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B kp t hc IELTS Reading
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Kh nhiu bn hi mnh cch t hc IELTS Reading nh th no, dng nhng sch g nng
im k nng ny. Mnh tng t im 9.0 cho Reading, v vy mnh bit r nhng yu t cn nm
c, khi cc bn luyn tp.

C phi nng im Reading th c cng nhiu cng tt? c bt k ci g nh sch, bo? iu

ny khng ng. c sch bo ng l tt cho kh nng ting Anh ca bn, v dn dn th kh nng c
ca bn cng s kh ln, nhng s mt rt rt nhiu thi gian. V vic c v tip thu khi c bo s rt
khc vi vic bn phi c tr li cu hi trong bi thi IELTS Reading. Hn na, nhng bi c ca
IELTS Reading thng ni v nhng ch khoa hc hoc lch s, tm li l c kh nhiu t ng
chuyn ngnh, v bn khng th luyn c v nhng ch c.

Vy th luyn c u? Mnh ch luyn nhng quyn nh Cambridge hoc mt s quyn khc.

Ngoi ra cc bn cng c th tm mt vi sch luyn k nng IELTS Reading. Tuy nhin, hc sch g
khng quan trng, quan trng l hc nh th no.

minh ha cho cch hc mnh s trnh by di y, trc ht cc bn hy xem xt mt v d.

Read the passage:

The crows also make an ingenious tool called a padanus probe from padanus tree leaves. The tool has a
broad base, sharp tip, a row of tiny hooks along one edge, and a tapered shape created by the crow
nipping and tearing to form a progression of three or four steps along the other edge of the leaf. What
makes this tool special is that they manufacture it to a standard design, as if following a set of
instructions. Although it is rare to catch a crow in the act of clipping out a padanus probe, we do have
ample proof of their workmanship: the discarded leaves from which the tools are cut. The remarkable
thing that these counterpart leaves tell us is that crows consistently produce the same design every
time, with no in-between or trial versions.


1. There appears to be a fixed pattern for the padanus probes construction.

2. There is plenty of evidence to indicate how the crows manufacture the padanus probe.
3. Crows seems to practice a number of times before making a usable padanus probe.

Trc tin, nhn ln bi c, s thy rt rt rt nhiu t mi nh crow, padanus probe v vn vn.

Nhng t nh th ny th 98% nhng ngi i thi IELTS u khng bit (trong c mnh). Tuy nhin,
chng ta khng cn quan tm n nhng t , v chng khng gip tr li cu hi. Thay vo , hy
nhng t kha ca cu hi.

Nhn vo cu 1, c 2 t kha l a fixed pattern v construction. Nhn ln bi c, khi d n cu

th 3, chng ta c th tm c 2 t ng ngha l a standard design, following a set of
instructions, v manufacture. T , chng ta tr li c cu ny l TRUE.

Tng t cu 2, c cc t kha plenty of evidence v how the crows manufacture. Nhn ln cu
tip theo bi c, chng ta thy ample proof v their workmanship. Do , cu ny cng l
TRUE. Lu : Nhiu bn s b la khi thy t rare, v nu nh khng bit t ample l synonym ca
plenty of, bn s tr li sai cu ny.

V cng tng t cu 3, practice a number of times ging vi trial versions bi c, v vy cu

ny l FALSE. ( t no trn bi c).

Vy v d trn ni ln iu g? L, t vng kh quan trng trong Reading, nhng ch c nhng t

vng mang tnh cha kha tr li cu hi mi quan trng, cn nhng t khc (t chuyn
ngnh) chng ta khng cn quan tm n.

Th th t hc IELTS Reading tng im nh th no? Hy luyn nhng t vng mang tnh cha kha
nh trn, bng cch lp ra cc keyword tables sau khi lm xong mi bi c, v thng xuyn xem
li ghi nh (cch ny thy Simon hng dn kh nhiu trn website ca thy). V d i vi bi
trn, chng ta s lp keyword table nh sau:

Hy c lm theo cch ny, mnh tin rng sau mt thi gian, im IELTS Reading ca cc bn s tng ln
ng k y!

IELTS Reading: Trnh t lm bi

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Bi thi Reading thc s khng h kh v khng i hi lng t vng qu nhiu nh cc bn vn ngh.

Khi tr li mi cu hi, mnh thng lm theo trnh t nh sau:

1. c cu hi lun m khng c passage.

