
Armour can easily be customized to offer more Conductive and Insulated Qualities.
specific defence. Special coatings and underlays can
provide an edge against certain damage types.
Choose a damage type when you buy this
modification: the armour gains the Specialized Quality
towards that damage type, with a level depending on
which rank of the modification you buy.
Trauma Lining (Military/Common)
Trauma Lining is a thick coating of a gel like
substance, not unlike that on Trauma Stamps,
sandwiched between two sheets of fabric woven
with sensors and gauze. When the fabric sheets are
pierced, the gel immediately congeals against the
skin, sealing any wounds and preventing blood loss.
Additionally, if the sensors detect a fractured or
broken bone, gel in that area is signalled to solidify
around the injury and set the bone in place to prevent
further damage. Armour with Trauma Lining makes
you immune to the Bleeding condition, and any bones
you might break in your adventures are basically set
in casts as soon as they happen.
Weapon Mount (Military/Common)
This mount allows you to attach a weapon to your
armour, typically on the shoulder or forearm.
Mounted weapons are either linked into your personal
network and fired with the normal skill with a Major

Modifications Table
Name Mod Points Price Installed Price Alone DC Wt. (lb)
Weapon Mods
Bayonet 1 +100 150 10 1
Combat Stock 1 +150 225 10 2
Custom Grip 1 +100 150 20 1
Drone Link 1 +400 600 30 3
Durable Materials 1 +40% 20%/weapon 40 3
Emergency Charge 2 +500 750 50 2
Extended Magazines 1 +30 45 5 1
Flashlight 1 +100 150 10 1
Gyrojet Rounds 1 +200 300 30 1
Hammer Rounds 1 +200 300 30 1
Knock-off 0 -25% / / 3
Laser Sight 1 +150 225 10 1
Napalm Masker 1 +400 600 30 2
Orous Adaptation 0 0 25%/weapon 20 1
Rail System 1/2/3/4 1/2/3/4 +100/200/300/400 150/300/450/600 10 1
Rupture Rounds 1 +200 300 30 1
Sabot Rounds 1 +200 300 30 1
Scope 1 +200 300 10 1
Superior Parts 1 +50% +25%/weapon 40 3
Suppressor 1 +300 450 10 1
Swarm System 2 +1000 1500 30 4
Underslung Chainsaw 2 +600 900 20 8
Underslung Cutter Beam 2 +200 300 20 3
Underslung Flamethrower 2 +500 750 20 6
Underslung Grenade Launcher 2 +600 900 20 6
Unlocked Safeties 1 / 500 50 1
Armour Mods
Combat Webbing 1 +200 300 10 1
Extra Plating 1 +300 450 20 3
Flak Padding 2 +600 900 20 5
Flight Rig 2 +1000 1500 30 7
Internal Seals 2 +500 750 40 4
Specialized Coating 1/2/3 1 +300/600/900 450/900/1350 20 2/3/4
Trauma Lining 2 +500 750 30 5
Weapon Mount 1 +300 450 20 3
Weather Treatment 1 +400 600 10 1

and everything else but the kitchen sink should help

you get the job done wherever you end up.
While weapons and armour will help you succeed
Little extras ready to be tacked onto any outfit. While
when things get messy, its also a very good idea to
most people probably put fashion first, its generally
pack some equipment. This mix of tools, accessories
better to think about function when your life is on the

Armourweave Vest Recharge Kit
This thin vest of Armourweave can be worn beneath This small kit is worn by the waist in a holster, similar
practically anything, and while not particularly to a pistol, and charges through a mix of solar energy
fashionable or comfortable can be invaluable as and kinetic power from the wearers movement. It
protection. While too thin to really stop bullets, it does can power 3 Low power consumption devices
slow them down a little as well as help to redirect indefinitely so long as it is exposed to sunlight or the
energy. Damage taken from ranged attacks is wearer is physically active.
reduced by 2.
Theramite Gloves
Freesight Goggles These thick gloves are made of Theramite, and
SRT teams often run into hazardous conditions on the expensive but flexible synthetic fibre with excellent
planets they visit, and as such these goggles are one insulating properties. While wearing Theramite
of the few products the SRT itself offers to members. Gloves, you do not take damage from Overheating
Freesight Goggles are specially coated to prevent weapons. These gloves can be worn under armour
rainwater or other moisture from settling on them, gauntlets, but youll get horrible sweaty hands.
while toggle-able nightvision and thermal filters
provide near-perfect sight in darkness for up to 60ft.
A selection of portable medical equipment. While you
Though lightweight, Freesights are slightly too bulky hopefully will never need them, its better to have
to be worn properly beneath helmets. and not need than the other way around.
Link Rig Adv. Medkit
This wired rig can be worn beneath most any armour The finest in medkit technology (a smaller field than it
that isnt sealed, as access to its ports is needed for has any right to be), this briefcase-sized kit grants
it to be of any use. While wearing a Link Rig, you ca the user two Minor bonuses (+8) to First Aid, and an
better interface with vehicular control systems, inbuilt chemical synthesiser can dispense a Trauma
granting you a Minor bonus to all Pilot skills. This Stamp once every 3 hours.
doesnt stack with Pilotsuits, on account of Pilotsuits
Emergency Medkit
literally having the same thing built into them.
This small medkit contains the tools and supplies
Mag Gloves needed to treat injured in the field. Without at least
Though just referring to as mag gloves, a standard this, you take a Major penalty to use of the First Aid
kit usually includes plates attachable to most shoes skill. About small enough to be carried in a trouser
as well as gloves. These allow the wearer to attach pocket, though nothing else would fit in there at the
themselves to magnetic surfaces using their hands same time.
and feet, though their movement is reduced by 15ft
Regular Medkit
while they are doing so. They can be worn over Light
A standard portable medkit. Having one with you
armour and Outfits, but Heavy Armour is generally too
allows you to make First Aid rolls with a Minor bonus.
Too big to carry in a pocket, regular medkits are
Microcom about the size of a thick book.
Designed for small squad tactics and thus perfect for
Trauma Stamps
SRT use, Microcoms allow for high quality, lag free
Thin square patches coated in a thick red substance
communication over distances of up to a mile. While
on one side. When these are placed on an open wound
Microcoms must be manually synced together via a
and the patch is torn off, the substance quickly
computer system, they are reliable and almost
reacts and forms a gel-like seal over the wound,
impossible to interfere with wirelessly. Physically,
which increases the bodys natural healing ability
Microcoms are small and worn over an ear similar to
immensely for a few seconds and consumes the seal
any other headset.

as it does so, leaving a light scar where the wound recommended to be removed after a single
was. Applying a Trauma Stamp takes no skill, can be atmospheric entry/departure, its not uncommon on
done as any action, and heals the target for half their poorer planets or areas of the galaxy to see starships
Endurance bonus. It also removes the Bleeding almost covered in Hull-Patch, just one hot entry away
condition if they have it. This counts as the target from falling apart.
receiving First Aid, and thus they cannot receive it
Mechanically, applying Hull-Breach requires no skill
again until they receive a fresh injury.
roll and removes the Breached condition from a
Tools vehicle. It doesnt repair any damage, however.
Theres tools for every trade and then some. Of
Laser Cutter
course, most trades arent exactly of importance to
Cutters produce a short (2-3 inches) but highly
SRT members.
concentrated cutting beam that makes quick work of
Basic Toolkit most materials. Inbuilt inertia sensors prevent it from
A basic set of tools, often in a pouch worn by the being used effectively as a weapon. The beam from a
waist. A general set, they are often missing more Laser Cutter has AP 10, and allows the user to cut
specialist tools. Having one means the user takes a through practically anything given time. Cutting a hole
Minor penalty to Engineer rolls, instead of a Major large enough for any race to walk/duck through
one. takes around a minute for every point of Armour the
surface has.
Demolitions Kit
A Demolitions Kit provides tools and supplies for the Security Kit
creation of explosive devices or substances. Kits are A selection of ciphers, lockpicks and blank passkeys
around satchel size and often have hard cases to used for bypassing physical security. Allows you to
protect their contents. use the Security skill without penalty.
Gadgets Spc. Toolkit
Binoculars, notepads, lockpicks, etc. if its small, Specialised Toolkits include a basic toolkit, as well as
requires little or no power and isnt particularly a selection of tools specifically for a certain type of
complicated, you can usually find one just about repair work. A Spc. Toolkit allows you to make
anywhere for next to nothing. This category includes Engineer rolls for the relevant sub-skill with no
Con-Tacs, like the idPC all characters own at penalty for missing tools. Generally about briefcase
character creation as part of their Races equipment. sized, similar to an Adv. Medkit.
Con-Tacs are very similar to smartphones, though
typically more powerful as well as more compact.
A UTCard, short for Universal Trading Card, is a thin,
Your GM has final say on what does or doesnt come
metallic rectangle used to digitally track and store
under this intentionally vague header, but it should
UTC. A simple computer program can be linked to a
generally cover any little bits and pieces you might
UTCard and used to transfer money from one to
need in your adventures. Torches, tape, playing
another, and a UTCard can store a technically
cards, hats you get the gist.
unlimited amount of currency.
Usually sold in packets about the size of a pint glass,
Hull-Patch is two thick, dough-like chemical blends
that once combined set after a few minutes. The
resulting mix is water-soluble and must be carefully
removed before actual repairs can be made, but is
heat and impact resistant enough to patch small hull
breaches in Starships or other vehicles. While

Survival and ingredients, its assumed you can make filling
Unfortunately, the life of an SRT member isnt spent meals without any rolls required.
entirely on their comfy ship. Out in the field you might
want a few things to keep you safe, or at least
A mix of ready-to-eat food packets, reconstituted
meals, and easily preserved food that just needs
Camping Set heating, rations are sold by the crate-load and
Fairly simple in intergalactic terms, modern camping generally intended for starship crews, though on
sets include a tent, blankets, and a small electric fringe planets and some stations where food comes
cooker, and usually fold down to a size no larger than from off-world, theyre generally how it is always
a pillow (something they often dont include). In received. A crate of Rations provides enough food,
simple terms, they provide the means for a small given access to a starship mess, Portakitchen, or any
team of 2-4 people to rest comfortably, given other cooking equipment, to last a crew of four a
weather isnt too extreme and youre in your Natural week. Without cooking equipment, only 3 days worth
Climate. is edible.
Fuel Rods Regulator Bag
Standard fuel rods are roughly 2ft long, 2 inches in Effectively high-tech sleeping bags, these cocoon-like
diameter and also intensely dangerous to touch with insulated bags use microheaters and liquid coolant to
bare hands due to the intense temperature at which regulate their internal temperature at a level most
they operate. Fully used up fuel rods are harmless comfortable for the user. Annoyingly, they require a
after an hour or so, and their housings are usually separate proprietary power cell that costs 50 UTC
recycled or salvaged (some popular refuelling and lasts up to 12 hours.
stations offer refillable loyalty-stamped rods). All
A powered Regulator Bag allows the user to sleep
starships require a certain amount of rods per week,
safely in harsh weather conditions, effectively
as listed on their table entry. Touching a fuel rod with
gaining the Insulated quality while they are inside.
bare hands inflicts 3d10 L(E) damage.
Rod-Input Generator
Moisture Condenser
These backpack-sized power generators take ship
This handheld device collects moisture in the air and
fuel rods and convert their output into a weaker one
condenses it down into liquid format, which is then
more suitable for things that arent several hundred
stored in a bottle you hopefully remembered to
feet in size and powered by fusion engines. With a
attach. So long as youre not in the vacuum of space
fuel rod installed, an RIG can power 3 High power
or in an environment classed Scorching or hotter, a
consumption objects, or the equivalent in lower loads
Moisture Condenser can generally provide enough
(1 High = 3 Med, 1 Med = 3 Low).
water per day for one person, two if it rains for at
least an hour or so. Trade Goods
Arguably survival equipment, as generally in the
universe one needs money to survive. Trade Goods of
Closer to a fancy cooking spit than an actual fully-
some kind can be picked up practically anywhere, and
fledged food preparation area, the Portakitchen is
with some wheeling and dealing can be passed on at
nonetheless a far better option than trying to roast
a profit somewhere else.
your dinner over a campfire. Backpack sized, the
Portakitchen takes around ten minutes to set up, but
provides a wide array of tools and cooking elements
to make actual meals when out away from
civilization. While you have access to a Portakitchen

Shields Cycling: The Shield bonus is reduced by 15,
While they wont feed you or power your ship, youd but the Wear is reduced to 0.
be stupid to go anywhere dangerous without a shield.
Shields provide a Shield bonus to your Defence
against ranged attacks and other projectiles.
Consecutive hits wear down this bonus, however.
Whenever an attack misses you, the bonus from your
Shield is temporarily reduced by its Wear value. Your
Shield resets to full power at the start of your turn.
All shields have three tiers, with differing strengths
and prices. Additionally, their availability is different.
First tier shields are (Civilian/Common), second tier
shields are (Military/Uncommon), and third tier
shields are (Military/Rare).
Recurring Pulse Shields
RP Shields maintain a constant recurring shield,
meaning the wear from being hit is low. The trade-off
is a weaker shield overall, making them better
against automatic weapons that hit several times.
Constant Pulse Shields
CP Shields project a single shield pulse, which is
recycled at intervals. The upshot of this is that they
provide stronger shielding overall, but are worn down
faster by constant hits.
Augmented Pulse Shields
AP Shields are technically one of the above, but with
generally weaker shield output. The upside is that
they are usually tuned specifically for certain
environments, situations or dangers, and often come
with additional features. When you buy an AP Shield,
choose one of the following options:
Tuned: The Shield bonus provided is 10
higher for a damage type of your choosing,
but 5 lower for the other two.
Long Pulse: The Wear of this shield is
reduced to 1, but the Shield bonus does not
reset in combat.
Shock: You may disperse your Shield
violently, losing your bonus until your next
turn but dealing 2d10 L(K) AP 3 damage to
enemies around you.
Blast Modulated: If you are in the area of
effect of a Blast damage source, the
attacker must also roll to hit you.

