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Get together a group of two to six people with your family or closest friends is ii. Independence: when acting
some dice, paper, and pencils (or digital equiva- an automatic success alone or when inciting indepen-
lents). dence in others, any MD spent
ii. Socialization: when you assist that roll as successes are re-
One person is the Game Master (GM), who someone, or someone assists turned to your MD pool
runs all of the non-player characters (NPCs), you, gain +2Ad rather than 1Ad
describes the environment, and sets the Diffi- e. Power
culty for various Tasks. b. Esteem
i. Order: you gain +1Ad to rolls
Each other person plays one character. This i. Acceptance: any MD spent to when operating as an agent in
character is a Bounty Hunter in the United Vas- gain a groups or individuals the chain of command
sals of the Archon, personally compelled by trust is an automatic success
their Motivations and the promise of cash for ii. Resolve: any MD spent to over-
taking out the Galaxys most wanted criminals, ii. Respect: any MD spent to lever- come any disabling, slowing, or
terrorists, and dissidents. age your worth or earn respect stunning Consequence or Injury
is automatically successful is an automatic success
First, define the nature of your Hunt as a group
- including the quarry, the tone, the balance be- c. Justice 3. Select your Species (Earthling, Ixtabuyek,
tween investigation and combat, and the scale or Yantiram)
and scope of the chase itself. i. Honor: any MD spent while
obeying the Tenets of Honor are a. Earthling: one extra Talent, +1Ad Influ-
Then, each player makes a character that aligns automatically successful ence / Resistance
with the Hunt:
ii. Retribution: you gain +1Ad for all b. Ixtabuyek: amphibious, +1Ad Coordi-
1. Come up with a character concept rolls against those who have nation / Stealth
evaded your capture or defeat-
2. Select two Motivations, and one of the ed you c. Yantiram: chassis swap, +1Ad Logic /
available Maneuvers for each Motivation Knowledge
selected d. Liberty
4. Rank your Skills (Awareness, Coordina-
a. Community i. Discovery: spend 1 MD to dis- tion, Influence, Knowledge, Logic, Might,
cover something about yourself, Resistance, Stealth) in one of four ways:
i. Cameraderie: any MD spent dur- another, or the current arc (GM
ing an action to assist or protect discretion) a. Standard: 1 Gifted, 1 Competent, 5
Adequate, 1 Bad
b. Versatile: 2 Competent, 6 Adequate g. Spend 1 MD to intimidate anyone at A Task is either a Short Task, which must be
any Difficulty completed in one roll (e.g., jumping over a pit),
c. Focused: 1 Gifted, 2 Competent, 3 or a Long Task, which can be completed over
Adequate, 2 Bad h. Spend 1 MD to break free from bonds multiple rolls (e.g., repairing a pod). A Long
or constraints Tasks Difficulty is reduced by the number of
d. Specialized: 1 Gifted, 3 Competent, 1 successes a player rolls. For example: Kettefiss
Adequate, 3 Bad i. Spend 1 MD to earn a minor favor rolls 3 successes against a Difficulty 5 Task,
from an NPC making it a Difficulty 2 Task.
i. Gifted succeed on 3-6
j. Spend 1 MD to know the location of a If a player rolls fewer successes than a Short
ii. Competent succeed on 4-6 nearby safehouse Tasks Difficulty, the the character receives a
Consequence or Injury. Consequences and In-
iii. Adequate succeed on 5-6 7. Characters Advance once they have suc- juries are based off of the Tasks Severity
cessfully captured or killed three quarries (which defaults to its Difficulty, but can vary as
iv. Bad succeed on 6 (targets with bounties on their head). Char- the GM desires).
acters cant advance when theyre Haunt-
5. Write one Talent, a self-defined ability that ed or Obsessed. Advancement grants: If a player ever rolls zero successes, their char-
gives +1Ad to any relevant roll. (e.g., Track- acter (and perhaps the squad) suffers a Conse-
er would give +1Ad when tracking, while a. Improve one Skills Rank (Bad to Ade- quence or Injury equal to the Tasks Severity.
