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O:DS Special vol. 2

November 2014

the terramartian war

Part 03 - TLK.4076

by ivan van norman,

and christopher j. de la rosa and robert watts
art by christian quinot
Copyright 2014 by Hunters Books & Apparel, All rights reserved.
Unless otherwise noted, all illustrations, characters, and intellectual property in this book are the property of Hunters Books & Apparel.
Permission granted to distribute and copy for personal use only.

Technocrats of Earth Mars Resistance

TLK.4076 has gone dark after their weekly report Suspicious Reports were stolen from
was not delivered to the relay station above the Communication Array Mission, regarding the
ISS Sagan. The base is located on a Terraformed Terran Technocracy and Research base TLK.4076.
Farming Belt that operates close to the Sagan Whatever the Terrans interests in the base are,
and will require investigation, bring back ANY its important to the Revolution of Mars as well.
survivors for interrogation. Investigate, and obtain any information about the
base at all costs. Bring back any researchers alive
for questioning if able.

SP by Difficulty
TLK.4076 Station The difficulty of the campaign will determine how much
Research base Personnel - 150 SP a party needs to earn in order to count this session as
Size - 2 sq mi a victory.
Levels - 4 Easy: 130 SP
Power Supply - Solar supplemented with Carbon Moderate: 250 SP
drilled from Asteroid Core Hard: 350 SP
Water - Imported [Shipped from ISS Sagan]
Locations - Hangar, Storage, Processing, Vehicle
Bay, Security Facilities, Laboratories, Medical Bay.
opponents list
Food - Local Infested
Main Export -processed fructose, exotic fruits See ODS: Pg 191

Horror Traits:
Alien Physiology - ODS: 192
gear Viral - ODS: 192
Horror Trait Upgrades Avalable:
Each Depletion point added will allow a character the
Grotesque - ODS: 192
ability to resist [Po] damage from inhaling for 1 period
Pre-Infestation Armor - ODS: 190
of Time. This will also be used to provide air when the air
is too toxic to breathe.
Capacity: 20
Health - 2
DT - 15
Air Canister - A replacement air canister will remove all 30 0
Defense - 2
DP from a rebreather. Carrying extra will take up 1 CU
Viral - 0
each. 40 60

Large quadrupeds, they have scaly skin, and full 360

rotation eyes, but primarily hunt in packs. They have
Each Depletion point added will allow a character to get
excellent climbing skills and are known to jump on their
a bonus DoS to Spot/Listen and Search. It can also be
prey all at the same time from the tree tops.
used to reduce the DoS in an E% by 1. But this use will
generate +d5! Risk.
Speed - 2d6
Capacity: 35
{SC%} Attacks
MA 33% [1d5! Sl],
Universal Energy Cells - This uses Universal Energy Cells,
which can be used to remove all DP from the BioScanner.

Grpl 33% [1d5! Pi, Sl],
Other Skills
Other Skills {Do 50%},
{Do 33%, Brawl 33%}
Horror Traits
Horror Traits Acid Blood - (ODS - 180)
Fangs (ODS - 182)
Pounce - Creature starts at initiative 0 for the first round Flying serpents - they have rounded circular mouths
unless players make a successful {Sp/Li%} to detect the that slice into flesh of smaller creatures. Normally they
creature. scavenge the caracasses of fallen animals, but if their nest
is disturbed, it can become highly aggressive and attack.
Their corrosive blood often can cause damage to armor
Health - 1 and sensitive gear and should be avoided at all costs.
DT - 5
10 0
Defense - 1
Viral - 0 30 20

{Spot/Listen 50%, MA%15 [1d5! Ac, Sl], Do%, Tough



Zone 1 Zone 2
asteroid farming belt Jungle Biome of TLK.4076
Mission Time 01-03 Mission Time 04-05

In order to approach undetected, the insertion team

Avoid the ISS Sagan defensive systems and find your way must land a safe distance away and make their
to TLK.4076. Successfully doing this will allow the rest of final approach on foot. Unfortunately, our intel is
the mission to proceeed without any added difficulty. scattered as to what the team is to expect in terms
of ground security and flora/fauna.