Equipment Table
Name Power Price Wt. (lb)
Armourweave Vest / 200 2
Freesight Goggles Consumes Low 400 2
Link Rig / 200 1
Mag Gloves Consumes Low 800 1
Microcom / 50 /
Recharge Kit Provides 3 Low 300 3
Theramite Gloves / 600 1
Adv. Medkit Consumes Low 500 5
Emergency Medkit / 100 1
Regular Medkit / 300 2
Trauma Stamps / 50 /
Basic Toolkit / 100 1
Demolitions Toolkit / 500 3
Gadgets Consumes Low or / 25 1
Hull-Patch / 200 1
Laser Cutter Consumes Low 350 2
Security Kit / 300 2
Spc. Toolkit / 400 6
UTCard / 5 /
Camping Set Consumes Low 350 4
Fuel Rods / 500 5
Moisture Condenser Consumes Low 250 1
Portakitchen Consumes Med 500 6
Rations / 300 20
Regulator Bag Consumes Low 200 1
Rod-Input Generator Produces 3 High 1250 25
Trade Goods / Choice x100 40
Shield Wear
Recurring Pulse Shield 10/20/30 2 / 500/1000/2000 1/2/3
Constant Pulse Shield 30/40/50 10 / 500/1000/2000 1/2/3
Augmented Pulse Shield 20/30/40 5 / 500/1000/2000 1/2/3

How many microsectors the ship can travel maximum
in one turn. Doing so requires a Pilot (Aerospace)
5: Going check.

the Integrity
The amount of damage the starship can take before it

Distance is damaged beyond repair, its structure utterly

Ships Energy
One of the most important things your team has is The amount of power the ship generates, used for
their ship. At the start of the game, you or your GM everything from its engines to its shielding. Each
will choose a ship that belongs to the group; a ship component has an amount it draws from the Energy,
that is your gateway to all the worlds in the universe, and it serves as a limit on how much can be installed
provided you can make it there. into the ship and actively powered. This can often be
raised by improving a ships generator.
As you progress, you might upgrade your ship with
new parts or even acquire a new one. There are a Armour
variety of ships, big and small, fast and slow, but The Armour value of the ship. Functions exactly the
everything important about them can be described in same as Armour on characters or creatures. Larger
the following attributes. ships tend to favour Armour to defend themselves,
rather than avoiding being hit.
Ship Attributes
Name Defence
The name of the ship. This is a style, as opposed to a The Defence value of the ship. Functions exactly the
specific model- feel free to be creative and come up same as Defence on characters or creatures. The
with what your ship actually is. main factor in this is a ships size- small ships have
higher Defence, as they are harder to hit and are a
Classification smaller area to project a shield over.
The class of the ship, ranging from small Zerstrers
to titanic Panzerreises. This book only contains Fuel
example ships of the first three classes; ships beyond The amount of fuel rods this starship exhausts in a
that size are rarely used by private crews like SRT week.
squads. Compartments
Zerstrer (up to 50ft in length) The compartments, or rooms, the starship has.
Certain compartments are simply space for the ship
Kreuzer (up to 200ft in length)
to be modified (like Empty Space, or the default
Panzerkreuzer (up to 500ft in length)
Small/Medium/Large Engines), while some provide
Schlactkreuzer (up to 2000ft in length)
benefits to the party. Many of the latter can be
Schlactshiff (up to 5000ft in length) upgraded. A list of Compartments and what they do
Panzerriese (ships above 5000ft) can be found after the Ship Listing in Compartments &
Size Customisation.
The amount of microsectors this ship covers on the
Starship Combat grid, measured as length x width.

though some ships dont require many hands to
Ship Listing Escort-style craft are most often flown in small
As mentioned above, the following are styles and teams to defend larger starships against enemy
examples of ships rather than specific models, just fighters or environmental issues like asteroids or
like the items in the Weapons Listing. Feel free to be wildlife. Comfortably armed for their size, Escorts are
creative with how your ship looks and what it is designed to dock back with larger starships and dont
named, so long as it fits with the attributes. possess the amenities themselves for long-term
Starships of 50ft length and lower, Zerstrers run the Explorer
range between personal shuttles to crews of 4+. The Explorers are similar to Traveller ships, though
most common ships in the universe, used for commonly larger overall and with small (if any)
everything from casual atmospheric jaunts to passenger space. In its place is expanded cargo
interplanetary travel. storage, an armoury, and a small research lab.
Finally, the crew enjoy modest quarters as well as
Gate Shuttle the expected mess hall and medbay, etc.
So named for their main use travel via Inertia Gates
Gate Shuttles are larger than Personal Shuttles, Merchant
often with a cockpit seating two and a single large Merchants, or Merchantmen as they are sometimes
room that has access to the engine. What the room is known, are meant for cargo transport over short
used for differs heavily, but the majority use it as a interplanetary distances or Inertia travel. Typically
passenger compartment, using the shuttle to ferry contain a large cargo bay and amenities such as a
passengers between gate-linked stations or planets. medbay and mess. Some models come with an
Also known as spacebuses for that reason. armoury, more common the further away from
central space you get.
Personal Shuttle
While they come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, Traveller
personal shuttles have one thing in common: theyre Traveller style ships are typically a little larger than
about large enough for one person, and thats about Merchants, and include passenger accommodation
it. Little more than cockpits with an engine, and not alongside a smaller cargo hold. Some come standard
intended for longer than a day or two out of with a weapon housing, though prospective captains
atmosphere, but good for basic space travel in a will have to buy something to go in it if they want to
pinch. Larger ships often have a Personal Shuttle or make use of it.
two docked to allow crew to travel to planet surfaces Panzerkreuzer
without landing the starship. Typically the largest ships that are privately owned,
Scout due to the expense and manpower needed for larger
The largest ships in this class, Scouts are equipped ones. Panzerkreuzers include mid-sized cargo
with basic amenities for space travel and defensive freighters, light combat vessels and so on.
capabilities, with lots of room for customisation. A
Light Freighter
favourite of SRT squads looking for something small. Basically a larger Merchant, Light Freighters contain
Kreuzer more cargo space than any other ship of their class,
Far more common for commercial or industrial use and are equipped with plenty of amenities for crews
than Zerstrers. Usually ran by larger crews too, to make long flights comfortable. While some are
privately owned by traders and merchants, most

belong to small, galactic shipping companies who can
afford an Escort or two, and thus dont come with
combat capabilities.
Corvettes are often similar in design to Escorts, but
expanded with additional firepower and long-term
travel capabilities. Corvettes are often used in place
of Escorts by organisations more serious about
defending larger craft, and as such come standard
with much of the interior space unused to be
replaced as the buyer requires.
Liners are dedicated passenger ships, and often as
large as Panzerkreuzers come. While more bare
bones models dont offer anything beyond what a
smaller ship might for its crew, expensive luxury
Liners are often holiday destinations in and of
themselves, shepherding deep-pocketed passengers
around prettier parts of the universe with well-armed
Frigates are the big brother of Corvettes, more
heavily armed and designed for solely standalone
operation, rather than deploying from a larger ship.
Frigates come with more weapon mounts pre-
installed than any other Panzerkreuzer.
Similar to Light Freighters, Carriers have a large
dedicated shuttle bay for carrying and deploying
Zerstrer-class starships. The amount varies with
ship size, but 6 is typical. Alongside this, Carriers also
serve as troop transports, with plenty of room for
marines and weapons storage, as opposed to the
Frigates more gunship nature.

Ships Table
Name Size Movement Integrity Energy Armour Defence Fuel Price
Personal 1x1 1 100 4 7 50 1 6000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room, Small Engine, Bathroom, Life Support System, Shield Generator MK1
Gate Shuttle 1x1 2 150 5 8 50 1 12,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room, Small Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator MK1,
Scout 1x1 2 175 7 9 60 2 24,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room, Small Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator MK2,
Crew Quarters x 1, Empty Space x 2
Merchant 3x1 2 250 7 9 30 3 45,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 2, Medium Engine, Cargo Bay x 3, Life Support System, Gravity Generator,
Shield Generator MK1, Crew Quarters x 1, Bathroom, Empty Space x 1
Traveller 3x2 3 300 9 9 30 3 75,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 2, Medium Engine, Cargo Bay x 1, Crew Quarters x 4, Life Support System,
Gravity Generator, Mess Hall, Bathroom, Medbay, Rotating Mount (Bow)
Escort 2x1 4 200 6 10 40 4 35,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 2, Medium Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator
MK1, Fixed Mount (Bow) w/Combi-trace Autogun
Explorer 4x3 3 400 13 10 30 4 100,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 2, Medium Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator
MK2, Cargo Bay x 2, Crew Quarters x 2, Bathroom, Mess Hall, Medbay, Turret Mount (Top), Empty Space x 2
Light Freighter 6x3 4 500 15 9 10 5 180,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 3, Large Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator MK1,
Cargo Bay x 9, Medbay, Crew Quarters x 4, Mess Hall, Bathroom x 2, Comms Hub, Shuttle Bay x 1, Empty Space
Corvette 5x2 5 400 14 11 30 5 130,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 3, Large Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator
MK2, Crew Quarters x 3, Bathroom, Mess Hall, Empty Space x 3, Limited-Rotation Mount (Starboard), Limited-
Rotation Mount (Port)
Liner 10x4 3 800 30 8 30 8 400,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 3, Large Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator
MK3, Crew Quarters x 10, Passenger Suites x 20 Mess Hall x 4, Bathroom x 10, Medbay, Comms Hub, Shuttle Bay x
2, Cooled Storage x 2
Frigate 7x3 4 600 24 13 20 6 250,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 3, Large Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator
MK2, Crew Quarters x 6, Mess Hall, Medbay, Bathroom x 2, Armoury, Turret Mount (Top), Fixed Mount (Port), Fixed
Mount (Starboard), Limited-Rotation Mount (Bow), Rotating Mount x 2 (Port), Rotating Mount x 2 (Starboard)
Carrier 8x4 4 500 25 11 30 7 210,000
Compartments: Basic Engine Room x 3, Large Engine, Life Support System, Gravity Generator, Shield Generator
MK3, Crew Quarters x 3, Bunkrooms x 4, Shuttle Bay x 6, Cargo Bay x 2, Repair Bay, Turret Mount x 2 (Port), Turret
Mount x 2 (Starboard), Rotating Mount (Port), Rotating Mount (Starboard)

Compartments with better software for analysing and tracking
performance. Provides a Minor bonus to any
& maintenance or repairs done on the engine, and
Customisation increases the starships Movement by 1, provided the
All starships in the universe are a little bit different: starship has enough (see Basic Engine Room).
from the tuning of the guns, to the paintwork that If you already have a Basic Engine Room, refitting it to
was never re-done, to the trusty old fusion core that an Advanced one costs half and takes half as long.
never breaks down. The important parts of these
differences are defined as Compartments. Engines
Compartments represent what rooms and services Drifter Engine
the ship has, as well as its important parts like The Drifter series are small (for starships) efficient
engines and computers, and even its weaponry. engines, typical of Zerstrer class ships and some
smaller Kreuzers. Theyre not the fastest, but it will
All compartments have a price in UTC to have them get you where you need to go quicker than whatever
installed into an empty space or to replace another, came preinstalled.
and the time it takes to have this refit done at a Swapping your engine for a Drifter increases a
spaceport. If the parts and equipment for a starships Movement by 1, and its Energy by 1.
Compartment can be acquired separately, their
installation costs a quarter of the usual price. Indiana3 Drive
Alternatively, the players can attempt the installation Well-known for their speed, the Indiana3 line is also
themselves using an Engineer (Aerospace) check. This legendary for its thirst. Taking a little more out of the
requires an extended test against a set DC for each fuel cores than other engines, the Indiana3
Component. If the players do not have the parts but nonetheless delivers on its extra costs.
can install them themselves, the parts typically cost Swapping your engine for an Indiana3 increases a
three-quarters the normal installation price. starships Movement by 2, its Energy by 2 and its Fuel
by 1.
All Compartments also have an amount of Power they
draw from the ship (weapon mounts dont, but the Kommandant Blitzer
weapons themselves do). You cannot go over this Blitzer engines are a little fiddly to install compared
limit, but you can power down Compartments to free to some others (their fuel intake for example needs
that power up. This is as simple to do and can be done alterations to match a lot of starships), but brings a
from the cockpit/control room of any starship. good amount of speed to the table without increasing
fuel consumption.
Engine Rooms Swapping your engine for a Blitzer increases a
Basic Engine Room starships Movement by 2.
A basic engine room houses the ships engine, and
thats about it. From here, an Engineer can oversee Long-Haul Engine
The Long-Haul series is known for its efficiency,
and maintain the engine, as well as install fuel rods. A
capable of reducing the fuel requirements of most
Kreuzer needs two Components worth of Engine
ships. The speed it provides is less than impressive,
rooms, and a Panzerkreuzer needs three, due to their
but for many captains the reduced costs more than
larger engines. Without appropriate Engine Rooms, a
make up for it.
starship is useless: it cannot move and none of the
Swapping your engine for a Blitzer increases a
systems are powered unless there is a backup
starships Energy by 2.
Advanced Engine Room
A better equipped Engine Room provides better, safer
access to the engine itself as well as more terminals

Facilities taking a penalty for lack of tools or proper
Armoury environment. A built-in medical synthesizer can also
An Armoury is a secure place to store firearms and dispense a Trauma Stamp for each crew member
other equipment. Generally, there is enough room for once a day.
the entire crew to store their arms and then some
Mess Hall
these can be optionally locked away with a keycode.
A section of the ship for the crew to cook and take
Modern Armouries also come with an automated
meals in. Generally provides access to a range of
ammo press that can convert spare parts into
cooking equipment, enough at least to make full use
ammunition, at a rate of 1 spare parts to 100 UTCs
of Ration crates.
worth of ammo.
Passenger Suite
Passenger Suites are basically luxury crew quarters,
Unisex bathrooms include a pair of toilets and a
complete with in-built bathroom and comfier
shower. These are designed for use in artificial
furnishings. As with crew quarters, one suite
accommodates two passengers.
Repair Bay
Bunkrooms are typically temporary sleeping
A Repair Bay provides space for vehicles and
quarters, with room for 10 bunkbeds (sleeping two
equipment to be properly maintained and repaired.
each) and a locker. Bunkrooms can house up to 20
Alongside jacks and other equipment to better access
passengers, but are fairly spartan and not a
the underside or other areas of vehicles, it also
comfortable long-term living space.
provides tools for heavy lifting and actual repair
Comms Hub work. In a Repair Bay, Engineer (all except Chemical)
A Communication Hub often includes a large table can be used without penalty for missing tools, and
with which to hold meetings around, but its main your gain a Minor bonus to all repair work and
function is providing the ship with long-range maintenance.
communication with other ships or stations/planets.
Research Lab
Without one, a starship is only equipped with short
A Research Lab provides a safe space and equipment
distance transmitters, with a range of around 3
for general lab work and experiment. Generally, this
sectors (s). A Hub provides far higher than this,
provides the tools and environment to use
allowing you to transmit audio and video up to 100s
Demolitions and Engineer (Chemical) without penalty
for missing tools, and also gives a Minor bonus to
Crew Quarters both when used there.
The Crew Quarters provides a place for
crewmembers to sleep and have privacy. Each set of
Quarters provides enough room for two Cargo Bay
A single Compartment worth of cargo space can
crewmembers to sleep comfortably and store their
store about 50ft cubed of cargo total (half in a
personal belongings. Without Quarters, crew are
Zerstrer), though the amount that can actually be
forced to sleep in chairs or on the floor, which means
stored in there depends on what the objects are and
they cannot recover Stamina past their Tired
how well they can be reasonably organised. Multiple
threshold for resting on the ship.
Cargo Bays on one ship are usually one large bay with
Medbay space equal to the combined amount, though you may
A Medbay provides an area on the ship in which have separate bays if you so wish. Cargo Bays
people can receive medical attention in a sterile, generally have a large loading door that opens to the
clean environment. The practical upshot of this is that ships exterior.
Biotech rolls can be made in the Medbay without

themselves. Adds 10 to a starships Defence while
If you already have a Shield Generator MK1, refitting it
Cooled Storage
to a MK2 costs half and takes half as long.
A Cooled Storage area is generally used for food and
other perishable goods that need to be kept at a Shield Generator MK3
certain temperature. Uncommon, as its far cheaper A Mark 3 generator increases the power draw yet
to just buy Ration crates. A single Cooled Storage again, but the increased defensive capabilities are
provides around 10ft cubed of chilled or frozen more than worth it for larger ships, and often needed
storage. to offset their size. Adds 20 to a starships Defence
while powered.
Shuttle Bay
A Shuttle Bay provides room for one or more smaller If you already have a Shield Generator MK2, refitting it
starships to dock inside a larger one. A single bay can to a MK3 costs half and takes half as long.
fit one starship of Zerstrer class, while four can fit a
Kreuzer. It would take a total of ten to house a Weapon Mounts
Panzerkreuzer, but that much bay space is typically Turret Mount
This mount is manned and designed for close-range
only found on ships of Schlactshiff or larger. Cannot
combat, usually as a defensive countermeasure
be installed in Zerstrers, and no more than two can
against enemy vessels or ground targets. Whatever
be installed in a Kreuzer.
the weapon, the manual-fired nature of turrets
Support means their range is only 1 ms. Turrets have a full
Gravity Generator range of movement and can be fired in all directions
A Gravity Generator unit does exactly what it says on except the one they are mounted facing away from.
the tin- it simulates gravity. Without a powered
Generator, everybody on the ship is forced to float Fixed Mount
Fixed Mounts are for weaponry too heavy to be
around it, meaning all rolls are taken with a Minor
mounted on a Rotating once. Weapons in a Fixed
penalty due to the inconvenience.
Mount can only be fired in the direction they are
Life Support System facing; port, starboard, stern or bow. Mounts are
A Life Support System provides a supply of oxygen generally not installed facing up or down, but they do
(breathed by humans and Molvori) and benthene exist.
(breathed by Haphlopos and Piriel) to the ship,
allowing the crew to breathe properly without air Limited-Rotation Mount
Limited-Rotation Mounts are similar to fixed mounts,
tanks or spacesuits. The two chemicals are harmless
but they allow a small amount of rotation horizontally
together and both being in the air does not put any
and vertically, usually around 30 degrees each.
race at risk of harm.
Weapons in a Limited-Rotation Mount can fire in a
Shield Generator MK1 cone facing the direction they are installed.
A basic shield generator, capable of deflecting away
errant gunfire. Low power draw but low defensive Rotating Mounts
Weapons on Rotating Mounts can be fired in all
capabilities. Ships without a shield generator
directions except the one they are mounted facing
powered suffer -10 to their Defence score.
away from.
Shield Generator MK2
A more powerful generator, with a higher power Starship Weapons
draw. Common on merchant ships or other cargo Autocannon
Autocannons are the ballistic alternative to Laser
carriers, who can easily spare the power to protect
Cannons, firing explosive shells at a high fire rate.