Deadeye would give +1Ad while shooting quate)
scoped weapons). Consequences and Injuries can temporarily or
b. Gain or improve one Talent permanently degrade a characters Skill (e.g.,
6. Pick one Bounty Hunter Technique Competent to Adequate), increase all or certain
Tasks Difficulty (e.g., physical Tasks receive +1
a. Spend 1 MD to force relevant informa- Difficulty), force a new Skill roll (e.g., roll Might)
tion from another
GAMEPLAY cause MD loss, or produce some other negative
condition or effect.
b. Spend 1 MD to determine a targets
weakness All difficult actions are called Tasks. Tasks have A Consequence can affect the character, the
a Difficulty of 1 to 5. Multiple Tasks make up squad, or the Task itself. A bad Consequence
c. Spend 1 MD to stop someone from a Scene. Players only ever roll; the GM never might be the ship depressurizes; another might
dying (not you) rolls. be you cause the reactor to explode.
d. Spend 1 MD to cancel out the effects Players roll a relevant Skill to overcome a Task. Injuries directly affect the character and last for
of Fear for 1 Scene Rolls get 1D for free. Characters can add Moti- a number of weeks equal to its Severity. A char-
vation Dice (MD) to their roll if they so choose. acter might sustain an Injury 3, degrading her
e. Spend 1 MD per tier of Injury you ig- Once MD are spent, they are gone forever, and Might Skill by one Rank for three weeks after
nore for 1 Scene new MD must be earned. They can also gain the Injury is healed. If you gain a combined In-
Advantage Dice (AD) if they are in advanta- jury 5 or greater, you are defeated and can po-
f. Spend 1 MD to always act first, re- geous situations or have beneficial weapons, tentially die.
gardless of phase
tools, or info.
Consequences can generate new Tasks that Enemies together into one easily trackable to-
must be overcome through the use of Skill rolls. tal. MOTIVATION AND MOTIVATION DICE
Injuries take time to heal. A Knowledge (for Some Tasks can have a Cumulative Difficulty,
surgery or curing sickness) or Resistance (for meaning that each additional success over the MD are earned from Triggers and Resolutions.
toughing through it) roll can expedite the Tasks minimum adds some additional benefit - A Trigger is when some event elicits a response
process. such as another clue, more money, or spending from your Motivation. A Resolution is when
less time. youve acted upon your Motivation and re-
Especially difficult Tasks can have a Threshold. solved or completed this action.
Threshold is how many of the characters suc- Optionally, you can choose to Press Your Luck
cesses are removed from their roll (e.g., a Task and spend additional MD after the success or MD are earned throughout a Scene, but arent
with Threshold 2 would make a character who failure of your current roll has been determined. gained (and actually added to the pool) until the
rolled 2 Successes now have effectively rolled Any new MD are rolled without a base die or Scenes conclusion. At the end of each Scene,
0 Successes and trigger a Consequence). AD, and if these MD roll zero successes they the GM and players should discuss which - if
trigger a new or escalate an existing Conse- any - Triggers or Resolutions occurred that de-
Enemies function just like Tasks, with a Difficul- quence or Injury. serve MD.
ty, Severity, and Threshold. When an Enemy at-
tacks, the character rolls a relevant Skill to de- Characters can choose to invoke Collateral As soon as MD are spent, such as when adding
fend (usually Might for blocking, Resistance for Damage at any time (as long as it is physically dice to a roll, or activate a Motivation Maneuver
resisting poison or mental attacks, and Coordi- possible). This immediately concludes the or Bounty Hunter Technique, they are removed
nation or Awareness for dodging attacks - espe- Scene in a manner of the Hunters choice, but from the characters available MD pool. These
cially from guns and other ranged weapons). at the cost of killing innocents and becoming dice cant be used again, and new dice must be
Haunted. This requires no rolls nor expenditure earned and gained.