2. Lt ngc ln passage xc nh v tr ca thng tin da vo nhng t ng ngha vi t trong cu

hi (thng th thng tin s ch gi gn trong 1 hoc 2 cu ca passage).

3. c k phn c cha thng tin tr li cu hi.

4. Chuyn sang cu hi tip theo.

bi sau, mnh s lm mu mt bi Reading p dng trnh t nh trn.

IELTS Reading: 4 bc tr li mi dng cu hi
tr li tt c cc dng cu hi trong Reading, chng ta s i theo 4 bc sau:

1. c cu hi trc, gch chn ra cc t kha A, B, C trong cu hi.

2. Lt ln trn passage, tm ra v tr cc t kha A1, B1, C1 (l cc t kha c paraphrase t cu

hi: A1 tng ng vi A; B1 tng ng vi B; C1 tng ng vi C)

3. c k v tr cha cc t kha A1, B1 v C1 ny (chnh l v tr cha thng tin cn thit) v so snh

li vi cu hi tr li cu hi.

Lu : v tr cha thng tin thng ch nm gi gn trong 1-2 hoc nhiu lm l 3 cu trong passage.
Chng ta ch c k cc cu ny tr li cu hi, khng c lan man sang cc cu khc. Thng th
phn ln cc bn hay c lan man v khng xc nh c chnh xc v tr cha thng tin, dn n vic
b bi la hoc khng tm ra c thng tin -> tr li sai.

4. Lu , tr li chnh xc, chng ta cn tm ra tt c cc cp t kha gia cu hi v cu trong

passage. V d, nu trong cu hi c 3 t kha A, B, C, th chng ta buc phi tm ra cc t kha
tng ng A1, B1 v C1 trong passage. Nu nh cha tm k v tm cc cp t kha m tr li th
bn rt d b la v tr li sai.


IELTS Reading: Trnh t lm bi thi

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Cch lm bi IELTS Reading ca mnh nh sau:

Trc ht cc bn cn hiu v cch phn tch keywords. Keywords trong cu hi gm c 2 loi:

Loi 1: keywords khng bin i / paraphrase c: tn ring, s, nm, thut ng khoa hc.

Loi 2: keywords c th paraphrase c bng cch dng t ng ngha, thay i dng ca t.

Cch phn tch ny cc bn xem clip dy phn tch t kha ca mnh hiu r hn, mnh hng dn
rt chi tit v c th trong clip.

Trnh t lm bi Reading ca mnh nh sau:

Bc 1. c cu hi trc. Phn tch cu hi, gch chn v phn loi cc keywords loi 1, loi 2 ca cu

Bc 2. Quay li passage, da vo cc keywords t cu hi tm, xc nh v tr ca thng tin cu tr

li trong passage.

+ Tm cc keywords loi 1 trc v nhng t ny trong passage ging ht trong cu hi, rt d tm. V d
Manchester th trong passage vn l Manchester.

+ Khi tm ra v tr keywords loi 1 ri, li tm tip cc keywords loi 2 xung quanh ch . Lu :

cc keywords loi 2 ny c paraphrase trong passage. V d to enhance th trong passage c
th l improvement.

+ C ch no trong passage c khong 2-3 ci keywords tr ln ging vi ca cu hi th chnh l

ch cha thng tin cu tr li.

Bc 3. c k ch cha thng tin tr li cu hi.

IELTS Reading: ng lm theo th t t

passage 1 n passage 3!
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C mt mo kh hay cho Reading m t bn ngh n, l: Khi lm bi, ng lm theo th t t

passage 1 n passage 2 ri passage 3, bi v 3 on ny khng sp xp theo th t t d n kh u.
iu bn nn lm l: Passage no d lm trc, passage no kh li lm sau.

Thng th passage no c dng match headings hoc match paragraphs s kh hn v tn thi gian lm
hn, v vy nn passage lm sau cng.

Hm mnh i thi, passage 2 c dng match headings cn passage 1 v 3 khng c. Th nn mnh lm

passage 1 ri lm lun passage 3 trc, mt tng cng 30 pht. Tip tc lm passage 2 th phi mt ti
25 pht mi xong passage ny. Nh vy chng t, nu nh bn no lm theo th t 1-2-3 v b mt qu
nhiu thi gian passage 2, kh nng l c th s b cung v tm l khng cn tt lm passage 3 tt
nht c th na.

Tm li, khi cm thi ln, hy nhn xem passage no d (khng c match headings hay match
paragraphs) th lm trc tit kim thi gian.