Though not as effective at breaching armour, the Judgement Cannon
shells are far more capable of damaging structure Judgement Cannons are large, powerful kinetic guns
and compartments. usually mounted in groups on the side of a starship in
Autocannons can be placed in any weapon mount. order to unleash a devastating barrage of fire as it
broadsides another. Models often carry threatening
Combi-trace Autogun names like Apocalypse or Damnation, and their
More often simply referred to as Combiguns, these
explosive capabilities are rightfully feared. Their
are combined kinetic and energy weapons that, while
immense blast radius is capable of hitting even
incapable of challenging larger targets, are common
multiple starships.
on small ships, and in numbers are capable of
Broadside Guns can only be placed in Fixed mounts.
hounding more armoured ships down. Some vessels
also employ them as point-defence systems. Siege Rockets
Combi-trace Autoguns can be placed on any weapon Siege Rockets are unguided explosives that carry
mount. heavy payloads, making them dangerous weapons
indeed. Their unguided nature can make them difficult
Disruptor Beam to use accurately at distance, however.
Disruptor Beams cast a sustained ray of disruptive
Siege Rockets can be placed on any weapon mount.
energy, capable of disabling systems on enemy
starships. While the beam itself doesnt do much
damage to a ships structure, it can wreak havoc on
Single Laser Caster
the computer systems and power generation of one.
About as standard-fare as starship tier weaponry
Disruptor Beams can only be placed in Limited-
gets. Single Laser Casters hit hard, hit accurately,
Rotation and Fixed mounts.
and dont have too much of a power drain. Theyre
Dual Autocannons reliable, cheap, and generally a choice you cant go
A pair of Autocannons linked to provide a higher rate wrong with.
of fire. Too heavy for certain mounts, but as with Single Laser Casters can be placed on any weapon
regular autocannons theres no power draw. mount.
Dual Autocannons can only be placed in Limited-
Slipstream Missiles
Rotation and Fixed mounts.
Slipstream Missiles are guided missiles equipped with
Dual Laser Casters short range disruption technology that allows them
Two Laser Cannons linked together for consecutive to more effectively pass through starship shields.
fire. About as effective as two Laser Casters, Though their payload is lower compared to some
unsurprisingly, but with double the power draw. other launched projectiles, the reliability makes up
Dual Laser Casters can be placed in Fixed and Limited- for it.
Rotation mounts. Slipstream Missiles can be placed on any weapon
Gauss Gun
Gauss Guns have a heavy power draw, but make good Small Arms
use of it by using electromagnetic coils to accelerate Any gun from the Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade can
a projectile to an immense speed, making it more also be mounted on a Turret Mount. It must still be
than capable of piercing practically any armour at its manually reloaded as usual. Convert its Range values
size class. The effects are a lot less far-reaching than into ms as close as possible, rounding up.
that of a Judgement Cannon, but far more Small Arms can only be placed in Turret Mounts.
Gauss Guns can only be placed in Fixed Mounts.

Compartment Table
Name Power Draw Price Time DC
Engine Rooms
Basic Engine Room 1 2000 2 days 10
Advanced Engine Room 2 4000 5 days 30
Armoury 1 2500 2 days 10
Bathroom 1 3000 3 days 15
Comms Hub 2 5000 2 days 30
Crew Quarters 0 1500 1 day 5
Medbay 2 4000 1 week 20
Mess Hall 1 4000 4 days 15
Repair Bay 1 6000 2 days 20
Research Lab 2 4000 1 week 20
Cargo Bay 0 1000 2 days 10
Cooled Storage 1 3000 2 days 20
Shuttle Bay 1 3000 3 days 10
Gravity Generator 1 4000 2 weeks 50
Life Support System 1 5000 2 weeks 40
Shield Generator MK1 1 6000 1 week 20
Shield Generator MK2 3 9000 2 weeks 40
Shield Generator MK3 5 12000 3 weeks 60
Weapon Mounts
Turret Mount 1 3000 2 days 20
Fixed Mount 1 1500 1 day 20
Limited-Rotation Mount 1 3000 2 days 30
Rotating Mount 1 5000 3 days 40

Starship Weapons Table
Name Damage AP Power Magazine Range (ms) Price
Combi-trace Autogun 2d10 L(K/E) x 5 7 0 50(m) 1/2/3 2000/100
Qualities: Automatic 5, Suppressive
Single Laser Caster 5d10+20 L(E) 9 1 10(m) 3/6/9 4000
Qualities: None
Dual Energy Caster 5d10+20 L(E) x 2 9 2 20(m) 3/6/9 8000
Qualities: Automatic 2
Autocannon 2d10+5 L(K) x 3 8 0 21(m) 4/8/12 2500/200
Qualities: Automatic 3, Blast 3, Suppressive
Dual Autocannons 2d10+5 L(K) x 6 8 0 42(m) 4/8/12 5000/400
Qualities: Automatic 6, Blast 3, Suppressive
Disruptor Beam 6d10 L(E) 10 2 5(r) 5/6/7 6000
Qualities: Disruption
Note: Disruptor Beams have impressive effects on starship systems and compartments: see Starship Combat in
Chapter 3: Making a Move for more information.
Broadside Gun 6d10+10 L(K) 12 0 1(r) 5/10/15 9000/250
Qualities: Blast 20
Gauss Cannon 7d10+20 L(K) 13 3 1(r) 6/12/18 10000/400
Qualities: Piercing
Slipstream Missiles 3d10+20 L(K/E) 10 0 1(r) 10/20/30 1000/3000
Qualities: Drone-link, Blast 10
Special: Slipstream Missiles must be locked onto a target, requiring a Tech Use roll against a targets Defence (this
is affected by range just like an attack would be), ignoring any bonus from a shield. This requires one action, and
if successful, the missile launches on the following turn and hits its target automatically.
Siege Rockets 5d10+10 L(K/E) x 12 0 10(m) 2/4/6 1000/3000
Qualities: Automatic 2, Blast 10
Note: Two rockets are launched at the same time, and can be angled to land between 5 and 20ft apart, centred on
the target. The two rockets land parallel to each other regardless of angle.

Repairs & Repairing Integrity
Additionally, when ships take Integrity damage this
Maintenance can also be repaired. In some ways, Integrity is more
One important job of a ships crew, or at least its important to repair; a ship can lose all its
engineer, is to maintain and repair it. Proper Compartments and still be fixable, but a ship that
maintenance can often lead to a lot less time spent loses all its Integrity is utterly destroyed.
repairing, so if keeping the ship in a good state is up
to you, this is important information. If a character spends an entire day working on
Integrity repairs, and has the proper tools, they can
Maintenance restore Integrity points equal to half their result on
Performing routine maintenance on a ship can be an Engineer (Aerospace) check.
done with a Sustained Engineer (Aerospace) roll. The
time and DC depends on how many Compartments are Jury Rigging
They can also attempt faster, more temporary
installed in the ship;
repairs. This is called jury-rigging. When doing so, the
The required successes are equal to the Engineer (Aerospace) check is made with a Major
amount of Compartments (not including penalty, but still restores half that in Integrity points
Empty Space) and only takes an hour. However, these repairs arent
The interval between attempts is 1 hour made to last. Keep a note of how much of a ships
The total time allowed is 1 day for Integrity is jury-rigged- as long as it still has Integrity
Zerstrers, 2 days for Kreuzers and 3 days from jury-rigged repairs, all rolls made on the
for Panzerkreuzers Starship Damage table are made with a Major bonus.

The DC for Maintenance is 5 per Compartment.

Multiple characters may split the work between them
for an easier job. If a ship goes a week without
successful Maintenance, its system might begin to
malfunction. Your Director will roll a d10, and on a 4
or lower, something has broken. They will then roll on
the Starship Damage table in Chapter 3: Making a
Move to see what exactly went wrong.
As a general rule, repairing a damaged ship
Compartment requires an Engineering (Starship)
check with a DC equal to its installation. Depending on
the degree to which it is damaged, you will also
either need a certain amount of spare parts or a
more specific component. This is determined by the
aforementioned Starship Damage table.
While spare parts can be found from just about
anywhere, when it comes to a specific component
your Director might rule it can only be bought from
certain places, or that you might acquire it with the
Salvage skill from a certain piece of machinery.

Civilian/Uncommon for the purposes of buying them
separate of installation.

6: The Installing an augmentation in a patient requires a

Medbay or similar sterilised and equipped area. It
Future also requires the Biotech skill. Each augmentation has
a DC to install it, as well as a Sustained roll that must

Weve be made to do so.

Made Attributes
Augmentation The name of that type of augmentation. As usual, this
& Genemods is a blanket term for one style or category, not an
A couple of hundred years ago, using technology to actual brand or product name.
improve our physical forms beyond simple prosthetic Drain
limbs would have seemed impossible: today, its the The amount this augmentation draws on a bodys
norm. Through cybernetic augmentation and biological functions to power itself.
biological genemods, mother nature simply cant deal
you a bad hand anymore provided you have the DC
The difficulty class of a Sustained Biotech roll made to
money to make up for it.
install this augmentation in a patient.
Of course, theres only so much change the body can
take. Every augmentation and genemod has a value
The length of the Sustained Biotech roll made to
called Drain. This is how taxing it is on the body, and
install this augmentation, formatted as (successes
your Endurance attribute serves as a limit for how
needed, interval between rolls, time limit).
much of this Drain you can deal with. Augmenting
yourself beyond this is dangerous: if you do so, you Recovery
do not restore Health or Stamina naturally through The time required to recover and adapt to the new
resting (i.e you gain the Exhausted condition), and are augmentation once it is installed. During this time
constantly fatigued, taking a Minor penalty to all patients suffer a Major penalty to all actions as they
actions. recover, and are generally recommended to rest in
Attribute increases from augments do not count
towards your +4 natural maximum. Price
The amount in UTC having this augmentation done at a
Acquiring professional clinic would cost.
In the augmentation and genemod lists, the price Augments vs.
given includes the surgery and aftercare required to Genemods
install it at a professional clinic. While common on While both offer many of the same benefits, there are
larger, populated stations or planets, you might not pros and cons to both augmentations and genemods.
always be able to find one. You may find yourself Augmentations, on the one hand, are cheaper, harder
directed to less reputable providers, with cheaper to damage, and quicker to install and recover from.
prices and riskier services, or you might want to help Genemods, comparatively, take longer to install and
your party by installing augmentations for them. recover from, but heal naturally along with the body
and are friendlier to it Drain-wise.
Buying just the augmentation itself costs 3/4 the
listed price. All augmentations are considered

Augmentation was stood. The patient is instantly killed regardless
of damage actually dealt.
Psi Implant
This implant emulates the Piriel organ that allows
Headaugs are augmentations and implants inserted
them to manifest and manipulate psychic energies,
into the skull, face, or brain. They generally offer
but is taxing on the patient. An installed Psi Implant
improvements to the senses, protection, or other
grants you the Psychic Trait, allowing you to use
Psychic skills and abilities.
Adaptive Fibre Hair
Reactive Lenses
While the installation of AF Hair requires all ones
Cheap and simple compared to many augmentation
natural head hair to be shaved, many fashion-focused
installations, Reactive Lenses are a re-coating of the
individuals are happy to make that sacrifice. Adaptive
eyes with an adaptive chemical that darkens in
Fibre hair can be altered via mental command,
reaction to bright light, shielding the patient from
causing it to change colour, curl, or even change
harmful effects. Installed Reactive Lenses reduce the
length within a limit of around two feet of difference
damage you take from Stun Grenades by half, and
from the original length.
make you immune to the Blinded condition (provided it
AR Sheathe came from a relevant source).
This thin sheathe of synaptic fibres is placed over the
Sensory Suite
eyes, and allows the patients sight to be overlaid
A collection of upgrades to the eyes, ears and sense
with augmented reality content. This allows relevant
of smell that generally increases the patients
information to practically any situation to be made
awareness and perception of their surroundings. An
visible when appropriate. An installed AR Sheathe
installed Sensory Suite increases your Sense by 1.
allows you to take an Instant action to load relevant
data to a task into view; this could be piloting a SI Port
starship, firing a weapon, etc. As long as that action A System-Interface Port allows you to physically
is loaded, you gain a Minor bonus towards it. You may access computer systems and other machinery via
also use it to view images, read, and so on. cable. A port usually comes with around 6 ft of cable
free, with a plug on either end. While plugged into a
Cerebral Enhancer system, you gain a Major advantage to Tech Use rolls
Simple, relatively speaking, augmentations designed
made to interact with it.
to increase the cognitive capacity of the patient. An
installed Cerebral Enhancer increases your Synthetic Eyes
Intelligence by 1. Complete cybernetic eye replacements that combine
the benefits of an AR Sheathe, Reactive Lenses, and a
Cranial Detonator pair of Oracles. You cannot have Synthetic Eyes and
Running the route between very illegal and it
any of the above at the same time.
depends who you bribe, Cranial Detonators have been
used as torture devices, criminal punishments, and Skillchip Rig
even as assassination devices. Comprising of a These rigs add a small, coin sized slot at the patients
secure wireless link and a compact explosive, the left temple, in which they can insert a single Skillchip
Detonator can be activated from a distance of up to a at a time. Higher quality Rigs have additional slots.
sector away using any computer or similar device, These Skillchips provide the patient with additional
provided you know the correct signal set when the knowledge and simulated muscle memory impulses,
Detonator was installed. When activated, an installed allowing them to perform more effectively at specific
Cranial Detonator explodes instantly, dealing damage tasks. An installed Skillchip Rig allows you to insert
as if a Frag Grenade had exploded where the patient and use Skillchips. Skillchips replace your ranks in a

certain skill with one they provide as long as they are 30ft in the air, or 60ft horizontally as an Instant
installed, and cost 1000 UTC per rank. action before its internal fuel cell runs dry. This cell
refills itself with your natural body processes over
Skull Reinforcement
the course of 24 hours. While not quite as effective as
Reinforcing the skull with armoured plates can help
a flight rig, Backjets are nonetheless popular for fast
protect against cranial intrusion and damage. The
first attack per Scene that would be a Critical
Success against you is converted to a regular Cyberbody
success. A full-torso cybernetic replacement. Cyberbodies are
efficient, strong, and protective. An installed
Social Databank
Cyberbody increases your Endurance, Strength and
A database of customs, cultural differences and
Ability by 1.
social cues hardwired into the brain to automatically
assist and influence the patient in dealing with people Cyberheart
more effectively. An installed Social Databank An enhancement to the existing heart rather than a
increases your Charisma by 1. replacement, a Cyberheart increases and regulates
bloodflow, providing an extra stage of filtering for
Weapon Housing
the blood as well as simply protecting the heart. An
Weapon Housings are fairly invasive, and visibly
installed Cyberheart increases your Stamina by 15,
obvious when installed. They do, however, allow you
makes you immune to the Poisoned condition, and
to install a weapon with the Concealable Quality in
increases the time you can stay alive while bleeding
your head. This can be fired mentally, requiring an
out from 3 to 5 turns.
Instant action and the Firearms skill.
Wireless SI Link
More than unsettling to see in use for the first time, a
Similar to a System-Interface Port, a Wireless SI Link
Flexspine is a complete replacement of the natural
provides much of the same benefits but does so
spinal column that allows for complete flexibility
without the need for a physical port and cable. This
forwards, backwards and even up to 180 degrees
allows you to properly interface with technology from
rotation. This effectively means you can turn and
anywhere within a sector, of effectively infinite
bend in any direction, however unsettling it looks.
range if there is enough things to rebroadcast a
signal between you and your target. An Installed Internal Air Canister
Wireless SI Link allows you to use Tech Use on Placed beneath and linked into the lungs, this canister
computers and systems wirelessly without other is filled with oxygen or benthene and takes over
equipment, and provides a Major bonus to doing so. should the support system detect that the body is
This does not stack with a SI Port. being starved of either. It provides the ability to
breathe for up to 30 minutes, but cannot be activated
manually. A small port inserted on the patients side
Bodyaugs are a selection of improvements to the
connects to the canister and can be used to refill it.
body and flesh in general. They often offer increases
protection or improvements to physical attributes. Muscle Replacement
This surgery replaces around 20% of the patients
Backjets muscle mass with artificial muscle stock, which is
A favourite of thrill-seekers who would rather
denser than natural muscle. This provides an increase
permanently alter their form rather than carry a
to the patients strength and the speed at which they
jetpack, Backjets are effectively what they sound
can act, whilst the non-biological nature of the new
like; a pair of jets installed into the back, that extend
muscle mass makes them steadier and more resilient
out of the body when in use. While deployed, an
to twitches or shaking. An installed Muscle
installed Backjets system allows you to boost up to