Characters must roll successes equal to the en- of MD.
emys attack Severity in order to successfully Each instance of a Trigger or Resolution is worth
defend. Rolling fewer successes causes the Inversely, while pursuing a quarry characters around 3MD, but especially minor or major in-
character to gain Injury equal to the difference can choose to Let Them Go. This means that stances can be worth more or less. At any given
between the successes and the attacks Sever- the quarry escapes pursuit and its trail goes time during a Hunt, characters should have ap-
ity (2 successes against a Severity 4 attack cold (all current Leads are no longer relevant), proximately 10MD at their disposal.
would cause Injury 2). the character becomes Obsessed, and the
Scene or Task is otherwise resolved as the Motivation Maneuvers can be used at any time,
If a character rolls no successes while defend- character wishes. This requires no rolls nor ex- even if it is not the characters turn.
ing, she suffers both an Injury and a Conse- penditure of MD.
quence. Bounty Hunters also gain MD for each Lead
You cant roll more than 10D or spend more they uncover during the course of their Hunt,
A Scene can have a combined Scene Difficul- than 5MD on a roll. as well as when they finally capture or kill their
ty, which combines all of the Scenes Tasks and quarry.
ON THE RUN An Earth colony with a terraformed moon and A peaceful garden world. Gholans daughter
large yantiram population. Gholan stole a civil- Yurina lives here, and is known to have a less-
ian transport pod, was confronted by local po- than-positive relationship with her father. Her
QUICKSTART ADVENTURE lice, engaged them in a firefight and killed work and home are known addresses, but she
three, wounded one. Police say he was headed wants nothing to do with the Hunters and will try
Gholan is an enforcer for the Messonite Lotus to Kabrult, a largely yantiram city. In Kabrult to evade them.
- a Territories spanning criminal syndicate en- a well-known yantiram chassis maker named
trenched in every aspect of crime. Gholan was Overel has gone missing. She specializes in If the Hunters came here first, Yurina promises
captured, but killed several Hunters and es- wet chassis that look like humans. to leave without seeing her father and can be
caped. Hes fled into the Superlume Network convinced to help catch him. If they came here
and now leads a mad chase. Pursued by Mar- Her core is found chassis-less, badly damaged, second, shes been captured by a competing
shals, Bounty Hunters, and his former col- and beneath the ruins of an interplanetary pod group to be used as bait to capture Gholan.
leagues at the Lotus, Gholan is a man willing to depot that Gholan bombed. She feebly tells If they came here third, shes been killed in
do anything to escape. them he forced her to change his face and kept the fighting between Gholan and the competing
mentioning cashing out and getting his daugh- group. Her wetdrive has a message from
Quarry: Gholan - Human, Male, 1.8m tall, 75kg, ter. If the Hunters came here second, Overel is Gholan stating he will cash out on Jind and
63 years, pale teal skin, orange dermal graphs, being interrogated by a competing group. If make himself disappear on Procyon.
bad teeth, expected to be in disguise. Bounty: they come here last, Gholan has taken Overel
5,000u alive. Wanted for: Murder, extortion, in- hostage and will fight.
formation of the Messonite Lotus and its princi-
pal members and crimes.
JIND Gholan is being pursued by other Bounty
Hunter teams, a Messonite Lotus hit squad,
STRUCTURE The vice capital of the Territories. Gholan had a and local authorities. A typical competitor is D2
nice downtown condo that was allegedly kept / S3 with Armor and Shield 1, guns which Ignore
Gholan is always located at the third cross- off the Messonite Lotus books. The Hunters Armor 1, kinesticks which Ignore Shield 2, and
roads (planet) the Hunters arrive at. He will do arrive simultaneously as one of competing one non-combat Skill thats D4. The Lotus will
his best to kill or incapacitate them so that they groups listed below. The condo has been attack Hunters on sight, while others will order
cant follow. Each planet gives two Leads that tossed, weapon racks empty, a datapane that them to stand down.
point to the others. charts the most efficient course to Mukerian,
searches for the best wet chassis designers, GHOLAN
STARTING LEADS pointing to Procyon.
A Scene D4 per Hunter, S4 attacks (guns and
Gholan fled on a Superlume toward Procyon for If the Hunters came here first, Gholan has ex- grenades). Can attack as a reaction for each
unknown reasons. The majority of Gholans as- plosive mines set to trigger upon entry. If they Hunter attack. Has a Resistance, Stealth, and In-
sets, associates, and favors are on Jind. He has came here second, the mines are triggered al- fluence of D4 / T2. Hunters can use his daugh-
an estranged daughter from a failed marriage ready, condo destroyed, and competing group ter for leverage. If badly incapacitated, he will
on Mukerian. will engage. If they came here last, hes attempt to kill himself.
bunkered and will die fighting.