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verb object verb infinitive verb (that) verb gerund verb object verb

infinitive say say (-ing) preposition preposition

tell say gerund gerund
tell say
Advise - Agree - Admit - Deny - Accuse - Apologize for -
encourage agree - recommend blame -
, decide - decide - suggest congratulate insist on
, offer - deny - regret
promise - explain - Accuse sb of doing st Accuse sb of doing
invite - refuse - insist - Apologise to sb about/for st
remind - threaten - promise - doing st Confess to doing
warn recommend - Blame sb for st something
Assure - Complain to sb about st Insist on doing st
Convince suggest - Object to st/doing st
Persuade -

Beg -
Examples: Examples: Examples: Examples: Examples: Examples:
Jack encouraged She offered to Tom admitted He denied having They accused the He apologized
me to look for a give him a lift to (that) he had tried anything to do boys of cheating on for being late.
new job. work. to leave early. with her. the exam.
She insisted on
They invited all their My brother refused She agreed (that) we Ken suggested She blamed her husband doing the washing
friends to attend the to take no for an needed to reconsider studying early in the for missing the train. up.
presentation. answer. our plans. morning.
The mother congratulated Peter apologized
Bob warned his friend Mary decided to The teacher insisted that Alice recommends her daughter on for interrupting the
not to open the can of attend university. he didn't give enough playing golf in Bend, graduating from college. m
worms. homework. Oregon.

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