Reinforcement treatment increases your Strength extended, preventing it from being knocked away or
and Ability by 1. disarmed. Forearm Blades have the same attributes
as a Survival Axe, and when not extended are
Reaction Optimisers
considered to have the Concealable Quality.
A set of implants down the spinal cord that augments
the patients reactions speeds, popular with security Forearm Mount
forces and athletes. An installed set of Reaction Also unsurprising in its surgical placement, forearm
Optimisers gives you a Major bonus to rolling mounts are modular and allow for the attachment
Initiative. and swapping of a single Pistol or SMG weapon at a
time. It takes a Half action to attach or remove a
Skeletal Reinforcement
weapon, but while attached it can be fired with an
Plating the skeleton with a biologically-friendly
Instant action by mental command.
synthsteel coating makes it far more difficult for
bones to break, making the body more resilient to Internal Mount
impacts and physical damage. In installed Skeletal Similar to a Forearm Mount but a little more invasive
Reinforcement reduces all Kinetic damage you take on the body, an Internal Mount allows for a firearm to
by 4. be concealed within the arm while not in use. A
mechanism can then lift it out of the arm upon mental
Subdermal Armour
command, requiring an Instant action, from which
A thin layer of Armourweave fibres beneath the skin
position it can be used to attack just like a weapon in
provides a small degree of protection, without being
a Forearm Mount. For twice the usual price, the
apparent visually or uncomfortable. Though too thin
mount is solely internal and can be fired from that
to protect against serious firepower, its more than
position, the barrel exit usually being in the palm or in
enough to provide a degree of safety in harmful
the forearm itself. In either case, while the mount is
environments. An installed layer of Subdermal Armour
hidden the weapon is considered to have the
increases your Armour by 1.
Concealable Quality.
Grapple Launcher
Limbaugs are implants and alterations focused
This augmentation takes up most of the forearm, but
around the arms and legs, and by extension, the
equips the patient with the ability to launch a
hands and feet.
grappling hook from their arm with a minimum of
Cyberlimb deformation to it. This rig saves space by not storing
A cyberlimb completely replaces a natural one, the hooks cable in the arm; instead, it must be
replacing your Ability and Strength attributes for that plugged into an exterior port which links it to the
arm with the cyberlimbs when performing actions hook. The launcher can fire a grapple up to 60ft in
with it. When using both arms or both legs to do distance, and can be fired either as a hook or a spike
something, if only one is a cyberlimb you use the that will embed in breakable surfaces. It can then be
average of its attributes and your standard ones. used as an anchor for climbing, or can pull the user
Cyberlimbs come in attribute sets of 1 to 8, and cost towards it at 30ft a turn. The cable is fairly tough,
1000 UTC per rating. but if lost or broke can be replaced for 200 UTC.
Forearm Blade Magpalms
Installed, unsurprisingly, in the forearm, this hidden Though the standard installation also covers the soles
blade is covered by a chemskin sheet while folded in, of the feet, Magpalms is the name most often used.
but can be extended quickly with an Instant action. Flexible metallic plates are placed beneath the palms
While extended, the blade is around the length of the and soles, as well as smaller panels on the fingers,
forearm itself, but folded into place starts at the which are linked to the nervous system. The patient
wrist. The blade automatically locks into place when can then enable and disable the systems

electromagnetic properties via mental command, chloroplasts throughout the skin, similar to those in
requiring an Instant action. When enabled, the plates plants, giving the patient a degree of photosynthesis
allow you to cling to magnetic surfaces, and are as well as other minor health benefits. A successful
strong enough to hold you against standard gravity Chlorplastary essentially provides extra fuel for
levels. Moving while magnetised to a surface with augmentations, allowing you to consider your
Magpalms doesnt reduce your movement speed. Endurance as 1 rank higher for the purposes of Drain
Multiarm surgery replaces a natural arm with either Feeder
a trio or duo of cybernetic limbs. These are Also known as a gutworm or biodiet, Feeders are
effectively cyberlimbs and are used in the same way, induced into the stomach where they assist the body
but cost 3000 (duo) or 4000 (trio) UTC per rating, and in digesting food (and other things) quickly. A
are only available in attribute sets of 1 to 5. For 500 successful Feeder improves your metabolism,
UTC more, the limbs can be flexible ones with a small increasing your Stamina by 10, and allows you to eat
grip on the end, similar to tentacles. Even if this arm things you generally would have difficulty digesting
was previously the one you were more proficient properly (though whether they are nutritional or not
with, all of the new limbs are considered off-hands doesnt magically change). You also do not retain
and you suffer the normal penalties when using them. excess fat no matter how much you eat, and remain
constantly at a healthy weight for your height.
Listing A brand name that became a generic trademark,
Organs Oracles are vat-grown eye replacements tuned for
One of the largest parts of the Genemod industry is better-than-perfect vision. A successful pair of
the creation and insertion of new organs into the Oracles increases your Sense by 1, and grants you a
body. These new bodyparts have a variety of uses, Major bonus to Perception checks that rely on sight.
and are easier on the body than non-biological
augmentations. The genemod counterpart to a Psi Implant, the
Aqualung Psicluster is based on the same Piriel organ and
More or less what it says on the tin, an Aqualung becomes part of the brain during the recovery
allows the patient to safely breathe water or other process. A successful Psicluster gives the Psychic
oxygen/benthene-containing liquids, removing the Trait, allowing you to use psychic skills and abilities.
threat of drowning, and includes gills. A successful
Toxin Gland
Aqualung makes it impossible for you to drown, A niche product, Toxin Glands come in a number of
provided the liquid youre in contains whatever your variants depending on how the toxin is dispersed and
race breathes. how powerful it is. For all of the options listed under
Blood Filter Toxin Gland in the table, pick one rank and add their
A simple synthesised organ that provides an extra prices together to get your actual surgery cost. A
stage of filtering for toxins and other harmful successful Toxin Gland allows you to either simply
substances in the body. A successful Blood Filter dispense your Toxin through a small exterior port,
gives you a Major bonus to resist poisons and spit it 15ft, sweat it through touch or exhale it
diseases, as well as the effects of drugs or alcohol. depending on what you choose.

Chloroplastary Skinblends
Chloroplastaries are about the size of a human fist, Skinblends are treatments to alter the skin or add
and are usually placed central to the body near the new layers to it. Skinblends to not work well
heart. This odd organ creates and circulates

together, and you can only have one skinblend at a made to swim or otherwise move through liquid. It
time. also makes it easier to grip objects, giving you a
Minor bonus to any rolls made to retain or get a hold
on something.
Named for the guanine crystals chameleons use to
change colour, this skinblend alters the patients skin Stasiatblend
in much the same way, with an outer layer of Based on the Stasiat, a large crab-like creature native
pigments and a lower layer of cells with nanocrystals to the planet Hydrosslia-3, this skinblend introduces a
that are manipulated to alter the wavelength of light tough chitin derivative into the dermis, increasing the
that bounces off of them and back through the patients ability to resist minor injuries and harm to
pigment layer. As with other skinblends, these layers the skin layer. Stasiatblended skin isnt different
are shed and replaced much like regular skin is. colour-wise, but is more firm than normal skin and
Guanineblended skins colour can be changed at will, cooler to the touch. A successful Stasiatblend means
though the possible spectrum covers mostly less your Armour value can never be lower than 1, even if
saturated colours. A successful Guanineblend grants you are wearing nothing.
you a Major bonus to Stealth, as you are able to
change the colour of your skin to blend in with
More affordable than some other skinblends,
Thermablend increases the insulative properties of
Kellblend the patients skin, allowing them to keep warm in
A skinblend derived from the Kellhorn Ocalas of environments that would usually be too cold for
Beneath-2, blind creatures with tough hides to resist them. Thermablended skin is warmer to the touch
the constant bumps and scratches of life in the than normal, and has a more colourful hue as
darkness. Kellblended skin is grey in tone and rough appropriate for the race. A successful Thermablend
to the touch. A successful Kellblend allows you to means you are unaffected by Cold and Frosty
ignore any damage you would take that is lower than temperatures.
Magblend Therapies are a mixed bag of assorted treatments
One of the few blends not based on an existing that generally alter the entire body in some way.
creature, a Magblend adds organic nodes beneath the
skin at multiple points along the limbs and in the Bone Strengthening
A simple treatment that works on strengthening the
hands and feet. These nodes can be used to emit a
skeletal system and making it less brittle. Though the
short electromagnetic field, allowing the patient to
operation process is long, it is relatively cheap and
stick to magnetic surfaces. Magblended skin looks
much of the time is simply spent recovering. A
much the same as normal, though multiple bottlecap-
successful Bone Strengthening reduces all damage
sized bumps are noticeable along the limbs and on the
you take by 2.
pams/soles. A successful Magblend provides the
same benefit as Magpalms, but to the arms and legs Coordination Booster
as well as the hands and feet. A brain therapy that aims to enhance the bodys
coordination ability, making it easier to perform
precise work. Very popular with surgeons and
A coating of placoid scales, like those on Earths
technical workers. A successful Coordination Booster
sharks, lowers the patients hydrodynamic drag,
increases your Agility by 2, though one point of this
increasing their ability to swim efficiently.
counts towards your natural maximum.
Placoidblended skin is darker than normal and is
incredibly rough when felt upwards. A successful
Placoidblend gives you a Major bonus to any rolls

Immune/Recovery Patch
A two-part therapy aimed at improving the immune
and natural healing systems of the body. A small
implant allows the body to download biological data,
helping it analyse and respond to biological threats,
viral or otherwise, while a secondary treatment
generally enhances and optimises the wound healing
process, increasing the speed at which wounds are
healed as well reducing the fragility of the process,
helping prevent interruption that might lead to long-
term wounds. A successful Immune/Recovery Patch
grants you a Minor bonus to all Endurance rolls made
to resist illness, toxins or other chemicals, and you
naturally heal for 1 Health at the start of your turn.
Outside of combat, you heal 10 Health per minute
Muscle Density Treatment
This long treatment works to increase the density of
the patients existing muscle structure, as well as to
accelerate growth during that time. A successful MDT
increases your Strength by 2, though one point of this
counts towards your natural maximum.
Surgery Mishaps
While if you pay full price for a proper clinic, it is
assumed your operation was successful. With less
respected avenues of augmentation, like back-alley
clinics, unregistered doctors, or even a member of
your party, this isnt the case. Things can go wrong
on the operating table, and when they do its
generally not a good result.
If during an installation the surgeon does not succeed
at the overall extended Biotech roll, or rolls a critical
failure on one of the checks, something unfortunate
happens. What exactly that is, is the purview of your
Director; but it is unlikely to be pleasant.

Augmentation & Genemod Table
Name Drain DC Surgery Recovery Price
Adaptive Fibre Hair 0.5 15 2, 5m, 20m 2h 500
AR Sheathe 0.25 20 2, 1m, 10m 1h 900
Cerebral Enhancer 1 30 3, 10m, 1h 2d 2000
Cranial Detonator 0.5 25 2, 5m, 30m 1d 1500
Psi Implant 1 40 4, 10m, 2h 2d 5000
Reactive Lenses 0 15 2, 1m, 10m 1h 400
Sensory Suite 1 30 3, 10m, 1h 1d 2000
SI Port 0.5 25 3, 5m, 30m 12h 1000
Synthetic Eyes 1 35 4, 10m, 1h 1d 4000
Skull Reinforcement 0 20 3, 1m, 10m 2h 1000
Social Databank 1 30 3, 10m, 1h 12h 2000
Weapon Housing 0.5 40 4, 5m, 1h 1h 1500
Wireless SI Link 0.5 25 4, 5m, 30m 8h 1250
Backjets 1 35 6, 10m, 2h 1d 1500
Cyberbody 2 50 8, 20m, 5h 3d 3000
Cyberheart 1 45 5, 5m, 1h 24h 2000
Flexspine 0 30 3, 5m, 1h 24h 1500
Internal Air Canister 0.5 20 2, 5m, 30m 12h 1000
Muscle Replacement 2 30 4, 10m, 2h 2d 4000
Reaction Optimiser 0.5 35 2, 10m, 1h 1d 1300
Skeletal Reinforcement 0 20 5, 10m, 2h 2d 1000
Subdermal Armour 0 20 8, 10m, 3h 3d 1200
Cyberlimb 1 40 5, 10m, 2h 1d 1000 x 1-8
Forearm Blade 0.25 25 3, 1m, 20m 3h 1000
Forearm Mount 0.5 20 2, 1m, 10m 1h 700
Interal Mount 0.5 30 4, 1m, 10m 2h 1100
Grapple Launcher 0.5 25 3, 1m, 10m 2h 1000
Magpalms 1 30 4, 5m, 1h 12h 1500
Multiarm 1 50 8, 10m, 3h 2d 3/4000 x 1-5
Aqualung 0.25 30 3, 20m, 3h 3d 1000
Blood Filter 0.25 35 4, 30m, 4h 4d 1300
Chloroplastary 0.5 30 3, 10m, 2h 2d 1500
Feeder 0.25 25 2, 10m, 1h 1d 500
Oracles 0.5 40 3, 1h, 10h 1w, 3d 2000
Psicluster 0.5 50 5, 1h, 12h 1w, 5d 6000
Toxin Gland 0.25 25 2, 10m, 1h 1d 200
Deployment Dispense/Spit/Touch/Exhale 200/400/600
Vector Injection/Touch/Inhalation 200/400/600
Damage 2/3/4/5d10 L(B) 200/400/600
Guanineblend 0.5 40 5, 1h, 1d 1w 3000
Kellblend 0.5 30 5, 1h, 1d 1w 2500

Magblend 0.75 50 5, 1h, 1d 1w 3500
Placoidblend 0.25 25 5, 1h, 1d 1w 2000
Stasiatblend 0.25 25 5, 1h, 1d 1w 2000
Thermablend 0.25 25 5, 1h, 1d 1w 2000
Bone Strengthening 0.25 20 3, 20m, 4h 4d 2100
Coordination Booster 0.75 40 4, 1h, 10h 1w, 3d 3000
Immune/Recovery 0.75 35 3, 30m, 4h 4d 2500
Muscle Density Treatment 0.75 40 4, 1h, 10h 1w, 3d 3000

Hacking your initial roll. For example, if you are already a
User, you have two Minor bonuses on your next
These days, people arent the only thing technology
Permission roll. Making this second Permission roll
has made better. If something isnt locked up tight
does, however, use up one of your Tasks.
behind physical security, its held tight being digital
ones: but thankfully, for many people getting past Hacking & Tasks
computer systems and encryption is an easy task. Even when youve given yourself Permissions in a
system, theres only so much you can do with it
For the vast majority of systems, full control is as
before the system reboots and realises youre not
simple as giving yourself the right permissions; in
really supposed to be there (of course, if you made
other words, hacking it to respond to you as the
yourself Admin, the system isnt allowed to boot you
Admin. Machinery and electronics are often part of a
out Admins have unlimited tasks).
larger system, and you must access it to control
them but some are simply secured on their own. This limit on what you can do is referred to as your
Tasks. Determining how many you have is also a
Becoming Admin
simple Tech Use roll, against a flat DC of 10. Beating
The most important roll youll make when hacking
this nets you one Task, and for every 10 over it you
systems is the initial one: the Permissions roll. This is
roll you receive another. These Tasks can be used on
a simple Tech Use roll, made against a DC chosen by
lots of things. For example;
your Director. How well you do on this roll determines
what level of permissions you have on the system. Running a program
Operating something linked to the system
DC Permission
DC-5 Guest May view/edit files of Guest (i.e a door, a camera, etc)
security Editing a file
DC User May view/edit files of User Adding someone else to the same
security, run unsecured Permission level as you
functions/programs Demoting someone from your Permission
DC+5 Trusted User May view/edit files of level to one lower
Trusted User security, run secured Removing someone from a Permission level
functions/programs lower than you
DC+10 Admin May view/edit files of Admin
security, unlimited access to Simply viewing a file doesnt use a Task, as its fairly
functions/programs innocuous and unlikely to arouse suspicion from a
system; however, your Director may rule certain files
are especially high security and thus require using a
As you can see, these different Permission levels
Task to view.
allow you more comprehensive access into the
system as you progress through them. Getting a Once you have Permission and your Tasks, using them
higher Permission is important; many obstacles in does not require further rolls unless your Director
your path will be secured, requiring higher Permission specifies.
to remove them. These may be locked doors,
automated security systems like turrets or robots, If a system is too difficult for you to gain access to,
and even advanced technology like laser grids and or youd like to prevent any else doing so, you can
enemy cybernetics. attempt to simply damage it electronically. Make an
opposed Tech Use roll against whoever is in charge of
If your initial roll nets you a lower Permissions level the system: if you succeed, the system crashes and
than you need, its possible to get a higher one. You cannot be used until it is manually restarted, and
can make a second Permissions roll, with a Minor anything linked to the system has its connection
bonus for every level of Permission you gained on severed until then.