IELTS Reading: Cc bc suy ngh

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Hy cng mnh lm mt v d c ly t quyn Cambridge 9, xem khi tr li cu hi, trnh t suy
ngh ca mnh nh th no nh.

Read the passage:

One of Marie Curies outstanding achievements was to have understood the need to accumulate intense
radioactive sources, not only to treat illness but also to maintain an abundant supply for research. The
existence in Paris at the Radium Institute of o stock of grams of radium made a decisive contribution to
the success of the experiments undertaken in the years around 1930. This work prepared the way for the
discovery of the neutron by Sir James Chadwick and, above all, for the discovery in 1934 by Irene and
Frdric Joliot- Curie of artificial radioactivity. A few months after this discovery, Marie Curie died as a
result of leukaemia caused by exposure to radiation. She had often carried test tubes containing
radioactive isotopes in her pocket, remarking on the pretty blue-green light they gave off.

Choose ONE WORD from the passage for each answer.

1. Marie Curie saw the importance of collecting radioactive material both for research and for cases of

Trc ht, mnh nhn vo cc keywords ca cu hi. Cu ny c 2 keywords l Marie

Curie v radioactive. Mnh nhn ln on vn trn v thy rng 2 t ny nm cu 1, v vy mnh
bit rng thng tin s nm cu ny. Tip theo, mnh tm nhng t trn on vn ng ngha vi nhng
t cu hi (cc synonyms). Mnh nhn thy: have understood the need to bng vi saw the
importance of, accumulate bng vi collecting. cu hi, radioactive c collect v 2 mc ch:
trong 1 ci l research v ci th 2 chng ta phi tm. c li cu 1 ca on vn, c th thy r 2
mc ch ny l treat illness v maintain an abundant supply for research. Nh vy, cu tr li
ng y l illness.

Hy da vo hng dn cc bc nh trn tr li tip 2 cu sau y:

2. The radioactive material stocked in Paris contributed to the discoveries in the 1930s of the .
and of what was known as artificial radioactivity.

3. During her research, Marie Curie was exposed to radiation and as a result she suffered from

Ngy mai mnh s a p n ca 2 cu ny nh.

Kinh nghim lm bi Reading

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- Khi bt u lm bi, hy c cu hi lun. Bi Reading lun di, s khng thi gian nu nh bn

c ht c passage.

- Lm tng cu hi mt. Sau khi c cu hi, lt ngc ln passage tm v tr ca thng tin trong bi
(da vo cc t ng ngha vi keywords trong cu hi).

- Ngoi tr cc dng bi match headings, which paragraph contains v matching, thng tin ca
cc cu hi u xp theo th t t trn xung di.
- Thng tin cho mt cu hi thng ch nm trong 1 n 2 cu ca passage. V vy, cn xc nh chnh
xc v tr ca thng tin v c k tr li.

- Lm cc cu hi theo th t t trn xung di.

- i vi hai dng match headings v which paragraph contains, hy dnh lm chng sau khi
tr li nhng cu khc trc. L do: Khi lm xong nhng cu hi khc, bn s quen vi cc on
vn hn, v s lm cc dng ny nhanh hn, d dng hn.

- ng dnh qu nhiu thi gian cho mt cu hi. Nu gp cu kh, hy chuyn sang cu tip theo v
quay tr li nu cn thi gian.

Trong cc post sau, mnh s hng dn c th hn v cch lm cho tng dng bi kh trong Reading

IELTS Reading: Phng php luyn tp

bng cch paraphrase cu hi
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nng cao im Reading, ch luyn lm cc bi test l khng . Bn cn nm r bn cht ca bi thi

Reading l vic paraphrase cc cm t, cc cu trong passage. Cc cu hi Reading chnh l nhng
cu ging ht nh trong passage, nhng c paraphrase li. Nhim v ca bn ch l tm ra
c nhng cu ny trong passage v i chiu vi cu hi.

quen vi vic tm kim v i chiu thng tin gia passage v cu hi, bn nn tp paraphrase cc
cu hi. Nh vy, bn s nm c r hn cch ngi ra paraphrase, quen hn vi vic tm kim
thng tin c paraphrase, t lm bi Reading nhanh hn v chnh xc hn.