Objective: Reach the desired Labor total as described in the Labor: 20

Success entry.
{SC%}: {Nav%}
Labor: Special
Success: Characters reach the base (Zone 3)
{SC%}: {Pilot%, DigiSys%, As/Tel%}
Success: Biome - TLK.4076 is predominately a Jungle
40+ Labor - 0 Risk biome, so the Biome - Jungle Descriptor is Active.
25 - 39 Labor - 15 Risk
0 - 24 Labor - 20 Risk
Hazards for Zone 2
Failure: None.
poisonous flora/fauna
The jungle is full of tangled vines and poisonous
flora and fauna that will either harm or greatly
Ship Nav Systems - Enacting the ships Nav Systems
slow the progress of the insertion team.
will add 3 bonus DoS, but will add +d5! Risk as the
Risk: DLv. in Biome - Jungle
increased system usage will likely draw the attention of
tracking satellites and systems.
Inflict [2d5! Po] damage to all characters without
worn gear that has an All Enclosing upgrade.
You bank your ship and sizzle through the artificial layer
of ozone that allows the planetoid to be terraformed. Lush lamprey nest
rich greenery lays out below you as you land your ship in The characters stumble upon a nest of Lampreys.
the closest patch of empty jungle you can find. This means that they will be encountered in
greater number and will attack with greater

Hazards for Zone 1 All Lampreys have -1 Speed die to all their combat
actions during this encounter.
Weapons Satellite
Risk: 10
The character piloting the Insertion Ship must
make Pilot check {Pil%} or the ship will stray Encounter (E%) Check Table
within range of a Weapons Satellites sensors.
The ship will immediately take 1d6 Structure 5 DoS - d6 ZLK Series 3: Megalards
Damage. All characters on board will take [2d5 (See Opponent List at End)
Bl] Damage per Structure Damage to the Ship. 4 DoS - d3 ZLK Series 3: Megalards
The pilot must immediately make another Pilot 1-3 DoS - 2d6 - ZLK Series 1: Lampreys Nest
check {Pil%} to get the ship out of range or risk 1-3 DoF - 1d3 Additional Labor
destruction of the ship. 4 DoF - 1d6 Additional Labor + 5 SP
5 DoF - 1d6 Additional Labor + 10 SP

Zone 3
Outside of the Base
Mission Time 06 - 07

The insertion team reaches the 15 ft high concrete

walls of the research base. Closer inspection reveals
that there are several security systems in place that
seem to be active . This base is more discretely and
expertly defended than most research bases. The
area itself is a perfectly geometric triangle, with
buttresses facing outwards so that each wall could Encounter (E%) Check Table
have 2 turrets facing each side, and a large center
turret in the middle. 5 DoS - d6 ZLK Series 3: Megalards
(See Opponent List at End)
4 DoS - d3 ZLK Series 3: Megalards
Opponents 1-3 DoS - 2d6 - ZLK Series 1: Lampreys Nest
4 - Drones 1-3 DoF - 1d3 Additional Labor
1D6 - AI integrated Turrets 4 DoF - 1d6 Additional Labor + 5 SP
5 DoF - 1d6 Additional Labor + 10 SP
Direct Access can be granted by disabling 2 of
the 4 turrets by either destroying them or using a
[DigiSys] Check on a local console. If players wish
to climb the walls it can be done using [Stealth%]
and [Climb%] with 5 Difficulty. Finally players can
also locate a ventilation shaft in the surrounding
jungle with a successful [Nav%] check.


Zone 4 A detailed Thermal scan of the area, or access to

Inside the Base the observation systems using a {Search%} or
Mission Time 08 - 09 {DigiSys%} players can located Survivors in the
Processing areas, which are below the Laboratories
on the ground level.
Inside the compound, there is a sign of a massive
slaughter in the outpost. Trails of dried blood and
gore are strewn about along the dirt and grass laden
streets. Astute ears can hear the telltale sounds of
shuffling feet that seem to be surrounding them. Encounter (E%) Check Table
5 DoF - D100 Credits on tables or dropped on the
Locations floor
Vehicle Bay (see O:DS pg. 130) 2-4 DoF - Nothing
Crew Quarters (see O:DS pg. 129) 1 DoF - 1D3 Infested - Thanatosis (ODS: Pg 188)
Laboratories (see O:DS pg. 130) 1 Dos - 1D6 Infested - Thanatosis
Medical Bay. (see O:DS pg 130) 2-4 DoS - 2D6 Infested
5 DoS - 2D5! Infested
As the insertion team enters the base,
The creature stares at you with lifeless, white eyes
as it makes its way towards you. Shuffling slowly,
with an unnatural gait, it seems to get more excited
the closer it gets. Purple flakey skin peels off as the
semi-decayed form of what was once a human being
now seems to be focused only on seizing you with its

Zone 5
Mission Time 10 - 12
Grant access to the processing area.