The power requires a roll to see if you are
able to use it, due to its difficulty. This is
called a manifest roll, and is the relevant
7: Power psychic Skill vs a DC set by the power.

at a Price Generally, Creation powers just happen, Destruction

powers require a psychic attack roll, and
Psychic Manipulation powers require a psychic resist roll, but
there are exceptions. Regardless of the activation
Powers method, using a psychic power requires a Half action.
Originally unique to the Piriel, but available to all
races through the wonders of augmentation and Damage dealt by psychic abilities has half your
genetic modification, the ability to manifest and use Resolve bonus added to it and ignores your targets
psychic powers is a powerful one indeed. Armour value.

Psychic powers are split into three categories, each Toxicity

with a different Skill associated with using them; All psychic abilities increase your Toxicity level. Use of
Manipulation, Creation, and Destruction. There is also psychic abilities pollutes the body and blood, slowly
a fourth Skill Expulsion. Expulsion is used to poisoning the user this is simply the nature of them,
counteract the Toxicity gained through using powers; the price that is paid for the powers. Each power will
but more on that later. specify an amount of Toxicity it gives you, and the
amount of Toxicity you have is applied directly to all
When you gain the ability to use psychic powers, rolls as a negative modifier i.e, if you have 10
either through making a Piriel character or getting Toxicity, you reduce all your rolls by 10.
the appropriate augmentation, you gain a number of
points equal to your Resolve Attribute to spend on There are two ways of getting rid of Toxicity. You can
selecting powers. These are the powers you are able purchase a toxicity counteragent to clear it away;
to use, and whenever you increase your rank in a this is available from any hospital, pharmacy, or
psychic Skill (other than Expulsion) or increase your similar place and costs 500 UTC (clearing Toxicity is
Resolve you gain another point. Points can be saved expensive). The second is using the Expulsion Skill. If
to spend later. you wish to do so, make a simple Skill roll using
Using Psychic
Powers You remove Toxicity equal to the result of your roll,
Manifesting a psychic power differs depending on but also lose twice that much as Stamina. You can
what kind of ability it is. Each psychic power lists attempt Expulsion in this way once per 24 hours.
exactly how it is used, but generally it is one of three Repeated attempts in that timeframe still cause you
methods: to lose Toxicity, but subtract from your Health rather
than your Stamina.
The power simply manifests no roll is
needed and its effects happen Power Listing
automatically. Manipulation
The power requires a psychic attack roll; Assense (Half Action)
this is the relevant psychic Skill vs the You send out psychic feelers across a small area or
targets Defence, just like a normal attack. to an individual person, attempting to detect what
The power requires a psychic resist roll; this psychic powers they are being affected by, if any.
is an opposed roll between you and your You may target a Blast 5 (as in the Weapon Quality)
target, Resolve vs Resolve. area, or a single target within 120ft of yourself.

Make a manifest roll against a DC of 25. If you plus their Resolve attribute in seconds (if in combat,
succeed, you learn what powers the individual is this is rounded to the closest amount of turns,
being affected by in the case of targeting an area, keeping in mind that a combat turn is six seconds
you learn what powers are in effect there but not long).
who is being affected. If you exceed the manifest DC
During this time, they may move freely and act as
by 20 or more, you also learn the identity of the
they wish. Characters that were able to make a
psychic whose powers you have detected.
resist roll and succeed may act up to their Resolve
Assense generates 1 Toxicity for every power it attribute in seconds during this time. If this exceeds 6
detects and is Visible. Assense costs 1 point to seconds, they may act in a combat turn as normal
acquire. otherwise, they may only take a Half action.
Crush (Full Action) Event Horizon ends early if the user touches or
You warp a foes armour, causing it to tighten and strikes another living creature. Objects on the users
bend inwards, crushing its wearer. The target must person are unaffected by its effects, but if they are
make a psychic resist roll. On a failure, their armour dropped or thrown will freeze in time as soon as they
starts to crush and suffocate them, dealing 1d10 L(K) are no longer in contact with the user.
damage for each point of Armour they have. This
power has a 120ft range. Event Horizon generates 10 Toxicity and is Visible.
Event Horizon costs 2 points to acquire, and cannot be
Crush generates 2 Toxicity and is Invisible. Crush acquired unless you have 3 Ranks in Manipulation.
costs 1 point to acquire.
Lead (Full Action)
Dull (Full Action) You attempt to temporarily seize control of another
You cloud and slow the mind of another, causing them persons mind, controlling them. Your target must
great difficulty in thinking and reacting to the world make a psychic resist roll. If they fail, you may
and people around them. The target must make a control them on their next turn, after which they
psychic resist roll. On a failure, they are affected by make another psychic resist roll. If they fail this, you
the power and must attempt to resist it again on continue to control them on their next turn. This
their next turn, and so on. Each turn they spend power can be cast from any distance provided you
affected by Dull, they gain a stacking Minor bonus to have line of sight to your target.
their next roll to resist it.
Lead generates 4 Toxicity initially, plus 2 per turn you
While affected by Dull, a target suffers a Major control someone, and is Invisible. Lead costs 1 points
penalty to all rolls using Intelligence, Sense and to acquire, and cannot be acquired unless you have 2
Charisma. This power has a 120ft range, and is ended Ranks in Manipulation.
if an affected target leaves that range.
Pull (Half Action)
Dull generates 3 Toxicity per turn and is Invisible. Dull Concentrating your powers on one point, you can
costs 1 point to acquire. draw creatures towards it. Designate one point
within your line of sight all living creatures with
Event Horizon (Full Action)
30ft of that point are drawn as close to it as possible
This power requires no roll to cast, and its effects
unless that succeed at a psychic resist roll.
simply happen. Other characters within line of sight
to you may make psychic resist rolls to avoid its Pull generates 2 Toxicity initially, and you may
effects if they have the Psychic Advantage: if they maintain it for 1 Toxicity per turn. Pull is Visible. Pull
also know Event Horizon, they pass automatically. costs 1 point to acquire.
Once Event Horizon is used, time stops for everyone
except the user. This stoppage lasts for 3 seconds,

Lift (Half Action) Resolve attribute. Targets that fail by 20 or more are
You can lift and manipulate an object of up to your instead Terrified. This power has a Cone 2 range.
Resolve bonus x 2 in lb using your psychic energy
(thats telekinesis, Kyle). You may then use it as a Stresswave generates 3 Toxicity and is Visible.
throwing weapon, rolling Manipulation in place of Stresswave costs 1 point to acquire.
Throwing (apply half your Resolve bonus to damage, Warp (Half Action)
instead of Ability/Strength) or simply carry it around. Wreathing yourself in a purple haze before quickly
This power has a 120ft range. disappearing, you can slip through space and
reappear somewhere else you can see. This power
Lift generates 1 Toxicity per turn and is Visible. Lift
has a 60ft range.
costs 1 point to acquire.
Warp generates 2 Toxicity and is Visible. Warp costs 1
Mask (Half Action)
Using your powers, you manipulate the way others point to acquire.
see you to the extent that you can pass as another Creation
person. You can pass as someone else of the same Anchor (Half Action)
race as you, or as another race with penalty. Anybody In a 30ft radius around you, you anchor yourself and
that sees you while Mask is active and has reason to others to a certain direction, emulating gravity. When
suspect you or question your identity must make a you activate this power, choose a direction relative to
psychic resist check (if you are disguised as someone your current position; while this power is active,
of another race, you have a Major penalty). If they gravity moves in that direction for everything within
succeed, they see you for who you really are. the power radius. Characters who do not wish to be
affected by it may attempt a psychic resist roll. On a
Mask generates 1 Toxicity per minute and is Invisible.
success, they are not affected.
Mask costs 1 point to acquire.
Anchor generates 1 Toxicity per minute and is
Shackle (Full Action)
You bind another in ethereal chains, using your Invisible. Anchor costs 1 point to acquire.
psychic abilities to restrain them from acting freely. Barrier (Half Action)
On a failure, they are affected by the power and must Tightening your psychic energies into the shape of a
attempt to resist it again on their next turn, and so barrier around you, you make it tougher for enemy
on. Each turn they spend affected by Shackle, they attacks to hit you as they are deflected away. While
gain a stacking Minor bonus to their next roll to resist this power is active, you have a +10 bonus to your
it. Defence value.
While affected by Shackle, a target suffers a Major Barrier generates 1 Toxicity per turn you have it
penalty to all rolls using Ability, Strength and active and is Visible. Barrier costs 1 point to acquire.
Endurance. This power has a 120ft range, and is
ended if an affected target leaves that range. Breathe (Instant Action)
Creating a thin sealed sphere of psychic energy
Shackle generates 3 Toxicity per turn and is Invisible. around your head, you open a small portal to
Shackle costs 1 point to acquire. somewhere else, filling it with oxygen or bethene,
whichever is appropriate. This allows you to breathe
Stresswave (Half Action)
easily in situations where you normally wouldnt be
Emanating a subtle pulse of psychic energy
able to, such as underwater or in space. This power
outwards, you touch the minds of affected foes and
can also be used on others at a range of up to 60ft.
fill them with unease and fear. Targets in a Cone 2
area must make a psychic resist roll; on a fail they Breathe generates 1 Toxicity per hour and is Visible.
are Panicked for a number of turns equal to your Breathe costs 1 point to acquire.

Regrowth (Full Action) you earn at character creation when beginning the
You use your abilities to restore damaged organic game as a Piriel or with the correct augmentations.
matter to a healthy state. This requires you to touch
your target. Make a Creation skill roll your target is Your Guardian generates 1 Toxicity per combat turn it
healed for half the result in Health. This power has is active, but costs nothing outside of combat when
touch range. idle. If your Guardian takes any strenuous/difficult
action on your part (anything that would require a
Regrowth generates 4 Toxicity and is Visible. roll), it also then generates 1 Toxicity. This power is
Regrowth costs 1 point to acquire, and cannot be Visible. Project Guardian costs 3 points to acquire.
acquired unless you have 2 Ranks in Creation.
Project Life (Full Action)
Project Guardian (Full Action) You mould your psychic energies into the form of a
This ability alters your psychic abilities permanently, spectral figure, who does as you command and can
allowing you to project a spiritual entity whose fulfil simple physical tasks such as lifting and
appearance reflects some aspect of you or your carrying and melee combat. Make a manifest roll
personality. Once you possess a Guardian, you cannot against a DC of 30. If you succeed, you create a figure
learn any other psychic powers yourself your with Strength, Endurance and Ability scores of 3. If
Guardian can, however and all powers you have are you surpass the DC, the figure has 1 higher in each of
instead transferred to your Guardian. those Attributes for every 20 you beat it. The figure
has no other attributes, no Skill ranks and acts on
Your Guardian is a physical entity under your control,
your turn in combat.
who appears behind you and cannot move more than
a few feet away from your person. The Guardian Project Life generates 3 Toxicity per turn and is
begins with 1 in every Attribute, but has the same Visible. Project Life costs 2 points to acquire, and you
Resolve Attribute as you and shares your Health and cannot acquire it unless you have 2 Ranks in Creation.
Stamina instead of having its own, meaning when one
is injured the other is also. Every Guardian also Trick (Instant Action)
Trick allows you to create minor illusions, levitating
possesses some unique power or ability, allowing
small objects, creating images/sounds and so on.
them to bend reality in order to defend their user.
Trick can be used to create a distraction, giving allies
Work with your Director to design an appropriate
a Major bonus to Stealth attempts made until your
ability that works well with the theme and
next turn. It can also be used for other purposes, like
appearance of your Guardian.
entertainment or to create small effects like sparks
Finally, you can customise your Guardians abilities a or static.
small amount. You gain 3 points to spend on the
Trick generates no Toxicity unless it used repeatedly
following options, all costing 1 point each.
or sustained over time, and is Visible. Trick costs 1
Increase the distance your Guardian may point to acquire.
move from you by 10ft
Project Object (Half Action)
Increase one of your Guardians Attributes You shape a small object or weapon from psychic
by 2. energy, manifesting it as a physical object. Make a
Increase one of your Guardians Skills by 2 manifest check against a DC of 70; lower this by 30 if
ranks. you have seen the object before, and by another 30 if
Increase your Guardians Defence by 5. you have held it. The object is functionally exactly the
Increase your Guardians Armour by 1. same as any other instance of that thing, but is
In addition, whenever you would earn a point to visibly a product of your powers rather than a
spend on new powers, you instead must choose one genuine item. You can create an object no larger than
of the above options again. This includes the points your Resolve in feet.