Mnh ly 3 cu hi Yes No Not Given trong quyn Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS lm v d
cho phng php ny:

1. Governments should do more to ensure that food is generally affordable.

2. Farmers need to reduce the harm they do to the environment.

3. In the future, farmers are likely to increase their dependency on chemicals.

Nguyn tc paraphrase m ngi ra vn lm l: bin i cc t trong cu thnh cc t ng

ngha (synonym), thay i dng ca t, thay i th t ca cc t trong cu.Mnh s p dng
nguyn tc ny paraphrase nh sau:

1. Governments should do more to ensure that food is generally affordable.

governments = the authorities

should = need to = are advised to

ensure = make sure

do more = more actions need to be taken

generally = in general

affordable = cheap enough for people to buy

-> More actions need to be taken by the authorities to make sure that food in general is cheap enough for
people to buy.

2. Farmers need to reduce the harm they do to the environment.

need to = are advised to

reduce the harm = try to cause less damage

the environment = the natural world

-> Farmers are advised to try to cause less damage to the natural world.

3. In the future, farmers are likely to increase their dependency on chemicals.

in the future = in the following years

are likely to = are predicted to = it is predicted that

increase their dependency = rely more

-> It is predicted that farmers will rely more on chemicals in the following years.

Nhng ngi ra thi Reading cng s lm iu tng t nh mnh va lm paraphrase cc cu trong

bi thnh nhng cu mi. Nh vy, nu luyn tp theo cch ny, bn s dn quen vi vic tm kim v
i chiu thng tin gia cc cu vi nhau, v im Reading ca bn s tng dn ln.

Cc Skills lm cc dng bi trong IELTS

IELTS Reading: Dng multiple choice
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Tng t nh nhng dng bi khc ca Reading, vi dng bi multiple choice, im mu cht v quyt
nh vn l k thut tm nhng keywords c paraphrase. dng bi ny, chng ta s khng ch
nhn cc keywords t cu hi, m cn cn phi tm nhng keywords cc p n la chn.

Mnh ly v d sau t quyn The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS:

Discussion of the role of photography in art was especially spirited in France, where the internal policies
of the time had created a large pool of artists, but it was also taken up by important voices in England. In
both countries, public interest in this topic was a reflection of the belief that national stature and
achievement in the arts were related.

Cu hi:

What public view about artists was shared by the French and the English?

A. that only artists could reflect a cultures true values

B. that only artists were qualified to jugde photography

C. that artists could lose work as a result of photography

D. that artistic success raised a countrys international profile

Dng k thut tm keywords, mnh tm thy cc cp t c paraphrase nh sau:

in both countries ~ the French and the English

public interest = public view

achievement in the arts = artistic success

were related ~ raised

n y, d mnh khng bit ngha ca t national stature, nhng mnh cng c th on rng n ng
ngha vi a countrys international profile.

Nh vy, cu tr li ng y l D.

Hy nh rng, vi Reading, k nng tm keywords c paraphrase chnh l iu quan trng nht.

IELTS Reading: Cch lm dng Multiple Choice

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Nhiu bn hay s dng Multiple Choice trong Reading, tuy nhin mnh li thy y l mt trong nhng
dng d nht (ch sau dng in t vo ch trng).

Cng ging nh nhng dng bi khc, dng Multiple Choice cng ch yu da vo vic paraphrase cc
t kha trong passage thnh cc t kha trong cu hi.

Th t cc bc tr li cu hi dng ny nh sau:

1. c cu hi (cha c cc p n), xc nh cc t kha quan trng trong cu hi.

2. Lt ln passage, tm cc t kha lin quan n cu hi (t kha loi 1 v t kha loi 2) xc nh
v tr thng tin.(Bn no cha bit th xem bi hc v t kha loi 1 v t kha loi 2 ti y)

3. Sau khi xc nh c v tr thng tin, c k on (thng l ch 1-2 cu trong passage) v so

on vi cc p n ca cu hi.

4. p n no trng vi on cha thng tin (cha nhiu t kha ging vi trong passage nht
cng gm t kha loi 1 v loi 2) l p n ng.

cc bn d hnh dung, mnh s minh ha bng v d sau:


Educating Psyche by Bernie Neville is a book which looks at radical new approaches to learning,
describing the effects of emotion, imagination and the unconscious on learning. One theory discussed in
the book is that proposed by George Lozanov, which focuses on the power of suggestion.


The book Educating Psyche is mainly concerned with

A. the power of suggestion in learning.

B. a particular technique for learning based on emotions.

C. the effects of emotion on the imagination and the unconscious.

D. ways of learning which are not traditional.

Trc ht chng ta nhn vo cu hi. Cu hi ny c 2 t kha l Educating Psyche v is mainly

concerned with.