Active, but idle computer systems flicker and cut in and Failure:
out in the darkness. The Laboratory Lights seems to None. Retry and add +1 Time. d3 Infested drop
be off or on emergency power at the moment. What from the hooks and attack and start at Inititatve 0.
little light that is shed seems to cast shadows across Add +5 Risk.
the rooms as several bodies dangle from the ceiling
via electrical cables on a gantry, which was manually Special:
lifted it seems, as one of the bodies holds the controls Keycard - Characters making a successful Search
as it strains against its restraints while lightly swaying check will be able to find a keycard on a corpse
in the room. suspended from the ceiling, the card can be seen
dangling from a holder at the hip. The Keycard will
add 50 Labor to this Missons progress. The corpes
access processing area are suspended and can be lowered by a console that
The blast doors that open to the processing area are can be found with a Spot/Listen check. Failing
tightly sealed and protected by the protocols. Getting that, characters can loot it off one of the bodies
the doors open or finding an alternative route is of the Infested dropped as described in the Failure
imperative. entry.

Labor: 25 Breach - The control panel can be manually

compromised which will add 50 Labor to this
{SC%}: {DigiSys%, Nav%} Missions progress, but it will also add 1d5! per
DoF in the {DigiSys%} check.


Zone 6 Sci%}.
Mission Time 13 - 14

As you approach the door leading into the cycled

airlock leading towards the processing area, you notice
superheated steam and hot gasses are being pushed out
consistently at vents, blocking the pathway of the players.

disable decontamination
The Vents are super heated chemical agents used to
ensure that no viable pathogen can exist in the area.
What was normally a dosage that is safe for humans, Encounter (E%) Check Table
whatever formula it uses to meter the dose is clearly
overcompensating for what must be a horrifyingly 5 DoF - D100 Credits on tables or dropped on the
powerful contaminant. floor
2-4 DoF - Nothing
Objective: 1 DoF - 1D3 Infested - Thanatosis (ODS: Pg 188)
Disable the decontamination protocols by reaching the 1 Dos - 1D6 Infested - Thanatosis
target Labor requirement. 2-4 DoS - 2D6 Infested
5 DoS - 2D5! Infested
Labor: 50

{SC%}: {DigiSys%, Sci%}

The characters disable the quarantine protocols, which Hazards for Zone 6
allows safe passage through the malfunctioning system.
Failure: Risk: 10
The characters are blasted with superheated chemical The rooms are littered with those that were killed
gasses. It will inflict [3d5! Th, Po] damage if they pass by either the quarantine protocols or whatever
through the decontamination chamber. biological agents that infected the victims. Each
time this Hazard is used, an E% counts as being
Special: automatically successful with d3 DoS.
Indicator - The normal indicators that tell whether or not
the system is deactivated is damaged and cannot be read. biohazard
Characters that have a 5 DLv. or higher in Science or Risk: 15 + 1 per DLv. Science
Location - Laboratory. Characters inadvertently expose themselves to viral
biological agents. All characters will increase viral
Contaminated - Characters that attempt to deactivate by 1. The method of infection would itself allow a
the system must get to two consoles and use a keycard to Save Throw, but it is up to the GM to determine the
deactivate it. Each console is surrounded by opponents method of infection.
determined by the Quarantined Hazard.

Consoles - Each activated console can provide up to 25

Labor with the proper keycard passes or {DigiSys%,

Zone 7 Zone 8
processing area escape
Mission Time 15+ Mission Time n/a

A bloody steel door blocks the entrance of several With the survivors in hand, its clear we need to
creatures as they bang rhythmically against the door. get out FAST before we get overwhelmed by these
How long have they been there? One even looks like its things. The Jungle never looked so inviting.
hand has been reduced to a bloody stump from so much
pounding. Has this been going on weeks? Months?
Players will have to backtrack in order to make it
back up the surface, Each E% roll will add +2 DoS
to its result.
There are survivors that are in need of rescuing. Theyll
know what happened in this nightmare. Mission: If at least one Survivor makes it back to
the ship, the mission will be considered a Success,
Objective: but more survivors rescued will increase the reward
Rescue the 5 Survivors. to the characters.

Rescue the survivors. They add have Access to the
entire facility and have 2 Health points and a DT: 10.
They have {MA 30%} and have weapons that inflict
[Bl, Pi].

The survivors are killed somehow en-route and the
information may die with them.

Weary - Most survivors will be too shocked/
malnourished to travel any faster than DoubleTime,
any commands to sprint will require a {Endur%} with
+3 Difficulty. Likewise asking them to do anything
other then come with you will require a {Empathy%}
for them to obey.

Players will be awarded 200 SP + any Sensitive
Data that was found at 50 SP each. They will also
be given a similar amount of Credits depending on
how many survived.
(All Survivors - 100%)
(Half of the Survivors - 50%)
(One Quarter Survivors - 25%)