Project Object generates 2 Toxicity a minute and is Lance (Full Action)
Visible. Project Object costs 1 point to acquire. A column of psychic energy bursts forth in a line,
passing through multiple foes. While powerful
Destruction initially, the beam weakens for each foe it hits. Lance
Arc Bolt (Full Action) affects an area 5ft wide and 60ft long, starting from
Manipulating your psychic energy into an electrical
you. Make a psychic attack roll at the first target in
form, you strike an area with thunderous force,
the line; if you hit, all creatures in the line are
electrocuting foes. This power has a Blast 3 (as in the
affected, dealing 5d10 L(E) damage with each target
Weapon Quality) area of effect, centred on a point
taking 1d10 less for each creature the beam has
within 60ft of you.
already passed through.
Make a manifest roll against a DC of 30. If you
Lance generates 4 Toxicity and is Visible. Lance costs
succeed, everything within the area of effect is dealt
1 points to acquire.
3d10 L(E) as a bolt of purple lightning strikes at them
from above. If you succeed by 10 or more, this is Obliterate (2 Full Action)
increased by 1d10 for every 10 you exceed the DC. If Summoning forth a vast quantity of power, you deal
you fail, the area of effect shrinks to Blast 1 and the forth a massive all-encompassing bolt of psychic
damage dealt is reduced to 2d10 L(E). energy, capable of destruction on an unparalleled
Arc Bolt generates 4 Toxicity and is Visible. Arc Bolt
costs 1 point to acquire. First, make a manifest roll to gather your strength.
This is against a DC of 50. On a failure, you fail to
Forcewave (Full Action) gather enough energy and cannot use the power this
Focusing your abilities on a kinetic impact, your strike
turn. If you succeed by more than 20, this power
out at a cluster of foes. Creatures in a Cone 1 (as in
affects a Blast area of 10 higher and deals 2d10 more
the Weapon Quality) area in front of you must make a
psychic resist roll. If they fail, they take 3d10 L(K)
damage and are knocked prone. If they succeed, they Then, make a psychic attack roll as you attempt to
are unaffected but do not notice anything was guide this mass of energy towards its target. On a
attempted unless other targets failed. This power has hit, it deals 10d10 L(E) in a Blast 50 area (note: this is
a Cone 1 range. an area of radius measuring 250ft). Obliterate can be
cast from any distance, provided you have line of
Forcewave generates 3 Toxicity and is Invisible.
sight of your target, but doing it from more than
Forcewave costs 1 point to acquire.
1000ft away incurs a Major penalty on the psychic
Incinerate (Full Action) attack roll.
You conjure forth a sphere of psychic flames and
Obliterate generates 25 Toxicity and is Visible.
send it at a target. Though the flames look and feel
Obliterate costs 4 points to acquire and cannot be
real, they cannot be seen by anyone who didnt
acquired unless you have 5 Ranks in Destruction.
witness the powers use and cannot spread like
normal flames. Make a psychic attack roll, dealing Psyblast (Full Action)
2d10 L(E) on a hit. The target is then set aflame, Wildly unleashing your powers, you blast a large area
suffering an additional 2d10 L(E) each turn for two with an explosion of psychic energy, barraging the
turns. This power has a 120ft range. minds and bodies of those within it. This power
affects targets in a Blast 4 area (as in the Weapon
Incinerate generates 3 Toxicity and is Visible.
Quality) centred on a point within 120ft, dealing 5d10
Incinerate costs 1 point to acquire.
L(E) damage to them. While it is easy to guide this
energy to its target, you must gather this power

Make a manifest roll against a DC of 40. If you
succeed by more than 10, the power affects a Blast 5
area instead. If you fail, you are stricken by psychic
feedback, and the power generates twice as much
Toxicity as normal but still activates.
Psyblast generates 5 Toxicity and is Visible. Psyblast
costs 2 points to acquire and cannot be acquired
unless you have 2 Ranks in Destruction.
Psykbolt (Half Action)
You manifest a bolt of psychic energy and launch it at
a foe, racking them with pain as it burns away at
their mind. Make a psychic attack roll, dealing 2d10
L(E) on a hit. This power can be cast from any
distance, provided you have line of sight to your
Psykbolt generates 1 Toxicity and is Visible. Psykbolt
costs 1 point to acquire.

While the above powers are described in their own
colourful way, it is up to you what form and
appearance your psychic powers take. However, you
cannot hide them any more than they already are-
psychic powers listed as Visible always have some
clear, noticeable appearance to those that see you
use them. Note that they must witness them in
person; cameras, photographs, and other ways their
use might be seen indirectly do not count.
Powers marked as Invisible have effects that cannot
be seen visually, except to other characters with the
Psychic Advantage, who will only be able to see your
powers effects as a hazy aura on whoever is
affected. The Assense power clears these auras up if
it is successful, and if someone is familiar with how
your powers appear visually they may recognise you
through them.

encounter, and so on. It will also offer some ideas for
alternate styles of campaign within No Horizons
rules, as well as an example session to give you an
8: Behind idea on how things might go.

the All in all, this chapter is here to help you have as

much fun with No Horizon as you can but its not a

Scenes chapter of instructions. Theres no one true way to

run the game. At the end of the day, as long as youre
Running the having a good time and your players are too, youre
doing things right.
If youre reading this and youre not running a Writing the Script
Season, it might be time to turn back. Chapter 8 is the While its entirely possible for you to show up to your
Director section of No Horizon, and covers content first session completely blind and dazzle your players
generation, optional rules, ideas for campaigns and with crazy improvised storytelling, its generally a
an example adventure to help you get a feel for good idea to do some degree of preparation before a
creating your own content. If youre not a Director, session (Episode from here on out).
feel free to carry on if yours doesnt mind you So with that in mind, lets talk about putting things
peeking behind the curtain, but dont be surprised if it together. First thing to consider?
ruins some of the surprise for you.
Stars of the Show
As a Director, when running No Horizon, your primary By which, of course, we mean the players. Its
goal shouldnt be to murder your players, or to make important that Directors and their players are on the
sure everyone learns about the really cool story same page when it comes to what they should expect
youve made up. Your primary concern should be that from the game. You should talk to them about what
everyone in the game (yourself included) has FUN. Put your campaign (known in No Horizon as a Season) is
simply, if players at your table arent enjoying your roughly going to entail consider talking about what
game, something is going wrong. This might be with kind of themes and atmosphere the story youre
you, but it might also be with them, or what they looking to tell might cover, and whether youre
expected from the game. Put simply, all roleplaying wanting to keep things relatively on-rails or let them
games are shared fiction and run smoothest when loose in a vast sandbox. Some players prefer one, and
everyone is enjoying the process. some prefer the other, so its important to discuss
As a Director, your job is to guide the players through these things and make sure everyone is going to
your narrative, or an existing one, challenging them enjoy themselves.
when appropriate and guiding them when they need Its also important to discuss how elements of your
it. Think of your sessions like episodes of a tv show; Season might influence the characters they create.
while the heroes decide where they want to go and As is the nature of No Horizon and its ship-crew
what to do, you control the world around them, format, characters typically begin the game
setting the scene and guiding them through events particularly good at a small set of things, and
and characters to their final destination, whatever passable in a wider set. For this reason, if certain
that may be. things arent going to be present in your Season or
This chapter will give you help and advice on how to are going to play a smaller role than normal, its not a
do that, as well as information on generating content bad idea to bring this up with your players.
for No Horizon like new planets and space stations, For example, say your campaign was taking place on
creatures and characters for your players to a distant planet, beyond the far reaches of the rim

planets, where few if any starships travel. A player Your First
that turned up to this Episode ready to play his
freshly-made pilot character who also knows about Distress
repairing starships would probably not enjoy While in other systems, you might send your players
themselves. deep into dungeons looking for lost artifacts, on
covert operations into a multinational companies
This is why you need to discuss your game with your head office, or downtown to fight off a new
players: find out what kind of characters they want supervillain on the scene, your typical quest in No
to play, what kind of experience theyre looking for, Horizon is a little different (though theres nothing
and how that can work for you. With everyone on the stopping you doing any of the above).
same page, things can run a lot smoother.
The backbone of a No Horizon Season is the players
Drawing a Line role as members of the SRT the Stellar Reclamation
Theres a couple of other things youll want to talk Team. As mentioned in Chapter 1: Colony Hunting and
about your players with thatll affect the game, and You, the Stellar Reclamation Team are a government-
how its played. sponsored volunteer force that answers distress
Numero uno is house rules. For those who dont calls from across the known universe, both in and
already know, house rules are alterations to how No outside of Council territory.
Horizon or another system is ran when the Director or While the actual process of doing so might end up
the players are particularly unhappy with something, with the players doing something else entirely, the
or simply feel like a rule or a piece of content could be core of a typical No Horizon Season should be based
done better or in a way that fits that particular on one or more of these distress calls. To that end,
Season better. If youre using any, youll want to here are a few things to think about when making
establish these from the get-go and make sure your your own.
players are aware of them, to make sure nobody
ends up confused about conflicting rules. Answering the Call
While most starships are equipped with
Another thing to discuss is any potentially communication devices capable of picking up nearby
questionable topics you might be touching on in your distress signals, the vast majority of SRT jobs will
game. The universe is a wide, morally dubious place, start at one place; the Unity Distress Beacon, on New
and wherever you cross the line theres probably Earth.
someone, somewhere whos found a way to step
over it. Simply put, if youre looking to cover topics Unity houses a colossal, vastly complicated array of
that might be off-putting for your players - topics like sensors and listening devices that collect and chart
drug abuse, slavery and human trafficking, racism, distress signals from across the nearby galaxies and
or topics of a sexual nature, for example be sure to beyond, far past the known edges of populated space
discuss this fairly and non-judgementally, and be and into the void of Beyond. Here, SRT squads (people
prepared to alter your plans or advise players look always join the SRT as a small team, usually no larger
for a different Director. than 6 or 7 members) can register themselves to
distress beacons, or report back on the status of one
While there is nothing wrong with running a Season they have already investigated. Squads are expected
that is more mature in atmosphere and touches on to come back and debrief at Unity for every beacon
darker themes, not everybody is interested in that they register to.
kind of thing, and you should allow them the chance
to politely look for another game rather than stumble As well as their location in the universe, distress
upon something upsetting in yours. beacons also show an installation category (starship,
station or planetside), as well as the beacons age in
Galactic Standard and human years. Finally, they also

note how many squads have been registered to the distress in question is. This doesnt always need to be
beacon in the past; registrations timing out and particularly obvious. What exactly the problem is
causing the beacon to be vacant again after 1 human might have a lot to do with the style of Season youre
year (or around 2 and a Galactic Standard years). running. If your game is a combat and action-heavy
one, it might be more appropriate for the distress to
Once the party has assigned themselves to your
be a fairly immediate problem. Examples might be a
beacon, its time for them to move on the next step.
crippled starship hiding from a larger force of pirates
Getting There or outer rim forces, or a research-based space
With their location in mind, the partys first task is station thats been overran by wayward
typically getting there. Theyll often want to shop and experiments. While problems like these have room for
look for new gear or items, or possibly work on their more intricate plots and solutions than shoot things,
starship running repairs and such. theyre pretty simple for a group to react to and
Thankfully, New Earth is a good place for them to do
this. Items of up to Rare availability are normally If your party is the kind inclined to investigation and
easily found in the markets of New Earth, and if the problem-solving rather than running and gunning,
players can get in touch with Military suppliers there theres a lot of room for you to encourage this when
their SRT status allows them to purchase Military it comes to the distress beacon. It can be interesting
gear from them. Let them look around and investigate for a party to arrive at a beacon and find a mystery
their surroundings, but remind them they have a job waiting for them, but be careful. Its easy to plan
to do; they can come back and see more of New Earth thing too elaborately and bargain on players finding
at another time. certain clues or jumping to certain conclusions if
you plan on setting things up for the players to figure
Before you leave, the players should make sure to out what happened, make sure theres plenty of clues
decide on a route between themselves. Having your and opportunities for them to work things out.
group roll Info skills related to the layout of the stars
or navigation might be a good idea. If possible, offer Some Things to
them a few different routes to their target, typically Consider
with one or more stops along the way to break up the Theres a couple of big factors that you should
space travel. This gives the players time to stretch probably think about when putting together a
their legs and get off the ship for a while, and to rest distress run.
and refuel as needed. It also allows you to bring in
One of these is the location of the beacon; whether
new characters and scenery, as well as a large
its on a starship, a station, or on a planet. Though
amount of freedom in what sub-plots and interesting
there are some exceptions, these are generally in
things your players come across on their way to the
scale order; stations are bigger than starships,
planets are bigger than stations. This scale should
These stops might be stations they stop off at along affect the size of the problem the players are
the way, combat encounters in space with pirates or responding to. Obviously, something that is a concern
something worse, or even dropping down to a nearby on a planetary scale is going to be more serious than
planet to explore. However, unless youre running a something that troubles a lone starship but this
very open, sandbox-y campaign, try to remind them doesnt always have to be the case.
they have a job to do.
The other is the playstyle of your group. As mentioned
To the Rescue above, youll want to tailor your distress and
That job being answering the distress beacon they encounters in general to that, to a degree. It can be
signed on for. When your party eventually find their interesting to present your players with situations
way to it, they should begin to look into what the

and opportunities that require them to do things Alternate
differently than normal.
Rewarding While the SRT and searching for distress beacons is
Players the backbone of any No Horizon game, theres nothing
stopping you doing something else with the system.
While many games use systems like Experience to
Being a member of the SRT gives the players certain
gauge how the players progress, No Horizon uses the
benefits, and stripping them of that can bring a lot of
Arcs system described in Chapter 2: Just Be Yourself.
new problems to New Horizon.
While whether an Arc is completed or not is up to the
Director, this means that unlike many games where If the players arent members of the SRT or another
character progression is something given to the government-sponsored agency, theres a few
players by whoever is running it, character restrictions on their actions and how freely they can
progression in No Horizon is something directly go around the universe.
earned and chosen by the players themselves.
The first is that Exotic and Military equipment isnt
Because of this, you cant really directly reward your legal for them to carry or use. While this restriction is
players with experience like you might in another far more lax on frontier worlds far, far away from
game. When it comes to rewarding your players, you the Harquell-Caesar Station, in many places carrying
generally have two options. such equipment openly is grounds for arrest and the
confiscation of gear. In the same vein, such gear is
Giving them material rewards is one choice, and
illegal for them to purchase through the usual
usually the easiest. Giving the players money (UTC)
channels, and as such both should be far more
and items allows them to improve their character
difficult for them to find. Consider making the players
outside of increasing their base attributes or skills,
seek out contacts or shady black markets in order to
and is often a more interesting way of rewarding
find such gear- or have them steal it.
them. This is especially so when you create new
items yourself for the purposes of rewarding them As well as this, they might also be more restricted
players love being treated to new and unique items travel-wise. Normally, their SRT status grants them
that arent in the book. When doing so, you should be clearance to enter basically any spaceport or station.
careful about giving them large amounts of money Without it, owners have full clearance to turn them
rather than carefully-picked items. Directly giving away. It might be interesting to make players work
them cash has the upside of them getting to choose or do jobs for people in return for entry to certain
what its spent on, which might be far more of an places.
upgrade than you intended to give them.
Without beacons to respond to, you might cast your
Another way of rewarding your players is paying players in the role of mercenaries, pirates, explorers
close attention to their Arcs, and providing them with or any number of other adventurous archetypes. And
good opportunities to complete them. This is about as if what you want requires items, Traits, or even
close to handing them character progression as you Attributes and Skills that arent listed in this book,
can get outside of directly giving them Talent points; just make them up, but try not to invalidate options
but doing so takes away from the Arcs system that already exist.
somewhat. Unless your players arent enjoying that
system, its probably best not to directly give them Planning
Talent. Encounters
When it comes to putting together combat Scenes for
your players, youll want to think about enemies in a
pretty simple way. Most of the time in tv shows and

movies, enemy forces will be mostly comprised of combat abilities throughout the game to help you
weak, easily defeated foes often known as mooks. scale encounters.
Mooks are generally about as strong as a freshly-
made character, without the Advantage or the option Creature
to spend Talent. Thus, the easiest way to roll up Races
Mook-tier enemies for your games is just to pair up a
The following races are examples ideal for enemies
Race and a Role and give them some basic equipment.
that arent a player race. These are generic in nature,
Mooks arent exactly known for their intelligence, and allowing them to be used for a variety of creatures.
when confronting your players with Mooks they Remember, these are just examples: feel free to
should be dumb enough to make a few more Mooks make your own. However, Races as a baseline tend to
than there are party members still feel like a fair have;
fight. Of course, as the players improve their skills,
12 points spread across Attributes
you can add additional Mooks to encounters to keep
1 or 2 Traits
them challenged. Consider giving Mooks lower Health
Player Races should also include Equipment
than they might normally have (all the example Mooks
as per the Human entry in Chapter 2: Just Be
later in this chapter have reduced Health and
Stamina) or just removing them when they take
damage, to ensure they dont threaten the players Beast
too much. Attributes
Above Mooks are Enforcers. Enforcers are typically Strength 3/7
around the strength of one of the players, and te Ability 2/6
easiest way to make them is just to stat them up as Intelligence 1/5
a fresh character with a similar amount of Talent to Sense 2/6
spend as players have earned individually. Enforcers Endurance 2/6
should act as the leaders for groups of Mooks, and Charisma 1/5
add additional challenge to encounters. A good Resolve 1/5
encounter basis for early in the game might be a Traits
Mook per player and an Enforcer or two, depending Armour: +1 Armour
on the groups size. Natural Weapon: Claws - 1d10 L(K) AP1
Bosses are where things get interesting. When it
comes to making bosses, you should get creative. Bird
Basing them as a character with Talent to spend Attributes
equal to the amount earned by the group is probably Strength 1/5
a good base point, and you should tweak and change Ability 3/7
from there. Dont be afraid to make up new Traits or Intelligence 2/6
items for any of your enemies, but Bosses are a great Sense 2/6
place to confront your players with something Endurance 1/5
unique. Charisma 1/5
As players advance their characters in No Horizon, Resolve 1/5
they tend to get better at a few things as well as Traits
covering up weaknesses in their skillset. Theres no Flight: This creature has an alternative movement
hard and fast way to define how they will progress, speed.
due to how much freedom they have, so try and pay Natural Weapon: Claws - 1d10 L(K) AP1
attention to how much your players increase their

Experiment Voidlife
Attributes Attributes
Strength 2/6 Strength 2/6
Ability 2/6 Ability 2/6
Intelligence 2/6 Intelligence 1/5
Sense 2/6 Sense 2/6
Endurance 2/6 Endurance 3/7
Charisma 1/5 Charisma 1/5
Resolve 1/5 Resolve 2/6
Traits Traits
Versatile: Choose one Advantage (any) Voidlife: This creature does not need to breathe and
Natural Weapon: Claws - 1d10 L(K) AP1 can live in the void of space easily.