Nhn ngc ln passage, chng ta thy 2 t kha: Educating Psyche v looks at. Nh vy y chnh
l v tr ca thng tin cho cu hi ny. Thng tin chng ta cn tm s ch nm trong 1 hoc 2 cu trn.

Khi so snh passage vi 4 p n, ta thy ch c p n D l c nhiu t kha trng vi passage nht:

ways of learning = approaches to learning

not traditional = new

Nh vy D l p n ng.

Lu : C th nhng p n khc cng c t kha trng vi passage, nhng l do bi nh la th


p n A c the power of suggestion, ging ht nh trong passage, nhng trong passage khng ni g
n in learning c.

p n C c the effects of emotion, cng ging ht trong passage, nhng trong passage khng ni n
on the imagination and the unconscious.

Ngoi ra, thng th p n khng bao gi lp li ging ht trong passage nh th m ngi ta s

paraphrase i, nn nhng p n lp li ging ht passage th nn phng, rt c th l by
ca ngi ra .

IELTS Reading: Hng dn dng bi match headings

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Phn match headings khin rt nhiu bn s khi thi Reading. Cc bn thng ngh rng phi c hiu c
on vn th mi ghp heading c. Thc ra, bn cht ca dng bi ny vn ch nm
nhng keywords trong on vn m thi. C iu, cc keywords ny c th nm ri rc trong on vn
ch khng nm 1-2 cu nht nh, v ta c nhim v phi tm chng.

Vy, tm cc keywords nh th no? Hy cng phn tch v d di y.

Ghp cc headings sau cho 2 on vn:

i. Which big trees support the most diverse species

ii. Impact of big tree loss on the wider environment

iii. Measures to prevent further decline in big tree populations

iv. How wildlife benefits from big trees

v. How higher temperatures slow the rate of tree growth

vi. Factors that enable trees to grow to significant heights

A. Big trees are incredibly important ecologically. For a start, they sustain countless other species. They
provide shelter for many animals, and their trunks and branches can become gardens, hung with green
ferns, orchids and bromeliads, coated with mosses and draped with vines. With their tall canopies
basking in the sun, they capture vast amounts of energy. This allows them to produce massive crops of
fruit, flowers and foliage that sustain much of the animal life in the forest.

B. Only a small number of tree species have the genetic capacity to grow really big. The mightiest are
native to North America, but big trees grow all over the globe, from the tropics to the boreal forests of
the high latitudes. To achieve giant stature, a tree needs three things: the right place to establish its
seedling, good growing conditions and lots of time with low adult mortality. Disrupt any of these, and
you can lose your biggest trees.

Nhn vo 2 on vn ny c l nhiu bn thy s, v c qu nhiu t mi. ng lo, mnh cng khng

bit nhng t , nhng mnh vn c th lm c bi ny.

u tin l on A. Nhng t quan trng m chng ta cn cu u tin l big trees, important,
ecologically. nhng cu sau chng ta thy provide shelter for animals, produce that sustain
animal life in the forest. Nh vy, on vn ny ni v tm quan trng (important) ca big trees i vi
cuc sng ca ng vt trong rng (animal life in the forest).

-> Nh vy, heading ca on A l g?

on B th sao? Keywords ca on ny l grow really big, v cu To achieve giant stature, a tree

needs three things. (Giant c ngha l khng l, tuy nhin nu bn khng bit t ny th bn cng bit
c t cu va ri l mt ci cy cn c 3 iu t c mt ci g ). c cu cui Disrupt any
of these, and you can lose your biggest trees, ta hiu rng nu mt i 1 trong 3 iu trn, nhng ci
cy s khng cn to ln na.

-> Nh vy, heading ca on B l g?

IELTS Reading: Bi tp True/False/Not Given

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Hy lm bi tp nh sau y c trch t quyn IELTS Cambridge 9. Hy nh quy trnh lm bi: Xc

nh v tr ca thng tin da vo nhng t ng ngha, sau c k phn cha thng tin tr li cu

Mnh s bi m nhng t trong passage ng ngha vi t kha trong cu hi cc bn tm c

thng tin d dng hn.