Enemy Roles
Humanoid These Roles are some alternatives focus on combat
Attributes attributes and skills rather than utility skills that
Strength 2/6 might not be of any use on enemies. As with the
Ability 2/6 races, these are purely examples: dont be afraid to
Intelligence 1/5 make up your own. Note however that;
Sense 1/5
Endurance 2/6 Roles all give 3 Attributes total
Charisma 2/6 Roles usually give 4 Skill Ranks total
Resolve 2/6 Roles usually give 1 or 2 Traits
Traits Feel free to alter all of these, especially in terms of
Versatile: Choose one Advantage (any) equipment. Fighting an enemy with 1 higher Ability
Upright: Major bonus to Stealth when trying to pass than normal is far less interesting and visible than
for another humanoid Race, such as Humans or Piriel. fighting an enemy with a different weapon or useful
Aquatic Brawler
Attributes Attributes
Strength 1/5 +1 Strength, +1 Endurance, +1 Ability
Ability 3/7
Intelligence 2/6
Unarmed 2, Perception 1
Sense 2/6
Endurance 2/6
Charisma 1/5
Knuckle Dusters OR Natural Weapon (Advantage)
Resolve 1/5
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
Aquatic: This creature requires water or something
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
similar to breathe.
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, you
Swimmer: This creature can move up to 60ft a turn in
take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits).
Flurry: May attack twice when taking the Perform
Melee Attack action.

Feral Grenadier
Attributes Attributes
+1 Sense, +1 Resolve, +1 Endurance +1 Intelligence, +1 Endurance, +1 Ability
Skills Skills
Unarmed 1, Perception 1, Stealth 1, First Aid 1 Firearms 1, Throwing 1, Demolitions 1, Info (Explosives)
Medium Improvised Weapon OR Natural Weapon Equipment
(Advantage) Light Pistol (1 Magazine)
1 Frag Grenade
1 Stun Grenade
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you Traits
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, you Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, you
take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits).
+1 Strength, +1 Endurance, +1 Ability Leader
+1 Sense, +1 Charisma, +1 Ability
Firearms 1, Unarmed 1, Info (Local Area) 1, Intimidate 1
Equipment Firearms 1, Leadership 1, Info (Local Area) 1,
Light Pistol (2 Magazines) Perception 1
Armourweave R1
Kinetic SMG (1 Magazine)
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
Light Pistol (1 Magazine)
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
Armourweave R1
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, you
take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). Traits
Proficiency (Civilian, Military Weapons): You are
considered proficient in the use of all Civilian and
Military weapons. If you attack with a weapon you
are not proficient with, you take penalties (see
Proficiency in Traits).

Sniper Advantages
+1 Sense, +2 Ability Alternate
Skills A creature with this Trait has some other way of
Firearms 1, Stealth 1, Unarmed 1, Perception 1 moving, rather than walking. They may either fly,
burrow through suitable surfaces, climb or swim at
Equipment an amount equal to their normal Movement.
Energy Point-Rifle (2 Magazines) Alternatively, they may reduce one movement type in
Light Pistol (1 Magazine) 5ft increments and add that to another.
Traits Requirements: None
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered Tags: Physical
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, you Armour
take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). Many creatures in the universe possess thick hides
that protect them like armour. Each rank of this Trait
provides 1 Armour.
Attributes This Trait has 10 ranks.
+1 Strength, +1 Resolve, +1 Endurance Requirements: None
Skills Tags: Physical, Combat
Unarmed 1, Melee Combat 1, Intimidate 1, Info (Local Brute
Area) 1 Large and hulking, this creature is difficult to put
down and has immense strength with which to
Equipment defend itself. This Trait increases your Size category
Bludgeon OR Knuckle Dusters OR Natural Weapon by one step.
Requirements: Strength 3, Endurance 3
Traits Tags: Physical, Combat
Proficiency (Civilian Weapons): You are considered
proficient in the use of all Civilian weapons. If you Cocoon
attack with a weapon you are not proficient with, you This creature, as part of its lifecycle, wraps itself in a
take penalties (see Proficiency in Traits). fleshy cocoon before emerging in a new form. This
creature can, as a Full Action, create and retreat into
a cocoon with Health equal to what it had remaining,
Enemy Traits 0 Defence and Armour 4. After a certain amount of
These Traits are designed with enemies in mind, turns, it emerges as a different creature (Mook 1
providing features like extra limbs or natural armour turn, Enforcer 2 turns, Boss 5 turns).
for creatures, as well as simplified Augmentation Requirements: None
suites to save you working out buying augmentations Tags: Physical
for enemies. Be very wary about offering these
options to players, as they provide some benefits Consume
they generally shouldnt have access to, but they are Creatures with the Consume Trait have a voracious
listed with Requirements and Tags in case you do. appetite, and tend to kill and eat prey whole.
Creatures with Consume may spend a Full action in
combat to consume a corpse or character with the
Incapacitated condition, regaining up to their

Endurance bonus in Health and Stamina, split however as well as possibly consciousness and personality.
you wish. Everything one knows and sees is known to the
others. However, this has a downside: any damage
Requirements: Size (Large or above)
from a Psychic attack is fed back through the
Tags: Physical, Combat
Hivemind, affecting everything under its influence.
Requirements: None
A creature with this Trait possesses some way of
Tags: Mental, General
corroding away its foes armour acidic saliva, for
example. All their attacks with Natural Weapons are Fearsome
considered to have the Acidic Quality. This creatures has the ability to instil fear in those
around it, either through a terrifying appearance or
Requirements: None
some other, possibly supernatural method. Anyone
Tags: Physical, Combat
within 60ft of this creature is Panicked, and when
Crusher they first see it must pass a DC20 Resolve roll to
This creatures attacks crush and destroy armour. avoid being Terrified for a turn.
Add its Strength attribute to the AP of its Natural
Requirements: None
Tags: Mental, Combat
Requirements: Strength 4
Natural Weapon
Tags: Physical, Combat
Most creatures have some inherent, natural way of
Durable harming their foes; claws, crushing jaws, etc. With
A creature with this trait is hardier and can suffer each rank in this Trait, the creature gains one of the
more damage before dying than others. A creature below options. Natural Weapons are always
with this Trait has +20 Health. considered readied. If the creature is of Enforcer or
Boss difficulty, consider adding more damage dice.
Requirements: Endurance 4
Tags: Physical, Combat Name Damage AP Range
Unarmed (Add Strength Bonus to Damage)
Energy Reflector Claws 1d10 L(K) 1 5
The hide or armour of this creature possesses some Qualities: Concealable, Accurate
strange property that causes laser weaponry and the Bite 1d10 L(K) 2 5
like to bounce off of it harmlessly. A creature with Qualities: Inaccurate, Dire
this Trait is immune to Energy damage. Tail Strike 1d10 NL(K) 0 10
Qualities: Accurate
Requirements: Endurance 6
Strike 2d10 NL(K) 2 5
Tags: Physical, Combat
Qualities: None
Giant Melee Combat (Add Strength Bonus to Damage)
This creature is huge compared to typical examples Natural Blade 2d10 L(K) 1 5
of its species. Either by experimentation, mutation, or Qualities: Bleeding
simply maturity, this creature is two Size categories Natural Club 3d10 NL(K) 2 5
larger than usual. Qualities: None
Other (use Unarmed Skill, add Endurance Bonus to
Requirements: Strength 4, Endurance 4 Damage)
Tags: Physical, Combat Breath Weapon 1d10 L(E) 3 Cone 2
Qualities: Cone 2, Vapour
Hivemind Stinger 1d10 L(B) 0 5
Creatures of the same species with this Trait are part Qualities: Accurate
of a Hivemind, and share knowledge and experiences,

Quality Requirement: Intelligence 2
This creatures attacks or hide have some property Tags: Mental, Combat
that makes them different to the norm. Each rank in
the Quality allows you to attach either a Quality to its Drawbacks
Natural Weapons, or a Quality to its body. Bestial
Requirement: None A creature with this Trait is monstrous or feral in
Tags: General appearance, and people tend to react negatively
towards their presence. This Trait imposes a Major
Rampager penalty on all Charisma based rolls other than the
This creature fights furiously, crashing forward Intimidate skill, and people will generally be stirred up
through its foes as it goes. Whenever this creature or scared by your presence.
makes a melee attack, it may move 5ft towards its
Limit: Charisma 2
target, pushing any creatures in the way backwards
Tags: Social
5ft and knocking them prone unless they pass a
Strength roll of DC 20. Blighted
Requirements: Strength 3 This creature is affected by a disease of some kind,
Tags: Physical, Combat the effects of which are up to the DM. This disease
can be spread to other creatures and the players,
Shiva and should be noticeable in some way.
A creature with this Trait has additional pairs of limbs
Limit: None
with which to attack its foes or move. This Trait
Tags: General
allows a creature to make an additional attack when
using the Perform Melee Attack action, OR to move an Meek
additional 10ft per turn. This Trait has 3 ranks. A creature with this Trait is easily scared and will
Requirements: Ability 3 often flee at the sight of danger. A Meek creature has
Tags: Physical, Combat a Major penalty to the Resolve roll to resist being
Limit: Charisma 2
A creature with this Trait possesses some way of
Tags: Social
slowly killing its foes, either through poisoning them
or rending deep wounds into them that cause Mutative
bleeding. Choose either Poisoned or Bleeding; all this This creature is unnatural in origin, its characteristics
creatures attacks with Natural Weapons impose that constantly shifting and mutating. Swap all of its
condition on their target for 10 turns, reduced by an Traits except this one at the start of each turn.
amount of turns equal to their Endurance attribute.
Limit: None
Requirements: None Tags: General
Tags: Physical, Combat
Pack Mentality Anger troubles many people, but this creature has it
Creatures with this Trait often attack and travel in in spades. A creature with this Trait is constantly
groups, and when doing so gain a Major bonus to the under the Beserk condition.
Resolve roll made to avoid being intimidated. They
also gain a Minor bonus to all attacks made when Limit: None
another creature with this Trait is within line of sight. Tags: Mental, Combat

This creature isnt exactly speedy. A creature with Skills
this Trait has its Movement reduced by 10ft per rank. Unarmed 1, Melee Combat 1, Intimidate 1, Info (Local
Area) 1
This Trait has 3 ranks.
Limit: None
Tireless, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons)
Tags: Physical, Combat
Villainous Bludgeon / Hit: 2d10+4 / Damage: 2d10+4 NL(K) AP1
Someone with this Trait just looks like the villainous
sort: maybe its their body language, the way they Gear
talk or the way they dress, but its hard for them to Bludgeon, 50 UTC
blend in anywhere. Creatures with this Trait have a
Major penalty to Stealth and Persuasion rolls.
Haphlopos Rent-a-
Limit: Charisma 3 Cop (Mook)
Tags: Social, General Cheap hired security, of the kind seen around the
A creature with this Trait hungers desperately, and Stats
must eat often to survive. While most creatures need Heath: 17 Stamina: 12
only one proper meal a day to benefit from resting, a Defence: 18 Movement: 35ft
Voracious creature must eat at least its Endurance Size: M
attribute in times a day. Armour: 1
Limit: None Attributes
Tags: Physical S A I S E C R
2 4 1 2 3 1 1
Gallery Skills
Firearms 1, Unarmed 1, Info (Local Area) 1, Intimidate 1
This section contains some example enemies of Mook,
Enforcer and Boss level. This should serve as an idea Traits
on what kind of power enemies of different tiers Multi-Limbed, Alien Among Aliens, Proficiency (Civilian
should have. Weapons)
Pirate Recruit Attacks
(Mook) Light Pistol / Hit: 2d10+12 / Damage: 1d10+12 L(K) AP0
A Human recruit of one of the universes many petty
bands of pirates and raiders.
Light Pistol. 2 Light Pistol Magazines, Armourweave
Stats R1, 25 UTC
Heath: 17 Stamina: 32
Defence: 10 Movement: 30ft
Size: Medium
Armour: 0
2 2 2 1 3 1 4

Gang Psika (Mook) Traits
Like many Piriel, this one found their way into a life of Armour 1, Natural Weapon (Claws), Natural Weapon
crime. Their psychic abilities keep them a cut above (Bite)
other petty criminals.
Stats Claw / Hit: 2d10+4 / Damage: 1d10+8 L(K) AP1
Heath: 11 Stamina: 17 Bite / Hit: 2d10+4 / Damage: 2d10+8 L(K) AP1
Defence: 14 Movement: 30ft
Size: Medium
Cresselhait Fur (50 UTC)
Armour: 0
S A I S E C R Pirate Veteran
1 3 2 2 2 2 3 (Enforcer)
This pirate has seen their fair share of space combat
Skills over the years, and can be a troublesome foe.
Firearms 1, Destruction 1, Info (Local Area) 1, Stats
Intimidate 1 Heath: 22 Stamina: 34
Traits Defence: 14 Movement: 30ft
Psychic, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons) Size: Medium
Armour: 2
Psykbolt / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 2d10+4 L(E) APx Attributes
Forcewave / Hit: Resist Cone 2 / 3d10+4 L(K) APx S A I S E C R
Light Pistol / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 1d10+8 L(K) AP0 1 3 2 2 2 2 3

Gear Skills
Light Pistol. 1 Light Pistol Magazines, 30 UTC Firearms 1, Leadership 2, Info (Local Area) 2,
Perception 1
Young Cresselhait Traits
(Mook) Tireless, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons), Proficiency
Known to non-Orous as an Orousian Hound, Cresselhait (Military Weapons), Agile
are large, dog-like creatures native to Beneath-1 and
a few other Orous-colonised worlds. This one is not
Kinetic SMG / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 1d10+12 x3 L(K)
fully grown.
Stats Light Pistol / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 1d10+12 L(K) AP0
Heath: 17 Stamina: 17
Defence: 10 Movement: 35ft
Kinetic SMG, Armourweave R2, Light Pistol, 1 Kinetic
Size: Medium
SMG Magazine, 1 Light Pistol Magazine
Armour: 1
3 2 1 3 3 1 2