Read the passage:

As a student at the City of London School, Perkin became immersed in the study of chemistry.
His talent and devotion to the subject were perceived by his teacher, Thomas Hall, who encouraged
him to attend a series of lectures given by the eminent scientist Michael Faradayat the Royal
Institution. Those speeches tired the young chemist`s enthusiasm further, and he later went on to attend
the Royal College of Chemistry, which he succeeded in entering in 1853, at the age of 15.

At the time of Perkins enrolment, the Royal College of Chemistry was headed by the noted German
chemist August Wilhelm Hofmann. Perkins scientific gifts soon caught Hofmanns attention and,
within two years. he became Hofmanns youngest assistant. Not long after that, Perkin made
the scientific breakthrough that would bring him both fame and fortune.

Answer: True / False / Not Given:

1. Michael Faraday was the first person to recognize Perkins ability as a student of chemistry.
2. Michael Faraday suggested Perkin should enroll in the Royal College of Chemistry.
3. Perkin employed August Wilhelm Hofmann as his assistant.
4. Perkin was still young when he made the discovery that made him rich and famous.

IELTS Listening: Kinh nghim luyn nghe
13 Replies

K nng Listening c coi l kh i vi nhiu hc sinh Vit Nam, v vic tng im nghe IELTS thc
s l khng h d dng. Khng ging vi Reading, vi Listening bn cn phi luyn hng ngy, phi
nghe tht nhiu th mi quen c v mi c th nghe hiu tt.

Di y l nhng kinh nghim mnh rt ra sau qu trnh luyn nghe ting Anh ni chung v nghe
IELTS ni ring:

- Nghe cng nhiu cng tt. Ci ny th trang no cng c ni ri, mnh khng ni chi tit thm na.
Vy th cc ngun luyn nghe l u? V trong thi IELTS, ch yu chng ta s c nghe ging Anh
Anh, nn tt nht l hy luyn nghe ging Anh Anh thay v Anh M, Anh Vit hay Anh n.

- Luyn nghe BBC. BBC l ngun tt nht nghe ging Anh Anh chun. Cc bn c th bt u nghe
chuyn mc 6 minute English hng tun. Audio trong ny kh d nghe, c c transcript v a thm mt
s vocab mi trong bi nghe na. Sau khi luyn quen v trnh tng i ln, cc bn c th nghe
trc tip i BBC trn tivi.

- Xem vlog trn YouTube. Cch ny cc hay. Trn YouTube c rt nhiu channel ca cc vloggers.
Xem nhng video ny, chng ta va hc nghe ting Anh, va th gin bi cc video u c tnh gii tr
rt cao. Hn na, chng ta s c tip xc vi cc loi ging Anh Anh khc nhau ch khng ch ging
chun (m theo mnh, nhng ging ny nghe sng tai hn ging chun rt nhiu). Mt s channel m
mnh recommend: My Names Chai (ging ca bn ny cc d nghe), Marcus Butler, Pointless
Blog, Thatcher Joe.

- Xem phim. Nu c nhiu thi gian, bn hon ton c th p dng cch ny. Nhng b phim hay ca
Anh m mnh bit l Harry Potter v Sherlock.

- V cui cng, luyn trong b Cambridge. Luyn quen vi thi, quen vi cch tr li cu
hi. Sau khi lm xong mi , cn nghe i nghe li xem v sao mnh lm sai, mnh hay mc nhng li

- Luyn nghe l mt qu trnh di, v vy cn phi kin tr v n lc. ng hy vng rng s c php mu
no xy ra v t nhin mt sng ng dy im nghe ca bn s tng vt. Practice makes perfect.

IELTS Listening: Luyn nghe ci g, u?

4 Replies

Cc bn th sinh thng hay gp kh khn vi bi thi Listening, l do l v cc bn nghe cha nhiu

c th quen vi ting Anh, tai cc bn cha hnh thnh phn x bt v phn tch cc m trong ting
Anh mt cch chnh xc. V vy, mun ln trnh Listening, ch c cch l luyn nghe cng nhiu cng

Vy th luyn nghe u? ng bt bn thn phi nghe nhng bi Listening IELTS hay nhng bn tin
chn ngt trn BBC hay CNN Hy nghe nhng g th v, mang tnh gii tr, nhng g m bn thch v
thy hng th khi nghe. c th l phim nh, m nhc, nhng clip phng vn thn tng ca bn,
hoc l nhng vlog trn YouTube i vi nhng bn p dng phng php Nghe v chp chnh t,
vic nghe nhng th th v s gip bn kin nhn hn rt nhiu.