Unarmed 1, Perception 2, Stealth 1

Molvori Bouncer Infant Void Dragon
(Enforcer) (Boss)
While Molvori arent known for violence, their size A rare sight indeed. While adult void dragons dwarf
and strength makes them a natural fit for some jobs: most lower-class starships, infant ones are usually
getting rid of undesired guests being once such job. around 50ft in length from snout to tail tip, with a
wingspan of around 30ft across.
Heath: 46 Stamina: 42 Stats
Defence: 10 Movement: 25ft Heath: 70 Stamina: 70
Size: Medium Defence: 6 Movement: 35ft, Flight 65ft
Size: Immense
Armour: 3
4 2 1 3 4 2 2 Attributes
Skills 3 4 2 3 5 1 3
Unarmed 1, Melee Combat 1, Intimidate 2, Info (Local
Area) 1 Skills
Unarmed 2, Perception 1, Stealth 2
Nomad, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons), Ogre, Traits
Behemoth Voidlife, Armour 3
Attacks Attacks
Bludgeon / Hit: 2d10+4 / Damage: 2d10+18 NL(K) AP1 Claw / Hit: 3d10+12 / Damage: 3d10+24 L(K) AP2 10ft
Knuckle Dusters / Hit: 2d10+4 / Damage: 1d10+18 L(K) Reach
AP0 Tail Strike / Hit: 3d10+12 / Damage: 3d10+24 NL(K) AP1
15ft Reach
Forcebreath / Hit: 3d10+16 Cone 2 / Damage: 2d10
Bludgeon, Knuckle Dusters, 150 UTC
NL(K) AP10, Drawn 10ft towards creature
Small Void Dragon Hide (500 UTC)

Environments Population &
& Escapades When making stations and planets for your players to
Climates visit, Climate is just one thing youll want to think
As comfortable as the nice, cool air of a well- about. The second is Population; how densely settled
maintained starship is, your players will probably and populated the planet/station is.
bore of being in one all the time. The universe is a
The third is Resources: natural resources, stores and
vast place, with plenty of room for every degree of
businesses, etc. In the tables for rolling up planets
inhospitable youd like to throw at them as long as
and stations, higher Resources means youre more
you know how it works.
likely to roll a high Population. A place with low
No Horizon measures the climate of worlds on a Resources might be a colony with little resources of
simple hot-to-cold scale; their own but an economy supported by off-world
trade and donations, or an arid world with very little
Infernal +3
of value on it.
Arid +2
Hot +1 Both of these are measured on a simple 1-10 scale,
Neutral 0 and its up to you exactly what those numbers
Chilly -1 represent. In one Season, a Population 10 planet might
Freezing -2 be something like New Earth, immensely populated
Glacial -3 and developed. In a Season set in the further reaches
of the universe, a Population 10 might be the one
oasis planet with clusters of civilization in the middle
That value on the right is referred to as the Climate
of a galaxy of nothing.
value, and each Race has a value that they are
naturally accustomed to. Being outside this Natural How the two combine can be interesting to think
Climate isnt all that fun. about too. A planet with high Resources but low
Population might be a remote mining colony, for
Being one step away gives you a Minor
penalty to all rolls.
Being two steps away gives you a Major Availability
penalty to all rolls. Population and Resources are an easy way for you to
Being three steps away gives you a Major decide how available items and weaponry are on that
penalty to all rolls and the Exhausted planet/station. While Common items should be
condition. available in most places, items of Uncommon and
above might be reserved to more populated places.
The natural climate for player races is as follows;
Generation Tables
0: Humans, Molvori, Piriel, Celneti If you want to roll up planets or stations rather than
1: Haphlopos making them yourself, take a look at the following
-1: Orous tables. Keep in mind what you roll on the Resource
table has a bearing on your Population roll!
For the enemy races overleaf, just use whatever
feels appropriate for the kind of enemy youre going
for. Keep in mind theres armour and other equipment
that allows you to leave your Natural Climate without

d10 Climate Resources Population
1 Infernal 1 (-2 to Population roll) 1
2 Arid 2 (-2 to Population roll) 1
3 Hot 3 (-1 to Population roll) 2
4 Neutral 4 (-1 to Population roll) 2
5 Neutral 5 (+0 to Population roll) 3
6 Neutral 6 (+0 to Population roll) 4
7 Neutral 7 (+1 to Population roll) 5
8 Chilly 8 (+1 to Population roll) 6
9 Freezing 9 (+2 to Population roll) 7
10 Glacial 10 (+2 to Population roll) 8
11 / / 9
12 / / 10

Example numerically with no real way of finding out which

door is which. The door leaving the shuttle bay is door
Episode #5. Once opened, it leads out to a hallway, with a
Heres an example of how an Episode of No Horizon pair of rooms ahead and paths to the left and right.
might be planned out. This might give you a few ideas
on how to plan out areas and encounters for your 2 Left Engine Room
own games. The door to the left engine room is also locked, but
can be opened via the same methods as the first
Locations door. Inside, a scruffy, exhausted looking crewman is
crouched by the engine, attempting repairs. He is
1 Iterian Shuttle
clearly frightened and panicked, working on the
engine, and will refuse to talk to the party unless
The shuttle bay of the SS Iterian, a ship in which the
players have landed in order to investigate a distress
beacon. There are no other ships in the bay, and the With a DC 40 Persuasion check, if informed the party
door to the rest of the ship is locked. A lone body is are there to help and need to speak to him he can be
slumped against the wall a few feet away, clearly convinced to stop his work and talk to the party.
marked by gunfire. Nothing else of note is
Alternatively, the party can attempt to inspect the
immediately apparent.
engine while he works. A DC 20 Engineer (Starship)
A DC20 Perception check reveals a Passcard for the check will reveal the engine is broken beyond simple
doors system scattered some distance away from repair, and would need serious work with parts that
the body. While this does not open the door, it are not available. Upon being informed by this, he will
removes the override on the doors system and allows similarly stop working and talk to the party.
Tech Use attempts on it.
When questioned, he will describe to the party how
The door can be opened with a DC30 Security check. their ship was ferrying a group of travellers who
Alternatively, if the passkey has been found, turned on the crew and tried so seize the ship. A
characters may attempt to gain control of it with firefight ensued, killing most of the crew and
Tech Use. The DC for the Permissions roll is 10, and damaging the left engine which automatically
once in the character may open and close the door triggered the distress beacon. He will introduce
freely if they gain User status. If they gain Trusted himself as Jaren, and that he was locked in the room
User status, they may also open and close the other with the instructions to either fix the engine or starve
doors on the ship, though they are simply listed to death.

If asked about the force that seized the ship, he will 6 Mess Hall & More
inform the players that it was a group of 11 travellers The mess hall is a large area, with a trio of doors into
who had posed as merchants, but concealed smaller rooms. A dead crewmember lies between the
weapons in their belongings and used them to attack tables, his possessions clearly already picked clean.
the crew. While he doesnt know where they are now, The lower door leads to the kitchen, which is
hes aware at least one was killed in the fighting with functional and contains a freshly-opened crate of
the crew. They were armed mostly with pistols, but Rations, as well as some assorted snacks and kitchen
Jaren doesnt know enough about weaponry to give tools.
better info than that.
The forward-most door leads to a bathroom. It is
In regards to the distress beacon, Jaren will tell the functional, if not clean.
players that it can only be turned off by a member of
The room to the right of the bathroom is locked, but if
the ships crew, as it is biometrically locked. He
opened leads to a storage room. Inside on the shelves
offers to turn it off if the players can make the way
are 2 more crates of Rations, a Fuel Rod (safely
safe and remove the invading group, but if the
stored of course), and 1000 UTCs worth of trade
players dont trust him and ask to make Insight rolls
goods. There is also a small box containing a pair of
beating DC20 will reveal he is very concerned for his
Light Pistol magazines, as well as a single Energy
own safety and likely not being truthful. If pressed
Point-Rifle magazine and a Stun Grenade.
further, he will tell them it is actually deactivated
with a code and will give them it 77325. 7 Crew Quarters
While a few of the rooms in the crew quarters are
3 Right Engine Room
locked, they have all been clearly ransacked. Clothes
The door to the right engine room isnt locked, but
and personal belongings are strewn across the
inside is little other than a pair of dead
floors, and in the forward right room a crewmember
crewmembers. They have little on them other than
lies in bed, dead. There is little of value left in the
their clothes, but one has a Light Pistol in his hand, an
rooms; a DC 30 Investigation finds 150 UTC in various
empty magazine a few feet away from him. Between
formats, as well as a damaged Hardsuit hung in a
them they have 136 UTC in assorted bills, the hundred
cupboard in the room with the dead crewman. This is
on a UTCard. A DC30 Investigate roll reveals a small
unusable initially, but with spare parts can be fixed
key on one of their persons.
with a DC20 Engineer (Equipment) roll.
4 Life Support &
8 & 9 Gunnery
This room is very Spartan, with little in it other than
The two stations are empty aside from a turret
machinery and a set of starship tools. The equipment
emplacement in each, both armed with Single Laser
in this room is easily identifiable as a shield generator
Casters. Both are powered down, assumedly due to
and a life support module, both of which are in full
the broken left engine.
working order.
10 Passenger
5 Medbay
While many of the cupboards look like they have Quarters
already been rummaged through for things of value, This room contains a series of simple beds and
the medbay is still equipped and stocked well enough lockers, apparently for passengers to use. Most of
to treat injuries using Biotech. these lockers are unlocked, but mostly just contain
personal affects. There is also a total of 100 UTC in
A DC20 Investigate check will also reveal 2 Trauma bills, and a Light Pistol with a Suppressor. Everything
Patches in an untouched cupboard. else is unlikely to have any value other than to the

If the party have not already made Group A aware to will start patrolling the hallways clockwise. They will
their presence, they are waiting in this room, passing also begin patrolling if the door controls are hacked
time. The room is well lit and both doors are shut, and the players remotely open door #14 or #16.
making it very difficult to enter without being noticed.
Group B
If they notice the party, they will immediately engage
Group B consists of Roswell-4, the groups leader, and
them in combat.
four Starway Brutes. They await the players in the
11 - Bridge Bridge, and will stay there even if Group A begin
The bridge is the forward-most room on the ship, and patrolling. If the door controls are hacked and the
contains the controls for movement and so forth. It players open door #13 remotely, Roswell-4 will
also contains the controls for the distress beacon, command Group A to start patrolling if they are not
which the players must deactivate to prove they have already doing so.
investigated the ship.
In the bridge waits Group B, containing the invading
forces leader, a Piriel named Roswell-4. When the
Starway Brute
party enters the bridge, he will demand they lay
down their weapons as he brings his men to (Mook)
attention. Whether they refuse or not, he will One of the many disguised crooks responsible for
immediately order his men to attack, clearly unwilling seizing the Iterian, the Brutes are armed mostly with
to give up his hold on the ship. If Group A are still melee weapons and arent afraid to use them.
alive, he will spend his first Half action in combat Stats
interacting with the ship computer, ordering them to Heath: 17 Stamina: 21
also join the combat. Defence: 10 Movement: 30ft
Once the group has been defeated or otherwise dealt Size: Medium
with, the players may access the starships Armour: 0
computers. With a little bit of investigation they can Attributes
find the controls for the distress beacon if they S A I S E C R
have the code, they may deactivate it themselves. If 2 2 2 2 3 1 3
not, Jaren will do it for them provided they go back
and tell him the way is clear. Skills
Unarmed 1, Melee Combat 1, Intimidate 1, Info (Local
Once the distress beacon is deactivated, the partys
Area) 1
business on the Iterian is technically finished, and
they can leave if they wish. As the last remaining Traits
crewmember, Jaren technically owns the Iterian Pack Mentality, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons)
but he will offer the party salvage rights in exchange
for taking him back to New Earth. Due to the Iterians
Combat Blade / Hit: 2d10+4 / Damage: 2d10+4 L(K) AP1
size, however, the amount they can salvage is limited
by how much cargo space their own ship has. Gear
Combat Knife, 25 UTC
Group A
Group A consists of three Starway Brutes and a
Starway Pirate. They lie in wait in the Passenger
Quarters, biding their time, but if the players make a
large amount of noise while exploring the ship they

Starway Pirate Roswell-4 (Boss)
(Enforcer) Like many Piriel, this one found their way into a life of
This foe appears more experienced and well-armed crime. Their psychic abilities keep them a cut above
than the other men aboard the Iterian, and is likely a the rest, though.
veteran of more than one of such robberies.
Stats Heath: 54 Stamina: 58
Heath: 22 Stamina: 34 Defence: 42 Movement: 30ft
Defence: 14 Movement: 30ft Size: Medium
Size: Medium Armour: 3
Armour: 2
Attributes S A I S E C R
S A I S E C R 1 3 2 2 3 2 5
1 3 2 2 2 2 3
Skills Info (General) 1, Destruction 2, Firearms 1,
Firearms 1, Leadership 2, Info (Local Area) 2, Manipulation 1
Perception 1
Traits Psychic, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons), Doubtfire,
Rapid Reloader, Proficiency (Civilian Weapons), Durable
Proficiency (Military Weapons), Quick
Attacks Psykbolt / Hit: 3d10+16 / Damage: 2d10+8 L(E) APx
Pump Shotgun / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 3d10+8 L(K) AP1 Forcewave / Hit: Resist Cone 2 / 3d10+8 L(K) APx
Holdout Blaster / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 1d10+8 L(K) Stresswave / Hit: Resist Cone 2 / Panicked/Terrified
AP1 Switch Revolver / Hit: 2d10+8 / Damage: 1d10+8 L(K)
Pump Shotgun, Armourweave R2, Holdout Blaster, 12 Gear
Kinetic Pump Shotgun Shells, 1 Holdout Blaster Cell Switch Revolver, 18 Energy Switch Revolver Rounds,
Combat Plate, Constant Pulse Shield R1

Doors in green are unlocked
Doors in red are locked
Room numbers match descriptions in
Locations section

Advantage Crew Quality
A Trait with positive effects on The people responsible for A facet or feature of a piece of
the character. staffing and running a starship. equipment that has some
mechanical effect.
AP Critical
A damage sources ability to A critical success or failure is Race
penetrate armour or other earned by rolling at least one 10 The species of creature that a
protection. Must exceed a and no 1s on a successful roll, character is.
targets Armour value in order or at least one 1 and no 10s on a
for the damage source to do full failed roll respectively. Role
damage. The archetype or job that this
Director character represents within the
Arc No Horizons term for the games group.
A personal quest or mission of master, or GM, who runs the
kinds that must be completed to game for the players. Scene
earn Talent. No Horizons term for a combat
Drawback or other encounter.
Armour A Trait with negative effects on
The threshold a damage sources the character. Season
AP value must exceed in order to No Horizons term for a
deal full damage. Otherwise, Episode campaign of gameplay.
half or less damage is dealt. No Horizons term for a session
of play. Skills
Attributes Skills are used alongside
The seven defining stats that Genemod Attributes to discern how
govern most of a characters An organic improvement or effective a character is at
abilities; Strength, Ability, alteration to the body. certain tasks.
Intelligence, Sense, Endurance,
Charisma, Resolve. Movement Starship
The amount of distance, Any vehicle capable of
Augmentation measured in 5ft increments that interplanetary travel.
Cybernetic or otherwise non- you can move during your turn
organic implants inserted into in combat. Station
the body to improve or alter its A structure in space that can be
capabilities. Permissions docked with by starships. Often
The Permissions roll is made by inhabited but sometimes vacant
Availability a character to gain access into with automated equipment and
The Availability of an item a computer system or server. refuelling stations.
governs how difficult it is to find The result governs what they
in the universe. have access to within the Talent
system. The resource spent to improve a
Climate characters Attribute scores and
The temperature and Psychic Skills, as well as to acquire
environment of a planet or Someone capable of using their Traits. Earned from completing
station. mental strength to manifest and Arcs.
manipulate psychic energy.

Toxicity Enforcer Class
The negative modifier applied to An enemy more challenging than An items Class tells you what
all rolls earned from using Mooks. Enforcers are typically Proficiency Trait is needed to
Psychic powers. around the strength of an wield or wear it effectively.
average player character.
Trait Defence
A feature or characteristic of a Boss The value that must be beat
character with some in-game, Boss enemies are intended to be when rolling to attack a target
mechanical effect. stronger than both Enforcers in order to hit it.
and Mooks, and may be
Mook encountered alone or with
An enemy of low difficulty, not groups of other enemies. Shields
intended to challenge the Shields are personal pieces of
players except in groups. equipment that increase your
Defence against ranged attacks.


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